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It was Dark at the time i was living on a road Surrounded by woods i went out to take My dog for a walk Our driveway connected to a dirt road That ran up the side from the main road We walked to the end of the dirt road And along that road is a tree A lining of woods as we began heading Back I looked over and noticed a tall figure Staring At me at the edge of the woods i Couldn't make out what it was It was definitely taller than seven feet And stood On two legs it had orangish Eyes i began walking back down the road Towards my house when it would stop and Look at me I would walk some more so with the thing And Then once i stopped it too stopped and Looked at me at this point i was really Freaked So i yelled for my dog to run and we Both sprinted Towards the house when i finally got Inside i Looked down our driveway and across the Road at the tree line The figure was still there staring at me I told my father but when he looked he Saw nothing

This was nighttime about nine or ten Clear night no clouds the moon not yet Full but Bright enough to light up the area a bit There was a follow-up investigation Report done by bfro investigator Matt moneymaker i spoke with the witness Michelle goodwin by phone she was a Teenager at the time of the incident She no longer lives in the house Mentioned in this report She says the area now has many more Houses Than it did back in 2000 tanglewood road Has been extended As well she said the figure was a Silhouette But definitely not bare because simply It was too tall and walked on two legs The entire time That it paralleled her it was not more Than five to six feet into the woods From the side of the road so I asked about the eyes and whether they Appear to be glowing Or just reflecting light she said that The eyes seem to be glowing dimly Which is a common feature of many Nighttime encounters The color was somewhere between orange And yellow Although she became more frightened as The stalking continued She said the figure was not otherwise

Aggressive or hostile She knew very little about the sasquatch Bigfoot subject At the time it was many years later That she learned more and realized the Figure that paralleled her that night Was likely one of these creatures by Process Of elimination My name is alan y and on about Mid-november 2012 I had a very unusual experience that at First And kept me very mixed up but Always stayed in my mind and till i Began doing thorough research It was about two or three a.m in the Morning i awoke to go outside and Have a cigarette the area of the town of Bath New york is semi-rugged with hundreds of Huge foothills there is a vast amount of Forest Lakes ponds wildlife And many state parks in fact much of the Land is posted No hunting the hills are super steep So climbing or hiking is difficult We rented the full basement apartment of A home Our entryway was in the back of the Semi-underground Home there was a deck over our entryway I am an ex-us army intel

Special tasking veteran who served in Central america And the middle east i'm telling you this Because I'm a trained observer and way out Everything I could see i am super aware of my Surroundings That morning i went outside lit up a Cigarette It was very dark this night and pretty Cool A deer would constantly wonder through And many times I could be 10 feet from a deer and be Silent So as not to spook them As i let up my smoke some movement Caught my attention About roughly 140 yards directly in Front of me To the east a cinnamon brownish-colored Figure Was pacing back and forth over and over On each side of this clear cut there's a Couple of homes This thing was at the far end by the Next tree line Pacing back and forth moving towards the Last home and back again Moving approximately north to south then Back the other way it was moving Erratically Pacing back and forth like it was

Confused or undecided If it wanted to go closer to the home At first i looked i thought it was a Drunk person But in all the years i've lived i've Never seen anybody out there As i watched what really caught my Attention Was that it looked like it was floating Across the ground As there was absolutely no head bob at All The ground rose between myself and this Entity and went back down in its side So i cannot see the lower legs good It kept on pacing back and forth for About three minutes At the position i was under the deck in The shadows I was not observed by this creature I'm not afraid of too much but for some Reason The hairs stood up on the back of my Neck and I got into what i call combat mode i Wanted to bellow out of this Entity but something said not to do that Around three to four minutes of this Pacing i turned my head for a second And it was gone i got a fearful sense of Where this thing went And had a feeling it might try to flank Me Around the two homes so i went into the

House And awakened my wife said there's Something weird out there I did not think bigfoot right away Because It was not the paddy type that i had Seen on the film I also thought that there in the Northwest not really here in the new York state It was i believe six to seven feet tall A slimmer build white on top And slimmer than patty more like a Fine-tuned athlete Than a bodybuilder long arms and an Awfully long shaggy head of hair Which stood out to me very weird The reason i even saw it was because There was a light on that home As he was pacing towards it that lit it Up In some of the area upon seeing it After the fact i realized that there was A hedgerow Running parallel to it and a large Ravine behind that That ran into the woods across from this Property was a road A couple mobile homes then very steep Wooded foothills For years this has always baffled me and I cannot get this out of my mind Until i visited the bfro and seen at Least

Six reports entirely around my area a Follow-up investigation report was done By bfro investigator matt moneymaker I spoke with this witness by phone he is Who he says he is a retired army vet He is very credible the main question With this report Is whether he misidentified a human at That distance 140 yards one test that anybody can do In these circumstances Is to open the phone app google earth Zoom in on your own street or wherever You have a view for at least a block Use the ruler function to set a point Where you are standing Then measure to a point 420 feet away At 420 feet you would be able to see an Illuminated figure Well enough to see if it's a bear or if It's wearing clothes or Appears to be covered in fur during the Conversation He mentioned that the face appeared to Be a slightly lighter color of skin Than the cinnamon brown hair but beyond That He could not really discern facial Details Check that yourself at 420 feet Can you see if a person's face is Lighter color than hair But not much more the creature was 30 to 40 feet from the nearest house

It was illuminated by a light in back of The house It was pacing back and forth from a 20 To 25 feet span And it had very smooth gait when pacing He said that it had shaggy twisted Sister hair A deep ravine was right behind where it Was pacing Lots of deer coming around these houses At night Most land around there is posted no Hunting He could only see the figure from the Hips up Below that it was obscured by rise and Ground between him And spot where it was pacing and there Was no snow on the ground at the time My 20 year old step daughter here had a Visual Sighting just the other night in ashland Ohio The date was april 24 2021 It was about midnight and she had left a 24-hour gym That has woods behind it she saw a grey Over seven foot tall creature after Hearing a twig Snap she stated that it was way too Large to be human And it moved way too fast she called us From the local bob evans parking lot In tears asking for us to come drive her

Home She was so shook up it was a terrifying Experience for her I went and of course inspected the area Briefly the next day I found many old deer tracks but no Imprints of the creature she saw I am not a hunter or a tracker and only Spent 10 minutes in the area she is one person I would consider an extremely reliable Witness She is a very responsible college Student That is very moral and truthful she does Not drink Or take drugs a follow-up investigation Report Was done by bfro investigator matt Moneymaker I spoke with the father and later the Witness herself They are both credible this is not a Hoax It happened less than a week ago from The time of this very posting Before calling the father of the witness I had figured out the location And examined aerial photos of the Surrounding landscape on google maps And bing maps and there are open fields Nearby And a large swamp 100 yards or so north Of the patch of woods

But also some businesses nearby Including a motel 6. that made me Somewhat doubtful at first but This is the very edge of town not in the Middle The relative lack of contiguous tree Coverage in the general area Compared to most siting areas also Made me doubtful before i spoke with the Witness And her father i spoke with the father First He is a pastor and high school teacher In mansfield He mentioned to me that there were lots Of deer tracks and exposed patches of Ground Around that parcel of woods when he went To investigate the site The same day after his daughter's Sighting Deer tracks are likely still visible Around there So i spoke with the daughter later in The day She is very credible she is actually a Nursing student At the nearby university and works as a Waitress in town Nothing about her story seemed unusual Except Ultimately for the location she was Certain the gray ferred sasquatch Stood at least seven feet tall possibly

Eight Based on its height she was certain that It was not some other type of animal Nor a person in a costume the way it Bolted off when it fled is what Frightened her the most It was very fast as she walked out of The gym Around midnight and turned to her right In the direction of her vehicle She was walking in the direction of the Tree line She heard the crack of a twig breaking Looked up in time to see the creature Turning to run back into the woods about 30 yards away from her Illuminated by the lighting for the Brand new parking lot It ran back into the woods at an angle To the right And was very quickly obscured from her View by the corner of the gym building She only saw the side view of it as it Ran with very large Arms swinging she said she most likely Would not have noticed it At all but for the noise of the twig's Snapping Which she assumed was caused by the Creature Standing on wood debris there were no Other vehicles parked on that side of The building And no vehicles driving on the road

Within view Whichever way that deer would use to Access the island of woods behind the Warehouse Gym is likely the same pathway that Sasquatch would have used If dear sasquatch came to those woods From the north Then there is only 100 yards of sow of Exposed fields across In the dark before reaching a large Swampy area Connected to the fork of the mohican River So the location is more plausible for a Sasquatch Than it appears at first in aerial Photos The key element is the presence of deer That shows that there is both a pathway And a reason for a sasquatch to approach The edge Of the development late at night the Swampy zone Directly to the north is a good area to Look around right now A specific place to look around for Tracks would be where the swampy zone And the fork passes underneath the 71 Freeway I was walking down my street and heard What sounded like a guy Off in the cornfield yelling Approximately

600 feet away it was sort of a grunting Yell Very deep and it echoed throughout the Neighborhood It sent hair up on my neck this scared Me a little because The only thing between me and the Yelling was a row of houses This is not the first time i've heard What i think might be a bigfoot In the area i've heard what seemed to be Three of them Sort of locating each other the week Before Thanksgiving actually again I was out walking late at night in my Neighborhood around midnight I heard a fox call at the end of my Block but the sound was cut off by What sounded like a woman and trying to Imitate her From a little further away then A few seconds later a man Let out a yell roughly three blocks away This yell was a deep guttural long yell And too long to be a human It made the hair on my neck stand up and It also echoed Throughout the neighborhood not a few Seconds later A faint howl came from what sounded like Across the lake And by this point i had gotten back to My porch

And entered the house to find all three Of my cats Wide-eyed and standing in the middle of My living room Out of curiosity i decided to go sit on My porch To see if the house would continue the Sequence of howls and yells continued on For maybe 20 minutes first The woman then the man then the faint One Across the lake until they were far Enough away That loud vehicles drown them out and i Then went back inside I wish i'd have thought to use my cell Phone camera to record it You know i thought i had heard it Walking through the snow Just before i let out the first yell and Dear herds and coyote packs come through There So i did not think too much of it of the Loud walking sound at first And there are no other witnesses or Stories that i'm aware of And i don't recall seeing anybody else Out there at that hour of the night There was a follow-up investigation Report done by bfro investigator Chris callahan i spoke with the witness By phone She described the first sound as an Oomph

Maybe one second long but heard three Times It originated from the cornfield behind Her residence She also heard one or two footballs Kind of squishy sounding from the reaped Field The backyard of her house and neighbors Are between 110 To 120 feet deep the footsteps the Witness had heard were there for Only 300 feet from her house the next Week Her neighbor saw a huge human-shaped Shadow Crossed by their front window the Witness heard another oomph The following night the november 2020 Incident Occurred when the witness was walking Home from a friend's house She heard the neighborhood fox make a Call followed By what she stated sounded like a drunk Eye trying to imitate it A couple of blocks away then Even further away a female voice tried To imitate it too Then in the far distance and possibly Across the lake A childlike version of the ohio howl was Audible This was followed by the male deep Guttural yell that echoed through the

Community And caused the witness's hair to stand Up on her neck Next a feminine sounding short version Of the ohio howl was heard Followed by a childlike voice and Response This went on for 20 minutes occurred a Little after 2300 hours And as the sounds progressed they got Further and further away Till drowned out by vehicle noise When i lived in northwest oklahoma city I would frequently take evening walks at Stench comb Wildlife refuge the preserve is roughly A thousand acres Located on the suburbs of oklahoma city And yukon adjacent To the wiley post airport beginning from The parking lot At the end of northwest 50th street the Maintenance road Will take you two and a half miles Upriver to the kilpatrick bridge Where the north canadian river enters The reserve However the city only maintains the Trail to the remote communication Building From there the trail becomes overgrown In the summers The park is typically visited by local Neighbors

Bicyclists horseback riders and even dog Lovers This evening i decided to venture past The communication building as the Foliage was still at ease I continued another half mile the path To where the power lines crossed the River From here the riverbank drops roughly 15 Feet Giving a nice view of the river below as I approach this area My eyes were immediately caught by Someone down below At the river's edge what i saw was an All-black figure down at the river edge About 250 feet away i thought it was Strange because Not many people hike off trail into the Reserve especially during the summer nor Late in the evening Or even past the communication building As i watched this man down at the Riverbank I began to notice subtle detail like Golden red hair in the sunset i also did Not notice any distinct clothing But hair alone at this moment I remember just being very confused to What i was seeing Whoever was down at the river began to Walk inland Using its arms to move the reed bushes That i saw its long hair dangling from

Its arm Shoulder to hand it's a bigfoot I thought i immediately began to reach For my phone Without taking my eyes off this thing That is when it noticed me what Terrified me the most Was not be able to make out any details Of the face as we made eye contact That is when i ran and i continued to Ran Until i met a couple with their dog back At the communication building I will never forget the look of Confusion on their faces when i came Sprinting around the corner I wanted to tell them about my Experience but i continued to run As i thought they would not believe me The following day I returned to look for footprints but Was unable to venture Into the overgrown foliage that Experience was not enough to scare me Away completely Instead i was now just more cautious of The time of day and surroundings I continued to exercise at stinchcomb Until I moved to arizona in july of 2019 I have been told by my co-worker as he Knows i frequently walk the trails Also there is rumors of tree structures Deep in the reserve

But these could have been built by Teenagers who live in the nearby Neighborhood As i have also seen many adolescents With their friends Exploring the woods kind of hard to say But one thing i should note this week I saw a homeless man making a camp in The woods Her hair was so messy so initially I thought this was her at first however This was one mile down river from where I saw the creature A follow-up investigation report was Done by bfro investigator Matt moneymaker i spoke with the witness Chase collins by phone he now lives in Arizona And works as a night auditor at a local Resort He lived in oklahoma city for a year or So and would walk along the same trail Once or twice per week he would never Walk as far as he did on this occasion Because beyond a certain point the road Was not maintained and Was very very overgrown as he stated in His report He estimates his distance was 250 feet Or so From the figure he watched it for maybe 10 to 15 seconds Before reaching for his phone to take Photos

The figure was already moving quickly Into thicker brush By the time he got his phone in position He was very Certain that it was covered with dark Fur and had reddish brown tinges On the edges the fur was hanging down From its arms As it was parting the reeds to move back Into the woods away From the riverbank In the spring of 1988 my college unit Decided to have an escape and evasion Training scenario Also known as an ene the cadet Lieutenant Decided we should conduct it at the Indian mound reserve And the late evening and night to Simulate an air crew shoot down Five of us were to be the air crew that Was to ian e The lieutenant and his team we started Out uneventfully around 6 pm Following the trail westbound out Towards the indian mound North side trail that follows the creek There's a cliff to the north of this Trail With another trail on top of it we got To the mound Right before sunset we then set up a Basic Diamond formation for security as we

Moved through the night Back to our starting point along the way Below one of the cliffs we stopped The rear guard kept sending up word to Me that something was Following us i figured this was the Opfor team Opposition force tracking us at the same Time From above us on the edge of the cliff We heard movement And small rocks begin to drop on us Thinking this was our lieutenant i sent Our squad up the side of the cliff It was able to be scaled and we joined At the top And went into a skirmish line about 20 Feet apart from each other And moved about 50 yards into the woods To the north Hoping to kick up the ambush nothing We then went back down to the trail Below that we were originally on Again we heard walking above us and the Rocks began to fall on us We moved out the rear guard was getting A little scared As he kept sending up messages that Something was Behind us i sent another individual back There with him My point man spotted something up ahead Of us on the trail i went up with him To investigate while looking into the

Darkness to our front My rear guards came running past us Yelling it's charging us And ran right by us into the woods The next individual came running by Saying the same thing My point man and i began to retreat Quickly to the north Out of the woods well whatever it was It was running at us and was swiping Tree branches out of its way as it ran We made it to the edge of a plowed field Of the woods And took off running nothing ever came Out I remember the impression was that we Didn't believe it to be the opfor Because the noise in the trees above our Heads And the sounds of heavy footsteps coming At us It was enough to scare us to run away And not Stain our ground when we got back to Base I contacted the lieutenant asked him What was going on He informed me that they did not get out To do an ambush that night The next day my appointment and i went Back to the site But found no tracks but Did find branches that had been broken And snapped off

Higher than my head i never thought About anything Until 1992 when one of my students Referred to bigfoot sightings in that Area Other stories is about two years later A friend of mine was on the indian mound A group Playing capture the flag at night and Heard what he described as A sick cow groaning around the base of The mound It moved from all around the base while They were on top of it They eventually ran down the mound when They heard the sound opposite Of where they intended to escape the Investigator found a short video on Youtube Of a young lady walking her dog near the Indian mound When the dog stops alerted starts Growling And retreats back to its owner a Follow-up investigation report was done By bfro investigator dusty ruth I emailed daniel reed and received a Response from him I had to interview daniel via the phone April 19 2018 because he had moved to northern Ohio Since the report daniel stated that the Incident occurred in may

Of 1988 he was leading a platoon Of rotc members from cedarville college On a night op mission at peterson park Located on route 42 they had hiked to The park Where they were to engage in war games With another platoon At a place where there is an upper trail And a lower trail Near a waterfall something was dropping Rocks on them from above He told me that he sent part of his Group up there from the right And part from the left while he went up In the middle When they got to the upper trail nothing Could be found They returned to the lower trail and Again The same thing happened with the same Result On their way up the trail through the Park part of his platoon heard branches Breaking And thought they were under attack from The opposing platoon They reported finding branches broken at About seven feet high And a dinky fire in the middle of the Trail made of paper And small twigs they thought this was Very strange as it was raining The night was also very quiet and eerie They did not think it felt right so they

Returned to the campus And found that due to the rain the Opposing platoon had never Left the campus daniel stated that about A year later A friend reported being on top of the Indian mound located in the park At night and heard a strange moaning Coming from the bottom of the mound Then the moaning started coming from the Opposite side Our friend and i went to this park on October 7th 2018. it was a nice warm day and There were multiple groups of people Hiking in the park Massey's creek flows to the park which By the way Is heavily forested with high rock Ledges There are waterfalls and multiple hiking Trails And a large indian mount located in a Clearing We found no obvious sign of any bigfoot Activity The park was being heavily used the day We were there though I found no physical evidence at the time But Later found a short video on youtube of A young lady Walking her dog near that same mound When the dog stops

Alerted starts growling and retreats All in all who knows