FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS!! Live Cemetery Tour!!

By | May 15, 2021
FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS!! Live Cemetery Tour!!

But hi in advance to Everybody that will be joining in the Future Everybody that oh bubbles i don’t know i Kind of like these Little color filters they add a nice Little pop Let’s see hmm no yeah Yeah whoa party in the cemetery Okay oh i have an idea honestly Okay we’ll just go back to uh okay Hey casey s how’s it going what’s up Flubber lane cc nicole hey from tick Tock i remember you A couple seconds ago undead goddess Michelle Cook kansas wins caleb simpson that damn Kittens Simon claudio mikkel the connor trepis What’s up connor how’s it going baby Uh chris how’s it going what’s how’s Everybody’s friday night going keeper My boy jackie heartfelt amanda b perry Colby Justo jeff pinkston ta alex ferreira Hey adrian from the uk paranormal Explorer what’s up hey kathy Okay everybody so as you can tell from The title of this video And what i’m showing you right now we Are about oh [ __ ] We are about to together embark on a Tour Live of this historic cemetery in the

Heart of austin texas This just to remind everybody we have Some merch to give away If you donate anything during a live Stream the preferred way to donate is on Paypal the link is in the description Of the video just because then the money That you donate doesn’t get taken away And uh like a percentage is taken If you do it through youtube but send a Message if you do If you donate you’re entered to win free Merch every time It can be 99 cents to a thousand dollars We’ll put you in the drawing to win A new piece of merch and we actually Just designed some new merch that we’re About to drop which is really really Cool But uh jesus yeah i’ve been walking for Like 40 minutes now through this cemetery um Dark angel asian assassin hope everybody Is having a great Great night um so yeah if you want to Win free merch Consider donating to the channel i’m Planning a series with jeff in oklahoma We’re planning on Doing some really interesting new things On the channel Uh such as renting a boat On a haunted lake and investigating the Dark waters

Late at night um one night From the middle of the uh from the Middle of the lake And also like a catholic boy’s home that Burned where a bunch of kids died There’s a lot of very interesting uh Interesting stuff that we’re gonna be Covering soon on that next series um So yeah this has been uh an interesting Week if you guys Don’t follow mr bless thank you for the 10 bucks my friend My man you’ve been killing it bro been Loving the videos and the podcast has Been phenomenal sad to court me for me To courtney for me too you the man no You’re the man mr bless Thank you brother we’ll we’ll be seeing You soon uh we’re gonna be coming up to Dallas At some point in the future and we’ll Finally link up and go film something Karen beau i hope i said that right love Your channel and all the history you Give thank you kieran I appreciate that um that is so Sweet of you that you enjoy the history You guys are both entered to win free Merch As i’ve said connor courtney is at home Right now Finishing her recording of the podcast That we’re supposed to be releasing uh Today and i i’m gonna have to go home

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Uh mushroom hammer with the 10 donation Good to see you i spent time in austin After i graduated from high school and Know it’s spooky so i can’t wait to see What you find oh hell yeah Austin austin is a is a is a City with some incredibly dark history That we’re actually like i said about to Get into with this tour i’m going to get Up and Start taking you guys through the Cemetery and telling some stories We got one more youtuber my man again With the 20 jeff beer money Oh yeah like he needs more of that Thank you my man you’re entered to win Obviously free merch dude thank you Thank you thank you thank you my hands Are red because i was eating some hot Cheetos earlier Adrian king with the 265 donation on Paypal best i can give at the moment Colin that’s More than enough adrian thank you my man I appreciate it you’re entered to win Free merch as well and i’m glad you Enjoyed the videos what’s up michael in Trenton new jersey Mad barbie greetings from germany hell Yeah i’ve never been to germany i’ve Just been to the airport in munich But that was on the way to Romania when i filmed an entire feature

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Do have kind of shitty vision Um ingrid from estonia what’s up where The hell is estonia i feel kind of bad Asking that but i just don’t know where It is Um mr big i’m here to remind you your Audience are all 12 year olds that is Actually Very statistically untrue if you look at My analytics most people are aged like 18 To 38 but we have a lot of A lot of different age groups of people That watch my videos so thank you to Everybody age is just a number anyways Well when it comes to being a fan of my Videos And i’m just saying everybody is young At heart or Yeah uh nancy volcker With the with the payer ha ha ha thank You for the five dollar donation nancy You’re entered doing merch as well okay I’m gonna get through all these people What’s up dirty south paranormal evan Wadom With the two dogs hey bro hope all is Good come to florida soon we actually Evan want to come to florida and do a Series there Um there are some really cool places and Some people that i want to go link up With that are In in florida so uh yeah thank you

You’re into to win free merch as well As always i appreciate your guys’s Donations seriously from the bottom of My heart I’m 24 years old i’m going to be 25 This year which is insane to me that i’m Halfway done with my 20s this year But uh we got 19.56 Um 23 plus eight years 60 hell yeah everybody welcome to the Fam alicia by the way Better use those emojis you got that Little logo by your uh By your name now jess thomas thank you For the five dollar donation loving the New content stay spooky Thank you jess i appreciate that more Than Anything and i’m glad you’re liking the New cuts on the videos Yeah that’s uh if you guys haven’t Noticed i mean i’m sure you have but the Videos have all been longer And i’ve been really trying to edit and Taking my time to make the edits on the Videos really good I’m going to start the tour soon because This place is technically supposed to Close soon-ish so i don’t want to get Kicked out before i can show you some of This [ __ ] but i’m gonna get through The rest of you guys real quick heather Keegan with the two dollars i love Everything paranormal hi from weird new

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Free merchandise as well okay everybody Yes Love to come to australia you can listen To the podcast on apple podcasts for Free or on spotify Yeah it’s uh oh there’s people in here Okay well everybody Let’s get spooky Remember everybody you can uh you can Still donate and Everybody’s gonna that donates tonight Is entered to win free merch we’re about To drop some brand new merch that’s Really really cool that i designed by Hand So let’s take ourselves back To a time in the 1800s Austin is a new city Is just being established and They decide look at all these dead People Where are we gonna put these dead people Well rumors have it That back in the day this cemetery was Actually A burial place for people who survived Who were slaughtered in a massacre In the area but i don’t know if that’s Confirmed or not I don’t know if that’s actually what Happened but Big dog 76 thanks for the two dollars Stl st louis oh yeah i’m stupid and i’m 44.

Thanks man and uh enjoy the uh Enjoy the the the rest of the video And uh hopefully you’ll win some free Merch from those two donations Appreciate it We’re gonna announce kieran the winners At the end of this live stream But here we are in austin So they decide they need a place to bury These bodies Where are they to bury them well here in The center of the city i can’t you can’t See it actually right here But i guess i can walk over here and Talk Just look for a second take a look at What you see And think Think deeply about what you’re looking At What you’re looking at is thousands Of burials and dead bodies she runs wild And free thank you for the five dollar Donation Colin love you man so excited for what’s To come i love you guys spooky fan for Life hell yeah baby All the way to south carolina would love To hang one day we’ll be out there one Day And you’re entered to win free merch as Well jesus thank you guys megan thomas Number one fan Thank you megan for the generous 10

Donation you’re entered to win free Merchandise As well in the drawing at the end of This and faith mckenna With the five dollars love your videos The paranormal is very fascinating to me Thank you faith it’s very very Fascinating to me as well That’s why i chose to do this as a Career what’s up woke how’s it going Baby And uh yeah anyways you guys are entered To win free merch hopefully i don’t get Kid out Kicked out of here at any point but Here we go this is the main alleyway Our road oh [ __ ] There’s the [ __ ] security people Literally right there Well there’s the state capitol [ __ ] I see him already okay um well i’m gonna Try to hustle then before they come and Kick me out We’ll skip that anyways beginning Okay i’ll make a i’ll make a circle Because i really wanted to show you this One part of the cemetery so They decide that austin needs a cemetery This stephanie mitchell with the 75 Dollars on paypal also by the way Thank you stephanie hi colin court mama And papa spooks love you guys Hope this helps with your travels love From steph mitchell from australia thank

You steph that is so Kind you are entered to win free merch As well thank you so much That is so kind okay Anyways christine suarez loved the Channel with the 2 Donation thank you christine you’re into To win free merch as well just like you Steph And taylor hell yeah welcome taylor Almost missed the live loving all the New documentaries yeah Thank you for the extremely kind Donation taylor And you’re entered to win free merch as Well i’m going to try kind of I really don’t want to get kicked out of Here before i can show you guys the [ __ ] But as we walk through the graves I want you to think about the amount of Bodies that is That are here in oakwood i should say Are Um there are some very interesting Stories from oakwood So this first of all is known as the Most haunted cemetery in austin very old Oldest in the city and There are a number of famous burials So back to what i was saying about Oakwood so when they first established Oakwood cemetery People were being buried yes properly But a lot of times the gravediggers here

At oakwood were not digging Very deep graves for some reason they Were just Digging shallow plots and throwing the Bodies in And so a lot of grave robbing Was reported to happen here at oakwood People would come and steal the bodies And use them for For research for medical research Because of the university of texas At austin which is literally right Across the street From this area people were uh I’m trying to think this is the grave i Was looking for people were Stealing these bodies and using them Cutting them up researching Then there were grave robbers who were Searching for Valuables to steal i’m trying to see if This is the oh yes yes yes yes yes So the cemetery is established We’re gonna get into some serial killer History in a moment But take a look at this So this is the plot of the tumi family Buried 1870 My husband very sad sad grave right here But the one the one grave that we’re Looking for I have to find it right here Is of two two siblings Um see they died 1833

Oh yeah i believe it’s gonna be Yeah so right here take a look at this Mabel tumi we go over here And we see homer to be now look at the Days that they died september 15th 1888 and september 21st 1888. one week apart These siblings died and I don’t know exactly how they died why They died but they did they passed away Within a week of each other and they Were buried right here in oakwood now People in this specific Part of the cemetery have claimed to see The spirits of two children Running throughout the tombstones which I mean i’ve never been able to uh get Access to Come in here for an investigation late At night but i’ve always wondered What is up with those graves how did They die i couldn’t find any information About them You got a crow or a raven Right there so You’ve got every every sort of grave in Here you’ve got confederate graves You’ve got politicians you’ve got the Rich The poor and as we come over here We’re now at we are now at the uh Northern part of the cemetery We’re going to approach a small gated Community

Well a community for the dead Um let’s take a look now i don’t know if You guys know this But inside of cemeteries jewish Cemeteries Are required to be separated And uh i actually took a jewish folklore Class i don’t know if you guys remember My epic box video I took a jewish folklore class and we Actually came here On one day of class to this cemetery to Look at these graves You can see This is a very old portion of the Cemetery There are certain rules don’t quote me If i’m wrong here but I believe that those who commit suicide Have to be buried at the edge of the Cemetery Because i don’t i think suicide is Prohibited in Some forms of judaism but once again Don’t quote me that’s just i think what I remember him saying when we were here But here we are another grave that i’ve Always thought is so interesting Inside the jewish cemetery in memory of Elias olynyk Of new york he’s from poland he was Murdered At austin texas december 13th 1877. How often do you see a grave with the

Word murdered on it it’s spelled kind of Funky How often do you see that i’ve actually Looked up Elias’s story he was a shopkeeper and Somebody just shot him In the middle of the day on i believe Congress avenue or sixth Fifth street one of the main streets Downtown austin But that grave to me has always been Intriguing because how often do you see Murdered on a tombstone you don’t really See that but Yeah interesting if you didn’t know that The jewish cemeteries have to be Separated Now if you’ll notice in this part of the Cemetery All the graves are a bit more Dilapidated This is the oldest part of the cemetery It was started over here And it grew and expanded in that Direction but It’s kind of sad when you start to look Around and you see graves like this I’ll take the Look at this this grave Um also i really i do think that the Cemetery guy is about to come kick me Out guys I’ll keep live streaming if he does but Yeah he’s driving around the front

And he’s kind of staring at me but as we Pass Phone is acting really funky Um here is A confederate veteran he has said to Haunt this area there’s a headless Soldier that supposedly is seen in Oakwood But some of these graves have been Absolutely Just shattered through throughout time I think the security guy just drove down Another passageway in the cemetery so I’m good for a couple seconds But just check this out look at this Grave This grave is literally completely Smashed open isn’t that bizarre A lot of these graves over here in the Very old part of the cemetery Are smashed open kind of like this one Almost as if someone has attempted to Rob the grave or vandalized it i don’t Really know Um but So back in the 1800s this cemetery was Recently established A serial killer that would come to be Known as the servant girl annihilator Was enacting a reign of terror Throughout austin throughout austin Texas He was dragging people out from their Homes murdering them brutally some of

These victims When they found their corpses were so Mangled that it was reported that Police and officials believed that the Bodies they were finding Were that of animals they looked like Animal carcasses Here’s another smashed grave just to Point out to you guys it’s very eerie Look at that it’s almost like you could Reach your hand in there Um but the servant girl annihilator Killed A number of victims and his last Victim was a She was a woman by the name of eula Phillips she was Killed on christmas brutally murdered With an axe Some people think that eula or some People think that the servant girl Annihilator Was actually a was actually jack the Ripper Because they never caught this killer And he fled the main suspect he fled to England and then Right after he fled austin The jack the ripper killings began in London so Interesting hey courtney what’s up baby So take a look at this field This is not just grass this is actually A poppers field

There are a ton of people that were Buried here if you look it up online There are the poor this is actually as Sad as the history is a segregated Cemetery So this area was designated to be The unmarked grave area Now we’ll read this sign real here and Then go back to servant grow because That story ties into this area jacob Fontaine was born in arkansas came to Austin about 1850 as a slave of Episcopal minister Edward fontaine in 1864 he began Jacob began preaching separate services For fellow slaves attending the first Baptist church Colored about 1867. jacob also Established five other churches in this Area and a county association of black Baptists He is buried here in an unmarked grave So i don’t know exactly how many graves There are in this little field But there are hundreds also thank you Alicia puentes for the twenty dollars on Paypal i didn’t see your message Love the channel hope this helps Um yeah here comes the guy right now i Think i’m gonna be kicked out Yeah i’m that’s my car right there i’ll Go i’ll Should i start heading out Is that one locked already all right

Thank you man appreciate it Yeah no i’m not a ghost fan i’m here Thank you So yeah uh i gotta leave now Um i was actually the last one here but That’s the poppers field Now you may be uh you may be Wondering why did i start speaking about The servant girl annihilator the serial Killer Who haunted austin well That is because eula phillips the the Last woman that was killed by the Servant girl annihilator Back on christmas in the 1880s Her body was buried somewhere here in Oakwood cemetery but her body Has no official grave she was buried in An unmarked plot Somewhere in this area was she buried In the poppers field Was she buried in the uh In the actual grave the rose of graves i Don’t know But eula phillips she’s never been found There are so many graves in this Cemetery i was hoping to have More time to show you guys but uh In all actuality i’m gonna be Kicked out right now so I’ll go on to my instagram and announce The winner Of the merch contest i’m gonna post a

Story on instagram stories So if you guys want to go see that go to The paranormal files on Instagram and go check that out I’ll make the announcement and let you Guys know who won But back to it There are just so many interesting Graves around here that we could talk All day about uh including This grave right here um I’m heading over there to leave but You can see that kind of spooky grave I’ve always thought was interesting But i don’t know did you guys like this Uh This live stream did you guys did you Guys uh like The the cemetery tour because i could Start giving you guys these tours Uh there’s there’s so much history that You could talk about In uh in cemeteries all the people that Are buried there And uh i could i could continue giving You guys this Historical tour for a while but Unfortunately like i said Yeah you heard me talk to the guy this This cemetery is locked up also my blood Sugar is low so i gotta Get some sugar before i pass out in this Damn cemetery and become the latest Burial

[Laughter] But yeah thank you guys for donating Tonight and for joining me sorry this Couldn’t be a bit longer Alex mendez thank you for the 15 man Thank you you’re entered to win merch Ii like i said head to my instagram And we will uh i will go and announce The winner From last week or last month’s live Stream And uh yeah thank you guys again so much For joining You know what i kind of like this idea How about You guys love history so much oh Thanks bree mayberry again so much for The 10 Donation welcome to the channel haunted Doll oh [ __ ] Look at my guy’s actually pulling up on Me right here Love you dad here’s the security guy i Don’t know where he’s going You see him just speed off that’s crazy Um but yeah how about once a week We start doing cemetery tours and then When i travel I can uh i can live stream and show you Guys different cemeteries from different Different states and different countries But yeah i don’t want to live stream and Drive So uh thank you everybody i’ll do

Another Cemetery live stream soon maybe next Time i’m in new orleans we can uh We can do it we can do a good live Stream there but uh Yeah go check out instagram to get the Merch To see the merch contest winner i love You guys And as always it’s colin here we’ll be Back on wednesday with One of the best episodes in the history Of my channel it is gonna be crazy So yeah love you guys i’m gonna have I gotta start driving now but uh have a Good rest your friday and weekend Everybody And stay spooky bye everybody