This Haunted Hospital in Georgia Will Hurt You | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | May 13, 2021
This Haunted Hospital in Georgia Will Hurt You | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Be over here So it’s pretty obvious in america Nowadays Oh there’s a wasp on the microphone Jesus that thing’s scary do you hear any Buzzing What do we do oh jesus It’s okay look he’s right that’s all Right he’s not hurting anybody He’s okay [Laughter] It’s pretty obvious that confederate Monuments are a bit stigmatized in America nowadays right Oh yeah and i mean obviously it is a bit Problematic when these monuments that Were built A lot of times in the segregationist Eras are Constructed in public a lot of times They’re meant to fear monger you know How do you even deal with that history How do you go about Preventing future racism and whatnot Not like this it just makes me wonder I’ve seen a lot of weird confederate Monuments What is the biggest confederate monument In the united states I don’t know well Actually i do know it’s uh we’re staring At it right now Interesting

Our journey into seeking the spirits of The south both begins and ends here at Stone mountain in georgia a highly Controversial sculpture Known as america’s largest confederate Monument there have been many anti-stone Mountain protests over the years but Nonetheless regardless of how many People disagree with what the mountain Represents There it sits in all of its 820 feet of Glory the enormous rock relief sculpture Found on the mountain depicts a scene of Men on horseback specifically Confederate leaders jefferson davis Robert e lee And stonewall jackson now you may be Asking yourself this monument is huge But what makes it different or more Controversial than the others found in And around georgia Well this story is dark back in 1914 a Woman named mrs helen c Plain a charter member of the united Daughters of the confederacy wanted a Monument erected to the confederacy on Or near stone mountain And a plan was hatched to carve the Monument directly into the side of the Mountain It should be noted that at the time Stone mountain was owned by a man named Sam venable An active and powerful member of the ku

Klux klan in 1914 a year after the plan Was proposed to turn stone mountain into A memorial The ku klux klan held a grand ceremony On top of the mountain that ceremony led By a preacher named william j Simmons who would eventually become the Leader of the entire ku klux klan was Meant to represent the rebirth of the Group in its second incarnation the Group of members on the mountain that Night included two elderly members of The original clan As part of the group’s ceremony they set Up on the summit an altar covered with a Flag Opened a bible and burned a 16-foot Cross To sum this up the rebirth of the ku Klux klan literally took place on top of Stone mountain before the monument was Even created Now remember the woman helen plane who i Told you fought to get the stone Mountain confederate memorial created Well she and many of the other Supporters of the project had very close Clan associations and she even told Sculptors that she wanted klansmen to be Depicted in the carving on the mountain She stated at one time in writing that The clan quote-unquote Saved us from nero domination and carpet Bag rule

That is just incredibly disgusting to Read But as we continue on as you can already Tell stone mountain was a symbol of White supremacy and racism far before The carving of confederates on its side Was completed but the dark history of This place is still far from over It was in the 1910s when helen plain Chose a man named gutson borglum to lead The project Gutson had joined the kkk for their Cross-burning ceremony atop the mountain And in the past had spewed some pretty Dark racist rhetoric against everyone From native americans to jewish people Gutson didn’t really get along with the People he was working on the project With and it moved slowly Almost a decade after the project began Gutson was fired and after finding this Out he took an axe and destroyed all the Models and designs that he had made for The project authorities in georgia Attempted to capture and arrest gutson But he fled to another state A few years later and this is shocking Gutson borglum would go on to be the man That created mount rushmore in south Dakota It’s absolutely insane that he created One of america’s most recognizable Monuments and was such a trash person They definitely don’t tell you that he

Was in the kkk and the mount rushmore Museum Anyways construction of the stone Mountain monument stopped in 1928 and it Wasn’t until 1941 when the Segregationist governor of georgia got Work started again but it was quickly Halted once again as the u.s got Involved in world war ii In 1958 segregationist governor marvin Griffin was elected to office While marvin ran for governor he told Constituents that he planned to uphold Segregation in the wake of brown v board Of education and that he would finally Finish stone mountain Wow so after being elected marvin pushed The georgia legislature to approve a Measure to purchase stone mountain at a Price of 1.125 million dollars The confederate carving was dedicated in 1970 and the work on the monument was Finished in 1972. Now you may be thinking how could this Get any worse Well it does did you know that stone Mountain is actually a theme park and Resort Stone mountain park which shockingly is Georgia’s most visited tourist Attraction Officially opened on april 14 1965 100 years to the day of lincoln’s Assassination

Ouch when it was initially opened stone Mountain park grew into a neoconfederate Theme park complete with a plantation House Whitewashed versions of antebellum life And a gone with the wind museum While a lot of these features were Eventually removed from the park there Are still remnants of this subtle racism Found throughout the property To this day four flags of the Confederacy are flown at the park And the stone mountain memorial lawn According to officials from the park Contains 13 terraces one for each Confederate state Each terrace flies the flag that the State flew as a member of the Confederacy One can’t help but think what the hell Were they thinking when they visit stone Mountain But this place although important to our Story was not the focus of our trip to Georgia Our real mission was to find and Communicate with the spirits of the South And so jeff and i headed off for our Terrifying night At the kennesaw house in georgia So here we are trying to get to the Kennesaw house It’s already been stressful as just

Trying to get there There it is right there we physically Can’t get this just have a big ass train Come by Look at this you guys know the joke About trains we can’t even get across The street going on and on Then we’re just trying to get right There look at this what the hell is up With this Big cars man these are like about double The size of our cars back home Jesus this thing it just Will not end we’ve been here like five Minutes What are the odds man what are the odds With our channel Well we’re supposed to be here at what 4 30 For the clarity girl that but i can Always stay till five And we couldn’t even find a damn parking Spot back around It’s gonna be a spooky night i’m ready Freedom let’s go Now how the hell do we get in Hi guys i am christa mckay the Collections manager here at the marietta Museum of history Really quick before we go around i want To just give you an idea of what a Collections manager does So what i do is handle all the artifacts Here in the museum that we’re going to

Be seeing Um the other things that you won’t be Able to see are on our third floor which Is our storage space and Unfortunately that’s off limits to to Anybody until Anybody who’s not on staff so sorry About that but we’ll go through the Museum really quick We are in what we call our home life Gallery so kind of an overview of What life was like in marietta and cobb County uh marietta was founded in 1834. Cobb county was founded in 1832 the Building that we’re in which i’ll talk About More in one of our last spaces was built In 1845. You can see like we’ve got different Areas we’ve got our music boxes We’ve got an area devoted to alice Mcclellan bernie if you were a kid Who had mom or dad involved in the pta She was born here and she was a Co-founder of the pta so we’ve got a lot Of national story lines here for Marietta We’ve got all these great things that We’d like to tell story-wise in the Museum we always have Permanent exhibits and then we have Temporary ones as well Marietta is what we would call the County seat to cobb county so this is

Where all judicial and legislative Things happen And we’ve got all these great um Artifacts from one of our old Courthouses We have a file cabinet that was actually Made by Convict labor and then if you guys can See right here with this cool little Desk When they decided to expand the Courthouse instead of just Building more spaces they took and put a Wall down every courtroom And instead of buying new desks they Took every desk and cut them in half so You’ve got this flat part right here That would go against the wall Be very economical which i love when you Make your way through Into our museum we have our military Gallery now i will say this um This is the room ironically enough Actually i would say one of two rooms One room that a lot of people tend to Get feelings from So if you’re sensitive and you come here This would be kind of the room you might Want to go in But it’s kind of ironic that people get A lot of vibes from this room Because this room actually wasn’t put in Until 1979 so it’s not as old as the Building itself

I’ve had people say it’s not necessarily Because of the room It’s because of all the uniforms and the People who wore you know like that Lingering effect We go from civil war all the way up to Present day we don’t do american Revolution because it wasn’t something Uh cobb county’s history so that’s what We really start with Is the civil war marietta was actually I mean you’re thinking okay we’re in Georgia so it’s a confederate stronghold But we were confederate occupied all the Way up until 1864 when the union army Came in And occupied not only uh mariota square But even this building So we kind of go all the way through From Civil war you can see all of our Different artillery And um one cool weapon i wanted to point Out was this Joe brown pike so it’s not a gun But it’s a weapon to help keep the Calvary at bay so those on horses And it’s got a retractable blade that Blade is still pretty sharp and we Actually have like Cut ourselves on it if we’re not very Careful i know it’s very You wouldn’t think it’s sharp being 150 Plus years old but it still

World war ii is very important for Marietta in that we had the belt Aircraft plants we were building b-29s Here From 1943 all the way into 1945 we built Over 665 Airplanes and you can see all these Different military uniforms from Local men who fought that’s what we try And do is make sure that we have local Uniforms On display like i said this room this Space this paranormal activity Tends to be this room and then the last Room we go into This room right here is actually what Used to be our old office spaces Um and so it’s our education room but Again with coven right now we’ve had to Put Everything behind the walls um you guys Will see the transition here is where You transition from the Newer part back to the older part so This is our general history gallery kind Of do the history of marietta cobb County In a nutshell and we’re actually going To go the opposite way Right now as i mentioned in the Beginning marietta was founded in 1834 Cobb county is in 1832. um native Americans were here first with the creek And the cherokee indians

What really makes marietta grow is the Railroad The trains go by consistently they are Not passenger trains they are strictly Cargo And there’s no telling what time of day They’ll come through they just come Through when they come through Marietta has got a lot of different Businesses i’ve talked about bell Aircraft very briefly One business that’s really um kind of Our landmark Is this is a board game called the big Chicken the big chicken is a kentucky Fried chicken and it was originally Built In the 1960s it’s a johnny rebs chick Chuck and shake And when colonel sanders heard about it He bought it and it still exists they Did a two million dollar renovation its Beak moves its eye moves Um so it’s a huge thing here in marietta And it’s Always all roads lead to the big chicken So and it’s a directional marker you go A mile north or a mile west or whatever Uh with the big chicken These guys right here are actually one Large totem pole but since our ceilings Aren’t high enough We’ve got these two uh pieces and it’s a Boy scout created totem pole

Boy scouts and girl scouts have a big History here as well one of our first Troops for boy scouts was started in 1911 And boy scouts themselves were started In 1910 so we’ve had a really long History with the scouts we’re going to Make our way over Towards our last space because this last Room As i mentioned before we’re kind of in Between temporary exhibits right now in One area But this last room we’ve recreated to Mimic What this building was like as a hotel During the civil war So i mentioned before this building was Built in 1845 and it started as a cotton Warehouse In 1855 it was bought and purchased or Purchased and turned into The fletcher house hotel today on the Outside it’s called the kennesaw house But um we mean it as a house like a Hotel Not a personal home originally had four Floors it has Three floors now and this front corner Room was the room that was used In 1862 for the beginning of the great Locomotive chase A year into the civil war in 1862 the Idea

Was union soldiers would come down here Dressed as As civilians they’re spies the idea of Stealing a train Taking all the railroad tracks up and Making their way to chattanooga this is A very shortened version Of this story and so they weren’t Successful in that Endeavor if you guys want to learn more About it there’s books there’s even a Walt disney Movie which is a little bit uh Exaggerated Um but the men who stole the train Called the general They’re called andrews raiders and they Were the first men to receive What is now the congressional medal of Honor but this room outside of the Military gallery Is the other room that i’ve had people Come through and Have feelings and have other things Happen so again like i said if you’re Sensitive and you come here This is the other room that people have Gotten you know Strange and unusual occurrences from i Personally have never had any But again you know since this is an Older part of the museum in an older Part of the building It doesn’t surprise me that it has some

Sort of connectivity to some people If you guys can buy you can always ask Us We we’re open 10 to four but you never Know If you’re if you’re really good maybe We’ll let you come in On another time but you’d have to book It with us so so Can we talk about the hospital it being A hospital yes absolutely So um during the civil war it was first A confederate hospital Many buildings around the square were Hospitals And for us it was not only a hospital But it was also a morgue But we do know and actually what i can Do for you right now Is show you that Excuse the sofa right there if you want To walk this way this is the Original staircase to the building so This would have been here during the Civil war It does not go up to the third floor Anymore when they rehabbed in 79 they Took that away so Imagine doctors and nurses during the Civil war going up and down these stairs So we were we were a hospital we were Called um Ford’s hospital f-o-a-r-d and that was The one who was overseeing

The whole running of this building it Was also still operating as a hotel as Well so you could be a hotel guest Hopefully not a hospital guest So yeah and our location being right out Front for the railroad tracks made us a Perfect spot to be a hospital because it Was very easy to get supplies in and out And And uh the wounded in and out and what Kind of paranormal activity Do people consistently report in here um What’s the range oh you get a lot of People who Get the cold spots like they’ll be Walking because you if you walk through Our rooms do Definitely have areas which are colder Or warmer than the others You could chalk it up to eight facts but You who knows it could be something else Some other people Um have had whispers some people have Said smells like Burning or popcorn and nobody’s made any Popcorn We did have one person who’s you know That whole kind of corner of their eye They thought somebody Was there and there was nobody there um We’ve heard Stories of people hearing um not that This wouldn’t be a good example but The idea of a ring hitting on either

This banister or a metal banister that We have in the fire escape So but nobody was in there as well or The elevator doors Just mysteriously opening and closing And nobody’s getting off or on And nobody’s even pushed the button um The big story that you do here though Is um there’s a story out there about The elevator going Down to the basement in an opening and There was this gruesome Hospital surgery scene while i don’t Discount that a person could have seen Something the elevator doesn’t go to the Basement so they might have just gone to The first floor Um so just an fyi if you want to take The elevator to the basement it’s not Possible There’s no basement on that side where There’s an elevator interesting so Yeah so you think that the hauntings Would Stem from the hospital days i mean there Are some that That say that but there’s you know there Were this building was a hotel Pretty much up until 1979 so thinking About the number of people that were in This building from 1855 to 1979 Either staying at night there were also Numerous businesses there were doctors

Who would rent out Have their office space in here so if You had a doctor in here i I’ve never heard of a story but you Never know maybe maybe The doctor had a patient that died while Here Or something like that but not just Specifically civil war that tends to be The biggest story If we had a number of people die in this Building i don’t think it would be just From the civil war it could have been Anything For that long period are there any other Uh recorded deaths Besides the hospital deaths um there There was a story that there was um After the war because this building used To have a dining room too since it was a Hotel That somebody came in and shot At somebody in the dining room and he Later died of his wounds but i don’t Know If the death actually happened in here But the shooting happened in here Interesting again i’ve been in this Building all hours of the day and night But i’m not one that Necessarily subscribes to paranormal Activity so i always say Since i don’t they’re not going to come Out talk to me unless i

Really made somebody mad but but anybody Who has I don’t discount so is there a specific Object or anything in here that people Have reported Um i’ve never heard of anything Specifically Like i said people in the military Gallery people definitely get Feelings from some of the military Uniforms those uniforms were given to us There’s people that they just get a Feeling and then also those guns I don’t know the full history of every Single gun so Who knows one of those guns could have Very easily i mean odds are Possibly killed somebody so that room Like i said tends to have the Most outside of the raiders room that we Call it those two spots tend to have the Most Activity from people who come in Something happens in those two rooms i Don’t know what it is Awesome any final thoughts well if you Are ever in marietta and you want to Come see the museum Um if we aren’t open there’s also a Ghost tour company that does And they stop outside our museum and They tell a lot of the stories as well So you can also they go around marietta Telling more so marietta definitely has

A paranormal presence that uh You know i think people would like to Explore and learn more about so Awesome visit us cool So this is the kennesaw battlefield in Kennesaw georgia right outside of Marietta The kennesaw house is the location that We’ll be at Later in this video investigating for Paranormal activity it used to be a Civil war hospital for the confederacy But in places like this you can’t help But Think about how people handle death on Such a mass Scale i mean you got joggers out here You got people driving through to work You got fedex trucks Rolling by and can’t help but think About the Many people that lost their lives on This land some of them confederates some Of them union So it’s interesting let’s walk up here I don’t know what the hell that little Thing is up there And like i said it’s you always to me i Always think about When you come to places like this just The idea that hundreds of years ago not Even 150 really or so years ago there were

Men all in this area shooting guns at Each other killing each other committing Mass murder Ben brutal cannonballs Nowadays people just drive by on their Way to pick up their kids from the Basketball game It’s a beautiful place for a hike Yeah and what i was researching Yesterday i was just talking about How often times in the civil war and Different wars in america When people were killed a lot of times The bodies Were exhumed and brought to be buried in In different wartime Cemeteries but in a battlefield like This there’s a potential For hundreds of soldiers to be buried in Unmarked graves even right here That were never found or exhumed well It’s just a deal It is kind of lumpy too well 1864. fought Crazy yeah right here Walking trails piece there’s a multi Multi-million dollar homes All over through here and yeah bizarre Goes from a war and bloody Carnage to swimming pools and we start Yeah i guess it’s time to move on okay Just wanted to show you guys the Kennesaw battlefield before we go to the

Kennesaw house because Not only is it the namesake but there’s That’s like the deepest history around Here is The battle and it took place all Throughout this area And especially deep down there there’s Some crazy stories from this battle It was strange driving through that Neighborhood on the outskirts of the Battlefield just thinking about the fact That these Opulent homes were probably built on Land covered in blood That once was home to many bodies on Both sides of the fight But that fearful thought that concept That Death is all around was nothing compared To the frights that we had in store for Us That night at the haunted kennesaw house In marietta georgia What’s up everybody so tonight we are in Marietta georgia At one of the most famous haunted Locations in the entire Peach state the kennesaw house this Building was not only A hotel for decades it was also a Hospital during the civil war You’ve got this history of people dying You’ve got hotels where people are Bringing their own personal energy and

Grief and Whatever they’re going through at the Time into these rooms there’s a lot of Interesting History here we’ve heard a lot of Different ghost stories ranging from Seeing apparitions to hearing whispers And voices but without further ado This was an expensive place to rent for The night so we’re gonna head in Right away and get this done or get this Rolling i should say And i just want to let everybody know we Are wearing the masks because The government mandate states that when You’re in these government buildings You have to wear a mask and in this Building this place Is a government-owned uh complex so we Have to wear them tonight So in case you were wondering that’s why We got them on for safety So let’s head on into the kennesaw house Yeah baby said like uh again they’re Serious Yeah she told me a ghost story about Someone who Came down to the first floor in the Elevator and opened up and there’s a Gruesome Surgical scene that they saw really yeah Like them now Yeah here huh oh shoot the lights up Yeah okay everybody so we’ve got

A rem pod right here we’re gonna turn This bad boy on So there’s the rim pod over here we’ve Got Motion sensing balls and bars of light Over here we’ve set up a static camera I’m gonna roll on this one right now There you go that’s rolling Hey everybody now let’s go over here Lights are on because This is the military room so So here we go that static camera is Rolling We’re gonna set this em pump over there By all the things So here’s the em pump we’re gonna turn This on Those the em pumps that you see with the Blue lights They kick out in electromagnetic Frequency Which is what emf meters detect so in Effect You’re providing the spirits with Almost a bank of energy that they can Draw from to try and spur on Manifestations So we’ll turn this rimpot on so now that We’ve got all this set up I think it’s time to start investigating You want to go ir Okay let’s get going i might get some Stuff see this guy Yep that’ll happen to him

I don’t think he had too much of a Moonshine I’m just going to have jeff turn off the Light and we’re going to go ir And i’m turning on this emf meter we’re Just going to try Some questions without devices at first So we’re picking up a small emf signal Here Point one Point two Interesting last time when we were using This Uh near hills church there was nothing So and just to point to people point out To people online Even this amount of emf can be Considered a considerable amount of emf In the environment And so having a reading that’s constant Throughout this building could be a Reason why there are hauntings because There is this constant signal that you Can In effect if you’re a spirit draw from i Want to start off By introducing ourselves to you guys in Here my name is colin I’m jeff and we just would love to talk To you tonight Make contact with you if you’re in here We don’t want to hurt you especially if You’re from the civil war We would love to talk to you can you

Give us a sign by maybe knocking on Something or moving something Though that’s why i don’t quite Understand this I did that at my house and i measured it 12 feet That doesn’t go off this is like 20 feet That’s why i don’t Quite understand i did that at my house And i measured 12 feet and it doesn’t go Off this is like 20 feet Let’s see oh yeah look i’m not setting It off over here i’m saying Let this one off are you over there by Those lights Can you walk over to the sound of my Voice And we’re in the military room right now There are so many guns in here first off Civil war weapons bullets Who knows yeah what what these uh What these weapons and artifacts did to People possibly killed Is there somebody over here in this room With us Is there anyone by the elevator area That’s where We’re hearing a lot of things have shown Themselves I think we should go over by there a Little bit sure We’re coming over by you a little bit oh Look at that Oh okay look it we we were behind

These cases yeah Okay interesting just also you heard That 0.5 too Okay because it’s not gonna go off from The side Are you making this light turn on 0.6 We’re getting over here too Before yeah we’re just here to make Contact with you we’re friendly Just to let you let us know that you’re Here It’s kind of interesting too like Just look at how a cell phone can affect Emf look at this Look at how much emf is in a cell phone That’s crazy it’s kind of spooky where Are you in the building Okay there’s always a train then I mean these are all cases and that’s in Front these are all the uniforms That you see and uh you know you’d think That Obviously they saw him on battle right Can you hear the train outside Maybe you’re over here it could be in These nondescript rooms Is there anybody here with us In the old hospital These are long trains You know A huge spike over here These dresses are creeping over here

Those are the old uh stairs Huh come over here These are the old stairs from the Hospital oh cool And look at how they lead to nowhere oh Oh wow Yeah let me go on here Look at that the stairs to My ceiling did you used to walk up and Down these stairs Okay over here is the only place in here That has zero emf Well there also seem to be pretty Average emf levels in here If not a little bit elevated i think we Should do a spirit box in that room okay What was that Uh Fish Hello Was very loud man Did not expect that If there’s somebody here in the kennesaw House Can you say hi or hello Can you say hello or hi if you’re here I have no idea can you tell us your name Are you dmitry Okay um just Or we’ve come [Laughter] Give me a name What was in the newspaper your name

Were you in the newspaper yes or no Do you know what our name is say one of Our names Say yes You live here That’s the deal You in heaven or in hell or heaven Do you believe in god Okay is anybody in this room i think we Should Do a little experiment okay You and i should both take our static Cameras you should sit Either over there or in here or yeah Video cameras and we should just sit for Like 10 minutes and ask questions Because those loud noises were crazy Okay i think we should both just do just Get it on the camera yeah like you take Your camera and i’ll take my camera okay Devices where you’re going to start loud I can sit over here In the war room if you want to sit over Here over here yeah or i can sit over There if you want to see me Yeah you want to sit on the floor So right now i’m going to sit here the Static hammer is right behind me The hallways here and this creepy room Is right to my left i’m gonna sit here Alone He’s gonna walk over to the war room and Sit in there with the camera like this Let’s just listen ask some questions

Okay okay ready go for it Head into the darkness my friend It’s definitely creepy in here And those noises were loud as [ __ ] right Away Like five six women i keep feeling a Chill right here which is why i kind of Wanted to stay here and keep feeling Something in this area i don’t know what It is but And this guy is very creepy over here i Don’t like that dude I keep expecting him to like twist his Head at me Hello Where are you Can you move something around in here And once again just remind everybody It’s Pitch black in here those red lights are Honestly very creepy Are you right there in front of me That’s trippy even if i move down here That doesn’t go off You can see that look at this one oh my God it’s getting closer now Come on come on over here Is that you See look at once again to the static Camera Look at i’m moving like this and it Doesn’t set that Motion sensor off so that’s very bizarre

That just went off both of them If that is you if you just walked over Towards me Can you knock on something like that or Push something over in here Got a static camera rolling there And ramp pod Okay guys our women spirits is over here Can you give me some kind of noise Anything Make some lights go off i’m just going To sit here now silently and just see if You’re here Step out and show yourself Sir do you have an order sir I am just a lowly captain i know that You’re a lieutenant general Sir what are my orders sir Oh okay that just Okay our light freaking our camera just Died Okay oh [ __ ] and there goes that light Again Oh my god i got i have definite Goose look at my hair okay did you turn My light off over here And then turn that other one on again i Don’t get what’s happening is it because It’s pointing at you Why did you go off What is up with this i’m wearing my Battery already Okay why did you drain my battery Already this is like

Just last night it lasted for i think we Had almost two hours Okay weird okay It’s on again maybe you don’t want to Capture something Let’s try to start it and the train’s Coming again that’s very odd Okay that light came on again over there I think i had it on screen And why did this go off Why why did you go off on me here Okay are you playing with the camera and The light It’s okay come out Okay i’m wondering this light this Camera Here is still active it turned off It turned off by whatever forces may be And you can see the blue light Right here blinking it’s still recording But it won’t go to up front as you can See the light blurring off of it I’ll shut up i’ll turn on and off to Show you off That’s on huh and the light came back on Again Okay so you there’s something here with This light that’s Pointed at that light the camera that You don’t like huh or is that your way Of saying that you know that you’re Being recorded on here Okay let’s make some noise come on I get a really creepy vibe from this

Room all of a sudden What the [ __ ] no way No way I just heard footsteps or something from Over there and i turned the camera to Point at it and that light just Illuminated Look it’s not me or i’m just trying to Show that I can i can move any way i want and i Don’t set that off And also now all three of the lights Have gone off in order One two three like it’s getting closer To me Cold breeze on my face again right here I really just feel like there’s somebody Standing In front of me in this doorway they keep Coming Coming towards me it’s very eerie Feeling right now very Just strange Can you make a noise You’ll never escape the trains man you Can never escape the trains Now walk over into this room Hello You make a noise and show me where you Are I just thought i saw a shadow move on The ground Footsteps

Yeah that camera went out Right yeah and the light came on Right when it happened yeah over there Facing it Down here and then the camera just came Back on it didn’t die why but it just Shut off So i showed it i don’t switch spots Sure but yeah oh that light just went on Yeah again i know It’s that one light and it will go on When you’re behind a wall Or if we’re talking about this camera It’s like the camera on it is right on It See and it also doesn’t come on I can’t get it back on ir We’re not sure why okay why don’t you go Sit over there i’ll go over there Anything yeah there’s that leg okay hi Literally is that the camera Yeah it goes again So you’re saying when that motion light Has gone on The camera has done that’s like the Third time yeah the camera died oh it Doesn’t die it goes off Yeah and i i couldn’t even bet i wasn’t Even on the button so how would that Come off I was sitting over there and the Farthest leg came on and i moved to show People that it wasn’t me

Okay i asked it to come closer then the Second light came on And i was like there’s some noises and i Was sitting there Filming the hotel room yeah and i Thought i heard footsteps to my right And so i whipped the camera around and Right when i was Where i turned around and then that Light facing that direction came on Okay so well i think they’re i think Maybe they’re playing with our camera And you know like that light facing Right to directly the camera It comes on the camera powers off but it Powers back on again you can power it Back on So i’ll go back over here so jeff and i Have now switched spots I am in the war room and he’s over where I was just sitting i’m gonna see What’s going on in this room Camera down here guys I was thinking about maybe uh breaking Out Like the oculus yeah let’s do the Obvious Okay well we just noticed that the em Pump is gonna turn this off It’s a brand new battery Okay that’s brand new and The camera that went off the spring You know i don’t know it’s not cold in Here no

There’s no reason for this it’s hot in Here thinking Um what do you think should we go in There Yeah we’re gonna come into the military Room Okay is there anything related to the Military Once we come in here that you can say on This box Equation system Well you know who knows what that could Mean Again anything with the military could You say into this box right here It has a weak signal you know like it’s Like they’re not trying to do anything Let’s walk over i got more activity Flowers What do you mean by that i don’t hear Anything at the nazi stuff Yeah all they do 60 minutes You know almost like a signal here’s a Signal radio Is that radio speech Oh it’s like sweaty Well you’ve got god you were really Heavy and you’ve got blue jeans Reveal are you going to reveal yourself To us Let me go ir if we turn the lights out Will you show yourself to us show us Where you are I mean come on alignment

I mean look at all these revolvers and Rifles oh my gosh There’s having a been a lot of killing With all these weapons Where are you in this building right now Did you die In the civil war hospital were you Confederate I felt something in here earlier with The light going on the camera and stuff You know It’s like dead now yeah it just seems Like again i don’t know I hate to say it but it’s like It seems old to me you know this thing Isn’t giving us any responses either This is the same emf pump as the other One that died A while back this thing is just you know You can hear it i mean this is still And they’re both new batteries so the Other one shouldn’t have came out of the Same pack And the other area was more active who Knows And let’s see this works it just hasn’t Gone off But again like you said the fact that When it does really go crazy you know Something’s happening i mean It really it makes me much more of a Believer Have anything left nope You know so jeff’s got the sls camera

Which is the connect basically it tracks Stick figures it’s meant to track Human figures uh for xbox software but Paranormal researchers use it to try to Pick up on possible Entities in the environment that we’ve Had some really weird responses with This thing before so We’re going to go through here and see If we can pick anything up hey Anybody in here now’s the time to kind Of show yourself I’m personally i’ve felt stuff towards The beginning But i just feel like the energy in this Building has just kind of left Completely i don’t feel anything at this Point Yeah i’m not sure what’s going on it’s Like really really Quiet yeah Okay we’re gonna be we’re gonna leave Pretty quick here so I mean if you want to you know that You’re here I mean now is the time Now is the time to show yourself i mean It’s going to be kind of like An episode you’ll see coming up where You have that from the ceiling I mean that’s pretty compelling right Yeah i mean there’s nothing for to map Out to And it’s like free space and here you

Know you’ve got all this stuff And we just we’re not getting even a hit You know so I think we’re gonna wrap this up on this Yeah okay So to wrap up this investigation we’ve Been here for hours now it’s really hot I’m sweating profusely and we’re very Uncomfortable we were filming last night At hell’s church First night at the 1842 inn tomorrow we Got the asylum Then corpsewood manor one of the main Ghost stories this place is that Somebody took this Elevator right here down to the first Floor and when the doors opened up They saw a surgical scene somebody being Operated on They just went into that so i want to Turn the spirit box on in the elevator And go up and down between the floors And just see if we can hear anything Oh jesus oh my god that scared the hell Out of me So are you gonna just sit here first Let’s just go to the first floor and Then up okay gotta turn on Go to the stair box a second first let’s Just open up and see if there’s any Noise Okay Not sure which i saw a surgical suite Okay okay

Let’s go back up to two I would like to go out to like a Twilight zone Right Come on surgery My two little kids come on Show me the ghosts Hello But you know i mean it doesn’t say that It could have happened So This is where almost everything was seen But yeah what was that What is that shhh What would that be a voice Here why don’t you sit up here and see If that was part of the elevator coming Up Oh like a woman Anybody that’s here in the kennesaw House if you were a confederate This is your last chance you have Anything to say to us Anything left to do Beginning of the night it was active but Now it just feels i feel completely Comfortable Okay we have two rem pods not one head Not one handed And we did about you know we showed a Little bit of the sos But i did about a little over an hour Yeah

Some noise over there i know for a fact Though i’m going to cut One of the spirit box sessions we did Because there was not a single voice or Just static Obvious we didn’t get anything even last Night Evil broken portal at hell’s church the Obvious tonight Nothing last night there was some bad Satan evil energy Our devil over there yeah and this is Just i don’t know it’s kind of empty you Know But sometimes that’s how it is at the Paranormal and that’s not discounting People’s experiences that’s just this is Our own That’s just the way it goes man at least You know you’re watching the real [ __ ] That’s the way it goes man that’s the Way it goes man I’m tired as hell okay i want to say Goodbye to the captain over here We still have our device running Yep okay yeah okay so how does this one Keep going Right and then the other one died again All right well this isn’t the end of the Episode but let’s call it a wrap on Kennesaw Now so we left the kennesaw house with More questions than Answers why was this place known as one

Of the most haunted spots in georgia It’s something that you have to consider When you investigate the paranormal Why is it not more frequent if so many People have had experiences at a certain Location And it’s ranked consistently as a place That has consistent activity Why is it not always consistent but That’s just something i’ll never have an Answer to but my journey In exploring these questions didn’t end There in georgia When i got back to austin i wanted to Explore a little bit more Of the confederate history that’s Embedded in our society I was a student at the university of Texas at austin and In the mall of the campus what i’m Showing you right here these are Podiums where these statues used to Stand and the student body was forced to Walk by them Every day it was robert e lee they had a Statue of jefferson davis These statues were overlooking the Campus john h reagan he was a famous Confederate This is where jefferson davis used to be I was a student when he was still there And he got removed But it just goes to show that even Places that consider themselves

Liberal they only got rid of confederate Insignia and memorials a couple years Ago i think 2017. i also got to add i don’t know why The hell george washington is On campus but he’s still there now If you want to talk about confederate Memorials in austin you got to consider That austin is a very Liberal city but in front of the state Capitol there are still Three huge confederate memorials right Here this is the first memorial that i Filmed you can see the csa for the Confederate states of america There’s the stars and bars the flag And dedicated to robert e lee and Jefferson davis As you continue walking throughout this Area you come across A lot of these different memorials Including this main confederate memorial Right here dedicated to the confederate Dead which is actually Right in front of the capitol building i Can only imagine the Feeling that so many people from texas Get when they come to the capitol And are forced to look at this memorial A lot of people whose ancestors May have died in the slavery system or People whose ancestors died As a union soldier and as you watch this Video there’s one thing that i want to

Remind or Educate you guys about it’s the fact That a lot of these memorials were not Erected right after the civil war they Weren’t built in the 1860s and 70s A lot of these memorials and monuments Were actually built in the 50s and 60s The 1950s and 60s In the era of desegregation these were Monuments dedicated to white nationalism And white supremacy That were erected to suppress the black Vote and essentially Scare people it’s sad my name is maria So what do you guys think about the Confederate monuments that are Here at the capitol i think they should Just take them down because It’s nothing to be proud of yeah it’s Just disrespectful like seeing just like That first statue as you walk in like It’s just It’s just plain disrespect and we Shouldn’t i don’t know why some people Just come here and like admire these Statues when it shouldn’t It’s just like it gives a representation That like texas is still proud of what They did And honestly like it’s just something That Like living here it’s just not something That like represents Like austin or texas in general we

Shouldn’t just have here anymore it’s Just Plain disrespect what do you think you Would do with the monument Like do you take it down do you put it In a museum do you have any idea like What do you do honestly just demolishing It It’s just it has no good value to It there’s a lot of great other things That the us has done And stuff well sometimes but These statues are not now obviously you Guys know that i’m pretty progressive in My beliefs and i don’t stand for Confederate memorials and monuments Being out in public i think they have a Place and that’s in museums for history But i decided to Invite someone out to speak on the Behalf of the people who believe in the Confederate monuments i wanted to know To get to the bottom of why people fight So hard to keep these damn things up When there’s such a problem in society So i decided to invite out marshall Davis of the sons of confederate Veterans I met him at the texas state cemetery in The confederate graveyard area And asked him his opinions on why he Believes these statues should be kept up I’m marshall davis i’m with the sons of Confederate veterans here in texas

I was raised in virginia my confederate Ancestors All fought with the confederate army From virginia In the early 1900s as confederate Veterans were passing away The at a convention of confederate Veterans Stephen lee’s gave a charge to the sons Of confederate veterans To preserve and protect the good name of The confederate soldier To us has been given the the task to Preserve his good name and see that the True history of the south Is presented to future generations And most of the people would you say Who do fight for their preservation of The monuments and everything they have Relatives that were In the confederate army and the sons of Confederate veterans you must have a An ancestor who fought either with the Confederate army Navy or was an officer in those Organizations Uh here in in austin and in texas we There are monuments Around the state of texas and cemeteries In old county courthouses To honor the men who fought nobly and Bravely for their state and for their Country One of my favorites certainly is the

Main confederate monument on the south Lawn of the texas capitol It is a four-sided monument and has a List Of all of the battles that texas Confederate soldiers fought in The three sides are the different Battles that different engagements That confederates from texas fought in The fourth is a quote From the confederate veterans who Erected that monument In the 1920s about how these men fought For states rights that were guaranteed Under the constitution And they were spurred on by the Revolutionary war Who the american colonists Fought to remove themselves from a Tyrannical england One of the the spirits and one of the The motivators for the confederate cause Was a similar cause to remove themselves From the tyrannical over government of Washington dc So what what’s the main goal Of the organization is it monument Building is it Our main goal is to preserve the history Of the south And the true meaning of what the Confederate experiment was We have gone into schools and done Living history where we explained to the

School kids Not only the soldier but what the women Wore In the 1860s in the south and The the different aspects of southern Life In the 1860s when the south was ravaged By An invading army for instance uh chicory Is real popular In the south especially new orleans Because The north block hated the ports and so No coffee could get in So the southerners had to resort to what Was around And that was chicory and that’s one Piece of the war that still survives Today Is the chicory and the coffee so not Just in monuments but in In many aspects we will speak to the Legislature about bills to preserve Confederate history and the different Aspects of keeping that part of the American history Alive well with many current events The confederate calls and all things Confederate have been Collateral damage as the The nation deals with racism and As in as a extension of that the Monuments In austin have been damaged have been

Graffitied Around the south and around the country Monuments to confederate heroes and Other american heroes Have been defaced or destroyed oh that Looks like this There you go as always Gotta get that on camera too because People are gonna laugh at that Uh in oakwood cemetery in central austin There are over 400 confederate soldiers Buried In the grounds of oakwood cemetery a few Years ago the sons of confederate Veterans Raised funds and erected a monument to Those men To honor their service to the Confederacy In recent events specifically the george Floyd murder there was a lot of protest In austin Around the police station and that those Protests spilled into east austin And our monument was first graffitied With spray paint And then later damaged with uh Sledgehammers So we have had to cover the monument to Protect it from any further damage Man they’re pouring them out of work Jesus Airplane number two you gotta wait 10 15 seconds to you guys

It’s not about racism having these Monuments up it’s about your families Correct right correct and so what would You say to people Who want the monuments removed what’s What’s The reasoning behind keeping them up Well a main reason to leave the Monuments up is to invite Discussion and education about The men who are honored by these Monuments and the cause that the Monuments Represent if all those monuments are Gone then there will be no There will be little chance to have any Discussions about States rights home rule self-government And other items that were brought up in The war between the states by the Confederacy I think a visit to any cemetery with Confederates as we stand here in the Confederate section In the state texas state cemetery in Austin Each one of these graves that we’re Standing amongst are monuments To men who fought for their country and For their state One comparison i’ve heard is comparing The confederate soldier’s return And how he is fought up today with Vietnam u.s soldiers who returned from

Vietnam That was an unpopular war and those men Were vilified they were hated they were Spit upon And they were just serving their country Many drafted And they were serving a country that They Were born in and although the war was Unpopular those men didn’t Create that war and i think apparent a Comparison can be made to all these men That are buried here in the cemetery That they fought nobly and bravely Whether the war was then popular or is Now popular that does not Change the fact that these men fought An arduous war in the 1860s with far Less resources than our soldiers have Today And should be reserved should be Respected and their memories preserved The men that are buried here and Throughout confederate cemeteries Throughout the south Had no control over whether the south Seceded Very few were slave owners less than 25 Percent of the confederate soldiers were Actual slave owners So these men were drafted to defend what They felt was their homeland There is in the movie gettysburg the Union soldiers capture a

Private confederate private and ask him Why are you fighting this war and his Answer was because you’re here So the day after our investigation at The kennesaw house Jeff stayed back at the hotel and i took A drive to visit the second largest Confederate cemetery in the united States It is in marietta and it is a sombering Site it’s really strange when you go There because you Think of the confederates as kind of the Bad guys in american history They were the ones that tried to secede To leave the united states essentially But when you’re there in this Confederate cemetery this place of honor For these ancestors you really have a Feeling of I don’t know almost melancholy because Seeing all those tombstones Is kind of just a reminder that no Matter what these were all people and They all Died thousands of bodies are buried here And even though i don’t agree with a Single thing these people Stood for in the war it’s still you know Just a weird sad sight to see the graves Of so many Soldiers that died for a cause that Essentially was not even in their hands It was more so in the hands of the

Politicians leading them to their Slaughter And so we arrived back at stone mountain That damn Cursed rock filled with kkk history and Embedded with racism Interesting so at the end of the day You can’t take down or remove a Confederate cemetery obviously But what do you do with the monuments Do you put them into uh museums What do you think well i think It’s part of history and this is a hard One to put anywhere But yeah i don’t know what i really Don’t have the best answer Personally i think that just because of The manner in which a lot of these Monuments were constructed If you want to keep them put them in a Museum But with this monument since the kkk was Uh Basically reborn on top of this mountain This one’s a little bit more more dark Than uh Than the others yeah true but what do You do with this i mean how do you Remove them you know i have an idea To actually get off the wall you ready Light them up [Applause] Hello