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In may Of 1985 on a sunny afternoon A realtor in ormond beach took me north On beach street We turned left and entered the village Of pine run Before reaching the area of houses i Spotted what looked like a young preteen Holding a tall stick vertically Suddenly the other than human Walked on hands and feet to the middle Of the road and then stood erect My realtor slammed on the brakes and Cried what is that I suggested a bear but the shape and the Head was Not that of a bear we agreed it was a Monkey Due to no long tail and it appeared to Be at least Four and a half to five feet tall then It disappeared into the woods there was A small Follow-up investigation report the Witness was looking to buy Property in ormond beach back in the Spring of 1985 with a realtor Both ladies were driving a car west on Addison drive Right around 1 pm that road Borders a green area and connects with Several other state parks As they drove they noticed a quote Unquote

Teenager standing on the roadside Holding a stick As they neared it drops down on all Fours And they thought out loud that it was a Bear it began across the road From left to right in front of them Acting totally unafraid They had to slam on their brakes not to Hit it One commented that it was the strangest Looking bear they had ever seen And then the bear stood up and became Clearly bipedal Very comfortably it looked at them as it Crossed about 10 feet in front of the Car In a slow easy gate once it passed the Car It dropped back down to quadrupedal and Briefly paused to look back at them Before going back into the woods it was Roughly four and a half to five feet Tall Wooly dark brown and looked more ape Than human It had long limbs and looked taller Because of the lankiness One lady compared it to the size and Weight of an Average 12 year old boy although its Head seemed Smaller the head didn't have as much Hair on it as the body did

The women were amazed at what they were Seeing and the realtor commented That she was worried about what her Client was thinking as to what wild Creatures Lived in the area they realized it was Not a bear But could not figure out what it could Have been it did not have the bare ears Or tail And it was too big to be a monkey and Clearly was not a gorilla They had heard that bigfoots were much Bigger so Didn't think of that either they never Considered That it could have been a juvenile Sasquatch or a juvenile Skunking juvenile sasquatch or skunky Behavior Has been reported many times to go from Quadrupedal To bipedal and back they have also been Described as looking more Ape-like than full-grown sasquatch This location actually borders tomoka State park Addison state park and bolo creek state Park In fact bolo creek park has had several Reports over the years This first incident occurred in the fall Of 1998. The witnesses were sleeping around 10 pm

When they were awakened by two loud Vocalizations The first was more of a loud growl the Second began Low and progressed to a higher pitch It sounded like a scream the witnesses Related that it sounded as if Whatever made the sounds was standing in The room with them It was so loud they said you could feel It The husband got up to investigate but Found nothing He said that his two dogs were very Scared and they would not move From where they were laying in the house The husband Stated that i couldn't have pry them off The floor with a spatula The second incident occurred in october Of 1999 Roughly 13 months later the wife Let their dogs out in that morning the Dog involved did not return as she Usually does So the wife went out to look for her At the bottom of the front steps she Found the dog Bleeding from the stomach area the wife Took the mixed breed dog to the vet the Vet Stated that the dog had been hit by Something big Such as a car or something the witness

Said that this dog had never went to the Street Which at the time was approximately 200 Yards away from the house The dog weighed 25 pounds the injuries Included massive internal injuries And a one and a half inch cut on her Stomach The vet said that it was a puncture Wound of some sort And also the dog's rib was broken Unfortunately the dog died The witness believes that the dog walked Up on a bigfoot and was kicked By the creature the cut on her stomach Could have been where its toenail Had cut her a follow-up investigation Report provided even more Horrifying information on friday March 17 2000 the witness called with an Incident That had just occurred during bike week On wednesday March 8 2000 with some friends and Himself The group was sitting around the fire Pit on the northeastern corner of the Property When they heard something large moving Through the woods nearby The fire was large and bright and they Saw the reflection Of one eye the reflection was red And the eye was approximately an inch

And a half around the creature From position of the eye was on their Side of the creek Which runs along the north side of the Property Then crossed over the creek and walked Around East of them it then came back towards Them It even made loud noises moving to the Woods Snapping branches etc the eye was easily Seven plus feet off the ground The witness stated that the eye was too Big in diameter To belong to an owl no footprints were Ever found First of all i am a 57 year old high School and college Psychology and humanities teacher with a Background in phenomenon research I hold two master's degrees and i have Often been nicknamed The resident skeptic because i Simply demand scientific principles in Real time For all observable data i despise hoaxes My wife and i were standing on a Boardwalk on a bright Moonlit night around 11 30 pm Back in june of 2001 I was looking north when i first saw it About a hundred yards away at first i Thought it was just a late night jogger

After it got about 50 yards closer to me I alert my wife to turn around because i Realized That this was not your average jogger It walked with a very smooth long stride Arms swinging about two feet in front And back It was a uniform solid black or brown in Color No light face hands or shoes We watched it walk south right at the Edge Or the surf southward until it Disappeared down the beach And i am quite sure that it saw us I thought about yelling or encountering It But the thought lasted for just two Seconds This thing was walking fast with a Deliberate stride and a slight Forward stance it was on a mission As it were there were no footprints Because It was walking slightly into the water i Know what i saw and my wife and i are in Complete agreement On all details i guess this is another Incident Where i can only report the data there Seems to be no way to research it Unless someone else happened to see it Or confront it I also noticed that in the local paper

An article About a lady who discovered a black bear On her patio a few days before we Arrived I at first wondered if it was the same Bear But quickly eliminated this possibility Because of its quick upright posture Look I'm an avid hunter and fisherman from Kentucky I have seen two black bears in the wild At least This was no comparison My friend and i were spotting gators one Night In ormond beach florida when we had an Encounter with something Well unknown we were near a lake When we heard something large in the Woods right behind us when we shine our Lights into the woods To see what was making the noises we Heard a series of blunt Beating noises about a second or two Apart The sound was like that of a wooden Baseball bat hitting a tree Over and over this went on from About 30 seconds to a minute before the Tree fell As we heard the crackling of the falling Tree We ran back towards the nearest safe

Place to us At the same time we heard in the woods To our left Something almost stalking and following Our every move once we got to Civilization And realized we were now out of danger We then decided to go back to find out The source Of what had happened when we returned Nearly an hour later we found a tree Freshly broken in half the break Being about eight feet from the ground The break was also not a clean cut Like that of a saw an axe or a hatchet Rather like the tree had been bent to Its breaking point We knew this was a fresh break from the Dripping sap Which next day was so dry it was Definitely the source of the noise of a Falling tree On a branch about seven feet from the Ground we found a hair sample The hair is still yet to be identified The best description we can give it is a Two to two and a half inch light brown Hair Which is wavy with a kink close to the Middle of it The tree was about 25 to 30 feet tall And the break was about seven to eight Feet in the air At waist the diameter is about ten

Inches And the break being between six and Eight inches Please help us to determine if this was From a known and indigenous species Or if it was our distant friend as of November 25th 2012 a new report was now added to this While walking down the dock the woods Next to the dog began moving and shaking Violently We were scared but assuming it could be A bum We shouted off into the woods eventually The shaking stopped and a few moments go By We heard a knocking sound it sounded Like a 4×4 sized piece of wood Hitting a tree the knocking went on for Several minutes And we continued to yell trying to Figure out what it was Next the scariest part a tree About 25 to 30 feet from the dock began Rocking violently Still screaming the tree fell toward the Dock And we began running the whole time we Heard something keeping pace parallel to Us on the dock And grunting we later went back and Found a brown red hair Hanging from the bottom of a branch the Hair

Obviously later in the week we returned With another person and to plant a Cantaloupe On the tree in question we then heard a Loud wheezing noise Which sounded close to a boar being Startled in its sleep The cantaloupe was later found Completely dug out with the shell Still perfectly intact the hole was made Was Only about six inches in diameter no Other damage was done to the shell I do know of a lady who had moved to the Area She and a realtor were looking for Properties when a large ape-looking man Ran out in front of the road when the Realtor honked the horn It stood up on its hind legs looked at The two women And ran off into the woods this was About 20 years ago I've heard of this locally