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My husband and i live in florida In harrisburg county next to the Wildlife preserve One day about two weeks ago we were Traveling on highway 301 And i saw a sign that said dead river I glanced the look of the river as this Was in broad daylight What i saw i'll never forget I didn't even believe in bigfoot before This And i saw a big white furry animal Standing straight up Like a human crossing over the stream We were traveling fast on the road so we Couldn't just stop I tell my husband i just saw an animal As i was in shock about What i had seen he didn't see it Because he was driving it took me Two days to realize i had just seen a Bigfoot I think i was in shock about what i'd Seen also Where i saw it it was very close to rrv Park River palm when we entered the park There was this horrific smell did not Connect the two things at the time but Some say they smell rotten don't know if It was connected to the incident Or not no witnesses just me getting a Quick glance It was around 2pm as well

There was also a follow-up investigation Report By a person by the name of r monteith The witness and her husband had recently Just moved to florida On tuesday november 20 2018 They were returning from the store at Approximately 2 pm Heading north on highway 301 a two-lane Road In thano-tosasa it was a sunny day with A high of 77. Now the speed limit on 301 is 60 But they were slowing down as their turn Was less than a quarter mile away She was the passenger and as they passed Over two whole branch creek She noticed this large bipedal figure That was white Off to the right and it appeared to be Stepping over the creek Heading southbound it was standing Upright And she saw a leg in mid-step her Sighting was a second or two but She realized it wasn't a man it didn't Have clothes or shoes on And it appeared to have white hair all Over its body The height of the figure was hard for Her to judge as the road is higher than The creek And she was looking down on it but It seemed to be similar to a large human

The head appeared rounded Its hands were at its side she estimated The figure to be About 20 yards from the car it never Looked at the car It appeared to be walking confidently With purpose She claimed she had never thought these Creatures existed When her husband mentioned to his Brother that his wife may have seen one The brother told them of a sighting that He and his mother had at their childhood Home Many years ago back in iowa his mother Confirmed the sighting They had seen a bigfoot eating Mulberries in the yard The witness her husband and i went to The location At about the same time of her sighting The sign she speaks of in her report Of saying dead river is just before the Small bridge But refers to the next road dead river Road Not the name of the creek the creek is Called two branches creek And it is one of the creeks that flows Off the hillsborough river This section of highway 301 runs right Along hillsborough state park And the lower hillsborough wilderness Preserve there's a small bridge over the

Creek The witness claims there was more water In the creek in november than the day we Were there in march This is most likely correct as this is Florida's dry season And the rains really don't begin until About may This area is heavily treed the old Atlantic coastline railroad Used to run right along this road in Fact The remnants of it are still visible It's about 50 yards away from the Highway Where the railroad was as much higher Than the surrounding forest This bigfoot was walking in between the Old railroad and the highway Footprints around the creek bed were Deer pig And alligator it is evident that many Smaller animals Also walk the area too actually Just east of this area are many Strawberry fruit farms North is a dairy farm following the Hillsborough river Going north leads to the green swamp Heading South leads to cypress creek area of Which both have had Many numerous bigfoot reports First i'll start with the fact that i

Have never put much stock into the Bigfoot phenomenon I have degrees in wildlife management And wildlife biology I have been working as a biologist for The last 17 years I have never believed that something Could exist that has never left any Concrete evidence Furthermore nothing similar has ever Been found in the fossil record That i know of so this has led me to Believe that it was all False until the weekend of november 24th 2013. i'm an avid bird watcher And wildlife photographer i take very Long hikes in various wild areas around Tampa About this time of year to photograph Whatever i find I was hiking at cypress creek preserve Which is in between interstate 275 And 75 near the apex where they meet I was walking on one of the rather wide Trails And i came to a stop due to hearing a Noise I had seen quite a few wild pigs that Morning And i thought i could photograph one Crossing the trail in front of me so I was looking down at my camera Adjusting the iso settings And i saw something large moving out of

The corner of my eye To my left approximately 200 feet away As soon as i saw the movement i looked Directly at it And it was already halfway across the Trail at this point My eyes were directly on the animal as It walked Upright across the rest of the trail Into the palmettos It was incredibly large i mean at least Six feet tall or more completely black In color With a very wide chest from front to Back It was walking completely upright with a Very fast Purposeful pace the animal was leaning Forward slightly But did not seem awkward with its steps Like a bear would be walking upright i Slowly walked over to the spot where i Saw it cross And i could still hear it moving through The woods in the distance I then immediately noticed that all the Birds around me Had stopped chirping and even the Insects had stopped making noise as well I looked for tracks or hair left on the Plants in the area But came up with nothing i was able to Get a picture of the palmetto on the Trail though

Where it had crossed and i put my tripod Near it For height comparison and just so you Know I am extremely knowledgeable about the Wildlife in florida But i cannot explain what type of animal That i saw this time also It was around nine in the morning Overcast about 60 degrees There was a follow-up investigation done By r Monteith the witness is a biologist At a local area animal park he has even Taught college level courses on bear And knows that what he witnessed that Morning was neither bear Or man the gentleman's professional Standing And occupation lead this report to be Credible And very sound the biologist Went to cypress creek nature preserve in The morning to photograph Birds he saw much wildlife while hiking To a spot to set up his camera About one mile into the trail at exactly 904 Am he set up his camera tripod While doing so heard a noise turned to His left And looked about 50 to 60 yards away From him was a sasquatch crossing the Trail

Unfortunately the camera was pointed in The opposite direction And he was unable to take a photo he Described a sasquatch at more than six Feet tall Black in color and having a very wide Torso It was muscular in its profile and it Walked briskly across the trail Left to right never looking in his Direction Its gate had a forward lean to it and he Described the walk as Very smooth the facial features blended Into the dark face And he was not able to see them there Were no apparent breasts Or tail that he could see the head was Round but Larger than a human he walk up to where It had been On the trail and can only hear it Walking away He noticed that the woods became quiet After the sighting The area of the sighting is very close To my own home As the preserve borders my property it Is a state-recognized wildlife corridor That connects the hillsborough river and The green swamp in pasco In polk counties we received numerous Reports from both of these areas By the way i was able to get to the

Location Two days after the event when i get to The location Of the trail crossing i noticed several Tree breaks in both directions Indicating something large had walked Through Interestingly while i was photographing The broken branches A tree about 25 yards away from me Crashed to the ground i ventured in that Direction Singing softly but wasn't able to detect Any Other movement I got off work right around 2am Back in may of 1996 and It was two in the morning and i was Going home I took a left on hopeful road off of Highway 39 Made the left turn on the road as i was Driving Less than a minute a car heading to me Was speeding And flashing their headlight high beams I didn't know if it was teens playing Around or Maybe somebody that just had a little Too much to drink So i blew it off as i was coming to the Curve There is a fence maybe four to five feet Tall

As i was going around the curve my Headlights caught Something that looked to be three to Four feet taller Than the fence it looked at me With these red eyes i felt numb Frightened i always think about the Other person that was driving that night What did they see the site has now been Developed Since then all the trees are almost gone And a follow-up investigation report by Caroline curtis was done I spoke to the witness driving back to The location at hand There is a creek several mining pits or Ponds Railroad tracks orange groves and only One house Nearby the area has not really changed Dramatically In the past 10 years though there are Fewer orange trees now The old barbed wire fence is roughly Four feet high What she saw possibly came from a nearby Orange grove And then crossed the road she had slowed Down Just before she saw the human-like Figure clearing the fence To her right it was about twice the Height Of the fence and uniformly all

Dark in color when i asked about the Eyes She said this they reminded her of a Deer in the headlights Except it wasn't a deer the color was Break Light red and seemed to be reflecting Off her headlights As it looked her way she describes the Fear that came over her As a white feeling comparing it to the Sensation One has before passing out or when you Sense something really bad Is about to happen this possible Sighting occurred on the edge of four Corners The world's largest phosphate mine which Spans 58 000 plus Acres the mining company has restored Much of the stripped land To provide habitat for wildlife Approximately 350 species of animals Inhabit The restored areas including several Threatened species What's to say a sasquatch or bigfoot Could not be a part of those species