ALIEN ABDUCTION (LIVE with RicanHavoc215 looking for answers)

By | May 6, 2021
ALIEN ABDUCTION (LIVE with RicanHavoc215 looking for answers)

Uh Boom i am here and i’m here with none Other good evening folks by the way Welcome to alien addicts i am here with None other Than john wreaking havoc one five i Interviewed him Nine months ago excuse the voice i’ve Been speaking too much today i Interviewed him nine months ago which I i know a lot what a lot of you Thinking what we’re about to really Reveal john’s mail i’m male it’s Impossible Um we tried but no No sign of no sign of uh uh Batter of tiny fate um it would be a Miracle though But without further ado before i make Any more of an ass of myself Welcome back to the show john How you doing my friend oh what’s up man I’m pretty good how about yourself I’m good man i can’t seem to nail down The uh the introductions to shows yeah Yeah stuff man no just just wing it That’s why i do it just yeah but But it’s okay because it’s gonna be Quiet you’ve got the weird thing is I’ve just been saying you don’t actually Drink often But you’ve brought a beer to my show and I’m kind of like you know i know The world’s going crazy the world’s gone

Mad Alien addicts not drinking alcohol um I’m drinking Green tea uh but i i do Have i had a gin and tonic earlier and I’ve got um A some something from denmark I think it’s denmark no iceland Icelandic It’s an icelandic schnapps Huh it’s got it’s got some sort of like Creature in it Oh wow no oh no sorry it’s a twig Twig still it is a life form but john How you been Welcome back to the show you’ve been We’ve you’ve been on a couple you’ve Been on a Three or four times but only once Actually where we kind of Well alienate was the first Channel that you’d ever discussed what’s The past okay of course how have you Have you Have you been in that nine months Hands down has been the craziest nine Months of my whole life There’s nothing i can even compare it Even as far as the original abduction That nine months is nothing compared to What i’ve been going through It’s been pretty amazing most of you People have seen The majority of what’s going on but it’s

Just been a roller coaster ride It’s it’s just started with your Interview and it hasn’t stopped It’s been uh it’s been crazy i should Have got a clip from the interview For how you looked then to how you look Now i have left the interview in the Description people for anybody that’s New to the channel Check out the original interview with John When he first spoke out about this to Anybody else but Just to kind of for anybody that’s not Seen the original interview or maybe Doesn’t know your backstory I’m sure there’s most of the people that Are in the live chat tonight Will have seen or know of you Um just give us a A brief introduction to it so it was It was back when you was see Were you 15 years old yeah 15 I was in high school and the The wallpaper that we have here um You saw two of these beings Outside your room yes They’re both slightly different you know One was a little shorter Head was a little smaller a little more Slender Uh i got a female vibe off it just the Way it looked compared to the other one I don’t know i don’t know for sure but

That’s uh i’m pretty pretty confident Though about that So i’m gonna get to that in a In a bit we’ll we’ll get we’ll catch up To to let the audience know that maybe The new People that have not heard this story Before but For the people who have heard it before And i said this to you i kind of want to Delve a little bit deeper into it so we Have we’ve got some images of stuff That’s been going on with you uh Not not not brilliant but um well not Brilliant for you but Um kind of exciting for the The subject um But what i want to ask you Do you remember anything prior to what Happened when you were 15 years old What i mean by that is It could be anything dreams or is Anything that you know happened with Your family Besides the dreams i told you about i Was having the recurring dream of ufos When i was around seven Eight years old that’s the only thing i Can think back on Um that i could connect To everything besides that like i i Thought about that a lot You know maybe i could look back and Find a piece of the puzzle that i missed

Um but really in that time span there’s Nothing i could think of You know i’ve thought about that for a While too and i can’t really think of Anything else it’s just the dreams I was seven and eight and then was 15 Of the abduction Are you quite positive now that it that It was an abduction In your head i always thought it was Always I knew it was you know you know i didn’t I don’t remember leaving my room You know i did wake up in the living Room the next morning But uh they could have did it in my House but i don’t see them doing Something to me then dragging me to my Living room You know i was probably taken and don’t Remember I mean they were they were there and They were looking in the window there Would be something You know so this stuff this started with The bed shaking How i know we’re kind of rehashing this But That’s fine i think it’s important to Kind of To do this so we kind of get even more Of a clear picture When this bed was did it actually come Off the floor

Pretty much um it was just i mean He was on this bed well it would be on One leg of the bed at a time So three legs would be off the ground And one leg would be down And that’s how it was jumping around Like from leg to leg You know it started with just a Vibration and it intensified to that Point where i was jumping around on one Leg And i was holding on to my mattress you Know i was just holding it and how How long did this go on for oh How long did it feel like it went i know You’re 15 years old You know what is it like 25 years ago No i remember everything detailed it’s Burned in my brain you know i can always Look back Uh i would say a good 30 seconds Good 30 seconds maybe a little more but Uh somewhere around there Not long enough 30 seconds of that and It started with just a little vibration And just slowly intensified steadily you Know i think That might have been done to get my Attention for me to look to the right to Look out the window Because i i was in bed maybe five Seconds I jumped in bed put my back against the Headboard and

Went to grab my remote and the bed Started vibrating that fast Interesting you should say that so You’re saying you think this Could mean to get your attention do you Believe that that was them trying to get Your attention I do now see every my thought process On the whole situation keeps changing And evolving and switching around the More stuff i learned In the beginning i thought they were Like you know the the real beings and i Was taken Now i think they were created by another Being you know like maybe robotic or Something And like so so now i think they’re Trying to get my attention because they Didn’t come in the room they could have Easily been in my room But there was two outside the window and Two outside the door Like and if my lights weren’t if my Lights weren’t on I probably wouldn’t even been able to See them outside my window because it Was dark out You know the fact that my bedroom light Was on and shining on their face I got every detail you could possibly Get from looking at somebody dead in the Face and then because i left my hallway Light on

The ones outside the door their shadow Was able to portray into my in my Bedroom If the hallway light wasn’t on i would Have never seen them shadows come in So everything was like set up for me To be like yo look this is what’s going On That’s what i think now it’s different Than what i thought originally But here’s the thing that i’ve been Thinking about this the whole bed Shaking Thing and them outside the window and i Think it’s interesting you say To get your attention because The fact is that these beings outside Your window The belief is that these these creatures And this is for everybody that sees The grays that they they abduct us yeah But you’ve seen other things so you’ve Seen shadow figures you’ve seen You see signs and i find it interesting That you say to get your attention As in what if something else was trying To get your attention to Say look out be Be aware that there is something This is what i’ve been thinking about Today and it kind of sprung on me today I was re-watching our original interview And when you said about the bed shaking I was thinking about you know classic

Abduction cases And most of these Abduction cases don’t really happen in In in Like a bed shaking situation so what i’m Thinking is what if something else was Shaking the bed to say John there is you know be aware There’s something else here and the only Reason why i say this to you Sounds crazy i know but it’s because you Of the other things that you’ve talked You’ve told me about you You told us about in the last interview About seeing the white lady About seeing the shadow figures And seeing certain signs i i’m just Wondering if there’s some there’s Something Else involved here Uh yeah i i pretty much agree what You’re saying You know that’s my thoughts about Everything right now pretty much i I have the strong feeling that Everything comes to look at me Because everything i see just looks at Me with a blank face The aliens the shadow people the ghosts Um all these uh pictures that look like Alien figures that are around my couch Where i’m sleeping Like where i sleep they all look like They’re looking down where i sleep

You know i shared a picture with you With that one face in the right corner It’s just looking down right where i Sleep I feel like i’m almost like an Attraction to these things almost Yeah i have i have the The i’ve seen the video footage of that As well the kind of like It’s like a weird almost orb Thing a lot of people’s i’m sure people Have said this to you dust You must get that well i’m actually Working on something right now with Somebody that’s going to Put all that to rest for good so yeah Well we We had you taping up your entire house For So this is this experiment’s been going On for nine months now there is a A vlog that is slowly coming together You know it might even take another Six month or who knows maybe a year um But to get the evidence together to get Proper evidence you need to kind of like But are you talking about this one Yeah that looks like something to me you Know it looks like something pointing to Me You know i i did see it when it’s moving Uh in the living room yeah that’s one of The original ones i captured What people will argue with is it’s

Pixelated Uh and i think when we when we show the Footage You can kind of see how these things Kind of Stop and it like it’s weird To me is like that last one you showed To me that’s like I think that’s like a great picture like If you tell me you don’t see alien gray There You know i mean when you zoom in you can Actually see details in the eye sockets Like it’s an actual Detailed and that came out of an orb and I have the actual video to show it Coming out of the orb You know so you are Aware of and and don’t take this the Wrong way because this is we have to go Through this in in order to to look at This properly You’ve heard of paradolia yeah of course I know exactly what that is You know and i would agree with that if It was just some Everyday person who doesn’t have Experiences but i mean come on like You know i this is just something i It’s to me it looks clear as day but i Can understand how somebody can argue it And i got no problem with that you know I’m saying every everybody has their own Opinion

But to me i think what i’m showing you Guys is real I understand i could be totally wrong But i feel like this is You know if i thought this stuff was Slightly fake i would not even share it With you guys For sure you know i have full faith in What i capture is the real deal And you know anybody’s opinion i’m cool With even if they think it’s dust you Know This here is your bed do you still sleep Here now Yeah i still sleep on the couch so You’ve not yet ventured Back into the bedroom yet no i will for A day or two and then it just stops and Then you know i’ll go another month and I’ll try again for a night and You know i i understand there’s no Difference of where i sleep At all it doesn’t make a difference but You know just Being in the bedroom by myself i just Still Get this like sick feeling so you know I’m just comfortable on the couch And you know it is what it is Um so so when these things happen to you Do you ever is there ever certain times That you wake up Or have you made it like look to the Look to the clock

Yeah there there’s two weeks recently Probably around when i got those marks Actually i was waking up between like I think it was like 257 in like 303 for Like two weeks And like um i didn’t notice to like the Fourth or fifth day And i was just like there’s no way you Know i woke up to go to the bathroom you Know maybe i had to go to the bathroom At the same time for two weeks in a row But you know that three o’clock a.m time Period Uh kind of creeps me out i don’t like That time of the day So you do wake up at that Time okay and is that when Is that when you notice the marks or is That when you feel something I really didn’t put the two together Until Right now to be honest with you you know Uh But yeah i mean they’re close to the Same time i mean all I got two marks within two weeks and i Got the first one maybe three weeks ago I’m like maybe it was just two weeks ago We’ll get We will get to the marks um shortly Um but so You mentioned in the interview that You kind of but when you were talking About the the mark

On your back um And you had the pain you kind of you Came back to that maybe 20 years later And you kind of only then thought that It was something to do With the abduction um Why about then did you not feel that That was something that Did not even cross my mind for a second I i can’t I honestly can’t tell you why i knew the Next morning When i was in the shower there’s a Gigantic scab where it shouldn’t have Been I know i didn’t cut myself there but the Thought process of them doing something Like that to me Didn’t never cross my mind for a second And i don’t know the reason why looking Back it’s kind of dumb but That was my first experience i you know I didn’t know i didn’t know anything i Just knew what i saw on history channel You know and those little vhs tapes out You know I’ll rent or buy like there’s not Internet might have been out for a year Maybe two at that point you know so i Was limited to the information i was Getting so i had no clue What what went together and what didn’t But 17 years later though was A shocker that’s for sure

So what was it that made you think that That was related 17 years later Well i was i was on the internet around That time i was searching for people With similar experiences Um i kept coming across a lot of Religious sites Sorry just one second john why why are We why was you Why was you researching that at that Time There’s periods in my life where i Wanted to find answers and there was Periods in my life where i wanted Nothing to do with it I would kind of flip-flop in and out and This is one of those times where i was Trying to look into it a little bit And i came across a blog i read And this girl just posted this message And uh She explained how she thinks she was Abducted the night before She got a shower the next day there was A huge scab on her Her back same spot where mine was and Then she said she peeled it off there’s A scar there Or something like that and uh you know And She explained the same thing that Happened to me 17 years prior so i Messaged her And i told her my story now she never

Replied But last year i actually found that same Blog And the lady who runs that blog site Actually tried to contact her but could Not find her But i was able to go back into the Messages and screenshot Our conversation that was around maybe Uh 2010 2011. So i had a screenshot to that Conversation i really wish i would have Got a hold of her You know because she put a piece of the Puzzle together for me that i would have Never done if i didn’t read that That blog she did that would be Interesting to To to speak to her yeah yeah so This this scar that’s Is it’s still a scar now to this day or Is it Does it ever give you any sort of pain Uh it has throughout my life But recently it’s happened more than Usual It’s very uh concerning To say the least it’s an intense burn Like it’s on fire And i like arch my back it just burns so Much out of nowhere and i have to like Lay down and like The heat will go away i have no idea

What it means i don’t know how a scar Can burn 26 years after the fact either Is it is it like a muscle pain or a bone Like like it’s like on the scare This is very irritated to the point Where it feels like it’s on fire Like inside like the whole area like it Just Burns me it hurts Uh Yeah pretty uh pretty intense burning For sure So we have not long after the interview That we did the first time i don’t know I don’t know if you spoke about this on Other channels Just out of interest how many channels Have you been on now I don’t know maybe 10 somewhere around There i’ve been on You know the main cruise channels many Times Been all that man’s been nice So so you sent me i think it was a few Weeks after you woke up one night And you had oh It was in the morning Uh where is the picture i’ve probably Not saved it I haven’t saved it like an absolute i’ll End I will i’ll come back to it um but if You could

The one with the uh the scoop marks on The knee is that what you’re trying to Pull up No i’ve got those i’ve got those yeah uh But we’ll no i’m i’m gonna get this Video but while i Not video this um this picture but while I do So i mentioned this to you and this kind Of As soon as you was explaining The the grays that were outside your Window that i kind of did the My artist impression of these on Photoshop For you um you Which is that’s the original one there Oh John as well thank you for rocking the T-shirt I’ve got the old one yeah i noticed that I was looking at this i didn’t see that On the website No no it’s not my mate made me this when I first started the channel But yeah is it good quality Awesome i love it so yes he said Everybody should head over to this in The link in the description people if You want to look like john a rock bar Beautiful t-shirt but yeah the the um The picture here so the two alien grays That i Kind of photoshopped for you as much as

When you were telling the story and Trying to Explain these as being featureless with Very little To nothing cheekbones bone structure any Nothing And then you drew the picture here i Kind of i i said to you have you seen Communion Because what you kind of what you’re Explaining Is very much what um uh whitley streiber Said i could get give you guys a good Idea like if you look at the picture on The book cover Right there was no bone structure above The eyes there was no Eye like type of eyelid or lines under The eyes there was zero nose there was No Chin under the lips no cheekbones like It’s showing Like how i drew the face on the left is What it looked like That’s all the detail it had it did not Have any other detail besides maybe the Eyes Had like you know a shine to them like a Reflection but i just used a marker but That is absolutely it on the face That simple just just Literally eyes mouth nose Nose holes and no No structure no muscle absolutely

Nothing it was perfectly Smooth in every direction it was like Absolutely perfect like You know like it was created it was Perfect it wasn’t Totally smooth i think i said to you in The last thing well i did say to you in The in In the interview that if it wasn’t for The The bed shaking it would it’s almost Like You know did did somebody play a prank And put their faces to the window with Masks because It almost sounds like masks Well i did see some type of like three Dimension because the eyes like wrapped Around the sides a little bit So i can tell the eyes were wrapping Around you know i There was there’s no way that was a mask You know i could see the pores In the skin like there was moisture to It like i could see the like a Glistening off the moisture of the skin Like Dude i’ve seen everything and there’s no No effing Nothing away that was a mask you you can Say that word on here johnny’s Okay um but yeah so This happened shortly after uh our Interview

You sent me this picture with This residue on your finger And you woke up you woke up with this uh About four date it was four days in a Row And never happened again before after This so i had four straight days Um oh this is the on day four this is When i finally realized not to wipe this Off my hand You know because originally the first Three days there was like a green Like gelatin glob by the tip of my Finger And this residue you see in this picture Ran down my whole Finger you know maybe halfway to my Thumb Um and all three times i immediately Like wiped it off with a paper towel Because it looked completely gross and Then after i Wiped it off i was like you know i Should have saved it but uh This was the fourth day it doesn’t have The ball of the green ball and mucus by The finger um but that oily Stuff was the it was like it encased the Green gelatin ball like it was in the Middle of this Type of oily stuff and there was like a Trail going down my finger of it how Many times in a row and that was it Never happened again

Like everything else again can you get a Sample Yes of course i’m like you know i’m Weird like i see his gross thing on my Hand i’m not interested in checking it Out i just wanted to get it off as fast As possible you know It was like such a react because i don’t See it when i Immediately woke up i would be like you Know getting ready starting to get ready For work and i look at my hand You know and then i went to a point of Ripping my apartment apart And tracing my steps in the morning to See if i’m touching anything that has Anything Like any material like that i couldn’t Find anything i checked doorknobs All the handles to all like the cabinets In the bathroom you know i checked Everything i would touch in my morning Routine And i couldn’t find that on anything Did he smell of anything i didn’t smell It though Weird weird yeah looking back i could Have I should have saved it and you know but Hope maybe It’ll happen again next time i’ll Remember So you’ve been getting a lot of cuts and Bruises but you have actually said

You know openly let you know what i work In construction so it’s it can happen But You’re you’re you’re waking up with with Marks And you’ve got no recollection of how They happened And and some of them are in kind of like Patterns See so you send this um That’s the one that happened like two Weeks ago i believe Yeah yeah so you know i had people Suggest it could be a scratch or Bed bugs you know whatever i do i know They’re from aliens 100 percent i do not but i think it’s Suspicious If anybody sees your house well no you Haven’t got bed books because it’s Like spotless like you got the three Larger ones that are evenly separated And then you got the two little ones at The end that are like kind of evenly Separated into a pair You know and this is three inches from The original marks where i had like Those 12 to 14 scoop marks You know this is to the left of that Maybe three inches Is that this one yes right right now all That is a scar Like it’s just scar tissue and if you Look all the way to the left of my knee

That would Be where those three holes are and then If you look at that So what i’m going to do i thought that Was your elbow So that that one on your elbows this is My elbow on the left that have these two Happen the same morning I didn’t get it with these yeah both yep And around the big scab on the elbow There’s like three pairs that match the Knee I never took a second picture of my Elbow i was more concerned with this Because i looked at this every single Day You know i only wear like shorts in my House so it’s something i have to look At all the time And have these made scars These are just healing now up on the Screen the ones you showed prior My knee is scarred And did it nah man Sure hurt i could barely walk i couldn’t Even take a shower i had to stop taking A shower It was swollen you can i don’t know if You can tell it’s kind of red around That area It was like swollen it was like raised Up and those holes were deep You know i had to limp i had to walk Around holding my shorts away from my

Knee like i couldn’t even have my the Fabric of my basketball shorts touch Them It was in so much pain i think they went Pretty damn deep And yeah so this one’s weird so The picture on the left is what i woke Up with okay And it turned into the picture on the Right like two days later Now how the hell that happens i don’t Know But that was you know that was and if You can see my hand Right under my hand you can almost see The scarring from the first The first holes the discoloration under My finger That’s scarring from the other ones So so these these kind of all happen You know you notice these when you wake Up at night In the morning but this is something Like this is the kicker like They keep putting them on the same knee It’s somewhere where i can easily see It’s not like it’s on my back or Anywhere i have to actually look All i gotta do is look my turn my head Down and they’re right there on my face You know i think to me it looks like Everything that’s happening to me is Very very blatant You know everything depict like all the

Evidence and The where the scarring is and the Abduction everything’s just in my face You can’t deny it you know So in terms of in terms of the marks So i i would say it’s impossible to say Either Either way whether it’s something to do With this or it’s something That it is just a mark But i’m not you You know the audience aren’t you only You know Where that came from you know you you You kind of know your own body as Daft as that sounds see but But you do work in construction and At the same time i suppose if you’re Gonna get marks like that that actually Have got scabs maybe you’ve been Bleeding You’re gonna know any type of straight Marks or anything like these are like Straight up punctures you know there’s No scrapes around them These are like actual holes you know I try to i try to take my fingernail and Try to pretend to make them hold myself Sleeping or awake and it seems pretty Impossible I did i did see i mean for any of the The people who kind of doubt you i did See that you You put a few tweets out about the field

Being full of [ __ ] and people that Are trying to pull A fast one you you nearly um we were Speaking a few I think about a month or so ago where You was on about packing in the youtube Channel Because you were just sick of it and Sick of the The field in general um Frustrated more than anything i think The word is disappointed That would be the best word to use Disappointed so where’s that stem from Uh for me it’s really like the Mainstream i don’t understand what They’re doing You know i i don’t get their their Motives i don’t understand The thought process um A lot of lies a lot of people doing it For money to sell books like you know There’s there’s not a lot of people Out there at least to me that You know i really put faith in at least In the mainstream you know Um i don’t think he can ever post faith In the mainstream I think integrity is missing in the Subject you know Um i mean I i saw a video uh Jeremy corbell was talking about

Something and underneath it said like Ufology expert I was just like shook in my head and Like come on how to find this guy Expert i don’t get it people just come Out of nowhere i think People leech on the subject there’s no Way to prove anything wrong Or right it’s impossible you know i i Try to give you guys the truth but I still can’t i can’t prove it this Stuff happens to me on a daily basis and I still can’t prove it nobody can prove Anything It’s like a free-for-all you know it’s Like crabs in a barrel Everyone fighting for that top spot you Know i don’t i don’t I don’t like the structure at all you Feel that’s That’s how it how it is that i feel how It is yeah People are just going to be on top of The subject I mean i look at the people who who Think they’re the voice of ufology right There Right now out there like fox news or Whatever i just don’t I don’t want them talking for me you Know what i’m saying I don’t want them to be my voice i’m the One that’s going through the stuff They’re talking about they’re not

You know they’re so-called experts what Do you mean what do they know And you know i i don’t like to be rep i Feel like if they represent The field wrong i always thought i just Don’t like it you know i could be wrong That’s just my opinion you know what i’m Saying That’s just how i view it but i also Have an angle of you know I’m kind of involved in it you know They’re kind of talking about my life in A way If you want to look at it like that you Know if they’re talking about ufos and Aliens and i’m being abducted by him you Know there’s a connection like It affects me you know it affects the Way uh You know when people want to tell the Truth you know they might be dismissed Because people Feel like there’s a lot of [ __ ] out There it makes it tough I’m sure that’s why a lot of people Don’t want to talk in the first place There’s a lot of stuff i’ve shared that I didn’t want to at first because i was Just embarrassed and figured i’ll just Be made fun of because you know this Just Seems far-fetched but uh you know I pushed through that and just told the Truth

It’s just just a messy subject man i Wish it would be more structured and Professional well there’s no and don’t Don’t take this wrong way there’s no Bells and whistles to your story because This kind of it is Very it’s very simplistic um That’s how you know it’s true you know When you get those people that say they Hang out with aliens you know every day And it’s all You think that i do i do I don’t i don’t i don’t see Travis walton has a great story I believe him you know i believe he’s Got witnesses Yeah he’s a credible incredible story And still people Will say he’s bs you know i mean he has All the He probably has the most proof i would Say of all of them right As far as light attempted massive Witnesses and his story still gets Questioned to this day You know every i everyone’s so eager for That hardcore proof man And i i don’t think it’s this possible To get You know this has been happening for so Long and nobody You know besides the government you know Nobody has that smoking gun video

Or photo over being like you know legit It’s just Not meant to be that way So speaking of like people that have Great stories that you know Betty and barney hell you was you spoke To Barney’s niece kathleen martin kathleen Martin Catherine morton yes yes She doesn’t but you said what she said Scared you Yeah i i’ll make you on edge On edge for sure uh this was 15 years After 15. it was 20 years after The abduction i was going through like a Bad time i was living by myself like by My with no roommates like for the first Time and i was just Realized i had a freaking problem you Know living by myself All of a sudden like ptsd kicked in And you know this is the time where i Try to contact mufon and couldn’t get Any help for them So somehow i got her number i don’t even Know how i did it And uh you know she told me yeah you Know i told her my story and she’s like Most likely this is happening more do You think You know this probably happened before Your abduction and it’s probably still Happening now and

She explained it ptsd to me you know she I feel like she kept it pretty honest You know at this time i thought my Abduction was the only time like i Believed for so long like that was a One-time Thing until i started looking into the Subject And realizing that’s probably far from The case You know i mean i still think i’m Getting taken from this day i have Zero besides the marks that’s the only Thing i could even What did kathleen say to you uh just Just like uh You know it’s it’s probably an ongoing Thing it’s probably going to keep Happening abductions Like it’s not a one-time thing you know And that thought never Popped in my head before and that’s why I really started getting kind of freaked Out and like Started i’ve never opened my windows or Blinds all my doors would be locked all The time like i got into like freaking Crazy mode And i would wait for it i was some There’s some nights I swear i felt 100 that were coming I could be wrong it could have just been Fear but i just swore And i would just sit there and wait i

Have like a knife in my hand on my couch I just sit there and wait And wait wait you wait and wait and wait And As far as i know nothing ever happened I’ll just end up falling asleep You know and then i’ll be i’ll be okay For another week and i have that same Feeling again and i’m sitting in the Now i’m like in the middle of a room in A kitchen chair where knife just waiting And waiting Just having the feeling i know they’re There but you know i don’t know if that That was really the case or not i could Have just been so paranoid where that You know i could have been freaking Myself out Do you feel like they are still there What now do you do Do you feel like the the grays for have An interest in yeah still I think i think stuff’s going on right Now for sure More than ever i would i would Definitely bet on it Like have i seen them no have i uh i do Have these marks And you know i’ve been having weird Dreams it’s weird feelings all the time Intuition like stuff like that like [ __ ] Don’t feel right sometimes I can only go on how i feel and what i See happening to me

To come to that conclusion but do i have Like you know Have i seen them how do i remember being In a spaceship or being taken no I do not remember that but i think i’m Being taken though you know you was Going to tell your family Um i remember you you said to me a few Times um You said i’m meeting with my brother um And i’m going to tell As has that happened yet ah i know it’s Not happening yet Are you gonna are you gonna tell them I’m being a [ __ ] man you know i i Swear you you put your real name out There and you wasn’t gonna do that stuff With I’m i know i i have to i know i have to You know uh if it wasn’t for covert they Probably wouldn’t know Or the vaccine they would know by now But uh Is that do you think that’s one of the Reasons why you’ve Kind of thought you know what it’s not The time well my mom’s Not dealing with it too well she’s uh Has high anxiety And she’s like nervous for everybody you Know i’m i’m a high health risk so is my Dad and my brother you know So she’s very cautious when it comes to That i know she’s a little stressed out

About it like i Where do i be even beginning to start or How much do i even tell them During the first conversation like i got So much to dump on them it’s going to be An overloaded information You know and the dynamic of the family Is going to literally change At that point there’s no going back After that it’s a huge step You know huge step i want to do i keep Backing out man i’m i’m starting to get To a point where If i don’t tell them they might find out From somebody else That’s why i don’t want to happen so If if you don’t mind i i know It’s it might be a little bit hard but When when you the time When you saw the two grays outside the Window How how long did it seem like you were There until you From you seen them to waking up on the Couch How how long attack because i know you Did you say you you curled up into the Fetal position And you you were kind of like yeah And they added them the same so it took Me embarrassed by that because I i would my bed’s one of them beds that You can kind of lift up And put [ __ ] underneath it i’d have been

That [ __ ] underneath the bed I wish i could do that looking back i Wish i could have like stood up but you Know Yeah but time wise 30 seconds i would have to say 30 40 Seconds It had the whole thing happened so fast But in my mind it’s such a long Freaking thing you know like when i Think about it Everything just seemed like slow down Like i remember every split second You know like i remember when i turned And looked at the one I saw part of the eye i remember Thinking like why are they in the Suburbs What are they doing on my roof about to Get abducted Right i swear i was thinking those Thoughts but i turned my head in the Blink of an eye and made contact It’s like i thought all those things in Like a split second You know it was it’s weird You saw them at the window and then Quickly after that you saw something at The bedroom door Yeah yeah when i saw the first one you Know we stared at each other for Probably a good 30 seconds you know It didn’t budge i didn’t budge you know Whatever and like

It’s weird feelings that then i get like This alert feeling in my head like alert Turned to the left immediately And i just turned to the left and looked At the bottom of the door and i saw Two pair of shadows step up like one Stepped up we went like left right and Then the next one stepped up went left Right and then there’s No like weird light coming under the Door or anything like that no Just her shadows of the legs you know They hadn’t been pretty small because They were standing next to each other In the hallway my whole you know it’s Like a hallway of a house you know There’s two of them Shoulder to shoulder like perfectly next To each other and i can just tell by the Position of the shadows that they were Side by side And how they stepped up you know because The lengths of the shadows were pretty Much the same And uh they just stood there i looked Under the door for like Five seconds and i was like oh [ __ ] i’m Surrounded then i put the Blanket over my head and got in the Fetal position and Five seconds later it felt like i was Waking up on my couch So you didn’t feel anything you didn’t See anything

You didn’t hear anything enter the room Nothing I was expecting to be grabbed and i was That was the scariest part about the Whole situation like it just got that Loud i mean Like yeah to feel their hands touch you Like over the sheet like you don’t see Him but you know There’s something outside that sheet You know touching you like that was my Biggest fear And i just woke up on the couch i was Like i remember i was My upper half of the body was face down On the couch my legs were just hanging Completely Off my shorts were on backwards i had Drawstring shorts on their own backwards And that’s something i didn’t even think About till later on i thought that was Nothing but I had a huge scab on my back and all i Wanted to do was take a shower that was It’s all i care about Why do you think they do it well i think They’re there Yeah why do you think they tape people Why do you think they took you I want to say like dna possibly You know sperm hybrid type program But for some reason i think i’m a little Different I do not know why

I feel like my when i add the paranormal Stuff To what i got going on you know the Abduction is just a piece of the overall Story That’s just part of everything you know What i’m saying yeah because the rest of What What you told in the first interview is The aliens are just a tiny piece of it Just a part of it i think it’s where it Started So so you think the subject Between ufos Alien looking gray creatures Ghosts orbs You all of it you think it’s linked Shadow for me it is That’s the best way i can answer it for Me it is i don’t know if it’s like that For anybody else but i can say for sure For me You know when you when you see uh i Could name like five or four different Types of beans I just seen just coming just to freaking Look at me man staring me You know the aliens didn’t there was no As long as we had eye contact There was no messages there’s no Communication You know which is weird they just stared At me When i saw the ghost that just stared at

Me blank face My still shadow person just staring at Me you know every The face i seen just looking you know Where i sleep everything is just It’s a weird feeling man i somehow i Think what Has happened to me might be a little Different than most and i just Can’t put my finger on it like i feel Like i’m a circus attraction for the Paranormal world You know just for the audience as you Mentioned the shadow figure staring at Where you sleep Um do you mind just quickly rehashing Over that I know it was in the first interview but That’s fine yeah i’ve seen a Few different type of shadow people by This point but uh The original time i seen one was like Uh 2010 i was coming home from work I went up walked up the stairs to the Second floor and looked all the way down My hallway to my bedroom the door was Open And there was a shadow person just Standing there with his arms Completely reached over my bed i’m just Standing There in shock just looking at it and Like maybe five seconds later it turned His head and looked at me

And it like it jumped back it was Actually startled it saw me And then this thing just complete all The way onto the wall And i just thought it disappeared but Then it comes down the wall towards me As a shadow Um it was like stuck in a running Position like gliding down the wall Making some like mechanical sound And when turned the wall went right down The stairs Out the house and that that was weird Because It’s one thing seeing a shadow person or A being but when you see it with both Arms outreach Over your bed where you sleep like it’s Getting ready to do something I caught it in the moment of it doing Something To my bed where i sleep and it it was Startled like it jumped back It turned like it when it froze like it Was so scared And just turned around turned into a Shadow and took off I would love what the heck it was trying To do but this shadow person looked like A regular person It would look like yourself if you’re Completely blacked out and you can still See the detail of your clothing and hair You know you it looked like a regular

Person just out this blacked out Completely What i see here i think are more of the Traditional shadow people with the big Heads and like the Flat broad shoulders that’s what i see Here But uh yeah we have that on um Video um i should have probably put the Clip up but i don’t have it Um the one that’s kind of hiding behind The couch Yeah that was maybe quit everything The well you The weird thing with this as well is That i told you to get all the equipment So i’m kind of i feel i feel responsible Almost for this but In terms of when you’re meeting people Uh when you’re out and about Do you ever discuss this Or do you keep this kind of part of you You know with just the work colleagues Uh a couple of friends i might you know I might make a comment like hey man i Got this crazy Crazy video of a shadow person and They’ll just start laughing Because i kind of think they don’t know What else to do you know These are people who don’t believe in Any of this stuff but do they know your Store do your friends and Does any of your friends know your story

They know My friends know the original abduction Story They know that part they don’t know all The details in between They know that not do they believe that Or not i don’t know but I have told them that you know i have One friend who knows everything And uh he thinks it’s freaking amazing You may because you mentioned um in the Interview because i really like to say i Rewatched it this morning Um that’s hint guys if anybody’s not Watched it’s in the description Um but yeah the you mentioned that You’ve had problems in relationships With this Is that simply because of going to of Sleeping It’s almost i have to live a double life You know imagine someone who i guess i Know his best terminology or Explanation imagine someone cheats you Have to live a double life you know It’s like i have to live a complete Separate life you know i can’t If stuff’s bothering me i feel like Stuff’s happening you know i can’t just You know tell them you know it’s Some girlfriends i had to tell you know Some i didn’t It’s just tough like you know i feel Like i’m going through something and

Like you know my significant other Is not a person that i can confide in Because they don’t even believe in the Subject themselves you know So i gotta keep all that in and just Hide it Hide everything hide my feelings and Emotions about everything if something’s Happening to me i just hide it hide Everything don’t even talk about it Just keep everything in you know that’s Why and if my first interview with you It was nice i felt like i just hit a Release valve and just Let everything out you know but yeah Yeah i tell some people some stuff but I get laughs i was like i was like one Time like dude is that funny he’s like i Don’t even i don’t know how to react Like comes laughing like it’s not even Funny like you know some people don’t Know How to handle because you have to accept A lot of stuff sometimes you know like If you’re dealing with aliens You try to explain to someone that who Doesn’t believe in them you know You’re trying to convince them that they Exist you’re trying to convince them to Fly In here that i’m trying to convince them That they’re abducting me you know it’s A lot for someone To handle who doesn’t believe in any of

This so I understand why i get the reactions i Get it doesn’t bother me i laugh with Them too So i expected you know but Have you ever have you ever feeling About anybody when that you like met Somebody new Or somebody that you you don’t yeah This is weird for me to there’s a reason Why i’m asking you this but So when you’re out and about Maybe prior to lockdowns and what have You in the world Have you ever like bumped into A human being another human being and Just had like A weird feeling about them No never ever have That’s something that’s possible in the Future because You know that kind of having these Feelings and you know Stuff like that is something new to me Like kind of sensing stuff Something i never dealt with in the past Never crossed my mind now it’s a little Different I can see it being a possibility at some Point i think it would be cool For sure um but nothing really like that Just just for the audience benefiting Yourself johnny If you ever want to get it never ever

Um buy um icelandic um Spirits you gotta drink that or what I am drinking it now and it’s it’s it’s Foul I’m sorry if you if you if you’re Icelandic in the chat but Oh it’s called it’s called berk Berric dirt bear bear barrack it’s It’s weird it’s like whiskey mixed with Tea and tcp It’s weird it’s got a good kick but Not like no might do it yeah um Help me sleep bit I think so he’s just said i can’t drink I’ll drink you under the taillight man Uh no so so this subject Where do you think it’s going to take You cause then you’ve got the youtube Channel now see you kind of And for everybody who said oh well this This guy’s just he’s just told the story To have a youtube channel i told you to Make a channel It’s my suggestion nobody Because i said to you it’d be good to Speak about this because event like say If anybody watches the first interview You’re a completely different person Your skin tone everything about you You just look like [ __ ] mate You look great i didn’t realize i did Until i saw that video i still watched That video from time to time you know i Like

Going back and watching it it’s kind of Cringey to me Because i’m like god damn i was so Messed up now i look like I look like i was freaking uh just Scared of [ __ ] pretty much man i look Stressed out i look bad like i don’t i Didn’t sleep Look terrible i put a bit at the Beginning Of that interview to kind of like Show people you know where the interview Was going And you you said that you don’t want to Have children is that Has that changed or is that still a Thing I’m scared to have children scared to Have children i definitely say that i I definitely would like to have children But i’m still concerned I don’t know uh you know i don’t know I feel like i would pass on a lot of Stuff that’s going on from me to them I can’t explain even explain what’s Going on with me then you know I i would feel uh i feel like i wouldn’t Be able to Properly protect my child let’s put it That way that’s what scares me That if they deal with stuff i’m dealing With it’s going to be out of my hands You know Nothing i can do besides like comfort

Them and i just i don’t know i just i’d Feel bad to bring somebody into this Mess and have the Them being abducted as well because of Me It’s tough i don’t know i don’t it’s a Tough one for me So you must Think then that these these beings mean You You you think that they mean your harm No i think you know They look like they look at us like Maybe we look at ants or something like That like we’re We’re so beneath them that they they Feel entitled that they can take us and Do what they and do test on us and Experiment with us I think it’s pretty much as simple as That like in the positions of The beings in the universe we might not Be too high on that list You know maybe they even created us and Have they feel like they have the right To take us and do tests on us and take Dna from us you know what i’m saying It just might just be the way things are Who knows I might just be how it is you know well You you think that they See us as like ants Yeah or like you know like they’re they Created us maybe they

They like they’re entitled to treat us The way they do like that’s their right Like that’s just how It is like we throw animals in cages and Stuff like it Could be the same thing you know it’s Just how it is Thank you alien girl she’s blowing me oh Awesome uh she could be blowing you a Case but she’s married So i i won’t tell I won’t tell thank you alien girl we Need we need to get her in In on the the action one night so we’ll Get a panel going For anybody anybody in the chat go check Out alien girl Channel it’s absolutely fabulous she’s Very creative And a very very a very talented lady She’s very good at what she does yeah She’s doing good on her channel it’s Nice to watch We have uh mr catfish two one Zero zero with a two dollar as well Thank you my friend It’s much appreciated helps the channel Out a lot But john boy john boy I don’t know where that came from john Do you think they’re aliens I think they’re aliens from another Dimension my this is my theory i’ve been Thinking about this a long time i think

It could be some situation like where They’re from mars but from another Dimension You know maybe in another dimension of Mars is Not all messed up maybe you know i do Believe in the dimensional thing i do Think that’s where all these orbs and Faces and spirits and ghosts and shadow People are coming from bigfoot i think It’s all dimensional It would make sense that aliens are Dimensional too You know just just for the fact of the Distance they have to travel You know i i think they would have to be Set up shop a little closer to make it It’s a it’s an operation is what they’re Doing pretty much you want to Run your operation properly you know it Has to be efficient So why not set up shop near where all The specimen is You know makes it easier so maybe they Just hop right through a dimension like In and out real quick And do you believe that and i’m saying The word alien like you know They could come from anywhere really Doesn’t they don’t have to come from a Planet they could be anything You know we gave them the word alien you Know we have no clue Really where they come from you know

Sky’s the past they could be us from the Future who knows there’s like so many Possibilities Out there so you know there could be Anything Well i’ll tell you something you stick a Couple of horns on that And it could quite possibly look like Something else I’m not saying that i think that um but That’s some some people have that theory Now In terms of the the going ons Of people calling an aerial threat you Know with the Uh the tic tac stuff do you Do you believe the whole threat do you Think it is a threat I i don’t believe Uh i mean they’re coming down and taking People i don’t know if that’s considered An actual Threat i mean i don’t think they’re Gonna harm us they would have done it by Now it would have been pretty simple you Know I think it’s more of a scientific thing They’re doing You know possibly uh all that uap Stuff and all that stuff man that Doesn’t that don’t do nothing for me You know you give me a fuzzy fuzzy video Black and white of something you can’t Even really make out

Um where’s the where’s like the 8k Footage You know the 8k cameras or whatever 4k Cameras they have on the fighter jets Where’s that footage You know are you guys trying to tell me That’s the only piece of footage Of that fighter jet that you’re gonna Get i don’t buy it At all they gave us like the crappiest Information A bunch of blacked out paperwork like i Don’t care if that the government Confirms there’s ufos i already know There’s ufos Doesn’t do nothing for me whatsoever you Know i’m saying they’re like giving us Like the stupid information the little Stuff The stuff to keep the conversation going While they’re sitting on The real information that we’re never Gonna get there’ll never be a True disclosure it’ll just be little Bits of bread crumbs stuff to keep us Happy for a couple months you know to Shut us up or whatever You know they’re not they’re not in the Business to telling us stuff just for The hell of it just because we want with The information you know The government’s only gonna tell us what They feel like we need to know I think that part should be kind of

Obvious they’re not just going to spill The beans and disclose everything just Because We want it to happen it’s just not how It works so i i really don’t even follow That type of uh To news i kind of keep my blinders on And Just do what i do you know i get my ufo News from uh You know alien girl and goof on they Usually keep me up to date but All that yeah i don’t buy all that stuff Man i don’t know I i know i’m a minority in that thought Too i know most people are excited about Disclosure been looking forward to it All year And i get it but you know for me it’s Like you’re telling me stuff i already Know Now you tell the government telling me Ufos is real doesn’t do anything for me At all you know tell me what’s inside of Them and where they’re coming from and Then you’re going to Catch my attention you know what i’m Saying all that other little stuff is Doesn’t really i’m not really into it I’ve just been watching chris mellon Uh on joe rogan and he kind of In so many words almost said that they Are drones That you know that they are the ufos are

Drones They are drones that’s pretty much what What i’m taking from This um like they are drones yeah Like no human drones not from here alien Alien drones yeah But maybe maybe maybe i misheard that But i definitely heard that It’s a decent that it’s a decent Interview i love joe It’s like i’d like to lick his forehead Um In in a heterosexual way i want to get On her one day And and obviously after cove covid’s Finished Yeah but yeah he’s he’s a he’s a he’s a Very I’ve got a man crush on him i have joe Rogan It’s a beautiful specimen um Very talented and i think if anything i Mean me and lee Um from mussi audio who were talking About this That joe if anything i mean he’s just Had chris melanom And i made a prediction probably Two years ago now i can’t remember i Said i said That this will happen and i mark my Words john this will happen in the next Few months Joe rogan will interview alexander

Definitely 100 i hope not You hope not do you not like the mom i Have nothing personal against him i just Feel like It’s not doing anything it’s not uh I’ll every every time i’m not into this Stuff so i don’t see everything that he Does But every time i see him i always see Him saying I know this this and this but i can’t Say nothing You know but you know i’m not into the Following him or the The updating the news to know everything He does but just from what i see I just think he’s a mouth for the Government i don’t see him doing Anything See what do you do you think he’s a bit Of a shill Um possibly it just bothers me like why Are you gonna tell me you know all this Stuff And then in the same breath so you can’t Say nothing What is your use like what are you doing What’s your point If you know everything you can’t say Nothing like then what are you really Doing Don’t tell me you know everything but Don’t say nothing why why even say it in The first place like

What’s your purpose i i think the way i Look it with like The melon alexander um people like that Is that I mean i hate to use the word but Classified you know that They’ve probably signed certain things To say they can’t speak About but that’s my point why is there Someone who can’t speak speaking about Something he can’t speak about Do you know what i’m saying i think i Think the subject’s more complicated Than Us may uh you know civilians Under can possibly comprehend i think But it doesn’t make no sense he’s Heading a subject that he’s not allowed To talk about Tell me how that makes sense it’s Frustrating it is It’s really frustrating i would love i’d Love to get somebody like that on the Channel somebody that’s you know Kind of like in the know so i could Absolutely probe the living [ __ ] out of Them um and i Probably asked them some very stupid Questions but It’s for entertainment purposes but you Know But that’s what frustrates me man it’s Just a lot of fluff that’s you know There’s always someone promoting a book

Or they have like you know they’re Spreading the threat The whole threat things why are you why Would you even try to scare people Talk about threat all the time that’s Totally to me like out of line Especially if you have no proof for like You know i hear things right all the Time i think The same threat because it isn’t it’s in It’s in your airspace so but it has been For Since for years there’s nothing new it’s Been in our airspace It’s been it’s been turning nukes on and Off Like in the 80s right early 90s this Ain’t new stuff So i don’t get they’re talking like it Seems like the main topic Now is like the same stuff they talked About like 40 years ago it’s like Rehashed Events like they’re talking about now The big things like uh Current ufo turned on nukes right like Russia or something something like that I heard that happened like 20 years ago I just don’t get it i don’t get i don’t Get the information Coming in and out just totally confusing It’s just a lot of it i take with a Pinch of salt you know when i when I i’ll see something on the news and

When it’s when it’s ufo related i think You know what that’s something to talk About on the channel But as in getting worried about it or You know taking it absolutely serious i Generally don’t Touch and i don’t i don’t touch that Much now on The thing i don’t if you’ve noticed but I don’t really touch other than when i’m Talking On the show with other guests about You know things that are going on in the Media when it comes to ufo Yeah i don’t follow that at all so i Could completely be wrong in my Statements you know I just i’m telling you what i see from It which is very little of the whole Picture of all the news you know yeah i Much prefer to hear like people like Yourselves you know The normal people in life their opinion On this because And everybody has a different opinion on It you know some people love ttsa some People hate yes at ttsa some people love Steven greer some people hate him Yeah but yeah it’s he’s saying To me it’s just interesting how other People look at these These players um It i i did say to you about this which Th there’s a film that you then watch

Communion you need to watch that one you Definitely need to watch I watched part of it i turned it off Yeah it’s not the greatest of films i Think i believe the book is amazing It’s an old film um But how how they describe The how he describes that The gray creature is Pretty much in in my Uh imagination How you described in the first interview Very much so Um it’s pretty close it’s closer to most I’ve seen And i was talking to you about the Fourth kind Which a lot of people say you know this This it’s It’s real footage it’s not real footage No you know it’s it’s it’s it’s Trying to depict real footage And it actually says uh somewhere in the Video Uh this is you choose what you want to Believe In this well i believe it’s [ __ ] but The part of the story you know when They’re talking about Owls and things like that i’ve seen that A lot But they did and i only just dawned on Me So i said to you and i’ve people for

Anybody that’s been with me for a while Now And it’s weird that i’m saying this now Seeing as i have 33 people Watching this live um 31 now it’s just two people’s just Dropped out yet bastards Um but the number 33 Does pop up in this field quite often And i only just realized it the other Day when i watched Um the fourth kind again and when When they were when she wakes up at Night she keeps waking up And the alarm clock is on 3 33 this happens on more than one Occasion In this film And i’m kind of one you know when There’s kind of like People giving you signs you know people Said that steven spielberg Knew [ __ ] you know about The real stuff when he made um close Encounters of the fifth kind Whatever he he knew [ __ ] When he made that film that is that Films like probably one of my favorite Films when it comes to alien films Because this but this number Pops up everywhere in this subject And i find that extremely interesting Considering i did i did a video um Well over a year ago now talking about

The fact that i see This number everywhere number 33 And i’m part of this field that’s why i Was asking you about Times that you woke up and now you said Three o’clock so it’s not three thirty Three Um three o’clock pretty steady for two Weeks though which i think is pretty Weird But i’ve heard a 333 before too i’ve Never noticed it but i haven’t been Looking for it either Um i just find i find the whole The number thing weird and i was never Into numerology ever Until it started to happen to me and i’m Seeing this number constantly And then the other day when i’m just Watching the fourth kind and she’s Waking up To these abductions at 333 And it’d be interesting to look more Into that which i haven’t actually done Yet That’s not a bad idea you should look Into it man you know who knows we’re Fine Either i know i know i know most of that Film is just You know it’s just science fiction just Just a little bit of fun But they put it in the movie for a Reason you know because

Suspicious and also if you’re seeing it A lot You know so I mean we ain’t got a long left we’ve Probably got what about another 30 minutes just under 20 minutes Would you mind if i stepped away for Just one minute i apologize yes Step away step away when you come out I’ll i’ll make me nice and big And i’ll see when you pop back in all Right thank you No worries mate So oh my word i am looking my beard is Looking a bit gray here Let’s get some just for men on that guys Everybody that’s in the chat Uh thank you so much thank you so much The super chatters thank you so much for Everybody being here tonight Um if anybody’s got any questions for John Um pop them up now and i’ll try and have A little look at them before it pops Back on Um keep them nice and simple for my Dyslexic eyes But it’s an interesting it’s an Interesting story because um I’ve known john now for nine months and I’ve seen the journey that he’s been on He’s he looks completely different to What he First looked like on the channel and

It’s one of those stories that Is kind of like i’ve met other people Through john’s story over John’s story has resonated with others That have come That have emailed me that have told me They’re sorry people have been on the Channel Because of john one of my best mates Who doesn’t watch any ufo videos he Probably doesn’t even watch my channel But he he did watch john’s original Interview And he was like holy moly Consider me a believer Was john ever awake but paralyzed Yes it’s the answer to that i will ask Him that question for you He’s back he’s back so john we have We we have uh So we’ve got here uh first one Have you ever been in an alien craft By vicky i have no idea I have no idea sure but sweet i like That I’ve leaned towards yes but i have i’m That’s just a guess i have no idea Yeah missing time by dave I had something i guess i would consider Missing time When i was a teenager i was in my Bedroom one time Doing whatever and uh in a split second I was in the middle of conversation with

One of my friends in my driveway And i was unable to hear him but he was Supporting a conversation i could tell Is this before the age of 15 before this No It was a year or two after Okay so i went from like in my bedroom To in the middle of a conversation in a Blink of an eye And in my head i’m like how the [ __ ] how Am i outside I was just blown away and uh i couldn’t Hear him either but i got my hearing Back and i heard what he was saying I just told him this yesterday he didn’t Know about this and you know i i just Started hearing the conversation i just Jumped into the conversation naturally I think we might have went to his house To hang out and i just never Thought of it again until years later But it was like an instance I went from bedroom to driveway it was Crazy Mario ufo uh i like that Ufo was John ever awake but paralyzed Yes that happened to me twice One time i woke up i was just laying in Bed on my back And i was completely paralyzed i could Move my eyes And i could say i was looking i don’t Think my eyes

Ever move so fast in my life there was a Scan in the room I was able to move maybe 45 seconds to a minute later and i Didn’t see nothing But i definitely felt like something was There but that just could have been me Being scared because i was paralyzed But there was a second time This was ten years after the abduction i Lived five minutes away from the Original house it happened I wake up one night and uh i’m sitting Up in bed I’m just completely paralyzed and my Arms out And i have a can of pepsi upside down And it’s just pouring all over me And i’m not able to move at all just my Eyes And i can’t hear either because my Girlfriend’s next to me freaking out And um the soda was just pouring over The bed all over me Couldn’t move as soon as the can like Was empty I dropped it and i was able to move Again and i could start hearing her Talking and she kept saying there’s like People outside the window And she was freaking out because i mean Can you imagine seeing someone sitting In bed With upside down can of soda just

Pouring on themselves And you’re trying to talk to them They’re not even responding you’re just Completely out of it That must have been a weird situation For her i mean If the if the soda was the right way Open this Coming out of it yeah that would have Been even more crazy But as i’m like i’m watching the can Empty i’m looking around I just cannot move and i’m like Man this is insane insane So you’ve probably heard this one a few Times so david says sleep paralysis Have do you ever you ever suffer from That That’s what we’re just discussing right Sleep paralysis Yeah it only happened those two times That was it Right okay yeah um In terms of the acceptance of this Because it seems now From from going back nine months ago That it’s almost like you have accepted It But yet you won’t you still won’t go on And sleep in your own bedroom you still Sleep On the couch what’s the difference Between The bedroom to the living room because

It’s still You on you on your own and i don’t mean I’m not trying to freak you out or Anything but It’s still it’s like still but it’s Still the house you know it’s still I think it has something to do with ptsd And the fact that the incident happened In my bedroom i think it Affected me that much where i do not Want to be in a bedroom by myself no More That’s what i truly think happened So if it happened in the living room You’d end up sleeping in the bathroom Man imagine that Uh i mean i mean stuff’s happening in The living room now up to my It’s not it’s not the actual Act of being abducted it’s just being in A bedroom by myself Affects me that much i understand Sleeping on my couch i’m still waking up But mark’s all over me I’m not like totally totally freaked out It bothers me but it’s not like I’m trying to find somewhere else to Sleep i’m still comfortable sleeping on My couch It’s just me physically laying in a Bedroom by myself Just freaks me out probably more than Anything else I try it often because i should be able

To sleep in my bedroom like a normal Freaking person But only lasts a day or two then i’m Like eff it i need some good sleep i’ll Just go back on the couch and i’ll sleep Fine Have you ever touched an alien job Not that i know of i think they’re Touching me though Helen you know my my my email helen But if if this is if this is not like a A prank But my email um is uh Alienate uk gmail if you’ve touched an Alien i want you on the show Um hell yeah i’d be afraid to do that Oh that creeps me out man I’m scared of like seeing the way they Walk seeing the way They move around uh that creeps me out For some reason I don’t know why like i’m just terrified To see cause i only saw their faces I feel like they move in a weird way That this is not Normal or would be comfortable to watch I don’t know why I have that in my head i have no clue But i always felt that like i’d be It’s weird to watch how they walk and Move around And i don’t know they really it really Messes with my head man They really uh freaked me out have you

Thought about what you might do if If this does happen again i mean Obviously it happened in In the living room but in in there Actually do you call it a living room in The states Yeah yes yeah Have you kind of thought how you would React If a similar situation happened would You do Anything differently i would do my best To remain calm And try to Get some information out of the Situation and If even if it’s like some type of Communication or whatever I have to get something out of it like i Can’t just Freeze and go under the blankets again You know it’s not the best Even though it was a natural reaction That’s something i don’t want to do Again You know i have to uh I have to face it at some point that’s The end of my journey I think or it’s headed in that direction It’s going to happen again i have to be Able to face it i feel like i’m being Prepped since i met you i feel like i’m Really getting a crash course On what’s going on i’ve never had this

Much activity in a short period of time Ever it’s been non-stop i mean you see All this [ __ ] i send you You know i’m saying it’s like a non-stop Thing i’m like really In my face and the crazy thing is like i Don’t know How many other people are going through It right now I’m in the middle of this you know it’s Not like this stuff is In the past i’m just reciting a story Like I’m smack in the middle of all this Stuff and it’s constantly Happening and i just took a video today Of some orbs i’ve never even seen before While i was at work like i’m still Seeing amazing stuff It’s it’s weird to be in the middle of All this man you know I don’t know where it’s going to lead But it’s going somewhere It’s going somewhere fast i have a Feeling this year something’s going to Happen Not bad but something I can’t put my finger on nothing to do With the government though like You mean you personally you don’t think You’re not talking about the disclosure Aren’t you Some type of disclosure will happen but Nothing that’s going to satisfy me

Personally you know That’s just my personal feelings maybe Maybe they are doing good for The greater cause i don’t know but for Me personally i don’t You know whatever i’m talking about Maybe a big mass sighting again Or possibly undeniable evidence coming Up Or possibly a ufo landing something Something Maybe not to do with me Or i don’t i don’t know maybe it does i Don’t know I swear i feel like he’ll get him pushed Towards something You know that’s so so weird when we Started speaking about that i don’t know You use stream yard yeah you can hear Like a little thing when somebody comes Into the chat Yeah yeah i just heard that and i’m like I’ll Look down to see if there’s anybody There but probably something Maybe some background noise i heard like A little bit Um i had my friend mentioned he’s like Maybe he has something to do was coming Up And i was like i never thought of that Man you know i never looked at it that Way Maybe i do but it’s i mean you see all

The stuff i i You have of my main like my collection Could hold up against i think A lot of other professionals out there In the paranormal or ufology field like I have some Pretty i’m not trying to brag or be Arrogant but i have some good footage Man I have some good stuff that i haven’t Seen anywhere else And it all happened within this nine Month frame And still continuing and skipping handy To me you know it’s like it’s literally Being thrown in my face and handed to me You know i got three different types of Marks on my knees from who knows what It’s right in my face yeah you know i Mean like all these pictures and videos It’s Shadow people i like i don’t know how Many people got videos of shadow people You know i got like two of them like It’s it’s just weird It’s it’s it’s all i’m doing is hitting Record on my cameras too you know i mean It takes A little work to look through the Footage to actually find the stuff But i got pretty good now where i can Tell when i see an orb go by i have a Good idea if it’s gonna have a figure or Not

And usually you know i can tell do you Think these shadow figures are Anything to do with the grays They all have something to do with each Other but i don’t know how Maybe it’s like they all share the same Type of energy Or they can all be seen in the same type Of field Something along them or they can all Interact in the same space Something along them lines but i don’t Think like the shadow people are working With the greys or They communicate with each other i think They’re all in the same they share the Same space And somehow i’m able to see that space Where i see All that type of activity happening This is the best way i can describe it It’s what it feels like See you you said that a few minutes ago You do feel like something’s coming this Year But you you think do you think it is That we are going to see a disclosure I really don’t know i really can’t say Cuz i don’t i’m not really into that Stuff That much to even be commented in the First place to be honest with you I just see what i see when i peek in Once in a while

And usually it’s not good stuff You know i i don’t know the whole Picture the whole story of You know that if something does come out Of it do you think That you’d feel any differently to how You feel now You know they they they came out and Said That they they know this is going on and They maybe they speak about abductions I mean if they i don’t think they’ll Ever happen they won’t even speak about The aliens themselves let alone the Aliens Taking you know people off this earth I don’t think we’ll ever be told that if They did Speak about that kind of stuff yes that Would be huge that’s the kind of stuff I’m waiting for I’m waiting for the the mug shot of the Grey alien you know I’m waiting for the video of insider Craft or whatever whatever they have I know they have they have to have all That they have to have all that It’s just why do they think that we Can’t handle it and why are they giving Us the little stuff that they don’t care About You know i think we get to we get the Scraps of the meat that they have that They’re holding

You know or we get stuff they confirm Stuff that happened like 30 40 years ago Like that’s the stuff i don’t care about I want to know what they know now i want To know I want to know the truth like everybody Else just want to know the truth I want to know what’s happening to me i Want to know what i want to know what You know You know basically letting your citizens Almost suffer And being taken and being messed with And having lives ruined You know i deserve for them to tell me What i want to know like the actual Actual truth you know is what i want When you say that you’re waiting for the Mug shot Have you ever seen anything that’s For for any of the footage that’s been Put out there of What a so-called alien looks like that’s Supposed to be real and fought That’s it I don’t think so I’m gonna show you an image now okay Um and uh tell me What you think not that one See the other problem with that though Is there’s probably more than one Different type of gray You know because the one i seen had a Little brownish tint

No that’s not nothing like what i saw You see how the nose And like that has the little lines Around the mouth that’s way too much Detail there’s Nothing like that imagine a Like a perfect 3d printed You know you know the alienware logo Just imagine that just 3d printed and Take all the detail out and put two Holes in a slit for a mouth it’s So simplistic it’s so i mean But then again there’s different types I’m sure But that is not what i saw i’m not Saying that’s not real that’s not what i Saw For sure But i could be a different kind somebody Else saw and took a video or picture i Don’t know But from as far as what i’ve seen i’ve Never seen anything like what i’ve seen Everyone puts way too much detail under Their uh Interpretations do you believe that There could be more than one kind or What you’ve seen Is what everybody else is seeing in but Nobody else has any video Evidence of what the actual grey looks Like Or do you believe that there’s different Kinds of them

Oh i would have to just assume so I mean like i said that when i saw how The brownish tint like i can almost see Like a brownish Pigment kind of swirled in with the gray So it wasn’t a complete gray so that Tells me maybe what i seems a little Different than what everybody else sees Because the brownish tint that’s Something i picked up on immediately Like i can see it swirl and blend into The gray Like i saw this thing pretty damn close Man So i noticed the brown tints around the Skin and You know it to me it separated it from The gray color i was expecting to see That makes any sense so i think there is More than one Type uh you know yeah the this There’s something that kind of really Stuck with me as well from the original Interview Is that you said that you It’s almost like you knew what was going To happen When they were outside that window yeah Why is that I the feeling i had during that whole Time was like all my senses were 10 times stronger than before like me Being so alert Me me having the thought to look to the

Left and knowing exactly how to look at The bottom of the door You know when i looked to the right and Solid two out the window i Saw part of the first one it was like i Just knew I knew that i was an alien my just Started to turn my head i already knew I knew it was going to happen i don’t Know if i knew what happened before But i was on high alert man i just i was I was like the sharpest i’ve ever been i Just felt like i just knew everything That was going on and i was real quick To figure everything out and Everything happened so fast but when i Think about it it seems like it was like A half hour event Everything just my memory everything Just feels slow so slowed down you know I think you need to discuss this with Your family All right and Maybe ask about your childhood You know ask ask them If there was times when you i don’t know Night terrors Or whatever you know i think you need to I think i think you you kind of need to Go down that route in order to Maybe understand because it Maybe if you if they may they may say That you used to Come in and say you’d seen

Figures in your room or whatever it does That scare you to kind of like Is that one of the reasons why you don’t Want to ask them or is it mainly because You don’t freak them out Um i don’t want them to worry there’s Number one but it’s just there’s it’s Just a hard thing to do i have I don’t even know if they believe in This stuff or not i don’t even know if They have their own experiences or not I have a lot of explaining to do the Problem is Is i just waited too long and i have so Much stuff i have to go there at my Laptop and [ __ ] you know i gotta like Really Not tell them everything but tell them The important stuff you know i’m not Gonna show them A face of a demon or shadow people Running around i don’t want them to Like i don’t want them to worry man Because it you know It’s this is a lot of going on and i Don’t want them to like I’m okay you know it doesn’t matter i’m Fine But showing somebody this stuff for the First time and then Listen to what i’ve been going on It could stress stress them out i i Don’t want to do that to them Well they have to know what they have to

Know you know they have to know so I think it would be great to get you Back on Um once you’ve kind of Spoke to the the family um I i i don’t think it’s hard man So i’ve gone there with the intentions Of doing it a couple of times I just can’t get i can’t Do everyone like say something and like Nothing comes out it’s just Just like stuck like you really want to Say something it’s just nothing that you Just can’t I get stuck man like i tried but Something’s like holding me back it’s Like a real tough thing to do man I gotta tell my parents i’m being Abducted i see ghosts like i gotta tell All that stuff And then there’s a good possibility they Could be going through their own stuff You know or there could be a possibility Maybe my dad’s gonna Been having experiences but never told My mom you know This can go any direction this Definitely will change the family Forever as far as i see it Not in a negative way but it’s just this Is this is Tough for me man it’s definitely tough But it’s something i truly want to do It’s something i have to do i have to do

It I know i have to do it so Explain for that time man yeah well yeah When the time is right um maybe maybe Maybe when this is all over Uh you know you haven’t ever gonna be Over man It’s never gonna be over seriously This is you know i could be 70 we can All be still here talking about what’s Going on with me You know no no i’m not about what’s Going on what’s going in the On in the world right now with the Yeah um john i want to thank you for Coming on again so We’ve we’ve got an hour and 40 minutes Now um I have put your channel uh in the Description below um Have you got any shows coming up I got a few things actually i’m working On right now A couple of shows and a couple projects So Nothing i want to talk about too soon But uh I got some speaking with the channel now He’s sticking with it yeah Oh the channel yeah yeah yeah i i like The channel because this Easy way for me to share my videos and Stuff you know is Just talk about it um

I never thought even having a channel be Possible it’s weird it’s weird How far how much has happened since we First spoke man Nine months think about all the activity You know that i’ve shared with you in That nine months it’s kind of Unbelievable A lot can i spend nine months yeah i’ve Got the guys I hope everybody sticks around because Uh you know It’s gonna keep on coming i accepted That part that this ain’t just gonna Stop anytime soon that’s for sure That’s something i have accepted well i Want to thank you for coming on john if You if you wouldn’t mind Just modeling uh that uh delicious T-shirt that you that you’ve got on There again for for the guys The link is in the description people if You want to support the channel There is a couple more designs as well People uh that we have Uh we these are the designs that are up On the channel At the moment oh that’s that’s what i Meant to ask you john Did they print my my logo My new logo on the back oh that’s a Different one yes that’s the one Yeah yeah yeah so some of them some of The designs do

Have this on the back of it which is the Newer aaa But that’s oh that’s pretty cool i like That yeah the the It’s on the back of the the neck of Like the these ones here these small Ones Uh these have on these have the aaa on The back And the kind of like the the cups and Containers whatever they are they they Have it like the bottom yeah i like the Bottle i might figure that This this is like i said this is what a Mate bought me This is the the original yeah This design i don’t know if you can see This but this is Completely different oh yeah yeah It’s kind of like a little bit more Plain Yeah yeah i see that it’s classic the Classic Addict um but yeah no i appreciate I appreciate you supporting the channel Mate like that um shirt I i uh two other people i have said it Before This is not photoshopped this is true Bob And uh garbell have that I i know it looks photoshopped because That’s just because the alien The alien addict logo is that bright and

Vibrant That even pixelation it shines through That It’s nice obviously they haven’t bought One just A little bit of artistic license there People But yeah thank you so much mate um Any time no worries mate Mate it’s it’s been a journey it’s been A journey and I i feel like we’re only just kind of Like Prodding it at the minute we’re just Giving it a little prod But we have we need to give it we need To give it a punch I think that’s only going to happen when It when the pet when the parents know And when you’re on joe rogan telling Your story One day man i’ll i’ll wear my alien Attic shirt on there for sure There’s nowhere to hit me now Everybody in the chat everybody that’s Been in tonight It’s been it’s been a nice lively chat I’m sorry and It’s half it’s really well you know it’s Like on stream ad it’s very hard to read The chat For me it’s even harder even though i Haven’t really having a drink tonight But

I love you all you’re all absolutely Fantastic Make sure you like share and subscribe Check out john’s channel Check out the the merch check out the Patreon page And just stay safe people Um i love you all It’s gonna be a bit of a wild year um But i will be doing Many interviews many panels i’m sure John will be on a panel Uh with some other people where we can Do we’ll start this Leading up to this disclosure of such We’ll talk about it see see where it Takes us And i just hope people aren’t going to Be freaked out by it because No i’m fine i don’t think it’s going to Be I don’t think it’s gonna be anything bad Nah can’t be as bad as last year As long as they’re not demons yeah we All wanna know that That won’t be good but yeah felt good Night god bless Mind the bugs dope by ama i’m alienate And this is wreaking havoc 215. john Thank you my friend yup everybody have a Good night Job’s a good