The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary Special

By | May 2, 2021
The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary Special

In the early hours of the morning of Friday the 26th of february 2016 Fantrescent a small town located on the Outskirts of the welsh capital was Disturbed by a great commotion Starting at around 2 am residents took To social media to complain about being Startled awake By the sound of several military Helicopters circling Above the town some users reported Seeing helicopters land on the local Common With others complaining that military Presence over clantriscent Lasted for many hours other residents Frightened by the unexpected presence of So many military vehicles Phoned the police in the years since Transcripts of some of the calls made That morning Have been released via a freedom of Information request I’m concerned one caller stated there is A helicopter Flying very low it has come around seven To eight times It’s not like a police helicopter it’s a Big double-engined one Another distressed resident described The helicopter they saw As a chinook they wanted to report that They had seen it fly so low that it had Nearly hit

Their chimney the helicopter is causing My house to shake Another caller stated someone else Reported hearing bangs alongside the Loud helicopters And wanted to know if their children and Livestock were in danger The volume and tone of the calls made to The police that morning Show that this was not a normal Occurrence for clentescent Later that morning as the sun rose Weary-eyed residents turned to the local News for an explanation The disturbance was according to the Media outlet wales online a major Training drill between the british army And royal air force Described as a bi-annual training Package known as exercise chameleon The events were said to be an entirely Normal military exercise And as such did not require local people To worry And so there was a simple explanation Or so it seemed like so many others in The area that day Kaz clarke a resident of penturk a Village located just six miles from Clantrescent Had suffered a sleepless night when she Read the whales online article however She was wide awake i can categorically State

That this was no exercise clark wrote in A comment she posted on the article on The day of the happening She continued to explain that she had Witnessed absolutely Everything and that the target which the Military was chasing was not a royal air Force plane Or other training exercise vehicle it Was A ufo clark’s comment along with all Others on the article Appears to have since been deleted and Can now only be accessed via screenshots Her story and what she claims to have Seen that night however has not Disappeared In the years since the 26th of february 2016 Clark has been vocal about her Experience believing that what she And others witnessed that night in south Wales has implications for all of Humanity I was fortunate to be able to meet with Kaz clark at the location in penturk Where the incident is said to have Happened we ran to this gate and david Ran into the field and i actually called Him back Because of all the military activity i Didn’t want us to appear hostile For clark the penturk incident as the Case has subsequently become known

Did not begin on friday the 26th rather It started a few days earlier when she And her neighbor dave noticed a small Grey twin propeller plane Flying low and very slow over their Village It was not unusual to see military Aircraft in the area Mod saint athen a large ministry of Defence site Is located less than 15 miles away and Is home to several royal air force units However when dave complained that he had Been kept awake all night By the planes flying they knew this was Not normal behavior Their attention now drawn to the plane’s Presence on wednesday the 24th they Noticed a second plane Similar to the first arrive over penturk And Swap places with the other between the Two planes the airspace over the village Was under constant observation Day and night and so on the evening of Thursday the 25th Clark and her neighbor decided to camp Outside close to the fields behind her House To watch the plane it was around 2 am on The 26th when she and dave witnessed the Arrival of a different plane Fast low loud it flew over the fields And began

Circling the sky when it banked to the Left The moonlight illuminated a mushroom on Its back It was an e3 century an airborne Early warning and control aircraft with A distinctive rotating radar dome above Its fuselage They watched it circle seven times Then something even more unexpected Happened A red light became visible above the Tree line at the end of the field I was totally in shock in all of what i Was seeing When red light turned into three which Was a triangle On the oblique angle coming in point First Which turned out to be a full sized Pyramid This pyramid clerk claims was an Intelligently controlled craft Standing at the gate that marked the Entrance to the field she And dave watched it and witnessed Something spectacular The leading set of six lights on the Nearside edge were brighter than the Rest of the ship Like some kind of steering mechanism for The ship It came in point first and as when it Was fully here

It came down in a pendulum motion and Lined up behind those trees there And when it was in the upright position It fired this green object out at the Top like it had been fired out of a Cannon So fast it skipped across and in front Or just above these trees on my left Hand side here And just rot backwards and forwards Gently I can’t tell you what shape it was Because it was too bright Brighter than the moonlight like a Really bright green star About the size of a small car The e3 sentry was flying up by this time And back round and coming back down Again I was standing on the gate up my leg Actually hooked over the top and i was Staring through the bare trees To get a better look because this Pyramid listed to the right hand side Still turning very slowly anti-clockwise Started to move backwards away from us And i said today this landing is landing But in actual fact that the field rises There because you’ve been out and seen It And the land was coming up to meet it And as it neared the ground It ejected this hand i described it like A hand of lightning

But it wasn’t thin lightning like we see Here it was thick like fire like fingers And the whole thing lit up really Brightly so you could see The whole outline of it and such was the Size of it well i was staring at the Bottom you couldn’t see the top That’s how big now whilst i was fixated And don’t ask me why i was fixated on it Touching the ground because i don’t know To this day But david said he saw 15 or 20 he Described them as orbs come out the top Of it And i could stand here and tell you that I saw them but i genuinely didn’t Because i was so fixated on it touching The ground Anyway i heard it went from Um like tell like red to like bright White orange And the nearest lights to the ground Were the brightest At this point with the pyramid object And green light in front of her As well as the e3 century still flying Overhead Clark describes the arrival of yet more Military aircraft Wingtip to wingtip two big american Planes with two engines propeller Engines On each wing and i looked up just to see Them go over the top

And when i looked back i couldn’t see The pyramid anymore but that’s not to Say it wasn’t there i just couldn’t see It But the green object was still there With three planes now in the sky Yet more appeared clark describes these As two c-130s big hercules aircraft Which turned and flew in behind the Other planes That placed two planes out wide and two Planes in close And this green object shot across really Fast Really fast in front of the planes the E3 century is still going up and back Round again Excuse me and it flashed three really Bright strobes at the aircraft And then seemed to get excited somehow Like bobbing And skipping and bobbing and skipping in The westwood Direction towards lantern because our Planes were following it i think it was A Deliberate decoy to draw the aircraft Away from the main ship With the green objects skipping away Into the distance towards the town of Clantriscent Clarke watched the four military Aircraft follow in pursuit The events of the night however were far

From over And these two red barrel shaped objects Came from my left hand side One stopped above the hedge just where i Was standing And i’m still standing on the gate and i Just stared at it for a few seconds Because of the shot because i wanted to Know And i could see all the insides moving Like i described it like white noise on A tv screen but it was more 3d than that it was more like it was Turning in on itself not Flat you know and then i looked to see Where the second one was and that hadn’t Stopped And that was right above me just above This branch here And a one above me changed color from Taillight red to traffic light green And i could see even clearer the insides Moving And i felt it scan me when this one had Scanned me Above here the red one that had remained Sentry the whole time was still there The green barrel then moved off to my Right hand side above these rooftops Here And then the red barrel moved off to my Left hand side And down across the field and i stood on The gate and i watched it until i

Couldn’t see it anymore After the barrel objects disappeared From view clark and dave decided to walk Into the field to the second gate They hoped to be able to see some of the Other barrel-like Objects which dave had observed come From the pyramid craft As they walked the e3 century plane Followed them overhead It was too dark and slippy to see Anything more so we’d walk back To this gate and we heard the apache Helicopters coming We’ve gone around the side there just so You could get a better viewpoint through The trees And there were three apache helicopters One above two Going low across the fields pushing all The trees and hedges flapped with the Force of their rotor blades Big red pulsing lights going out in Front of them on an Interception course with the green Object that had gone west before In my opinion we were only standing at This gate including the time that it Took us to walk down and back again For maybe 10 minutes i got back to my House I heard an enormous explosion from the Direction of plantar scent Uh planters since five miles from here

And it was enormous kaboom you know this Is not a little Fake incendiary device this was an Explosion And certainly as is evidenced from Police transcripts from that morning Clark was by no means the only person in The area to have heard the explosion People were shaken awake car alarms were Set off Seismological data from the british Geological survey Also confirms that in the early hours of The morning on friday The 26th of february 2016 there was a Seismological anomaly In south wales despite the closest Station to clantriscent being located Some 45 miles away the event still Registered described by the british Geological survey as a small Transient signal it was registered at Around 4 20 am around this time there were also Said to have been reports of an Explosion being heard close to the royal Morgan Hospital in clantriscent with it being Claimed that the blast Shook the hospital to the foundations Caused the windows to rattle And resulted in thick smoke coming Inside The official explanation for the

Military helicopters witnessed by Members of the public over clantrecent Was the training exercise chameleon However when asked via a freedom of Information request Whether or not the reported explosion Was related to this Exercise the ministry of defence said That it would not be possible For the mod to retrospectively confirm That the shaking reported in february 2016 was Caused by the simulated explosions the Wording of this response leaves a lot to Be desired What makes it particularly interesting However is that a response was given Whereas other questions posed via Freedom of information requests related To the penturk incident Have been met with blanket section 26 Exemptions which allow for the Withholding of information that might be Considered a security risk Why was this question answered and more Importantly Why did the mod not simply confirm that The shaking was a result of their Simulated explosions As such it seems to suggest that the Seismological anomaly experienced and Recorded in the area May have had a different origin kaz Clarke is one of many people who believe

That they know the true cause of the Explosion Later in the day on the 26th after Reading reports online of helicopters And troops from people in clantriscent Clark decided to go to the town to see If she could uncover what had happened To the green object She had witnessed being pursued in that Direction by military planes Her first stop was clenterson common an Extensive piece of open land designated For public use There were rumors online that troops had Performed a metal search there And all the metal that had been on the Common for years old bikes A couple of old fridges were all neatly Stacked up along the roadside And yellow tape everywhere they cordoned Off areas once they’d searched it Whilst at the common clark claims to Have spoken to a couple of dog walkers Who clarified to her that there had been Two explosions earlier that day one in The Air and the second on the ground they Claimed it had come from clinton Forest a 600-acre woodland on the Outskirts of the town Known locally as smylog woods gone up to Smilogwards And because we knew the trajectory of The green object it wasn’t long before

We found the debut trail And there were 60-foot trees this is Forestry commission there are no Branches on the lower parts of the trees Snapped mid trunk as far as the eye Could see Branches lay left and right of us in a Perfectly straight line And when we got up over the ridge right In front of us was this Group of trees six of them all together Um snapped 20 feet in the air and all These white Burn marks and all the surrounding trees And a really pungent smell And my hair had turned completely white Completely white i mean i’m a little bit Salt and pepper and i’m getting Completely white But overnight this was quite shocking to Be honest and that is on the video Of the crash site as well as debris and Peculiar burn marks on the trees Clark also states that it was snowing at The alleged crash site But nowhere else i asked her If it was actual snow or if it might Have been debris Falling from the sky no it’s snow but it Was spongy You know you pick up a pic catch a piece Of snow and it’ll melt in your hand Whereas with this you could squeeze it Between your fingers release your

Fingers And see the flattened piece and then it Would dissolve So it was a bit like marshmallowy but Not quite you know it would still Dissolve but Like some chemical reaction yes Absolutely some kind of Micro climate that’s that was occurring There a similar anomaly was also Observed in the fields behind Clark’s house at the location where the Pyramid craft supposedly sent out a hand Of lightning As it came close to the ground Peculiarly this patch of grazing land Seemed to have been affected by the Craft leading to it being referred to As the bald patch as well as Clantriscent and smylog woods Clark also investigated this area after Her experience We’d gone over to the field where the Ball patch is expecting to see more Burn marks on the ground and there was Nothing but everything was dead Everything was dead the grass was dead The bushes were dead Like something that sucked all the life Out of them and it was snowing Just in that one field to this day some Five years after the incident The bold patch is still visible many who Have visited it

Report being negatively affected by the Patch And indeed there may be an explanation For this Some 18 months after her experience Clark got into contact with the swansea Ufo network And in particular the researcher gary Jones After much field research they were able To prove that there were electromagnetic Field anomalies At both the alleged crash site in smilog Woods And across the fields behind clarke’s House specifically At the bald patch despite the passage of Time the radiation detected was Significant And far in excess of what one might Expect According to jones in 2019 three years After the incident The highest readings still showed that One hour’s exposure In what he describes as hot spot areas Including the bald patch Would have been equal to roughly 21 days Of normal background radiation even the Lower readings were equivalent to 2.4 Days Which is the same as a chest x-ray It is difficult to argue a natural cause For these readings and yet natural

Causes For the anomalies witnessed at both Penturk and clantriscent are All official public bodies can give the Trees at smylog woods which show Significant damage or indeed complete Destruction Were hastily cut down and replaced after The incident When asked why this was the case natural Resources wales The authority responsible for smylog Woods stated that they had to undertake Feling of larch that were infected with Phytotheramorum This was the reason for their removal And replanting Phytosa remorum also known as larch Disease Is a highly destructive fatal pathogen Which as well as affecting larch can Spread to other tree species Whilst larch disease is a very serious Problem And is known to affect forests across Wales There is no specific evidence that the Trees in question were infected According to natural resources whale’s Own guidance due to the seriousness of The disease a felling license is Required before trees Are removed there is no evidence that Such a license was granted

For the trees in smylog woods not only That the procedure is to harvest the Trees Entirely so as to ensure the disease Does not remain Or spread this is known as a sanitized Felling Once again there is no evidence that This was the case for the trees in Smylog woods with remnants of the old Trees still remaining Dispersed across the ground to this day The area was also Immediately replanted with new trees According to the forestry commission Residual spores which spread large Disease are likely to remain In the leaf litter and soil for two to Four years after felling And thus immediate replanting is not Advised Perhaps the best evidence against Natural resources wales’s claim however Is this when i visited the alleged crash Site Several broken trees remained seemingly From the night of the incident They had not been removed as the Procedure surrounding large disease Requires In fact they were so untouched that even The peculiar white burn marks described By clark Was still on the surface of some of the

Trees Consistent with her reports one tree Looked distended As though on the edge of explosion which Is thought to have occurred to some of The other trees no longer standing When in the presence of the ufo and so Why were these trees removed Throughout the official explanations for The strangeness of the events of the 26th of february 2016 have either not Made sense or are incomplete In addition to the claim of a military Exercise being responsible for the Disturbances And overturned lorry was also said to be The reason why many roads Including major highways in the area Were closed that night When gary jones asked via a freedom of Information request Why this was the case the south wales Police brushed him off Stated his requests were vexatious and That they had been Unable to locate any recorded Information In relation to any road closures on the Dates specified But that not having any recorded Information They also somehow knew exactly what Information he was requesting As they also stated the officers

Involved have since left the Organization Separate freedom of information request Sent to the ministry of defense in 2019 Asked specifically about the pyramid Craft and the other objects seen that Night the mod’s response rather than Claiming that they did not know Anything about the craft or objects Stated that they hold information Related to the request But due to operational sensitivity are Withholding it They cite section 26 as a qualified Exemption Claiming that the public interest in Maintaining the exemption Outweighs the public interest in Disclosure The uk’s ministry of defense does not Deny that they know about the craft seen By clerk and others They are simply unwilling to disclose The information It is therefore with substantial Evidence that kaz clarke and the Researchers close to the case Including gary jones claim that not only Did an alien craft visit penturk that Night But that a violent interaction between It and the military was covered up The ultimate claim is that an alien Craft crashed in smylog woods

And was subsequently removed by the Military This is a claim which has spanned the Days weeks months and years after the Original incident Indeed kaz clarke asserts that only a Few days after the pentec incident yet More military personnel were seen In the area this time camping in one of The fields close to where she And her neighbour witnessed the pyramid Craft well shortly after the event we Had some men and women come and camp in The fields here behind this thicket of Trees So from my house i couldn’t actually see Them and i only knew they were there Because my local pentoc hub and a couple Of dog walkers People come out here quite regularly Said have been given different stories One that they were a fracking survey Team which didn’t go down very well in The village And two that they were vodafone Well this tweaked my curiosity and i Wanted to come out and see And i came out with a friend with my dog Under the guys to take my dog for a walk And there were two soldiers walking Towards us wearing full digital camos Carrying real guns so they said to us That they were doing a military exercise In case we saw anything funny going on

Down in the fields they’ve gone through The gate Disappeared down the road we’ve gone Down to where the second gate is And turned left into the field where They were count And i’ve always said you can take the Man out the army but you can’t take the Army out of the man Every single tent was in perfect Straight line every string Perfect straight line and they told me They were vodafone So within 10 minutes i’ve been given two Different stories They said they were vodafone doing field Tests but they had one of these large Laptops Twice the width of a laptop in a metal Case And they clearly didn’t want me to see What they were doing they closed this Case Um we’d walk down further in the field Where the pyramid had come in because it Came in Across that way sideways and then swung Down They were wearing white forensic suits Doing a fingertip search of that field They too had one of those big laptop Devices in the field with them And right at the end of the trail where The disused quarry is

They had another jeep with another one Of those objects those laptop things With satellite dishes and aerials we Actually think they were triangulating a Satellite into this area To listen perhaps Not entirely sure what they were doing It seems as though the military had a Reason to be interested in panterk and The surrounding area What this reason was however has never Been confirmed Arguably even more interesting than the Appearance of the military in the fields Behind clark’s house however was the Arrival of a specific plane At cardiff international airport on the Day of the incident Identified by plane spotters and shared On the south wales aviation group Website Was kitty 74 a ze 700 Royal air force plane usually reserved For transporting high level officials Such as the prime minister it was seen Landing in cardiff international airport At 5 36 pm just 13 miles from Clantrescent It had flown from raf northolt the base Which services london And would be the first choice for High-level officials needing to fly from The capital Intriguingly the then prime minister of

The uk david cameron Was in the area that day a mere eight Miles from clantriscent After giving a speech at a ge aviation Plant He was however already in the area Before Kitty 74’s arrival potentially Suggesting That someone other than the prime Minister had flown into the area Was it mere coincidence that both the Prime minister and possibly another High-level official were both close to Clantriscent on the very day that it is Said that an alien spacecraft was Captured And so the stakes of this case are Proposed to be very high Indeed none more so perhaps than for kaz Clarke it was not for no reason that it Took her 18 months before speaking out About what she witnessed that night in 2016. When i spoke with her she revealed that After sharing her comment on the article On wales online She was intimidated because i didn’t Speak to anybody for 18 months because The mainstream media lent on me and told Me to remain silent After my comments on wales online i had A reporter from wales online contact me Via my facebook page and said well i

Contacted her and i thought she’s after The real story Foolishly and i instantly regretted Ringing because this was an Interrogation this wasn’t Or what did you see and you know how About any footage who have i spoken to How exactly did i speak to that these People you know was it email Text phone calls chat boxes the Questioning went on And it was very specific and i was told To stay silent so i did for 18 months After she began to speak out the Intimidation Got worse the military came out here and Threatened me When swansea first published the story I had some people contact me by my Facebook page And i’ve met a few people like Yourselves that have had an interest in The case So i agreed to meet them fortunately not On my own Where i was threatened with perhaps a Fatal car accident that extended to my Family And that’s when i decided that i Wouldn’t stay silent anymore Fear of the consequence of speaking out Is understandably a genuine And overwhelming concern for those Involved in the case

Whilst clark is the star witness she is By no means the only witness of the Craft which is said to have visited Pentuk that night Clark’s neighbor dave who was with her At the gate when the pyramid craft Appeared Whilst not having spoken publicly about The incident Is known to talk privately about what he Experienced Likewise is a witness who posted a Comment on a local website In response to a query about the Explosions heard in clinton Sharing their experience a mere nine Days after the incident They described seeing a bright red Pulsing light then another And another which formed the shape of a Triangle coming down from the clouds Much the same as clarke describes They ended their comment by saying Please don’t contact me It was something i would rather forget I’ve seen Being military involved don’t want to be In any bother with mod As for clark she believes the only way Forward is to give confidence to other Witnesses to speak out One way that she has done this is by Self-funding Taking and passing not one but three

Polygraph tests to prove the honesty Of her testimony by increasing her Public presence and sharing her story She hopes that more people will come Forward this Is by no means easy for clark she states That even to this day She still suffers post-traumatic stress From what she experienced Indeed during our interview whenever a Plane flew overhead Her eyes immediately turned to the sky After experiencing what she claims to Have experienced How could the world ever look the same Again When you got stand did you feel scared Was it a fear of the unknown or do you Feel like As you think that they were benign could You get a sense of that it felt Like this is going to sound the most Bizarre thing Like somebody had reached in and took The fear away from me I felt elated almost light Like i’ve been touched by something But it wasn’t scary anymore in fact I was the complete opposite to dave i Was Energized almost frantically to the Point where i had to tell Someone anyone that would know what to Do with this information

Because i didn’t know anyone i wasn’t a Member of any groups I had no belief in ufos if i did then Perhaps i would have known Half a dozen people i could have written To to have had here on that night Because it was quite obvious they were Watching for something This was not an exercise they had enough Firepower out there to take every small Country This was huge they set an ambush for This thing they knew it was coming I believe that we’ve got a right to know What’s going on I mean these the military are pursuing And shooting these things down We’re not even supposed to know they Exist and what have they done Because in my opinion these things were Not hostile But we seemed it yes we would be naive And foolish to believe all life forms Are benign But we’re tarring them all with the same Brush so what does that make us And the people should be told we should Have a right to vote on this And not to have it this information Exempted from the public view When they were innocent and we shot them Down Anyway this case is far from closed There are still several freedom of

Information requests pending Which clerk jones and others involved in The case hope will shed more light on The incident And perhaps even provide the disclosure So many desire Not only that it is said that strange Lights are still spotted in the sky Over penturk and have been since the day Of the incident A hot spot for ufo activity the military Clerk and others claim Are still interested in the area with Military vehicles and searches still Being seen And indeed filmed in the area what Happened That night in pentec to many the answer Is obvious earth was visited by an Advanced Alien race and we could do nothing but Attack them Thank you so much for watching and an Extra special thank you to my members Who helped to choose this video if you Would like to become a member and vote On upcoming video topics please visit The links in the description Thank you again for watching until next Time