Alien Disclosure 2021 more too it than meets the “eye”

By | April 29, 2021
Alien Disclosure 2021 more too it than meets the "eye"

Um Good evening folks welcome to alien edit On this kind of Unplanned scheduled video It was just like kind of like what Should i talk about what is that to talk About In 2021 let’s talk about the disclosure You know let’s talk about the Disclosure and I couldn’t do it without my good friend My buddy my pal my ginger bearded Warrior Lee from mussy audio lee Thank you for that my friend how you Doing We both you’re rocking a bit of gray in That beard oh yeah It’s the um what’d you call them What’s the little gr like black and White critters badger The the badger is coming on bachelor Yeah i i kind of I get it here you see there like it kind Of looks like it doesn’t grow Yeah it does it it’s just gray Yeah i’ve i’m i’m i’m destined to be Great My dad’s like white fully white Yeah i’ve never understood the kind of Like you know when somebody’s got Gray hair and they they kind of they Just they don’t embrace it you know i Kind of

Like bracelet embrace gray Embrace boldness yeah If if i went see if i went It’s the fact that it’s half of it but Anyways Why did you get me started on be it i Know it was me wasn’t it yeah it was you You knew that your father i i it all Started so well i enjoyed the energy i Enjoyed the welcome to alien addict like I enjoy people in the chat welcome to Alien addicts i would probably try and Read should we should we read some names Lee Yeah let’s do it if you got them I have we start the disclosure because We’ve got We’re having a slow burn tonight since I’ve already just put it out and it’s Got like nine Nine people in the chat people in the Chat if you have social media We mainly are about to reveal disclosure To you tonight so Make sure you share this out because It’s going to be a wild one We’re getting in before cobell we are Yeah Somebody needs to so we have uh Dak Well do you know that’s a proper Language Yeah somebody’s written the entire Language i think that’s all the star

Trek ones are aren’t they Are they well i think so Game of thrones dothraki that is a Language Is it but yeah we’ve got i mean Is there any need if we’re honest We’ve got shawnee double o2 Which is before double07 so that is a Better agent Yeah though double 06 sean bean didn’t Rate him um Brandi phillips i had a dog called Brandy it’s dead now Um we have james clark in the chat Uh muted matrix i can’t believe i’m Reading these right Quite happy myself um And wren renee cruz the If you don’t know ren is lee if you i Know you we’re going to get on to Your change of the channel in a moment But rent is kind of like She knows everything about ufology she Is on every single Ufo channel you see her there she She is the best supporter a ufo channel But ren we love you i’m gonna get T-shirts with rent cruisering on them Uh i can’t pronounce that is that Is it a silent k nexit Connexit nexic net Nah yep welcome to the show my friend uh Gerald greenwood how you doing mate We have alien addict that’s me just

Responding to Fast and the furious ill 13. vicky Vicki was here 22 hours ago yeah she’s Still here now You know she may not hear that she might She might have been waiting and then she Just forgot She fell asleep i did a live stream once Uh for a formula one thing And we had some guests come in From the discord to to talk to us and It was obviously very late in whatever Part of america he was in And halfway through like the i don’t for What a better words about The i don’t meet and greet if you want To look for listeners The uh all you could hear was some guy In the back and go And we couldn’t mute him but he just Fell asleep And through the whole meet and greet we Had a listener snoring his way through It As you know i that’s my biggest fear you Know after having one too many cans Falling asleep on a show that’s why i Only go for about an hour and a half Just in case But yeah before we get on to uh the Alien ninja So musty audio is seen a few little Tweaks Has um i’m going to be doing more

Youtube stuff Um hopefully more like comedy based Uh we’ve got i’ve got two and a half Hours of footage to edit Um which i’ve got a funny feel i’m gonna Fail to do And then pass it along to somebody That’s better at it than i am Um but yeah the i for the youtube Channel i just i want to do some more Fun stuff i’ve got i’ve got another idea That i’ve I have pitched forward to the person i’m Going to do it with Um but yeah that’s that’s the thing That’s the idea is Have some more video stuff more video Stuff on youtube But you’re still going to be very much In the field of ufology On this channel absolutely yeah yeah i Love coming out here and doing this It’s great i think when you come on me I am i i i like this because i feel like I’ve done this in the same way i’ve done Everything else in my life And i’ve kind of snuck in the back way And and ridden on the hard work of Others to get myself In speaking about hard work matt you’ve Been hard at it So you you’re getting ready for Disclosure by the looks of What’s going on behind you yeah stuff’s

Going down isn’t it corbell Did you make your own bed i made my own Bed The fridge over there uh i fashioned Out of the bones of my neighbors Um i i made my own computers in case the Uh In case the power goes out they run on Like gerbil power Just running around in the background so Without Pissing off the audience because they’re Probably gonna when they’re gonna get on With it or is he definitely just gonna Run we are just gonna rant for an hour And a half Yes it it does So you pointed out to me but i had Already watched it so Uh and i’m actually a big fan so Russell brand is now talking about The things that are up in our skies yeah Uh Recently i watched a video yourself oh It’s how convenient he’s got a triangle On his Chest uh that that’s far too much chest For a man to be showing off well he’s Got a t-shirt on though isn’t it Now he can rock that you know he’s he He’s he’s He’s got that style about him hasn’t he Yeah yeah he can just For anybody who’s not watched the video

I should have linked it in the Description I’m a big fan of russell russell brand i I have been For since he did all his comedic stuff Back in the days on chat i think it was Channel 4. I’ve seen the man do stand up live and Also he rocks the number 33 On his wrist which is my number i did Actual video on it I did like a 15 minute video about how This number Haunts me um i’ve not linked it but if You want to go find it on the channel You can i think i watched that before we Were friends That was a long time ago wasn’t it it Was yes It was yeah i still do see the number to This day but yeah russell brand He’s he kind of gave his impression of Well you’ve got to really listen to him In depth and you know not be too uh Inebriated to listen to him because he Go Because he he always goes all over the Place a bit like me actually i quite Like that but He’s extremely intelligent you can tell That man’s got a high iq And he’s kind of he kind of like at the End of the video the way He said it made me think that

You know if something does happen guys Just kind of keep your wits about you That’s what it kind of Felt like to me i don’t know about you Lee the way he was explaining Because it it was almost like he kind of Thinks Something is in the works well i Remember watching A um interview Years ago with uh russell brand when he Had a it was like an evening talk show a Bit like jonathan ross But it was never quite as big you know It was always a bit later at night like 11 o’clock at night or something like That And um he had i mean You don’t get panels of guests like this Anymore He had no gallagher and david icon at The same time Oh that’s it that’s a good it’s [ __ ] It’s beautiful isn’t it So anyway they started going into like Proper ike territory And um no gallagher Hump and he just got up he said i’m not Listening to this box anymore i’m going To the pub Walked off and watched this episode Yeah but russell brand actually turned Around to him and said look i know You’ve got some

Out there theories he said and he said But to be a guy i think because he There was something he wanted to touch On but he actually turned around he said He said He said to be perfectly honest some of Your more out there theories I’m actually on board with and then he He really brushed over that comment and Went To something else which we were talking About but you see If there’s any truth To any of the sort of stuff we like to Talk about you know it’s Russell brown’s been in the absolute Heart of it hasn’t it You know you’re uh you talk about a man That was married to katy perry Who is like in if you see like Any top 10 like illuminati Things there yeah kate perry’s in there Somewhere with some sort of Like triangle slap to her face or an uh Like she could be in the illuminati i Would I would go to sleep with one eye open uh But i would But yeah i’d still well no i’m married So i wouldn’t still marry yeah I mean so it’s okay so you can just move It’s in some countries it’s fine But yeah he’s kind of like i know what He’s saying he’s kind of or i always say

Kind of But he he has he’s kind of always been In this Thing yeah i don’t really want to say it But you know i don’t know You know i’m not a conspiracy theorist But It it’s like since the matter we’re Going to talk about alien disclosure for The next hour and a half Yeah because it’s there’s something to Do Yeah but If something is going to happen this Year You know and a load of celebrities are The ones to reveal it to us That’s the way it’s going to be done Because nobody trusts politicians Anymore And this is this was something i don’t Know whether we’re going to get ahead of Ourselves here or not but We’re kind of here um The more this drifts on is the more i’m Starting to distrust like Disclosure what’s going on around us I i i’m there’s something i think There’s something Gonna happen like either and don’t get Me wrong when i say something’s gonna Happen i don’t mean like It’s gonna actually be a um like an

Event Or something like that it could be Something as simple as Um the government government lying About knowing something or doing Something just to control the narrative Yeah and i don’t i don’t even mean like The um Like some sort of fake alien invasion or Anything about you which you get people Talk about Let’s be perfectly honest here we’ve um We’ve all been involved in a year and a Half a year and a half Invasion of the mind you know it doesn’t There doesn’t need to be anything Like this this is kind of what he said He he said That it it may be another i mean that’s What i got from it It may be another way of of control I mean without getting into anything That’s gone off In the recent year or so Um i think if anything does happen this Year People have got to kind of think you Know A lot happened you know you know You know that old saying whatever next You know Yeah what’s gonna happen next Aliens on you in your backyard and

That’s what’s gonna happen Um i think that’s the thing like that if You’d have If you’d have told me two years ago What was gonna go on over the past Like 18 20 months I’d have laughed you laughed at like or If i’d have turned around it would have Been Especially around my circle of friends Um It would have been very much like oh Look at me again crazy Crazy crazy lean and crazy ideas It’s like I feel like right now this is the Closest that we’ve actually Been to ever though I think this is the closest it’s gonna Get and i i personally think something’s Going to die off next in the next Three years again and then we’ll see in Another uplift again in the year Thick 23. yeah yeah yesterday Um the uh Triangle pyramid is it poker is it not Ufo was it yeah well that was in his Thumbnail wasn’t it the um The um the carbell one the one that you Got off charge nap Yeah yep so so what were you saying Yesterday with Th this like the story the corbell story Uh yesterday i saw on

Because i i went sniffing around Especially to see Just to see where where was reporting it And America was i found it on nbc cnn And fox then uk Wise nothing television Side i didn’t see but newspaper wise It was the daily mirror Sun daily mail the express The star if that’s actually a newspaper Um the telegraph had something in it You know you’re hitting like the times i Think the times might have had something You know you were hitting all of the Major Like news publications Yeah do you are you still on board with Uh Though with this i don’t know i and You’ll See there’s two reasons there’s two Reasons Why i’m well on the fence by it first of All i think it makes total sense I think what he produced looks identical To the cobell footage so In that respect i’m on board with Mcquest um but on the other side of it There’s so many people still using that Footage Yeah i mean you would think that I mean mick west can’t be the only Debunk expert that’s out there i mean

I mean people used to say that i was a Good deep bunker but i was never really A good debunker i was just really just Showing the obvious stuff you know Yeah nick He attacks like a legit scientist Doesn’t he Yeah yeah um and he gets his knickers in A twist sometimes as well When you know someone’s trying to argue Against Against him uh i do like him if you Watch him Yeah yeah yeah he he comes from one Alien he’s a good guy yeah Um and i think he’s actually Um i know he does get himself in a twist Now again But one thing i would say about him is i Think he’s got a tremendous amount of Patience because It’s so difficult communicating with People On social media and like he throws Something up and he spends Ages in comments you know it’s i’ve Spoke to him back and forth before i Think We both have um about stuff he’s put up And um i i think he handles himself very Well under Immense amounts of like Backlash sometimes but I i don’t know but the the whole re the

Whole fact that his Um or sorry that other that piece of Footage is being used makes me worry About it even more somehow like the Um ah thank you wreaking havoc for the Super sticker Sorry to cut you off fairly but i now Know what a super sticker is Because i didn’t realize until i started Somebody else’s show Where it popped up super sticker and It’s a little image And it’s doing this but on stream yard We don’t get to see it but i’m running The show On my mac at the same time so thank you We can have it for the support my friend So super stickers yes i don’t know what That is i should have already known that What that was But yeah sorry go on Yeah i am i this just whenever All these news outlets get on the back Of something and have the same Like party line i I worry about it um the Again obviously being youtube we’ve got A skirt around these things quite Um uh Quite carefully but i do i think i think Using their terms is okay So like the um the term Like you you we kept hearing the term Build back better

Through this and it’s everywhere Every country every leader saying it That’s at that point it becomes a Marketing term So also the great reset i see that Everywhere as well Yeah yeah uh i mean that’s the like the People terrazzo well that’s a that’s a Conspiracy theory and he said well No it’s on like the website for the World economic forum And they um on their sort of great reset Um this is what’s good the world’s going To be like Um like paper that they put out the Paper was originally called Uh you will owe nothing and you will be Happier That was the title of the the paper and Then as soon as everyone went Oh i don’t know because i already own Stuff And if in the future alone nothing that Means i don’t have my stuff Anymore and then they’ve since changed The title of that article the article’s Still the same But they’ve changed the title of it um It’s it’s very strange we’re living in Very Very very strange times do you think we Are going to see Something this year quite some Significant

From this bill uh is it june 6 Yeah i said this last time i still can’t Remember i should do my research more Often but Well i think we’ll see I think we’ll get disclosure Yeah i think we’ll get i think we’ll get A public acknowledgement From someone About what what Even if it’s just an acknowledgment of The lights and then there’ll be a You’ll probably probably find actually i Bet there’ll be A new person that comes Like to the to the floor through this They’ll be like you know Like two years ago maybe if i’m sorry From the uk may i might be talking about A turn here but um It i i i feel that three years ago no One would have known Who the [ __ ] fouch he was But he’s been very much the like the Forerunner of this Of this situation in america where he’s A household name Right around the world um I feel you’ll get another person that’ll Come out there’ll be like a maybe Maybe the alexander maybe maybe this is What he’s been primed for Um but there’ll be somebody but it’s Weird they

That he got he kind of like like He just got up and left uh ttsa Yeah both him and the melon i think the Melons working for virgin now See if it wasn’t for what’s happened uh In the last 48 hours i’d have said that It would happen on rogan to be honest But um what joe rogan reveals disclosure Oh oh the interview is done on his show I You know that because just because of How big a global platform Is probably the biggest global Platformer for like If you look at it it’s just pure numbers Of people that watch The thing is who would you have to Interview in order for People to believe you know that this Is doesn’t it doesn’t matter who you Interview as long as you have something Which is Cast iron and evidence Given up by the that’s rubber stamped By the by the gulf by the u.s government And i mean that even for the uk For some reason i feel that The us is in such a position in The um in the west That it has to come through the through The us We’ve almost been conditioned through Like films and

Television programs to to always look at The us As the as the sort of guarding light in These situations Yep and i think that’s where that that That’s where he Like even us brits would we would take It More from a any president of the us Like but we won’t get into the weeds About who Who would be the better president to do It But um yeah Sorry i’m just laughing there martinez Comment no photos A real rubber stamped alien but Yeah i feel it has to it has to come From there Um I a high definition see see i think this Is What’s going to happen is i think things Will sweat flip where For for good and bad for Like me for instance i don’t Particularly trust what’s going on At the minute so i’m going to treat Whatever comes forward with immense Skepticism But i think you’re also going to get People that like you think of the Um youtube guys out there not yourself Because i think you i think you treat

This sort of stuff very honestly Um but there’ll be guys out there That all of a sudden you’re you’re Unemployed Because it’s the mystery solved jeremy And the The like us has felt From behind the back of the massive head You know and we realize it’s just an old Man that’s there and he’s not a god Looking after the kingdom uh so what i Think you’ll find is is those people Have to flip And those people will become the Skeptics and the mainstream view Will become the believers say we do get A disclosure Uh and it is it’s hard hitting And it is a full world event where Everybody kind of like Is on board with it they they see it It’s whatever they whatever they reveal Is so hard to deny or so hard for Anybody to debunk So hard for anybody to just say this is Nonsense Even me um how do you think This will impact religion Say there is kind of like there is Aliens They should they show them they show Actual Interviews with them trying to translate This that and the other

They show up all sorts And it’s just undeniable i’m not going To get into what it is i’m not going to Paint the picture for you lee but just Imagine that you believe it you believe That this is 100 disclosure whatever they pull out of The bag How would this affect religion Well it depends what what way they’re Put forward i mean They could be um This they could be gods Anyway so if if that’s the case if they Come if they come down And they’re all jesus looking [ __ ] then You know the christians were right um But i don’t It feels let me go a step further let me Go a step further They they they they they said that they Created us Well you know the whole prometheus thing Well in that case they become gods You know it’s i mean maybe not because The Uh what you do what you’d have is if uh I think churches will come out and they Essentially hit us with the fact that The bible was never lit A literal work um And it’s yeah at that point religion’s Proven really

You know it’s it it might be proven by Nuts and bolts See i think no matter what happened There you would see a backlash with Us because people that why would anybody Want to worship Uh a just not somebody who just created Us there is just You know they did this from dna or Whatever you know that they They just they they saw a planet they Thought let’s see This little blue thing here See what happens let’s watch them for a Bit I mean realistically isn’t that isn’t That kind of what we’re supposed to Believe God did yeah but when you think of god And people that go to church or They go to wherever they go whatever Religion you are Yeah you believe you you you believe you Go in there because When you pass you know you’re gonna go Somewhere else or whatever you do good In life Is gonna be be rewarded now If you think that you’re just dna and If this gets revealed that you are just Dna i’m just speaking hypothetically Speaking here You know i think that and that’s always Been like for me thinking how would

Religion take i mean i know my grandma i Don’t know how she would say this she’d Probably think they’re all devils Um you know I i mean If i believe That there’s something floating around i Don’t really believe that the Um Spaceships come from different planets i Think the There would have had to be a concerted Effort in the first place To cover that up before before there was Even crashes Jeremy would have would have been Tracking things on radar and stuff like That you know if you had food fighters Back in the Second world war all that sort of stuff There’s been things written all the way Through history Of um you know the indians depicted Battles in the sky And things like that thank you chelsea Richardson by the way I’ve i’ve always been of the opinion That i think these things are extra Dimensional and just Are always always around us so in that Case i mean even Like if you if you say demons for Instance I don’t think there’s any reason if you

Believe that we live in like a Multi-dimensional space i don’t think There’s any reason to believe that there Isn’t Or couldn’t be some sort of hellscape Like there that these things are coming Through so Could be but in what we’re talking about As far as The the footage that’s being put out for The narrative that’s being spun At the time it’s been spun um I can’t help think that where uh it’s It’s bollocks It’s bollocks and it’s new world order Bollocks As in all the steps that have happened Over the last two years You you go blah blah blah blah blah and Then just at the end just at the end You have an event because i i think what Would happen is Especially if you had like a prometheus Type thing It’s not the fact you’re destroying Religion you’re creating a new one You’re creating the one world religion That all the conspiracy theorists have Been Warning about for years and years and Years and years So you think some of the conspiracy Theories could be right Well i mean it’s it seems to be you know

The Um I it feels like we’re living in a Conspiracy Theory yeah during me Sometimes i think you know i’m gonna Wake up Yeah it feels like we’re living in an Episode of like jesse ventura Or something like that it’s It’s he see my my other theory about say [ __ ] theory you know i’ve got Theories Got thoughts and even they’re fragmented But um The everything seems to have gone [ __ ] crazy Since the um Like look since the popularity grew of Social media And at first i just thought that was Like the the like the kind of ripping Apart of society in us We’re not there 100 people isn’t it the Um I don’t know i think we spoke about this On the show before um The human brain has the capacity to Manage 100 people at once It’s why centurions you know it’s like Century they looked after A hundred people um Oh and what we are like on a daily basis Interacting or at least getting the

Information off maybe liking and sharing And stuff With sometimes if you’re if you don’t Have work that day And you’re particularly bored you’re on Social media a lot you’re Interacting with thousands of people and I don’t think we’re built For that no but um But more than the just the stuff like The fragmentation of Like what we would think of with culture I can’t help wonder whether the ike Idea of the universal consciousness Is a thing Where if you get enough people to Believe subs i’ve Had this thing for a long time oddly Enough it was football i don’t even like Football Is why i started thinking about it Was the fact that you can kind of tell When something’s gonna happen in sport So you know when you’ve got so much Energy focused on Our thing in the same as for some reason When you get to finals it always turns Out to be Interesting you know something dramatic Happens In those sort of sporting moments and I’ve always wondered whether that’s just Because there’s so many people’s energy Being

Focused at this one thing so let’s say That you there Now have a facebook and a twitter type Thing on a youtube Which focuses massive amounts of People’s attention on something And then you’ve got algorithms which Help funnel that attention in various Ways If we are part of a global consciousness Doesn’t that then make sense that if You’ve channeled your algorithm right To get enough people to focus on the one Thing You could make that reality Yeah i know what he’s saying i i also Have a and i think i had this theory for Ever since i i first Joined facebook uh my wife set me up An account i said i don’t wanna why Would i want to be on that And still this day i don’t use it it’s Literally it was there for a few Pictures for me i got some Like great pictures that people send me Enough From holidays or whatever and people Have met For years but i just said to myself that They said This is going to get out of control and This is going to be i i personally think That That’s kind of the natural

It going crazy and people all the Conspiracy this that the other through Social media i think that’s the natural Route for it Because because our brains like you you Said they just can’t seem to cope with It So you’ll see i mean if you remember Back in um 2012 we were meant to be hit By Uh nibiru was gonna collide with earth Yeah And i was i was so in on that i was i Was so In with the like the 10th planet my best Mate was Yes i think i don’t be he he cried on me He cried i i was i was genuinely worried Like genuinely worried because of And you know especially at the time now Now things make more and more sense when You look at Um what algorithms are done and a bit of Me wonders whether that was some sort of Um like no i don’t want to say test but Like uh An experiment because there was so many Second sun videos Yeah yeah youtube right And whatever else was putting it out There mainly only watch youtube anyway But You know they say that i mean now they They say that

They kind of get rid of stuff like that To protect us When people are actually talking kind of Scientific stuff and they still kind of Get rid of it anyway to protect us but All the nibiru stuff was fine my mate Literally in my kitchen fair enough it Had Like uh three quarters of a bottle of Red wine He was crying on my shoulder you know Saying that you know his kids are too Young to die He’s too young to die and we’re all Going to die i’m like We’re not going to die he must be having A rough time now He people and people are Just doing this to make money on youtube I was showing him the views and i said Do you know and i just kind of Brought this random nibiru video up i Said do you know how much money this This first person will have made of this Video And i i think i looked it up and it was Like something like ridiculous like five Grand Yeah yeah 20 back in like 2010 as well i Mean you’re talking Peak youtube time as well yeah you know It’s Anything goes wild west there wasn’t ev Everybody in the world didn’t have a

Green screen behind them in a Underground bunker unfortunately i had Not pete back then i still haven’t Peaked now so guys hit the thumbs up Like share subscribe all that good stuff And put put it on social media And uh yeah just just do it Just do it as as knight would say um Yeah yeah the thing is with social media Is that somebody could think Something up and it could be any Conspiracy and i know The 2012 thing wasn’t that meant to be Predicted from the mayans And maybe something did happen that we Just didn’t know about it The mayan calendar thing as well even After after that i was confused I was confused how we came to the Conclusion that when that calendar Ended um everything ended Because it was round and now thinking in Hindsight When you get all the way around your Calendar and it’s round starts okay I don’t if you saw it and if it was from The i don’t know from the Inc i think it was the inca ruins Recently should have had an image of it They they found a like a giant spider Holding a knife a giant Part of my french but a giant [ __ ] Spider

Holding a knife lee i i mean i I hate spiders that giant one holding a Knife That means it’s a giant spider with Eight legs yeah Yeah and two arms with five fingers on It I mean knife no what that does make me Happy about is I did come in to possession of a sword Today i’ve got a sword as well in the Garage Yeah i keep thinking there’s ever going To be a zombie apocalypse Exactly the same thing i thought i Should probably just take this Should suppose take this maybe sharpen It keep the sword Yeah keep the sword we’re not allowed Guns but we can have no we can have Swords So you do think there’s there is going To be A i think there has to be we because People I remember i was only thinking this After we did our last show i remember Rich Uh turn around and saying um you know It’s oh we’ve had this sort of thing Before yeah where is it mr on yeah where There’s been Like things come up and come up and then Nothing comes fit i

Agree i agreed at the time and then the More i thought about late i thought Yeah we’ve had stuff before we’ve never Had this Yeah never had like you know we’ve never Had Like mainstream media The only thing i can remember that’s That Um where there’s been so much mainstream Media coverage of this Was the alien autopsy and even then The original one that was that you got a Vcr tape On even then it got a week didn’t it it Didn’t even get that much that much time Really People are probably i get this out a lot I need to get it out again The pages are stuck together now yeah I got it in in not where is it This was this was what got me into the Well my dad got was about 95 1995. yes 1995. Look look at the creases on that oh yes The pages are stuck together But you know this bottom boy this has Got ourselves in it This has got yeah i think i think it had A Vcr tape attached to it i think I’m not sure i know i had it on i had The Tape because i showed my daddy and i was

Like look dad I said it’s an alien this is what they Operate on Area 51 and he’s like It’s fake i was 13 when that came out Yeah i mean i’m 40 now so what i’ve been 15 years old yeah Um yeah but that’s the i remember that Being on Like the front page of newspapers and Stuff yo in there And they they put it out and drips and Drabs didn’t they little bits of footage Here and There was you’d see the alien but the Leg was blurred out because it’s a bit Gory to be on television Well you know what dad said he said well How come he’s not on bbc news so how Come it’s i don’t know what the Best american news channel is but How come he’s not on bbc news yeah i’m Like Well i don’t know dad buddy Look look at look at the the way it’s Being filmed Can’t see his old video yeah but i mean I do see the fact that it’s been Debunked now i’m still a bit itchy on That debunk I’m i’m still not convinced that that’s Not real I know i know i’m going to sound like a [ __ ] idiot saying

Saying that it’s funny but the only Reason The only reason that ever really got put To bed Was because the creator came out and Said it was Fake or the owner i should say yeah What’s his name de santa was it some de Santa Santo i can’t remember his name but but Even to this day Comes to mind i wonder if that’s him um I’ve had this argument with goof on rich A few times where we’ll just be having a Little bit of a gesso i love it and He’ll be like It looks it looks fake it looks like a Sharp dummy and i’m like no rich it Doesn’t look like a shirt i don’t think It looks like a shirt looks like A body so me and rich disagree on that One but It’s there’s certain little things in That where See i can’t help but think i mean That’s supposed to be a butcher that Made that And they used pork these pork from the Guys butchers To make it i I just don’t i don’t buy that he Like that guy who’s Er who would have made that dummy Um he did such a good job

And then disappeared it was always the Greasy looking guy with the glasses the Guy that Came in contact with the footage he was The one that was pushed out there Here’s the thing you want to make money On A on a lie okay and then you want to Come out A year or so later you you film a Documentary as you’re doing it You film the making of it where’s the Making of it Where’s the really absolute absolutely Yeah where’s the good friend your man Was a filmmaker Even if you’re not doing it as a Documentary right even if you don’t Think that far which i don’t Now you’ve said that i don’t believe you Wouldn’t think that Filmmakers film [ __ ] everything Yeah like my guitarist is a filmmaker From a band Um another a friend of mine She’s she does a bit of film making as Well she’s She films stuff all the time right Yeah you wouldn’t you you wouldn’t not Do it can you imagine if that that one Comes out at the end of june Do you remember video tape Yeah it’s just they show the uncut the

Uncut version Where the film just pans to the left and There’s another alive we’re on the Global Day i mean i mean without hankering too Much On that tape it was filmed a bit weird You know i i would back then if you got An alien that you’d Have thought let’s get one of the good Cameras in You know they could they they could film Better than that Yeah i don’t know i don’t i i mean what Year would it have been Because i think it was always insinuated It was the roswell crash wasn’t it Didn’t Somebody say that the phone or it was The phone Something wasn’t didn’t match the other Clock didn’t match the timeline yeah That’s what somebody said don’t know Probably West probably make west um Yeah i don’t you see if you’ve got If you’re doing the autopsy The there was so many people around it’s As far as the filming it doesn’t doesn’t Um Uh it doesn’t worry me that because what You probably had was A person thrown in there probably the First

First person which was like not useful So it probably would have been like a Private or something like that was Thrown in there with the camera You’ve just you you’re seeing this thing On the table which has got more fingers Than it should do Do you know what lee will do a show on This we’ll do a show on this because we Could be Stuck on this for ages so we’ll do we’ll Get a few people in And we’ll do an entire show on the Footage But you know something really you’re not Allowed to show the footage on youtube Are you not no because it’s classed as As uh um What’s the word no not sexy uh Brutality you know you chop somebody’s Limbs off what’s it called And it’s gory but it’s it’s Human human music mutilation there you Go Well that’s awesome Creature sorry about me moving around Here i do a lot of moving around No it’s fine it’s probably it’s a bit Colder that seller Yeah just a little bit that’s the only Problem about younger underground bunker I forgot to build it underground Moved i don’t know it could be wrong but That’s where i keep my that’s where i

Keep my live food you’ve got background Written on your um Actual on the floor i’m afraid That’s to throw people off that’s to Throw people off to make them think it’s Not real Yeah yeah for me I look like joseph fritzle For me with this disclosure thing I kind of just feel like they’re going To say The stuff that you’ve already seen the Images that you’ve already seen of The tic-tac-toe maybe they’ll throw some More flare footage or whatever Into the pipeline i think you get a high Definition For either high definition high Definition tic tac Or no triangle okay i’m going to say how Much detail can you get a tic tac That’s a big shiny tic tac but they’ll Be i think you’ll get something With something to show some scale as Well Some something big there’s a thing with The tr-3b that i’ve always had a problem With though because You you remember the big thing with the Stealth bomber you know Where that was a big cover and everybody Thought what the hell is this weird Plane that we’re seeing Yeah also the one that looked like uh

Then that weird degree rule or whatever They call them you know That had the wings oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah he was like they forgot i Forgot the name of the evolution of the Flying wing Yeah there was a play against the flying Wings yeah yeah these All these were all classified aircraft And maybe the tr3b Is the one that’s just been classified The longest Maybe um i mean the only issue with that Is they’ve got then they’d have to try And explain why They’ve been keeping like zero point Energy and zero gravity Right but however have they have they Because There is there’s no footage of a tr-3b That’s really doing it anything Incredible You know just the size Yeah the size of it yeah if you’re Talking phoenix Yeah yeah size and speed there’s there’s No I mean if you want to talk about stuff We can do right there’s no footage There’s no footage there’s no No no no well this is my problem with All of it the um And we touched on it last last week and

The more The more i’ve been doing these shows as Well as the more i’ve thought about this Sort of stuff That we can’t not address the fact that We haven’t got any Decent daytime footage I think they mostly come out at night Mostly But remember we used to have these um Uh like the people turn around and say i Was just stood there i was walking the Dog we were we were in the middle of the Road And then the next thing is a [ __ ] Football stadium came over our heads And it’s always football stadium-sized No one’s seen football stadiums anymore Because someone would turn around and Say Why didn’t you take a picture of it Simon well here’s the thing So how many people was thousands of People that witnessed the phoenix lights Yeah Thousands and you but you’ve how many How many pictures have you got How many videos have you got I think the more terrifying thing is is That people are taking these Videos all the time And the internet is more intelligent Than we think It is it’s scraping these things up and

Getting rid of them What was that thing that was it for chan Uh that that Put an image of uh Apparently yeah yeah but the weird that Yeah That sounds crazy but why did it take Why did it take it down for a day first First time i think first the first First time that the fortune’s ever gone Down I just it went down everything’s Disappeared and I mean let’s be perfectly honest the Picture You can find it that easy now okay You know that with the yellowy looking Scaly fella Nobody’s believing that’s real Looks maybe that wasn’t the original one That came out that’s That’s what i mean i don’t i don’t Believe that was what People put up that was put up on 4chan Because don’t let’s Right the other thing to think is about Fortune is um I’m not a great right visitor of four Chance No i don’t know much about it no but i Do know That it’s lots of these things that leak Out into Um like the surface sort of

Conspiracy side of things like you know The Yes you [ __ ] slenderman stories and Stuff like that They all bubble away on 4chan before Something comes up like The the letter i know we can’t say that Later can we The uh yeah yeah That that bubbled up from 4chan as well And uh H so These guys are the ones that are kind of They might not be creating the myths But they oh sorry yeah they might be Published in the myths but they’re Certainly putting them in the oven To let them bake for a little bit down There before they sort of The smell drifts off up to the to the Rest of us at the top I don’t believe that those sort of People would fall for some stupid Something that looks like something like A toy story That’s right ren i did but it went Straight over lee’s head when i said That It did it still has Please tell me you’ve seen aliens oh Oh yeah yeah yeah i said they mostly Come out at night You said why is there no day footage and I said the most they come out at night

Mostly yeah i i wouldn’t have i wouldn’t Have got that i haven’t got the Reference Massively sorry i love alien i just It’s not it’s not i loved it until i Found out it was great That disney now has alien you know does It Yeah that’s that’s a Weird one for them to have is just see a Big red nose on the end of the alien Toy story 5 is going to be wild For the alien figures yeah But yeah there’s a few people in the Chat saying Why now you know why now Why not now you know Because it’s if you’re looking at like There’s no Careful be careful yeah i know yeah I know you too well by now be careful um It’s all right i’m not going to talk About the sniffles Um nothing’s happened Nothing’s happened that make i i i don’t Believe Like as as interesting as the tic tac Is or as entertaining as a bob lazar Interview is Apart from maybe um Your captain i forgot his name pilot Oh david fraver yeah Maybe that’s got a little bit more a Little bit more meat to the bone

But i don’t believe anything’s happened Which is going to strong-arm the Government Into disclosure you know it’s not like There was a there was not there was a Mass daytime site you know like A phoenix lights in the middle of like a Major city major city In the middle of the afternoon where Loads of people got Footage of it and cameras and ev Everyone’s social media lit up with a With a massive big triangle over a city Um so the only reason i think Politicians do anything is if there’s an Actual advantage to do it If there’s a political advantage that’s Why the main thing i worry about what’s Going on Right now is that there’s some sort of Power grab I don’t even i don’t even mean from like The shadowy hand Like the uh the claw Yeah i think it’s probably very much Like game of thrones in that respect Yeah i think you can see it in the uk Now Um you know there’s clearly some people In the background there that Fancy a fanciest slice of johnson’s job Isn’t that So yeah he’s you know people are people Are stabbing each other in the back

All over the place uh now So the only reason that this happens is If there’s a political advantage for the People that are doing it Um i also If there was something to if there was Something to put out that was genuine Like there i don’t see trump not doing It first I’m not There was a little bit we thought he’d Throw a grenade on the way out the door And that that’s like I’m not i’m not a trump hater I don’t i’m not sure like I’m not sure he was a great i’m not sure It was a great move i think it caused More divide And i don’t think what’s going on now is Like fixing any of that divide so it’s Not i’m not some sort of [ __ ] lunatic Lefty But um He’s a he regardless of what you think Of him or how much you like him That guy’s effect is an egotistical man He like he He’s very self-focused egotistical Person and that doesn’t necessarily That doesn’t necessarily always have to Be like a bad A bad trait in someone i think like I i still like to hope that i like elon

Musk i like to hope that he isn’t an Uh like a crazy lunatic although I do worry about starting to stick Computers in people’s brains But um as as everybody should But uh it’s looking at you they’d be Careful yes Isn’t he look at him with a bulbous Marzi head Um yeah Trump would have said something if he Knew you know if he knew something And he could have been the disclosure President well he couldn’t keep his he You know he it’s just his mouth sure Could excel you would have thought Yeah he would say something if he knew But i kind of don’t think he did know Anything i mean there was that little Bit where I can’t remember who was interviewing Him now And he was talking about The he he hopes that god we never have To use What that the us military have Right now because we’ve got something That you know Which he almost made out like it would Shock the world what they had Uh i can’t remember what the interview Was now it was it was a it was a young Lady interviewing him and they asked him About the ufos

And he just started he he kind of Reversed it onto the The u.s military but i think if anybody Would know something You know elon He he’s in he’s in space you know I mean i think the people he’s probably Picking To go in space i mean he’s just sent was It a few months ago the The first ones went up to the space Station In those ridiculously looking futuristic Suits And and that thing looks like an ipad Inside It’s just an ipad everywhere you know It’s it’s insane Um but at the end of the day it’s still Just a rocket And i think i think i think if anything His interest in this should be Massive if Because this guy yeah he’s The people who work for him if there’s Anything to this That should that should get his interest That’s it Stroke him softer So i’ll get rid of him get rid of it Yeah For somebody like that you know that’s That’s that’s That’s something that should be

Extremely interesting for him To if there is technology that is on This earth That can do all these wild luxurious Maneuvers You know why are they wasting the money Doing what they’re doing with Exactly i mean elon’s always talking About you know Saving the world this that the other Like you know let’s let’s [ __ ] off to Mars before we kill ourselves here Because that’s what’s gonna happen I mean is it i don’t know I don’t know you know i i i do i do my Bit You know i make sure that oh i recycle Everything I even i even you know when the beer Cans That are in the plastic things i chop Them into little pieces so that the no None of the animals get them stuck into The neck and there’s nothing but I do think that you know when you look At How much waste that we do and the stuff That we do pollute yes i definitely Think It’s causing some damage yeah But i’m no scientist to how much damage Is causing Yeah um i mean I still think that when you look at like

Electric vehicles and stuff like that There’s it’s kind of some good spin Somewhere i mean we’re still You’re still turning kids blue is it Lithium they mine that Turn them blue that the With no way of recycling the batteries That go into them You know most of the most electricity is Coming from [ __ ] coal plants that are charging Your cars Uh it’s it’s a big company is that the Problem and this is it’s one of the Reasons i got i get excited about um People being told that they have to Change their lives they have to stop Eating beef they have to eat up they Have to eat these [ __ ] diabolical vegan sausages And it’s It’s kind of like everybody could do Stuff Everyone could change and i don’t think It changes a thing If major companies don’t do it don’t Change And they don’t want to change they they They’re not going to and I don’t believe that human beings As a like as a mass culture are that Psychopathic that We would continue to destroy the world For profit

If we thought if we actually thought we Were on the cusp i think what’s Probably more likely and i’m i’m not i’m Not coming at this From a uh like a Um uh [ __ ] Global warming denier or something like That i I simply don’t i don’t know what i do Know is Is that the companies that are pushing The green side of it They’re pushing it because there is Profit to be made By pushing a green line It’s like everything else we’ve greed You know Um when you talk so I i went to china about Three four years ago in my old job I was there for a week and they were Talking about some of the The companies there that they’re kind of Like shutting down Because of the way for how much Pollution that they’re Causing but You know if if if you if you’re a Company you’ve got So much power and i don’t mean that as In Actual the physical power that comes out Of the company i mean

The company is that much power in the World You know and whoever’s behind the Steering wheel of that company These people you know they have Enough money to just They don’t need the money they could do What you know was it ducktales where the Guy Jumped into the thing and swam in the Money no they could They could do that in a sea of it They’ve got that much of it And it’s just it’s insane to help but It’s Almost like it’s almost like they Collect the figure They don’t they’re not interested in the Actual what it can buy them it’s they Collect the figure it’s like it’s like Youtube is with the subscribers you know Subscribe make sure you do subscribe and Hit the bell guys yeah Smack that like button thumbs up but Yeah they like They like the number you know i think That’s a lot of things That’s a lot of what it is with these Big companies Yes it is to make a profit but also they Just like to see the figure You know once they once once they’ve Made it they don’t really have to worry About how much they’re actually making

They just like the number You know i think The world is a very very messed up place And if et is out there Then i think you would look at this Planet and think do you know what they Can’t get along With people on the opposite side of them They can’t get along with people of Different color They can’t get along with people of Different beliefs You know whereas this planet that we Live on We are one you know i believe that Extraterrestrials if they do if if they Have the power to To come here and see us i gen I honestly believe that these beings Will be classed as one They won’t be a country a race Or whatever they will be just one race You know and they i reckon they will Look after each other you know It’s like the you know they the aliens From the aliens film you know they They don’t they they all Are kind of like a hive they look after Each other and i think if you Become that intelligent you that intelli You have that much Intelligence you probably will lose some Individuality because Oh you have one just like elon just like

Elon with the the mind thing that he’s Talking about doing the The neuro link you know once we’re all Interlinked That’s kind of like that’s the that’s The next level isn’t it Of evolution But i can’t which is dangerous yeah yeah I can’t help think at that point um You stopped being human yeah you’re Doing it you lose it you lose if You lose a finger he’s that you lose Your hair You lose your your manhood are you your Lady I mean even before that i mean like Maybe maybe our lifetime certainly our Children’s lifetime the way The way things are moving um I i mean i play uh i play drums I i play drums most of my life it’s Really really difficult And it was really difficult to learn it And i i watch amazing people at it on Youtube and think how on Earth do you practice so much and become That good and i don’t consider myself a Bad drummer You know um But if you’re if you’re doing a neo like Oh i know kung fu now That’s a huge piece of the human Experience that’s lost

The that thing if i’m going to Do this i’m going to start doing this And i’m going to get Slowly better at it until i suck less And less every day until i eat i even Get to another To a certain point where there might be People that are better Out about me but i’m i’m still good Enough to a point where I’m proud of what i’ve done it takes Human achievement away It takes language awaits languages away From countries Because what you would find is that i Think you’d find everyone would Regret eventually everyone would Gravitate towards a single language If they didn’t gravitate towards a Single language these things would be Smart enough to just Uh to to translate on the fly anyway so You would feel like everybody was Speaking the same language It there’s so many there’s so many human Aspects that will be Destroyed and in Probably like you see it’s the next Smartphone isn’t it When you look at what smartphones Changed and it was only a few iterations What way One minute you were playing snake the Next minute you had

An iphone with a glass augmented reality With augmented reality and all of the Information in human history your Fingertips The the thing is with this though that We talked about with this Disclosure To get us kind of back on track with it But i mean This most people will get that when you Talk about iphones or Whatever android phones or whatever You’re using As long as it’s a smartphone probably More than half the world will hear about Disclosure on their phone How bad is that yeah well I mean that’s the point where it becomes A perfect propaganda device i mean The other thing to think about this is Let’s say Let’s say disclosure isn’t real um Let’s say it’s it’s not we’re not gonna Get a we’re gonna get some sort of Really good like cgi Fake of something that’s gonna get put Out to us With the rubber stamp on it’s like this Is real ads We don’t know what it is but it’s time You knew the truth Um that doesn’t have to be evil That could be an altruistic move where Enough governments have got together and

Said look this is [ __ ] crazy and we need to we need a Reset We need a great reset And by doing that and faking Um faking what we all think we know Anyway we all think we know there’s Other things float flight well At least everyone in this chat room on The stream Uh we all think we know that there’s Something up there You fake it and then you just like the Moon landings did at the time And it consolidates people together Because Humans know their place again On the planet it doesn’t have to be evil It doesn’t it doesn’t have to be like The The first steps towards becoming some Sort of like Communist dictatorship Do you think if we do get A disclosure and this has always been The thing that they said That humans will not be able to handle It Do you think we can handle it we Couldn’t handle Not killing each other for the last roll Of toilet paper That is very true you know i do you I if there’s even a bit we wonders like

Is this what do you think you’ll see Carnage do you think you’d see carnage Through it Absolutely yeah yeah i think you’ll see I think you’ll see everything If if it was to come out and say look we Think We’ve got this picture of this alien Body that was recovered in the crash This was a recovered flying saucer that We don’t exactly know how to work how it Works This is a video and a picture of it Flying around um Maybe maybe they snatch one of us now And again And do things to us they’ve been cutting Cows up for years Uh i think you go through the whole Thing you have People would begin to worship them uh People would Riot people would kill themselves Every single outcome that you could Possibly think would happen And it would happen in vast numbers of People i think Apart from all of us that are watching The channel right now i think we’d be All kind of like cool with it we’d be Like you know what we’ll just we’ll just We’ll just i i sit Yeah yeah i think so but i think i think

That’s kind of what we’re doing here I mean i think my advice to anybody If something does come of this whatever Gets said Like share and subscribe like share Subscribe There’s a patreon page you will hear About disclosure there first You know i’m gonna do a 2021 disclosure T-shirt My t-shirt link is is below but no on a Serious note I think that my advice would be Just to kind of whatever happens Just watch just watch And watch real close yeah And don’t panic just sit back and watch That’s my advice it’s not great advice But it’s sound advice Yeah i i think it’s i don’t know that’s For you Um There’s just something there’s so There’s something on the horizon i don’t I don’t think this I don’t think this comes becomes of Nothing even the um Like the censorship of certain things at The moment it’s It feels like the your major platforms Are kind of on a A hold for for a reason and i don’t I don’t just believe that was because of An election

Or something like that i feel i feel it Was something bigger You know i do you know you never know Like a few weeks We could be i i think this is what makes Having the same Almost same conversation so interested Over and over again Is because well that’s what i feel like I feel like it’s groundhog day on this Channel sometimes you know Because yeah but we do rehash it over And over again But it’s kind of like the build up to it And What goes through the human mind Of what is actually going on because Something is definitely going to happen Like you say In june whether it’s just a couple of Photographs Whether it’s a little bit of information Whether it’s something about meta Materials You know whether it’s a massive big Leak of video footage or whatever Something’s gonna happen It’s just kind of like i i personally Don’t think it’s gonna be Anything massive i really don’t how see This is the other thing i thought about As well um Because all the focus seems to have Shifted away right

Remember back in the sort of 90s and Early 2000s i think was that There was that documentary wasn’t the Ships of light and stuff like that With your man was he a mexican guy he Took the Orange pictures of the like those sort Of Plasma type ufos I’m not sure what you mean i can’t Remember his name was they They’re quite famous like they’re sort Of tic tac shaped Uh like orange yellow Um when was this 19 what Uh it was in the 90s 90s early early 2000s around that sort of late 90s Early 2000s um But i can’t i can’t know what the guy’s Name is that took these took these Photographs But you you were somebody in the chat Will know someone in the chat Will know the uh But we were all about like the beings of Light and stuff like that Then whereas I can’t help but feel Um it’s we’re getting like It’s awfully arrogant to think that These things that are floating around Which we only really Really see as like lights Anyway it’s awful arrogant to think that

They’re using Just better versions of what we’ve got Yeah we’ve humanized them this is this Is what i said i think That it was um I i’d like to have had a more like a Better conversation With um oswaldo about it Because i know he’s very much on the Technology side where i’m not i’m not Quite As sold on the technology um It just it just seems it seems like a Leap to think That they that they’re flying around With just better nuts and bolts In the same way as i think it’s arrogant To think that they have like empathy Or you know all the other all the other Little things I think it’s it’s arrogant it’s arrogant To humanize something Something that’s so extraordinary And this it does seek again Like the the whole uap and the column Threats and stuff like that You can’t fight an ethereal object But you could fight a crap a nuts and Bolts craft And it feels like this it feels like Something’s being built up to To be something that humans could Fight against Do you think that’s going to be the that

Is going to be the narrative that These definitely are a threat you is That way you swinging towards i mean i Know you just These are this i don’t think we’re Getting grace Uh i don’t think we’re getting great Space brothers No because he’s going to stop that Before it happens okay he’s going to get He’s going to get the documentary out And he’s going to stop like you need you Need to warn me whenever you You you’re gonna bring up stephen greer I need one and Honestly you know this i need one In advanced so i can bring him up My good doctor friend but yeah no he He’s Um he’s out of here It’s for me it’s Gonna be it’s gonna be information That’s all we’re going to get and then i Think we’re going to be waiting another Couple of years to see More develop from whatever they have I don’t think it’s going to be i don’t Think it’s going to be anything too Exciting people Well no it will be exciting sorry Yeah make sure you like share and Subscribe because it’s gonna be so Exciting I’ll be talking about it

But i honestly don’t think it’s gonna be Anything like Absolutely hard hitting that It’s gonna blow the world away i really Don’t I think it has to because that’s the way It’s been That’s the way it’s being positioned so You think it It’s got to blow the world away but do You think it’s going to It’s i think it has to be everything or Nothing It has to be it’s going to so so the day Hits is going to be on Every major news channel all the papers Everybody’s iphone and or it’s going to Be A sheet of paper dribbles out like That’s what i don’t want with more Blacked out lines you know it’s The only thing legible on it is the day Little speckles of Dots of black yeah yeah yeah Just everything everything no no no like Being photocopied 20 000 times yeah yeah yeah like like a Pawn video you got when you were 12 at School Um you know yeah 12 We grew up fast on the island um Yeah but i i think it has to be has to Be everything or nothing i think it will I think it will be but if it is we need

To ask why it is It’s i i it’s not Like because this has dribbled on for a Long time now But i still don’t think it’s um I don’t think it’s quite as like Prevalent As people like to try and think it is You know i still think Your everyday Um masked singer watching Family they have no idea who mick west Is They’ve no idea I know it’s a big deal when My mum starts asking me about it That’s when i’ll know i’ll know it’s a Big deal with my wife Is aware of it because as much as i have This channel My wife has no idea she doesn’t even Watch my channel You know she might just Show one of her friends and go oh yeah My husband’s he’s a he’s a He’s a crazy alien interview guy You know i think she was the one would Be i i haven’t Like i haven’t got a teenage kid um I’d be i’d be interested to know What kids think now You know with the fraber interview on Rogan With the like i mean buzzfeed

Doing articles feist doing articles And it because if it’s You always don’t need the adults if If the kids tell the adults what’s what Which is generally what happened you’re Grown ups at a certain age then they Stop Learning and then they have to keep up With their children So at that point the kids kids will tell You what’s going on you know it’s like You know of course dude you’re not Seeing this That’s what’s been happening to the cows And I love my five-year-old explaining to me How they actually fly Yeah yeah yeah so if if the kids are on Board The adults will get dragged along with It and so i mean that that could be If it is some sort of plan In place that could be the way it’s been Being looked at I think one thing will happen If if this if it does blow up And it is massive the ufo channels will Be remain Will will be made redundant because You’ll get like The logan paul’s talking about it and This that yeah And we will be just we won’t grow No you know you’ll get a few people

That’ll be able to just Like get the claws into the rocket ship On its way off you know the likes of Like ufo jesus and stuff like that and Who I’m i’m sorry to say this on a youtube Channel i have No [ __ ] idea how any of you come to Take him seriously [ __ ] me a few people say the same about Me but I don’t want to be taken seriously i Thought he was a parody at first I asked him for an interview the other Day if he’s watching this he’s not going To want to come on i I thought he was a comic at first I thought with the with the hands yeah i Thought this is This is real you’re like the the ginger Guy that does all the woke stuff Yeah really funny i thought it was kind Of the ufo version of him Well is ufo jesus um Goof on radio rich gave him that name And he went with him So he was taking the mick out of him Ages ago and saying he looks a bit like Jesus Because in the gown and the ball oh glad Odd guy because i i started watching his Videos when he first sort of popped up You know when he because well because at First he did it in a full

Like jesus type get up didn’t he uh he Since dropped that for a jumper he’s Still Weird as [ __ ] um Yeah i just i don’t i don’t get it The uh i see even down there is it Uh surely double or two uh for jesus Jesus is very Knowledgeable i don’t think he is i Think he just he says things that he Thinks People will think and profound and you Can see You can see i can imagine him getting Dead giddy sometimes when he puts a Tweet out it’s like What if uh we’re the aliens and like Cows are the ones that are fingering us And um yeah i think he’s out To to to be fair on Um jesus i do think I do think he’s you know he Definitely looks into the subject I’m not saying he’s not interested maybe I think he’s on like a different Spectrum to i am when it comes to the Letter i think he’s on the [ __ ] Spectrum No no i want to say that i think he’s i Think he’s definitely on like a Different Wavelength when it comes to his kind of Research into ufos

And my non-research into ufos because For so many people that that will email Me and They’ll send me documents on ufo Like yeah findings and i’m like This is not the kind of channel that i Am you know i’m not the First star i’m dyslexic you give me a Full full document To read i’ve i’ve got a headache halfway Through it Well you give me a youtube link [ __ ] Give me give me a link with an exciting Guy waving his arms about when i’m there But you know he’s i think The there’s a lot of his videos i have Watched and over the years and that And i’ve and i’ve actually taken some Knowledge from it that is factual Knowledge That he’s given out but then this stuff That he said and i thought Yeah he kind of like you you you you’re Pulling at straws there You know yeah yeah he’s house full of Straws I mean i wonder how he felt and i can’t I haven’t watched him for quite a long Time just because of time mainly not Gonna haven’t gone off you jesus or Anything i still Still worship you um but he’s he’s I wonder how he feels with the ttsa

Because he was massively into tj I i think anyone um I mean i i tsa really really excited me At first But you need to move your head up to the Side of it That’s it that’s it yes Yeah no he he he was constantly you know I i i would have been Surprised if he actually got You know 25 of their backers When it comes to actually supporting the Company because he was doing an Amazing job for him but i find it weird How um I find it weird how prevalent he is like Given see i see i don’t want this to Sound nasty because i know i make jokes For sometimes i try and be funny but i Don’t i don’t i never mean to offend Somebody But he’s ridiculous you know it’s It’s one of those things where um You i’ve only realized that like Most most since i did an interview on my Channel with someone that like was quite Controversial And then i realized oh [ __ ] i it’s It’s all it’s all well and good and i do I i’m i i consider myself like a free Speech advocate type person but And it’s all one good talking about that But there is Certain times where because someone goes

Like Three or four steps too far one way And you go all right well you just made It more difficult for the rest of us to Talk about it Now you get someone like alexander For instance i know we’re not we’re Still Unsure about alexander or even grier To be perfectly honest who will sit There They’ll put sentences together thinking Um grier yeah There you go he looks like me Again um he’ll put Like he’ll put his case forward and it’s One of those ones where you you look at You go I’m not sure i’m buying what you’re Selling but you’re You come across as a reasonable person I think um i think ufo jesus makes The subject seem more ridiculous than it Should be The weird thing with geoff at ufo jesus For me though is There’s not much gain in it for him Because he’s not Constant on youtube you know he’s not His videos come out Sometimes he didn’t like put a video a Month You know she’s i don’t think he’s in it For the money

No no i mean don’t forget Um likes likes and comments and Social status could be much more Valuable than money That’s true make sure you like share and Subscribe the he does He does he’s he’s a very um i didn’t Expect to Talk about this guy today Yeah i know yeah i find him patronizing I think that’s the thing uh he’s he’s One of those people that i don’t i You never see him talk to oddly enough Being a jesus you never see him did you See him on nick west He preaches no i didn’t see him mcquest You need to watch that West interviewed him do it do i do i Really Do am i gonna get angry Because my i i know it looks like i’m in A hot but my studio is Really nice at the moment i don’t want To go smashing it I think i think i think the guy is very In what and i wish i could do it when i Went I used to do my 15 minute little Videos of me just talking about the Subject I think they may come back i don’t know Yeah probably will At some point when i get the studio Sorted like you’ve got there

Um but he i never had any any sort of Script Here he’s definitely got a very he’s got A big plan he’s got it all scripted out And it’s impressive that he does that But it’s kind of like For me somebody especially when it comes To this subject and you’re telling People what to believe what’s going to Happen You’re kind of like you you you’re Pushing them In a certain direction anyone anyone That talks about This subject as fact this is a fact Instantly stop listening to them yeah Don’t get me wrong i definitely believe There’s something to this subject i’ve Always wanted to have the channel But there’s literally no facts to be had There is objection and rumor yeah it’s Like having facts about Um greek gods you know it’s This was zeus he lived on a cloud you Know it’s You can’t you can’t do it is that when People Will say oh i’ve started this for years I’m a ufologist What is that you know what is that you See you’ve You’ve looked at what for years how do You know what you’re looking at Is factual you know

It’s a terrible abbreviation that’s what It is yeah I’m certain i’ve spoke to a few a few Like Um ufologists through ufologists Through email i don’t even struggle to Say it That don’t have like ufo channels or Anything like that they just study this Subject And they’ll send me a pic and say look At this i’ve i’ve researched this for Years and they’ll send me a picture Of a little dot and i’m like Where do i go with that yeah yeah i go With that you know the you know the Pictures of The um common words the greer thing or Not to be honest i know they used one In the intro to X-files and it was like over green lake And they took pictures of something and It ended up like the squiggly worm line Oh yeah yeah yeah well i am over my House I took pictures of something like it was It looked like it was a ball in the sky And when i took pictures of it i got the Squiggly worm line and there’s one One picture in particular where you can See there’s Excuse me a squiggly worm line And that but you can see the end of it

There’s something They’re not like a looks like a glowing Grain of rice Essentially there’s no point What like a tic tac bit like tic tac No no no this is the glowing grain of Rice i’m uh I’m that’s gonna be the next thing in it Right here Pushing it mate you’re pushing that Blowing grain of rice Yeah it’ll be known as like the sugar Puff the the Sugar puff photos um but there’s no Point in me showing those pictures to People I understand that i had a nice camera With a really um like Pretty fast lens on it and uh I took pictures of something that Was clearly doing like moving around Really quickly Because in one frame it traveled all All about the place um but i mean What what is it it’s you know it’s just Because just because there was a light In the sky that i followed home i Literally followed it home from the pub And then it was there long enough for me To go in Get a camera and come out there’s Actually there was a mass sighting I i didn’t see it which is it oh it’s Always really upset me this because

Where i live if i if i was to open the Curtains and look down I look uh i live in anken which is above Douglas Uh probably shouldn’t give such direct Coordinates away On the internet it’s probably a Dangerous thing to do i’m not going to Tell you my house Um sorry you’re a bunker yeah i am Um uh i i overlook douglas bay from my House if i go up into my My son’s room i can look over douglas Bay um And there was a mass sighting um in Douglas bay of like a A big light in the bay my my friends saw It you know My fri there’s there’s a there’s a pub Down there called the queens Uh and all the people who stood outside The queens Like looking at this light like in the Middle of the bay And then it just disappeared um But you know it’s the you film it No no this was back 2000 something like That It was it was before those i think i was Like 18 when it happened Okay yeah yeah there’s no there’s no 3210s get kicking about But um You know it’s what you do with it even

If there had to be a picture It’s another light it down this is just Because you see a light Somewhere that seems to float around Like it’s controlled Doesn’t necessarily mean there’s Intelligent life in it Like we could we could still be looking At like a Really crazy version of ball lightning You know jeremy like a Uh atmospheric phenomenon that we have No idea Like not just atmospheric and a Interdimensional atmospheric thing Jeremy like ball lightning that pops in And out of dimensions and just Floats around and can like pop into our Like range of like vision as far as Light goes And then pop out of it straight straight Away So you know it’s there’s no there’s no Facts That’s what i mean and i think like like I say anyone that’s Anyone that’s trying to tell you that They’ve worked this out Um i’d be very cautious about because We’ve been seeing these things for Hundreds of years If not thousands of years and we still Haven’t worked Out so i don’t

Why would we be well like why would we We’d be so special now that just because We can Just because we can film them and we Don’t have to put cave paintings on the Wall we’ve got a better way of Creating public record I i i i don’t i don’t see why all of a Sudden would be able to figure this out I i don’t think we’re ever going to Figure it out We do need we need the people high up to Say this Is what it is for it and then for us to Believe them That’s it yeah yeah and then you then You believe in a story Then you believe in a narrative aren’t You believing the story I mean like as we said we said before About religion and gods What if it is god yeah all gods Like the we i mentioned like greek gods Before would have been so many of them What if when they pop down there They’re popping down from mount olympus To look and see how the The entertainment’s getting on and They’re having a big laugh and saying Do you know what they believe the belief That we we’re Like flying vehicles how ridiculous is That Yeah yeah it’s it’s here everyone knows

This is a cloud we’re flying To my hammer the other day Just for the laugh as the fighter jet Went by and uh Then i brought it back gods would Explain a few things It would explain the rock have you seen The size of that man now Maybe he is maybe he’s a god He’s he’s gonna be present your next President Heard are you first the rock yeah I’d vote for him absolutely I feel like i had to yeah okay in case You bumped into it you had to explain Why you didn’t But so i think i’m gonna do a few Like these kind of shows leading up to June whatever it is i’ll get them i’ll Get i’ll get the actual date for next Time i think it’s june 6 I think so let’s face it if this is Disclosure We only get one go But i want to do a show on this lee Because we are going And i want you on and i want you on with Me on I want me on immediately i will do it Right now We are going to talk about this Because because i i i i’ve had a few Debates with uh Rich over there can we have stills if we

Can’t if we can’t play i know i’ll get Loads of stills i I’ll i’ll try and play the i think i can I might get away with playing the Footage it’s just whenever you play the Footage on youtube youtube take the Video down For uh can we get mutilation If we get the censored one i might i Might edit it and just center the parts Yeah just blur just blur the minging Bits Because uh yeah For me it’s like the discoloration all Sorts it looks Real it’ll make an interesting Conversation but yeah I want to say thank you to yourself lee Because we’ve been going for an hour and 43 minutes um And uh mate you’re welcome on any time Thank you for helping me out with the Show Um and everybody in the chat tonight the Super chatters The people that are just chatting with Each other and having a laugh Everybody that’s been respectful and i’m Pretty sure you’re all being respectful Because they always are they’re a good Bunch of these people i just wish i Could read better just so i could See things and pop them straight i need A susie that’s what i need

I need a susie Maybe i should get my wife right to be Upstairs on the laptop and like just Like have like another microphone in This as a closing statement Darren deserves darren deserves a share There And the most of us what on the most of These so-called Experts have never seen Jack [ __ ] but they are Different This is true this is true the so-called Experts i don’t think have seen [ __ ] Is that the comment you mentally yeah Yeah they haven’t i don’t think i don’t Think I don’t because if they had we’d see That we They would release what they’ve seen And what we see is just Little bits little clips and this is i Was on dark hour paranormal the other Night before we go Make sure you check his channel out uh And I just said to him you know people Take pictures of stills of ufos People take videos and they will film The footage for a few seconds And then they and then they all of a Sudden They’ll just do you like my new phone Case by the way

It’s it’s real wood They’ll just stop filming it so the c in The ufo In the sky this is really Interesting oh well I’ll send that now and it’s still there They take the phone away from it you Know what my Theory with is what’s that They take it away because they know if They stay there for too long you’ll work Out what it is um i’ve got another Theory of why This happens is because rendering Special effects Takes a [ __ ] long time all that too Yeah Yeah yeah that’s but i get clips sent to Me from people That are blooms i’ve had hot air Balloons sent to me before oh That airplane yeah a whole hot air Balloon And um i’m not i think it’s a i like it The way i’ve been brought up i try not To be too rude i’m like That’s interesting Do you ever is it do you possibly did You film for a little bit longer Because it kind of looks like a hot air Blue but I’m sure i’m wrong i know digital zoom’s Not great but we could have tried Couldn’t we

Well this is it and and i also you know People that are filming stuff i mean I did the same thing i didn’t put up on The channel it’s actually To and i will quote it right now yeah It’s on my patreon page So head over guys if you’re interested To support the channel but there is a Little ufo clip On there of i was walking home from work And it was pitch black Because it’s britain you know 5 30 on the Winter’s day it’s black it’s pitch black And there’s this like kind of light That’s just Going across me i’m thinking Is that an aeroplane yeah And but it’s not flashing anything it’s Just a solid light And i’m not filming it i’m not filming It i’m thinking It’s coming closer and coming down and Still i’m I don’t think to film it until the last Minute when i started Seeing it go over trees so i could see It going between the branches that Fought That’s weird and it started to turn So i got my phone out and literally There is a clip And it must be about 16 seconds or Something like that

Until it disappears completely i only Thought to film at the last minute One as i was walking i think there was a Few people behind me I don’t know if any i’m sure there’s People in the chat That have had this happen to them when They may have seen Something and thought i don’t want to Look like an idiot Let’s stop going like that up at the sky Because i because i i do that all the Time i’ll see something That’s just an aeroplane and then i’ll Look and it’s Gone but this thing Was weird it took kind of a u-turn Behind a tree And disappeared completely it like Scooted down really low and it would say It wasn’t like One of these chinese lands or anything Like that it wasn’t a drone because There was no kind of Sound on it or anything like that it was Just Completely if it was a drone i’ve heard It the height it was when i realized how Low it was Yeah but it was just like kind of a last Minute thing and i was i just Wished that if i had a film that from The beginning That would probably be a viral ufo clip

Right that’s why i only put it on i put It out for the patreons to see Yeah because i thought you know what I’ll share this out because it actually Did happen and it was something That i would do yeah yeah i took it to You Somewhere it’s on my phone somewhere but Yes mate so We’re going to do a show on the alien Autopsy I would just want to have a space in the Chat just want to quickly have someone Saw in the chat because candyman says He’s got footage With his uh nikon p1000 Now i know well it is it’s that’s why All the flat earth is by them For the distance i’d be interested to See what he’s had with that If he’s got a youtube channel or Something if he wants to lash a comment Down the bottom I will go and find it i’ll se if Anybody’s got any Any footage send it over to alien i’ll share it with you as well Lee Something like that but yeah send it Across that is my email address If it’s good footage and it’s filmed It’s not just something that is there That disappea that doesn’t disapp if it Disappears and it moves weird

It makes my nipples stand on end the cat Candyman sends to ollie Send you send your footage to ollie on That email address Just say it’s a candy man don’t say it Three times though Especially when you’re looking at Yourself I like it sweets for the sweet it’s a Good film The first one it was garbage i’ve never Seen any of them Oh it’s good horror film i’ve been Remaking it But yeah thank you so much folks good Night god bless I’m alien addict this is lee from musty Audio make sure you check the links out Below Yeah come and listen to my podcast come Watch like follow the youtube channel Hopefully by the time Next week sometime this should be a Hilarious video Me and my friends eating crickets and Silkworms You’re going to be eating crickets and Silkworms all right All right i mean that’s what i need to Add i am in i am in And check out my merch guys and thank You for the people who have bought a few Things

Send me some pictures of what you bought Because I want to put them up for you guys but Yes We have uh the alien addict merch site I have free designs so far i’m going to Work on some more And you can get these on t-shirts Hoodies Uh bottles whatever you name it you can Get them on them so Head on over if you want to support the Channel or check out the patreon page if You want to Become part of the community uh you’re Already part of the community people in The chat anyway and Who are subscribed but if you just want To Support it further it would be most Welcome So i’m going to drop you out lee and i’m Going to give these guys a kiss good Night So there guys thank you mate Thank you again guys as as always it’s Been a pleasure Uh doing this i love doing this and It’s going to be an exciting year so We in the run-up to june we’ll probably Get a few guests on And we’ll discuss this subject a little Bit further Maybe we’ll get some people that you

Know Might actually know something what’s Going to happen if you’re one of these Those people and you’re watching this Now You know what my email is it’s alien Addict I don’t know what it is uk It’s got uk in it because somebody stole Alien addict and if you’re watching this And you’ve got That email i will buy it off you Goodnight god bless folks mind the books Don’t bite How to end the show that we