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Firstly Let me say that i'm an educated man who Works in the medical field At our trauma hospital here in montana The other witness is a deputy sheriff Both of us Are in our mid-30s married and have Children Neither of us however drink use drugs or In any way were incapacitated During the time of this sighting i would Also be relevant to tell you that I grew up in washington state where i Spent countless summers camping Hiking and enjoying the outdoors My good friend grew up in oregon and Spent a great deal of time hunting Camping and recreating in the outdoors We both now live in missoula montana and Have never heard the sounds like we did Last night on january 23rd 2005. My buddy and i returned from our coffee At barnes noble He was dropping me off in my driveway Near Around 9 pm the moon was pretty full Last night And it was cloudless so this ability was Great Behind my new home which sits on nearly Two acres Is a large hill that descends on the Other side to a partially wooded area in A canyon

Where deer are seen just about all the Time The heavier more dense forest starts Less than a mile away And in fact heads into the mountains As we converse to my driveway the Complete Silence was broken this silence was Broken by this God-awful howl growl or moaning that Echoed throughout the entire valley The volume was overwhelming and Immediately My dog as well as multiple dogs on the Road Began barking and almost seemingly Panicked Now please let me tell you that we got Elk Deer bear and mountain lion around here Pretty consistently But never any reaction from the dogs not Like this We went behind my house where my dog was No longer barking But instead just shivering And now looking up at the hill just as It Did it again the sound is so incredibly Similar to the howl you have A third series of growls and let me tell You They were deep and extremely loud soared Across her neighborhood

I let my dog have refuge in his Fenced-in kennel where he retreated to His doghouse My dog is a year old lab who has grown Up exposed to many wild animals We waited but the noise finally stopped After a minute to two minutes We both commented on how the hair on the Back of our necks Were sticking up and that neither of us Had heard anything like that before in All of our years My friend left and i headed into the House where I felt compelled to load hollow point Slugs into my shotgun And for nearly 30 minutes i noticed my Dog Staring up on the hill but did not hear Another noise for the remainder Of the night there is only other one Other witness outside And my wife inside almost reluctant to Talk to the other neighbors But would probably do so a follow-up Investigation report was filed And reads as follows i contacted the Witness within one week of the incident And discussed it at length on the phone I Followed up with the on location visit An interview at the witnesses home in Missoula I found the witness to be absolutely

Credible An educated man in the medical field With personal law enforcement experience As well as stated in the initial report The witness has had extensive experience In the outdoors And is very familiar with all local Wildlife In fact he recalled actually witnessing A grizzly bear Take down a calf elk in glacier national Park Which is a very rare occurrence the Witness Accurately related the incident to me in Person He again described the vocalization as The most Intense sound he's ever heard it echoed Though the entirety of the neighborhood And incited a terrible response From nearly all the dogs in the area and To provide an example of the volume of The sound The witness's wife who was in the house With all doors and windows shut Heard it came out to ask what was going On The tone of the vocalization was not a Scream It was too deep and bassy and according To the witness It sounded pissed off and mad there were A total of three

Of these growl-like hells which ended After approximately two minutes The witness discussed the level of fear He felt at the time Which he described as unusual given his Experience as a sheriff's deputy As stated he was compelled to load slugs Into a shotgun The night was clear with the hill being Illuminated by the light of the moon One might ask how the witness did not See the source of the vocalization I discovered it possible upon personally Climbing to the top of the hill to stand On the summit And view the majority of the subdivision Without being discernible from the homes Directly below the ridge The witness did not notice any unusual Odor during the incident either The witness's dog which i encountered on The visit to missoula Is a rambunctious young lab just Seemingly oblivious to just about Anything It seems significant to me that the dog Just sat staring towards the top of the Hill During the entirety of the incident Shivering And whining and ultimately retreating to The safety Of its doghouse following the incident The witness began browsing the internet

In search of explanations for this Uncanny sound Coming across the bfro site he explained To me That the ohio howl seemed very similar To the sound he heard that night However the sounds he heard sounded much More aggressive Intense and angrier the terrain Surrounding this location is very Interesting The subdivision in which the witness Lives is a single street With homes on both sides running Approximately one mile parallel With an incredibly steep ridge the ridge Approximately 350 feet above the street Is bare covered only in long grass And the subdivision sits in its shadow In the flat Valley below the ridge located a mere 25 Yards from the back steps of the Witness's house Is so steep that it would be nearly Impossible to climb straight up So one must switch back to reach the Summit The top of the ridge is essentially a Plateau With a very gradual downward slope to The southwest There is a line of massive steel power Poles running the length of the ridge Continuing to the forested mountains

Directly to the east One could walk along the line of power Poles directly into the nearby forested Mountains About one or so miles to the east an Unusual aspect to the hilltop is to its Lack of ground cover One small ravine draining to the Southwest contains a handful of pine Trees But the remainder of the hilltop was Completely barren of trees and brush It is the honest opinion of this Investigator that the witness did in Fact hear an intensely powerful Vocalization And it is extremely unlikely that this Sound emanated From any other known animal or source In mid-july of 2004 i was on my back Porch Eight faces east and it faces a mountain That i live in the woods On the side of my house where the Creature was The house is scarcely wooded and the Land flat The sun was shining the reason i went Outside is this My dogs begin to bark and run through The house They got halfway through and stopped And whined i thought that was odd So i went and sat on the back porch then

I saw the tree to my left move and the Tree was About 300 yards away for me or less I'm not the greatest with measurements So I watched the tree to see what caught my Eye Then i see this creature it was behind The tree Looking out from behind it its head was In the branches And it was hunching down its head was Large And it had a definite brow ridge i Thought i was saying an orangutang Except it was about six and a half feet Tall It was moving its head all around the Tree to watch me As i stood up to get a better look Its hair was even a rusty color like the Color of dead pine needles Its eyes though they were haunting And it was completely silent it was Watching me While i was watching it so i sat back Down I watched outside for about six minutes And did not tell the person On the phone then i went in the house Watched through the window to make sure It wasn't a trick of shadow Then the creature moved in front of the Tree

Staying hunched over but watching me in The window I watched a few more minutes and then Went back to the house When i went back it was gone while this Was going on My kids were in the front playing with Water I think if this creature had been Aggressive it would have made Some sort of move but i deemed it Peaceful At least it seemed that way it also Seemed to be curious I think it was young especially to be in Such a vulnerable open area When my husband came home we went out to The tree And all the napweed was completely Trampled down under the tree We didn't find any hair though i look Every day to see if it's out there again But to no avail they had been barking All morning Before but that isn't unusual the weird Thing is that they stopped Short and whined and that is very Unusual for them There was a follow-up investigation Report filed And this is what was said i interviewed The witness directly over the phone Some nine months after the incident she Recounted the particulars of the event

Clearly And accurately in accordance with the Details of her initial report I found the witness to be genuine and Her discussing of the incident And to believe her to be quite credible The incident Began at approximately 4 p.m in july of 2004 When her dogs began barking excitedly From inside the house The witness actually recalls that she Was talking to her sister-in-law On the phone as this all began the dogs Ran through the kitchen To exit the house to the backyard via The doggy door However upon reaching the dog door The dogs both stopped suddenly and the Normally aggressive larger dog Had began to whine no one has considered This very abnormal for this particular Dog Out of curiosity the witness stepped Outside to see what might be affecting Her dogs in this manner It was a bright sunny afternoon after Scanning the area The witness describes something catching Her eye Upon returning to her gaze to that Location She then saw an animal that she can only Compare to an orangutan

At approximately 200 to 300 yards away It was standing on two legs bipedally But Hunched over as if trying its best to Remain hidden Slightly behind a tree the animal in Question was swaying from left to right As if to see around the tree seemingly Curious about the witness She describes the animal as completely Covered in hair The color of red pine needles the Witness Also described the style of hair that of A golden retriever Wavy and flowing she estimates the Height of the animal At seven to eight feet tall but cannot Accurately estimate because the animal Was Maintaining a hunched posture later that Day The witness asked her husband who was Six feet tall To stand in that same position she Claimed the animal While hunched over was easily taller Than her own husband She also describes the mass of the Animal as very thick The witness described the eyes as an Amber color They were deep very set in the face with A forward brow

She claimed the head to be very large And round after the incident She searched the internet for Explanations for this event And found the bfro site she claims the Animal she saw Strongly resembles the gigantopithecus Model displayed in a photograph On the bfro website the witness also Mentioned that there was not a hair Around the eye Nor on the brow of the face the incident Continued while the witness stayed on The phone With her sister-in-law she did not Mention anything About what was happening to this person The witness was indeed stunned by what She was saying And most likely was not listening to Much of the other end of the phone This particular sighting lasted maybe Five to six minutes At no time did the witness experience Any sense of fear Nor did she notice any unusual odors at This point The witness walked to the front of the House to check on the children who were Subsequently playing in an inflatable Swimming pool After checking the children the witness Returned to the backyard And found the animal had departed after

Getting off the phone with her then Sister-in-law She called her husband immediately to Discuss the experience He returned to the home shortly Thereafter and they both went to the Tree From which the animal was standing Behind it was obvious Based upon the flattened grass and Knapweed that something large had been Staining And that exact location in the nine Months that have passed since this event The witness and her family have had no Other similar sightings to report When asked about any unusual sounds in The area the witness did describe one Such event She described a scream they heard in the Spring Of 2004 it sounded garbled And reminded her of a young mountain Lion screaming However the sound emanated from a Significant distance The capacity of which is not normally Suggestive of a mountain lion It has been a while since this incident Happened in 1989 But i remember it well the incident Occurred during the summer Of 89. i was working in my father's wood Shop

When my older brother who was 19 at the Time Burst through the door he was nearly out Of breath And very distraught looking he Immediately demanded that i come outside Right now I asked him what was wrong but he just Said come out here now Quick i hurriedly followed him outside It was late afternoon and the sun was Just beginning to wane In the deeper parts of the forest i Asked him what was the matter He told me to shush and just said listen I could hear that our grandparents dog Was going berserk And i could also recognize the bark of Our dog in the distance as well I asked my brother what was going on With the dogs and if they were fighting Again He said shh not the dogs listen We were both silent but i didn't hear Anything I asked him what i was supposed to be Listening for He said he heard something really weird Really freaky i asked him what it Sounded like He said he couldn't really explain it That it just Sounded weird i told him that maybe he Heard a mountain lion

As i had heard them on several occasions They make a really strange sound like an Inhuman woman's screaming bloody murder He said it didn't sound like a scream Though he took off running down the road Towards our grandparents house calling For me to follow I ran after him halfway to our Grandparents house I heard the sound we both stopped in our Tracks I yelled to him what was that and he Excitedly replied That's the sound i heard and that's it I heard a lot of strange sounds growing Up in the deep woods over the years Elk mating calls grouse beating their Wings Coyotes etc but never anything like this I can't really describe the sound except That it was a high Pitched tone from a living thing it was Very resonant Powerful and well controlled in its Execution It made the hair stand up on the back of My neck Soon whatever it was out there in the Woods ahead of us Made the sound again this time for a Much shorter duration And slightly broken another period of Silence Other than the dogs going nuts we

Continued running towards our Grandparents house We soon arrived where the dogs were our Dog was standing next to our Grandparents dog Which was tied up they were both looking Embarking into the forest In the direction we had heard the sound Coming from I had never seen them bark like this not Even at bears All of a sudden we heard a similar sound Come from a completely different Direction On the woods of the opposite side of us Immediately the call was answered by Another loud report Where we originally heard the first Sound whatever was out there There seemed to be two of them and they Seem to be communicating So we continued to listen nothing for a Minute or two Then we heard two more distinct calls This time From the same general direction in the Woods he had separated And they were now coming from a farther Distance again They seem to be replying or Communicating with one another We still continue to listen for several More minutes But the sounds did not occur again we

Told our family members about it but Nobody really paid much attention as They had not heard the sounds And since we lived right in the middle Of an area used by bears and other Animals to travel through The wilderness regularly the tribe Caught seven bears in one summer Using live bear traps near our house They probably assumed it was just a Normal animal Out in the woods in any case I have never forgotten the incident and Often think of the surreal event Every time i go back to the wilderness Oh I did not mention this but i did have Another experience with a close friend The following year in 1990 involving What we believed were bigfoot tracks When we told her about the incident my Friend's grandmother Who was in her late 80s and had lived in The location where we saw the tracks her Whole life She relayed a story about how she and Her husband Had seen a sasquatch in that area over Twenty years ago