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There it is Good evening and welcome to alien Addicts it’s a bit of an Unplanned show as is most of the shows Did anybody see that orb That went past there i think um Keep your eye out keep your eye out i Think the wife Sneezed upstairs Guys i have no idea what i’m doing on This show i’ve got rich giardano in the House and i’ve got lee from mussy audio Desperate times desperate measures so i Just thought i’d get Two good piles of mine on so we could Just [ __ ] and moan about ufology So without further ado i’m just going to Bring my guests up Rich jordan and welcome to the show back You’ve got some That’s an amazing orb yes How are you doing that’s ectoplasm Well i i won’t tell you what ectoplasm Is in the uk And how am i supposed to follow pyro Anytime i’m supposed to like i’ve got Special effects I i’ve got i’ve got a piece of lime A piece of lime in the lager well there You go just if you suck on that one You’ve got lime in your lager is it a Corona no It’s right yeah Yeah no now you’re already banned from

Youtube well done I feel they they are the bad rich do They do corona beer in The states what do you mean do they do It sell it Yeah the beer yeah i feel sorry for them I see commercials all the time for it Too Yeah they’ve got a bad yeah Any publicity is good publicity that’s Right What’s this corona a beer well It’ll make you sick but it you get a Buzz at the same time Especially if you got the line so how Are we boys on this fine luxurious Evening Are we ready to talk about some shite oh Yeah Always rich you know what i like right Now You i’ve i noticed i mean you did change The [ __ ] at the top Yeah but what else you did you changed The background i think you Matched it with the color that’s going On That’s an eye friendly i think you’ve Changed the lighting You’ve added a little bit of blue there There’s always there’s always a little Bit of blue i’ve actually got a green Screen as well i just couldn’t bother Bringing it out

That’s it for the green screen Sorry i like your green screen Background No no it’s not a green screen background I’ve got a green screen i just haven’t Bothered using it So without further ado i think That the kind of the idea behind this Was rich i noticed you put the The video out where you were talking About uh mick west’s Um debunk um which I’ll give you my opinion on that um yeah When we start talking about it but You put you put quite a hard hitting Uh 20-minute clip like it’s it’s not Your normal thing is it you i mean you Started to dabble with The the clips on youtube where you You’ll put a bit of information out There On your thoughts on things that were Going on but that was kind of like a bit Of a message Straight away absolutely it was i i Am tired of this jeremy corbell Lockheed martin thing you know i just Can’t stand the guy First of all number one number two he Doesn’t know what he’s doing Because that has been proved by mick West i knew instantly the second i saw That video That that was just a type of anomaly

It’s okay rich karen talking i’m just Bringing it up for you yeah okay okay I was like wait a minute did i just get Cut yeah I knew it was an anomaly because i’ve Seen it many other times i’ve seen it on My own cameras And this is boca Or bokeh however you want to say it uh Where these guys in the military put Tape Over the the lens except for the middle Part So they can make it sharper the image Sharper so there’s not so Much i guess outside light sources being Uh Enhanced to blur the video and mick west Also showed how that Sharpens it up quite a bit and in the Military they do this quite a bit Hunters do it i found out i’ve talked to A few people who go hunting with knight Scopes and night vision They do the same thing sometimes Depending on the atmosphere And mick west also proved Not mick west sorry steve cambion of Truth seekers also found another video On metabunk that this Is definitely what we’re seeing here It’s an airplane And this is just an illusion it’s an Anomaly from the camera and

Probably bokeh Yeah i mean it makes me angry then That’s why i made the video because why Jeremy corbell is bellyaching now Because of mick west’s debunk on it and I do believe it’s a debunk But we don’t have enough we don’t have a Source all we know is from the navy the Navy Is saying it’s a real video of course It’s a real video But they didn’t say it’s real ufos it’s An anonymous source from that navy and Why would the navy guy Risk his whole career for jeremy corbell And yeah you know i don’t like it i just Not because jeremy corbell but let’s say Third phase of moon put that video up They would be ripped apart for it Because they would say oh that’s just uh You know an anomaly In the camera or bokeh you know if Somebody else would have said that If third phase of moon posted it you Know the ramifications that would go Down So why jeremy corbell thinks he’s uh Exempt from being analyzed on this stuff And being called out is beyond me That’s the problem with this type of Thinking and ufology It’s this other side that goes against The reality we live in and it’s all Because they want to create

This false narrative that there’s a Threat from these ufos And i don’t like it i don’t see a threat I understand it but i don’t see it Yeah that’s what i think ray can have it By the way thank you very much for the Five pound Five dollar super super chat you Absolutely beautiful man and We we we we will be getting we can have It back on again I think just with him and osvaldo to Have a little one-on-one Uh awesome a ufo fight yeah But i know what you’re saying rich uh And i mean Jeremy corbell i’ve spoke back and forth A little bit in email that’s about it And i I i did enjoy his bob lazar film i did Enjoy i know you think differently I know you did it was um just a piece of Crap But if if if i if if jeremy was to Contact me or email me one thing i would Like to ask him With this footage is who gave him it Because one thing you said that which Kind of Resonated with me rich was when you said It’s almost like you were saying that Jeremy put this out without knowing what It was Exactly no he’s not a at fault

Uh the guy he’s he’s a well no no What i’m saying is the guy is a Filmmaker i don’t think jeremy Is a is a ufologist oh you know He probably knows about as much as ufos As i do You know way more than he knows let me Just do it for the entertainment rich Yeah well i think we all are here for That as well but uh you know i have a A vested interest in this field i’ve Been here for 17 years fighting this These types of things and regardless of Whether i Am friends with third phase of moon or Not has nothing to do with it I still have my values and i believe What i believe And i’m gonna call out the bs when i see It and this is just simply because I look he’s got his own agenda Okay because putting this out and not a Not even to accept what Mick west said that it could possibly be He doesn’t even accept that at all Now i did see something recently here Where jeremy corbell Uh actually taped up one of his cameras And tried to duplicate bokeh but i i Haven’t seen the results of that yet So i don’t know what’s going to happen But hopefully he’ll learn something from This but i don’t like the Throwing it up there and automatically

Saying this is a pyramid i can’t believe It this is amazing Because why because it came from the Navy now In the pyramid thing even the pyramid Thing was weird Because you wouldn’t look at it and say Well it’s a pyramid It’s a triangle shape yeah it’s i i Don’t And it’s you know it’s you could see it Had the light on it for For a kickoff which suggests to me People made But i think that’s the best it has the Same Sequence because What he did it was it was a very good Identical to the Uh original footage yeah That’s what bothers me he didn’t do any Research he didn’t do anything to find Out And plus he’s making claims that we Don’t have Technology in existence that can go in The water and out into the Air without being slowed down there is Technology And again people have proven jeremy Wrong and how he doesn’t Know this it’s it’s almost like an Impossibility How do you not know this stuff and

Calling yourself a researcher an Investigative filmmaker or whatever you Want to make believe you are in this Field Uh you need to back it up and he’s Dropped the ball several times in this Field and I just don’t like it without mick west’s Debunked rich because me and um lee were Talking about it Uh the last time we we was on before We’d Seen mick west’s yeah uh debunked And we leave and and i kind of came to The conclusion that we thought that it Was It was something that was ours because Of the flashing underneath that kind of Gave it away But we didn’t kind of un know about we Didn’t mention the boat Pronounced bulking okay okay yeah it’s Such a Great with the b but When i saw that from from mick i was Like [ __ ] [ __ ] the bed that’s that’s pretty Good he’s he’s kind of He’s nailed that on there and i don’t Agree i do not agree with all his Debunks you know when he when he’s Calling fravor Uh saying fravo did not know what he saw Kind of like

You know he’s a pilot you probably Know what you knew he saw wait a second Just because he’s a pilot means he knows No No no but you’ve got when you take into Into account the actual Um the guys that was monitoring this Thing From back on the ship and he’s a radar Operator Is there’s too many things that kind of Add up do you not think Too many so you are you with mick west On this That you think fraver may was seen Uh just bad No i believe he saw something unique Yeah i do i believe that I think mick west was a little off but What i think mick west meant was that he Doesn’t know what it is Uh whether you want to say a tic tac or An oblong shape thing whatever he did He’d never seen anything like it so he Didn’t know what he was looking at Basically It could have been a drone we don’t know And uh If they were following them around in The catalina isles for Two weeks why don’t we have any better Footage or footage Of this incident where’s the radar data You know they’re making a lot of claims

Without any proof And i think it’s because they want to Get that narrative out that there’s a Threat And it’s the same five people doing it Do you think this is behind that Pardon do you think there’s somebody Behind them yeah yeah Of course yeah the powers that be Whoever they are Quote unquote they uh there is a Narrative that’s being pushed that There’s a threat why Because well if you go by what greer Says and i don’t really You know believe everything greer says Um but There’s some sort of agenda based on This threat why Why do we have to have it be a threat so Where does that lead when you say There’s a threat To our nation to our world they’re Flying in in uh Unwelcomed airspace controlled airspace So what the clouds come over my house Doesn’t mean it’s going to rain They’re aliens they don’t know if Someone keeps coming Out at your house if someone keeps Coming in and out of your house Without you being able to stop them i Think you perceive it as a threat It’s different than airspace i

Understand it’s almost apples to apples But it isn’t Uh we’re talking about really if you if You didn’t know what they’re Like a complete stranger just Wondering about willy-nilly it doesn’t Matter how many doors you lock Do you know what that’s different than a Ufo you’re talking about People people are dangerous but a ufo That hasn’t done anything Just showed up they should feel like Okay this has been going on for 70 80 000 years whatever we’ve never had an Attack on Anybody on a ufo so why all of a sudden We gotta say it’s It’s an attack or a an imminent danger I think there has a technology Technology that’s Like completely beyond what we have I think you’d have to look at it as a as A threat but I understand it to counter myself to Counter myself This has been going on for a long time So if it was a threat It would have it would have done Something by now you know it’s You can’t you can’t have a tiger in your Kitchen for eight years without it Trying to eat something yeah that’s very True We know what we’re talking about

I understand i see that as a part of a Military Observation that it would be a threat These things are invading airspace that They shouldn’t be but they don’t know What the rules and regulations are of Airspace If they’re alien so then you have to Think okay it’s not alien it’s china and Russia now that to me is a threat That’s different because we’re talking About people again people are a threat And if our adversaries over there are Trying to sneak in with this high Technology and watch us Well two weeks is a long time to be Watching us without anything happening Why didn’t they attack them why didn’t They fly out to them if they were Watching them for two weeks See there’s so much to the story we Don’t know that There may be a threat a real one and They’re not telling us what it is They’re trying to but they can’t and That scares me So i think there is a threat let’s say This let’s just do Uh this type of thing uh There’s a threat they know about it we Don’t But they’re trying to tell us without Telling us that’s what i think is going On

We need more i mean this The aerial am i right by saying that the Whole threat thing that emerged when we Were talking when it was ttsa that first Kind of like yeah it was paying fret That’s when it started Pretty much yeah when lou elizondo came Along That’s when it started he brought in That atib way of thinking It’s a threat see i i don’t trust the to The stars academy thing as far as i can Throw it Garbage total the only good thing they Did was get us talking About ufos more definitely did that yeah They helped with the mainstream media Here’s the thing about this Video that just came out from corbell And even the pictures from nap Is that it’s getting media play today i Saw This uh balloon looking thing which i Think is a reflection from the camera From the Phone that took the pictures inside the F-18 but it is now on fox it’s now on Cnn and they’re talking as if These are threats and it isn’t anything In my opinion Um very poor research done by knapp as Well And he’s been holding on to these for Two years

One thing i did notice with with this When Me and they were talking about last week Um Is that it’s been filmed from i don’t Know maybe a smartphone or something Like that so It’s actually you you you can see that It is filming uh something on the Monitor So this is not the original it’s it’s a Recording every recording so to speak No it’s recording through the monocular The monocular isn’t even focusing Yeah i know that rich but you can kind Of tell by the pixelation that this Is filming another screen do you know What i mean it’s like You seeing this on a computer screen Getting your phone out Yeah i think that’s just the night Vision the camera is filming through The the uh the viewfinder of the Monocular that’s why you’re seeing it This way Oh so that’s why it’s moving about Exactly It’s behind it so when they focus in That’s why you’re seeing the circle go In and out The monocular isn’t focusing or else we Would see like Mick west said you would see the object Come into focus that’s actually out of

Focus a little bit that’s why we’re Getting this effect as well Oh so when i when i watched it uh make West debunk he’s kind of like Mick was he he said i’m sure he said That They are filming this on a monitor No with something i could be wrong i Think you’re wrong i don’t Maybe i’m wrong it’s possible but i Remember him saying It’s an iphone most likely it’s an Iphone attached to The uh monocular and he even showed a Picture when he said okay that’s Probably you’re probably right rich You know i i kind of i just thought It reminded me of some help helicopter Footage that Some uh some police hail helicopter Footage and i think it was over london Where they saw a ufo and you can see That the cameraman pull away you can see His reflection In the tv screen and i thought no Not that that it wasn’t the reflection To say it was debunking or anything like That you could just see his reflection Because He’d it’s like he’d seen this footage i Thought oh i’ve got to get that and I was wondering if somebody maybe Had seen that and thought that’s That’s something top secret want to take

That no i think the the Pixelation you’re seeing would would Actually put it down More to being like the original yeah Processing Yeah yeah i don’t think it’s that i Think it’s just because it’s been filmed At night And like it’s it’s really difficult Unless you’ve got like Really good cameras to get a really good Picture In the dark so what what you see in There is that if you take your phone out Now Uh and try and take take some video You’re gonna get all that Like digital compression in the back Parts of the sky So yeah i didn’t realize i because i am I didn’t realize that’s what mcquest was Saying actually that that’s been filmed With an iphone with this in mind and Then the effects have been put over the Top of it is that what we suggested I don’t know okay here’s the camera you Ring it all right Here’s the camera that they’re using an Iphone is on the back of it filming Through the iris yeah Yeah yeah all that’s happening and then But they put the night vision side of it Would then be An after effect that put on top of it no

That would be the night vision is what The iphone is recording through the Night vision goggle the monocular Right okay got it yeah yeah it’s it’s Not an effect It’s actually night vision goggle Monotonic okay cool Yeah but you can You can see the other triangles you know Even when you’re looking at things like The stars that all look triangular Which is what make west was saying that If you have this kind of Thing in the middle of here which is What they do they do it what did he say They do it on the night vision because It brings it out better Yeah it makes it sharper because less Light is being Sucked in like so it doesn’t distort it Yeah so it sharpens it Well you know i’ve just got a camera Rich i’m just learning about photography And it is an absolute You know it’s it’s crazy you think you Think you can use a A camera just because you’ve got a phone That the phone does it all for you Yeah yeah yeah somebody’s saying that The monocular has a screen Who’s saying that and nine o’clock hero I i tell you what i I i guess everybody see we have three Different versions here going on

You guys think something different i saw Something different you know what i mean It’s a It’s amazing how we comprehend things That are right in front of us I definitely thought it was being filmed That’s why you see the circle That’s why because you’re looking Through the viewfinder you’re not Looking at a screen On the monocular it’s not even it so i Don’t believe he knows what he’s talking About sorry nine o’clock but i think You’re wrong Whoever it is whoever’s wrong or right i Think one thing Is kind of for certain that i think Make they kind of nail that one on yeah That one he did a good job But then this brings it back round to Why is it being pushed out And then i noticed you were talking About these as well rich so we can bring This into the game because they came They came at the same time they all came At The same time you son of a you gotta uh The one on the left they’re saying oh It’s some it they actually Said that it’s some sort of metallic Blimp ufo Is what they were saying on the Nationals unbelievable yeah That right there is to me and that

Okay you’re jumping all around all right Sorry that’s all right that one there To me looks like the iphone camera you Can even see around the edges a circle And inside that another circle which is The iris of the camera It’s the the camera reflection It would you wouldn’t just get the Camera reflected there you get the phone You get the rest of the phone reflected The only thing i just saw there it’s not True it looks like that that’s Glass that’s glass that’s not plastic You wouldn’t get the whole phone But when iphone 6 has a lifted up A phone it you can rub your finger along The phone and it pops up a good Millimeter Off of the rest so it would take the Light in from a certain angle Differently than the rest of the phone No i think i think the rest of the phone Would be shiny enough To reflect but what that looks like now Because i i mean When i first saw that i thought that Looks like A metallic ufo to me but now looking at It I think it looks like chip in the glass I think it looks like a chip in the Canopy That’s even more scary that would be Awful for an f-18 at 500 miles an hour

To have one of those i i don’t think so But the churchill mean yeah it looks Like a chip But i don’t know i i don’t need a Reflection though i don’t think it’s a Reflection of the Of the camera so doesn’t this look like It’s even photoshopped it even has a Square Around it looks like it was implanted in That i think the batman balloon is a Total Uh photoshop by the way i don’t think That’s even an object in the sky First of all how are they seeing these Things going 500 miles an hour and Get their phone ready and take a picture Of it And it’s clear you know well my thing Would be would have to be huge Because we were talking about this last Week and if there’s one thing People aren’t good at it’s judging Distance And size and speed just Just by eye and because that’s why when The whole balloon thing Came around that’s why i thought like Immediately it couldn’t have been a blue Regardless of altitude Was the fact that you would have to be So close to that That by the time you saw us it would be Gone right

Yeah yeah right yeah but that thing There If if that if that’s been a photograph Taken of something that’s in front of That plane That is huge like a huge Thing oh and you can’t see my cursor Right now but when you’re talking about Um the photoshop i believe that There i mean i have taken pictures of Things that i Thought were ufos i’ve zoomed in and you Can still see you can see that sort of Artifact around Anything that you zoom in through but i Don’t trust anything you know so it’s Kind of no No should you no no should you but i Don’t think i don’t think it’s Photoshopped and that’s only from doing A lot of photoshopping Um but no it probably isn’t it just Looks it it’s just Odd because i make a lot of fake ufos And send it out to you know all the all The top guys [Laughter] I just don’t think we’re seeing what We’re seeing what they’re telling us And uh and i understand what you’re Saying there about You would see the whole phone if it was A reflection Not really you really don’t because i

I’ve done it myself And i’m getting all this data gathered Up that you only see the Glass part on the phone a lot of the Times And if you turn the phone around and did The front you would see it more than you Would see the back It’s really strange i i i’d argue with That that most phones are glass All the way around now unless you have a Case on it Yeah but when was there this picture They could have had a case what’s that When was this pitch taken two years ago 2019. Iphone i believe it was an iphone 6. What so what’s a Fighter pilot doing with iphone 6 you Know He’s got he’s got big bugs surely you Get an iphone there I think that that picture is too sharp To be an iphone 6. Well 6 8 12 max there The cameras are freaking awesome um they Had 48 pixels i thought the iphone 6 No 48 uh 2012 12 megapixels Iphones have been for years it’s all About the options that make them good I think you’re right have a google pull It up right now But the um i have an iphone 6 But i do find it interesting that on

That the bottom picture that we can see There How it’s distorted i don’t understand How that silver object Becomes that distorted down the bottom i Don’t get how that happens Which part they see the the third image Down the bottom Yeah i don’t understand how that That image does that when nothing else In frame is our focus as well That’s what confuses me Because that’s on the glass it’s a Reflection of the flash of the camera It matches up i’m telling you it does I think we’re being duped somehow i Don’t think alien girl says what does Rich think about the government or You know verifying this all they said is That these are real pictures in real Video they didn’t say they’re real ufos It’s got to Remember what they say and why do we Want to believe the government All of a sudden after all these years of Lying to us now they’re telling us the Truth Coming on i agree 100 So here’s my thing with all this you Know when you’re saying about the Government And when these people may say so so say There’s people That are just part of the company or

Whatever they’re making a polite saying That this is a threat For their own benefit why doesn’t Anybody like from your government Come out and say can you stop making up That [ __ ] you know Can you just kind of like Nobody kind of comes forward and says And stopping these people from say From spotting off and saying this do you Know what i mean no but nobody’s Stopping this there’s no one’s putting a Stop on it And it’s just been allowed to happen so That tells me that it Is very much you know a part of The plan yeah it is And i bet after this 180 days is over You’re gonna hear Less and less about this threat they’re Just trying to get To get stuff out for whatever reason i i Don’t i don’t know They’re i don’t what is the what is the Real reason behind 180 days Tell me does anybody know what the real Reason is It was on the belt wanted ourselves a Nose yeah right Didn’t they already pass it yeah but Honey but even the Um it being added in and stuff like that It’s it’s all very clandestine and Strange isn’t it

By the way uh lee you’re right it is it Was a 12 megapixel Camera good job that well i will tell You this because i know a little bit From when i used to be in the trade but You know 12 megapixels a great camera Yeah it doesn’t make no difference Well if this was a 12 megapixel and it’s Not i think it’s a ridiculously mega Pixel i don’t have no clue what it is But Um 12 megapixel Is you can still blow up a good image The megapixel is how big you can blow it Up You know it’s if you can take a picture With a 5 megapixel But if you’ve got a great screen that Pitch can look fantastic It’s optics isn’t it it’s optics and how Like what Lenses would make the difference like my My old digital Slr was 10 megapixels and that was Amazing Yeah my new bad boy you know i think It’s Some of the phones i’ve been a better Megapixel than this but can they take a Better [ __ ] In that bag what’s in the bag What camera it’s drugs It’s something that i got for the Channel and i’ve i have

Literally started to dabble With it but i’ve got myself uh well say I’ve got myself My my mum my dad uh my wife My auntie my uncle uh my grandma They all put in they got me uh this Mirrorless Cannon uh m6 i forgot the name of it but It’s It’s it’s a beast yeah But what i didn’t realize is the actual Lenses cost more than the camera Lenses are ridiculous i know it’s Ridiculous Yeah not good yeah when i go back to Doing Some of the the the videos where it was Just me You know the 15 minute videos where i’m Talking i’ll be Using that for the better quality But um the phone i have is 48 megapixels On the back and on the front it’s 16 And then eight on the wide it’s a pretty Good camera People always have that argument with Why we’re not seeing As you know really good footage of ufos If they’re If they are actually a thing that is Alien or uh an object that we have no Idea what it is but it is a machine The title of the video the machine of Tomorrow

But like you said that in the last show It’s my new post rock band name yeah [ __ ] what machines of tomorrow yeah what A great band name Or album title even is it a bad name No but it really it really should be Yeah yeah i Only i only i have i was eating a Sausage sandwich i just bought the name When we take when people are taking Pictures with These phones they do the job for you but They don’t necessarily Felt the way you want them to focus Everyone in this dog hasn’t got one of These with the right lens At the right time to film A ufo to so we so we as I don’t know debunkers and Researchers whatever you want to call People in this field that do This they can’t through Phones don’t do it right you know you’re Awful You need to be in the right situation At the right time and have the right Lens And it i just think we kind of get what We We’re given when it comes to ufos and i Honestly don’t think if these If these things are alien You know that they’re from a different Planet i don’t think they i i honestly

Believe is a big trekkie That they would have some sort of Protocol that we’re not Really allowed to to see them that they Can observe But they they can’t interfere because we Are You know we’re so primitive to them That’s humans thinking though Yeah i was just gonna say very true very True You’re giving them empathy and morals You know it’s with no idea Whether that be it that’d be the case You know it’s it it it’s Let’s say let’s say ikers is right and You’ve got some sort of Like cold-blooded reptilian race there’s No There’s no reason why that would have Any sort of feelings like we have I love that man david David yeah he’s He he’s i’d like to get david i’d love To speak to him about his reptilians But he doesn’t really it doesn’t really Push it these days Why do we always end up bringing up David ike Because we didn’t get monetized What for talking to david ike for Talking about reptilians Really that’s what happened to david Knight that’s why he had to change

Everything that’s why he got away from Can we tell him something else Well exactly so right ahead but Can we call them can i call them no can We call them Uh moral raptors Immoral raptors tomorrow’s raptors Raptors of tomorrow that’s funny The raptor’s up tomorrow Speaking though of dinosaurs and and you Know the reptilians But the raptors okay i often did from Maybe there there was a dinosaur What what would happen if a dinosaur You know develop like we did you know Kind of like became They’ve got one they’ve got the uh well They’ve got what they they’ve seen in it In the in the natural history museum Isn’t it in london yeah that’s what they Think You know that i’ve seen it that thing up That stands and it looks like Us really standing but with a big green Head And it looks like a raptor of tomorrow It looks like it doesn’t like That that’s gonna be the name of the Next video and that’ll be full of [ __ ] as well for you guys so look Forward to that make sure you like share And subscribe But you know Maybe maybe maybe maybe what was seeing

Up in the in the maybe Maybe the dinosaurs the ones were Intelligent that had You know maybe they had to all put Themselves together like we Over this last two year when we’ve gone Through hell All the countries have started to get Themselves together and start to try and Do something Yeah we will not do that um maybe the Dinosaurs did that They built some tic tacs and they all Buggered off to mars Yeah they destroyed and now they’re Trying to get back i think all the Governments have got together to try and Do something i think all the governments Got together to try and start some sort Of communist New world order that’s what i think They’re doing we won’t talk about that Lee It’s all because of the false flag alien Invasion That’s what’s gonna happen if anything It’s time yeah It’s i mean the idea right That um now is a good time For disclosure is mental Mm-hmm like yeah We can’t even handle we can’t even Handle An actor doing the voice of a cartoon

Guy but we’re supposed to be able to Handle A um like a space Race coming to i don’t know look at us Maybe probers Sometimes cut up a cow That’s something you said about what was It you said about the cows rich When you’re laughing delicious You say that something about we’re gonna We’re gonna end up going into space and We’ll find all these cows just floating About Well that’s because i was saying you Know back Uh i i think it was the hindus that Think cows are real you know very uh Spiritual And they yeah so maybe the aliens abduct Them because they’re religious And they think cows are uh special that Way So i don’t remember what i said why They’d be in space floating around but I mean you just said that they just kind Of abducted them And i just got them to orbit a planet It’s you say you say that the aliens Might think cows are special They don’t think that that’s special While they’re gouging their [ __ ] out Right But they are delicious magically Nutritious

Yeah it’s a weird world this sunday do You think praise on to something than With this Rich because i i didn’t really speak to You that much about The video they put out and i’m kind of Rehashing old [ __ ] from the last show That we did but I i just don’t think it’s a very good Show it’s It’s the top yeah yeah gray is filming My beard Right now uh but yeah the Do you think he’s kind of on to Something with what he’s saying about This Whole what they’re trying to do and They’re gonna pull this Uh fake alien invasion If you are because you’ve had an issue About grier a few A a year or so ago you defaulted you Just you told me the guy was a tosser If uh if you go by the illuminati uh Playing cards it’s part of the uh Where the narrative’s supposed to go Actually i thought the alien invasion Was supposed to come first and then the The uh c19 was supposed to come after That but It would make sense that they that’s how You get a new world or one world To unite by having everybody feel like There’s a threat

And what better threat not china russia The united States but aliens and then we all have To fight together What do you think with what he’s doing With this Kind of like give me 75 And i’ll get the documentary out to you In two months Yeah that’s bullcrap do it under your Own dollar don’t ask for donations that Way i don’t know I mean third phase the moon got a Documentary out and they paid pay for it All through their own Pocket i believe didn’t they yeah they Made that documentary Themselves with their own money and it Did very well It’s breaking all kinds of records this Year on amazon prime it’s doing Phenomenal And uh yeah they did it all themselves They they paid for the camera the Cameraman the interviewer all that stuff Travel Everything so Do it yourself If you want to donate you donate you Know if you want to support Steven greer donate but i think asking For it I think that’s a little different hey Why don’t you guys pay for my

Documentary i won’t do it Unless you pay for it that’s how i feel I i don’t like that It’s the same as everyone that’s on a Podcast or an interview isn’t it there’s Always a book to pedal You know it’s there’s well i’m monetized And i don’t feel like Um i feel people donate and support the Show because they want to see the show Every day and they like what they’re Hearing I don’t know there’s nothing wrong with That there’s nothing you know i know i Think i i think that’s different though I think that’s different than because You’re A a crowd funded um Outlet commentator however you want to Look at it Um i think that that’s different to guys Like grier That are there pedaling like their next Where Because it’s it’s essentially when you Get something to do what he’s doing is Advertising he’s advertising his next Project Mm-hmm yeah i think that’s a little Weird Yeah well not a bit especially Especially when you consider that Uh he’s talking about some sort of Incoming fake alien invasion you know

It’s it’s like the guy that says i I know the world’s going to rent Tomorrow so buy my book And it explains why the world’s going to End do you think well You probably you’re probably not gonna Want all that money if the world’s gonna End Mate so this is true what helen’s saying You know he’s pointing out for free but But he he does want us to help him out And pay 75 there’s also stipulations too if you If you have that video and you’re gonna Play it He doesn’t want anybody interrupting it Talking over it He wants it put it on your youtube Channel and That’s that you can’t take clips from it I think there’s a lot of weird things Going on with that there’s stipulations Although He’s still asking for money for it well That’s it You can’t say he’s putting out for free He’s not put out for free he’s charging A certain amount of people 75 dollars to Make it And in in built into that 75 Will be an overhead and a profit margin So just because if you sit tight you can Watch it for nothing Doesn’t mean that you that it’s been put

Out for free It’s just being paid for by somebody Else I understand what helen’s saying though He you know Um let’s say two million people watch That thing and only a hundred thousand Paid for it um he still made money Even if it was 20 people that paid for It um not as much money but Yeah it’s just it’s how you deliver it How like I’m not i felt like i’m not going to Make this unless you donate that’s what It felt like to me If he would have just said if you want To support it support it if not that’s Fine too that would have been a little Different if you said it that way You don’t have to pay for it you can Even post it on your channel with the Link back to To grier whatever um but if you want to Support it that’s great we appreciate it Especially when you’re talking about What is supposedly like World saving information Yeah it’s ah yeah It what you gonna do say oh well you Didn’t support my documentary so uh [ __ ] everybody Yeah i’m sorry about the noise out here If you guys i’m trying to mute it Noise you don’t hear that

No no whoa good going okay All right then i keep muting because They’re cleaning carpets underneath me And they got the truck out there with it Blasting Are you using nvidia voice magic I am using no stream yard in my mic i Don’t Oh no no and nvidia do a plug-in a thing If you’ve got an nvidia graphics card That’s oh Magic i yeah i do have that i think yeah Yeah you can hit a hammer next to your Microphone and it will hear it It’s crazy thank you welcome to the show By the way but you’ve changed your name Yeah that’s lee nicely I like it though yeah well i’ve never Seen lee’s logo anywhere else That’s why i knew you straight away what If he designed that himself I’ve seen that before i’ve seen it other Places okay Yeah yeah the thing is And without i i know i always take the Piss out i agree I do i do and stephen if you’re watching This i’m sorry i think you’re lovely Um i would like to come to one knee Garden pies Really would you know taught some some Some ufos But he’s had this i i hear he likes his Balls tickled while he’s being deep

Throated do carry on So he’s I’m gonna have to drop out for a minute I’m just shocked i mean that was Shocking He said it’s a life surely you can’t say Stuff like that on a live show I’m gonna have to have the re-editing Live show But but yeah he’s and i said this on the Last show i know so i’m kind of Rehashing old [ __ ] but in the beginning When i remember first hearing about Stephen greer Was when i was just like a a wee man You know i was a wee man and i was first Getting into the subject and this this Man Stood on stage you know and this is Pre-911 and he the these big things Coming from this man He’s kind of demanding stuff and he had So much passion in in him and i can kind Of see why people throw one of his way But is it kind of double of double-edged Sword So to speak the guy actually does he is In the know But yes he also wants you dough I think most cult leaders are Charismatic Okay i don’t think he needs the dough Anyway but Yeah he’s always coming up with

Something new though every year You’ve interviewed that’s handy as well It’s handy isn’t it Yeah yeah it’s convenient a few months Ago you interviewed him rich In november at the ce5 in scottsdale Arizona yeah So obviously when you met him he said You probably said i’m a big fan You know no you didn’t no didn’t have Time Okay what what was your impression of Regardless of what you asked him what What What was the vibe you got off him the Vibe was that Uh he seemed to be pretty Like a nice guy he didn’t seem like the Power hungry Uh guy that you hear about or demanding Or anything like that Um i i i felt comfortable around him i I thought he did very well but then Again he’s in public and there was you Know 100 people there a couple hundred People So it was interesting we did the first Interview as soon as he walked in You know he came a little early like two Minutes early Um but uh it was interesting Yeah nah i didn’t get any bad i didn’t Have time to talk to him either And i wish i did but he was whisked away

You know as soon as he was done he was Whisked away and Doing another interview and then and the Thing started so You need to game on goof on radio i Would like to see that interview All right i could probably work that in There somewhere I’d like to see that i would definitely Like to see i i’d like to be I’d be interested to do it i’d be Interested to know Whether um rogan said the Was telling the truth when he because Right rogan and And bria really didn’t sort of Click on their uh when grey went on On the jre um And i can’t remember when it was it was On a different podcast Where rogan said yeah many years ago Yeah but he But he said more recently like within The last couple of years Um the reason grey has never been back On The joe rogan experience is because he Wanted paid For to go on and rogue was like we don’t We don’t pay people to come on You know we you come on here because of The audience we have You know why because he knows that that They got money and he figured why not

Ask Yeah yeah i mean i could see that but Yeah joe rogan doesn’t um Did he have him on though didn’t he yeah Yeah yeah Yeah no i’m talking just recently i Thought he was oh no No not recently what was the one Where i thought greer was on joe rogan’s Show and they cancelled it they never Aired it Is is that my wrong on that there was Somebody said Just i haven’t within the last two Months ago Oh i don’t know maybe might be worth it With google i don’t i I haven’t heard anything of that but uh Okay where’s susie i’d like yeah yeah i Need i need me i need the internet ninja Um yeah i uh i’d love to see Mom yeah i think right right now Would be brilliant i’d like to see him On with tom delong For them to kind of like just have a Little bit of a bit of a [ __ ] fight In the middle of you know do you Remember when you were at my house yes i Do remember stephen I remember your big hands Around his neck obviously no but they Didn’t Asphyxiation stephen and and You know he said that tom delon came

That came to his house you know He entertained him and he stated that He is being used by The powerslide yeah well ttsa Yeah that makes sense because the sub This is something I’ll put yes greer said that the long is Being used By by who He didn’t say he knows he spoke with Some riddles He said them you know they are using tom Delong That way don’t you think something went Down they would blame him And that’s exactly what happened when They left They said we couldn’t get along with the Lawn He’s a child he’s a mature they say that Yes I missed that i think they say that Even like what we said you know the Uh i mean i said last week too oswaldo Um when we talk about ttsa Uh i’d like given the given subjects we Can’t Talk about on youtube i find it Uncomfortable The people that um tom delong was Involved with Be it your podestas and your clintons For Conspiracy reasons um

I i i don’t i’m confused why People that are in like a I’ll say free thinking community i don’t Really like saying things like that i Think it sounds Like a bit condescending but i’m Confused why people That are already in that thing of like Questioning things Why why they can buy that when it when It comes out When you see how do long got into it Through the emails that are put out You mean the people behind the desk have The fingers in many pies Yes the pies not necessarily the right Pie yeah it’s the pies i’m worried about Some pies that haven’t been cooked Properly yes yes Okay Yeah i i i get and i i got what you were Getting at With osvaldo with the The families that are involved in ttsa Um if you believe all the conspiracies But yet but but with with some of the Stuff that has gone on in the media Um there is definitely proof there but Is it proof of Is it nothing’s come back to ttsa You you look at islands you look at Islands and billionaires there is more Proof For something like that going on than

Anything ttsa has put our put forward If you if you want to put six them on a Weigh-in scale There is more stuff on one side than the Other I’ve said a load of things i made a History channel Tv program and that speaks volumes The fact that they’re now i will say This and Rich knows this so ttsa with me so When i first started talking about ttsa I was a massive fan Of ttsa and me and rich went back and Forth we’ve had plenty of conversations Where rich You’ve called me an idiot for for For liking ttsa um I i i would love to see what If something happened with them but With what has happened recently i’m kind Of like Rich you were right you know i’m glad i Didn’t invest that money It’s i really stuck 200 quid I was only going to stick to i was going To stick the minimum thing in because i Thought If by any chance this is on the level And all of a sudden they come up with Zero like um Zero gravity technology i thought well Obviously Even even two hundred dollars thrown two

Hundred dollars back That will be that will grow Exponentially With if you talk about world-changing Technology but there’s As soon as they as soon as they became The uh Is this started talking about having um What was the They were gonna they were gonna put the Truth out through fictional content But hmm all right great You’re just gonna make tom delong’s Rubbish books films Do you think that this is it then do you Think that that For that for that company it’s not we’re Not going to see anything more From the hard hitting ufo stuff that we Want It’s going to be very much entertainment I don’t know Yeah i think they have to to to maintain People watching them so you think There’s going to be more from them that Is going to be of interest but I keep saying that and i don’t see Anything ever Do all we got was three videos and those Aren’t even Ufos in my opinion So what have they given us since I i really don’t know just mainstream Media attention that’s it and the threat

Of an er the narrative threat really What other evidence have they given us I can’t think of anything what’s the Helen cena In this chat here about stephen greer Selling Witness statements and stuff for fifteen Dollars Have you seen the documents greer Selling now Witness statements and stuff for fifteen Dollars Okay nope i i don’t know I haven’t seen it and i get updates from The greer website all the time Let me see i’ll check while i’m here Here’s the latest yeah Colonel ross dietrich’s in But i don’t know if you have to pay for This stuff so That’s the thing and i won’t do that and You think we need to do that as Researchers but we just Will not put our hand in our pocket you Know why for a documentary I just clicked on it to hear this guy’s Testimony And it’s free so i don’t know The top and bottom of the stuff like That when you look at some of the risks People have took Getting certain things to wikileaks um You know oh here it is Where was where where was all these

Things being sent when uh Assange was putting drops out all the Time I found it guys You want me to show you i think by all Means rich Just don’t ask me to read it no no Nothing to read i promise you that just To look at I hate reading as much as you no but you Can read So that’s the difference Just sound like a sound like a door stop When i’m reading I’m rubbish you’re reading out loud you Just need to approve the screen for me There it is the book disclosure which i Have I have the thick version i guess but Yeah fifteen dollars right here There you go stephen told you we love You it’s Years in the making sale right now Featuring the testimony of military and Civilian pilots and air traffic Controllers who have tracked dt Spacecraft on radar going thousands of Miles an hour The truth about new energy and Anti-gravity propulsion systems Technologies hidden in black projects That’s racist And they can’t solve much They can’t solve any of our energy

Crisis Well that’s right there it is fifteen Dollars i’ve got the book right there on The shelf Thanks maybe it’s time we decided that We just Just blank it anything is [ __ ] if It’s got a printed rubber stamp on it Now If it’s got anything yeah classified Written on it or top secret Instant nonsense So i i kind of wanted to i wanted to ask You about this before the show rich to Say you were okay with it but i’m gonna Ask Because i know you are okay with it So you you obviously your channel is the The one of the biggest like growing Channels When it comes to ufology and you’ve been You’ve been accused Of a lot of stuff recently i i’m Constantly Cc’d into like tweets going i don’t do Twitter and i’m like every so often i’m Looking at what’s going on here And i don’t really get what’s going on Because i i i don’t want to scroll Through All the [ __ ] sure but There’s there’s there’s other channels Saying that goofon is now a hoaxer this That and the other

He’s working with third phase and moon Blah blah blah blah blah I did a few videos for third phase of The moon and i probably would still do Them right now because i know it would Be good for my channel But i i i don’t have the time So in in so i’ve kind of answered that For you rich but you know what’s How are you handling that in terms of And i know you seem right with it you Did say on your show the other day you Were going to kill them with Kindness or ignore them with kindness Yes Um but how are you finding that I’m used to it uh it’s something i went Through the My when i first came out back in 2004 And 2005 I built the website and started talking About what goes on behind the scenes and It’s a bunch of bs That mufon was supporting hoaxes and Jaime mohsan and This that and the other thing they’re All lying lying lying for Clicking for views was you know clicking For dollars or disclosure for dollars as Lee says because that’s basically the Same thing that’s been going on forever Um which is why i never sold any Merchandise or wrote a book For money or anything for money i never

Did But i’m handling it quite well to be Honest with you and i like the challenge Because I know a couple of things happen first Of all i’m with the number one Ufo channel in the world right so you Can’t deny that that helps but also I found out by talking to third phase of Moon That they’re actually really decent People and they’re not here to hurt Anybody never were uh what happened to Them they were a bottle Digging or they really yeah yeah hey i Really liked them I really like them videos but that’s how They started out third phase of moon Used to be bottle diggers of hawaii or Something like that And then one day a friend of theirs or Somebody gave them a video Of a ufo they posted it you know for Just whatever And it went viral and they’re like wait A minute we got more views off this one Video than we did All of our other videos combined so they Got into ufology by accident In into the youtube thing it was just by Accident And what they did was they took videos From people That were questionable but posted them

Up as What if this happened what if this was Real what if that And they were being accused of making Those videos because they looked a lot Like star wars figures and that and You know things like that um but As far as i know that they made one big Mistake and all the other Mistakes they made were just by accident And then they realized that they wanted To do something Other than be this channel that is known For posting everything So now uh the last four and a half five Years especially the last year with the New panel of Panelists and everything they decided They wanted to do the right Thing no matter what and that means No more cgi if they if they recognize it No more stupid stories if they You know i mean they’re really going out Trying to do the right thing they’re Also A breaking news channel for ufology Which means david that’s where you come In isn’t it you could you You you really like kind of like putting The news out straight away on the on the The smaller channel And then they kind of put it into the Bigger channel that you do a lot of the Background research for them don’t you

In terms of i thought you did when it Comes to putting out it out There yeah there’s things that like pan Each one of the panelists yeah guys That’s what i’m saying You guys i mean this you this yourself There is Um who else dinner 10 28 Dark hour paranormal yeah Now we have john de souza also alex Who is the curator for the smithsonian Institute Okay this guy’s got it he’s an Astrophysicist got a degree Um and then there’s a couple other People that just got added as well like Michael schratt And somebody else with the degree so What third phase Is doing now and what people don’t Understand is that they’re trying to Figure out what things are and having Panelists Kind of uh explain what they think it is And we’re not experts but we do the Research Like i called the boston globe new york Times and other news agencies that never Got back to me So we proved that we try to make to try To reach out to mainstream media we get Denied we try to reach out to these People we get denied So there’s some sort of thing going on

That we found out over the last year is That Mainstream media won’t deal with the Public they’re only going to deal with The government louis elizondo ttsa Things like that and Dismiss anything else the public has to Say because over the years people look Down on the public In ufology the general public thinks We’re all coops You know even to this day they don’t Know every moment That they they think i’m strange So that’s why that’s why uh they asked Me to be a part i didn’t i didn’t reach Out to them they reached out to me We had a very long conversation several Hours long where They said ask us anything you want and i Did i said why’d you fake this why’d you Fake that and he said we didn’t we Didn’t here’s what happened i’ll prove It And they proved things to me and there’s A i I remember you saying to me um In a conversation because they sent you Something you kind of like this is when You’d first started Doing some stuff for the and you get i’m Gonna have to give it to them straight i Think this is [ __ ] And i can’t remember it what it was and

You actually did say When you were on third phase of moon That you You know there was everything some of The others but this is great when you Get in a few different people’s And a perception on how people look at Things but you said i think this is Nothing Yeah there’s a few of the things you’ve Sent me and said Before this goes out can you like the Map and that Oh yeah what do you think of this Because We need to get it right so for anybody That’s saying that You guys are hoaxing stuff like you guys Are coming to me You well you come to me uh now and again And third face moon will send me an Email saying can you take a look at this Tell us what you think and I give my honest opinion on it yeah uh Does that make me a hoaxer I know no it doesn’t but it’s what George bush said If you’re hanging out with them you are Them So you know if you know remember that And back in the day with 911 if you if You’re Helping the terrorists you are a Terrorist well it’s the same thing

Uh you’re guilty by association and you Know what I welcome that type of uh whatever you Want to call it uh I i i don’t like it there’s nothing i Can do So there’s that one channel out there That constantly is sending out Slanderous things about me More than third phase of moon and uh i Love that man Yeah i mean how can you not he’s given Me more subscribers in the last two Months than anybody else Just because i would like to get him on And kind of like take you know just to Tie the knot you know just to go look Come on mate Open a beer i invited you whatever you Want to do He said what is this the same guy like The last one last show we did together He probably doesn’t like any show we do Together Was it the same guy probably because Which one he’s In a few more cents Kitten garden kitten garden Yeah no let’s just say he’s out here Yeah oh are you talking oh oh ken Are you talking about lions ground yes No No lions ground is not part of it i well

I will tell everybody this in the chat i Messaged heathcliff The other day because i noticed he had Because we We go back regardless of the copyright Strike we go back a long way And i know he gets his knickers in the Twist but i message him to see how he’s Doing Because he hasn’t put a video out in Two three months so a little bit a Little bit worried about the guy Um so if you’re watching this mate i Hope you’re okay regardless of the Right strength who cares you know Between friends What’s the copyright strike No no i do hope he’s okay though to be Fair I i do um but yeah i know what you’re Saying And he he kind of needs to chill out I get he’s i get his passion for ufology I do i do and paul if you’re watching This i get your passion for You need to chill out you really do He’s really His time is limited if he keeps this up The guy is really overstepping his Welcome As far as youtube’s concerned um But he has just taken my content and Using it at will And that doesn’t go well with youtube

And I’m not doing anything now but um He’s he’s definitely in danger territory So the fact that he wants to be a Debunker Um he does the worst thing that a Debunker does which is worse than a Hoaxer He actually lies about the debunk To make it fit so he’ll make something Up Just to make it fit his debunk can we Say what channel it is i don’t know what Channel this is It’s the out there channel i’d i’ve Never seen it it’s out there Oh yeah but the guy literally uh There’s something i think unstable Within his uh psyche there’s something Going on there I really feel that is dangerous to um Everybody i think that’s why he stays at Home and never goes anywhere Doesn’t show his face i think there’s Something wrong with the guy And that’s a shame i feel bad for the Girl i i don’t want to talk about the Guy behind his bot because No we’re not we’re paul paul messaged me On twitter you’re welcome to come on Alien addict and we’ll talk Like grown-ups he’s kind he’s not really Said much about me Recently uh he has in the past um

But i think i know i brought it up Because he’s drama You know i like the drama i need to Bring the drama i need to be a little Bit No but what i’m saying [ __ ] It i have noticed that there is a lot of Stuff going on When it comes to your channel and What comes with great growth For me what i’m seeing on youtube when It comes to our channels Is people just can’t seem to accept That and they automatically accuse Somebody of being a hoaxer When they start growing out and i’m here To say somebody who’s known you for Years The rich jardiner is no he’s no hoaxer And he’s very much passionate about this Subject Yeah he is exactly yeah So but yeah forget that but What i’m saying is with all these Channels that Are accusing and there’s the war going On on twitter twitter is Evil when it comes to this subject it Really is That’s why i kind of stay out of it i Literally post When a video is going to come out but it Is poisonous it’s full of left hearts And locusts

That’s why i think comment sections are Awful now In general you know it’s why are people Fighting in mine I can’t read it oh no no no there’s not This one this is fine Or that that one let me tell you Something there’s no Anger for me against these people Because you know how many people there Are that are saying it Three three who gives a [ __ ] about three People when you have thousands that love You Screw him and the horse he uh Well did whatever to get in on i don’t Know i can’t Look i really can’t stand the guy but i Don’t wish i’m The worst no i know you don’t i know you Know and it wasn’t about the guy I just wanted to bring it up because i Kind of know it’s just you You have spoken by a few times and you Show recently Yeah there is the haters out there uh People Accusing you of this that and the other And I’ve known you for a long time now and i Would consider you a good friend And not only that i’ve learned a lot From you uh Speaking about this subject and you ask

Me and i ask you What do you make of this we both ask Each other stuff but when i used to do The The the video stuff especially i used to Come up come Come to you and say rich what do you Make of this and sometimes you’d piss me Off because you’d say to me Yeah that’s just nothing and i’d be like Really thought i had something then as Well You know but that what comes with this Subject Is errors and many of them And and going back to what we were Speaking about about the start of the Video When he was when you were talking about Carbel and i Said to you well maybe it’s because He’s not he’s a filmmaker he’s not a Ufologist You know somebody’s giving him this Footage he’s put it out there If somebody gave me that footage would i Put that Out there yeah i probably would not me You would have known straight away that That was Broken is it i wouldn’t have known it Was bokeh But i would have known it was an anomaly Because okay so george knapp sends you

It george knapp sends you that Footage No i what i’m saying to you is george Now i think george knapp did george Knapp send carbel that All right by saying that i i don’t know But yeah i think so some like yeah Okay so george knapp sends you this What looks like a tr3b Rich i like your work pull that out And i would say george i think this is An airplane I can tell i’ve seen this on many many Videos of my own When i use night shot this is definitely Not A ufo and he would say yes but the Military They’re claiming that these were over Four battleships claiming is different Than proving we have no proof those were Over four battleships And then they also said they were it was Making maneuvers which i didn’t see any Maneuvers that were unlike anything i’ve Ever seen So yeah i would be truthful with Nap of course it’s my reputation it’s His it’s everybody it’s ufology’s Reputation And the fact that they put it out there Makes me very angry and It shouldn’t be out there as a pyramid a Triangle or anything

Really did you understand what i’m Saying to you do you think that yes Okay do you think that jeremy may have Got excited by it Yes because he doesn’t know any better Okay Either though you think jeremy’s at Fault for putting out how do you think He got excited to put it out I think jeremy knows here’s what i Really think I think jeremy knows that’s [ __ ] Video But i don’t think he cares what the Public thinks because the general public Doesn’t know [ __ ] and when you look at All the researchers around the world That do what you and i do let’s say There’s a million of us out there over The whole world 1 million against 7.8 billion people Are going to lose and you know the Numbers way less than a million Researchers that really understand What’s going on it’s probably a couple Of thousand people And that’s it so you’re against the guy Which is um On the news all the time on rogan He’s uh he’s on netflix shows yeah he Always documentaries like Featured on netflix yeah yeah you yeah You’re 100 right I’m not a i’m against how it’s being

Presented It’s being presented as real it’s not You’re not against because You’re against what you’ve been Presenting yeah and core bell has Continually done Bad bad things in this field making Claims that he can’t back up And i hate people that do that hate it Do you think he’s genuinely Genuinely disingenuous or Do you think he’s is he Is he the living embodiment of the Poster does he want to believe I think he wants people to believe him Yeah More than that i think he’s got an ego Issue i think He definitely cannot stay out of the Limelight too long And it’s been a while since he’s had a Big hit and it was about time he had one The numbers must have been getting Smaller and smaller over time look a lot Of people feel like i do and i’m very Happy to see that this time around Thank you mick west for that you know Because if mick west didn’t do that as Fast as he did it would have gotten a Lot Better uh i don’t know the public Probably would have thought it was real Triangle ufos but The public doesn’t know that’s the whole

Thing and they know that They don’t care what rich jordano thinks They don’t care what anybody thinks in This field They only care about what’s what they Can get signed off To get funding for their friends You know that want to see this as a Narrative for You know a threat for whatever reason to Get funding for research I don’t know i don’t know what’s I i still don’t understand why we have To say it’s a threat What do they get out of it by saying That Really pisses you off doesn’t it rich it Really does It it really gets on your tittens i Can’t stop thinking about it But nobody can give me an answer that’s Why i keep asking it over and over again Well what would you call it if you don’t Call it a threat that that’s my I call it an unknown not knowing that They’re a threat It’s just like a a blind person walking Into Uh you know anywhere maybe a woman’s Locker you know Is he a threat because he can’t see us Yeah he’s still a threat But he’s not doing it he’s if he’s Pretending rich if he’s

Pretending wait Put your glasses on it depends how pervy Is don’t don’t don’t He’s walking in with his stick you know But i don’t know i couldn’t come up with A better analogy but it’s You know i always say there’s if there’s Clouds over my house it doesn’t mean It’s going to rain That kind type of thing but when you’re The military They’re saying yeah i understand Something’s in the air space Is a threat that shouldn’t be there it Doesn’t have a um A transponder on it for identification Purposes there’s nobody talking back to Them they’re in their airspace they Shouldn’t be I get that i understand that but aliens Wouldn’t know that Why do would they know if we flew to Another planet like we just went to mars How do we know we’re not supposed to Land where we landed We did we just put the rover down in a Place that could have been uh airspace That we’re not allowed to be in And the helicopter that looks directly Down Right the helicopter that only looks Down doesn’t look outward Real smart guys That really frustrates me that

Helicopter because i was really excited That i was gonna see this martian Landscape with kind of like all these Like little buildings in the background They’re afraid of that they’re afraid We’re gonna see something in the sky Are you there with me that on that one Rich do you think there is definitely Some sort of ancient civilization that Was on Well apparently there hasn’t been any Water there for three billion years So if anything is there it’s probably Mostly underground at this point or Or you know blown away from the sand and Wind Um but i do believe there’s some things On that That planet that we may not uh want the Public to see I don’t know it’s interesting uh had an Article today saying that instead of Um spending so much money looking for Alien signals like radio waves and stuff Like that i think that we should be We should be spending time looking on The moon for Alien artifacts yes we should be Looking for actual physical evidence But i i can’t help think that for all of A sudden these stories coming out Uh it feels like the new york Times article why why now

Does think we should be Looking for spaceships on On the moon wait wait because this is The thing that when you’ve Had so many of like independent Researchers Finding anomalies on of pictures on the Media with like Spires and what appear to be tunnels and Things like that Yeah so so what why put a if you haven’t Already got a Um agenda for the article why put an Article out saying oh we should be Looking for Some of these things where what you Could do is say Well look these people have found these Photographs what we should be doing Is going to look at these sites If you were being genuine do you think That We already know what’s up there so why Spend the money if we already know I think either we already know it’s What’s going up that are going on up There or Um the gria the greer invasion things Right the force Yeah and it’s all it’s all drip drip Drip drip drip of these things Just throwing them out their throat what Invasion False flag

What type of innovation he said greer Oh my god i felt that is beautiful look At him Man that’s harry and the hendersons He is that is unbelievably the funniest Picture i’ve ever seen i’ve never seen That one before You’ve never seen that you’ve never seen That before that creature would Absolutely Smile like that until you put your Fingers close to it don’t try and kick Them off Have you seen tom delong’s favorite Picture of korea I don’t know man i can’t wait though let Me see Oh no That’s funny I’m kind of milking it now the greatest Thing i need to stop it it’s like It’s like it’s like with the blade thing Intact yeah Yeah the blade thing yeah How much you told me how much that uh Blake loves that yeah he does he likes It It’s funny yeah um but i think i’m i Think i’m going to pack it in now you Know You know Email me can i use that can i put a T-shirt That’s what he’s going to look like in

Five years That poor guy grier started out hot i Think i will To be fair what i think i’ll look like That as well No i don’t think you will maybe like Yellow I hope not jaundice I don’t know man is that see-through oh Speaking of yellow speaking of yellow I had a little drink tonight of a Non-alcoholic drink Oh yeah which is the normal thing rich You but have you have you ever heard of This Um yeah i have heard of it Do you know how much i paid for it It’s inca cola and it’s made by Read by coca-cola oh wow yeah It and my wife’s from ecuador um So they used to have this well her dad Used to Do um work away from ecuador and do Um like trips Take people up into the inca ruins and What have you which is quite far from Ecuador but He did that he needed to make a living Quite far But she what i was watching a a youtube Video and somebody was in peru and they Bought some inca cola And and she was talking about that so My friend we were talking about this in

Coca-cola and i showed in the video and He goes i’m going to order some He got it delivered here and it cost him 20 pounds For four bottles that are like Nearly the size of a small can of beer 20 pounds Was it nice no it tastes like dog [ __ ] But it’s great they say bubble gum it Tastes it’s I thought it was going to be like Coca-cola but yellow like do you Remember when they brought that I think it was in the early 90s they Brought that Um coca-cola that was see-through tap Clear yeah yeah yeah yeah Tab clear it was wonderful i want to Hear a word said about it but it was Just coca-cola It tasted the same but people didn’t Like it I’m a green ketchup i liked it yes Did you like that i never tried it yep You dip your chip what looks like you Dipped it in a moldy man Yeah you dipped in the corpse It tastes like kept ketchup interesting Game Um do you you have starbursts in america Don’t you [ __ ] yeah yeah you take starbursts And close your eyes and eat them you Can’t tell which flavour any of them are

Yeah yeah that’s true same with uh A lot of candies out there they’re Different colors eminem’s even Yeah that’s silly but it’s chocolate Oh no sorry smarties smarties are orange Oh my god We’ve we’ve we’ve done it he’s gone We’re fun And we do still have different flavors Skittles should have different flavors Yeah Taste the same orange smarty should be Orange chocolate Try this out ollie how’s that mike going For you What’s up with the mic how is it working And i’m gonna try it out while we’re Live well don’t don’t you’ve already Seen the color of it though you need to Close it Like put it right put them all on the Table Close your eyes and then take one at Random do it right Now don’t even close your eyes mate yeah Mate you you’ve got two you’ve got two Um it’s So weird anyone that isn’t english Sounds weird saying mate i know i feel Bad saying that no no no It’s fine crack on i’ll say y’all next Say bro First guys It’s strawberry oh [ __ ] they’re all

Strawberry Oh it’s a strawberry flavored bucket Oh come on Oh there’s two minutes i’ll never get Back How’d you know No no how did you not know they were all The same color that’s my point Because my wife just gets my children Them every now and again so I’ve taken candy from a baby but you Grabbed let’s say four pieces you said I’m gonna do this test i got Excited all right all right all right All right I’m sorry oliver as a newfound signed up Member of the woke army I found your lack of diversity in Starbursts Problematic i know they were called opal Fruits Back in the day before you whitewashed Them Anyway back to ufology whoever What did you just say who brought a Powerful fruit at starburst Wait honestly i’ll kick you next time You do that you you spoiled it Ufology it’s not ufology it’s ufology How isn’t your channel called uf oligy Well because at the time it wasn’t even A thing the made-up word came up after I feel i feel a second I channel third phase of moon suggested

That to me in the last show I actually put it in the chat you’ve got Uf Ology but yeah i i I understand that people like corbell Can make mistakes as mu As much as you don’t rich and i get that But a lot of people don’t like him more Than i thought Is it the beard no it’s his google some People do get some people get beard envy That’s all i’m saying I get it all the time the ginger beard He hasn’t got a gingerbread he’s got a Great beer but i have a lot of I do have a lot of grey in this beard Both of you guys i feel like i’m I shouldn’t even be here me and my clean Shaving face Towels so the thing with i mean Like we we are getting to the like one And a half hour and this always comes in We Either talk about bob lazar or we talk About did we go back to the moon because Lee always brings that up In the first place okay but you know so It was george knapp that got garbell in Touch with Lazar wasn’t it that guy and why They got they got carbel um Introduced to uh bob lazar Yeah i think so yeah but When we talk about lazar you think lazar

Is uh unknowingly A um a cover-up He’s like a test subject For the public i think he I think he thinks he worked at s4 i Don’t think he really did i think it was A mock-up place Maybe nearby do you don’t feel it’s a Long game to play though Yeah doesn’t know it rich is saying he Does not know There’s a lot of problems with bob Lazar’s story And things ha he has changed his story Just a little bit on some things but Nothing’s made It up a bit like the it was the just the Discovered craft in antarctica the other Them digging these things up that was Sex stuff that That was new that was new for rogan that I’m not sure i don’t remember but i Don’t remember him saying it originally Now But you know what he could have done i Could be wrong but it feels i don’t Remember That they were accurate yeah no they’d Been dug up I do not remember that yeah me neither It was sexed up like i think lee said Because he asked them where’d they come From and he said archaeological dig Sites which makes sense

Yeah yeah it makes more sense than the Aliens are either still here Hiding out on mars or the moon or in the Ocean antarctica I think it’s possible we may have found That stuff Underneath the pyramids who knows the Sphinx somewhere In the jungle and they’ve back Engineered it since and all we’re seeing Is Our stuff so for them to still be here The flat earthers need to be right And there needs to be like extra land Off off Somewhere i think for the year for them To still be here Yeah i don’t know anything that starts Off with flat earthers i Kind of like freak out Inside i enjoy it i enjoy watching them The documentaries have always got the uh They’ve always got like the working Budget for twix it’s good fun to watch That’s true do you have twixes in the States Yeah break me off a piece of that Oh no that’s not twix that’s kitkat bar Yeah we have twix It’s got the nougat crunchy and caramel With chocolate covered on yeah Yeah so Do you think that carbel buys everything That bubblers are saying

Or do you think he thinks some of it is Do you think do you think he thinks like You About do you think that that this guy Made that documentary And thinks i absolutely Whether he thinks that he believes what He’s saying He believes that bob lazar is The real deal or do you think there’s a Little bit of that man that might think That i think he really believes bob Ozark you do But again i’m not sure anybody who makes An hour and a half documentary and One-third of it Includes your own self you know he’s in A documentary for 27 minutes By him you know him like you don’t make A documentary and put yourself in it you Put the people in it maybe you ask a Question here or there but Yeah he he is a non-factor that’s that’s True Muted matrix he is a non-factor but he’s Trying to be a factor with the help of Knapp And i do think he believes bob lazar I was watching our show today aren’t you Doing a show about your Documentary about yourself but it’s About me It’s not about bob lazar i’m just Pulling your plunker yeah okay

Oh oh sorry sorry but yeah to go back i Did I did or i did hear that Uh the out there channel is doing a Documentary about you Did anybody see that orb rewind it went There it went past I saw it yeah wait what Yeah on my show no not on your show on His show He he he i he’s my guilty pleasure The out there channel i do i do i do Dabble I like to watch him [ __ ] but he said he Was making a documentary about you Okay good for him i could be wrong on That one Because i do skip past a lot of stuff i Just said richard i’m not doing a Documentary He needs to get my permission too if He’s going to be talking about me right I was just letting him do it if somebody Wants to make a documentary on me the Welcome What i’m doing like all six people that Watch that i’ll uh I’ll have to interview them see what They thought He can’t make a documentary he can’t Even debunk a A balloon for eight hours it takes him Eight hours to debunk balloons Are you talking about my ufo experience

Yeah that’s right it was yours was it I forgot well yeah wasn’t it you even Said it I think this might be balloons and he Spent seven and a half hours Trying to debunk seven and a half no i i To be fair i didn’t say it was bloons i Had a beer in my hand i was in the pub And i had one phone very shaky Filming an iphone i just got out of work And my wife was picking me up And no it wasn’t an iphone so it was a i Don’t know Some sort of samson thing at the time I’m filming this thing but then there Was two of them Which paul didn’t actually see the Second one Yeah you should have realized what one Of them said happy 50th Well he said he was a giant panda And i was kind of amazed by it the fact That he’d Put all this together and [ __ ] giant Panda i’m like okay It kind of amazes me that people see These balloons and they are very Pixelated They’ve managed to put them together It’s almost like a little bit of Paranoia that way you’re seeing it From so far away but yet you can kind of Like Figure it out and put those pixels there

Like we were showing with this image you Could not put this Image together not this one here where Is it And tell me what balloon that was if That was like some sort of cartoon Character Not when you’ve zoomed in there Now if it was some sort of i don’t know If you’ve got me intrigued now leah A chip in the glass But it does it looks it looks like a Chip in a car windscreen We’ll never know it does look like a Chip too though We will never know but yeah no but it Does it looks like a chip actually and Now that i looked at that again there Has a little thing going through the Middle of it there see it looks like it Could be a crack right there Like coming up with something else that Could be it The tip like what would look like what i Suppose would be the cab Looks like an impact point doesn’t That’s a thing that’s it’s broke out off From there Yep it might be bro oh my god It might be i’ve cracked it So that’s really good i can’t i’ve got To bring that up tonight that’s Phenomenal but Some people have said bloons but it was

Interesting what you said in the last Show late When i mean how fast they go 500 and odd 500 miles per hour yeah okay and to film A balloon on an iphone at that speed It’s impossible it’s it’s just yeah and To make it out as well That’s what i said they got to make it Out right the first of all was taken From the guy behind the pilot So he’s got to be doing either this guy What is that way over there that tiny Dot You know what do you do get your phone Out over a dot First of all they’re not even allowed to Have phones on these airplanes anyway From what i understood but Yeah i guess you know playing tetris Right here Trying to play a plane candy crushers Teddy crush has lost wars It is it looks like a chip in the Windshield more than anything now The problem is when we’re dealing with Um this is no George if you if you if you i’d be Honored if you are watching i very much Doubt it but This is no disrespect but this nonsense You know we get this and we’re supposed To be like Holy [ __ ] wow you know It’s it’s it’s a still image what can we

Do with that What can we do well the thing was Like even before that before that was Dropped and you had Um they all looked like twitter buzz About It i i you know and call bell turn Around and say yeah I know what’s coming something big is Coming And that’s it yeah That’s because i was quite excited i i i Got sucked in like the way corbell was Talking to people on twitter about it i Was sucked in and thought [ __ ] me tomorrow what’s going to happen Is i’m going to open my laptop and there Is going to be like High definition fair video of A massive triangular craft over new york That no one else has ever seen before And then what i get is two out of focus Pictures And what i thought looked like the craft From the front of the navigator And now i think is a chip in a Windscreen Um what was with the original one with The The watermark university to say i know What a Difference is we’re gonna put a Watermark on it so nobody else can use It

Screw you everybody knows mystery wire Don’t forget mystery wire [ __ ] you We’re all about the people water markets Nobody can steal it not even the people It’s all about the people see you’re Lucky uh third phase of move down Because i mean Why because I say this [ __ ] and people are like i Won’t work with him but you can just say What you want rich because You you kind of work with like the boys They seem to be I don’t understand what you mean i can Say what i want because because you can Because you say what you could say what You want to them and they will say they Will say to you And i know they do even if you they will Say to you yeah it’s okay rich brick Just calm down a little bit with that Because We don’t we we we can’t say that on Third phase You say what you want on goof on yeah You still do to this day Right because you you work with first Phase of the moon but you still will Mention their past Even though you work with them and then There’s people’s calling you like a Cello I know it’s weird And that’s what me that’s not me blowing

Smoke up your ass that’s me just trying To see it just pisses me off a little Bit I’m sorry no no no no no you know what i Mean it just pisses me off But because i said i can’t remember what I said to you Many like two or three years ago i said Rich Just keep going with it and i know you Had you you’d had a channel destroyed You’d had your Um your radio and not radio your your Website destroyed as well you’ve had a Lot of bad [ __ ] with it And i said to you you will take over my Channel Very soon you keep going the way you Will and you will I mean you you you growing so Fast it’s ridiculous you said that on November 18 2019 at 4 14 p.m I’m joking i don’t know but you said it In november Because i remember i had 300 subscribers And you’re like bro you got your 300 Fast and And some but you’re you’re you’ve got People who are watching and i’m like Dude This is not the the youtube i’m used to I mean youtube used to get A thousand views in a minute now it’s

Like you’d be lucky to get that Just coming out the gate it’s hard to Grow a channel like this I don’t even remember how we met you Know i i really don’t i I don’t know how it happened you do no i Don’t I i didn’t even i think you reached out You said one of you is a cia plant if You don’t remember Well lee you reached out to me and You’ve haunted my soul ever since It’s what i’m good at I’m just like see you don’t you don’t Even know where i’ve come from i’m Actually in like a top secret military Base at the minute this is not my house It would it would be so interesting to See If down the line somebody like yourself Rich Will get some of these people on as Guests As you grow because they’ll think you Know what because You’re cutting in and out however there Well i think you have i saw the settings On your microphone one show And i don’t think you have it on the Right setting You should have about the one that looks Like a boat the other side This side don’t you have two buttons on The back

No not this one my open mic was a little There’s one where you could have it For you your voice goes all around yeah You shouldn’t have it on that one no you Want it on the one that looks like a bum It looks like a bomb it does look like a Bomb look yeah that’s the right You want it i’m on bottom setting Yeah i can’t see it it’s lit up but The light is blurring it out yeah it’s Not as good as my last yeti I had a very simple one i had i had the Blue yeti The original and i’m not happy with mine No you don’t want the pro you don’t want The pro because it’s the same Sound just with a load of [ __ ] that you Don’t understand I’m still cutting out no but you were Off to the side so you i could Barely hear you and i’m sure other People couldn’t but anyways I appreciate i appreciate no i Appreciate telling me that i need to Know if this shit’s happening It’s okay rich i ruined it all again you Did you did So you were saying something about I’m gonna have people on my show that Are yeah So so the thing is i think when when you When you grow Even the people that you may have kind Of like

Smashed in the past in a bad way Not in a good way not smash them in a Good way but when you you’ve You’ve brought them down or maybe said Something about them For example you may have said something About corbell greer Tyler whoever but when your channel Becomes Massive will these people think you know What i will come on that show Because that will get me some some Recognition views yeah different Absolutely I don’t think good no no No they would though i mean like you can You could say what you want about corbal Or lazar If you’ve got the numbers there if Anything that gives extra intrigue I understand but i don’t think that’s True That’s what i’m saying i don’t think They would review rich No they would i think they would be Scared So what you may ask them yeah you think They would want to challenge Me and prove that i’m an idiot And they’d just say it they said you Don’t know what the hell you’re talking About this comes from the military And i’m like oh so now the navy’s not Gonna lie you’re gonna believe them just

Because Yeah that’s right they don’t think right That’s what baffled me with third phase A moon like kind of like Asking you to kind of like help them out It really did because i I i know what you’ve what you’ve said About them in the past i know What you’ve said to me about them and Not nastily but you’ve kind of like you Know There’s a lot of rubbish on the channel Yeah and you said to me recently Even before even before you started Doing stuff and That was it was doing well and it’s Entertaining there’s good stuff coming Out Right but i think Them boys have taken a hell of a risk on You on Like trusting you with that that they Must Feel like they want to do some sort of Really big turnaround big change And kind of they must want somebody who Is in the know because they no i don’t Think the boys are ufologists They’re just they’re they’re they’re Creating people that are You know that’s the thing yeah the the The clever In what they’re doing with the team I think having me on brings that

Almost sort of like hey we’re gonna have A guy who hated us Be a panelist and he’s gonna make sure We’re not faking anything That’s what i think that’s the thought On that like let’s get rich on He’s growing maybe he’s got this core of People That hate us and you know what Um it’s turned around since with people That didn’t like them that understand That they’re not doing anything wrong Now I think that is that what you mean by Having me on that’s the risk They took yes they could have lost a lot Of subscribers just having me on because People think i’m such a debunker when I’m really not That’s the thing you’ve completely Changed kind i know there was There was already kind of like wanting To Get things right get the right Information out but they’ve got somebody Now On the channel that doesn’t that takes The sec No offense reach but it takes the sex Out of What yeah they what what image they Might be looking at You know they take the sex you take the Sex appeal out of it

But you may even know this just by Talking to them i don’t know Recently but they pretty much know What’s real and what isn’t Anyway it’s just it’s easier for them For me to say it than have them say well They can keep that Illusion available not an illusion but That well You know what are the ramifications if This is real you know that What if this what if that not we think It’s this They actually say things like that now Though they say well do you think this Is a balloon do you think this is that Or They are they’re doing everything you’re Supposed to do that’s why i went over There As soon as it changes i’m gone as soon As a hoax is If if anything is purposeful done or if I find out i was being duped That has to be the end of it And i’m saying if third phase purposely Knew that they had a hoax And told me it was real and i go out There saying well i think it’s real Sources say That would make me look really bad if Somebody said i made this And i gave it to third phase of moon and They thought it was real

And rich giordano swore it was real this Guy can’t be a deep bunker He doesn’t know what the hell he’s Talking about ah that hasn’t happened And now and that’s why i say what i said Because i know it won’t happen i know Third phase Isn’t going to put anything fake up Or purposeful purposely do that But if he did you know that’s it I think did she ever worry that that Make might make you more Um less Less open to something actually being Real To protect reputation i don’t know what You mean Yo if you get something do you think That Might make you you lean further towards The debunk Than the oh [ __ ] this might actually be Something no i don’t know Not to disingenuously like protect Reputation But to more edge on the side of caution I suppose it’s the best way to look at It So if you’re saying if i’m on third Phase of moon in a video It just doesn’t matter what it is what What you’re given Whether it’s third phase or something You put you put out on goof on

Do you think that that the the idea of Being duped and then debunked afterwards Makes you edge on the side of caution Towards Like a more normal explanation for Something than a Extraordinary one i always think that Way I always think i’m being duped every Single time I don’t trust anything that comes to me Unless it’s Specifically the iss or some you know Even then i’m like well wait a minute Um but anything that comes from the Public i’m gonna be really skeptical All the way 100 percent so that never Changes That’s the same thing with some some Guests that have Emailed you in the past that have Emailed me and you’re like Holy [ __ ] that guy that guy told his Story To you in an email because you were Cautioned you were very cautious About having the person on the show Because you didn’t want You didn’t know whether to believe the Story or not and I get that that is that’s a very hard Thing to judge When guests are sending in um Potential guests or people that wants to

Come in the show that send send you an Absolutely crazy story and you think Do i have this person on the show are They going to be Trying to pull the wool over my eyes It’s a risk you have to take but i think With what you do when you’re looking at Images is a totally it’s it’s More of a it’s kind of scary in a way Because If you do kind of if you believe it then You’re you’re stupid for believing it Right if you debunk it And loads of people believe it well then You You’re some sort of you’re a shill or You’re Just you’re a hater yeah you don’t have An open mind I like um muted matrix comment there It was just directed at rich but it’s Not it doesn’t really Just have to be rich’s comment it can be Ollies as well Do you ever like think that this might Not be real Yeah rich do you entertain the idea of Aliens May not be real i do yes i You know mainly in that i have And uh we talked about it several times But I always go back to one thing when i get To that level of thinking like

There are no there are no aliens then Why do we have Alien abduction stories and legitimate People Talking about seeing aliens in their Home in their dreams and Being abducted so to me but to the Question you do Because you have to yeah you have to Look at that Possibility I love him to pieces but when he says You that you do it’s just science you Can’t Science that is it you gotta take the Spirituality out of it this that the Other I don’t i don’t i don’t go with that and I think In this subject we kind of need to look At both the paranormal side of it And the the science side of it i do Think we need to do that Because i i i think i don’t think enough People have the answers i don’t think The scientists that are doing All this research i think they Definitely need to maybe go down I know the ancient alien stuff is is There’s a lot of Shine that’s come from the ancient Aliens definitely 100 I mean there’s one guy the brian guy he Does some good stuff

Um but well he’s an ex h Guy but the the subject Of it going back thousands and thousands And thousands of years Were we worshipping gods were Worshipping people from the stars Or maybe you could put gods and monsters All these things yeah Involved in it yeah So we didn’t have fair phase in the in The chat What was my what rich now you were Saying something about that and never Finished what you were saying I do that all the time is it is it about The In terms of it being ancient yeah if I don’t have an answer for it and i Really don’t and that’s my thing with it I in when i first started alien addict I thought that this was definitely 100 Aliens were coming to earth we had to This the martial fashion footage Of the curious curiosity Soul when it was still alive and um Curiosity soul and opportunity Yep i was i was obsessed with those This is before i even started my channel And i was obsessed with mars and i Thought there was a There was an ancient civilization on That planet at some point Now my thoughts now from interviewing Guest after guest after guest that keeps

Talking about Shadow figures that keeps talking about Things that Kind of go bump in the night and seeing Ghosts and also seeing ufos at the same Time i mean tateri can have it For example you know he’s He’s going to see grays out of his Window That look very weird you know almost Like paper Um but yet he’s seen other stuff as well It seems that this subject Of ufos and aliens that becomes this Big part of A unified conspiracy theory Almost yeah yes yeah but i don’t have Any of the answers for it but um This is when i said to you earlier Originally you said well we know more Than so-and-so i’m no ufologist I know nothing about ufology other than What i See what i hear in the news that i am Not a ufo researcher And you still know more than corbell i Am here For the for the entertainment of the Subject you know what it is about you And a different thing with corbell is That corbell doesn’t have critical Thinking Like you do he’s not a critical thinker He’s a reactor

And uh that’s dangerous in my opinion Third phase of the moon have just said What gets me is that we’re So called the the so-called debunkers I think they’re always 100 right when in Fact So-called the bunkers get things wrong i Mean this is the argument that me and You had on twitter with Uh mick west when it was the what was it Now that we was He messaged me back about it and i he Said the debunk Oh he said fighter pilots make mistakes So i said to him Yeah i said make debunkers can make Mistakes And you know you know this is it this is It we do make mistakes debunkers i mean I I wasn’t a debunker i was never debunked I was more you know for the Entertainment And a little bit of drama but if i i’ve Done some debunks in my time yes but Maybe i’ve got some things wrong i don’t Know probably have But if you’re a debunker you need to get It right You can’t you do this i don’t debunk Anymore You know right which is why i changed as Well And i’m more towards look i can’t prove

This you know i wasn’t there Even though i see a string the thing is Rich you can’t debunk this As much as we try and you can’t 100 Debunk it No and they know it they know it because It Is a still image yep Which is why i wanted to put my opinion Into the mix i could be wrong But i wanted to put it out there and i Thought i did an okay job with it i Showed the The circle inside the circle and but now You know this really looks like a chip In the frickin window After everything is said and done but It’s good to have this discussion About about right in the window balloons And what have you because We’re discussing the possibilities of What it could be if It’s not a threat you know i think what I think we’re too in love with the fact It’s technology based Okay yeah we we it always comes back To some sort of machinery on Some sort of crashed saucer in it Essentially Exactly the same way as what we were Saying before About um an alien race would have Emotions or empathy and that that type Of thing

We always humanize it by making a Machine that would That’s essentially even if it’s like a A fluid injected thing which is no seams And no bolts and stuff but it’s still We can kind of get it because we’re Starting to 3d print things so It’s it’s still the future human Technology Uh where i i’m still of the fact of If if these things are real and if There’s Other entities that are around i i think It’s like Extra dimensional or what we used to Think of As demons or angels and that sort of Thing I think there’s there’s much more of a Chance Of it being a spiritual thing than it is Of a Um and by spiritual i don’t mean Religious But by being a more a spiritual thing Than a People from that place evolved developed Built cars built planes then spaceships And came here You think that’s more go ahead ollie no No no no no You can i think it’s more i think it’s Got more in common with magic than it Doesn’t come with science

Okay so magic as in paranormal or magic Magic like we’re being duped Uh no no magic is in paranormal like Magic or With a in a stuff we don’t understand Yeah yeah like a a layer a layer on top Of where we are Like you know it’s something and then They can just blip in and blip out but Where Where where we are stuck we kind of yeah Parallel universe Yeah oh time travel Which is probably the most likely That where’s those back and forwards From the future yeah i don’t believe Do you remember the fake alien that was Talking Uh a few years back and it was people Said oh it’s amazing cj it wasn’t it was It was it was it was it was nice you do It’s called the one that went Had the gruff voice now it had the gruff Voice and it was an alien Talking and he was talking about that he Is Us from the future do you remember There was a person talking that said he Was an alien grey He was saying that basically that we Destroy ourselves oh Yes kind of a message saying that we Destroy ourselves and Yeah he’s come back from the future it

Was very it was good cgi at the time It was at the time it shot now yeah um My favorite of the uh we’ve just found a Picture of a Um alien was the one where they were Having the psychic interview with the With one You mean the one that’s like that and He’s coughing and they all yeah I think yeah i’m pretty sure it is Yeah everybody’ll say skinny bob and i’m Like I still i do not understand i never Sweat this before I do not understand how people don’t see Skinny bob and go oh well that’s clearly Animation All i see is animation when i look at Skinny blocks Everybody argue every everybody says oh Look at the eyes look at look at the Waves His eyes are looking nothing moves like That blink look at the blink Look at that [ __ ] the blink Moves like that in actual like even now On this camera Like this is this is 30 frames a second I think maybe Not not sure nothing moves as smooth In real life as that It it nonsense so there was a video i Made I mean i’ve done a few videos on skinny

Bob Uh before i did live shows but there was I think it got the name of the guy And he did a an and Like a recreation of the tic tac ufo but Then he did Like a video where he put his voice out And he was talking about the skinny bob Footage and i’ve always Said that the weird thing with skinny Bob is where is The kind of like where’s the money maker Where where’s the payoff for doing this Bit of cgi That’s the thing that intrigues me about Skinny bob that is where I do get my nipples get a little bit Hard when it comes to Get skinny bob because i think where’s The payoff Where why is this ivan0135 or whatever His Freaking name is have you heard about Humunculus I have no right well there’s a guy Where they i mean there’s loads of them Before and Basically it’s a old like alchemic Chemical thing where they thought you Could make A human being without A woman involved so you could Essentially grow Just from sperm a a human

So this guy made a youtube channel of it Which i Like if you google humunculus it’s like This a White thing in a jar if you’ve got [ __ ] All else to do for an evening I thoroughly recommend going to watch it Because it’s interesting And it’s it’s nonsense but [ __ ] it’s Fun It’s from uh planet nibiru is the Channel Man creates monster in basement with Sperm and chicken egg Yeah the um it’s a it’s russian isn’t it Is it Is it russian up there is another one That’s russian right underneath it Which is the same thing it’s the russian One which is the good one because It goes on right there’s oh that’s from Yeah Or something that’s yeah eight million Six million views And this went on and on and on and on Yeah but it doesn’t come to a conclusion Because the guy actually died of a heart Attack before He finished what what chestnut plan to Do with it No no no he is actually dead he’s gone It’s the The someone went in after it to try and Find it

There’s nothing saying that that didn’t Happen to skinny bob’s anime Oh yeah true you know like life gets in The way sometimes and sometimes I never thought that yeah so maybe he’s Just not around anymore Maybe it was some like oh maybe he was Going to do more maybe this was going to Be like The next big hoax yeah you see the thing Is when you think of people are going to Hoax something like that you always Think of somebody young You think the first thing you think is Oh well there’s somebody young like Pissing with people or it’s or like Someone’s doing it as like an Art project or something like that maybe It was just a guy [ __ ] about that’s Been involved in the movie industry for Years And he just died before he did anything With it Robert morgan thank you for the super Chat i i i I don’t know about my last gig on He said he liked it my last gig on third Phase of the moon was a long time ago That was only talking about the pyramids Oh wow yeah that was nailing that was in October of last year It was a long time ago but yeah thank You robert but yeah When he’s talking about

Um Just blame stanley kubrick so i Ain’t i interviewed section 51 Of a massive hoaxer back in the day he’s His videos used to get I think like fight like we were talking About privately Before the show and afterwards we had a Drink together He had a coffee and i had a beer but he Put He had to change his channel because he Was using Footage from the military and what i’ve You know we He had an open discussion on alien Addict i haven’t just said on alienated On my show And he he said you know Um we came clean Uh we decided to tell people that we Were hoaxing Because he had yeah um He could be you know he was honest with That he did say because we had to but For him it was like i never expected People to take it Seriously because it was cgi you know I know he said and we we take pride in What we do but You know it doesn’t look real so We didn’t think we was hurting and you Know what Some ways i think you know what he was

Making quite a bit of money back Off them and and he’s a lovely guy to Speak to But he had to do that but at the same Time I i almost think if you believe that Then you kind of like It’s your own fault for believing it you Know He he thought it was a bit of fun he’s a Massive space nerd You know he’s like me i love space but He can do cgi He can do great and i think i want you To get i want you to get him on the Channel and have a chat with him because I wanted to kind of speak to somebody Who’s Actively hoaxed and he has done a lot of Hoaxes Loads of them and i i debunked him back In the day there was one of them was Very good um But i think maybe What you’re saying there with Without going around the whole rigmarole That i’ve just gone round Is that the skinny bob creator maybe Might have been one of those guys But he snuffed it he never had the Chance to be The big hoaxer to finish it yeah you Never know like Never got the third time finished finish

His art piece Well hope ivan’s still alive bless him But he could be right there on that one I never thought of that Ivan zero one three five he’s He’s still here he’s still with us who He’s his name’s i the channel is ivan Zero one three five The funny thing with that is the guy That i was speaking to That did like some sort of It was almost like a debunk of skinny Bob he said there was One bit in that That he could not debunk and he tried to Put it through so many different filters Every time he looked at the footage it Didn’t match up with skinny bob And sorry that i’ve got it but that one There didn’t match skinny bob And the way it was filmed Was Different to how skinny bob had been Filmed when you see the sweater going up And you see him moving from side to side But there was this one Weird autopsy clip and You can see it i don’t have it to happen But it has it has the same thing though Doesn’t it has the same thing of low Detail The it does but what he was saying with This particular Image and you’d have to it’s linked on

My channel You’d have to watch his original because I didn’t want i kind of i told people What he was saying But i didn’t want to take anything away From him so i kind of said I want you guys to go and watch his Actual Analysis of this and he did a Really good job on this and and he’s a Cgi Special effect because he likes i’d like I’d like to ask him where the rest of The nose is Because on that image there if you look At what would be exactly My rights are yeah the right side here What would be What would be this bit yeah but it’s You can see here that leave that’s not Still this is this thing Moves no no yeah you can see the Camera’s going around The same structure exactly no no but you Look if you look at the Bridge in the bridge bridge in there on This side That’s flat that’s that’s a 2d Image in my eyes There’s no three there’s no there that Is A single it’s one of those things when You look at a 3d box one way and the Other way it changes

I think that’s what’s happening now you Know what that just looks like that Shade Faces aren’t identical either so i think Then one side of the face is different Than the other a little bit Mm-hmm That’s all we know man we don’t know Anything it’s all fake until it isn’t Oh my god thank you for to everybody Who’s watching live by the way Rich you bring me bring me the goodness No It’s third phase that did it third face You promote my channel Probably if you if you are keep doing it [Laughter] Wow um Yeah so and this is the interesting Thing for me so i I do say this rich but i actually do Mean it I’m not a ufo i’m not a ufologist but My interest is speaking to people like Yourself people And most of all people who have had the Experience but How do you filter what people Because do you ever feel that and this I’m not naming names here but Sometimes when people are telling you a Story and i’ll get the odd email that Somebody telling me a story

That they just even want to believe In the subject so much that they’ll Almost figure something out that they’ve Seen or an experience they’ve seen As alien ufo i mean i i still can’t for The life of me figure out what ronnie Dawson Believes whether he believes that if you Remember the guy With the sphere yeah the dawson’s fear Yeah That slept with the alien um catwoman I i he believes that i think Really and ronnie if you’re watching This now I find you hilarious but at the same Time i believe I believe you believe i believe he Believes what he believes you know He believes he’s slept with catwoman Yeah he does Yeah yeah it’s a crazy story but the way He tells it Sounds pretty real but they also say That the aliens can make you See them as different things of course You know Do you do you remember that film you’re Looking for mental illness yes Do you remember the steven spielberg Series that nobody really speaks about Taken Yeah anybody watch it yeah take it i Remember

Do you know what i almost started Watching that the other day it’s on Amazon isn’t it for nothing i’ve watched It’s brilliant Really i i enjoyed it i watch it again Interesting So there’s there’s one bit in that Steven spielberg short film Where the aliens take the kid from the Bedroom But the aliens don’t take the kid from The bedroom as an Alien or even as a flash of light what They do Is they come in the room as a like a Teddy bear it’s like some sort of big Squirrel thing And it’s like like it’s almost like in a Dream in the light Asking the child to come with them and The child goes to the window The next thing they know the child is Walking down into the forest And he walks into a hole in the tree Like a A door like willows of the whisper Um i don’t know what’s that really Winnie the pooh and he opens it up This squirrel he goes in the door The squirrel shuts the door the next Thing you know the tree turns into A bright light and it just straight up Into the sky But this this alien made this child

Think that he was a uh Giant squirrel mm-hmm you know Sometimes that whole thing though like Of leading someone into a forest and Especially into a tree as well You know you could look at maureen no But um You look at pan’s labyrinth um Yeah uh the alice in wonderland The these are this is the same thing you Know It’s modern folklore if you want to call Fiction folklore But uh the other thing they all have in Common is is Probably a [ __ ] hefty lot of Psychedelic use between You know between the creators especially Us in wonderland Um you know i fall Quite heavily on the on the idea on the Side of where i think those things Open up to things that aren’t What we what we can’t usually be open up To And that that goes back to my feelings About The fact we we’re tied to technology With these things where It might might not be technology-based I don’t think we’ll ever know and i Think Maybe we’re not supposed to no I’m with i i’m kind of with rich on this

And i don’t know where you stand on it But rich you’ve said That we’re never going to get disclosure He’s still He’s still in that kind of yeah we’re Never going to get it It’s not going to happen it’ll it’ll Never happen What happens in the next what is it how Many days is it how many days days we’ve Got like No it’s june 25th i think Okay yeah what happens go on predictions Right now Give it um because we got long left of The show because we’ve gone Yeah i need to go in about eight nine Minutes too but We’ll end the show in the time don’t Worry oh i’m not worried He uh well it ends at the end 180 days The Files get distributed or whatever What do you think we get i’ll tell you What we get we get the same thing we got Now redacted files Uh probably reprints of things we’ve Already seen and has been released Uh maybe some illustrations on how to Build a ufo Or supposed secret projects that uh They were trying to back engineer or Engineer a craft that can fly without Wings

I think we’re going to see drone Technology all this stuff Isn’t going to make anybody believe that Aliens are here It’s just going to be the same thing We’ve seen and all the important stuff That can prove Anything at all ufos aliens whatever Will be redacted Or removed completely same thing i guess But It’ll definitely just be nothing you’re Gonna get a whole Bunch of something that is nothing like We always get One step forward two steps back with Ufology I think we’ve got mr negative out the Way ellie come on spice it up Come on we’re gonna get it wrong oh i i I can’t prove you wrong But i know it’s a hunch One or two things it’s it’s gonna be Completely either it’s completely no i Don’t i need you i need you I want i want i i want something to what Look at this back And go they were wrong he was right I think gree is right Really yeah the more they were thought About You needed to warn me about that you Need to send me a little text message if You can get it

Do you think that there’s going to be a False flag alien invasion or At least that’s the narrative that’s Going to be pushed forward And i think we’re gonna get i think We’re gonna get this you think i’m gonna Be ringing my mum and say I think we’re gonna get bubbly it’s not Really happening Yeah i could see him in the sky i could See him in the sky you were right ollie You’re right we we We’ve never had faith in yet no but my Mom i’m telling you it’s not real it’s Not Never have that coke again jesus Christ i think a coke is not ollie’s Friend What do you mean you’re saying that i’m Not a bit hyper tonight I’ve only had i’ve had four cans of Lager i’m not drunk I’ve spent much more money on coke to Get the same reasons And i think it was the one i think it Was i think it was the chewie Right i think we’re gonna get at least A high-definition photograph of a Triangular craft That we already have those right no Okay but the thumbnail a a publicly Acknowledged one from the government That Yeah maybe slightly less cartoon

But um okay But what would we see on this one that We don’t see on anything you do you Don’t it You don’t need to see it it just needs To be it’s for mr and mrs normie out There Which aren’t the saw people that a come And sit and talk about Ufos in a live stream or sit in the chat Uh They won’t matter as long as it’s on the Front page of the new york times They don’t they don’t care you know That’s that’s evidence Then what it’s for [ __ ] knows i mean It depends do you think uh we we Actually have the Technology to stage a fake alien Invasion i don’t think so but apparently We do Yeah well they see that’s that’s where i Am on it because I i don’t i think we do i think we do i Think we definitely do I i think we have the i think we have The technology whether Somebody could debunk it very quickly And if it started happening That’s the difference because you’ve Seen this stuff have you seen the stuff Where they get the whale Have you seen the the children when

They’re all watching the Basketball game the magical and the Whale comes out yeah but that’s not that That’s That’s an artist’s impression of what it Could do that’s not real I was it oh god that was the What about the dragon what about the Dragon at the the stadium was that real Game of thrones yeah yeah yeah yeah but I don’t i don’t think the people in the Stadium could see it I think that was they could do it all Going whoo because I’m buying that [ __ ] or was that what Was that not one of those things People hold their phones up no they can Definitely do hologram Holograms i’ve seen i’ve seen the Holograms in the sky So it doesn’t flick or glitter or go out Yeah it has to be so perfect because Yeah and it also has to be timed if it’s Gonna be an invasion as well they’re Gonna There’s gonna be [ __ ] explosions Right they’re gonna they’re going to Crash Drones with uh bombs on them yeah and People are going to think it’s ufos But would they need to make them look Threatening or would they just need to Do like I mean look at the arrival the film if

You’ve seen it that you know You get these big giant spheres that Just come down for a bit They go on board them then they just Bugger off You know maybe that maybe that’s what We’ll get maybe we’ll get If they did a fake disclosure then Nothing happened Right the fake alien invasion happened But they didn’t They they came and visited but then they Booked it off but then they No they’re gonna actually kill people if They’re doing a real false flag they’re Going to have to say the aliens killed 200 000 people here there or wherever And they’re going to they’re going to Have it they’re going to need an Invasion for an Invasion yeah to create the false flag Alien invasion they’re going to say Aliens attack maybe the false flag race Short-term talk but maybe the false flag Is not an invasion maybe the false flag Would just be shown as aliens Would just be what showing as aliens Showing us Just creating a rapture creating yeah Creating I mean that’s what when you look at Project bluebeam that’s what That’s one of the things that was Suggested wasn’t it to project deities

In the battlefields that’s right Yeah i think that’s more likely than an Actual So you’re saying it’s just a play on Words more than it is Actual invasion on the planet i think if They were to do it they couldn’t they Couldn’t do it in In terms of i think you said this on Your channel rich where you said If something happened it would happen On a remote place that nobody knows About It’ll be get reported in the news where People will be but you I think it was you that said that yeah You said they said you’d hear about this People seeing this mass sighting But you wouldn’t really know the place All the people that lived there but You’d see on the news But i think if if the if it’s gonna Happen if they have this technology Maybe they could project it so we all See them But the thing is there’ll be people like Me you and And you know a lot of the other youtube Channels that have That have been studying this or looking Into this Or people they’re not youtube channels But they’re just studying this Web you know whoever people people who

Know the subjects will be going That’s [ __ ] right did you know [ __ ] You know how big we are We are ping like exactly it doesn’t Matter it doesn’t matter we’re in The world we would just become the new Atheists They they’d show us god and we would Become the new atheists That’s what i said in the beginning we Are one thousand people against seven Point eight billion We’ve become the flat earth yeah i think The other thing is the other thing is Now people are so used to Um with the idea of hate speech and Things things like that they’re so used To Someone saying something that they Shouldn’t say and then just disappearing Off the internet So if all of a sudden you you weren’t Useful anymore All these alien addicts that can drop Off youtube And there’ll be people like me tonight And the chat i i’ve said much worse than This surely But there’ll be people that um in the Chat which will notice what’s going on But in general the world would move on Everything there and when you think About it like if you want to control People if you actually want to like

Get a real grasp on people Like you become ours don’t you you Become the wizard of ours Yeah i thought you meant as valdo franco At first i’m like huh No oh my god that’s what he you need to Use youtube channel name His wife his wi-fi His wi-fi is not good enough to fake an Alien invasion we found that out last Week I heard so thank you rick rican have it For the five pound Five dot fighting scene five pound five Dollar super chat and He agrees with you rich he does Mitch oh Yeah right if we don’t have it this year Then it’s done No more but this is what’s been Happening as long as i’ve been in the Field Greer said it we’re gonna have Disclosure in 97 then it was 2 000 then it was 2004 5 6 8 12. 2012 was supposed to be the big one Because in the end of the world you know Those mayans and everything are going to Bring the aliens back but that didn’t Happen they said oh wait there’s a Different calendar we forgot to add 500 Days So then they made it three years later Or something and then that didn’t happen

And then 2020 happened and now we’re Here we are in 2021. 20 20 20 2021 does seem to be the years Where conspiracy feels Right where conspiracy theories start to Become fact though This is why i get so frustrated it’s Every year every other year somebody’s Claiming disclosure is coming and it’s Never coming It’s frustrating it’s definitely it Can’t happen It would be chaos uh lee said that the Beginning of the show there’s no way it Can happen Was that you lee yeah there’s only three Of us here I mean before before we do cut this show Because We’ve been two hours and a half now you Know No idea how full my bladder is right now I do know i i do i do I do i’ve just Met i might as well just do it it’s the End it’s over You know just go if the super chats keep Coming I’ll piss myself Somewhere i’m joking muted matrix Thank you very much for the super chat But before we do go boys Um i definitely want you both on again It’s been a weird show because it wasn’t

Planned It was just something that i just wanted To put out but i kind of like doing These uh i wanted to keep doing the Interviews when i get people On to actually speak about their Experiences but i kind of like just Getting Like a few of us together this was good By the way i just love blue His last his last post about joe rogan Will interview the first alien He already did yeah which one I mean babazar How deep rogan’s going on ufos now have You seen his new set Have you seen his new set with the He’s made podcast sets great again um There’s a like a ufo there over his name And stuff and someone getting abducted Out of it He’s got he’s he’s going in he’s all in With the With the ufo stuff all in with it might Be happening then maybe maybe you’ll be Late i’ll never be on road jogging Never never say never if you go If you go on joe rogan i’m coming and I’ll keep i’ll just keep shirts for you You change your shirt tonight you might Need to change it before rogan i’ll just Be that i’ll be wardrobe i don’t mind Being a wardrobe you need to be Really good at ironing shirts yeah

Yes he’s already removed his shirt Tonight because no no no No we do we don’t iron we don’t iron When we’re going No we buy new we don’t irons you go on Rogue Buy a new shirt because so you’re saying If you can come with rich you’ll buy Shirts To absolutely and maybe some underpants As long as the orange shirts you’ll be All right i’ve got eight orange shirts And don’t wear them on the show They just look so orange looks too much Now next time you come on rich i’m gonna Have a all orange background and expect You to have the same And the shirt and i just want it to just Clash i can do all orange whenever you Want man I’d love that i think me and you need my Favorite color You need to purchase a green green Screen lee for the next show I’ve got one we’ll get out the cupboard Then It’s just laziness is it i like to keep This In the background it Shows that i’m wholesome you know yeah This is just where i got you’re a Regular guy Got a snooker ball signed by sullivan If i pan the camera down you would see

Paw patrol Kenny omega funko yeah but guys i’m Gonna i’m gonna drop you down i’m gonna Come I’m gonna look at this oh god that was That looks quite scary is the aliens Breathing that’s Amazing putting in your videos Oh i love it oh i’m so excited Isn’t that wild yes it is Next time you come on rich will it get You to do roll call Well here’s my sneaker look [Laughter] Do you know something though in the next Five years i bet we will be able to buy Sneakers like that [ __ ] rich is going around rocking out Active camo Oh my god oh that’s amazing Closer hold that closer that is the Rotation I leave you’ve said so many things on This show that’s going to get me into Trouble And now you said butt plug are they Considered swear words Does this show i don’t know it’s youtube No they yeah but They’re okay with swear words now Especially two and a half hours in Aren’t they

Okay yeah you say but two and a half Hours in anything That doesn’t work you need to spit On it oh wow this is green You know what this is getting dangerous This is getting on A dangerous level i’m going to end the Show Oh my god look at baby hoodie looks What were you going to ask me nothing Rich i’m going to end the show I’m going to end the show and then i’m Going to come and talk to you for for Two seconds All right i’m ready okay Right i’m going to drop you guys out Wait don’t do that don’t cut me short Don’t click okay you say peace all right I’ll see you later i’ll actually no no No no before we go Two hours Mine already went back up [ __ ] rich Just in case nobody knows who you are Here Where can they find you here on youtube 10 eastern pacific monday through Saturday goof on gufon greatest ufo Network or jordano’s ufo network you Could also find me on Third phase of moon sister channel third Phase ufo report put up videos there Regularly and i’ll be on third phase of Moon once in a while that’s it I’m lee i have a little podcast called

Musty audio you can go and look at that And all the podcast stuff And if you happen to like formula one i Have another podcast called the hot lap F1 show which you can also find all the Podcast stuff Boys thank you so much for coming on Actually just waiting for a go if anyone Wants to talk to Me i’m at a total shunt on Instagram and twitter if you want to Come and talk to me And it rhymes with what is a total yeah I was so upset because i wanted to i Wanted my handle to be an unapologetic Shunt and it’s too many words Two letters sorry but He’s quite active on twitter and he put Some funny posts out so Yeah i don’t see you that much on Twitter ah I’m being shadowbanned well come back i Don’t see any of your messages and i’m a Follower i don’t see anything In fact let’s just start saying goodbye Together rather than me say Drop me okay bye thank you so much For checking out alien checking out the Show Have you ever seen a man so desperate to End a live stream No i’m i’m desperate for a guy No but also i need to i need to i need To plug my merch

No but we’re doing the youtube videos You hang on He’s not there hey wow that’s amazing There you go you got a shadow figure you Got the alien audit you’ve got the alien The alien i don’t know how i got away With that but i drew it by hand You can get it on t-shirts you can get It on Wow i forgot i’ve got to get one of These I need a water bottle for the gym yeah a Water bottle for my shower There you go so if you want to support The channel and you will get you the There’s the aaa logo that you will get On the back if you’re If you don’t want to if you don’t want To buy the merch Then you could just subscribe on patreon And pay me every month For just delivering you nonsense uh But anyway to everybody who is a patreon To everybody supports the channel to Everybody who’s in the chat tonight to The Soup super subscribers To the people have hit the thumbs up for The people that just Interacting thank you so much it means a Lot We’re all in this together we have no Idea And anybody that claims they have the

Answers They’re lying to you apart from me and I’ll be starting an hour later tonight There you go head over head on over to Goof on radio It is in the description linked below But it may take 24 hours for youtube to Process this Good night god bless mind the books Don’t bite I’m alien addict this is goof on and This Is musty audio toodles Wait what did you like me good night god Bless