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Don’t come to this building if you got Hurt in here it would be Forever till somebody found you the the Demon basically said he was going to Kill me I’ve always been a very open-minded Person that’s just how i am and How i was raised but when you start to Really think about What happens when you die that’s when The mind Either opens even further or begins to Close My journey into seeking answers towards The afterlife took me to san marcos Texas Just a month ago where we encountered an Abandoned church That nobody has ever investigated for Paranormal activity before This place has quite the long history And some of the answers that we received During this investigation Were a bit shocking to me to say the Least But let’s do this Jesus Jesus So oftentimes people associate religion With the paranormal there’s obviously a Very deep Um i don’t know intertwining between the

Two subjects Whether or not you believe in demons That’s something completely unrelated But in all world religions you seem to Find some sort of a ghost or a spirit or Even the concept of an afterlife But it’s not often that you’re allowed To investigate a historic Property that nobody has ever Investigated for paranormal activity A place that people in the town would Die to get inside of They’ve never really allowed visitors Inside of this building we were only Given access because we knew the right People we had proven that we were Filming these videos for the right Reasons We’re very thankful that we got in here But today We’re at the first baptist church in san Marcos texas this is a very historic Property An african-american church founded a Long time ago Rumors of a suicide in the basement and Spectral activity found throughout the Church But that’s about it guys today we’re Going to hop right in let’s go to church Oh you’re following me i’m just trying To do it again Linda you were talking to me off camera

With jeff Sharing a little story will you just Share it with our viewers real quick Before we start Well i was telling colin that uh i was Attacked by a demon twice I’ve not talked about this with many People And one of my previous husbands house Family house In uh georgia we were there staying one Night And uh i was awoke being choked there Was nothing there but there was Something there And i was grabbing that trying to get it Off my neck And uh there was a conversation and it Was i know it was all in my head but the The demon basically said he was going to Kill me and i’m like I don’t know about you but i don’t plan On dying today anyway so i I like this sounds so stupid with the Hands on me i Reached i got to uh our suitcase Well back let me back up we were moving Away from there and Everything was packed up and being the Good catholic you always have the little Cross By the door anyway the last thing i Grabbed when we were leaving was the Cross and it was in my suitcase

I got the suit got to the suitcase with This thing dragging on me And grabbed the cross the demon said That won’t help you it hasn’t been Blessed and it wasn’t blessed but my son Had bought it for me at san jose mission And i said it was blessed by the love of A son for his mother And the demon let go and said we’re not Done About a year later my father-in-law Passed away and we had to go Back this time i took A crew a blessed crucifix and my rosary With me And we were in the same room and the Demon came again at night And started choking me i Reached over grabbed the crucifix And the uh my rosary and it left That would have been in 90 1994 About five years later i was at the heb The big atv here and this lady walked up She touched me on the arm She goes you’ve been attacked by a demon And I said i just kind of went yeah and she Says He’s not done with you and she walked Off Of course that was a long time ago i Haven’t had a Demon knocked on wood but anyway That’s why i’m private demon story crazy

I have an interesting story If you ever need help go right here Hi i’m linda coker i’m a member of the Hayes county historical commission In the uh what we call the old African-american church Uh it’s had several names through the Years but that’s the The locals call it uh it was uh in 1866 A group of freed slaves met wanting Their own church And uh reverend moses john they Organized what they call it the color Colored baptist zion church and It was the first african-american Congregation in this area In 1872 the church became a charter Member of the Guadalupe baptist association and uh That same year 1872 the cuckoo’s clan Burnt the church down san marcos has a Bad Kkk history but we’re over it then uh And that church was actually two blocks Over where Uh what used to be tuttle lumber where They’re building the apartments right Here That’s where that church was they raised Money they They met different places they uh they Worked really really hard And in 1908 under Reverend curry’s leadership they built

This church uh it was called the first Baptist church Nbc which means national baptist Convention of san marcos And then they had service here until 1986 when Because of the structural issues and Stuff they built a new church Right across the street it is a texas Historical Landmark and we are anxiously Waiting for it to be restored we’re Hoping That somehow that’s going to happen Really soon the uh the only Paranormal thing that i’ve ever heard About this building and i have no idea It’s one of those legend hat what i call Legend has it I have been told that there was a A reverend or a deacon that hung himself In the basement and that he is down There However it’s a really short ceiling So it would have been kind of hard to do That you’d have to basically just Lay down i don’t know anyway that’s the Only paranormal story that i’ve had is That There was activity in the basement when There would be Events going on down there was that Confirmed that someone Hanged themselves i have never been able

To find that very spooky legend But the uh you know back in the day if It was early 1900s That’s not something that the newspaper Would have necessarily reported on on an African-american man True so you know it would not have been News necessarily Interesting and people haven’t really Ever Done a ghost hunt here have they i don’t Think one’s ever been done here It’s very very very few people other Than Older congregants of the church have Ever even been in this building It’s you cannot imagine how Lucky you are to be standing here now There are people that would Just give a left leg to be in this Building and it just never happens Yeah that’s right i was thinking that’s Crazy I think given the history of the Building And the history of the people that built The building and Loved and lived in it i cannot imagine That there wouldn’t be some Energy left behind and i’m hoping you Figure that out me too that’d be nice Wouldn’t it yeah I don’t get any kind of weird feelings Or anything so whatever energy he is

Here i think would be a loving good Energy But it’s a somewhat dangerous building Too yes just to warn people online In case they’re considering there’s a Lot of structural issues A lot of rotten wood a lot of It’d be a very very dangerous place to Come in and not Know where to go and where not to go i Would not recommend it at all Don’t come to this building one it has No trespass all over it Exactly and two it if you got hurt in Here it would be Forever until somebody found you because It’s not a frequently Visited place this church to the Community is Is held in very high reverence you want To walk over here with me yeah We can kind of show people uh this Little what he called What the death drop Bring your kids to sunday school oops Try to avoid the death drop Yeah so to people online this is just One reason why you should not come Because here are the stairs and Right here this is how tall is that What did you say 10 12 feet At least 12. just drop That’s crazy yeah directly down You can see how rotten all those wood is

How damaged Now the whole building is just that’s Why i was saying that there’s some light In the building because of the whole the Little Where the woods rotten it’s such a cool Building It’ll take a lot of money to fix this Building it’s just a drop It would be enough to maybe stabilize it A little bit like stabilize the Bell tower over there but yeah it’s just A drop in the bucket And he was saying before that that bell Tower could just crumble In yeah and it’s it’s just been Slowly in the years that i’ve lived here You just see it kind of slowly yeah Yeah you can really see this place is Just falling apart The fact that it’s still standing it’s a Miracle seriously so don’t come here Just to explain we were doing a little Walk through before we Filmed because linda’s never been in the Basement and we were gonna look none of Us have been down there And we came across you can’t show this On youtube But it’s a fresh pile of poop you think That looks Dog i think it looks dog yeah that looks Like dog to me For sure kind of

Gross or human with the tiniest little There’s a lot of love right there i know But you said you saw a figure of some Sort uh well when lyndon and kurt were Talking out front i saw A figure or i don’t know how big it was To be honest with you i flashed by the Door But i mean that looks fairly fresh Doesn’t it Look super fresh yeah so i don’t know That is the owner of a dog that has to Pick it up all the time yeah exactly me Too Caleb you want to go first so hopefully There’s not a rabbit You might have a weird house maybe There’s a resident here Hello I’m gonna pick up a stick just in case Here How about cats do you know if there’s Bats in here i wonder uh I’ve never heard that yeah okay Oh wow Oh wow look at this wow What’s that These are old cans man this is eerie Down here There’s a guy working out back here So now my preservation mind is thinking What would you do with this space If you restored the building i had heard That there was a barbecue pit down here

Right here And there it is a barbecue pit in the Church It’s texas would take our barbecue I think this stuff this would be more Like maybe food from like raccoons or Something This is kind of eerie right here this Thing How somebody busted through this You know they didn’t leave it like that You know it’s an Old blackboard isn’t it or not so it’s Kind of like The school desk with the blackboard but So 180 degrees from where it would have Been new like this is Like as opposite of what it would have Been This is like school after nuclear Explosion Who knows what’s uh up in the crevices Well okay i think We pretty much got you know a feel here Should we set our stuff up yeah okay Yeah i think that’s a good idea Anything else you want to see no i just Wanted to see it now i can say i seen it So it’s crazy that we were given access To this place we’re about to head in and Investigate And i just want to stress to you guys How important this building was

To the city of san marcos not only was It a gathering place For the african-american community in Times of need But it was also a beacon of hope when They Originally built this church it was a Little bit down the street And like linda was saying the ku klux Klan the kkk Burned that church to the ground now If you watched our video about the hayes County jail Then you’ll remember the story of a Young african-american boy Having to drive the hearse for the grand Wizard of the kkk a local chapter The most powerful highest ranking guy in The kkk He had to drive the hearse to the Funeral of this guy While wearing a full-bodied hood himself Now this is how deep-seated This racism kind of is in the history of San marcos so to be given access to Investigate a church that nobody has Really ever been able to investigate I actually don’t think anybody ever has And to be able to tell the story to try Help raise awareness that this building Exists in the first place That’s awesome That’s a motion sensing

Cat toy that’s supposed to only light up If it’s Touched or moved oh okay You can clearly see there that none of Us have touched it That thing never goes off too i’ll sit There for Hours at a place and not go off that Chair Yeah this is like the only chair in the Entire basement Too you know So sorry for that sudden introduction But Jeff and i are now downstairs in the Church We have set up our static cameras for This investigation they’re going to be Down here Both of them in the basement first of All let me show you this one Over here we have our first static Camera It’s got a microphone here you go here’s The shot An infrared illuminator and we’ve Actually set up A laser grid using this little device Which as you can see projects Dots of lasers or what would you call That It projects a laser grid onto The environment so let’s see You can see when i turn on night shot

Even more clearly Here’s what it looks like so if Something moves right here The static camera is going to pick it up Over here we’ve got on the tripod The connect this is the sls Camera that tracks figures that may Appear Using xbox connect technology motion Tracking You can see if i turn on the night shot You can see it mapping out The environment live using its grid Right here this is the original shot So there’s what it’ll do if it detects a Figure Yep and so that we can monitor this Remotely We have this static camera Pointing at the connect screen right There So we’re capturing everything even when We’re investigating other parts Of the church and that’s actually the Old kind of bathroom Area yep all through here the table Table from original and kind of the Kitchen too kitchen as well Let’s go upstairs and start all this Stuff look at breathing down here So we’ve set up devices upstairs here in The church

And already the rem pod has started to Hit okay that hasn’t gone off Again now we know you guys worshipped Here all these years There was a lot of strife Can you come out and talk to us Jeff’s using the ovulus right here Place came is this a place that You came to worship Is this the place you came to when you Wanted to connect With god that was actually A baptismal bath there linda and i were Talking about Oh and you can see the river it’s Supposed to be like flowing into that Huge tub let’s go look at it so A certain hand place This is a bad ball Can you light that up more for us if You’re here Don’t be afraid of us we’re friendly we Know about your history Is this where you got baptized Boy adultery oh Wow that would be a sin Certain adultery boy what’s the boy’s Name Oh it’s like it wants to tell us a name Yeah What’s your name Did you get baptized right here in this Tub can you see down in there It’s pretty deep save

Save elemental Were you saved here when you were Baptized Do you believe in god i do feel some i Feel some like Energy here for sure Is this where you were saved were you Baptized in this baptismal bath right Here See how that flows like when i was Saying that river is supposed to Kind of flow into here that water Flowing down into here Weird flowing water is something that Supposedly supercharges A place of paranormal activity there you Go Just a place you’ve been saved what’s Your name Give us a name talk into this box right Here Maybe it was somebody baptismal right Here Oh yeah see that walk up the stairs and Then also Down there look at the ladder you walk Down That ladder oh crazy I mean heck We know this is a very historic church And a huge part of the civil rights

Movement they had a lot of meetings in Here So we’re here just to kind of expose Your history and we’re completely Friendly to your cause We’re not here to harm you king king The one true king our lord and savior The king What are they called the king of all Kings it said save again Save wow King save and king Also we’re on martin luther king jr Boulevard is this Really yeah this building’s on mlk drive Is it the king of well what would that Be actually The king of is jesus king So actually unbeknownst to us at the Time when we were Upstairs asking questions about jesus And stuff like that the static camera Below had actually captured The motion ball lighting and Illuminating by itself you guys have Seen us use this thing Many times on our investigations and we Have i don’t even think one time Seen it light up by itself but it was Doing that while we were talking about Jesus Unfortunately the microphone for some Reason did not capture Any audio and this is on the static

Camera not the hero camera not the same Issue that i had in the last video This camera microphone was plugged in Everything was working but It just didn’t record anything it’s Really weird i’ll play the real audio With the clip uh now and show you guys What it looked like Remember this is what we were talking About jesus Is god your king is it saved The king of heaven i don’t know what There would be a saying there’s Definitely something about like that Yeah Is god that’s like the kingdom you know Yeah the kingdom Have you been to the kingdom Can anyone who’s in here everybody can You come over to the baptismal Bath and give us some names Some names we know you’re here this is Very historic this is a place that you Worship For years and years iron What does iron mean or almost Nails jesus is nails yeah it could be King The king jesus

His nails wasn’t he crucified at like Dawn or sunset Or something yeah i’m not even sure Was he crucified geez of course i grew Up catholic so i should know that I was going to point out earlier too What if This person that we’re talking to had Committed adultery with a boy And then came here to be saved like they Had done these sins they’re admitting Them to us kind of like they would here To somebody maybe they served their time And were repentant And came to i almost feel like Everybody is standing out here yeah Just watching us you know what i mean Yeah can you can’t you kind of imagine Like people out here Saying your ministry to them all they’d All be gathered right here Right out all right here it’s kind of Eerie honestly Like i feel genuinely like i can see Like 50 Like shadows way up and the ceiling is High Like just these like shadow figures just Standing here like Kind of staring at us this thing stopped Going off and This thing stopped giving do you think We should move yeah try it where do you

Want to go you take it somewhere Okay watch your step There’s like a lot of nails sticking up Here What’s over here yeah there’s like a There’s some noises from a room of some Sort There’s like a room back here I don’t know what this room was for well Have been you know It would have been behind the altar so This would have probably been like where The minister His minister rooms were really bad Yeah stinky Maybe we’ll get some maybe out in the Congregation At one point worshiped here we come In peace peace be with you we Just would like to talk to you Actually let’s run an idea my father was Baptist Even though i grew up catholic with my My mother my sisters Can you give me a sign that you Understand what i’m saying you can walk Over here you can walk Over by this light down here where you Would be sitting During a service oh my god mistake Finish baby Maybe Baptist church awesome baby

It’s gonna be someone who regretted Ending their pregnancy There’s a mistake to finish my baby yeah It could be that light’s going off Can you guys join me in prayer Our father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as Is as it is in heaven give us this day Our daily bread And for and forgive us our trespasses Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive Those Who have trespassed against us and lead Us not In temptation but deliver us from evil Amen no in the name that’s For the power for the power of the glory Forever in yours for the glory and the Power forever and ever or something like That oh man i don’t know if hail mary is Part of the baptist You know i don’t know hillary’s about Baptist Brains my dad was baptist like i said But um you know honestly I feel like we had a really really Intense moment over there Of activity the light just went off There but But now i feel like this energy has left This room Like it came through to tell us about

The king how it was Saved that’s bizarre by the baptism tub Saved that’s what a baptism is is Rebirth saving your soul basically i Think we should go down to the basement Oh that noise hit the noise Can you make that device go more Are you coming in Have you been to heaven Have you seen heaven What the hell i mean i wonder if one More time we should just go back to the Altar one more time and then go down I don’t you don’t want to do that Is that what you want us to do Were you saved by jesus Come over and gather on there around Here and make these lights go Can you give us one light for yes What use your energy and go more what’s Really flashing look You can see the rem pods or the oculus Is detecting energy too yeah It’s kind of interesting down here how You can see The obvious still in the same word But it’s that yellow light right there Is detecting Emf energy And it’s coinciding with the rem pod Can you light up the other lights Knock Light up the other lights for us Look at as this is stronger the ovulus

Is showing that it’s stronger Do you believe in god like colin asked You you must believe in god If you believe in god then make the Lights light up more Show your faith no disrespect but That’s a really strong light though when You ask that I want to go downstairs yeah let’s go Downstairs Leave this right let’s bring this Home tone tone tone Like the tone of that i don’t know For you guys online the sls is Technology that is Supposedly able to map out spirits using Connect technology from the xbox it has A little infrared grid that maps out It’s used for vr games to map out human Figures In the environment using like hand Analyzation Faces and everything and that’s why People think it’s interesting when You’re able to pick up on these figures In these haunted locations when there’s Obviously Nothing in front of the camera that Resembles a human you know they could be Up in the rafters You know it doesn’t matter a spirit it Can be anywhere Ar are you somewhere like by the Baptismal

I would think that’s where you’d be but Let’s go walk up there It’s crazy What do you think there’s some knocking Yeah there was some knockout over there Over there hello This is the baptismal i would think Like you walked up the stairs you here Oh oh geez blind copper nation I’m just not feeling any energy up here Man i think we should go downstairs That’s where we should focus let me just Do one shot Tell me Okay so we got for some reason both of Our Camera battery lights just refused to Work so i have to plug it in Using this charger and have it plugged In the whole time but Now that we got light we’re gonna go Downstairs into the basement where Supposedly The reverend hung himself we’re um I should say you have a spirit box us Like the son of god yeah us All of us in the congregation it’s a Sign Or what sign are you going to show us Let’s go down okay is there anybody Upstairs Yeah you can go i guess yeah by the way You don’t want to go to that upstairs Because i did earlier and it’s covered

In poop and it’s Really structurally unstable If you Die oh what the hell what’s happening Oh shoot dang it The whole thing is good well What do you mean oh that’s slight one That’s probably gone Hey everybody it’s colin here so today Is gonna be a huge day in my life Um so that’s why the video is a little Bit on the shorter side today because i Have some really important things that i Have to do that you will hear about Very soon but i just wanted to remind You guys that we’re posting the static Camera footage from our investigations On the patreon for the channel the link Is in the description of the show If you appreciate the work that we’re Doing here please consider buying a Piece of merchandise becoming a patron On patreon All of it helps so much and i’m planning Some really big Shoots from new orleans to baltimore Uh detroit lots of different places Across the us and the world that i want To travel to So i love you guys so much i hope you Enjoyed this video The static camera footage is crazy and Uh yeah Have a great rest your day i’m going to

Have a great day for sure Too what the laser pen diet okay now That’s That’s weird So so i’m just starting again this head Shut off and then What the hell happened to the grid Though it’s a brand new lithium Aaa battery i put in there date threat Used threat the last word that came Through as you can see right there The wrench right right when we’re Talking about this stuff dying So we came downstairs been upstairs Investigating for a while This is supposedly the area with the Former member of the church who uh Hanged Themselves don’t know if that’s true or Not but that’s what people in town have Said and they said that his ghost Haunts this area and then we came down And the sls camera the tablet had just Shut off on its own But it still has a battery there’s no Sleep mode on this we specifically Specifically put sleep mode uh on off Then over here i can’t believe this uh The lights off Yeah what the heck it’s still what It was all over you know all over here Look it’s just about to die I could come over here It’s not really even that cold here look

It Can you see that careful where you’re Stepping because My nails you know what it does there it Just shows up barely in our hand right There Look at here you have to get really Close to see the light It’s that thing already died okay that’s A lithium battery An actual lithium battery well i might As well just keep it because it’s not Gonna we don’t Forget it that was interesting sacrifice Right when that happened sacrifice went Did you sacrifice yourself down here Is that what happened You went to go meet jesus earlier than You Thought you would what was your Sacrifice for You know earlier you had this motion Ball going off And this this light right in front of us On this chair If you’re down here can you make that Light go off I think you drained our dot matrix pen Are you down here in the basement Look at your sls died already what right There What the hell is going on with that this Is the same technology As this one but this screen has been on

Since we were upstairs and that Screen already died but it’s got full Battery that’s what’s trippy That’s a brat this is a again this is The same battery But for some reason Plants faster that’s active Heat plants faster Interestingly we’re by the kitchen maybe Cook Cooking vegetables as fast in there Are you over here in the kitchen you Want some food it’s probably been a While since you’ve eaten You know i kind of feel like um this Place has like Such old energy to me You know it’s almost like just whatever Residual energy is left It’s just like that you know it’s just Residual energy I feel like we made a really interesting Connection up by the baptismal But then past that it’s kind of dead Yeah unless there’s anything captured When we’re gone here Well everybody this is your last Chance whoever’s down here Do you regret hanging yourself If you did it Where did you hang yourself from Oh it said fan a fan Sand luck heart

Interesting it’s hard to piece that Together For me it’s kind of like when we first Came we didn’t capture but the rump pod Was going off and that light it’s almost Like it just dissipated Yeah it doesn’t seem like that neither The rim pods have gone off At all well lately i mean they did but Yeah that’s what i mean and there’s Nothing on the sls on either of them Which proves its validity when we use it In other places and we get stuff Also this building is really old really Kind of dangerous and There’s so much stuff in there that it’s Making my nose Get clogged to that headache so just Think about that pen light though Actually when i put a brand new i mean i Literally have a charge you know one of Those testers I just got that ready i mean it’s a full Battery yeah Honestly what would explain that i mean It’s a it’s a dot matrix pen That would go for days yeah that’s just I mean i don’t get those kind of things Like you’re not gonna they’re they don’t Have equipment that Burns out in an hour but i mean if you Have that at home i mean it’s just it’s Like it Stays on you just turn on and you turn

Off it keeps going for like Weeks i don’t know It is definitely a lot of stuff in the Air down here though okay everybody But it was truly a blessing Being able to investigate this building And being able to see the inside and Hearing the stories This is an extremely historic location A cherished place by the community of San marcos And i want to just thank everybody who Helped make this happen And linda yep linda’s amazing Everybody that was here and helped us Yeah i thought that we got some really Interesting Results right away but this was more About the history and just kind of Seeing the inside of this building that Nobody has ever really been allowed Inside of Like linda was telling us earlier people Would die to get into this building so It’s It’s been a blessing but from jeff and i It’s been a good day yep we’re we’re Gonna head off to our final location of The trip tomorrow But uh we love you guys and stay spooky Whoa bye Hello