Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin 6 of 7

By | April 11, 2021
Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin 6 of 7

Father martin welcome back to the Program good morning art and how are you I am very well uh better than the news Um i want to tackle right away father a Couple of Breaking uh kind of news stories one Uh i started getting messages yeah that A an exorcist one that you may know Was very brutally murdered in america What what do you know about that father Yes the one man we’re both thinking of His name was alfred kuntz and he was a Parish priest In dane which is a parish in ohio In in in milwaukee in In uh pardon me in wisconsin wisconsin All right Wisconsin and um he was found Uh at seven o’clock in the morning Uh with his throat cut from ear to ear His throat cut Yeah from ear to ear in his own blood Face down into it And with obviously various acts of Desecration Of his body uh which are normally Associated with Satanist inflicted death Father cons of course and by the way he Was a very popular Parish priest with his people He had done exorcisms but very very Private Most of us don’t talk about them because

They usually involve confessional Material And uh father cons was a very good Priest and never spoke about Confessional material had he been in Communication with you Yes we had been in communication uh do You know off hand if he was doing Anything At the time i’m i’m sure the police are Probably asking about this but It’s an obvious question there they are And they they They are refusing to give any of the More lurid details of the mode of his Death For the simple reason that they don’t Want to they suspect it’s somebody Within his vicinity not a stranger And there are only i think a couple of Hundred people one of about 700 800 People involved There’s certainly not a random act of Violence somebody who wanted to steal Or was caught in the act of stealing and Simply flailed out They’re convinced it wasn’t a random act Like that that was a deliberately Set up thing and at least one person was Involved in it Perhaps more uh kons himself had just Been doing radio shows with a priest Friend whom we all know very much father Fiore

And um they returned home late at night Uh late being about 10 o’clock in the Evening And we know that he was alive at 10 30 Um because he made a telephone call or Received a telephone call i forget which But then the following morning at seven O’clock a young man who came To a system at mass etc uh Found him lying as i said in his own Blood With this very very sinister mode of Death etched On his body there’s no doubt about it That It is related uh whether it’s related to His Very confidential activity as a priest Uh in regards to covens Of warlocks in neighboring areas We may never know we may never know We may never know because number one the Police have a habit in this country That whenever there’s and it’s a good Habit on the whole Wherever there is any real satanist Activity Of a shocking kind they don’t publish The details that indicate the stateless Connection And they just they they publish the the The Details of a murder why do you think That father

Well i i thought you’re asking me why i Think it’s a good idea in general Because it doesn’t evoke the the copycat Syndrome uh these things do because About 300 years 200 years ago they Stopped doing exorcisms in public Precisely because it evoked the copycat Syndrome in people Imitators well you have told me many Times Since you have done so many exorcisms That there is real Very serious very real danger Is it not possible i it’s got to be Possible That that in his work um In some way in the middle of some Exorcism or as part of one An ongoing one or you know who knows um I have no doubt about the answer to a Question i i foresee And interpret is no doubt about it The death was not random it was not an Act of personal vengeance somebody who Got annoyed at him For some particular thing it was in Connection with his work As a priest and in the Area of demonic possession Father have you ever been concerned at That level um have you ever without Being specific because i know you can’t About specific exorcisms But have you ever have you ever been

Concerned for yourself in Yeah very same way very very same way But you learn after a certain time to Take that Added risk and you take precautions But yeah sure and at times the The the menace or the threat is more Patent Or obvious than at other times uh Sure and sometimes it’s quite Valuable it’s quite uh expressive You’re warned and more than one good Priest in that part of the world Especially one or two very prominent Ones Got telephone calls from pointing out That they will They would go the same way oh and yes And one of them actually had to hire a Bodyguard or was given a bodyguard by The police Because of his prominence well you’ve Been a very prominent exorcist have you Received threats Oh yes in the past yes not recently but In the past years Very much not as part of this this or Connection no not part of this because i Wasn’t in any way related to this And as one one person told me sort of Uh happily because we Don’t belong to an umbrella organization Exorcists in other words those are Engaged in this area

Because we don’t belong to an umbrella Organization they can’t identify every One of us And therefore pick us off but they do They we are picked off all right there’s No doubt about that Um and they’re not the first Father kunst is not the first priest who Is picked up as a priest And as somebody who blocked or Interfered with or spoiled Luciferian plan there’s no doubt about That Well the fact that he is now dead would Tell me That luciferian plans are somehow Still underway in in whatever case oh Yes oh i’m sure they are I’m sure they are uh is evil In america evil in the world increasing Well the only way i can ask that Question without Sort of sensationalism art is as follows That Since 1972-3 When the group i am associated with Started As a very quiet discrete group but since Then Incidences and types Of demonic assault have increased First of all the increase has been about 750 percent Since that time 750 about 750 judging by

Figures And this is in the northeast corner of America the tri-state area essentially Although it takes in Outlying areas too but then the types of Possession we have now the two phenomena That are very interesting We have the phenomenon of the 20-something or 30-something that comes And says look Father i want a session such a job Or i wanted to get this particular woman Uh i want to make this marriage yes i Want this Money and i mean i i made a pact with With satan with the devil and i got it Now he won’t let go of me this Didn’t occur before in my experience That The limits experience i had and secondly Then there’s the This is how recent this phenomenon how Recent Uh the last 10 years the last 10 years Last 10 years And then there is also the secondary The second one second form which is a Bit off-putting to put it Put it mildly that we now find the age Is younger we find Children those we would technically call Children six years old who Are obviously not merely obsessed But on their way to full possession

Uh there was a recent case uh in Arkansas that i’m sure you heard of Uh in which a couple of young fellows I decided they were going to uh kill Their classmates and teachers And pulled a fire alarm yeah and um Brought rifles and lots of ammunition And simply started Shooting students and teachers That’s right just started shooting That’s right I wish i knew the details of that case But again the police are Singing mum as they say they’re saying Nothing about the details And there’s a great protectiveness web Wove around those uh young You know of course yes uh juveniles yes Juveniles Um but we don’t know the details of it At all uh an awful lot of that going on If that uh Cooperates what you were saying there is There is and there’s much more than is Is reported in public by the media uh And in some In several states there’s an agreement Uh sort of an unwritten agreement Between the police And the governor there’s an unwritten Agreement that no details will ever be Published Without formal permission uh by the Media or by the police

Of any obviously stationist or Luciferian happening Well i understand that on the one hand With regard to the possibility of Copycat Crimes however uh however If this really is on the increase in America now Shouldn’t we know about it yes i think We should The incidences it’s more frequent As far as the incident of it if you drew A graph You would find an increase of over 700 Percent Since the early 1970s now who keeps Track of that are You the one we do we do in this Northeast Corner of the of the of the united States that’s why i’m only talking about That too And i could make of like references but That’d be anecdotally As regards evidence to other parts of The country but you’re sure Of what you’re saying with regard to the Northeast unfortunately rather sure of That And the also the what has come to life Is that It it is not so surprising for a lot of People That there are covens amongst the very

Educated class Architects doctors lawyers priests Brokers Um and the leisure class these are People who have made Pacts with the devil that’s right they It’s really the best the more accurate We’re describing would be that they have Indulged themselves in the worship Of the goat of the prince of the serpent Of satan of lucifer and uh they lead Perfectly I i really perfectly normal lives They’re Dual merchants they travel they’re Prominent In their own way but they do have this Indulgence Father here’s a part of that i can never Understand That has never made sense to me and that Is if somebody were to make Um a pact with the devil uh Then obviously the the implication is if If the devil is there to make pact with Them to make a deal to make their life Uh This short mortal life on earth Pleasurable um With money or women or travelers Interesting more interesting or more Interesting whatever it is they want Yes then they are aware of the presence Of the devil and they are obviously

Aware then Oh yeah um of the presence of god as Well and they Uh nevertheless make a conscious stupid Short-term blind choice to take what They can get In this lifetime and i just i just it to Embrace one you must embrace the other It’s not like it’s some wishy-washy Person I know i know i know you do there’s It is very uh not easy to understand Except when you talk with them when they Let their hair down and peel grapes as We say And when they’re on their way to being Cured of what they Are healed is the proper word you find That There’s an exhilaration satisfaction Which is both sensual and sexual And mental when they’re really indulged In luciferian worship there is a Peculiar exhilaration like a drug then Yes yes it’s a peculiar exhilaration and Of course The the the godly instincts in us all The angelic you know Because we all have something angelic And something godly besides everything Else A lot of other negative things that is Quenched Uh you find in them a horror a horror of

Anything What we call sacred and holy or Sacrosanct Or the idea of the the idea of the of The of the sacred of the awesome I only i only heard this once father i Interviewed you we talked about this i Interviewed a satanist her name was Patsy And this caused a great deal of Controversy after the last program that I did with you i got Many many messages about it patsy was a Devil worshiper No question about it no question about It toward the end of the program She revealed to me that her husband had Murder Murdered her little child a several year Old child And um and she said i i said to her well Um um you’re sure not gonna be with your Daughter are you in other words your Daughter’s gonna be in heaven And you’re going to be acknowledged You’re going to be in hell So no i took steps to ensure that my Uh my daughter would be uh in hell with Me Um and and i asked you about that was That possible i asked And you said yes and then by the way You’re not the only one who said yes a Couple of other experts said the same

Thing And people just went berserk they said No it can’t be I’m sorry it is you see the the Sometimes we we moderns think with a Very peculiar and Artificial frame of reference as regards The human Soul and the human mind we’re not Talking Uh if we really are realistic We’re talking about the basic Inclination Of the human soul the human spirit and Not about some informed concept So we are we are making these statements Based on what our own frame of reference Is that’s right not not Not not what uh spiritual reality is Exactly exactly and it is It’s a frightening thing when you come Across what we all know Is called bad seed it’s the frightening Thing It’s like those two little boys in England that were there That that boy in england who killed off Two of his little yes Children it’s a frightening thing when You meet him because it’s Utter art and let me try and convey it To you and your listeners You come across this extraordinary Father

I’ll tell you what we’re at the bottom Of the hour okay why don’t we wait Was the fact that there’s nothing more Appalling For the for the mind that i i have Anyway Than to come across a person technically Considered a child With the hard glare Of consummate hatred And complete lack of the normal Reactions Of compassion and feeling and Understanding And we do find that today I was going to say increasingly but There’s a certain increase Amongst the age group of six Five you know five to eight and that’s a Very disturbing thing And it’s impossible to say that it’s Developed by tv By violence on tv and that’s for a Business We don’t know there’s no official Inquiry into it because many of the People who should be like for instance There’s one section of the fbi i think A bioethical laboratory or something I’ve got the exact title of its one Other institute One of their institutes in washington is Supposed to Inquire into it but they pooh-poohed the

Idea of of active satanism Well all right um here’s what it seems Like to me Uh the layman it seems it seems like we Have Some soulless people being born i mean Um Even little children certainly when i Was little i remember I understood life the value of Life and right and wrong and Now we have children that are killing And when asked Why they did it they get really Interesting answers like to see what it Would feel like That’s right that sort of thing that’s Right uh this this Is from what i would consider to be a Soulless Being either that or otherwise you Covered the ground Television the rest of it so then why What’s happening Those of us who are engaged in the field Of Terminology uh always find finally the Footprint Of the of the goat a footprint Of lucifer and that Is very distinctive thing and what is Disturbing Is that many times young persons Of this ilk are very brilliant

Mentally they’re not they’re not stupid They’re not dull They’re not yokels they’re not you know They’re not stupid On the contrary they’re quite Intelligent outstrip their Peers well in an academic sense yes In an academic sense and that’s a bit Frightening because They’re intelligent and they dodge the Issue And um it the whole thing is very Disturbing and of course it goes back to The Breakdown of the family and such in our Population I mean take for this is the figure which Is solid that 33 Of all births are illegitimate 33 of all Births are illegitimate that’s right Well fully one-third yep and uh Sociologists are are weary and tired out Depicting the general tendency amongst The illegitimate to All sorts of perversions and Deficiencies Societal and personal so i suppose That’s part of that picture but There’s still this there’s still this Footprint This touch of satanism yes it’s a it’s a Smell It’s a it’s a print you know that the Some being with a hoof to use the image

With cloven Have a tradition that if some if you Have a vision An apparition of somebody who claims to Be the virgin mary or christ And um or a saint always look at the Feet This is the irish idea that they can They can imitate everything except he Can’t hide his broken feet But it’s only a it’s an irish fish oak As they say in gaelic It’s a nice thing but there’s a lot in It and i know Apparitions were appearances of the Virgin that took place in various parts Of europe And people took photographs of the of Divisions and apparitions Could never get a picture of their feet Um i have It’s a narrative an irish thing yeah i Have a Question from my wife which is kind of An odd question i don’t know why she’s Asking this but Um i’ll ask it and she it is the Following with respect to exorcisms Yeah uh has it ever occurred father that Anybody Listening to the tape of an exorcism or In fact watching A videotape of an exorcism has As a result of that been possessed

Well the quest the answer is this It has happened in our records Really people who looked at or saw Tapes because we make videotapes which Are very private Or audios audio tapes of Exorcisms that they Rare cases rare enough anyway that they They went for a pact they invited Demonic um invasion yes i know There’s a lot there’s a lot of very weak People out there spiritually And it’s very exciting i remember well Being being brought into a discussion About ten years ago now in new york In a very fashionable um hotel By people who want desperately to Participate in a In in a satanist exorcism First orientation is through a right and Doing everything that statements did I had to keep on warning them you can’t Do that with impunity But they wanted the thrill of it well i To some Degree i understand that in other words To view An exorcism to see the presence Of the of of of satan Confirms the presence of god and i know You need no such confirmation But for many um it would be a Confirmation of that kind that’s why i Have a hard time understanding why those

Who have confirmed That satan is as real as can be can Choose that Can choose that path is just Unimaginable to me because One basic reason is that once you delve In once you tamper once you delve Into it once you tamper with it It gives it does infection it gives Power to that evil spirit And you can’t easily get out of it There’s infection All right um you you were advisor to Uh two popes that’s right uh tonight There is news that just hours ago Uh for the first time in living human Memory actually about 150 years they Have a very good way of putting it In living memory yeah there has been um Uh well it says a member of the pope’s Elite swiss guard apparently Shot and killed his new commander and The official’s Wife monday night then turned the gun On himself all within vatican walls uh Next door neighbor found the bodies the Vatican spokesman said this was all done Uh in what he can he he called quote a Moment of Madness end quote What in the world could be going on in The vatican uh Well i’ll tell you art i would to the Wise

With anything like this that involves The Inner life of a Institution which Has now uh centuries-old precautions Against publicity and being known What really goes on there one has to Be very very circumspect and careful About any details released about uh Something that they can’t hide very well It’s very hard to hide The death of two officials yes And uh the wife of one you can’t Hide that very well well it’s not being Uh he didn’t believe me it’s the lead News item They can’t do anything about it but as To the details The devil is in the details as they say And we don’t the details have not been Published We do not know really what happened Except that Three people are dead and one apparently According to the official account By his own hand um a moment of insanity Momentum insania yeah that’s One way of of covering the issue It was a general blanket in a very Careful statement a moment of madness Yes it’s a very it’s a it’s a nice Way conceiving yes there was spread Something What it does indicate is this murder

The killing of another human being the Shedding of blood uh Is one of the sure signs of demonic Interference But in the vatican well uh yeah i mean Is that is that Is that a likely target in place or is That an unlikely target No no remember uh just two popes ago one Pope said Paul vi was his name he died in 1978 And i knew him very well uh he said the Smoke of satan has Entered the sanctuary and uh Um i think you remember a book of mine Published in 1996 Describing a luciferian ceremony Within the precincts of the vatican and Remember that The vatican the pope has In its entourage he has the chief Exorcist Here we all know him father gabriel Amarth And there are eight um employees Exorcists that work both in rome and Milan And and turin so there’s a There is a lot there what we’ve just Seen the crack has opened And we’ve seen one effect of it put it Like this art For somebody in my position from what i Know

Of how this institutional organization Works It is impossible that there’ll be a Triple death By violence within the precincts of the Vatican Amongst vatican people unless It is impossible that should happen Without demonic interference Because the thing is so should be in Principle so sacrifice And so preserved from such activity that It might take place outside But not inside i was there i i was in The vatican And to contemplate that occurring is Almost beyond I know i know i know that i know i Realized fully How it impacted you as we say but So my word to everybody is We won’t know the details for a long Time if ever in our lifetime Just as other assassinations that took Place in the vatican we We haven’t got the details yet what uh The vatican Is its own sovereign state Is it not absolutely so that uh the Investigation The um the details of it the Um suspects the people who would be Caught and then I have no idea what would happen in in

The vatican uh if they came up with Suspects how are How are things handled in the vatican oh They have their own way of dealing with That They have their own way of dealing with That so the so The italian italian law in no way bears On The battlefield none now normally if They Take a babel example if somebody is Found inside an american museum Trying to uh make off with a valuable Chalice or something Yes they they of course put him in the Vatican prison which they have And they call him the police and he’s You know a normal thing like that And then they are turned over to italian Authorities yeah as normal Uh normal evil normal normal evil Anything which really comes from Deep within and betrays the presence Of the betrays that footprint again And this does that’s dealt with in Camera And dealt with away from the prying eyes Of the media And of the world they it’s impossible For them to hide everything And very early on we all knew very early On in this incident we all knew that Something had happened but the race in

The various News media cnn nbc Abc’s cbs to try and get some Substance to what they were hearing was Fantastic To watch uh because nothing came out Because the vatican has been choking off Everything Um the pressure on the vatican from the Media over this Is going to be big it is going to be big And Do you think they will just uh hold Their silence they will but there’s Always the inevitable the inevitable Tipster the inevitable sale of news And that’s what will probably happen Uh i would imagine that catholics all Over the world Uh which look to the vatican uh Spiritually Yeah will want to know if Uh their spiritual capital is under Siege That’s right and then you know There’s another consideration which is Painful For me anyway because i am a papist as You know In spite of the fact that i have my my Criticisms of the popes I’ve served with appropriate little Servers and I have strong critiques of the present

Holy father Who is my pope but i have strong Critiques of it But on another plane this is a dreadful Slap in the face to john paul ii Because this happened under his watch no Matter how you cut it He’s the boss he’s in charge so really It works in the vatican like it look Works in washington no Good economic times the president gets The credit bad economic times the President gets blamed Exactly oh yes it does and you see Um it does reflect on his administration It does reflect on the spirit he has Installed now for almost 20 years you Know by pope And a lot of us have been saying all Along for a long time There is a spirit of secularization Going on in john paul two’s vatican Which makes possible such incidents as This And other incidents too which have not Come to life So it there must be a cause of great Anguish to john paul too Um i’m certain that is so but you’re You’re saying Even what i would think of as a Relatively small moves because it looked Uh Very non-secular when it was there but

These small moves would invite in the Possibility You’re saying of what has happened yes They do They do they the old italian thing which I can’t quote any longer in the italian Because i forget it Is that any crack in the wall and the Wisp of satan enters The wisp of evil enters and um There is a process of a gentle process The intention is ecumenical the Intention is to be like the rest of the World the intention is Not to be so remote but there is A has been a tendency in the uh Pontificate of John paul ii to be so accommodating Well he given let me give you one Example um new pope Believe in me art no of no pope of the 263 popes before him Would have sat down with the leader of The voodoo priest of haiti Oh she did he did yeah and he said to Them Look uh father maurice i think maurice Is the name of the head of the voodoo Expert uh priest in haiti look um We are interested in your religion and You should be interested in our religion That is something which is unheard of In catholic tradition or john paul Himself has gone to a secret island

Off uh of the madagascar republic Where he drank from the sacred water From the sacred Um fountain of the god of the local god Worshiped That is or he sat in in a in A phallus shaped chair in india And had the mark of kali put in his Forehead oh my god Um father uh his wife shot Another man who shot them a committed Suicide all of this Inside the walls of the vatican the Killing The first inside the walls of the Vatican in our Living memory i guess there may have Been a 150 years ago something may have Happened And we were talking about that before The break just An incredible incredible occurrence And father martin began to say that pope John paul I think this bears repeating um and and Uh some and trying to understand father Uh pope john paul Has been in some way affected himself it Must be a cause of great anguish for him Well you said that but you said that he Went to A voodoo on and now i’m i’m not really Caught up on this father Well he he went to haiti he had a paper

Trip to haiti And during that trip he met officially With the head of the i think it’s 15 000 Voodoo priests that live in haiti and Sat down with him we have the photograph But i have it here in my files and one Of the things he said Was uh with typical john Paul ii ecumenism look We are interested in your doctrine and We think you should be interested in our Catholic doctrine Um how i know i know at least you it Leaves you speechless Or that’s right or for instance in years Have passed when he went to india John paul ii permitted a young lady in a Salary To put the sign of carly on his forehead With that red stain And he sat in a chair chosen by the Indian bishops Which had the phallic shape as you know The phallus is worshiped in In hinduism why Why this these were actions of john paul Too destined to create A a great fellowship and feeling For instance let me give you an example Which Struck us all at the time and it’s not Mentioned because people are afraid of Being called anti-semites John paul ii went for the first time a

Pope as a pope He went to the synagogue in rome The head of the synagogue is a very Respectable rabbi Called eliot they were known to all of Us And um they sat on on a stage Or a bama they called it in hebrew on Two chairs sort of Katy corner facing themselves and facing The audience And in his speech which is a very good Speech by the very good address John paul ii said his only reference Was by the way You know our founder was of your race That’s all the testimony to jesus that John paul Ii gave and when when that went his Vatican held A special holocaust evening Which was standing room only it was such A grand affair With music and with uh a huge menorah Lit by the grandchildren of people Who had who had survived auschwitz and Birkenau the hitler camps um In his speech for that for that for for That particular Evening uh which was a holocaust evening John paul ii consented to have the only Crucifix In the hall removed in order not to Offend his jewish friends

Uh well we consider that uh for me to Remark that it’s not Anti-semitism of my part i’ve done more I think for jewish christian relations Than Most people alive as the story you and i Have never Delved into which we will ask another Broadcast please god but The fact we find this um No pope before john the 23rd before john Paul Ii would have allowed it if a cardinal Did that Under any of the other popes the Cardinal will be sent away to live Life out in a monastery on the top of The sierra madre Why has john paul done it it is his form Of ecumenism And look let me make quite clear For you and for everybody listening this Man is my pope He does represent christ he is the vicar Of christ for me And if you were to speak under the Conditions of infallibility I will accept what he says but i am Allowed Nay i am obliged by my tradition and my Faith And by previous popes to critique Anybody Priest bishop cardinal or pope

When i think they are in error So so so a pope then the the pope Now i’m not a catholic my wife is but The pope Is supposed to be is he not infallible Only under certain conditions Help me understand what conditions those Would be in other words he must state Explicitly as follows put it in my Language A paraphrase that book accurately what I’m about to tell you Is something i say Has the successor of peter And i say it with the authority of Christ as his vicar on earth To be held by all the faithful As a matter of profound divine Roman catholic faith he must say that Now john paul Ii has never said that about anything Even about the alternation of where are Men and women So then he he he can do that on on the One hand though he hasn’t done it and on The other can sit down with A voodoo priest that’s right that’s Right and in his his famous encyclical Which has become so popular with Progressive catholics it’s called ut That they may be one He discussed and outlined the way he Would like to Take apart the whole doctrine of the

Pope’s primacy In order to suit non-catholics so john Paul two has ventured Out along the edges of authority In his statement and uh in his preaching But in whenever he taught he has never Yet thought error Infallibly he’s never adopted the Infallible mode the invalid mode is Something where the pope says I am now doing this as the head of all Catholics I’m doing it as the successor of peter And To be held by all the faithful on the Pain of mortal sin He has never done that yet do you think Do you think he’s Of course very frail now very old very Friend he’s very frail and It makes you cry to see his face uh He is his left eye is recalcitrant you Can’t keep it open or shut His hand his left hand is jigging Continuously yes he doesn’t look at you Straight in the eye because he’s Bent over and by the way i know a man Who frequents him about every six weeks From new york and he says that Surrounding john paul Ii in his court in his entourage The hate is palpable Now father when you heard about murder Hours ago in the vatican were you

Surprised No you were not surprised no no i’m not I’m appalled of course and shocked Because two people three people’s lives Were snuffed out By violence and um but i know that we Will In my lifetime i may not know the real Facts behind it all Um and moment of insanity has a Beautiful expression in italian But tells me nothing about the reality But surprise No i’m not well when you said that the Pope’s entourage That the the feeling of hate was Palpable of Hate of the pope you mean yeah yeah Hate of the pope yes and this of this Particular pope And this man by the way is not is not a Christian i i beg your pardon he’s not a Christian he’s a technocrat who goes to The vatican For a certain reason periodically and uh He says you can’t mistake the hate and Dislike of this man In his immediate entourage and so john Paul ii is a pathetic figure really Uh he he lives with this ice and day Um there is no mercy for him there is no Compassion for him In his normal entourage and he is Burned by the patriarch of

Constantinople And he’s laughed at by the patriarch of Of Moscow and he’s let down by his Cardinals And his bishops uh he’s an outcast This pope and it makes me cry To know what he’s going through and yet He He has done things which we must Criticize And will criticize in all trust and Belief that he is our pope But has made mistakes now the the point In general about these killings Is the the the the murder And the suicide in the vatican is that My point was that It’s in his watch this has taken place And he knows it He’s a responsible man and he knows that This has taken place during his watch And that therefore somehow or other he Is responsible He is responsible would you expect a Statement from the pope No no oh he might make a reference Every wednesday as you know when he’s When he’s at all in good shape He gives a little firmer net from the Window on one of the windows on the Fourth floor Of his apartment in the apostolic palace Out to the crowd they’re always required

On wednesday To listen to him he may make some General reference which people will pick Up on As a reference to this calamity because Believe me art Ecclesiastically paperly this is a Disaster There’s no doubt about it and this is a Sign of the times I mean are we to know will we know Father martin when the antichrist is With us yes we will We have been given three signs by the Scripture And confirmed by all doctrine and Teaching for almost 1900 years It’s very simple art there’s first of All the first sign the major sign is This In his day i mean when he’s active Because he’s He’s here already but um he’s not active But when he is active there will be Problems Human problems confronting us as a race As a society of nations problems we Can’t solve Our best the best and the brightest of Our Of our technocrats and scientists and Theorists And leaders will not be able to tell Them he will that’s the first thing

He will produce the solutions for them And people will be so Overwhelmed with gratitude and with Relief that somebody has the solution Which works They will say to him and the second sign Is this You must be divine and the third sign is He will say Kneel down and adore me i am indeed your God. Then we have antichrist you said he is Here now He is not yet active i i have heard this That The antichrist is now alive and he Cannot die and because kills him He has this pseudo immortality and don’t Ask me where how who What um how do we know that much how do We know that From the second letter of paul to the Thessalonians If you read it carefully those three Signs are there and the fathers of the Church the early The early writers between 100 a.d And 680 they’re the the early writers The great two gregories of nissan President nazianz and Saint basil all those who wrote the Origin the fathers of the church the Basic writers Um they all agreed on the character

And the signs of the antichrist Appearance there are those my listeners Many of whom Believe that the signs are all around us Now The children the black-eyed killers the Soulless killers I know the killing of exorcists uh the Ritual murdering of exorcist Murder in the vatican just to name a few Of the more recent within hours But there are people who will say these Are Signs that he is with us now Yes there are signs that he is with us Now but the Reign of antichrist will be very very Signal Very clear and the only source we have Is that second letter of paul to the Thessalonians and those three signs And he has not yet started his operation Well father i am not going to suggest That our president uh is the antichrist And there are many in my audience Many many who would however is it not Reasonable to look at What the president is alleged to do on a Fairly regular basis Yeah and then look at the national poll Of approval for this president yes And make certain conclusions about the Changed Thinking uh and the acceptance level of

What once would have been Uh thought of surely as evil behavior by The american people i mean the Acceptance of it Absolutely absolutely but uh Art you more than me More than most of us uh would Should be would they do i’m sure Appreciate The fact that there is now a growing gap Between what the spin doctors create As the public mentality and what people Are really thinking And only if we had do you remember the What was it the cube q-u-b-e Remember that cube business the instant Reaction To the television i do i do yes Remember that yes well there’s a very Good reason why they would never install That It was instantaneous and it was done by Computer Maybe it was uh it was intended that you Be here This night uh father uh well art These things i i i heard the hesitancy In your voice when you spoke about A coincidence because in these things I do not think there is any coincidence Yeah i’m beginning to believe that Myself there’s a certain providence over Things And you and i originally were supposed

To talk about two weeks ago but We had to put that off for one reason or Another and um We happened to latch on to tonight when These Two things have come to a head and other Things have come to a head in the Meantime too Um so i before we leave the subject of The pope and what has occurred tonight Dan in chicago Um asks the following yeah please If you can tell us who are the advisors That’s in quotes That recommended the pope was safe to Mingle with the darkness that is voodoo I know it sounds like i’m being Suspicious but i just don’t think these Actions would be entered into without Counsel This could easily be the result of being Too trusting With those nearest to him that’s right That’s right he you see the pope has A theological commission of his own 30 Men Usually some of them are not catholic Some of them don’t even believe in god Um some of them certainly you know Leave much to be desired as regards the Practice of catholicism as such And then there’s that that factor Number one number two uh In the immediate entourage of the pope

If you look at the people he frequents With the daily there is no shining light That you say gosh that’s a holy man That’s an observant man That’s somebody you can look to for Principles catholic principles There is nobody like that anybody like That Who had power has had his wings shorn Well sure enough him and i remember uh Talking to one of them recently face to Face and he He said look as a cardinal what can i do I’ve been stripped of all power i said Your eminence You can die you can give testimony with Your blood At which he was mute i’m certainly was Um what do you see for the future of the Papacy this man is frail i don’t know How long he will be with us If there are hands manipulating What’s occurring behind the scenes what Do you think Comes next well i can have lurid Thoughts Or i can have sort of pacifist Thoughts i know that he himself Intends to in if that has any valency at All He intends to live past the y2k Uh moment as a matter of fact father he Plans to go to jerusalem doesn’t he I know he plans that and it goes to

Sinai He wants even to retrace the steps of Abraham Who came from a town called ur of the Chaldees Now in iraq if possible he may be Restrained in that Because did you see that the reason why The people visit to israel And the middle east was put off uh Because of the Um the problem of course with jerusalem Is what they’re suggesting No no no the vatican was very explicit About it oh Yes toran who is the sort of prime Minister if you want to prove The vatican secretary of state said Quite blatantly the danger of war Breaking out there is too much well it’s Another way of saying the same thing yes There’s probably going to be a war over Jerusalem right that’s this And over the whole question of the Palestinian state because no of course You know who doesn’t want a a Palestinian state and i quite understand Why it doesn’t But i also understand why the Palestinians want to state there are More of them than their israelis by the Way Does the pope intend in that visit if it Is going to occur

Uh around the millennium to try to bring Together The three religions art his dream And it’s the only dream john paul ii has Had He never dreamt of controlling his Bishops he never dreamt Of improving the condition of the Religious orders he never even dreamt of Spreading catholicism as a belief His dream has always been to create a Dynamic At the center of which would be roman Catholics Grouped around them would be the other Christian Religions or sects or churches greeks And russians and western protestantism And grouped around them would be the Jewish people And groups around them would be the Muslims his dream was to make Out of that a dynamic the world would Have to respect And it’s it’s his dream is it your dream No what do you think um what’s going to Happen will come to pass if he If he lives long enough and tries this What will happen will be that the Institutional Organization of the church as distinct From The people who live the life of the Church the supernatural life of the

Church That organization will cease to be The house of christ you know that’s a Very dire prophecy Yes it is you know it’s it sure Is sounding like uh there are a lot of People who are worried about the year 2000 about the millennium sure and not Merely about the y2k And and that’s that’s exactly right and There may be uh i’m beginning to discern Good cause to be con Worried about it there is there is there Is very good we Are concerned about it um art i’ll tell You It is now what the fourth or the fifth Business It’s now it’s now the fifth most time Zone 1998 And it’s on your show if i’m alive i’ll Be 1079 And well and we are talking it will be A totally changed international scene And a very changed usa And i’m willing to make a modest bet of Five dollars with you on that But a very serious matter and it will be The end Of the papacy as we know it And of the institutional organization as We know it There will be an underground church Which there exists already

Most endings are the beginning of Something else Uh uh so true that’s one the truest Historical statements you’ve ever made And it you see but the comparison Please do not take this as outlandish The comparison is Christ himself the man jesus christ Who is a very big man according to the Shrine of turin and i firmly believe in That but And he was a big man and he was Crucified and he was bled like a pig And he died and that body ceased to Be animate it ceased to exist and had to Be put in The earth because like everybody was Going to smell And three days later according to his Followers going to me According to believers he was alive and Well in a glorified body And it was really him yes it was he Ready vivos as they say in latin alive Again And with the marks of his wounds but Totally healed And he was glorified he couldn’t suffer Anymore and i think that that’s What the church is going to the roman Catholic church is going to go through Crucifixion resurrection death And resurrection and glorification but In the meantime

We have to go through the agony in the Garden and the vietnam rosa I was it isn’t pleasant to think about i Was at I was at the very place in in bethlehem Where christ was born they market they Market Uh and when when you were there uh when You were standing right in front of that Spot you know uh whether you’re a Religious Person or not true you know you know art You know Something inside you and everything Around you tells you that Yes it’s extraordinary you recall my Moment of truth there too Oh here’s a question from a listener i Want to try to get some of them in um Here’s somebody who asks um from tusan If there Are demonic possessions are there ever What angelic interesting question there Are of course there are of course there Are I know people not many but i know people And i call them up on some crisis and Say by the way Such a touches need is that’s in such a Place and they’ll say Well there’s help on the way and they’ve Talked with their angel And they live with them and it’s Extraordinary it covers the whole gamut

From young teenage girls to grown men In responsible places in government and In science and the professions To old people to little children it runs The gamut Yes there are because the thrill of the Demonic There’s always that i keep that using That word because that’s what tracks is That here Um outweighs the engine and then we have A show There’s a series of picture of films on Television about the angels And of course it’s the travesty of what An angel really is And angelic behavior and appointments Are treated like i don’t know In a very very non-angelic way Is there a war going on yes there is There’s a war every day And whether you like it or not we are All in it And it starts in your heart and uh It’s with your hands and your feet and Your body and your sexuality and your Mind As with everybody you meet i would like To read uh for you father something uh Sent by uh dr richard uh Boylan and uh it is on the internet uh Worldwide right now monsignor balducci A vatican theologian uh insider close to The pope

Has gone on national italian television Five times in recent months to proclaim That extraterrestrial contact is a real Phenomenon He announced that the vatican is Receiving much information about Extraterrestrials in their contacts with Humans From its embassies in various countries Such as mexico chile venezuela Uh and more monsignor balducci said that He is on a vatican commission looking Into extraterrestrial encounters and how To cope with the emerging General realization of extraterrestrial Contact he provided The catholic church’s analysis of Extraterrestrials Emphasizing that extraterrestrial Encounters quote Are not in capitals demonic and are not Due To psychological impairment and are not A case of Entity attachment but these encounters Deserve to be studied Carefully end quote what do you what can You Tell me about this well monsignor Corrado balducci Is now i think he may be my age in the 70s I think what i can find out um He is not a blowhard you know he’s not a

Publicity seeker But the subject he discusses And we’re discussing now and we’ll be Discussing this for quite a while art Especially in the lives of things that Will happen in the next year Um we’re discussing a subject which is So volatile it’s really the uh It’s really the the thought you hit a Touchdown it was my with my Um uh pardon me and everybody listening Please pardon me Um i it’s a volatile subject Uh like nitroglycerin it’s ready to Explode Because here’s the central Nub which corrado balducci and everybody Faces Is this until The relevant governments and i realize I’m walking on ten eyes here Tennis indeed of security Security national security and International security Yes i’ve got to be very careful um and Clara balducci I hope he should be careful to the Until the relevant governments and some Military government of the us But other governments are willing to put In public the facts about What they consider extraterrestrial Activity It is impossible to make sensible

Statements That uh that make sense statements that Make sense And uh until they do We’re in the dark really as regards the General public We haven’t got this scientifically Controllable facts And i don’t think we’re going to have Them very soon We have discussed this before father but Um there is no question The vatican has astronomical Observatories All over the place uh one on mount Graham for example that Somehow the vatican applied every bit of Pressure that it had and blew by all the Environmental concerns and got That facility in place and The question just the good simple flat Out question Is what would the vatican be looking for In space Father well As you know the central doctrine Taught by the church is that christ Jesus of nazareth was the son of god He died for all men or rational beings And Hitherto in the thinking of christianity This has been confined to the human race Now balducci Rightly um points to

Phrases of christ of jesus That we pass over too easily when he Appeared to him after the resurrection He said Fear not it is i All power has been given to me on earth And in the skies And while Balducci knows that As far as he can make out from the Little Details the sparse details Uh revealed by the relevant governments That if there is any rational Activity technologically advanced Beings they’re not in our galaxy They’re trans-galactic but we don’t know We have no concrete evidence and it’s Like everything else Until we get concrete evidence given to Us so we can touch And see and hear and measure We’re in the dark but of course the Vatican Is absolutely riveted By the possibility that there are Rational beings Not necessarily human beings Uh outside in a transgalactic position But we don’t know so the great The great uh the great uh uh Proviso the great temporary proviso is To say we don’t know We suspect we think uh

Certainly you see in in the time of Columbus when he set out with those Three ships To go to the indies one of the revolts One of the mutinies he underwent was That the sailors believed once they Passed a certain point That the nails holding the ship’s um Planks would fall apart that’s right Would disintegrate right and they also Had We now know the medieval myths about the Men In tibet the three-headed men and the Four-headed lions and The the five-tailed five-foot dogs etc Which were all mythical creatures and so A lot of people are inclined to say now All this Bladder all this talk about uh Extraterrestrials is really It’s it’s a tricks of the demon Obviously is paying close attention Very space very close attention and uh They’re looking i suspect for something Other than the rings around um Yeah look uh put it like this I say now it’s an if it’s our apartment All right So i put on this because it’s very it’s A very ominous Statement if the relevant government Expressed this fact the relevant Government

Were to submit to worldwide inspection And knowledge any facts Proving the existence of rational beings Not necessarily humans of rational Beings Outside our galaxy This would be a crisis For the roman catholic church like no Other crisis in its 2000 year history I have always presumed that myself Father it would be a crisis Of gigantic proportion look let me give You a small A a a shadowy parallel to it When columbus did get to the indies Namely get to the new world And he brought back the news and things Had to go slowly and those Carrier pigeons couldn’t do it and they Had no telegraph But when they came back to europe that There had been millions But millions of human beings who never Heard of the gospel Who never heard of calvary or of jesus Or of the church Theologians were stumped in the Beginning And they started a discussion which is Still going on by the way Which in latin was always called the Salute agency About the salvation of the peoples Outside the church

Outside of europe which was considered To be totally Uh christianized as saint thomas himself For instance Says that it’s possible that homeless Investors A man living in a in a forest in Dalmatia Possibly hadn’t heard of the church but All human beings have heard of the Church And suddenly they find out there have Been millions perhaps Billions of human beings that never Heard Never heard about the church and were Never baptized yes The crisis was huge in theology and Started a whole new Thought in christian theology which is Still going on Now if we find out there are beings Not necessarily human again Technologically advanced beyond where we Are And they don’t come down uh already Knowing of the word of god They don’t know anything about it Supposing they don’t Suppose have they got souls you know What is saved by christ Must we convert them must we preach the Gospel as we explain the bible to them We don’t know and the churches church

Men are totally unprepared for it They’re too busy uh pouring around with Enneagrams And a lot of garbage of that kind but Serious theology and remark Art is i who say it and i’m paid to know It In the church today in the roman Catholic church there is no Dominant school of philosophy or Theology worthy of the name There is no theological development no Philosophical development Just a poor of uh Modernism and of uh phenomenology Well let me give you something that Might fit right into that category i I interviewed a brilliant man um oh i Don’t know a week ago i think Oh two weeks ago his name is matthew Alper matthew albert Alper a-l-p-e-r and he wrote a book Called The god part of the brain and it is his Contention That mortal beings we are here for um 70 80 90 100 years not long That in that our brain in defense Of the entire concept of death The brain actually developed uh in its Own defense What he calls the god part of the brain Which Compels those uh who are

Very much afraid of death uh to believe In something to believe in anything uh That that Even when you go and you examine the Tribes That have not been touched by humanity If it isn’t god they do worship Something And it is his contention that that it is A natural Part of evolution And i can so that’s about the best i can Do in explaining His position but it was well articulated And i would assume you would put it into The Category you were just describing yes i I anyway i i i being a roman catholic i Firmly believe that Without divine grace which is not at all Produced by anything human by any Endocrinological Development or by any neurological Uh development in man in a human being But it’s totally gratuitous from beyond The stars And beyond this visible cosmos and Straight from the heart of god To people he has said he loves so much That he sent his son to be with them To every one of them i i believe that is That that’s a roman catholic position on The whole point And while there’s no doubt about it that

In If one adopts the theory of evolution to Some degree It’s so rickety nowadays that one is Inclined to sort of Stand back from it like a bag of bones That suddenly is collapsing But really between you and me and the Holy ghost spirit but If in the evolutionary mentality as a Hypothesis because it’s only that and Still remains that Then i suppose we could talk about Neurological and endocrinological Developments Uh from primitive man down to the Present moment But there is that chasm art That chasm between me and the divinity Which is utterly unknowable and awesome And i can never have it and i desire it I see it’s reflection in the beauty of This world Beautiful people and beautiful things But i can’t have it Of myself i have no power i must depend On this God bending down in the midnight of my Human misery and saying I lift you up to my level because i love You That’s the christian message and um Doubters that have been evolutionary Transgender

Sometimes i i come from ireland you know And um sometimes i must say because i Can Being irish i can say the following some Of my Some of the people i used to know in Ireland um Certainly seem to have missed out on Evolution of the brain Yeah that’s right um let’s take some Phone calls um East of the rockies you’re on the air With father malachi martin hi Hello this is michael in lincoln Nebraska i have a question for you Father Michael how are you i’m fine sir thank You there was a big controversy a while Back it was in the magazines and stuff About the pope coming out and saying That mary is co-redempter with christ Yes he’s not going to do that Now i was going to ask you what is your Personal opinion do you think that mary Is co-redempter with christ No no no i don’t think christ is the Sole redeemer But the position she has she occupied During his life And the position she’s occupied amongst Catholics anyway since then And in early christianity until the Lutheran revolution or revolt i should Say really in the 16th century

Was that through her you reached her son It’s very easy once you know the mother To get the son to do things but that he Is the sole redemptor There’s no doubt about that okay now now You’re saying if you get to know the The mother then you’ll get to know him So are you saying that if we pray to Mary mary and the saints can answer our Prayers Oh yes they can that’s why In my bible i’m sorry sir but in my Bible it says that there’s only one Mediator between god and man in that Right That’s christ and he’s the mediator he Mediated between mary and god And god of the grace she got she Wouldn’t have a thing except for him Okay but once she’s been installed she’s A powerful lady Okay now is that what the catholic bible Says that’s what the catholic church Says we see Michael casper catholics the bible is Not the sole Source of revelation bible is one Tradition is another Tradition the church is the third Tradition Is a source of revelation yes of Revelation You see the catholics hold that every Apostle

Until the death of the last apostle There was a continual revelation going On which is not confined to books It went into tradition to actions uh To customs started by the apostles All over the then known world and those You see the bible nowhere Says the bible nowhere says that the Bible is the only source of revelation It’s an extraordinary embarrassing thing To fling at uh Non-catholics but the bible nowhere says I am the sole source of revelation noah Says it It does an assumption made by the Protestant revolt He’s got a good point doesn’t he i mean But the bible says that the word The written word the logos is god well The locus in that case Is christ yes yes he is the word And what we mean by that these catholics Mean by it is That christ is god’s expression of Himself Because see michael in in god in himself Is Unknowable i can never know god in Himself I can only know him in christ yes he is The logo He is the word the verb right By the mediator yes he is everything And he’s the only friend we have in time

And in eternity You know he’s the only one who finally Can give me light and gives me Consolation and Finally gives me immortal life which i Yearn for And i lust after but i can’t get by my Own self right All right caller thank you very much uh Father yes You are familiar with the uh the current Science Of uh cloning aren’t you yes i am um There are many many many scientists who Are now saying that they have cloned Dolly they have Cloned other animals and i’m sure They’re cloning people Are you aware that there is Um there are there are stories now Suggesting that Blood has been recovered from the shroud Of churn Yes i know they say that i i don’t know I want to ask captain jackson is not his Name Is the army the airport man who has gone Into all that I should talk with them one of these Days they say they have recovered that Blood With blood there would be dna obviously With the with dna there would be the Possibility of cloning

And while it might be an unusual way to Consider The second coming of christ yes i get The picture Yes they’re talking of it father they Are well they There’s one difficulty in the way uh art And it’s this For me anyway it’s this that even twins Identical twins with all these Similarities And commun common instincts They’re distinct personalities they’re Always distinct And there’s a marvelous study of twins That will separate that birth and then Brought together in adult life Yes which brings out this very clearly That there is a common They have a common heredity yes they They marry the same type of woman Yeah they’re bald in the same way their Pubic hair is the same And their height and girth and their Inclinations But they have distinct personalities They’re very distinct personae And the wife of one twin couldn’t be Attached to the If it could be attached to his twin but Is it not Possible to imagine that with The miracles that christ performed yes They if they get intact dna they will

Discover A difference in the dna of christ I’m sure i’m sure they will find a Distinction A difference i’m sure they will because Wouldn’t it kind of be the final irony Father if the scientists were the ones To propagate the second comment It seems to be highly improbable to me But Mentally logically uh scientifically Apart in revelation and the unicity of Christ I must say yes from that perspective it Seems possible From the point of view of revelation uh And christ Unicity his unique position it will Never take place but That’s for our faith steps in well there May be surprises that lay ahead There may well be there may well be and Um The church church men have to face them And that’s why There’s a general closure or a really Lip Ceiling lip zipping Amongst responsible churchmen in rome And elsewhere About transgalactic beings But they won’t take refuge in saying That it’s demonic placings It’s the devil playing with our senses

To deceive us yes they seem to be moving Away from that Yes anyway it’s not sensible because by The way In the whole history of demonology and Luciferian Interference with human beings there’s No parallel to that Except for an issue quota gertie faust In which you have his descriptions of The witches sabbath on their brooms You know but that’s all fantasy all Right uh west of the rockies you’re on The air with the father malachi martin Hello Hello hello where are you uh this is zip From juno And i have two quick questions for your Guests oh juneau alaska The west the wet capital of alaska yes Sir it does rain here quite a bit Well round rain we’re all by the way We’re 79 Water and the rest is love so don’t run Down water Well i’m not gonna call to uh to talk About bible or beliefs i i know where You stand on that and uh i’ve accepted Christ in my heart I know when i die i know where i’m going So uh what i wanted to ask you sir was Um Uh have you ever considered that ufos Might be the mythology of the 20th

Century seems how each civilization when It’s reached Pinnacle before it fell it always had Created uh Its belief system around its technology And since our god is our technology Wouldn’t it be you know just saying this To assume that uh We would create gods and its messengers And the images of technology yes I i have thought of it as that but in That i put the star trek series you know And uh a lot of the science fiction um That it is the creative mythology based On our technological advances yes As a mythology but jeepers weepers Pardon my language art What a poor mythology compared to greek And roman and indian Mythology you know the richness of that Mythology the lessons for human beings Even in the myths of the greek gods and Legends There’s such lessons about human moral Behavior and human Human behavior as such but in in In star trek or in in in such Productions Uh food sort of a dry dust Mythology that has none of the old Uh moralizing and i love the word Moralizing and i love moralizing tales Um it is none of that and therefore i Haven’t got much attraction to but i

Agree with you It is the mythology created by our Technology Huh all right um we don’t have a lot of Time first time caller line you’re on The air with father malachi martin hello Hello art yes sir where are you this is Ron from minnesota hi ron Hi rob hi father martin i had a question Uh You said that uh you believe that the Antichrist is alive in the world today Yes i do and i also believe this i was Wondering what your view on the rapture Of the church is All right uh father well there’s no In the catholic tradition about the Bible the rapture And all that uh is overshadowed by The normal belief of the church for 1900 Years That at one particular moment there’s Going to be a great assemblage In the presence of christ of all men and Women who have ever lived and are living And there will be the general judgment And the particular judgment And the contemplation of the wicked tale And the uh Leading of the just to heaven forever uh Aren’t father Martin uh talked of prisons perfectly Possessed by the devil Yes um you can ignore this question

Father if you wish in the opinion Of father martin is bill clinton Perfectly Possessed and no comment I had a feeling that uh you might say That um All right uh let’s go back to the lines First time caller line you’re on the air With Father malachi martin hello hello there Yes um this is annie from valencia California Yes abby um father i have a couple of Questions for you The first one being do you know dr Charles stinson Dr charles whom stinson stinson no i Don’t Out of dartmouth no i don’t ma’am okay Um another question i had was i Understand that you were a former jesuit That’s right i was for 25 years And what order are you in now i’m not in Any order i I i’m i’m i belong to a bishop And i i have you know i write books and Yeah on already on tv right okay that’s When i’m 77 Um retired in that sense but not retired In the active sense Right you’re still a priest oh i say Mouse every day right Okay my other i had another question That i thought of and i wondered if

You could shed a little light on this Um the underground city Underground church of the underground City the underground City in or near rome Are you referring to the catacombs uh Below the Vatican no i’m i’m talking about Um an underground city that is that is Actually in place Now for the new world order many of the Japanese and the chinese And many of the european countries have Started their It’s underground and it’s near Rome but it’s not i mean you have the Advantage i don’t know anything about I don’t know anything about it no i like I guess Um i guess we’re going to have to wonder She’s already gone but i i’ve never Heard anything about it Here is a criticism father yeah let me Read it to you Sure aren’t you and your guests comments Are pointing out what most true Christians Know to be the inherent blasphemous Nature of the catholic religion Your guest himself made a blasphemous Statement when he said that jesus Was quote bled like a pig and quote Excuse me and he better ask god to Excuse him too

Jesus was bled like a lamb anyone at all Familiar with the scripture knows I think he should make an on-air apology Well i will make an apology if it hurt The sensibility of anybody We don’t bleed lambs actually we do Bleed pigs And i wasn’t comparing jesus to a pig Either and that’s it Taken like that it is very offensive and I apologize Without any difficulty and i won’t use It again since i’ve offended at least One other person in the Face of the earth with that phrase uh And i see That it could be taken in delicately And i apologize very much because i Venerate the lord jesus as my savior Well i’m sure the intent was not Negative Uh and i understand what you’re saying i Apologize I sincerely apologize and i take Correction on that point Uh wildcard line you’re on the air with Father malachi martin hello Good morning good morning where are you Sir really this is ron in los angeles Hi ron you’re gonna have to yell at us a Little you’re not too strong sorry Oh that’s right go ahead good morning Father malachi good morning to you ron What’s on your mind

I have a question about uh one of the Trinity the holy ghost Yes never explained to me and i have a Paradox for you you said look to the sky Yes that was in one particular period of Last year Your last year 97 1990 christmas night A halo in the sky that’s right well no It was It was a period from the beginning of Spring to notice that from the end of Winter to the end of spring There was a possibility that there would Be some sign in the skies there wasn’t Yeah i saw a halo yes there was but it Wasn’t it wasn’t The sign i was looking for you were Looking for yeah Does the color of the halo make any Difference i don’t think so And then the sign i’m looking for is now Of that kind Would have been unmistakable oh Unmistakable Well that’s my paradox what was it well What Well ron um i’d ra rather wait until we Will see it because it will be in the Skies In these years but it hasn’t come yet Okay We will know it when we see it Unmistakably okay thank you all right Thank you

Uh east of the rockies you’re on the air With father malachi martin hi Hi uh this is charles in tampa hi Charles uh I’d like to um ask the father um given That God is so incomprehensible if he Doesn’t think that each culture will Come up with a Name and a mythology and a symbol set Around god By its own cultural metaphors and thus Any other culture that we meet will know God but by a different name Yes if i understand the question here’s What i would say to it A child that’s name yes That he is unknowable in himself but he Has taken trouble To reveal himself and jesus said who Sees me sees the father Who knows me knows the father and that’s The only way we can know god but we can Know him in christ And whatever variation each culture puts On that Beginning with the color of the skin Because there are black christ Very yellow christ statues um And there are occidental looking christ And chinese looking christ you know That cultural variation um is only a Human way of talking about one of the Same person and

When we finally look on his face We will find that he’s unique to himself Well of course when you explain Something to a child you use Or because you’re explaining something Beyond just comprehension that’s right That’s right it’s a it’s a very simple Thing it’s a question of pedagogy Um but i’m sure the reality of christ Is stunning and will entail every Trait of beauty that is in that but we Have got to wait Until we see him in heaven please god Before we know that thank you very much Sir the cultural difference doesn’t make A difference All right thank you caller and uh take Care dear art Father martin has made several References to a different Government in the united states in the Coming years Or so can he explain what he refers to Well here’s what i mean i think that The tendency in spite of the congress by The way They get the recalcitrance of our Congress I think that the whole concept of National Sovereignty sovereignty is changing And that laws will have to be passed Well we have to be observed and accepted In the states

Not made by americans but made by Greater bodies To which we will be bound by treaty and Pact and agreement Number two uh you and i are have Made various references tonight to the Y2k Problem yes uh it’s coming on us Apparently according According to authorities just published The two departments of government in the United states who will not be ready for Y2k Are the department of defense and the Department of transport Um but it does mean and then some Big authority not greenspan but somebody Of that stature has suggested that We should declare three months or so Worldwide recession Because we won’t be ready for it we Simply will not Have converted the chip to cope with Anything beyond two thousand this is What i am told by every single person Yeah There’s no doubt about it but they don’t Want to frighten people therefore I’m sure there’s going to be something Resembling martial law In some form or other if there’s that Disruption Of supplies supplies of fuel electricity Water food so people should prepare with

The basics They should but the point i’m making That’s true that’s true But the point i’m making is that we will Be constrained by laws That um change the face of america at Least for a while And we may never go back in fact You can read spiritual writers writing Currently Who say this is a lovely neat trick to Impose big brother on us all Sure you know you can suspect all such Conspiracies But but de facto de facto We are now walking into an era when uh Anything can be disrupted i must tell You one thing ought to perform this if i Could take just One minute i went to the emporium about Two months ago to buy something Buy some food and on that day down at The it’s the emporium Here on third avenue where i go and it’s In the basement we’re all done the lines Were all crowded and all the The women were the the tellers were Dispensing their money and the Central people were walking out their Luggage with their food And there were lines and they’re always Our lines and suddenly The electricity died out and no computer Worked

Yes and we stood in mute silence We couldn’t get our money we couldn’t They couldn’t take our money we couldn’t Get our food We didn’t want to go we had already Taken our supplies in In the usual little cart they gave us But It was a symbol of what can happen when The when the jews stopped It was great it was very frightening uh Yes uh there There was a movie that i recently saw Which i just at this moment cannot Recall the title of Um but it was about exactly that Scenario the power went off And the power stayed off and in the First little bit of the time Um everything was relatively normal People got candles But very shortly the food stopped The sale stopped temperatures stopped Yep uh people began running out of gas That’s right It turned into absolute anarchy Murderous i might add anarchy Very quickly and there had to be martial Law oh well uh Where possible now we are a nation of 260 million people And really the only thing that allows Our law and order to reign is the basic Respect

Of the massive number of people that’s Right That’s right for the law and if if Enough enough of them turned against The law there could be no law Enforcement there would be no law Enforcement there would be anarchy There will be chaos and then okay There’s no doubt about it if you ever Get a chance My wife just handed it to me it was Called the trigger effect The trigger effect yes it was about Exactly what you uh were just Discussing is it a book uh it is a movie It is a movie um west of the rockies You’re on the air with father malachi Martin hello Hello this is uh ron from vancouver Hello Hi and i’d just like like like to say It’s an Honor talking to you father um uh Actually uh the very first time you came On i forget when it was a months ago Uh was with the very first time i Started listening to art bell And uh i’ve been an art bell fan ever Since Yes very good and uh i was wondering Um this business about the cloning um I i really don’t think uh there there Would Um if if they would clone it wouldn’t

Really matter Uh because um didn’t um wasn’t christ’s Truth’s Um power spiritual and didn’t it indeed Come from god himself Well well you see christ christ was god Was god Is god yes uh being the son of god This is god’s word yeah it would be That’s why i said to us that Theoretically it sounds possible Practically speaking He couldn’t be cloned well why why Why would all the um unless god chose That as the method Now i i just thought sort of idly what a Great joke on the scientists but Yeah it would be the only thing is that The revelation which was supposed to Accept And we do accept says that christ Himself The historical figure christ will return In his entirety on the last day for the Final judgment And not a clone but himself with that Body And that blood and that divinity which We receive in holy communion Have you given much thought to how far Off that day is yes i have I i don’t use the word far Um i i mean we meet on a night uh when When there is news of a an exorcist

Brutally murdered when there’s news of Murders and Suicides in the vatican and yeah things That are just Uh virtually unthinkable what about These seem to be signs pointing towards Something Of course they are and the behavior of What we call el nino Is part and parcel of it all and the Earthquake in japan Seven point something is 7.7 our father 7.7 7.7 yes i consider that to be A part of the signs But we as usual we’re going to wait Until it hits Over the head father would you be Surprised to know That um i have a a very good friend in Australia Who watches the um us naval Satellite maps of ocean temperatures Very carefully And six months or even better before This el nino began to build He told us it was coming now the el nino Has just started to Lessen and i just spoke with him and he Said Guess what there’s uh off the coast of Japan now Even bigger heating going on indicating To him That there may be a larger el nino

Building For this coming year my lord that is Very very I’m going to retain that fact i’m going To retain that fact it’s significant Well there are undeniable changes going On A 75 square mile portion of the Larsen bi shelf just broke off Scientists scientists yes are saying That the entire ice shelf is now Critically unstable and they expect the Entire thing To fall off shortly is this the arctic Circle Antarctic the antarctic but that that That is very interesting at least i find It very well eventually interesting Though you see art i think that All of us without going to extremes We all have a feeling that something Huge is coming it’s developing And coming we don’t know what it is We’re being sensible about it you know We’re not getting hysterical But there is something happening there’s No doubt about it no you live one day at A time of course You do yeah and life goes on but there Is this building Feeling of imminent change there’s no Doubt about it and it’s the Is really deep down inside us it’s Another

It’s a it’s not easy queasy feeling that We’re We’re sensing something which we can’t Name and we’re undergoing A change and we don’t know into what We know what we were we don’t know where We’re going Uh an ending an ending in the beginning That’s right It’s it’s uh it’s a historic time to be Alive And to be conscious but when i think of My ancestors my nerves My father another who were married in 1909 and who grew up in the victorian Era My god tranquility and the peacefulness And the unsurprised Behavior of their world you know father I have kept you up very late i have one Last hour of the program Uh as usual which you are welcome to or You may slip Into the uh the arms of morpheus and Grab some sleep it’s your choice at this Point Yes what would you like to do oh i will Go on You will go on well my lines are going Crazy so a lot of people want to talk to You what i’ll try to do is devote the Last hour As much as possible to the phone okay Okay all right very good uh my guest is

Father malachi martin from new york city Which i love doing i really love doing And as long as i make sense keep me on Cut me off when i stop making sense uh By the way you sound uh so very good um Uh bob crane we had bob crane send you a Telephone and um I know i got that lovely telephone it’s The stall that i’m speaking on What a difference it makes all right um Listen to this uh high art please tell Father Uh malachi martin this is from a Programmer In arizona that the y2k problem Is all too real no hoax it’s every bit As serious as he believes it is if the Problems had Begun to be addressed in the last few Years There might have been hope now it’s too Late Prepare art there is no better Preparation than faith in christ From a programmer in arizona it’s very Realistic And very very soon as well oh yes it’s It’s around the corner All right um this as well please ask the Father to tell us anything he can Or he’s willing to about the prophecy of Fatima The prophecy of fatima without going Into

My background in this matter the Prophecy of fatima Is not a pleasant document to read there Is not pleasant News it implies it doesn’t make any Sense unless we accept That there will be or that there is in Progress A wholesale apostasy amongst clerics And laity in the catholic church that The Institutional organization of the roman Catholic church that is the The organization of parishes dioceses Archbishops and bishops and cardinals And The roman bureaucracies and the chances Throughout the world Um unless that is totally disrupted And did null and void the third secret Makes no sense And number two the other salient Characteristic about it is That it means intense suffering i don’t Know what this is I don’t know what the third secret is Father the third secret Lucia sister lucio who’s still alive the Only Surviving child of the three fatima Children she’s 89 now she lives in Coimbra In the carmelite convent in spain she Was prevailed upon

By her bishop to write down the third Secret already conveyed two secrets to The children We know the first two but the third Secret Lucia since she was the only survivor Refused to tell anybody And finally the bishop said look we’re All getting on an age Sister write it down and we’ll send it Over to the pope And she said well it’s not destined for The pope it’s destined for the people Where the pope will tell the people About it so she wrote it down And if this is in the 30s and then in The 50s it was conveyed over to rome To pass the 12th pope pius the and Cardinal ortaviani Was the head of the holy office of that Time they put it away Because lucia said that it shouldn’t be Opened Except by the pope in 1960 because the Thing would be clear then So it was opened by john the 23rd In february 1960 and he proceeded to say That It wasn’t true it was unreliable and Children didn’t know what they were Talking about And lucia didn’t because when she got This supposed secret from the virgin She was illiterate but she was under 10

Years old so she couldn’t know what she Was talking about And john’s running third then in his Opening Beach at the vatican council on uh October 11 1962 Referred contemptuously to the three Children as prophets of doom And so we we today we don’t need we Don’t need have anything to do with These Prophets of doom because uh We are in a different age and so he Suppressed the secret And and it remains so today it remains So today And it’s uh paul vi read it Pope paul six and did nothing about it John paul one read it Did nothing about it but he only lived For 34 years at pope And john paul ii has read it twice and Has done nothing about it He has spoken about it in public but he Has done nothing about it And that’s the status of the secret Today Um do you do you do you know what it is Yes but i’m under oath do you consider Um Do you consider it to be the ravings of A Illiterate child no no it’s a very Exact description of what is now

Happening And apparently what is going to happen Shortly but in cold Hard terms there’s no There’s no exaggeration there are no use Of adjectives or adverbs or anything Like that It’s a blanket statement a very Factual thing stated Baldly with no Adulteration no flourishes no purple Patches In other words they got exactly what They asked for yeah it’s a frightening Document It’s very frightening all right i Promise to go to the lions west of the Rockies you’re on the air with father Malachi martin hello Hello yes sir yes uh this is ron from Vancouver again hello ron hello Oh you were on earlier ron yes i was oh You’re only allowed one call per show my Friend Well can can you ask the question that i That i uh what question is that Uh is the sign in the sky that father is Supposed to see is that A sign of a cross well uh i think you’re Not going to get your answer Um at least uh if i read his comments Earlier you will know it when you see it In in the meantime uh relax First time caller line yeah there you

Are first time caller line you’re on the Air with father malachi martin hello Uh yes uh this is eric in houston hello Eric Uh yes um two one quick comment and uh Then a Question and uh in in addition to the The mount i don’t want to seem flip About it but the mounting Body count uh let’s not forget the Archbishop down in guatemala that was Assassinated oh yes let’s not forget That you’re quite right And uh the other thing i have to say is You’ve spoken yeah Very early on you spoke about a secular Secularizing Tendency in the vatican and i’m just Wondering if you’re not looking at the Past through sepia colored glasses yeah Leaving aside the borgia popes and all That i mean in the last hundred years You know there there was a sort of uh up Until very recently Uh kind of a cozy relationship in in With the church in italy and the mafia You had the relationship with the the Vatican and mussolini Uh that established the vatican state in 1929 And then you had the fact of uh the Vatican Accused of running uh nazi war criminals On the on on their way through

To south america yes yes would you care To comment Well you you have sort of listed a Series of Deficiencies of vatican officials in the Last 30 or 40 50 years although i would not Characterize the relationship between Mussolini And the vatican as in any terms loving They hated each other But they both profited mussolini wants The support of the vatican He was afraid the people who revolt Against him he wanted its approval And the vatican wanted to break out of Its Uh closure and get his own Sovereign state which he got in 1939 Only through mussolini So but about with that restriction Though sure there were churchmen who Provided the right lines for the Escaping nazis There’s no doubt about that how could That possibly have been justified It wasn’t uh justified by by By money and ambition And stupidity and evil and And nobody’s justifying it today at all We all come now then father does that Uh separate the vatican then or now From whatever else goes on in the world That we decry and worry

Worry so about well it’s Something which uh we hope will never Happen again There’s no excuse for it none whatever And I’m the first person to say it was wrong Wrong Wrong uh and that there’s no excuse for It it was a Bad mistake by a churchman bent Ideologically and not with any love of Christ So there’s no excuse for that now Secularization i’m talking about though Is where the the behavior of vatican Officials doesn’t differ from the Behavior of the dalai lama or the Archbishop of canterbury Or the protestant monks of taizi and Indeed there is a great assimilation Taking place and that is Secularization besides the the pope Appearing on the same stage as bob dylan You know Okay but it’s a funny situation It’s funny funny yeah wild card line You’re on the air with father malachi Martin good morning Good morning art thanks for uh holding Me Over here all right you’re gonna have to Kind of yell at us you’re not too loud Uh where are you Okay my name is brad and uh i’m in

Paulsville washington All right brad what’s on your mind hi Father malachi Hi uh well bear with an amenity you’ve Been a hero for Uh well since 1974. Thank you very much it’s a very nice Thing for a poor old guy like me to hear You must admit art indeed uh Well now to my question um I consider myself to be something of a Seeker and in recent years i’ve Kind of stumbled across something i’ve Read Through another scholar by the name Of zechariah sitchin and He became Such a center of attention for me that i Went to the trouble of Trying to learn some of these languages Myself so i could read it in the Original And some of the things that i found Reminded me a lot of what i was seeing In the old testament Yeah and uh am i uh Uh practicing something that is akin to Uh apostasy here or what what’s going on With this Am i seeing what i think i’m seeing or Is or or is there a connection here You must tell us what you’re seeing well Uh i see the story of abraham being told But in a different uh way father abraham

And uh i see it being told from the Viewpoint Of someone who is Being visited by something that May or may not be of this earth And uh treating with it as if it is a Living thing And it causes me concern on the one hand But on the other hand I as it is something that is Written in clay yes and something that Is carried forward I really don’t see mr split foot in it Neither do i actually brad I’m cautious in my in my adhesion to it But i i uh i don’t see mr split foot in His either I’m just terribly cautious until i can Get what we moderns call facts You know but uh i agree with you It’s uh but it’s uh i’m very wary of it All Because i want to be sure of the facts That’s all All right east of the rockies you’re on The air with father malcolm martin hello Hello good morning good morning sir Where are you i’m in cleveland ohio okay Uh this is might be a frivolous question Considering what’s been talked about Tonight but Yeah you were obviously you performed Exorcisms and Things like that and i was just

Wondering if It was possible for an evil person to Do the same to someone who believes in God it is possible for a person who’s Possessed to what To you know uh perform something Akin to an exorcism on someone who does Believe in god In other words where in other words evil Evil to corrupt a A a good person yeah in the way that you Know You would exercise an evil spirit from a Person could someone do the same Take a good spirit from a person Makes sense yes it makes sense in the Sense that I know of cases where somebody who whom Everybody would have said Lived with a good spirit with who was With the angels was with The heavenly um was successfully turned Around yes You know so many things seem possible That a casual observer and thinker of Uh our lord just wouldn’t imagine uh to Be possible little children condemned to Hell by their parents who know how to do It in A voice so here we go wild card line You’re on the air with father malachi Martin hi Hello art it’s steve from vancouver British columbia hi steve

Yeah i’m listening on c fun yes sir yeah Uh i just want to say art that radio Doesn’t get any better than This your show tonight well Um yes it it it uh i agree with you Father martin thank you for being you Thank you and thank you for bringing Such comfort to me and so many other Listeners In this time of stressful times thank You for saying that sir Um i i feel that so deeply i i have a Question Yes um can we as a conscious feeling Majority Ameliorate the negative devil influence Scenario of today Yes we can by prayer and by fasting And by having the grace of god in us if We partake of the sacraments we’ll get That sanctifying grace And we can mitigate it the only Restriction Is that um today there is no Real coagulated Community of believers instead now we’re Broken Broken up into small communities and It’s usually one-on-one That’s our isolation today because Uh in every country you can find there Are three components There’s the government which is very Important today in every country

Secondly there’s the business community And thirdly then there’s a Gaggle of organizations Ngos non-governmental organizations Everything from mothers against uh drunk Driving Uh over to the international firemen’s Association And the various churches including the Roman catholic church and we’re all in The public square Competing for men’s attention no longer Is the church Or a church or the church no longer has Any privileged position in our modern Public square in fact in the Constitution of the united states Whatever about canada The supreme court has said twice in the Last four years That anybody who enters the public Square in america With a religious ideology he has no Place It has no place in the public square It’s a private matter So that’s the difference but we can make A difference by having the grace of god And by our prayer and fasting we can Cast out devils We can win we can merit for other people We can convert them by our prayers Because that’s what jesus died for That’s why we have the saints

And the angels but well today it’s an Uphill battle I sure hope that we can father martin But it seems that There is such a an insidious force there Is Today is against us i know that i know That and you have to be Wrong and and the majority of the people Are Good people yeah why can we not Um purge this uh negative influence from Us Well you’re asking me then that’s a very Concrete question really And it’s this what has happened In the last 30 35 40 years Uh what i think has happened the roman Catholic church of which i’m a priest And a faithful priest And i said deliberately so it should Know i’m not in any sense rebelling Against it I’m a part of it and i say my mass every Morning and do the usual things the Priest does The fact is i think that once the church Men Of the roman catholic church drifted Into grave error After the vatican council i think christ Said Okay you want to go that way all right I’m not with you and he was through his

Grace and therefore we have this Devastation Of catholic marriages this devastation Of catholic religious orders The major ones above all jesus Dominicans carmelites Uh holy ghost fathers all devastated And the lack of cohesive theological Thinking and philosophical thinking in The church Is is is is glaring And discouraging christ withdrew his Grace And that was his decision in view of our Infidelity Because our churchmen were unfaithful And are Unfaithful to him i think that’s where We are but We still can have his grace we can Receive his body and blood And we can protect be protected by the Angels and the saints But now we’re in a battle there’s a Bloody battle going on It seems that way it does it is that way It is that way and even even Our lord himself the gentle jesus said If we didn’t mitigate those times even The just Would not remain in faith but It it doesn’t it seems so unfair that The great majority of the people are Good people

It does we seem to have a minority I’m putting this great scourge upon the Earth i know I know i know it does seem that and by The way Millions the catholic church now reckons It says It’s a billion plus membership but Millions of those have been led by the Nose out of catholicism Into an apostasy and they don’t know it But that happened in england From 80 from 1529 on millions of Englishmen english women lived and died In grave error because of the leadership Of a few men I i don’t know my friend from the bronx Always says that god is a funny sense of Humor And this is not a sense of humor but he Has a way of treating things and He he he deals with each individual soul Delicately tenderly compassionately But he deals with groups of people According to certain laws And he always observes those laws and That means that The innocent are punished with the with The with the with evil Christ himself on his way to calvary The women of jerusalem who knew him and Whose children he Cured and taught were weeping about him And he said don’t cry for me

No i’m just the greenwood and look what They’re doing to me what do you think They’re going to do to you All right caller thank you ryan thank You very much indeed Thank you um here’s something that i Suppose we ought to consider father Yes under art i am writing in advance of Malachi martin’s scheduled appearance on Tuesday morning To convey some ideas to you on the Subject of foreboding To relate these ideas to statements that Uh father martin Made during his last appearance on your Program and ask that you consider Raising them with him As they pertain to his experience at Some point during the upcoming Tuesday morning appearance i think in Cases When people have a dark sense of Foreboding that something terrible is Going to happen to the earth or Society as a whole it’s often because They are projecting scenarios Occurring within their own psyches and Personal lives out Onto that um world Seeing them unfold out there where they Truly are not Rather than within the realm of their Own personal lives where they are Actually occurring

That does happen it’s true statement That of a lot of people The only thing out is that at an earlier Point in this broadcast You and i both agreed that the general Feeling was males I do agree i mean i do agree i don’t Think uh This is internalizing on my part or your Part i It’s absolutely real it’s too general if You read a sober journal like the wall Street journal for instance I mean my god you know No all right they’re not pessimists but Their realism is very stark You know very stark yes hey stock or Take the normal big newspapers and the Magazines There are some pollyannish people you Know is The best for and we have them in the Catholic church too We have a man called carl keating who Writes Rapturously about the new evangelization There’s nothing going on at all in the Catholic church except decadence But we have those people like carl Keating and we’ve got to put up with Them because they They feel happy that way they do attack The rest of us But no i i i take that criticism

Very very well we do incline to project Things But in this case it’s co-confirmed by Millions of others that I do not feel it’s subject it’s Subjective on my part The last time uh this is sort of a on a Totally off the track question but the Last time the pope was traveling Yes um there was rather extensive uh Coverage of it on cnn And they had you as uh sort of a An advisor i guess commentator and Advisor that’s right And uh every time that they would start To go to you Yes uh cnn would break away yes they Would It’s very funny we all noticed that you Noticed that too oh yes we did It drove me out of my mind i know but The message uh i had to give was Something that didn’t sit well With the the the power of the beat oh Really It didn’t obviously didn’t because i was Interrupted Oh that’s the point across all right i See Um i’ll be darned uh first time caller Line you’re on the air with father Malachi martin where are you please Hi i am in colorado colorado okay Hi um first of all i just want to say uh

Father martin i just You are very much a man with the spirit Of god in you I just cannot believe i this is the First time i’ve ever heard you And this is just it’s just wonderful Listening to you Thank you man very much oh well you’re Very welcome my god Um i just have a question about satan Worship Yes um well this might sound Kind of personal for me but i think it Might apply to a lot of other people out There that might be listening Um about six years ago my sister and i Started having memories of things that Had happened to us when we were small Children We remember going out in the desert my Parents took us there Yes and it was out in the mojave and There was like a ceremony with this Leader and i don’t remember too much Because i don’t let myself remember that Yeah what age were you i was eight So she was probably six was there the Use of fire Yeah now that you bring it up Uh now that you bring it up yes and Was there any use of bones Oh i don’t remember that no but we both Remembered specific details exactly You know both of us remember the same

Thing remember a baby being killed Yeah and a woman up holding the baby Yeah And that was this this was satanist There’s no doubt about that Usually what they do is they they either Ate Or part in my language is repulsive to Our minds Um anyway they eventually arrived at Having the baby’s bones And they use that to make a certain type Of Not music but a certain type of sound Which they interpret as the voice of Satan But it’s always dead babies bones Oh my devastationism Um are you are you a christian Yeah very much that has what has Gotten me through a lot of things you Know my belief that there is Somebody watching over me and good Whoever It might be i don’t know yeah Did you ever consider catholicism well My ex-husband was a catholic and i used To go to masses with him Yes but that got a little bit hard for Me Was it the new map for the old mouse uh New orleans well that wasn’t in latin is That what you mean Yes that’s right yeah well that got me

Down too i never went to it but oh no I’ve always said the old mouse and never Said anything else but the new muscle Kept me down anyway But i’ll tell you Without prolonging it too much um Next time you’re in prayer ask our lord Jesus to enlighten you And to give you strength and guidance as He has up to this That was my question how can i help Myself to remember Because i feel like i’m stuck i wouldn’t Be intent on remembering so much Um i would be intent on What i do now as regards the worship of Jesus Who is god and the cultivation of his Angels And seeking out some good priest A good priest and talking to him And surely in colorado he must find Somebody Would they believe me though what would They believe me If they’re a good priest they’ll believe You and they’ll know what i know What you say because i have been to a Couple of therapists And just mentioned this you know about My past Yeah and they tried to turn it into Something else it was like they didn’t Believe me

I know they don’t yeah you know the Difficulty is this It’s not therapy you need it’s healing It has a big difference therapy consists Of A mixture of conversation and logic and Pharmacology Yeah that’s therapy but that that really Makes you viable You know you can carry on but it doesn’t Heal the soul Only the grace of our lord jesus does That you’re making me cry Well that’s clear though tears are very Very salvific darling Don’t be afraid of them but evidently Christ has touched your heart And if you pray he will send you a good Priest well thank you very much God bless you and i hope you have helped Other people out there too Please god you take care man thank you Bye-bye Father martin um the last time you were On we gave out your address Yes and you got you got too much mail no No i didn’t You didn’t no no i got a lot of mail but We’re getting through it all And um you see it’s unfair if people Can’t write at least a short letter Explaining what’s on their minds It provided they all realize that Sometimes it takes a long time to get

Out answers even short answers But there’s a desire to answer every Problem every question put All right father malachi martin Obviously uh what is the address 217 east 66th Street new york new york One zero zero two one Okay uh let me see if i’ve got that Straight father malachi martin 217 east 66th Street new york new york one Zero zero two one that’s right And uh everybody please uh do understand That there’s a lot of correspondence That Is coming his way so you will get an Answer but it will take time As all good things do east of the Rockies you’re on there with father Malachi martin hello Yard i’m glad you have father on thank You my favorite kid very much Father um a couple one two questions one From the past and one from the present Yes um during the time St paul was talking about uh people were Talking about the end times People were selling all their property And giving everything away and he said That’s very bad you should stand up Right now That’s right and can’t that be used Right now by the powers

To be to make people give up and In terms of the end times wasn’t in acts Peter coming out and saying that the end Times are now And he was talking about great portents In the earth and then in acts 3 He says that christ must make his Dwelling in heaven until all time All the earth is made anew meaning that All earth is made under christian Christian life that’s right could you Comment on that not one of them You you by merely repeating those words Sir To my mind you’ve said it all you’ve Really done it There’s no doubt about it that but when Art and i Talk we’re talking about the fact that Today Uh there is something else taking place But which is apocalyptic in that sense It’s Part of the end times it’s The emergence of a world you and i don’t Know Because i guess from your voice that we Belong to the same generation Um more or less uh Same cultural generation same political Generation really Well it is not only end times father but It’s uh end times for my program I’m so sorry uh we are flat out of time

We are flat out of time flat out of time Uh at least for this round uh but Uh ones that one thing is for sure and That is Uh god willing you’ll be back and i’ll Have you