Aliens on Earth or what they want us to believe?

By | April 9, 2021
Aliens on Earth or what they want us to believe?

Um Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict On this fine friday evening or if you’re In the states or wherever you may be Watching If you’re in the states it’s probably About four o’clock yeah that’s that’s It’s not a good time for me to go live But it is what it is because i ain’t Staying up any later Because i’m a man with two children that And i also my wife does beat me up if i Come to bed Too late so without further ado By this rather look by this title that i Sell by the way Guys you probably have no idea what this Video is about but it’s It is about ufos but i don’t Put them in my title but It is what it is and we work with what We’ve got we use the tools I haven’t even tagged this video i Forgot to do it but never mind So yes if you are here i’ve forgot to Tag the video Whack the thumbs up share it out on All sorts of social Media without further ado we’re going to Bring on my my Guest my first guest because there may Be a second guest My first guest tonight my good friend

And uh we look like brothers i’ve been Told as well Um lee from mussy audio Welcome my friend hi how’s it going you Doing how good me Oh good who said we look like brothers i Just met them up I just you know we’ve both i just fight Yeah no actually it was my wife that Said you you two Look a bit like oh you know well you’ve Both got the gingerness Isn’t that a roundabout way of your life Saying she fancies me a bit Well we were talking about that before The show but we can’t talk about what we Were saying about sharing things no No no no so so yeah mate Just before we start going into the ufos Just Tell the people what’s going on with you Because you’ve had a bit of Uh you’ve got i mean you’ve got two Channels you’ve got mostly audio and you Have the formula one one which is I forgot the name of it the hot lap That’s it the hot lap yep Yeah the hot lap is just a um Podcast so but it’s been snapped up by a British Podcast spot podcast network which is Nice so That is really cool it’s not it helps me I don’t have to pay for it to be hosted

Anymore and i’ve got like a A team of minions that run around Finding advertising for me then so That’s nice If the people watching this where can They find hot lap Just look for hot lap on anything look For the the hot lap podcast And uh sorry the hot lap f1 show and you Will You’ll find it it’s got a black and White logo says the hot lap in the shape Of a formula one car looks dead Cool my friend my friend designed it for Me she’s really Good well i’m really happy for you mate I’m really really happy for you The weird thing is is we set this video Up because we were talking about A guest that’s going to come on that’s Been on your show there’s going to be an Ex-scientologist Then he’s agreed to come on as long as He you hold his hand Obviously all the time i love holding Hands because you interviewed him on Your show And it was a great interview so one of My favorite podcasts If not my favorite podcast actually i am Looking forward to introduce To yeah being introduced to that guy but Also asking him some questions about Scientology because i ain’t got a clue

I’ve said this before on the channel i Used to think when i was a kid that i Was You know well say a kid a teenager i Said to my mum and dad You know i think i think i’m a Scientologist But that’s only because i believed in Aliens that was it yeah there’s the only Reason behind it but when you look into All the stuff I’d rather not be as mental mental Absolutely mental yeah but i’m a big fan Of cults Anyway right you know the if you could Put a cult on something i’m gonna I’m gonna entertain it for an hour and a Half easy as a single man i’d be all Over calls because they seem to have sex A lot Yes yes they do but you have to be the Cult leader As long as they weren’t having sex with Animals or you know Sex with dead people no no but that’s That you you have to be the cult leader Because What happens if you’re not the cult Leader is it just seems to be that you Tend to watch the cult leader have sex With lots of people oh No and then now and again like that’s Just like watching your life paul Whether whether you want it to be or not

It might be you We need to calm down it’s on youtube i Forgot about that I don’t forgot where we are but it’s not For kids My channel does say it’s not for kids i Might start putting a little 18 sticker In the bottom corner haven’t they said Now youtube haven’t they said that they Allow Certain profanity to be uh monetized That’s a yeah Youtube thing isn’t it i mean i don’t I’m not suggesting we test it No i’m just saying that we need to be Careful because how we talk off air we Just You know we we’d i’d get shot within a Second Yeah mate the the stuff that goes on Inside my head has to stay inside That’s on podcasts as well that’s a Podcast as well That can’t even be thrown off well you Don’t care what you say on your podcasts Because you don’t have to deal with Youtube well no the funny thing is that That does go through a little bit of a Filter i’ve got like a little fine one Since it’s definitely not what i think So yeah i put this title on i put this Thumbnail together because Simply because i couldn’t really think About what to do because i just invited

You on without really having much of a Subject Other than the past few ufo uh You know the pictures that have come out That uh told george knapp Um released but What’s happened since then you know We’ve had the footage that carvel’s just Put out and i think he may have got that Off mr nap And and mr grier um The man himself he has put out Probably the gr the greatest Looks a little bit like me there he’s Put out the greatest pitch i’ve ever Seen Um simply beautiful Yeah but i I’ve got a theory about mr greer because This was the one where he starts talking About the Fake alien invasion again as well isn’t It yeah Yeah he has literally put out like That he needs our help uh you know This the whole this big space Uh weapons in space it’s nothing to do With uh you know protecting Your own country or whatever it is to do With the fact that they’re gonna maybe You know Attack maybe a couple of uh innocent Greys I mean i think anyone that’s watched

Let’s do a show before knows that i have A I have suspicions about the authenticity Of mr grier And um i i was thinking about this today Actually Almost like i was thinking that we were Going to do this um If you knew right because obviously he’s Regardless of whether he’s But full of nonsense or not he’s clearly Connected You know and he’s he’s he’s involved He’s he’s got his little Like jacked fingers in everything Um so let’s just say He knows that whatever’s coming from This 180 day Cia document let’s say he knows that Something’s going to be blown blown the Lid on what i think is going to happen Is Is that your uh there’s going to be some Sort of government recognition of These things are things and we don’t Quite know what they are We haven’t ruled out them being another Nation’s technology But we also haven’t ruled out them being Weather Or um i don’t know Lizards or interplanetary Sort of travelers so like just leave the Book open as in

It’s not it’s not all faked pictures on Youtube Um and i think what greer’s doing is He’s positioning himself So he can be the fake alien invasion Guys coming Now and that’s going to be his new stick This there’s two way like i don’t want To I don’t want to talk about a man when He’s not in the room so just just Give me literally just give me Give me a second like there we go So he’s looking a bit picky there he Well i tried to match him with homer’s Skin All jokes aside uh i’ve said this before I actually do like stephen greer i’ve Got no issues with Him i find is uh well i actually really Did enjoy Unacknowledged uh that was one of my Favorites i Enjoyed that uh i think the guy I don’t think he’s complete and utter People A lot of people say this guy is nothing But a complete and What a you know a fraudster You know he maybe a fraudster is a harsh Word But you know he’s kind of manipulating People Uh and doing so so so i think the guy is

Making a Very clever living off the subject that He’s studied for Years and years and years um do i Think that there is a little bit of Sneakiness in that man Stephen if you’re watching this i kind Of do think there’s a little bit of Sneakiness in you Um but uh if we go back to Pre-911 i i i worshipped the ground you Walked on And i thought you were the man so when You need to Get that back in you that you know Because he did a lot for ufology And he still kind of he has But oh we do have the second guest in The house we do he’s here He’s late but ready i don’t even know if They introduced The guest that was coming on but He’s in the house and he is here and He’s the man that he he’ll he’ll tell us The truth He’ll know the truth us welcome to alien Addict Welcome to alienate can you hear me We can hear you oh is that happening How are you doing awesome i can hear you I can also hear myself don’t hear myself You may want to drop you may want to Drop out and put headphones back in put Headphones in

I have headphones on okay you’ve got a Leaky headphone okay you’ve got a Leaking headphone Ah well hold on let’s see is this Hello hello That’s perfect you’re always walking Around new york you’re a busy man Oh look at that little man is it a man Oh he’s a boy he’s a large 110 pound dog Yeah i thought he was a man see his Balls dragging on the street But yeah how are you doing i’m loving The soul glow I’m loving the soul glow today thank you Yeah no it’s it’s it’s a harlem Tradition bro you’ve had that cut Yes us this is lee from must see audio By the way Part of my buddy i’m good brother how Are you I’m good mate thank you we need to get You on merci audio For any of the guests that are watching This who may not know who osvaldo franco Is uh we have had him on a few times He’s An investor i don’t know if you’re still An investor but With tt’s at ttsa you are still in Investors still supporting the Long term well more on that also uh Because we had the shareholders meeting Okay but uh But right now we’re going we’re we were

You guys were talking about steven grier I got some Input on that for you personal input Okay all right did i Ever tell you the full start like right Yeah In my opinion steven grier isn’t Completely on the up and up Uh and he pays it fast and loose With a lot of stuff which should be a Surprise to no one But uh i’ll tell you all right Video that was put up on youtube where Uh somebody had asked hal put off On camera uh well if what he had Stephen grier had said uh uh uh About him was true that uh that he has All this information but it Came out that they would kill him and His family and what put off said was Well i did tell him a lot of information But that last part about killing my Family and things like that that’s Not what i said and well that reminded Me Of when i met stephen now this was In the early early days well i had met Him previously like very briefly Yeah you’re on the credits you are on The credits of um But this was even well before that all Right so it’s 2001. and Uh greer is doing this lecture series Trying to promote the disclosure project

And uh he went to cooper union downtown And uh he uh Was given uh this lecture and uh Basically He showed uh uh the first two parts of The You know the original disclosure project That was cut up into two parts Um what year was this oh my god it’s 2001. This is like almost 20 years ago um you You must be I mean the same age as me about ice he Must be about 21 years old I was a teenager and i i went to uh to Go see stephen greer talk But honestly this was like the most Exciting [ __ ] uh As you you know as you know um So anyway i go and i’m watching this Thing like i said i I had met him previously before and i Was hoping that he would recognize me Or remember me because there weren’t Like i was much younger even then There were no they’re not a lot there Weren’t a lot of kids in ufology to my Knowledge i still aren’t Um but anyway so he gives a lecture And we see the videos and uh he does This q and Right and in the q a he was talking About how Uh he was this is back when they were

Going to they were talking about Starting the Do you remember the orion project his Orion project not nasa’s That they were going to try to uh uh Make free energy devices and and Engineer some of these technologies And bring them out to the public but This is when he was first talking about This And uh he was talking about how If he had The greatest position He could uh build a platform like an Anti-gravity platform That he could stand on and that he could Like literally float on it And and say like move around like the Closer to the ceiling it was in this Large auditorium and then landed You know and uh You’ll be back [Laughter] Oh we can have it my friend how you Doing Hey you know what we got to get we ought To get him to join in the crowd Hmm John i’m sending you a link i know you You may be at work but you’re welcome to Join in Um i will send you the link out um Because this is here he is here he is Here he is

Here he is anyway uh so he said You heard about the build For 500 grand that he was talking about Well Sorry say that the the the bill did you Say Pardon it broke up a little bit you said You heard about the You’re breaking up so are you the audio Is [ __ ] I apologize Hello okay i can hear you i can hear you I can hear you Hold on Let me try to see thank you alien girl Alien girls try to buy some bandwidth I need some bandwidth by looking by the Sounds of it As if you’re watching this you could Just if you wait until you get home you Might be good Oh if you can still hear me but yeah um So ozzy’s having a few technical issues I mean that that’s going to happen when You’re walking around the city of the City Mick in the chat just said uh us will as Well do in the house He’s not in the house that’s the issue Is that the house He’s back in the house he’s back in the House he’s in the house what He’s saying you are in the house Hold on a second

Oh oh do you want to wait until you get Settled and then come back home Hello oz hello yeah yeah we can hear Yours Yeah i’m sorry i apologize All right well can i go we can hear you As we can hear you we can hear you fine If you keep still Hello hello Hold on maybe if i go out and i come Back in maybe that will hold on a second Okay mate yeah you get settled you get Settled darling and we’ll We’ll we’ll you know out if you hello Hello hello Also if you can hit With the with the question on Everybody’s lips hello What’s with the ear I thought i was gonna start saying he’s Sponsored by raycon No it’s either you have to do asmr Wouldn’t if it to be sponsored by raycon Seems to be all the asmr girls that are Sponsored by raycon well wait for him to Get back on he keeps coming about on About 10 times Um here we are it’s back back Are you in if not what if this doesn’t Work us what i’m going to say is To you is get settled and when as soon As you’re ready Let me know it’s breaking up i can’t see It yeah i can’t hear you

Okay oz i’m going to remove you i’m Gonna I’m gonna remove i’m gonna remove yours And then um Okay Vpxm don’t apologize it’s hilarious We’re back you’re back okay are we back Oh yeah i can hear you perfect yeah you Stay still Here i am yes nobody move nobody breathe Wrong we’ll get through this Um but uh yeah uh So grier was talking about how he 500 Grand i can build you this platform this Anti-gravity platform and it’ll float Around the room with me on it I can land it vertically uh And uh so the the meeting and i’m like Wow this is incredible right and Uh he has a q a and i go and i asked him Like well you know we have all this Anti-gravity technology Is there any type of like exploratory Uh missions going on that we don’t know About is there anything going on You know in space or there is anybody Like you know making any like you know Secret space missions and he was like no There were which is something that has Changed Just just when it started to get Interesting I think it is we can build anti-gravity Platforms we can’t video call

No ah you just can’t make this carry on Yeah yeah so anyway um After the q a uh there were people Lining up they were asking him like Questions more directly and he was with A group of people And uh again i’m a kid and i’m you know I’m studying physics at this point Right and because of ufology And uh and i like basically i come to i Was like Is there any way that i can help is There anything i can do you know i’m i Will Throw my entire which i did anyway Uh-huh but uh greer comes at me On this oddly hostile uh Uh like like like like attack like and He’s basically accusing me of being an Agent for somebody You know which is like like and and the Thing is he’s doing it in a way That like is for the benefit of these People that are listening to him Speak you get what i’m saying and it was Like really disingenuous and odd And i was young i thought maybe i had Done something wrong and it’s like no I had been nothing but really nice and Respectful This guy’s a jerk um So this is the thing like as steven Greer above playing games I don’t think so uh stephen grier

Like completely on the up and up i don’t Believe so from personal experience Um you know that’s uh The thing i i just like honestly i don’t Trust him a hundred percent He did a lot of great stuff for the for Ufology and then he also then he shot Himself and you followed you in the foot With all these other things that he did Um you know uh You know and honestly dude like if all You needed was five hundred thousand Dollars And we now know that like stephen greer Has taken in millions of dollars Over the last 20 years and things and Things like that you know and they Making these documentaries and stuff Like that Where and i know he lives in a really Really awesome house he likes to brag About how he has Uh like like it was like the first i Think uh home in His state that had like solar panels he Has this huge solar panel array Which are then those are extremely Expensive especially several years ago Um i’m wondering where that platform is Because dude if i had a couple million Dollars and all i needed was 500 000 to build that platform you best Believe The first thing i’m building is that

Platform Like that’s like honestly and not only That that’s not just me if you had that Money You would too wouldn’t you you won Yeah you’re talking you talk about Something that would change the world Overnight Yeah no no yeah and and and being like The fame [ __ ] that stephen grier is you Don’t think that he would want to do That Immediately from go maybe he spent all His money on trt Much more impressive than a little Anaconda guy So here we are 20 years later With with this whole thing that he’s put Out do you Literally you think that that all that Is is a quick Money maker repeat that again With what griez just put out you know You know where he wanted us all to Listen because Do you think that’s just a quick money Maker do you think there is some hidden Truth to that i can barely hear you bro Okay all right Can you hear me now Huh yeah a little bit yeah it’s your Endos but We’ve can people in the chat can people In the chat hear me by the way

I’m not going madama i wish i could just Get some audio Yeah uh me too so Do you think the audio is breaking up Okay Do you want to drop out and come back in Again yeah you What the hell It’s stephen hello steven does not want You to say this Can you hear me Here so I’ll wait for us to kind of clear his Ears out Uh the the stephen greer thing For me is What i feel like i’m being punked here He’s back again Hello hello mate can you hear me now All right so yes quick everything quick Yeah we’ll do a great camera style what We’ll do is we’ll We’ll get this question out and then you Can bugger off Until you’ve got some better no in the Nicest possible way But it’s just it it’s uh it’s breaking Up for you I think it might be where you are but no Bro i’m in central park we have Brilliant exceptional wi-fi everywhere In manhattan hey steven then Stephen doing this to you um do you do You think

That stephen has uh Just this is just a quick money maker For him I think that some of these guys and am i Just i think that they are I think with the way that disclosure it Looks like it’s looming And it’s coming i think that they’re Trying to make as much money as they can Before uh you know the rug gets pulled Out from under them Uh something similar happened with Richard c hoagland in 2012. Like have you noticed that nobody’s ever Heard from richard c hoagland again When 2012 was approaching he started Talking about the super wave And how he was going to change one Second john’s in hogan still poached Post quite a lot though doesn’t he Because i follow him He still does quite a lot of posts and Stuff yeah He he used to be a lot more popular yeah Well he was always on podcasts and stuff Like that as well wasn’t he but He i i follow on facebook and twitter he Does still sort of blog and things like That But i know what you mean see so the Question is that i’m asking Ask you here john i’m just i’m just Gonna i’m just sorry john i’m just gonna Add john to the stream john welcome to

The stream We’ll come at you in a second um how you Doing mate you’re good You’re looking you’re looking you’re Looking beautiful uh so us You’ve you’ve you’ve you know johnny’s Day girls Uh wreaking havoc no oh yes Oh what’s up man how are you what’s Going on man good how about yourself Oh all right same old can’t complain Disclosure’s gonna happen in two and a Half months very happy You think so I don’t think so personally pardon me i Don’t think so Before we get to that i want to get this Out of ours before he He breaks up again do you think that Stephen is pulling a fast one With what he put out on the breaking up Everybody’s switching on and off every Time i ask him about steve and pulling The fast when i break up What is steven doing Oz are you going are you are you are you Going home Oh because whenever i into when i Are you going home because whenever Whenever i interview in your Home it’s fine you sound like you’re an Auto tune yeah i am start saying life After love Wreaking havoc how are you my friend i’m

Doing pretty good How about yourself what do you make to What’s going on As far as what uh Into have you seen what griez just put Out No i have not no is it like the past Couple days Yeah well he’s basically we’ve the Question i’m about to ask osvaldo now He’s he’s put a video out saying that The there’s gonna be the space force Weapons in space There’s a there’s a big he needs to get He needs to basically Do a documentary and get it out in The space of how long is it like yeah no No listen Listen or you can hit me now it’s futile This that is politics that is stephen Grier let me say this I believe that stephen greer again Trying to get out in front i think he’s Tried like all the celebrity stuff Like it it’s he’s trying to win a nobel Prize he’s trying to make this about him To see if he can do this yeah Demi demi devata whatever her name is Steven seagal yeah it’s not even like Particularly intelligent celebrities It’s the kind of deuces celebrities that You know like like would be into steven Greer But not into like you know uh uh

Somebody that’s like a hard science like They’ll know they’ll like know who Stephen greer is but not who jacques Vale is You know what i’m saying these are People that like ufos they’re not people That know a lot about it or care about It You know and that’s the problem and and It’s a douchey thing to do And it’s self-serving and that’s steven Grier Honestly like like uh it’s like it’s Within the man’s character Uh it’s how he’s done stuff all You know all the years that i’ve been Following this You know and that’s quite a few years uh I don’t uh honestly like i i I think steven honestly i think stephen Thought that he was gonna Like bring this crashing down in a real Juvenile sort of way And make himself a star and then Basically he Gathered all that information but it Basically bounced off the establishment The only people that were super Impressed were us You know and uh that wasn’t good enough And it’s been 20 years uh i think Uh he’s uh he sees the I think he’s trying to run for the Finish line because the finish line is

Coming towards all of us soon Uh you what you you think we’re gonna Get disclosure in two months Yeah you know like and i think he’s Gonna try to like like listen dude He’s gonna be like oh you see it’s the Military establishment’s trying to stop Me and stuff and it’s like no You’re insignificant if the military Establishment was going to try to stop You Nobody would have heard for of you you Know you would be good and gone Your stuff would be a memory they would You know They would do something to have you Eliminated you know whether it’s a Scandal Or an accident or something that’s how Those things go down none of that has Happened You know You think we’re going to get disclosure In two months I think that all right did you see what Uh corbell and Uh and uh and uh Uh had dropped uh uh yesterday Yeah we’re gonna what we’ll do we’ll do We’ll do we can just Yeah yeah we can discuss that while we Play i’m sure corbell doesn’t mind me Playing it because We spoke a few times and jeremy i’m

Using this for educational version Educational reasons um and if you want To check out the original I will add it to the description but go Check out jeremy corbell’s Channel and his film bob lazar area 51 And flying sources Uh but yeah we do have this uh This piece of footage that’s been put Out and it kind of reminds me a little Bit Um but obviously not fake well not cgi But it reminds me of what tom delonge Showed showed on joe rogan I’m saying it reminds me of it yeah About that yeah about that With the night vision oh that’s just the Balloon what if that’s Hello yeah we’re still here i’m playing You the video That says i’m here i can’t see anybody Else so we We are playing now the the video yeah us We are here We’re playing the video yeah okay okay You’re back on Okay so Yes awesome you will better see us Because we’re playing we’re playing the Video now So so what we’re seeing is this Triangle um with the Um the the The classic looking tr-3b uh i’ve slowed

It down Uh so obviously you’ve got this um Yeah night vision footage we’ve had We’ve had a lot of disclosure and Apparently That uh that triangle That video is one of 12 That’s supposed to be coming out with This uh briefing Um so again dude this is a lot of Disclosure I don’t think they can keep dropping Stuff like this and the public not catch On I don’t think it’s going to be like you Know what i’m saying like honestly we’ve Never had this before Or this much activity or this much Evidence you know like the last three Years have been extraordinary And it seemed like and dude and the last Few months it’s just gotten So much better uh i don’t think that This is There’s too much going on dude and like I said before You know uh one of the things that’s Been talked about is that there’s And i’ve said this a long time ufo Activity has spiked Activity has spiked dramatically they Are coming closer To our military stuff at the same time We’ve developed sensors and equipment

That are much more advanced And can detect them more readily and yet They’re still coming closer But not only that we’re also dealing With increased commercial Flight activities with ufos we’re having All these near misses From like you know regular you know Commercial airlines that You know you and your family fly on um They’re doing this because they have a Gun to their head and there’s maybe more Than one gun You know extraterrestrials Have increased their activities but I’ve like i mean i’m Ahead i just i i’m obviously a believer Otherwise i wouldn’t be Be part of this but based panel but If if ufo uh activities increased I i know the um what what’s being Publicized is being increased But when you look at all the technology We have now i don’t just mean mobile Phone cameras because everyone knows Mobile phone cameras apart from a couple Of them For distance pretty shitty um But look when you look at digital slrs And stuff like that Where’s all the uh civilian footage Where is all the civilian footage Honestly there might not be all that

Much Um again a lot of the stuff that we’re Getting Is like from flair and these other like Sophisticated systems and in fact People in the know say there’s a lot Better stuff in fact one of the major Reasons why these things aren’t More flung around more easily is because They don’t want people to know exactly Our capabilities so they send in the you Know The fuzzy versions of these things which Is better than nothing Because you know we’ve had nothing for Decades um You know uh i believe that uh That’s gonna change though soon i think That this this is a whole lot of Disclosure They’re doing this for reasons um Honestly like Like this has been said before that we Are and i’ve said this before we are Almost certainly due at some point for a Phoenix lights event Only this time you know like as opposed To the phoenix lights where you got like 300 videos Because people had camcorders something Like this happens In a major city preferably america Preferably During the daytime like do you know how

Many videos would be taken You know how quickly facebook and Instagram and Everything would be flooded with you Know millions or hundreds of thousands Of videos of the same big-ass ufo You know just hovering over a city so You know Now this is the thing what you’re gonna Say and it’s gonna happen It’s got at some point it’s got to Happen They don’t get out ahead of this do you Realize the pr disaster That the lack of confidence that people Are gonna have In the u.s military globally Say they don’t get out in front of this And at least uh Assume some type of authority or like That or that they’ve been on it That they have systems in place to like Not just track these things But like even like people like oh no There’s going to be like you know oh no They’re going to military space People are going to want to have Something To you know even if it doesn’t work They’re going to want to have something Do you remember um i think it was two Or three years ago when there was Supposedly drones over the um Uh heathrow airport was the heathrow

Gatwick i can’t remember heathrow i Think it was wasn’t it Shut down like the like the largest Airport in the uk Very similar to what happened in um O’hare Um but i’m i’m still convinced That was a ufo encounter because it was Two days i think i or it might have even Drifted into a third day They um tried to say that it was a dr It was drones that were coming back and Forwards that doesn’t make sense If it was a drone coming back forward Would you track the [ __ ] thing Yeah but the ufos use drones they use Drones so They’re not lying maybe okay They’re just not our drones yeah they’re Not ours Um but This is this is what what my point was About as far as civilian footage coming Out How good might it be that might the Powers that be be at cleaning the Internet Because i think there should have been There should have been hundreds of Pictures Of that and hundreds of pictures of by Even even o’hare even back then But certainly that thing a couple of Years ago um

And i i wonder if there is a major Incident how quickly that could just be Shut down Oh no absolutely they have like internet Kill switches they’re good at stuff Um like they like honestly there are People that Uh uh have tried to livestream murders Or shootings and stuff like that and None of that has Come out since like once it happened and Then basically Youtube decided that can never happen Again and It hasn’t so far you know um Like you hear rumors of stuff but it’s Never you know no one ever has a still Shot or anything You know um so yeah i think that they’re Listen they’re good at cleaning stuff up They’re very very good at cleaning stuff Up and they’re very very good at Manipulating society I think that when they listen They figured out a way to hide ufos They they hid the stars from us by Getting us not to look To not even try to bother to look and i Think that that type of manipulation has Worked so well That they’re trying to pull other stuff On us too even though they’ve disengaged With lot you know They uh lying about ufos or or not maybe

Not lying but rather Uh uh they’ve disengaged with the uh the Uh pretending that they don’t exist Is this going to be spun yes everything Is fun everything is spun Um yes you so this This this footage that that carbell’s Just put out in his channel Um with this this triangular Object with the night vision yeah yes This do you think that is ours Uh it’s a possibility yeah Like honestly it’s a possibility i i do Believe that Uh some of this weird stuff is ours okay So So so let me let me go to uh john Wreaking havoc And must see audio with this footage so You may you may not see us for a minute As because i’m bringing Uh the footage up on screen again um Yeah So we so we can discuss it um So so john have you seen this footage Yet Yeah i’ve seen it you what do you make Of it Uh personally i really don’t think it’s That big of a deal Um this is my personal opinion i think They keep feeding us stuff about ufos So we’re not talking about who’s flying The ufos

Because you never hear them really talk About that on the news whatsoever Everyone’s focused in on the vehicles Themselves And i i personally think it’s a way to Keep us From talking about who’s actually flying Them you know Because it’s never mentioned you never Really hear about it in the mainstream Like They’re not really asking questions on What’s flying to vehicles they’re just Concerned on the vehicles themselves You know so do do what do you what do You think this could be then do you Think this is This is ours it could be either it’s Either or you know 5050 Probably um but i mean if it’s a ufo It’s a ufo i don’t think ufos are uh Well it’s definitely a ufo because it’s A ufo to us because it’s unidentified But that is another part of ours or you Know another building You know we don’t know what that is It’s cool but i think everyone’s kind of Asking the wrong questions you know like Me personally in the situation i’ve been In you know I couldn’t care less what they’re fine I’m more concerned about what they Actually are and what they’re doing here You know i mean how long are they going

To take to discuss and figure out what These are And that could take you know 50 years Maybe And kind of gloss over what’s actually Inside of them You know that’s the way i’ve always Looked at it but i also have had an Experience so My visions you know my view is a little Different than everybody But that’s how i feel Lee what do you make of it i’m always Massively suspicious of A ufo when it seems to have some sort of Like Faa flashing light on it right yeah Yeah it’s there for the aliens yeah um But on the other on the other side of it As far as these like crafts with Like like crazy abilities go Um if one country has it Has that technology they would already Be Sort of masters and controllers of the World so Either everybody has it and they just Don’t use them Ever you know it’s we we haven’t used Anything like that for war Or uh all These things are just completely unknown I think that that’s the other one and It’s

It’s the one that we never really um we Never really talk about is What if simply nobody knows anything Yeah yeah i’ve just seen third phase of Just They posted a video on a google earth Footage which is pretty good it and it Actually does show This craft and i did a little bit of Research after i watched this video And you can see that there is a craft That does look like this You know it is that shape thank you Third phase Um but yeah it it We we’re seeing these these crafts and I’m thinking that a lot of these that That that are getting released was if You remember back in the day when we When nobody really knew about the Stealth bomber And people were people were getting Hints of this Object right up to then when it was kind Of like released to everybody And that is what it could be you know That I i do think especially like when you Said it’s got that when it’s got the Flash on it It’s it’s a bit then If you had some sort of covert military Vehicle You’re probably not gonna put the flashy

Lights on it Yeah that’s true and why would aliens Have flashing lights you know Here we are Maybe aliens in headlights too With the faa or something [Laughter] We don’t know that could have been a Part of their contract with the Abduction thing Allegedly who knows um that’s true But um so so we’ll we’ll move on from That but So i mean i know you can’t see the Screeners but uh So these these these pieces of footage That Well i say footage the uh there’s the Screenshots that george that put out Um oh yes Is anybody impressed by these i like the Balloon One the blimp looking silver one i like Uh the the sphere is kind of uh Distorted uh and the Uh the acorn is kind of odd i’m starting To wonder if the acorn is a drone I think the same thing i was just about To say that I i think the the only the I think it’s turned on the one that Looks like a blimp Um and i think the one which it Which looks like a blurry circle i think

It’s just our focus That almost looks like when you’re Looking at a star through um A uh you know when you zoom in yeah It kind of has not looked it way it has That weird kind of like a cellulite Cellular like structure to it um But yeah it’s distorted out of all of Them this is the only one that I kind of looked and thought well hang About it kind of looks it reminded me a Little bit of flight of the navigator I was just gonna say it looks like Flight of the navigator i was just gonna Say it But my problem with with With any of these as excited that i Would have probably got a few years ago Is that we just seen stills you know At least the the triangular object is You know it’s video footage I i’m all i’m always like why are you Shown as a still Somebody’s got some video footage of That well i was confused by the By the people that said because i know You’ve i know that batman balloon Came out that looks like the same sort Of shape as the the third image But i was really confused by people Falling on the The batman balloon thing because if There’s one thing people Aren’t good at it’s distance it’s seeing

Things and knowing how far away they are And how big they are you can tell if you Ever go and see like a large cruise ship Um like in the water that’s that’s close To To dock three minutes Or up the road and see the difference in Like size of those things we’re just Rubbish at working size and distance out But if for that to be a balloon that Means That that jet would have to be really Close to it To take a picture of it which would mean By the time you saw it You were [ __ ] past it because you got 100 miles an hour I saw i don’t i don’t understand i i i Think the Because i’ve seen a few uh ufo channels Like using that batman balloon as a Debunk and I i think it’s the same thing i’ve ever Heard Yeah did you did you sorry i didn’t see You do it Yeah i went and bought the balloon i’m On this because you know I want to see how close i can get it to Look in like the actual picture and to Me Yeah dead on but can you imagine trying To try to do that at what 800 mile an hour something like that

That’s again when you when you see a Metallic ufo Up close honestly it looks like a giant Pan Like you’re you it looks like a giant Pan it looks like like One of the things you go you’re shocked Like what the [ __ ] am i looking at Am i really seeing this thing you know It’s a piece of metal just hanging in The you know For nothing and uh like It it these things look weird i’m also Beginning to wonder if When ttsa put out that photograph and They said that that was a cylindrical Shaped object and everybody’s like oh no That’s a balloon Maybe that really was a cylindrical Shaped object You know maybe it was miscategorized as A balloon or maybe people Uh uh or maybe a got out only because They labeled it as a balloon remember a Lot of these things Are coming out because they are being Labeled as something else Can you can you release it if it’s a ufo No but if it’s a drone then you know What’s a harm in a drone has anybody Thought of this though what if aliens Actually do Use balloons you know You know they’re coming through the

Atmosphere like You know it’s this but this we need to We always say It’s cheap to run let’s get hotter Hot air balloons put like three of them In there Do you remember the simpsons episode Years ago where they get abducted by Aliens And the aliens are playing pong and They’re and the simpsons aren’t Impressed and they’re like well Raise your hand if your society is Mastered interstellar travel And they couldn’t do it and they’re like Shut up you know it could very well be That maybe they’re like Dude if they come here it could be like Going to see the amish You know like maybe they like oh look How primitive they are like you know It could very very much be very kitchen You know like Maybe they like like oh they’re here to Save the earth From us and to save us and it’s like not Really maybe they just like coming And and enjoying nature and they know That if they wipe If we wipe out the planet they won’t be Able to do it so they have to save the Earth And you know it might complicate things They try to wipe us out while saving the

Earth so they just tolerate us As long as we don’t really bother them Too much on their vacation What i find really interesting here Though is that we have Two people on this board right now That have both did i just call it a Board i didn’t know i did you know Yeah but we’ve got two people In this stream right now that have both Had up close and personal very different But as you back in the hudson valley Sightings Which i’ve put the i have the video on My channel where you’re up on the Rooftop Oh describe describing what happened When you were how old I was around eight years old seven eight Years old And that’s what and you’d kind of did Describe that as a big round object like A bit like a pun yeah and yeah this is Dude these are big and they’re metal Like i don’t know what you like like you Know that shouldn’t surprise anybody But when it’s big and metal it’s gonna Look a lot like other metal stuff you’ve Seen You know we have yeah and we’ve got john Wreaking havoc who’s he you know Is his interview on my channel has Spurred on Many other interviews where he he’s he’s

Actually seen them outside his bedroom And Even friends of mine who do not believe This subject Have watched john’s interview and They’re like holy [ __ ] I’ve seen aliens so i mean For you two guys that have been up close And personal with These things yeah also there’s a there’s A We’re both puerto rican as well We got one and a half from a place where It has a lot of these sightings and both Me and leah ginger [Laughter] Aliens love puerto ricans hate gingers They do you guys looks terrifying Like you know with us it’s like you know It’s it’s rum drinks that’s why they Keep taking the cows away from us lee Because gingers love milk i hate milk i Can’t stand the stuff See yes the lack of the calcium turns Your hair red [Laughter] I i watched goofon’s last show and it Was hilarious what he was saying about The cows He said that all these cows one day We’re just gonna Venture out into space we’re just gonna See all these [ __ ] Cows floating around

All these aliens worshipping the cows Just taking them from us You know that’s what i love about those People that say oh you have to be a Vegetarian To have contact with extraterrestrials Really because apparently they’re not You know like why am i the bad guy Because i eat the good parts They’re insane i don’t want the dick in I mean i’ve got nothing again i have Nothing against i’ve got a good friend Who’s a vegan Uh i tried to stop him he won’t but he Nearly died Uh i also my auntie and uncle are Vegetarians But the the person who’s most close to Me Right now in my heart this man Where is he He does not look like a he doesn’t look Like a vegetarian stephen Stephen is on the screen oh yeah yeah Yeah [ __ ] yeah he’s like well i just he’s Definitely not a vegetarian yeah what Are you doing dude no way You don’t get muscles like that i don’t He’s that’s not man well listen let me Tell you i think he’s I think he’s a needle man just for the Record I don’t think so i don’t trust spiritual

People because either one You’re stupid or two you’re a Manipulative [ __ ] that runs a bunch Of stupid people That’s that’s what spiritual circles are Uh you know and there’s gonna be people That are gonna be upset with that i Don’t care Uh i’m not upset i disagree with it Yeah ufos are real and don’t trust any Type of religion If stephen greer would not be the first Hypocrite To to be you know holier than now i mean Like dude The stories about gandhi are horrendous You know oh i know you said that with Spirituality but but Surely yeah no all of these guys dude Like my mom was really into this guy Sacha sai baba who you probably heard About same like gandhi Like dude like i’m saying man like Joseph smith any of these dudes that Start Bullet quasi religiously jesus christ Woman My wife gave me a cup of tea It was like you know the grudge Sorry but yeah dude i’m sorry i don’t Like honestly like Any time somebody tries to wrap religion Into something run The ufology is an ology it’s a science

The moment you stop doing science you’re Not helping Here you’re adding spin and twists and Stuff and it’s just not Like the vegetarian thing you know like Honestly dude I know a lot of experiences i’ve been a Part of many many I i have some stories i’m going to be Talking about About some very influential groups that I spent like a lot of years of my youth In A lot uh then i can verify it The people that have these experiences And i don’t mean like oh i i meditated In the forest And i had to you know chill up my spine And i thought i saw this light and Something like that No i’m talking about people that like You know i was you know minding my own Business And next thing i know i’m in a room that You know i mean i bought a ufo Uh you know i got weird stuff happening To me And now i’m having like surveillance Those types of people like people that Have real ufo physical ufo stuff Don’t match into this like spiritual Stuff you don’t if you’re truly an Experiencer it’s genetic If you’re truly an experiencer you don’t

Have to go on a diet Or be holier than now or meditate you Don’t even have to try If you’re a real experiencer that’s just Going to happen While you’re going about your day and You’re not thinking anything about this Stuff So yeah can you do certain and that’s Not to say that ce5 doesn’t completely Work Parts of it that do work yes but it’s Not the whole thing As if it was the whole thing people Would be happy everybody would be having Chris bloodshow level stuff And they’re not there’s a difference Between This passive uh uh you know like Ce5 stuff and direct contact Direct physical contact you know and It’s a fact And like you know and if you don’t Understand that it’s because you’re not An experiencer But it does tend to be things that sound Like people being pulled For one of better words being pulled out Of reality though isn’t there you know Oh yes but that’s That that’s also a part of like listen Sometimes they’re alter states of Consciousness That’s a real thing yeah but there’s

Also people that Aren’t like you know taken to another Place in their heads there are people That are physically removed I mean there’s people i mean several Guests now That have had experience i think john Being one of them with shadow figures I’ve experienced shadow figures myself Yeah how do you explain them yeah well That’s probably Something more of extra dimensional Something more along the lines of ghosts Or so-called ghosts and things like that In fact That’s what wouldn’t that come into Spirituality No it’s not spiritual i know you’re Saying it’s nothing to do with ufology Hear me out hear me out here i know You’re saying it’s nothing to do with Spirituality But if we’re aware of them you know and Say Say there’s aliens on mars for example Would there not be ghosts on mars that’s A film Oh yeah sure well that well according to The remote viewers So if that’s to be believed so Would so the aliens would be aware of This oh yes Of course but that would but it wouldn’t Be spirituality it would be incorporated

Into science That’s the whole thing people think of Science and spirituality as these two Separate things no Those are people that don’t understand The self-correcting nature of science When science ideally when it’s done Properly And without politics or interference or People’s beliefs or preferences When it’s taken at face value for what It is You know it then gets incorporated into The mainstream like the world was flat Then it was brown They got rid of the flat maps everybody Got globes You know that’s how people can flop my [ __ ] It’s flat again You know but uh that’s the thing don’t Understand that Uh and and the fact is that like when Ufos Proven to be extraterrestrials uh uh That’s gonna be incorporated into Science You know and it’s gonna just be a part Of science this is gonna be another Uh uh aspect of it uh And the idea that oh spiritual none of Us virtuality gets in the way of things Like again Like you you can i mean like like even

Psychic abilities Psychic abilities were kind of wonky and Up in the air until like you know people Created remote viewing protocols And got rid of the spirituality they got Rid of the bs They got rid of the the the crazy lady And the magic gown You know or all the theatrics and stuff That Pollutes that those things and and just Basically have bear you know Bare bones facts results you can do math Based on it You can be proven right or wrong you Have to take anybody’s word for it Uh that’s the thing It’s it’s like people want Science to be wrong somehow and it’s not Going to happen that way science will Always have the trump card It’s always going to be this way i’m Saying if spirituality was so great Everybody would have blown up and Everybody would be Using ouija boards to communicate with Each other instead of cell phones John i’m going to come to you on this Where’s your thoughts with all this Because i know where your head was but I mean where is he now i pretty much Agree with everything he said For the most part yeah cause it’s Logical it’s it’s it’s there’s no

No i’ll slave let him let him let him Say his peace Says peace i was never a religious Person in the first place But i can see what he’s saying with the Science and everything Being a way to explain it um Like religion itself i don’t think has Anything to do with ufology But i think you know i was writing about Like maybe the shadow people it’s more Scientific And i think no it’s all science yeah but That can still be a part of ufologies In that space you know listen There are multiple dimensions and you Can actually using those dimensions you Can travel Through time and space now that being Said Like uh or could ghost be a a part of That yeah More than likely yes but it doesn’t mean That there are people that died and came Back Do you understand what i’m saying like Uh i remember Years ago there was back when doctor who Was still good They had an episode where there were These these these white Energy beings that just started showing Up all over the planet and everybody was Like oh these are like oh that’s grandma

She she came back And it wasn’t these were aliens you know And everybody just Wanted to believe that their relatives Had come back and of course doctor who Does a thing and then It exposes that you know this isn’t the Case And you know whatever but honestly i Think that that’s More akin to that like you know like Again like people see oh There’s an energy being it must be Grandma they paint they make these Wishes They they use again like it’s you know Vegetarian aliens again Yeah you know like it’s like all that You know if the aliens are coming you Have to be a vegan and spiritual And and you can’t have voted for donald Trump or all these other things mind you The if the stories are true the military Establishment Is the ones with the best stuff so if That was the case Why would that uh you know you know Why if they were to uh you know like if You had to be So spiritual and perfected you know then Why do bastards have the best stuff I mean like what is it all that is it That’s what they’re doing in the Pentagon is eating salad and meditating

You know that’s what they’re doing Behind those walls You keep pausing also he’s he’s Fascinating Yeah hello yeah I i’m sorry my friend no he’s no i i I get where you where you’re coming from Us with this i i just For some reason i think there’s Something more You know that is more but it’s more Science that’s the thing it’s like oh But like you know like You you could science the [ __ ] out of Anything To quote um what’s his name From that mars film yeah science the Show these potatoes Yeah [ __ ] potato but uh You can do it all day long yeah but when You do that there’s nothing left That’s how you know that it’s bs and so It’s just Listen people want what they want it’s a Wish fulfilling Fantasy that they have like you know People do that human beings do that all The time And and and the thing is we’ve had Religion so much longer than That science and technology and it’s Taking us forever to get To to to rid ourselves of these bad Habits

But it’s happening and i think that Disclosure will be a huge part of that I think it’s going to be you know uh uh In a lot of ways it’s going to be the Triumph of atheism For the most part you know amongst many Other things going to be a triumph Of evolution people are going to stop Pretending evolution isn’t real when They find extraterrestrials and they They evolve from something from wherever They are too You know what i’m saying but if it turns Out that extraterrestrials came to earth And created us You’ve just scienced god god yeah Because that’s the thing it’s like why Do we Don’t really need no but in that case Science has this nice enveloping Thing where it can take what it wants to At that point because at that point you Basically took religion and made it Science but it doesn’t mean that Religion could could be i’m not Particularly religious but what i mean Is If i happen to believe in god right now Um right now you’re saying It’s rubbish but if somebody was to come Down and explain it it would then become Science and then would be real So all we’re doing is all we’re doing is Shifting the goal posts and changing the

Word Yeah but then all we need to do is ask Them yeah but then we just need to ask I’m just saying that it’s like if There’s a A a god coming down and created us is Different than a group of aliens coming Down and genetically engineering us Doing multiple interventions across Generations And things that’s that’s much different Than that i mean like dude Could there be a god sure but if there Is he might not be aware of our Existence Or he might not care you know and and it Probably isn’t necessary to worship him Because Everything seems to be going around the Way it does You know regardless whether you’re Paying attention to him or not You know i don’t think you have to worry About being mad at you i don’t know He probably don’t even care about you if He exists at all If he right if spirituality does if Spirituality If spirituality doesn’t exist how can You explain How can you explain one man drinking a Cup of tea and a beer at the same time It’s not [ __ ] spiritual That again no i won’t say it

I don’t need to say it again it was just Nonsense uh but I was messing but um right here’s my Thing though With what lee just said then you know The aliens come down And they say um That oh have you shaved your ears Recently Huh I’m saying if the aliens came down okay Ah yeah you hear that Yes the aliens came down and They told us that they’d created us Who created them probably another group Of extraterrestrials do you have any Idea how ridiculously old The universe is dude not even that dude How about That then there had to be a first well Well this is the thing Yeah but but define that but you have to Like all right Right now in cosmology we are detecting Evidence that there have been multiple Big bangs like that It’s looking like like like big bangs Have happened before and they keep Happening there’s There’s interstellar expansion and then There’s a contraction everything comes Back to the point And then the big bang happens again at The same time

We’re finding things that are older than The big bang You know things that are like 20 billion Years old and everything’s supposed to Be 15. So it might be possible to survive that Great contraction You know and if that has gone on again And again and again for for Perhaps trillions of years or longer you Know that’s that’s all in keeping That that’s not a uh that’s not a deal Breaker In fact it would make some sense Considering the fact that we’re finding These things out and that’s conservative Science it’s not even You know invoking any type of wolf Do you find out though that science as Far as the big bang goes Science starts the same way as religion Does you know but Before there was no there was nothing Then there was Everything the difference is it’s an Explosion in science it’s a word in Religion Yeah well i’m not particularly impressed With that that’s that’s kind of again That’s kind of stretching Things in my in my opinion that Stretching stuff again you you keep it Simple Uh i you know i don’t think there’s a

Man at a switch Like you know any uh doing this um If anything maybe the universe is an Organism you know Perhaps we live inside of god like like Ourselves live inside of us like like Like maybe Like you know how your body is a lot of A lot of your body is bacteria Maybe that’s what we are a type of Bacteria and the other extraterrestrials Are different types of bacteria And they’re in this scaffolding that is A universe that is a being You know uh it could be very much like That like osmosis jones if you will Very many block did you see the uh the I think is it is the highest resolution Photograph i’ve got for humans still I was looking at the other day and it’s It’s all the the there was there was a Picture i was i was reading an article The other day which is supposed to be The highest Resolution photograph of a human cell And it’s [ __ ] insane Insane does it look like that no it’s Much more insane much more insane And uh it just made me start thinking Whether Whether we’re all just things existing Within the cells of a bigger thing On a bigger thing No again yeah i think that that that

Could be Just a microcosm of everything you know Uh As above so below as i used to say uh You know like you know really i i think That it Again dude uh i’m going with science for The win I’m going for science for the win and uh Again things are just gonna get more Scientific you know uh You know demons and angels don’t need Craft They don’t need technology you know or Wouldn’t And yet we are finding very advanced Craft And very advanced technologies i think That says a whole lot I think that says more than not where as Where are these craft So where are the craft and where Where where is the the evidence That’s a very good question uh i think We’re going to find out A bit more about that soon i think Honestly man everything has been Leading up to like like we’re getting a Lot of confirmation Of do you not think that we’re getting Like really like I mean i don’t know about um Julie or john but i i feel like we’re Just getting tidbits

You know we’re getting like little Little bits exactly We’re getting scraps we’re getting Crumbs and that’s And if that’s leading to ufology to you If that’s leading to disclosure in two Months then i’m a monkey’s uncle As they say you A taste so know that listen i’m giving You a taste so that When the full thing comes is not a Complete shock Do you know i think it would be a Complete shock in two months though Because we’re not much further on from That new york times article now and that Was was that two years Ago three three And you know it’s we it’s we’re still Essentially Talking about the same quality footage Here you know and i i i mean I i’d say i’d say i know like i always Bring them up when when i’m on this show I’d say the biggest the biggest thing as Far as disclosure goes Or preparing people would be um What feels like a monthly basis uh joe Rogan talking about it But past rogan and jocketty wrong Biggest uh Independent journalist or independent Media outlet in the world Arguably biggest media outlet in the

World so it’s Rogan talk about is a big thing but it’s Still a niche of a big thing Well no again dude i think we’ve had I think he is that’s not ideal Some will call a lift a faraday cage Yeah Also i know you said that the this the Signal in new york is amazing but i Don’t in a lift i think it You know that kind of it writes it out Did you hear any of that oz yeah i think He’s going to his apartment are you Going to your apartment Yep hold on a second yeah awesome Awesome Hold on i mean i mean he was going to Join us when he got into his apartment But i am glad that he came on early Yeah well i don’t know how much time we Were going to have If i waited like i had things that i had To say As well i still have things to say oh we Had the ttsa Shareholders meeting by the way okay In case anybody’s interested i’m Interested in that definitely So yeah going back to the uh To the last time i was on the show we Were talking about what the Uh the the shift in the personnel at Ctsa meant And the different projects that were

Going on and Uh we were worried that the uh maybe the Tech stuff was going to be Uh uh take you know it was going to be Used and We’re going to do the the uh the other Things Um but uh apparently all that stuff is Still on the table They’re just shifting gears because Honestly and it makes Good sense um when this hits Like you know it it would probably like The public interest is going to spike And if we need Money to do These projects this is a great place to Maybe start with that You know and uh you know like especially Due to The public people are going to want to See this they’re going to want to have Explanations For this stuff and this was always a Part of ttsa’s mission as well You know so it’s not un uh not You know a completely you know a weird Thing that they’re doing I do do you still think something’s Going to come off ttsa Uh absolutely i think that uh depending On how this works like okay Look at it this way say we get you know 12 more videos say we get

Uh you know some stuff about meta Materials and retrievals maybe not Everything But like you know like but maybe not Retrievals but like we have samples they Have things that have been recovered You know that’s going to change a lot of Stuff That’s going to change a lot of things Um that’s going to Lead to a lot more interest and that Potentially can make a lot of money And spaceships cost money Yep um do indeed yeah Yeah it’s a it’s a it’s a good thing Honestly i’m glad i invested in ttsa if Disclosure Comes about it’s going to because of me And the people that supported ttsa Not the guys that have been you followed You for years that are skeptical And did not help honestly all of this is Happening because of ttsa Though it will be uh a triumph for Ufology it will be Ttsa and its supporters personal victory Those of you that were not involved like Those of you that were skeptical You know i can understand that but once We We won those of you that were actively Against ttsa and were a part of the ufo Community Shame and disgrace on you hey i hope

You’re right i hope you’re right That’s the other thing there needs to be Accountability for that if you’ve been Going around talking [ __ ] about ttsa and ttsa is that the Thing that Finally gets us done egg on your face And if you’re going to be speaking in Public about ufos you need to openly Acknowledge that [ __ ] and kiss tom the Long’s ass Absolutely not the i i mean he uh abs he Came across as a [ __ ] [ __ ] on jerome well you know what they Said the same thing about einstein They said the same thing about it but Einstein didn’t show a fake ufo No no but they they criticized his work And they said They they published a book a hundred Physicist against einstein Jesse discredit einstein and einstein Said if their theories were correct and Mine was wrong Or one physicist would have sufficed Now name me those guys that the 100 Physicists that were against einstein You can’t Oh it’s that’s fine not only that Hindsight is 20 20. Dude like do you know what like like Again Here’s the thing and i understand what You’re saying about

People being against ttsa if it all Comes out and they are The heroes you know tom delon can sit on His motorcycle And do that pose that he does with his Mouth And say yeah i told you so [ __ ] I’m saying like like i get that I get that hang about hang about one Second hang about So but you can’t blame people Because we’re talking about ufology if Somebody said that Alienati is full of [ __ ] i won’t blame Them You know you know i i i don’t know but Do you know what i mean because the Subject that we’re speaking to We’re speaking about is it it is a crazy Subject Everyone has the ability to be Completely wrong At any time to acknowledge that i i Don’t blame them All right this comes out and it works Tom dewon Did it and it happens are you going to Be giving him credit are you going to Still be like no No no not him even though yeah it was Him directly immediately Hey i’ve never been i’ve never i’ve Never said no i’m saying to those that Have it not you

You know but i suppose so but yeah um It’s gonna happen first dude this Happens that’s a that’s a hero Especially if you’re a ufologist Honestly like who who In ufology would have made a greater Contribution Oh in its history in fact it would be The end of ufology We would be xenologists after that Because we would identify what they were At that point or at least how do you Feel about uh grier In north korea sorry um help me Probably with names um Bob lazar lazar uh i think that there’s More I think we’re going to find out more About bob lazar i think that uh Again all of this stuff that’s coming Out at the same time A bob lazar part he bought a t-shirt off But the other day And he bought one for jeremy Guys i i have launched the merch it’s in The description thanks us If he’s telling the truth i’d argue Lazarus one of the ones That’s a photoshop job but thanks Yeah no yeah yeah so so lazar There’s the crazy thing with this as Well i mean when you when you’re asking About lazar

Lazar i didn’t realize until i spoke to You about this but Ttsa didn’t they publish there’s plenty Yeah I told you about this we did we have old Interviews where we brought it up yeah Uh in fact we heard we spoke about it First a lot of people didn’t know about It when we uh initially spoke about it And uh i knew about exactly i asked you I asked you if lazar would be working And maybe part of the board Yeah that would be an amazing move that Would be You know lou’s gone you know the melons Gone Get lazari perhaps like there’s a couple Of people Um like honestly dude like another guy That might be interesting To see if he’s on board because he was You know like honestly like that that’s Like dude the guy that turns up was Running area 51 And got outed through wikileaks leaks From His correspondence with the law i mean That’s how we found out about that if he Like he is connected with that as well That’s very interesting that you have The guy that ran area 51 Connected to tom dewon he’s also Connected to Bob lazar that’s odd like

Honestly shouldn’t they not want Anything to do with babazar he’s Completely Just a liar do you know what i thought Was interesting In what griez just put out with the the Advertisement When he started to speak about lou Alexander i can never say surname But he started to speak about him and He said you’ll all know him from blah Blah blah he never said ttsa Gria did not mention ttsa at all he was Said No but not only that he spoke about how Like well louis lozando says that you Have to have You know a threat for them to be you Know to make money Off of this thing right that’s true who Said that But he didn’t say everything that lou Said especially in the Uh the black vault interview that he did Recently where he took a very thinly Veiled swipe at grier They go brilliantly brilliant swipe at Grier dude like it’s like Like i would say uh if you have time go Check out the black vault Interview with uh lula lozano and Uh uh let’s see if you catch The uh the it’s where he’s talking about The

Uh the the the flares yes yes no Yeah yeah yeah no he’s like uh he’s uh Well if you wanna he doesn’t mention in My name but he’s like well if you want To pretend That you have a special relationship With the extraterrestrials And that you can go into the forest and Meditate And and and you know while somebody in a Cessna throws You know flares out the window you know He like he’d do like that like whoa That was like well well crafted um Again like uh i think for many reasons a Lot of these guys Uh aren’t gonna be around for very much Longer like the traditional ufo hokum Uh uh people that we’ve had in the past I think a lot of people are going to be Replaced by actual scientists I said just before you joined us before Um That i thought grier’s like speech thing He just did Was angling himself differently so if Anything does come out He can say it’s fake so he’s got a new Stick yeah yeah Exactly exactly you know it’s a win-win It’s a win-win it’s a win-win Situation he makes the documentary which Let’s face it’s probably been Pretty much made he makes the

Documentary okay And he he was stating that we need to do This to stop this from happening He makes the documentary really releases The world and then he can just do Another documentary saying We managed to stop this from happening He’s the guy that predicts the end of The world and says only he can stop it Again This is the thing and for anybody Watching this now we’ll think Who’s this this prick in the uk speaking [ __ ] about Stephen great i’m not speaking i’m not I’m not speaking [ __ ] about him But with the subject with what comes With ufology Is a lot of mistrust on everybody that Will speak about this subject i might Expect i might put a video out on the Ufo In fact i did i put you when you When you gave me the documentary early You because you got the early Um viewing of stephen grier’s latest Film I released a ufo from that and literally Two days later had to retract it and say That it was flares And i i apologize to everybody because It fooled me i thought it was ufos Not flair sorry it was skydivers And the reason why it fooled me is

Because You saw it was the way that it was shot The way the clip had been put into the Documentary Yeah but then then there’s not this part Of me that’s saying he doesn’t edit the Video but Definitely he does get the final say on What gets released And stephen again if i don’t know if He’d watch He might not be interested in what gets Released to be fair Yeah i’m i mean the thing is it’s true He does that and he and This is after years of him talking about Um one of the things that he used to do When it was doing ce5s for years and Years and years is like he would Um he would talk about uh about how he Had this great ufo footage and [ __ ] like That and videos and That but you could only see it if you Went to the ce5s This is before i started making videos And uh I knew people that went over there uh You know engaging the phenomena I remember this was years ago and uh he And i were at a meeting And uh this is well before youtube and He had went to Ce5 and he was talking about how uh Grier had a photo of an alien baby

And i was like what really he’s like Yeah this little tiny alien And i was like wow really like that that Sounds weird And then like maybe five or six years After that Uh uh grier’s pitching the documentary And uh that that little baby alien was The atacada humanoid So um that happened um and that’s like Turned out to be quite dubious Yeah but you know my fault you i i i’m I’m a little bit on both sides with that You know that because i told you about This because Gary nolan took that stuff he took the Evidence to ttsa And they they they then turned around And said this Is a human a humanoid It’s it’s like who do you trust because It’s like a battle You know and then yeah and then but then Stephen greer though he he he did a Video You saw the video where he was extremely Pissed and he’s reading through all the Evidence And he’s saying that this is a mass Cover-up Yeah i no i honestly like uh Hey i’m the middle man i’m just i i just Report this [ __ ] That’s fine but i i i don’t like no like

Again greer Plays things fast and loose he most Certainly does He’s getting caught up in it because his His profile is increasing You know same thing happened to uh What’s his face uh Um uh uh uh that idiot That got busted uh like uh drunk driving From youtube oh you you’re you’re on About my boy Yes yes there we go Yeah wait well you know yeah it is an Idiot thing to do to get To drink drive but i think the guy had a Lot of personal Well i i know him we speak and yeah he’s He he’s gone through hell in his life so If tyler if you haven’t if you watch The show but if you are watching i i Wish you the best and hope you get Better Because alcohol it’s if people get on The wrong side of this cam I mean i i i have a i have a few drinks But i’m never Inebriated but if people get addicted to This With same with anything it destroys Lives If you’re gonna get smashed stay home They’re gonna get like Tore up stay home i mean there’s a Toilet right there and you can collapse

In your bed You know i mean i don’t i mean i want to Get third phase on to ask her the same Question because But the thing is blake and brent they’ve Got each other Tyler i don’t know who he had all the Support that he had You know he put a lot of questionable Stuff out At the same time he’s a human being you Know and The toll that being a youtuber and just Doing that for a living and just Constantly having that pressure to keep That Money coming in and what i’ve yeah i Don’t i don’t know what it’s like when You’re a big youtubing that’s all You rely on i work for a living not Saying that Didn’t work for a living but you know What i mean But that’s exciting like you see that All the time like With people that you will you know That’s the thing it’s like Once you are i live in new york city Like You have to be really really driven and Really really smart and really really Good and then be lucky on top of that And then once you get that you got to Keep running you got to keep

Running because you could fall off and It never comes back again Yeah you know if somebody does fall off My my hopes for them and anybody who has Fallen off the bandwagon is Get yourself back up i’ve fallen off it A few times not so much With the alcohol but you know i’ve i Know what it’s like to Have depression so when you’re speaking About like Tyler and that i wish him the best you Know i i’ve spoke A few times when he’s been on at his Lowest and You know the man just needs to get get His ass back on youtube and just start Reporting and putting good stuff out you Know getting Good stuff i think if everybody i have No i have no problem Yeah you wanna listen you wanna you Wanna Yeah but i mean i mean look at the boys In the chat i mean third phase They they’ve they they did they did a Youtube a u-turn I think if anybody’s going to do anybody That turns it round You know good for you Well let’s say the problem in ufology For the longest time is that you know You can do some great work and then you Don’t have anything for

Like years i think that might have been What happened with grier As well did this this thing and it Didn’t work out And then i was like quick what do i do How do i keep myself afloat ce5 You know and like like your meditations And and and it’s super expensive Retreats And stuff and uh and and that’s when you You you don’t hear a lot of people Talking about what they’ve seen You know you know The good that they’ve done the actual People remember the bad but they forget The good I think you’re right about him taking The knock knocks as well After the um that disclosure project And i i liked the little alien man Documentary as well Um and i think he thought both those Things were gonna We’re gonna blow something up and maybe That was it maybe maybe when nothing Came of those two things He thought maybe i just charged people Three grand and we go out and Yeah at home in the desert i mean the Guy was a doctor he could have stayed a Doctor Even the way he uses doctor i find Disingenuous to be honest Because it turned out like there’s a

Chiropractor or something yeah you know So it’s because at first Medical er yeah when i first came across Him I just took it for granted that dr Stephen greer was a physicist Or a biologist or something i don’t know So yeah not a vet You know yeah no it’s uh absolutely Well that well this is in history there Have been a lot of Uh people that were mds that actually on The side made Like contributions to physics and Chemistry like major ones of that So that’s not completely impossible that A a medical doctor would Be able to do something else if they’re Particularly intelligent Uh it’s probably it’s probably slightly More likely than a punk rocker actually Yeah because you have to understand Famous popular people yeah yeah They do things people come to them with Stuff Much more than they do even a doctor Unless that doctor’s a celebrity or age I mean you’ll be surprised a lot of Celebrities have a lot of very Interesting like ufo stories And i don’t mean because they you know Happened to like you know see one you Know out before us not because they were Actually shown stuff

I mean like uh remember the jackie Gleason story Yeah i’ve heard i remember the name you Have to refresh from memory Yeah um jackie gleason was Uh a republican a lifelong republican he Was also a lifelong Somebody who was interested in the Occult at ufos jackie gleason had a ufo Shaped house it was a round house he had Built In upstate new york uh and he used to Call it the mothership And inside that house was the largest Private ufo Book library in the world at the time Jackie gleason was super into this stuff By the way jack gleason was a devoted Republican And he was best friends with of all People richard nixon And richard nixon would keep running for President and losing and jack would hope Running for prison and losing jackie Would help him and finally Rich nixon won so uh The way the story goes is uh His wife tells the story uh He comes home one evening wait you’re Like what happened He’s like white as a ghost and he goes To the bar And they have in the house like people Use that like you know bars like that

And uh he pulls out some whiskey and he Starts drinking he’s like i saw an alien I saw an alien and then proceeded to Tell the story he used to go And play golf with uh Rich nixon and uh Nixon was like you know i got something I want to show you you know later so It’s like okay whatever so They meet up later that evening and uh He said it was odd because richard nixon Came to him and nixon was driving the Car And he didn’t have secret service with Him which is really really odd So he got into the car and he took him To a military installation And uh he said he went into it a place They went in like Like a lot of these stories they went in The elevator and it went down down down Like it was a long elevator right To go from the ground floor down and Uh he said that uh they went in there he Saw a crash disc but not only that He said that there were extraterrestrial Bodies that he saw But that they were in like like coke Freezer Type things like that they had you know Back then You know frozen and um Well this is in this story like was made Public after he had passed away and his

Wife never recanted Um if the other ones haven’t i don’t Know but like clinton has a huge Interest in ufos Um uh trump’s family seems like they Were involved In in this as well and the fact that uh Trump’s uncle uh was actually the Protege Of um of the guy that ran raytheon And was actually the first guy that run Allegedly the first guy to run majestic 12. Is that as someone that’s interested Oh no i’m not interested invested Literally In a ttsa does the Um like connection between like Obviously stuff we can’t talk about on Youtube but the connection between like Clinton’s and podesta And tom de long not worry you slightly No No this is politics These things happen in politics like Again are you waiting for the perfect People To come they’re vegan no but i’m Definitely i’m definitely looking for People i’ll i’m aren’t going to Go going to islands with with Billionaires on private jets Yeah listen that’s a honestly that’s a Separate issue

If you’re again you’re looking for Perfect people people Horrible people no no that’s not perfect No Not not traveling off to that island to Do god knows what that’s not said i’m Not looking for perfect people I’m not excluding that but the thing is People in power have these secluded Places where they do weird stuff Yeah always have this is not new uh Uh this is you know and and it’s not Even strange It’s actually you know par of course uh Again like yeah like you know like i Speak to people that all right Like i live in new york city I will send a link of tucker carlson Doing a great interview about ufos And they won’t listen to it because it’s Tucker carlson Yeah yeah I will send republicans Clips of harry reid dropping bombs and These are people that are really into Ufos Political tribalism is the [ __ ] worst Thing that’s happened yet You don’t i’m a ufologist I will work with anybody willing to tell Me the truth about ufos or help get this Done I don’t afford to wait for perfect People or perfect situations

To get this done because too much good Can get done by getting this done And in fact if you look at ttsa it’s a Bunch of people on the Uh on the left side of the aisle on the Right side of the aisle Coming together to get this done because We like we all want this done We might have different reasons for it But the point is we get it done Once we get this out there we can change Course we can do something else we can Make other decisions Obviously i worry what i worry about Right now is Is what is the situation the world’s in And the fact that if this comes out Right now I would say you had to be some sort of Coincidence theorist To think that i don’t know that Everybody’s at each other’s throats just Before something comes out that would Unify the world Either just be careful what we say about The current situation yeah Yeah so that’s how interesting that all These flames have been You know all these fires are going off You know And then this this miracle happens It can unify us in the sense that we Realize we’re not alone And it could be a kumbaya moment where

We’re all human beings Or it could be a fire and brimstone Something so horrible That we as a species have to pull Together the End result is largely the same Oh great could be It could be all organized to send us Into some sort of dystopian hellscape You know what it is right-ish greer says Stuff that is true-ish yeah i was gonna Say that I was gonna say that there’s something About What he’s saying that does hit home that I think He’s onto something that that Support him he won’t tell you stuff that Does not support that Angle or you know what i’m saying uh uh And that’s the thing i don’t do that Again i’m a actual ufologist i follow The truth I i don’t have any religious bend I’ve trained myself not to have Preferences when it comes to this You cannot have these luxuries they’re Not doing real research and you have to Connect this As a scientist you know like honestly There were uh jewish physicists that had The stomach working with Nazi scientists but we got to the moon The thing is we’ve had these kind of

Like exciting moments in his life when I mean remember when paul hell can’t Pronounce his name Paul hellyer the the the canadian guy Yeah um ex-military I got excited you know i’m thinking this Guy’s Holy [ __ ] he knows some [ __ ] It’s gonna happen and the thing is Over these last couple of years i i i do Feel like That we’re really kind of like Touching cloth when it comes to this Subject you know it Is it’s ready to come out yes no Dude this is something that’s going on However however us You know i just feel like We’re just going to be constantly Constipated when it comes to this Subject No just feel like it’s already always Going to be You know just turtle it in we’re heading I i don’t think so and i think the Reason why is because we’re hitting a Perfect storm At the same time our military has these New capabilities Are coming closer than they have before Slowly but surely even now like Commercial airlines like i said are Starting to To get in uh you know to see these

Things At the same time commercial space is Making huge huge Uh uh uh uh ground like we’re going to Be seeing people on the On the moon and mars very shortly and Not one or two Thousands they’re making plans those Those Elon’s ships carry hundreds of people Not Seven not three you know that’s the Thing and they’re building a fleet of Them It’s the ultimate redundancy elon is not Trying to send one ship To the to mars if you look at the plan He’s trying to spend like 30 at once in Case one ship fails they can you know They have 30 other options they can Evacuate that crew to one of the other Couple of the other ships and still Continue on to the mission you know what I’m saying I love elon i think he’s great so do i Think Great i think he’s disingenuous about Ufos because he builds rockets I think he’s a cool [ __ ] he Really is His head’s screwed up he’s also a Businessman and i think he’s too smart To to To not know and the thing is he works

With too many engineers To not have heard what they call the Legend that’s what they call it in Engineering circles They don’t call it ufology they call it The legend are you talking about the Bell Amongst other things yes you talking About When you see him like like the vamanas Well yeah well the legend is that Somebody recovered some type of Technology somewhere and they’ve been Working on it ever since You know uh whether that’s the nazi bell Or Something that crash at roswell or Whatever the point is That even with the the the like you know The fuzziness of the origins Somebody has been working on some very Sophisticated technology Who do you think is working on it and do You think it’s just one country I i think the us takes precedence on This I think other countries are involved but I think we’re taking point Um i’m almost absolutely certain of that Um you know uh Like we do know russia had stuff going On i don’t know how far they’ve gone I’ve heard their program didn’t do as Well as ours

Um which makes some sense actually if You see like who’s more Who is more technologically Sophisticated but anyway going back to My other point so now you have Ufos coming closer and people are going Into space We are converging And it’s happening soon what what There’s no ufos well we’ve been seeing Them on the moon oh you mean the apollo Mission no I mean there’s 500 people that went There on the weekend A bunch of them are celebrities and Billionaires because they’re the only People who can afford it So you you do you think there’s um There’s travel too back back and forth From the moon now if you can afford to Do it Right now all right sorry i thought you Went right now No i’m talking about uh spacex type Stuff though i do believe that um Uh like people say like you know oh that We didn’t go to the moon yes we went to The moon But i do question how many times i Question the footage Uh no that’s honestly that They cleaned like there’s there’s Evidence of of of Of uh of them playing games with certain

Images from the moon Uh like you know old-school type stuff Too like airbrush And things that like you know that like They were really hard to like notice Unless you were for professional Photographer back then That with digital stuff you can find Quite easily You know yeah you can already do some of It um so Were you saying with the airbrushing There oz i’ve got literally i mean I think i told you this when i first got Into this subject i’ve got literally Files and files of moon footage that I’ve gone through with the fine-tooth Comb As somebody who knows a little bit about Photoshop Photoshop wasn’t around back then well Was it i don’t know but the You can see where things have been Um overlapped and covered up Like maybe they’ve put something on There now whether that is Just coincidence and it’s the fact that It’s an old picture Something’s being stuck to it my Thoughts behind that is these pictures These nasa pictures You’d [ __ ] look after pictures of the Moon wouldn’t you you know we’ve got The precious it’s not you know it’s not

It’s not just Your wet your wedding um I think the answer could be she will Watch it One the reason why they they played with The imagery is one We spent billions of dollars on it and They wanted to show somebody something Nice If you look at the first footage of neil Armstrong walking on the moon it’s awful It’s god awful yeah So why didn’t they get why didn’t they Give a direct feed Why did they insist that tv companies Filmed it while it was being projected Onto Onto a clock you got it from well the Way it worked was That uh given the position of the moon And the time of the landing Uh it was projected uh from the moon off A dish from australia and then everybody Else got it from the dish in australia In fact but weren’t the cameras That put the broadcast out live filming It while it was being projected Onto a screen yes they were on sticks They protruded out so wouldn’t it Wouldn’t it be better to use a raw feed Pardon couldn’t you have used a raw feed Back then Uh i don’t know i i I think you could have used like a

Single global raw feed But yeah but that at the same time it’s Like well what do you want to do what if They All right back then i know a lot about Nasa in the space program And i’m kind of a space historian um I could have a channel just on regular Space let alone like You know ufos though my preference is Equality by far Um the the way it is it’s like all right They didn’t know exactly what they were Going to land on They were worried that uh they could Land on the equivalent of quicksand Or something and the limb could just Sink into the Into the ground or like they they could Get out of the limb And like the astronauts could actually Cross an area that was like quicksand That astronaut could sink in That’s why uh uh uh armstrong and old And were told A lot of people don’t know they were Tethered to the limb When that when all of that happened um It’s it’s like so this is the thing if You got a live feed Do you want all the kids in the world Sitting in their class Watching the astronauts die because that Happened to me when i was a little boy

When they gathered all the kids to see The challenger go up Because there was a school teacher on it And we got A big nice all the kids in america Got to see that so that’s what they were Trying to probably prevent That and also what happens if you know You landed The ufo at an alien that lived there Just walked up and said hello maybe you Don’t really want that disclosed either There are many reasons why you do that And in fact if we were in that position We would do the same thing I never thought of it that way no yeah Again i come from a science background i Come from a space background And i come from ecology background and These things do coalesce But then what like i mean the original Footage now that has gone up We’re not doing this we are that way We’re doing this we always do it It’s nearly two hours let’s talk about Did we go to the moon But yeah i mean the original footage is Lost that’s Crazy oh yeah no no and then we don’t Know how to build the saturn fives Yeah and that and that guy That guy with the glasses that guy with The glasses Seems like an idiot yeah

I so i i i mean i don’t know who i would If i had like listen let me tell you Something about that there are idiots Honestly if you work at nasa especially Now you’re not the best of the best But he was an astronaut wasn’t he yeah But even still there’s dude there’s Skills like all right It’s the 50th anniversary of star trek And they had A big was he a red shirt was he he Wasn’t supposed to come back But uh so it’s the 50th anniversary of Star trek And then this huge thing at the javits Center to celebrate So of course i went and uh it was Interesting because It was uh also like nasa decided to fund This so it was like star trek brought to You by nasa And so i went and i uh i was in there And most of the displays Like more than half were all these nasa Projects And they sucked they were like super Lame projects And like you that you had this guy There’s this one guy Who is like uh he had a satellite that Was gonna go And do some like uh take photographs of Something and he was like you know yeah I’m kind of like the commander riker of

This mission And i was like oh good lord you’re Trying to You know spin stuff up and look really Cool and it wasn’t working And then um and i know i know a lot About space systems so Uh there was a lady there and she was They were trying to promote the orion Which is that moon rocket that that Lockheed is trying to build That is just basically clearly inferior To spaceship one I mean space our spacex stuff yeah Fairly clearly orders of magnitude Inferior and quite honestly wayne And um i told her i asked her well You know spacex has much greater Capabilities and they’re doing a lot More ambitious stuff And they will probably get there faster Quite honestly Why are you even trying to continue With orion because it just doesn’t seem To work it’s like well You really think elon’s going to get the Science we want done Done like i can all sassy and it’s like Yes because he’s going to land 300 Scientists they’re going to land Seven you know what i’m saying like Are you like are you sure you’re an Engineer because you’re not You’re you’re mad skills are clearly off

You know a lot of these people play Politics they play games Uh some of this stuff is just work for You know jobs programs for nerds You know um and then there’s a lot of Corruption in that Uh uh again dude like this There’s a lot of uh a lot of interesting Stuff Honestly if you’re into ufology you Should probably study a lot more about The aerospace community Or you’d rather you should in the past Now you know Things might be getting a lot more open And interesting Do you think oh go on i bet you’re gonna Say the same thing as i am about about The technology that we’re still using That no no what i was gonna say was do You think Um do you think there’s a more Sophisticated Military space program do you i think There’s a sophisticated military space Yeah more you know oh yes absolutely Yeah Yeah how long for um actually like the The weird rumor Have you guys been keeping up with john Warner the new guy No no john warner um Yeah you haven’t heard of him no never Heard the name yeah

Okay thank you i think we spoke about Him before on the channel oh yeah okay John warner iv Is uh a member of the mellon family in Fact he’s chris mellon’s cousin And he’s also a member of the warner Family his dad Was secretary of the navy and uh for Years and years and years Decades even and i was a u.s senator Uh his stepmother is elizabeth taylor Or was elizabeth taylor uh john warner Was a famous Uh race car driver like this guy like Went to elite schools Like like uh he he literally says he’s One of the 300 families That uh uh part of these 300 families And who he claims he is And he is now getting he wrote there you Go look at that They are i told you this we keep saying This you need your own youtube channel My good friend ginger steve has kindly Donated For youtube channel definitely oh yeah 100 Thank you ginger steve you’re a diamond And there’s ginger like me and you Uh lee won’t hold it against him though We have souls wow sorry i’m No but uh anyway he wrote this book Called little anton Right it’s supposed to be at first it’s

About Uh uh uh engineers In nazi germany right and then it Quickly gets into ufos and stuff like That And it says a lot of fascinating stuff And one of the things he drops Recently he spoke about is that um he Says that the navy and the air force Have these little Two-man space stations that are For that that basically they send these Uh gravity craft that are Are made by us that like you know Basically they they every couple of Months they exchange You know cruise two back and forth i Think They the navy has like four and the army Has like four something like that And basically one of their big jobs is To observe extraterrestrial craft coming In and out Of the atmosphere in their activities in Fact They they said that they can go from Orbit they can go miles In the water now this is the thing did He provide Proof of this no But that guy is super well connected Super well connected like this is our Ability This is the guy that’s melons cousin

Yeah and elizabeth taylor’s stepson And the son of a senator that was in Charge of the u.s navy This is like what lee was saying to you Before though with the families Look very much That’s your homework assignment do you Know what i mean though I get what lee was saying before when he Was saying with ttsa with like the The the link with without risking Getting into trouble Um with the politics part of it but Do you get what where these people are Kind of the The there is they’re related a lot these People You do find this out listen um And just because see my my dad was in The merchant navy he tried to get me in The merchant navy you know nothing Happens yeah like listen listen Things run in families i mean tom Delong’s Uh uh father was an oil executive tom de Long’s Uh a brother his older brother the one In the military i think he’s a captain Like he’s got a boat All right and not only that his family Has i think as a tradition of that Uh a lot of these guys have traditions They’re all They’re all freemasons as well aren’t

They yeah well that’s what was getting It Yeah what do you want to say thank you That’s like joining the rotary club if Your dad was in the rotary club it’s Just like That our connections are insignificant In comparison Do you get what i’m saying it’s the same Thing i i I get what you mean but on a much larger Level But uh saying that a friend of mine’s Dad’s a freemason he’s a lovely bloke Yeah Yes but there’s things levels yeah You know and that doesn’t mean that the High level freemasons are horrible no The freemasons have done a lot of great Stuff for the world And i’m saying i’m american you know Like i wouldn’t be revolting for the Freemasons Absolutely not there’s plenty of Capstones around your neck of the woods Isn’t that oh absolutely So it’s like it’s like listen are they Perfect no But if you’re waiting for the perfect People you’re nothing’s ever going to Get done Yeah the only i agree with you To an extent there but again i don’t Know what you can and can’t say on

Youtube there but When you’re looking at old people Hanging around with like jeffrey e And like like i said flying around on Jets I think that is a it’s a section Of society i don’t think can be trusted I didn’t say trust them do you mistake Uh yeah but if they if they suddenly Disclose Aliens and ufos to you you’ll trust that I will trust that the aliens exist and The ufos exist i have my own reasons for Doing so Uh and very very good reasons for doing So This was going to happen this was always Going to come out Is it going to be spun absolutely it’s Going to be spun in every possible Direction by every possible faction of Anybody From very powerful people to [ __ ] on Youtube Everyone is going to spin this you’re Going to spin this That’s awesome People don’t have a lot of discipline They don’t You know i do my best to have a lot of Discipline that’s why i don’t play Favorites My favorite is the truth or the answers Even if i don’t personally like it

I you know i i don’t you know like like This life is about accepting a lot of Things you don’t like Just this like you know and to deny that Doesn’t make you a hero it makes you a Fool No it’s not denying it though but i mean There’s the cert There’s certain there’s certain sections Of people that Listen this this whole hero Thing that we’ve all been raised on But it’s disingenuous like like you know Like if you’re looking for Superman you’re probably not going to Find him you’re more likely to find the Punisher than superman Maybe you get what i’m saying i think i Think I think it depends how deep reality It depends how deep you think that goes And that that’s I there’s few there’s a few things i Would hang my hat on and say i believe And i believe there’s some dire stuff Going on With those people oh yes absolutely it’s Called life there’s always been dire Stuff going on And read ancient books okay i think they Bring i think they’re a bunch of Satanists Yeah well define satanism because that’s The thing like you you when people say

I can’t i genuine i genuinely can’t tell You on youtube what i think Because alia loses channel But if you do want to see what lee Thinks go check out what’s the audio It involves fences or different words For fences And round fast food Oh yeah oh okay yes all right yes i Think i know what you’re Uh i i i hear a lot of things Yo guys i have to get out of here oh no Don’t Jump you will catch up um And uh yeah we we need we need to get You one again Me and the um and we we will have a chat Um but for for anybody who doesn’t know About uh john regan havoc I interviewed john probably over a year Ago now Um and people have seen you but you’ve Taken you’ve taken a bit of a step back From ufology And i just i just thought i wanted to Get you once i’ve not seen you for a bit Uh but i hope you i hope you’re okay Mate i hope you’re okay yeah i’m good Man this is a good time it’s nice to Finally talk to osvaldo thank you you Know Always like talking to you guys yeah Maybe we can have a conversation another Time in the future

It’s good to see you yeah i’d love to Get you on together And i’ll just sit back and i’ll let you You know it’d be nice to See two people that experience stuff Just have You know a little bit of a chitchat and I’ll i’ll pull myself out That’s what she I’ll just let you two chat and it’d be Good for the audience just to see Because i i’d like to see that i’d like To see two experiences Discussing the subject Ginger steve just cracked me up ginger’s Jeep just cracked me up because he just Stuck it super chatted For john’s opinion on something and then Just replied to it by saying Badly timed super chat That’s hilarious i was i was enjoying Listening i was just taking in all the Information you know Sometimes it’s better to listen but uh Yeah you got the other thing i didn’t Know you’re going to be involved in the Other thing I’m working on as well with uh With jeff yes yes i’m happy about that i Didn’t know you’re a part of it but you Know Yeah yeah yeah definitely a part of that And that’s gonna that’s gonna happen We’re gonna get you back on with that

We’re gonna see what’s going on There it’s gonna be a bit weird to do That because it’s I kinda gotta figure it out so uh Whenever you wanna do a test one let me Know Yeah definitely definitely um but yeah John Um thanks for coming on mate and i’ll i Will catch you Later hey all you guys have a good night Everybody in the chat i’ll see you guys At some point later somewhere else And go check out go check out john’s Channel wreaking havoc Go check it out hey because you aren’t Going to start up again aren’t you john Yeah i had you know i had to take a step Out For a minute you know i felt a little Got a little hectic for a second and uh I needed a break i didn’t Need to like you know look everything Over and evaluate everything and get Back at it so No part of being a ufologist is running Screaming from the subject every once in A while Yeah i had some personal stuff going on So thinking about aliens every day Didn’t make it Any easier so you know i had to remove Myself but I’m ready to get back at it so get that

Mate yeah No no ways and we yeah i’ll catch up With you later mate i will catch you Definitely yeah guys See you later later So yeah sorry sorry awesome but I i definitely need to get you and john Together And i i will literally leave and just go Into the chat And let you two talk it out that’s what I want to see Without me you don’t need me in that These these people um These people that have this Connection with this subject they’re all Very much connected And i get what lee’s saying there and What it was I get the concerns put it that way i do Get that Because i’m the more and more you Research this subject and For somebody that is on the outside that Is He’s checking out you know the the the New bits of ufo footage that’s been Released to us From people who are quite high up or People Was it’s a massive feedback i don’t know If you turn me down I don’t know what it is but no um okay Yeah i can hear you it’s it’s just i can

Hear myself as well uh but yeah These these i put this How do i put this right I think a lot of the people that are Looking into this subject for the first Time have no idea The backgrounds of these people no And i think the people that do Know the backgrounds have their concerns And rightly so Yes this is true would you say that’s Fairly Yeah i think sir there’s like listen Be concerned about everyone don’t trust Anything do your own research You know what i’m saying so that’s the Problem when you’re researching the Subject when you’re researching The craft you stumble onto these people I think there’s more evidence sorry Ollie i think there’s more evidence About the round fast food Problem between the protesters The clintons the The the man of which didn’t kill himself Of which we can’t mention his name Anymore Um i think there’s more evidence For that than what they’re giving us of Ufos And that’s what concerns me Uh i wouldn’t go that far i would say I would absolutely go that far i just Did but

We will save that for more crd Absolutely Don’t quite vote for that place no Seeing youtube just just just melting Away Yeah i’m gonna wait i’m gonna wait until You’ve got ten Thousand uh ten thousand followers then Do it No no but no but i get you i get why You’re saying this lee and I do but this is weird because you got You got your first warning on youtube The other day for Speaking out of term yeah Yeah yeah i had a i had a guy called Courtney adam lawrence i don’t Want to say what we were talking about But uh It’s that that to me scary is the I think [ __ ] falls under its own Weight i always have done um And censorship stops like stops because It Happened and this is my problem with tom Delong i think tom fell under his own [ __ ] on rogan And that’s not saying i think ttsa is Without merit Because um i think there’s something That there’s been something there The fact they’ve got they’ve got history Channel programs and history channel is Pretty synonymous with being [ __ ]

Nonsense That worries me but um Yeah it’s i i worry about the censorship Thing that’s That’s what i was trying to say but That’s lately We’ve we’ve been going for two hours and We’re actually over scheduled by about 45 minutes because i tried to generally Keep it to an hour And 45. um to talk about There is but but i like this i like this Crew we’ll get We’ll get you all back on together but Could you kindly answer Ginger steve here um lee Is it yeah sorry this Sorry i’ve just seen if i can kill the Guests With super chat how’s life mate How much does osvaldo need his own Channel i agree You do yeah doing it listen i uh I’ve run around a lot and uh my mom i’ve Been my mother’s caretaker since i was Seven And now my mother’s getting older and There’s issues more issues So like things happen so i get like Sidetracked You know but i have uh there is a show Coming It’s coming very soon and i have some Very very

Interesting interesting super Interesting things i’m going to share With you And not just tell you i’m going to show You because i i Rather show people i want you to see This for yourself One second else yet go No but yeah no that’s just it like There’s there’s something coming from me And it will be soon and you will all Know about it In fact ollie will let you know and in Fact uh i will probably be doing A q a with ollie on alien addict after The first episode of my show premieres Do you have a time scale for it sorry um Next couple of weeks i’m gonna have Something up Are you close to getting are you close To getting what we’ve been talking about Oh yeah that’s that’s not the issue it’s More or less it’s about me getting Like the time to get everything together And i’m also learning like software and Stuff like that for the first time To do these things so uh and i have to Edit my own stuff and things like that So Uh that’s time consuming uh so i will Have a rough You know thing and then from then on i Will be doing regular updates

Like my own like like i guess research Specials That i’ll be putting together you know And Uh i’m certain that you guys will find It Most interesting i can’t wait for that And then i I’ve i’ve not told anybody and i won’t Yeah i’m not even totally about it Not baffle the people in the chat Because i don’t want to be that person Like He’s like teasing them you know i’m i’m I’m not that person Yeah yeah there’s going to be something Really good that’s coming on this Channel There is there is going to be something Really good that’s coming on this Channel But yeah i don’t want to be that person But there is there is something going to Be On your channel and we’ll put in the Description but yeah guys I am going to i’m going to i’m going to Cut the the interview The inside interview chit chat you know I’m gonna cook the uh Debate the open stream we’ll get some More guessing i like to think of it as a Snuggle Yes a massive big giant ufo snuggle

It has been i’m i’m gonna put you guys Down In the timeout section While i say goodbye to the people in the Chat And uh i’ll speak to you in a moment so Hey guys But yeah oswaldo franco is going to have His own show i just think you should Call it the els valdo franco show That’s not right It might be called hardcore ufology with Oswaldo franco Because that’s basically what it’s going To be i think it should be called Talking franco Maybe no that sounds too much like Like a daytime afternoon show With some tea and you know things i like Today English you have to like tea and i quite Like bud light as well I just drink anything they have uh They have blood white makes a tea now Well they do here Put like tea i am eating alcoholic Though Budweiser tea yes I’m coming to america We don’t get the aluminium bottles of Bud though that’s that’s a shame i like The aluminium bottles Yeah so guys i’m going to drop you out

Because we’ve been we’re Two hours and a quarter it’s gonna get To four hours if i if i leave any longer And then nobody will be injured they’ll Just look at it and go that’s for our Live stream ain’t watching that Quick somebody super chat i’ll stay on No no no i’m going to go uh but yeah I’ll we we will do we’ll do another show Cheers yeah i’ll catch up with you in a Second Oh thank you steve for saying bye with The super chat uh yeah i I i’ll pay you back soon Uh guys thank you so much for everybody Be in the chat tonight it’s been quite Quite busy and i think it’s been an Interesting show Um i think i want to do more a lot more Like this rather than just Interviewing one-on-one get some Guessing i do like to get leon from Musty audio because I work with well i’ve been on his show Quite a few times He’s been on mine oz i’ve known us for A long time and had oz on since The beginning of really ttsa so it’s Been a bit of a journey Uh and he doesn’t mind if i you know Slate them sometimes for Little mistakes that they do but you Know at the same time I do like to tt that’s

That’s my that’s my tongue that’s not The drink ttsa But yeah guys thank you so much for Everybody who supports the channel Alien addict check out the merch if you Want to support it further or you could Become a patreon The link is in the description but i’ve Got some cool merch guys i’ve got some Very cool merch And here is mr carbell and bob rocking The fake t-shirts that i photoshopped But yeah here is the stuff that i do uh I’ve got three designs at the moment It is in the description and They’re they’re all mine basically There’s my original alien logo This is the kind of shadow figure that Is alien-ish And there is the alien which did get Pulled down But then got put back up when they Realized that i drew drawn it myself but Yeah You can get it on cups get your t-shirts Whatever but yeah guys thank you so much And uh become an addict subscribe And uh share it out because You know if we grow this I can i can just do this full time I just taught nonsense to you all good Night god bless Mind the bugs don’t bite I’m not again because i can’t work out