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I have grown up in the outdoors And have been hunting and fishing my Entire life From a childhood spent in north georgia To stints in west virginia and now For the past 16 years in virginia i have Spent a great bit of time in the woods I know animals and flora and that is why What occurred back in the fall of 2003 Has bothered me so much to this day Enough to finally submit this report My former roommate's father owns the Property And that this incident took place on I have had access to it since i was 15. It's a small sportsman's paradise nearly 200 acres And a 5 acre bass pond I had hunted it every fall since 1994 And had fished there for years before That I hit the woods completely scent proof Right around 3 30 a.m hiked from the Farmhouse Approximately 600 yards back to the deer Stand that i was planning on using that Morning I stopped short about 100 yards to apply A drag rope Which is dough in rut sent and then Crossed the creek bridge Walked a wide pattern out in front of The stand and put several scent markers On the game trails this took perhaps 15

Minutes And no game animals were spooked i then Headed back towards the tree stand Tied off my rifle and gear to a safety Rope Climbed the stand and pulled up my gear This would give me a full hour and a Half to let the woods settle down And help my presence go unnoticed What happened next has cost me countless Nights of sleep And still gives me chills every time i Think about it Once in the stand i went about the Business of sorting out my gear Making sure everything was where i would Need it binoculars A grunt caller etc out of nowhere came The most god-awful blood-curdling scream Yell growl that i ever heard in my life The morning calm was completely Shattered and it sounded close I immediately ran the mental list to my Mind as to what It could be but nothing i never heard Before Could match this in either pitch depth Or duration It lasted for at least five to seven Seconds I was scared it started so high And just kept expanding in pitch into a Howl That ended in a menacing guttural growl

Before the sound was even over i Realized Felt extreme danger the real fear was From the fact that The volume was so loud it came up on me So suddenly that i knew it was close Too close within say 25 yards Following the howl there was total Silence Immediately i felt too close to the Ground For whatever reason and a 17-foot tree Stand And carefully stood up so that my feet Were not dangling Off the seat i pulled out my maglite And began scanning the area to my front And right That seemed to sound where it was coming From I attempted to listen for further Movement while scanning But realizing that my ears were actually Ringing from this howl I remember thinking from previous Survival training To keep cool and not panic figure this Out I quickly chambered around checked to Make sure the safety was on my rifle A winchester model 70. i then continued Scanning between the woods to my front And the pine thicket to my immediate Right with my flashlight

I just felt so vulnerable and remember Thinking That this rifle might not be enough so i Fetched my smith wesson 40 handgun for My backpack And secured it tightly to my belt i know That it's unlawful to carry a sidearm During rifle season But there are black bear on this Property I wasn't going to leave myself without Any option It took several moments for my hearing To return and when it did I heard distinctive movement back in the Pine thicket To my right and front maybe 20 yards Into the trees Then nothing that's when the smell hit Me I'm not sure i noticed it at first Because i had been handling deer scents But i smelt what i can only describe as Rotten cabbage Or a ripe dumpster it didn't last long And there was no noticeable wind at the Time of the incident to carry this scent Toward me i stood there in that tree Stand for the next two hours Until first light then got out of there I'm not the type to scare easily and i Was right back out there two days later But did not think to check for tracks or Any other evidence

The game was still scarce i've been back Several times since To fish the pond nothing out of the Ordinary ever occurred during those Trips I totally forgot about this incident for Nearly a year It bothered me so i just didn't think About it That changed when i caught a documentary On tv Concerning bigfoot and sasquatch The bfro was mentioned and i found this Website I also read a report near this in Franklin county But was even further stunned when i Listened to some of the recordings That are found in this database they Sounded very similar to the very Beginning of the howl during my incident But the sound i heard was so close and Loud and went so deep at the end That they are tough to compare whatever Made that noise had one hell of a set of Lungs though I was also surprised about that smell They Supposedly admit when threatened i had No idea That was the icing on the cake that made Me think That i might have possibly had an Encounter

I've always been somebody comfortable in The woods and for the most part I'm still him just a little more aware Of what could possibly be out there Everything that deer season had an odd Feel to it come to think about it And as i previously stated i had been Hunting and fishing this property for Well over 10 years The place was absolutely eerie In the previous two deer and turkey Seasons i had harvested six and eight Point bucks Several does and numerous turkeys In the fall of 2003 however the wildlife Just seemed to be gone Or in hiding even during the early Muzzleloader archery season The deer seemed very scarce I was riding my atv on a family farm Going down an old washed out road which You can't drive fast on as i started Down the road Looking down then looking up and down The road Something caught my eye around 200 yards Down this road The sun was to my left shining across This road to the right As i looked down this narrow road There was a reflection of light coming Off the fur of something that i've never Seen before It was tall and massive for that split

Second that i saw it The way the sun's reflection came off This thing It looked almost silver but Being a hunter since i hunt this land All the time There is not anything silver in color And that the sun coming off the back of A black turkey can look silver So that's what caught my eye this animal Went back into the woods Back to the right so i worked my way Down to where i thought I saw it turning my atv off And smoked a cigarette listening for Anything About five minutes had passed and i Heard something big Running away from my direction at Breaking tree limbs It was way louder than a deer running Through the thickets I could hear this for about one to two Seconds Then it went quiet again if i had to Guess how far away it was I would say about 50 to 60 yards away From me When i first heard the running you can't See more than 20 yards in this thicket From where i was at hunting season ends For general firearms 10 days before this so the deer are Still alert

Then it seemed like a couple of minutes Later I heard two big bangs like somebody Hitting a stick against a tree Or a log then the hair on the back of my Neck Stood up then there was the snorting of The deer that came from the thicket Right after that when a deer snorts for My experience in the woods During the day they see you and snort Once or twice Then they take off leaving you just to See their white tail Waving on you as they go out of sight But there must have been four or five White tail in there All of them snorting and stomping the Ground And they were real loud the deer did This for About what seemed to be more than a Minute Then i heard them take off running That's when i decided it was time for me To leave too I go home and told my wife about what Had just happened She couldn't believe it was surprised at What i told her And asked if it was a bear i told her i Never saw a bear in the woods And it seemed way too big to be a black Bear

So the next day wednesday the 22nd I wasn't going back that day i took a Camera in where i heard this animal And took pictures of what i believed to Be footprints and some hair that was Left on a tree limp About five and a half feet off the Ground In college my social club would go Camping Twice a year for a bonding event with Our newer members We would go in late november after the Thanksgiving holiday And again in early april a group of About 40 to 50 of us Would set up campsite with a large Bonfire We would spend most of the night in the Woods just doing guy Things i like drinking telling stories Invariably we'd get louder as the night Went on But you have to understand it was a very Remote area Not suitable for camping of any type of Excursion We camped at the bottom of a large steep Descent That was a very dangerous rocky climb Down Once we left the cars even in full moon Light The trees would be so thick it was pitch

Black And nearly impossible to see our way Down So we were equipped with flashlights at All times All three incidents occurred in the same Area in the fall of 94 And spring and fall of 95 The most unnerving occurred in the fall Of 95 Causing most of our members to go home Early because Most feared we'd be shot at by hunters We observed audibly not visually Rock throwing and very strange howling Noises that got closer And closer until we quieted down Then the noises seemed to abate somewhat On the night of fall of 95 we camped Next to a small stream that ran down the Mountain And could hear rocks being tossed into Downstream We all assumed it was some of our guys Since Usually someone would wander off in Hopes of scaring us This night though it kept occurring So we sent out some of our guys to make Sure we had accounted for everybody And we had we had to keep a head count Because we took as few cars as possible Didn't want to leave anybody stranded Once we were all accounted for the

Noises got louder And closer and it was unmistakably the Large rocks That dominated the hillside being tossed Into each other And into the stream we all fell Silent and the few hunters in the group Told us it might be a buck Just wandering the stream but then we Heard a loud continuous wailing sound Nobody could identify for certain we all Despite our intoxication and Testosterone levels Got very very quiet and tried Communicating Back in hopes it was a hunter who was Just lost As we were calling out into the night More rocks were thrown More odd noises occurring they were long Whales Or howls and the occasional grunt Is similar to what a large ape sounds Like when agitated Whatever or whoever it was was agitated And was definitely attempting to Frighten us After some time had passed most of our Guys decided they wanted no part of what We thought Was a few hunters how to scare us so Most left about 10 or 15 of us remained Through dawn Knowing that running wildly in the dark

Would be more dangerous Than fending off some drunks we remained Far Far quieter heard more rocks being Tossed in our direction Along with a few grunts but only Intermittently And they seem to grow more distant as The night wore on On the previous two trips i didn't stay The entire night But on each one we heard the same odd Cries and rocks being tossed nearby At other rocks and trees we Always chalked it up to hunters trying To scare the college kids away But nobody ever replied and the screams And cries we heard Were definitely not from a dog The fall of 95 trip was one that is most Clear my mind And one that scared a big group of burly Guys into heading home At around two in the morning instead of Staying the entire night Like usual it wasn't until recently When my friend randy told me about this Thing called the bfro Expedition in that region of virginia That i even considered it being a Bigfoot It always had just been a scary night in The black woods of west virginia But once he sent me a howl i had chills

Up and down my spine when i heard it Let me add that i am the world's biggest Skeptic And i have routinely dismissed all Bigfoot talk as fantasy I don't know what it was out there but After reading about the rock throwing The grunts the growls the expo And hearing that chilling howl sound Bite my brain tells me it had All the earmarks of a bigfoot sighting It was eerie recounting it for randy Because each telltale question he asked Me i apparently answered in such a way That he was sure it was a bigfoot Sighting I am in no way convinced but The circumstantial evidence is Overwhelming George washington and jefferson national Forest Off the blue ridge parkway in amherst County virginia White oaks flats area deer hunting from A tree stand Approximately 15 feet high i arrived Way too early maybe an hour or more Before daylight I climbed into my tree stand and Reversed the batteries and my flashlight To keep it from coming back on my pack As I usually hunt all day until after dark In the evening

I settled down and was waiting for Shooting light Quite some time had passed enough time For everything to grow quiet And me to cool off from the hike to my Tree stand Without any warning directly underneath My stand Came the most terrible sound imaginable It started as a low guttural roar Somewhat as a lion or a large cat might Make Then ascended in scale until it was a Horrifying Piercing scream lasting several seconds Or at least seem to i cannot describe How scary Unnerving this scream was no proper Words to Convey it really it was awful After gathering my wits i comforted Myself that i had loaded my thirty odd Six And nothing on earth could survive a Fifteen foot climb up that tree I sat very still strained every sense i Had for Whatever it was to reveal itself i made No attempt to retrieve my Light and reverse the batteries i really Thought i was about to be attacked by Something That only the word monster could convey That night was a totally moonless night

Absolutely dark but the leaves They were very very dry crunching Underfoot I absolutely knew that nothing could Move that close to me Without revealing its whereabouts via Sound So i sat and waited until daylight I saw nothing the area was somewhat Dense at ground level With laurel my tree stand was above the Growth I'm a lifelong hunter and have spent Thousands of hours in the mountains Nothing could have moved that closely Under that condition Without sound but it not only approached My tree stand It also left without a sound after Daylight I searched for tracks spore hair In the area there was nothing Up until the day i always walked to my Tree stands with my rifle unloaded Never loaded it until i was in my stand Needless to say that that has stopped i Would walk no more in those woods with An unloaded gun Then i would attempt to fly i was Embarrassed Did not wish to be labeled as somebody That told tall tales But i did tell those that hunted with me In that area

And for one reason genuine concern for Their safety I know what i heard it was large Horrible Menacing the thing i heard was no Laughing matter Words can't convey the seriousness of What i heard I also drove to the peaks of otter and Told the ranger there Asked if anyone had ever heard of or Reported of strange sounds As i had heard a monster they had Reports he told me Then try to convince me that i just Heard an owl This was insulting i've hunted all my Life Killed most every type of animal in Virginia This was no owl even if it was a large Bird of some kind I was so close that i would have heard Wing beats Or the rush of heiress had flapped to Get airborne I heard nothing but the roar i might add That it became a matter of courage to Continue hunting in that area But i did and in the general area killed The deer And the black bear that year no one Hunting with me anything that day But later on in the season i think the

Same week Two people heard the same thing on a Ridge above the car After hunting all day and returning to The car after dark The reason i am supplying my story now Is that while recently At the ymca working out i overheard a Conversation about somebody Encountering what they thought was a Bigfoot Apparently they also smelt the same Thing But i didn't smell anything what i heard Was more than enough