Colin & Courtney Q&A !!

By | April 1, 2021
Colin & Courtney Q&A !!

What’s up everybody Hi we’re going to be discussing a lot of Different things today We’re going to take some questions from Y’all and uh Oh geez door’s swinging up there and Uh we’ve got some really cool things to Discuss That are going to happen uh in the in The near future on the channel So i’d interrupt everybody who is Currently um Watching the episode that was just Posted I’m going to put all of y’all on my Instagram Everybody come join us live on youtube Shout out to caitlin amber lottie hey Lottie flubber lane alicia Simon how’s it going buddy Okay guys i’m gonna take one more one More Oh jesus just took a straight-up photo Just in me doing this Like i hate how it does i’m trying to Zoom in there we go Everybody come join us live on youtube Right now Shout out to everybody here linda britt Antoinette Ivy charm sphinx frankie come say hi to Us y’all Okay guys uh how’s everybody doing On this very fine evening it’s the last

Night of march Tomorrow is april fool’s day if you Didn’t know Everybody watch out no matter what You’re doing i definitely gotta watch Out for this guy Oh i’m definitely the prank i sure Wanted to prank crispy bacon Thank you for the five dollars hiya What’s up just wanna crispy bacon remind Everybody that if you donate anything From a dollar To a thousand dollars you’re entered to Win free merch from the channel Uh we got a winner to announce tonight From the last live stream Simon you don’t need to do that buddy Everybody if you see simon in the chat That is my cousin Uh thanks for always uh modding and Helping us with this man i appreciate That yes And much love buddy we’ll see you soon Um what what the hell was i saying Oh yeah if you donate you get entered to Win free merchandise Uh we put your names in a drawing just Draw the winner we got a winner to Announce tonight from last Month’s live stream um And yeah we really appreciate it because All the donations go right back Into the show it’s obviously not uh Cheap to produce this type of content

Gotta travel a lot Jim thank you for the ten dollars jim n Wish i got a message from you man but uh That is gonna help so much Dude i appreciate it and karen karen Sinden Thank you for the donation i I wish both of you all had uh messages In there y’all are so Sweet thank you um so We’re doing a q a tonight we’re gonna Answer some questions obviously courtney And i um have a podcast now Uh something it’s exciting to announce Is that just last week we were actually Trending On all of spotify um we we got onto the Playlist Of uh trending podcasts out of the Entire planet Any podcast any category we uh We’re number 38 i think we might have Gotten to 36 or Something above that too but it was Uh it was weird to wake up and see that Yeah so Obviously if y’all are in here i’m Assuming that a lot of you guys have Listened to the podcast Yes debbie thank you so much for the Five dollars wish it could be more Thanks for all the hard work for us Fans much love that’s more than enough Yeah no thank you

Debbie it’s stuff like that that uh Helps keep this going Debbie you’re entered to win free merch On the uh on the next Live stream like i said um thank you Everyone that’s listened to the podcast We really appreciate it We just started it back in january so i Mean i’ve never had Colin obviously has a youtube channel But i’ve never had any type of thing Below like do really well so that was Really exciting for us so thank you guys For listening And supporting it it means a lot to us It really does Especially because uh Linda thank you linda keep up the spooky Five dollar donation Linda we’re keeping it up we uh Courtney just recorded her part of the Podcast that we’re going to be posting Tomorrow Yeah i gotta get up early and uh and Finish that in the morning The grind does not stop also i want to Say i have i’ve heard a lot of people Say like i’ve listened to the first two And i feel like we’ve gotten so much Better we have Really episodes he played the first Episode the other day and i was like oh My god turn it off i hate it Which i still love the episode but i

Just feel like i’ve gotten the hang of It now so Yeah i feel like we definitely like it’s Better nowadays so if you’ve only Listened to Like the first few give another chance I promise we’ve gotten better we uh Essentially the first episodes of the Podcast we were Trying to figure out a formula we didn’t Really know what we were doing where we Wanted to go With it i had never recorded anything Yeah she had never done I obviously if you guys listened did the Paranormal files podcast Kind of cut my teeth but we’ve gotten a Lot better Yeah so thank you for listening megan Thomas thank you for the five dollars I appreciate that love your channel and Podcast stay spooky Thank you megan thank you so much and Stay spooky to you man yeah I appreciate it and justin can you come Investigate the san francisco bay Area you say what’s up to my dogs maya And jack Of course what’s up maya and jack how Are you guys doing Hello and thank you for the donation my Man You’re uh you’re entered to win free Merchandise

Uh to anybody uh you all are gonna be in The drawing for next Month’s live stream bethany fury hugs From pittsburgh congrats on the podcast Thank you bethany You’re so sweet lori it’s more than okay You’re the best we love you laurie we We’ve talked about you Many times we appreciate the love and The support and it really does mean the World to us yes So thank you lori as always so great to Have you i wish you could join more In this what’s up kathy by the way and Jennifer Everyone’s just saying hi to us kelly Asked if we have a Um if we’re on patreon for the podcast Yes we are yes kelly we have a so Actually what’s very interesting Real quick we’ll get into this dominic By the way if you guys do super chats Feel free to ask a question because if You donate we’ll be able to see the Question Really big right right in front of us if You guys want to ask us Yeah it’s hard to see all of the dominic Mcgavigan love from ireland lad Man dominic that’s a pretty irish Sounding name i love it dominic Mcgavigan I love that dude much love to ireland I’ve filmed in ireland before she’s

Actually very irish shannon courtney Shannon my mom’s maiden name Oh donahoe yes that’s very irish But dominic that’s way too kind you Enter doing free merch my man Appreciate you thank you so much we’ll Get to the patreon question in one Second i just wanna i don’t wanna miss These guys captain crouton thank you for The five dollars want to support you Guys really deserve and need it also When you’re gonna come to michigan to do A video or few Stay spooky captain crouton we’ve talked About it we want to do michigan there’s A lot to do and see up there Yeah that would be really so hopefully Maybe we have time this summer Like i’ve got some important Announcements to make tonight which Might make that easier for us okay Thank you you’re entered to win merch Antoinette thank you for being you Oh that’s honestly so exciting thank you Thank you for being you annette Or and to antoinette sorry i know a real Name I appreciate that so much it’s so great To see Everybody being so positive Thank you alicia you’re so nice i do Have a very cute girlfriend she doesn’t Play up uh She takes up ninety percent of the

Cuteness in the relationship Alicia thank you you’re entered to win Some free merch On the next live stream as well so We do have so the podcast is called Murder in america We have a patreon for murder in america You guys on here might be interested we Uh I’ve been going to crime scenes when I’ve been filming for the show courtney Obviously has a job so she hasn’t been Able to come to a lot of those but i’ve Been taking people through video Two crime scenes and tons of stories um Just recently this last weekend courtney And i Went to sutherland springs texas Where if you guys will remember the Insanely sad Story of the shooting that happened in Texas Just back in 2017 26 people were Murdered In one morning and we visited that Church in the memorial Paid our respects we were not doing any Ghost hunting nothing like that Didn’t film anything just a little clip For the patreon to show people the Memorial because We wanted to memorialize those people And there’s actually something Interesting about the car crash site oh

Yeah that was insane are you gonna tell Them do you want to okay yeah so Um obviously the shooting happened in The church and After he shot everyone a local that He heard the commotion going on and he Ran into the church and Started shooting the shooter with his Own gun And um so the shooter got into his car And started driving down the road And they drove for like 10-ish minutes And he ended up crashing through this Fence And then he landed in this this random Field his car was just sitting in this Random field where he Um am i allowed to say that like no no Don’t I’d say ended his life ended and He ended himself yeah he ended his own Life so um And it was crazy because we wanted to Get the full story of the church And where he went to um The whole round and the whole story so We drove down the road that the shooter Drove down and we We looked at crime scene photos and we Saw that his car was sitting Right at this very exact spot like there Was this pole And then there was this spot where his Car was and

The spark the spot where his car was There was a patch It was a big green field of grass and The very spot that his car was was just Patch of dirt And we were just thinking about how Weird that is because That happened in 2017 so we were like Is this natural or did the owners of the Property Like make it to where they don’t want The grass to be there so they can show Like where his car was It was just really weird that there was No grass growing Where his car was that was really Strange isn’t that bizarre because that Was 2017 and i mean This is just this location where he Crashed his car Ended his life is way out Just in the middle of nowhere down farm Roads And i could not believe when we pulled Up there and we were looking at the Crime scene photos to try and Analyze you know like where it happened And then right there exactly pinpoint Where the car was Yeah everything’s dead that’s Interesting actually joey Joey said oil causes grass not to grow So that would make

Total sense how eerie that like It’s like a stain like not only is the Church still there where he killed Everyone but the spot where he ended his Life like It’s a mark in the earth that no no Living thing will grow so yeah It’s a really eerie content like we’re Saying it’s not paranormal It’s just very strange yeah i didn’t Expect For that to look like that you know what I mean When we got there i thought it would Just be a field but It literally had uh just a small patch Where you could see where the car was And we’re just we’re true crime junkies Here i really am Ashley by the way a couple donations hey Beautiful people love you guys hope Everyone is doing amazing thank you We are ashley i hope you’re doing Amazing too Yes you’re amazing thank you so much for That you’re entered to win free merch Ashley I appreciate you paul you have one more Youtuber My gosh you’re such a homey man thank You Thank you so much dude i wish you had a Message man wow You’re so nice he’s from canada we’ve

Been dying to get up to canada i’ve been Talking about it for years i’ve never Actually been But we would love to go do the case of Robert pickton oh That’s my dream because that’s uh behind An area that’s a very dark one to go Cover Yeah so my man thank you so much i Appreciate you More than you’ll ever know straight up Thank you Crispy bacon also with the five dollars Thank you baby Keep it up oh i have been i’ve been in The gym this week Except for today because i was working All day thank you so much it’s so Um someone asked when i’m coming to the Uk to do a collab with Andrew again i’ve told courtney a Million times that she’s gonna love Auntie i know i can’t wait to meet him And uh i just met omar and james this Past week They were they were right here on our Balcony they came into town Uh actually such good people very just Such a fun time we had with them yeah it Was nice we i just took them to some Spots In town and kind of showed them pointing Them the right direction where to film And i didn’t end up actually filming

Anything one of the places was boarded Up that we went to Which is but we came back downtown we Took him to torchy’s which is an austin Favorite and they uh They loved it man we came back to the Apartment we were all hanging out for A couple hours honestly it was it was a Really good night they’re really good People Um yeah it was fun anybody who uh Has got a question too anytime we can Start asking yes Or you guys can start asking questions Um i’m just worried about my computer Dying We can bring the channel yeah i’ll go Grab it also i’m oh Thank you so much jenny thank you jenny Jenny mcginnis Hi colin and courtney love your channel You two are adorable thank you You’re so sweet you’re entered to win Some free merchandise jenny if you win You can pick out Anything from the store appreciate that I love Andrew he’s a sweetheart love you guys Positive vibes Good vibes only everybody that’s all we Try to promote here Even though we deal with very dark On the channel yeah Colin met me and he was like i never

Pictured you Being into such dark stuff you don’t Look like the type Also i want to say thank you to lori who Sent us A hundred dollars on paypal that’s the Preferred way Because they don’t take 40 of the Donation if you guys want to donate we Still get your notifications right here On the phone But youtube doesn’t totally rob us Oh my gosh did you already see that one How do you say that is that emily yeah i Think yeah emily rigby Thank you so much emily emily that is i Wish i had a message Thank you so much thank you you are Incredible Wow everybody’s incredible in here yeah Big ass Family in this oh these messengers are So nice too Love you guys jade jaden dahlia Love you love you guys fangirl so hard And courtney messes me on patreon time You’re in the uk I have some good spots for the podcast Okay you’re so nice I love talking to you guys so literally Message me on any Any platform and i would love to talk For you Also i just want to say um i don’t know

I’ve never understood why you would want To just come onto someone’s You know youtube channel just to talk are you talking to starry night Mary i’m embarrassed for these two get An education i have an education from ut She actually has a college degree yeah i I was at ut for years i was a junior When i dropped out To follow i got a little i got a little Um Yeah that’s courtney’s a feisty gal you Don’t you don’t want to mess with this Woman don’t mess with me or the people i Love Um i will call you so she actually has a Degree in psychology Which is a part of why she’s so Interested in the parent or not Paranormal In true crime stuff but uh This is a waste of life true i would say It’s a waste of life Con coming on these lives and just being Mean for no I know like but anyways yeah it’s just It’s just funny like a comment like that Is just so Baseless anyways let’s let’s ask some Questions what do y’all want to know Yeah anything oh we also missed somebody Up here I’m sorry man dominic again dominic

Ireland has a good amount of haunted Spots folks anytime you are welcome Dominic i would love to return to Ireland actually I went to the hellfire club and to Lepcastle When i was there a couple years ago i Never posted the videos that’s weird That you’re commenting because I just watched ghost adventures uh Ireland special Like two nights ago she fell asleep and I was editing and i just put it on the Background to like Just have something kind of creepy going On so thank you man i appreciate that We’d love to uh come to ireland one day And yeah 40 of donations being yanked is Crazy i was just talking to omar And them about that can you just say hi To little elf hi little elf hey little Elf How you doing that was really cute Honestly Thanks april of course jim negative out Positive end yes And that’s like above all what i wanna Say to you guys is on this channel We’re just trying to focus on paranormal Activity On spooky places and positivity man you Can come here it doesn’t matter who you Are What you identify as none of that

Matters We’re here to be a family that just Enjoys Creepy you have to be telling Stories we just want to tell stories That you guys enjoy Yeah and that’s that’s the end of the Day what it is Okay anyways thank you for the five Dollar donation i’ve been loving seeing Papa spooks in the videos Also will we be seeing courtney and more Paranormal explorations with you Yeah yeah you actually are yes she’s so Excited Yes so uh because of the success of the Podcast courtney’s going part-time In a couple of weeks and uh she’s gonna Be in a lot more videos We’re gonna be traveling together making These videos together I’ve never met a woman that has been so Passionate about what she believes in You and true crime has it’s really Inspired me To push myself harder creatively And uh it’s true that’s uh that’s why Like these Videos i’ve been editing have been we Missed somebody else here Sorry uh they’ve been more like movies Because She’s inspired me and given me a lot of Really good ideas

Which is crazy so yeah you are going to See i’m going to be in more and then at The end Sooner or later i’m gonna be full-time Podcasting traveling with colin So that’ll be really exciting by the way Jessica Come to houston i’ve been dying to film With you guys i love y’all We’re literally going to be in houston This weekend dude yes we’re visiting her Family they live In the houston area yeah definitely so Jessica yes you’re entered to win Jessica and uh like i said if you have Us on instagram hit us up because we’re Going to be there Uh i think saturday morning yes Sun brownies thank you for the 20 sun Brownies and the little hug of love Let’s here should we act this out Um okay so here’s some questions what Inspired you guys to do the work you do What do you think’s your inspiration for True crime i would say my mom She doesn’t even know that she’s my Inspiration for true crime but She i remember being like a little girl And she would be watching like datelines And i would be like So into them and like they would be so Dark and i was like Six and i she would like see me on the Computer and i’d be like researching and

She’s like oh god What am i doing but i’ve i’ve just grown Up loving it and Um my whole life i’ve just been watching True crime documentaries and shows so I loved it and then colin he was like Why don’t you start a podcast So that’s that’s how we that’s what we Decided to do Yeah it was we were i found a chain of Text messages from Last i believe that was honestly cute And we were Sharing some romantic messages back And uh at the end i was like No that was me that was you yeah i was Like let’s start a true crime podcast That’d be dope And he sent me a screenshot of that like Last week and i was like that’s so Cute because a few months later we Actually did but he was the one that Suggested all of it And for me i should answer this Yeah yeah yeah i will um my inspiration As i’ve said has just been my parents Also And that’s why i love being able to Feature my mom mary My dad jeff people always ask why call Them by their names It’s because i want you guys online to Know Them for who they are because they are

People and i respect them I don’t want them to be known as colin’s Dad no his parents are Incredible i love him i’ve never met Such Great people in my life they’re so great I just want you guys to know them uh For who they are yeah also yes we missed A couple donations up here Jesus also answered this yes Okay tamay to me i hope i’m Answering that correctly um We uh the fort the fort Bet i think bengal is is that what it’s Called in india So i actually i’ve worked with a lot of Tv companies and production companies And i actually suggested a show going to Forbidden haunted places can you grab The extension cord yeah And then why don’t you grab the um Multiple plug-in And the laptops we can plug this in the Lights Um but that that fort was on the list of These places that i wanted to go to Because that’s the fort where they Literally tell you you can’t stay Overnight because it’s so dangerous And of course that’s a calling card for Me to go join And uh let’s see what’s happening there Oh my laptop is on six percent Let’s hope she gets out here quickly

Chef list my man how’s it going bro Thank you so much dude Um the paypal is paypal dot me Slash the paranormal files that way we Get to keep all the donations if you Want to help us out in that way Not required it’s just uh it does help a Lot because a lot of these locations are Just So expensive to film that it’s it’s Insane But thank you man that’s that’s the Paypal link Mr gruesome thank you for the five Dollars my man I’m assuming that’s my man mister How’s it going it’s going great dude It’s going absolutely amazing Long day of work long week got a full Day of editing tomorrow on the podcast But once that’s done Well there’s more work to be done it Just it truly just doesn’t add But i appreciate you you’re entered to Win merchandise on the next Live stream that we do big action papa Thank you for the 5.49 donation No message there except for the little Guy offering a glass of coffee I drink a lot of coffee In my day-to-day life so i appreciate That Kirsten lee thank you so much love the Channel and the podcast thank you

Kirsten Courtney is uh still in there but we got The laptop plugged in I know she would say thank you to that i Want to get these lights plugged in so You guys can see me A little bit better than what it is Thank you to everybody who’s in here Uh jenna love the podcast thank you Jenna Everybody that uh There’s so many nice comments in here Man thank you richard For becoming a spooky family queen king I’m assuming you’re gonna be a king Um yeah there’s just uh Actually i did just write to some Inmates And i’m planning on writing some more Because i mean have you guys Online have you heard of the uh the Paranormal activity that has haunted Um chris watts and his family like Shanann and all of them that were Killed that night cece it’s uh it’s Pretty crazy dude some of the stuff that People have reported about the chris Watts case like body camera footage from The police that’s going to be a case That we’re covering on the podcast Yeah we’re going to cover that aren’t we Covering are we going to do um colorado Next week Yes or this week no no this week we’re

Doing minnesota So we started doing we’re gonna play These lights we were gonna say that we Were Like we were gonna do two episodes a Week but We’re gonna wait to do two episodes a Week until i start working part-time Because it’s just A lot of work on top of my full-time job So Right now we’re only doing one episode a Week but so this week and next week will Be minnesota and then after that we’re Going to do colorado And we’re going to do some insane cases From colorado So are these lights out You have to plug it into that one Because that one broke the other night And omar was here Is it just you can just pull them off The tape and bring them over here You want to here put this around Sorry technical difficulties There we go okay Let’s see sorry everybody gonna use the Restroom real quick Okay well i guess it’s just me then Does anyone have any questions or Anything Um let’s see Cool tours anderson big fan guys Much love thank you so much you’re so

Sweet thank you you’re entered to win Free merch Um let’s see Do you remember the brief conversation We had on instagram A while ago colin’s not here right now But i’ll get i’ll tell him to answer Your question as soon as he gets Back let’s see Did you set this cute background up yeah I set this up except for this Flew off of here the other day and broke So ignore that Are you going to sing on any of colin’s Music No i am i don’t really Like to sing that’s more of colin’s Thing Um but that’s i remember the last live We did Everyone was trying to get me to sing That was funny Let’s see oh kind of squared off over Here Um can i slide yeah sure Oh sorry everybody oh jesus um Let’s see are you guys on a balcony yes We’re on our apartment balcony that’s Why if you hear like cars Oh my god what Oh thank you paul by the way thank you So Much i love you lots you are the best Collin and courtney

Thank you paul thank you so much Appreciate you so Sweet wow also jenna ross and burke with The 10 Donation jenna you’re entered to win as Well Well from journey and jenna up to Gainesville texas She said and you tell them Happy birthday to journey thank you Happy eighth birthday happy birthday That’s sick i don’t remember when i was Eight i’d like to say i remember that But Also debbie debbie collins said is your Pod Your podcast is there a link if you go To collins instagram You can find a link or you can just Google murder in america Put it like right here if you just Google murder in america Um oh it will show up some harsh light Right there Whoa we look kind of spooky now Yeah Oh my god also steven list with the 150 Donation thank you stephen still hoping To go hunt together sometime man loving The longer videos Thank you steven i’m glad y’all are Liking the longer video Seriously that is so generous man yeah Wow

Thank you so with just to explain As well with a donation like that that Allows us to film An entire night at a location yeah Because Sometimes these places jeff and i jeff And i Filmed uh for example we uh We filmed at this place called the Kennesaw house In in georgia famous old civil war Hospital Uh i filmed multiple scenes i’ve been Filming these Episodes if you guys have noticed um Sort of like a movie um trying to create Like Opening titles and closing credits stuff Like that stuff i learned in film school And the location in georgia Was a thousand dollars for the night a Thousand dollars it was the only place Essentially that would let us in my dad Doesn’t like to uh You know go to places that are truly Abandoned because of Legality issues yeah and so renting Places makes it harder and more Expensive And just fees like that are absolutely Insane and this is on Lists of like the most haunted places in Georgia we got to spend the whole night There

It’s very interesting evening but i mean A thousand dollars is still a lot For a location yeah at night for one Person and it’s like Yeah it’s just it’s they really like to Kind of get you on those fees Yeah so any donation means so much Because the big ones if you don’t want To see the big ones they are Pricey thank you stephen by the way Again for that so much Also lisa carpenter with the 20 thank You Thank you lisa appreciate you hope You’re having a great night out there Lisa And thank you again you’re entered to Win free merchandise Pamela fox asks what our minnesota Episode is the one that we’re releasing Tomorrow is carol Thompson but don’t look up what happens Yeah go listen listen to the episode Tomorrow and then next week we’re doing Dennis jurgen also pamela we uh We just did a Full series in minnesota uh Back in late december early january on The channel Uh i filmed the whole series up there in Redwood falls that’s where the axe Murder Museum was stuff like that yes Also that’s really cute jenna about

Journey Once again happy birthday to her Stephen cheflis my man thank you bro Thank you i uh i never associated that That’s funny i’ve been there before but Thank you man Thank you so much You do your own editing it’s good yes i Do Uh the editing is is really essentially What is the longest Process out of the whole production of These episodes yeah Because you guys got to imagine you uh You sit down and you film these Videos right they take hours and hours You do Probably every interview i do is an hour I cut a lot of the fat out Then you do the investigation which is Hours and hours of footage Then you gotta go get b-roll when you’re Tired get the drone shots And in my videos specifically i like to Include scenes Like today’s video we had the first Scene which was the walk-in Opening credits then you had the Visit to the palestine memorial hospital Which was uh A whole nother thing we had to go shoot Drive out of the way to go film Then the interview then the Investigation then the wrap up at the

Cemetery so it’s a lot for one video And when you cut that stuff into one Product it just it takes a lot of time And i’m glad you guys uh enjoy how i cut It because it’s a passion of mine like i Said i was in School also i want to brag on colin for A little bit he Literally works so hard i i mean we were Even just talking about like other Podcasts they have like this whole team Of people who do like the editing and The writing and just like But like colin does all of it on his own Like he sets it all up He films it all he edits it all and it Takes a lot of time And so like i just want to brag on you Because it’s a lot of work And i don’t think people understand how Much goes into it thank you baby And that’s the deal no i i mean i i i Did I personally didn’t know when i first Met you i didn’t know how much work went Into it and then after getting to know Him more like yeah It’s a lot and i mean the other thing That’s really hard that i didn’t What people don’t really uh see online They see kind of the highlights and all The fun stuff but Like having you at home just It just kind of makes it hard to travel

For a week straight because i’m so in Love That i like it just sucks on for so long And like for me for the job for you guys I got to be gone at least a week Every month and that’s just a really Long time when you sit and you look at It you’re like oh my god it’s monday i Won’t be back Until next monday just to even give you A hug or yes You know it does it’s that’s one of Those things that i wouldn’t trade my Job for Anything in the world i’m not saying That i’m unhappy it’s just one of those Things That people don’t really and that’s why I wanna that’s why i’m Really excited to get murdered in America going because then we can start Working together all the time and i Could travel with him Everywhere thank you richard crabb by The way i’ve been here to join for a Long Time so bring it i have no doubt you Will do just that Thank you richard of course That’s so sweet thank you so much thanks For everybody uh thanks for everybody Thanks to everybody for being in here Chris mcgill bun cat frankie Jessica wilson everybody that’s in here

Is being so sick and so sweet tonight Yeah thank you guys i think we missed I don’t think so and wait no Oh joe leos with the five dollar Donation Bravo joe you’re entered to win some Free merch as well Thank you for the five dollars yeah Appreciate that more than Anything you ever will know stefan Randle The same with the five dollars you’re Entered to win free merch as well Thank you thank you stefan Taylor r of course taylor hi guys hope You’re doing amazing Got you on paypal too thank you taylor You are always So sweet taylor taylor one day we’ll Finally be able to meet Face to face also paul [Laughter] What’s crazy is a lot of people do have Cameramen that they film with I feel like that’s the that’s one of the Things that you could benefit From having like uh yeah for sure It’s it’s a lot to do it all yourself Yeah you know Yeah thank you paul appreciate that so Much brother that’s so Sweet and when we do go to canada you’re Definitely going to be Common with that’s no question sure

Good night serena thanks for joining us Yes and joshua i’m glad that you uh You found out about the valiska axe Murder house yeah look at that That’s nice too melissa thank you for The high and the Love by the way yeah thomas with the Five dollars bravo There’s that thank you thomas you’re Enjoying to win some free merch as well I appreciate that We both do see The something chad in the hat don’t want To say that You don’t have to say my name I didn’t either thank you though man Thank you To win free merch as well that’s very Sweet Uh brushy mountain actually laurel asked That I was just talking to omar he’s got a Connection there that could get us in There So uh i would love to go See the brushy mountain i mean just the Whole area And there’s so many places to go visit Um So yeah and then i’ll probably swing Over the moundsville where they have the Sugar shack Dan bell and i were talking about doing That the sugar shack

Let’s see what else yeah thank you guys So much you’re interested to win free Merch as well Maria from ohio how’s it going maria and Kipper how’s it going and also tong Tan 23. Also thank you to virginia mcginnis So much for the donation on paypal Let me see you got a message down here You’re doing an awesome job ignore the Haters Thank you there are just always so many Uh So many haters out there there are all Of the night all of you nice people out There make it all worth it and you know That’s what i was telling courtney is Once you get on the internet you just Have to be prepared To have people hate you and yeah Not like what you’re doing no matter What you’re doing there’s always going To be somebody that has something to say About you Yeah so even with murder in america We’ve had some like Rough criticism and i’m it i it’s hard To not let it get to me but colin’s like Courtney and that’s Just well you guys even seen the chat Yeah you see like People are just mean but i mean i knew That going into it so like It’s not it’s not a big deal but it’s

Definitely something Also thank you again to taylor Thank you for you don’t have to donate You don’t have to taylor but Thank you for the twenty dollars can’t Wait to watch the new episode tonight Football as well guys It is well everything is we’re about to Get I cannot complain i cannot complain at All Let’s see i love it i love you guys so Much you go different when you are happy That’s so sweet It’s true because we’re also literally Glowing from these damn Bulbs these frosty ass light bulbs sorry I have to get Super close i can’t read You need new prescriptions yeah i think So jeff hop on here Jeff’s in optometry so yeah that’s in The new episode actually Some talk about that okay there we go oh What the hell this light just went out Too whoa I just went back on oh y’all are so Sweet different Girl you’re so pretty living life Adventures thank you So much any plans to go back to the Jefferson hotel now they’re reopened You know what i’m gonna go grab my ring Light real quick okay

Grab it That’s gonna be uh adventures with josh I didn’t know you had a podcast but i Will look forward to it love your Content a lot thank you Yeah we just started it back in january So um it’s mostly true crime but it does Have a little bit of a paranormal twist In it so someone said i can’t believe How dark it got so fast yeah It did luckily daylight savings happened It would have got darker like At like five let’s see Um please answer tammy Sorry he left again i’m i’ll tell him to Answer you in a second tim You’re yeah let’s see Scariest place i investigated i would Honestly say the haze county Um jail where we talked to that serial Killer Anna that was very scary Also the jail we went to after that was Really scary too but That i definitely was the most scared By the haze county one also ever i Always get people asking me my My scariest experience ever and i still Have to say It was our apartment because like i can Go to haunted locations but something About Where you live being haunted is just Doesn’t sit well

So yeah that’s definitely like the Scariest Um slv um Would you ever come to cali and do an Investigation Oh jesus In the winchester mystery house would You ever do um an investigation at the Winchester mystery house i would kill Two He would kill two she donated for us Thank you so much for that i i want to Go to california and do a bunch of best Investigations there really badly so That would definitely Be really fun but thank you so much For the donation timer b Five dollars love you guys one of the Rare content people i look forward to Seeing on youtube Love the spooky fam thank you so much That’s so sweet Thank you timmer whoa that is yeah That’s good too bright courtney you’re Such a bright light and i’ve been doing An amazing job on the podcast thank you Emily That means so much to me you don’t even Understand thank you so much Um stefan randall five dollars thank you So much We appreciate that all of you guys are Entered to win free merch as well by the Way

Also answer this Because tanmay cacker do you remember we Had a brief conversation on instagram Well A while ago when lorraine warren had Passed away i would Love to visit the warren’s museum but Sadly that’s a uh that’s a bit of a Hop for me so we’re gonna have to wait Until i get up to that area but if they Let me in I would definitely love to go chill with Annabelle she said i’m sorry for Everyone’s getting annoyed by the spam I’m just super excited to see them Hey no worries if you want a question Asked If you wanted to ask if you want a Question asked Ask the hell out of it that’s how you do It please Yeah it was definitely the bed rail for Sure the bed rail was Oh my phone died oh i’ve listened to Every episode of murder in america it’s So good i really What the hell that was so weird I didn’t like that candle just fell over And it was so good I really hope you do the investigation Of the subjects area to go along with it That’s the goal with Murder america we really would like to Eventually go to the places that we’re

Talking about oh also i want to tell you Guys So i went to corpsewood manor what What’s happening okay going going okay Um Yeah i went to uh corpsewood manor In somerville georgia with jeff that’s Going to be a huge Episode uh a whole murder paranormal Investigation And when we were at corpsewood manor They have these bricks right from the Manor no one owns the property it’s way Out in the woods it’s been desecrated Apparently if you take a brick from the Property supposed to have this Paranormal attachment to it So i Of course i’m gonna take one of these Bricks there’s like thousands of them Just laying around People break them all the time i’m like I would preserve this and like cherish It But it’s supposed to be this cursed Brick and so I uh i’m bringing this brick back i Didn’t realize that i packed it In my bag to carry on onto the plane Back from georgia And i get to the tsa checkpoint and They flagged my bag i’m like the hell’s In my bag that would be weird The guy pulls out the goddamn brick from

Corset manor That kind of makes sense though yeah it Definitely does like it’s like a weapon Without a doubt i didn’t try to bring a Weapon on a plane it was a it was a Piece of A haunted building but i told the tsa Guy i was like Dude you know this is a cursed brick Right he’s like Okay he was like i just threw it away Okay Of course that makes sense with the Corpse with manor brick that gets taken That’s so funny kimber thank you so much For the ten dollars Love you guys be safe thank you we love You That’s always the goal thank you so much That’s so sweet And you’re entered doing pretty much joe I have been to the chinese cemetery in San antonio I actually read an article about the Owner Allowing anybody that wants to come in To investigate Allowing people to so uh Yeah maybe someday soon we’ll go down There and tell that whole story Yeah phone is legitimately dead Randomly so Terry roberts thank you for the five Dollars by the way love you calling

Courtney we love you terry oh my thank You You’re so also thank you maria about the Beautiful eyes He does And stephen for the five dollar donation Yes thank you thank you you’re entered To win free merch we got a winner to Announce tonight Um tom 23 how did you get your channel To be so successful Just hard work honestly um a lot of People would have seen The you know The non-progress that i saw at the Beginning And did i say didn’t see or they Wouldn’t see her all right they would See I don’t know they would see what was Happening And give up and that’s totally okay i Understand the discouragement but For me i saw that and i was like you Know what i can do so much better than This and actually i had the show on Verizon wireless Um that i thought was gonna be my big Break and It ended up not even helping me at all In any Form i met some really good people but It uh it It ended up making me more depressed and

Happy at the end of the day and the show Is Is completely deleted off the internet You can’t even watch it if you If you want to but i’d say if you want To start a youtube channel Just start it and just stick with it Because no matter what Nothing in life is going to happen Overnight you’re never going to see Success immediately i mean very rarely Some people do very occasionally but For me i just uh i just kept going with It i was like this is what i’m going to Do I dropped out of film school for this And uh it’s going to happen And it did and it takes a lot of time Also i feel like taking that first step Is really hard for people to like if You’re wanting to do something Take that first step that’s honestly the Hardest part after I mean sticking with it is hard too but Like just taking that first step What don’t listen to what anyone thinks Of you just go for it Yeah and if you love it if you love it Then it doesn’t matter what anyone says Because it’s not their life at the end Of the day it’s yours Dominic by the way also sent on paypal Dominique Thank you nevermind anything dude

Just enjoy the videos folks It’s also one thing i want to point out Too Is you may see the videos And think you kind of know who we are Especially me because i mean obviously I’m the face of Paranormal files but i am A very i’d say different person In person than on the videos yeah Because i’m just Like i’m a funny guy i’d like to think And i’m constantly cracking jokes and Having a good ass time Loving my friends hanging out with uh You 24 7. and you get to see like the Serious business siding on paranormal Files But i’m genuinely like it’s a very chill Dude Yeah and it’s just weird to see how People perceive you On the internet yeah and uh and how you Are in real life I feel like your videos do give like Yeah you do kind of an inside of who you Are but like It’s obviously not the full you And he’s even more amazing than y’all Think he is Also kimber oh no they missed my payment I promise we mentioned you up there I think colin was in the bathroom but Thank you so much

I’m gonna grab my phone charger so i can Make sure to shout out everybody on Paypal Yes i i swear we mentioned you but i Think colin may have been away but Let’s see what we got here Sorry guys i gotta catch up on some some Comments Let’s see Always follow thank you for the 20 hi From waco love everything you do We want to go to waco soon We’re going to go see stuff happen in Waco right now There’s we want to do you want to tell Them or not no Wait okay sorry it has to be a secret Guys i mean that’s like a national Secret that has to be kept I mean but you can You can kind of guess what we’re talking About when you say waco Yes thank you so much for the twenty Dollars and always An extrovert and i’m not though And colin wants to think he’s an Introvert but I am but i’m very good at uh Not being you’re like an extroverted Introvert But i’m very in my head all the time i Post people about mental health and Everything That’s yeah jojo thank you for the

4.99 hey guys just got here glad i Caught you on live Love from the uk oh a fellow Hell yeah and we love that peter steele Died Uh very close to this day I think april 14th was the day he died Sadly oh that’s very good and that’s uh Duff’s the bar that i went to that’s uh They have a peter steel day every year Do i play practical jokes on people Yes he does yes i do tomorrow is Definitely going to uh Tomorrow is going to be our for results He sounds like a gemini no he’s a Capricorn But i can see you i can see where you’re Going with that honestly Thank you to tam gebauer i hope i said That right for the 10 Donation also Thank you so much for that you’re so Sweet Thank you so much tim you’re uh you’re Helping support the work we do your Entered doing free merch I appreciate that murr kittens so Much coming back to baltimore i would Love to i’ve been talking to dan bell Recently about making a trip Back he is such a good friend such a Inspiration to me and uh yeah i

There’s there are a lot of changes Coming to the channel soon That are gonna be really exciting but uh You guys are gonna love them and Baltimore has a big Big deal with that yes nicholas by the Way let’s go investigate satanic cults Good idea for videos Hell yeah that’s uh that’s badass man Thank you Thank you for the five dollars your uh Oh stephen by the way Sorry we missed your message i can’t see You type your type your message in here I will make you better colin and Courtney notice me The corpsewood manor videos are coming Very soon so i actually shot a whole Documentary On murder in georgia and we investigated Multiple sites where these murders Happen corpsewood men are obviously A very uh Famous murder case from georgia couples Slain in the woods Abandoned house very interesting Very interesting place to uh to go visit In the middle of the night Uh you don’t want to go there honestly Going up a mountain And uh driving on the side of these Roads where you’re about to fall off on The car Like dead ass like you got like a foot

Of space between you and the And the drop off it’s uh it’s absolutely Crazy man to be In that location but we did that we did The the woolfolk Massacres lots of uh Sorry i’m just uh stop What sign is courtney what sign is Courtney cancer That’s me Also i just want to state to you guys Online that I absolutely love everybody that’s in Here that Is a positive driving force i think Sometimes you get distanced From the fact being on the internet that What you’re saying to somebody You’re saying to a human and a lot of Times people don’t connect those dots They don’t understand that you are Saying this to a person just like you’re Typing it and Receiving that message these negative Comment Is not fun and so i just want The people who are on here who are Negative people To just consider that because what we’re Trying to foster here is a community Like Everybody that’s in here justin joe All those people awesome everybody That’s been here most of the mean ones

You’re just gonna get blocked Yeah it’s just it’s it has no It it just it doesn’t do anything for The world to be mean to somebody it Really does i don’t go on i mean i would Never Imagine going onto somebody’s page and Just Commenting something mean it’s honestly Embarrassing And karma’s gonna come back yeah karma Is very real People that that do mean things to other People They get karma they get things that come Back to them Because that’s that’s just how it goes And It’s just yeah i want uh sabrina said Courtney i wish you were friends I would love to be friends and yeah i’m Happy i love all of you guys so much That i just wanted to state that because Throughout this live stream And i mean even recently we we both have Gotten negative comments from people and Just really nasty dms and stuff like That And it’s just it has no point like I don’t want to read that it doesn’t Affect my life in any way The only reason you send a message like That is to hurt somebody And also it it doesn’t i know it can’t

Feel good to the people Saying that like i know i know at the End of the day when you log off of this Live stream you’re not happy with Yourself for saying mean things with People so at the end of the day Treat people the way that you want to be Treated exactly if you wouldn’t want to Hear Mean things don’t say them to other People because karma will come And it’s not going to be fun for you So the confessionals tony baby Let’s get you scheduled to come to Philly and hop in the studio for an Interview Bro i would kill to come back to philly Please i would love to go there though Let’s go baby tony man i appreciate you So much thanks for putting up with my Flakiness on doing interviews and It’s been uh it’s been a long year for Both of us But i mean i also just want to tell Everybody On here that hey you should listen to The confessionals Podcast tony is a amazing guy been Very kind and we’ve been trying to get This interview set up for Months now so uh go listen to him And uh he says some really interesting Things with the show You were just talking yeah

But also i just want to state to Everybody that we are both So extremely happy in our lives so If we make a comment to haters i’m just Trying to like point it out to people And say like Why wouldn’t it’s more for them it’s not For us I could give less of a if someone Says they don’t like anything about me Because I’ve got thousands of those comments So but i want to make it very clear to Everybody that Yes and we don’t want to take away from The live stream by pointing out those Annoying people because there are so Many of you that are so Nice and so supportive and y’all are More important than those Losers you know what i mean yes you are Trust me you are a million times but Sometimes people need to be put in their Place So so it’s a broad statement it’s a Blanket But thank you to everyone that just Sends us love and kindness You are the reason that we love to do This And that we’re here yeah we appreciate You so much like i get up work my ass Off Just to give you guys videos you don’t

Have to donate you don’t have to do Anything I love doing that because that’s my Passion So you you want to tell me that i got Long hair and i look like some hippies Okay [Laughter] Like that’s your own thing man you know What i mean exactly we’re we’re good Yes i can get a million hate comments And still and anybody else that’s Dealing with hate in their lives Just know that we understand and we love You and we’re here for you and if you Ever want to talk Thank you jojo your happy vibes are Infectious it comes right through the Screen Yes we are we are very very happy Genie of course as always Thank you for coming through love you Guys we love you Hopefully you got the merch that i sent You a couple weeks ago Definitely also thank you dan for saying Calling you look good with long hair Are you gonna um announce the winner or Do you know Uh well actually the the winner is going To be announced On the instagram okay the paranormal Files So if you go to the paranormal files on

Instagram Once we end this live stream we’re going To announce that i’m going to put on the Story And uh yeah everybody on here we’ve been On here for Over an hour now we’re gonna go eat real Quick we’re gonna go get some crawfish Yeah we head out of groceries So it’s time to go eat something Celebrate uh the Week almost ending yeah two days from Now yes But uh thank you to everybody who has Joined and who has enjoyed This live stream yes thank you thank you Murr kitten And welcome to the spooky family as Always i love Seeing everybody’s little icons in here It makes uh Makes me smile deep in my soul yes Captain crouton Thank you again thank you when and if You guys get up to michigan Look me up in the upper peninsula i Would love to do some mission Ghost sounds man i would love to big Scoops 420 Of course it’s been a long time man paul Yeah one more youtuber everybody let’s Uh can we get us A group stay spooky just spam in the Chat real quick

And if y’all want to see who won the Live stream go to the paranormal files On instagram We’re gonna post it immediately upon This ending See it let’s see let’s get a big stay Spooky everybody get kitty in this For the ending our whole family Oh yeah Kitty say stay spooky she’s like She’s like oh never mind Thank you linda tony my man jojo Barbara tomorrow love you sean thank you Man i would love to do the serial killer From We south carolina that’s going to come Man that’s going to come you’re into Doing free merch stay spooky Julie todd 23 stephen howard ian I am jeff smith ashley of course Sean thank you man stay spooky stefan Cheryl all right everybody you know we Love you guys we love you so much we got Some big things coming in the next Two weeks yes uh so be on the lookout Because these are Very important weeks in our lives it is With the channels personal lives Everything everything is going to be Huge things are coming but i appreciate Everybody here More than you guys will ever know yes i Just I can’t tell you guys enough we love you

So much Yeah thanks for hanging out thank you Guys we love you Enjoy the rest of your night and uh Thursday and friday it’s almost a Weekend baby let’s see stay spooky okay Two three ready one two three stay Spooky That’s like a proper video ending i’m Always like All right everybody good night good Night love y’all hurry while the hands Over it Also thank you ashton we love you