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Of course there’s a train going on today But Today we are in palestine texas this is A community that was founded on Railroads and jails Prison systems early settlement in texas One of the oldest towns in the entire State And just last night we spent the night At the historic anderson county jail the Texas jailhouse is known nowadays And today we are here at a very very Haunted building A former high school oh geez and now A museum for east texas culture not only Is the building behind me supposedly Inhabited by A number of spirits six supposedly But somebody who works here at this Museum claims that it may be haunted by Demons Today we are doing oh breaking Center today we are doing an Investigation that is somewhat historic On the paranormal files Jeff my father papa spooks and i are Going to be investigating This building in the daylight a lot of People online comment constantly about How they believe that paranormal Activity Is not always confined to the night to

The evening hours And we also believe that paranormal Activity is constant it’s 24 7. a lot of ghost hunting shows have This Idea and it makes people believe online That spirits only come out at night this Energy is only present when the lights Are off So today we’re going to enter this Building right now and investigate it For paranormal activity In the afternoon when the sun is bright Above and in effect We’re doing this here because this is a School My theory on schools is that all schools Are haunted by something kids that go Through these halls experience Bullying they experience depression Suicidal thoughts There’s a lot of of darkness that comes With being a student in america Especially back in the days when this School Was functioning as a school and it’s About 2 30 in the afternoon right now so Back when this was a school this would Have been the time of the day when kids Would have been Either leaving the school getting ready To leave transferring classes there Would have been a lot of movement And energy so welcome to the paranormal

Files Let’s get started and it’s a time to get Spooky on this super bright edition Of the paranormal files let’s go Now obviously throughout my years Filming the paranormal files i’ve Visited haunted schools across the world From the school that we recently Investigated with adrian in minnesota To an old native american school in Oklahoma Even north dakota to see kurt a family Friend of ours who lived in a haunted School A cursed abandoned burned down school in The heart of england And obviously the school that started The paranormal files my high school Lincoln high in sioux falls south dakota Definitely proved that lincoln high in Sioux falls south dakota Is haunted holy haunted schools have Always been interesting to me And the case of this school in texas was An especially intriguing case So right now before we start today’s Episode Jeff and i are going to be doing a Investigation

In the daytime at a very infamous Haunted location here in palestine I wanted to stop by this location Because if you look behind me It’s dirt there’s nothing left but right Here Used to sit the infamous palestine Memorial hospital this was an abandoned Hospital That was abandoned for decades it was Always on lists of the most haunted Places in texas It was always known to be this really Creepy massive Abandoned hospital but it was demolished I think just a year or two ago And now it’s just it’s an open pit it’s An open field But i wanted to come here to show you Guys the site To raise the question to viewers online What happens When a haunted building is destroyed When it’s demolished Is this land still haunted by the Spirits of the people who died in that Hospital Or do those energies disappear along With the materials of the building That’s that’s the whole question that i Don’t think i’ll ever have an Answer to no one will it does make you Wonder if you imagine All these buildings used to sit right

Here multiple stories Thousands of deaths painful deaths now It just sits completely empty and a Field in a neighborhood so what happened To those spirits what happened to those Energies why don’t you guys comment Your thoughts below so we can start a Discussion about this because It’s an interesting question i feel like In today’s day and age A lot of abandoned buildings and haunted Locations are being lost to time they’re Being Left to decay to rot and then eventually A lot of these places are Becoming demolished just like this So you want to walk over with me for a Second Hold piping from the hospital look at This Oh pants everywhere on this but old Bricks the side of the hospital So interesting Really does make you wonder if energies And spirits inhabit the ground Or the materials i don’t know but I think it’s time that we head off to Our location for the day what about you Yep to anyone who’s out here I hope you all found peace and uh Yeah sorry you lost your home but i Guess everyone’s got a time they need to Move on

So see you in the next one And we’re good hi my name is calvin Nicholson and i work for the Museum of east texas culture and uh We’re going to Be cheering a little bit today so let’s Go on inside and get started This museum was started in 1982 by just some people here in the Town they were going to actually tear This building down and they decided To make a better museum originally it Was Built to be a high school to replace Central high that was downtown Then they remodeled central high and Made it davey crockett And found out that it was larger so they Put the high school back over there And turned this into a junior high now My mom and dad graduated from here when It was a high school And i went here when it was a junior High so uh Which way do y’all want to go let’s go Let’s just head on up the stairs What kind of memories do you have of the School when it was open Crowded falling down stairs And mrs peterson who was the meanest Lady that got here And she taught english she uh Taught me the difference between picture And picture

And that’s quite an accomplishment from These texts All right this first ring here is Actually a private collection From uh judge baskin bent judge has Passed away but his Collection is still here in fact this is About oh maybe three quarters of it Some of the more interesting pieces of The collection are This helmet here is joe namas this is One of the old Dallas texans that predated the dallas Cowboys They became the kansas city chiefs these Helmets over here This one is signed by brett favre this One’s signed by jim kelly As you can see by the boxing gloves and Everything he had a wide Collecting idea these uh jerseys up here I would think about probably 90 percent Of them Are autographed like lynn dawson or Forrest greg Of course aikman stahlbach uh ricky Williams he was a big Ricky williams fan we got two or three Of his jerseys the uh Little hometown stuff here that bradley Over there in the corner is bill bradley He was a high school quarterback here For our only state championship in Palestine

He went on to the university of texas as A quarterback became a punter and a Defensive back And was signed by the philadelphia Eagles as a defensive back And made three times all probe with the Eagles Good for him over here if you can tell By the back wall The judge went to the university of Texas and was a big university texas fan And you look up there and you can see Some real real famous texans Roosevelt leaks sims sizemore johnson Novus earl campbell and like i say most Of these are all Autographed too our another local guy Here this is Adrian peterson’s uh college uniform He’s a local guy Good school here yeah adrian peterson Played for palestine wildcats When we’re not on camera i’ll tell you a Story i mean you know he played again For the vikings the minnesota vikings Were right so well yeah In fact he should have gone to the University of texas but he went to the University of texas to see them play Oklahoma and oklahoma beat the Dog out of texas so he went to oklahoma Crazy all right you see our case is very Empty that’s because the State fair texas is going to redo the

Old hall And these cases all come out of the old Hall at the state of tech uh State fair texas and they want them back This is the john h Rigging room though reagan was a big guy Here in palestine too Originally from tennessee but he moved To texas Then the civil war broke out jefferson Davis Wanted him on his cabinet as postmaster General after the war he came back to Palestine And became a judge and then a Congressman did pretty good i think he’s Probably one of our most prominent Palestinian citizens all this you can See where the ceiling caved in We got it cleaned up but it like to wipe That table out By the way that is miss peter’s room i Get a cold chill every time i go in This is miss all’s room she thought math We got it set up As a just a kind of a memorial to all The different Schools and different grades that went Here you can see we got high school And we have more elementary and then the Old Old time elementary over there when you You were in class here I was in class here yes in junior high

Junior At your parents high school they Graduated from here in high school Right so uh let’s see we’re on the wrong End and go down to the other one We’ll just trade something down here That’s where a few kids got pushed Mccain broke her ankle on these steps Let me show you our pride and joy here This is the thing to keep our Back when we were open kept us open it’s This room right here Wow this is the old auditorium study Hall Now in here they actually some Paranormals made contact with the lady That Was the reason why this was a museum Which was mrs Cumby and she proposed to the city Council When they wanted to tear this place down To turn it into a museum And they said as long as we don’t have To pay for it and she said fine so Everything was done on private funds now Upstairs In the balcony the paranormal group got A A lady a young woman talking to a baby And what was odd was there was a Train going by at the time they were Making the recording And the baby was fretting the woman’s

Voice says it’s okay it’s just a train But that yeah that was upstairs so this Would have been where they had Plays yeah production talent shows When the museum was open we had the Dulcimer festival here went on three Days and every night there was different Acts up here uh One night in particular everybody in the Group was from Ireland i mean they come here from Ireland Yeah to be here they come from like It could be a dance hall you know Some of the junior highs would have Their problems in here yeah And uh yeah oh yeah now of course when It was a school this was all Chairs but when they renovated it back a Lot of the chairs were damaged so they They took them Out and i just saved the upper ones to See what it was like And the bottom part to be useful too so This though is all those Oh yeah oh i said it many times a study Hall In here we’ve got three air conditioners You can hang a hog in here at certain Times I wonder where they’re going okay on Down here The railroad really made i was coming Here in 1872

And this is our railroad room do you Need more light No this is good so you can see we’ve Been under Three different railroads the great Northern was the original railroad here The missouri pacific It’s one i hired out under but Wow my brother-in-law over 42 years with Burlington northern oh cool yeah up North yeah These are out of old passenger cars this Is the original uh that is the original Uh cash register of the first old depot That was here in fact it’ll only go up To about ten dollars Everything there is is out of different Depots that were here my uncle was a Telegrapher On how do you pronounce that telegrapher Telegrapher yeah and mitchell south Dakota right Grew up and we’d go visit him and he’d Just be there all the time Well that’s cool that’s the old uh ign Band In fact these are actual instruments out Of the old gm band We’ll go down to the oh this is our Black history room This room is strange at times in this Room here it actually rains You get real high humidity and you come In here and it’s

It rains like Indoor like dropping water like indoor Dropping water yeah Just this room just this room the old School gets damp Of course in fact we had to shut it down Sometimes so we can squeegee off the Floors But this room in particular it rains in Here never heard of that happening That’s crazy be careful with stickers I think these new banisters or state That we have to put them in Okay this is this is our indian Artifacts room The statue here is guana parker you Don’t have enough tape for me to start Talking about quanah parker All of these uh collections here are Mostly they’re posthumous And as a result we really don’t have any Records of where they come from or what They are Now these pots here we do know are 1500 Years old Wow quanah parker was the The son of cynthia anne parker who was Taken prisoner over at grosbeck From fort parker his mother lived with The Comanches for 20 years married a war Chief and had two sons and a daughter And he was one of the sons and he was The last comanche free range

Orchy yep That’s pretty cool i’m not sure who did It we have a local sculptor that did a Lot of stuff for us I can’t remember who she’s supposed to Be now but she’s anatomically correct so We had third grade classes in here so we Kind of covered her up And groups have captured paranormal Activity in here Yeah we had one group in particular that Had their Stuff set up outside and we’re Monitoring this by cameras And they come tearing down in here and We come tearing down in here because we Wouldn’t know what they were seeing And they said like a ring of fire fell Out of the ceiling and they thought That they had caused an electrical fire Down here of course when they got here There was nothing here but it’s on their Film wow Like say i don’t know whether i believe In ghosts or not but i’m not going to Say there ain’t nothing happening here I’ve Seen and heard too much down here you’ll Hear Doors slam down around the cabin i guess We need to go down there You’ll hear chains just i don’t know Just you normal Creepy stuff we had a paranormal group

Here And they were getting wrapping up late One night probably around two o’clock And guys pull this extension cord back Up and it wouldn’t come So he come down to see what it was and His extension cord that he had just Unplugged and laid on the ground was Tied the knot around this ceiling fan up Here And there’s no ladders anywhere close to The up here so Yeah he was kind of freaked out about That but we all were They’ve gotten their rings down here in Front of the barbershop down here Actually had something roll a ball Around for him Uh odd thing is that same night Some people wanted to come back down Here and do that again but The guys were wrapping up all their Stuff so a couple of us the Board president and me a couple more Come down here And we sit down on the floor right here She put that ball down expecting the Ball go somewhere Well normally i carry uh my cross When i’m here in my pocket outside and When she set that ball down I just reached in my pocket and put my Hand on my cross and that ball didn’t go Anywhere so there goes what i was

Telling y’all earlier about Ghosts and demons i don’t know what i Believe it goes but i fully believe in Demons They let you see what you want to see But uh in here Oh it’s cold well anyway there’s three Chairs A lot of paranormal teams will put Something here in this chair And then get away from it uh i’ve seen Him put a cell phone In here and go outside and talk they’ll Hear Something in here they say that if you Sit here This middle chair will move now i’ve Never seen it so i can’t Testify to them i’m just going about What they say now they have gotten some For Uh photographs of some of the Inhabitants we’ve got like six Ghosts that are supposed to be here they Took a picture of oshida Briggs which was a local photographer uh On the next flight up on the stairs Let’s see who else did they get oh we Don’t really know who the gray lady is Now the gray lady has been told to us She is a creeper Which means she likes to walk up behind You but we think that that’s the one to Get photographs of

Down around the cabin in the window of The cabin yeah as far as i know that Might be the only ones That were recognizable now they’ve been Ectoplasm and stuff like that that They’ve seen Orbs when we first put in our new Security system here we had an all-night Thing here And uh well it lasted way late into the Night we were here and we were gonna Start shutting things down and we looked At the security system and there was Orbs everywhere they were all in the Auditorium but we just come out of Upstairs as they turn the lights off and The Security systems went to ultra red Infrared One room up there we counted the 100 Orbs come out of one room And turned and went down the hall toward The bentley exhibit So and then the bentley said but they Were running around under all the things In there like a bunch of mice So yeah yeah now this is one of the Favorite places of Paranormal groups that come in here i Have to go back over there one it’s got Stuff in here that’s the old boiler room And just if you can go and just take a Picture to the Deal every third grade class that comes

In here wants to go to the boiler room Because they want to know where did the Janitor die Well the janitor died in davie croc and Russ school excuse me in russia Didn’t die in here but they still and But that’s one of the favorite spots for The paranormal to come i guess just Because it looks creepy at night And it does a janitor died somewhere in Russ school Yeah russell is now a hardware store And what happened to him i just natural Cause this is mr maywell i knew him oh Man But anyway so we’ve done this much uh Y’all want to go through the medical Sure department all of this stuff here On this glass here is From the knott’s glass plant it used to Be here in palestine it’s all made right Here in palestine All of this wow This is our print shop Uh you can walk by here certain times And hear stuff in there going clink Clink Clink clink all right this is our Medical room uh this is for one of our Old dentist offices here in town Let’s come out of the drugstore here in Town in fact the medicines in here are The medicines that were in there the day It was moved

Fed paramedics look say you know this is Considered poison now Okay whatever you say the bed and the Wheelchair Are out of the old ign hospital which is Over here a couple of blocks it’s now A welfare center it was the first Building in town to my recollection had An elevator in it but it was When igm was really strong here they Figured it was easier to have a hospital On site than it was to send people to Other doctors So they had their own doctors and Everything right here in here Is uh just some interior doctor’s Offices In fact i’ve had a lot of people say Well i’ve been there It’s a local recent doctor back up oh I’d say back in the 60s probably The x-ray machine here that x-ray Machine In its time was the state-of-the-art It only had one problem and that was it Pulled so much juice it had to be on an Independent circuit And it still pulled so much juice that It would burn the covering off its own Wires But it was stout i don’t know if If you were better off being beside it Underneath it or Somewhere on the other side of the

Hospital when they turned it on that’s The generator part for it over there so You can see it’s quite the machine huh That thing what scared me to death that Yeah like kind of a mad you know Scientist movie yeah you know Kind of like a frankenstein type deal Yeah the all-black too Kind of adds to that wow yeah We’ve been to pretty much everything This used to be the cafeteria So a lot of kids say that went here said Well it’s good that you put the doctor’s Office in the cafeteria And the lunchroom’s over there very Appetizing Yeah that’s where the uh the old Cabinets in there are original from the From the uh where the coast kept all Their stuff so we went down to the cabin Didn’t we mm-hmm No [Applause] I’m thinking about it earlier i tripped Once It happened in my collection and it Happened this Cabin here was originally built in 1858 A little south of palestine but still in County uh Hudson my husband then joined the Confederate army Was one that wounded severely at the Battle of

Mansfield i believe in louisiana and his Daughter Drove a butt board from i can’t think of Where it was but anyway From this cabin she took a slave and a Buck board and went all the way to Louisiana And picked up her father brought him Back thirst him back to health and he Lived to be Well well up into his seventies so Big i don’t know for a cabin actually At one point in time it was bigger than This this is the original cat And then a lady come in here we had an Open house one night the lady come in And said Where’s the other two rooms and we said Well you didn’t know there were another Two rooms But we did some research we found out They were lean rooms And as family grew they would just build A room on the Back side lean it up against the Original structure when they didn’t need It anymore it became firewood so the Kitchen was moved outside to a lean room And then maybe one of the bedrooms Moved to the lean room cedar You know i’ve never been asked that so i Don’t know It seems like you know i would think it Would be cedar or oak one of the other

You know they do a lot of cedar shakes Now All of those shingles up there are Original that’s what could be saved When they tore down this thing was torn Apart Numbered brought back in here and put Back the piece uh In one piece like a lincoln log said so This is the original everything’s where It was supposed to be Now when it was been used the cracks Would have been filled with Some kind of caulk moss and clay or Something like that We say that this is our summer portion So the air can go Flowing through it born shellers In here they hear change rattling I was here one time with a with another Paranormal paranormal group and Sitting on the benches and they had Something stirring around in here Because something really cold went Across my back and then Passed between my wife and i and we both Felt it and it was really cold because That night it was probably 100 degrees In here and It was something there were no breezes They didn’t want any doors open or Windows open or anything else so it was Some kind of hot in here You would hear the some chains uh

Of course this is the basketball stadium These are the dressing rooms on the side And there’s there’s chains for halters Harnesses stuff like that All around in here so it’s kind of Figures and something wanted to get your Attention it would Rattle a chain of some kind so what are Your thoughts at the end of the day About What is in here can you kind of expand On that well In my opinion like i say i’m not so sure I believe in ghosts All the ghosts are mentioned in the Bible but i would be more like Just a demon of some kind because All the people that died here were Christians have not died here but died That were supposed to be haunting this Place of christians i was i can’t see Any reason for them to be in there But the demon will let you hear or see Whatever you want to hear or see And we’ll try to get your attention and So i just that’s my take on it i don’t Think it’s going to hurt me I’m a christian nothing here’s going to Hurt me but it doesn’t stop you from Getting creeped out when a door slams And that’s happened several times right So I’ll be here at in the afternoons Totaling up the take for the day and

Stuff like that getting ready to go home Be the only one here And be sitting at my desk and i’ll hear Clink clink clink clink And i know good and well ain’t nothing There any but he’ll go on Clink clink clink clink until i finally I have to get up Walk out into the hall and it stops walk Back in the office and sit down Clink blink so something just jacking With me so yeah Whatever but you carry up you said you Carried across Prior but do you carry across always Today is probably the first day i’ve Walked in here in the last three years That i don’t have a crossover really Yeah i just i forgot it at the house i Would have brought it today wow That’s really weird yeah but that’s just Me You know yeah but that normally like you Said yeah I would have a problem with it sure you Feel like it’s it’s protection for you Oh what i do just i don’t know it might Be Silly because like the vampire said it Only works if you believe it So and i would i would have to believe It so yeah I guess so yeah i do but if you’re here By yourself it gets weird sometimes

It really does has anybody ever had a Kind of Frightening experience that would lead You to believe more demonic Than a spirit yeah Before i got the job that i’ve got now The guy that Was working it was telling me about it We have community service people come in And work here And he was down in this room and they Were doing something over there around That door And a board according to him a board Come out from behind The cabin and hit that window over there Of course it’s got The mesh over so it didn’t do any damage And he showed me the board it’s upstairs The board is two inches thick five Inches wide and about eight or nine feet Long So it wasn’t a little bitty board he Said the community Service guys left and never come back And then Again i’m just going on what he said i Don’t know so that board just Flew out from behind flew out from Behind the cabin All the way over to the that corner over There so this room would be the Only room where something like that has Happened that you know yeah uh

Another paranormal group upstairs but it Was in august And upstairs was hot and uh naturally They didn’t want there any air Conditioning Or anything so they kept going up there And there was one guy in particular Kept coming back and coming in the Office and sitting down he was sweating And breathing hard he said that every Time he went upstairs He just couldn’t breathe and he finally Had to go outside and sit down Don’t know i mean i’ve i’ve had Something fall off the shelf or Up there or something like that and and I’ve jumped yeah but i’ve never had any Problems Breathing while i was up there but he Did he had problems breathing In fact he later on quit uh paranormal Stuff all altogether sold the franchise Sold his franchise And i asked him the last time he was Here i asked him why did you do that he Said I’ve got my answers i don’t need any More he was he was good with it So can we can we see that board Before we uh yeah i think it’s up over Here It’s still there yeah that’d be cool to See the Actual object

This is not it that’s a that’s a big Board that’s not it I don’t see it it’s not here Because it was laying right here Interesting the board is gone It was a little smaller okay it was About About like that yeah it’s a two you said Two right yeah two by four or two by two Oh it was a two by probably two by six Six yeah but anyway i’m sorry guys It’s just not here interesting little Twist We were talking about the gray lady and On this stairwell here When you’re here at night and you’re Cutting the lights off and everything You might be the only person in here and Every person that worked in the museum Right here on this spot When they come around that’s the last Light you cut off Before you start upstairs and it gets Some kind of dark down here at two Three o’clock in the morning everybody Has had the feeling that somebody was Standing right behind them and you wheel Around and there’s nothing there i’ve Had it happen to me several times And this is the last light right here That’s the last light And right as you start up that’s those Stairs right there I can imagine that yeah oh yeah you

Can’t see your hand in front of your Face back that way Do We’re first gonna head up to the second Story this is technically The third level or even the fourth if You want to consider the Gym another love we’re going to work our Way down from top to bottom ending in The room Where the vortex of activity seems to be That’s interesting they’re like Hey nobody comes here during the day The sportsmen are really in here look at This I mean and i just i want to point out to Everybody if you’ve seen the episode That we recently did We did a series at the redwood falls County museum In redwood falls minnesota we were Talking about We were talking about how a building That’s filled with objects these objects Sometimes carry attachments of their own Now look look at this Now these objects don’t necessarily have A scary history Something sorted behind them but they do Have history even these football helmets Especially these down here these are all High school football helmets so in Effect they were worn by high school Students this was once a high school

There’s a creek on the floor we’re gonna Have a lot of creeks going here Weird but Let’s say that all i mean Look at how many helmets there are right Here there’s no Reason to believe that none of these Kids struggled with depression Themselves or had their own issues that Might have become a part of this helmet Or this object that’s now here in the Museum and there are literally Thousands of items just in this upstairs Area so You got to consider that objects have History behind them And look at all these helmets these were All worn by high school students we’re In an old high school Well it’s it’s represents every high School in texas yeah The guy that collected these and he also Killed all these Animals up here too so let’s not forget About that You have literal corpses of animals that Once held life Dead bodies whether you want to call it That or not lining the walls So to begin this i’m going to set up This rim pod right here But why is that going to do that What the hell This thing’s been on the last four days

It’s never done this Are there a lot of spirits in here Are you do you like to play with this Device Were your students here Maybe a teachers I’ve never seen a reply do this That’s so bizarre doctor are you here With us That thing light up again can you sit Down in your seat Sit down right here in the seat Class is in session can you sit down This is like maybe this is a time you Know during the day that They’re more active Okay oh i just gotta i have a yeah i’m Gonna actually have another My right ear is clogged i have never Seen my ring Oh man Were you somebody who maybe sat in this Chair that’s past Is this your chair no Are you a teacher Did you teach in this room Did you teach in this room Are you trying to talk over me Are you a number of teachers maybe Are there multiple teachers in this room I’ve never seen this You know what i mean Okay that’s insane are there students in This room

Like it’s teachers is it teachers in This room There a number of teachers here What do we do with this I mean that thing’s crazy Hello Hello Notice how the bot has gone silent in There listen Every time like we should go in there And try to get some evps It’s like going with our voices Wow that’s really strange isn’t it Is it not going with our voices that’s So strange You know we’re not students here we Never went to school here I am strangely enough having actual Full-bodied chill again I mean seriously just like during the This is day too do you want us to sit Down and take class or what’s the deal Now you’re silent are you mad that i’m In your chair Can you sit in your chair It was lighting up when i was talking Are they mad at them in their chair And silent you can ask if i can sit There so maybe they’re pissed off Right when i sat down and stopped Do you not like it when i sit there Okay we’re gonna do you prefer to be on The desk So what i wanted to do that was such a

Weird moment I was gonna run an evp session and play A school bell sound Okay to see if we can get any voices So i’m gonna Is there a reason that you’re you’re Silent On the desk What is all that noise Okay well i’m gonna start this recorder Right here Okay everybody i’m your teacher today mr Brown Your other teacher has stepped out And to any other teachers that might be Here The school day is over i hope you guys All travel home safe Are there any children with us Are there any teachers with us let’s Listen to this Click I’m your play today mr brown Sounds like a breath but yeah i don’t Know it could be the cars driving Outside going yeah Let’s try it over here i’m sitting this Desk Okay everybody school’s in session Who knows what class you’re in right now Where are we right now Weird little something right there It seems almost like the energy left

This room too right when i That school bell you know what i mean Silence maybe playing the school bell Made If there’s children or even teachers They know that’s the time to leave if It’s repeated energy They’re not going to be conscious and Know that So we’ve been investigating for a while In this room Ever since i played that school belt Seems like Nothing is happening i don’t know if That actually affected anything or not But we are going to pack this stuff up Yeah and strange the red pod hasn’t gone Off anymore We’re gonna head downstairs to the Auditorium now And see if there’s anything in there That’s where you set up the sad camera Okay if anybody’s here we’ll see you Don’t follow us home You’re not allowed but do follow us Downstairs sure but do follow us Downstairs Good point In the um oh yeah this door was all this Is open I closed it but really maybe they went In there dude Yeah maybe they you know what maybe They’re thinking like it’s lunchtime or

Something here Yeah is that the store yeah this was Closed Why don’t we sit can we put this up Somewhere we can both sit in Here Do you not want me to sit down what’s What’s up with that we just set up this Rem pod and this k2 meter And we’re in the auditorium all the way To red i don’t know if I’m it’s cold but my again my hairs are It’s the goose pimples again goosebumps Bumps That went off again oh yeah On rather Than just tweaking out by itself just Did yeah So we’re gonna use the ovulus do you Guys Care if we’re in here can you do what You did before Can you make that k2 meter this little Black thing i’m pointing to go off Again if you’re around us I kind of feel like setting the ramp up On the stage Do it can i yeah That was weird Okay we’re here visiting you and we’re Really Nice guys of course What of course let me see like a course

In school Coursework They call school work coursework like Your courses What courses are you taking of course so Give me one of your names here there’s So many of you that have come and gone Here i don’t care who it is How about just a name or how about say One of our names Emily is that a Name let me see emily I bet it is i think so Amelien if you’re here I i’m assuming you are how are you the One that made this device go off Metaphysics of course A course on metaphysics oh it just went Off Would you take a course on metaphysics Here it is What is it gender female origin french Meaning Hard-working wow the name amelien means Hard-working and is a french origin Maybe she took a course in metaphysics And You know what what’s the definition of Metaphysics Paranormal isn’t it yeah that’s kind of Nuts 50 animal metaphysics Animal animal metaphysics Animal and then a crow outside

What and i was just thinking in my head What if we heard an animal noise just Now Oh look at this this has been going off Look okay Emily did you bring that crow around so We could hear that outside Are you in the crow are directing the Crow Do you have something to do with the Crow That’s kind of trippy there’s that Device i was just starting to say Did you get this spiky make that device Go off on stage Right when he said emily go over to that Device i’m pointing to Let us know you’re here do you have Something to do With the smell snap i’m gonna just do it Like this like snap Did you use to snap your fingers Keep snapping that crow is i’m just Going to keep snapping until you You do something if i snap 50 times are You gonna do something My finger’s getting sore come on I’m gonna i’m gonna have gone over 50 Snaps running Are you running around here okay i’ve Done 50 snaps Is that really 50 it was over okay so You know there’s a Right is there a the crow is a spirit

Animal associated with life mysteries And magic The power of this bird is a totem and a Spirit guide And it provides insight and means of Supporting intentions Sign of luck is also associated with the Archetype of the trickster Be sure be aware of deceiving Appearances You know he’s saying that the ghosts Here are not Ghosts they’re pretending to be kids and Teachers Well but demons that’s what i’m saying They’re not ghosts and what Say that one more time beware of Beware of the deceiving appearances of Crows They are the archetype of the trickster Manipulative and mischievous other Traditional meanings associate the crow With bad omens Death and dark witchcraft the crow also Carries the power of prophetic insight Okay are you not emily emeline is like a Really Old name right i mean that crow Is like very prevalent outside the Window and that just started too We would have heard that upstairs did You send the crow Outside as a warning It’s like a baby

Someone outside there must be that’s Weird too that there’s a Kid outside yeah we’re doing that And yeah it’s not saying It’s not saying 100 that the bible is Social Just spike it didn’t say that The bible 100 associates crows With the devil but there is a lot of Symbolic Relation between crows ravens and Oftentimes satanism Just darkness in general so that’s a Very strange bird to be hearing as well I’m gonna go downstairs it’s 3 30. Okay we’re going to take off And if it is amelien or if you’re Pretending to be amelien We’re leaving this room so do you want To Give us any other sign Anything at all Keep doing that if that’s you There’s a lot of noises around randomly A ton of noise Of course it just goes off right now it Just went down yellow Too we’ve been in here a while we’re Gonna Move downstairs to the Most active part of this old school and Museum The log cabin which is where apparently A very large plank of wood was

Violently thrown across the room people Have experienced all sorts of things From Movement to seeing apparitions and even Feeling these Extreme blasts of cold air in the hot Texas heat Alter Shh reach We’re leaving is there something hear That There’s just so many noises here it’s Hard to tell you know Okay have at it go ahead and play with That device when we’re gone We’re gonna head down to the basement With the log cabin Okay you want to scan the medical rooms With the sls first If there’s anybody down here downstairs Come out and show yourself to us Is there anybody in here that you can Show yourself Is that the run pot that’s the run part Oh just shirt It’s a robot just stopped when we came Out in the hole too Keep asking him here okay again This is where a fireball came out of the Ceiling we were told Can you kind of can you show yourself It’s weird my back lower back hurts Again i don’t know why but that eyes Kind of like

Precede something for me We’re coming in Okay all these tables I think i think this is the same Situation yeah where it’s like we They’re looking for us to come down There i’m feeling Nothing in these rooms no optometry Office I’m an optometrist hey i’m an Optometrist if you were an optometrist Maybe just show up for us Do you have an appointment right now i Can check your eyes if you want to sit In the chair Yeah let’s go down there We’re coming oh damn Can you show yourself where are you I’ve got a headache again This is where calvin said They thought at least potentially a Demon Threw a piece of wood across the room And hit the window Was that you Well the rem pods stopped hitting Suddenly Is there anybody in here How about in this wagon right here Like the rem pod was going off the whole Time about the tools they get These get shook up he said Can you show yourself over here It does look very haunted mansion like

Yeah We should come around over here Because this is where the wood was Thrown from So evidently the wood flew out from here And came back and struck that window Right there with the wire fence on it Are you back there or up there anywhere Come out step out in front of the so you Can be seen by this camera Come back here i felt kind of a strange Attraction to this area But we never came back here Anybody back here maybe you’re hanging From the ceiling It’s okay you can come out it this Doesn’t hurt you it’s almost like There’s a Replacement i wonder if one of these Boards is what he was talking about You know the ones that were thrown yeah They’re going to be like a 2×6 would be Like that size right here That’s heavy you know and especially if It’s nine or ten feet long Yeah that’s like that would take from Here To that window that would take like You’d have you won’t be able to throw it Let’s put it that way You’d be dead if you got hit by that too You know it kind of makes me nervous Standing kind of really surprised that There’s just

Like nothing showing up but it goes to Show you that You know like the figures that we do Capture I mean yeah there’s all kinds of objects In here Planks everything i mean wires hanging Down The other way i’m gonna set it down Actually So if you want to show up you can It just seems like i don’t know which Direction though You know we’re gonna do a spirit box in Here my name is colin Is there anybody back here with us can You say yes if you are Do you want us to be down here are you a Ghost Are you a human Are you a demon Okay that’s what it sounded like i know The perfect ending to this investigation We need to bring those crosses down here And see if that stirs up anything Okay So that’s very strange because to end This Because calvin was saying that he Brought crosses in With him we thought as a trigger object We would go get a prayer candle we Couldn’t find a prayer candle We were at walgreens so we got these

Chocolate crosses Happy easter and my blood sugar’s a Little low so i can have a bite of this Afterwards here we go Okay before you set it down i’m not Gonna set it You’re down you’re dead do you not like This cross Huh what do you think of this cross [Applause] And what do you mean you’re dead are you Threatening us Were you criticizing the same voice [Applause] Yeah what do you think if i turn the Cross upside down You like that more satan Insane What do you think about this cross being In here What do you think about this cross [Applause] What do you think about this same voice I mean same voice who are you what’s Your name It sounds like the same person a man to Me What do you think if i take a bite out Of this cross I kind of feel [Applause] Oh okay

Here’s the wrap Okay we’re going to walk away from you Are you in one of these cabins are you The gray lady Are you the one they think is the demon Are you a demon Hear that what was it she fell into the Cheaper jesus Okay once again Well everybody i think today We got just more questions than answers At the beginning it seemed like there Was a teacher Or teachers here then downstairs we got A child’s name The crow randomly after it said animal Crows some What satanic connection in some contexts I mean the rem pod has gone crazy in That in the school room And then come down here seems like There’s a Male presence down here that Likes to freak people out it’s been kind Of leading us in circles there’s no real Answers But i don’t know maybe we got more in The static cameras At the end of the day what do you think Um well again if you go back in the Footage and look at the school room The rem pot i’ve never seen it do that Before and that

Was crazy i thought myself but like you Said this has been going off down here You know there’s been the crow with the Name amelien That with metaphysics i thought that was Kind of interesting and who knows what’s Going to be on the static cameras But you know it’s been interesting During the day yeah still a good amount Of activity in the middle of the day Just goes to show that paranormal Activity happens all the time But from palestine texas this is our Last episode I’d say stay spooky but we got one more Spot to visit before we head out of town Last episode in palestine yeah last Episode in palestine i should say So without further ado let’s cut to that And Get out of here okay school’s out thanks For talking to us everybody Go on home So So This is the end of the series we came to The city cemetery here in palestine to Not only pay our respects to Those who died

Whose spirits we were investigating for But to everybody who is here in general Because cemeteries are not a scary place They are a place Of respect a place where you can find History where it lives And a place of rest we don’t come to a Cemetery to Cause a ruckus we come here to put our Energy Back into the ground If they can even tell them we’re doing It this is a cemetery palestine has About 20 000 residents the cemetery Has over 60 000 burials within That means that there are more dead in Palestine than living It’s a windy day it’s been a long Jesus it’s windy it has been a very long Shoot two shoots in one day multiple Other places and locations we visited But at the end of the day This is it this is why we do it we come To talk to the dead And hopefully the dead talk back i just Want to thank you guys for watching And i want to remind everybody that When you do this stuff you need to be Respectful Jeez that’s crazy because it’s all about History And just not forgetting so if you have a Moment go out to a cemetery in your

Community and Give some love and respect to those who Pass before you do Or did i don’t know how you’d worth that But Anyways thank you everybody we love you Thanks for watching this series here’s Jeff right here Been a long trip here but a fun trip i Mean this is a beautiful cemetery And yeah just it was fun What else do you want me to say Yeah guys it’s us too jeez this is not The weather for my hair no no me neither Scorch is my forehead thank you guys for Watching Hope you enjoyed we definitely did And as always stay spooky See y’all So So So So Hello