THE MOST EVIL POLTERGEIST IN EUROPE (Interview with best selling author investigator Andy Evans

By | March 29, 2021
THE MOST EVIL POLTERGEIST IN EUROPE (Interview with best selling author investigator Andy Evans

Um Good evening folks um we have a little Bit of a technical difficulty With the guest and his audio is It’s working but you don’t want to hear It right now because it’s kind of Like it’s almost deafened me and uh Jeff i think jeff’s already going a Little bit deaf um but without further Ado Let’s bring on our first guest jeff From ghost tech paranormal how you doing My friend Oh well thank you ollie all good yeah How’s andy is he sorting out his audio Uh yeah it’s a bit of a strange one to Be quite honest uh You know we’ve been trying to uh rectify The problem for over half an hour now Um so andy is now moving His laptop to a completely a completely Different part Of the house hopefully that will Stop this whatever interference it is we Don’t know where it’s coming from he Can’t hear Anything at his end but there’s like This low hum And a very high pitch noise but uh To be quite honest this interview has Been uh cursed Uh for some time now i’ve tried to do This three times We have this is the third time uh the

First time Um andy was ill and then when we Arranged for the second interview he was In a car accident uh he’s still not Fully recovered But uh he agreed to come on the show This evening And um now we’re having this sort of uh Audio difficulty Um as i say he’s uh He’s moving to a different part of the House and we’re just gonna have to wait And see um If it’s been rectified or not i’m not Convinced that’ll fix the problem but We’ll see what happens he probably just Needs to download chrome on his iphone But jeff if you wouldn’t mind starting Us off so i you and the guys Um ghost paranormal team in fact jeff For anybody who doesn’t know who you are If you introduce your channel while We’re here And then take us through a little bit of The background of what got you Interested in 30 each drive Yes so um we’re go set paranormal we’ve Been going for Quite some time and i guess 20 years Plus And we have our own youtube channel So everyone can see our first Investigation at 30 years drive Which is also known as the black monk

House It’s you might want to get that jeff Because that might be out Just let me grab this yeah no problem Only on live shows guys i’m just gonna I’m just jeff i’m just gonna drop you Out a second You can’t make this you just cannot make It up um But but yeah jeff’s uh now hopefully Talking andy through this the guy’s a Writer Um obviously he’s not um Well i’m not switched on with technology But um This is why i try to avoid live shows Guys I’m gonna stay in this house with these Guys at some point Maybe this year if uh if things calm Down which they seem to be Doing and i’m having technical issues Now but i’m going there a little bit Uh i’m getting hot okay i’m getting Getting a hot flush getting a little bit Of a Tickle on here see see what jeff’s doing He’s having a chat with him you’re back On the show So um we’ll take it from there Okay mate thank you Yeah if you carry on taking over ollie Just just bear with me a moment i’ll be Back to you in one minute

Are you are you trying to help him out Yeah getting to download chrome on his Iphone if worst case scenario Jeff when when you do come back on Because i can see you in a little screen At the bottom if you do a little dance I’ll know that you’re ready to come on Oh thanks so much Okay so yeah while we’re waiting um How is everybody in the chat list in Fact let’s do let’s have a look we’ve Got we got rich Rich norfolk how you doing my good Friend hang tight anti-media zombie Caroline as rich would say in the tv set Poltergeist quite fitting um We’ve got lights guys we’ve got hobba Mallow We’ve got artisan my friend Always a long term subscriber of the Channel Um james clark Sharon i wonder if we’ve got Anybody from like nearby the town Have we got anybody from pontefract That’s happened to see this go up this Link Uh that that maybe has been to this House Uh so this house for anybody that Doesn’t know about it that’s Uh maybe in the states or whatever there Is a film About this house which you’re probably

Gonna speak about called um When the lights went out and that is uh I don’t have the little i thought i Fired a little thumbnail for it but i Don’t But it’s not a bad little movie the House in question that we’re going to be Talking About doesn’t if you saw it i think jeff Might be Jeff are you are you you yeah jeff’s Giving me the full up but You’ve saved me tell us about the house Because i was just about to do that and Probably butcher it So yeah you you were saying ghost tip Paranormal what got you interested In this particular house well Uh 30 years drive the Black monk house is known as the most Haunted Evil location in europe as some say Perhaps the world So we saw this place and Again we wanted to know if uh what goes On there is actually True or not um on our investigation We uh we did come across lots of Weird stuff um i mean To to be fair i mean i i had a um A message today from someone i put out The The notice that we were going to be on

The show today to Do this interview with andy and um Some guy said listen i’ve been there a Couple of times Um i think it’s all fake um and it’s the Next door neighbor that’s uh That’s making noises and and uh hyping It all up um But to be honest when we weren’t there We were barely in the house Uh several minutes before things started To happen Um and um it Is a weird place as soon as you walk in It’s uh Well you do sort of feel as if you’re Stepping back into the 1970s because There’s posters on the wall of Uh starsky and hutch all the furniture Is is the old 70s stuff you know it’s uh It’s Really a weird place and you can feel The atmosphere change As soon as you walk in Now i don’t want to say too much about The place until we speak to andy because Andy has been um Studying this case for years upon years And as i say he um brought out the book Don’t look back in anger Um and he’s been studying records And to get to the true story of the Black monk Um that people have seen there um

So um hopefully when andy comes on he’ll Be able to tell us the history Of the what went on before The houses were built there um And we’ve got to keep in mind that the This focus is Not just the film but all the media Attention that that went on there Focused around the pritchard family but There was another family before them That actually moved into the house when It was new You know when it was a new place um and When the pritchard family did move in Whatever was there focuses Its anger its uh its evil one On the children and the family that was There um But the family that first moved into the Place Even though it wasn’t uh reported in Newspapers or anything like that They also went through something similar Um which i can talk about you know as uh The story unfolds um so hopefully andy Will be with us soon As i say this is this has been cursed Since uh the first The first day we was trying to get andy Onto the show you know Um and as i say he’s still not 100 Percent fit because of Uh the accident that he had so hopefully He’ll be with us shortly i noticed in

In your um what you documented Was it two three years ago nearly three Years ago You said that it was the most haunted The Most evil poltergeist in the world but Now you You kind of when you refer it back to me You say in europe So there is it’s it’s because of all the The reports that have gone on there i Mean obviously um You know there have been so many uh Other researchers that have looked into This other paranormal teams And um that’s what they say you know They’ve been there They’ve experienced things um And um sorry Sorry to cut you off there jeff is it Normal to see this When you go and investigate any of these Houses have you seen these kind of signs Before A few times but a 30 years drive before You actually go in They ask you to sign a waiver In case you get injured or hurt and That sign is is up there um I guess um they just want to cover Themselves to make sure That if you do decide to go there That’s um if you do get injured it’s Down to you

And and you guys you you spent two Nights there but you didn’t stay the Night but you’re going back there Hopefully this year and i may be coming Along for the ride for maybe one of the Nights but you’re not allowed to stay in That house You got to kind of get permission from The the owner To be able to stay there yeah i mean you Can They do say that you can stay there um And they ask you bring your own bedding Whatever you need But it’s at your own risk right um So um you know um we do plan on Going back there uh later this year i’m Just trying to get everything Together because um we want andy to come Along Um because we want to interview him There at the house Um with yourself um you’ve You’ve never been to well you you’ve Already Always said you’ve never been to a Haunted location so we decided to say Well let’s throw you in the deep end Because Obviously you’re a big skeptic and um Yeah uh we’re gonna hire the place for a Few nights and on the first night Uh we’re gonna set up and do our Investigation

There’s three bedrooms and there’s a Couch downstairs we have draw straws who Gets what And unfortunately whatever you get That’s where you’ll be staying the night And see how long you last And also to to experience anything that Happens yourself Before you went to pontefract 30’s drive Were you suspicious that it could be Something going on with the next door Neighbor or To to to to be honest when we do go to Any of these locations Even if there is um a next-door neighbor Or Or if the house is not fully detached we Do Uh take that into consideration and um We do sort of uh our own little testing To make sure that it’s not Um so andy has just dropped in So andy uh i’m gonna pull you up in a Moment so don’t worry i can see that You’re down below um but yeah it’s so My thing with that is i always wondered Why the next door neighbor has not You know moved because if i lived next Door to that house They actually experienced the same Things Right hey um but we spoke to the Neighbor Um and she experiences exactly the same

Type of things not On a bigger scale but they have done So um yeah Um they seem uh genuine people and as i Say we we When we went in there and heard the Footsteps and And stuff like that you know we done all Our testing ourselves we looked Everywhere To see if there was anything um or Anyone that could be Falsifying evidence and there wasn’t So so guys in the chat and anybody That’s watching this not live i do Apologize now Uh if andy when it we bring him up the Sound is Terrible we don’t we have we don’t know What it is we don’t try We’ve troubleshooted it um but it could Be good We don’t know and it’s not Is it is it the same well if you just Talk If you just talk though then you might We might get away with it Without you can you hear me okay we can Cause there is still that strange High-pitched Sound and it’s if anybody else is not Coming from the sword behind him because It you have moved Now so andy um

Without um Tell us about each drive and you’re Gonna have to just talk because I think i think i think it may be i Think it might be Oh good if andy tells us that the History of The area that um east drive is built off Because there was a bloody battle there You know um tell us a little about about That andy I mean pontifex very historical um Castle days back to well over a thousand Years Um there were two cloniac Monasteries in pontifex one just outside Of pontific castle And one were actually under what what Became the uh General infirmary um they were clone x Or french monks Um a bloody history during The what’s all sieges at pontific castle Uh royalists Took camp ins inside the walls of the Castle And cromwell uh had much of his forces His cannon fire Based upward checkered field um really Close to east drive On one occasion royalists actually broke Out at castle And or bloody bloody battle within 200 Yards per days drive

But we repel back into castle um So how far was it when you decided I’ve got an interest in this house i Need to start doing Investigations within the house i grew Up with stoics i live about two mile Away Um then we were known as the pontifex Poltergeist for our kid Um when i started working as a as a coal Miner That charleston columbia shelton collier Had the epic deputy Who were actually employed by national Call board as an exorcist So he’d he’d go out to any pits for People Said they’d seen an apparition or a Ghost and then they’d Also indeed exercise them or Whatever he did and i can always Remember when i started at the pit Therefore telling me story in the film A medium is called in um And that’s actually based on that ultifa He was the medium exorcist that we’re Called in Anyway we’re telling us loads of stories Especially a night shift to just to Scare As crap out of us basically and That was just about it no real interest In it Then it was the film had just come out

And at the end at the time he they were All about writing the books and i’d Written a few books nothing paranormal Um and steve went about getting together And writing a book and he wanted to Write a book he did a history Psychiatric Society psychiatric yes and i didn’t eat Obviously 17 years as a coal miner and This book Were going to be about everyday Hauntings we didn’t want to go to Castles We didn’t want to go to stately homes it Would just everyday Aunties peoples houses council houses Steve then saw the film when the lights Went out And it’d not talk about anything else I’d go and see him and all this all he Wanted to talk about or 13 Drive and he couldn’t have a Conversation with him other than 30 years drive he got to a point where One sunday afternoon in summer i said Look steve i said Jump in care i’ll take you to sea house I know else were empty I know bill bungier bought it uh Just just after film were released Um when we got to house we were like two Petulant school kids Creeping up to windows and trying to Look through blinds and and what have

You After about half an hour we must have Raised suspicion of camel next door And she she can ask us what we were Doing and we explained to her that we’re All about writing the book and We’ve got this fascination about Thirteenth drive And that word blue she says do you want To go in I said what do you mean do we want to Win and she Got a handbag out pulled dangled keys in Of us which is i look after the house i Live next door At that point i thought jesus i weren’t Expecting this so she Took us the door she knocked on door Opened it and she said Hello fred it’s only me but Like just i don’t really care what is Her it’s empty She’s yeah that’s fed’s is what the Pritchard family Got called the original poltergeist Anyway she took us in Locked door i said why are you looking Door She says well unfortunately people come From all over the country And if you see me coming in i can go Upstairs and buy something i’ve got Downstairs kitchens full of people They’ve opened her and

And stepped in and she said She says is about anyway i said all’s About just Fred i said oh do you know she said all Them chairs In down in kitchen were pulled out from Underneath table she says They were perfectly pushed on the table This morning Then uh i looked on side and wrote a Book and when i looked closer It was a bible i thought how ironic it Is To have a bible in a supposedly haunted House And uh i said you mind if i take some Photos So just anything you want but don’t be Posting them on social media or whatever So took some photos took some photos of The bible Uh took some photos at chairs me and Steve pushed the chairs back on the Table Carol give us a guided tour house showed Us village bedroom diane’s bedroom Joan jones jones bedroom jean’s bedroom Say And uh when we got to top upstairs Coming down she like slumped into the Wall And i said okay she says yeah but he’s Here I said who’s there she says fred and to

Be honest i’m more concerned about Taking some pictures on this This old works iphone that i weren’t so Bored about carol’s elf But we’re selfish i’m taking loads of Pictures and uh When we went downstairs she got talking About The history of the history of 30s drive And she mentioned father michael and so She mentioned father michael As clear as anything weird footsteps Above us But footsteps on the carpet it was Footsteps on a wooden floor Um when we walked back into the kitchen All chairs had been moved back out but We had literally pushed them back in Underneath that table that sells steve Said i think that books moved as well And i said well i can tell you because i Can when i took photos by the way Upstairs And this bible had moved about two foot Across Pitching work surface i thought yeah There was there’s definitely some of There And after that i hoped for four Years i spent over 100 nights actually I mean when we went into house all i’ve Been stopped film had come out But giving guided tours and when we First went into house

Nobody were really interested i think a Few paranormal teams Occasionally went in and what we did Thankfully kevin let us in and We could we could practically have free With a house it was an old Empty damp house what bits of furniture In But it was just nobody was interested Where We had fear in the house practically No no Because i can remember i remember this House as a kid I never remembered people saying that They’d gone Uh for walks round is this a recent Thing Yeah i mean film has come out and i Think a lot of hype But i think it just it died a death People had lost interest and people that Was interested at the time Uh they’d been and done the overnight so All the guided tours and we could Guarantee On most nights when we wanted to we Could go in But we just no nobody seemed interested And um what’s the weirdest thing that Happened With you did you go did you stay the Night with somebody else there as well On your own yeah i’ve never i’ve never

Stayed tonight on my own Check out ollie out here by yourself Listen listen mate when you come along With us You you’ll be glad that we’re all around You Yeah i mean there’s some really strange Things I can remember once we’d been we were Upstairs And it was really quiet because it’s 30’s drive people expect To go in and all well that’s low so it’s Not live At all chances are when you you can film Walk about with cameras walk around with Your recording equipment And you’ll get nothing when you sat down And just having a general nutter That’s when you start hearing things and Think things are happening And it seems i know it sounds strange But it seems as though it’s it’s playful You’ll be upstairs when you lay noises Downstairs so you’ll all go downstairs You’ll leave noises upstairs yeah i mean It’s uh i i mean the The i mean the estate was built in the Like the 1950s And um as andy says we’re talking about The pritchard family here Um but they weren’t the original uh People that moved into the place that i Mean they were the focus

They were the focus of the anger and the Torment whatever this Thing was um to you know aim itself at Them Um i mean the first family to move there Were Um the pharah family yeah yeah And it was bill and barbara and they had A two and a half year old daughter Uh called jane and they moved into the House in september Um 1954 And i mean it was bill that that come Out of the army And he then became a firefighter but They were waiting for a house And they were building this massive Estate and Um this house was built 30 years drive They moved in there and um Bill always said you know um the house Was always Cold things were being moved things Would go missing Barbara his wife over a short period of Time she become unsettled withdrawn Unwell um their Two and a half year old daughter that That stayed in Diane’s room who was the focus in the Pritchard family Of the attacks um they would find blood And scratches on her face even though She was wearing mittens

Um and uh they were hearing voices Of slashes would appear in their Furniture um And it was only just sort of by Coincidence barbara was Bill’s wife was walking down the road to The nearby shops there bumped into gene Pritchard They got talking and barbara was unhappy Uh staying in the place and she said you Know i’d like to move out there and jean Pritchett said well I’ve only got a two-bedroom house i’d Love a three-bedroom house and they Decided to swap over Um but there is a mention by um Bill farah who said that gene did Mention when they stayed at number 47 The house that they were going to move From Yeah that there was a ghost child there Um there was a child of a ghost But anyway they decided to move um they Swapped over houses And they exchanged houses in um May 1955 um But just several days before they done The exchange Um at 30 years drive Bill and barbara were downstairs and um Their daughter jane started screaming um They went upstairs and they found the Baby with a pillow Over its face i mean so to get out of

There for them Was the best thing they could have ever Done but obviously this story Was not told or focused by the media I mean it all started you know with the Pritchard family Everyone thinks the pritchard family Moves straight into 30 years drive And it all started it didn’t um So to go back to um just before all that What the what the the actual story is Is of a monk who was murdering children Um that’s that’s what they say And um the local townspeople Uh decided to uh take revenge and they Couldn’t find him so they got his Brother And hung him um and His brother is the one that said Allegedly they’re Taking his revenge on whoever goes into The 30s Unfortunately uh in the original Investigation With colin wilson a local historian For his first name cunniff um he Supposedly Unearthed some documents recording That’s very tale that among the cloniac Monk Murdering kids there’s no records Anywhere i’ve searched i know for these References the only The only or priest to be on

A ponte throughout it were called Broadbent today He he were from a local uh Village south kirby about eight mile Away And he’d been on the pontifex why Um cromwell you know walnut background Well but by Round heads for money london basically What dip it is towing both Both sides uh to make money And he’s the only recorded priest or man Of the cloth To ever been executed at punch effect so I mean i don’t know where can they Forgot these documents but there’s no Documents to suggest i mean there is There is also the The fact that they say that when they Hung the monk They threw him down the well um yeah so So number one um you wouldn’t throw A dead body down a well to contaminate The water but I will say this during uh The farrah family when they stayed there They all said he could never get the Place heated up it was always cold but He had workman come round and lift up The floorboards that place And there is a well there is a wave i Was just about to ask that I understand the house i have some Documents uh

I’ve been telling all the pontiffs and Small Chandra maps dating back to 1600s And there is reference to a water pump Which it would have evolved from being a Well Uh underneath the property or whether it Is it says it’s actually been seen by By several people in fact one of the one Of the workmen Um it is said that when they were Lifting up the floorboards and they saw This well we actually found the gold Ring Yeah down there um so um But besides all that what what’s Actually happening now at 30 years drive Is the fact that uh If you’re lucky enough you will see this Monk but also there’s a Um a child of a girl a ghost girl There but i i actually think um I actually think that that ghost girl is Um The girl that that’s come from 47 Number 47 where jim pritchard and their Family was i think that That child followed them there anyway Yeah i’m not I’m not saying it’s the ghost of one of The victims of of The alleged uh monk um But uh yeah it’s uh it’s a very strange Place i mean this

This is the first time i’ve actually Seen andy I mean i saw you on a tv show i believe You was on paranormal lockdown Yeah when when they come over to do a Show they interviewed you Um i didn’t know andy at all until um We done our investigation we put it out On youtube Um me and then andy got in contact and Uh andy turner says it’s the most True story to date that we’ve done on What you’re striving Without out of every all these other tv Shows that wanted to hype it up and add Things and And and fake things um and That’s how i i first got in contact with Andy and we We’ve all we’ve always spoken but we’ve Never actually met up yet we’ve never Uh seen each other until this evening on This show Um and as i say when we do our uh Return investigation so he’s drive Andy’s going to come along and give us a Little bit of an interview there It’d be great to see him in in that Place as well you know Um and as i said to ollie earlier While she was trying to sort out your Audio um i actually had a message come Through Uh today after i put out the

Announcement that we was gonna be on Here tonight uh some guy said Oh it’s uh the lady next door that’s Faking all the evidence and making the Noises and whatever Um and kevin’s been on holiday There’s been no one extra and they can Ask you a favor mate I’ve just i’ve just thought of a Solution for the sound because when you Speak it’s not so bad But it’s the in-between bits so a lot a Bit like a walkie-talkie Do you see the mute button at the at the Bottom On the screen on the screen you see a Little new button yeah Yeah so when you’re not speaking if you Hit that yeah and when you are speaking Just unmute it I think that’ll help yeah that’s perfect Perfect but then just done music when You want to speak so So andy the the that the times that you Spent you say you see Nearly a hundred nights in that house Now Um that’s a lot of nights Yeah i mean did did you see Anything or other than hearing things Did you actually see anything On one occasion i would on in i mean i Went into house i’ve got no equipment I’ve got

A worx iphone um and just The carol used to laugh because i turned Up with works iphone For the first couple of weeks then i Turned up with a little carrier bag With the sb7 spirit box that are Awesome then as time progressed i turned Up where An old doll whenever they saw case and Some travel bags And the worst thing i ever experienced We’d got some motion detectors you just Come into our garden you put when you You carry joy You’re shedding the alarm if it picks up A movement and we’d put them upstairs And within 15 minutes they were Triggering they Were really loud so i’d run up we’d run Upstairs To reset them go back up Come back downstairs set off and it it Got to About half eleven one night and i know Carol’s got grandkids next door And these motion detectors started Triggering upstairs So we always said that we’d we’d always Stick together Me and steve uh we wouldn’t if one went As both of us went upstairs blah blah Blah in such a rush to get upstairs To turn these motion detectors off i Wrote i started i set off upstairs

And like i said i’ve spent 17 years as a Coal miner And the only thing i can say were the Darkest mass That were dropping on me from from the Stairs And instinctively i thought It would fall aground but it will fall And i got into a fetal position It would just block as black as anything Uh look at it steve wouldn’t like it Come behind me pull me upstairs I didn’t know he saw it as well yeah Yeah i think Don’t understand that um you know you Can You can see this stuff it’s it’s it’s Not Just in the night time it’s in the Daytime you know we had hungry we’d only Been there Six minutes and we’d walk through And the living room door which had this Patterned Misty frosty glass on it it wouldn’t Open you have to walk through the Kitchen Around into the dining room then into The living room And we were just carrying our stuff in We hadn’t even Fired up a camera audio and we stopped Well i stopped first of all because i i Looked through this glass

And i could see a child about that big And it there was it was like it was they Were wearing something Very light blue whitish light blue Standing i’d say probably about six feet Away from the frosted glass on the other Side And i stopped and i looked through the Glass And i said hey guys there’s someone Standing in the living room And i asked phil to join me Phil looked he said he could see it i Said Mark have a look he could see it we had Peter with us our part-time investigator He looked through the glass he could see It so there’s four of us now In the hallway looking through this Frosted glass a figure Standing in the living room we then Walked round through the kitchen through The dining room And went into that front room through These two glass patio doors And there was no one there whatsoever we Then went back to the frosted glass Look through there it wasn’t there so we Actually Saw the figure four of us our Investigation that night We could hear the footsteps we could Hear all the banging Um at one point i actually saw a figure

Move down the hallway We had two cameras filming and it didn’t Pick it up i was so excited at that Point Because i said to everyone we’ve got That camera and we’ve got that camera Yeah Called it on film it didn’t happen And i was gutted i was absolutely gutted None of us could believe it Um we didn’t stay there that night we Actually had a premier inn Booked up in the early hours in the Morning we let the cameras roll We left um on reviewing all those Cameras there was banging there was Dragging the furniture And at one point the figure that i had Seen earlier that we didn’t capture on Camera Did walk past the hallway through the Frosty glass on the opposite side of the Door And we caught that on camera um Because of the journey that we had um To get to the location it was like five Hours or so When we got there we done the Investigation straight away we’ve done Our intro shots we we’ve got stuck in Straight away so by the time we finished Um when we went back to the hotel you Know Usually you have time to sort of unwind

Phil was so tired because he’d been Driving He’s he decided i’m just going straight To bed When he woke up in the morning he had These two Huge scratches right the way down his Right side Um and yeah i’ve got a picture of that It’s at two massive scratches um He doesn’t know how they got there he Says it’s not him He’s he’s you know he’s not done himself He went to bed woke up And there you go um so we went back to The house first thing in the morning to Obviously collect up all our equipment They’ve been running all night and then He Said oh by the way uh i’ve been Scratched Um so i mean and i’m sure that if Someone done that to you Um you know you would feel something Like that And phil is 100 he’s a big skeptic Yeah he just he just saw that and it i Have no idea where that’s come from Uh i think it might have been a sunday Because i’m working The following day and uh when i got to Work Uh one of the supervisors said what You’ve been doing

Why what was what’s the matter this is You’ve got a huge scratch down your face I couldn’t feel it i said what you mean Went into the mirror and it was scratch All the way down And i’ve caught literally two hours Previous that just come out of ace drive Yeah and on one occasion You know i’ve told people this story This takes a bit far fetched but we’ve Been in house And we come out next morning and we Asked carol Took carol key back and i didn’t know Carol really at times she’d always talk To ice man Because i wouldn’t buy a tortoise offer A tortoise one from ferguson And i says can we book next friday hey Halloween And she says you’ve you’re already in I says now i inspect you carol she says You don’t mean weak I said no i ain’t younger she’s just two Minutes and she got a diary And she says look tortoise man feminism Tried it whatever date what i said i Hadn’t spoke to her and uh when we went In that friday It was early it was a morning i were in Jean’s bedroom And steve was in phillips bedroom and he Shouted because he used to call me scuba He said scoob i’ve got a werewolf he

Says what you may see he says come and Have a look And they’ve been taking random pictures And on one picture There’s a figure stood i don’t know if You’ve seen that picture yeah because It’s on And the figure’s still in doorway Is this did you take this one steve Steve i’ve been wait took it yeah This one that one [ __ ] I bet doug what all of us in the house At night And for rest at night we tried Replicating that Shot and we just couldn’t get it we Estimated that we can be angle To be about seven foot tall um Steve track down i don’t know if if any Listeners ourselves have Seen the film called the right anthony Hopkins he played He plays a catholic priest teaching a Young priest Steve actually tracked down the young Priest father gary thomas Who was an exorcist in america and he Sent him that photograph And they were like what the hell do you Think you’re doing with into yourselves It demands a full catholic exorcism and That that photograph now Is used in the vatican exorcist seminars I just fought at time how ironic is it

We’ve suddenly been booked into house First to capture that that one Particular shot It was just just unbelievable They’re actually a dimmer switch a wall That’s picking up a reflection So that’s the figure Yeah yeah um olly Yes are you gonna go jeff no no can you Just drop me out for for a couple of Minutes please um I’ll i’ll ex obviously i’ll explain a Little bit later but you know The reason why yeah yep yep no worries No just give me just give me two minutes And i’ll be back Just just wave your hands around when You when you’re back yep Okay mate cheers buddy So did you write this book By the way and if anybody who’s watching This live or anybody who’s watching this After the after the show the book is in The description you can find It on amazon did you write this book While you were In the house Yeah yeah i mean each occasion I recorded as much as i could uh on Digital recorders But on each after each visit i had big Notes and and what i’ve given up I’m actually writing the book Joined visit chat yeah

So how could he Fully question this but did you not Think about putting Uh this on the front cover I mean i look i love your front cover Don’t get me wrong but i mean It you know when you’re taking a picture Or something like that that’s I mean that that that’s a very very Creepy Um image right there Yeah unfortunately um it’s it was steve That took the picture And as i was writing my book steve Started writing his own So we we got together you agree with We agreed that it’s pointless Put it into toolbox so it will steve’s Picture so steve Uh put into his book but yeah i wish i Could have put into mine But steve were doing his own book at the Time so So we just decided so when he took the When he When he took this picture did he did he See with his own eyes or was he just Taking pictures of it i mean it’s a very It’s a blurred shot because you can see A bit of motion blur around the uh Around the actual edging of the Room oh did he did he i mean how How did that occur he actually saw it He saw movement on stairs so he spun

Down and just took I don’t know how many pictures he took Quite a few pictures but only on one Does it show that figure Somebody actually saw it caused his Attention is it is it still on the Stairs Right i i did not know that you guys Took that picture that’s that’s That’s that’s it sheds a whole new light On it for me The the case itself Then did you do you believe that So there was this there was a monk there Was the monk that was accused Of uh doing horrible things to Young girls and he was Did you say that they couldn’t get hold Of that monk So they got his brother and they killed His brother Really getting that right we did a Session one night some Some evp recordings and we’re using Some software from america anthony Sanchez He used to work for nasa uh golson traps And he started his job in nasa where he Were Delivering into deep space with radio Frequencies and microwaves Trying to pick up alien um communication And the right place yeah anthony then Moved

Um and developed some software for Paranormal field and we got we Got in one night um We got communicating with whatever it is And i asked i said when you say father Michael she said it’s name of michael And i says when you mentioned father Michael Do you mean monk priest Church related he says no brother Michael saw it It says no it’s sibling i says also It’s like a brother you’ve got a sibling In your voices yeah Then we asked we got into asking All kill the girls and he says it went It was river simon So it went it went a monk when i did a Bit more research where 30 survivors now It was a place called guild craft it Went orchard And i thought i’ll an orchard Going back for 500 years an orchard Would be it would have been a playground For local kids Would go in and get pick a bit of food And whatever and i just thought what A perfect setting for a child killer to Live in An orchard and why What i gathered were that the brother Simon had been killing The girls um he’d done a runner He must have known his his time were

Coming to an end and they’d actually got His brother michael And when they killed him they threw him Down his own wealth The family well to teach the family a Lesson to poison it to end it useless Right and that makes a lot more sense Than a priest or a monk being killed And took down a well to destroy it I think it was a punishment for family To end a bit useless You got so you got into the the whole Subject of the black monk Of ponte france um through watching the Film when the lights Went out and i’ve just i watched that Meant quite quite a few Years back i’ve just watched it again Tonight Before this show um and i noticed Um there’s only one sibling uh in that Film is that there’s the daughter And it doesn’t actually show the father Die the father died I believe quite soon after he Was locked in the um Coal room and he died of a heart attack Upstairs in the bathroom Uh it was a few nights after that how Other than there only been one sibling In that film How close is that film to the story I mean it is filled with artistic License

Um joel pichard actually died A good 10 years after the 1970 Early 70s aunties he died early 1980s Um did he die in that house He died he died in bathroom yeah It was nothing related to paranormal or Of a black monk or anything i think he’d Be now Some bear uh and collapsed in Battlefield where i think he died With a heart attack so it went yeah it Wasn’t related It wasn’t malicious on any part the Spirit Or anything and i think when when you When i’ve looked at coal house I think that can be easily explained I mean it people quite in every drink You were joel I think he’s gunning coal house door’s Closed behind him we’re drafted he’s Next to Front and back door and i think he’s Just got decent disorientated And he’s spun around and it was he’s Trying to get out of doorway he’s Actually been Maybe pressing against wall Aren’t you saying that andy um when we Was doing our investigation there Um mark he went into the The coal shed and sat on the chair and He was asking Questions um and at one point he got

Three knocks On the wall or it could have been the Door three knocks that Have come back um so You know it depends on the Interpretation you’re looking at You know um was joe uh disorientated Did something really happen you know Just because he’d had a few beers or Whatever Um we we do know that the door Does not lock you can’t lock yourself in There Um but we definitely did get uh knocking Coming from within that coal shed I’m not staying in the coal shed jeff ah Well you know i mean Unfortunately joe joe’s not here to Answer any questions so We can just decipher how we We see without getting first and the Counts Um it’s very different you can just Assault a soul And put pieces together to follow the Puzzle I was going to say we spoke about the Area of the bloody battle we spoke about The first family that moved in there I mean we’re we’re talking about when The lights went out Um you know um perhaps we need to To really sort of you know Widen it all more on the on the

Pritchard family you know when they Moved in there Um you know and and what actually Happened to them i mean we’ve Maybe we’re skipping ahead a little bit Um You know because i mean the film when The lights went out did Uh put a lot of the evidence in there um But the family you know Experienced uh they were Sort of aimed at whatever this thing is Um they were aimed at you know at one Point dying got pulled up the The stairs by by a hair and and people Witnessed that You had the clock at the top of the Stairs that got thrown down There were pools of water there was like A chalk substance falling from the Ceiling and there was no reason for that Whatsoever Things got moved uh things went missing Uh so much sort of went on you know It was unbelievable um but we haven’t Really Uh told the story of that and i think Andy is probably the best person to uh To tell us about the actual pritchard Family because they only come to life Because of media attention Um so andy yeah to tell us a little About about this pritchard family And what they sort of went through when

When we first Went into house i didn’t know anything About the pictures I’ve obviously seen when when the lights Went out But so we went in expecting most of our Evidence to be centered around Diane’s room sort of thing and it Weren’t that at all Most stuff we were picking up were from Phillips bedroom He weren’t mentioned in uh in in film at All When the first sorry that’s the youngest Boys that that was the Yellow boy you were the eldest eldest Phillip um when The auntie first started the family had Gone on holiday to calm wall But phillip were left behind his grand Were looking after him well we later Found out that Phillip were actually gay or is it Phillips still alive And joe couldn’t accept that joe were A coal miner traditional coal mine in Town Um he just didn’t accept it and putting Tons all together again I think the reason why philip were left Behind is because His relationship with his father joe I mean joe joe or coal miner It’s a little left behind but most of

Its evidence Base that we we’ve had for base drive is Centered around phillips bedroom I mean i i’ve put it out to people that Perhaps People are dabbling in ouija boards or Or whatever but obviously we are Speaking to family You’re never gonna you’re never gonna Know and i Was honest how much i wanted to contact You Gene lives probably a hundred years away 150 head away Uh old folks uh place um But no matter how i i found out where Diane lived I found out where philip lived and i Know where jane lived But i thought well if the family wanted To come come out They would come out anyway so i thought Unless we do Is it’s no point pursuing them That’s it so i mean the um The the the family went through so much As as i say you know attacks been thrown Around Things going missing um it must have Been um A really horrendous experience for them Um Not as much as the farah family Obviously they didn’t stay there that

Long i mean the farrow family Probably only in there a year or or just Over um But um what they actually went through Uh was you know some people Don’t want to believe him some people do Um And and i can understand that through The the way the media works um And um yeah i mean andy you’re right i Mean Jean pritchard i mean they didn’t run Out of the house In the end they they they stayed there i Mean what would you do you got nowhere Else to go they stayed there they all Went their separate ways in the end Gene is in a nursing home not far away i Mean Um i don’t know if she would ever speak About it Um we don’t know her frame of mind now I’m i’m not sure of her age now but some You know after they Moved out of that house that’s that’s How the house is now I mean during the making of when the Lights went out i mean bill bunge didn’t Actually know That the house was available he wanted To Um film the actual film there inside the House so he had to Replicate the house and everything i

Mean the audience jeff Uh bill bundy’s the the owner of the House now Yeah he was he was part of the Production team on on the on the film When the lights went out um and he Actually bought the house I mean the story goes that he did uh Stay in the house for a week or so but He felt so uncomfortable He thought sod this you know i’m not Staying here um And he i then left the house And ever since um it’s it just sits There And it’s for anyone that wants to do a Paranormal investigation and I think andy wasn’t online at the time When i mentioned to you you know you Have to sign a waiver you can go in if You want you can sleep there if you want But it’s at your own risk You take those risks um a lot of people Say they have been then nothing’s Happened Um it’s all a load of old tosh um It depends if it it just depends if it Happens and if it doesn’t happen Um luckily when we were there it was Absolutely amazing we were coming across All sorts of paranormal stuff going on Inside the house It definitely wasn’t um fake and As i say we’d only been in there six

Minutes and it kicked off Um and you know Obviously oh i could remember one night In particular they were really quiet Beyond nothing much happening And they were just me and steve uh in And it got to about five o’clock in the Morning it was so quiet We decided to call it the day call it a Night So we’d be drinking not more Pepsi cans and whatever um we Decided to tidy up before we we left so I got all these pepsi cans empty Pepsicons And i put one to on kitchen side just as I grabbed them and put one side And i says what will those they’ve left Five well ever talking in living room Uh before we go back to our equipment When it always happens as we sat down Talking we’re like a Sound coming from kitchen so we jumped Up what’s that and when we went In all the pepsi or fanta cans whatever They were all lined up in a perfect line And middle one were crushed Um it was just bizarre um It just was a perfect line they were Lined up On another we’d been and We’re sticking to keep key because we’ve Got been told they’ve got a fascination With keys

They died and then what have you and we Get to Home time we couldn’t find k it was Nowhere Uh so we’d i know caroline’s got to take Grandkids to school So we decided just to sit out in house And wait And give you a shout for a window where We played our spy we played Everything we could and then we decided Because also we haven’t kept in time To go back cleaning just to pass time And then old 1970s Over in and steve plugged in Turned it on and it was rattling so we Went and took back out and key were Actually inside Over bug crazy you were absolutely crazy And again they’re just two of us in i Think um I i think uh you know a lot of people That book out this place Um and and let’s face it you know like For us You know you travel five six hours get There set up all your equipment Um i think a lot of people uh expect too Much They’re hoping oh this is the most Haunted violent Evil poltergeist place in europe perhaps The world and they expect as soon as They walk in

There’s gonna have you know something’s Gonna be thrown and things are gonna Start moving It doesn’t work like that at all um And um you know we have a different way Of investigating Um and we seem to most of the time have A knack To maybe uh get get in contact with Whatever Spirit or ghost is a location um And this place we sort of played it a Little bit cool we made out we were just Moving in for a few days we wasn’t Talking about that we’re paranormal Investigators or anything like that You know we’re setting things out and I’m saying you know what i could quite Buy this place I’d love to buy this place you know and We know that they’re going to be Listening You know and um just maybe the way we Went about the investigation And that’s how we we captured all our Evidence and and i It really annoys me that you know you You got all these other big Big time shows that come over that go in There um And they they’re not bothered about Really the investigation that it’s just Bothered about entertainment and Pointing up on the screen

Especially when they come over 3000 Miles and start faking things Um my my colleague phil was looking at One of the Investigations there uh on the tv the Other day And he spotted another bit of fakery That was going on and you don’t need to Do it You actually do not need to do any Fakery whatsoever But as andy’s right when you sit down Like we did in the living room and you Just sit there quiet Just sit down for an hour all your Cameras rolling audio is running You’ll hear things it’s just paranormal Teams have been to that house That we may have heard of well i mean i Mean andy’s And he’s been on one of those which is Paranormal lockdown Uh when they come over from america they They travel Three thousand miles to to go to 30 Years drive Um and um i i’m You know i don’t want to put myself in In court or anything but i mean i’m sure They know what they did Um and they’re not watching this show so Don’t worry about it Well i mean there’s there’s a couple of Uh pieces of fake

Fakery that they’ve done um you know to Make it And let’s fight but they want to make it Entertaining perhaps at the end Of uh filming there for 72 hours They didn’t have enough and they wanted To you know Hype it up and fake i mean even the Story After interviewing andy they got it Completely wrong You know and it was all it was just all Hype Um and and it’s a shame because you know These people are on tv getting paid Thousands of pounds how much does it Cost to fly them over 3 000 miles on a plane with all their Equipment set all this up To stay in that place for 72 hours and It just ruins it for us people the Normal people the proper people that are Doing Proper investigations um and As a lot of people out there know if we Go to a location We get nothing we still turn it into an Episode and we say Sorry here’s the history here’s what We’ve done on the investigation but we Got nothing Um and To be frank it pisses me off for the People like that

Getting paid all this money just to fake Stuff um And you know it’s there’s been a couple Of shows i mean i believe We’re gonna come back to it again most Haunted Kill me um you know in broad daylight There’s There’s a knife sticking out in between The couch there’s a knife they stuck it In the couch then Well i mean i mean We’re not moving most arms did Just destroyed two years worth of my Work Because it was just so elaborate and Staged Um fortunately it worked away because Within a week The book meant bestselling ranking on Amazon So it worked when i first saw it Before the same as when paranormal Lockdown Did it i went to the seed nick gruff And east drive was just completely full Of articulated lorries full of equipment I thought What is this costume you don’t know Exactly Exactly i mean um and and as I say i mean if you see the um episode With paranormal lockdown uh there is one Where

Uh nick is climbing on something to go Up into the loft Katrina’s there filming him on the top Of the stairs next to the clock And the clock falls over And if you look closely you’ll see a Piece of string That’s on probably uh like a spring It’s like tied onto a belt onto the Clock and as she moves forward It comes forward and i paused it and Looked at it And i went my i think i even told andy This You know um why did you need to do that So not only that it was repeated a Couple of days ago and my team member Phil Said um did you see the episode i said a Few times he said i’ve spotted another One And that’s where a marble gets thrown And he’s looking on the floor for the Marble There’s nothing on the floor where he Puts his hand and all of a sudden it’s There He said it was already in his hand why Would you do that And when you’re faking stuff like that You can then turn around And say well the figure that walked past That door That he caught on camera is also fake it

Just ruins the whole lot Um most haunted well they’ve always done That anyway Again you know it’s uh for entertainment Purposes And that’s why you get that at the Beginning of all these shows because It’s for entertainment purposes If they can’t get any evidence then what They’re gonna do Fake it and it just ruins it for every Single Um normal uh authentic Paranormal group out there and i think It’s really bad and it needs to stop What do you make of this one do you know Who took this That’s i mean that’s got red flag Written all over it for me that one yeah No i mean i But i love photoshop but that’s In my opinion that’s been terribly done But it’s it’s just i don’t know if It’s nothing i mean i did the The picture i took on my first visit With the iphone Is just upstairs but it’s really It’s not as stumped in ingrained into Photographs as that Um i don’t know about that one i just Don’t know about that one That’s like the smoke that they describe That actual picture um that was taken um Um i forget the name of the team but

They say if you look Up in the mirror the mirror in the top Left That hand coming around the banister Should be reflecting in the mirror And it doesn’t seem to reflect is that Is that a mirror just at the top Yeah what they’re saying is um that is The hand Of the black monk holding maybe a Crucifix or Some sort of rosary beads in his hand But yeah looking If you look in the mirror at the top Left um That hand is not being reflected and Apparently there Were um tests done and debunking done And it couldn’t be faked so that’s what They say They’re saying this couldn’t have been Faked That’s what they’re saying someone else Tried the same um Effect at the same angle but their hands Could be seen in the mirror Okay what about this one Again um is it matrixing You know of yeah like a paradolia yeah Exactly um who knows um only the people Know Uh who took that picture but but do you Do you see what i mean It it that to me looks like an old woman

May be sitting on the stairs um there’s Been no reports As far as i’m aware andy of an old woman In the house or Anything like that i mean how i Described When done describing book For my town being at east drive i I refer to it being as like a paranormal Booster Whereas you’ll sit in bus bus stop it Was a three or four people Waiting for for a bus and you’ll get to Know little Snippets about them uh as you’re Listening to them Bus pulls up them group of people get on And another group of people get off so It’s completely different again So then you’ll they’re a little bit then Another muscle pull up that’s how i Would describe it Another way Best for me to describe it is i don’t Know if you’re familiar with fishing Um but you can go fishing in the river Pond and you’re getting loads of little Bites On your float little nibbles or whatever Then all of a sudden A pike comes in to wake up what we call Swim and all these little nibbles all These little fish Disperse then you get nothing

Then suddenly pike then they probably Disappear into another part of river or Another part of pond when you’re getting Your little nibbles your little Snippets of evps or bangs Yeah yeah yeah i mean i mean i must Admit also The checkerfoot checkerfields estate When it was when it was built And was one of the biggest estates ever In europe And um i’ve done a little bit of Research myself And even though when gene pritchard who Lived at number 47 there Moved into 30 years drive and then you Had barbara and bill that moved out of Number 30 Into her house number 47 the reports of All of that estate said that they were Having paranormal experiences And seeing children and seeing figures And the whole place just seems to be Haunted We we when when i was doing book we Got in touch with did a do a few Doorstep knockings of and a lot of the Old Generation that are still living around East drive Admitted that they were getting the same Sort of thing but they’d seen the Ridicule the picture family Received in late 60s early 70s so that

They didn’t want to talk about it but The whole area Is exactly the same it’s not the one House it’s the ground Is I remember another house as a kid um Which i mean i i don’t you You know pony frats quite well don’t you Andy Um so if you know where the valley Gardens is Um so up past there and there’s the Mill hill lane um where it has the old Mill Which is my mom dad’s house um But if you go keep going straight down There they used The thing there still is a house there But i think somebody’s bought it and Done it out But there was a house there that stayed Dormant I we we moved there When i was about I think i was about five And this house was i remember being a Teenager Uh and walking past his house with my Mates and we used to dare each other to Maybe Break into the house so we were a little Bit We were little bastards at the time but We we didn’t we never

Never broke into any houses but it was It was abandoned Um and there was a there was a house That was People said that this people spoke about This house More than they spoke about the east Drive one but i can’t remember the name Of the house But nobody would go near it nobody would Buy his house Um but it’s interesting when you say That about Pontiff very haunted i actually drove Busted today And i used to count how many times People had moved in But i was account then how many weeks it Take for until that sign To be put back up um Last time it was occupied as far as i Know It looked occupied today but before Lockdown when i went past particularly Every other day an asian family had Moved in So i don’t know they’re not locked down So i don’t know Actually how long they lasted But within people’s moving and within Two two months I was very young at the time and Probably didn’t understand the whole Thing i didn’t know if people was

Renting it or whatever It was abandoned for years It sounds like a place that we should go To and investigate doesn’t it We tried we tried getting in touch with Letting agents and they’re very Cagey about all the left to view it I think it’s a it’s an elderly woman That owns it she’s got a floating punch Effect And she she leases it out but we’ve Tried quite a few times to get viewings And they must they must have stuff up to And we could never get into overviewing So unfortunately But yeah the legend does it’s far A lot worse than 30 east drivers So i get i get the the inkling here About the town of pontefract is Probably more the culprit Of because of what went on with And how where you’ve got pony frank Castle Rather than just the house it makes me Wonder how many other houses It’s it’s the land oily um The land with the bloody battle you know Um and also What you’ve got to remember is you know When things go on like this It draws in more things You know if you’ve got negativity it’s Going to draw in Negativity um and you know when they

Built this estate Along with 30 years drive it was built On bloodied land What what the hell went on there you Know apart from just that Who knows you know and you’ve got this Story of this This monk you know um um Molesting children killing them um You’ve got someone wrongly accused Um you know it’s not just That one location it’s the whole place Um it’s not the houses it’s not what Goes on Inside the houses it’s the land I mean now i i’ve always said because we Have Well sometimes when we’ve gone we’ve Talked cloniac Music and whatever and it has generated Activity So i think there is monks that Aren’t the area but Oh i think going back five five six Hundred years There’s a well marks what i’m in all the Land around there And i think on summer’s day Fresh water eat a day would have a rest Uh have a cold drink of water a talk Before the His own work so i think we actually the Monks that do want East drive they’ve actually just visited

A place where they loved You know they’d be sat down well having A cold drink A bit of best buy from the from the Labor it feels So there definitely is monks i would say That Dual freak would not east drive in the Area But i think that’s what we revisited a Place that No one loved that’s that’s about it And obviously the um the monk that’s Been seen at 30 years drive Um the spirit is probably just taking on The Image of a monk yeah black has Any book a 30 years drive I mean when it first started with Pictures I think it give a form That would be recognizable among some Pontiffs Coming hand in hand so i think it Represented itself as A monk because it knew they’d be Recognized as that I always said that the first east drive Would have been In florida it would have represented as Mickey mouse As stuffed as it lands just because People have recognized That associated that place with

Mickey mouse we associate chickenfield With monks so i think he just took on a Farm That people would recognize Um so um yeah i’m gonna have to Go now guys and um yeah i understand Jeff We talked about that before yeah i’m Just gonna explain to To everyone why that is um and Um as uh a lot of people know that we do Our show on youtube Um and maybe some that That look at the end credits we’ll see a Lady’s name come up that’s called the Liz our researcher Um i have mentioned her name before in Some of her previous shows Um so liz is 86 this year She’s not just now researchers she’s my Mother as well And just before christmas this year she Come down with cancer of the Throat and also the mouth um It’s inoperable they can’t Operate on a um killer And um so she’s gone downhill um Very very quickly so i’m actually Looking after at the moment in this House Um so i have to keep an eye on her make Sure she has a Medicines and and things like that and Give her a comfortable time so

Um all my close friends know this um Ollie you’ve you’ve known that andy i’ve Already spoken to you about that earlier Um so a lot of uh our Fans and people out there don’t know This um so Um yeah so it’s a bit of a tough time For me but we still gotta crack on and And carry on the best that we can so but Anyway i’m I’m gonna leave the show guys andy it’s Been a pleasure meeting you it’s it’s Um been a long time coming we’re Definitely going to see you at 30 years Drive when we arrange Definitely arrange our investigation Ollie’s going to be coming as well Um so we’ll all be out and meet up in Person um it’s going to be absolutely Brilliant time I’m still trying to arrange everything With uh The owners um so it’s going to be Fantastic Um we’ve got loads of new equipment to Try out i’m just In fact i’m spending hundreds at the Moment um On new devices new equipment to take Along with us Uh that’s never been uh used before so It’s gonna be fantastic It really is um so i thank you both for Having me on your show

And um yeah Thank you so much thank you very much And uh you look after yourself look After your mom I’ll speak to you soon all the best Thank you so much guys Yeah brilliant thank you jeff Bye-bye bye-bye yes He said jeff’s just trying to work out How to leave It’s the the big red cross jeff Oh i’ve got me i’ve got my mouse over Here you see All right we’re all wireless we’re posh Down here we’ve got We got wireless What a great end in there yeah so andy i Mean My show generally only goes for about an Hour and a half to an hour and 40. so there’s not much time left but What i want Let me just shut this door There’s not much time left but um so The the book and we can find that on Amazon how long did it take you to write The book For about two years right because most Most of the time we Took up with research house so spending Hell of a lot i mean We didn’t just go in at night we’d we’d Go enjoying day and And what have you um so most of the time

We’re actually spending the house Um but then i’d get back and i had it’s Variety i Haven’t published the proof read um so All in all about two years thank you lee For the Super sticker um so this this book how Quickly did it become A best seller i published it about a Week before most haunted Had the halloweens often get halloween Special And probably a week before then a week Later Or about two weeks later it became a Bestseller on amazon Um yeah and i mean it’s it’s It’s still solid it’s still selling You have you’ve got you’ve got other Books now as well haven’t you you’ve Done a recent book i did one uh It was obviously pandemic uh has put All to everything but i was doing like a Pocketbook series First one was the mill of the black Monks at barnsley Which i spent i had practically free Range Thousand-year-olds uh pub well it is now A publicity restaurant Then the next one was going to be about Lake chapel At that castle warrior roses dirt town Um and then i’ve got one that’s probably

Three quarters finished uh beyond your Horizons Lots of compilation of all different Hauntings from local area So he’s very much focused all about like Kind of the paranormal That’s your thing i know yeah i mean Previous books went on You’ve muted yourself handy You’re that used to you doing it now uh Well that one I spent 20 years looking for my Grandfather’s family and uh Former yugoslavia so that’s that was the First book misplaced Then i did a fictional book uh Paranormal orientated this fiction uh That when spirits break free then I did that’s a thing now Then i did the the black one could punch If i don’t look back in anger I did another fictional book based in Yugoslavia during world war Ii the division bill that i did for Black The middle of a black monks then just Before locked down That’s a pink floyd song that is it no No no no Yeah yeah it’s a great album great album The The the what made you pick the ne the The name don’t look back in anger Well for some reason i can’t

I i i can’t write a book until i’ve come Up with a title There’s definitely sounds it’s a great Title and a great A great balance but because at the time When i was first researching each drive I’d got this story of his monk That had been on uh wrongfully Because it was another one his brother And a lot of hatred based what perhaps Well that why The activity was so violent and they Just came Don’t look back and i must have been Listening to oasis But it’s like quite fitting don’t look Back in anger yeah yeah So it’s like your message to him like You know You don’t need to kind of take out on Everybody else exactly Yeah yeah did the division bell that’s About a novel about World war two in in yugoslavia and it’s About the divides Between muslim uh catholic and orthodox Obviously the division bill yeah But i’ve got to have a title for some Reason before Yeah i get it i get it you work around The title and that’s that’s kind of the Same When i went without whenever i try and Pick and do a youtube video i kind of

Like need the title to Inspire me to talk about something This case with this house and and jeff Jeff did you say we kind of need to Speak about the family And this is the intriguing thing for me Because whenever I mean like yourself you write a book About it but you write a book about Because Obviously you’ve got a passion for the Subject and you know It’s i think your thing is history and It’s kind of it Sounds like he’s moving into more Paranormal history By saying that yeah so It always makes me wonder with a family Like this With a case like this and they briefly Showed it in the film Where they i don’t know if it was just Artistic license where The father invited a load of people into The house said Come and check out the house you know They give him a few bob to pay for it What’s the family getting what did the Family ever get out of this because they Don’t speak about it now do they Nobody approaches the family As far as i can gather we’ve got nothing Financially we didn’t make anything out Of it

I don’t know what if colin wilson Probably give him A a few pounds when they were doing his Research but I mean there’s today’s standards film Being produced has been books written About it was Paranormal teams going in and making Money The pitch ads didn’t um But nobody interviews what’s left of the Family No no interesting Yeah interesting i would like If i mean anybody if anybody from the Family is watching you know obviously Get in touch with andy for his next book But Um get in touch with me i’d love to get You on the show there is my email Um i mean you’ve got to be careful You’ve got to remember that The family members are still alive so You’ve got to be careful what Information you give out about about Them yeah of course you have You made because it’s it’s sensitive You’re talking about living people So you’ve just got to be careful and Maybe from what happened I mean i don’t know how it looked like It was it was a popular case back then Yeah i mean what was it 70s 68 and 78 yeah nothing you want

So i mean maybe they went through that Much of an ordeal then they thought you Know what we don’t want this in his Lives We’d go we’d just be ridiculed Um but i did one recording i think My daughter would come with me because She’s into she’s gonna open hold Him and we actually picked joel pichard Up On evp recordings and For the audience that’s the father that Died yeah joe pichard And uh i asked if joe joe whitehouse and As clear as anything this evp came Through and he says he haunts And i didn’t know much about the family At the time and uh Says okay says uh can you remember gene And straight away says beyond me younger Woman Before your house says can you remember Diane When he says princess and says what About philip can you remember phillip And i mean swearing he says if i [ __ ] Must Right i didn’t know anything i shouldn’t Laugh because that’s That’s that’s the son that he couldn’t Accept the fact it was gay Yeah right when i spoke to carol well no No Family um jean

Why younger than joe ends the younger Woman I asked about his relationship with Diane and she said that diane were joe’s Princess Be a daughter and i said what about Philip and he says Joe didn’t get on me because you’re gay You’d think in the afterlife that you’d Forget all that and it would make It’s always a weird one for me because i Mean i don’t know if jeff told you the Background with With myself it’s it i’m a ufo Alien channel originally and i started To speak To people like yourself and jeff that Speak about this subject but there was People that i was interviewing that were Speaking about ufos but then they’d Start always start speaking about the Paranormal That got me interested in this subject Have you ever uh come across anything Like ufo related because it usually Follows people I wasn’t going back years um I’ll work in the shelter and call you it And uh I mean i couldn’t say you know but or Everybody used to Fiddle a bear time and uh i’ll claim it All the time Uh and a lot of times i’ll sneak home

And uh one particular night About half a seven i had to go back to Pitt To put my checks in you support checking Before you went underground So we know you’re underground they need A breast check when you come out So i went back up to the pit and i’ve Got a motorbike good time And there were light in the sky and Attracted Our way to pits i didn’t know where it Was when To know my business what i had to do up It got back out in this light it Has already turned a full circle around Pit and they were heading back to where I was going So i said i thought i’m watching the Whole time And i decided to take care a different Rule to get a bit closer to his light And as i got to the top of an illinois Sounds left But my motorbike engine cuts out and I’ve three wheeled down and ill Bust the car little parts that we had no Lights on And this i don’t know what it was Probably half a mile away And from london yard 100 meters high Cigar shaped really bright light and Bottle Tall men watching it and they’d come out

That cavalry parked up And i says my bike’s cut out it says Your cask hotel and this thing It were there then suddenly it went Then this light were miles away moving Away And what year was this no fools 80 1980s 88 ish Yeah but as soon as it disappeared I got my more bag started and their car I didn’t report it actually my wife told Me to report it Uh to work i forgot a lady or writing Ufo books but i didn’t get no feedback Um that’s an experience of it really Was it linda martin how was it i can’t Remember I can’t remember early so it’s a long Time ago Yeah so so so the reason why i asked you That is because When you when you said that you made This picture It reminds me of what uh a lot of my Guests Speak about as in shadow figures yeah And some believe that they’re not actual Ghosts they are um it’s something Completely different So i mean i know obviously you think That’s Uh The brother or whatever you think that May be

Yeah uh in terms of shadow figures What what’s your take on them i mean I’ve I have read quite a lot she passed away Last year rosemary Rosemary grilling don’t know if you’ve Heard of her But that name rings a bell i don’t know Why she’s Well really into demonology and alien Abductions and she always made reference To shadow people being Actually pale alien of origin and not Not Supernaturals like spirits or ghosts So it does make sense yeah Do you think that they can both exist at The same time though Is it as in uh ghosts and aliens I think so yeah i think so When i used to millions of years ago i Used to think that if you can see A spirit from past as a ghost Could ufos be this elaborate Operation from future if that makes Sense Yeah yeah yeah If you can see something from past Surely You’d be able to see something again From future Yeah well that’s it i mean i think i may Have Spoke about this on my channel before uh

But my first ever girlfriend Um i was with her for about two years i Really got along with the parents And uh uh her mom Told me a story about an alarm clock in Her bedroom Um which was a digital alarm clock and We were talking [ __ ] i think she said in the early 90s And one night she woke up and she saw This This little girl staring At the alarm clock no interest In uh in her Just staring at the alarm clock and she Said that she was kind of like The classic what people describe as White looking Yeah you know like kind of See-through-ish uh But wearing older clothes And that that kind of got me thinking i Wonder if It’s possible that some ghosts Are we’re seeing something in time you Know That they and this little girl could see The exact same thing In the future but she saw this alarm Clock and thought What is that that’s intriguing you know Maybe what we what we But then again that doesn’t explain Things being chucked it yet and

You know it doesn’t explain uh a Grandfather clock being chucked down the Stairs That happened at 30 east drive you know That doesn’t explain the physical aspect Of it Meet mate most bizarre thing that Happened Uh we’d gone up one afternoon saturday Or sunday afternoon You know me miss my daughter uh Another lad glenn glenn gentry And we’d also get it quite brave because It was good I don’t think she would be in his baby Dark it wasn’t quite sunny And she was asking it to throw something Uh We were in living room door i was sat Next to this sorry this this is a Thirteenth easter egg Yeah i was set on sulfur To our way door glass door which were Closed Um glenn was setting corning exit french Doors Glass red shores which were closed and My daughter was sat in another corner And she’s been a bit brave because it’s Daylight and she was telling it to throw Something Um suddenly she screamed out That sort of knitting chest and when we Looked

It wore a big plastic button it will Uncap it Just in front of it so that car but When i when i was going to australia i Used to take As many photos as i could when i first Went in So i could always cross reference from If it was parts when it moved I could say no and because this is When i looked back wore nothing on the Carpet But when i look back to folders the Plastic button Would blood you about an inch for an Inch and a half in diameter We were actually on table in kitchen and Just before My daughter heard felt it’s a chest i Had a little click A little [ __ ] beside me on glass window And that i know it sounds strange with That button That somehow passed through glass Beneath it Um so yeah i mean looking about where Aliens are Obvious how things move from one Dimension to another That was just impossible you couldn’t Pass a plastic button Through a glass window machine but it Had It passed through its amount um

I don’t know genius complained that Chadski pigs Locked up in a box because it got a Thing we exit smash eggs And on one occasion one morning all eggs Were smashed On kitchen floor the box were locked So somehow he’s exited morphed out over Large container To be smashed on kitchen floor In in the film when um the little girl She gets dragged to the top of the Stairs by her hair And it in the film it pins her up and Tries to strangle her It tries to hang her uh In terms of what happened uh As far as i know i know she got dragged Up the stairs by the hair but Is that a bit of artistic license there With the hanging thing I don’t know because i i used to Work with a lot at pitt and older than Me And his wife when he was when he was a Teenager Um his wife Later were very late to she knocked About with dianne pritchard And they said that story Sls camera you know connect cameras Scattered laser systems yes And uh i invited uh that’s what jeff Uses isn’t it

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i invited Somebody from work uh a girl from work She was interested in i said well come Along and I’ll tell you out and we’ll show you and We picked a figure up with sls camera And it was stood next to her and we Asked it to wave And so it’s on youtube and he waved he Actually Waved us then suddenly it they seem to Lift Lift up about a foot of floor neck next To jade And its head went to one side and We looked at his feet one twisted around And it was hanging And when we told james as he sits as Always next year He’s hanging and uh she burst out into Tears run downstairs went outside And when we went out what she says well He’s taking piss Says why should i’ve just lost a friend He’s committed suicide Zone himself so like mocking I might be mad yeah little mocking it Um i mean it’s uploaded onto youtube But he’s definitely mimicking being Being honest So she was saying that the ghost was Making fun Of her friend that committed suicide it Committed suicide a few days before

And this figure then on sls camera We’re next to her twisting now does it Run into my rope So it will just be there that sounds Sinister to me that sounds like you know That doesn’t sound like your average Friend you know casper the friendly Ghost thing right Um do you do you think Because because the film depicts Obviously that there is a Child there as well and jeff I think what jeff was jeff was like kind Of making out that the The child followed the family there Whereas the The child is not necessarily one of the Monks Victims is i’m would it be right by Saying that I don’t know because east drive i don’t Know It’s it’s a place where you can get Different Spirits or different huntings each time You go It’s so like i said it’s like a bus stop And people get on the bus Spend a bit of time in bus shelter Talking and whatever nail Jump on another bus another set of People quotes is Completely different the only thing That’s remains same

What we found is there’s something in In control there and that’s same Every time you go but all the other Things the completely different Um you’ve heard of skinwalker ranch Yeah yeah that’s a similar thing that They say about that that this Skinwalker ranch it’s almost like It um a place that It’s open to all of this not just one Thing But kind of the whole thing like is this Some sort of opening Somewhere that’s letting things through Or Whatever whatever it is but it comes in Many different forms Is that what you’re saying with the east Drive that this place He’s not just necessarily one ghost or One thing It’s many things there’s many things um And on the occasion we’ve we’ve had it On Sls camera and it comes through as a Small figure Probably two or three foot tall as i was A child But then more you film it it just starts Growing And suddenly this top three foot figure Has morphed into something six foot tall I think a lot of cases where it’s just Fishing it comes to us as children

To get your attention to get sympathy if You know what i mean Especially if you’re going with somebody Some ladies or Mums and what have you got a particular Sympathy when it comes to children It’ll portray as a child to get the Attention to get the sympathy But i don’t think a lot of these cases Is actually a child It’s just morphing to get your attention Very simplification Shape-shifter yeah yeah You’ve read on quite a few occasions Where it’s fee foot’s all Playful then suddenly when you get near It it morphs it’s six foot tall It’s looking down at you um which is Quite scary I could i could speak to you for hours But we’ve we’ve been going for an hour And 45 minutes now Um so 30 strive ladies and gentlemen Um andy evans andy just explain to Everybody Where they can find you where they can Find your book um And you you you you welcome one again Next time we’ll spend a little bit more Time uh with with the sound Uh finding out what the problem is there I have no idea what it is No yeah we actually moved you to a Different room maybe it’s the ghost

Maybe yeah the books available on amazon In both kindle and paperback um Low low prices got quite a few online Bookstores as well Um in the description yeah Can i just give a big shout out to team Members I was a big shout out to sharon uh my Daughter sasha Who has been mark uh carol and so Their members at dark i was probably Know which you can find on youtube Oh some of those being in the chat Tonight there might have been There might be i think somebody noticed A couple of their names Um it’s hard to get to look at the chat When you’re speaking to a guest But yeah welcome to alien added people Um and this is the thing For me at the minute um andy uh It started out as a ufo channel uh it’s Not i actually started out as a mars Channel i’d look at little Uh paradolia stuff on mars where You know faces and stuff like that just Paranoia Um but now it’s kind of like it’s it’s Morphed Into something else where i i’ll get i Get guess On and they will they come on they send Me an email here is my email people For anybody that has a good story that

Is true Well you can tell me it’s true whether i Choose to believe you’re not is a Different thing Uh but i want your story You’re welcome on alien addicts it Doesn’t matter if it’s Aliens ufos or paranormal aid or a bit Of everything Because the more more i speak to these People The more more i find that it keeps going Back to the paranormal which i find Extremely Interesting and this is kind of the Direction that i’m going in Uh but andy what i’m gonna do thank you So much for joining us Um the the book is in the description People Check it out andy evans thank you mate I’m gonna drop you out Uh just for a second and i’ll just say The goodbye to the To the to the guests No worries now i’ll just just remove you For a sec Thank you so much people for joining us Everybody in the chat that’s been live Um i i can’t thank you all enough the Support that you guys give me is Just it’s awesome i’m sorry that i don’t Get to See everybody in the chat all the time

Like i say it is hard I kind of need you know a little dog’s Body on the side that just They’ll go to the chat and say right you Need to you need to read this one out But at the same time again it’s When you when you are interviewing People you have so many questions or Whatever you want to speak to them about It it’s a bit weird when you when you i Need to do some live stuff with just Speak to you guys maybe i’ll do that but Yeah guys uh Check out the descriptions my patreon Channels in there As well uh but most of all if you are a Reader Check out andy’s book and if you do Fancy A new t-shirt uh check out my merch Because i have done Some brand new designs uh i’ve just Launched it i haven’t really put an Advert out on uh youtube as yet But we have three designs there Obviously we’ve got the logo in the Middle there Um and we’ve got the um Alien which did cause me a few problems To start off with until they realized That i did hand draw it And they said it was okay and the shadow Figure type thing i don’t know what it Is i just made it up but yeah it looked

Great on hoodies t-shirts you name it You know Mugs um these wet drinking utensils And it is good quality um and i will be I will be rocking One of these when mine arrives because I’ve ordered a few But guys again thank you so much Good night god bless mind the books Don’t bite i’m alienated