(They LIVE HERE?!) The Most Haunted Jail In Texas… *SERIAL KILLER SPIRITS* | The Paranormal Files

By | March 24, 2021
(They LIVE HERE?!) The Most Haunted Jail In Texas... *SERIAL KILLER SPIRITS* | The Paranormal Files

Here’s what we see guys and it’s not i’m Just trying to show you that this is Pitch black like Here’s the hallway we’re about to go Down that’s what we’re seeing Without the night vision like pitch Black And this is very creepy man And i do want to mention to people that I didn’t even think that this was going To be That eerie in here when we initially Walked through And there’s like you know christmas Stuff around but i’m like Really kind of freaked out aren’t you Feeling that way i can kind of tell you Are too i know i am I’m uneasy yeah that’s kind of funny Yeah i mean i haven’t really felt Anything intense Quite yet it’s just more upstairs the Third floor Definitely and there’s this heavy this Is Um you know let’s just i think it’s Gonna start happening You know and don’t forget that there’s The potential for A serial killer who killed multiple People his spirit And then a guy who was a police officer Who sean killed his own wife Jerry yeah both of those to be here in

Addition to the people that were hanged For their crimes on this property The other murderers that were here There’s a lot of like negative energy i Feel like in this building And he even said people got bruises so Okay So jesus christ man Hello Jesus i literally can’t see a thing okay There’s a noise Oh my god dude This is very creepy A little fear i’m like really freaked Dude Just That was like a box or something shifted I know what i was saying is look in Front of you I know dude i am it’s literally Completely pitch black Let me just show people dude i’ve never Been in a building this dark to Investigate like literally i can’t i Can’t even see my own hand in front of Me Okay i’m feeling so bad i’m feeling bad Actually oh that little bear scared me Jesus you see that thing that looks like That is absolutely astounding how dark That is Is there anybody here with us right now There’s Who’s here with us in the jail

I feel like there’s somebody behind me Dude Okay that was what was that I’m very freaked he got turned light off Though jesus we’ve got to do this Did you kill somebody Buddy So today we are in far east texas Heading to a community called palestine Hold on Better you really think those make you Look better They’re so blue they’re so bright Vibrant so Today we have driven three and a half Hours from austin Four actually to a community called Palestine texas now palestine was Founded In the 1800s initially it was a pretty Small settlement There was french and spanish activity in The area lots of native american history Before palestine was founded it just Kind of sprung up out of nowhere because It was this Important point where they decided to

Run railroads through and Start lumber industries 1870s The railroad was actually constructed in This area it ran right through palestine And that’s what really gave the town a Population boost It was seated as the seat of anderson County That’s why there’s a courthouse here and A jail the anderson county jail which is Haunted which is where we’re going to be Spending the night tonight For a town with a somewhat not Unremarkable But kind of just average history Palestine seems to have been marked with Elements of death and darkness like you Want to tell them about The space shuttle yeah that was kind of A weird finding that back in 2003 Unfortunately the space shuttle columbia Disaster were disintegrated in the sky Unfortunately took the lives of all Seven astronauts about 40 percent of the Debris Fell in and around palestine that they Recovered From that space shuttle disaster and i Mean You got to imagine too you’ve got at That point debris Raining from the sky that’s already been Marked by the deaths of All seven crew members it was almost as

If a sort of darkness Fell in and around the city of palestine Just then In 2003 but i mean you you would have Only been about seven years old yeah so I remember that Across the sky you could literally see The pieces and Little flame if you will just Disintegrating it was crazy But i didn’t know it was right over here That was 2003 Hard to believe that this town was Impacted by such a Tragic national even global event all That debris i mean i’m sure there’s a Ton of debris still left in the area That people Never recovered fully then in 2015 The area was hit by another massive Tragedy when A guy opened fire on a group of campers They were actually a family that had Purchased This land it was their land that they Were on from this killer’s family And they were camping spending the night This guy helped them Get their truck out of some mud and was Following them into the woods just Acting like a good neighbor And he opened fire killed six people Including a Young boy and almost an entire family

That’s an unbelievable story six people Killed in cold blood All because this killer claimed that he Was mad that They had bought his family’s land and That was just a couple miles north of Palestine Technically still in the area of of the Town I don’t know it’s interesting you don’t Really a lot of these small towns don’t Have Negativity and darkness like that Wouldn’t you say you know i i guess After hearing this i I would i’m not really so sure you know I mean maybe there is a lot more i think There is a lot more Everywhere that you don’t know it gets Lost you know it’s kind of like It’s maybe in the news at the time but Then over the years It’s forgotten yeah tonight like i said Papa spooks and i are headed to the Anderson County jail now this is a very very Creepy looking jail with a interesting History i’m not gonna tell you guys About it now We’re actually about to roll up we’re Three minutes away So Here we are here we are

What are your thoughts my first thought Is maybe you should get out of the Street So you don’t get smoked here we are man In Texas actually a pretty pretty big jail Isn’t this the second oldest city in Texas that’s what i was told You know i i think we’ll have to ask Lasagna just to be sure That a family owns this and lives here So that’s that’s pretty crazy to me yeah You know what i mean Very gracious again to let us come here I mean just invited us Really definitely much larger than i Expected it to be Oh jesus Hey i could do shadow half on animals on Your shirt There you go Wow i’m excited to get in here it’s got A certain Well certain look to it you know it’s Interesting almost more looks like a Hospital than a jay Yeah kind of doesn’t seem like a jail to Me i wouldn’t look at that and think Jail Quite honestly so today we’re actually Going to start the episode a bit Differently I’ve read a lot of your guys’s comments Saying that we should kind of get our

Vibe Before we know the history of the jail And neither of us have refreshed our Knowledge of the jail’s history yet We’re going to go inside while the sun Is still up and just walk through Jeff and i and see if we feel anything That correlates to what happens later on In the investigation even after we’ve Been told the stories So let’s go meet the owners and then get That done And do the interview okay Okay so after a while now you can see There is no sun If you want to show everybody over there Um Also i’m gonna tie these pants because They’re kind of loose on me So jeff and i are just gonna do our Little blind walk through into the jail Right now We’ve already met with the owner we’re Gonna do our interview next but Want to check it out before the sun sets Do it yep okay also just got this new Outfit today Just for this investigation but i want To point out that i did not Remember to get cool shoes so i’ve just Got my Asic okay i’m just gonna call you big Bird Let’s go big bird

Okay this is christmas theme Christmas stuff i mean this is she’s Doing a ton of work in here this is Do you have like thirty-five holy Decorations So this is this is actually the jail Wow i was hoping that i would glow in Here It’s just i mean the little champion Never mind okay this place is not Decorated like i thought it would be Oh geez It’s definitely kind of eerie in here It’s interesting there all these cells Oh spooky hallway amazing amount of Decorations great look at this Women tank check this out Here’s our how we got here The vehicle right there lemon drop I like that that is me i like bigfoot i Guess Paper is a good one i like big bird Maybe minion come on big bird Whoa this is like the Laser grid that we set up it’s already Set up for us it’s already here Wow use the old urinal and the Toilet at once have you ever seen it No you can yeah double duty right there One And two equals three You can go three Wow this like looks like they cut Through here i feel like if you just

Walk through this you won’t even be able To tell that it’s a jail hey it’s your Twin dak look at it That was really good there it is you Should stand by it yeah You’re gonna show you know you’ll Probably get What do you think you know i think What’s happening is Pikachu is much slimmer you might have To get back on that low carb diet there But Pikachu’s been working out you can you Can tell pikachu Is pikachu is kind of nothing compared To sidekick grinch over here He’s got a six-pack Okay just move on where am i going yeah Um I am totally yeah this is I wonder what these cells were just Holding holding cells probably Oh you could get up there later and i Can get you on the little porcelain Throne You’re gonna be your most visited room In this jail there’s a little armor in Here See this giant butcher knife cleaver She’s doing a ton of work here yeah wow Wouldn’t that be cool like if you were Actually a prisoner And this is where you came to prison It’s like decorated like this yeah this

Is like the happiest prison i’ve ever Been to Okay you’re in the dvd cell and you can Watch any film that you want Okay you killed two people but that’s Okay ghost is here So is river on the oregon express Perfect Twilight and if you’re not sick of the Grinch yet we have the grinch as well True lies people may not want to know This [ __ ] People may not want to know this [ __ ] What was that hello Did this just fall no No i don’t remember seeing that i don’t I just got a shot of this Oh my gosh and we were just joking Around too You would have shot that i think so yeah Prior So where would that have come from you Can even that’s interesting If that was the noise yeah we don’t know If that was yeah i That was loud though i think it Yeah you wonder that was loud was it That was Crazy actually i guess they don’t like Jokes Um you want to go this way this way yeah This is that Hallway oh there’s some upstairs right

Here Oh what do you want to do let’s go Lock down this one so we need to cover This Storage storage So this is like this is trippy back this This would be like A catwalk you know where you could be Able to go around and check on people It seems because oh look at this hallway When you come back It’s just a long hallway oh yeah it is i Know these lights it just looks kind of Imagine being in here on like acid or Mushrooms oh geez So this is just strictly to walk around To check Wow off your head geez look at this If i stand up straight i’m actually Touching it my sunglasses just cracked Well i’m kind of missing Okay here we go oh these things are Always cool to see Yeah wow this just already feels Weirder don’t you think this i think It’s the lack of well i think i think Actually right when you hit Here where i’m standing yeah it’s like i Can feel it’s Cold too way So we’re gonna go to the third story now No that’s your actual father Your real father’s Why are there so many yellow objects

Here Wow now the opposite is true um He’s definitely not i know he needs to Cut a little bit yeah anybody that knows Me personally outside of youtube and Stuff knows i love minions too so this Is Definitely going to take a photo so i Hate to burst your bubble on this one But i absolutely detest minions well i Hate them so much that i love them Really they’re just So terrible that they’re just crazy Minions sorry kids Never seen minion memes no i don’t look At memes Oh no i don’t know i’m an anti-memer Wow oh look at that i love the lighting In this place This is insane but it’s like almost with All the decorations it’s kind of hard to Tell What to what really like i have no idea What this room would have been If this were a prison like this this Would drive you maybe More crazy oh me definitely you know What i’m saying I’m assuming these are just cells here’s Oh you can see like a bed Almost down there you know like a metal Cot yeah this is Oh look at that one’s busted it’s kind Of creepy

Wonder what happened there I’m assuming this one will lead us Somewhere So we’re on what now what we’re on What do you think yeah it’s definitely Colder kind of just claustrophobic back Here really oh my gosh This is like almost uh that is eerie you Feel Look at that it’s a dark hole Oh man tell me the energy isn’t Thick right here yeah ooh ooh it almost Gives me chills And it is colder on here i get this Weird thing with my sinuses When i feel something let me get a shot Here This definitely Wow yeah this is heavier here this is I don’t know if it’s because it’s this Part oh it’s definitely significantly Colder Oh man so these are all really cells but They’re just They’re storage and i don’t know if this If this place can you open that door or Is that door open Or is it oh they got it’s that’s okay Doesn’t wire I don’t know if it’s the lack of Lighting in this area but This feels the weirdest to me so far This Yeah you can definitely see that oh

That’s creepy man Yeah i’ve got like a goose footy cone Goosebumps Goosebumps like i think wow oh What’s mr skellington i got a halloween Room over here This is a weird vibe in this part of the Prison Or jail Probably because it’s halloween theme This thing is supposed to be a mirror Right there it’d be creepy if you see a Reflection in there Yeah i think that’d be very creepy Especially if it’s your reflection This is almost i Almost feel not only heavy but i feel a Little darker You know what i mean like it’s just Darker in here it’s well it is dark Technically but i mean it just feels Sidewise Energy wise to me this is A trusty tank trusty tank what is a Trustee Trustee why are they in a tank Weird this oh sorry what Oh my god literally i saw this thing And i thought it was an animal I really did this she had like a raccoon Or something coming out I looked over it oh my god Jesus man jokes aside this definitely I would think down here i think this is

It that’s It this just gives me kind of ominous oh Look at this control panel Oh we did that we’re circled back okay i Didn’t really realize i was looking at The minions yeah I couldn’t even see what was going on With all these control panels that’s Super cool well what do you think I think after just walking through Top floor definitely weirdest to me yeah Down Downstairs i mean i think we want to Look at it but i didn’t i didn’t really That area where we’re here no this but This Little area right here here’s the area That we felt i mean downstairs is that The skunk yeah oh we gotta ask someone On that that was yeah Yeah not even really this side this is i Mean it’s got something to do with the Lighting too for me Yeah like look at this is not spooky and Then you kind of walk This is like to me the only really Creepy part of this place Yeah it just feels well it’s definitely More Back to the original kind of feel you Know But definitely this is um this is a Darker right here I can is that water it is water look out

But yeah let’s uh i guess let’s do the Interview now Yeah you ready yep that’s right okay Hi i’m jeremy janz and i’m sonya Martinez We’re here at the texas jailhouse also Known as the historic anderson county Jail We decided to buy this building after Adventuring a lot of these abandoned Properties around here for its deep rich History Tons of paranormal activity and just Good old deep root texas history yeah we Love palestine we love Being able to you know preserve and Restore A building that has been here since you Know 1939 the original joe was here Uh we love palestine it’s definitely A destination town for tourism and we Want to keep people coming back it’s Also a paranormal hub There are lots and lots of stories Of paranormal activity in these old Buildings just two blocks away Uh is a cemetery with 60 000 people Buried in it And our population is 18 000. So for us the fun twisted twist of all This is that we live In this building so once was a jailhouse For those that didn’t want to be here And now it’s a jailhouse for those that

Forever can’t escape and for us who love Sharing that space Well y’all want to go inside come on in Lock you up and lock it i like that So we do a christmas event and uh It’s called the grinch’s lair and Thousands of people come through in November and december to see the grinch Locked up Here in the jail so you get to see some Of our decorations But it doesn’t seem to keep the ghosts Away in fact a lot of people like to Believe that they interact with Different objects when the energy Changes the energy changes Everywhere in this place so in different Floors different levels Spaces rooms you’ll get a vibe Everywhere we go So come on cruise through with us The original gel keys something about This gel is it was keyed by the same Company that re-keyed alcatraz And they still have the codes for them So if we lost keys or needed keys for Any of these doors we can You know call them and send them our Deed to prove that we do own the gel And they will cut us a new key but They’re very very expensive This is a classic object that a lot of People who do investigations Want to come utilize feel like there’s

Something connected to them A lot of times when they’re going Through the catwalk which we’ll go to Next once we go upstairs there’s been Images of Cowboy sheriff jailers walking through Using these as You know a medium essentially to bring Them and call them out So there’s the good the bad and the ugly Up in here Those things are gnarly they’re weapons Yeah Hold on to those for your investigation Yeah oh thank you So welcome to the staircase aka toxic Snowflakes it’s what happened when Pollution happens folks so It’s everywhere that’s why they glow so This is uh If you want to come over there and we’ll Show you this this is an interesting Part of the gel We did have someone from the history Channel come in And he looked at this and he says he’s Not sure how many Uh are still working or even exist in The united states and Basically it’s a chain crank system to Shut all the doors i’m going to see if i Can Get some power behind it You would move these around to you know

Decide which door you wanted to open or Shut As always come on in you’re welcome Crew’s in So we call this the cage every room in Here we’ve had to name Just so we know what we’re talking about And this would have been general holding Cells there’s four Cells in here with bunk beds and The shower which would be on the other Side of there They would eat their meals here of Course this is where the grinch does all Of his gambling So uh we really love incorporating the Gel Into the stories that we tell here the Fictional stories And you know the true life stories and For us with the paranormal A lot of it started right here in this Space We started doing evp sessions we’ve had Teams from all over come in And before we did the cleanup Restoration of all of this It was raw dirty grime It felt like it was abandoned which Essentially it was And we would sit at this table with People from All over and hear voices like who in That

Room and footsteps just for a little Comedy relief we’ll share a quick story Where we’re all sitting around this Table and for those of you out there Who’ve done evp sessions we’re all Intently listening and we’re just like Jamming And someone says do you hear that what i Think i hear footsteps Alright everybody let’s listen dead Silence Footsteps jump up run Whatever all of a sudden this lady Swears she hears footsteps and It was just someone walking around the Building who scared the crap out of us Couldn’t find the footsteps but bro they Were there like Afterwards we heard all kinds of Activity and the doors creaking and Swinging right from this table Wow so this is kind of a central point Of activity this area yeah we’ve gotten A lot of bvps in this area and not as Many Uh like apparitions but um it is a good Space especially When you get all the lights turned out And you sit here You can hear a lot you know especially Just because it’s kind of open around These jail cells you know and there’s a Cat walk and We’ll take you there soon walk over here

You want to Tell them about what we heard yeah That well i thought you read it so we Were just in this room And we heard a crash like a big noise And yeah we have an okay we’re like and It’s like It’s over there and i think it’s that Yeah Was this skunk always laying down there Or where would that have because we Heard a really loud noise come from this Area and we walked over and we were like We didn’t want to we didn’t want to um What do you think is that skunk has Like that’s what his channel is known For like we don’t fake anything like Yeah If it’s not there it’s a yeah kind of a Boring episode exactly That’s the way it is it’s mostly about Debunking yeah What it could be you know we had Somebody in last week who You know doing some film scouting and so I walked around picking up Everything i know that wasn’t there Um it definitely belongs in this area But Uh that’s interesting it’s very Interesting it’s strange Yeah anyways this is where the shower Would have been the shower was for you Know all of these sales they would have

To come out and shower In front of everybody another little fun Fact about showers for all you people at Home that Love to you know maybe have a tough day Right and hopefully you don’t take it Too far like some of these people But what it is is if you can see in here Come on in so the way the shower is Designed with the shower head Right here is that it’s designed So that you can’t hang yourself on this Wow Now there’s a few other spots inside the Jail where I’ll show you where there’s been Indications of people who actually hung Themselves in various cells But they designed these so that ideally You don’t decide to hang yourself in This shower wow so you might have a Tough day but you know you might want to Get one the shower heads You can’t choose the shower man That now we’ll show you inside here yeah When you walk around you’ll notice There’s some of these hooks Right now in a lot of Other modern facilities it’s not common To have these types of objects where Once again they try to present Prevent people from doing any harm to Themselves but we’ve had Plenty of stories where people would tie

Themselves Off here and actually decide to try to Either in their life or were successful In ending their life by Hanging from these objects really Confirmed stories yes from Past deputies or sheriffs one of our Favorite parts about What we’ve done here is that the oral History is Rich there’s people who’ve had family Members who either worked here Or had friends that worked here And we’ve had an opportunity to speak to A lot of those people And was this an actual hook where Somebody would have Taken their own life or are there Specific ones that you guys know about We don’t have specific ones they’re The stories we hear are usually on the Third floor When you get to the third floor you’ll See the cells are a little bit more Closed off versus these bars here where You can see where a jailer can walk the Catwalk Monitor and police this general area So it’s less common what you would see In these areas for privacy though Is they would tie fabric up on the bars To help Hide themselves whether it was in bed or You know around the cell itself but

Oftentimes they take that down so it’s More common That they would have a hanging up on the Third floor Wow and what kind of that’s where we Really feel yeah that’s the energy up There before we felt We were talking on camera how that’s Like the heaviest to us And what kind of prisoners would have Been in this area This would have been general holding you Might have been in here for a couple of Days or a couple of weeks Um not probably longer than a month or Two here Or then you would be moved to the third Floor the trustee tanks And this was short-term Holding in this area the drunk Tank though is actually on the first Floor It’s a room that you’ll see a door in The lobby Later on when you guys walk around You’ll see the door right behind where It says grinch’s lair And we had the good fortune of learning That that was actually the drunk tank Through our rehabilitation of this Building Whenever you start to hook up water you Try to run and check all of your pipes And

You know for those of you out there in Texas you know what that’s like right Now and Everywhere else you know i’m sorry if You bust pipes well We’re checking pipes all of a sudden That cell starts flooding water Go to check a valve tried to shut it off There’s a hole in the ground Thought it was a drain turns out that’s Actually the toilet And we got to learn that from one of a Past Family deputy members who quickly Informed me that all that deliciousness That Flowed up was from the drunk tank so So vomit yeah there’s there was goodies Man oh Man This is the uh this is the only woman’s Tank Probably for until the 70s When they moved all the women downstairs If they had women in jail But this has four cells in inside we use It for storage right now A lot of times i think in prison current County facilities you’re going to hear The term pods Pods are a lot more common in newer Builds tanks are going to refer To these spaces that essentially are This communal space

And this was that communal space it’s The only cell that actually has four Bunk beds Which is minimal compared to apparently All the bad boys out there or bad girls Yeah here they are this is so we can’t Get in here right now it was painted Pink when we walk around i’ll show you The mesh Uh it held a famous prisoner that was Here his name was monty allen delk And he was executed in huntsville in 2002. He was kind of like a craigslist killer Of his time where he would answer ads Uh put in the paper for people selling Things and He would murder them you know when he Would go to meet them to purchase these Items And he killed his last three people in Anderson county And uh he was a very unsavory character Had a lot of mental health issues he Wouldn’t bathe he didn’t bathe for two Years They he started digging away at the Mortar Uh you know on the walls and so it’s got Steel plates on all the walls and extra Mesh on the bars because he would reach Out try to grab the deputies Walking by and he would listen he was Very intelligent he would listen to

Their conversations and then taunt them About the things they talked about Whether it was family Or people that you know that were close To these Uh prison guards or you know the Sheriffs So serial killer cereal was held in here Essentially well also um henry lucas Was questioned in anderson county and he Stayed the night in the jail while they Were Questioning him and of course there were Other cases that were more important And you know with more evidence around The state and so They moved on wow and so you just can’t Get in here Not not at the moment all our Decorations apologize Holly jolly i really wanna i can slip my Camera through there and get a shot On the inside because that’s yeah that’s Badass Dude this this right here when you look At these These just if you want to get a shot These are actually The anchors that are holding the steel Plated wall On the other side which is specifically Installed like sony was saying for Monty allen dell really they put these In just for him

Just for him wow because he was just Digging out digging holes so We learned that when we saw this this Room over here Was truly Right your isolation okay So initially the thought was The bolts maybe padded room Space something no that is all for steel Plated wall on the other side right There This as you can see is approximately Seven by six and No windows nothing no toilets this was Just the whole Wow no doors and no way out Where’s that from action reference nice So right now of course it’s decorated But this is the elevator shaft and in The 1879 Gel this is where the the gallows would Have been In this area and of course Uh it hasn’t been used the elevator it Wasn’t used hardly any at all When we bought the building but the Subpump in the basement had when they Shut off the electricity it flooded And circuited out the board and so we Still haven’t been able to use our Elevator But one day so this is How many executions would have happened Here any idea

It’s hard to tell it you know it really Is hard to tell I through my research in history I i found four And that’s just from we’re talking uh 1879 to you know the 1900 and in one of these houses there is A photo of the last public hanging in Town but it wasn’t in the jail It was right on the courthouse square Across the street and i believe Still some of the trees that were used At that time are still on the square The hanging trees This is legitimately what we have done For Like so many years went through this Catwalk Backwards a number of times so here we Are Visitation’s kind of blocked so you Can’t really show them But if you do do something up here This was the visitation space uh For the inmates and the family would Have been on the other side So sonia’s continuing around the Strange filling walking around the Catwalk It’s just a heavy feeling that i get Especially around some of the corners And As you come around and go ahead and come

And you can see it’s very long You know hallway and i’m always i always Think i’m going to see something At the other end walking by and Hasn’t happened to me yet why do you Think that is that you guys get a heavy Feeling here I’m not sure what it is right here i Think it could be connected to where This is in the building And where we get activity up on the Third floor is usually Right here in this space so i’m not Really sure if it’s a residual energy That just keeps playing over and over And just feels heavier For some reason in this spot I believe this was also the segment Of the catwalk that we had another Paranormal team Say that they saw a shadow figure Walking down this section Of the catwalk so it could be someone You know with that residual energy From the life that they led and this was Their life Here you know watching these people so As you can see You can see the whole cage area for me That was The way that they monitored this this Would have been How You could have sprinted off

The facility to help protect different Segments So they could isolate different parts of The jail at different times for various Reasons We’re coming up there you guys yeah and This is the cell we were just talking About monty island where They had to put the re the the Reinforced steel And this um this mesh bar up here we We’ve taken the bottom part off right There but it was mesh all the way down Just to keep him from reaching out He would lunge at people when they walk Through There were even stories that he would be Looking out the windows at cars For license plates and various Information and try to get information On Deputies or family members just to Antagonize Wow what a real Dirtbag Is that original yes this is original of Course i added the glitter But i i’ve wanted to paint over it Several times but my family says no Don’t do it so this is the original it Looks fairly crude Yeah it is it is i actually have never Taken a measuring tape to see if it’s

Actually accurate But it’s really cute when the kids come In and hit their little booking shots During one of our events let’s stay from Six foot Still there yeah there you are Wouldn’t give me half an inch or like 4 10. They wouldn’t give me that you got to Round up yeah for real so welcome back Full circle Right full circle These are all the gifts from family Members of inmates thanking us for Taking the place over This is uh Right here it’s a tank it would i think It’s the sea Tank up here would be trustee tanks People Who are here two to four years they Might get privileges To either to go out and work in the Community or they would go down to the Kitchen downstairs And they would cook mills and um you Know just Keep the facility running or they were Here Long term i have read letters that have Been left over That were written to the judge asking For

Uh help one guy had a an inmate Or a a gel you know a cellmate who Hadn’t seen a judge in nine months uh He’d been up here for nine months he Didn’t speak english and He was trying to help his cell mate out I can’t imagine being up here for nine Months and Never getting out you know or your Family not knowing where you are Wow yeah there’s Seven cells that would hold you know Okay so originally this was a bathroom It would have had a sink and a shower it Does it’s just heavily decorated right Now But um you’ll walk around and made it Into a cave Okay so originally this was a bathroom It would have had a sink and a shower it Does it’s just heavily decorated right Now But um you’ll walk around and made it Into a cave However this is a very significant part Of You know the paranormal teams when they Come in here We’ve had three separate teams Um you’ll come on out here three Separate teams Take a photo of the same apparition On different nights different years the Apparition would have been

Right here uh and it is all the same It’s a a taller man with a cowboy hat Um and it’s kind of a silhouette and it Would just be Right here and actually i feel When we come into this area i Immediately feel the heaviness It’s a different temperature um I always feel like i’m being watched up Here there’s something here And i’m not this is the hardest room for Me to decorate when i’m decorating There’s things that always go wrong i Either Fall or i get burned really bad with hot Glue i’ve Run you know hit things and bump my head I don’t like working in this room that’s Crazy because He and i were saying that this is the What we felt was the most Like price everybody you have the whole Building sure That’s somebody who comes up here even Even when we’re having our holly jolly Christmas and there’s hundreds of people That come through thousands of people Come through They’ll come down and they’ll be like What’s up with the third floor Left side they feel it it’s something Here The forest is strong in this room you Can feel it like genuinely yeah

Like it’s such a thick it is thick the Thickness is right the thickness The weight we’ve had volunteers come Down And they’ll have a little bruise on Their arm or they Broke like glasses or whatever else and Of course you check in to find out if They’re okay and for them they’re just Freaked out that something rip glasses Off their face or grab their arm Really some kind of physical stuff here We’ve Had different people who’ve had those Experiences and It’s pretty wild it’s pretty interesting When you know you cross them and you see It in their face you know it’s an Emotional experience for them Interesting enough uh i got a letter we Get letters all the time that are meant To go to the other jail and we’ll Forward those but i got a letter from A prison uh an inmate in another prison It was for me and The man was telling me that he had been Incarcerated here Um for a while and he explained exactly Where he was And he had i guess i read a newspaper Article about us and just wanted to let Us know That our building is haunted because he Was here

And he was actually in the cell back Here Locked in the cell and apparitions would Come in and visit him Several different ones versus Fitting that it’s a halloween room but This would have been the cell that he Was in and he was talking about when he Wrote about And he even wrote to a judge He told the sheriffs and that you know He was being haunted in this room and It was very real and very scary for him But of course i mean what can they do And what did he say he was experiencing Or seeing He said there was a child that he saw Regularly and then just uh I believe the letter said that he saw Spirits Basically so in this room in this room Being can you imagine being locked in a Jail cell and Away from everybody else and spirits are Just walking beside you when you’re Trying to sleep And you can’t escape you can’t escape so That was Wow that was something and that was Right Yeah this guy was saying here right here Some of the other stories have also been Told about the third floor Is when they shut this facility down as

A county jail They actually turned it into a juvenile Detention facility They didn’t utilize this third floor Space so much as they did The second floor other than Sending the people who were hardcore Delinquents Giving everybody a hard time just Troublemakers They’d send them up here and this was The spot that they would just let them Stay for the night and every time They came back down reform just asking Not to be put Up in this space because there was Something there Something watching them and they just Could not handle it they just Wanted to be back on the second floor That was right here in this cell Wow specifically the third floor but This is definitely The cell i do not spend a whole lot of Time up here Because of the field just the bill and Like i said earlier it’s you know i’m an Artist and i try to make things come Together You know just really kind of Spontaneously but It always goes wrong while you make your Way through some of these spaces if you Do decide to come and

Like sit up here you’ll want to just Take note Of some of these you know objects for You know james howard and have no idea Who He is but you’ll see carvings in Various spots all of it totally Authentic Strange Something that sonia was mentioning About the ceiling is If you look up right up here You’ll notice you’ll see joey Joey’s kind of a legend around here we Asked for him Don’t know him can’t find the history on Him but When you look close it’s all smoke it’s All soot So there was a time where you could Smoke in jail right Well what they decided to do is they Would take The paper towel cores were very [ __ ] And the story is that they’d light them And they would gently layer them You can see some signs of it right here Individual smoke circles Until they spelled out their name or Message whatever it is that they wanted To share while they were up here And that’s all throughout the facility All these smoke words So this is the one of the only cells

That has a shower a bathroom That can be separated from the general Population Law enforcement who can you know Committed crimes Were put up here um actually if you Walk in you can actually see where Up here while they were putting the Reinforced steel Uh downstairs on the second floor uh They put monty allen delk in here so he Was in here For a little while and there’s a story Was that his signature That was no crazy you can go to youtube There’s actually an audio of a Reenactment Of when he was executed because the Things he said were Were very you know they were crazy Really crazy monty allen this was one of The cells that he was held I mean just the jail in general he was Held here for two years Until his trial was over and then he was Sent to huntsville And death row yeah death row and Executed in 2002. One other story that at times we Love to share is this gentleman jerry J e r y right Story about this guy was actually he Wasn’t known to be a really bad guy You know he was married he was local

Law enforcement i believe and What happened was they owned an Establishment Came home wasn’t supposed to be home his Wife was having some Extra marital relations and he decided To get the shotgun and shoot her When he shot her apparently he called Turned himself In said he killed his wife they came to Get him And they put him in this cell to isolate Him from All the other prisoners because he knew Lawyers He knew judges he was involved with law Enforcement so they wanted to keep him Safe But what happened to jerry was when they Put him in here It was his own little isolation he Essentially lost his mind when that Happened Story was they had a hard time getting Him to eat for almost a year Everything just snapped for him that day When he shot his wife And this is where he stayed that’s his Carving That’s his carving right there so you Got two killers carvings In the same little cell that’s crazy Wow you got one who’s a crime of passion And one who’s just serial killer

Crazy man love hurts The first night we moved in my daughter She was a teenager We were walking into our kitchen area It’s a huge kitchen It’s where they made all of the meals For uh everybody who stayed in the jail And The inmates and as i walked into the Kitchen I saw an apparition on the other side Walked past the door i stopped It was small it was a child and My daughter was like what what and i Didn’t want to terrify her On our first night living in the jail And so i was like nothing nothing So that was my first experience with an Apparition in the jail was the first Night that That we we moved in the other one that You’ve described to me Was something on the bed this building Is 12 000 Square feet of solid concrete and steel Nothing’s gonna move And our bed i felt something You know sit at the end of the bed and You know you feel it Go down and that happened I i’ve actually seen spirit animals Uh in the gel a couple of times i’ve Never even heard of them And i saw a dog and like there’s a dog

In the gel And went around the corner and there was Nothing whispering I was up on the third floor and i heard Footsteps It was really late i was working and Nobody was up there and Her footsteps and then i i heard Whispering and It didn’t really bother me at first but Then i heard multiple whisperings And i was like they’re conspiring Against me and i’m so far away And i ran down the stairs i’m like i’m Done for the night Just the feeling somebody’s watching you Or following you Sometimes in the gel happens so for me It’s slightly different you know i’m a Believer in All kinds of possibilities and realities And i’ve spent so much time in this Building working on So many components whether it be Climbing under the building Where if you climb under this building There is the remains Of the 1800s jail where you can see the Bricks and the footers And all these interesting artifacts like Possum skeletons you know whatever that Is i just don’t want to come across any Of those animals but it is freaky down There

And when your light goes out it’s a real Life scary story trying to get out of it But That weight you know of being under this And the history that was there Has been an interesting experience for Me so i tried to troubleshoot Everything whether it was a creek a door Any of that We did walking tours to the cemetery and We’d go to the cemetery Come on back and it’s a bit of a walk I’d say we cover easily over a mile mile And a half depending on how far people Want to go into the cemetery And these older i call them biker ladies Just the way they are To me they have these leather jackets And they whip out these walkers one of Them And i’m nowhere are they making it to The cemetery and upstairs Well sure enough these ladies were bad To the bone man they came in This place after doing the walk and Rarely do you get people that want to Call on serial killers or Murderers or demons you know I’m cool to go you know r a little bit But these ladies wanted to go full Throttle and they just wanted to pull Their hair And like slap them and we had a Flashlight on the counter and it was

Standing Essentially upside down to block the Light and all of a sudden It just starts spinning it just starts Rotating The energy in the room completely Changed one of those moments where i Look over at sonia And i started to get that sickness Feeling And i thought to myself i don’t know That i’m comfortable with this And the laser grids all of a sudden You’ll see them around here The dots they’ll use them to try to see If something breaks the light all of a Sudden these little dots Start spinning and swirling in this one Little segment I had about enough i just shared with Them it’s all good You can ask for anything but if we could Keep the demons out of it And us not getting slapped or hair Pulled i’m all in And it stopped after that and then Immediately changed but really kind of a Curious freaky sort of moment that I personally can’t explain and i do that Diligently to try to figure out what’s Going on The third floor where the shadow person Is and then the only other experience I’ve had that i couldn’t explain

Is again back to that third floor It feels really strange like something Is constantly watching you And we spent long late nights and i’ve Looked out you’ll see one of the tiny Windows up there that Someone seemed like they were watching Me and at that time I just tell them it’s all good i’m here You’re here You’ve been here you’re not going Anywhere i’m not trying to join you Right now So let’s just keep it cool it’s all good It’s our home Much love going downstairs my kind of Final question what’s it like Actually living here in a haunted Jail because you know people are gonna Look at this and go oh these guys living In the haunted jail i would never do That You know but you guys seem very happy And kind of content working here What’s it like first of all it’s an Above ground fallout shelter And it was actually annotated as that so It’s solid i don’t worry about Hurricanes Don’t really worry about anybody trying To break into a gel Like you would you know if you have a Home um Also it’s uh we’ve i’ve worked really

Hard and he’s worked hard to Make our living space we turned offices Into bedrooms And make it as comfortable and feeling Like home As possible even though we have all of This up Above us we don’t come up here every day And And you know we have regular lives and Jobs and so you know it’s easy to forget That there’s a lot of paranormal Activity going on upstairs And it’s easy to you know ignore it when You’re just living your Life you know except on those rare Occasions where you know you might cross Paths with this residual energy And and makes you go hmm things that Make you go hmm I love it we’ve all come to really love It And initially when the idea was proposed There’s no doubt that you got some Sideways stares and looks and All that that comes along with saying Hey i want to live in jail Not quite everybody’s norm or cup of tea So to speak But for me and our Family that’s been here and experience And friends that have come through It’s been nothing but magical Essentially it’s a massive

Playground from the living to those that Are still here with us And you know the spirit realm or Afterlife But for us it’s energy And it’s positive energy that we bring And there’s a lot of harsh kind of maybe Even residual negative energy that’s Been here But we like to believe that we are a Part of its history now We have forever changed the history so For us it Just adds to the story in the depth and The experiences we’ve had so Even having you here for us is why we Got the jail And over the years we’ve gotten a lot of Love and we appreciate the fact that People are now sharing stories that they Wanted to come in They wanted to see where their family Members were locked up people passing Through who just want to see history And we open that up with an open heart And an open mind And having people like you come in and Shed new light and new perspective Is something that we’ll forever cherish And y’all ever get creeped out in here Yes you do still yes Yes yes yes how often like what what What really happens i guess to kind of Creep you out nowadays since you’ve seen

So much I still don’t like the third floor um And It’s just a feeling that’ll happen Randomly i could be up here working for Hours And you know bring along a little Television and watching a movie while I work on my art and all of a sudden I’ll hear something or something will Move or i’ll just get this overwhelming Feeling that somebody’s behind me And you guys would recommend living in a Haunted jail to people A haunted gel a historic home an Old building that you might not even Consider making into a home They all need love and restoration and Preservation and If you have that kind of um you know Energy or Ambition we highly suggest it yes America we have somewhat of a short History and Everything’s moving so fast nowadays i Think it’s time for us To celebrate the structure the past The building and if you have that Opportunity Save it it’s absolutely a living Structure And being if you don’t occupy these Spaces if they don’t breathe and get air Flow and taken care of

It dies it falls apart it’s a natural Cycle of All things if you have the opportunity Save it Save history celebrate it share it any Final words Uh i’m so curious as to what’s going to Happen to you guys tonight when you Investigate Be careful be careful i’m a spooky omen With him you never know i’ll just say Thank you for being here thank you for Joining us and if i don’t meet you in This life i’ll meet you in the next Bad ass guys that’s it So Okay guys so it’s about 10 15 10 30 right now we ate dinner took a Break And jeff and i are back in the building And we actually already Went upstairs and set up two static Cameras and some investigation equipment We’re gonna start the investigation Right away because we were feeling very Creepy On the third floor almost like someone Was walking right behind us Do you want to grab the connect yep i’m Going to grab is that Everything yeah all spirit boxes over There You’ll notice that it is eerie

Okay everybody so just to start this Investigation off i want to remind Everybody that we have a patreon this is My full-time job and if you guys want to See More videos with bigger locations and More scope like more interviews more People that we feature more Interesting spots please consider Becoming a patron it’s a small Donation every month there’s a brand new Episode A full-length investigation from los Angeles from an abandoned nazi ranch That’s going to be uploaded there in the Next day or two Please consider becoming a patron Anyways there’s my little business Field it would really help us out a lot This is a full-time gig and takes a lot Of work Tonight we are here at the texas Jailhouse it’s one word Formerly the anderson county jail here In anderson county Um we’re in palestine texas and as you See right here I got my yellow sweatsuit on my Champions If it would have been orange it would Have been fitting almost like an inmate Uh outfit but we’re gonna start this off Right away We’ve got a k2 meter that i’m going to

Give to jeff once we get in there Our static camera set up right in there If i remind you guys from That is a cell that was once inhabited By an infamous serial killer From the area he killed three people in Anderson county he was eventually Executed at huntsville Which is where the state prison is death Row in texas is located there We’ve got the actual old jailhouse keys Right here we’re going to start this off By calling out to this Do you hear something i’ve been hearing A few things actually Also got to add into people online There’s no light in here it’s literally Pitch black because the windows are Basically sealed in So when we’re in here it’s like Really dark compared to other Investigations To anybody who is here in the county Jail I just want to let you know that tonight There are no guards They’re gone there are no wardens No sheriffs no police officers there’s No one here to stop you from doing Whatever you want to do I have the keys right here and My dad and i are not police officers But we’re going to let you out of your Cells so when i crank this wheel and

When i open up This jail door i want you all to leave Your cells and come over and follow our Voices and talk to us tonight So come on out As you can see in here we’ve got our Static camera set up rolling Let’s get this thing started We’re gonna do infrared in a second but Is there anybody in this part of the Jail with us Can you knock on something or move Something to let us know where you are I feel like i keep hearing a lot of Movement from Over there what do you think well when You were talking there were behind me i Kept looking to the left i don’t know if You noticed That’s back behind me yeah should we Just leave this here and go Walk through the camera yeah how about You know you want to go oh look at this Thing by the way okay Look at steady K2 is reading steadily at 2 which means either way there’s a solid Em signal in here which spirits could Use to manifest Okay if there’s any energy Hopefully they can push these bobs over Walk through Pitch black so since this area that

We’re in You can see we’re still with these cells Um is actually bordered by the catwalk Area Which is a big uh What would you call it a walkway yeah Passageway Goes all the way around these cells and It’s open so you can see in here so we Can hear what’s happening in here and Basically see it So we’re going to walk through the Catwalk because that’s where people Have seen shadow figures had different Weird experiences And we’re going to do it in the pitch Black which is kind of spooky but You ready yep i’m ready how are you Feeling tonight Uh i feel like there’s a lot of energy Again here You know again talking about how places Feel empty this does not feel empty i Mean No in that room even you know and we Have to go to the third floor that’s Just where it’s scary to me yeah Honestly It’s it’s i mean right now i just felt Like my whole body Got goosebumps you know did you hear That What bumps you know did you hear that One

Bumps you know did you hear that what I’m getting that sounded inside wow it Sounded like a Sh i just got a killer pain in my Gum all the way up through my mouth like The root of my [ __ ] tooth Ah i like i could feel it my sinus on The side That pmf oh yeah let’s get stopped now The k2 stopped oh there okay Oh what right and then what’s Can you make that light up more go more Just show us you’re here come on It’s like we keep hearing like noises Like Outside like in the catwalk area Keep going It’s strong you know It’s strong now okay catwalk Yep let’s do it you want me to go first Yeah screw this Oh god dude that’s cool Let’s just show him on camera you have a Flashlight yeah Here’s what we see guys and it’s not i’m Just trying to show you that this is Pitch black like Here’s the hallway we’re about to go Down that’s what we’re seeing Without the night vision like pitch Black And this is very creepy man And i do want to mention to people that I didn’t even think that this was going

To be That eerie in here when we initially Walked through And there’s like you know christmas Stuff around but i’m like Really kind of freaked out aren’t you Feeling that way i can kind of tell you Are too you know i am I’m not easy yeah that’s kind of a good Word for it Yeah i mean i haven’t really felt Anything intense Quite yet it’s just more upstairs the Third floor Definitely and there’s this heavy this Is Um you know let’s just i think it’s Going to start happening You know and don’t forget that there’s The potential for A serial killer who killed multiple People his spirit And then a guy who was a police officer Who sean killed his own wife jerry Yeah both of those to be here in Addition to the people that were hanged For their crimes on this property The other murderers that were here There’s a lot of like negative energy i Feel like in this building And he even said people got bruises okay Let’s do it jesus christ man Hello what come on Jesus i literally can’t see a thing okay

There’s a noise Oh my god dude This is very creepy What i was saying is look in front of You i know dude i am it’s painful it’s Literally completely pitch black Let me just show people dude i’ve never Been in a building this dark to Investigate like Literally i can’t i can’t even see my Own hand in front of me okay i’m feeling Something I’m feeling bad juju Oh that little bear scared me jesus you See that thing that looks like That is absolutely astounding how dark That is Is there anybody here with us right now Who’s here with us in the jail God i feel like there’s somebody behind Me dude Okay that was what was that I’m very freaking you gotta turn the Light off though jesus we’ve got to do This Did you kill somebody Gunshots what is that gunshots I don’t know i lost Gunshots outside seriously what the hell Man i literally am like freaked out man I thought none of these jails have been This intense There’s like everywhere in here well This is where

Somebody used to reach out and try to Grab people right yeah I haven’t even gone to the third floor i Swear they’ve seen the shadow man Got your light got your light on again i Know come over here Let’s just stand by your man i’m like I can bear well that is creepy Can you knock on something if you’re With us Can you do that again Jesus this is scary man it’s just like Raspberry the woman in black That’s the hallway right there that i Feel like is the most How about jerry are you here would he be Upstairs He could come down but Make a noise bang on the any any of the Jail Cell bars Hear that can you do that again I think that was inside here Oh i got like a really heavy feel Okay the rem pod just went off We let you out of your cells to roam Around Seems like you’re making some noise So Hello Did you kill somebody Okay was that you what there’s like a Knock

On a solid i’ve been staring at that i Swear to god it’s not a Foot in that blue light down there dude I’m expecting something to just Come running out of there this aren’t You I wish i would not me Jesus Yes oh I’ve got a ringing in my ears i just Have a big ringing in my left ear Let’s sit right here Serial killer’s cell is right there yep We know it’s see Jail your pen is right over here to the Left is that Yeah i’m gonna turn on the other oh There’s the That’s the elves the girls were there From the old Jail that came they hung right from that Shaft straight here What do you want to scrape like they Want to scrape here Like scrape us idol Do you feel idle in here trapped like a Prisoner Literally i have a toothache on both Sides of my mouth this side and this Side i can never Maybe it’s here man this is like bad Energy up here seriously Again can you give us your name on that Device that colin has in his hand

Just anybody who’s here give us your Name Jumped several did you jump several People and end up in this prison Cube like it’s like this is a cube right Here This is literally a cube a giant cube of Cells Is that how you ended up in this cube by Jumping several people People god People guys how do you People god again can you give us just One name There’s a lot of you here stan Stand yeah we’re sitting right now you Want us to stand Oh i oy Or tell me why you were in here is this Over the cell over here Can Ashes were you cremated become a little Warm Oh definitely smell something over here Human ashes we gotta look to see if the Serial killer By chance killed someone named pam That’s crazy Either way and his door is right there Human ashes See right here Hey did you go over here oh it’s cold Right here Okay i’m going to put my hand down here

You want to reach out and grab it Tell me if you’re in here Give me a sign that you’re you’re you’re Biased right here Did you kill someone named pam and burn Her body I’m feeling cold too man it’s really Cold like a breeze Like right here it’s like almost like an Electrical cold Can you look at me through the window in The door You kind of drew me over here there’s Got to be a reason Did you kill pam power What did that make you feel powerful When you killed pam i’ll put you closer To here I’ll put my hand down here it’s kind of Creepy actually Put your hand in students students Did you kill students You know this is so eerie Cover soul what Soul what could that possibly mean Like bury a body or something i was Thinking like put something and drape it Over a body Are you trying to tell us about your Victims Knock on his door okay time to come out Okay ready look at this i don’t know What i’ve been filming

I’m gonna knock on your door Come out this is maybe we should back up A little bit Yeah always You kill people i said always Are you killing people still now In the afterlife his soul will always Kill Do you want to kill us Iron iron Yeah this is iron is it Oh [ __ ] dude what do you want to Crack it open a little bit look yeah Iron like open iron door Is your soul in here Oh my god can you put your camera in There Are you in there say something Yeah i’m done i’m gonna close that’s a Little too intense Right now let’s see the spirit box for a Sec Oh window no no thank Window iron window Thank you oh we’re just just asking him To look through the window we were Looking on the window I was literally asking him to put his Face in the window and we opened the Door and he said thank you Sure you go look oh jesus out the window I guess i think we should look at the Window oh god

Oh man this is really scary What am i seeing over there What club grandfather Did he club we got to find out who he’s Killed You know what i mean like he could have Clubbed a grandfather to death Right mm-hmm maybe he’s ham Students or maybe a grandfather he could Even be saying he wants to club a Grandfather You know that could be his desire to Kill still because he said forever Always will kill Maybe he’s just so psycho he was always Attacking guards he’s just saying like I want a club a grandfather i want Malice He’s calling us chickens because we Didn’t walk over to them i think we got Maximum malice Towards us holy [ __ ] you think we’re Chicken We didn’t walk over to the door remember We stopped and kind of went Yeah maximum mellows towards us i am not A grandfather by the way oh This kind of shooting pain right okay Should we walk over to the window Yeah fresh batteries That says that’s so weird because i was Just looking at my battery and noticing How i only had two bars You think we need fresh look here’s the

Window I’m looking in jesus What cable finger weight cable What would that be it says finger Weight cable weight It’s cold right here too it’s cool over Here July 9 we should remember that There’s anything let me see just Weird i’m just trying to say Something else like alien it could be a Name too they’re trying to spell out Ow l something we could look at L mm-hmm we need to look at the Grandfathers Like poorer’s victims puncture What the hell bacon you know like does He want to stab a cop Like you know yeah it’s called police Pigs Are you saying you want to hurt a cop You know i kind of feel like Um almost like our last Kind of investigation where i think There’s like a lot of activities On that third floor you couldn’t even Hear the rim pod right now if it was Going off too Yeah i have no idea but i mean i kind of Don’t i mean that’s Kind of what i think we should they’ve Said as well you know like It’s the third floor i don’t know about You but i’m

Literally afraid to go upstairs That’s definitely it’s hard to describe I think it’s anxiety Yeah i have extreme anxiety about going Up there blaze Especially how oh Okay i don’t know what this should we Wait on this If there’s anybody down here i got so Cold all of a sudden do you Town pack blaze or is that just me What i’m like What the what the [ __ ] is that Dude what the [ __ ] is that That was a dog that was a dog dude what The hell Are you looking good wait a second Remember he said he saw a ghost dog on The Interview no he said that he said on This floor oh my god And i’ve literally just told you i got So i am freaking like What i’m like I’ve actually seen spirit animals Uh in the gel a couple of times i’ve Never even heard of them And i saw a dog and like there’s a dog In the gel And went around the corner and there was Nothing what I’m like Dude what the [ __ ] is that here Come on what the hell

That was a freaking dog Dude what the hell that came from Literally right behind you I know i almost don’t want to sit here This is just a Straight up wall dude like where would That even come from This is i mean oh my god that’s insane That was like a dog whining That was 100 a dog well that’s going to Be completely clear on here Have we ever caught someone like that Before what in the hell Honestly that was you thought you saw a Cat up here before i thought we were a Cat meow You know i heard a cat meow here in the Same area yes right here But that’s a freaking dog and look There’s a dog bone oh my god Is that why he put that here whoosh Come here buddy Come on out let’s play i got a bone for You I just can’t believe dude what in the Hell would that be Like honestly that you that’s going to Be that’s a freaking dog Have you heard it with our own ears i Didn’t i didn’t hear him Say that though on the ghost dog he 100 Look at dude a head puddle dude There’s a puddle over there of water Uh-huh

Look at that That’s what i’m saying remember she said Look out for this puddle There’s a puddle of water over there Over right over in the cell over there Man that is believably strange that we Just heard a dog Noise and then look at it okay a dog Display Right in front of us is that because he Saw the ghost dog here you said He said on yeah when we were sitting at The table that he saw a ghost dog But that’s what i mean then that’s what He’s got that’s why he’s putting that Stuff here that literally came Right here that is freaking insane man I’ve never heard something like that Never ever i mean i can’t even believe That almost happened I’m kind of afraid like where is that Like where is that It was up in there yeah up here up here Behind you Like up in this wall Okay yeah it’s cold there’s a breeze Right now what’s what’s And what’s what’s eerie is right before We heard that dog I was saying on camera that all of a Sudden i felt really cold i don’t feel That cold anymore all of a sudden but Free hair on my body was you know i Still have cold on now i’m getting cold

Yeah I feel cold okay but um How do you do that i’ve never freaking Encountered a damn Dog noise like that that’s just crazy to Me You know right when we were about to Sleep It sounded like i heard a little It was there like whimpers and then yeah More like a Just okay that’s going to be like a Really crazy Yeah you know An evp i guess that is one of the Clearest things I mean i mean that’s a complete Like a completely a dog whining clear I bet that’s gonna really show on the Camera and we’ve also been here like an Hour and we haven’t heard Any noise like that and we were here Doing the interviews and our walk Through Not a single noise like that come here Boy Come on buddy come on come on down here Sit on my lap come on Come on come here bud i have a pooch Named bentley Come on come on you can sit here Unless we want to go ahead the puddle I think we need to go upstairs maybe It’s moving over to there

Maybe Oh my god i’m also feeling so cold dude I was hearing once i swear i’ve heard Like footsteps upstairs like little Want to go up there but maybe okay Did you hear that that was like Oh i did hear something like that yeah I don’t not quite a growl I feel like sick all of a sudden yeah It’s It’s stuck it’s stuck on the head you See that It’s still the same a head puddle Can you say one more thing to us if You’re in here Before we move on to the second floor Let’s go upstairs and do the spirit box Okay You ready yep let’s go okay so we just Came in here to grab The equipment and look at the how do you Get this Oh what the hell okay well that’s okay Oh Look what Okay just ask let’s try are you here With us Can you step towards the k2 wow that was On a solid yellow There it is wow that is an extremely Powerful emf Field look at that that’s insane Can you make it go higher i’ve got a Headache on the right

Too same same right side of my head too Did somebody get punched here on the Right side of the head or get stabbed or Something I feel cold in the back of my neck well We’re going to go upstairs now and do a Spirit box in the most haunted part of The Jail oh it’s so cold Well my eyes are blurry and then this is Blurry the camera Why is this salt marine man I think that’s something to do with this Life I can’t remember a time when i was like Genuinely scared recently i’m like i Don’t Really want to be up here Well this is heavy you know this is just Like creepy up here Like oh yuck i’m Actually feeling like this is creepy in Here Okay guys This is your place up here massive Maximum Security holding you were held here Until you were Moved to huntsville where you were hung For for killing all the people you did Let us know you’re here I’m gonna put the keys i’ve got the Jailhouse keys Right here

I’m like really creeped out man what do You think of me Let’s go completely lights out for a sec Now let’s go in there and do this oh Just poked me in the back oh my god just A thing Man is it not a very different type of Silence up here You know i think because it’s so closed And that you just it’s It’s creepier than like you know Like a huge prison hello Jesus This guy’s just eerie Oh that’s the first okay Dude oh He’s crazy this is the room man yeah This is i really Don’t like him i got like a max i have a Freaking Headache here Do you not want us in here are you here Did you come down here Come on in come in the room Come in the room i’m gonna sit down for A sec run pod See that In here man the rim pod had not gone off I know right when we came here to this Room I think i’m i think can i try the Connector Yeah i mean just because we’re just here Oh

Okay so we’re now sitting in the room Where The owners of the jail They received a letter from an old Inmate who was actually In this room and this inmate said that While he was an inmate here at the jail He saw spirits in this room he was Tormented by the spirit of a young child And other different spirits and entities So i’m going to do the estes method i’m Going to put my Hood over my head cover my eyes and put These headphones on and just Read out the spirit box responses that I’m hearing While jeff asked the questions and i Won’t be able to hear his questions So that eliminates any sort of matrixing Dude the um k2 meter’s been liking off Here Yes Okay you ready Okay just tell me your name Or anyone who’s in here just give me a Name Help pieces I don’t give a sh oh i’m in shackles Okay what what um crime did you commit i Stole it So you stole it so you’re a thief what Else Tell me where you’re from Where are you from normal

Light the fire The reverend Demon You think there’s a demon in here they Nicked them Smell like smoke turn on them What did you steal the yellow suit Wow you stole a yellow Suit i know colin has a yellow Can you just say yes or no just Validate say yes or no either one Yes or no Either way okay so that’s yes or no It’s over On the floor how about just a name again Anybody’s name your doubt The oh you just said oh the women Okay I’ve literally just heard something in Here ago In the spirit box and i’m like Full body chills right now i was i’m So sad that that didn’t come through Actually out loud Well i was asking i was asking them just To say A name no yeah any name It literally was like calling Like like no no matrix thing at all I’m like freezing cold i’m very cool i’m Like Freezing cold like really i don’t even Want to do this anymore that was

Honestly what’s the really creepy to me Is there anything on that came up on the Thoughtless it just said Mad and news we were downstairs but Nothing up here okay that’s okay you Just Keep it it’s it’s like is there Something here That we have to explore that’s so Scary how would i even know my name Leaving here and said my name well It doesn’t really i don’t even could Have but it doesn’t really matter it’s Still if it said it Either way what do you think we should Do i don’t know it’s so Quiet in here ah this place really gives Me the Middle east well i brought the You know the sls camera yeah why don’t We do the Sls out there Here we go It’s really hitting okay are you on Okay did you not want us to leave So we can leave And like you said how come this is like I don’t get it Like what’s happening makes no sense What are the odds dude what are the odds Did you make that die just now Oh i’m kind of oh my My ears ringing again oh these

Cigarettes going this way These cells freak me out i think it’s Like Let’s go over here they’re not touching The rump Oh yeah you’re right Are you gonna follow us back in here Again Are you here oh man i am like literally I’m like my whole body is just Tingling are you here Show yourself Okay i’m editing this video right now Holy [ __ ] I cannot believe that i just heard that Voice in that clip I literally had to whip my phone out to Give you guys my reaction here because That was extremely clear i knew that Those dog sounds were in this video but Jeff and i were standing right next to Each other here and i guess neither of Us heard that Because of the rem pod i’d wow that’s Freaky man Are you here show yourself Are you here show yourself Are you here show yourself Wow that is so weird that was crazy just When we come here What’s up with that let me look in here Ah wow my Hair got caught in something look at That there’s one of my hairs oh it is

It’s got cut in there Did you come in here because we’re going To leave We’re leaving you’re going to show Yourself you better do it now He looks sweet let me get a shot of that He certainly looks very creepy on that Though She’s giving me like a slenderman vibe Yeah Imagine just seeing that on like a blank Hallway right Yeah that would be creepy let me see Here come this way Hello It’s kind of weird to walk by this chair Look at this door I know this is just a creepy Wing is there anybody In this area with us Now’s the time to let us know you’re Here right this device will show you if You just come out Come on your door and stand And look it didn’t go off that time when You walked by it Looks like a face right there it is That’s weird Gotta handle here Are you in here Show yourself Are you out there All of a sudden there’s so many taps out There

I think it made me get out of this room Or something here yeah i’m just gonna Get a wider shot to try to You know i just kind of think there’s Something here We have no camera left anymore should we Walk through this hallway Sure Oh Oh what the hell what Is there anybody in here anybody here From back there now Did you follow us here Let’s just call it a night i’m honestly Exhausted Yeah okay guys so we’ve been using the Sls for a while All of our different devices and it’s Super late we’re both exhausted We feel like we got more than enough Evidence that we needed The dog was crazy four hours yeah it’s Been a very long Shoot interview day but Thank you to everybody who came out Tonight And please do not follow us back to our Hotel Well i think the interesting part just To say one thing is that Dog just like a dog I mean you sound like a slimer like evp We’ll catch up with you guys in the Morning but for now

This is our goodbye to the texas Jailhouse Hello