ALIENS? (Interview with the Alien Girl)

By | March 23, 2021
ALIENS? (Interview with the Alien Girl)

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict i know what you’re Thinking Because i’m i’m looking at it and i’m I’m thinking that this It’s not a good look you know There was a sticker um on my hat And it’s been on this hat for Quite some time now and people keep i’ve Lost the sticker It’s gone like he’s fine the sticker’s Gone anyway I finally removed it and realized that i Need to wash my hat But without further ado We have none other than alien girl one One one And there is not many we’ve just been Talking about this there’s not enough Females in ufology I can’t say ufology but aliengo111 Amy welcome to the channel Thank you so much for having me ollie I’m a huge fan Well i’m a fan of you Know i’ve seen i i’ve seen you in the Chat and this was this was Months and months ago probably a year Ago or something it was During the last lockdown and i was Thinking who is this This alien girl for some reason i Thought that’s a channel I clicked on it and i watched a few

Episodes I don’t watch many long episodes because I just don’t get time with with the kids And what have you Uh i spoke to rich about this like he Says have you seen my latest episode Like I haven’t seen it rich yet but i will Get around to it’s just You know it’s like you you try to to Catch up on everything But you’re talented and you you taught You Talk in fact no why am i introducing Your channel Introduce it oh okay well hi guys if you Haven’t checked out My channel my channel is aliengirl111 And i am the host of that show amy That’s my name obviously Uh the channel really came about During a lot of time at home A lot of isolation a lot of Looking in the face of uh mortality a Lot of Hey man if you don’t do it now when are You gonna do it And uh then i came up with the show and I just started with like i was like you Know it’s super easy i’ve got all these Thoughts in the top of my head zimbabwe Bam let’s do a video life on venus bam We’ll talk about valiant thor Sometimes i just go on and start ranting

About whatever but that That was before there was so much Structure the show has a lot more Structure and i enjoy that I enjoy so now this time i spend it and I do only One hour and 11 minutes just because i’m Weird like that I like angel numbers and then um I always have like a twitter poll and Then i go through All of the news articles i’ve seen Specifically that week Or a ufo sighting that actually makes Sense to me that actually i’m like okay We need to talk about This ufo sighting um and i like to put The picture together especially if you Look at the news Over the course of a week you start to See how like the reality of a slow drip Disclosure is Actually kind of makes sense So yeah yeah check it out guys go Subscribe aliengirl111 Hit the notification bell when i go live I also like to listen to techno music Well while i deliver the ufo news yeah i Know it’s that I i like a bit of techno now again and And there’s a good track That there that you’ve managed to get And you’re getting away with using it I don’t know what it’s i don’t know what

I’m doing on the channel though you know And i I i i don’t know so I’ve done it before on different streams On different channels that are monetized With the same sort of licenses and I haven’t been hit with it yet but you Never know till you know So i’m having fun with it whatever um Yeah that’s stuff i’ll think about if if And when i’m totally doing this for fun And i’m not i’m not gonna i’ll stop Doing it when it’s Not fun anymore but so far it’s a lot of Fun Well you impressed me with structure Because that is something i will never Have On this channel that’s so so it’s a well Done Keep to that structure’s good so when How far does this go back your interest In The subject yeah you asked that the Other day And i was like oh my gosh where do i Start and i actually hadn’t i never Answered you just sent me I’ve just realized you just sent me some Pictures of beer Can we can we see the beer of course So here in albuquerque new mexico the Heart Of alien country and daddy was a

Salesman i don’t know if you can tell But in the heart of alien country we Have this Beer it’s the alien amber beer It’s available at all of your common Gas stations here and it’s by the sierra Blanca brewing company This year that’s good yeah it’s not i Mean you know we got better beers in Albuquerque oh I didn’t say that oh oh no it’s the best How could i ever want anything other Than an alien beer And it’s really cool because there’s Actually a bar here in town By the alien it’s called alien brew pub And it’s all Alien themed so ufologist If you roll through i’ll come hang with You i’ll drink a beer Get a channel get a channel up and Running and we can promote each other’s Channels you know Face reveals i like those a pub for Ufology What’s that just a pub for ufology yeah Ufology bar yes i’m there yes Yes yes yes it’s so good So so how far does it your interest How far does it go okay so i mean Okay i would just say i could only think Of bigelow when you said this because i Think i i feel selfish talking about it As just my personal self

Because i think bigelow did it best like I think you have the same thought Structure i think everybody has the same Thought structure you’re young and You’re like Wait like there’s a mars and a venus Like are we the only ones So robert bigelow was very in tune with His values from a young age and he said The two things he wanted to know was Is there an afterlife and are we alone In the universe So from that perspective i think yeah i Think all of us kind of Asked that question i mean didn’t you Probably had that question as a child as Well I would think just kind of like are we Really alone or aliens like aliens were I don’t know what it was i think i was Seven when autopsy Factor fiction this fake autopsy thing Came out And um i was just totally intrigued And in that same kind of like few years Linda moulton howe Was on 2020 and when i was a little girl Believe it or not i loved 20 20. i loved watching it’s a newscast Here in america I’ve heard of it yeah and uh Yeah so we’d watch it and linda moulton Howe was on one of these shows And there were cattle mutilations

Happening and she was just She wasn’t saying it was alien similar To how like lou didn’t say it was aliens Today But she just laid out the evidence asked The question Made you think like anyway so that’s Kind of where it all started Um and then it progressively got more Intense As i got older if i think of like the um The like milestones the next one would Probably be Working at the library coming across the Whole section on ufology because my past Not anymore but i’m a librarian trained When was that when you started working The library library was 15 years ago So shelving books and coming across the Ufology section and seeing a book called Hitler’s flying saucer and i was like What there’s no way that hitler could Have created a flying saucer But yet someone wrote a long book about It that’s apparently non-fiction So that got me interested and then i Bought and then i saw the phoenix lights Documentary with lin kitay And i was done and then that happened When i was younger too that happened When i was like 10. so i have all these Little events that happened in my Childhood you know between Fact or fiction linda molten howe doing

Cattle and waking up one day as a child And they’re saying hey dude there’s like A giant spaceship Mothership rolling through phoenix like But we’re supposed to deny that these Experiences never happened like it’s Ingrained in us we know what’s happening So the phoenix lights is undeniable In my own opinion and um then i had my Own Sighting in 2013 And that was disappointing In a lot of the people around me because They they love me they trust me they Know i’m intelligent they know that I’m you know i’m crazy but There’s a line where they know it’s not And um i think my mom Was the only one who actually believed In my sighting And everybody else was like you know I doubt you saw that that’s crazy And then i was like angry So i went and i probably jumped deeper Into youtube than i ever Had i had always looked well The sighting the sighting the sighting Is exciting the sighting is exciting for You and me But it’s another thing to knock me when I walk around the normal land You know what i mean when i walk around Normal people so of course i’m gonna not Talk about it i’m

Used to having it be put down so that’s Like overwhelming for me so when was This Um march this is the crazy part march 13th of 2013. And that’s actually the anniversary of The phoenix lights and it actually was a Triangular craft And i live right by an air force base And nobody’s going to tell me what i saw I know what i saw Okay okay okay so explain it sure I’m out i’m walking my dog hanging out Regular old day you know It’s night time actually it’s 10 p.m And i’m walking my dog and then i look Up 10 p.m in new mexico i mean it’s it’s Dark it’s dark dark Okay i’m walking my dog and Um i see this like v-shaped formation Of glowing birds in my mind I was like oh it’s just a v-shaped Formation of glowing birds And then it’s slowly it’s super quiet it Goes right in front of me i’m right by An air force face mind you Like right by goes right over me And then all of a sudden it’s like Three six lights in front of me and now It doesn’t look like birds now And it zips across the horizon In less than 10 seconds and i don’t hear A thing i’m sorry a flock of birds

Would not zip across the horizon Completely silent Whatever i see from right here and right Here In the moment of less than 20 25 seconds Is not an airplane especially when it Disappears In in the horizon um was there any sound To this No there was zero sound and i knew what I saw you know and right after i was Like oh my gosh like i’m out there with My camera all the time I take pictures of mylar balloons i’m Honest with myself It’s not it’s a milo when you say zipped Away Did it kind of like did it just go away Or did it Did it actually leave a like a trail Lights fading quickly into the dark Okay see so you could see the lights Move quite fast Zipping across gone done Disappeared so i mean however you want To look at the sighting and this is why You know testimony is not the most Reliable Right like i’m not going to use my Example of a sighting to try to Convince others but i like to use it as An example of being brave to Explain what you saw report what you saw Don’t be scared

It’s okay it’s okay they’re out there You guys luel zonda said it today Radcliffe said it two days ago So you you thought you you followed Quite Closely with the uh the article the news Aspect of It uh and would you consider yourself a Ufologist Well i’m an enthusiast i am a huge Fan dude like i like i was telling you Like this is Crazy to be on your show i am having so Much fun because i’m such a huge fan of You We’re just time for the show how many Years i’ve been watching you So i’m not a ufologist though don’t you I know Very little about the whole field I i don’t know much i just like to speak About it Well that’s that’s like a i see and That’s what the thing i don’t know i Don’t know what i am i’m i’m like the um What’s the word i’m not the guy that Just Talks to people in you know Like the tyler’s the third face i just I’m like the little [ __ ] yeah everybody Wants to be your friend That’s cool that’s cool That’s really cool man i’m definitely Not a ufologist

But but you impressed me with your Knowledge already That you you know you know more than i Do wow Definitely i i know stuff but i don’t Research this subject Yeah this is going to sound bad you do You research it i research what i What i think needs researching There’s some stuff that i just look and I go And i just push it aside because i think It’s gonna It’s gonna it leads feel my focus my Focus Things i’m focused on nobody knows what I’m actually focusing on but no you do You know what you’re focusing on my i Have a Very different take but this is your This is your This is your show um but my take is It’s changing to what it used to be And i i want the viewers to realize that Without me Preaching it mm-hmm yes yeah Yeah so this sighting that you had Uh would you say that that changed you Yes The ridicule was insane over something Tiny where somebody could have been like Wow amy that’s cool i mean i don’t know What it is and it isn’t a Flying object but that’s crazy because i

Know you look at planes and i know You’re not crazy none of that It was like amy wants attention which is True No i’m not messing with you but like uh Yeah But yeah it’s just people just the Ridicule is what blows my mind The ridicule the non-belief um and that Just That kind of just drove me over the edge Like um i’m getting in fights on twitter Not fights i try to keep it like totally Peace and love like peace and love to All of you Every single last one of you i love all Of you guys in the chat All your channel everybody’s channel so I don’t like twitter i’m gonna say Twitter talks like Post disclosure ufo jesus right that’s Right yeah I respect him i like how he’s open about Disgusting he’s as white as i am He is he glows like He’s like me i think we’re from the same Planet He said he glows You said you wanted to introduce me as An alien and i already wanted to let You know that i am alien Oh you are i’m half venusian And i’m half pleiadian so is venusian From venus by any chance

Yes that’s where uh valiant thor is That’s where he’s from Oh i really like um anything to do with Vikings Wait no valiant thor you come on Who’s that what what are we what Who is valiant for valiant thor was a Venusian who came down and visited President I think it was roosevelt yeah All those venusians were good looking so That’s where i get it Do you believe this do i believe this I think um we need to be as open as Possible To things because get guess what there’s This thing called surf Surfacism we really all want to find Something on mars don’t we But believe it or not you know we’re the Best place for us to live based on our Biological bodies i don’t know that was Kind of redundant But it’s in the cloud the atmosphere of Venus because it’s the same pressure Same temperature less radiation than Earth and we just found like Or we just found phosphine right in the Atmosphere Of venus which is a sign of microbial Life So i mean i just don’t understand why People so anyway the twitter wars Basically like people keep trying to say

Your belief in intelligent Extraterrestrial Your belief in intelligence intelligent Extraterrestrials Is inaccurate because it’s just a belief And i argue that no No no no there’s plenty of evidence I can find fact after fact after fact And originally that’s just what i wanted The show to be Just building up fact after fact that’s Why i have references In my description of everything i talk About Because i’m not going to put a wikipedia Banner In my description i’m gonna give you Real information You know like okay let’s send everything To a wikipedia page Okay so i love lady gaga guess what if You were to follow lady gaga’s Advice right or if you go to lady gaga’s Wikipedia page For one day i was lady gaga’s best Friend So if you were to write a research paper And use wikipedia i would have been lady Gaga’s best friend That day even though that was inaccurate Information that’s a superficial sort of Example of it But if you take that to real information Like people are studying your heart

And health professionals are going Health professionals are going on to Wikipedia To just remember that one thing about What’s up with this detail of your body Suddenly that becomes dangerous right So let’s just let’s just reverse Slightly here Okay so we’re talking See do you believe that there is Possible Intelligent creatures that used to live On Or maybe still do live on venus and mars Mars i’m kind of like i’m on the i’m on That bandwagon You know um well like There’s so much hearsay and since i’m Getting More attention i love getting on the Bandwagon with the venusians and valiant Thor And corey good and blue avians You don’t believe corey good dear i’m Not gonna say anything Hey man hey man the best ufo channels Are the ones who are like I’m gonna believe you dude i’m gonna Believe you because no one else did And you know what no one believed me and That sucked It sucked what if like you actually did Have this tremendous experience i’m Literally

Like let’s like you you’re ready to Listen to it you Get that perspective i’ll be honest i’ll Listen to anybody Yeah if they’ve got a story i’ll listen To them That’s cool but the So the thing with venus is for me is I mean i mean what what chemical is on That on the You probably know this what chemicals on The the planet you know the the liquid It’s got the liquid Somebody in the chat what’s the liquid Liquid mercury No that’s some mercury is that it what’s It what’s the liquid that’s on venus Yeah i think it’s got a lot of that Comes from 12 foot wall in the chat good Job Yep well done mate well done yeah i’m Glad we’ve got some science people and You’re welcome Look at that profile picture nice Absolutely beautiful He’s going to make somebody very happy Yep He did i know now it’s sulfur Ginger steve is saying it’s methane Sorry no steve i think it was methane That was that we That the scientists found that was Coming from the uh From mars there was a lot of methane and

So They said you know what some they think Somebody must be Under their martian soil doing a lot of Uh methane yeah yeah a lot of gas I think it’s i think it’s possible i i Wouldn’t be surprised if the government Already has a moon base and a mars Base i do believe that um because i like To ollie i like to talk about the things I believe Yeah yeah yeah you don’t know this wait What What’s going on what is the liquid on Venus According to wikipedia the pressure Found on venus’s surface is high enough That the carbon dioxide is technically No longer a gas but a supercritical Fluid This supercritical carbon dioxide forms A kind of seed that covers the entire Surface of venus That wasn’t helpful what is it that Wasn’t helpful yeah See i’m not the most intelligent of People so no that’s not true this is why It takes a lot to set all this stuff up So but I i believe that venus From what i’ve i’ve watched a few Documentaries about Possible life on venus there’s a lot of People against it because of

What is there but people are saying that Mars you know If it yes the atmosphere is there’s Barely an atmosphere But you know the the actual temperature And the fact that this there is It’s pretty pretty much nailed on this Water on that planet Somewhere or other so here’s the thing i Always try to find the loophole of how Could this happen Right and so valiant thor venusian who Visited Uh president in i think the 50s right Came down and said hey i’m from venus What’s up you guys um I’ve got all the secrets to the universe You want them president said nah That’s really going to disrupt society No thank you so I don’t push away these stories but the Probable thing that could be is they Could It could have been a group like maybe 10 Or 20 Species or people who were living in the Venusian clouds in cloud cities like a Group of nomadic people Right nomadic aliens who look like Humans like us Um and who’s to say that they weren’t Chilling in the clouds of venus And then like rolled over to be like hey We’re from venus

I don’t know you never know how can we Know and if it’s If it’s like really cool why are we Gonna deny it like If it’s gonna i i would agree it’s Definitely cool It’s just that’s it’s not something that I would Believe in but you know this is this is This is the point of this channel To discuss other people’s beliefs it’s The data Right there’s no data to back it that’s The truth um there’s a huge thing we Need to be teaching kids in school and It’s the difference between opinion and Fact I get on board with it when i hear this Crazy stuff i want to roll with it i Want to Figure it out i think it’s fairy linda Molten house right you see things that Are crazy and hard to explain And then you’re like i want to know how To describe This is real to people um so i think That’s More my perspective is it’s like okay Corey good 20 and back Sounds like um different people have Different Experiences and our perceptions are all Different and who knows what that Actually means

But like with corey goode’s thing if you Actually review His whole story um it basically what it Means Is that on his 18th birthday there was This moment of time where he Was taken by the government because he’s An empathetic telepathic individual Was put onto a moon base lived a whole Life for like 30 20 years came back and was replaced on His 18th birthday back into that exact Spot See i would love to speak to corey a bit I don’t think he would Ever no matter how big the channel got You would never want to speak to me Because i think the guy’s full of [ __ ] If that’s just my opinion though that’s Just i I think that him and david um Wilcox yeah david wilcock yeah i I think that they definitely they There’s something there together with Them too well they make a lot of money Dude Oh yeah they make custody do you know You me and you should start like a cult Sort of like spiritualist you know like Why not Like we could just be i would love to Chill If i wasn’t if i wasn’t married i’d Definitely start a cult

You know did you just get laid a lot Ditto You know you see these people you see These films with these cults and they’re Always having sex I do well that’s okay so raelians Las vegas nevada that was that was a Headline i decided to avoid And the reason that i decided to avoid There’s raelians who are all about Pure pleasure israelians no no No no no no no we’re not going there no No no no no we are no Not israeli it’s not israelis what did You say Raelians raelians like Aliens but with a ray in front of it Something like that And this guy recently started this Religion And it’s all about like pure pleasure And stuff like that and also like aliens Are mixed into it it’s been a huge Controversy because they’ve Moved to las vegas nevada in Hoards like just tons of these raelian Alien pleasure-seeking cult-like Religion you know they say religion some People say colt Into las vegas and it’s been making the Papers because las vegas Are like we don’t want them here or some Of them right i’m not saying Whatever you know and um las vegas is

Just a really great place to go if you Want to practice freedom of Religion anyway but i don’t know I’ve always wanted to go and nearly Yes yeah i knew i nearly went on this True story nearly went on a stag do There Um but last minute the stag do Change to um benidorm And i don’t know if you if you Anybody in the states ever takes a Holiday to benidorm If you just don’t consider it okay Benny dome ben benidorm Benny dom what’s that It’s uh spain i believe benidorm yeah Yeah spent spain ah but it’s like It’s like um that’s nice how do i Explain it So you if if you have you heard of Blackpool In england no what’s the shittiest Theme the theme park in the states The worst yeah they’re like the really Scummiest Place to go i don’t know they’re all Pretty good Okay well you got you guys just kidding Six flags but six flags is awesome i Can’t really say that any of them But i’m talking about the big ones you Know i’m just all on track i’m like Disney world disneyland Universal legoland you know the only

Thing that we don’t have Is mario land which oh yeah that looks Amazing oh that looks so cool My little boy is absolutely obsessed With mario Yeah yeah i mean personally i think Mario And luigi look like you know they look Like Somebody you would not want to introduce To your kids But you know the great games And uh yeah that that place looks Magical It does but you’ve got to go to is it Japan Yes is it in japan it’s a japan That’s another place that i’d like to go Oh me too So in terms of So you have one just one site in in your Life And before that sighting did you have Any um We were all into the were you in the Into this subject before that or was Is that watching yes yes and that’s what Makes my sighting less credible Because i try to look at it from like a Lens especially when you look at like Carl sagan i don’t know somebody did Some academic did something and they Said that the majority of people who are Into ufos have already had an interest

In it already Um so yeah i’m guilty i had an interest In it whatever But i was always looking in the sky i Was always waiting and like i told you I’m honest with myself like I pulled out my camera yesterday and Started filming something but like I i unless i’m filming it And it does like a zip in another Direction it’s useless Unless there’s something of this orb That i’m filming that’ll like Move it’s useless that’s the truth it’s Not proof It’s not proof to me it’s not proof to People even if i’m like that could be Um but yeah i just i just try to be Honest so yeah i always had an interest In uh aliens but You know i i can’t even wrap my head Around it like i remember watching third Phase in 2010 I’m not kidding like i remember watching They were there weren’t they there in 2010 How long have you been they were like One of the first Like youtube they started out with a Bottle Um hunting um right They they would they which was actually Quite cool you know they go out Into into the obviously the jungle then

They go out into hawaii Into the bush yeah and they would dig They would dig And they would find like old bottles Which is so cool That is something that i used to do when I was a kid Now my grandma my grandma’s got like um A garden that goes down this old back Which is like a big river stream Um victorian times and before the Victorian times Like people used to just chuck their uh Pottery and Their bottles of beer and what have you Into this bag that stuff is cool and That’s called littering now so don’t do It guys I have yes that is awesome and that’s What i know See new mexico has a lot of cool Indigenous stuff like that like we Rolled out Deep into the desert once um it’s called The los homanos Uh ruins and We found this spot and it was like so Cool Because we were walking and i could see Akiva Is a circular structure that Indigenous people lived in and we found This spot and it was like a ring Of akiva and then we were like and then

In the kiva Was pottery shards and we like were the First people to freaking touch it and When you have that experience like you Guys are talking about It’s transformative because you’re Touching this physical Thing like these pottery shards made Hundreds of years ago or bottles that Have been lost from the victorian era or Even beyond that And it’s like when you’re holding a Historical piece of evidence it’s Yeah it’s kind of different it feels Weird as well It’s kind of like it does you feel like You Feel like you’re there a little bit of Time in your hands yeah so i was sitting There in this little kiva Little structure where because the Structure was gone it was just the Circle And the broken pottery and i was like Wow they woke up every day To like this beautiful red ground these Beautiful green trees And then like this was their sky and This was their land For their whole life and they never Questioned You know they’re just living life so It’s funny because i was on um The unidentified celebrity review he’s

Cool Lou angels he’s starting this i told you About it hashtag big phone home thing Oh yeah yeah and so you guys should go Check that out on twitter hashtag The big phone home because he’s got this Amazing he’s got the scripts he’s got The congressman you’re supposed to be Calling to kind of get on and be like Hey You know i want you guys to tell me What’s going on with Uaps and ufos like no joke we’re getting Political At this point which is crazy to me Anyway because i was on Uh i don’t remember where it’s going see Ollie that’s why i started this Shirt this not this show this is your Show Because everybody in my mind let’s be Honest please let’s just tell let’s tell The audience now It’s not his shows Amy started alienates and i’ve just been Presenting it For like four years now and but god Bless all of you in the chat God bless all of you who are watching Because you have saved everyone in my Life Turmoil because before they were like Shut up Just shut up and then i started the

Channel and it’s like wow We’ve got goof on it and goof on yes You see goofon’s actually doing my job For me shouting out the people in the House carol Caroline and darko are paranormal Lee and it’s hard to do you know When you are actually oh hell hello i do That all the time Hi hey When i’m talking to somebody it’s so Hard i feel so bad on the audience so I’m thinking Maybe i should start doing a show where It’s just me I interact with with the guys in the Chat it’s easy Guys in the chat i love you to pieces But it’s hard when you’ve got a guest In front of you it really is it is and i Interviewing is so hard i was going to Have dark hours just in here And i was going to have dark hour on my Show and he agreed and everything and Then Oh you don’t want him on he’s horrible No he’d be fantastic But he’s absolutely he’s amazing yeah He’s cool and i just like I didn’t have anything set up and like i Have another channel and people just Like If i go live no one cares if With dark hour you wouldn’t care he’s

The most polite man you will ever meet You know he is literally the the He’s like an englishman like a like you Know like A prim the the typical The englishman that you guys see in the States he reminds me of what you depict As an englishman In the way he actually is so polite he’s Really nice No he’s really nice he’s very expensive My mom saw the interview with him and She’s like i like him He’s very polite my mom makes the Queen’s english though Yeah i would say he’s one of like an Expansive individual Right who like is constantly drawing and I don’t know It’s cool we love you dark hour yeah There’s a lot of talented people in this Community I mean whether it be and With yourself in fact i mean this is This is Keep going i love this this is this is Not just Like you talking about aliens you know You you do art These roses behind you are amazing Oh i was gonna have it because you guys Usually So i got um here i make the pyramids Show us the earrings well here’s the

Pyramids first those are kind of cool Because we like Aliens here’s the earrings here we go There you go they’re amazing this is Gonna be official alien merch dude I’m gonna roll this on amazon you all Can own a pair it’s gonna be so cool You just watch two-day shipping i know Good business I ran a craft business for five years so I know what’s up oh amy yeah thank you Just A quick one there on the merch on the Merch people Oh really that it has launched Officially as they have It’s merch it’s here we have free Designs The little alien uh aaa is the brand That you’ll get on the back of the T-shirt Uh there’s t-shirts hoodies looks so Good name it you name it it’s All there you can get a tumbler you can Get All sorts It was good quality yes that’s the thing In your merch i’m actually seeing it and That is good quality Well it’s still nerve-wracking because What if they got an earring and it like Fell apart Like i still these are prototypes right Like i don’t think because i agree with

You i want the highest Quality stuff that i can sell yeah Totally Yeah well i i’ve i’ve stayed away from It for Well the entire time that i’ve been on Youtube I did nearly do i don’t know if anybody Remembers it i did some t-shirts Briefly and the guys are made of mine But I the quality of the t-shirts was It wasn’t great it wasn’t great but Nothing else companies are using for These t-shirts and it’s like I cannot in i can’t give that to people I really can’t You know yes i’d have made more profit On it but it’s not Yeah so something i want to ask you To get it kind of potent To get this interview a bit you know Pungent This is what people are after 40 minutes In i’m like on beer two Sorry to anyone who’s offended Hey i haven’t seen him for a month I hope he’s no in in all honesty i do Hope he’s okay because This despite the copyright strike we Were friends for a long time Well and it’s hard we all have to Support each other and You know like things happen there’s

Misunderstandings and I don’t know if we’re all willing to put Ourselves out there And try to do something that’s enough For me to support Anybody who tries to do it or anybody Who’s doing it so Good for him so Is there anything from like that you Remember From your childhood my childhood Um My strength is not so much alien but More Psychic-y okay i don’t think i’m I wouldn’t consider myself like i’m not An abductee I’ve seen lights in the skies i’m not Going to count that as Just if you don’t have the proof no one Believes you you know um But so when i was really young so funny Because My mom’s here so she’s probably gonna Hear this story because she was there Too when i was really young Get wrong with you oh my mom She’s she’s uh she’s on baby duty right Kiddodee Um but basically when i was really young I was hanging out in my bedroom and i Saw this Giant light like explode on my On my ceiling wall or ceiling on my

Ceiling It was tiny it was like that big right It was like but it was there And it was enough for me to be like what Was that and i flipped out and i ran I cried to my mom i said i saw this Light And then everybody was what color was it It was white and it was just kind of Like Fluffy um but i think that was how old Um eight And i bring up these specific instances Because there were numerous it’s not Like You know because i remember being young And i think kids can hear Spirits a lot easier so when i was young I remember hearing somebody calling me In the house and i like ran around like Who’s calling me who’s calling me You know and that would that happened Twice very distinctively like Like a memory and those are hard to have When you’re that young right So i remember someone calling me when i Was young um But the psychic-ness like it just Heightens as you get older so like when I was 13 14 15 i would say remote viewing right We talk about that Once a friend could could describe to me Like what their house looked

Not what their house looked like once They could tell me stories About their home and once they’re not About their home but like just like i Was going out with dad or whatever and Whatever And we had this fun trick i played and I’d say okay well I know you well enough let me try to Describe your house never been to their House before And i could describe like the color of The walls All this weird stuff um and then it gets It gets it it’s just slowly it all Starts to Come together if that makes sense Yeah yeah yeah okay cool cool cool cool Because you just get these weird dreams And i’ve had weird dreams associated With This show dreams i’ve had that like I would not have listened i would not Have done the show i would not have Started my show if i had not had these Dreams The the light exploding Wait which way it didn’t explode you Know I’m a one-person testimony um no no know But listen i’m Interested in that so so so you’re eight Years old Seven or eight did you say yeah eight

Eight sounds right Was you poorly was what was you was you Ill was you poorly that’s like totally Brit Right there uh polly no i was poorly Poorly ill no i wasn’t ill no i wasn’t Sick I wasn’t sick no i was feeling great i Was sitting there thinking about rugrats That show she went in bed i wasn’t i was In bed but i was sleeping like i was Ready to go to bed i was gonna go to Sleep And then i saw this like oh and that was The other correlation i left out my My grandfather father died a year later Exact on that day What exactly on the date these one year Later one year later my grandfather Passed away How would you know that if you were Eight i didn’t know that when i turned Nine he died And i remembered my experience that had Been a milestone for me i guess you Could say it was roughly a year ago Yeah does that mean Yeah the reason no the reason why i Asked you that question Is because people spoke about this other People who have Interviewed before not spoke about an Exploding light breaks They’ve seen things and i don’t know if

I’ve said this on the channel i may have Done But there was one time when i was young Probably about the same age that you Were And i woke up in my bed And my entire body is surrounded by You you’ve seen the predator yeah when You get the the red dot On you but if you imagine these red dots Just as Almost like dust like somebody’s shining A laser pen on each piece of dust in the Air There was just red dots everywhere like In this and one i remember one Hit me in the eye and i actually i Felt it and i don’t know if that was But i was ill i remember i was really Ill at the time So that’s why i asked you if you were Ill because i I always look back at that now and think That was like some sort of Hallucination or something like that Beef look The the memory of that even now i can Remember Getting up out of bed and they’re just Everywhere my room is full of Micros like micro little red dots It filled the air like Like static almost it was weird and i Was really

I was really poorly that night ill i was Really ill that like Not poorly you guys don’t use that word Um i don’t know why we use that i don’t Even know what it means Paulie paulie [Laughter] Where that comes from strange that’s Interesting But yeah that’s why that that that you Said to me It stood out when you said that you saw The light kind of like See and it’s and that’s what i think so Interesting um You know because i don’t care what Anybody says third phase is number one Whatever sorry i’ve always been team Third phase he even went secure now he’s Back whatever Um i don’t know where it’s going with That but no No that’s what makes them more credible Is I always think about this because they When i you know they don’t bring it up Too much so If you’re here you’re probably lucky to Catch it but they they talk about They’ve talked about their experience With just all the Episodes i’ve seen like and i’ve seen Probably every single episode Where basically they were they’re twins

Right so they share the same room They’re young and actually that was like And and they saw an alien together so Like you and i Are having this conversation and we’re Discrediting ourselves already like We’re already discrediting our own Experiences like you were sick maybe i Was young Right like whatever but they were two Young Boys in a room and they saw blue people Did they is that what these are these Are two blue figures See see and that’s interesting because Unlike you and i who can be like ah who Knows i was sick i was young they have Each other To sit there and be like no dude we saw Something I do think that twins um Because they have this kind of like and They’ve kind of proven it that twins can Have almost this You can separate a twin right because That’s scientifically proven Yeah that’s scientific but they they Have this they still become firemen they Still Yeah you separate them at birth they Don’t know anything about each other They check them in 30 years they’re both Firemen They’re both with three kids they’re

Both varied they both like the color Purple It’s weird yeah I mean it’s i’ve done studies you’re Right they’ve done scientific studies About that that’s correct Well my mum is i don’t know if you know The blood type rhesus negative Oh and My mom had eight miscarriages right I’m the only one i’m a lonely child Uh but This this sometimes i always wonder You know if there was like Another one would we have had like Similar You know like brothers and sisters they Have they kind of have Similar things that go on in their life There’s been a lot of weird stuff that’s Happened to me Speaking of the new friends they’re There there they are they’re the boys Boys i’ve asked them this before i want Them to come on and talk And talk about their experience but they Won’t they won’t talk about the Experience They will leave that right we just I reckon you know what these guys are Switched on They’ve got some sort of something There’s something in them with the Government with birthdays and moon where

Where They hear their names mentioned and it Just They they know to bring it up they know To go straight on the channel I remember the first day it happened When they took them out of the search Like you used to be able to search ufo And it was like thursday thursday Thursday thursday secure team third Phase And then uh they changed the logarithm One day and suddenly it was just Mainstream Media page after page after page of Ufo stuff blows my mind Like i’m not even gonna get into it i Don’t put ufo In the tile that’s all now so that’s Oh yeah sorry keep going you hit a nerve I hit my own nerve because you didn’t Even say anything i triggered myself no No no No this is this this is this is this is We i i’d like to speak to third phase And moon about this i wonder what They’re putting in their Um search but i i’ve kept uap I’ve in fact i’ve replaced ufo with uap I was on A a video with uh must see audio and Uh goof on radio must see audio said Well maybe it’s because they want you to Talk about uap

And goof on went holy [ __ ] yeah that’s It that makes sense they just wanna i Mean We can’t get into it too much um well no We we can say ufo All we like we i just can’t use the Hashtag so that’s why i’m happy i’m Demonetized Whoever says that right i’m happy i’m Demonetized because I’m pushing this because i you know you Have your own reputation and that’s the Other thing about running these channels Is I got people who were coming up to me Being like hey maybe miss baker we know You like ufos and i’m like i do And i’m okay to defend that Extraterrestrial life does exist Somewhere in the universe kids you want To talk about it We could have a conversation that’s not You know going to be totally ridiculous Uh but the point of that you know being Is it’s just absolutely just phenomenal How much People can question you um and so for me You got to have some sort of value some Sort of reason you’re going out and Doing something and If anything about the last year has Taught me it’s that i’m a lot i Have a lot more going on than i i gave Myself credit for

Um and so it was like start the show Because this is about Freedom of speech i uh I want to push it as far as i can get Like that’s why i’m happy It’s like demonetized on some level Because I’m having fun with it so that’s cool It’s keeping me positive Which is cool and then on top of it i’m Gonna push This like what can i say like what can’t I say i’m only talking about ufos Not talking about the left i’m not Talking about the right i’m talking About ufos Straight up news that came out this week And how somebody who I guess you would say like a ufo Enthusiast i wouldn’t consider myself a Neufoliogist until i got my first book Right like isn’t that how it works Because But like as an enthusiast you know it’s Around it’s around the bend it’s about To happen like this Is the time and i’m just so excited Every day i’m like thank god i started My show and i did because when uh 2017 happened march the new york times i Felt so alone I wasn’t on there wasn’t a ufo twitter It wasn’t a youtube The new york times came out i was like

It came out they said that ufos exist I think like third phase was the only One who was Excited too and renee cruz like Oh my yeah you know what i’m going to Get i’ve said this i’m going to get it Too They should start a youtube shirt or Youtube channel man i’m just going to Get a t-shirt that just says renee cruz We love you everybody will be like That’s a t-shirt because every ren Yes we do there she is They they they they i think they prefer The pronoun they Well i don’t i don’t i don’t know i i Don’t know I don’t know we don’t know renee we love You no pressure don’t worry We do love you renee we do we do uh but Yeah They the whole the the subject Is it’s almost like Do we as youtubers that Like this subject and like to discuss This subject Because my my other hobby Other than you know cleaning up [ __ ] After my kids Is you know i’ll game a little bit or I’ll drink a beer So do i do a ch do i do a channel on Discussing great beers because No because i pick on myself this is my

Off time too This is my off time too so i think it’s Cool that we can relate that way But you know i could make a hell of a Lot more Views to being i don’t know a game Reviewer Oh because i know how to play a computer Game I like computer games you know and i can I can semi-edit a video so I could do a lot better doing something Like that Right this is my thing this is my This is my interest this is where but But with me Which is a lot different to some of you Guys that I would you know you guys uh Uh you know you’re looking more into The whole field of ufology whereas i’m Looking at My opinion on it i’m looking i’m wanting To Hear what other people are saying I’m wanting to hear somebody who Believes that there’s life on venus Somebody that believes that you know That it’s just time travelers Or somebody that believes that you know The air’s flat I’m waiting to listen to that [ __ ] right Right and i I want to clarify i believe there’s

Microbial life In the clouds of venus Do you know something there’s probably Life on most planets Of some kind because life finds a way To quote uh jurassic park It’s a great quote it’s it’s an amazing Quote Lifetime it does find a way i mean look At my mum for a stop I’m born my mum’s rhys is negative if Anybody knows what that is it’s Extremely hard For uh for the well To accept um my father’s You know seed right You know it rejects the body rejects it It thinks that it’s Um my right advice you you know about This It thinks that it’s no no yeah No no no it is it is it thinks it’s a Foreign um Entity and they re your your mom’s body Had to release Uh some sort of antigen that would make It difficult to get Pregnant so women who are pregnant that Are rh Negative t usually not usually but have To have Shots throughout their pregnancy in Order to have a successful Pregnancy so you’re right on mr d.b

Cooper A couple of shows but welcome back my Friend Um and yes mr d.b cooper My email my email i need to get mr db Cooper on Dude seriously my email i’m sure he’s Got some stories in fact i know he’s got Some stories Email me i’d love to you all my friend But mr d.b cooper thank you very much You’re a gentleman you’re a gentleman And You are a scallop i’m just reading the Chat oh yeah those are so cool I love your clip art oh you know Something if i could get This on a t-shirt And not get sued It’s so great i do think Blake would let me do that if i asked Him Nicely maybe i i don’t know you’re gonna Make a lot of money off that though I i’ve not asked him i’ve not asked him Nah don’t ask him He loves it dude i’ve already Experienced that and i’m not I don’t even i’m not even monetized People selling my picture on things Without my permission Wow the thing is the the people and this Is the thing That you’ll re i mean you’re saying

You’re doing as a hobby i used to say Yeah this is my hobby and it still is my Hobby I’m out of work right now you know yeah Yeah yeah yeah I am going back to work on the six thank God For my own sanity yeah maybe i can Reverse the gray But i’ve realized That you know maybe i do want to do this Full-time Maybe i can give something maybe i think I can give something back I would totally i’m going down a Different thing but i’m just gonna I’m gonna stamp what you said there dude Like you easily Could and like i mean i was talking with You earlier like you know what’s going On You know you know it’s sky’s the limit Man And uh who knows where it could go You’re incredibly You know successful with it already just As it being like a chill Show that you hang out with people on And people people love it anyway I could i could go on but that’s like a Different Topic that’s that’s when i start talking About youtubing and all the fun i have And

And that’s what so where is the plan With you in terms of Where you want to go with with the alien Guild one or more oh my god this is Exciting And who totally said that yeah who took Alien girl My lucky number okay Yeah i think 33 is mine there you go so It should be alienatic 33. I do use 33 in some things yeah we Should change it No it’s actually it’s actually kind of Like a tip to the hat to secure team 10 Because i remember back in the day like That’s why third phase of moon doesn’t Have spaces i’m pretty sure i don’t know Maybe they just do it for fun But like you had to make a screen screen Name without spaces You know what i mean so secure team 10 It sounds like a total screen name And i wanted to keep it a little retro So i thought i’d go alien girl one one One yeah it’s a screen name Yeah it is cool it’s cool you you um You tweeted about tyler the other day Coming back I tweet a lot i tweet like 40 times a Day I don’t i don’t understand it i don’t Understand i don’t understand twitter I don’t i don’t understand instagram It’s people who are manic like i really

I have i have that personality type and So i yeah no It’s awesome twitter’s awesome and Actually i wanted to Touch briefly on that as well because i Never used to be Super that’s why i brought hope Let’s talk about amy and the twitter amy How addicted to twitter are you Very addicted and it happens and then Like i just get sucked into something And i just want to like Keep doing it doing it and doing it are You wanting to talk about security Intended your twitter addiction Yeah that’s where we’re going right if Anybody wants to know That the badge that was here is now on Screen That’s how you know it’s official Merchandise you guys yeah That was that was a security intent Sticker that he now Fell off well he’s back in the business Maybe he can get you a new sticker Where is my sticker going i’m sorry I know this is your interview but i need To find this No it’s all good goofons in the chat Saying i don’t get it either ollie Angel number is 666. Yeah rich i think it was you that made Me i i took it off The sticker’s now gone i’m regretting

Now because now i’ve just got It just shows how filthy my cat my cap Is So yeah anyway security and ten what Were you gonna say oh i got nothing to Say about Tyler i got nothing like i i You know i mean it would suck if any of Us were sucked our personal lives we’re Sucked into the things we like to do Um the content that we’re creating it Sucks Like why should that be included like we Want our content to stand on itself Right Um so i just kind of like leave believe That i’m not an innocent person I haven’t done everything perfect i Don’t need to delve into his life I don’t need to be like is he an honest Person is he worthy of the ufo news Obviously it’s enough worthy of ufo news For me to Watch it which is what it comes down to You guys and i watched the show i always Did i watched it Every episode till he stopped so i’m Excited he’s back um and i think he has A voice To say i think it’s uh from what it Sounds he went through some Huge health issues yeah so you know he Had a brush with his Mortality which dude sucks

Like if you ever been there it sucks and You sit there and like you rethink your Life And you think like why am i living my Life this way and he probably was like Why am i not utilizing the 2 million Subscribers on youtube i have Which he should he should totally Utilize that because he’s got A huge following including me i don’t Know if you subscribe i do And a lot of other people you know and He should he should go wild into that A lot of people don’t know this but Secure team 10 And what’s up in the sky 37 If anybody’s ever heard of that channel It’s a feature channel Of mine uh he doesn’t put videos out at The minute i think he’s His mum’s paulie um but he’s got he had A mars channel Great mars channel but him and skirting 10 are the two Channels why i first came To youtube in the first place Isn’t that interesting the things that Inspire you Right the things that bring you closer To what what you want to be doing and in Alignment with i would consider your Right life Right um i think we’re all unique Individuals who have beautiful

Identities that are supposed To pewter off into some sort of ocean Um and i think everybody’s like the Answer The answer right now um but yeah it is But at the same time with tyler Um i mean i i did a lot of So i think When you’re first starting out in this Subject and i I was told stories by my dad uh See people people know the story on the Channel he saw ufoc You reported it i’ve grown up with this Subject But when i started to watch security 10 I thought wow oh this is this is pretty Cool But then when i started to research the Subject I started to see a few holes so i did a Lot of debunked videos on secure team 10 And one day tyler turns around and Messages me And we start talking it’s just One-on-one And he you know he said I’m not perfect you know far from tunnel That’s just what i was saying I i personally for me and I i don’t think he watches my videos Anywhere i think he just speaks to me on Twitter because you know it’s good to Keep your enemies closer and all that

Stuff I’m joking i’m joking tyler uh but i’m Not at the same time I think Now’s the time for him to kind of Really show the honesty you know yes To kind of own up to some of the stuff That he may have if he’s going to come Back He does he did some sketchy things he Did a lot of sketchy things And you know i think at the same time Third phase and moon have done a lot of Sketchy things in the past They’ve come clean i know they have but That’s the thing to do to come clean and Say You know what we love the subject And for that reason alone we did this But now you know if Things are heating up in this subject so Much right oh my Gosh it is it’s getting intense and I think if you if you have a big channel Like this Reporting on real stuff i mean yeah It’s a lot of responsibility i can Remember When this despite what anybody may say About ttsa But you know you know tyler had a Massive problem with tom delong when he Got Voted ufologist of the year he got voted

Ufologist of the year It was something like that something it Was it was some [ __ ] Um award from some chat For some random channel i didn’t mean Anything anyway i can’t believe that But but tyler was like you know he got a Little bit salty over that That’s something i learned that’s a Saying that i learned from you americans Salty i never knew what that meant i Just I thought salty was something that my These crisps are really salty that’s Weird because i always thought that was Like a british thing like oh The salty dog maybe it is i just don’t Think i’m very educated but You’re probably right so but yeah The the whole thing right now Is it’s it’s very much Focused on these three pieces of footage That Apparently you know i mean and Despite what anybody says kind of ttsa Did Blow the lid off them they did so So if anything we we owe them that yes But but what is it what is it what are We seeing In that bit of footage but for me There’s not enough foot there’s not Enough To it i i’ve i don’t really do much

Twitter I had a little bit of a back and forth With uh mick west You know he is the the debunker i He’s smart he’s one of those i like very I like him i like him he’s not mean He’s not he was a little bit funny with Lou Like with the moving on thing i’m like We’ve only got this amount of time and i Thought Why has he only got that amount of time Did you watch the interview with nick I i watched parts of it but once i got Like five minutes into it i was like all This Is going to come down to is like a Conversation about The mechanics of the craft and i don’t Know if i was talking about it here but Like i I don’t think we should like that’s not The question i want to answer like They’re They’re crap like we can talk first if You can believe in the et theory such as Avi lope who thinks una muammua Is a satellite it’s not a rock it’s Satellite and all his new book is and i Just finished it All his new book is is asking that Scientists at least take in the et Theory so when i talk to debunkers Or have questions about people like mike

Mick west Is it mick west um mcquest whenever i Have questions about people like Mick west i really want to just have the Conversation Because i’m tired of people telling me That i believe In aliens when i think there’s so much Proof There’s so much mathematical probability To the fact that we’re not alone And maybe it’s only happened in the last Two years so it’s taking people to Process But um we’re not alone and it’s Incredibly obvious and i can’t Talk to somebody who wants to argue with Me that this is a flying machine that’s Going above any technology we have Louisando was just on fox news today and He didn’t even talk about his third fury Theory Of it being extraterrestrial he didn’t Even bring it up Because he didn’t want to be he’s tired Of being ridiculed the truth is is There’s stuff flying over our Airspace right now and we don’t know What it is Okay like that actually is a huge threat Even if it’s alien Like it doesn’t even matter if it’s Alien and that’s why it’s good he leaves It off fox news

If that’s the chinese or the russians Rolling through here with tech we’ve Never seen That is scary man that’s scary We need to know That’s the thing that bothers me the Most about this when they get when When they i mean i understand the whole Our airspace But here in the uk we don’t use that Phrase Fret you know when it comes to ufos we Don’t use it But oh right threat i thought you said Fret yeah threat i know it’s like an Anti-word In the field i know that worries me a Little bit It should it should worry us all a Little bit Because once they come out and they’re Ready to say hello there um And i talked about this because the Thing i don’t think for one second if if If it is alien that it’s a threat i I really don’t oh no no no i don’t Either And this is the thing that i try to tell People every day is get ready there’s a False flag alien invasion happening i Want you to be prepared There’s gonna be some craft that are Gonna fly through the air and they’re Gonna kind of take over the skies

They’re probably gonna tell us all to go Back in our house and all that crap And um you know but the thing is is it’s Not It’s not a threat we don’t need to be Worried about Some other invisible threat like this Threat that we’re Experiencing has been here for thousands Of years you guys If they wanted to do something to us They already would The reason they’re not here is because We haven’t like Learned our own manifested path of Love if anything and i talked about this In two nights ago because There’s so much no like once you get Into the history and you just kind of Like figure it all out and you learn all The stories The big question you get is well if Aliens are real why haven’t they landed On the white house lawn But they tried to in 1952 and we Scrambled F-16s to go after them even eisenhower Was like oh there’s there’s ufos of Their flying saucers in 1952 and then we Just like ignore it Like and then like it never happened Just like we were talking amy when did Your Addiction to aliens become and i said

Well when i was When i was a little girl i saw this Video of a giant mothership ruling Rolling through phoenix Like how could that not Like affect me as a child how could i Not like look at the tv On a news segment before the internet And have someone say like oh this looks Like a mother ship rolling through a Major city in america How could that not affect me as a child Right well it’s I’ve spoke to uh rich from goof on about This Um i know he’s anti he’s anti-phoenix Lights it’s okay you can say it high Rich Richie rich no but i think he’s no i Don’t think he’s anti i think he’s just A little bit Like kind of bored of it he’s better I i no i i think He everybody speaks about this but the The problem that i have with the phoenix Lights Is that why is there not more footage of What we see You know i mean we see we see that great Bit of footage and that’s wow Yeah but where are are the other because I guarantee When was that what was it 1997 1997 yeah there was

There was video cameras and i imagine a Lot of people had video cameras Did they cover up all those different Video cameras that was That was that you know filming this Thing because If you saw this thing I’m that that’s the thing that i do Question and i think I think anybody has to question that bit Why is there not more there is to what We get but where is it Exactly good question how can you how Can you cover up You know that meant that many video you Can’t well Uh you know lynn kittay she has a pretty Good collection Um the documented footage is through the Roof I think i’m not saying that it didn’t Happen no no I’m not saying people sell flares or Anything like that I’m so excited to talk to someone who Gets it like that’s Don’t worry but when you disagree where Is it where Where is the footage There is footage yes there is footage Is is that we see the same rehashed Whole [ __ ] constantly i think i think it’s Been

Destroyed and i think a lot of people in 1997 If you have something that’s on vhs and You’re trying to transfer it i mean the First thing i’ve been super into youtube For a long time The first video is actually able to Upload was 2010 so that would be like Almost 15 years later after seeing the phoenix Lights you’ll have to have to one Have it actually know how to convert it There are companies that pay for this Stuff to be converted into different Formats which i guess Yeah that would be worth it if they Converted the format but i I feel like i’ve seen multiple different Videos of it in documentaries in the Past and i know what you’re saying Because i go on now and i feel like it’s Missing that’s the other thing you’re Like amy why’d you get into it Because stuff is going missing oh and i Brought this Because of this reason because i am like I told you A trained librarian i have a masters in Library science This book abductions by john mack Okay this was um i bought it recently And thank god i found it it came out in 1994 Okay 1990 john mack

John mack is the harvard professor who Rolled down to zimbabwe to interview Those children who saw an alien on their Playground oh yeah that’s That that that’s interesting so he wrote This book in 1994 and i’m still trying To figure out the specific dates because 1994 is the same date As the zimbabwe sighting at the aerial School Um so anyway like just checking this Book down alone I i ever since i’ve be and it hasn’t Happened till like the last five years But working as a librarian and working In libraries you’re like constantly I never had to own a book i always could Find it If it wasn’t at my library i’d use Something called interlibrary loan which Would give you national access to any Libraries a lot of people don’t Necessarily know that this option exists Your public library can send you a book From minnesota if you’re looking for a Specific book But anyway i got this book because it’s Like you actually i I don’t know when it’ll go away and this Is a book all about abduction he was a Harvard professor And he was one of the first professors To ever Investigate the correlations between

Different people who have said they have Been abducted by et’s So he looks for things that are similar Right like we’ve all seen graves we’ve All seen Blah blah i had missing time and he goes Over that i haven’t read it yet but I’m excited too you just said something There that You said we’ve all seen grays no i’ve Never seen a gray Neither have i i’m honest i’m honest I’ve never seen one Trust me if i did you guys would know Do you know when i drew my first gray Though I was i was probably um and i can prove This I have a picture which is a bit like That so i do I used to do these doodles and this is An old mouse map These faded over time but this I doodle these weird Things i used to do it from being Uh really young and i think i drew my First grey in one of them I’m pretty sure i saw it about four Years ago when i looked through one of My old portfolios And it was 2 000 sorry 2 000. It was 1996. And he’s a little grey alien what it In among all these little things i’m

Pretty sure it Could be wrong it’s gonna [ __ ] i’m gonna I’m gonna find that i’ll send you the Picture If it is well people like you and me Should definitely do like alien hypnosis I’ve thought about this i’m like how can I be super into this if i don’t have Some subconscious memories of hanging Out with greys Right maybe i should go i think i should Do a hypnosis it’d be a fun video too For everybody to watch But this is the thing that intrigues me With the grace i mean then i know There’s the guy when we’re talking about Cults uh and what’s his name Always forget his name yeah i don’t want To say it I don’t want to upset anybody no no you Can say what’s his name I don’t know who you’re talking about The guy the guy the Guy the cool guy yeah oh the raelians No the cult guy the cold the the guy What’s his name david applegate from Heavens oh no no no this Is like 100 years ago pythagoras No no i keep forgetting his name he was The first guy that drew something he Drew an alien grey Oh He drew what A lot of people kind of depict but

That was kind of like a demon and this Pictures i’ve seen the pictures of what He saw too as well This is what really spikes my interest With this subject It not to begin with but now Is we’re mixing the two together and And a lot of people hate that they can’t Stand it they can’t fathom it out in the Head You know the the the the it’s all about The science is that the other But i wanna people talk about weird Magical things that are happening and Yes it’s technology but and this is not Me saying that it is demons or whatever But i Do believe that we need to kind of We need to kind of look Down every single rabbit hole yes yes Yes Completely and that’s where i’m at too Because we can’t like especially remote Viewing especially our psychic Capabilities I think these craft are being ran Consciously I think this is a something that our Consciousness runs With being in the craft i don’t think They have any controls i think it’s just Like the Their brain they just like move there Cause we already have prosthetics that

Do that As well You mentioned the you mentioned bigelow Earlier What did you think to to bigelow on Rogan Oh yeah i thought that was beautiful i Really loved How he talked about his own personal Experiences Um because he was very specific in Trying to Explain that it was a dreamlike state So he’s had experiences with robed Figures when he was a child coming into His room He’s had these experiences but he’s also Like logically available to be like okay But it was also sort of dreamlike so i Can’t say specifically So i loved how he shared that but Just like we and you were talking about With our own childhood experiences We have no way to prove it Yeah i mean when you’re a kid you could Say it was a dream i didn’t know what Happened Whatever see with that interview I expected a little bit more i kind of Expected Some i don’t i don’t know i expected Whether it was be like people call this Like A soft disclosure but i i i thought we

Might get one step Closer yeah he was gonna tell joe Yeah but there was nothing that kind of Like There’s nothing there that you could say Right you know right the other way but This is a guy that’s been researching This subject Pretty much all his adult life right you Know And yeah and he left ufos on the back Burner To make his million billions whatever Yeah so he could then research Ufology well there’s interviews he Didn’t give Joe a great deal you know right Well joe rogan he’s so famous now he has To be really careful what people say on His show I think he’s pushing the alien ufo thing Because that’s why we all like some of Us like me Fell in love with watching his shows Because he really would give like lazar But ever since he’s he’s done the Spotify thing i’ve i’ve noticed a Difference in the way that it’s executed Like how elon musk’s interview went with His new show versus like Smoking a joint with him on the last Time elon musk was on his show like that Was before and after the management Um i’m of rogan but when it comes to

Bigelow what i love about bigelow and It’s like i’m finally getting there At my age and i feel like when he was 12 He knew he wanted to make money To answer those questions like money was Just a tool To him right like as a young boy he’s Like i’m gonna make a Like you can hear him saying this in the George knapp he’s like i decided when i Was really young I was gonna make a lot of money so that I can answer these two big questions Like he says when he’s 12 years old he Comes up with this decision and i’m just Blown away Because it’s like i finally feel like I’m kind of there like with all of those Concepts and ideas coming together in Your life right See i don’t buy that because at 12 years Old i just discovered that i had a penis You know That yeah i’m sure yeah Yeah yeah 12 no I’m sorry bob but bob you realized you Had a knob So don’t tell me i don’t know you agree After your millions of that I don’t know i don’t buy that i don’t Know maybe maybe I i actually maybe i’ll just judge every 12 year old from what i was probably Like

Yeah and maybe i’m taking too much from The interview when i like i look back at It because it’s just so Like we were saying you were like amy When did it start i’m like when did it Not start for somebody Like like we were born Into all of these different encounters All of these different questions every Sci-fi film that Had to do with anything about space at Least briefly hinted on Extraterrestrials like It’s it’s there it’s always been there And now The slow disclosure process is slowly Going at like full force and we’re gonna Get it all like Bam like super warp speed this is the Coolest hobby to have right now like i Am having so much fun but yeah it’s all Gonna come out Super soon and i i’m just excited like i Can’t believe what happened with Radcliffe this week i can’t believe what Happened with lou This week i’m blown away i’m floored i i Like this is the stuff that i why i get Into it why i jump on the live chats why I talk with you guys Because like no one else gets it this is A big deal This is a big deal the government like We’re always talking about like oh ufo

Disclosure disclosure already happened I’ve heard the cousins brothers say They’re like i think it’s already Happened because it did happen it Happened in 2017 The new york times reporter said guess What you know all those crazies who are Talking about Unidentified flying objects guess what There is There’s unidentified flag objects in the Sky disclosures only happened When my when i go around for dinner at My mum and dad’s house and my mum and Dad say So what about them aliens then wait What your parents don’t you are your Parents believers Yes my my dad reported a ufo when he was At c in the 80s Yeah i’ve said it a few times on the Channel he something went Over the ship in the merchant navy speed They couldn’t Comprehend they called it in that’s what Kind of got me into the subject my dad Used to tell this Story so many times it was like a broken Record Um but yeah to kind of go To what you were saying about joe rogan Um I i kind of wonder so Because joe does seem like a man that

Wants to Speak his mind no matter what you know He He’s he’s he’s got the platform you know No matter what No matter where we go if he went to beat You That’d be great because we could all Move to bitchu Right but You know money’s nice and it’ll confine Your focus I think so that’s why i work that’s why I have a job I do believe in one thing i love about Joe Rogan i do believe that he kind of Doesn’t give a [ __ ] And he will just speak his mind no Matter what he’ll speak his mind And this is one of the i’m wondering if Because it Possibly doesn’t because youtube’s Probably just too big for everybody you Know it doesn’t matter who There is on the platform i’m wondering If joe might have got a warning About um you know The word about ufos the subject of ufos And he thought you know what i love that Subject I’m leaving so it wasn’t just the offer From spotify But it was the fact that he may have

Been Given oh i see what you’re saying i’ve Been thinking this for a while now That’s Interesting i love that perspective it’s The first time i’ve said it so thank you No i think that’s because it’s an Interesting one i’m like oh you smell Out but you’re right because they’re we All have to find the correct avenue to Focus our message on to And for some it’s different it’s spotify And that would make a lot more sense Interesting i never thought about it From that perspective But i still feel like the interviews are Pretty filtered way more than they were Before And i feel like the questions are way Laid out it’s not like this like this is What people originally loved about rogan He was just kicking back Like that’s why we watch alien addict You’re like our joe rogan of aliens Because we kick back and you ask casual Conversations and you get to know people Um and it’s just interesting when you Look at different interviewing Techniques like that because I like i’m finally doing little Interviews but they’re so intimidating For me because It’s so hard it doesn’t look hard but it But it

I feel like it is well The alcohol helps i’m not I know those we do not promote alcohol We don’t Know we don’t we do not promote alcohol There’s many interviews that i’ve done Where i’ve not touched you do not Promote that kind of stuff Here you know but the Interviewing in general uh i mean My last job i used to interview people All the time And you know i kind of got used to that I just like i like speaking to people i Mean i mean And you know amy you speak to people Fighter don’t worry about that thing I don’t know what you need what you need To worry about in this subject is what You What’s words i’m looking for liars oh Liar i mean the one thing that you Did say i know that kind of got me Just like really is is the curry good Stuff You know you you you are digging hard Aren’t you Can i tell you a little bit of something About alien girl about amy About paper training okay yeah So we live in a world where people like To put us down right Every single person out there who has Something that they want to do that’s

Beautiful in the world 10 other people are going to tell you It’s horrible and you should give up and It’s not going to happen Like ollie you were talking a little bit Ago you’re like oh i’m not that smart You are dude you’re really smart like Setting this stuff up is Hard i walked into work and i was like I’m gonna start a live stream I’m gonna start a ufo channel wait till This happens you guys Nothing had been started yet at all and This girl was like good luck trying to Figure it out right but that’s just one Voice i know there’s 10 Others out there that are telling me no Um And so when it comes to stuff like corey Goode and david wilcox I don’t know like i just if they were on My show and i felt like i could do An interview where i felt good enough to Actually have them On or felt good about that like the one Thing that i would definitely want to Focus on Is facts like corey i i love this story I’ve heard your testimony a million Times so like My yeah like i promote what i love And i always have i love alien beer Sierra blanca Brewing company go check it out in

Albuquerque these guys are over here Definitely sponsored by them Yes and um corey good dude his story is Excellent it’s a great story amazing Like how can we hate on the cory good Story let’s be honest like it’s It’s the coolest freaking story i’ve Ever heard of my life In regards to aliens and then he takes These little parts out of roswell he Takes these little nuggets of like Ufo truth and he infuses it with this Amazing Story so i love it like i do i love it i Get caught up in it and what if one day Also all of a sudden some piece of Evidence comes out we’re like Didn’t call the troops And then we’ll all be back on and again And then next thing you know all i’m Doing is reading everything corey Watching everything corey The whole do you not smell it though do You not kind of smell it on him When he’s talking you just keep digging No because it intrigues me when when i Speak to somebody who believes What these people are saying and i’m not Saying it’s a bad thing because I think you you know we live in a world Now Where i i genuinely believe that If anybody wants to be anything wants to Believe anything

Just go ahead you know live and let live I don’t know what if he’s i don’t know It’s it’s all about like How much of how much how okay how much Of him is on your [ __ ] meter oh gosh You really are trying to dig here huh How much of cory cut is on my [ __ ] Meter Uh i don’t know Are we are we at least to 50 50. okay I’ll just be honest with you Because you know i don’t think corey’s Gonna come on my show He obviously doesn’t come on your show Probably won’t get david will Clocks lined up here any moment soon he Gets like so much money Just talking a bunch smack I’ll say it this is what you want to Hear Um oh gosh i don’t think i’m letting Anybody down here but corey Though david i think because i know all The people in the chat pretty much Unless i don’t know you Um oh god it’s a tough one for me to say But i think it’s on the More like not real side Yeah i i i i know i know Uh blake and brent you know they they’ve Interviewed him in the future i know That’s why i can’t just say no they’re Not no because they know They know it they they don’t you know no

Because No then what they’re doing is not wrong Though because i would do the same If i had corey good on here i’ll get him To tell his story Well it’s like would i would i be rude And say i think you’re full of [ __ ] No i wouldn’t say that to him i had a Guy i had a guy Ronnie if you’re watching this i’m sorry I love you to pieces i had a guy Showing me a um half Um half woman Half catwoman With with massive nipples you know Dude i’m done oh my gosh the collins the Collins i had a collin Show once it was wild but the thing is It’s just like where is this coming from Like But within with what we do You kind of you’ve got to hear these People But question them on what they’re doing And There was one of the interviews that i Think it was one of the last interviews That Blake and brent did with uh corey where They kind of did Give them a bit of stick back you know Question a little bit They’re asking some tough questions These days for sure

That’s what you need to do wilcock i Mean He’s the one that put him under He just they just got a hold of that Gaia and they ran with it man like Faster into that deep night more than Anybody else And corey goode was like ah i don’t like This it career being a help desk person Because i’ve seen his linkedin account It’s connected to his twitter account Sorry don’t mean to be creepy cory but He’s just an average dude like the rest Of us i guess he just got Transported back into the future when he Was 18 and returned when he was 18. But the stories the stories absolutely Fascinating right and i’ve learned so Much from just watching third phase with How they interact with that like Especially as a chick In this thing like oh my gosh such a Breath of fresh air man to talk to Cool kickback people who just want to Want to chill about it because Man it’s it’s like you just go out there With this opinion and Just because everybody else is the same Anyway we don’t need to get into that i Don’t even know No no we’re just talking about the 50 of Who believes that corey got is full of [ __ ] She’s fine it’s more than 50 olly

Uh because it’s like fascinating right Like that’s the thing i’ve always loved About brent and blake’s shows they’re Like that’s Fascinating like they’ve never ever been Like you’re full of it like because They’ve had people calling cause i Listened during the collin show i worked At like a little craft store Oh they do sometimes it’s fun no but That I i used that’s where this came from Yeah i know i i know and blake If you are still watching i know you Don’t i don’t know if you like it Just email me if you want me to get rid Of it but that’s This is where that this is where this Came from It’s not because i think blake looks Like a klingon blake’s a very handsome Man they’re both very handsome men You know they’ve got good genes Definitely Um but blake You know he was he was speaking to a guy That was giving him a star trek episode But he’s not a trekkie you know i I am unfortunate it’s funny It was so brilliant and i’m like yes The you know speaking about corey good This is somebody who can spin a lie This guy is so convincing yes he is So convincing and then he one day just

He messages me and said have you ever Watched this episode of third phase of Moon And he sends me the link he went this is Me And i’m going i said no and i went prove It’s you And he just sent me a voice recording Okay that’s him and i got him on the Show Oh wow that is so cool yeah third phase Man they inspire a lot of people And i think that’s like we were talking About corey good and i’m like oh i don’t Really want to talk about corey good Because i always promised myself getting Out here And being public not just with this but Even with my Crafting channel is that i’m going to Promote what i love like i’m never going To use a craft product On my crafting channel and be like this Is [ __ ] know like i’m not going to do That because what if scotch tape comes Up to me and they’re like just Bullets you know like so here’s a weird Story and it comes back to like Promoting what you love Right is i did some project with flex Seal there was like less than 100 views On it And flex seal was like oh we love it and Then i was like best product in the

World Right because i was just promoting what I love next thing you know flex seal Sent me like a hundred dollars worth of Stuff to do in my crafting little Channel stuff So um good you know so when it comes Back to corey goode And david wilcox they’ve opened up the Story they’ve opened up the energy Um and i think especially when we talk About like the sci-fi Sort of like kooky funny like my friend Ufo jane who has 5 000 subscribers And her husband will get all like decked Out in an alien costume and come hang Out like There’s this quirky weird vibe because Humor brings out a lot of Truth that’s the truth like humor brings Out a lot of truth And so like when it comes to cory my Question would be is what does jane do For a husband for him to do that to Dress up as an alien What does she dress up as Well it was cute like they had a Halloween episode and it was really cute And um she dressed up as the Stay puff marshmallow from ghostbusters So we got ghostbusters in england i Don’t know what You guys have in england polly you’ve Said the word polly

Like i’m like oh yeah holly Paul paul lee I am paulie i am not feeling well i’m Polly therefore i’m poorly That’s all crazy man new mexicans have a Way they talk Yes new mexicans us desert people I i have had like Over the last four or five i don’t know How i’ve been on youtube now Your youtube channel says you’ve been on Longer than you have been because it’s The When you created a freight actual Account Right he’s kind of like no that’s not me No no i haven’t been doing this i’ve not Been doing that i know Right it would have been bigger if not Like yeah The crafting channel that’s what’s so Fun about the alien channel is like the Crafting channel took like six years to Get To like a thousand and now i just see Like whoa it’s so much fun like nobody Comes on live when i go live on the Crafting but you go live on the alien People just want to jump on and be like What’s up People come and go though people come And go Yes they do some people don’t see but People get

You know people have commitments Commitments change stop no they don’t we Can just do alien Live feeds all day they fall out with You They something happens that you do that Pisses them off and they just think that Is it I am not watching this [ __ ] any Longer Well i’m just talking like even if you Go through the stream of Like fans like the fan chats cause you Know if i wasn’t If i wasn’t on your show i would be in The chat And so it’s similar with a lot of people Because i know a lot of the people in The chat i’ve talked to them a bunch and You know we just kind of go from one Chat chat to the other and people come And go And it’s just interesting because you Get such interesting You know experiences and connections With all the people that you can Meet and just casually talk about aliens With for years like renee cruz I’ve been talking about aliens with Renee for Six years i don’t know nothing no Nothing about her Him they they like it that way which i’m Cool with i think it’s cool like don’t

Even unshroud the mystery it’s cool when You guys like When we don’t know like that’s part of The dark web ufo thing i like like who Are you i don’t know Where where’s your thoughts on uh On this guy On career yeah on greer What do i think about what are you doing Here I’m not doing that what is that what is That All right tom showing me a picture of Stephen greer have Half shirtless in the woods Tom is in trouble okay shouldn’t be Showing me those types of things tom What do i think about steven grier i Think stephen tom took that picture When he stayed at grier’s house That’s a picture of gria’s gardener you Know what Tom he just needs to Chill out man he needs to be going on to George knapp george knapp said he’ll Take an interview any day Tom delong if you’re listening which i Know he is I know he rolls up on these chats all You got to do is be like hey it’s me tom Just In the chat tom we know you watch like That’s the beauty Of what’s going on i think me and tom

Mcgill Yeah i think you guys would have a fun Time i think tom delong i think this is Probably the best show for him to come On Before he would try to chip into the um Youtube arena which i would like to say I’m super proud of lou elizondo because He actually has been talking to the Media Way more since he’s been part of ttsa Do you know what white what do you think To his um Move wait what What do you think to the move what do i Say what do i think is the next move now What do you think to the move The movement what do you mean to the Move from Ttsa i think i don’t know I think it’s it’s okay you know what i Mean It’s okay like i don’t know It’s it’s a good thing what the Ttsa lost lou I’m losing lou i thought you were Getting all brit on me again i was like No Oh yeah yeah you know they what do i Think about the rue Of tgsa well it’s great i love the rue Of ttsa No ttsa and lou leaving ttsa I think was a specific movement for

Everyone on all sorts of different Reasons because One lou wanted to actually start talking To the public Ttsay was not allowing him to do that I think ttsa also i think tom delong Thought he was gonna get A lot more money out of the deal because Of the whole Um history channel series that they Started With uh you know everything about the Tic tac and i’m Tom de long wasn’t in the producer he Wasn’t anywhere Involved with it at all um and so i also Think that has A lot to do with what was going on with Ttsa and him leaving So lewis just really opened up his Ability to talk more freely like just Today He went on fox news he is doing way more Press releases and Way more things since he left ttsa Immediately like almost immediately this Is what i’m saying like when you follow It week by week by week It becomes apparently obvious he left Ttsa Was totally open to talk with anybody About anything and you know who’s not It’s tom And tom has tried so

Like he’s done a really great job and i Was proud of him as A celebrity going public i was proud of Him i am proud of every celebrity who Has all that pressure And that fame and attention and to take It for just a few minutes to say let’s Focus on What’s going on so i am proud of tom and I always will be always will be proud of Tom For what he’s done to push through it my Own personal belief is that he was just Kind of like A cute little punk rocker and The cia was looking for some place to Slowly disclose some things they kind of Found him And when you listen to his story on joe Rogan it kind of sounds like they found Him They just found him and they were like Come aboard boy And they’re like let’s build this Organization that we don’t know what it Does Okay it was an entertainment of science And technology There was pictures of building Spaceships the The mission statement of to the stars Academy was all over the place and so The focus just Wasn’t specifically there and so i think

That factor because i think tom wanted To make it an entertainment company Lou and melon wanted to make it more of An information Organization mellon’s gone to virgin now What do you mean uh virgin galactic you Know Virgin what’s he doing at virgin Galactic He’s something with these skills i have No idea Weird that’s weird what’s that about That’s a whole other new one But yeah the um to quote um Mr d b cooper’s generous five pound uh Five five pound five dollar donation Um it would be good to see lou go to Somewhere like third phase of moon You know and do an actual interview i Would like to see people ask him More questions on you know Is it alien you know just probe him a Little bit more because he Always he doesn’t like saying that word And he’s always like He’ll he’ll give us a little tip bit but Then he’ll take it away See that was good you did some good Probing questions with me and corey It’s funny see this is why i’m like yeah You are good at this Because that was one of the things i was Like i don’t want to talk about that I can’t talk about the corey thing

Because oh no oh I’m sorry is curry good your husband No i can’t talk about the corey good Thing just because of its Uh it’s corey you know Good old corey d So i i made this prediction a while back And You brought the little thing so i’m Gonna bring it up again because i just Want people to know that i’ve made this Prediction And it will jolly well happen Time stamps this is going to be this is Going to happen Yes 100 this will happen You should photoshop you and along Together I don’t think that will ever happen yes It will if you visualize it yeah come on Photoshop it i’ll tweet the hell out of It you know it Hashtag ufo twitter big phone home i Think i’ve got more chance of this man Coming on with me than He’s masked wow This is nothing to do with the virus he Used to be a doctor I like greer though i think he rallied And brought together a lot of really Great people back in 2001 At the citizens hearing um i remember Being super young Not like super young but like i remember

Watching it was just before 9 11 That he did i was impressed with his [ __ ] It was okay It’s a very different grier to what you See back then it Is yeah But sometimes i see a little bit of that The career we know now is not the grier He had to defend himself for so many Years this is what this is what Happens you know you just When when people say this guy is just a Fraud so this guy is just a phony or Whatever this is Not the case with stephen greer at all i Take the piss out of stephen gray but I have actually a lot of respect for What he has done in the past But what he do what he’s doing now I don’t know i don’t know what he’s Doing now anymore Except getting a lot of conversations With people about like weird deep Black ops stuff that like he’s always The insider on And that’s like when we talk about my Sightings and the things that i’ve seen I try to be as rational About it as i can and like it’s just a Lot of beauty In um in the freedom of speech but like I think I think with him as he uh as he goes on

And and he progresses he changes and he Transforms but the career i Remember in 2001 Was the only voice in my life That was saying i think what you think So that’ll always be powerful to me Those people who came out of nowhere Like linda molten howe Hey you think the world’s weird check This out amy Or like stephen greer hey i think your Idea has some validity i’m gonna take it All the way to washington And having little moments like that so Whatever he’s doing now Cool he’s working on some weird deep up Like stuff that nobody else understands That’s cool But at a time there was the pinnacle of His work and The things he was pushing through in Terms of stigma And ridicule and analyzing it as a real Thing Bringing forward military pilots and all Sorts of like Government personnel to stand behind him On these things that he’s talking about It’s just Absolutely insane what he did then and i Remember like there wasn’t like the Internet Everywhere then like i had to find an Internet connection i had to plug in the

Internet into A wall so that i could watch the stephen Greer Citizens hearing live because that was Like a big deal for me Because i thought like this is it like I’ve always just been Waiting for when they’re gonna tell us Like not when they Because i think right now we’re on the Cusp we all already know It’s real so you think disclosure is Literally with with an arm within an Arm’s reach at the moment Well what does disclosure mean there’s So many different layers of disclose This is the thing you know people they Talk about soft Disclosure people talk about you know Disclosure for me Is here’s an alien This is the ships that they fly This is it people i guess there was just Like a lot of time before the new york Times article that came out where I was just waiting for the government to Tell me that there were unidentified Flying objects in the air And for me that was the disclosure That’s that was the bit of information i Was just like Waiting for the government to tell us Because once we get that like we’re on The road running

And um sure enough that’s what’s Happened And so it’s happening now like the gears Are in motion So i don’t know for me it was always it Was 2017 I woke up it was in the newspaper and i Said it happened It happened and it’s gonna be like this When we wake up one day and we realize Oh there’s extraterrestrial intelligent Life at Proxima centauri we’ll wake up We’ll live our lives the way we usually Do and then your mom Or your sister your friend will be like Hey oh yeah We already knew we all kind of knew and It’s like no you didn’t because Yesterday at breakfast And the breakfast before those for years And years and years You told me i was crazy and that’s why i Started a youtube channel so let’s go Back Mom dad blah blah whoever friend Let’s go back and look at the channel When i was there Let’s start saying that i already knew This like It’s not bragging rights but it is and What what it really comes down to is not Necessarily bragging rights but like you Don’t have to say

Okay guys we don’t and this is good for All of us we don’t have to take people Saying like well we already kind of Already knew No no they didn’t know Okay if they already knew the best thing That the polite way like if we want to Get missed manners You just say oh wow that was a surprise Right Why do you have to say like oh i already Knew that no you didn’t You didn’t know that you denied it you Put everybody down who ridiculed the Idea You told us all we were crazy and dumb And not as smart as You and you could just simply say oh wow That’s a surprise i’m intelligent like You Are we’re all intelligent and i’m just Surprised i really didn’t think Extraterrestrial intelligent entities Existed like you and me I’m not gonna say i told you so or i Already knew You know like no and it’s just gonna Happen so Easily we’re gonna wake up and it’ll be Normal just like we woke up in 2017 Nobody cared that unidentified flying Objects were flying through the skies Nobody cared Except me and you a couple other people

Okay So out of all the different species that People Talk about how many of those do you kind Of like Think yeah i think those are a thing Oh my gosh you’re getting granular here Man Um just don’t just sound yeah no I think the show’s title is entitled It’s titled aliens So he’s fine we’re talking about aliens Well i’ll say this about aliens and this Is what’s really cool about aliens And this is what keeps me going man is Right now ollie On some other planet or far away There’s other people just like you and Me In a technology in a society that has The technology similar to you and i That are having the same over same Conversation Over the internet with other people in An alien Youtube far far away and there’s many More like us We’re not as unique as we think um Yeah so that’s what i think i don’t know What those entities look like Could they be reptilian could they be Blue avian could they be I think they could be all sorts of Things i have no idea

What extraterrestrial life on another on Another plane Do i know it’s there and that they’re Intelligent yes I think it’s ignorant to say otherwise Call me horrible slap me across the face I’m calling you ignorant if you don’t Believe in intelligent life off of this Planet i just don’t I’m not gonna take it anymore the Probability is in my court The probabilities in our court it’s not In the people who are saying Well i think that’s a man-made flying Machine no we’re not talking about Humans anymore you guys we’re talking About Even just the faint possibility Of people and they are they’re on this Other planet They’re just like you and me and you Know what they’re just as crappy of Sending a signal out to us As we are sending a signal out to them They we can’t Our technology can’t connect with other Et you think we’re the only species of Intelligent life that can’t connect with Et through our technology no It’s another one with people just like You and i being like what’s going on are There others out there It’s just there we all know it so i mean In a lot of ways when people wake up and

They’re like well we always knew there Was intelligent life Yes because we all already knew and then We get into the psychic aspect ollie we Know We know do we really have to go beyond The fact that we know And that’s why robert bigelow at 12 is Like i’m going to figure out this Question that’s a good one Because that question is why we’re all Here yes Yes and i think right now like you know People like to think that there’s a huge Religious Overtone but i did a twitter poll and i Was Really surprised by this twitter poll Because i said what do you think is Holding people back From even saying that they believe Because i don’t think Evidence is in their court anymore i Think evidence is on our side When it comes to is there life outside Of there i think most major scientists At harvard and cambridge and all sorts Of places And i’ve got articles to prove it dude They’re writing books about it they’re Doing all sorts of things Will agree with you and me there is Extraterrestrial life on other planets Okay i’m not gonna have the conversation

About this flying machine being from China When i well know that we should at least Be entertaining the idea of an Extraterrestrial possibility You mention religion there though oh Yeah yeah yeah religion oh so the Twitter poll came out like nobody cared About religion Anyway this is my this is my thoughts Behind it That you know it if there is a higher Being yeah Whatever it is whether it’s whether you Call it god whether you call it I don’t know the creator that is the Original Life in the galaxy whatever it is okay But whatever you’re creating Why would you stop at one Yes see ollie see it’s not religion That’s holding people back I celebrate christmas i believe in jesus When i die and jesus is there and he’s Like amy amy amy you believed in aliens I’d be like i’m sorry The knowledge you gave me led to that Path I guess i just wasn’t supposed to eat That no the fruit of knowledge like no Dude god gave me a brain because he Wants me to think about this stuff He doesn’t you know he wants us to think He wants us so like whatever

However people see their higher power or Whatever i agree with you completely I think that it’s it’s and i think Humanity’s smart enough to keep our Religion Contained with our intellectual Curiosity right now which is what we’re Experiencing as the internet Has boomed as we’ve managed to try to Hold on to our culture Right which is part of our religion and Stuff well we’re also taking in all This insane amount of information And still trying to hold on to who we Are Well we’ve gone for two hours now i Didn’t even realize He said you’re delighted to speak to my Love you are You’re truly it’s been fun i’ve been Dying like to have a conversation with You Just because it’s it’s refreshing to Talk to people who know what’s going on Instead of me being the one that’s like Here’s the zimbabwe incidents here’s This documentary But before we go i just want to say i Checked out countdown to disclosure By the third phase ufo brothers oh my Gosh it was so good you guys you have to Go check it out That documentary was super simple it’s On amazon you can rent it just

Four dollars yes and they got greer to Say some wild stuff And they got lazar to say some wild Stuff yeah the phone call I like about the blue it’s crazy It’s crazy but yeah we’ve been going for Two hours thank you so much like this Has been the best No worries and guys uh if you are Wanting to to support the channel you Know there is a patreon It is in the description feel free to Check it out but if you don’t Do a patreon you just fancy you know Slapping an alien on your chest or on Your mug Or whatever kind of if i’m a brand in Here I’ve done a lot i’ve done a few designs And there right in the middle A little is my you guys call me you guys Gave me that It’s a a so there is some stuff there’s Some merch it’s in the description I finally done it you can buy mugs Whatever This stuff there i don’t know how it got Away with the alien but i did hand draw It So cool that’s so cool you hand drew it Well The funny thing there i did get like a Copyright and i said look i’ve Hand-drawn this

Yeah you should and they went oh we’re Really sorry it was the bot What oh interesting yeah the bots they Don’t know it’s copyrighted It’s um yeah no alien girl one one one Go subscribe guys it’s in the Description Yes yes yes thank you so much for Joining us tonight Thank you i’m gonna drop you on amy i’m Gonna sounds good The guys and all right i will talk to You guys later thanks guys I would like to get you on with some Other guests Yeah let’s do you know like a little Like like a bigger Ufo rg oh yeah let’s go You shouldn’t say those things to me Dude this is so much fun okay this has Been so much fun thank you for the break In life this is my break in life as well So do you know something i’ve been on 33 Views through this entire video which is Really Weird for me really i don’t i don’t yet Don’t if you have there’s a video there Is a video on my channel set That says ic33 I see the number 33 you know i’ll Discuss it I will discuss it with you in a moment Get i’ll come straight up 33 is an important number i think that’s

I can’t remember the numerology behind It but you should look into it one one One is about Beginnings like that i’ve been into Numerology but 33 just Sticks out for me so i feel like i i Want to look it up real quick if that’s Cool let me just look up I’m going to say goodbye to the guests To the guests The people in the church we love you i Mean i’m too Bye rich bye mister See you in a bowl thank you alien girl One more moment Check her out oh okay i’ll see you guys Later i’m gonna zip out Guys thank you so much for everybody Watching live and if you’re not watching Live Make sure you hit the bell subscribe and All that stuff I realize that i am wearing a white T-shirt And uh it almost looks like i Have uh just a rose tattooed on my chest Um but yeah guys thank you again I found the sticker Found this sticker i lost it earlier There we go Somebody told me to get rid of it um But no yeah i i do need to get rid of it I somebody told me it was cool to keep The sticker on

But i’ve took the sticker off but it’s Kind of ruined the heart it’s just made This Weird i don’t know It may be back the sticker maybe about People In the chat and if you’re not watching This live I need the comment the comment to know That you’ve Actually finished watching the video if He’s not live is Sticker removed or sticker back Guys good night god bless find the bugs Though bye i am alien addict Thank you love it