ASTRAL PROJECTION (Interview with Experiencer)

By | March 19, 2021
ASTRAL PROJECTION (Interview with Experiencer)

Good evening folks And welcome to alien updates how we all Doing on this fine Luxurious evening now we’ve got a guest That i had on By accident um it seems like a year ago But it wasn’t i think it was about Six months ago uh my good friend rich Uh who he did some training at the Monroe Institute where he he learned to do Um what was it rich I’ve forgotten the name of it again [Laughter] Out of body experience yeah remote Viewing that’s the one because i’m Getting the mixed up i always get Astral projection and remote viewing Mixed up Astral projection is the one where you Kind of leave your body And if you turn around can you see your Body yep Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah where’s my Background gone Things are going there we go there we go That’s that This is for you i scoured the internet For that For that my friend but yeah you uk you Kind of saved the day On the last video that we did Well the first video that we did was it

About six months ago It was a few months ago yeah definitely I think it’s before christmas Uh somewhere around there i was having Aliens my daughter Yeah yeah i’m sorry what was gonna say My daughter’s watched it loads of times She she really enjoyed it My wife it’s it’s probably my wife’s Favorite video Because she she was mesmerized by it She’s found it extremely interesting Um but the the The whole subject that we started off Was going Along the lines of remote viewing but You briefly kind of started the the Interview Um and speaking about Um how to put your experience with The outer body um yeah and you spent Some time in china At the monroe institute that’s where you Did the Remote learn to re remote view um But we kind of yeah we just We tiptoed around the kind of the outer Body experience so i wanted to get you Back on Talk about that because and i kind of Wanna i didn’t put in the title because I don’t Want the video to be put to the back of The list but

There’s a when people mention out of Body experiences sometimes Sometimes the whole uh The alien aspect comes into it the the You are people being taken By ufos sometimes there but there is a Difference between the two And i think there’s a lot of people say Oh i had an out-of-body experience No you were abducted by aliens yeah but Yeah there’s a clear difference between The two Definitely definitely definitely um I i think i think what we need to do as I say before we start is to take a Little bit of a step back Um because i think if you spent any time In On on a ufo forum or anything like that You will You will get a lot of disparate groups That call a lot of different things by Or basically call the same thing by Different names So you’ll have people talking about Aliens being angels or Demons you have people talking about Shadow People and and all of this others other Stuff And i i think very often we are talking About the very very same thing Almost all of the time um which is Um the evolution of your consciousness

Now to me what is your consciousness so That’s the fundamental question that you Start off with Now according to tom campbell who i um Subscribed to a few of his theories but Not all of them He did a lot of work um describing what Your consciousness is And he he’s a physicist And he called your consciousness um A self-modifying model Of reality okay so your mind Is within your your mind Held in the electrical signals of you And the chemical signals in your brain Is your consciousness and your Consciousness itself Is not physical Okay your your body Takes in data through your senses So your body is like an antenna your Eyes your ears they They take in vibrations or photons of Light etc And your body and your brain integrates Those data That data and turns it into information And that’s projected around you like a Bubble And and that is your consciousness It makes up your senses it makes up your Memories And it makes and it’s also made up Of your imagination and i say

Imagination because it’s really really Important Your imagination is incredibly important To your consciousness We use it every day we scoff it we sit There and we say oh it was just a dream And things like that But at the end of the day we need an Imagination and the reason why we need An imagination Is if you ever want to plan something You first got to imagine it before you Can actually do it Yeah if if you if you Worry about risk You are using your imagination you’re Extrapolating into the future And thinking this could happen Exactly yeah um so your imagination is Hugely hugely powerful And it shapes your thoughts now all of The time Um and now along with all of this They also believe and this is the belief Again That there are aspects of your Imagination that are Influenced by other Data where people Collect that data from is A moot point if you notice it’s hotly Contested and how that comes In so if we understand That that our bodies and our minds and

Our consciousnesses Are designed to Keep us alive and plan To exploit resources and also to Mitigate risks And and that’s what our consciousness Does it’s A map it’s a model of reality Now to take a step further and say how Malleable Is that model of reality just taking a Thought experiment for a while So if i was to tell you okay You don’t have to shut your eyes or Anything like that but just imagine Where you are sat or stood where you are Now imagine uh that you Are expanded to your much taller And step outside and you can look at Your house Okay you’re very large and you can do That you can do that very quickly Now then you can make yourself grow even More until you imagine That you can put your arms around the Whole planet And we can all do that quite easily It’s it’s very very easy for people to Do that To to think that and this is what we Talk about when we say That you’re consciousness you mean So you mean to imagine that imagine it Don’t you don’t have to be it

Imagine it and we can do that and what You have to understand is Uh how flexible and how powerful Your consciousness and your imagination Is and that’s why We we also say that your consciousness Is an unbound model of reality That is it become it can become as big As you want it to be yeah As as big as you can imagine that’s as Big as your consciousness Can be okay Is that why um Sorry is that why when because just to Take the audience back that Probably that may have not seen you Before On alien addict when you were talking About your first experience with this Being six year old do you think Because children have bigger Imaginations That they discover this quite early Exactly and this is why it’s so Important that That um children go to school at a young Age because the mind is still sort of Like Uh malleable but at the same time the Mind is also When when when when children go to School They they get given a specific Um corridor to go down

And it and it’s very often more about Making them useful For employment and and And to be good citizens and good things Like that They are not necessarily taught to be As unbound as they can be So very often you will find that the Kids that are naturally unbound the ones That That with bigger imaginations and things Like that They end up going down creative routes Um and then there are some that that Can’t go down the creative routes they Should have done But they end up in the ufo community and I almost guarantee that Most people that are in the ufo Community Are are probably Um frustrated creatives a certain Extent you know because they have the Big imagination And they connect they they can extend Because they haven’t been limited as Much Now winding it back to the outer body Experience Because it’s really really important um What we do what the the real benefit Of doing these states like out of body Experience like remote viewing Is is the ability to

Expand your consciousness to improve The quality of your consciousness And you can do that um by uh going on Journeys And then you have people like the uh Shamans they they take people on humanic Journeys where they might Bang drums and rattle stuff at you and It’s all about Um leading you on a path that that Allows you to Experience different feelings and Different Um states of reality and it’s exactly The same Thing there’s a chap called byron Metcalfe who used to do a lot of work i Think he still does with the monroe Institute And he shows it with a drum and he beats It and And people go off and and they and and They can have Experiences based on that as well um So just quickly how long did you train At the the monroe institute was it a Month Um i was i was there i was there just For Um a week okay but but what i did was I um i did their correspondence course For For about i think it’s about four years Before i actually went

Um and you can you can buy their Uh cds or they were cds at the time that I bought But before then there were tapes You had to order a cassette tape i Remember seeing them advertised back in The 80s And for the audience that don’t might Not know what we’re talking about there Just from To go back to the last interview uh the Monroe institute that is where you Uh learned to do uh remote to re Remote view um it’s where it’s where i Went To re-learn how to do remote uh well i Learned to do remote viewing yes it’s But My my main reason was i wanted to Re-experience the out-of-body Experiences that i had when i was a kid And that’s what switched me on to the Monroe institute The monroe institute have a very very Clear Syllabus and a set of cds And there are seven sets of cds That go discovery threshold Freedom adventure Uh exploring focused 2015 And odyssey and and there there’s Lots and lots of different tools that You Learn about to help you with your life

Um and it it’s really really interesting Um stuff to uh To ingest and you ingest it at your own Pace If you go onto you can Order it all as a download i think it’s About 500 quid Wow yeah you were saying last time about How expensive the courses are um but so You You discovered them to kind of Rediscover Something that you had lost in terms of Being able to travel outside your body Yeah and And we’re going back to this uh i’d idea That children’s minds are a lot more um Expanded and and Briefly before you move on to explaining This How old were you because you you is six Years old when you’ve you first Discovered that you could do this Yeah and you told you told her you told Your father And your dad said you’re probably just Dreaming Um but what age was it that you lost it It probably wouldn’t have been much much Further past Seven really i was it was it was it Lasted for a year Yeah yeah literally literally and i was Doing it for a while

It must have been that much of an impact Well yeah it did It did i had a huge yeah it had a huge Unplugging um impact On on me um i’ll i’ll give you a for Instance i say because i can talk about It in a little more detail now because We’ve got some more time So what i would find is that i’m rising Slowly out of my bed and it was slowly Um my my out-of-body experience as a Youngster were a lot slower Than than they are now um But what would happen is i would Literally just come just Very very slowly and i’d head towards The ceiling And i would get towards get right up Against the ceiling and go around the Light Like to fitting and uh off Down uh onto the through through my Door down the landing down the stairs And i’d and i’d slip between the top of The banister and the roof And and the ceiling and i’d Slide in where my parents were sat Watching television And i would get towards just Get into that room and then i would kind Of realize that i shouldn’t be There so i would pull myself back it was Almost like If my parents would see me i would be in

Trouble for sneaking down So then what i did was i decided well if I can do this maybe i can go out of the Window So i would go out to the window and i Would fly around The um the back garden and i would never Go out to the back garden because i Wasn’t allowed out of the back garden And but i would i would enjoy hovering Over I used to have three cherry blossom Trees at the bottom of the Uh garden those beautiful big trees One of them that i used to do two of Them i used to climb And i tried to build a tree house a bit Once but As i say i was floating on the above the Top of the Uh cherry blossom trees and i would do That Loads of times i loved doing that it was It was great And i realized when you realized that You wasn’t dreaming When was the kind of like i know for a Fact That wasn’t a dream when was that moment Well i it wasn’t that i didn’t know it Was a dream It was it was my dad that told me it was A dream And and then so when i experienced it

Again I realized that while i was out of the Window I was just out of the window and going Into the garden That i realized i could still feel the Bed under myself And i thought to myself oh right okay so This is just a dream And i zipped back into my body and that Was that was it i didn’t try it For a long time it was only when i Started reading about the subject that i Became involved i became Aware of the concept of what they call Bilocation And what by location means is that you Have a feeling That you’re in two places at once Right um and That made me think now hang on a minute Maybe this there was more to it Then then i originally Uh believed And that made me want to Explore whether there was something more To it But that was probably after i’d been to China And and had the epiphany where i saw the Uh The the picture um for those that didn’t Um For those that didn’t see the other

Interview um much further down the line I was I was 30 i was in 31 i was in china And um i was in the white cloud temple And i was wandering around There and i saw a tapestry With some cherry blossom trees and a man Lying horizontally above them And and that reminded me of my Um of my experience as a child And and it peaked my interest in that so I asked my Tai chi master about it he told me that Ancient martial artists Did practice out-of-body experiences um And and that made me think about doing More research on it So um it was then i found out about The monroe institute i found out about Concepts like Biolocation and evolution of Consciousness And all of this good stuff And i started looking into it in earnest You know and it’s led me here So when When we leave our bodies And i was having a conversation with Uh with david um the guy that’s been a Few times Blurred out because i’ve spoke to him Privately a couple of times as well Because i’ve I’ve not been sleeping very well and um

I had a weird weird dream the other Night um I was telling him about it and i think i Remember telling you Yes i did yeah i did tell you i told Somebody else About when i was when my son couldn’t Sleep Um i was was I got into bed with him fell asleep But then the next thing i know i’m Outside floating up Uh and then my son jolted And i did at the same time i don’t know Who did it first but we both woke up Uh and he said that he couldn’t move and He was free he was a bit freaked out uh He’s He’s been having a few night terrors but I asked david About uh You know lucid dreams out of body Experiences And he said have you ever tried to turn Around And look at yourself So have you done that Yeah yeah i did that loads Um yeah yeah it’s it’s interesting Um really really interestingly when i Was a child and i was doing it What it felt like was when It almost felt like my skeleton was Separating

From my skin That’s what it felt like and when i Looked back i could see myself But it felt like i was smaller i was a Smaller component of that you know like Something inside had gone out Um as an adult It’s different i don’t have much of an Awareness Of my body as i’ve left it almost feels Like Sometimes it feels like amorphous jelly Like i don’t actually have anybody at All Uh and another time i just feel It just feels like i’m a single point Wandering around You know um it it I don’t know what that’s about it just It’s just slightly It’s just been different that’s all Maybe there was a stronger Um residual body feeling that i had when I was a child Did you see yourself when you were when You were a child Or is it recently that you’ve started to Turn around And see yourself um recently Um do you do that funny Dreaming or is it just kind of like I like to do it it’s quite interesting Just to see what i’m doing Yeah well well it’s not really that

Interesting you know what i mean it’s It’s it’s just me and the dog line on This You know something like that you know But The really interesting one is that Um that when When you find it’s It’s like when you separate you You’re all of a sudden looking and and It’s it’s You’re looking at something and you’re Thinking god this is fascinating This is fascinating and what is it it’s Something really prosaic Like um your um Skirting board or something like that You’re just looking at something for Ages And then and and then it slowly dawns on You that That you’re having an out of body Experience and that you’re looking Uh like that other times When i want to do it more consciously What i Feel when i’m especially when i’m in bed That that i that my eyelids have become Translucent I don’t know whether whether my eyes are Open or not but all of a sudden i start To be able to see The rest of the room around me and But my eyes still feel shut that’s when

I’m and i know that i’m starting to Separate if you like that’s the first Step for me it feels like my eyes are Open because i can see But my eyes are definitely shut I asked you this in the last interview And we kind of briefly You mentioned something about um Something trying to stop you Because i asked you if you’d ever had a Negative experience With this yeah so uh for anybody that That might Uh because i mean i noticed uh My good friend rich uh he’s kind of i Know he’s He’s he’s been trying to do this for a While and he’s he says that he isn’t Real And that people that Is Well okay um i What i would say is that That the phenomena is real Um and whether whether you choose to Use it uh for your own purposes Or whether you just choose to accept it For for what it is That they both have value if you choose To reject it And you get some kind of Feeling of superiority from Rejecting it that’s good There’s there’s the only

The only thing that i think is bad Is if you start to become Fearful because of it or entrenched in It This is about evolution of your Consciousness really And and where that leans you Once again i i don’t necessarily think These states Are actually what is happening i believe These Are ways of your mind Telling you to expand your field of Awareness In one way or another i I think the whole of the human race Needs to expand its consciousness i i Think That the internet and technology Has narrowed us down to a very very Narrow bandwidth And we are all competing in that Bandwidth Unfortunately um we we need to Broaden our outlook and i think this is Really important for us to do that We talked we were talking about this Before uh so When you when you when you trained in China You were telling me something about the These There was a group of of uh they did it Kind of in

In a room where and they had guards on The door is that right Well oh yeah that was a legend um They they there was um there was talk Of um martial arts masters who would uh Go and remote view Uh or or rather do astral projection and What they would end up doing And they would do it as a meditation um And they would post Their top student on the door with the Instructions that If anybody was to come in and try and Wake them they they would kill them But that was just their belief um as i Say all of this is around beliefs And it’s and it’s what you want to what You want to do with it Um have you ever been woken up While you’re in the middle of Like not vote yourself No no no i don’t think i have no no no But you don’t believe that can happen You don’t believe that you could die No i i i genuinely think This is the the state itself Is is probably an extension of your Imagination Uh your ability to plan and your ability To Um expand your consciousness uh I i think this has its importance I i think sometimes when people are

Communing with angels Spirits whatever you want to talk about That’s a part of their consciousness Saying to them you need to expand You need to grow i i i Genuinely think that that this is part Of your Uh it’s almost like for the ones of a Better word It’s it’s a greater part of your Conscience so whereas your conscience Might sit there and say well you messed That up didn’t you Well this is a different part of your Mind saying Saying grow And i think it does it in lots of Different ways So somebody who’s i mean we speak quite Well we we speak on the patreon we speak On uh Skype and what got you into the channel Originally was the whole the ufo for That phenomena Yeah yeah so what i think what i’m Trying to ask there is for somebody Who’s Very spiritual seems very spiritual to Me Um where did Where where does that come into things With you What spikes your interest with Okay well it it

When i was doing the monroe institute Stuff i think i got a couple of years Into it And i started to get um I i started to get images Of an eagle flying overhead Um and i would see this all the time if I was doing If i was doing any dream or something Like that whatever dream i was in This eagle would fly overhead always A huge eagle And at the same time or a similar time i Started To become obsessed with Looking to the sky um And i i couldn’t go anywhere without And and this was at a time when i wasn’t Driving Either i was walking everywhere because I was living in manchester So i could wander around um And enjoy many Not many stars in the sky manchester No no no definitely not a lot of rain Yeah And and and i I can only think that your mind Works in metaphors and i think What this eagle was was was kind of a Symbol Of of perhaps an experience of some kind To do With uh ufos

Because i just got and and I can’t say that i’ve communed with uh Aliens or anything like that I’ve never been abducted i’ve never had An abduction experience When people talk about these things like The shadow people I’ve seen three shadow people who appear At the bottom of my bed Quite often and i get the impression of People walking Around at the foot of the bed uh and It’s not the misses You know um so But i’m not i’ve never abducted i’ve Never seen an alien I’ve remote viewed something that kind Of looked Alien-ish and i know that sounds Ridiculous But that’s that’s only just Because i decided to remote view an Alien so I saw something and that was about it Okay Tell us about that uh before i want to Know about the shadow people That really does interest me because I’ve seen i think i’ve seen them Myself so well so Okay so so the alien that i saw and Literally this was two weeks ago Two weeks ago and it was just an outline Um if you look at your alien addict

Um logo i didn’t see the eyes The head was narrower but still Elongated And it had a kind of mouth like That that went out um Not like tentacles but like a flap That moved out like that and it was Doing that and that’s all i That’s all i saw it was just an outline And then it went and was this in the Same state of Remote viewing aliens so this is remote Viewing this is not Um projection not an abduction Not an objection this was just me all Right let’s have a go And and that’s what i that’s what i saw I saw a very narrow outline of a head Small shoulders and and a a Mouth that was moving upwards and Outwards Like almost like uh i don’t know it’s Hard to say it’s kind of like That in its movement It was it was weird it was the same so Almost like the mountain is a slit Across that way rather than It’s like that and and it was almost Like a Big type thing in the way it it it moved Out like that It was talking but it was almost like it Had a big top lip and it was moving Outwards

Very strange you couldn’t make it out No no i couldn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t Clear that’s that’s my only time i’ve Ever tried to remote view an alien Family enough so you actually went out To Actually try and Figure out what an alien looks like Yeah yeah i just i just said okay Um let’s put it out there let’s see what I can see So i gave it a go just for it because Because normally when i i uh do these Things i just You know very often i just become Absent-minded and go to sleep but that Was the only time that i And that’s the only time i came up Personally as i say it’s about two weeks Ago I think so you mentioned the The shadow people now this this does Really intrigue me because One i think i’ve seen them myself but Out of a lot of the people that i’ve Interviewed people Always tend to talk about these shadow People People i know have talked about the Shadow people My wife in fact has talked about shadow People Okay well it’s it’s quite simple for me What happens is i get i’m lying in bed

I um there’s two Distinct um feelings And the first feeling is that there’s That there are people walking at the Foot of the bed Um and they’re generally if i’m lying Down They’re generally coming from my left Towards the right And they assemble in in a three in a Line Roughly with a tangent Away from the foot of the bed Um and i’m aware dimly of one At my 3 o’clock as well But i can’t see that and i’m not allowed To look in that direction I can only look at the three that are at The foot of the bed Now what i see is Three very not hugely tall i would say About about mid five foot Five foot five something like that They’re not huge but they’re not small They’re thin they’re in black And it’s fairly tight fitting i Don’t see a head i can’t see that that’s In shadow as Is their hands But they’re just black and they’re thin Not frightening in any way they’re just Observing This has happened twice it’s happened Loads of times that one

Because i say it’s just a dream i think You know but that’s that’s what i See and whether And i’m only so like relating this So that can other people say Is this what they’ve seen and that’s the Only way we can do this is to talk about This and have a Have a discussion we were saying that Before the show yeah Yeah yeah somebody has a question I’ve just seen pop up sorry what were You going to say before oh No no go for it don’t go through it So we’ve got this uh can you ask If remote view i’m sure you can Only do that if you have been there Before Oh interesting um Well to the guys in the comments yeah I do apologize if i miss stuff but when I’m I’m with the guests it’s it’s hard to Kind of look at but i love you all Very much sorry go on rich that’s a Really good question stephen And what i would say is that It’s a very interesting and and it’s Something that i’ve always Wondered about myself uh the reason Being is That if you look at some of the um I think it’s this project stargate Documents

Um they’ve been trying to remote view Places that that Nobody’s been to for instance i think Joe mcmonagle was involved in remote Viewing Um on on the Uh on mars i believe And and they were looking at um mars Millions of years ago um they they’d Seen a base on there And they’d they’d also got impressions Of people Uh that there’d been a civilization There and they’d had some kind of Cataclysmic event um So how can you remote view Where you haven’t been before according To them they can I don’t think I don’t know as i say i i don’t know What the limitations are But for me personally my Understanding of consciousness is that That That you can remote view as big as Your model of reality is It’s as simple as that if you’ve got a Big model of reality Your remote view extends to that If you don’t then you don’t When you’ve just made me think of Something there so when you when you are In Remote viewing something

Is it always present time Can you wait no sorry i know you can you Have You can do the future um But can you do the past yeah yeah Because Because as i say i’ve seen i’ve i’ve Seen documents that That have shown people have remote Viewed the past And and and the future people do it There the whole the best way of remote Viewing Is to have two people yeah you have one Person Actually doing the viewing and you have Another person that That’s that’s a controller and and what They What they’ll do is they either before The session starts Or during the session they will give Their Remote viewer a target to view And then what they will do is they will Either travel there or they will use Whatever technique they need to To get to the place and the time Specified And when you create a target you have to Be specific About where you’re looking and you have To be specific about when you’re looking As well

So so they can be precise as possible And and then and then what happens is Whoever’s doing the remote viewing Relays it back and they have to relate In the most objective way And try not to um interpret it Themselves Let the person that’s controlling it can Interpret it because they can look at it Dispassionately Okay you get this does your imaginative Imagination astral project if so What is the limitations oh good grief As as they say you know um It it this is a a state Of intense creativity um It is what it is When when we go back to Your consciousness as a model of reality Yeah your astral projection Is as big as your model of reality If you’re somebody that can stretch your Model to Mars jupiter Europa anything like that yeah You can if you can stretch there you can Go there Because you are mining your model of Reality that’s in your head So it has to be something that you kind Of already Have to do something that you already Know about for example I think so yeah yeah yeah could you

Could you project to um I don’t know uh an unknown Universe for example you you something That you have no Idea about is it always something that You know about so it’s always like Pluto at mars the moon whatever it is Something that you Actually have knowledge of the place you Might not have been there Definitely not being there physically But you have Well there are people that talk about um Other other universes it’s not something I particularly subscribe to So um if somebody asked me to go to Another universe i’d go Uh there’s only one universe the Universe But there are people that talk about Different Um locales they call them Um whether I’m we’re running into my limits of my Belief now Because i my belief is that there’s only One universe And this is only one reality um and That that we are We are journeying through our own bound Consciousness And our consciousness can get as big as We can imagine it Imagine it to be so somebody can imagine

Alternate universes parallel universes Akashic records all of this stuff you Don’t subscribe No i don’t well it’s it’s It’s not something that that resonates Me because i don’t have an experience That that backs that up to be honest you Know Uh i wouldn’t knock what other people do Because there are other people that Might be No no it’s just interesting interesting That we’ve come on because Within the ufo field there’s a lot of People now that are talking about These things being from you know Different like Maybe a dimension that is literally It here kind of withers oh yeah Yeah you know but you You you don’t think that’s the case Well well my my point of view about Dimensions Is that that okay we have three Dimensions we have three spatial Dimensions currently To describe our universe and we have Another dimension which is time we’re Always going one direction in time So we have four dimensions for our space Okay now there are other um There are other theories particularly to Do With um supersymmetry and super string

Whereby you need more dimensions To explain some of the phenomena that They’re talking about The minimum amount of dimensions that They talk about physically Is 10 so we’re talking about 11 Dimensions 10 physical And time i Kind of subscribed to that and the Reason why i subscribe to that Is because my understanding of the Of quantum physics to do with the Variations Of um Of Particles and waves so you know about The particle wave particle duality or The dual slit experiment Um well when i say no about it you know I’m aware of it i don’t know about it What i think What i think happens is that because We’ve got ten physical dimensions Instead of three we only need three to Describe our space But a particle that doesn’t interact A particle that is um Is is moving but doesn’t interact Um is spread out not in three dimensions But the ten dimensions Okay and because most of those because Those dimensions are not used and They’re collapsed And and they might collapse on each

Other on themselves The particle may end up interacting with Itself And thereby creating acting like a wave Because it’s more spread out So it’s only when you observe it so the Only The only press the only pretext of this Is that observation is an interaction If you can observe a particle Then it then it conforms to 3d space and It becomes a particle and it behaves Like a particle If you don’t observe it you are not Interacting with it And it is spread across the 10 physical Dimensions and it behaves like a wave That’s why i think we need more physical Dimensions But i don’t believe that people or other Alternative realities exist in those Dimensions They are there are there are just seven Dimensions that have physically Collapsed because we don’t need those to Describe 3d space going Uh back to because this brings us back In line with what we we started talking About with The um we’ve been able to Leave your body but also the lucid dream Because Like and i kind of know what haber

Mallow’s On about there because these lucid Dreams I’ve had those as well and they’ve been Extremely weird but When he’s saying here that um I can alter it Okay yeah yeah yeah so so lucid dreaming Is is different in as much as you’re in A dream You’re aware of a dream and you can Control it Um so so the difference between that And um remote viewing Is that you are very much passive you Are just collecting Information and when you are Astral astrally projecting you are still Just collecting information But you require the um The uh illusion of movement To believe that you are getting that Information Um as i say your consciousness uses lots Of metaphors To implement influence you in the right Way And i think so what a lucid dream is Is is your ability to firstly Become awake in your dream secondly to Become Aware that you are dreaming and once You’re awake and you’re aware Then you can influence it

Um lucid dreaming Is the most fun that you can have Well yeah in in my in my view i’ve had Some fantastic times doing lucid Dreaming My my my daughter’s good at it as well Um We we we have lots of chats about it Um and and very often people fly in There In their dreams as well while they’re Lucid and that’s when people sometimes Go Are you having an out of body experience No This is what’s flying in your dream yeah So There must be people out there that Can can project themselves But they might just be thinking you know What it is just a lucid dream Yeah yeah yeah and and as they say Yeah are the two very similar They’re similar yeah yeah in as much as In as much as you you The d but the main difference is that That when you’re when you’re astral Um you are very much Passive you you you will just be Observing And to me what tends to happen is with a Lucid dream It’s not it’s it’s a more vivid picture But it tends to be flatter

Uh it’s almost like i’m watching um A screen when i’m dreaming So that was just a bit so stephen’s Question that he’s kindly paid for there Thank you mate Um nice one so We’ve with remote viewing i understand The cold war attempts So i mean i i’ve watched documentaries About that where you know that They they were looking at trying they Had people trying to Almost like it’s like the sci-fi spy Isn’t it Oh yeah this is very much a real thing So so yeah this happened at the movie uh The men that’s There at goats i think that was one of The movies on On it specifically and that was one of The more weirder ones Um jim shannon Jim shannon jim shannon yeah yeah and The new earth battalion Which is what he set up um okay So so yes there was there was some Disinformation going on Um my understanding was that the Americans tried to Um disinform the russians that they were Doing psychic spies So the russians started doing psychic Spies And then when the americans found the

Russians were trying to do psychic spies They then had to do that as well just in Case it turned out to be right Um what sends to happen with all of this Is that um And i think i went into it with the Other one so Apologies steve if you haven’t caught up With that one but What you find when you’re doing these Things with remote viewing Is that that The information that you bring back Is that obfuscated Um that it’s not really useful What you might find is when when you When you Bring back the information let’s say 85 to 95 percent of it Could be wrong but there’s that Other percentage of it that’s correct But you don’t necessarily know which is Right and which is wrong Until you go and look and find out at That point then you can come back and go Well that part of it was correct the Rest of it was wrong Or or close and at which point then you Go but how Useful was that to us if we only if we Can’t act on that Information because we only know part of It’s right So what i’m trying to say is yeah yeah

That That that people are partly right but It’s not useful because you don’t know What part of it’s right Because you you mentioned this in the Last interview that you wasn’t convinced Even after spending the time at the Monroe institute Yeah and you had the um Was it 2009 that you went there Yeah 2009 uh i i made two predictions That came true Yeah the ship sinking and the um Uh the tsunami but even after that You said you wasn’t convinced with it You said you know you know what it could It’s just coincide it could be just Coincidence so do you still think that To this day or do you ever look back at That i think you know what I definitely did predict that um well The the warship i i don’t know how often Warships are are sunk Um it could have been a warship that Could have been scuppered i don’t think So but it was just uh I say it had been definitely hit it was Taking evasive maneuvers And it sank um the The one where everything was rushing Towards me Well that could have been that could Have been as i said before I didn’t get that it was a tsunami i

Just got that there was something Horrendously powerful rushing towards me And there was no way i could stop it That could have been hurricane and how Many hurricanes and typhoons are there Every year 20 or 30 you know on the planet So it could be that Or it could not be you know what i mean You could still sit there and say If there wasn’t a tsunami there could Have been a big hurricane that year And i could have easily gone oh well it Was that hurricane then or it was that Typhoon that happened You know um it once again It it’s the information’s there But you only you only get you only know When you know and at that point then how Much of that information is useful to You it’s just not So that’s true yeah astral projection And Uh remote viewing basic that them two Seem to kind of fit together for me Like like a piece of lego it’s almost Like they’re very similar things Um What i’m trying to say here which which One of the two Is easiest to do that’s uh remote Viewing Remote viewing easily i think i think The key thing about astral projection

The difference Difficult thing about astral projection Is Is to become dissociated from your body Um to get that feeling of separation Um it’s very very hard to do and if you Look at the preamble on On on the monroe site about going out There and doing it what they’ll say Is that that you are not guaranteed to Have a An out of body experience um It’s not always the case and and these Are arbitrary Um states of of being That that aren’t always available to Everybody and What one person might experience another Person might experience In a different way in a completely Different metaphor And this is why i talk about all of this Being these are just Arbitrary states and tools in in Our ability to expand our minds and our Consciousness And why we need to do that is because Um it’s important for humanity to Uh extend and reach out Um the biggest the biggest facilitator For that is the moment Is good old mr musk you know He he he wants to get us moving he wants To get us just a planetary

Yeah and he wants and he wants us to be Brilliant and and he wants us to be uh Exchanging information at a much greater Rate Because talking and showing each other Photographs Is not quick enough you know so you’ve Got the neural link Um he’s that’s that’s not worrying right With those Just no you think you think you should You definitely think That that’s the way that we need to do We need to kind of Uh what they call it transcend with the Technology Is that what they call it yeah you think Uh you evolve yeah Yeah i just kind of said we need to go With it or it it takes over Us yeah yeah he And he’s right and he’s right they but The technology If if if we didn’t develop planes We wouldn’t be the uh if we didn’t Develop Cars so that we can travel trains planes Um we would have had to wait Uh a few million years for us to evolve Wings And it’s the same with all of these uh Consciousness things with With if remote viewing does actually Work

Are we are we developed enough as a Species to actually do it Are there species out there that do is This a goal for us do we need to be able To be Sharing information and data In a better way all of these questions They’re really really big questions and You don’t get progress without redirect Regress the internet of course there’s All kinds of problems You know definitely we do have to move Forward Gently but i i see i see the Opportunities Yeah yeah i get the opportunity of Merging with Ai but Especially as somebody who A spiritual person somebody who you know Trained in the martial arts you’ve been You’ve traveled the world seeking Uh like a path Looking for answers do you not think That Merging with the technology part of this Might take away These abilities that we have as human Beings because um And steve said that earlier so are they Just dreams these things but it seems From from we spoke a few times now rich And For yourself it seems that this is

Definitely Something that is a It’s like a lost art You went out to seek answers and and the Answers are That they are dreams but they’re not Just Dreams um dreams are incredibly Incredibly important as i said before Um a dream is is the product of our Imagination and our imag and it’s our Imagination That that leads the way it’s our ability To plan It’s our ability to mitigate risk it’s Our ability to seize opportunities Um it is everything our imagination Um some of them rates the most Yeah yeah from what you were just saying Then With the neural neural link do you not Think something like that Would interfere with the ability to be Able to do What you do i mean Saying it’s the right thing for humanity That’s kind of like i’ve been thinking This myself Is it the right thing it could be Amazing you know All of a sudden you can just make you Like the matrix you can I think we may have spoke about this Before you know i can do kung fu

You might know kung fu but your body Would not be able to do kung fu Exactly get rid of People that have these special abilities To be able to Um actual project to be able to remote View Will it will it enhance that or do you Think it Would you not be worried that okay i get This Implant that’s gonna get rid of whatever I could do before Um i i don’t think we know the answers To that until we’re there Um my my thoughts Though about all of this are to do with Um really Our abilities to to to get And share information and data Um what would be really Brilliant is for for me to be able to Sit in a Have a discussion with you and Know what you’re feeling As well and For me that would be the most amazing Thing To be able to talk to people and and Really really know what they’re feeling But that could have a massive negative If somebody’s had some meaningful Experience Yeah yeah and people have a and and

Imagine imagine how much more of a Caring society we would be If somebody sat down and said and and Said you know I have this let’s say for instance if Somebody If somebody has schizophrenia or Something like that and they can share With you how they feel Or somebody has autism and they can Share with you what What their the information overload Feels like how much more sympathy we Would have for these people You know and and maybe we would even be Able to help them You know it it has fantastic potential I i agree at the same time and the Ability to share concepts Yeah yeah because i think he’s dangerous Okay Uh yeah why do you think that why do you Think that why do you think that yeah Well please what if i’m interviewing a Guy and i think you’re [ __ ] bonkers You know what if there’s somebody again What if there’s a guest that i have On and we’re doing this neural link Interview And this guy this guy got he’s just Thinking i know you don’t like me i’m Going but yeah but This is yeah if you take that into Society

Will it will it make us all you know Come together Or will it cause cancer well this is This is where This is where consent’s important that’s All Yeah so you go you you you we would we Would sit there and We would talk for a while and we would Get to know each other we would get to Trust each other And and then we might go okay is it time And you go yeah i think we know each Other well enough okay Click and and and you take the firewall Off And and and and that’s how it’ll work And you will have your friends And your close friends who you’ll be Able to take the firewall off and you’ll Be able to exchange with You know and you will have people that You don’t you know and And and this is where barriers happen And this is where Consent is kind of like we’re doing now At the moment We’re trying to work out with Relationships generally So He’s he’s kind of knocked me for six This one but in a good way In a good way because he’s it’s it’s Making the conversation

Just stop that a little bit more Interesting for me because i like to Have a bit of a debate And it’s not often i do but this is one Thing mo We we’ve had a few conversations now Region and I i i’ve always agreed but with this one I’m kind of like i’m on the center of This Definitely that’s fair you know i Definitely wouldn’t have given you my Idea No no no no i i definitely won’t want ai Though Like in my brain you know I definitely wouldn’t want my wife to Know what i’m thinking That’s dangerous yeah yeah It could be it could be but do you know What if you know what she’s thinking Maybe maybe i’ll be a better husband It maybe it is you know maybe Maybe they’ll start feeling young again Do you know do you know something though If if if it I mean you know this and quite a few of The audience know this I i i i’m dyslexic as as they come Which is why i struggle to read the chat But if it If it cured that i’ll take it Say take it inject it whatever it is um It is it’s genius what he’s doing with

The whole Star link and then it’s going to be Interlinked with this at some point in I mean that is yeah next level but it’s But that but then they’re still sending Um Still we’re still using the same Technology that we used Yeah years and years absolutely you know You know When it comes to going to space and this Is what disappoints me do you know what I mean And you and you watch did you did you Watch um The the latest uh starship go up And and and and it landed and and that’s No way That’s that is fantastic it’s such a Spectacle and at the same time At the same time you look at that and You think to yourself Yeah but it’s that big because they’ve Had to load it up with fuel and they’ve Had to burn it And it’s newton’s third law which was Developed what in In the 1700s and we’re still relying On on on standing on something And throwing stuff behind you to make Yourself go forward And when you look at gimbal Flare and go fast videos They’re not relying on newton’s third

Law they’re definitely not there’s no Thrust there They are moving they are defying gravity And they are moving at their own Volition um That’s where we need to be we don’t we Need to stop Burning stuff yep absolutely we do don’t We We need and and and And elon’s doing fantastic stuff and i Do wonder Do you know when when he was on joe Rogan when he was on joe rogan And um joe rogan was asking him Um what about have you seen the three Uh that the nimitz videos and the Roosevelt And he’s he was going no no i haven’t Seen them i haven’t seen them And everyone sat there and went uh of Course he’s seen them do you know what i Mean And i do wonder whether whether Yeah whether in his own head he knows That he’s he’s spending billions and Billions Refining and developing technology that Might be out of date In in 10 15 years time If we ever decide to work out what those Things are actually doing in those Videos You know if somebody’s going to come out

Yeah so we were speaking before about Your Your argument with mick west and mine um Yeah you def you definitely think when You see that those little Clips that is that That’s you is standout evidence of Something That is extraterrestrial not just the Ufo Um i it’s my belief Um i i think they’ve been very clever Uh i i think what what elizondo And and the the rest of ttsa Have done is they’ve they’ve they’ve Pulled an absolute blinder if you’ve Watched What they’ve done is they’ve taken They’ve taken three videos And the three videos look like they Could be Um extraterrestrial in the ways that in The way that they’re behaving They could do okay and and they’ve Given us the the bare minimum Um to give us that impression And then what they’ve done is they’ve Interviewed a A pilot they’ve interviewed a couple of Pilots they’ve interviewed Radar operators and all of their Testimony Isn’t backed up by those three videos And i think they’ve done that on purpose

And i think the reason why they’ve done That on purpose Is so that they don’t fluster people So that there’s that that um Doubt that that this still is so They’re still sowing a seed of doubt in People’s minds Because they don’t want to panic people Because i think whatever They they’ve gone they’ve gone on to the History channel and they’ve talked about Threat threat threat threat Threat all the way through it uh And i and i think if the the information That they showed was absolutely Irrefutable They would cause panic So my question always would be to To lou and everybody is what specific Risks Have they have they identified when They’re calling them out as threats And why are they only presenting part of The data Specifically when he sat there on mick West’s show And said and said you haven’t seen all Of the data yeah In other words you haven’t seen the rest Of the footage exactly so they’ve held Back a ton of stuff And i think they’ve done that on purpose I do i genuinely do Um that they’re trying not to be

Reckless in this disclosure That they still want to cast reasonable Doubt Uh that that’s my view on it anyway i Could be wrong I mean when we when we say fret um They say it’s a threat because it’s it’s It’s in their airspace And you know that there is risk there You know it is Isn’t that they don’t know what it is And they always kind of I mean i mean lou nevis kind of says the Word Alien he doesn’t even really imply I think he’s maybe mentioned it a couple Of times that it could possibly be that B tends to lead towards When he says fret that it it may the The big risk is that it is something That’s not theirs It’s not from the us you know it’s the Russians it’s Whatever you know because then but I i definitely do not subscribe to that Because i think if that If that would be the case We we’d get more we would know more by Now You know Yeah yeah i mean marco rubio said it Himself didn’t he though one of the Senators there he said he said that it’s Almost preferable that it’s aliens they

Would rather have it be Aliens than um definitely for it to be Somebody like china or russia Or or or even one of the allies you know I think it would it would scare the Americans Livid if it turned out that the british Had it you know even though we’re Friends It it would still scare people that if Somebody else had something like that Because it is it’s world takeover Technology isn’t it It’s it’s phenomenal So in in regards to Um and i said we would touch on this but We’ve kind of gone down that route Anyway so thank you With the ufo phenom i can’t say that Word so what’s it you know what i mean The ufo thing yeah um The aliens whatever you want to call Them People seem to confuse um Astral projection with being abducted By aliens would you say that Have you ever thought that the two could Be linked like Say that somebody so saying an abduction Maybe the person actually doesn’t leave The bed in the first place For example say say these aliens They have these incredible minds and They

Can they can just tap into Whatever they want to do you know with Their Their ray beams or whatever yeah yeah But they don’t need to take us Physically But they can and maybe that goes Down to the people when people are Seeing like maybe some people that see Shadow figures in the room or whatever But these things don’t take us Physically they Take us kind of mentally they They they take that heart that part of You that leaves your body And when you can turn around and see Your body Maybe this the meat That’s just to them it’s just a vessel And i don’t i don’t do do you understand What i’m yeah yeah yeah yeah i I get what you’re getting um i i I can’t help thinking and and as i say This is this is just a sneaky thing Thing it’s not it’s nothing it’s it’s Just it’s just a little feeling And and and it could be wrong but um What i think happens if it if We are being influenced by aliens and They say this is an if It would be very easy for them to go Okay We need we need to speak We need to engage with the humans at

Some point For whatever reason uh they want To if they want to but if they want us To engage If they need to as to join a a Community then then we need to hit a Certain standard And one of the standards will be Are we mentally coherent enough To accept a visitation And i do wonder whether some of the Experiences that people are having Are almost like surveys and what they do Is Every few months or every every year or So what they do they They they monitor a ton of people Give them an experience look at how They’re reacting and go Well we did a thousand people tonight And out of a thousand Uh 300 of them are terrified Uh a couple of them are traumatized and The rest are curious Uh st that’s still not enough if we Extrapolate that out That would still cause too much trouble Um we we need to wait a little bit Longer Do you know what i mean um it’s almost Like they’re doing a survey Taking a census of how people feel You know you definitely think it’s that Do you do you definitely think it is

Aliens and that’s what what what What um abductions No no i i i don’t but i think if the If if it is it’ll be It’s a survey it’s a test we we we’re Just being observed I i can’t see anything more than More than that i i genuinely don’t think This is i’m gonna say this is my belief I don’t think we have Anything that they would want other than Um they They might from a feeling of Philanthropy Want to lift us up You know because that that’s that’s what Highly advanced civilizations would do They they would want to Um bring people along What did though i mean you said you seen Star trek i don’t know Which one well no well the laws of star Trek Where you know oh the prime directive Yeah yeah you know Yeah i i kind of have that theory that That That’s what they would have you know Don’t mess up Because if if we’re not if you’re not Ready for it As a civilization you know Do we have the right to fiddle Well well maybe maybe they have a right

Once we hit a certain level And i think below that they’ve probably Got some threshold That they that we need to hit before They would engage Uh and i think up until then we’re pond Life and then there’s a moment there’s There’s a moment maybe where whether It’s whether we acquire some technology Whether We stopped behaving in certain ways You know that kind of thing um But yeah yeah There’s a line isn’t there and and they Want us to cross it and once we’ve Crossed it They’ll engage but i i i do think There’s a lot And the forums fill up with people like They’re saying number one they might Want to eat us number two they might Want to They want they want our planet for Resources or they want Or they they want to make us slaves and Things like that Well let’s let’s be brutally honest here A civilization that far advanced in ours Wouldn’t want Anything from us other than Other than um purely Observing us because because they would Have more power than we could ever have Because they can gather it from as many

Stars as they want Someone says what about the resources on Our planet you know there’s one or two Asteroids Out out in our out in our own um Asteroid belt that’s got more minerals There’s one asteroid with more minerals On it that’s worth more than All of the money in the world you know Um there’s an enormous abundance of Of energy and matter out in space If you’re suitably advanced you can Take that energy and make that matter Into anything you want why would they Want anything from us It just doesn’t make sense um So so in the end of the day it’s just Got to be it’s it’s interest it’s Observation i i don’t think they We’d want that we have anything that They want So in regards to To your beliefs in aliens And your beliefs in That well i don’t know i don’t actually Know what your beliefs are when it Comes to the spiritual side but It seems to me and it always has done That you’ve you seem to have Very much that kind of spiritual Societies like with the martial arts With Uh you know seeking out Uh and going to the the ramon uh

Center and uh you know doing The astral projection when you were a Child Do you believe that both can coexist in Terms of Other life forms civilizations out in The universe And yet a higher being Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely um We there’s so little that we know about The universe We don’t even know how gravity works You know um It’s it’s all very it’s all very well um But we don’t we We we play at this at the moment Um and i’m sure there are people as i Say i use the Term loosely there there are entities Out there That figured out a damn site more than We than we have Um and We we’re we’re in We’re speeding up our knowledge I mean i think only recently that Someone someone’s turned in a paper in Science to suggest that the hubble Constant that is the rate that the Universe is expanding Isn’t a constant and it’s expanding in Certain places Faster than in others and And i’m i’m so surprised that that

Hasn’t been Uh theorized and and properly summarized Yeah yeah So let’s have a look at these things so Let’s have a quick look if we were pond Life then why Do they observe us do we ever look at The pond and look at the frogs and say If they built Boats then we will leave them be for the Moment Uh it’s a good question uh hobamel um I don’t know um we we do observe The life in our planet um people like David attenborough Love to observe animals Just just for the sheer joy of it Do they want to interact with them no But we do want to interact with the Higher primates And we have done Thing is you don’t see the frogs firing Nuclear with Weapons at each other in the pondya no No no true no you do sometimes get a And if anybody’s ever had one that’s got A pond my mum and dad have a pond A heron that that comes in and eats all The fish Which is almost like someone’s dropped a Nuke on the pond Um the Where do you plan to go next with this In terms of so so you’ve you

You’re very much seeking out the ufo Community You’ve you learned how to Astral project when you were when you Were very young By accident and In 2009 you went there is it the ramon Monroe What’s next um I would like to get involved more in the Ufo community Uh uh i think there is a lot to be Done to standardize um What what we’re doing uh to bring people Together I think there’s a lot of people that Talk about the same Thing but they use different words and They use different frameworks Uh for instance you have a ton of people That want to call The uh to call aliens uh angels Or demons or or other things like that And maybe we’re wrong just by calling Them aliens but we’ve we’ve got to start Coalescing and coming together And and and that is done Not by not By shutting people out which is what i See very often But by by sowing seeds of doubt So where you have people with ingrained Deeply entrenched beliefs Then what you have to say is okay it’s

Okay to have that belief But call it a belief be honest about it And you might have the skeptics that are Incredibly skeptical What you have to say is that is a belief Too And we have to find a middle ground Where our data is And we look at the data and we say We have to look at that data objectively Together And and start to Become credible to the rest Of our society and the reason why we Need to do that is because Society soon is going to need us They’re going to need some help When all of this information Starts being disseminated by the the uh The military and the government Hopefully in a few months time We’re going to have some reports from um The uh the uh secret services in the Military In terms of some of the sightings that They’ve seen Do you have they might need our help do You have faith that we are going to get Like a significant uplift Of information that comes from this with My cynical head No my cynical head says that what what We will get Is a kind of stock answer that says

We’re not sure about this phenomenon What we need is more information There might be a classified section of That report Where it says where it says we’re more Sure than that But we still need more information But at the end of the day things We are going to have to move we are Going to have to expand As a uh as a species And we have to take everybody with us we Can’t leave people behind And we can’t exclude people i’ve seen Too many times on the internet People getting shut down and people Getting pushed away From perfectly decent conversations And we have to start living with each Other and we have to start Yeah i mean we’re working together we May disagree On certain on on certain topics or Somebody else’s belief but we have in Order to understand what somebody else Is talking about You have to listen to them yeah yeah That’s the whole thing that i’m trying To do with this Channel is to get all sorts of different People on You know there has been people on that i Thought Really and they know they are

But at the same time there’s people who Are That are fascinating in the field these People that Could add great That could add something very extremely Beneficial To our understanding when it comes to Finding out what this what what all this Is Whether it is alien whether it’s Fifth dimensional beings whether it’s Whether it’s god you know i have no idea Exactly i really have no idea but it’s The questions that unite us It’s dogma that’s pulling us apart and We need to And we need to park the dogma and and Say let’s work together and let’s find What unites us Um and and and we rope in the scientists By saying We have reasonable doubt help us with That doubt Um it’s it it’s such an interesting time It really is do you think we’ll see in Our lifetime Disclosure disclosure um I’m not talking about this i’m talking About An alien a ship i think I think i i will will we see another Ship will we See a ships and things like that i don’t

Know will we get disclosure Uh i think it’s becoming increasingly Possible Uh i i think a lot hangs on this report That comes in uh i’d i’d like to know I would like to see the content of that Report before making A snap decision on that but my gut Feeling is that Uh maybe in about sort of like five Years We’ll we’ll get something um i i don’t Want to drag politics into it But politics is playing a huge factor at The moment And it was it was a previous Democrat influence That was driving disclosure i think We have another democrats in the house In america but a very different feeling From the previous one Um and and that’s perhaps for another Discussion Because the americans are leading this But at the same time There is also china and china i think Dragged a ton Of people from all over the world to Have some kind of ufo symposium In 2019 and that’s an another important Thing Are we going to see an escalation in This between america and china In terms of uh of that

Who moves who owns that narrative going Forward That’s it as well it’s interesting the Two you know the two big countries That both kind of like they’ve got a big Interest In in the ufos And it’s clear that the the bigger Industries in the the bigger interest is In the west But i think with anything else uh china Will catch up fast and they’ll they’ll Lasso in a lot of the smaller countries Into it as well which is what they’re Doing already you know so Are ticking chaps it is well rich we’ve Gone for An hour and 35 minutes and it I want to get you back on again mate Because you there there’s that much that Probably didn’t even touch on um But i i you did send me a Audio tape oh did you listen to it how Did it go i have no i haven’t yet I’ve got i don’t keep meaning to i’ve Got it saved it’s on my mac I am going to get that listen to you Yeah he’s just kind of reminded me Uh um it’s uh yeah I mean is this what helps you kind of Now that one’s called centered calm and It and it helps me relax and just Voom you’ll enjoy it i promise it’s it’s Nothing huge

Yeah well if it helps me sleep that’d be Great um but It’s the time of the show where i am Going to Plug my new merch uh channel Uh channel my new merch store which is In the description Um so we have two Uh our first two buyers which is uh bob And uh jeremy That’s obviously a joke a little Photoshop job there but they do suit Alien addict t-shirts very well Fantastic yeah yeah yeah but but yeah There is Some it’s my star is not just about The um my My logo it’s i’m gonna because I started out very young drawing aliens Monsters this that and the other so my Store Is gonna have not just my logo But i’m gonna be coming out with Different designs for The people that are into this kind of Stuff so my new Uh little brand logo People if i can find it which i think I’ve Lost it nope it’s there there we go That is the brand logo um that will be On like the back of t-shirts mugs this That and the other Obviously there’s my normal logo which

Is in the top corner up here Uh and there is t-shirts like this Uh phone cases mugs i had to have a Battle with this Because they they did say the content Could be copyrighted So i had to prove that i drew it myself Just back out there But no ways mate um and We have uh the Shadow figure which i made the first Sale of that one Yesterday so guys check out it is in the Description I am trying to spend a lot of time Working these so you don’t get Bad quality stuff it’s it’s real good Stuff that i’m quite proud of So check it out but uh yes it’s um It’s about time did something with it Doing something with the art Um start to reach his couch But uh no it’s um I’m quite proud of it i’m quite proud of It i’ve gone through a bit of the hurdle This week I’ve had it all my stuff pretty much Removed And managed to get it back again because I had to fight copyright but Yes in fact rich i will be coming back To you in a minute So i’m just going to put you in the Sidelines uh but yeah folks thank you so

Much For every everything is in the chat Tonight um It is taking me a bit getting back To doing interviews To just kind of speaking To you guys and i will be making some Proper videos At some point as well so Make sure you stay tuned subscribe like Share if you’re new to the channel Check out the merch store i do have a Patreon channel if you want to support The channel further Um but yeah and i just want to say a Massive Rich it reaches back actually so i’m Gonna say uh thank you to him Rich i’m gonna end this Show now but thank you so much for Joining us And um yeah you’re welcome anytime my Friend so Folks good night god bless