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Good evening folks and my phone just Went off there how Rude of it how are we doing folks good Evening welcome to alien addicts on this Fine Luxurious evening that was probably one Of the guests texting me Um but how are we doing this fine loose It’s already said fine luxurious evening I’m just gonna get the guests on because We have no idea tonight what we’re doing With this show Because we’re not really supposed to Speak about the flying saucers Uh that’s why we’re calling flying Saucers on tonight’s show because if we Use The the the ufo um Ufo ufo it is boys It’s gonna be ufo tonight the ufo It’s the ufo lee Rich welcome to the show it’s gonna be a Strange one thanks for having me this is Trying to work around youtube algorithms Again by making What’s up we just can’t seem to I’m seeing it i i’ll see a video go up On youtube And somebody’s used the word ufo in the Title i’m thinking oh You should have done that you should not Have done that I’m going to recommend it youtube won’t Recommend anything with the word or

Acronym ufo I would say sorry god It was just because i felt like a real Controversial youtuber the other day i Got my first community strike I won’t say what the what the video is About because otherwise you will Is that the one with the mattress yes it Was And the puppies oh no I didn’t even want to watch it i was Afraid i was going to get a strike at Home Yeah but isn’t it it’s one of those Things isn’t it it’s it’s like a car Crash you’ve got to keep looking No you just want no abs at the end no That wasn’t me Didn’t need to go to completion on that Video I would say to you rich have you be that You’ve been on the rise recently So through this downfall for ufos your Channel is just Literally it’s i don’t know it’s it’s It’s like a Pair of salty testicles that are just Thriving with sweats right now In a good way that’s a good thing rich But it’s because i’m on three different Places man i’m doing a lot of work Third phase of moon third phase ufo Report goof on dark hour paranormal Alienatic

Capital what did what did i say to you When i first met you You said you’re never gonna get anywhere Quit I i said i said to you which is It’s taken a little bit longer but i Said to you rich At the end of this year i think that was Two years ago you’ll overtake my channel Yeah you said that yeah literally Probably at the end of this month You will overtake my channel the way It’s going it It it is now your moment you’re thriving Yeah three months well it’s the third Phase it’s third phase of moon Okay it’s there’s no secret to what’s Going on I mean but you still like we’re Retaining people at least we’re not Seeing We went from 60 people live on the live Stream to like a lot last night 169 168. um but right around 110 usually That was an amazing show yeah last night Was pretty exceptional yeah Yeah he’s he’s yeah You he couldn’t pronounce his name but To be fair i would not i would have said His name like that Is it ry yes how’s that wris It’s pretty wild he’s i think he’s Polish He is yeah he is yeah

He’s like one of us he’s intelligent He’s very Smart yeah he’s not like one of us then No I guess not he is male 1 No he’s pretty pretty cool man yeah it Was a lot of fun It was interesting the fact that he’s He’s kind of like If somebody’s gets in a debate with him You know i want to have it out Man to man you know right don’t block me This is what this is this is the problem With this community Yeah they run you say the wrong thing Yeah it’s there’s a problem everybody Isn’t it like Everyone blocks each other and runs away And if you say if you You say one thing to someone they don’t Like that Someone can agree with you for on Something for Four or five years you say one thing They don’t like is ab Cancelled gone can’t listen to you Anymore It’s and it’s not that they don’t like What you’re saying uh they know it’s the Truth and they’re afraid to talk At that point they got stumped so they Run yeah Yeah so is he gonna have him back on and You are gonna go on

Um alien scientists as well that’s the Plan yeah i mean we haven’t talked about It because the show was just 12 hours Ago but Yeah it’s uh it’s going to be Interesting to see how far that goes and Third phase Uh reached out to him as well so It was you annoyed me a little bit Though rich it was there was something That Just annoyed me the fact yeah didn’t ask Him about bob lazar I did bring it up i did did you Yeah i said i said that’s exactly what Bob lazar said i tried getting him into That conversation Yeah he didn’t want to go there no well I don’t know Yeah i mean i asked him to come on the Show just three hours prior to that I thought he was gonna get back to me You know the next day or something got Back instantly He’s like sure i’ll come on tonight i’m Like tonight i’m like all right Why not and i didn’t know i only thought He had like 10 000 subscribers and then I was on At the shows looking at his channel like He’s got a hundred thousand no wonder Why i have all these people here it was Kind of wild So did you know about the

The thing with him and bob lazar no I don’t so so i’ve i’ve Um i’ve been following for a long time You know did you know i said Said to you that he’s he’s meant to be Coming on alien addicts Yeah oh yeah that’s why i recognize him Now because of you Well he hasn’t been on before he’s meant To be no no i think he’s been in the Chat before I think no i’m i’ve i went to his Channel because of you and i see him on Twitter only i never knew what he looked Like Right and the last night was probably The second time i’ve ever seen him and His name And his face was like oh wow i don’t Know where i know his face from And that’s it because you told me about Him so what happened i didn’t mean to Drag him No no no the interesting thing with Jeremy’s is His channel was one of the first Channels i ever saw Youtube like kind of to pay attention to In a bad way when it comes to ufos they Demonetized his entire channel This was this was a couple of years back Oh my god and uh they were He was he was speaking about bob lazar Quite

A lot about bob lazar in in a very Negative Uh manner um there was there was some Innuendos about Bob lazar’s yeah yeah ex-wife And what happened to her and it was it Was It was a bit like i don’t know if you Can say that or But that that’s when he started speaking Briefly in your interview about jeremy Corbell Um with their spot on twitter yeah but Yeah he’s a cool guy He does know his stuff i i don’t know About the bob lazar stuff Being true or not you know don’t get Involved in any of that but um It’s uh it it would be interesting to Ask him if you get him on next I think because he said some Controversial things he didn’t even want To Talk about him yeah he’s i think that’s Right No sorry i was just i don’t know what You’re going to say that’s what i hate When i’m no more free speech Well this this is it with the platform i Mean The platform the youtube we love you you Just treat us nice you know we are your Children Um battered wives yeah

I mean this this is this is the problem I mean It kind of makes some of the conspiracy Theories speak You know in terms of well if they’ve Taken out the word ufo there must be a Reason behind it Maybe they’re taken out because they Don’t want us to talk about The truth you know it kind of spurs People on a little bit more But i i i did a whole show about this a Whole podcast A couple of years ago when alex jones Got de-platformed off everything And there was people like sabre rattling And cheering that Crazy crazy conspiracy theorist alex Jones has been Toppled from all the social media Platforms and stuff I said no that’s that’s the beginning That’s that that’s the start of it This was 24 hours after it happened i Said like everyone will be next There’s there’ll be some big scalps then And then as soon as you’re used to the Big scalps being done It doesn’t matter you can get rid of the Little guys someone said something out Of line Gone gone and it’s it’s all that Happened over the last two years Thank you lee not you not lee

Sorry thank you thank you for listening To my tech talk Um But yeah no no no no no i’m i’m done Right but that You could see that that was the way it Was going to go on social media and These platforms that are there they’ve Especially youtube youtube’s Used people to build itself To where it is right now and now it’s Quite happy to Continue the subscriber base on tech Youtubers and People like making videos with kittens Yeah the thing is with this platform It was what i considered like The most coolest thing i’d ever seen Like it was the world’s worst It was amazing and what it’s turning Into Is something I mean some of the some of the kids Probably do think it’s cool but It seems very much for kids and apart From the video that i showed you both The other day which i’m not going to Talk about right now but You know you could put disgusting stuff On youtube and get away with it But you can’t you can’t talk about ufo I the the conspiracy theorist inside me Says because There’s a narrative that the

Sort of big tech tech guys want to Control You know there’s an array of out there And as far as ufos go For some reason when you type ufo into a Search bar They want you to see the tic tac yeah You know that’s what you get yeah So why no Yeah it doesn’t make sense the most uh Backed story in ufo history other than Roswell Is the first thing in the search engine Yet they don’t want us to talk about it Or mention the ufo acronym It’s weird yeah does it it Doesn’t make sense which is typical of The people who run These platforms they live in a bizarro World And it’s just whatever you’re thinking Think the opposite and you’ll be right Yeah seriously i mean i mean rich are Good friends with uh The boys um and do they speak about in Terms of views what they They’re getting to what they were Getting have they seen I mean uh tyler’s gone At the moment that and they’re gonna be Taking over his Number one potentially number one ufo Channel on youtube what they are now

Because tyler has gone For the time being um he’s coming back Apparently But do they speak about their views Being down to what they were I can’t i keep looking at the picture You’ve got to get there sorry Sorry i’ll change Poor guy Blake loves that does he not He probably hates it i’m gonna put a T-shirt And it just uh it’s weird once you Become uh Friends with them you know it’s like uh Some things just Change yeah it’s weird uh i know when You first put that out i was laughing my Ass off and Uh when did you make that thing by the Way Oh it’s a long time ago when i used to Debunk oh my god that long ago They they interviewed somebody who was Telling them that he was an alien but he Was basically telling them everything From A star trek episode so that’s where it Came from I got it now okay i don’t know if you Told me that before Um their views have gone up actually They’re doing just as good as now as They did

Back when they were yeah not amazing but Tyler may come back yeah we well yeah Well we don’t know we’ve heard this cry Wolf thing how many times He went through all the pigs and the Sheep so i don’t know what he’s got left To blow over It it’s good that their channel is still Going strong then because that means That they can’t affect the channel That’s already kind of established You know once it’s established that’s it But it The worrying thing if somebody should Say if you somebody might start out now They were a talented guy They probably they’ve studied the ufo Field for Years and years and years and if they Had a bit of personality about them They made some amazing videos they put Some great evidence out Would that reach anybody No well you know when i when i first met You i only had 700 subscribers Um and i was getting you know two Three uh new subscribers In a week sometimes it was awful and i’m Like this is not like the old days You know old days you put a video up you Get 5 000 views with hardly anybody on Your channel Instantly you remember i mean even when You started

Things were going viral nothing goes Viral you can start a new channel You’ll never reach third phase of moon Unless you somehow connect with somebody Who’s got a huge channel Like millions that’s how much shadow That’s how shadow banning is going with The ufo Community on youtube it’s that bad me And dark hour paranormal just as an Example Uh hooked up with third phase of moon And you know we do the panel right Well the last three months when michael And i became friends i was watching his Subscribers and my subscribers And i’m not lying when i tell you this We are exactly the same amount of Subscribers Almost it’s exact after three months we Both let’s just say 1500 subscribers Not 1501 we both have exactly the same It’s pretty wild and you know how does That happen That’s impossible almost it’s impossible It’s weird sometimes you’ll see that I mean i don’t know if you still use the App that i told you about I i i’ve stopped doing it now because it Kind of it just frustrated me because Sometimes you just see that you’d lost Overnight 20 but then the next day you Gained another 20 It’s just it’s weird i do use that app

And it doesn’t do it anymore um It’s weird it’s like there was a big Purge going on the last couple of years You would get 10 subscribers lose 15 gain 25 lose 10 You know you know now it’s Consistent it seems like uh you still Lose here and there but Very few oh you know chet people do Leave Ollie you know and youtube does clean up The dead channels Yeah and also spam channels you know That they just create Bot accounts so do do you think There’s a kind of A reason behind the word what do you Think the Reasons are behind the word ufo being Removed I thought about it i have no idea I can’t tell you it doesn’t like we just Talked about why would they have the tic Tac show up on the first search And you can’t say ufo do you think it’s Because The whatever like the narrative is That’s trying to be spun Is to actually try and get rid of the Word ufo and replace it with like uap or Whatever All right yeah there’s another one isn’t It because that’s It that’s always connected with the tic

Tac isn’t it that’s it You got it you you did it all right good Night Bye everybody That’s exactly right oh my god yeah so Because i was thinking about using the Hashtag uap Yeah i hate uap and it goes up against Everything you believe in But god have gotta play to win you can’t Just go against You know the man or woman that’s like a Pickup truck I could i could see a toyota uvp it’s Like a It’s half people carry a half truck I need a picture It must be something like that but it’s It’s not like the Why the word ufo is being sort of binned It i i it’s like you say it’s the Controlling i don’t get And it’s like the funneling of people And the burial of other channels and Stuff that’s That’s what i find most concerned most Interesting Well maybe they if you’re not bringing In any money Maybe they will make it difficult for You but i don’t think that’s true I don’t know i i think you have to get To 10 000 subscribers to to have you know that

Influence You know maybe uh the algorithm picks up On you more and opens up You know the search for people to find Your channel i don’t know I still giving If it was them about making money if That if that’s what they were worried About was That they were just concerned about the Channels that make money they would lift The uh monetization threshold and just Say look you if you put a Um if you put a video on youtube whether You’ve got one subscribers one hundred Thousand subscribers You get revenue per view if that if They’re worried about money that’s what They do I guess so yeah that’s why i said i Don’t know if it’s about that but It’s weird but it is about making Content Something from nothing though that’s What they want they want us to create And uh i know when i was taking other People’s videos and using them and all This I wasn’t getting any subs and then when I went to doing my live shows every Night basically as Things started opening up but then again That goes to third phase and the Connection there so

I don’t know i’m a bad uh bad person to Gauge on this one I think you do yourself with this this Justice Outrage because i think you deserve Every single one that you gain Regardless so do i yeah of You know working with third phase you Know I said before and i’ve actually said in Live streams when i’ve been on my own For a little bit before the guest Arrives I’ve said i can’t do a goof on you know I can’t be here on my own Do that i don’t know how you do it um But with in regards to the ufo Being removed from the algorithm we said About uap There’s a could there be another reason That It kind of like we We always kind of joke in a conspiracy Way that These big platforms are controlled from The people Up high you know um Maybe it’s like um what was the What was it what was this was it 4chan That got taken down Oh something got taken down with it Apparently they showed it was it h h oh No fortune went for a day didn’t it oh An hour

With an alien image apparently oh selfie Whatever it was Um what what if there’s something that Maybe is gonna hit somebody up high Knows about it because we We’ve been talking about this 180 days Lead to this Disclosure for a bit now uh i don’t know How many more days left Um of the bill how many days are left Rich Yeah what if it’s been taken out because Something’s gonna something is gonna hit And Maybe somebody from up higher said Take as much out as you can out of i Mean i wonder if there’s other platforms That have kind of like trying to get the Word out If something’s good what if something is Sorry i’ll explain myself What if there is some footage an image Whatever something’s gonna hit they know About it And that that it’s got it’s got out of Their control something’s leaked Basically like a wikileak or whatever Yeah And they’ve taken that word out ufo Because they They’re trying to control it as much as They can I don’t think that would help yeah as Soon as that

If that was the case first of all if Somebody has something They probably want to put it out on in The public eye real quick You know you don’t want to be a marked Man forever so I think that would happen rather quickly But if it didn’t then they were Plotting and planning a way to get this Out to the public and keep themselves Safe from whatever Yeah i mean it’s very possible that they Could be trying to hide us from finding That but i don’t know i It’s too weird i i think Lee hit it right that they want us to Talk about i think maybe it’s positive What if they don’t want us talking about Ufo but uap would be great Maybe we’re thinking it wrong maybe That’s That’s a good point why does everything Have to be so negative change doesn’t Always mean negative it could be a Positive thing Just use uap they don’t tell us that They i didn’t get an email Telling me hey you can’t use you know They don’t do that stuff Youtube which i don’t like they should Tell us what’s not allowed anymore With a an email to let us know we can’t Say this or show that But trial and error i guess that’s a

Good It’s a good way to think about it lee i Think you might have something there we Need to try it Yeah it could be positive well what was The thing rogan was talking about an Episode the other day Um when they put the there was the video Wasn’t it with the Um with the ufo from the from the Fighter jet We were like in the corner uh on rogan’s Podcast he said he he’d been told By like he put it somebody that would Know That that photograph was a fake But there is another photograph that They were about to Release to the public which was a high Definition photograph of a triangular Craft And then decided to stop wait a minute Are you Talking about the tim the one with Inside the fighter jet that was a batman Balloon that looked like the balloon No is is that yeah that’s the one you’re Talking about and then that was supposed To be some other photo But they switched it for some reason or Didn’t get out to the people in time It was yeah it was it’s all a ploy for It was for tim mcshillin’s uh New website that’s all that was don’t

Buy into that because his website the Deflate the debrief is what it really is Um just went public the day before so He’s been planning this with this other Guy bob mcguire about how can we get People over to the website because his Website crashed that day Because everybody flooded the debrief And wants you to go see it huh Tim mutwal tim mcshillin he’s a shill But his name’s tim mcmillan you know all Right I think he’s a shill i think he’s like Richard yeah I actually thought his name was tim Mcshill and then i was gonna say is he And he’s a shill This is too good to be to be true all Right we’ll just call him tiny tim That’s all we’ll do Did you guys watch the bigelow uh rogan Episode Yes i’ve watched about for um Two nearly two hours so far Um are you were you surprised as i was Of how little he seems to know about Everything Yeah of course yeah i i i was When you consider the amount of money He’s put into it the Um i mean first of all that makes me the Fact that he he didn’t really have a lot Of Interest and stuff to say like you’re

Like what we would consider interesting Makes me realize hey yeah we got some Evidence I wanted to say he found elves at uh Skipping walker ranch Something like that but the um That it just makes me wonder like that i Mean it’s probably not the right Place to say this but it makes you Wonder if If he’s put so much time and so much Money into it He’s given over two hours on the biggest Platform in the world And he has nothing to say maybe there’s Nothing to say Yeah that’s maybe true maybe nobody Knows anything Well then how do you explain abductions Well i’m not i’m not saying stuff isn’t Happening but i’m saying that maybe There’s nothing Maybe there’s no one out there with the Magic bullet for things maybe the whole Uh that idea of the government doesn’t Want to come out and say there’s There’s something flying around because They’ve just got No clue what it is bigelow back To what bob has been saying People he was a believer in bob lazar You know yeah Sorry not what bob said but what people Said about uh i think

George said george knapp said it about That um Bigelow had what did piccolo had to do With bob didn’t he’s Sponsoring some money or something like That i know bobby used to take him out Into the um So look at the usb yeah but he didn’t See anything no did he i think At least no but he kind of backed up his Involvement with bob lazar Yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s what i meant To say you know Yeah and i think that’s stupid uh Because bob lazar i don’t think was Really at s4 I think he was just part of a uh a test And he thought he was at s4 I think that was just an experiment and To see what would happen if we told this Guy to do this he was like a manchurian Candidate without actually being You know a maturing candidate they i Think they played him He believed where he was actually Happened And uh that’s my theory on it because Stan friedman said he didn’t even know What her bathroom was you know so That’s it just back up a little bit There rich so what you’re saying is That that bob believes everything he’s Saying And he was and

He was in a mock-up it was all a mock he Didn’t really work there He did how does he know he went there in In windows that were blacked out You know they took him yeah go ahead Okay Okay so he’s in a mock-up he’s but he’s Working on Something now fair enough he’s not Maybe he doesn’t have the degree in that But whatever he was working on Must have been If he’s telling the truth that is Yeah yeah i don’t know I’m trying to figure it out because There’s a lot of holes in his story as Far as i’m concerned Yeah i wouldn’t there might have been Uh a ufo that he looked at he even said The ones the other ones that were In that warehouse was some of them were Laying on their sides you know leaning Up against walls had covers over them I mean it was almost that sounds like They were props You know laying out in the background But they made it look that way to him For some reason It’s just a weird story all around with With no proof really very little uh Proof oh he’s in a phone book you know How many uh bob lazar’s there probably Are in the country And it could have been anybody in that

Phone book doesn’t mean it was him Seems like quite an odd name though Yeah bob blazer Laser bob you know it’s weird i mean It’s kind of like they’re They’re making fun of uh technology with Bob lazer I don’t know man and robert’s the most Common name you know one of those common Ones bob I don’t know man i i think that bob Lazar is just I don’t know i think he was i did it and He believed it I did a podcast this figure people have Been like been put in places To do a certain job i did a podcast the Other day with an ex-scientologist Uh everyone should go to must-see audio And listen to that immediately because It’s [ __ ] great yeah but the uh When we were talking about that i was Talking about ron hubbard i like when i Was doing a bit of research before the Podcast I i was looking at this guy and the way He speaks and how he speaks and how he How he looks and uh you just think how How is this person a real person you Know it’s like This he’s like this character that was Invented Had this ridiculous life and then

Managed to create this Ridiculous religion it’s in the same Sense as a bubblers are maybe these People are just [ __ ] planted for some reason just to See how people react to them or If maybe it’s nature peppering off the Universe a little bit but It’s odd isn’t it that you get these People That just they have the gravitas they Have the Access and that then they’re also given The platform To tell their stories on So this is a true story before youtube Before Uh probably a lot of things in my life Uh when i first heard about Scientologist scientology I said to my mum and dad we were talking About religion one night i went i think I’m a scientologist Just because i’d heard the word alien But mixed in with it but when you Actually listen to it That like which bit does the alien bit Come in To it this i mean i know it was this Was the aliens They all escaped from a volcano i Believe And then they never speak about the Exciting stuff though you know when you

Hear The scientologists talk they never speak About this you just hear them talking About great food You know how how we should live his life Talk about Freaking volcano it’s over It’s pretty exciting when tom cruise Starts talking about it He jumps on tables well let’s not forget That elrond hubbard has the world record For most stories ever written most books Yeah Crazy yeah yeah and they’re wild so this Guy had a wild imagination There’s a name for that isn’t that is it For when you can’t stop writing Yeah i can’t remember where it was i Don’t know Yeah that guy said it but but yeah so so Rich where are you on the subject of Scientology Well it’s all bull crap i mean i don’t Even believe uh Catholicism or pretty much any religion That’s just me uh i guess i’m an atheist I believe there’s something i believe we Come from something and we Uh called and we call it a god because Humans need some sort of uh ambition You know like they can’t be afraid of Death so we’re going to imagine there’s This place where we go to where it’s Beautiful and

This way it quells the fear inside of us Of dying But then again you get the people with Near-death experiences yeah we can’t Explain it because the brain’s misfiring As you know you’re dying and all that so Who knows But um scientology comes from a place From a person from a mind of somebody Who’s very deranged Very sad and Yeah it’s just a way to control people And get them to do things But i’m not saying that everything it’s Wrong To believe in something people do need Some sort of You know construct structure to uh get Through this life Have some belief of this greater being And we talk about the matrix Uh that’s just as crazy as believing in This all-powerful Be all you know in the sky whatever Gonna go see all of our relatives and Pets and everything i don’t know man I i can’t wait to find out though Would you say that you lead more towards The Kind of in terms of People visit us from other planets I know you can it’s horrible to answer Especially when you do a show that’s

About ufos and aliens but Where would you find yourself As far as what you Believe in well i i don’t know i know I know you said you’re an atheist you’re An atheist yeah but i’ve Obviously got some sort of spirituality Where does that Where does that play in all this I don’t know it’s the it’s the ultimate Question that’s why i’m still doing this And I’m hopefully going to find out that Either there’s aliens out there and We’re calling them gods Or there’s really this there’s got to be Something Called the aliens yeah Yeah it’s everything goes back yeah you Know to these old stories of these star People coming out of the sky And i think that’s interesting if you Look back in the ancient Uh you know pictures and depictions and Little artifacts they find It’s very odd these big-eyed big-headed Beings and also human-looking Nordic-looking people you know Ezekiel with his wheel and all that fire A wheel inside of a wheel fire and all That Um it’s very interesting so it Either we had the technology way back Then

Which is a possibility which is why they Hide a lot of the stuff they find in These archaeological sites Um or that the aliens visited and Didn’t leave their tools behind or they Buried them we can’t find them i don’t Know But i think there’s it’s possible we may Be the aliens ourselves And what we are now is inside a place That We think is reality but it’s really a Matrix reality it could very well be it Explains a lot of the unknown Seeing ghosts and uh the objects moving And turning at 90 to you know 90 degrees At 30 000 miles an hour It fills in a lot of the holes if it was All a program Like bigfoot people see bigfoot you know And then he disappears You know all of a sudden he’s Interdimensional well maybe it was one Of the alien workers coming down You know one of his work outfits Whatever and he just happened to look Like bigfoot I don’t know it’s just a weird Everything’s weird i say we don’t live In reality we live in a paranormal Reality It it’s weirder than we could ever Imagine so i don’t know if there’s a Heaven

Or a hell i don’t think there is but There’s something i believe that our Energy goes to Because when you think about it we’re Born right somewhere along the line the Heart Kick it just starts how does that start What starts the heart beating What gives the brain its power its Neuron power and How is it electrical in that way if we Die they’re gonna You know shock us to bring us back weird That’s weird so what are we an Electrical being Are we half robot maybe we’re robots We’re growing Robots yeah maybe we are He’s funny you should speak like that Because when i was when i was younger Like way way way back when i was like Just a teenager Um at home making little models and Playing with All sorts of weird lovely stuff Being very artistic don’t do much these Days Um i used to kind of think That outside my window or behind me Right now There was nothing so when i go upstairs I and my mom and dad were downstairs i Go into my bedroom As soon as i got as soon as as soon as i

Left the room they were not there They were not kind of in existence Anymore it was just me Right you know there there is no It’s almost like that god theory that You are god Like the viewer whoever’s watching this Right now That we’re we’re here for that pleasure Bishop my first sociopath Sorry i i fisher price for yourself Life and sociopath I don’t think that anymore No but that goes into the idea of the Matrix you only need to see what’s Around you And nothing could be behind you because You can’t see it but you can hear it You can feel it i know outside there’s Wind And cars driving by so it’s there’s There’s stuff happening even if you Can’t see it which is weird No no i like to leave my family out of The room i leave my family under the Roof And i like to be able to do that if i Just close the door i destroy them By not being in the room with Yeah if that was true that theory though When i’m in the kitchen like tonight for Example i was tied up in the kitchen and My little Boys were in here and i literally just

Walked in and i went Oh i’m interviewing tonight They were just like literally you Couldn’t see the carpet for toys Which usually i just tried kind of there Is stuff that i just shove Underneath here right here you see There you go just found a car random Random piece of lego oh my god oh this Yeah this this that he kindly built me Today Oh cool that’s from tron Doesn’t it yeah it’s um what’s it called I don’t know the duplo Version of lego So back to the subject that we’re not Supposed to be talking about ufos Talk about it we just can’t use the ac Though the acronym in titles Okay you should but what if we even say It does this Not pick up on the word ufo well Apparently you can say it just don’t Put it in a place where it’s like the Tabs you know the Search tabs and the title and i think It’ll be okay they’re not gonna They’re not gonna recommend it so it’s i Can’t remember who said it somebody said They’re doing it to kind of stop the Spam ufo channels that are just Spamming ufo footage but if you look in The grand scheme of things

Of youtube ufo The ufo platform is probably a spec You know it’s a little tiny speck of Dust It’s a little great unless it’s just Unless he’s just lumped in with all Conspiracies now Well i know when uh when i put the ufo Acronym in a title Cue oh i shouldn’t say it but anan Shows up under the wikipedia And it’s like oh well that’s bullcrap i Don’t want that people think that i’m a Shill myself because they thought That youtube put it there to warn people What i Am that i’m associated with them And i thought that was that’s kind of Crappy You see that on the flat earth channels Or anything you see yeah Yeah you see a little and but they’re my Kind of like It’s a guilty pleasure i kind of like to Watch a bit of flat earth That’s been that’s another one that’s Another one that’s been very Very close to be like eradicated as far As being Able to find easily isn’t it hey yeah You know it’s So i mean i i i’m not a flat earther Myself But i know if you if you search for flat

Earth on youtube All you get is the debunking videos of It Up you never get any of the big sort of Channels that Like the big flat earth channels are Bigger than the debunking channels which Are coming up first in the church So that that’s yeah but odd you say Like you said before about things get Getting credence that gives these Arguments more credence we probably Don’t deserve That like that much if anyone’s Interested in flat earth i got three Hour podcast about flight earth because Must see audios but two episodes ago Shameless plug Was that with uh diplo seven no that was I I i had another one after that oh no no He’s a globe denier sorry yeah So we know though so so was uh well the Um Due to a overwhelming Negative feedback about him as a guest I had to get another globe denier on to Set the record straight Yeah when i interviewed him a lot of People didn’t like him i thought it was A charming fellow but you know I do my problem was the if you if you’re Gonna come on a platform and talk about Something

At least believe in something i don’t Know what that guy believes in I think to me he seems to be sticking a Load of things together Throw as much muck at a wall and hoping One of them sticks youtube wire so he Can make a channel around it That that was the opinion i got i mean Sometimes though In life people just don’t have i mean if You asked me what do i believe in terms Of When it comes to what what you were just Talking about then rich about religion Yeah no idea right literally no idea I’ll sit in church My wife will grab come on we’re going to Church I’m i’m sat there and i’m thinking i’m Listening i think this is all very nice And i can’t be doing with The you know the whole the hat the Handshaking Please be with you but yeah no that Makes me feel a little bit Weird um but I can’t i just like fist bumps Can you even go in a church now i don’t Think so i think you can now in some Places yeah Here yeah in america a lot of things are Opening up now Well i say a lot uh probably 17 out of The 50

States we’ll be opening up within a Month fully Texas already did florida it did where I’m moving A couple others yeah We knew it as soon as uh what’s his name This administration took over We knew that all of a sudden oh it’s Disappearing magically well it’s not Magically there’s The vaccine and all that but it’s just All bull crap i think anyway i don’t Want to get into that But for another show yeah because my Channel might be just taken down Yeah exactly that’s why i didn’t worry Considering how small my channel is as Well i only put I only put up for it um for Like curiosity just to see Whether the algorithm did everybody Because the guy i had on was pretty He’s got some pretty controversial views As in it’s it’s not real Type thing or you know he’s a he’s an Interesting fellow he’s uh He’s starting legal proceedings uh on The government Uh on the island i live in because we’re We’re small island but we’re Self-governing we’ve got our own Parliament and stuff like that Um and he’s he would start legal Proceedings to get them into a new

Nuremberg trial type situation Um so they can go and watch that on Spotify yeah Lee yeah yeah it seems good but we can’t Talk about it No the oh no i i don’t think any of that Like that that’s Just the synopsis when it comes to Such a sore subject Yeah um which the will be living Is we can’t speak our mind you know Well we can do people just need to stop Worried about things like the If if everybody on youtube decided Actually [ __ ] this we’ll just do what we want to Do then They would have to change the policy no They don’t They would because you’d run out of People like it would it would take Enough people to get behind or enough People to go to a different platform That’s a hypothesis that would never Happen but yeah of course because they Wouldn’t be making money they’d have to Change something Um but that would have to all the Advertisers would have to pull out too And it would be a snowball effect but That’s the only way it would happen If everybody did it at once this is the Beginning of the end of youtube though This is the beginning of the end of

Youtube the cool platform that people go To yeah Yeah all it’s going to take is um I mean bet she seems to be the the Closest competitor But even now i don’t know if any views Have like Done the account ready You’ve got to sacrifice a goat in the Garden to some god which i forgot the Name of to get it to upload Um you know it’s this it’s just not And even the there’s no like you’re Complaining about the youtube search Algorithm But at one point the search algorithm Used to help everybody didn’t it because It was yeah it would direct people to Where you wanted to go There’s [ __ ] none of that on [ __ ] None of it so Unless you know what you want to say It’s difficult to find anything It’s a horrible name too it’s the worst Name I ever heard it’s awful somebody Somebody I said that are you on bitchu and i i Actually thought this was when bitcoin Was about i thought it was something to Do with Bitcoin yeah i thought it was Term for it well it is blockchain in it Isn’t that the

Uh a bit shoot isn’t that where it’s There But when you because you i don’t think You can delete videos from [ __ ] and you when it’s right i don’t Think so When it’s there it’s there i think it Reminds me of poop shoot yeah That’s a different website i know but That’s what i think of when i hear [ __ ] shoot i’m like Well i mean i i’ve made a little back up [ __ ] channel Just in case um it goes it goes pear Shape Um it was the hardest he was he took me A day Just to just upload my logo yeah I i know it’s a pain in the art if i was You guys like i mean Youtube’s something that i rarely dip my Feet i think i’m gonna do something I’ve got an idea for my own youtube Channel that i’m like i might do Over the coming days but the um If i was you guys i would like just Simultaneously upload Everything to bit shoot you you might as Well Because if something terrible was Happening tomorrow and all of a sudden They said right Look we’ll get we’re getting rid of all Conspiracy theories off youtube

Then you start from scratch on a new Platform Rich hasn’t got enough years left in his Life to be able to upload all the videos That he’s done Make make tomorrow the first day of your Life guys uh You know just start from then and go Forward I figure [ __ ] it’s going to be taken Down if it gets too big anyway It’s all going to be they’ll buy them Out it’s over Which one i used to be on it as well i Can’t remember and that lasted Not long and it was like a little Face little round face I can’t remember the name of it i used To be on it i can’t remember i used to Upload videos to it but i was on Whatever it was i was on it it’s gone Now you go carry on I can’t remember the name of it no i Don’t know Yeah something like [ __ ] you need Someone depending on Whether he’s to be trusted or not If he is to be trusted that it needs Someone like a musk to buy it You know because he’s making quite a lot Of noises about freedom of speech and Worries on people giving liberty up and What you need is somebody with [ __ ] Money

Just to buy it and leave the people that Bought it in charge of it so look i Wonder i wanna i want a return on my Investment But keep running it You know it won’t work Sorry there we go No no you’ve given up your right to Speak already twice Go ahead I would just say no the idea of elon Musk creating a Like a youtube platform you’d do it Because everything that man Touches is it makes more It makes more sense than making Spaceships you know it’s i mean he got Into the [ __ ] game of making money Through um Paypal didn’t he so it makes more sense Than spaceships He’s looking right at lee just did that On photoshop it took me five seconds It looks like um i mean it’s really him He is looking at ely he’s looking Right here he’s saying come to mars We have great things to show you i i do Like elon I like him yeah i’m glad he’s I i i i just want him to be right that’s All i i don’t They it would be shy if he turned out to Be just Like every all the rest of them he

Doesn’t have to be he doesn’t need Anybody’s money No no no i agree i i I want to be in i want to be in but then I see that [ __ ] spaceship He’s making the starships and things you Know That that doesn’t look like something That’s going to take anybody to mars Is it how much different does it look Than any other rockets It’s the same cylindrical shape just With the wings in a different Place maybe maybe maybe even hung up on The fact it doesn’t have a window But it just it’s just because it it’s Just maybe it’s just because it looks Like Uh it looks like something from a 70s Sci-fi But again he’s openly said that’s Because he wanted to look like 70 sci-fi So i don’t know Who cares as long as it gets there right Yeah Yeah as long as it gets there oh yeah i Tell you what see if it doesn’t get There See in 10 years time if there isn’t musk People walk around mars I’m joining team fat earth because In 10 years time if we haven’t got there There’s another reason why we haven’t Gone there so yeah it’s really difficult

To keep people alive Keep keep me a [ __ ] space by the ice Wall if we’re not there in 10 years What’s what’s going to happen though i Mean in terms of this this This is what i’ve always said this When you’ve got a man like this that’s Got the power that he’s got the money He’s got And he seems to have a good sense of Humor if i was him I would go and grab the biggest flat Earther i’d say listen I’m going to launch you into space How do you like them apples could you Imagine Having the money in power to the fact That you could turn around and say that To somebody and mean it Just i’m going to put you in space How do you like that which they are Going to be doing in Three to five years anyway with the Space hotel yeah The the they’re doing that one with the The moon run out there Um where that was weird that that one That was weird though that that one i Think was it a japanese or chinese guy Yeah Chinese that bought Every single seat Because he wanted it no because it’s Just a bit weird though

So so so this it’s going to be a Commercial anybody can go on it Anybody we could we could load anybody Could go on that But no one one guy has bought every Single seat And he’s going i think on his own or He’s gonna take a few of his friends They’ll pass weird they can’t do that That is weird That’s not fair that to me is like They’re gonna lie about what’s up there Yeah so stupid did you see the mouse Yes i did that I want to watch that video again do you Have it right on the ready somewhere i i That was so weird it looks like it’s a Mouse i think it was just a bit of uh Like foil that just happened to roll Into a mouth shape How how fast would that be about 700 Miles an hour at that point or No it was like 16 000 miles an hour if They already made it Oh jesus christ isn’t that true That’s how how how much does it take to Get up into space how fast do we got to Go right 17 000 miles an hour no idea this is 17 500 miles an hour so when they got up in Space they were probably around 15 16 000. there will There’s some there’s some clever guys in The chat somebody will know exactly how

Fast it was going 17 500 miles an hour well Which incidentally is one mile an hour Too slow to displace a mouse How weird i found it here Is there a mouse on spacex dragoon All right you want me to play this then As long as as long as as long as the guy Of the channel At the mouse doesn’t give me a copyright Strike uh I think that’s a piece no you can’t you It’s nasa yeah you can’t Yeah scott see wherein tried he put a Gerbil On uh on mars and uh i i showed a Picture of it and he copyright striked Me for it Look mate there’s been many videos i’ve Seen where jobs have been Very strange places this guy has 69 Subscribers so we’ll be all right and It’s nassar All right and we’re not going to play The whole thing and we’ve already shrunk It down here we go Right around here right there it is up There This is a bad copy of it that’s blurry Um Uh you know there’s a better version That that’s awful The thing is though if it it it you know

It’s the cause It runs it runs back that’s the problem If it just went down And then stay there you go but it’s Still finite Yeah honestly We are as a reminder the first stage is On time launch today at 12 29 pm eastern Time just a few minutes ago Right in a nominal ascent that’s it As i mentioned earlier you think they do A blow up here On its way to drop off dragon into its Targeted orbit There it is a reminder the first stage Oh my god It does look like a mouse Dude the legs are moving and it’s Sticking to the oh no And it’s lee tv how weird That is see that’s what i call Synchronicity Thank you that’s probably the best Quality one i’ve ever seen i knew there Was a better one out there yeah there’s There’s some good ones out there isn’t That wild What i’d like is for spacex to go well Now that i want a mouse this is this is What it is and it’s something that goes Around the thing that Tries to cool the the engine it happens To look a little bit like a mouse In fact

How come we’ve never seen it again Before or after on any other Fight look there’s pictures when the Shuttle was going up of uh I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it you Know how people say oh space is fake and All this There was a picture that says there’s There’s a video that says there’s gods In space And you see the shuttle flying through Space You know the cameras watching it from Behind wherever the iss i don’t know but And all of a sudden you see a guy you Know like a worker Just showing up in the background i’ve Seen it yeah and he’s like oh geez And he gets out of the picture frame It’s so weird It looks like he’s uh behind the glass Behind the glass Looking at a model essentially doesn’t It yes That’s that’s really weird there’s Another one where they were showing an Interview And then somebody took footage of them In doing the interview from someone’s House In the garage and they had all the setup Of uh space and everything That’s not that’s less than ideal um My favorite one of those things is some

Of the iss footage which looks hard But have you seen the one where the guys Floats down the hallway Then get into the doorway but he Disappears He blends out before the draw like well He’s clearly gone through a photoshop Mask there’s no Nothing about that’s that’s clearly an After effect and Um you know it i i just that that That’s something that makes you wonder Like why why why that’s that’s clearly a Manipulated Image so why manipulate Well i think that was the augmented Reality that they use right Is that what it’s called when it’s live And you know you see the guy grabbing Something that isn’t there and he’s Placing it on yeah And all that stuff If you’re just doing that stuff in space Why would you need to fake do it in Space Because it gets money i don’t know Whatever their nefarious reasons are for Having a fake nasa Do all this stuff is to give us the Impression that something really is Happening up in space When in fact we’re talking to freaking Aliens building Things on mars and the moon for all

See i take that if if if the idea was That Oh um you’re forward-facing nasa Is just a a military front Because we’re we’re building battleships And all sorts of I i i would take that the only thing i’d I i what i don’t understand is how you’d Hide it Because space is massive and it’s not Like Um what we do with military bases On earth if we bury them you know we dig Underground we bury them underneath yeah So so if there was loads of stuff in the Sky that’s Different countries because if the us Have got some sort of Space program china have russia have India Yeah yeah so where were the Pitches getting leaked of the different Countries and Things like that well china’s Communistic you know Russia’s under a tight regime you know These places just aren’t gonna If you do something they’ll kill you and And in in our countries you know you go To trial or you just You know go to an island somewhere um But Seriously that these Blue and white striped building with the

Gold dome on top of it now No we’re in the blue room Is it blue or is that just me no my Lights are blue Oh got it okay yeah i’ve got funky led Lights underneath my table So is it without the risk of like Getting into trouble but i mean where Where are you both on the moon landings I think that happened do you think What the uh do you think the footage is Real and do you think you know you’ve Muted yeah there you go i was just gonna Say you say i wonder if you know you Muted mike But uh do you think the Footage is real that’s that’s my one i Don’t know if it went [ __ ] moon or not no [ __ ] idea Well i do know this i do know should be Dust on that lander I do know the shadows don’t look right I know that the the crosses on the pho On photography plates appear to be Behind and in front of objects you know What i know I know there’s a block with c written on It which is odd You got to think like a a con like a Liar not a conspiracy theorist you got To think like the government They made they went to the moon but they Made movies and took pictures just in Case they didn’t make it

I think they had a backup plan and i’ll Tell you why There was a guy who has this incredible Video and he explains Why they we went to the moon because They ran That first and all the missions uh Live on tv 24 7 without Now if that was all recorded and then Put up or whatever You know you have you would have miles And Miles of uh movie reels of that stuff 35 Millimeter And what the footage would never break You know camera projectors would break After a while the bulb would burn out i Mean that stuff didn’t happen And uh what i find weird though you know Just a few years ago We cannot find any of that stuff anymore Anyway In a nanosecond we’d go back but you Know we don’t have the footage anymore i Mean that to me is just crazy How do you know that’s crazy yeah I mean he comes across as a stupid Person He does and that i i i do not i I do not believe like i i i’d be Surprised if he’s capable of driving Let alone piloting a spacecraft But another weird thing is and this is What bothers me is that lander that they

Use they couldn’t Get it uh it was not buzz aldrin but the First guy Who stepped on yeah he died no no the Good the Is this the land which crashed on earth When they were testing it there’s Footage of All over the place yeah there’s no way That You can’t practice in zero gravity so What didn’t Didn’t the guy that was supposed to take Neil armstrong’s place didn’t he die In that well he died in the In the fire i believe there was the First crew are you talking about The three that died in the test yeah Yeah yeah that’s who died they did Yeah and um what didn’t he try like a Couple of days after saying there is no Way we can do this with the technology We have He put a picture uh he had a lemon and He connected it to A hanger and hung it on the launcher and Said this is a lemon and then a couple Of days later he was dead Well all three of them what a Coincidence Yeah it’s amazing they died without even Taking off Who who knows was that allergic to Lemons

What was that maybe they’ve not even That allergic to lumens Apparently uh the lemons aren’t supposed To be Near those things those launchers no They did It burns through it that that was it was Something to do with the oxygen levels One That that where and they all went into Flames and Yeah very i mean I hope my dad’s not watching this Because he he gets very angry with me if I Mention anything about who’s not going To the moon He’s he says he does the same Yeah same with my dad yeah he’s He said i watched on television i saw it I also saw it But you know i i i’m kind of in In your uh box there rich that Maybe there was a backup you know there Was For the times that america was going Through with russia Um you know maybe And maybe uh [ __ ] And my boy cubic had something to do With it The um family That’s a bit that’s a film fanatic i’d Say

Uh oh my god Oh no you hear me all right so you know Just my videos Freezing up a little um ma Uh well you look like the rear screen You see the front screen projection rear Screen is that it’s rear screen Projection But when you look at the um draw Distances in 2001 They are very similar to the draw Distances on the moon landing footage And considering he pioneered that Footage I i’m as i understand the kubrick [ __ ] Nerd like in fact to the point where As soon as um my island comes out look Down On the 9th of um On the 9th of april i’m having the Shining carpet Tattooed down my arm so that’s that’s How much of a stan Kubrick knew i am i love her Late that pattern when i when i get the Studio side that’s going to be in the Background Well let’s uh i’ll show you what i’m Going to do is For the people not listening on the Podcast i’m going to get my foot my Forearm from Up to there with the shining pattern and

Then Interlocking into that it’s going to be The pattern of the carpet In the in the dead room with the old one In it the purple one And then it’s going to go down the rest Of my arm so it’s going to be a half Sleeve Cube that’s a carpet for a man who has Zero tattoos because my mum would disown Me Um that’s a clever tattoo i’m do i’m Doing it just quickly but before i turn Middle aged If i can do it quickly before i say Middle age it’s not a mid-life crisis Do you have any tattoos rich no No i’m glad i didn’t ain’t touching that Body No i neither never if i do get one it’ll Be of me but just taller So so Lately you you you’re like You you kind of you’re on the benchmark Of cubic did I i think i think he was involved in the Uh in the film and of the of what we saw Yeah And as far as going i’ve i’ve no idea i Do find it strange that the Moon rocks that will sort of analyze Later turn out to be like petrified wood That’s odd yeah it’s that’s it’s not

It’s you know if you if the thing is all These little things If you were taking it to court and that Turned up you go This is you were the defense you’d be You’d be taking nasser into a room Look like lads we’ve got an issue here That you didn’t tell me about the wood We can get around the fact that there Was no dust But the wood’s a problem have you ever Seen I i thought rich have you ever said we Could probably bring it up the There’s a live i don’t know if it’s real But there’s a live Feed have you seen the live feed of the Thing that’s flying around the moon I don’t know i don’t know there’s so Many things i don’t know What thing it worked the satellite Kept with a camera on it and it’s in its Film in the moon service Service it looks weird Really does look so on youtube Yeah do you remember like the when do You remember we used to be Lucky enough to get the the iss Constantly live Yeah it’s a broadcast of Some moon footage oh okay of The the the orbiter going around and it Captures yeah No no no it’s just you can see you can

See the full surface it’s In full hd quality it looks amazing It just looks odd it just looks It kind of looks cgi It doesn’t look real yeah well there’s No atmosphere to distort the picture You’re seeing it Probably for the first time in 4k or hd Um the moon is a weird anomaly a lot of People think it has scars from What if you’ve ever heard of it electric Space like it was hit with Electricity yeah and it scarred the moon And it Really does look like that that’s what Happened and it could have happened To earth at the same time mars maybe Didn’t survive it either And because mars still has winds and all That uh You know dust it probably covered up the Scars i’m just throwing it out there But uh yeah it is weird those I know i thought the same thing it looks So good it looks fake Well we’re well we’re on the same stuff And it the the one that really got me Was the Was it two years ago the moon transit of Earth Where you see the moon going across Earth have you seen that Yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s i i I wouldn’t say that apart from like the

Odd iss stuff which i think is weird And even even the moonlight and stuff i Wouldn’t i wouldn’t say like I definitely think i just i don’t think It’s right i think there’s something Funky with it That moon transiting earth is fake There’s Fake as [ __ ] but nothing change when you Think of the amount of time That that it takes for the moon to Transit transit earth to go that That far across it which is like the Whole of the side and there’s no Morphing of weather patterns on the Earth It’s just it’s not right when you look At it Are you talking about the one that you See the moon and it looks like a cgi Moon going around the earth Yeah that one i mean yeah that’s fake That’s not real it’s fake No no no no that’s what there’s one Suppose if you Google if you have a look on youtube The moon transit earth i think it is Isn’t it okay and it It’s it’s it’s only a short video it’s Like 10 seconds or something like that And it just goes across one foot the Face of earth That’s supposed to be real And if that’s real feel free to bring

Out anything he’s Real is it Is it the nasa one the 22nd one yeah Here it is i think so yeah you got it Ollie i haven’t got it yeah i got it You’re talking about this one let me Share it There you go this one Yeah this one i don’t know why it’s Going like this it must be the video Yeah it’s the way the video is Yeah that that’s not real it’s supposed To be Yeah right you really i thought this Wow i thought they just put it in there As well What’s it say there in the description What’s the description say This animation features ah there we go It says actual it features actual Satellite images of the far Side of the moon illuminated by the sun As it crosses between the ds covr Yes there’s an animation in fact it’s a Lot of still images it’s not The moon is an animation that’s not even The real moon this is the whole thing’s Fake It’s just but it just said there’s Silent satellite images Of the of the the moon yeah i think I think that’s a but that’s supposed to Be right that’s supposed to be the moon That’s supposed to be earth

It’s just still images stitched together To make a video yeah Yeah you thought you were going to get a Real image Well no but i still They still think they’ve put that out as If it’s a real thing And it looks they’re very straight Answer Well so what are you saying and then They’re hiding something from us would You not think that’s weird That nasa put that out i’m reasonably Convinced i know people that could do a Better job In blender doing that yeah that’s if They’re doing like uh You know full motion cgi and all that Nasa’s just putting something up to Given a Description of what it is they don’t Need why wouldn’t they give us While you’re on there bring up the moon Live if you put moonlight footage I’m pretty sure i want to find out if This is Like if it’s just like it edit This is a replay but it’s from two years Ago But this is real You know yeah this is that That that that looks like real footage Of It’s incredible rock yeah that’s that’s

Fine i’ll take that Here’s what i don’t like though anytime We see The mars the moon we never see stars Anywhere even with the iss I don’t i think that’s it it’s exposure Though isn’t it i think It is but why don’t they just show us One time what clear space would look Like Fix the exposure for 20 minutes it’s [ __ ] yeah or Or [ __ ] the exposure on the rock and Shoot the stars sorry yes that’s fine Yeah exactly I for one you know i I believe that we definitely kind of Went up there But i did question i had this argument With my dad I said you know i said we’ve got i said Back then when they took when they took The when they when they went to 1969 yeah right yep they had good You know they could they could film uh Amazing Cinematic look at cubic’s films 2001 Space odyssey Amazingly filmed surely that if they Were going to the moon Take a [ __ ] great camera you know and Film some brilliant stuff i know you Can’t broadcast that back I know that yeah yeah it’s probably

Going to be hard and it will be broken Up and that’s the reason why you got That footage Looking the way it did but how come I mean apparently they lost a lot of Footage you know they lost The moon footage that surely that’s a Big deal you lose you went to the moon The first time we lost a lot of footage It happens You know but why Why do we not see kind of anything Documented you know you would have Thought that buzz would have had that Camera On neil walking down them stairs In amazing the quad the best quality Could possibly be at the time Recording the moment that he put his Foot on the surface of the earth And then going down with the camera you Would have thought that that would Happen because they You can’t say that they did not have the Technology to do To be a film it had decent quality Images because they did You know they were making great movies Yeah That’s my problem with it well they had Great cameras they had the hasselblad Those were the best of the best but they Always had to modify them For the gloves they were wearing and all

This stuff and there was only so many Cameras that you could modify that way That’s that’s yeah another issue i’ve Got is with it with with those cameras Is that On that day the um they all seem to turn Into Pretty [ __ ] phenomenal photographers Especially for phenomenal photographers That couldn’t look Down the viewfinder of a camera Well i mean well even shotgun position Like that that’s the thing it’s not It’s not like the uh i mean i i I i don’t claim to be a photographer i Quite like photographs But um when you look at the shot Composition of those pictures Yeah it’s it’s i i don’t think some of Those pictures can be taken by accident You’d be so lucky so lucky to get some Of those Don’t like the way they’ve been shot I mean i would focus i don’t know their Background in how they that maybe nasa Did train him You know he’s taking the picture They trained imagine imagine sticking Imagine sticking your phone on your Chest And then walking around trying to take Decent pictures Well i’m sure there’s a lot i mean i’ve I’ve actually got a an

Archive on this on my computer here When i was just addicted to getting nasa Uh Images and there are a lot of really [ __ ] ones You know there are a lot of blurred ones From the moon landings Yeah that you can’t make out if you go Through the If you actually go through all the arc Because i i thought i thought The like on on the first moon landing They only had like a certain amount of Shots between them didn’t they Yeah and then honestly i have a lot of Good shots I’ve got hundreds of pictures on this Computer where i was When i used to be obsessed with trying To look for evidence of alien life On the moon and there’s so many of them That are just Out of focus blurred really bad shot So uh and you know and i think maybe Maybe that’s it maybe they had enough Film to just keep taking photographs but There are the ones that looks like They’ve been taken by a proper Professional but yeah and they said they Got lucky when they got those really Good ones too There was no viewfinder they just had to Aim it they didn’t know where they were Looking

Exactly but that’s what i’m saying some Of those pictures i just don’t believe That you You would take pictures that well in Focus And have these shots come like composed And modeled the way they are by accident So those are some of those pictures of The type of photos that you would take a Day With a professional photographer and a Set to get one of them Not really i’ve taken perfect pictures Many times You know didn’t need any editing or Anything like that like you said you’re Not a photographer so you wouldn’t know But i’m just saying they They did get very bad photos and very Good photos and everything in between So yeah they got lucky you’re right they It’s very hard to believe but It’s true and i also think it goes back To what i said in the beginning they Probably Faked some just in case and took the Real ones too And also left all those cameras back From that uh Apollo 11 mission they never took the Cameras home They threw them all on the moon and left Them there and then they went to kodak After that

So was that was that just a white thing Was that there was a lot of stuff that Left you to keep yeah Weight down the way back yeah well once They were used they couldn’t use them Again for whatever reason i don’t Remember but they just left them on the Moon There’s there’s dozens of them up there I mean To bring it back kind of in line with The the the field of uh ufos Um and to to mention an astronaut i mean I interviewed um Ray hernandez um and he was speaking About his involvement With the late edgar mitchell and he had He had a weird experience that he that He’s Ray sat for hours with him talking about His uh experience i think was in the Sixth Man to go to the moon i think you’re Right Yeah and he he had Um forgotten the name of the experience That But lots of astronauts apparently have It And where it’s when they’re in space They have this moment When they’re kind of like it’s almost Like A different a different sense kicks in

Their entire body and ray was Talking about this with saying edgar Mitchell sat with him for hours talking About this but He also had had a big belief in these Extraterrestrial visitations and he had The The echo mitchell foundation of Something something Or obviously i should yeah But why why wouldn’t an astronaut You know put his kind of like Credibility on the line and tell people Stuff like this before i mean it was it Was quite a bit before he died but Nasa tried not to try to sue him i don’t Know if you know about this for Some of the equipment that he had that He actually took back so when you this Is what reminded me when you’re talking About them dumping the cameras and stuff Like that On the moon he pulled the joystick off The Uh the lander and took it back With him and he took he took some of the Camp He took one of the the cameras yeah These were all souvenirs but nasa tried To Well they were going to sue him because He had he had this equipment And he and they were saying that he had No right to take it

Why would a massive company like that Do that because this was on the news as Well there’s an actual news News article of nasa Uh potentially suing edgar mitchell Because of the stuff that he had That he did it’s not just company though It just takes one job’s worth You know it just takes one well one Job’s gone yeah you can’t do that you Can’t even join That’s not the property yeah but so but Then When we’re talking about them maybe not Maybe not going You know it’s it’s just it’s a little Bit weird that there’s so many different Stories It would almost have to be like when you Go back to talking about bob lazar Every single one of these astronauts is Gonna have to be paid off Or have a certain role or maybe they Don’t even know maybe Maybe they are maybe they’re in the sea And they they think they’re in space They have no idea um Armstrong armstrong himself was an Interesting character afterwards didn’t It because he he just disappeared Who was it uh neil armstrong very very Near He did he do like the one was that one Public appearance after

That that’s yeah one or two he did not Want to talk about it and you think These guys who are heroes would want to Talk about it And and i i’ve i i don’t mean to make Make assumptions here but You american guys aren’t known for being The most bashful of people when it comes To succeeding How dare you say something like that You’re right though we like that we like That recognition that’s for sure but uh He did not want to talk armstrong was Always kind of like that though Even before even before he went to the Moon when you saw him in interviews i Mean that guy went through A pretty i mean very successful man But he went through a bit of a [ __ ] life With his daughter passing away early Early on and You know his the man he looked like a Bit of a broken man from the From the get-go he didn’t maybe that’s Just His kind of personal and i think if that Had happened to Any mother or father you know Whether you’ve been to the moon or not You know you’re never gonna Escape that kind of like look I’m destroyed you know yeah Rich northward dropping in the knowledge Again the uh because

I was just going to bring this up that That the speech did in front of the School kids Where he starts talking about how uh There’s still so many so many things we Can discover if we just remove like Truth Protective layers yeah yeah it’s Odd old thing to say neo hard thing to Say Uh even even the interview with when They came back you know sat on the line I mean The uh i i i i can Put it to exhaustion maybe um The or just being scared You know it’s a little They look like somebody had died they Looked like somebody had died on the Journey Yeah they’d come back they’d had a Successful journey but Some but it’s something really bad yeah You know what happened that was awful They were told they can’t talk about Anything Yeah i didn’t feel that you’re being Deemed a hero by the world and you got To go and lie to them now Yeah um the only other thing i could say Is to to go in the idea of maybe it’s All being on On the level and all right fine um Would be trauma like the just the idea

Of surviving What they’ve done like you’d be shocked Like The uh i mean obviously nothing there’s Nothing like going to the moon But i had a really weird thing that Happened uh Years ago when i was on a train i was on A train coming back from london To liverpool and uh it was during the The proper height Of the looking bags and stuff for that You know no No unattended luggage around the place And um me and my friend found a Uh a bag under the seat And then when we pulled the pieces of Paper out from the bag It had it had designs on it for how to Make a mercury triggered Bomb on it so so we took those to the Train driver He shouted at me for not giving them to Him before we left i Shouted back i’m saying i we were [ __ ] moving although i should have Had them And um the then of uh early you’ll You’ll get this The panic more the uh more than anyone That doesn’t know stuff we We just got out of london yeah maybe You’re stopping Yeah yeah no right this is the train

You’re wrong we’ve gone london to Liverpool And we didn’t stop from just outside London To warrington and we stopped at Warrington that would have been the most Painful journey that Well i would have had to i’d have had to Weird thing was you know you’re always Asking me You know you always ask yourself what Would you do in an odd situation like That And how your mind would work you know You know the You know the in-between parts of Carriages where you get the small metal Section Which only has the tiny window in it the First thing that got to Come to my mind was i need to get my Friends and we need to go and sit in There and i gathered all my friends Together i said look we just have to Wait here Until it goes and then when they were Saying why I said because if the train derails we Won’t get dragged down the outside if The window breaks I was just such an odd place for your Head to be but the reason i was bringing That story off was Is as soon as we got off the uh off the

Train And we i was actually sort of off i i Used the phone to ring me Bring me dad up to tell him what Happened i [ __ ] broke Down and i don’t even know if it was any Danger But it was the idea of maybe being in Danger and maybe getting out of danger It was it was a horrible feeling Afterwards So i could understand why going to the Moon and coming back You might be a bit shocked Yeah yeah I don’t know it’s a pretty it’s a pretty Big thing man i mean The the moon the oh yeah they train for It for Years they should be cool about it There’s no way they should act that way That’s fast look i i agree with you More than i agree with myself i’m just Playing oh i know but Yeah i’m just playing it back it’s weird Yeah i don’t think they should have Acted that way i don’t know Here’s the thing when it comes to people That says they we never went to the moon It didn’t happen when you watch that Interview and people say look look at The faces They didn’t go to the moon i would say That’s more of a sign that they did go

To the moon But some but but there there is Something very very wrong Wow because if if you If nasa the the government or whatever They got a bunch of people said look we Need to beat the russians the moon all You know space doesn’t exist the earth’s Flat whatever yeah let’s We need you to go we need you to be Great actors and come back and be Like you know we went to the moon where Uh celebrate you know Sleep with a load of women when you get Back or whatever do whatever you have to Do have a midlife crisis when you get Back But we need we need you to act well they Came back and they look like something Was Very wrong and that was what if They were paid actors they would come Back and they would be like oh yeah you Know it was amazing You know we didn’t see much it was just A lot of dust and this that and the Other but It’s very beautiful up there in It was just a very very weird interview Yeah it it yeah it could be the [ __ ] They’re all sat there And as soon as your aides are like you Can’t tell them about the pyramid Don’t talk about the massive pyramids

You’ve seen You know it’s the it could be something Like that there could have been Something they’d seen up there which They weren’t allowed to talk about We’ve all heard the um The idea of the aliens watching Watching them in the crater i don’t even Know where that story came from Was that edgar mitchell Uh Edgar mitchell nothing happened on the Moon he was on the way back And it was a it was like almost a outer Body Moment it was weird but Buzz is an odd cat any Yeah i’ll just be impressing rich if you Can get your face inside that astronaut So Well you just kind of in the way of them I know But for somebody i mean i had a hobby A few moons ago That led me to this chat i didn’t mean To do that that led me to this Channel um and i Literally just went through moon footage Mars mass footage constantly looking Through it There’s there’s some stuff that i i Might do a show on it You know for the for the the paradolia People that

That look you know there’s some of the Stuff that i think Still to this day i found some amazing Stuff but some of my older stuff i think You know what yeah that was just Paradolia Is that where you mentioned the sea on The moon What if there was just a rock that had Like a curve in it You know that did look like a c Yeah sure could do I mean it’d be pretty hard having a full Stop after as well but Nature just weird things i think if You’ve saw that that show with joe rogan When he was talking about The electric it’s in the sand Yes yeah that’s from lightning From lightning yeah yeah yeah lightning May be the spark of life believe it or Not because it created these proteins i Think From the strike in certain parts of the Like soil and whatnot It’s very strange wait may have spot It could have sparked life you know how Hot it is it you know it could have hit Somewhere that would Just had the right amount of uh whatever In there and then boom and then maybe These cells created from it and that you Know who knows man i’m just Spit bowling

Yep we’ve got to just over an hour and a Half so we haven’t got Too long left before because i like to Keep it about now and 45 i think that’s The sweet Spot for these interviews and we’ve We’ve not really spoke about it this This video this Live stream was not really meant to be Anything it’s kind of just to get me Back into it because i mean Content everyone knows yeah well I i don’t mind saying this i mean rich You said that you If anybody’s made it this far into the Video i can speak about it now That through through this this time I think a lot of people have been Affected by it Me for one so i apologize for the lack Of content But i’m i’m getting my ass into gear Getting back up there going to get the Guests back on it’s training It’s a training time and rich rich saps Energy off all of us so he can keep Making Shows yeah i’ve i’ve felt it he just Draws energy from other content creators To keep going I’m an energy octopus that’s what i do [Laughter] But i do i do like working with you two

Guys Because i think the the three different Sense of humor sometimes we don’t get Each of a sense of humor which is even More funny for the guest When you just fly when you did that rich But it happens you know because we’re We’re all kind of from a different Culture Rich you’re from the states from uh Arizona right from i’m from like Near leeds he’s in yorkshire and lee You’re on a weird island I’ve come for the [ __ ] shire very Near Where are you from new zealand no the Isle of man Where is that australian man It’s only 80 000 only 8 000 population Wow oldest parliament in the world Oldest parliament in the world Full of very strange people apart from Lee But no no [ __ ] i I’m one of the [ __ ] strange ones i Know that that’s fine I think you get one of the uh monoliths On your island So i’m sure you didn’t There was a monolith on your island [ __ ] Off right I’m sure there was oh for real there Really was

Sure there was a monolith in your island What’s the island again called Isle of man monolith on isle of man Monolith on isle of man Quality content why don’t you try isle Of man Monolith no i think it was the isle of Wight W-i-t-e yeah that’s [ __ ] iker’s land Right that’s what the david that’s what David Yeah oddly enough uh a listener my Podcast And uh i i’ll call him a friend he’s Come on he’s come on my conquest again Soon he’s a radio host in the eye white His dad is in a constant battle with Dave dyke Over a car parking space outside tesco’s They They what they they part they try and Park in the same park And they both go shopping on sundays Imagine how [ __ ] weird your life gets when you’re In a war for a car parking space with David ike And what car does david drive because He’s he made a point of saying that i Don’t drive an expensive car Lexus he’s got alexa okay okay yeah I can’t i still can’t believe that Rich’s monkey’s worth what did you say One and a half grand

I don’t know eighteen hundred pounds did You just change your hat he did just do What’s happened Yes she did no i didn’t you [ __ ] did No i didn’t people in the chats rich Changed his hat It’s just because i’m off camera for a Second i think you guys are No philip blair david ike’s definitely On the isle of wight i’m on the isle of Man If david eich was in the eye of white He’d have already a must-see audio Because i wouldn’t have stopped Hounding him so to let everybody know Because i’m going to push it and then i Want you to introduce your channel Before we get off Um i i am launching alien addict merch We have two uh of my very good friends There that Are rocking it um nice But it will be launching soon but i’ve Come up with a little logo because People And it’s because of you guys the Subscribers call me a A you’re going to be getting things like Um This by the way on t-shirts But this is the kind of like the the the The the signature that i’ve come up with Oh look at that yeah I’m quite pleased with it it took me a

While to kind of think it over but Look looks a little bit like a metal Band logo it does Somebody said it looked like the mat i Sent it to a mate of mine then he sent Me Instantly back a pitch of the mcdonald’s Logo oh no I’m into america mcdonald’s Maybe that’s what’s on the moon maybe That’s what was on the moon and they Were that upset They were that upset they went all the Way they left earth and still found a Mcdonald’s Starbucks yeah So we’ll start with you lee so be before We get off lee where can where can the Guys find you You can find my podcast on everything Called mostly audio there’s a youtube Channel which i also upload the shows to Uh i think i need to upload the last one Because i forgot to do it i will do Um and i’m gonna i’m gonna try and for The most time in some other ways like i Play drums So uh i watch another guy who likes to Do drum reaction videos I might start doing some of those so i Think it might be fun cool you’re that Good I’m pretty good oh my god i love drums Yeah i don’t have it i i’ve played since

I was 16 if i if i wasn’t any good i’d be very Upset with myself now Wow i didn’t see this drum set yeah i Can’t wait i love that seeing you stand Up Yeah i’ve got a lovely Lovely dw i’ve got lovely drum workshop Drum kit Love dw stuff and we’ve seen the sit Down today Yeah yeah well lee stand up is very much There There is an um he reminds me of a a Scottish comedian called frankie boyle Because he he says things and people are Like Very i can’t believe he’s just said that Do not say any of it on this channel Whatever you do please um I’m not even allowed to hug my mum at The minute let alone go and do stand up It’s illegal to hug my mother at the Moment You’ve got to send her a hug emoji It’s just like in the in the interest of Humanity we have to leave our parents to Die alone Well yeah it’s been very moment but true Sad I don’t i don’t need to remind my mom to Do that well she’s still not in the World yeah i meant that was really Really dark

Joke sorry about that guys sorry So so rich i was quite conscious about Time because i know You’re going on uh you’ll be preparing To go on dark hour Uh paranormal soon yeah you’re gonna be After this yeah in the next two hours Yes so you know you might want to Grab a bite to eat you know yes i do Change your heart and What have you so i’ll change it yeah Where can they get if the guys don’t Know we still every The vastly biggest growing probably you Youtube channel When it comes to ufos and ufology is Goof on radio right now Third you can say you just can’t post it Third phase ufo report Is now the fastest probably second yeah I’m probably third Seriously that’s not even a joke i think We’re the third fastest growing youtube Uh ufo channel uh yeah Every day monday through saturday 10 p.m Eastern seven pacific One to two hour podcast and then i’m on Third phase ufo report Every other day making videos and all That stuff and then third phase you have Third phase of the moon i almost said Third phase of ufos Third phase of moon as well so Check it out this is very very busy very

Busy man Yeah busy man yeah and um i i i want you To get with when you schedule as well One more audio i will always get a Window in your schedule as well it’s Called my studio Just tell me when i’ll be there just Tell me i don’t know You’re the busy one i’ll do whatever you Want just you tell me when And it’ll work out you’ll see but okay When would it when would we do it around The same time we did this today Yes this sort of time just sort of a Weekend On a weekend forget it Oh no it’s thursday tonight isn’t it Thursday we could do it next thursday All right we’ll do next thursday then oh And then you can see me there we go People we got a date Fantastic march 18th If you say so you said it you said let’s Do next thursday Yeah i don’t know what day it is i’m in Knock down days don’t mean anything Anymore I’m just gonna have to i’m gonna have to Camp thing till Until it’s time well thursday’s thursday So That’s still the day after where after Wednesday It is sometimes yeah right okay good so

You’re right you’re right you should be Careful yeah you never know All right tentatively next thursday you Never know things could change Yeah but uh yeah thank you and you need A message I don’t know that’d be that’d be great This is this is delicious This all could be done this could all be Done Not on a podcast Well that’s not fair until we yeah Oh let’s see I’m just gonna drop you guys out and say Goodbye and uh I’ll be back i’ll be back to talk about The scheduling Thanks for having me anytime mate Thank you so much for joining us tonight Guys i know it’s a bit of a weird one But it’s kind of just to Get me back into it like i say it’s been A little bit weird Um with the with the the kids have been Constantly here and it’s kind of like I’m i’m the person that kind of like you Know i’m I’m good just to kind of prod For my children just to prodd punch and Jump on and wrestle And that i’m not the teacher i’m Dyslexic and i’ve had to teach my kids From home uh well a teacher one of them The other one can barely

Say he could say food You can say food and i need a wee where He just says I’ve done a away he hasn’t uh but yeah Before i mumble on Goodnight god bless thanks for being so Supportive guys in the chat Awesome love you guys to pieces And i’m not going anywhere i’m here to Stay i just needed to get out of the Room good night god bless Mind the bugs don’t bite i’m alien Addict tara