TTSA Still Relevant? (Interview with Investor)

By | March 6, 2021
TTSA Still Relevant? (Interview with Investor)

Alien addicts was one of the three best Ufo Correspondents at third phase of the Moon I almost had a correspondent for third Phase moon room but you know i’m i i I like them guys they’re they’re They’re pretty boys aren’t they both of Them i’ve only got a picture of blake Um he’s a delicious man If i if i buy it that way i i would Definitely um You know i’d i’d go on a date with like I think i think brett is Osvaldo franco is ringing me Us Okay well we could just put you there You could speak into the mic I guess i can barely hear you though Can you hear me now yeah It’s more or less you see this So this is going to be interesting we Ladies and gentlemen osvaldo franco in The house Um and i’ll tell you was Right let me all you have to do that Link Click on it yeah and then click allow to Everything yeah We’ll see and yeah yeah your hair looks Delicious See these guys they are waiting to see Your hair and how It’s grown

Absolutely you’ve not stopped okay I know you won’t let me down See i have 33 followers then My little boys come down for a bit of Food Midnight snack i can hear him here he is Here he is osvaldo franco in the house There we go you can hear me You make it sound like it’s like it this Let me get rid of blake Like there we go Osvaldo franco i’m gonna have to edit The show There we go perfect you made it you made It You you have been growing that hair I’m glad you can hear me i was worried About the audio well you might have to Speak up a little bit have you lost your Headphones or something No they just stopped they gave out and i Couldn’t get any replacements when you When i spoke to you the last time i was Running around trying to see if i can Get one i just can’t Was that why you were in new york city Wait why are you walking around were you Trying to get something i’m trying to Get yeah because I’m just ready for the interview and Then like this crapped out on me Oh okay well but luckily we’re in good Shape now anyway so whatever

Well we are um is there any chance you Can bring your Face a bit close to but a bit closer to The phone so we can hear you better Or turn the phone on the side How about this hello You just you just put it back out how it All before We’re okay we’re good you can hear me I can hear you yeah loud and clear you Just just need to spit you just need to Shout and know your neighbors a little Bit All right uh because yeah that’s We can can people hear us can everybody In the chat just give you some thumbs up More All right Everybody everybody everybody oh he’s He’s He’s gone he’s gone This is he’s back again he’s back again This is great You just can’t you just can’t you just Can’t make this show really whatever I’m here man just tell me what they say They can hear you yeah all good they can Hear loud and clear excellent So so us there’s been Massive changes since the last time we Talked about ttsa Oh my god yeah you’re not kidding like Completely and totally We’ve lost the melon we’ve lost uh

Lou and we’ve lost and justice that’s That’s that’s that’s his name that’s Always looking for We’re left with four we’re left with Four more men four Board members Yeah so what’s what is what’s the next Move For the company well it looks like They’re shaking things up but Uh i’m not as pessimistic as a lot of People are Um it seems that there’s some good Things going on Uh louis lozano has made some statements In public concerning Uh a bit of that uh and he seems to Think that ttsa is on a strong footing Or that the plan is a good plan that They’re they’re uh implementing You know that’s what he said like So you don’t think he’s got like any Sort of uh bad feeling about the company And that’s why he Doesn’t no it doesn’t seem like that i i And uh i mean like i If they were like if there was an issue Like that i think that This seems to be kind of acrimonious you Know like uh uh Like they’re also like uh um You know they they seem to be supporting Ttsa as well You know uh at least uh uh

Uh elzano is Okay what’s melon and uh justice said Melon hasn’t said a whole lot and Justice justice is probably the guy that Right now whose life has taken the most Interesting turn Um just to give you an idea of just like The caliber of guy he is Uh when he left ttsa he got hired as an Executive vice president for uh virgin Galactic Which is uh richard branson’s big Company they made spaceship one But uh basically the chief design Engineer for virgin galactic Is none other than bertrand so Like literally steve justice work went From working from one rich Famous ufologist to another Okay that’s interesting Yeah it is it’s very interesting nobody Frames it like that because like Like he’s having an affair don’t know Like like bert rattan Um the guy said he created spaceship one Um was the first civilian spacecraft you Know or at least low orbit spacecraft Uh he lives in a pyramid And inside that he built and inside the Pyramid on the walls are depictions of Ancient Uh meeting aliens and he’s a very very Much openly and publicly Uh uh pro-ufology so what’s his name

Again Brook rattan bert bertrand yeah he’s one Of the world’s most famous uh Aerospace engineers never heard of him I have now i need to lock this guy up Maybe you’ve probably just forgotten You know it might have been like our 2007 last you heard from him Okay so he lives in a pyramid in this Pit these pyramids So steve steve justice is working with This britain Yes yep and he He lives in a pyramid yeah and it’s got Pictures of Aliens on the wall well like paintings Of them not like photos Paintings of them well they’re like the Typical Grey bean yeah you know like like like Aliens like they they did an Article on him and vice there’s photos Of the place you should probably go look It up Definitely this is i want to stay the Night there never mind Yeah i know man like if i get rich That’s what i would do Like living in a pyramid you know that’s Got like the illuminati written all over It For any of the conspiracy theorists um Of course Like but dude like that’s not unusual i

Mean if you’re into ufos and you’re rich You do stuff like uh uh jackie gleason Uh his house in upstate new york was Shaped like a disc used to call it the Mothership Yeah this is a fact and inside the Mother ship was the largest civilian ufo Uh library In the world at the time that he had Amassed himself So so why i mean i know we’ve heard The reasons why melon justice Oh this is the supposed reasons Why they buggered off and left gtsa But what do you think Do you think that at this point i think It’s a management situation I think that um like they’ve said as Much but everybody’s like you know Not bringing it up because they want i Think more drama Than there is uh at the moment Because like you know we’re not really Hearing a lot but i don’t i don’t hear a Lot of horrible things either At least not from anybody involved um The uh i would say that uh Like they’re listen they’re they’re Trying to restructure things so they can Make more money they didn’t like you Know So they can fund other stuff uh in fact The lozano was also saying that there’s Silver projects that are already like on

The Move that are going forward with ttsa as I speak What type of projects like again the Media stuff is going forward Now if you go and you go and check the Uh elaborate On that see media stuff yeah like uh There’s like a A couple of documentaries that are being Being pushed or serious something like Oh okay so this the the entertainment Part of tea Yeah like they said they were gonna do Okay but Anything have we heard i mean have we Heard anything About this bad boy No not at all except that uh Lozano said that that’s still in play i Mean they’re scaling back but they still Have that in place Do you like my little photoshop job oh Yeah no I love it i just want to get get it Built And done you see i i had i had I heard a rumor that there was going to Be something to do with Bigelow that he may have had an interest I haven’t heard that one yet uh right Now bigelow’s doing that life after Death thing Yeah that’s interesting you’ve probably

Heard of it i’m i’m not a ghost guy I know you know i mean I’m gonna i’m gonna invite you all with My ghost investigator friends Like like i’ve seen ghosts before i’m Not impressed I’m just not we’ve actually seen them in Oh yeah no no no no um Yes uh before um My family has uh people like uh i’m from Descended from famous like Uh card readers and tea leave uh you Know the tea drinking you know they’re Reading the tea leaves And stuff like that that runs in my Family so Uh yeah i’ve seen i’ve seen some weird Stuff in that regard as well But it’s comparing the two it’s not as Impressive as ufos Okay so just to break off from ttsa for For a second so you’re the atheist of The family Yes this is the thing that you’ve seen But you’ve seen Ghosts yes i i have but you see this is The thing People people conflate things Like you know it’s like all right Because ghost exists therefore god Exists Therefore you know jesus is real Or is it muhammad or is it buddha or Whomever like you know they would prefer

You know i i don’t see it quite that way Uh i’m like yes there are weird Non-corporeal beings They exist uh i don’t politicize it Though You know what i’m saying i don’t i don’t Infer that Uh like you know oh my god you know like Because again like yes ghost exists and Psychic powers exist I’ve also had my fill of spirituality And i don’t believe in spirituality So what i’m saying yeah that people will Get we’ll get back on track with ttsa But how They think like oh chris like you know Certain attacking abilities exist so Spirituality must be the truth it’s like No No so the is this what draws you to a Company like ttsa in the beginning with Because there isn’t any mention of that Kind of Yeah i don’t yes because it honestly I’ve never seen Anything good come up and i have Seen catastrophes Come out of it quite a few so just being Objective You know um and honestly like if Something was going to work It would eventually have probably worked Like you know In spite of everything you know like

Ufos worked because it’s coming back And it’s getting more and more real Whereas you know People like like like to me spirituality Is kind of like communism you know like They tried that they they did it to Death If it was lots of people tried different Versions of it Always had the same troubles something Is wrong If if it were it was going to work it Would have worked And if not like i’m saying man if a Spirituality would Would work it was was perfect or the Answer Then uh we would all be raw secretions Instead of trying to learn about remote Viewing And honestly right now remote viewing is The best way to go when it goes in Regards to those things Or those like you know scientific based Technologies yes you can you can You know observe some of these things With people that are involved with Spirituality monks and and You know like you know certain types of Buddhists and such you know we’ve all Heard the stories But um it’s not enough It’s like diluted perhaps there was more Knowledge before and that was lost and

That knowledge was key Uh or perhaps it’s it like they which i Tend to think more so is that like they Were onto something but they had Like like like anything they they Attached a bunch of ideas and feelings To these things we see it now like you Know when Uh um people say you have to be if you Want to be a ufo experiencer you have to Be Meditate all the time and be a vegan or Some other Ridiculous nonsense which simply isn’t The case you know Everybody’s trying to paint their uh uh Beliefs and their feelings on these Things You know well that’s what stephen says Yeah but this is the thing in most yes Exactly and in most cases Most people haven’t seen you know These things that they they believe in Or they read a lot about you know And it’s different when you have you Know and it’s and it’s like You know like A lot less mysterious you know Um I mean so awesome because i want to keep Trying to keep this Uh ttsa that’s my fault by the way Um so i’m going to bring this up Um it’s not any personal information on

Because it is one of my Patreons and he’s in the chat but he has Some questions for you Because i asked my patrons what what They would like to ask You about ttsa so um You can’t say well i’ll try and read it In dyslexic way uh tom delong List listed as as the interim ceo Do we know why he is Intern and whether there will be A new ceo no nothing uh Again like they like honestly they don’t Send us stuff Like you know like uh uh like that like Like At least we haven’t received anything um You know i think ttsa should and could Do a better job of keeping us informed That’s one thing that i would like to See done you know so you you don’t get Any Did you get did they make you aware when Uh melon justice and uh lou was leaving No That’s yeah that’s the other thing too They let us know after the fact Which i don’t like honestly that’s a bad Look i don’t like that i think that they Should you know they should address this I think Uh i would like to hear from tom Actually You know make an official statement

About this and exactly where the future Of the company is going And with specific details You know and also in regard to like you Know our commitment to technological Development Which is my you know big you know Interests I i really like you know movies that Have no interest in Like that So i’ve kind of we’ve already answered Question three when I asked you about um what lou And steve and justice are Going into now What is lou going into though because we Didn’t quite kind of who Is being vague about something that’s Going on Um i’ve spoken to people that have Spoken to him recently Um it looks like he’s onto something Like pretty interesting which is not A surprise at all um And uh we’re gonna hear something soon Uh i i think sooner than later in Regards to that i don’t have a huge Amount of information about that I just know that there is something in The works and uh it’s going to be a Thing And uh i think uh justice is involved Not just part of me not just uh um

Oh you do you think that melon and lou Are kind of going Off and doing their thing together well They they well according to luke they And ttsa are going to be working in Tandem So i mean that’s what he said so Oh so these guys so lou and Lou and the melon they’re kind of like Yes that they’ve come out to etsa but They’re very much still they’ll be Working with ttsa Oh yeah well that’s basically what uh They said That they will they will be working with Them in uh and on joint ventures Basically and working together on stuff There’s a plan So we’ll see what that plan is so I mentioned earlier and this is question Two but i was we were talking about the Board there’s now Four members of that board um so you’ve Got the ceo An operating officer scientist and a Financial officer What are the operations um proposed Are underway That will bring commercial success to The company so So what would do you know of any any Anybody who’s coming in or Well i know that there’s there’s Something that involves a group of

Native americans Okay that uh there’s a tribe of native Americans that apparently Claims to have a lot of ufo contact Throughout their history And for some reason um this claim is of Interest to ttsa And in fact was talking about this Like research So a tribe of native americans there’s An interest there Yes for some reason i don’t know what i Just know like there’s a tribe of native Americans Do we know what tribe yeah there’s Information There’s about it uh In america this is this tribe from no It’s the european native americans Yes america oh Okay so And do we do what so do you have any Inkling of what the interest might be Um no probably something to do with Kachinas I would imagine kachinas yeah uh It’s a native american for aliens oh Never heard that never heard that before Some of the tribes call them yeah i Might change the channel name So as an investor And yeah and i know good for You right we’ve known each other now for How how would

Two years maybe longer longer no longer Wait we Spoke in the comments section a lot Before that Um but we we i i We knew of each other before they Released the tic tac Yes again i’ve told people this before You put me You said that the tic tac was going to Be released and it did get released Uh the footage Knowing what you know now as an investor Would you still have invested yeah Of course absolutely i mean given what We like I i i think a lot of people I maybe they haven’t been doing this a Long time or they’ve just gotten Into this certainly in the last few Years They don’t understand where things were Before ttsa And where they stand now night and day Night and day opposites tts day has done So much more than anyone else I mean honestly man like that like Your fault has been going on since 1947 At least like organized official ufology You know uh a public ufology and uh We’ve made more progress In the last three years than the other Seventy four Seventy five like it’s like it’s crazy

Dude like i mean like That that’s that’s that’s insanity you Know but that’s exactly what happened And It’s solely because of ttsa it’s not Because of stephen greer It’s not because uh you know um Uh james fox documentary so they’re Great You know it’s not uh uh a very good Documentary the last one Yeah uh jeremy corbyn jeremy corbell god Bless him it’s not This was all done by tom delong and his People You know this was a coordinated effort This was magnificently done Um i don’t see how people If you care about ufology you should be Supporting ttsa more Not less after all that they’ve done for Us And then there’s this disingenuousness Too like it’s like oh now that louis Lozano is not in ttsa now Everybody loves him he’s saying the same [ __ ] You know but this this is the thing for Me Now yeah i like tom you know i know A lot of people give tom [ __ ] i think The guy’s I think he’s a cool guy i liked him Before i even knew about um

Dtsa i thought you know me me and my Boys we used to get You know [ __ ] face back in the day we Used to Before we were going out we used to Listen blink 182 It were exactly my cup of tea i prefer Angels and airwaves Um but you know i thought this guy he’s Pretty he’s pretty fun he’s a cool guy You know he’s he’s a bit of an idiot i Was a bit of an idiot like that back in The day And i kind of i get i i I see with me and tom probably about the Same age But i was very wild Like he was back a day that that there Are no tattoos on my body Because my mum said she’d she would Disown me But do you think Well one thing he had a lot of money That he personally put into that company To get it off the ground but then At the same time He he was he was approached by these Guys And he’s he’s got these big names behind Him like like lou Melon justice do you think they Made it yeah but you yeah house House still there isn’t he yeah yeah But do you think these guys like kind of

Make the backbone of gtsa Oh yeah no there was a that was a huge Part of like You know why i invested and the Excitement generated behind this because This wasn’t Like you know it wasn’t like the pie in The sky Thing and and it did work it did work we Did a lot politically we did a whole lot Politically in fact The the the the hearing that’s coming That’s ttsa also so we don’t know how Big this is going to be and And i would put it to you this way If tom lelong has these films and things Like that that are based on This not like actual real knowledge From like real sources that he does If there is a uh if things go well for The congressional here Uh the the uh the apartment the The the the the the uh congressional Um the uh uh The uh i’m sorry man i’m very tired Right now don’t worry about me you me Both All right once yeah and in another Couple of months when we get this report The congressional report Like depending on how that goes that Could be huge You know like like like that could be an Enormous thing to

To to to actually own and and to be a Part of you know and with That like if they made a significant Amount of money off of that Then uh there’s your funding For like other projects and things like That if you check out the website Uh the vault is still there they’re Still talking about doing ai stuff They’re still doing stuff about material Science which is very very important That is the the most important thing i Think Uh is perhaps the material science Research Are you talking about the the meta Materials yes Yeah i was going to ask about that Because i don’t know if you remember the Video that i did Quite a bit about but what’s in the box You know What we were talking about we’ve been Talking about what they actually had and Then We actually did start to see some of the Materials there but they It kind of we saw a bit of it They never for me really touched on it Enough Or explored it enough To reveal their findings you know that Was a little bit that was always a Little bit disappointing the adam

Project for me Yeah i wanted to see more i want i i Still want to see more i’d like to see Know what’s going on um they also spoke About doing uh Physical uh uh demonstrations You know of of uh some of these these uh Weird like you know like interactions Like apparently this this floating metal Of some sort but um you see if If they had floating metal you know if You wanted investors Show the [ __ ] floating metal first You know Yeah no again you show me you show me Floating metal yeah and i’ll remortgage My house and invest You show me floating mel You know you know you you would it’s one Thing saying something But it’s another thing doing something And this is what Is so frustrating in this subject is That there’s So many people that have taught the talk But They don’t want the walk and I had a lot of faith in tcsa to walk the Walk Well that’s they have what are you Talking about they’ve transformed this Field Right now i’m not listening i’m not Taking that away from them

At all i i do believe despite what a lot Of people think that ttsa have done Some amazing work and you know they’ve Got everybody talking You know and i think if it worked for Ttsa you wouldn’t have seen half of this For the for the joe blogs at home that Is just For the very first time coming into this Field watching things On um joe rogan and what have you You know i don’t think any of that would Have happened If it were for etsa i really don’t so I would never take that away from them Because they i think the work that they Have Done is Like you say we have we’ve not seen Anything like this I’ll tell you the last time you that we Know the last time that i was quite Hopeful of this is when i was a Youngster And that was before 9 11 when greer was About to Yeah same here that was that was a very Heady time And then like you know that just Literally crumbled with the towers Yeah but but at the same time i don’t Think it’s like that Uh i they’re very well connected They have i think more than a few tricks

Up their sleeve Um i would not and again tom de long has Remarkable connections I would not be surprised that this Doesn’t work out You know i mean it does work out rather It might be a uh Well you’re hoping it works oh yeah of Course Do you speak with any of the other Investors Not yes sort of like yeah i have a few Friends that are Our investors as well but like everybody Is like you know Uh nobody knows what’s really going on Like to that to that extent we just know What like you know We’ve been told i mean without talking About figures here but Some of these investors they must Some of them must be a little bit Nervous Not really i think most listen if you Gave money to ttsa you gave money Because you were a ufologist Even if ttsa is above the frame the General Sense of the ufo community as a whole Like that’s who propped up ttsa You know like honestly um for our Perhaps maybe tom belong super fans But uh most of yeah well you we well we Were speaking about this enough

I think it was about a year ago when we Were talking about the serious Uh projects and you invested in that You’d help Steve you’re in you’re in the credits For that but you kind of like was like You watched and you were like i can’t Believe i invested in that Yeah no because this is the thing this This was That people forget people think that uh Close encounters of the fifth kind is Stephen grier’s big return And it wasn’t serious with steven Grier’s big return And uh basically it was like Uh the guy who created the disclosure Project Is trying to come out with something Huge and he’s got it so what do you do Do you help him or not So something small yeah and then it Turns out it was just like You know like again like that i’m very Critical of steven green You know with good reason um Uh i need it i need i need to have it Agree a queue There we go You know um there’s like there’s certain Like i I there’s like there’s things that he Does that hurt me You know but that’s just like you know

He’s a human being so that Is what it is um So i mean for somebody like stephen Greer because he was He’s always kind of i’m not going to say Bad mouth but he kind of He took a massive popper um ttsa In that in in close encounters of the Fifth kind You know that there was a little there Was a little segment that was like yeah Oh yeah did you did you hear what uh Elizabeth’s response was for that no Yeah oh my god dude he said He didn’t mention any names but he’s Like well you know there’s certain Individuals out there That like to take to pretend they have Special relationships with the aliens And take people out while they while Somebody throws a plane Throws uh flares out of a plane and have To convince them That it’s a ufo Yeah that’s that’s quite funny though Yeah no that’s like dude yeah man like That Dude a lot of that stuff looks like Flares and honestly dude Louis lozano tells you that’s a military Flare That’s a military player like oh my god He would know Has anybody said anything about this

About this kind of split has he Mentioned anything you know I have not seen anything Mr grier dr grier i i wouldn’t I would have thought he would be kind of Like you’d have put something up there And said I told you so He’s tried to but it’s like I i don’t know like i like that i don’t Know I’m like i’m kind of over you know that Whole like griersy You know this it doesn’t work for me you Know uh i think Like you know uh if it becomes popular People will see Like flaws in it faster than they do now So the next move i know I know i mentioned that earlier the next Move for ttsa I kind of get a feeling that the company Is going to stick To the kind of entertainment side of This I don’t know i i honestly me personally I don’t know if you’re different on this I don’t know if we’re going to see much More Well you know much more of uh uh the This type of thing if that’s the case That would be worried If that’s the case that would be very Disappointing i i hope that’s not the

Case I don’t think it’s so um at this point Uh i think that would be like a huge Waste of help Like really you know like Yeah he is still there what happens if He boogers off them You know actually no there’s still a few Other scientists but i think they’re Like Biologists for some reason right now one Is a neurologist and i think another one Is a biologist I imagine you’d because we’ve not spoke Since this happened but i honestly Imagine you’d be Quite flawed with this i mean Your initial reaction when this happened How Oh no it was upsetting at first but Again and and This is like ttsa needed to handle this Better They they absolutely had to handle this Better they should have Uh had a statement ready like you know As this hit Do you know what i’m saying as this Occurred the fact that this happened the Way it did was Really sloppy and that they should be Taking the Task for that x naught you know and Saying that’s not a

Uh that doesn’t work very well So to you investors as nothing has come Out not even afterwards Absolutely nothing no information no Nothing that hasn’t already like Uh that that hasn’t already come out and Then they didn’t even give us an early Um which i also i i do not like Is the fact it didn’t give us early Heads up i had to find out what Everybody else did I see i mean this this from This for me i mean and i sent inquiries They didn’t you know And i and they’re not responding it Wasn’t uh it was a very like It was a form letter it wasn’t anything Very interesting and it was just before The uh The um the statement was released by Ttsa Which i would have liked to have Received a copy It just seems to me a little bit i mean I saw it on the website If i’d have invested even if it had only Invested 200 I’d still be like a little bit you know I would have won it i would want at Least a newsletter What’s going on exactly i mean they they Have ttsa talks Tom should do an episode about the Future of the company

So been an Investor since i can remember day one But yeah How how often are they in communication With you guys We sometimes we get an alert and like Maybe once a year we’ll get a A form to vote for like you know uh The board and that’s basically about it And like updates over like things like You know that they they like you know New t-shirts or Like you know skateboard stuff But there’s no kind of there’s nothing When it comes to Drastic changes that are going on with The company no Not they haven’t said much of anything Other than Um that uh one statement that they just Released Yeah i see that for me if i was an Investor that would ring alarm bells Yeah that i don’t like and that i would Like to uh They they say they watch everything Let’s see if they watch this i think That we Are owed more of an explanation and a Direct explanation from times alone Though i still like maintain you know Like i still think it’s a little bit Early We’ll see what they have to say we’ll

See what they’re doing they’ve done Remarkable things before You know i i will give them the benefit Of the doubt You know uh for the time being He that’s i think that’s what he needs To do i think he needs to put He needs to put a video out yes just Kind of Explaining a little i mean he’s probably In the works but It should have been made before honestly If i’ve got all the yeah if i’ve got all These investors That invested in me you know i owe it to Those investors To put something out awesome the fact is In all these rumors that have come up About afterwards it’s like this is bad Spin control Or no spin control really you know Um that this was allowed to just like You know flop out like it did Like i don’t um like i think they Uh they need some uh help with being Like you know with public liaisons It seems to me that they went extremely Hard Right and it It all got a little bit too exciting and And for some people A lot a few youtube channels especially They got extremely excited and they Really started

To big up ttsa Now again i am not taking anything away From what they’ve done because they Definitely done some really good things For this field i I think it’s got everybody talking about The subject I think if it wasn’t for them get some Strange feedback from your photos but You can’t help that so don’t do anything But i just want to make the guys They’re watching it’s not my new Microphone um They it just seems that They they they pro they promised to Deliver something that Was almost impossible We’re in the we’re about to have that Congress it’s not over yet There’s things that ttsa has been trying To they’re not done I’m not saying they’re done By no means i am am i saying they’re Done because for all i know tom delong Is going to put that video out Tomorrow you know and he’s going to make A massive announcement that he’s got you Know all these new scientists working For him Maybe he’s got bob lazar working for him But that would be interesting actually That would seem like a publicly soon So in terms of I’ve have you guys had any inkling or

Any rumors of anybody that’s going to go That’s that’s potentially going to work For the company Uh no not uh nothing no rumors No not not so [ __ ] so far none It it makes me wonder as well because We were rumored to get more footage uh Whether it was going to be better than The gimbal footage Are we going to get that now who’s who’s Going to deliver that who has Hold of that footage because apparently We were talking about this in the last Interview that they have actual Full-blown amazing quality Versions of some sort of craft or Something that they was going to deliver Well we saw these the videos that were Posted by delong a few months ago On uh instagram and on twitter He talked about the ones that got taken Down yes So that could could those be those Perhaps Uh but the ones that i talked about the Little ball thing Yes the three balls yeah I mean that was almost like uh a uh joe Rogan Moment when he posted when he showed When he was trying to explain that tr3b Yeah and he put that space there’s a Demonstration for the types of footage That is going to be

Like filtered through the ai machine but What But why put something out like so so why Put your balls out there On instagram and then take them down if You don’t want somebody to see them That’s the publicity does that like if You know notice that the long puts stuff Up and it takes it down routinely Like he just uh he just posted a A a alleged photo of an extraterrestrial That was taken by chris bledsoe What would the long have to do what Would the company have to do for you to Completely lose Faith all right if we stop making Technology uh Completely and that’s it then i would be Very very upset uh Unless we made a huge amount of money And then which case then i can start my Own company And develop the technology so So if it ends up developing into like a Sci-fi Uh netflix oh no no There’s other stuff too like all right My fear For the entertainment aspect of this is That uh We know because of the wikileaks leaks That um Uh tom delong was in contact with steven Spielberg

And yeah and not only that One of the people that was in there is Thinking Why whenever we talk about aliens is Steven spielberg Involved she uh he made the best ufo Movie ever You know yeah but uh In fact every other ufo movie is corny Compared to close encounters I always talk about e.t All right no no no no no i’m joking No um uh don sorry what were you saying What are you saying My fears that we get out of technology Which would be just terrible Um but my other fear Is that one of the people that was Involved in these conversations was Apparently jj abrams Who is basically you know Science fiction poison the man is Complete trash and garbage and is a Danger to every franchise he’s destroyed You know he destroyed star wars he Destroyed Star trek um like i i like the the man Is Like terrible and And awful and and even when he’s when he Left like he hasn’t been involved with Star trek and Star wars for years but the damage that He did

Has led to rot and those franchises Haven’t recovered I mean what’s the new star dude healthy Healthy science fiction franchises sell Merchandise Hand over fists star trek cars star trek Discovery Uh uh uh uh disney star wars none of Those things can sell anything nobody Buys that merch I i get the feeling that you kind of You feel that that’s where ttsa is gonna Go It’s gonna go down that route i don’t Know but But uh they have the connections to do This And again this has been this has been There’s a plan And this has been going on for years Like i said this is this comes from the Wikileaks Uh uh hack uh where we Found out that you know uh tom delong Was working with Uh uh mclashland and these other people You know In the days just before the formation of Ttsa Um actually that would be interesting if Neil mclaughlin came to work for ttsa That would be uh an interesting chain of Events But um but yeah if

Uh is that something i would like us to Make if we’re going to do this and let’s Make good films let’s not make Bad films that everybody watches it’s a Difference So i i made a prediction probably well i I don’t if you remembered i i predicted That bob lazar would go on joe rogan And it happened and then i made a Prediction that I said that uh Blue will go on joe rogan do you Think now that this has kind of happened Because i know Joe and tom delon didn’t exactly see eye To eye do you think He has to he has to have luan And and i hope they bring up the fact That like honestly dude Uh i’m sorry joe but like Like like tom delong’s timing was off You know like like Tom delong spoke to joe rogan about ufos Being real Like just a few months before he you Know Figured it out hold on So i get so i get the i get the feeling That You know joe’s joe’s a big large you Know They like to have a little drink on that Show i think That tom might have just had one too

Many And he maybe was a little bit high as Well and he just He just he just went off on one i mean Look what happened Okay then okay then so why show That fake footage I don’t know i don’t know i don’t know Why he uh uh Would show it at all but you you agree It’s fake You agree that was fake yeah that Doesn’t look like real Like uh that looks like old cgi actually At this point because that that was kind Of i For me that was what i was like Why did he do that i was i was thinking Is he just Well and i kind of defended it i’m like What’s tom just trying to tell Because he was trying to tell him the How it works how the tier 3 Tr3b works how the technology works Was he was he basically saying this is Cgi but this However is exactly how it works or was He depicting that as real because I’ve watched it back a few times now and It does look like he’s depicting it as Real And then you see joe just kind of like Yeah no you know yeah no i don’t Uh and after that event

After that event you you you never heard Much of tom delong speaking in Interviews or i mean he’s i know he’s Been in a few but he’s kind of Stayed out of that he hasn’t i haven’t Heard him say anything Like like like over a year well over a Year Like other than like a few tweets about Like donald trump Is he for or against donald trump uh He’s against ambush I don’t get i don’t get involved in Politics it’s not my field Yeah no i don’t like democrats or Republicans Um so I mean this was a ha i knew this would Be kind of like a hard subject to talk About But Your you investors are as As clueless as we are basically yeah They’ve not given us any information About uh like like like uh much like i i I know some things because i pieced some Stuff together You know but uh that’s about it tom if You happen to stum stumble You probably won’t but if you do stumble Across this video one get in touch i’ll Have you on I will have a beer but two You know get in touch with your

Investors you know they’re they’re Putting Food on your table the you know the The giving your company its wings You know that’s it needs you guys need I think you need an actual proper state You need you need a video you need him To Actually speak out and say you know A video that is for you guys For the plans of the company You know just just he just doesn’t cut It for me Yeah i i that i totally agree with i’m Not Uh that i’m not happy with at all Um i i would implore tom the long to Make a statement You know uh you know like you know Something like uh Because i honestly dude like you know Like like as usual with ufology when People don’t know stuff they make things Up So you know things are going in all Sorts of directions Um that might not be that might affect Investment you know later going forward You know perhaps uh um A little damage control would be uh Apropos Definitely definitely that’s what he Needs to do you need to treat I mean you people you know

You people you you p you guys And girls or whoever the investors are The other people that’s you know you’re You’re the You’re the engine of the ship you’re Running that thing Supposedly you’re the fuel For ttsa yeah You keep that thing afloat One second Hello sorry i didn’t know the situation I don’t know anyway um So in in terms of since since this Has happened i don’t want to get too Personal with Into in terms of investments and what Have you but has it dropped No it’s not we’re like it has to be on The market first before it drops Uh that that’s where we’re doing okay A plus level shares and stuff like that That’s a that’s a whole other thing We’re not even at that point yet i Imagine if it was at that point This would be a drop It could be uh who knows like uh Again we’ll see again we’re still like Waiting for a finished product One way or the other so we’ll have to See what product we get You know before we can make that you Know decision You know one way or the other i mean Honestly what if this what if this is a

Good decision and Everybody makes you know a whole lot of Money Well well you know something us i mean If if i was tom delong and i i knew i Had people like you backing me and that Would make me you know would spur me on To Just prove the naysayers wrong I know i hope so i’d like to know more i Mean like you know like dude like i Like i like i i send in my the money i Make like Like working in covid you know in new York city When we were purple sector you know like We were the The the eye of the storm you know i ran Around i helped some folks Which was you know i’m glad to do and i Took that money and i put it towards to Do something you know More good that’s how i saw it Um i i would like To know more about what’s like you know Going on with that because Again like you know uh uh some of us Do feel a bit apprehensive about that Because like Like honestly like movies are okay i Mean that’s great i Got some tv shows that’s fine you know But like am Primarily interested in science and

Technology and like Improving the condition not just you Know talking about stuff So so at the moment as things stand Would you will you keep adding to the Pot Are you gonna wait and hang fire i’m Gonna see what’s going on i i will wait To see what’s up You know but uh i got more money for him If he’s got Something for me to uh to You know keep hold of your money for now Mate honestly Yeah it’s in the bank You know let’s see what uh Comes of this so In terms of ttsa we we don’t know much So what do you know what is exciting at The moment in the u in the world of Ufology And that maybe ttsa or lou Or any of the other melon and justice Whoever’s going to grab hold of next Well honestly the the next big thing Barring Uh something else is uh Once again the uh congressional report That’s coming out Like then like uh well well Hopefully we’ll have a lot more to Discuss and we’ll see a lot more Like depending on how that goes i think That uh

A lot of things can happen depending on What comes out How long it’s like how that comes out Now so a couple more months How long is it no not very long uh in Fact louisano I believe it was yesterday the day Before was on twitter he was talking About Uh asking people what do you hope like And he said there’s a serious question Like what do you hope comes out in the Uh the Uh the uh uh the report And uh people are not hostile Well yeah that’s true actually no dude i Want I want photos i want video i want Wreckage Bodies if you if you’re willing to you Know Uh if you want to go that far that would Be great but Well they spoke about having actual Wreckage they’ve got No they have that’s the thing like They’ve already discussed it they said That they have it Um there’s photos of there’s a photo of It Some of it uh from canada Actually from the 1960s uh saskatchewan That that was that was uh uh That they got a hold of and they shipped

The united states Uh a big chunk too actually See the problem with and this is i used To get extremely Excited when i’d see any old picture of No no no no this one is from the Canadian government this was Declassified by the canadian government Yeah it actually came with seals but The thing is he doesn’t excite me Anymore you know you know so I want to see more i want to see i want To see somebody stand up And a full chuffing h at least 1080p video I’ll take 720 you know And show us this stuff with the video Camera pick it up bend it Show actually gave us a kind of Up close and personal from from Somebody’s And explained to us you know like like I’m a child What this thing is you know i i’m sick Of seeing just little pictures I’m sick of people just talking to talk About Meta materials and this that and the Other one where whether Is it is it being made in in a factory Somewhere Overseas is this technology ours is it Is it theirs Who’s got this is it alien i want to see

You know i want to see the the meat and Bones It’s not going to happen is it else i Wouldn’t say never I said honestly man that we’re we’re on Drip And just drip drip the bucket keeps Filling drip drip Um we’re gonna hit critical At some point um this wasn’t a mistake And i don’t think that this is like that Uh the end of the road by any means Um there are good rumors That there’s going to be an International response to some of these Things that are going to be coming out So Um and in fact alazano also speaks about A lot of Uh involvement with uh foreign Governments And like getting organized in terms of Like ufo uh research So that’s uh so there’s something to That You know and we’ll see where that goes Um You know and there’s also like i said James fox is working on something as Well Um that’s supposed to be major and i Think eliza was a ball Well just another documentary uh yeah But i think it’s going to be like

Alexander said he was making a Documentary but i think it’s going to be With James fox maybe he’s going to show us What he had in that box Yeah perhaps you know um Did you see james fox on paul uh uh What’s your name paul logan Paul logan yes the youtube guy Oh logan logan paul is it i’m sorry I don’t watch that show no i didn’t i Don’t want i saw a greer on there had it Looked very uncomfortable yeah no uh Um that greater was like it was kind of Awkward and weird Uh the uh uh fox came up great on it Actually Okay and actually he came off as more Authoritative Ugly enough yeah i can imagine that i Mean I mean greer was definitely like He he was like uh He was like what’s the words i’m looking For He was like a a a penguin in in A lion’s den you know It was just out of place well dude He’s used to like you know he’s used to Lecturing from Halls you know from on high you know Um it almost seemed like There was a little bit which he kind They were they would

The banter that they were having it was Almost like they was taking the piss A little bit you know they were taking Yeah they were making fun Yeah and great didn’t quite get it They they they they said that uh when They saw it Like they were fascinated but they were Like kind of like you know like You know that you know i don’t know That’s a real picture of an alien like i Don’t know We’re like perhaps like i said before Man greer had a lot of great stuff Before And it’s all been downhill you know Since 2001. um the atacada Uh humanoid I mean there has been some some rumors That there was a cover-up with that have You Have you heard anything about that yeah I I don’t think so because there’s been Listen um It was odd it was odd though how we’ve Spoke about this before It was it was odd it was all wait hear Me out here it was odd That gary nolan was working with with Grier And he then he took that evidence to Ttsa and then They they kind of put it’s almost like

It was almost Like a chuffing you at the battle of the Ufologist You know it was like a rap battle It was like machine gun kelly versus Eminem you know It was that well not machine gun kelly But you know it was that Kind of like [ __ ] you yeah It’s not an alien and then we’re going To tell you it’s not an alien No because listen steven greer acts like He’s equality He does and Back to the little thing yeah the little Anakana Yes so i’ve said this before and i I i did put a video out and i kind of Stuck up for grier a little bit because He he was making a report and he was Really shaking Because gary had literally [ __ ] off Out of my french But he had gone to work kind of with Ttsa on this thing No he did well yeah he did Uh he worked on something else and then He left tsa to work with jacques valet Which is who he’s you know But then grier started saying well this Guy The this is a um yeah no okay well Listen Let’s let’s talk about like i said

Things about stephen greer that are Starting to come out there was that Comment that lou made About you know uh pretending to have a Special relationship with aliens I have somebody throw like military Flares out of the plane Sorry so ask we just i don’t like Talking about somebody when they’re not In the same room There we go all right but uh There’s video footage i believe i sent It to you um The hal put off uh is giving a lecture And somebody asks him About some of the claims that uh grier Made About hal put off that um the reason why He couldn’t release this information is That somebody would kill him You know like in terms of like free Energy devices and how put up said no That That didn’t happen you know so um There’s a lot of stories like that you Know that are they’re slowly percolating You know Um He broke down on uh close encounters of The fifth Kind uh he when he was talking about Friends that have died it was quite Convincing though You know i i actually i felt for the guy

He was he generally that he had a He had a wobble on his yeah no i’ve i’ve Seen that That that he does that like you don’t Believe When he’s the guy huh No i don’t believe no i i do believe That like Yeah she lost friends and stuff like That i just like It it’s like i don’t know i’ve heard the Story so many times Constantly it’s kind of like you know Like like after a while you stop tearing Up You know like like i know people that Survived the holocaust And lost their whole families and [ __ ] And they they you know and i was decades Ago Then they still suffer but they they’re Not like you know weeping on television Yeah but he’s talking about people who He’s lost under His hand you know people That have been worked with him that are Related to this the field of ufology That’s what he that’s why he was in Plain that’s when he started to cry You know i don’t know like that but I i to me it comes off like it’s being Played for For dramatic effect you know i i don’t Like that

Since you don’t think it’s suspicious or Anything like that that The the research that he was doing on That little that little thing No no and it went to tsa Ufology we’ve been riddled with Mysterious deaths A lot of weird mysterious deaths even High profile ones I remember edgar mitchell made a Statement uh a very cryptic statement Uh when he started coming out and doing More talking about ufos Like in the public which is what he was Really basically famous for Yeah i had i had ray did you see i had Ray Ray anders on we were talking he was Talking they were good friends And and he was talking about um Edgar and uh yeah we We spoke a little bit before as well Offline And some weird stuff Yeah no he uh he said Uh uh that uh he was asked by a Journalist Uh aren’t you afraid to uh talk about This subject You know because people have died and He’s like i like people get People get killed over this and he was Like oh no they stopped doing that Was his uh statement

You know and uh that could be entirely You know possible Like you know like you don’t want to you Know to make too many more Uh martyrs you know for your cause that Can be very problematic Well i’m glad you said that so i’m safe Then Oh yeah no no no no no no They’ll they’ll pull you over with empty Bottles of liquor in your car [Laughter] And then they’ll they’ll uh they’ll Arrest you for uh Public indecency something like that you Know like you know They’ll uh they’re not gonna kill you Always hold on um we’ve been going for i Don’t know I know you’re a busy man uh we’ve been Here for one hour and a half well we’ve Been going in an hour because You’re 20 minutes late trying to connect To this thing you need to get yourself a Little laptop mate Oh yeah no i do but it hasn’t arrived Yet so next time In the field that you know you you could I’ve told you that Get yourself a channel i’ll help you You can give us all the uh the info The update that’s the plan You’ll see as soon as i can i’m in the Middle of a few things i’ve been

Handling stuff with my mother And such um i think i believe you know a Little bit about that Um you know so i’ve been kind of uh busy Um but yeah there’s uh something in the Works very very shortly In regards to that awesome well As soon as you as soon as you’re ready To go with that Hold on actually you know what in fact Uh i’m working on something that’s kind Of special Okay that’s uh going to be a surprise And it’s going to be a very interesting Surprise Uh it perhaps a big surprise Uh uh some research do you not get a sex Change are you right No not at all no No no man i’m happy being a dude So so what’s the surprise No it’s a thing like i’ll speak to you About it offline Okay is is it so it is a surprise it’s An actual surprise Oh yeah no no no this is uh Uh it’s gonna sound crazy when i tell it To you But uh it’s true and i can prove it And it’s gonna be very very interesting Um Is this is this anything to do with the Thing that we were talking about Um

No no this is actually something else Um this is uh this is something Uh very very old that’s going to be New actually yeah Something that’s been under people’s Noses for about a hundred years And nobody’s really caught on to it Somehow And uh i’m gonna go ahead and inform People Related to ufos oh yeah and uh and i Don’t mean Just a story i mean you’re gonna see Some You’re gonna see what something what Worldwide Uh no no no nothing that big nothing That big but Uh let’s just say something very very Interesting that Uh is in close proximity To something something to do with Technology Uh it could be Okay something interesting something of Great interest and importance I’m not getting there especially if You’re into ufos Okay cool um that you won’t be Disappointed this will be a Very interesting thing um I was actually shocked uh and It was like oh please yeah whatever and Then no

It turns out it’s 100 true And it involves like a lot of like There’s a long history behind this thing And um yeah this is going to be a very Interesting story This goes back to 19 oh Oh dude this is this goes back about 100 Years Okay 1921 In and around yeah man you’ll be Surprised how I say man you know you do your research People are gonna people are gonna be Looking out now yeah You’ll see what happens like there’s There’s a there’s a thing going on Um it’s gonna be very interesting So i know you probably can’t talk about It too much but we we were going to do A an exclusive a while back and i Probably couldn’t speak i don’t know if It’s Going to speak about the the the thing That oh this can Get hot no but can we speak can we speak About that Because that was me not right now not Not just yet again let’s Let’s see where things are going like i Said like let’s let’s see How just how we feel about things In six months let’s see what comes out From this Uh this uh

Uh congressional report and then uh Perhaps maybe we can uh make a move in Regards to that But are you any more any more i’m not Going to speak in in riddles when i’ve Got an audience but yeah Speak to me offline about that um if you Don’t if you if you don’t want to speak About it’s fair enough Um so Before you go us when we When we’re when are we expecting this Youtube channel from you Or is it going to be youtube channel Hopefully in the next couple of weeks Uh what are you going to call it just Going to be the osvaldo franco show No no um i’m i’m weighing my options Right now i Have a list of a few different names and I’m going to See what i like and drop them to me Oh yeah absolutely like uh uh i will Definitely uh Uh keep you abreast today you’ll know You’ll know before it hits absolutely Very i’ll easily You a logo as well Well us um before you get off is there Anything else you want to Kind of address because we’ve been going For an hour and a half i know That you’re a busy man you’ve got to get Back out into the

City and do your thing yeah well no not Really right now i’m kind of tired But you’ve been under the weather but uh You know i had to come on No way so as soon as you hear anything About ttsa What the next step is you’ll let me know Yeah If you get that if you get the anything As a an investor and they let you know What’s actually going on I want to know oh yeah no of course like You’ll find out dude i tell you when i Find the other stuff So okay Brilliant mate well folks thank you so Much for people being patient in the Chat waiting for For us and he’s his phone but he’s Getting his laptop started soon is it a Laptop or desktop Well i can go out and about And uh get you get your sauce out but Yes People i am alien addict get yourself Subscribe to the channel hit the like Hit the thumbs up Same thing share the channel out And it’s it’s going to be a a little bit Of a wild journey with this channel Um because it’s completely changing from What it used to be Basically it’s got a long story short What i want to do is i want to speak to

You The people that have had the experiences You that have got the Um The experience yeah you’ve had the Experience and you’ve got the experience And i want to know what that experience Is i want you to tell your story So email me that is my email Alien addict uk because somebody stole Alien addict uh whoever’s got Alien audits at I will buy it off you for 10 pounds Or 15 pounds a stretch um get in touch With me Uh but yeah alien updates uk Send me a story if you’ve got Information on what’s going on It doesn’t have to be about ufos in fact It’s probably better off that it’s not About ufos these days because youtube Does not like that subject But if you’ve got an experience and Maybe somebody’s taking you From your bedroom onto something that Seemed Not of this world Good night god bless folks find the Books don’t bite Thank you oz for coming on mate you’re a Gentleman and a scallop Always thank you brother