“The Ghost Pinches Men!!” A HAUNTED, ABANDONED Jail in Texas, Overnight | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 6, 2021
“The Ghost Pinches Men!!” A HAUNTED, ABANDONED Jail in Texas, Overnight | THE PARANORMAL FILES

They refer to these as the women in Lunatic cells This is she hung herself like right in Here four of the kids Passed away something keeps touching my Butt Do you need help moving the ghost from The gel On so at the end of the day you would Say that this jail is common oh in your Opinion No doubt he said when he turned around There was a Man’s face right there dead center Staring at you San marcos texas a town with a heavy Relationship with the water in the Springs that surround the city This may be one reason why san marcos is So haunted We found ourselves at the old hays County jail just over a week ago and the Night that we had That night in that haunted building was Absolutely groundbreaking The evidence we captured totally Compelling and let me tell you the Stories of this place Serial killers hangings lynchings they Could go on for days and they’re all So interesting anyways it’s colin here Buckle your seatbelts this one is spooky And welcome to the paranormal files These apartments here and they’re

Building those apartments down there so They’re having to enlarge all the Drainage Okay three two One hi i’m linda coker with hayes county Historical mission Welcome to our haste county 1884 stone Gel The process of restoring so forgive our Mess I will start over here in the jailer’s Office Originally this was the jailer’s office Uh A lot of times the sheriff did all his Work out here but Uh most of the time there was a separate Jailer from the the sheriff and the Sheriff had offices in the county Courthouse which is two blocks away A lot of times jailers lived on the Property and their wives would do the Cooking and the cleaning and the Taking care of the prisoners other than Actual being with the prisoners And most of that happened over in this Room There was a cook stove in here and this Would where The food would be passed through to the Prisoners because women were never Allowed Into the cell room there’s just one big Room over the cells where which you’ll

See in a minute and uh So this is where they would live if they Needed to not bad And then over here we’ll go upstairs in A minute Okay this is ourselves Originally there was a it was a Two-story cell Was three-sided there was a catwalk Around the top for the upper floors There were six to eight people on each Floor The like i said the food was passed in Through here and then the j There was the stairs over here and uh The the doors were on this side and uh The funny thing is when i contacted the Company that Created that we have the invoice that Created the cells They never even knew they made two story Cells so These are not the original cells these Cells were actually used In the filming of the movie the newton Game they had matthew mcconaughey and I don’t know who else who else matters But him Were from that when they were filming That movie in here wow So but this was that they would have Anywhere from No prisoners to 12 15 stacked in It actually we were so active that it

Was on the first page in the austin Newspaper in 1994 That the san marcos jail has no inmates Was first page news and Wow i yeah we were active This jail to give a little history was Actually built In response to the calaboose which was The original san marcos jail A man committed suicide uh in the Basement most of the african americans Were Kept downstairs they had such They were so crowded in there that Reports Read that they would like roll over at Night in unison because they were so Crowded they didn’t have beds They slept on the floor and they would All roll over together So a man snuck had a letter stuck out to The newspaper About the horrendous conditions and then Killed himself To draw attention and that’s when the County in 1884 built this gel Very sad yeah it’s a very very sad story It was Quite a sacrifice but it worked uh We’ve had one lynching Out the tree is well it’s part of the Tree that’s out here The rest of the tree died but we’ve had One known lynching here

And then we had one legal hanging out Back in the backyard Was a man named benjamin guerrero in 1934 i think it was And uh he murdered his 14 He was 31 i think he murdered his 14 Year old girlfriend subs some Reports say she was pregnant some Because she went married So he murdered her and uh anyway so they Hung him and his last words were Fine show no that’s what he said So anyway so there’s a picture of him Being hung out there They built a scaffold trying to hide it But somebody did get a picture so we are In the process Of restoring this it’s going to be a Outlaw and lawman museum And uh unfortunately covet put us back a Year but This all this is old wood from the Outside restoration That we saved to try to reuse it’s Pretty small in here Very small yeah it’s it’s so small Compared Like from what you think it would be Yeah you’re going to repurpose all this Wood That’s cool i have a one piece Of fascia that was taken off at home That i I had two nails sticking out of it i put

It up at christmas and i hang my Husband and mine’s christmas stockings On it it’s those old-fashioned square Nails are so cool Anyway so it’s just hard to imagine but The uh The cells would have been about it’s About three feet The catwalk would have been around so it Would have been about like This that’s very small very small Wow but it was two-story But there wasn’t been a very tall story So if you were a tall man in here it Would have been bad But uh and the the bars that you see Were actually put in to hold the Building together like These uh the bars here when it was Falling apart Yeah so okay So let’s go upstairs and visit anna okay And there’s kind of a dip there but it’s Okay i love the Just craft walls yeah It’s really got a pretty crazy it used To be used as a Haunted house for several years really But i think it was the kiwanis did it or Somebody did it So this wall fell because it used to be A solid wall here So you would have come in this way And at the it had no plumbing the

Plumbing that’s in here was actually put In by Owners that were using it as a Construction company After the county quit using it so these Cells And this is a commissioner’s court Documents They refer to these as the women in Lunatic cells Wow all in one breath uh I guess this is the lunatic side because Women were over here i don’t know So i’m out of breath well this is the Cell where anna hung herself she uh Actually Hung yourself kind of about like right There wow So and uh so there were two cells over Here And then uh Anna off trough or Uh i call her our resident haunt Uh she hung herself like right in here Pretty much so can you uh just tell me That whole story what she did and Everything anna anna She uh she was married and became a Widow and she was young I for life for me i can’t remember how Old but i may be in her twenties But uh she married a man that uh had 11 Kids and seven of the kids were still at Home

And she reportedly was upset because the Kids Uh wouldn’t do their chores all they Wanted to sit around and drink coffee And she complained about that a lot and Uh but then i’ve also read newspaper Reports where there was some Some disagreement about kids inheriting Uh land because it came through their Mother’s Family and uh so there were some Inheritance issues that anna was having Four of the kids passed away within Less than a year nobody really thought Anything about it this was in 19 Early 1920s like 1923 then anna’s Husband became sick And they lived in actually yulin which Is a little farming community right Outside of san marcos they were bringing Him to town in a buck board And he kept saying check the coffee Check the coffee And then he passed out and they’re Bringing to the soldiers and sailors Hospital so the sheriff thought well That’s kind of a weird thing to be Saying when you’re On your way to your i look like you’re Dying anyway so the sheriff took a ride Out to the house Sure enough there’s a big old giant Thing of arsenic Under the porch and it basically

Confessed pretty quickly Uh she was arrested her brother was also Arrested with her although he was later Released he Only spent i think three or four days in Jail and then was released uh they Didn’t have enough evidence against him But anna was charged with attempted Murder of her husband He did not die uh and then a murder They started exhuming the kids because Then they’re like wait a minute That’s so weird so they started exhuming The kids and they were all they were all Had arsenic poisoning So they had her they they had her trial They ended up with a mistrial because Her attorney ended up missing he never Showed up And his clothes were found in his id Anyway all his stuff was found on the Edge of town lake in austin He was there he had one scene he was Long gone so they thought he committed Suicide or something or was killed or Something Anyway so they declared a mistrial side Note he actually turned up in edinburgh Texas Ten years later and became the county Judge of edinburgh so But back to anna They reset her court date then she ended Up pregnant

Which i have asked her and asked her who The daddy was She never answers me she was in jail the Whole time Her husband was paralyzed from the waist Down because of the poisoning And supposedly the only people that ever Came to see her was her attorney and the Jailer and the sheriff So who knows i’ve asked her maybe she’s Telling us right now So they set off her her impending trial Because they didn’t want to Have be trying a it was unseemly it says On the newspaper To try a woman with a death penalty That’s holding life Anyway so on october october 31st Halloween in 1924 she said she was Despondent over The impending loss of life while she was Carrying life was a no What she left in a note and hung herself Right here Wow and where would that where would That have been In the room like right like they say Right dead center just That the from she cut the uh Her slip in hundreds of understanding Wow and apparently she had from what I’ve read It’s kind of weird because newspapers Back then were real

They they elaborated a lot so it’s kind Of hard to like get the truth like You’ll read like different newspapers Will use like they’re where they’re Embellishing everything so the real Truth is like kind of in there somewhere But supposedly she had her stuff she Kept all her clothes and stuff in a Suitcase and she stood on the suitcase To Tie the the slip to the hanger Wow so i guess let’s talk paranormal Activity now What are the reports what’s going on Well most often is men Being bothered in this room i was in Here one time with a university News we have the texas state university I was in here with the university star Their newspaper Reporter and photographer and the Reporter was a guy And uh he kept And and he’s like something keeps Touching my butt And i said well it’s probably in because She messes with the guys and she finally Did it so hard that he left and went Stood across the street And wouldn’t come back in the building So it’s usually the guy she messes with Now a new report about Eight months ago i don’t think it’s been Quite a year our one of our maintenance

Our maintenance guys were on the grounds Mowing and one Guy was on the riding mower mowing and Another guy had the weed eater around The building And he kept hearing something and he Turned around thinking that the guy on The Riding mower was talking to him and He’s like the guy didn’t pay any Attention to so when he turned back Around And it’s not in this window but this Window on the first floor Like underneath that window he said when He turned around There was a man’s face right there dead Center staring at him Just the face nobody wow so they packed Up their stuff and left and he hasn’t Been back so uh san marcos paranormal Groups been here a couple of times and One time the first time they came i Didn’t tell them anything about anna Until they were finished and then i was Talking about anna and i Said anna if i get your story wrong stop And correct me And on the tape you can hear something Say i will So that was pretty cool and then one Time This woman i was out in the yard and This

Woman that was uh i do tours a lot for Bus tours that They’ll call the cvb and say hey we’re Gonna we know we’re gonna tour san Marcos what can we go see Anyway so i’ll do tours of the city and I had a tour group here And this lady goes this man wants to Know why you’re here all the time And there’s no man around what man and She goes this man he stays over here Anyway so apparently there was an African-american man that stays in the Calibers Was asking her to ask me why am i here All the time So anyways that was kind of strange i Told her just tell him i’m the one with The keys to the building so Another one here and uh just little Stuff like that So would you say that this is the most Active part this is the most this room Specifically From anna for anna yeah when i walk in The building i talk to her Because i you know if you know she don’t Want to leave i’m not going to force And actually okay i don’t know if you Can edit this part out but i’ll just Tell you the story We adopted three grandkids about three Years ago And the very first mother’s day after

The adoption came and went nobody Noticed it at all So i’m doing the female thing like just You know pounding i’m not going to Mention it oh hell no You know it’s like no and I’m just pouting it was weird the next Day i got a text message from i don’t Know who that said Do you need help moving the ghost from The jail On don’t know who it was from And i texted back hell no she killed her Husband and threw In four kids today she’s my hero didn’t Hear We had the newton game which was a Famous bank uh brothers Bank robbery they’ve been in the jail no Activity from them Uh now if matthew mcconaughey that Played one of them wants to have some Activity that’s another story The uh the only deaths in here would Have been Anna and then well i’m sure there were a Lot of Deaths san marcos had a Really really large Kkk population and they uh we have Had a hanging tree and well actually two Hanging trees in town we were two Hanging treetown And uh so there were a lot of hangings

But none Legal sanctioned or recorded Wow inside the jail the only deaths that I Know of are the well the guy that was Hung out here benjamin The uh tom a guy that was hung in the Tree out here By the kkk and then anna are the only Ones that i know of Wow and the tom was just he was a black Man that was accused of raping a white Woman And they just they just funny wow that’s Dark Yeah and the kkk burned down the church That was close to here right the first The the precursor to this one Yeah yep that’s i would not expect that From santa martin in the Bed well yeah we actually uh This has nothing to do with the jail but A little side story Uh roger’s funeral home had six Matched horses for their hearse and There were only two people that could Drive the horses and it was a father and A son And they were both african-american well The grand the state grand master dragon Whatever they’re called That lived in san marcos passed away and Was having a huge funeral and they Wanted the hearse with all the

Horses they actually ended up this Kid he was 12 named chris i think was His name African-american kid dressed in complete Kkk regalia Covered head to toe so that nothing Would show and he drove that hearse of That man in there To the cemetery an african-american kid Drove a kkk the grand master’s grand Master yeah and they said they’re like 3 000 More people here for the funeral huge Huge Ginormous thing and that kid drove that Hearse like Six miles to the cemetery that’s just Insane and that crazy Nuts dress like a kkk regalia Oh my god so just think of augusta wind Had come up and like blown his hood off Or something Oh man that must have been Nerve-wracking and For a long time the story like a couple Of people would know about like i’d Heard the story That kid’s grandson passed away not very Long ago in A local historian rodney he talked to Ronnie before he passed away and said i Want my dad’s story told Or my grandfather’s in the anyway so now We didn’t talk about it at all

Because it just seemed so personal i Don’t know Uncomfortable but now we talk about Because the family asked us to And it is history yeah it just shows you Just how Twisted everything becomes so anyway That’s a little side mark a sidebar So at the end of the day you would say That this jail is haunted Oh in your opinion no doubt yeah and What what makes you say that the most Out of all this just the feeling that You just feel like you feel it when you Walk in like i know I know this is really stupid because i’m Really kind of one of those bubble People i never have anything paranormal Ever But it’s like you just feel it like when You walk in you know that There’s something there greeting you and When you leave i always say goodbye Because there’s something I’m leaving behind and everybody else And not everybody but a lot of people Get that feeling wow well i’m excited I think we thoroughly covered the History thank you Wow i’m excited for tonight yeah that Was Really interesting it’s just like the Things you don’t know It’s just always amazing all this

History I’m a storyteller i just like and i like All these little Things just pop in my head all the time What do you think this is your first True this is my tour and ghost hunt I’m excited like so [ __ ] cute too Wow colin and i are matching yep if you Guys Didn’t notice before Pink and white and tan Oh jesus it’s kind of crazy i mean Part of the reason why i wanted you to Come out was because of our podcast Yeah that story was crazy yeah that’s Like a podcast worthy story literally Yeah Courtney and i if you guys don’t know we Co-host A podcast called murder in america you Can listen on spotify and itunes Apple podcasts i mean anywhere we can Listen to podcasts we tell murder Stories so Tonight hopefully we can connect with uh With anna if she’s in here Tell her story too because it’s pretty Wild i didn’t know about That entire tale Until i started reading about uh this Jail Right it’s pretty crazy pretty crazy Stuff you hang yourself right here Way colder in here than it is outside

For some reason Yeah it is it’s really cold like when You walk outside it like immediately Heats up and then you step back in and You’re just freezing Weird what are your thoughts so far It’s really creepy it’s going to be Super creepy too whenever It gets dark yeah but it’s already Really uh It’s weird energy in here already so It’s just kind of thick Almost like you feel like there could be Something here And just even like the fallen walls and It just It’s like creeps when you walk on the Floor and You can just tell that some dark stuff Happened in here what about this room How you feeling here This one’s still creepy but that one’s That room in there definitely is more Heavy This is the one where the lunatics were Right Yeah this whole story really essentially Women in lunatics So you were back in the day you would Have been both over And over you definitely would have been In here No doubt about that what i’ll say It’s just crazy i know it’s hard for

People online to really Get what you’re what i’m trying to get Across to you to kind of understand the Feeling but just If you can imagine Just snapping back in time and Just seeing a body a lifeless corpse of A pregnant woman Who already murdered multiple people Just At one point in history these are the Original walls and everything The body and the rope or not the rope The piece of clothing that she hung Herself Hang yourself with yeah it was right Here it’s almost just Eerie to think about you know you see Those it’s like there’s almost a feeling Kind of right here too that i get like a Kind of warmth Or like uh like a static Energy on your skin it’s like very cold Right here but i noticed this during the Interview But like right here it’s kind of just It’s not as cold like step over here and Just see if you feel what i’m talking About Kind of like right here it’s like There’s a little bit of a breeze Almost but like right here and none of The windows are open or anything No i don’t know why right here it’s just

It was also really weird when she was Telling the story of anna I literally couldn’t stop envisioning Like a swinging woman hanging From right like because i was standing Right here And she was standing right there and i Just kept having this image of like a Swinging dead woman Yeah from the ceiling it’s cause she was Right here One day she was right there and it’s Crazy how she was so Sad that she was gonna be put to death For killing Children and then she hanged herself Yeah Like with her with a child inside of her So Yeah weird parallel paradox there Well let’s go downstairs This this tree is the lynching tree And they cut it down that they cut it Down And that’s what came back wow That’s crazy Oh jesus christ oh my god Jesus oh He’s getting a b-roll shot and that dog Scared the hell out of me man Is this where i get to explain the name The word gingerbread have a prime Example Jeff’s got a little tension in his

System tonight so before this Investigation I’m gonna get it get it worked out of His system yes i’m just thinking a lot Of people Haven’t seen him jingle dart dingle Dwarf calling [Laughter] Jeff would you just explain to the folks Online what the hell the dingle dwarf is Just turn the camera around That was a good one that was a click on Your on your feet kind of Yeah well i’ve tapered my beds down Right now well jeff since you’re so Worked up tonight i’ve brought you over To this Beautiful little park so you can play Around with the music It’s kind of creepy isn’t it oh my god i Didn’t think it would be a mermaid in San marcos looks like that one picture Of shared Wow play me a tune on youtube Oh i thought you were gonna say i Thought you were gonna say a mermaid Song Oh sure Give me like a 20-second stare look it’s Marilyn monroe or no i mean marilyn Manson That’s insane okay give me a stare let’s Have a stare down here

I gotta get the stamp yeah Oh i’m feeling something she’s too Powerful what the hell he Yeah right okay courtney let’s have you Do a little stare down Come on get real get real up with it How’s it feel to speak to you I’m intimidating her it kind of looks Like you Oh thank you well this is because of the Springs In san marcos there’s a lot of water Stuff here Oh really jeff i thought he needed some Stress relief okay He’s not doing a lot for my strengths Just be calm jack Just let the cool waters i do like it Bring your pain away Why is there a mermaid here asmr Yeah you’re gonna be like Hey look this is what i’m envisioning Here right so this scene is just kind of A throwaway Jeff you go hit that one over there Courtney get on that one let’s all let’s Have a harmony little tune To bring in the spirits Well let’s do some ghost hunting folks The jail is pretty spooky though you Know

Just being in there when i was shutting That door just now and i think that Purge is amazing yeah i’d love to get in There man Was that nice yeah what was that i could Hear a woman’s voice Just not just the one light had been Going on but then it was just all the Lights were Even the one in the big one did you want Us to come back in See children what is that Anna did you like shut up Oh there’s god’s hand look at it she’s Like squirming around Look at it’s from the ceiling Hello