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What’s up everybody Hi i think it’s going already oh yeah it Is Folks at home everybody who’s tuning in Tonight Hope everybody has had a great weekend Sadly It is now the end of the weekend which Is never a good feeling Especially after the week that we had Last week which was insane It was very long and taxing what’s up Devon I’m actually gonna post this on Instagram too What’s up y’all come join us on youtube Okay everybody i’m gonna come come see You in a second what’s up that damn Kitten devon rob Mariam chavita powerjolt jessica hicks Caleb simpson elektra omega jamie Everybody that’s in here jay i’m gonna Post this on paranormal files everybody Say hi Um hey everybody come join us on youtube Who’s on instagram we already got lots Of people in here Come say hi and hang out we got some Announcements to make Um first off i hope you guys are Enjoying the podcast that courtney and i Have been producing murder in america We’ve been working our asses off to make This thing happen

Um luckily we have courtney here with us Tonight Hello everyone because she actually Was just with me and jeff jeff and i Should say Uh for two investigations that we filmed Last week Do you want to tell them about where we Were at um yes we went to The first place that i went to was um The hayes county jail And there was a woman serial killer That we got to um She stayed there and she hanged herself From the top floor and so We had a really cool experience there Yeah she killed Almost her entire family she was a black Widow Killed her own children i think it was Her husband’s Children wasn’t it yeah she poisoned Them with Um arsenic arsenic and She uh she actually hanged herself in The jail Thank you that damn kitten for the 6.99 Donation by the way Um we’re going to be giving away some Merch tonight we’ve got two pieces to Send out to y’all who donated last time Just to remind everybody donate anything From 99 cents to a thousand dollars You’re gonna be entered to win

Free merch we always pick names and give Away the merch on the next live stream So come join in uh on the next live Stream if you donate tonight to see if You have won anything nick brown thank You for the 99 cents my friend thank you With the little 100 logo that’s badass Man thank you i appreciate it Um but yeah so she hanged herself on Halloween October 31st and we had some really Crazy intelligent activity There in the jail that night it was very Spooky and then Just on friday night we were in Blanco texas blanco or not blanco I’m thinking of a different murder Murder on the brain thank you kristen h By the way for the ten dollars that is Way too kind I wish you had a message to uh send to Us But um there is no message there Um but kristin you’re entered to win Free merch on the next live stream Anyways llano texas we were just filming At the red top Jail um very very cool eerie building Five-story jail we’ve got access to the Whole thing and they actually have the Original gallows Inside of the jail and uh We got to investigate every floor we got To see

The 13 steps that led up to the gallows Where these people’s lives Were ended ultimately and they even had A thing called the death floor Which is where you would walk off of a Platform With the noose around your neck Essentially killing yourself And drop down and then your body would Hit the ground like the area which was This death floor And it’s just eerie to sit in the dark And imagine this uh This body sitting there kind of twisting Around lifeless After after they were killed yeah Executed yeah it was Really creepy too i i would definitely Say that’s the creepiest Place i’ve ever been for sure uh thank You to teresa who donated on paypal too Theresa you’re awesome we uh always love Hearing from you and seeing you I wish we could all hang out at some Point but Unfortunately with covid that’s not Gonna happen i don’t think anytime Soon one day one day one day when this Is all over we’ll do some fan meetups And and hang out with y’all Some more in person and also thank you To swoop in seconds For the three dollar donation being Super kind tonight

Um thank you thank you with that little Fox guy who’s kind of going like And uh and yeah yes keems yes Um everybody show some love to keeper of The second he’s one of our close friends He comes with a lot of videos and We’ve done a lot of stuff over the years Together so go watch his videos if you Uh If you haven’t before i feel like a lot Of you guys have um Savannah thank you for the five dollar Donation you rock You’re number one no that’s you Thank you you guys are being real sweet Tonight got almost 300 people only 99 Likes come on Let’s get those likes up people and Thank you william rainey welcome to the Spooky fan now you can type all the Emojis you’ll have that sick little Paranormal files logo next to your name Yeah so we did those two we’ve got some Announcements also tonight and some Things that we need you guys to do for Us That things that are free but uh We filmed on well Jeff and i filmed the gonzales county Jail investigation Which was supposed to be out yesterday Didn’t get it done in time Really wanted to make sure we were

Implementing static cameras So we had to go through all the footage Just took a lot of work to edit all this And kind of get the flow going But that investigation is going to be Out on tuesday it’s a really really good One jeff and i were Shaking to our core by some of the stuff That happened that night i came home and I was really excited to tell you about Some of the stuff that happened and then Um saturday last saturday a week Ago saturday i should say we go Yesterday jesus um We filmed at the hayes county jail which Is where anna The woman i saw somebody ask what her Name was her name was anna She was a black widow a serial killer And she hanged herself On halloween in the jail no one has ever Never been a couple investigations there But no proper youtube videos done On the location then we’ve got Palestine texas jeff and i traveled Almost four hours Actually it was four hours to get there We were investigating the anderson County jail Which actually a couple that we are now Friends with they purchased the jail and Converted the first floor of the jail To a home and they live inside of this Old abandoned jail

And there was a serial killer there who Was just executed in 2002. he was a very Violent guy he would attack Prison guards when they were in there Scream things He was very very spooky and he carved His name into one of the cells we were Investigating that building there were Also gallows in there There’s also gallows and an execution That took place hayes county jail we Were at Then jeff and i after filming in Palestine woke up the next day in Palestine so we stayed overnight there We um ended up oh sorry i missed some Donations too We uh taylor by the way taylor it’s Always great seeing you in here Always enjoy these live streams smiley Thank you taylor we appreciate you You’re entered obviously as always to Win merch you’re such a Great supporter of the show you guys are The ones that help keep this thing alive Especially if you donate Because just even this week the location Fees and travel and stuff gets super Expensive so if you guys want to see Bigger better episodes Just consider donating or becoming a Patron that’s all i can say Don’t want to beg for it just if we get More more donations then we can go to

Bigger places And everyone who’s everyone who donates Gets entered into a free Merch giveaway we’ve got some new merch That we’re going to be putting out soon So Y’all can pick from that nick brown Thank you for the hot dog and the 149. I love that you know what that is trying To say to me I love it um jack thank you so much for The 20 Man go oh Sorry gotta knock you in that there go Well thank you jack i appreciate that You’re entered to win free merch too I wish you a little message i always Love reading what you guys have to say Um tyler i don’t want to buy a glock no I’m just gonna read a couple of these These comments i’m not saving up to buy A gun um Life outside the box hello governor i Like that i like that hello Um and yeah uh Jamie cuddled up in the state spooky Sweater love it Jeff where’s that thing about every day Every time i see him he’s got paranormal Files Also this ring light is making me look Kind of spooky Jesus Yeah good good

Um emotional shoddy thank you for the Ten dollars love y’all We love you and we appreciate you For doing what you do and you just did And uh You’re entered to win free merch as well Um Nick armendariz i hope i said that right Man thank you for the four dollars dude I wish you had a message to give us But there’s no message but thank you From the bottom of our hearts you’re Into doing free merch Jay killis i got a great spot to for you To film and miss God why can’t i talk i got a great spot For you to film in mississippi Jay i would love to i’ve only been to Mississippi once but i would love to Come back and do a proper series there And that sounds badass thank you for the Donation the three dollars it all helps So much with Filming the show jeez everybody karen Sinden Thank you for the three dollars and the Thumbs up little pair appreciate you Karen And uh you’re entered to win free merch As well we’ll announce those winners of Ending this live stream Gary gary gnu thank you for the 50 Donation gary that is like half of what A typical location fee would be so that

Really goes a long way when you guys Help us out in that way And uh gary man i wish you had a message Write something to us and i’ll try to Look in these comments for it But appreciate you bro thank that’s like Way too kind Thank you man thank you daniel Please collab with tfi al and steve huff I would love to collab with tfio i heard They’re Cool dudes i know some people that know Them so Maybe one day but thank you daniel You’re open Entered into the competition for the Free merch to know why i can’t speak to Them Kind of like hot and flustered all the Time yeah it is the ring light’s like Very bright Yeah it is alexandra alex you’re always Such a homie thank you Once again for the five dollars hey Colin and courtney sending love and Spookiness hope you two are well much Loved We are we’re doing very very well we uh Had a really good week well Last week was kind of not fun because i Had to be gone So many nights for filming and i’m Actually leaving next week to film A whole nother series so that’s always

Kind of sad for us when you can’t see Each other Much during the week but make it work You can’t do what you got to do it’ll be A good Filming week next week but thanks alex Appreciate you as always Mr blessed my boy too my peeps love Y’all and hope to see you both soon Podcast has been Killer no pun intended love that love That My boy say hi to papa spooks for me all The best Man i appreciate you we just sent out Something to you For being a patron uh like yesterday or The day before But just yeah i gave you my phone number In in On patreon so just shoot me a text man And uh Come down see us let’s film an Investigation together and you’re Entered to win merch as well buddy Thank you for that and simon my boy So you trying to one-up me mr bless not Gonna happen Simon i miss you man i love you simon’s My cousin If you guys uh see simon commenting down There Jess says courtney beautiful as always You two are the cutest couple

Thank you chess thank you i could have Dropped dead when you screamed on the Most recent episode of the podcast Yeah the part when i’m like him Yeah a little jump scare i was like You’ve never done this before they’re Not gonna expect that it scared me And i even knew it was coming yeah that Was and that’s That was a real good ending to that Episode i thought because it really Makes you wonder if these Victims have never been found if the Killer’s never been found Are there spirits out there kind of Unsettled uh Unable to rest without that justice Being brought to the case Especially when they’re murdered so like Brutally you know And those were brutal those were brutal Murders but you don’t know what we’re Talking about though Listen to murder in america Thank you mary wagner also for saying You just subscribed welcome to spooky Fam Y’all are killing it tonight tesla’s Doing very well She’s uh up in north texas now where she Lives in denton She’s kind of outside of dallas by about 40 minutes Tammy thank you for the five dollars

You’re entered to win free merch much Love and continue to continued success Love to all y’all thank you tammy much Love to you We appreciate you oh my god Thank you b-w-y-a the fam Hey colin good to see you and courtney Hope this helps you out content been Enjoying the videos Thank you so much 50 donation that’s Like i said that’s almost an entire Location fee for An average location that we would film At so That really does help a lot covering Those expenses and getting us into these Locations And then gas and everything so anyways Thank you you’re entered to win free Merch as well My mom mary love you too Mom and dad like i didn’t know it was my Mom and dad [Laughter] That’s so cute thank you guys i love you You’re not entered doing free merch Because you guys have yeah jeff could Literally fill an entire closet with his Merch Oh yeah he’s got i think every single Shirt that we’ve ever released And i don’t even have like half of them I’ve lost so many Over the years but thank you i love you

Guys Ghost malone looking good dude beautiful Lady peace Thank you ghost malone appreciate that And you’re entered to win free merch as Well everybody is Being such a homie tonight thank you Julianne dallas welcome to spooky family Now every time you comment like i said Before you’ll have the little logo by Your name you guys can see who’s been a Member of the longest just based on Those colors of those logos and next to Your names you can Put some emojis you got pictures of me That are kind of shitty in there too That you can use Just other little funny benefits and it All helps so much And also gary gary thank you so much Gary Seriously man i wish you had a message Dude to just like say hi or something Bro Appreciate that seriously We got to just send you something yeah Regardless Just send me an email the paranormal Files crew at gmail.com and we’ll get You set up with something man Thank you yes julianne dallas also with The 25 Donation julianne you just became a fam Member and donated and i still have no

Message from you We appreciate you please i’d love to say Hi to you if you if you got a message Thank you And you’re entered to win free merch too Oh my god I’m trying to read mary mary i can’t Read your full name Maybe it’s just um mary M-e-r-r-i i for some reason this is not Showing me the full name You have the little oh oh oh here it is Mary wagner mary thank you for the 50 Too mary appreciate that so much This helps literally so much we Appreciate you so much Yeah and this is all for the most part Going to be going to our next series Like i was just saying jeff and i papa Spooks and i Are flying out to georgia next uh Tuesday we we’re leaving At 7 00 am and we’re going to be filming Tuesday wednesday thursday Friday saturday all throughout georgia Doing Murder locations places where people Burned alive in hotel fires Haunted plantations like big stuff so Y’all got some we got some really good Episodes coming up on the channel that I’m really excited to release which is Why i didn’t put one out this weekend Because i wanted to

Focus on making them really good instead Of just rushing it to get out an episode It’s it’s about the quality for me Rather than just a quantity But thank you mary anyways All of y’all are just helping and being Such homies tonight Um nick brown thank you for the two Dollars man you’re entered to win Free merch with the little sunglasses I think that’s courtney right there That’s me So it’s the pink skin yeah Luckily you are not a freak with pink Skinny Chat in the hat i don’t know if that’s Kind of meant to be Somewhat uh straight uh i don’t know i’m Not gonna Address that but thank you for the Donation man for the two dollars Sorry i am poor for three days you know What we feel that We feel that yeah and every penny counts Thank you and you’re entering to win Free merch jack Jack and oh jack mion Jack and me hoff i like that i like that A lot With the 20 thank you [Applause] Could be a fake name it could be a man Woman without anything so

Thank you jax Thanks for jack then jack and like Too far too far too far appreciate that Though appreciate that Oh just donating to hear you pronounce My name haha i love you guys i can’t even see that man Rake a candy wreck a candy Reika can die rika can die I think i hope i’m doing that justice But thank you you’re entered doing free Merch as well that Thank you it’s gonna help so much God everybody thank you jesus Linda coker thank you for the 25 on People too linda you guys are great Did you see people did i i think you Said people There’s no way i swear what do y’all Think did he say it i could i can’t go Back in time and re Remember that moved and beyond Either way thank you linda and you’re Entered to win as well thank you We appreciate that jackie herobin love You guys always watch from the uk that’s Dope so it’s like a Jackie around i don’t know man I’m tired this is a really long week We’re both Exhausted but thank you jackie thank you Nick brown Five dollars thank you man hey guys What’s up what’s up nick how are you

Doing tonight Thank you what are you guys up to Tonight it’s uh we had a couple things That we need you guys to help us out With We’re gonna start including you guys More in these live streams in a Different way but we’re gonna get to That in just one second Nick you’re entered to win free merch as Well Um yes we were entered or not What’s going on we we Were in the middle of the storm we live In downtown austin So everything was shut just last week Courtney was unable to even get to work Every single day it was too dangerous Just because Texas just was not prepared for a storm Like in the midwest south dakota where I’m from You got ice uh like salt salty put on The ice to melt it on the roads you got Snow plows all this stuff to help you be Ready for A storm but here in texas we had none of That and Obviously there were deep problems with The power grid So yeah and water and water it’s really It was a rough week like jeff came over One night to cook dinner with us too he Had to wait like three hours at the

Grocery store just to get Food to cook for dinner because Everything was shut we couldn’t even get Groceries for days There were it was like lines for mile Like a mile long line outside the Grocery store it was insane And we literally went to a gas station And got like food from a gas station and I’m not talking like A hot dog or something we got like Veggie chip sticks And like whatever they had it was so Picked through there was like Two options of chips a few things of Candy and that was it It was insane yeah that was nuts and Then we were on When jeff came over for dinner that Night we were on a boil water notice And you like literally could not even Drink water All week to have water it was like a 30 Minute long process just to drink water Because you have to boil it And then you have to let it cool down Because you obviously don’t want to Drink Was hell yeah was terrible But luckily we yeah we were we didn’t Lose power throughout that but It did affect like our wi-fi all sorts Of different things were just going Wrong in the city we couldn’t leave or

Do anything couldn’t get groceries so Yeah it was stressful but anyways That damn kitten thank you for the 14 Just wanted to say we found a home and All settled in so no more room 237 That’s sick congratulations i’m thankful We had your videos to watch to distract Us i always look forward to them love You guys We love you congratulations on that That’s great to hear Great news and obviously you’re You’re uh entered to win free merch i Saw someone ask about the paypal link I’m not trying to just talk about Donations but Um it is in the description of the video Because youtube you know takes a cut of This money so if you want to donate Paypal is always a great option Dazzler 25 with the rock and roll that’s What i was doing on the cover image of This Exactly yeah it was but thank you for The three dollars So much you’re entered to win free merch Yeah people said i said people Hey we did i did say probably Caleb caleb said hey pencil pen Caleb i don’t know what that means but i Do like it call me a pencil pen any time I’ll be your pencil pen Easy marcus shields five dollars thank You marcus

I love your channel we love you and i Love that you love watching uh This is my passion what i love to do so I appreciate that Sydney yes we did see the wreck on i-35 That was Insane if you guys don’t know it’s like Right outside of Like in the dallas area there’s like What was like 80 cars piled up Yeah something like that and my sister Lives close to where that happened and My mom and dad Were actually driving from south dakota Through that area like Either i think it was right before or Right after it happened And so we were like i know just freaky My mom and Tessa actually my sister were driving Um back to bring tessa back to her house In or her apartment where she lives in Denton the other day and they hit A patch of ice on the highway and almost Got hit by a semi head-on And they like called me and tessa was um Just very freaked out by it i was too Everybody was yeah So just everybody stay safe out there Cause it’s just with covid and Winter storms and everything it’s it’s Been challenging Challenging just living lately you know What i mean

And we’ve gone through our amount of Stuff even just this year just Sad things that we’ve had to deal with But we find comfort in each other yes We’ve made it through yes we have also Foot massages And other assorted face masks Oh yeah self care all that literally When we’re not working we’re just Watching like murder shows And using lotion and i’m like giving you A little foot rub or We’re putting face masks on doing like Little spa And she’s got a gift card from work that We want to use to go get a massage Because i haven’t had a massage in like Years Yeah they gave me one for my birth or a Gift card for my birthday last summer And i really used it So maybe i’ll come back next week all Like what’s up guys All moisturizing yeah i’m like super Like Liquidy what’s up y’all that’s a great Massage Uh anyways sorry let me go jeez what’s Going on with my mind and my voice Tonight Seriously sorry guys wow sydney that’s Also crazy that your dad Was there an hour before that wreck That’s nuts

Um lack bae diva um you two are so cute Hope you can film a series in north Carolina that would be badass I’m trying to get courtney to come out And film more videos with us Yes i would love to um jennifer why do You call your dad jeff Um i uh Um i call my dad jeff because I want you guys to know who he is as a Person because he is my dad yeah but He is a great dude himself and has his Own you know name and everything it’s More professional than me just being Like Hey dad can you do this dad i always Thought that was weird because Like i always i still call my mom mom And dad but maybe that’s like a southern Thing I don’t know um anyways thank you Nowhere man for the five dollars been a Fan for a long time sorry this is as Generous as i can be for now That’s totally fine dude no you don’t Have to watch this live stream to donate It helps a lot but everybody who doesn’t Donate too we appreciate the out of You Yeah but thank you man you’re entered to Win free merch as well we’re taking Everybody’s names paulie Great to see you paulie peace and love We love you

Thank you paulie as always it’s so great To have you in here Um i saw that you noticed my feet were In courtney’s picture yesterday and we Were Laughing about that because it’s funny How you could just tell you know Right you can tell that’s me based on my Shitty old Ripped up exploring shoes that are just Bad black shoes Anyways thank you paulie mr blessed when I was in my underwear making snow angels Glad you guys saw that video that was so Funny yeah that was a disturbing video Looking back on it I was in my complete underwear just ran Out onto the balcony and did snow angels But as soon as you laid down in the snow He got up screaming because it was so Cold It was really way colder than i mean i Knew it was gonna be cold but it was Like Colder than i thought it was gonna be But i appreciate you bro Yeah we’re doing we’re doing good i hope You’re doing well too Jack and me hoff for the twenty dollars Man Being very kind and i do love the name We love our one-liners Yes and our puns oh yeah we do What was that knock-knock joke the other

Day that i told you that we thought was Funny Knock knock you told like 17 who’s there Um hey open up the door i can’t reach it It’s kind of really lame in the moment We were like oh that’s a good one we Were at breakfast like last week just Like reading knock-knock jokes that’s it Yeah this sounds very lit Literally knock knock joke fiends Anyways everybody weather has been crazy In the lower 48 yeah A hundred percent yeah it really has and Then the next Week it’s like 75 mm-hmm like this Literally it was snowy all week last Week and then what like sunday or monday It was like 82 degrees what was that What the hell’s up with that that’s just Strange man i’m weird Please tell colin that pencil pen is Someone in the chat i want I want trying to call him lad okay Okay That’s cool i like that i like that Murder death chill 100 yeah That’s us always it is it really is Um nick krill last time i commented so Many times Asking your age you had to tell me i Hope you remember that love your videos Looks like you’re good better now Yeah nick thank you man i want everybody To guess

Courtney’s age honestly like Let’s see i’m gonna come back to these Donations but guess my age i think a lot Of you already know how old i am If you’ve been watching for a while but Why don’t you guess courtney’s age and My age Also this is my new tattoo it’s an angel Because i wanted to get something You know positive since i got a lot of Like kind of evil oh yeah We got a few nineteen some twenty threes And twenty four okay Thirty four jesus Yes i turned 24 in june of this year Yep and i am 24. People are gonna ask so i’m a cancer do You want to know What do you guys think my my Astrological sign is I want i want you to guess seriously Also good job miranda you nailed that Mary said knock knock Okay we got three things going on here Yeah there’s a lot mary I give me the answer to your knock knock Joke So mary says knock knock that’s my mom Um oops Two people got it three people got it Four people got it He’s a he’s a i’m a capricorn baby December 22nd right on the cost Technically yeah

But i always really vibe with capricorns Too so Here we are [Laughter] Oh my gosh um we should tell them about The thing that we talked about today Oh yes we’re gonna get you guys even More involved in these live streams i’m Gonna go back up let me thank These people who donated also real Quickly um She runs wild and free always great Seeing you colin i love seeing you as Always hope you make it to south Carolina someday we can grab that beer Love you guys spooky fan forever yes i Would love to i would love to come to South carolina I’ve only been once and i was in um I can’t remember i think charleston with My family But thank you for that also and um You’re into doing free merch Gary thank you again for the 25 man and still no message i would love I was not afraid that was because Probably sounded suspicious but thank You Gary thank you you are incredible and You rock man you rock seriously you’re Helping out a lot with this next series Lawrence

By the way thank you for the 549 and the Little pear man drinking the cup of joe Looks suspiciously suspiciously like Like grape juice but thank you Thank you y’all are all entered to win The free merch we’re gonna announce Winners at the end of this Yes um so Let’s uh let’s get into a little bit of What um we wanted to talk about tonight So what i want to start doing is This is actually an idea that courtney Suggested so thanks to her for this And like i’m really actually excited to Start doing this I want on our live streams i want to do Like two three live streams a month But i want you guys to send me emails Paranormal files crew gmail.com that’s My personal email I want you guys to email me your ghost Stories Do you have a haunted place that you’ve Worked at in the past have you lived in A haunted location do you currently live In one You should type out your ghost stories Be descriptive with it give me some Paragraphs Write them out send them to paranormal Files crew at gmail.com With the subject in the email my ghost Story Just type that in there and we’re going

To start getting on live and picking Three people’s ghost stories Each time we go live and reading them so You Send yours in and then you can tune in The next live stream and see If we’re picking your ghost story you Can see what everybody online has to say About your story we’re to give you our Opinions on You know what it could be also We uh we have something over here oh i’m really excited to do that Oh jesus hi lori Thank you so much we love you for the I can’t i need to write contests Lori with the 49 lorie Thank you you rock lori good to see you Also Once again as always lori lori lori You’re truly a treat a tree we love you Can’t wait to meet you in person one day Lori yes once Obviously we can yes Cheshire mercury old sub new name always A fan keep it spooky baby i love that And i like the name Cheshire mercury that’s a cool name That’s badass thank you but thank you For donating You are uh entered to win free merch as Well Of course thank you but Yeah if you uh if you guys have these

Ghost stories Please write out an email send it to Paranormal files crew at gmail.com Oh my god sandyrads thank you for the 50 Donation sandy love the channel love the Podcast if you’re ever in massachusetts Please get in touch and maybe we can do A ghost hunt together Just say hi take care and stay healthy Thank you sandy That would be amazing i appreciate that So Much all of you guys laurie sandy Gary all of y’all are way too kind yes But sandy you’re entered to win free Merch as well Yes and wow yeah that’s I would love to for in massachusetts i Want to do massachusetts as the As the state that we pick Not next because we already have an idea Of where we want to go next with the Podcast but i really want to do a Podcast about The uh the fall river cult A group of satanic drug dealers that Were murdering prostitutes In uh in massachusetts and fall river Which is actually the same town where Lizzie borden was from where they have The lizzie borden house What are you laughing at she got a Strong jawline bro You i guess yeah you definitely i love

It i love Strong job i love a strong woman too Very strong talented educated woman College degree yeah Thank you badass now yeah that’s why My um brilliance came up with that idea Yeah right yeah I’ve seen a lot of people say that you Want to be Involved and tell your ghost stories Because that’s so interesting to us to Hear them too and everybody has I feel like everyone has a story of Something that’s Creeped them out or some some kind of Paranormal story so it’d be nice to hear Y’alls Yeah and so send me those emails Um and we’re gonna start reading those Stories tell you guys Viewer haunts and spooky tales i’m gonna Start posting more on instagram And everything just this last week in These last couple months honestly i’ve Been so busy Been just offline i really am not on my Phone i have to get better at that but Just i hope you all know that i love all Of you so much and You’ve helped to make my dreams come True and i can’t thank you guys enough For that But yeah please uh send in Those ghost stories we’re gonna start

Reading those um On these live streams we are you should Put the email Somewhere yeah i’ll put i’ll put the Email in the description this video if You’re watching Um then we are also going to Do the golden files if you guys remember Back in I think early or it was 2019 I did an award ceremony for the channel Where i had you guys Vote on your favorite moments your Favorite episodes Then i called some of the special guests We had we had them um Do little interviews um this year it’s Gonna be hosted by jeff and i we’re Gonna film it when we’re in georgia next Week And then we’re gonna have a big awards Show night where we’re gonna do a live Stream Air it live everyone’s gonna watch Together you’re gonna see what Moments one what the scariest moment was That people voted on And uh yeah the link for that google Form I get all the answers from you guys you Guys are the ones that decide what Happens Um with the golden files so That link is in the description at the

Very top of this video So right after this is done please help Me out and even right now while you’re Listening to this Go click on that link fill it out it’ll Probably take you two or three minutes Not even that much or that long Yeah my lack of education is showing Even i did go to an accelerated Elementary school Out of five on my ap stats [Laughter] Um but yeah The uh the link to that is below if you Guys want to see The golden files jeff and i are going to Be recording that next week and then We’re going to have a premiere ceremony Like i said Very soon and if you guys want to be in The actual Golden files ceremony it’s going to be Premiering like i said Live everyone’s going to be watching Together um Please contact me on instagram either on My personal account Or the paranormal files account because We would love to uh I want to get videos from you guys just Kind of talking about why you love the Paranormal files Um what first video you saw what your Favorite part of the channel is

Your little personal ghost story so i’ll Have you guys send those in and we’ll Feature some of you guys Uh in that awards ceremony also yeah Here’s kitty our cat She’s being so chill right now i love Her so much She really is not there like i want to Show Everybody what she does all the time oh Whoa This is this is how it’s ice level kitty Like every day She is obsessed with colin like every Single sec I’ll be like come here kitty like she’s I’ve had her for six years now And i’ll be like come here kitty and She’ll look at me and then immediately Go walk over on colin Literally literally and courtney goes to Work Oh geez jesus courtney goes to work Every morning But i’d say like eight you’re out the Door yeah oh geez And um every single day i sleep Probably 15-20 minutes after courtney Leaves just kind of lay in bed wake up And kitty just runs into the bed and Like gets under my arm and like Snuggles up to me it’s like it’s really Really cute I love her to death but yeah we need

Your help to fill out those forms so go Do that now so we can record that Ceremony If you want to be in in the ceremony Once again go reach out over instagram That’s when we’re also going to be Announcing the winners Of the fan art contest where we’re going To be sending out merch to people We had some amazing so many great Submissions To the contest um just really really Really good work And you guys are all so talented out There i wish i could Send a piece of merch to everybody who Entered but it would cost me like three Thousand dollars Which i definitely don’t have i’m just Laying around Um Oh yeah what i brought over here um So yeah send in your ghost stories Paranormal file screw gmail.com One more time go fill out that form if You want to be in the Awards show send me a message on Instagram anywhere And uh yeah we’re gonna get then the fan Art contest Is uh next week so Other day jeff and i were filming in Palestine texas And i filled up this bag

Full of full of Materials So palestine texas Was uh palestine texas Is a very infamous community it’s one of The earliest communities in Texas founded in the um 1800s there were like different settlers Before palestine was Actually founded but In palestine there is or was an Abandoned hospital that was Unbelievably famous this place was Known to be the most haunted or one of The most haunted places in all of texas It was called the old palestine memorial Hospital Sadly they demolished it last year but We uh We went out to film at the site of the Palestinian memorial hospital jeff and i Because i wanted to make a little Statement Saying what happens when a building is Destroyed what happens when The materials are gone do the spirits Go into the ground the environment Or do the spirits stick into the Materials Yeah and so when i was walking around This field where the Hospital used to be i actually Grabbed some pieces of The hospital this is so dope these are

Actual Like materials from the palestine Memorial hospital Oh that’s nasty there’s like ranch In here Oh cause it’s a wing stop bag jeff had Ranch Colin hates ranch he’ll literally gag if He even smells is it open No but it’s just gross Here’s said ranch Um but then we’ve got a tile From the hospital i don’t know if this Is A piece of like a surgical suite or a Bathroom It looks like it yeah but this is Obviously from some sort of sanitized Surface And courtney what happened right when i Brought these into the apartment She swears to god i just realized as Most of you know our last place that we Lived right before this It was haunted because him and i went to A um an abandoned nursing home that had Been abandoned for like 10 years and we Took home this Bed frame because it looked cool and um And so we put it up on the wall at our Place and long story short Um colin went to l.a one night and the As soon as the first night i’m staying There all by myself

We’re laying i lay in bed and then i Hear a huge bang In the living room in our and i looked In the bed frame and flown off the wall And our place was like hella haunted we Had so many things happen there And when we moved over here We were looking for the bed frame Couldn’t find it and so It kind of disappeared oh yeah it’s gone But it’s Insane because i was like finally a Place That isn’t haunted which i don’t mind i Don’t mind going i love haunted Locations and stuff but like When i’m gone film the home area it’s Just Not personal not ideal not preferred Especially because he’s gone a lot for Work so i’m here by myself Um and so we finally we live in a place That isn’t haunted Colin comes home from filming and he’s Like look what i got And i was in the middle of recording a Podcast so he just set the bag down i Didn’t even know What was in it yet but i knew it was Something because that’s just colin he Always brings Home stuff and so he leaves to go get Something And as soon as he walks out the door the

Bag moves And i was like jesus christ i’m gonna Have another haunted place But so far we haven’t had anything well No I know it’s just kind of creepy vibes a Little bit from the bricks Yeah i know those are weird you look Great thanks Yeah um but uh yeah so those are actual Like pieces Of a haunted hospital which i thought Was so dope I would love to create like some sort of Art with it Um don’t know what i want to do with it Yet as of now it’s just sitting in a Paper bag but one day we’ll have that Displayed somewhere um I want to thank also i saw you guys Donated up here sorry we missed y’all We were trying to nick brown Did you are you engaged like you’re Be uh engaged to be married or yeah You’re engaged or are you engaged in This world yeah you’re engaged in the Chat Either one either one is sick great yeah Congrats either way man Thank you for the two dollars you’re Entered to win merch as well Um okay we’re going down Um valerie honeybee prior stay spooky Sending some oklahoma city love

Valerie i love oklahoma city we were Just there this summer Had really good really good sushi Randomly this was like the one vacation We had Well we had too many vacations last Summer because she works a lot and when You’re not working usually i’m working So it kind of gets hard to find time to Go away Yeah but we went there yeah we stopped Taking sushi and uh Um went to the bombing memorial which Was Very very sad yeah but thank you for the Five dollar donation you’re in the Conor is courtney’s brother brother he Is Probably the guy that we hang out with The most i don’t like Anybody yeah and i love seeing his ass Well the best brother Not you know actually i don’t like Seeing him in person Appreciate we appreciate that yes we Love you connor We’ll just get you some merch bro we’ll Get you some valerie again I love the paranormal files i love that Little honeybee i love the way you’re Writing that out valerie I love the paranormal files heart heart Bb heart heart Oklahoma city love that’s great i love

Oklahoma city my I have family in oklahoma city as well On my dad’s side lori Again thank you so much lori for the Twenty dollars Lori if you guys see laurie in the chat Lori has been one of the longest Supporters of the channel and she is Truly just a great person she always Helps so much in Moderating the chats and just being a Champion of the channel and you’ve Helped a lot lori so i I can’t thank you enough and we Appreciate you also I hate ranch i’m just gonna point that Out there I saw someone say who hates ranch i mean I gotta agree with you Me yeah teresa good night theresa Sorry i can’t sit till the end it’s okay Thank you for the donation And the multiple donations teresa And uh hopefully Oh what Teresa if you’re going to bed you were Uh one of the winners of the merch Drawing we had two of them Last week so i hope you haven’t gone to Bed yet i guess we’ll just Announce that i was going to kind of Wait till the very end but Theresa sent me an email at paranormal Files crew gmail.com

Or my personal profile or the paranormal Files on instagram But you were one of the two people that We selected i’m really glad you said That actually so You might have caught that before you Leave so congrats on your new merch Teresa and thank you for the donations You rock but i hope you’re still on your Teresa Lindsay 1703 thank you for the five Dollars My daughter was to be a twin and for Years she talked to luca Wow that’s spooky that’s crazy only be In pennsylvania again gettysburg is Crazy Lindsay thank you for the five dollars Hopefully soon i love pennsylvania and Gettysburg is a very very eerie place i Was there with My mom mary and i was there at dan bell Uh about a year and a half ago What the hell was that i that’s strange Um but thank you lindsay thank you so Much you’re entered to win Oh papa spooks enters the chat finally Been waiting on his ass all night and Always late to the party Go that’s my papa speaks impression Yeah he and i just filmed so much and We’re going to georgia next week to keep Filming Yeah so yeah you guys are going to be

Seeing a lot of him In the next couple videos you’re going To be like jesus get this guy off the Ship See way too much Laurie again thank you lori Seriously lori we’re connected on that i Cannot even smell ranch I can’t be in the presence of ranch i Hate it it makes me gag makes me Basically throw up i really can’t he Really will one time i Asked him i was like please just try it Just because i wanted to see his Reaction he was like pretty no Like i will throw up and then he ended Up doing it just for you because i love You i know That’s really sweet it’s like it’s Insane man does anyone else like doing That like kind of um Torturing their significant other yeah Literally she she can get me to do some Bizarro yeah literally Got her cancel calling for being a ranch Hater I gotta agree i mean i’m fine being done By that I will gladly say that i hate ranch Um i saw someone ask how they can help Because the title this video if y’all Are just hopping on here Please go fill out the form below we’re Doing the golden files jeff and i

Are going to be recording the awards Ceremony we didn’t do one last year Because of covid And other things that were going on in Life but this year we’re back to it We’re going Announce the your fan favorite episodes Of the year We’re gonna go through play the best Moments we’re gonna interview some Guests Um have some different people on so go Down fill that form out And if you have a ghost story we’re Gonna start telling Viewers ghost stories on these live Streams so write out your ghost story Put on an email send it to Paranormalfilescrew gmail.com And we’ll start telling these on the Next livestream we’re going to start at Least trying to do two a month That’ll be fun you guys have any Questions for courtney i feel like i Would Love to have you guys ask her something Because i’ve been talking my ass off Also thank you cheshire mercury with the Vomiting ranch glad i’m not the only one I didn’t know that there were three People out there i didn’t like it i Thought There’s definitely i feel like a lot of People that don’t like ranch yeah i’m

Sure Just you know just not my thing should Be Raunched instead of ranch yes stephanie Teresa oh i’m so glad i caught you did You Um oh my god laurie sent a hundred Dollars on paypal Lori oh my gosh jesus Lori thank you so much On paypal too thank you lori So sweet wow and thank you teresa thank You Everybody wow Um i love this comment my ghost story is When a girl stopped talking to me That’s an american horror story that’s That’s the true teenage Nightmare oh yeah in there sorry pj Heart sorry to hear that what was your Scariest paranormal experience so far Real quick you want do you want to Answer that one no real quick go away I was just gonna say tns up north Adventures thank you for the two-dollar Donation hi from a skoda michigan that’s A cool name I’ve never heard of that town but thanks For Donating and i appreciate you you’re After doing merch as well and Genie always good to see you genie wish Once again like i tell everybody that we Can meet one day we i know we will

But love to you both and love for both Of us A lot of people are asking my scariest Moment I would i really think the other night In um llano That was really scary for me just Because the place the jail that we were At It was kind of like um there were jails On ep There were like cellars on every single Wall and then you kind of walked up Through the middle and so anytime you Were looking somewhere you had your back To a ton of um Just darkness and you couldn’t really See what was around you and it just was A really eerie vibe and there were parts Of the night where i was getting like Dizzy and stuff and Yeah i think that was definitely my Scariest experience and that jail had The Original gallows in it yeah you Literally could see where they were Being hanged Also jeff and i got access to film at A place that nobody has ever been Allowed to do a paranormal investigation And they really don’t even let People into this location we had we knew Somebody who knew somebody and it’s the Old historic african-american church

In san marcos texas that has extremely Crazy history and I think the spirits that were there that They were telling us about god and their Beliefs on religion because they had a Baptismal In there where people were baptized so Just it was crazy that video is insane And the history is nuts Uh the original church was uh burned Down by the Three k’s i don’t want to say that name Because We get demonetized stupidly for that you Cover this history that’s dark and they Demonetize you Yeah almost prevents those stories from Being told Have you seen leticia stotch stout she’s Telling herself Um someone’s saying that’s a true crime Britney my true crime girl No i haven’t is it right yeah i’ll write It down and Give it a watch or is it a is it a show Or something Are you afraid of anything bugs heights The dark from cassandra Um i don’t Know i mean i i definitely am afraid of Something but i think i feel like my Fears are a little Dark like you know getting kidnapped and Stuff

Like not really like bugs but like kind Of like the darker side of those things Yours are very extreme Sex trafficking like those are my new Fears That’s very very valid though yeah no Yeah that’s that’s definitely what i’m Scared of Um also also right here Oh yeah i hate spiders man um let’s see I Also saw someone say do you enjoy ghost Hunting or is it something that you had To come around to I i really have always enjoyed it It’s always been fun for me i i Obviously had to get used to it because I never had been in that environment Before but I’ve always liked it it’s been fun we’ve Had a lot of fun Um and then i also saw someone say When’s the next episode of murder in America Um we’ve had this I’ve been filming with colin so we just Had a really busy Week with the paranormal files so we’ve Kind of focused on that this week but we Do have One coming out within the next few days Yep and it’s our second Main story and it’s really really good Yeah and you guys uh you guys

Need to listen to the podcast if you Haven’t already and I just want to forewarn you if you Haven’t listened before It is unbelievably dark At times so yeah listener discretion is Advised i’ve personally never heard a Podcast that is so Uh dark and just i don’t know Sometimes when i’m editing it it’s kind Of like ugh you know And one thing that i appreciate about Our podcast is a lot of podcasts that I’ve listened to because i’m a huge I listed a podcast all the time but they Don’t really get like Descriptive really with the crimes that Happened Which like i understand that it could be Triggering to some people but There are other people that do want to Hear all the details because that’s just Simply the facts of the case and so Khan does a really good job of kind of Bringing you into it and Um he’s done really well with the um Audio and everything so it’s really good Also jesus christ man courtney And i were uh we’re cooking popcorn the Other night And look at connor’s comrade that’s cute Follow murder in america on all Platforms

Thanks buddy thank you uh we were Cooking popcorn the other night And i uh was microwaving some butter We cooked it like on the stove and i Reached in and i grabbed i’m not gonna I don’t think i should show you guys This Do you think you get demonetized for Showing this A blister i know it’s like really gross Can i demonetize you for showing a Blister Um but i was cooking popcorn and there Was butter Uh in the microwave when i grabbed it And it literally instantly blistered my Finger and it was boiled over As a blister and it just popped really Gross that’s really gross So i don’t know why i just told you guys That but someone said my favorite horror Movie The saw franchise yeah she’s always Loved song I love them they’re great movies though They are really good really well-made Valerie also thank you for the three Dollar donation you’re entered to win Free merch love you guys y’all rock Buzz buzz buzz good night thanks valerie Good night hope you sleep well Yes sleep tight um Jeez there’s so many comments guys y’all Are awesome we’re trying to catch up

Um a lot a lot keep it up with a little Punch Thank you for the five dollars lotto a Lot a lot you rock Um just submitted for the golden files Thank you Yeah you all right y’all go fill that uh Stuff out Thank you andrew lynn with the five Dollars Thank you andrew appreciate you man i Don’t know what znz means But uh thank you thank you man Appreciate that you’re entered doing Free merch Christine suarez with the two dollars Thank you again Thank you and yeah your thing says Thanks but thank you Um i’m going to say for my favorite Horror movies I love the um i love hereditary that was A really well made film Um i mean i love everything from killer Clowns from outer space which we just Watched for the first time Or i just watched yeah you did um the Devil’s rejects Rob zombie house thousand corpses i mean I’ve watched any and every suspiria the Remake and the original George romero’s dawn of the dead pretty Much All i love like any horror movie yeah

Um jeff childers what’s up man can’t get A shout out from you yeah you can man What’s up what do you want me to shout Out Killer croc click killer crown killer Clowns is actually I have right here let me show these guys What i just oh jesus Let’s see Show them this i’m gonna grab the other One Here it is we have we have three of them Right Let’s see Um i think one’s in this little um I actually thought that they were i Thought that they were all together Miranda thank you for the 149 donation We appreciate you but yeah i watched um Oh i watched this movie for the first Time and i Really liked it it was good these little Guys are Creepy yeah i was actually also if you Guys don’t know online i was a film Major At ut because i’ve always wanted to Direct movies and i ah Jesus oh i can’t look at that oh that’s Very painful But i’ve always wanted to make horror Films But the movies i would make would be Really graphic and

Disturbing so be warned yeah they would Be Thanks to mer for the 2 donation you Rock thank you Um guys we are going to be Uh oh jeff i’m sorry man i was i’m going To do your Um your shout out man Um did you ever write back here What’s up west virginia jeff that’s Badass man I’ve never been to west virginia but i Would love to go but shout out to you And thank you for watching man Appreciate that um Anyways y’all everybody um Has been doing such a great job in Helping the channel grow over the years We appreciate it i appreciate it more Than Absolutely anything y’all are the best Is there anything else you’d like to add Or Ask before we uh we head out tonight Because we’re about to uh We’re oh nick brown by the way congrats On getting There getting married getting engaged That is sick yeah we don’t know what it Is what’s up dan yaya in pasadena by the Way Yeah i saw y’all commenting sorry i Couldn’t read um fast enough earlier but Thank you for watching you guys we

Appreciate you thank you And uh yeah um the email address is Paranormal files crew At gmail.com mary reimer Finally i get to say this you look so Much like my son i saw your video where He said thorson was a family name Mm-hmm kitty jeez kids Well that’s crazy mary i’ve gotten some People have sent me uh pictures of People they think Look like me and it’s like very spooky Sometimes how How very uh i’m very close that is yeah Um for our second merch winner of the Night we have Genie genie you have always been here Donating I was very pleased to draw your name out Um So if you email me at paranormalfalls Crew gmail.com if you’re still watching We will get that merch sent to you Theresa you also want i think you’re Signed off now but You two guys um are the winners this Week So congrats on that genie um all of Y’all who donated tonight Are going to be um Entered into next live streams merch Contest At the end of the day go listen to Murder in america

Yes oh lori again thank you laurie Laurie thank you lori Uh colin and i met in college Yeah we had a very interesting way of Meeting we met through Uh hunter actually hunter was on the Channel You know a long time ago yeah and he Knew connor of course brother courtney’s Brother Yeah and courtney new hunter i knew Hunter i met courtney Years later oh here we are In love madly We’re both just hopeless romantics yeah We are we go really well Together so jeff did go to laurie’s Question You don’t know that jeff the hell our Story is You know a real deep version of the Story Yes thanks jeff thanks papa spooks for Donating you’re entered to win free Merch Jake hell yeah bro hit me up just shoot Shoot me a text on uh On instagram man welcome to austin 512 Baby We would love to become that’s our town Okay everybody um so thank you All for uh for joining tonight i know we Didn’t do a proper ghost hunt but we’re Just exhausted

From filming all week and editing doing The podcast We’re going to be doing a live stream Investigation soon again Yeah reading the stories you guys uh Need to if you have ghost stories Type them out send them to paranormal Files gmail.com Go fill out the form for the golden Files it’s in the Link or the description of this video But Let’s get everybody involved on this Let’s uh let’s have everybody spam stay Spooky in the chat Yes before we go i want everybody saying Stay spooky There you go i’ll type it i’ll type it As well to start it It’s spooky That’s beautiful Okay i need to explain what you’re Talking about Colin um you all know the season on ali Season of the bachelorette when that guy Casey Sings exactly like this do it again He’s like i was sitting in the Helicopter Just looking for a fighter It’s like the most cringe thing you’ve Ever seen in your life

But he’s really good at it the dude is Just like on a little date And he just randomly out of nowhere just Like starts singing and it’s just Completely silent And he’s like singing about like how Great And i’ve never seen something so pretty A final rose the last two live streams You’ve had it they end with singing Yeah things yeah seriously What’s up i like it i like it it’s a Little good send off It is but anyways y’all You guys rock um once again yes stay Spooky everybody We’ll be back on tuesday with that full Investigation video Saturday this is the beginning of the Jail series we’re going to be cranking These out we’ve got So many good investigations really good Evidence Really good stuff special guests jeff And i are flying to georgia next week We’re doing a series in georgia anybody That’s in georgia Hit us up on instagram we might be able To meet up and just say hi From six feet away yeah that’d be fun Because of kelvin But um and actually jess vaccinated so He’s fine He got the vaccine yes and i had covered

So Don’t know what that means but we’re Somewhat safe but listen to murder in America our podcast Fill out those forms we love you guys we Love you And uh thanks for tuning in and we’ll See you on tuesday See you louie and beverly and lotto judy Hopkins Omg haley my instagram is colin brown C-o-l-i-n-b-r-o-w-e-n Mine’s court-chan c-o-r-c-o-r C-o-u-r c-o-u-r-t S-h-a-n my wife doesn’t know how to Smell my name Yeah sorry Um but yeah i love you all and uh Uh say spooky everybody bye Bye and love you have a good week Everybody see you on tuesday