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This Incident occurred after my husband Myself And our three children and i had moved Up to some land That we purchased on sugarloaf mountain West of boulder colorado My husband at the time managed a tavern And had purchased the five acre silver Mining claim For a song from at the bar and on a Paper napkin we built a tiny 12×16 Cabin and squeezed ourselves in there on The south side of the mountain About two-thirds of the way along the Original little mining road The cabin was on only level land on a Heavily treed and rocked parcel The north side of the cabin snugged Right up against the mountain slope With pine trees all around that side Was two plywood sections high which Would have put it a hair Over 16 feet we had an oversized plywood Platform Bunk bed in the northeast corner of the Cabin Which we adults and our baby daughter on The first level And the two boys on the upper level We put in a little window up there for Them for air And put in an inside shutter on it so They could close it

When it got really cold which sometimes It did It did reach 40 below the very first Winter we were there I think it was during the second autumn There so it would have been 1971. Our then five and a half half-year-old Son claimed he had heard the sound of Footsteps in the early evening After hearing a really strange sound Definitely an animal But he had no words at that age to Describe it He said that it sounded like a call of Some sort And bigger than an owl some kind of Hooting i guess Then he heard some noises close by Rustlings etc when he looked up Through the open shutter window he Explained that he looked right into the Face Of a monster all i know for sure Is that i'll certainly never forget his Terrified screams When he did calm down he described it As dark and very hairy and a Funny face and glowing eyes It turned and ran away as soon as he Began screaming His brother two years older slept Through the entire incident Until his brother shrieks woke us all With the ground sharply slanted up we

Figured something would have to have Been just about seven to eight feet tall To peer up into that upper window Not being trained trackers we found no Evidence the next day But our son who at this time is now Almost 35 Swears to this day that it was bigfoot That he saw And i have always believed him since There was no way in the world that at His age He could have made up that precise and Auditory and visual image Or his terror he came over and visited Us this morning I told him about the article in the post And he reiterated his story He says the image of the face has never Left him And probably never will My name is leona my son His wife a friend and i saw A sasquatch on august 10th of 1990 11 am on a bright sunny day In larimer county roosevelt national Forest About 25 miles just northwest of fort Collins I suppose the nearest highway would be Highway 34. That goes through loveland about 20 Miles away We had bought a small piece of property

And we're building a bridge Across buckhorn creek we took a break And my son dallas was scanning a Mountain to the west of us With his binoculars when he saw it My daughter-in-law grabbed at the Binoculars and looked And she said it's chasing some deer Then oh my goodness mom it's got knees She said it ran into a group of pine Trees I got my binoculars and we stood quietly And waited several moments go by And it leapt out from the trees and went Running across the face of the mountain I swear that thing could run like the Wind And this was rugged terrain but it had a Very strange Distinctive gate the friend that was With us Saw it without binoculars i guarantee It was not a fake there is zero Possibility That it could have been no human could Run that fast Especially in a costume if this was And especially across that rugged Mountain And it was at least seven feet tall What is puzzling is that it did not seem To fit with things i have read about Them This one was pitch black not reddish

Brown And it was seen in bright daylight it Was the middle of the day It was chasing deer which i thought Would rule out at being a vegetarian Another thing that i thought was very Interesting was that a huge bird Perhaps a vulture of some kind kept Circling around Where the thing was like maybe it was Waiting for it to make a kill My son insisted that it had a tuft of Snow white hair on its head We didn't report the sighting because Well We didn't think anybody would believe us Plus We didn't want some gun-happy nuts Trying to hunt it down My husband and i have been living out Here ever since that time And we've been staring at the same Mountain for years But we've never seen another one Nevertheless I feel truly blessed that i got the Chance to see one of these creatures That are apparently so elusive and by Many Claim don't exist In 1971 i saw some very large footprints In the snow In the summer high in colorado Wilderness area

These prints were at least half again as Big as a human footprint And the stride length was much longer Than any human At least four feet or longer They looked exactly like human prince They were not bare i recognized those They proceeded across several small Remaining snow patches On a mountainside meadow there were About a dozen or more clear prints I saw none on the ground between the Snow The ground was firm and damp I saw no other suggestive evidence But was not searching for any i was Scared And wanted to get out of there asap I wondered if they may have been human And had enlarged Spread out by heating and melting Cooling and re-freezing That does occur at that time of year in The little snow patches But the detail was fairly preserved And one would think that any melting and Re-freezing would blur those details The possibility of this phenomenon Should be closely examined Somebody should walk through the summer Snow patches barefooted Then observe the prince for a number of Days during the summer When this melts and refreeze process

Does occur If the enlarging of the prince and Spreading of the stride does not occur I assume these prints i saw were clearly Not human if they do spread out Maybe somebody just walked through their Barefooted I wondered if it was a hoax but the area Was quite remote And the perpetrator would have to know Somebody Would pass that exact spot i don't Recall if we were on an established Trail Or just wondering near our campsite and Also If it was a hoax why would they put the Prince in the snow Since one could not predict exactly when It would melt In the unpredictable summer weather I have no particular interest in the Existence of sasquatch But as a scientist i am curious Having seen these prints with my own Eyes i definitely believe it is possible There were two friends were with me and We all Saw the same thing i am now 46 years of Age And was in high school at the time that I saw this We normally walk our dog off lead but Entering the start of the hike

At the west entrance my wife and dog Were immediately On high alert my wife wanted her dog on Lead As she was spooked by the way This was the western side of the Railroad grade trail Above chalk lake so After approximately a quarter mile i Noticed animal droppings That appeared large human shaped under The uphill undergrowth Spaced every 10 to 20 feet i even Commented on the size and shape of the Droppings with my wife And we agreed they couldn't be human As there were too many and under the Branches of the uphill side We discussed how they appeared to be Marking a territory The droppings continued for maybe 150 Feet We continued down east on the trail at About the half mile mark A deer startled us running from the Uphill side across the trail And down the other my wife was spooked And we turned around to go back as we Near the spot where the droppings were I spotted a single footprint on the Uphill side Partially hidden by branches i took Pictures using my water bottle and shoe Size 10 for comparison i wanted to spend

More time But my wife and dog were very agitated I spent five minutes searching for a Rock or a log Or anything that would fit in the form Of the print Thinking it must have been a rock to Have left such a deep Clear impression no such luck We left in a hurry there was also no Unusual smells No other bikers or hikers on the trail That day Our dog was for whatever reason on high Alert The entire time he is a kelpie cattle Dog Very intelligent very well trained And very intuitive to his surroundings We all have spent time hiking in bear Country And are very comfortable in the bush There's no other reason Why our dog would be on such high alert Something was with us that day or close By On thursday july 25th My girlfriend and i were hiking in Mayflower basin South of colorado 91. we were up in the Basin And helen had gone ahead to the foot of The basin I was about a hundred yards off the

Three minor log cabin remnants Sitting on a rock enjoying some peanuts And water When looking west i saw a very large Brown biped Approach the snow wall cornice and seek To climb it The biped wasn't able to climb up over 20 feet Moved back down laterally to its right And then down to the ground off the snow It then walked on two legs very briskly To the right Subsequently out of my view about four To five minutes later A hiker with his dog came walking down The trail And i later saw this brown biped from Time to time Walking above the snow southbound And did not see it again helen had Returned to me And we discussed then walked down to the Locked gate Prohibiting cars into the basin to talk With the hiker His name was robbie his dog dallas We agreed to scale up the trail to where I had seen the brown biped Helen took longer but robbie and i Reached the area Found handprints in the snow in an arc One print lower with three big fingers And one thumb

Footprints were not descriptive of toes Arch And heel but we took photos and we'll Share if interested We then traverse to right north on Difficult terrain That is quite slanted where the biped Moved quickly And appearing easily and no further Sighting This was now about 2 30 pm when i had Seen the biped At about 1 45 returning back to the dirt Road And the parking lot by bushwhacking the Forest Also the brown biped sought to scale Snow wall Tried only once then moved laterally to Write off snow Then when robert and i got there It was very hard for us to traverse he Is a 47 gulf war veteran I in six and even with two ski poles for Stability Was very hard to traverse