“They’re HERE” The Story of The Haunted Gallows at the Old Gonzales Jail | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | February 24, 2021
"They're HERE" The Story of The Haunted Gallows at the Old Gonzales Jail | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This is the hangman’s noose there were Three people that were executed In this jail if the rope is small enough They will get decapitated i don’t tell Everybody this but i know y’all like That stuff oh yeah How long if you dare There was a manifestation back there my Son is an empath and he sees dead people And he turned around and right here was A smallish man He had bruises on his neck and he had a Blue shirt on he went over and he opened The squinter and he put his face up to Look in like this and something said Get out Gonzalez texas one of the earliest Anglo-american settlements in all of Texas This small texas town with a population Of under 10 000 people surprisingly Played a major role in texas state History A number of the defenders of the alamo Were sent from gonzales in the wake of The massacre And general sam houston at one point Ordered the city of gonzales to be Burned to the ground which led to the Town becoming abandoned for a number of Years There are a lot of sordid tales that Come from gonzalez including that of John joel glanton an early settler of

Mexican texas and later a texas ranger Who after the mexican-american war Became a terrorist and sadistic murderer He was from gonzales But in the center of town sits the crown Jewel of morbid gonzalez the old Gonzales county jail This is an extremely spooky place filled With a number of spirits stemming from Execution suicides and possible murders The night that i spent there with my Father Was terrifying i’m telling you guys i’ve Been filming the show for a long time And i rarely get spooked nowadays But the things that happened to us Inside of that old abandoned jail I can’t explain them i can’t ration with What happened with how i felt Welcome to the paranormal files this is The beginning of our new haunted jail Series And this is gonna get really spooky Trust me Hey everybody colin here i hope you Enjoy this brand new series jeff and i Have been working our asses off to bring This to you guys We have been filming almost every day For the last week throughout texas Even after the massive ice storm that Knocked out so much power and so much Water We were cooking dinner last week jeff

Courtney and i and we had to boil all of Our water And couldn’t drink the stuff from the Sink couldn’t take showers or brush our Teeth with it it was a It was a nightmare but i just wanted to Remind you guys that if you Really enjoy this channel and you really Enjoy these videos All you have to do is like the video Please leave me a comment and if you Feel so inclined and so kind Please consider becoming a patron Because we’re posting stuff all the time On the patreon behind the scenes footage I’m about to upload an entire episode With steve ronin the Urban explorer we went to an abandoned Nazi sympathizer camp in los angeles and That entire episode it’s almost 30 Minutes long we captured some crazy Activity down there in the bottom of This canyon I’m putting that on patreon exclusively This week So that helps so much because i do this Full time and if you guys would like to See bigger better locations becoming a Patron Or donating is the easiest way to help Us do that It’s a lot of work and you guys are the Ones that support this and want to see It so

Yeah anything helps but anyways enjoy This video Hope everybody’s staying safe and i love You guys and stay spooky Hi we’re in the gonzales county jail It’s a museum now It was built in 1885 and i’d love to Show you around Come on inside Thank you i’d like to show you what the Jail looked like when it was first built It was built in 1885 and this was the Jail until the end of 1975 So it’s seen a lot of people come in and Out this front door Come on this way we’ll look around in The hall This was originally the sheriff’s office And quarters Mostly just quarters where his family Would live and it’s actually where I grew up i lived here for 10 years While my dad was sheriff And it was a very interesting childhood I must admit So if you come this way this is the Grand hall Where everybody came in that same front Door that you just did And that could be visitors to the Prisoners upstairs it could be Any of the law officials it could be the Family you just never knew who was Coming in that front door

When they came in if they were a Prisoner that was going to be Interrogated they would usually come and Sit at something like this desk and They would take all their information And ask questions and decide whether They were going to be guests for a while Or not Over here we have a picture that That was taken in 1912. it shows some of The different law officials the sheriff And the Town constable county clerk and the Jailer and this Is the same door that you came in except There’s no sidewalk So 1912 was a little different but not All that different except that they had Horses In front you can see some saddles from The time because they were still going After the bad guys Riding horses come on in the sheriff’s Office very texas This is the sheriff’s office and of Course every sheriff that was elected Was able to use the jail building the Whole All the rooms in any way they wanted to So if it suited one purpose better than They called in a different name this was Built to be the sheriff’s office this is A picture of the 10 sheriffs that served This building the only sheriff that was

Killed in office Was sheriff glover he was killed in 1901 The rest of the sheriff served pretty Peaceful terms this Is my dad he was the next to the last And the longest serving Sheriff with a consecutive term there Were several sheriffs that had Broken terms and they would come back They’d serve as sheriff and then they Would come back and serve Again out of office for a while come Back in it was uh Quite an interesting place in the center Of town i can guarantee And how did glover die mr glover was Called sheriff glover was called by Sheriff and another county that There had been a man accused of stealing A horse his name was gregorio cortez and He actually was probably our most Famous prisoner here eventually he asked Him if he would go out and look at his Family Place because he knew he was supposed to Be in gonzales When sheriff glover went out they were Asking some questions And he actually took an interpreter Because gregorio cortez only spoke Spanish And everybody else only spoke english They asked if he stole a horse It is said that he replied no i bought a

Mayor The difference between the male and Female and horses and Anyway somebody got upset and gregorio Cortez’s brother actually started Shooting because it was Found later that he was a wanted man Already he started shooting they were Surrounding the house And nobody really knows for sure if Gregorio cortez shot Sheriff glover or if actually it was Friendly fire we don’t really know They thought that gregorio cortez shot Him that started a manhunt That lasted for a good while and Actually kind of re-activated the texas Rangers At the time they were just about out of Business and so they started looking for Him they Finally caught up with him about eight Miles from the mexican border uh they Caught him And they brought him back to san antonio And then eventually put him in jail in Gonzales and he was tried here And put in jail here wow so that’s how He died Crazy there are some things that were Used in uh By former sheriffs this is a fingerprint Table that was used actually by my dad In the 50s

You can see you had to put your finger On the on the Ink and turn it around and actually put It in different spots corresponding Spots on the paper And they had to learn how to how to use These and Actually went to fingerprint schools to Learn to read All the swirls and worlds that everybody Has on their fingertips I did that as a kid like back in you Know the Early 70s they took us yeah yeah our School like I was in grade school like second grade Or 30 yeah and they Roll on that right there yeah it’s kind Of interesting to think like they get Your fingerprints right You wonder if they can yeah if you are In the system now If they need to look you up you’re in The system we have roll top desk that Was actually used Very very early one of the first items That was used here Uh and you can see this this old radio Two-way radio There’s a giant picture here and there’s A reason for it That was one of the best days in their Lives as law officers because Before this radio which was about 1954

55 somewhere around in that era they got Their first one and that’s what they’re Doing Sitting there playing with the new radio Before that radio To get a deputy or a jail or somebody to Come back to the jail if they had left They had to flip a switch like a light Switch That lit a red light on top of the jail Three floors up And if they looked at it and saw it they Knew to come back to the jail And that’s the only way they could get In touch with them so can you imagine The difference this made That was a red letter day sure Crazy we did a lot of research on this Building And actually wrote a book about it Because when you start looking Into these old buildings these county Buildings you Can’t find a lot of information and if You’re trying to make a museum on early Texas law enforcement they’re just Starting a lot of records so we’re Trying to piece things together and Be authentic and put forth some really Good information Let’s go this way and i’ll show you some More Some of our offices down this hall this Is the jailer’s room this is pretty

Interesting room because Originally there was a jailer here Because there was only a sheriff they Didn’t always have deputies And so if the jailer was hired this was A room that he could work in so this was His office It was also a room that he could live in If he wanted to it had no outside Entrance it was just Through all the the corridors in the Jail and we have talked to Some people that have come back to visit Us in the jail and they were born in This room Which absolutely is fascinating this is A very small Oppressive room wow but the jailer was Important because once someone was Arrested and put in jail here it was up To the jailer To take care of him he had to see that He got food he got taken to the doctor If he was ill He also had to go to the judge and so The jailer was the one that was Responsible for getting him to the judge And getting in my back And he kept all the records here in his Office Cool little room yes Almost every room almost every room in The jail has an Opening for a stove like this because

You think 1885 it was Pretty cold still is i’ve used the Original doors No these were put in these are called Boilerplate steel Doors and they were put in when they They made rectangles you can see right Here Up here oh they took one of the the Arched openings And filled it in with lath and and Rubble seabed rubble yeah you can see Uh-huh and made it rectangular so that They could put rectangular doors I think it was easier to to make them Secure if they had rectangular doors That Were made out of steel because i don’t Know what was original possibly wood Yeah yeah but these are still old yes We actually have several things in this Jail that were Fresh off their patent like upstairs Some of the controls that operate Many of the doors that open and shut Like you see in the prisons and things That automatically Open and shut we had actually something That was patented in 1886 and this is one of the first places They put them Wow this has no light This is actually a padded room It was built for mentally ill prisoners

Because when this was the time period This was built They didn’t know what to do with people That were mentally ill they Had no clue what to do and to keep them Safe If something was going on they would put Them in here until they could get them To a doctor or Figure out something but this is a Padded room It happens to be padded with metal I don’t know it quickly it quickly as as They Realized what was going on with mentally Ill people it quickly became a holding Cell So that when someone was arrested and They were taken to the judge They stayed in here until they found out If they were going to stay In jail for a few days or if they were Going to the state prison For years if they were going to another County or state or whatever so this is A holding cell and if you look around You can see that they pass their time by Writing on the walls There is a lot of graffiti on the walls Jeez and as we walk through you will Find some that you see all the time You’ll see it repeated over and over for Instance here’s pepe Here’s pepe there is

El pato de nixon el pato de nixon El pato is very famous in fact he comes Back and talks to us every once in a While we visit with him still Wow that’s crazy what does that Mean the duck the dust The duck okay i asked him i asked him When uh he was visiting with us one time I said El pato why but you were in the jail Quite a few times And i said you were pretty feared he Said yes and i said Why do you have a name that says the Duck of nixon Why didn’t you get a name that was a Little more fierce or something like the Wolf or something and he said oh i Didn’t get that in jail He said when i was little bitty my mom And name nicknamed me that because i Like to go splashing mudfalls So you just never know where’s the next One Dixon is a town 30 miles from here Every every threshold is different Okay break the jail there were times When there were prisoners upstairs That were as we called it stirring the Pot and they wouldn’t They would get people agitated so that They would fight because it It was fun for them and they would sit Back and watch it

And then other people got in trouble but The law officers would figure it out and Sometimes they would bring them down and Get their attitude Adjusted in the dungeon This is the dungeon right now we are in Flux right now i guess you could say Because we are working on the museum With the interpretation and changing Some things around Repairs upgrades restoration stuff so This was the dungeon It is it is also clad in metal you can See right here This is the only place they got light or Air into this room when it was closed And locked I only know of one person that got put In here the whole time That we lived here it only took 30 Minutes before he decided he was not Going to stir any more pots He was not going to bother anybody else It’s a pretty dreary place Wow Yeah the only place you get air and Light is there This is total sensory deprivation You cannot you cannot see this that’s Crazy This would kind of be the hole yes you Know it had lots of names but it was all To adjust your attitude Wow i like the dungeon though it’s not a

Good name Yeah yeah i like the dungeon the old Days That’s for sure that’s for sure i’m more Afraid of a dungeon than a hole Can we talk about the noose in here Before we get up there yes Might be a little warmer oh come on I know i’m just kidding I’m so glad you’re thinking of me This is the coldest texas has ever been I think I know certainly in my lifetime Truthfully we never you know we get snow Here about every 20 years And i’m talking an inch or less so we Had four inches at our place so Anyway when this jail was built they Were still Executing people they were still Lynching people matter of fact but that Was the illegal part They were still having people’s sentence To be executed And the method of legal execution at the Time was Hanging and there were three people that Were that were executed in this jail Now back in those times too they had People who traveled and they were Professional haman that’s what they did For living And actually if you were gonna have to Be executed you’d want a professional

Hangman Because that’s basically the difference Between maybe seven Seconds and maybe up to 10 minutes Because if you don’t do it right you are Strangled So you want to be hanged this is an Example It’s a replica of a hangman’s noose It is one inch hemp it is well oiled To keep it in good good shape it’s Smooth and it’s been stretched It has the coils that go around it there Is a myth that you had to have 13 Because that was unlucky but actually This is such a heavy rope that if you Had 13 quads on there you wouldn’t be Able to lift it So actually what they did was use a Sufficient amount Of coils for the size of the person that Was to be executed So there you are i will stop i i don’t Always like all the Mccomb knowledge i have we love you I know you love it that’s what we are Here for what so what would be Six like what kind of poundage would That I do i don’t know no i just know that And you can only do so much because what You what you do The the thing that works with the Hanging rope

It’s hanging up there this big knot goes Right in front of your ear Either side but right in front of your Knee because then when you fall it’s Here It’s like this around your neck When you when you fall when your body Falls it does this That forces your head over with this Thing And that breaks your neck and does that Thing several Times like when they put it on does it Well this Is it’s it’s coming through somebody Messed with it so it’s coming loose They normally would put it on the Professional and then cinch it down Tight yes okay yes uh-huh and it will it Will hold unless you Happen to hit the right strand and you Can’t do that once somebody’s in it It’s a lot bigger than i thought it Would be yeah Yeah if you had like yeah definitely wow It’s very it’s interesting though that That’s where you put the knot i mean I’ve never known that let’s see In the movies they show you smaller rope And they do it right in the center back There you know what happens people get Strangled and it also if the rope is Small enough they will get decapitated Thanks really there is an outlaw called

Blackjack ketchum That was hung and they hug him with a Small rope and His hand went one way and his body went The other i don’t tell everybody this But i know y’all like that stuff Oh yeah How about that if you dare Definitely cooler up here Yeah we have we have no lights right now We lost our lights the other day This big area is called a run around It’s basically what an exercise yard is Or if there were You’re on a paranormal tour what do you Think that was weird The light just died yeah then it changed The setting Okay they could add If they needed more space they could add More cots No more beds more tables whatever they Needed in here it’s extra space This is where they normally got fed Here is a replica of the gallows that Was here When i moved in the jail january 1 1951 A gallows just like this was here it was Not Where it is now it was moved over where They actually use it If there is an execution they pull it This way and by the way it takes about Six guys to move this

They pull it this way and then they turn It So that this end is over here In the corner of the stairs that go to The third floor Right up in the corner there was no Railing Originally and the condemned man was Locked in one of those cells up there So they would move the galas over the Sheriff would go up the stairs The condemned man would be unlocked Walked out onto the gallows floor The noose would be put around his neck And he would be pushed off the side If they used these gallows There is no there is no trap door oh Really no there’s no trap door what Would they actually Wow so now that’s what i’m saying this Was here But i don’t know if this is what was Used to execute the people because it Had been 30 years Since anybody had been hung when i moved In so There were three men they were all Murder This is their story there is uh Something associated with this room that Was pretty famous And that is at the time this happened it Was the last The last hanging here albert howard was

The name of the man that was hung He had to spend a good bit of time Waiting for his execution for some Reason Usually it didn’t take very long but he Had to wait for a while he was accused Of a particularly Bad crime cruel crime he was griping That he was Innocent he kept telling everybody that Would listen and he was innocent he did Not do this And nobody would listen because Everybody knew he was guilty So he said okay i’m going to prove That i’m guilty because i can watch the Minutes of my life tick away because i Can see the top of the courthouse clock So i’m watching the minutes of my life Just drain away I’m innocent and it’ll prove it when you Kill me Because the four faces of the clock will Never tell the same time on all the four Faces At the same time they hung him and the Four faces of the clock that was in 1921 the four faces of the clock Never told the same time on each face Until 1998 or in the 1990s When they actually took all the clocks Out and replaced them And redid it wow what do you think do You think that’s paranormal actually

What i actually think i think he was Guilty as hell And i actually think what my Eight-year-old grandson Happened to say was that that man been Watching that clock he knew they didn’t Tell the same time It’s probably true so you can actually See a bit of Of the other of another face so who Knows i mean i I really do not know why it was like That except that The clocks back then were open to the Air there was Dust mold feathers pigeon poop I mean lots of stuff to mess up Mechanical works So i don’t know but you know cool Nonetheless so who does it could have Been chalk that up There are other things around here that Are not explained So i will tell you one more thing about This this wall over here I don’t know if you can see there’s Graffiti all over the walls Up here all over the wall but you can See it particular damage on this wall It looks like somebody wrote so much That they damaged the wall That’s not what happened they were Writing on this wall up until this Became a museum

There were never any window panes no Glass in the windows it was window Openings But no pains in the windows so it was Always open to the elements They had a really bad problem with Pigeons and pigeons were coming in and Nesting And raising their babies and making a Mess everywhere And so the last year that this jail was Commissioned Uh there were pigeon babies everywhere And in the last few months The sheriff and the deputies and stuff Came up with their 12-gauge shotguns and They got squabbled for supper So they shot the pigeons that they were Raising and would eat them Take them home and eat them and that’s What the damage is this is from shotgun Pellets wow poor pigeon It’s a delicacy or i should say yum So that’s what that is and if you look Back here There are cells at the back this is two Floors here There used to be a tower that went up Right here And there was a big humongous unanswered Roof we They took that off about 1912 the tower And the mansard roof And we have no records of where the

Stairs went how it went on up or Whatever So i can tell you that this is a two Floor opening right here And these cells at the back here were Misdemeanor cells that’s basically People that don’t hurt other people They did minor crimes and they were Locked back there there are High security cells on both of the east And west Wings of the second floor and the east And west wings of the third floor You could put three people in each of Those cells so there was room for 12 Prisoners In the felony cells the places where They used guns and knives and hurt other People That’s what they were for and there are Some really good stories about some of Those And i guess you’d like to see some of Them right Let me close this and i’ll show you what It looked like when a When a jailer was coming up This is what you would see and if you Want it Okay he died at the exact same thing Didn’t do anything Albert stop it okay i didn’t touch Anything That’s exactly where it died before was

Right here remember yeah we just came in Here That’s right that’s weird weird Okay okay oh what the heck look at What’s going on i don’t have money Albert are you messing with us We do have an albert here you see Okay I’ve never seen it even do this have you No Oh [ __ ] that just killed the light here Hold on do we need a flashlight you Don’t have one Yeah i can go grab another one from my Car just that just killed the entire Battery What the heck right here yeah oh okay Okay now what what should we leave it Let’s just see if we can Leave it at 50. yeah just leave don’t Touch it okay Okay geez this is this is a safety Uh precaution because the jailer or Whoever was going to go look at the Prisoners Could open the squinter and you can see In here if anybody’s waiting to ambush You Or if you didn’t want to go all the way In you could just look and see if Everything was okay Wow it’s like medieval times If it dies again then then i’ll grab a Different one

Okay there is there is an avenue that Goes all the way around This you can see over here this is for The jailer or A deputy or whatever he can go all the Way around and the reason it’s there Is not only that they can look at the Prisoners to see if everybody’s behaving If they’re doing all right But in the back is where all the Controls for the utilities Are and there was also in the very Beginning there’s an alcove On the end of the wing back there that Had a wooden stove that heated this Place So he had to bring wood up and Everything so anyway but here’s where The prisoners were There was a shower area back here kinda Sorta And then very relaxing watch your feet This is actually a security cell What does you mean a security cell what Does that mean high security sales High security uh dangerous prisoners Dangerous These cells when you’re investigating You might Pay particular switching to the last Belt There was a manifestation back there This is where the toilet was Do you want me to tell you this story of

Course okay Um probably five or six years ago There was a 17 year old young man and His mother Were just looking around the jail while His dad did business And his mother was in the in the run Around that we were just in And he the young man came over here by Himself of course there’s nobody in here And this Cells are so small you can tell if Anybody’s around So he walked in here when you walk in Here if you look back over On the side there is a hand print Of a left hand it’s just a drawn hand Print So he turned around and he he put his Hand in the hand print And he got that feeling And he turned around and right here was A smallish man He had long scraggly hair he had bruises On his neck And he had a blue shirt on he didn’t say A word he just looked at him so The young man got kind of spooked and he Came out and he tried to Get all the way out and as he’s going Out the third cell the last cell that Same man was sitting on the Book as he’s trying to go out so he went All the way out of the jail

Outside sat on a bench up there his Mother went to see What was going on and she came back in And she apologized to us and she said I’m so sorry if That caused any problems she said but my Son is an empath and he sees dead people So that was interesting so i’m sure you Will look in that a little bit more Yeah is that handprint in this room yes It’s right it’s right around the corner There Let me get a shot of this Oh oh yeah There was a prisoner named bates that Was counting off the time But i don’t know if that’s his handprint I mean we have no way of knowing So no one even knows whose handprint This is no But uh the lady you met tammy was Telling me About a man that she had seen in the Dungeon That was kind of a small man that had on A blue shirt he had long scraggly hair I don’t know we’re here yeah there’s no Prisoner that really matches that Well you know they write names and the Right dates but they didn’t really write Descriptions so we really have no idea It had to be a long time ago so it would Be before our times So i there is there is a man a prisoner

That was named bates but whether that Was the same man i don’t know But apparently he didn’t move on Mystery i guess we’re good in this area That’s cool And this thing right here this is just The these people’s exercise area it’s Just a little horseshoe Area that goes around here they can just Walk around a little bit Without letting them out into the main Area The courthouse bellows courthouse clock Clock little ominous This is a pretty cool bunch of history Right here That’s why we’re trying to save it Yeah these lock boxes Throw in here had controls they’re Locked up now we haven’t we’re not that Far along to undo them But they had controls that would see all The way across And they could open one door two doors Three doors This door is that the handle with the Handle And you can actually go in here This is pretty tight but this is This is Some heavy stuff yes it is it’s been

Neglected So long we’ve got a lot of work ahead of Us After a while if you’re investigating i Will give you a Another little key and you can look at Another Security section that’s on the third Floor it has steps that go down so You’ll have to be really careful but can You take us up to the death row Cells before we go back down sure wow Yeah what is the proper word oh what the Hell okay well that’s okay Is that possible like look at that it Was on the entire time we’re in the Other cell block Someone’s maybe messing with us Just careful this is the door i’m going To give you the key to Oh no it’s open Okay this had a floor that actually Right past where you could use the Control Lever the floor just ended so if you Took another step you’d wind up back Down the second floor I’ve got something across there but i Just want you to be really careful if You If you come up here okay and what is That again this is just Another security cell okay there’s four Security fields

So the the people that were condemned Would be locked in One of these cells i think unless they Were really full they probably locked Them in this one because Right below is where they would have Walked them right out onto the gallery See this this rail was not here okay This was not put in until this became a Museum this was just a walkway with no Railing So the galaxy was pushed right up Against here So when that was open it was the same Height they just walk right out onto the Gallons floor that’s what i was asking Yeah that’s the same yes yes wow So they just drag that over here you’d Walk right from your cell yes you see it To the gallows it’s it’s it’s out of the Way right now So you don’t notice it these are Misdemeanor cells And they have lots we have 92 Windows we have been restoring windows We’ve gotten two grants and we’ve only Gotten We probably will have 20 windows done Because each window costs 2500 So we have a long way to go maybe people Will come see us and drop a donation in A box that’ll be good So paranormal activity-wise what’s the

Most common I guess phenomenon the people we have k2 Meters that Go off the charts in different places at The top of the stairs right here is one Place Right there close to that door we’ve had It over here The man who has done ghost hosts for us Which is our own fundraiser Thought he heard something in the door That door is welded shut and i I have to get it cut loose it’s but it’s Welded shut I don’t why would you weld the door shut I don’t know but it is but he went over And he opened the squinter You know like i showed you he opened the Sprinter and he put his face up to look In like this and something said Get out so over there is a good place Yeah It’s creepy what about you have you Experienced Much in here do what have you Experienced no i have not but i am one Of those people that If i see a shadow there i think oh huh I just i just don’t i’ve i’ve been on Lots of investigations and i hear things I hear footsteps I see the k2 meters going i’m interested I know that i don’t know everything I just i don’t believe it i don’t

Disbelieve I’m just kind of open i’ve seen too much To say oh It’s not oh right there What kind of time is that wow Right when you said yeah seemed too much Why not carried on We’ve carried on a conversation with the K2 meters with uh Somebody named albert and albert was the Well out There was an albert howard that was hung That put the curse on the clock Uh there was an albert that was a deputy That i knew i don’t know who it was this One actually told us That he was not a prisoner that he was a Deputy and that he liked to use the Blackjack Now i mean these are questions that we Ask at the k2 meters this is what it led Us To believe because there was either a Reaction or there wasn’t another black Jack That’s that’s that’s the little they Call them a billy club a sap You know anything that you can go whop On your head and say pay attention So what do you think at the end of the Day is kind of like the Eeriest most active place in the whole Building People report this area has something to

It From from a little of my experience but Mostly from what other people have Have told me about their experiences i Would say the cell Where the manifestation was is probably The heaviest But the dungeon has also had a lady said She got pushed There’s one cell one one one area of This place that Almost every time there’s a group and There are ladies in it the ladies get Their hair just like Not pulled hard but just like hey i’m Here sort of thing I do know that there were two black Ladies that were Arrested for something and i think Prostitution i’m not sure One of them was pregnant she had her Baby the baby died And i’ve had a lot of people say that They hear So a woman crying wow baby died in here How many deaths total is that well there Were three executions And there were three suicides that we Know about really and then the baby Three suicides and where were the where Did the suicides happen I don’t know there is no the records say There was a suicide we don’t know I think one of them was in the this

Section that we haven’t gone into that Other High security under the stairs Interesting but it doesn’t say where They were So weird i think they’d write that down You know I should write a lot for reference yeah I know I wrote a book what more do you want me To do Well i think we’re good okay good Hey guys so we’re on the ground in Gonzales texas As we heard in the interview the main Story about this place Is the inmate who cursed the clock of The courthouse now just to give you guys An idea on the ground That’s the jail right there if you look Kind of through those trees i know it’s Kind of hard to see but the courthouse Is right there so that Prisoner would have been looking up at That clock and The clock was replaced i think a decade Two decades ago But for years it would not work none of The clocks worked So it’s just kind of interesting you Don’t really hear Stories of curses that are actually true Verified by government officials But here in gonzales it happened

But it’s cold out my hands they’re going A little Red and chilly how are you feeling It is it is a little cold out um I’m feeling i’m feeling good though i Mean i got my My pimping jacket on tonight yes you do All right So i’m feeling good all right hey Everybody it’s colin here i just want to Point out how strange It was that the light died multiple Times While we were filming that interview i Don’t know if you guys really followed What was going on with that But the light was on strong for a very Long time then we walked into that run Around Area where the gallows were and it died That initial first time Then it continued to die in that area Only in that area if you go back and Watch the footage that was the only Place Where this light that we had would Randomly die And we even filmed in that other portion Of the Jail where they had seen the guy with The bruised neck it didn’t die there and We entered back then after that Into the run around area with the Gallows then it died again

Multiple times the rest of the night You’ll see in the footage it didn’t die I don’t know is that paranormal that’s Something that you need to decide for Yourself But before we start investigating Something very interesting happened A woman who was there at the jail that Night she was going to be sitting Outside in her car Just keeping the building safe Monitoring us basically She started talking to us about her Feelings and how she’s an intuitive and An empath and how she had felt these Dark energies in the building she Declined to have her image on camera But i did manage to get her to agree to Be on an interview So i’m gonna play her interview now and This actually goes to some weird places So Hello