SECURETEAM10 did he deserve this?

By | February 11, 2021
SECURETEAM10 did he deserve this?

I think that These guys can thank me or thank Us for our work because they also became Famous or their work or their channels Became famous because of the Debunk the debunking or the debunk they Did On our videos so So in a way you kind of you’re Responsible for some of the Fame yeah You there’s i mean there’s you there’s There’s um There’s there’s my boys these guys have They ever Have they ever used any of our stuff in The past no no I never would i i was never in contact With the third third phase of moon The lovely boys lovely boys blake he’s a Beautiful man Nice yeah the um What about what about a secure team did He ever Do you ever use anything um I think he spoke with him In the past i i talked with him Once it was during the live chat And i was in the chat in the comments But uh Some a few sentences and that’s uh That’s all But uh that’s right that that’s true

That it was the The biggest ufo channel on youtube for Many years And now he’s disappeared because He was to the target of a lot of haters And debunkers And especially one who was very very bad Very nasty and i don’t understand I still don’t understand the Why people react or Behave like this because you have In the life you have people like this Who just Exist in order to destroy the life Of others and i think that this is not A good way of life you can You can’t live a life a good life On negative vibes like this on Always making the bad Or bad things or Willing to hurt other people like this I was very shocked by This story with the other channel I don’t want to to to say his name Because He doesn’t need it doesn’t deserve Publicity or visibility But the secure team was uh well with 37 Minutes in i don’t think there’s not Many people unless the Hardcore subscribers they won’t make it Face every minute in What’s the guy’s name You want to know the name i might know

Him Yeah you know him because i saw that you You made the video uh I talked about lions ground yeah yeah Okay um but um and secure team Tyler this is tyler he seems to be a Nice guy and so That’s a shame that uh he’s in The situation the today situation i Don’t really understand What he’s living now well I mean it’s a played what kind of Devil’s advocate here i mean Secure team 10 lions ground I i spoke out because i didn’t like the Way lions ground handled it You know i kind of like you know the guy Is Sleeping in the motor i i i said leave The guy’s staying He’s in a moat he’s in a he’s in a motel You know and he’s he’s I don’t know if he’s with if he’s with His wife and anymore or Whatever probably not the guy has a lot Of problems What i was saying is leave him alone he Has an alcohol problem Things could you know So that that’s what i was saying but at The same time What heathcliff was saying about tyler Was factual you know there was things That he was saying that he had done you

Know The the fact that he he did get arrested Uh for for drinking behind the wheel That’s factual uh I found out I think i found out about 24 hours Before anybody else did I had the i had the uh pictures of it At the mug shop and i did i didn’t put It out Uh does that make me a saint no it makes Me a mug i should have put it out I’m joking but the the thing is And this is the problem when we put Ourselves out As i i’m not saying that we you know It’s youtube but if you become big as a Youtuber You you kind of like If if [ __ ] goes wrong in your personal Life There’s gonna be some somebody’s gonna Bring it up and Unfortunately lions ground heathcliff is The kind of guy that has had a lot of Beef with tyler For a long time and that for him was Like That was like gold dust i didn’t agree With it I definitely didn’t agree with it he Fell out with me he Fell out of me for sticking up for tyler But the point i wasn’t sticking up for

Anybody that My point there was that My worry which is that Something could if somebody’s already That low And somebody’s already hit the ball or Whatever A lot of a lot of [ __ ] can go wrong And content Creators can really ruin people’s lives That was what i was saying i i did a Video before that one The one that’s i think that one’s only Got like 2 000 views and that’s not got A lot of views Where i didn’t even name lion’s ground i Just said you know who you are Leave him alone that’s all i said but Then the second video You know okay i i well Well to be fair tyler did send me a Video that named him So that make that that makes me A [ __ ] for putting it out in the first Place because that’s like you know i’ll Just go on tyler’s fame I’ll be honest but but you know what he Did the snapping to heathcliff he sent Him a video Um but this is not about secure team 10 This is about you but It’s kind of very relevant because This channel has been accused of Probably doing the most hoaxes

Over any other channel and i don’t I am actually i’m i’m in contact with um Tyler from security 10. he probably Won’t watch this he probably didn’t Watch my channel anymore so i don’t care But i will say this to his face he did Hoaxes i’ve debunked him many times he Did a lot of hoaxes He didn’t do well not to my Knowledge or do you think he did some Cgi hoaxes do you think he knew what he Was doing with cgi Because you’ve when when i see uh When i see the the The the the stuff which with With you is working uh Uh in the in the few videos that We can see on youtube when we see Him working on his computer i don’t Think that He’s he can do cgi As easier like that as as easier as that Yes that’s that can be true that uh He was doing oxis Honestly i was not Watching very often his channel So i watched some few few videos But it was It was always a telling stories Or say talking about his own experience Because Uh i i think that he was pretending that He was abducted by uh ufo or aliens At a time

I don’t know if it’s true or not In fact this is the this is his problem This is His own life and That can be a problem uh indeed Uh if you are lying In front of people in front of the Camera in your videos When you are talking To your viewers on youtube like He was doing on his channel That’s why We wanted to to make a face reveal Because we wanted to uh we didn’t want To To make people believe that it was lying Or oxies or That we we wanted uh voluntarily make To make oxy no this was not The the way we wanted to To make these videos we wanted we didn’t Want to to make oxy In the way of bad auxies of bad behavior No why so many of your videos have Disappeared