5 Disturbing Doppelgänger Encounters

By | February 6, 2021
5 Disturbing Doppelgänger Encounters

In folklore the doppelganger Is a strange entity a biologically Unrelated copy Physical and perhaps even mental of a Living person The concept appears in the mythology and Traditions Of many cultures throughout human History Whilst two unrelated people can look Uncannily alike The doppelganger is said to be something Other a paranormal being that is an Apparition of a living person a spirit Double Or as the literal translation of the German word states A double walker or double goer Undeniably an unnerving concept In some of the most sinister tales of Doppelgangers these beings are claimed To stalk their earthly counterpart In the hopes of taking their place and May even be A servant of death itself The belief that doubles are omens of Death is widespread Someone who is said to have experienced Such a prophetic doppelganger is percy Bish shelley One of the major english romantic poets Of the 19th century shelley moved to Italy in 1818 with his wife Mary wolstencraft shelley the author of

The gothic classic frankenstein They spent time living in different Parts of the country And in the summer of 1822 the shelleys Were living in a villa near larichi On the shores of the bay of la spezia Shortly after arriving there it is said That percy began to experience A series of strange visions he related His experiences to his wife in the early Hours of the 23rd of june After suffering a terrible nightmare According to a letter mary wrote to her Friend about the matter only a couple of Weeks later Percy had seen a figure of himself which Met him As he walked on the terrace of their Villa the figure was He claimed his own image a doppelganger When it approached him he claimed that It spoke asking him How long do you mean to be content Terrifyingly this wasn’t the first time That shelley had claimed to have Encountered such a figure Shelley only 29 years old suffered from A chronic lung complaint And was often ill as well as Experiencing periods of depression It was thought that his visions were Hallucinations caused by his ill health And yet the figure he saw on the terrace Was not so

For shelley was not the only one who saw His duplicate In his wife’s letter mary explained that Jane williams A close friend who lived with the couple Also saw percy’s doppelganger Described by mary as a woman of Sensibility who was not in the slightest Degree nervous Jane reported seeing shelley pass by the Window she was standing at A usual route for percy only to pass Again shortly afterwards Heading in the very same direction jane Had not moved from the window and On account of a 20-foot wall the only Way shelley could have come back was to Have passed in front of the window again And yet he had not as such it seemed to Jane As if there had been two of him only a Few short days after percy related his Strange encounters to his Wife on the 8th of july he met his end Whilst sailing the bay of la spezia A storm and the inexperience of the crew Caused his boat to sink Lost forever beneath the waves shelley’s Badly decomposed body washed ashore 10 days later was his untimely demise Presaged By the appearance of his doppelganger Some of the most convincing cases of Doppelgangers are those witnessed by

Those other than the duplicated person In fact in very rare instances the Duplicated person Is completely unaware of the existence Of their double In 1845 a 32 year old teacher by the Name of emily sergey Started working at a private all-girls French language school In latvia a talented and well-liked Member of the teaching staff There was no reason for anything strange Or otherworldly to be connected to Sanjay And yet before too long her students Noticed Something very peculiar about their new Teacher with her ultimately finding Herself at the eye of a hurricane Of rumor and speculation there were After all As it was claimed by the students not One But two emily sashes the strange story Can be traced back to one particular Lesson When sanjay turned to right on the Chalkboard with her back to the class it Is said that a second Sachet appeared unseen by the first and Started mimicking the original’s Movements The two women not only looked the same But acted the same

Or so another incident occurred on an Evening when sanjay ate in the dining Hall And her double yet again manifest Mirroring her actions once more Before too long the appearances happened More frequently It is even claimed that on one occasion On a hot summer’s day the following year The entire student body of 42 girls Witnessed the appearance of saj’s Doppelganger during a sewing lesson They were being taught by a different Teacher at the time with the real sage Outside in the school’s garden Her double it is claimed appeared when The sewing teacher left the room to Speak to a colleague She is said to have just stared at the Girls wordless And terrifying perhaps the most ominous Element of this case is however the fact That sage never once witnessed her own Double Whilst it could be argued that the Children were playing a mean Practical joke by consistently claiming To have seen a duplicate of their Teacher What is more difficult to explain is how Saje whilst never seeing her Doppelganger did Seem to be aware of its presence in a Physical way

It is said that when the figure would Appear the colour would drain from the Teacher’s face and she would be overcome With fatigue To the point that her movements became Listless almost as if her spirit double Was draining her life force Whenever it came near ultimately it is Claimed that saje was fired from her job The persistent appearance of her Doppelganger simply too frightening for The school to tolerate According to some reports the tormented Teacher held 18 different teaching Positions In just 16 years suggesting that her Duplicate continued to stalk her Wherever She went One paranormal explanation for Doppelgangers is that Far from being a malevolent spirit Entity these figures are merely versions Of ourselves that exist In another dimension they are in short a Bleed through from a parallel Universe what might cause such a bleed Through to occur Is of course unknown however such an Explanation does suggest that whilst the Manifestation of a double may appear Sinister It is rather more mundane and quite Possibly entirely harmless

Even so that has not stopped people who Have encountered so-called doppelgangers From being Shocked or even fearful by what they Have seen In 1905 sir frederick khan rash A british politician and member of Parliament fell Ill with influenza bedridden and too Sick to work His fellow members did not expect to see Him at a planned parliamentary debate Shortly before easter as such many were Shocked when rash was seen at the house Of commons Present and very much healthy what Followed was a series of strange reports Made by a number of politicians later Reported on by several local and National newspapers an article published In drury’s derby mercury Dating from may 1905 described how mp Sir gilbert parker saw his friend rash Out of his place in the house of commons And then by the position he occupied Knowing that he had been very ill Parker was surprised to see him and so Nodded at rashed cheerfully and asked Him if he was feeling better Rash did not reply and made no sign Parker considered this to be odd and Explained that his friend’s position was His And yet not his whilst the figure

Clearly looked to be rash His expression was steely his face Remarkably pallid And his whole demeanor grim confused by His strange behavior Parker turned away and continued his Business when Only a moment later he turned back Towards rash he was gone Puzzled and a little unnerved he had Once went in search of him Expecting to find him in the lobby However he was not there either After quizzing multiple people present At the house parker was surprised to Discover no one else had seen Rash or so he thought a letter from Colonel sir arthur hater Written on the 13th of may and published In the daily news on the 17th Stated that he too had seen rash at the House of commons when he was lying ill At home According to the latter hater confirmed That he not only saw sukhan rash Sitting below the gangway not in his Usual seat but that he caught the Attention of another mp Sir henry campbell bannerman saying that He wondered why all the papers inserted Notices Of sukhan rash’s illness when he was Sitting opposite Apparently quite well sir henry it is

Said Looked at rash and replied that he hoped His illness was not Catching as far as both hater and Campbell bannerman were concerned Rash was without a doubt present at Parliament that day All in all rash’s grim double as the Figure became known Was noticed by at least three members of The commons Later when rash learned about his Supposed double ganga He confirmed that he had not been in his Place at westminster at the time And had indeed been ill in fact contrary To what some Thought at the time he made a full Recovery and did not die until Several years later rash is instead said To have taken the peculiar incident in His stride And when he spoke with parker later who Had been very concerned believing the Apparition he saw to have been an Omen of rash’s impending death accepted His congratulations upon having not died Went home told the story and supposedly Made everyone in his family Appropriately miserable that he had not Succumbed to the influenza Could it then be that far from being a Harbinger of death Rash’s grim double was instead a version

Of himself Continuing his work in a parallel world Ever so slightly different from our own Where rash did not fall ill and although Still an mp Sat in a different seat in the house of Commons Whilst not everyone who sees or has Their doppelgangers seen Meets their end soon afterwards there Are enough reports of such allegedly Happening For people to fear encountering their Double in this way Those who believe in the power of the Spirit double warn against Trying to communicate with them if you Do encounter one Stating that such an interaction could Have terrible Unintended consequences one of the first Books to popularize the term Doppelganger was katherine crowe’s 1848 Book On paranormal phenomena the night side Of nature In her book crow explores the idea of The human soul Having the ability to unanchor itself From the physical body Whilst in a state of trance or catalypsy With the freed spirit being as the Spirits of the actual dead Free to roam and if it so chooses

Interact with others Most commonly it is surmised one would Find themselves able to perform such an Act of bilocation When close to death one well-known case Referenced in crowe’s book of such a Thing allegedly happening Involved john dunn the english Metaphysical poet and scholar born in 1572. The year was 1612 and dunn who was Serving as a member of parliament at the Time Was in paris at the embassy his wife Anne was at home In england and was soon to give birth to Their child Two days after his arrival in paris dunn Dined at the embassy with his friend sir Robert And several others after eating dunn was Left alone in the room for about half an Hour When sir robert returned he is said to Have found dunn changed from earlier Sitting alone in a state of considerable Agitation Done it is claimed went on to tell his Friend that he had seen a dreadful Vision He had watched anne pass twice by him in The room Her hair hanging about her shoulders and A dead child

In her arms sir robert was shocked by What dunn had told him And replied that he must have fallen Asleep in the time he was gone from the Room and had some sort of melancholy Dream Dunn however was immovable he had seen His wife And couldn’t be surer stating that anne Had even stopped and looked him in the Face before vanishing Us is to be expected after encountering Such a terrible apparition Dunn was worried for his wife after much Suffering he received information from England That whilst anne was now well she had Delivered A stillborn child stranger still the Delivery had taken place At the time her husband had seen her in Paris Whilst in a state of considerable Physical and spiritual exertion Had and spirit left her body and Travelled to be with her husband to seek Comfort and perhaps even inform him of The tragedy Dun’s encounter with his wife’s double Is perhaps one of the most well-known Historical doppelganger cases being Reported on as early as 1675 In a biography of don in the time since No one has been able to categorically

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Perks which could be available to you Including exclusive loyalty badges next To your name in the comments section And streaming access to my documentary In search of the dead To summarize i really hope you like this New perk and have fun using these wacky Gifs in your messages Now let us continue When writing about doppelgangers in 1848 Crowe stated that whatever the cause for Their manifestation Encounters with doubles happen in all Places and to a great variety of people It could be argued that such a statement Has never been truer A simple online search reveals Innumerable personal testimonies Of disturbing encounters with doubles Not merely uncanny lookalikes but Doubles of the sinister supernatural Variety Some of the most unnerving encounters Are those which involve replicas of Loved ones Such a story comes from a reddit user by The name of geobyte Who claimed that one sunday morning they And their family received an unexpected Knock On the door of their apartment the floor Above was empty And so no one should have been at the Door moving to the window that looked

Out to the door they were surprised to See their father On the other side trying to get into the Apartment As they went to unlock the door to let Him in they state that their mother Rushed towards them and pulled them away From the door clearly distressed Looking out the window also and telling Her child to go to the farthest room in The apartment and to not Come out the man at the door the poster Claims Was not their father for he was asleep In the room next door by the time he was Woken up his double at the door had Started knocking Seemingly determined to get inside the Apartment Despite asking the figure who he was There was no reply He is said to have simply stood there Staring Waiting to be let in the real father Prepared to confront his sinister double With a baseball bat But by the time he opened the door the Figure was supposedly gone Whilst it is of course impossible to Verify this testimony with many Undoubtedly skeptical of paranormal Experiences being shared online in this Way The phenomena as a whole is difficult to

Ignore Everywhere you go all across the world And throughout time There are claims of doppelgangers both Benign and malevolent Arguably the doppelganger is one of the Most terrifying supernatural entities One can imagine encountering For it challenges our very sense of self Most especially when others Those who love us as individuals are Taken in by the double believing It to be the true version of ourselves Such instances make explanations of Mistaken identity Which many cases can be explained away As being more difficult to believe How can partners friends siblings and Even parents who know the real person Intimately be so fooled by another Person who simply resembles the original That is the issue with an ultimate Conclusive explanation And what makes the following alleged Experience shared by a woman who claims Her doppelganger was trying to replace Her So terrifying shared in 2015 And reported on by multiple media Outlets the story was originally posted As a partially fictionalized account of Allegedly true happenings Since then in 2018 the experiencer has Come forward

With an unembellished supposedly Truthful version According to the woman’s revised Testimony many members of her family saw Her double believing it to be Her instances include her husband seeing Her At home when she was at work and even Her infant son Being taken in by the doppelganger when It appeared in his room And began singing him a lullaby the Woman And her husband she claims heard the Singing from another room When she went to investigate she heard Footsteps running away from her son’s Room And found him upset he was confused as To why she had stopped singing and left So suddenly he fully believed that the Figure who sang to him Was his mother as time went by it is Said to have become increasingly obvious To the woman that her double Whatever it was was seeking to replace Her She claims that she never actually did Get a good look at whatever was haunting Her family but that it created much Chaos and trauma including her son Suffering from night terrors for several Months Eventually the encounters simply stopped

And the doppelganger was gone Unless of course it wasn’t and it had Actually achieved its intention Of infiltrating and replacing the Original Thank you so much for watching and thank You also to our members for all the Support You show this channel it is so very much Appreciated Don’t forget to download the emojam app And try out my new animated audio emojam And for youtube members of course try Out the two member exclusive mmojams I cannot wait to find out what you think Of them until next time You