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My experience Happened in the early fall of 2011. It was warm that year and this happened Right before halloween i was out walking At douglas county park with my boyfriend And his friend And my youngest son who was only three At the time We walked back past the cornfield And worked our way to the bridge that Crossed a creek Just before you hit the heavy wooded Area I was tossing leaves in the creek on one Side of the bridge And ethan would run to the other side to Look for it floating Downstream i heard a series of loud Knocks from the woods I looked at my friends and they heard it Too It was suggested that it was probably Just other people out walking So i shrugged it off we began to walk Back towards our car Because it was beginning to get dark I heard a loud scream just then it was Nothing that i had ever heard before Too clear to be human and too loud for a Coyote It did give me the creeps my friends Acted As if it was nothing and we kept on Walking

A few minutes later i heard a loud Scream again Only this time it was much closer At that point i picked up my son Look behind me and all i could see was Tall grass Nothing there my friends even made a Joke About it being a bigfoot and we worked Our way back to the car I have never in my life heard a yell Like that before And could not point it to any animal That i know of For the record it sounded nothing like The screams on the show finding bigfoot It was loud higher pitched Almost like a female scream except Without any strain to it I believe that what i heard was indeed a Sasquatch This happened almost 24 years ago now But it has never left me in all these Years And i have never told anybody about These particular two incidents The first incident happened when i was Bo dear hunting during the early Season as i remember that the leaves on The trees were actually still green I had returned to my car that was parked In a nearby field And got my hunting gear all put away I then sat in my car waiting for about

10 minutes for my hunting friend to Return So that way we could finally go home When he did not return he did return After the incident I got out of my car and walked down Close to the edge of the woods Maybe about 10 feet or so from the edge Of the woods Shortly thereafter i heard something Coming from my left just inside The wood's edge it was making a lot of Noise As it was walking through i thought this Was my friend coming back But then i thought that this was very Odd for my friend Since he was really quiet in the woods As the walker Was about right in front of me i called Out my hunting friend's name To which i just received a rather loud Guttural growl but whatever the walker Was It did not break stride it just kept Right on walking rather loudly Away from me going parallel with the Edge of the field Just inside the woods edge i've listened To it over And over again the bipedal walking audio On the bfro website it sounded just like That But added some very loud branch breaking

And you'll be very close to what i heard That night I'm six too and when the walker Did its loud guttural growl when it was Right in front of me It sounded like it was about the height That my head was at I would estimate that the place in the Field i was standing at Was about two feet higher than in the Woods where the Walker was at the second incident That took place happened in the same Location Roughly 200 yards from where the first Incident happened About a week or so earlier both times i Had been hunting from the ground The hunting friend that was with me from The earlier time was also there Along with my sister's boyfriend we Split up With about three hours of hunting time Left It was pretty quiet for about the first Hour But then things begin to change I heard all sorts of noises and i can't Quite explain Nor identify that happened in front of Me from about my 10 o'clock position To roughly my 2 o'clock i did see what Appeared to be something walking into The thicker

Portion of the woods this looked like The arms and legs Of something going from the more open Part of the woods To the more thicker part and was about 40 yards away from my location After seeing the arms and legs of Whatever the things were The tops of the smaller trees began Swinging violently Back and forth this went on and off for About a half hour to 45 minutes What really scared me was when the rocks Began to be thrown in my direction The size started out as about a golf Ball size And by the time that i turned tail the Size was about softball size I would describe the color of what i saw Of the arms and legs To be about a rather dark red to almost Black and that about wraps up both Incidents This was back in april of 2004 Our family has land just outside of Hatfield Towards neilsville we decided to take Our camper up to the land And stay overnight with our three Children At approximately two in the morning i Woke up Because i heard something walking around The camper

We are in a remote area in the woods Near a gravel road The footsteps were right next to the Camper I was very still but knew that my Husband was also awake I whispered to him do you hear that He replied that he did and it woke him Also He had hoped that it would not wake me We were very still for a few moments Listening to the steps this was a Creature that was walking on two feet As we could hear the crunching of leaves And twigs under its feet We then decided to make some noise and See if we could scare away Whatever it was i flipped on the camper Lights And we both yelled for whoever it was to Make themselves known As we were armed nothing replied But the footsteps stopped we waited About five minutes Turned the lights off again and waited About 10 minutes go by and the footsteps Started up again my husband went outside With his flashlight And weapon to take a look keep in mind It is a really dark night and we are set In the woods away from anyone Who might be able to hear us if we Needed help Again nothing he came back in

And we settled down again Ten minutes later the steps started up Again I know that this is something on two Feet That this is not afraid of us but it Clearly Is not human we decided to go out there With our own boys my husband stood Outside While i carried them into our minivan And we left We spent the night in the parking lot of A quick trip In black river falls in the morning time We went back to break the camper down And look around for traces of anything Unusual Because of the heavy leaf and pine Needles covering the ground We were unable to find any footprints We looked at the camper trying to Determine if something was rubbing on it To make the sound There was nothing there as we were Taking the camper down I felt really creepy like we were being Watched My father-in-law several years earlier Told my husband That he saw a big foot crossing fisher Road On his way back to camp he told my son That he thought he saw one in the woods

While deer hunting also My husband while hunting when he was Younger found Several deer carcasses in the woods all Piled on top of each other At the time they dismissed it as Somebody hitting them with the vehicle And dragging them for whatever reason Into the woods Now when he looks back at it he thinks They were far too away into the woods For somebody to drag in from the road And the carcasses were picked clean Well we never saw anything that i truly Believe that we had a bigfoot encounter Regardless I know that the creature walked on two Feet and had a long stride It came back over and over again I wish we would have had a stronger Flashlight We only had a maglite on us now We have a really high powered flashlight In the event We need to look for whatever reason far Into the woods I've been back to that spot several Times since And my husband and his family hunt every Year in that same spot As far as we know nobody else has had The same experience I personally will never go back there And camp again

If they are as big as people say they Are they could have easily pulled my Kids out of the camper to the canvas My husband and i have jobs that require Us to be honest And not embellish experiences This was by far the most terrifying Thing i have ever been through in my Entire life My mom and i were driving to my Grandparents house Very early in the morning when we both Saw what appeared to be a gorilla Sitting in a field Just a little ahead of us as we got Closer to the creature We both said oh my gosh It's a sasquatch it was just sitting in The field With its back to us this thing was Humongous She was probably going about 45 miles an Hour And our biggest regret has been and Always will be not turning around to Confirm Our gut feeling we did not see its face And or its whole body just because it Was sitting and facing the opposite Direction It was big hairy and brown Its head was oblong shape and sort of Came to a point With no real definition between its head

And neck Until its broad shoulders its arms were Extremely long as well They were so long that the hands were Kind of bent beside its upright body It was certainly not a bear In fact i would be willing to put money On that That it was a gorilla before a bear It was sitting on its butt the same way That a person would People have said that we were crazy for Years and will say that it was a bear And a misidentified sighting but here's The kicker The location where we saw the sasquatch Is not at all a prime bear location After all bears sitting on their butt Versus a gorilla from behind look pretty Different and it would take somebody Who's never seen either animal before To so easily misidentify it we had a Clear view on that day There is absolutely no mistaking what we Witnessed My encounter takes me back while i was In college This would have been in 1978 when i was In ashland wisconsin While bow hunting with a friend deep in The wilderness I took to sitting high in a tree Overlooking thick Briars out of the still and silence of

The wilderness An animal unknown to me came barreling To the thickest Vegetation imaginable it was thrashing About And shrieking at the highest pitch Possible I was simply frightened to death and Could only stand to try to see it I could not see it but did see the brush Being shaken Again the shrill sun of its voice Filling the air It was awesome to hear scary But awesome my friend who at the time Was hunting down for me Did see it and it was on two legs And appeared what he would describe as Ape-like to him We were both too afraid to stick around And never Went back we went to an environmental College And i shared this with one of my Professors He had never heard of a local animal Making that sound That's my story and i often tell it About a dozen times a year Good luck researching it This particular incident happened a long Long time ago and i never told too many People about it I'm a 31 year old native american

And at the time i was maybe six or seven I'm glad to know that there are people Like you who take this seriously It was night and my sister and cousin Were playing around on the phone They would dial our number and hang up The phone so it'd ring You know the way kids do they had music Playing loudly And were just playing around being kids The doorbell rang one of us answered the Door But nobody was there well This happened two more times we had a Little house dog And we also had a saint bernard and my Sister and cousin noticed that the house Dog was crouched under a chair in our Living room The last time the doorbell rang we all Went outside And couldn't see anybody around since we Were all standing out on the porch It was maybe a half hour later my oldest Brother Went to the refrigerator the rest of us Kids were playing in the hallway When he came running down the hallway With his hands on his face Crying hysterically he ran in our Parents room Jumped on the bed landing on his stomach He was crying pretty badly we all kept Asking him

Prodding what was wrong and he finally Told us what he saw He said that he saw something peeking Around the tree He said it was motioning to him light Come out That's when he freaked out after about 15 minutes Him calming down some there was a Knocking at the back door And the way they were knocking it was Like an Open the door now kind of knocking when We opened the door It was a guy who lived just a few houses Away He came in and was white as a sheet And was shaking pretty bad he said he Broke down a ways from our place and When he was walking up the road He heard something walking in the woods With him He didn't know what it was he said He was just really glad to see our Lights on Our parents weren't home mother working Father didn't know where he was but we Ended up calling our uncles who lived Next door to us They arrived a few minutes after we Called them and they had their shotguns With them They came and talked with a guy that Came to our house

I think one of my uncles even took him Home There was six of his kids home one was Her cousin My uncles went outside to look around And my oldest sister And our cousin wanted to go outside too Well when they opened the back door Our saint bernard let me tell you for The size of those dogs The dog would not let those girls out he Even growled at them Well my sister and cousin backed up from The door And as they did that the saint bernard Came running into the house My sister and cousin still went outside And as they were standing by this little Trail Right by the house they both noticed Some dark form at the bottom of the hill Or trail They thought it might be a stump but Then the stump Moved and turned to look at them my Cousin said it had Red eyes they came back inside right Away Our cousin went out again through the Back door Went around the house to the front and When she got to the corner of our house She looked up towards my uncle's garage And said she saw something peeking just

Around the garage She said that she thought it was one of Our other cousins But she noticed this had a cone-shaped Head as it looked around the garage Towards our house They ended up putting us kids to bed the Three of us My sister and i were pretty scared and Our little brother He had a crib and didn't really know What was going on My sister and i were literally shaking In bed Our brother's crib was right next to the Window We were really hoping that whatever was Out there didn't Come to our window well We did see a big figure go by We were just so scared it seemed like Forever ago When our parents got home when they did We told them what had happened my mother Ended up calling a spiritual guide And he had told her that there was Probably three of those things around The house that Night he also told her that they were Looking for a boy to take He said that one of them may have lost One of their own And came looking for a young boy to Replace the one

They had lost I had spent the summer with my sister And her family Prior to starting the new school year my Family came from oak park illinois To get me and spend a few days with my Sister Myself 12 my brother 10 And my two nieces whom were five and Seven Were at a swing set at the edge of the Woods Swinging talking cutting up And being kids playing i don't know why But for some reason we all just stopped Turned around at the same time standing About 10 feet from us Was a very large ape-like animal In plain view nothing was near him at All It was about eight feet tall covered Head to toe with a medium brown hair Except the face area which looked Similar to a chimp's face It had a widow's peek at the hairline And very black eyes Very muscular about two foot thick From back to chest and very long arms At this young age i had never even heard Of bigfoot It was looking over at schlep's shoulder And looking me Directly in the eyes all of us just Froze

And looked at it for a few seconds then At the same time we all took off in one Direction As it took off in another we ran to the House and told everybody We just saw a monster but of course they Just laughed at us It was a year later that my brother Found a book on bigfoot That's when we knew what we had really Encountered that day In many days i have wondered how Something like that Something that big could have gotten That close to us And whatever it was intending to do Although it was not aggressive and its Reaction was the same as ours To run we didn't go outside much after That Especially knowing that thing was Wandering around I was telling a long time friend about a Bigfoot sighting A common friend of ours had related to Me He said you know i saw something several Years ago He went on to say that he was fishing on The sioux river Near big rock in bayfield county as he Had for Nearly 20 years now he was upstream Where the river crosses big rock road

He was walking along the bank and on the Way back Focusing on his footing as he had chest Waders And carried his rod he looked up As a black animal three to four feet Tall On the next bend in the river roughly 70 Feet ahead of him Seemed to do the same at the same time He watched it as it immediately launched Itself away from him Arms outstretched and a blur It moved so fast it cut into the water At least 10 feet into the river made a Splash And then disappeared underneath the Water He watched and waited at least three Minutes for it to surface But it never did he thought about going To the sandbar That it was originally on just to check For tracks But would have had to back travel Several bends in the river Cross and then bushwhack all the way on The opposite side He was already sweating and decided to Just walk on out to the car He said i can just kick myself for not Going back to check But in hindsight maybe it was better he Didn't

Also back in 1976 At the time i was with three college Friends at the intersection Of 236 and 241 maybe six or so miles as The crow flies Stopped the car to get out for a break And heard a very Non-human high volume single scream Come from the right out of the woods Went on an afternoon hike and decided to Stop the clear cut Where big power lines are and just to See if i could see a deer or something I jumped up numerous turkey and deer While hiking So i parked the car rolled down the Windows Shut the car off and just listened and Watched Not even 10 minutes go by and this Large black thing just starts walking Across the open All the way to the other side i get out Of the car to get a closer look to see It As soon as i do it sees me Then steps into the tree line i hurried Back to my car And watched from the cab i called an Individual on the phone with them While i'm still watching it at first Before i began recording i noticed it And for a second i thought a hiker Maybe a hunter but its posture

And how it moved did not look right To me it looked hunched over Like its shoulders were rolled forward i Showed a buddy And he agrees with me so i don't know I found a dismantled deer very close by The head was missing and the front legs Were ripped off In fact there was a document sighting On the bfro about one mile or so from This location I have a video of the subject and photos Of the deer I was very close to the shoal river Thick Tie-dye swamp very close by On tuesday november 26 2013 i was driving south on highway 151 From madison wisconsin going back to Iowa After seeing a concert at the red zone Which ended roughly around 11 30 pm My wife was laying down and trying to Get some sleep in the back seat of the Car Since she had to work early the next Morning Normally i work night shift So i had no problem staying awake to Drive home The oncoming traffic on the highway was Spaced about one car For every three-fourth of a mile to a Mile

With some farther apart so i couldn't Really use my high beams I am a former iowa police officer so I have a habit of periodically looking At the mile markers along the road So that if i have to call for help i can Give a better idea Of where we are at i would say About a half mile or so after coming Around the large curve Southwest of mineral point which i Believe to be about mile marker 36 I was in the outside lane and i passed A large black figure standing upright on Two legs Where the grass meets the gravel on the Inside shoulder Of the median on my left the headlights Never hit it directly As i approached about the outside area Of the light Lit it up as i passed it i'm six Too and i was clearly able to see the Body from the ground up To the shoulder i would estimate the Shoulder height to be around six Six or six eight with the angle of the Light beam And how low the car sits to the ground It looked like the head was shattered by The shoulder so I was unfortunately not able to see its Face The distance between us was roughly 15

Feet when i passed by I was able to see its hand hanging down Along the thigh and it was a lighter Color And not midnight black like the color of Its body And the thickness of its body looking From the side Its back to its chest was about two feet Thick The fur hair was hard to see in the Distance And the light conditions and the speed Of the car I had my crew set at around 65 miles an Hour But it was short i thought to myself What was that even though i know what it Was I didn't just see that my immediate Physical reaction Was extreme anxiety my chest tightened And i made excuses to myself to not stop And look at it From what i saw i had no desire to stop A couple miles passed while i tried to Overcome the fear And then i realized i need more facts on The conditions of the sighting I also felt that it was trying to cross The highway from the south And that's why i didn't see it up ahead In the headlights Until this event i was always open to

The possibility That they exist but was never a big Believer My tune has now changed and i don't care To ever See one again It was in the late evening time and i Just left the dog outside to do her Thing Before bedtime she immediately Started barking constantly with alarm I went outside and my horses were all Lined up Staring down the roadway that's when i Heard this weird noise It was very loud kind of a cross between A scream and a growl It did several times i went in the house To get my husband to come out and hear It He came right but the noise had just Stopped He however did see how alert and nervous The horses were And how the dog was scared and barking We stayed outside quite a while but Heard nothing more Several days later also in the evening I took the atv to go close my gate at The end of my driveway Which is about three-fourths a mile away As i went around the curve i seen a Large Widespread pair of eyes i slowed

But did not stop i continued down the Hill And i could feel the hair go up on the Back of my neck Of course i had to go back up i seen Nothing on the way up I told my husband about it the next day I went down to the spot where i had seen The eyes before And i saw no tracks looking over the Edge of the bank But i figured whatever was there had to Be roughly eight Feet tall to put the eyes to the height They were And be standing on the ground there is a Spring in the ditch line The bank is very steep and i choose to Not go down to investigate I went to the bfro to check if there Were any reports For iowa county wisconsin at the time There was one near dodgeville roughly 30 Miles away I have thought of this several times in The past year I've only had two other people that have Been on my farm in the woods And that they have said they've heard Something like nothing they've ever Heard before out there I did not share my story with either of Them but i told them that they weren't The only ones to hear something

Tonight i was watching the bigfoot show And i thought i would get on your Website and check things out again Well guess what i know exactly where a Witness lives And it's probably five miles away from Me I never heard anything about it until i Read it I probably won't call them but if i see Him I'll have to share my experience as Always Thank you