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[Musique] Collins à l’eau le gaz à you from hell Yeah nostromo footing c’est un pan Doivent son ambiance to get in the Universe of fiction il ya 100 ou arrêter Un instant fugace source licence you for Waiting for you and thank you for Sharing because it is Yes it was not so easy un tout tout tout Tout d’r tout une va tenir because we Have a lot of people en internet ou Doubt about you et fauzan mais bide de Chanel section fifty one or en tweed ou Fourmi near the go et l’ol voulait one Hello hello so that’s right dot wemade De shannon evolve du ring hall 10 years And especially 10 to its users who Changed de set up 2 2 une odeur tout Beau tout elle story to create stories About all around section fiftyone inde At the beginning as it was in tout à Ausone fantine isync news now we awa Kiwis à tous où il a hâte least two may Be free sometimes oui à tout brothers 1 à 2 inna de timing tout a besoin de foot In eyes be alone haye wanted to try Toutefois il dit ce concept on you tube Because dot it was the beginning fort De first big youtuber work coming en Youtube où elle explose hing un terme Aux audiences under des roses sommes Subjects sommes à which was coming down Your way for the one one was one of the Object bottes at this time you had doté

De deux objectifs de cats on you tube i Want you suck d’aix date work very well And you tube internet se doivent de 4 Danny webb de pornographie à i don’t Want to do videos with 4-1 de soe of the World un des nôtres object ufos date Interest ordaz triggers de curiosity aux Feux loto free paul goze heiva i was in Terroristes et dénis ou fosses biffaud La route shing 2 Deutsch annales because he always Watched sciencefiction movies fields i Was very influenced by all 10-10 field 1 2 also iam en jogging à jo comics Highlight the rings science fiction Comique ce saut à my way of working with It that way aïe aïe aïe always visualise De think when i’m waiting cinor crédit Est hors characters one eye ase touche Tout mon vis au sommet sommes film Ensemble vidéo always visualise watts hi How to do and haas wade à miami à Houston somme storyboard sommes concept Art and we think that it helps me lot to Create 10 oldies seigneurie may be date Date works very well in some cases is in Some vidéo date elle pts sauf vidéo C’est tout mais que l’auto views because Ice haute at this time date de céleri de Composition d’image ou aux working very Well and so i was very high don’t know If haïku tsahal ait une vraie fausse Eliane ilike de movie de saga alien Eliane one eliane tous un lien trilogy

Notes et rosa et curieuse about the Subject of ufos ensisheim a dit il Little boy a little kid à ivoz always Watched de starz au au loup Look de star wandering if there is Something in the sky ou une mauvaise Passe Un saut de tarzan fantine youyous Imed édition du pro il faut une fac tu As ice aux some of the first videos en Youtube il faut avouer faut vider hausse De first du fo vidéo which fois public Tony you tube china’s inde highways Ingrid hayes sauce hommes où hervé riou Les sticks and some other words fut ni Bottes des dix vidéos Putz en question a dit stein ail rose Yes when your side 10 vidéos soit de First and you you when there is it Really not with the background ataya Because either visual effects un iphone Movies 6 2 eager to taou jeunes Disposent de first time i’m getting mot Tout ou youtube Un one eye sodis vidéo 1 à 10 times are Also other vidéo it was the time of Video about américaine soldiers in Afghanistan and roses lytton shocked by Dad kaino vidéo Because it was for me it was not very Nice toulouse bizarre doivent aux notes Mon rôle two two 6/10 soldiers uad Camarades with them were finning watts Des world going de battles one way they

Were in afghanistan and it was like Sommes touristique trip in afghanistan Des world going to do war in afghanistan And d’ead de camille vaz 1-0 something Mr bing for me une 10-10 vidéo so why so Dix vidéos insolente au loto loto vidéo Ayadi a dit en off mixing de ufos in 10 Vidéos bahout war and sometimes you have For exemple 10e et aux vidéos date works Very well date Ce made some minutes millions of view The youtube un it was even oui public Oui applaudi de bail cnn un individu et Steve chainel ils causent video of us Soldiers who were film ming dix Explosions 908 funds woodstock in Afghanistan in village inde soit a dit Où tout pout triangulaire ufo in the sky Just aux baux de location of the Exposure and with some light and meaning Date de youssef au made by h10 origin of Dix explosions inde Il pose une expérimentation nitrose Sommes plus rétives test for me to tout Pout d’autres vidéos youtube à dix Minutes se voit à peine tu as fait des Petites mailles de l’auto views very Very quickly dit qu aux samoa date mais Be something people want to see isync il Soit dispose de facetime des eaux des Sceaux date kind of video by fort date Des always sow sommes rhône d’hommes où Il faut video with you et wind de sky News faut dissocier ring de sky à nice

Ride with de 2 many video of many were Vidéo not you have used in stock en Youtube ait trahi tout tout tout tout Mais qui datent mix it was it was the Way to create some kind of short stories Au bout du fil wi fi lles somme noir Bottes In fact à 10 time we were the beginning Of you tube And they were no rules and you tube Or je n’ai rien dit internet so we L’auteur people we all you tube heures We do we didn’t novelli wayne white World we know if we have the right to Use dix vidéos ordis other vidéo 1 2 oui Many other china world wind sensing Keepall world music video and we hope Loading etc It was like créative à créative trend 1 2 1 2 me fourmies as22 agro thinking That since de me mente old is war vidéo à en ue tube date Because d’asseoir une formation touche Aux people to show people date date piot Communications and if des as on dit Internet vers ifri lilac dix dates must Be because that must be in with 10 10 km Date week-end use them for communication Or tous font une formation au rôle 10 So fourmis using dizois video for Training other stories date aux web Fourmille toute critique file de facto Date 10 vidéo the word internet lycos You it was you know it was very

D’histoire bing for me to show 10 soit En vie tout aussi d’issoire vidéo andy Internet comme youtube because i even de Kids sur fring en youtube coudsi 10 Vidéo off soldiers shooting de déserte En dessous for me to the way with you Est fausse tant qu tout petit ou Criticized 10 voir vidéo spot it was Also for me a way to tell stories with You for in marriage in all we like it Right wing short movie with you were Here in the sky and battle with the Battle with soldiers or jet fighters etc Y’a sauf course il y eu when you public 10 vidéos you know that its fake inde at First ayew aux anonymous aux lyssoises Nul concédé à new delhi On a au téléphone vidéo à l’appui des Railleries des familles de colons il Faut mettre aux it was really piot Fiction in fact that is why neill Blomkamp is one of my mycoses ilike venu Match is this time is who is one of Mixing de reality inde sont si jiao Somme visual effects 1-2 date soit ilike Very much in district nine date world at War that which date What works very well in 10 movies date Semaine you don’t know very well where Is the limit de border et twin de Reality and de 2,2 fantastique de dream Eaux de visual effects hier soir Also because we would stud one we had Lot of negative comence au commerce

Céline date We were fuckers un petit paul young People you have two kinds of people People who like what you are doing to Understand de créative de creative Expérimente un duo other people’s rosa People like you écologistes or other ou Don’t understand 2 De de process en deux tentatives de test And des oies insult une seule thing as Inde Oui où il ya que ces petites date du Ring son meilleur sur fuel à tout moment You here you have to take des six jeunes Tous ces tuyaux self so this is my work Some time out what you what a aidé ou un Dc10 fiction each time i was criticized Pipolo bikers always all things that it Was fiction and it was just like 10 aux Heures movies en film date des oi oi Ching on tv or in theaters but de fabre Michelle obama vis-à-vis des parkings Des eaux Will get vidéo dote de gauche ce Triomphe au million de views ce que le Service my way we want vidéo it gets Gates ou one million view in ten days il 3 à 3 à 2 face à deux beginning one i Tunes shared by de hall 2 2 news channel De heaven de 10 official tva nationales à karine your stuff fina thinking wired 1 Des trousses de very big highway six Mois ou à nice ou de vidéos en cnn en

2de news de big tivi chauds bottes de Heaven de deux journalistes Said he and today death aux dates de Deux vidéos wake inde et des monstres Ait du ring de chaud date de vidéos aux Spike et even made military officers Comme tous deux shows et on doit tous Des monstres ait une fois on off de Pipoles date il pose cette vidéo en date De military d’ ios army never use de Triangulaire youssef au tout tout tout Mes actions in war in afghanistan and so They should i go realistic you think you Sur les formats aac centre for my french Do you know we are in the world with L’auto phone l’autospie paul ws sharks In french oui c’est de l’auto fille Paula chaque salle ait sharks 1 2 world Is led by money and you have a lot of People who et wilshere wilshere you Videos in order to get views to attract Views of traffic and the website of the Noise and two two to make it took ordem Own you Work inde dats not only with that can You vidéo always with a work what we do Everyday what will we do in or jobs Every day we are working in post Production en vie joliff ex5 you for the Gifts and thank you oui oui oui work and Visual effects and see jiyai un job de Ce work for other project in fact we Work for other people who had enough de Project will have de hold you know all

De paternité of the project i cause Directors oignies makes movies iliz de Father 10 6 is movie butt Ils disent on his movie lot of people à Woking en de movie special in de Postproduction 1-2 today in most of film The most of movies good to work azoua la Zone des work if des oies il faisait 10 Il fait il des oiseaux warnotte de Visual effects of the sea dubai il fit Voir note well made sceau du craft Orient fifa10 a dit hayden sometimes in Fact that i look at me christophe chauzy Internet From the yes yes man ching pièce dispose One of the last videos before où il ya Official in the ninth data de d’identity Diot fischer l’identity of the people Biens de section fiftyone didier migaud Non non in fact yoav différentes ways of Doing de visual effects du doing what You want to do in de résine de finale Result in disguise ordered de modèle you Just chose in the box soa odeur de boxe Un drive avec lui et id deux modèles une Plastique with blue un diu film heat en Green screen de you make de deux caméras Move you make it match with de caméras Moov up de vidéos dit originals vidéo in Order and after that you work and the Shadows est c’est une production and Lighting in order to to make de Seigneuries Hall de steenwerck où l eau at least où

Elle fonde fine aux vidéos bots you are Other way you can also cloud gate de fo In three dit winfried immobilisations so This is pure siggil un 2-2 de stries 10 10 6 de parts of my brother which with Very experte seniors à xpert entre 10 6 10 créations si des modélisations and so You have different software which lot to Work construit d’ilike monstre idy Studio max unity which he lost ou to Create dit objects crédit bottes also Holding around with the lights and the Shadow un web rendering times which is Very lolo very short 10,6 points Disponibles For example neill blomkamp works in Unity faut tout doute il a dit ce n’est Pas digne ou 10x now with you need is to Do is si gianni joseph ex in the last Vidéo Maybe you you have seen it on youtube Cuiseaux elliott the way i see it must Be Vidéo at-il dit à la bbc david viniar a Dit nino de facteur notable age 2 to Come out entre tous et où ils vivent Tous mes deux fils will we would have Continue de anonymous way but who have Some sommes note fantazio fo des bunkers Où il aurait dit identifie demi few Years before de ses disques à 10,6 not My best friend in this is the game ou Criticized locks un outil dans ce site Est tout

How to say in english toutou spitz Ennuis entoure tout pout mine de mode Tout pout my name in de mode un die Think it was very exagéré exagéré Exagère haïti d’ experts de tous deux Situations Assystem yes bataille de l’eau date kind Of view iam open toute discussion Butt 10 aux notes discussions aillent Tried to discuss with him au oui oui C’est nogaye like you fo theater butt Iphone des commence à des réactions Veyrinas ty guen semi un saut dispose la Taupe 10 respecte un de nos me sow dit On n’est pas dissout dispose de 12 de Parts of the game of being an youtube Since the movement you public vidéo en Youtube un you are becoming you are Beginning to become ni’mporte youtuber With many views and many subscribers you Have to be ready to Jouissive also négatifs commencent un de Sometimes in sulte en sweat and coming From peeters people who had jalouse of You Le bit of success you can have seen date Disguise 15 5 me en cinq ans faure a Work by cause des also became famous or Des work hors d’air china is because Became famous because of 2d boy 2d Banking or de debug des ddh on en vidéo So les mavericks n’ont ni aux never in Contact with sur des surfaces hoffman Puisse pas où ils aiment le high touch

With him once it was going live chat en Live voisine de chat Il ne commence notes sommes few 56 en Date se bat seule botte date bright food à titus de big ask you et faute canal Youtube for many years 2 Non il se disait pierre because i was to De target float of fighters the bankers Un des special one ou aux very very bad Verrines esti un deuil d’un style dont Un stand de why people act of being Light 10 et because you have in the life Of people like this would just exist in Order to destroy the life of others un High side 10 is not good way of life you Can’t you can’t leave live good life en Négatif vaille blake 10 ans louise Making the bad au bad things au willing To earth other people like 10 à 8 Shocked by 10 story with dinosaurs Chanel haye d’antoine toutou séisme is Not because i i don’t need il aux Indices us publient city en visibilité Not you think you are you know him Because either your way the video and Security mme tyler 10,6 tyler et sims Tout bio nice guys saut de chaîne Autorise de situations de tous des Situations et donc julien deux stands What is leaving non ce qui est in ten In fine à forte poitrine qui facturent Life as we know your shape of life Mon mari sean finn coûte il somme les Aurorités subissent or il n est ni un

Chameau à l’ado et aide aux victimes Innocentes de 1,6 et 2012 Non seulement nos matches ont dû S’acquitter de saussignac 7,8 en ligne Restait aussi diarrhée J’y voyais wang wenxi on a ici de de Dust of which with weezi il voit qu’il Ya une fuite video that we can see you Tube One we see him working on his computer a Good thing that is i can do si jai jr Lac date is used as tu as cannes Beechwood attack heroes going hawks is Honey sli i was not coaching very often Itchannel so i watch sommes phyu phyu Videos bottes heroes heroes’ always Telling stories aussitôt qingdao tisse Une expérience because the thing that i Was pretending des titres aux adultes is By you fo et niang a time as i don’t Know if it or not Une fact 10,6 de 10,6 is problème des Six zones life 1,2 date knb un problème Indeed If you are lying in front of people une Fantoche de caméras in your video when You are talking to you viewers and you Tube like i was going on in china date Soit we want to make feuilles sourit Ville because we wanted to we didn’t Want to to make pipoles believe da te Poses lying boxes hors date we wanted Volonté really makes to make auc six Noms ils disent aux notes de 2 way we

Want to make this video awards widi we Didn’t want to make hawks is in the way Of bad hawks is of baby dior non dits Obi cause doivent non mon amant Censorship en youtube un de yoav l’autre Vidéo de very old vidéo cerise soldiers Explosion des dix donnes tu respectes de New rules of you tube so we had to be Moved m Because it because des découdre cause Some problems with de devaux youtube de Fact wii wheel clean hall de china with D’iholdy ce vidéo in order to to have we Don’t we try to to make que tout we try To not make valente vidéo Or not work with vidéo the we don’t have The right Oui donc underweight nicosie 6-10 6 non Very important tu de copyright Il va nourrissent de music etc non Everything de social network Ivanine ii society de when we leave we Have to to accept we have to we have More and more goods and politics and the Government the different countries are Trying to to control and to make to Organize oldie social network ce rôle D’internet In order to make it At least safe dot think it will to his Business works entre guillemets et de sp Chouinard et fief historique de m oui Les goûts des jeunes vendeurs win avait Soit catherine tout d’une date soit

Willing to do not with de new size of Vidéo où enayat mine de space ship it Right to some time to focus on the very Special cays annan explained 15 D’un toubib de grenadine sida other in China de shanghai chine ait things that Is very interesting to inform people who To discover to hell dame discover 10 Objecte un demi-tour à et style discover Sommes sogex d’autres didn’t know button Est productif en steaks ou militants en Effet warner Espérons même ben yamin vie à 10 Personnes ayant péri ces listings et Jean guy rioux spéciaux fax ou un iphone De dix vidéos à etsaut data nitrose Notre huile because des risques comme Signe de moov up de caractère date mais Ismi believe that it is humanities kids In suits masque but de masquer you have To two and meet date de masques is very Well made in heaven dit eyes ou nda Closing un outing dati et animatroniques Used et si j’irai nom et dont le sit-in Si ici j’y aille because we see jiao liu Un signe date 10 vidéos web publics Very many years ago and it was it was Not know in two towns and twenty au tout A besoin d’un teen il faut aux failles De leurs six years ago fin gens aux Vidéos Ah oui en érable C’est la tanière ten years in the past Oui oui oui coup don’t we were not able

To make 10 insi ji yai very à l’esstic We did you only ones who came coupe de Duda toit de de sidiailles artistes sur Diani methods for avatar with dispose de Beginning son dada et nos vidéos D’activer le listing because you will See date in many of 10 vidéos des all Whites de seine déjà une black and white Un 10,6 de first technique aude fest de First way to two to hide de deux vigiles Effect 2 2 pour quality au vigeant L’effexor de porc quality of le réalisme In fine is to use de black and white Colors because you eat it flatteuse old Pictures and it it helps to die simulayt Lot of defence and visual effects of the Competition and the other way to hide 1 2 po quality of visual effects is to to Add lot of filters tous deux pictures You had grind filter you had Scratch filter en de picture en deux Films deux mots filters you had en deux Films en de picture de l’ess quality it Will be de film will be in so de chez Ikks de will mix wheel of use Will merge with each other and it helps To to make very cohérente very homogène Chine a new way of the feeling à dieng Date de caractère is really in de cet in Den eynde movin de film in the picture Datura looking in you can also improve The shadows in order to two div Mende dramatique effect en de faith Because you here on dise pictures de

Dramatique Effects helps lot to make de de bruyn Or brainworx oui oui à 12,6 à diop aux It when you take pictures of of Prisoners for example when you get Arrested like you tyler de police you You you have photo shoot photo photo Call in de prison de jane you you know This that your world all the lights in De faith so you have no shadows under Ouille ouille ouille ouille de feeling That everything is done in order to have Shadows rente de faith in order to hide 2 De faith or may be to hide de des foals Datsyuk houde à ventes de masques coude Elle est où des doctes date it is fake Faith au feq Eliane is always de shadow is always Well placed in order to hide something Very importante tout authentify de Picture in disguise et wav gundy ce Problème of shadow you have is de top in The very light and butt week end we can See any singh en de top of the crane Botte de mort one of those things which He hopes to to understand if caractère Historique Or not used guys d’expression en indy Lights and of course Il ya dit heil a ind shadow ce week end Si willy well if de 10,6 authentique 10,6 ils disent is leaving un exploit Terrestrial being human being an maybe

Sunglasses i done in de masquer le vide à celui difficult to see à vsd ce n’est Qu’en fin fond de vidéo datée au bac Ouais ouais mais bon à charger des Vidéos faites y revenir L’histoire sous dit video is very easy To too fake Celui-ci touchwiz visual effects il ya Donc ni de sidi yahia you just have to Put un somme photo faisait youssef aux Youyous soundtrack in in order to to Follow de caméras tracking de caméras Move and to apply it to de fo datsyuk Poutine de picture et watson bleury Effect 1 à 10,6 visite ou du sel iphone Et coop mai au 20 mai 10 ou dissoutes berry difficult to Identifia sur l’autre et donc il va veut Différente quality zh But what i’m singing date you came to Day you can do with filters and visual Effects and post production you can do Et almost all dit fx rôle de quality Zulte en vidéo par keita with the Software offre data à don’t think that It would sous le titre aux as powerful En dessous des normes Dès ce soir sometimes hublot de Moraliste hic is to use sommes models in Den eynde une deux films the movies Sommes là et use de fours de Triangulaire et founder kraft qu’à la Mairie Pis il propose un modèle 1 2

It works vie rurale because you you et Au fil de mateur et de textures of the Matters of the object in de picture in De films saw it helps very well for the Credibility de réalisme of de films un De ford at kind of vidéo depuis aitor Mes films de vidéos with all caméras Caméras de heitinga de eighties ordonna Et iso mais bill seventies in order to Have just pour quality et pictures a dit Origins sous dessin expert des systèmes Ed Ce d’espn des chutes de prix ce vin ce Qui n’est pas faux c’est plus que tout Il sait tout de gouaille ni bike masque D ici la fin de la guerre jusqu’à leur Fin et y croupit en souvenir Despina il ya aussi in de faith of the Alien s not saying that something i Don’t know me by à myxyty it seems to be Too much plastique et donc non en règle D’ici le verrier difficulté high blood Like to believe that it’s too ilike dax What i’m always in my vidéo Ilike also like when you have something You can’t explain ilike mysteries un Iphone like dat tout de fact date où il Ya not alone in the universe en 2015 we Have the possibility to to meet tout Encounter eliane in her soirée Une ordination koudrine estime rick rule Scan hip hop forêt du ps in fact will we Have in mind tout may be one day to Create de skinny bob il faut décider si

Ce texte Ils n’ont pas tous doivent toujours être Unanimes et id caractère hinault il Cause non with Yes we can put texture beats like you de Caractère de blagues des volants de China lino because my brother et oignies Streams with the black des vols use it Software saut de blagues des valises Souidi caractère dati created ya ya’s Out with trackings just like the movies Avatar Every time i trimming swing with his own Caractère which la pire zone de screen Inde de caractère 5ce tout spécial Software follows hall de mouz date imex With de 6 août les autres à king tune Les ciseaux technique used the visual Effects fois animé eating caractère ce We want we want one day we would like to Do it with caractère enfin skinny bob May lead to be cool ont déjà leur test Vidéo web newsletter qui mène chez y as We would do it Some kind of bien de things and you know D’idiotie de vidéos of the blue book i Call you have other vidéo one you see And aliens louis witches interviewed ici Une petite pause date de time au fort Aissaoui soundcraft y ait said it all The boys dati comme sous forme de futurs Format aux futurs indique x 10 6 6 Jihadia caractère we would like to to Have made it it was only good à dire

Batteur will be so much thing to do to Tell stories for example une des futures We would like to may be to create web Series doubt de universe of section Shiuan bottes cdc faiblesse de ce nom et Vacheries fort des soldes dit lesley of The tramp ils sont pris pour l’instant Le morpho mais ma barque Québec des 6es skies il annonce de son Pipeline 18 h [Musique] [Rires] Gina et il s’est hissé ghobadi nice but What what ilike mode donne date is to Tell stories 1 to create stories so high Donc nous d’être évidente Notre think we will not do 10 one day Maybe we say Di natale reviewed by de whitby de first To know when it will be non et dancings Non non we can do we holistique Characters now une foule sidiailles with Natural blues 5 tours de tracking de Holden de toulouse date we have with or Without the fact de the thing that i’m Trying to explain is that we week end ou A lot of things to day with the software With the de 10 à 19 h 10 buts 10 6 10 6 Time is is a lot of works 1 de 10,6 Oui oui à we live in date Oui à woking like ni de production Production company which was producing Vidéo au film if we want to go further To go to reach next levels we will need

One day one time we will need momo Budget aux mots non power financial Power sommet bi will find it one day Thanks to work corse à 5 soit côte Customers aux partenaires racktivity en Business deyris not only de viewers and You tube you have also tivit shans Official tv channels which is greeted by A work in which are asking s y fo vidéo Mais cause nikos des ânes de stud date Des coudes attract people touffes D’herbes chanteuse with date 10/10/10 Object and good luck to swing 6 tonnes 10 de deuil ou fosses object is becoming Normaux trending dame de previous years Many years ago For example une table mountain tout à Lausanne eleven en tout house and food In de ufo s’objecte ou aux fruits du Youth in english people who are talking About you est fausse Wall e dévoile laughing out that kind of People you know much of soul hip hop Year we were considered wiimote Considère la sérieuse people one of the Reasons why à 10 times à idlib really Wanted to stay anonyme au smic aux as et Don’t want it that it is game impact en Maille official wacom official job no Hana since tous trieuse de ufo subject Is becoming mon sirius 1 2 ils viennent De government you can see de us Government des récentes liquide L’office spéciaux l’office which is in

Charge of study n’y de deuil ou faux Riposte et ufo sightings joli petit buy Jet fighter the pilot est pilote isync Idapt déjà authentique because it is Very difficult to tout fric date kind of Video with caméra en dodge est allé dans Le sinaï don’t have the right explain Why can’t explain what it is it is i fo Nou de goudelin believe d’autres datent De trois vols between dimension is Possible And that we have différentes dimensions En date We have différentes species saut à Believe date et liens existent avec donc Know if all de différence peaches data Registered eurodata explained indiférent Terrorise arts de rue ni existing butt à Believe that you have some eliane Speeches which travel between dit Mansion 2 like in ter dimensional pour Talk like teen movies like stargate Oyono Un don hay believe dot ilike de Vientiane times théorie du no sign that It’s not à washington dc et lienne Bataille quand prove it is very Difficult to me two for me to to explain De feeling d’ataï have one eye shield At-il that it’s as it can’t have et Eliane origin bottes ils se se vident Easter bing because each time we 6 Tonnes de vidéos d’être little sign that The very little very small object

Sommeil bits ce drone controlled by some Eliane intelligence What is show is date 10 is something Flying date with which was not Controlled by the us army aux deux Pilotes des why not aware date 10 object Oil india before they came here is also De problème de radar détection 10 object Ap ir sometimes andrada after date 10 au Pire quand heatly yoav de deux problèmes Offre de speed sometimes vd des trois Vols vers is law and just de deux Minutes after date des dix apurina des Livres de side with very high speed 1 de L’auto ce pilote sa date d wade one day Bolt ou to follow through to get de fo Sauf incroyable expérience al sol ait écouté ayad to experience is one Expérience au hit for two years ago Ice aux something coming down from the Sky 3 et une indienne of the day in the Scene sunlights du sundance hinault du Sunset un do something coming out from The sky with the longue Trails of smoke un de heroes not the Only one two sides at12 oui oui oui s’il Date coming down in the sky and after Date disait peering in de raizen 1 2 Nobody knows i’m all to explain what it Was after that may be to three days After that will we had un official Article in the papers saying that it Rose sommes piece of sattelite coming Down from space and learning atmosphère

But it was very big and david ridgway New sites and you can’t say yes bien you Can’t you can’t void to think that may Be hyacinthe et light as people want you To believe votre may be not may be it Can be something else i don’t know you Have a lot of things that you can’t you Can’t explain in what you seen in de Nature une what the what is holding you So inde user experience in aux indices Summer i was free a souscrit lights in The sky and he was loving you will all i Liked royan goal un just coming over my House is a highway with my family and we Saw it 1 2 Highfield dit un des hits lasted five Minutes 1 2-10 pierre very quickly 1-2 move was Very bizarre il toise note veut Naturellement en 2010 soit 10,10 one for Dit swann 10 15 We will hold up to date de day after we Learned that it’s just chinese l’automne Indeed et roses chinese leur est offert But i would like to witness dot kind of Events would like to see you est faux When i was the kid taiwo spending l’hôte Of hours underground les lignes d’un Plan de grande taille aux loups king a De sky and the stars un des gros the Waiting for something movie indique Never happened I was never abducted bio fo dit non Eyes and dust and data that some people

Qui expérimentent 10 things and diane Déry azaïez versailles de risotto things That you can’t explain 1 200 tonnes D’ivoire a devant une pléiade de bons Moments aux médias de rail plat issa de Wright moment ta soeur à ocana hisser Ailleurs watched lot of movies and owl Dit exprimant à i didn’t have with you Est fausse eyes find them in movies in Film like hell yeah nike prometheus Ilike de heaven in dix films 10 movies Ridley scott Steven spielberg or other directors des Halls talk about 10 object bahout de 10 Extra terrestrial bahout 10ème schengen Terrorise 10,6 very subtil style à 10,6 Not very clear date soit 2 story is Written by cause when the movies without You wanted theater 10 directors de Onenote considered as conspiracy Terroristes No 1 de wever de s’objecte date des oies Speaking in der movies coude make people Of hate des work vote know that means That people a atterri ce titre subjectif Ufos difficulté c’est because we have 10,6 aux difficultés période difficulté I’m in au with de hall de restriction Date we have so we have a lot of things Ou the world is he be strong ou bloc s Like money because we will host sommes Works au whisky sommers because ou yahoo Ian evans which we can soldes because of All de problèmes du no2 job de movie

Industry’s ce feu ring because in france Oui il ya deux halls de theaters which Are close old movies now a moving hearts Rainsford to plate forme internet light Netflix amazon williams estime toi Revolution in de cinéma industrie so It’s the revolution in the way of show In the movies de films tous deux publics Tous deux people revolution in the wire Financing 10 project we also workflow Dit evans like heaven phobique company Is or others fois working on visualise Fixe aux animations Si j’y aille photo mr choses 1 2 oui oui à dos le soul of project week-end soldes So we try to two two qui peut tout Kitutu stay alive to survive rien disent Période un oeil ou tubes we today you Tube do that we can’t leave totally on You tube we have to doivent différentes Ways of any money in order to to leave You may be what is shown that we are we Will continue to make movies two to make Videos mont-vidéo where i’m talking Explaining sommes quasi s’objecte somme Somme incidence and also muse fighting Which were reported Pouvez vous l’avez fait l’ena oui ça Date 12 à trois points sauf discussions With my brother because one we decided To to make the faith reveal 10 des Russes disent problem of de language Because in de previews vidéos hayden Talk dissoudre aux olives idées aux

Visions l’effet kz1 d’un aussi un one we Did de faith evil eye began to speak in English and to touch au morro my faith De christian knees ou aux de christiane Rose ou bouddha ou d’albi et bolt ou 1 To be to to speak in english toutou Présente hall de vidéos et english Because we didn’t want to lose a dit Stein we didn’t want to lose de Community of section fifty one which is For de man party et it is in american Community so it would be Shame shame foule origine toulouse hall 10 community we want it ou tous tous Types de contacts to keep de 2,10 link Sow dispose à la ddt to make this video In english in the thing about me is in Brighton beach comment est ce que j’y Vois des artistes wang technique Seriously sous x et will come Progressively when i would be it will be One hits i want is you from y en a une Autre date What what we did until today we all de Piepoli following we have style we still Have we have more can comments on y va Even have come and sauf pipeau singh Date d light my french accent so good Friends with all that i’m still waiting De deux stories of de deux futurs web Series if we had if we have de 100 ou 1 To produce m Une des futures 1 de wuhan steel working With tivit chanel’s may be one day we

Will have tivit chaud aussi quanti vite Chanal dedicated to section fifty one Eye donc nos bottes des rats moralement Signs from 10 tv channels date mec me Think date où il ya interest in den Eynde way où il ya showing art vidéo in The way we hate ehlinger stories d’ossau Maybe son évolution à wisches et ou Vidéo et d’eau Chacun offre d’achat au fc nantes [Rires] Yannos aux uns et aux autres aux Verreries goût de menthe with you Tonight un gars It would be a pleasure to keep de Contacter toutes tailles connected to Stay linked en mai by other interview Zine de futures a moqué le les no soucy 12 veyrinas commente sceaux s continue Son bonhomme a fait écho de wickham Britanniques mais quant au fait qu’il Est moche mais aussi even know you you Will be you can 5 me faut faux faux Making video with you jean poiret yes Yes vos courses [Rires] Photo philippe renault Nous nous not every time generali de red Wine & you drink it Ath ii Deux normales température de température De peace where you are drum where you Are french nord-mali actually youth of The wine à 2-2 terme future of the room

De de wight wine for you can’t you can Service fraîche aux deux de pink as we Call it in french de rose est aux aguets De pink when you can service Frêche because it is refreshing 1,2 et Especially made for women one thing if You come in france Game one day dont easy take two to tell Me on it would be your pleasure to Welcome you in france c’est une maille à Ces petits tubes to welcome you wind Studios abbey road to talk to drink the Grace of your love you more mr know ce Match le projet sénégal m L’unité tasc inc Le hashtag mini buggy ni la violence ni Au challenge wiimake à 2,14 prophétie à Une orbite basse de catastrophe 10h30 area de sochaux france ça serait Un 10 6 david david ou stocking de kata Prophétie absolue comme système a fait Ses stars [Musique] David oui signe 10 ou écologistes Harmonie des bonnes causes ah oui gott In de chat aime ça y est due à un autre Chemin des studios Dans ce couple clip crazy what we can do To do with the software que stoner Coming est à tout risque à samsung tout Doute fort project i say the button Can we do this can we do date ayadi Samedi à wigan soir yes we can do all That you want this is just christophe

Budget of money c’est de m’occuper de Mon realistic de mort Deux mots quality you will have a new Project à yutz et may be to three days Off modeling un one more day on earth ou Days off faut animer thing de skeleton Une forte shopping sau totale maybe five Days at the right for us about three Hundred news day âge minimum wright so It makes one thousand five hundred use Solo mais une toute jeune eleven it food Ils tous deux mecs montagne sommet bi de De beule price mes billets mis sur le Street art aux donc justin je sais tu Faisais my friend du président doit Partir c’est que par ses fans Vaincu ce match for africa chaîne vidéo à eux mêmes We make up in fine qui sont l’instrument Besoin à acheter Oui chris keane hip-hop et les riffs à Yvonne paint faut se demander si elle Est un peu dingo place amélie n’a dit ça