Travis Walton Abduction (GUFON, Must See Audio discuss LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT

By | January 23, 2021
Travis Walton Abduction (GUFON, Must See Audio discuss LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT

Um good evening folks and welcome To alien addict on this fine luxurious Evening It is evening well it isn’t near the uk It’s probably daytime where you’re Watching now But whatever time it is let’s have a fun Time because we’re here to talk about A bit of travis walton and i’ve got my Two buddies I’ve got goof from goof on radio Who’s just rich Rich he may have gone to the toilet and We’ve got Lee from must see audio how are you Doing i’m good mate what’s happening to Rich Did you say i he said something about You being a prick No i i i’m so used to Never mind i was clicking something else And i couldn’t get out of it Yeah everyone sorry about it very Unprofessional i apologize Rich that’s happened to me so many times And the missus walks downstairs i just Can’t get out of what i’ve clicked on Yeah and the next thing he knows you’ve Got like 15 only fans windows though Well i’ve got i’ve got i should oh i’ve Been thinking about getting Only fan page myself did anybody see That moth I need to play that back something just

Flew past It’s probably probably a um a a ghostly It’s a spirit orb yo yeah it’s the Spirit of this man My uh Who is that guy this is frank He i can i can literally like pull him Up by his ears i’d show you earlier rich But he’s kind of like the new mascot um He’s beautiful he’s got a beautiful Overhanging stomach That’s um he is his belly split open Already once Um i rescued him from the kids um It looks a bit strokier if i’m honest Yeah he He is a bit of a stroker yeah no no No oh He just looks a bit uneven it well he is Because he leaked I had i had to um so i don’t know if you Can see This we are going to get onto travis Walton in a moment folks but this is More important Um my kids well one of my little boy Uh poked his toy helicopter rotor blade Into his suit it’s just He’s got a scar now yeah he’s bad but His head’s Uh lost a lot of it’s um it’s um That’s what earth girth yeah His head’s not as good as it was uh but Yes

Who does that look like in ufology Um that’s a tough one I reckon it probably looks a bit like Stephen gray’s foot I’ve programmed it now so whenever i say Stephen greer it’ll just pop Up oh that’s awesome yeah stephen career Ah looked away because i’m over here That’s it that’s it um but yes um We are gonna swiftly move on to uh Travis walton and he was on joe rogan The other day yeah is he like three days Ago two days ago It was quite i was i was quite surprised When i saw the name on it On a rogan to be honest yeah i was happy I was happy about it as well but it made Me think about Like the little conversation we had last Time we did one of these uh when we were Talking about Why like why is rogan’s sort of Interest in ufos just jumped out of the Ceiling All of a sudden he’s completely leading The way with it didn’t they Yeah absolutely because it’s a popular Subject again Or did the powers that be Make a mistake when if if you think Right if you’ve got the likes of uh if You go back to The um like pedestrian emails The ones that that concerned like ufos

And uh Back in 2015-16 yeah i can totally Understand How an outer touch old man could have Thought yeah let’s get the blink on it You get two guitarists in He’s cool with the kids uh without Realizing that he was a decade ago And i wonder whether that’s because all Of a sudden delong’s been Dropped to the side and it makes me Wonder whether somebody’s Actually thought yeah well hang on a Second maybe rogan’s the type of person We needed for this No what it was is tom delong tried to Make contact With somebody and when they found out That this guy this rock star wants to Talk about ufos and Wants to show them things and start a New uh Like a mufon type of thing group or Whatever I think that interested podesta and like Oh you know what we can do with this guy He’s in with the kids the crowd the Young ones we get new minds new people New thoughts maybe we can change The way people look at ufology So you think that joe rogan is kind of Like Without knowing it he’s he’s the man

That’s kind of Being picked to uh give us a slow Disclosure So to speak he does get the most Watchers but he’s not because he’s the Biggest you know because he’s got the Platform i don’t know why i don’t know i Guess so I mean travis isn’t knocking on my door Yet try to do anybody’s show though Willie travis come on my show it might Be right on your show One of my friends would be so envious You know He he’s he he’s got a travis one tattoo No way no no i lied okay but uh That was a good one that’s strange Because i was gonna say i have one too [Laughter] If he’ll come on the show i’ll get one You know And he’ll have a beautiful mustache Everything facts i think i think may Travis if you look at my face i probably Look like you did Back in the day you know with the Same color hey yeah oh yeah Yeah well i’m not ginger on top just It’s just this I see ginger in the light yeah i can see Some ginger a little bit i can also say No that’s just the light That’s the light But never mind natalie why are you

Wearing a christmas jumper Because it’s snowing outside i love it Nothing wrong with feeling like Christmas at all at any time Nothing wrong with that it’s cold out i Kind of like it It’s a comfy jumper You need a comfy jumper and being a big Man What you should do is you should always Have interesting patterns on your Clothes Because sometimes it confuses people and They don’t realize you’re fat Because they’re too busy looking at the Patterns on your jumper Distraction got it yeah it’s the same Way that zebras don’t get eaten by lions Yeah i mean i if i put a jumper on In this house i will no matter no matter Where i am I’m i’m i’m always melting you know i’m A t-shirt and T-shirt usually shorts man in the house When i’m interviewing my bottom half Needs to be warm so it keeps me going So but yeah anyway travis walton And yeah joe roger it was a good Interview it was a very good interview Did you really why i’ll tell you oh i Know why You know what i hated it i hated half of It Because half of the time he was thinking

And quiet and uh he Um and the other half he spoke so I didn’t understand why he had to take So long to answer 80 Of these questions it was very odd i Think he was nervous as [ __ ] For two hours yeah no this guy ain’t Nervous i met him he’s cool he’s calm Man He gets it he knows where he’s at he Didn’t Did you was he was it you that fell Asleep on him or did he Yeah next to him and he had an aisle Seat i had an aisle seat And it was my fifth time in a row seeing The phoenix lights uh anniversary movie And uh I came in you know i don’t i didn’t Sleep back then and Beard and abandon i looked like a biker And i sat down and Like and then i woke up and travis Walton’s looking at me and he goes [Laughter] How close was you to his shoulder that We no no He was in the next aisle oh right so it Was like five feet So he definitely told me he wasn’t Impressed that he fell asleep It was almost like he had a smirk like Man i want to fall asleep too kind of Like oh okay

Yeah yeah she’s actually a funny guy Do you do you think that there was I actually listened to for the first Time in Full uh the first ever interview With travis walton when he was a young Nervous Man i checked it out too yeah And when the st everybody says the story Stayed the same I don’t know if it’s that he’s not Mentioned in certain parts In interviews but there was one bit in The the first ever story and i should Have got a recording of it but You know people can go check it out um The first ever interview Where travis said um that he was Bleeding Heavily on that craft I’ve never heard him say that before That that was on the first interview not The road yes No he didn’t say that on the on the Rogue one was if he did i didn’t hear it And i don’t think i’ve heard it in other Interviews either i never have But he said he was bleeding heavily So unless i heard it wrong but he Definitely said the words bleeding Heavily I’m pretty sure i did and you know he Did He did didn’t he said bleeding

And on any of the reports I’ve never seen it said that he had Blood on his clothing so he was bleeding Heavily You know what did they do did they put It through the tum the the wash Did they give it give his show his Clothes uh what’s the word i’m looking For I’m trying to get out yeah gets to give Him a wash Yes they did a steam clean on it that’s How you get the blood out no i think he Was internally bleeding or something Like that Maybe because he got thrown 25 30 feet In the air when he got hit by that Whatever and i know you were internally Bleeding They talked to him i guess in his mind He had to have known i mean that’s why They kept him for so long so he could Regain his strength and they can bring Him back Or maybe they kept him for so long Because it made a mess of his clothes And he thought you know what before We’re returning we best clean his Clothes Yeah so he was a long way from a Cleaners too so you never know Because everybody says the stop story is The same no matter how many times you Hear it it’s the same

But there’s certain bits that i can’t They even get left without because he Thinks you know what i’ve told this so Many times he skips over some bits It’s like when joe was asking him some Questions Um and he was kind of like I went through the door and then joe What was the door like It was just like a door you know i’ve Never heard him Kind of explain the material of the Craft Properly you know what i mean actually Getting to death other than When he was um At this bit when he’s when he was at That chair And the guy with a goldfish bowl over His head right He said there were knobs and the buttons On the chair That’s the only kind of thing that is Really described and obviously the uh The fact that he could see straight out To space and it was like there wasn’t Um even a window it would just like it Was a room of space basically Yeah don’t you think it’s funny how his Account of the events Kind of looked similar to 1960s Television He’s just gonna say that you know it’s Weird because now we don’t

Hear it that as much even though he did Say they wore tight-fitted clothing And one of them could have been a cyborg Or you know It looked human you would walk right by Him in the street if you saw them coming At you So his accounts are really weird but Never detailed if He tried to look at the lights he said The light was uh didn’t it was so bright It didn’t hurt but i couldn’t see detail Always something was off it’s almost Like why can’t you give me details man It really it’s a great story but not the Little things there’s well maybe it was Just because he was in a panic I don’t know it’s almost like when he Did the Uh what the the fir when he did the film But when When they did the film fire in the sky And they were hearing about you know the Fact that He he’d explained that they looked like This You know first of all there was the Greys And then there was you know these two Characters from nordic type of Swedish-looking Yeah they thought you know what that is That we don’t want to put that in Because it just sounds

It’s bruce jenner It’s so funny it was But i can kind of say It was him both of them that was both Bruce jenner It’s brilliant i can kind of see as a Movie producer you that you might think You know i like this story but I really don’t want to put that bit in With the goldfish bowl That’s true yeah I’m still in the opinion that if these Things actually happen That they’re not a physical thing that Happens to somebody It’s kind of something that happens Outside of Space and time or the the space within Space You know something like that some other Wanky words i could put together to try And describe it Um and like when he’s trying to describe Things Especially when joe was asking him Questions about it um And he didn’t have definite answers it’s Like when somebody tries to when you’re Trying to ask someone to give you Definite answers about a dream Yeah that’s true I didn’t think of that yeah i mean it Describes it almost as a dream you know The little bits that he remembers it’s

Almost like somebody Is describing a dream i know it’s not a Dream because you know There were six other men that witnessed It um But it’s it is one of those things that I kind of Always when i if it was one man telling The story i’d say what a load of shite You know if it was one man telling the Story but there is six other people That witnessed this and nobody had his But nobody experienced what he Supposedly did Everybody else experienced one thing he Experienced one thing They shared seeing it but that’s what’s So perplexing i always wanted to know If it was all fake and it didn’t happen You know how would they plan that out And make him disappear for five days Not out there and he did come back with Clothes on by the way Yeah the movie they had him naked i mean If he planned it Uh and i’ve i i don’t i know nothing About the uh American wilderness i know there’s big Things that want to eat you sometimes But um if you were going to planet And you were these people that worked That worked out there all the time Then surely you could have sorted some Arrangement out to say right you stay

Here for five days we’ll get your Provisions we’ll make sure you’re nice And warm You just stay here What do you mean like they kind of like Built a little tent for him and they go You know camp house little yeah a little Cabin i imagine they could knock one of Those up they seen the type But they were searching that that forest For Days were they looking for him i suppose So that doesn’t help my theory If if it i mean then again say my theory I’m not Like i’m not saying it didn’t happen and If anything i found him Reasonably genuine yeah No but this is it we have to discuss This we have to discuss both sides of it So they’re up in those mountains cutting Logs down and everything they’re Familiar with the surroundings and in Snowflake there’s nothing around in that Area What were those ufos doing there You know i mean what he said he thinks They were doing was looking for This particular residue that comes from Lightning strikes Yeah and it forms crystals on the ground And they think that because that part Of arizona snowflake in that whole area Up there is one of the most

Um unique places because it has a lot of Lightning strikes for A mountainous region usually that would Be in an open area you know flat plains And whatnot That the flat plains is where you get The most and that is the second Isn’t it florida yeah florida’s flat Wetlands arizona’s flat dry desert Um but nonetheless they he thinks they Were maybe Looking for these type of crystals as a Power source so maybe it fuels their That’s why we see them by lightning and Thunder And not done you don’t see thunder but By thunderstorms Weird i don’t know if i agree i agree i Mean It’s an interesting theory yeah yeah but I mean It surely you’ve got this technology i Mean we’re already starting to control The weather And i’m pretty sure an alien species That can travel thousands of light years Would be able to control their own type Of weather or You know go to another planet with loads Of light thunderstorms You know that would create this Why earth but there’s an unusually high Amount of lightning strikes In this area and other mountainous

Regions that don’t make sense to people So maybe they’re and they coincide with Ufo reports is what i was trying to say And didn’t come out that way So anytime you have i mean that’s an Interesting thing I’m gonna look into and see what i can Find are there numerous Ufo sightings more numerous around Thunderstorms than not Because if they’re collecting this Crystal this crystallized thing that Is made from lightning strikes i think That’d be interesting To see how that can be used in form of Propulsion or Whatever what was the name of that Crystal i can’t remember Yeah i’ll have to listen to the show and Find out again Well i was actually listening to it Again but i don’t think i got back up to That bit but though i remember seeing When When joe bro he was so surprised when he Brought those um Those lightning strikes that hit it Looks amazing It looked like a tree uh stump coming Out of the sand Yeah yeah it looked like an alien sort Of an alien world where you’d imagine On an alien set that’s true it did You know like yeah no i on the

The lv-426 whatever it was called the The planet that they were They were in aliens i i think the idea Though that Like the the the lightning crystals Could be used for propulsion or Something like that But it’s it’s barely a theory though Isn’t it You know if there’s no if he if he’d Have had like A physicist or someone that had been Doing some sort of research and thought Oh well maybe you could use this because They’ve got x properties I’d take that but that was just The the words coming out of a guy you Know i could turn around and say Yeah well you know maybe they work maybe They run on dog poo Maybe maybe yeah It’s it’s just don’t get that anymore no But maybe that’s why we find them around Bins now we see them less in the streets And just around like dog Dog waste bins but um Yeah it’s it to me i i find it i find it Odd that He made that jump between Lightning crystals and that’s what they Were looking for Well the thing is he’s not a scientist Or anything like that it’s kind of like It is his

Idea but i mean it was the same bit when He was talking about the tree stumps That you know that the what was he said To the The the the growth have been quite Substantial but those actual tree What are the country scientists Ornithologists no and tamale no that’s And no Well that’s yeah okay whatever they are Yeah yeah Yeah it’s a great job um tree Tree they go in there and they check the The lines You know in the in the trees and Apparently around the area They had grown you know quite well Yes and no they didn’t grow all around If you have this And the ufo was here this side bubbled Out more And spread out while this side got Smaller so the tree grew in an oblong Way It’s kind of wild it grew that’s how he Noticed what trees were there So he’s not the side that he was saying Was facing the ship Yeah yeah yeah that’s where it kind of Spread out more but the other side was Basically normal away from the ship Because we had a bubbling Yes one of these guys uh Developed skin cancer on his arm they

Said they said As well uh travis said whether it’s Travis ferry theory again said that you Know That was the side that was facing the The crowd no that’s not a theory that’s A fact no i know he got skin cancer but Oh i’m sorry i didn’t hear you the Theory that the the craft gave him the Skin cancer I believe it you believe it could I do yeah there’s been a lot of cases Where people have been uh One guy had the the circles in the Pattern Remember that guy and he wound up Getting cancer and i think that was him No no i’m thinking of the uh Texas aurora case where they they put The alien in the well and they still use The water and the guy wound up with Tumors in his hands and everything but Yeah that other guy also had problems With his health and Yeah it’s wild so there is some sort of Uh Expulsion of nuclear something or Another coming out of these craft Which makes me think it might be back Engineered uh Type of craft maybe the only thing i’d Say to that Um is to play devil’s advocate Is a lot of people get cancer it’s like

Fifty percent isn’t The human population or strategy Probably so something ridiculous like That so You know it’s if you’ve got a 50 50 Chance of someone that said they’re Gonna They’ve been abducted they’re gonna get Cancer whether they’ve been abducted Anywhere you know it’s maybe Maybe it’s just it’s an unlucky lottery That not only have you been fingered by An alien But you’ve always got skin cancer yeah But like the betty k i think it’s cash And this the Lindrum case where they saw the upside Down uh ice cream cone ship and it made Their car really hot And you know she got out and did this She wound up You know all three of them in the car Got some sort of Uh dose of radiation that made her hair Fall out and they had problems forever After that So it is it’s a definite um Biohazard ufos they’re not I mean they’re friendly but they’re Dangerous It makes you think more that whatever’s Inside them isn’t organic doesn’t it Yeah i mean that’s that’s That’s the thing he did say that you

Know that there was a The the first uh aliens where there were No expression on them whatsoever you Know and Joe was actually kind of hinting you Know do you believe that they could be Kind of like You know androids are um Robots of some some sort But um There’s quite a few people that have got That theory these days but just because They have no expression you know We can’t and the way they look you know That They almost look synthetic don’t they Look They look fake yeah well he theorized Because they Talked they used telepathy and they feel That they’ve used telepathy for so long That they don’t need to make facial Expressions it’s in the mind That made a lot of sense that it did Yeah Well this is i mean from wreaking havoc That’s just generally Generally generously donated five Dollars thank you my friend Um he he as we know he’s had the Experience Uh with the two outside his window and He’s just saying here that he doesn’t Believe

That people are you know abducted once Uh travis kind of did say that there was He was talking about something with his Uh with his was it his younger brother And yeah and i believe something Happened to travis when he When he was younger yeah he also saw a Ufo That’s what it was i think he didn’t get Abducted Well that he knows i find it interesting That he found out that his dad worked For was it was mit his dad worked for on The Like luna yeah on the loom i thought Yeah apollo 1. Yeah i i find that crazy You know to just for something that Happens to somebody that Like that and then all these years later He finds out his biological father was Involved With that sort of thing that’s really Really In fact that’s odder than being abducted It is it is and i was like Has he actually put any sort of well It’s a bit of a weird one to ask for Proof for that but i think that’s kind Of like very Fitting you know Well you think his father had something To do with taking him no i think i think Maybe who his father is might have

Something to do with him being taken Maybe that was it maybe the aliens gave Um Mit like special stuff But the aliens were kids and he just Turned outward Take the ginger one well he could let’s Not forget he got out of the car out of The truck and walked right up to it and It could have been anybody else that Have done that So it wasn’t like he was chosen or Anything right Um no but he was the one who was it was Yeah no he was curious and they were Into ufos too Uh back then as well was he was he Interested Or was he sort of coerced into going There Without him realizing it no they were on Their way home From no no i mean walking towards the Ship You mean with telepathy wise maybe yeah Because that seems like a Crazy thing to do i mean i am um Interesting I’m interested as much as the next Person and i’m really Really brave but i still don’t think i’d Put towards a spaceship That’s interesting yeah you never know He didn’t say it though he didn’t say he

Had anybody tell him anything but They could erase it i guess That’s an interesting point why he get Gets out of the car i guess he was Getting out and it was still rolling he Was so excited Yeah maybe i would have i would have Done it too though i think See i say this rich as well but in in Reality would we You know i don’t know yeah we’ve got This thing right Huge well he said it was he was actually The size of joe rogan’s Uh interviewing room trail or whatever It is that i don’t know what interviews It’s a weird looking thing but it’s Great um but he said it was about the Size of that did you know or was that The room The room yeah the room I think if you had chance to think about It I think you probably walk towards it Because uh i The way i would level it in my head was I have two options here I have the option to find find out Stuff that i will never have the option To try and find out again But i might die uh the second option Would be I could just run away and forever think I should have walked up to that thing

I’ll let you touch it put it above your Head i want one of them things Joe rogan got one he got his mate i Thought that was hilarious Well yeah he said that just get get it Yeah yeah if you can order one of those Please model The the old um sports model somebody’s Companies made it and apparently could Still get i’m going to get it I’m going to get it as well man i’m Going to get one too then I’m going to say i’m probably not Because i bet it’s loads of money Oh yeah it’ll be 500 bucks easily i bet It’s more basically a couple of grand Oh my god no way they gotta they want Yeah Unless it’s a special model they only Make in ten of them yes sports model That’s got to be special I’m surprised lazar hasn’t brought his Own out you know You know signed copies or like Fx kits lazar ufo air fix kits I’d buy it what’s given 10 years when he Needs the money Well this is the thing as well with this Story That that intrigues me because people Say That you know he’s travis has not made a Lot of money i bet he just made quite a Bit of money off it and i’m not mocking

For that or anything like that because That’s fine But what about these fellas you know These six people If it was a [ __ ] story we’ve all got One of them friends that’s jealous of You yeah you’ve all got that friend that Doesn’t like Something that you’ve done in your life You know with it whether it’s because They want to be on youtube or i don’t Know that they wish that they had a Stretchy monkey Um but don’t they Guys be honest how much do you want this Right Next year right now absolutely not Yeah i do because i’m still not Convinced that it wasn’t you sticking Your little toy in him and not your son But these six fellas that i mean i think As two of them passed away now i think I think i think i think that i think He’s he’s i don’t know why he’s Got the game on the show so i don’t want To be 15 17 he’s 75 i think Hey google how old is travis walton 63 he looks great He looks like crap yeah i thought he Looked 78 i’m like 75 i think it was He’s a couple of facelifts and a few Injections in as well i reckon

He’s an alien he’s got that shiny look About This travis i’m not saying this about You this is things too These six these six fellas here you know Surely one of them would have come out And gone you know what i’m gonna blow The lid off this i’m sick of this True i’m sick of this [ __ ] this guy’s Got all the fame for it Who’s who’s three up from the bottom That’s not travis walton is it Travis is not there oh is he not no no Three up from the bottom was like a hard Check driver work hard Hard drive check away from prison so uh I know i know why he wouldn’t say Anything He looks like a three from the bottom He looks like a guy that i watched in One of my dad’s videos He looks like one of the musketeers that I used to be interested in when When mum and dad would go out oh those Ones yeah But yet these guys you know one of them Would have got pissed off one of them Would have said Something and everybody stuck to the Story That’s that’s fair i i find it odd that He’s the only one that’s actually come Out to talk about it as well Properly

Did you watch has anybody seen travis The actual documentary travis on Amazon i didn’t know there was one i did Yeah yes it is decently i watched it Today Actually it’s it’s a decent little dock Um But you know so it goes back to the site With I think a couple of these guys and uh It’s quite emotional when When the guys are like speaking about it And you can You know you know you can tell Somebody’s lying in the Facial expressions i don’t get that from Any of them it seems like they’re all Telling A true story yeah but it’s a bit of a Misnomer that sort of thing isn’t it Because You turn around and say oh yeah well you Look so honest yeah but like you can Tell when bad liars are lying That’s what good lies are good at lying Because you can’t tell Give it seven good liars and not for the Whole time Yeah yeah that’s true yeah they all Passed eye detector tests One was inconclusive but other than that That’s almost the perfect score and they Were tested multiple times Apart from the one on the show you

Showed me rich well that Game show oh yeah i can’t believe he Failed the biggest question were you Abducted But all everything else was was right it Was so stupid But you know what they could have done That on purpose yeah i think he’d says That too The the producer making mickey mouse and We’ll get he will get so many more views They had to because the government Doesn’t want the truth to be a hundred Percent known See what happened there i i did and it’s Funny that Travis kind of kept saying stuff like You know people blame say the government Knows this that and the other but He was almost saying that they don’t you Know they’re just They’re as clueless as we are i don’t Believe that I want to know what bob lazar told rogan That he couldn’t say on the show Yeah because That um Given how uh Given how ropey the lazar interview was And how How much rogan seems to believe it Obviously suggests that he was privy to More of a conversation than just that Interview

Yeah and this is what bob said it’s all [ __ ] And then he goes see you later [ __ ] No it’s a it’s interesting that’s a good Thought i wonder what it is I keeps trying to think like What would he say it’s it really did Happen I mean that’s the only thing he would Say right or There’s nothing to do with evidence Wasn’t it was something yeah evidence With um where he worked i think Hey lee uh your audio and i thought it Was me i had to turn my volume up it’s Very low Oh is it yeah and people are starting to Ask if you could turn it up I didn’t know i could turn i thought it Was just my but when Uh alien addict spoke i had to turn my Volume down Yeah how’s that okay wow that’s perfect It’s perfect Let’s move it that little bit it’s the Jumper cushion in it I like that word jumper and trainers i Love trainers Sweaters is it sweaty yeah sweat Sweaters Because warm in it see i don’t know why Anybody would call a jumper A sweater because it’s not sweaty it Doesn’t jump no

It’s creating sweat it’s it’s keeping You warm That’s why we say it’s sweater weather It doesn’t take It doesn’t create sweat in england Yeah yeah dip for a different cotton Maybe i don’t know i mean just Slightly off the travis walton situation Here i always i always wonder when I’m seeing an american americans yeah When i want to see people in america and They’re walking around in the sun And they’ve got a [ __ ] coat on i’m Like get that coat off you silly bastard You know if if we’ve got like a A little bell end of sunshine You know i’m naked we’re not fully naked But i’m i’m t-shirt out Just imagine oh god i know i was just Gonna say it’s uh Not uh it’s not particularly on topic But When i was in florida i bought a Double-breasted Tommy hilfiger coat like really nice Coat This big collar that you can flip up and Stuff and it cost me sixty dollars And it cost me sixty dollars because i Think if you put it on in florida You would have spontaneously combusted That’s that i’ve never understood it but I suppose it’s kind of like yeah Just what you get used to get you your

Own heat your own temperature But yeah back to where the ginger Mustachio man Yeah mr walton Um i i there’s something strange there Something strange has obviously happened I It i can’t i i’d be more comfortable With saying That he was either making something up Than if it wasn’t for all the other People But uh one thing i was going to bring up Was him saying like you don’t have seven People have a Um the same hallucination that’s fine There’s seven people Nobody in that situation but i have been In the situation with my friend who’s my Who is my housemate And um the uh we’d we’ve both been out And we both came home A little bit worse for where and um He ended up he he had something because I’m not sure how youtube takes this sort Of stuff But he had something and we decided to Share it And break half of it off and have half Of this thing up Together um So that’s fine hilarity and shoes Then the next thing is i sort of wake up A little bit and cut and come round

And we’re both sat there with xbox Controllers In front of the tv which is off and as Far as we’re concerned we’re playing Halo And we had we had a little group Hallucination between the two of us So it’s i i don’t think it takes a lot For one person to bring other people Into their hallucination how mad is that Lowly That if what you’re saying there yeah That narcotics can actually make people Have the same situ experience like we’re All Like the mind kind of tunes into the Yeah somebody else’s frequency yeah Yeah or if someone turns around to you And says That shadow looks like a monster and Then you go I just look like a monster yeah That’s happened yeah So yeah i think i i’m not i mean i am I’m fully on board with the idea of like A universal Shared consciousness but on the other Hand without that i still think it’s Possible for you to Drag someone into your trip so to speak Yeah maybe in a closed environment but In the middle of i don’t know depending On what the ufo is Able to do or the people inside of it

But it is an interesting case it’s um It’s you know they thought he was dead You know and uh these guys think they’re Gonna go to jail To prison and they they you know there Was a fight that happened earlier that Day because One of the guys went over to his Girlfriend’s house and was saying why Don’t you just leave travis and then Travis walked up on him Underneath the girlfriend’s window and They got in a fistfight Before work that day so that part in the Movie where the guy was cutting a tree And it got real close to travis really Happened I thought that was funny so they were They were bickering all day so that’s Why they thought this guy killed him and Everybody’s covering it up That’s just rare yeah they knew right Away it was It was unique okay fellas let’s look at On this side so The let’s look it on this on the let’s Look at it as in He faked it Let’s say they faked it okay How how did they fake that seven seven Of them Where did he go Mean the the logical conclusion to that Would be

That he that they drove him somewhere Else it wasn’t there They they came back they told people That they were somewhere they weren’t So when there was searches going on they Wouldn’t find him they left him He was hauled up in a motel somewhere The uh they went back to town They gave the story about the fight Which instantly Implicated them in a murder because That’s what that’s what would you become Like suspects So then when he when he walks back he And he turns up all alive And it adds extra intrigue because like Why would they possibly be lying they Were going to go to prison Rich if i i don’t know what the The laws are over there in terms of this But if if one of these guys did Come out now and said that it was all a Hoax Would they get in any sort of trouble Nope Contracts were signed and the story’s Put out there and they’ll turn it around And say he’s lying You know that’ll probably happen but Nope nothing nick anybody can do So if somebody did turn around and say That this is a hoax Uh we we did it this is how we did it And they even if they presented

Evidence they couldn’t get locked up or Anything for like I don’t think so no how can they um You know these contracts were signed Unless there was a stipulation saying if You ever come forward In any time in the next 50 years and say This was a fake you owe us this you know That’s the only way that could happen So but just saying it without it being Written on a contract Nothing can happen where i mean what What in what situation would you have That contract If you were making a movie or writing a Book or making a will That had to do with the site i don’t Know any any Legal document that has to do with that Story Yeah travis said that we’re looking at Doing another movie Yeah he wants to do a remake on it See that’s the thing i mean i wouldn’t Imagine um i mean I’m sure like travis walton and the rest Of them got money out of the like the Using of that story But was firing the sky that bigger film You know it’s 140 million that’s That’s a good amount but even so but It’s 140 million but i bet The um i bet it would have cost at least 50 million to make 60 million

Then there’s everything else that go Goes on in making a film so Always fascinates me how much films cost And then The the the amount of films that you see Where they actually just scrape through Making like five million or something Like that it’s Why it feels like blair witch and Child’s player remembered so highly is Because of the Little cost they’re going to make them And the massive returns But back in i think it was 97 that movie Came out i don’t remember same year as Independence day i think Um yeah it was a good year for movies um Yeah i think Back then it would probably take 30 Maybe 40 million it’s easy to look up Anybody can find it but yeah that’s when We started getting into really good Graphics and uh cgi and in the movies Started getting really good back then i Thought they did well on that movie Yeah the little old ben aliens he’s a Little angry Yeah i like the fact that they had the The the the depicted the the actual gray Bit was um it was a suit yeah Yeah i found that cool it was like What are you saying sorry just yeah yeah That’s it The um

Back to the um what’s this guy the Goldfish goldfish guy I mean they didn’t they didn’t put they Didn’t put any of these humanoid figures In the film But when it was inter it’s interesting When you hear Um about goldfish head here Um but when he goes and sees the woman And i think there’s another guy they Don’t have a helmet on And i’m wondering why the first one Would have a helmet on but the But i mean it’s a funny thing to make up Surely Travis would have made up the fact that They all had goldfish ball heads but he Said that the That i think they were these these two That Didn’t have uh goldfish ball heads and I’m sure she was absolutely beautiful She looks like she could have been a Stunner i don’t want to stay on that Ship She’s hot for the time though isn’t she Yeah But if we go back to the uh it was like That era of sci-fi she’s that era of hot As well james bond hot [ __ ] logan’s run type uh Kind of adrian barbeau yeah You know um well it is weird because This person because he was he was

Fighting with the other two or i thought There was maybe three but Whatever it was this other guy walks in And was very athletic very He had an athletic build and muscular You know and Why would he wear this fishbowl helmet i Don’t get it It’s when he said that i’m like oh man Yeah It sounds like it sounds like something Your man Um this this guy in the swiss alps What’s his name Uh adamski georgia no is it Yes it sounds like something from billy Mayer and that That fires all sorts of alarm bells but Again No detail everything he says has No intimate buttons you know what i mean Nothing No little monitors no sounds It was just very bland but he described The beings in more detail than anything In back to the first um interview that Somebody did with Um travis he he did say that the The figure that approached him with the Helmet had no expressions On his face but he did say to joe rogan Because joe rogan was asking was there Any kind of like Uh expression on his face he’s maybe a

Little bit of a smile So he kind of changed a little bit I mean whether it’s joe was kind of like Getting out of him because he’s good at Doing that well he wouldn’t answer He says right then he’d say didn’t he Touch you What did his fee and then he’s like well He grabbed on to me and Yeah but what did he feel like this you Know well You know he kind of looked like we do But and he’s like just answered a Question And he did that whole interview but Memory’s such an odd thing as well um i Can’t remember What the proper yeah well yeah but i Can’t remember what the proper Quote was but it’s good it’s something Along the lines of That you only ever actually remember Something once The every other time you recount it You’re remembering the last time you Remembered it and recounting that memory Yeah it’s like the game telephone yeah Yeah yourself I get it it’s like taking a copy of a Copy of a copy it degrades over time With each copy it’s the same thing with Memory that’s life That’s what people say i mean i can’t Remember

Why for breakfast actually Probably [Laughter] Did you have gin again Hello it’s just a little we we are we Whiskey Um i felt travis was making I felt he was trying to remember what he Had to say And he took his time and didn’t care i Don’t know I’ve never heard him so weak so fake Sounding ever Yeah what was it you said to me rich uh When you When i asked you about the the interview Or did you think of it you said um If anybody knew that is new to the story Of travis walton Hmm they would think this guy’s lying Out his butt do you think that was Because rogan put him under More scrutiny than anyone else has he Didn’t No but he he put him in uncomfortable Situations like you could see There was certain ways rogan was leading Questions Like the door and bringing them back to Things That are Tactics to no not nefarious tactics But just ways to um Did you like check someone on their

[ __ ] As they on the fly to bring people back Into it too It doesn’t matter when somebody tells a Story And i know i’ve been doing this for a Long time they tell that story over and Over for 40 years now whatever it is or 30 years He’s been telling it No 50 no 40. Anyway he’s got it down man you can’t Get anything by good old travis You can’t trick him mess him up or quit He he’ll knock you down and i didn’t get That feeling this time I see it was weird i think the other I don’t know because obviously i haven’t Watched every interview with travis Walton But i uh yeah but um One of the things i do get tired of Watching um interviews around this Subject Is you it’s always somebody That’s on the that’s on the ufo team Doing the um Doing the interview okay yeah So whereas if if travis walton come in And be completely disingenuous Yeah but he knows that two podcasts down The road Joe rogan is just going to casually turn Around someone says oh he’s had that

Welcome going on he was full of [ __ ] He said that about tons along yeah he Did the uh i i i Yeah but that’s that and i think if he If he didn’t Believe um People like bob lazar and um Uh david frieber and stuff like that i Think would have already heard that he Didn’t believe them because It’s not good it’s not making him any More views or any more money going along With their Their story and he’s a comedian at the End of the day So and so taking the piss out of things Has got Kind of his job well and i think you’re Right because Um why joe rogan will never have him on Again He’s gonna ask him he’ll never have him On there’s no reason to Nothing new will come out of those Everything he he had to say he said it So joe rogan could initially rip him Apart if he thought he was lying and He’s not that’s the whole thing he’s not Lying Travis walton did get abducted yeah that I was just about to say to to osvaldo Franco here to for anybody who’s Watching this None of us are saying that travis

Walton’s lying we just want to discuss You know the different interviews that Travis walton’s been in the different Statements we wanted to just go through The fine-tooth comb well it’s probably Not fine too of course probably just Like a little Like a tooth yeah one of those little Soft baby brushes you get for brushing Your newborn baby’s hair I mean just make it makes it i think no Matter how many times you discuss this Case If you’ve got different guests on Discussing this case You’re going to get different theories From different people which is what i Find so interesting about it Yeah um i mean i i would love to see I don’t know how many of them i think Two of them have passed away I’m not quite sure on that but i would Like to see Like an interview with the full All of them you know together Whoever’s left yeah Didn’t they do an interview on tv a long Time ago they did though yeah I think they were all on uh i don’t know I can’t remember the name of the show But uh It wouldn’t be nice to get them all Together um i When i was watching that podcast though

All i could think to myself was uh The names have escaped me again tonight Who is your man he’s Died was it last year of the year before He was the Nuclear physicist um Wish he was still alive he’d have been Bang on rogan by now He’d he’d have been a really good Interview he’d been a great guest He would have done he’d been a really Good guest but he he believed uh travis Walton Yeah and he doesn’t believe bob lazar Well he hasn’t said that he doesn’t Believe him he just doesn’t He did he did it’s the credentials That they that he’s is like i’ll believe You When you show me the credentials you Know give me the proof There is no proof but he was fully he Was fully invested in the Uh mj 12 documents wasn’t Who was he i think so roswell was Stanton friedman Yeah i know but the the the mj or was he The one that said they were fake i can’t Remember i I i think it was stanton friedman that Came out with those With the mj12 documents I don’t know the answers to that may not Be honest with you

Um so it Who who would you believe more though if You had if you put bob in a car not a Travis and you had to walk to one of Them What was that if so you’ve got bob lazar In one corner and you’ve got travis Walton the other corner And you have to walk to one of them who You believe let’s say you’re on a game Show i don’t know You’re going to win some money just Quickly celine double o2 doesn’t Understand what we’re doing Sorry no neither do we It’s fine i don’t know what you what You’re Uh about didn’t make sense to me Okay i want to know who you believe more Who who who you believe More and you might believe them both but Who do you believe more between travis Or bob lazar that was uh Interesting i have two separate answers There Yeah i don’t know i don’t i do not Believe I don’t not believe um Cooper yeah i i don’t not believe um Travis do you believe in more than oh Yeah i believe Bubbles i find bubbles up more genuine i Find the Uh even there’s i know there’s hiccups

In his character And there’s hiccups over time nobody’s Corroborating his case it’s him and no No he never took a lie detector test Guy’s a fraud But he’s i fee i feel if um He helped he had the uh he had the Opportunity to make More of his lie if he wanted to no he Couldn’t not after 30 years start making Up stuff then it would have ripped them Apart No no but even the story he had i think He could have done more with The uh he could have he could have done The conferences could have more of that He could have done the talks The more you talk the more the lie can Get out ask corey Maybe maybe no i’m serious you don’t put Yourself out I think bob lazar was a shill for the Government really Yeah i think he was like a manchurian Candidate but I think they told him go work here we’re Go you know they they called upon him to Go check Like an experiment to see how he might React if he saw props of Alien stuff and things of that nature i Don’t know i It’s really weird he walks into a room They give him a book with

It says you know aliens it’s got aliens And ufos in it he said And he’s like well this is weird maybe They’re testing me you know And uh yeah it’s just weird man Why what do they do it’s just that Impression mate it’s pretty good [Laughter] I’m in the sports model that’s why That’s That’s pretty good elephant 115 Israel and it’s in my garage i can’t I have to do something with my voice and I can i wasn’t ready [Laughter] That’s ridiculous that was good Right you gotta listen to that back Richie hit the nail on the spot I don’t think so now So so you you believe You believe travis walton molly and You’re totally you know like more Marla’s our side Why is that lee what what did lazar do That travis didn’t to hit the spot you See I get what you mean about him not having The like the Credentials not checking out but to me That checks the story out more Because the the bits that are there like The photograph of him in the lab The fact that he took stan not stan

Friedman Demand the journalists round and he Could show him around the place and People knew him and stuff like That but the idea that his education is All of a sudden Wiped that says more to me That he went to work on a secret project And it’s one of those things where you Come here but we make you disappear he Was he was men and blacked Essentially i’m surprised i’m surprised He has still got fingernail Finger prints So that you’re going to tell me the men In black who i think it might have been Louis dondo back then Uh i’m just joking so the men in black Are gonna Um when he goes to work out they’re Gonna take his uzi Put it on the the seat of his car with His license And leave the door open you know like Saying ha ha We could have killed you but we didn’t We know you’re here That’s a really made-up story if i ever Heard it that’s a weird story that’s a Weird thing to say oh if that’s weird Then everything else has got to be weird Why The dominoes start going down but you’ll See the other thing is

I find when he talks about it i find him Genuine Of course he’s a sociopath the guy never Broke a smile in his life He doesn’t have i um The guy never moves he’s a robot he’s a Manchurian candidate He can’t be that much of a sociopath he Ran a brothel there must be something Human you have to be a sociopath to run A brothel because you got to be blind to Everything You only got to care about money money Money money money money [ __ ] money Money money You know that Bob lazar i’m telling you that that Story is so flawed Maybe i just want it to be maybe i just Want it to be real what about you ollie How do you feel Do you know i i i i’m wrong i’m just Saying that Are you all right i got called fat Before and the comments were saying Someone was lying nobody’s having to go With you No no They’re talking about um they’re talking About this guy Absolutely he’s not wearing glasses Though You know it he’s just been through an Operation as well so

Not leave but well [ __ ] what’s happened To his face Is he being jabbed it looks like is he Immune now A steroided out e.t looks like a ball Sack now Oh it does cyst oh [ __ ] A little boy’s going to kill me i say It’s not propping Oh there we go my list is so weird going Down there Describe it to your listeners i’d rather Not It looks like your heart looks like you Hold a massive ball stack and then you Just Give a slapping and now it looks like a Monster So yeah so with bubbles out the bubbles Our case Um i’ll be honest with you i i used to Think It was it i used to think it was just A really cool story that that was really Intriguing And then i was like i really believe This guy And then the documentary came out And i’m like there were just certain Bits of that documentary That that garbell did not and i know you Don’t You’re not a particular fan of carbel’s Um

Rich i mean i i thought he did it If it was a decent for what he could Have what he could do You know he got out he got a bob what he Could But i just he he’s he’s like a closed Book And it’s almost like you say rich that The guy Poss maybe even corbell Believes his story completely you know i Think bob lazar had a um Autism test and passed with flying Colours Well i think that’s the thing with him i Think he is Aspie as [ __ ] hmm Most of us are to be fair apparently Apparently most of us are on the Spectrum Perfect i definitely am yeah What what i’m not sure i follow them What does that mean What do you like what’s an example of That What you just said of Asperger’s syndrome yeah yeah well the Um lack of human empathy is one of them People being extremely focused on Certain tasks And like having the blinkers on for Other things Socio well yeah kind of kind of a Sociopath but not

And as purgers just go aspergers just go Full on the one thing at a time but all The way yeah but they also find it very Difficult to lie Hmm okay yeah that’s yeah [Laughter] You’re a good sport my friend but um Yeah i i don’t know i just i i see i did Not believe travis walton Bcc i i thought he came across as Nervous like say i think he came across As nervous because He knew if he didn’t put his story Across in a good way The arguably the most powerful man In media definitely the most powerful Man in independent media Could have destroyed him afterwards Not just that and it’s it’s okay being Used to like I mean in a smaller way where you we’re Used to Public speaking like this you know it’s We’re used to doing our Very various shows we’re used to doing Something like this Where we know like at best a couple of Thousand people are gonna listen to it At the time i think there’s a vast Difference between knowing A few thousand people are gonna listen To it than over a million the thing is There though lee as well I mean you’ll know this from

Interviewing some crazy people yourself And You as well yeah you know you mean 5g guy yeah So so so joe rogan as as i mean i’ve got A small Channel but you know there are there has Been people on in the past that i Thought Is this guy full of [ __ ] you know i’m Just going to let him Let him let him speak you know it’s it’s Entertainment People should know me by now to know What i believe And it’s it’s kind of like is it up to Me to say You know what you’re full of [ __ ] mate Rich i know you would probably just call Them out and say you’re full of [ __ ] So now that’s it that’s in your nature But i think at the same time with joe Rogan if he did that Would it scare people off whether he Believes it or not What people would it scare off the guest No it doesn’t matter you don’t think it Would scare the guest off so So say for example bob zou did go on And he goes i’ve got a migraine and Joe rogan says i’ll come off you you Know you’re full of [ __ ] i don’t i don’t Think we’re gonna do that i don’t Because i don’t

The only person i can remember uh He’s ripped oh Who’s that horrible youtuber that he’s Like No not him um He’s like he’s like a really far left uh Almost comedian uh adam adam ruins Everything I don’t know that he knows everything is That as adam Knows everything is it yeah rogan ripped Him apart Like really ripped his body open And took his organs out separately on His show Oh my god [ __ ] beautiful when was This Uh about two three years ago something Like that like He he really to the point where Your adam guy’s like viewing figures Dropped Huge on the show he was overdoing it Because it’s like a One of those like networks like rooster Teeth or something isn’t it i know it’s Not rooster teeth but It’s something like that it’s through a Gaming thing Yeah yeah but it’s not that it’s like Something like that like a An entity which has a big space on Youtube Um yeah so he we ripped him apart and

Then there was A a guest he had on which Had written an article in a newspaper Which i can’t remember Gonna say the times might be right um That called rogan an alt-right Conspiracy theorist And referred to him as like a propogant For the 911 um oh my god Like conspiracy and you’ve never seen Rogan see like as soon as as soon as Like the the wash screen comes off He’s already sat there he’s up all right Let’s go [ __ ] oh and Uh he said the npm and he just Levels him [ __ ] levels him It was great oh yeah it’s great He hits him no no no no just like just Arguments He said explain to me how outright he Said if anything i’m a liberal then he Goes on about How he stands politically rogan No but who was the guy i forgot the Guy’s name forgot i forgot his name but It was it was a It was a good podcast it was wonderful Well you need to find it i need to watch This one Yeah the the thing is and I i have to be in agreement with rich if If there was One corner that had walked to bob lazar Travis walton it would be

Probably travis one for me because of The six witnesses Yes that’s right they That’s why i mean I’ve got i’ve got a group of friends That i’m so close to But i’m telling you now if we made a Light up like this one of them would One of them would blow the light they Would Their wives if they get married you know How much money you can make if you just Told this Story you could make a millions we could Be rich i don’t i don’t think i could Think I don’t think i could think of three People that i know i’ve got and like i Said i’ve got some really close friends That i’m You know and and to be perfectly honest Only because My friends are probably more like Morally virtuous than i am It’s it’s me that’d be quite happy to Sell a lie but to find Like another six nob-eds like me that’d Be unbelievably hard This isn’t me saying that i don’t Believe Bubbles are though this is just me Picking aside that if i had to go to one It would probably be more travis I find them both compelling cases i

Really do um It’s just it’s like if If stanton was alive today you know There was a lot of I mean did you see the debate with him And corbell On stage stanton before he died that was You know that was [ __ ] great oh you need to watch that That was really good It was there was it was almost a full Blown argument Starting saturn freedom would destroy um Uh what’s his name the filmmaker Cobell gobel because uh i I quite like cobell because yeah i do i Don’t mind him at all No i i think i think he’s arrogant i Think he’s got Uh questionable people skills You know when you see him talk and i Think he’s he He wants the story to be about him Regardless of how Big the the story is and you still like The guy Yeah i don’t know see i i i’m i’m a Filmmaker i I enjoyed the lazar film of course It’s lazar but 26 minutes of looking at A guy with clam diggers on it I just don’t need to see somebody’s feet You see lee i said this to you about About carl bell he reminds me of like

One of my best mates that i went to a Beefer with Yeah he he’s not it’s he’s not like the Uh The filmmaker he’s like one of the guys That’s on a stag dude that’s the [ __ ] Yeah and he’s one of my best mates So from uh from down your neck of the Woods he’d be a wide boy wouldn’t he It would he would be off he’s an Absolute Pickle it’d be do we know he’d be the One that That be go come here come here you know To the toilet yeah yeah that would be Him That’s what he’s like but obviously Every every night ends in a curry Yeah um but yeah the guy’s a [ __ ] But i’ve got mates that are [ __ ] And i like them But they’re still [ __ ] i do have a Thing though Because i regardless of all the stories And what people are doing why they’re Doing it and who’s telling the truth and Who’s not telling the truth Um the rogan thing being i I think the more interesting thing than This than all the ufology Uh ufology is rogan And how he’s he’s So in now he’s so into it

I i mean i i’m amazed the guests he’s Had on you know it’s When you’re like this The list for people that must want to Come on his podcast Must be unreal Well i i said he needs to get ages ago i Said he was going to get bob lazar And it actually happened yeah i said He’d get lou alexander on But it hasn’t happened last night it Will happen i know He hasn’t been on oh are we talking About joe rogan yeah Yeah you had louisando I did not know that i could have sworn He was My little mars guy um I mean i suppose the first one or not For like first one in sort of modern Rogan times when it was like the proper When joe when the jre was the juggernaut It is now Would have been dan aykroyd like the dan Aykroyd interview he had about That was so good um He was drinking dan’s vodka won’t he Yeah yeah yeah A little with the orange but um The thing is right i think there is There’s something going on i don’t Believe Uh as much as i’m a rogan superfan i Don’t believe you get to where he

Is without someone having a word with You You know you don’t get to that level of Power Without someone saying something Especially when you when you’re having The sort of guests he’s having on can You Just for a split second because The the one thing rogan still managed to Do well is to make it look like Some guy comes around his studio and They record a podcast Can you imagine the security that Security that has to be involved have Someone like elon musk turn up to your Studio to record a podcast Or the or the loops that have to be done To have a secure Line so you can have uh edward snowden On From russia into your studio not just Once but twice That’s crazy so The uh i i think the ufo stuff Is in in much in the same way As what i think that um sneaked You need to tell people about what’s Going on with ufos in the Uh the thing that shall not be named Bill Um i think we’re being prepped for Something And that makes me think that if

If you if what you were saying before uh About um lazar being full of [ __ ] I kind of think that if he’s if he’s Part of this program Then they’re either all telling the Truth or they’re all full of [ __ ] Are all in it Did yeah at a place that could have been A mock-up of area 51. Oh very very possibly But uh that that’s the thing maybe he’s Been fed information that he has to put Out Like could you know this guy because I’ve said this to Ollie before um there was a guy that Had like uh he was doing like radio Intercept accepting like Radio stuff and he started picking up um Communications from an army base that Was close Close by that army base found out that He was Listening to them and then instead of Sort of just stopping them doing it they Started feeding them information about Ufos Just to see what would happen to him Psychologically Who was this i forgot his name i [ __ ] Can’t remember Incredible i’ve never heard oh it’s it’s An amazing story It’s a really big thing as well i’ll

Have to do a proper search for it and Luke But yeah i think the guy he lost his House i think he might be Killed himself in the end or something Like that What country was he from who’s america Oh he’s dead then it’s always in america Isn’t it yeah i guess it is The thing the thing is who’s i want You know i want to see him on Has he already been on nick pope onware Unless on the joe rogan i’m pretty sure Yeah I’ll check right now if he has it must Be a long time ago It not within the last few years no not Within the new Um i think it was the rogan being Interested in ufos Tucker would make a good guest took a Carlson yeah Um he was on two years ago Yeah nick pope was here why have i not Seen that Maybe i have but yeah The case is it’s a great case but There’s something that you said lee and It’s something that i’ve said for a long Time and i’ve been wanting to do a video About this I think i’ve told you that i’ve been Wanting to do a video about this is The the ufo over the years has changed

As in The way it looks the shape of it it’s Kind of gone with the times You know if you look back to the to the Sports model And i think before the sports model that Was a little bit more flatter And the dome was a bit more uh Domey yeah um if that’s the technical Word But then you look at these little alien Guys that Travis uh was talking about In the little suits that they were Wearing Um i don’t know how accurate this Picture is to what He described i think he said they’re all Black I could be wrong he definitely said that The Goldfish man wore blue But if you look at the style that he he Kind of depicted to the artist and this What the i think this is what the artist Drew You know it is very fitting of the time That’s what i was saying earlier yeah i Mean The issue there is have they got a Sci-fi artist to do the To do the drawings Yeah i’m wondering is it because Artistic license

That no that’s kind of like all the Artists could draw at the time because That’s that’s how modern they could make It look that Made it look like that well let’s also Point out the fact that whoever’s drawn That is also a [ __ ] artist Yeah it’s [ __ ] it let’s be honest Like that’s That’s bad drawing i’m terrible i’m i’m A terrible artist i I i’d swap any attribute i have to be Able to draw But i i’m not saying i could do that i Certainly couldn’t do that But i also know that’s bad See that i mean that’s that it looks you Know when you see you know that thing Second life Kind of chin you know you know you know That things like People are really lonely go on second Life it’s not that Internet thing yeah it’s been around for Years and years and years And you find people and they go and pay Loads of money they go and like have sex With Like random people with avatars [Laughter] That looks like people people’s sexy Avatars It’s just it’s got that look though Hasn’t it it’s got that 70s vibe to it

It does the bruce jenner chin because he Was popular in the 70s the hair even is See that’s why i don’t really i think Either the aliens made them look that Way To be this to be of the time so they fit In So maybe yeah maybe they walk around us And when they’re on their ship they go Into their uniform or whatever Is that her hand or his hand because It’s [ __ ] huge if it’s hers I can’t tell and what’s in the hand Because i can’t forfeit no there’s Something in the palm of the hand and i Can’t remember Travis describing that but that’s Obviously in that picture I think it’s a crystal like i don’t know A crystal over a rubber glove Anyway um this is the thing It’s obviously a lightning crystal isn’t It she’s just filling the car up maybe That’s what they maybe it’s Maybe she got that from the lightning Strike That’s one one of them little Crystal things really tiny i mean They’re they’re Much smaller so i don’t know oh it’s Really large you know She’s got a machine to make it bigger Rich uh just so everyone knows nordic Lightning crystals is my new prog rock

Band [Laughter] It’s a good name actually what the new Band’s called Lightning crystals no it’s absolutely Not Oh Rather silly Oh mr d b cooper thank you very much What’s the question I was going to pull your attention to This before see I i was in a separate part that’s the Only i need another monitor well i have Another monitor it’s not linked to this Pc It’s i’ve got the mac next to it and so I need okay Don’t worry about the super chats i’m Keeping an eye out for them i was going To i was going to pull that up Um what’s that say what looked like a A slow discussion is more of a I’ll just it’s it seems what looked like Slow disclosure Is more controlled disclosure aka We’re not telling you nothing can’t have A double negative like that that’s Grammar grammatically incorrect [Laughter] We’re not telling you anything That’s funny though it’s it’s true they They make believe they’re always given Just like the three videos from ttsa

They They say okay here’s some ufos but My opinion those aren’t ufos the even Though they’re saying they are in the Navy acknowledges it but There’s no proof those are ufos none Is this this is what the post-truth World is isn’t it The truth no no no it’s it’s a Post-truth word we can’t Nothing’s true anymore right like we We’re we’re All we’re all so like Damaged damaged and yeah and um Cynical about everything yes that Nothing Nothing is objective reality anymore There’s no there’s no All we do is we we pick we pick people’s Personalities we like And believe them not because what They’re saying is true Because we like the person that’s Hysterical yes I don’t mean to interrupt you i’m just Thinking no no no no no It’s just where we are it’s i don’t know And he even i i know i do it myself i Really like joe rogan he’s probably not A great place to get knowledge from For perfectly honest but it’s yeah It’s all all we’re left to hang on to is Like that hope that that one person Might be

At least genuine Perfect for example go ahead i’m so Sorry It’s your show mate no no listen This is this is i i was sorry I’m going to do it now i was listening To your podcast um This afternoon your podcast Oh sorry you’re used to your youtube Show i call it podcast because It’s a podcast yeah and um The i i i listened to you talk about the Ufc this weekend which i’m quite oh yeah Yeah tonight um and it i Really do think that if you feel like Doing an irish accent again You should probably back off from it you Should probably leave the irish accent You know yeah i know It’s awful i know I’ve not heard his irish accent oh it’s Awful i haven’t I heard something I can’t do an irish accent i always Sound like Jamaica i can’t do any accents i can Barely do my own I’m just good at getting tones i’m not I’m working on the european accents It’s really it’s really awkward my Standard would be so much better if i Could do accents Totally i can’t do accents but i can Make monkey squelch

Oh that looks weird on camera oh my god That’s hysterical with me It looks like a man of a child yes That’s so weird Right i wanna To bring it back onto the um the travis Which we always do this but it’s all fun It’s You know people understand if they make This far through They know what we’re about if you’ve Made it an hour and a half into this You’ve already had your money’s worth So it’s you you’re just in now I’ll tell you what interests me about it I do only gives me about 600 quid for Coming on there It’s because i did a bad accent That’s it This is the guy who interests me in the Travis walton case Philip class oh that guy’s an a-hole Don’t speak ill of the dead he is the Worst A-hole that guy was an a-ho Me and me and i spoke about them and Osvaldo franco was like yeah i hope he I hope people are dancing on his grave Sharpen me up here because i have i Haven’t got a [ __ ] clue who he is So he’s the guy that kind of got sent Well rachel rich is more of a ufologist Oh no but he’s the guy that kind of got Sent in didn’t he to

To to to debunk it all yeah yeah yeah But rich i’m not a ufologist and i i Don’t know if you call yourself a Ufology but you’re definitely more of a Ufologist than i Am but philip he he Kind of he went in didn’t he offered he Offered the youngest one 10 000 pounds i mean back in the day How much would 10 000 pounds be Yeah this is the uh sorry rogan They talked about this and roger didn’t They this he was asked To blow the story open wasn’t he was he Was he He was the one which was the youngest he Was upset And they lent on him because they Thought he would break Philip classed and you know he i don’t Think i think he was quite Uh he would he would have had a bit of Money You know a decent paid job but Who were giving him the 10 grand to give To because it wasn’t phillip He either wouldn’t have given the money Or he would have given the money Out of the money he made from breaking The story open Interesting This guy i mean this guy he he did He looks worthy he did so much To many ufo cases

Was there anything else i’d know i’m not A ufologist But yeah i know it was all i was it it’s Back in There’s an interview that i did with Osvaldo franco who is in the chat people Um and uh There wait there he is and uh Oz told me that about this guy i’d never I’d never really heard of the guy i knew That there was a guy that tried to pay Off one of the people But this is the guy phillip class and he Was a class um you know what You know he was he was one of these People that got sent into all these Different Cases to debunk them And but with this one he couldn’t do it And in the end he was offering The youngest uh of the party i don’t Know which one He will have been out of these guys we Could probably guess it by looking at The pictures Probably this guy he or he can’t see my Cursor but probably that guy that’s Second from the top Is probably the youngest one i reckon or Him at the bottom i don’t know ten Thousand dollars back then would have Been such a huge amount of money Wouldn’t it

Go like a hundred grand i was just going To say would have been more Close it’s like 100 grand philip class Was sent in to debunk everything and he Was also i think uh Wasn’t he in science or something didn’t Have a degree or something like that in Electronics or something So when someone gave me a hundred grand I’d lie about my own mother for him What was that i said if someone offered Me a hundred grand i’d lie about my own Mother if he asked me to yeah right James is the youngest was that the Second guy from the topaz He was also a member of the american Association for advancement of science As i recall Who oh thinking about the youngest Member of the pie then i was like that’s New um Yeah i why is it what is it with this Guy do you think who’s Who’s paying this guy it’s government I think He got involved some people are just [ __ ] yeah Like um over here Right now because we’re on quite Not as bad as some places like the uk But we’re we’re on A lockdown over here and there’s a guy Bearing in mind i live in an island of 80 000 people

And there is we shouldn’t be Like on facebook groups and stuff you Still think it’s christmas on your Island oh yeah yeah yeah We do but don’t worry this this is going To make sense it is going to loop around The um uh we’re not supposed to be doing Like Independent buy and sell side of groups On Facebook and people have been doing it Because We people haven’t been able to go to Work for like three weeks So yeah we’re on a very short lockdown Our government has been very backward at Coming forward as far as Any financial support for people lots of People are in the position where If they haven’t worked for a week that Means the following week they’ve got no [ __ ] money for food or rent because You know it’s people live week to week Um And there’s people out there and you can See the value of Things that are being sold you know it’s Where you get like baby clothes and Shoes it’s now laptops and cars and Televisions that people are trying to Sell And there’s been a particular prick Which has been going around Tagging government agencies like

Government facebook groups In these posts for people And some people just want to be [ __ ] You know it’s and i maybe maybe that’s The thing maybe he just wants to be an [ __ ] And spoil the party maybe that maybe That’s it maybe because He doesn’t believe it he desperately Wants to make it not true to shatter the Illusions of other people Well i think travis was quite uh nice About it In the interview with joe rogan because He kind of didn’t really mention much About It probably because he wants to speak Ill of the dead because he has stuffed It Um but yeah he he did a lot of He did a lot of damage and thank you b Baker Yeah the nsa he worked for that’s a Problem with you Some of you americans you’re so Respectful i wouldn’t have done that It’s all the sirs and mams that’s what’s Done it Yeah i mean 10 grand again going back to That back in the day that’s 10 grand to Kind of Destroy this this case That in itself to me gives the case More credence yeah yeah of course yeah

It really happened man you’re just gonna Have to accept it guys But the i mean it’s just like having Your like Uh academic rep records scrubbed it just Gives it More credence yeah The um the issue that i have though Right now is that These interviews are going down they’re Going out And this is similar to what you have Rich uh I mean i know you speak about the the The young guns i don’t know if the young Guns like me or not because I used to do a lot of videos where i uh Kind of I was very much all for ttsa and i’m not Saying i’m either for or against at the Moment I love you look who reached out to you But the the issue that i have With with all of this is that it It is influenced very much by And this is nothing against the younger Community that that kind of they do I mean my wife even does it and she’s She’s at least 18 i think but The you know The do you know what i mean These the the and if you’re watching This and you are a youngster and you’re All

You’re you you share share this video Out you know do your thing Share these p this is goof on radio must See audio share the links Like button do you know what i’m getting You probably don’t know i’m getting that But i’ll tell you what i’m getting that That this whole Thing right now with disclosure wherever It is This soft disclosure or with People who which side we should go to Should we go towards tsa should we go Towards Stephen greer and whatever his things Called Serious disclosure it’s all influenced Now By the younger generation because They’re the they’re the guys that get it Out You know they are the guys and and they Are they’re the ones that we are Influencing as adults I sound like an old man To me it feels like the The the mission is is just is not really For us Um the missions to make it So slow that like Our children by the time they’re in Their teens And twenties go well of course there’s Aliens dad what are you

We’ve been stupid what do you think the Lights are no but this is what i’m Saying We’ve always known that you know it’s We’ve always known In the same way to go like well We’ve always been at war with oceania This is a problem though with italy that The keyboard warriors Right now with This whole thing that’s going on I don’t even know what it is i’m not Going to call it disclosure because rich Will just Probably just look away because it’s not A disclosure but It’s not not disclosure though is it Doesn’t work you might not have a little Disclosure either you have a lot or you Don’t You can’t you know what i mean because Anytime says oh you’re just getting a Little bit of disclosure it’s so easy to Say well What did we disclose okay a piece of Evidence we’ve never seen before i guess That is a little disclosure right A little here and there so maybe i am Wrong maybe it is drip drip disclosure That probably came out wrong as well Because i’m not saying that it’s Every youngster that’s doing it but it’s It’s the People who are young to this

Subject yeah how was that person Think about mobile phones Things about mobile phones when but Before we had mobile phones And i had to remember numbers i couldn’t Remember i couldn’t bring my friends Whoever i wanted to We used to meet in the pub and whoever Was in the pub was who you were in the Pub with You would stay in there until a certain Amount of people grew up and then you Would all go out together If you missed someone you missed someone They’d have to come and find you Um but slowly then we got Phones then we could bring each other Then phones got more More complicated you could do things Till they became the [ __ ] all-encompassing mini computers We’ve got on our pockets now Now it feels even when you have think Back to before you had a mobile phone It feels like that technology was here At all times Yeah yeah i think that’s what will Happen with this like i said In 10 years time my son’s going to look At me and go Of course alien’s a real dad what do you Think the lights are And then then that becomes the truth Then

Because it’s what it it doesn’t matter It doesn’t need to be what’s actually Happening It just needs to be what the sort of the Zeitgeist is I hate using zeitgeist makes me sound Like a [ __ ] What do you what do you think if it ever Did get disclosed or if If they ever just started to appear in The sky willy-nilly and we just like oh Oh there they are [ __ ] chaos no but No but no but what do you what what do You think they would look like Do you think they would look like Anything what like say bob lazar the Tic-tac Did you do what do you imagine It’s a strange question that i know but What do you i’m just interested to find Out i don’t i don’t know i mean You might just see a bright light or you Know When it comes close i mean It depends doesn’t it you know you’d Expect to see some sort of physical Object but Even that makes me wonder whether that’s Actually what We see i remember seeing i remember Listening to somebody That totally say that the their theory Was that what we actually see Isn’t because it’s outside of the

Spectrum of human sight and that’s why We end up always seeing the fuzzy stupid Lights is because we can’t actually see The hole Okay i found that quite interesting Probably I found it interesting and immediately Thought it was bollocks when you say you Can’t see the whole what do you mean But you can’t see the whole object Because they’re all right Because what the actual mass of the Object is is outside of the visual range Of human beings So so what we see is what we can see of It In the same in the re the way sometimes You see what Appear to be like four objects But they seem to be moving in the same Same pattern the same way So it would actually be one thing but You can’t see the rest of it Um i just can’t imagine seeing a load of Tic tacs No why not I i don’t know i i kind of hope it’s Gonna be a [ __ ] big triangle with a Big [ __ ] red light in the middle of it I’m kind of I’m kind of going towards what you’re Saying rich with the tic-tac that it That it is it’s yours oh

Hopefully it’s yours it’s a It’s a country from this planet that has Incredible drone technology That’s what it is i think if i think if One of the countries already had that Technology i think all of the other Countries would know about it We don’t okay Nobody knows it’s hard to say i don’t Know i don’t know anything really I think if it was let’s like break it Down Where if it was um If it was russia i think the the there Would have already been Some sort of war especially with the us I think if it was China the uh they would be They would have already gone for a Military Conquest over the financial conquest Which is the way they seem to be trying To push things Yeah they will um if it was the us I think that when the The we might maybe maybe we’ll know it’s Maybe within the next four years But uh in previous years when the American war machine was Like in full swing i think it would have Done Uh it would i wouldn’t see more damage I’d say More successful it’s probably more

A nicer way to put it i think the war Machine would have been more successful Than it was Even if the if there was Craft like that you know i mean we’ve All seen the Um wreckage from The helicopter they used the stealth Helicopter you know when they went in And got Bin laden oh yeah was it was it bin Yeah um and that was clearly black ops Like equipment they were using I feel if there was something more Exotic that could have been used it Would have been something more exotic That was used I i i just ca when i think about what These Things might have if it’s an alien I just don’t imagine it being any of the The things that i’ve seen In terms of like the discs the tic-tac The triangles i imagine something I imagine something completely in my in My head i imagine if something’s Traveling That sort of distance it has to be it Has to be a foreign entity That has that that’s not a Domestic human entity if it exists Do you know what it picks it best for me That film And i forgot the [ __ ] name of it now

But with the big pebble It was oh yeah um Arrival rivals yeah good film and it’s All oh yeah and it’s almost like the The alien has no [ __ ] idea About the human the human they’re trying To communicate through the Incan walls yeah people are too Human beings are too war-like between Each other And that’s i’m not human bastion i hate People that do that i hate people like Oh I don’t like you sorry no no no no i Hate that whole Aren’t we a terrible terrible race like No no we’re fine i don’t mean that i Just don’t like people Yeah but we’re for no i get that i can Understand it but like We’re [ __ ] fine and we shouldn’t we Shouldn’t hate our own [ __ ] species But um i don’t believe that If that if if that technology was out There I don’t believe it would be so far ahead Of what we know about And it not fall into hands that would Use it unless unless It’s [ __ ] crazy conspiracy time And everyone isn’t league with each Other Everything’s pushing towards like a Single [ __ ] global plan

Which i can kind of get behind but then Then In the same ways i don’t believe that a Foreign country has this technology I don’t believe that some sort of closed Cabal has this Technology either because if that was The case they wouldn’t play a [ __ ] Long Game about it they would just sweep in And take over and Make slaves of everybody do you imagine Goldfish ball head man No see i don’t i’m not on board with Goldfish bullets It’s that’s the thing with the travis Walton it is It is that’s his that there That there is his um uzi story Yeah it is the The thing is i mean it’s probably been Depicted maybe wrong by the artist Going back to what was originally Speaking about But i’m i’m wondering if It because these guys he said they Didn’t have helmets on But this guy did did this guy have a Helmet on because maybe i don’t know Maybe He would be more of a risk If we’re going to look it on the all Four we believe travis Um which i kind of do i do

I do yeah i believe something went on Some guys Some guys don’t that’s all it is some Guys wear goldfish I’m wondering rich if he may have had Even Something that could have put the host At risk You know yeah sure i don’t think he wore This because he couldn’t breathe He probably wore that if he maybe wore That To protect travis or protect himself Maybe he wasn’t vaccined Maybe that’s his mask yeah maybe maybe They’re from the future maybe he’s Walking around going Trans fish or fish you like me Trans fish are fish but are they Can they be fishes but yeah The the it’s that’s the bit that puts me Off about Any story that i hear about When it comes to old ufo cases is i Always Think they fit the the generation of the Time That it’s in you know you see these Things and it’s like Yeah but that’s that looks just like Something From the 1980s that looks like something Of the 1970s 1960s 1950s whatever And so on and now you’ve got the the

Tic-tac Which is I don’t know it’s very it’s a bit like My i think i’ve said this before Yeah it’s just like my uh apple House yeah yeah i bet you i bet you Don’t have to put the Tic tac on its side to charge it though I think this is a little 12 about true But yeah the the whole case i think it’s An amazing case And i i do believe That travis And and his team and he is the the His team at the time his boys you know Something happened but I my opinion with it is i think it’s Been Depicted wrong i think the the people Who have Kind of drawn it and shown it Have made even travis himself to try to I mean Can you imagine trying to explain Technology that is Way way way over your head the only Thing that that did Ring alarm bells was the chair when he Said that it had little knobs on it and I have some buttons yeah See that i’m having Something to get broken isn’t it a Little button you you know you probably You spill your your coke or your beer

When you when you’re traveling to Earth on a on a button and it gets a Little bit of liquid damage What do you do well i’m we can’t get to Earth why I’ve spilt me the alien coke Maybe just volume switch maybe it’s like For the speakers No nobody likes electronic air like Volume switches Or maybe it was more like wheatley Street However you pronounce his name you know These guys kind of depict themselves How you how you should want it how you Should see them Oh we depict them as we depict them and Like it’s our brains decoding it in the Same ways we decode What’s going on around us you know it’s Eve even if you’re stuck somewhere where You You’re not used to being where you are Your brain is going to try and decode it In the best way it can do it But are we all in the agreement with That we do believe that travis Is telling yeah i i believe something Happened and i believe i believe In alien abductions as something And the reason i’ve used the word alien Abductions is because i’ve got no better Word for it Um but i also believe in

Or what i probably believe stronger in Is the stories of people that have Talked Psychedelics and spoke to other Entities and um Transcended other places using Psychedelics And that’s to me what alien abduction Might be is like a A sudden onset psychedelic experience Far round man what do you mean You mean that all of these seven people Have the same Psychedelic no no i can’t explain that i Can’t explain why but i mean the The the majority of the standard Alien abduction thing of people being on Their own And the you know it’s It [ __ ] it’s as as someone that Might have took too much mushrooms once Like it definitely uh It definitely jogs my memories the way Things are talked about i i’ve told you About my Thing haven’t i out of the back of the Window was it No no when i lay down no no when i I lay down in i’ve been out with friends I won’t go into the whole story because I’ve said it too many times with my Podcast and this is what’s going on You don’t know it oh right well Yeah i am i’d never taken mushrooms

Before Oh and uh i went With some good friends and uh we Couldn’t be bothered making tea So we just ate them just they were just Dried out we ate them They’d all done this before they were All like maybe Five years older than me i think i was i Think i was like 18 i think they were in In their 20s And um the They i’d eaten before before i went Round So everyone else came up before i did And i was fine i was like what’s going On here because these guys seem to be Having a great time I really like mushrooms i really like Earthy tasting food so i just started Eating these things Like someone had left a bowl of popcorn There i they they taste nice I i like it because i like that sort of Taste Of that taste tastes a bit like soil Yeah i quite like it Um so i ended up having The same amount of mushrooms that you Would take If you wanted to shake hands with god And where the i remember There was like little fleur-de-lis on The on the wallpaper and i was there

Everything else in the room was fine Apart from the florida leaves were [ __ ] firing past at like 200 miles an Hour and like blinds I thought right something’s happening Now this is quite strange so we went for A walk And then i am i’m I i remember walking up a a hill And it was there was a ghost but ghost There the Um the little yellow Buds on the ghost things were lit up Like yo when you see car headlights In um like Uh super slow-mo like motorways Oh yeah yeah Slow motion on the motorway yeah yeah so So the little yellow Buds on the uh uh on the ghost bushes As i walked past them they were making Traces That were going behind me like come Behind the the thing And i i remember thinking to myself Because it was like Four o’clock in the morning at this Point it’s [ __ ] pitch dark And my i was clear enough of mine to go This is really odd because i understand That color Is a refl reflection of light due to the Whatever texture the surface is so Thinking

How can they be glowing because it’s Dark So anyway we get down Stuff happens in it in a field and then We start walking down a lane And i can remember in like some sort of Ah like Fantasy uh sleeping beauty type moment Where We were walking down between the the Lane had like trees The the vines just sort of came up and Just surrounded me like they were An archway i turned around to my phone And said that i said I’m uh gonna be sick mate i’m gonna need To sit down I remember being dead calm i threw up And i lay down and look luckily enough Like the The friends i was with were still still To this day i don’t I don’t speak to them any of them as Much as i should do but They’re those friends where you cannot Speak to them for two years Then all get in a room together and it’s Like the last The years have never happened you know It’s great yeah And they’re great people so they sat With me for 40 minutes some of that well i tripped Out

Lying in a ditch essentially but i Remember From the i i can remember all of it I i remember the the feeling of i felt Like i was on water And then there was this bit in the back Of my head thinking i could i could Still Remember my friends being there Uh and i was terrified that i pissed Myself Because i thought that’s what the water Was itself no And then it suddenly i realized no no it Was completely dry where i was i think Someone stuck a jacket over me as well To make sure it was warm You didn’t piss on that jacket did you No i didn’t piss on the jacket Uh but no but i i i essentially realized It was nothing to do with that And i kind of let that go um And then there was there was lots of Colors and there was lots of Space for one or better words And then i remember feeling like these Black figures were stood around me I wasn’t scared i uh i felt like they Were looking after me And then i i had a a strong Lisa what are you saying you’re saying That if you want to see aliens just Eat some mushrooms abs well i wouldn’t Recommend that because that would make

Me [ __ ] legally liable to whatever Happened to anybody But all i’m saying is that these Figures that were stood around me looked At me and I felt pity i felt that they were just Like oh he’s just He’s not meant to be here type situation Like And then i was awake I remember waking up i met friends pick Me up and work for where we are If there’s any tt fans out there where It was It was in the dip coming off the Mountain to go Up towards signpost corner and uh The um i remember as we came into the Clearing Everywhere was pink like there was a Pink hue about everywhere And the sky was just peacock feathers I will i’ll never forget that i’ll never Forget the sky It was just it was crazy i’ve got some Sunshine Some shitakes in the fridge I just you’re probably about 600 of them Though But but yeah no that but that’s i i Think there’s A huge because don’t forget the same There’s the same thing that makes you Trip out when you take this sort of

Stuff It’s all chemicals that are in your Brain it’s all there waiting to happen Anyway yeah we already know that when we Die There’s a huge amount of this um i Forgot the name of the [ __ ] Chemical oh yeah yeah i know what you’re Talking about The name rachel what’s the name of it oh It’s not an important No It doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter but We we know there’s a massive dose of it Injected into your body When you’re born and when you die and i I believe without going all crazy Because i’m not a hippie i believe that It’s that fluid which is essentially the Lube To let your soul in and allow your soul To get out Do you i wonder if the maybe the aliens When they abduct you they kind of do Release I’ll give you some of these these kind Of they’re already there i think they’re Already there i think we go to meet them I mean i think it’s the other way around Do you know what i mean Dmt is that he’s not the capital Um no that’s the oh that’s the drug that That yeah yeah maybe it is maybe this I i can’t remember it was saying i’ve

Read there’s a really good book Called the spirit molecule i think it’s Also it’s also a Documentary that roger narrates but the I would love to read that book if i Could read uh make it the audiobook It’s [ __ ] amazing yeah yeah there’s An audiobook terence mckenna Yeah um but yeah i that’s what i think Some of these experiences are i don’t I don’t i that’s why i don’t think it’s A physical thing i i would be very Suspect if a government Came out with physical wreckage because I think Physical machinery is a very human Thing you don’t think These things have like nuts and bolts No i think they’re that that’s why i Think that what we see is lights I think that’s what we see is lights Because they are that they look like Plasma That’s one thing that bubbles on never Described nuts and bolts he said this Thing was molded it was all it was Almost like it was But even that’s a piece of machinery It’s like a 3d printed Thing it’s what it’s how i imagine will Make planes in the future And this is this is one of the things That makes me question the whole Whole thing is um like you know the

Was there was the documentary called Ships of light i remember I’m not seeing it yeah i’d and the The guy that was taking the pictures of These things he was taking pictures of These like colorful Like semi-solid Objects and it’s it’s those Things that i uh i’m so happy that my My lube comment seemed it was took off The uh it’s That that’s why i imagine these things To be i don’t imagine them to be Solid machines it seems If let’s just say they are [ __ ] Aliens for a split second for in the way We think they would be To go from one end of the universe to This end of the university just to cut a Cow up Um it seems like such a primitive way To do it in a machine I get the impression and it’s and it’s From from how long i’ve i’ve known you For quite a long time lee and i’ve known You rich for Well over is it nearly two years now Probably Three three i get the impression that Both of you kind of don’t believe That these things are from different Planets I i i get the almost the impression that

You You may think that it’s something Different i think there’s a space within Within the Space between the space or the um Or a like a parallel dimension which i Suppose would be the same thing I like this face within this the space Within the space That’d be a good band name if no one’s Gonna be a good name for a book Um something weird happened to me the Other night We’re like two hours into this interview So any any normal subscriber that Watches it that just thinks i’m a normal Bloke That they won’t make it this far because They’ll get bored We’re worried superfan territory here Thanks for hanging around So this odd thing happened to me the Other night and i I don’t know why i’ve not actually i Mean I i do a lot of voice memos to you rich Because let me just say Ali if you stuck your willy between the Bed and the mattress that’s not what i Mean by the space within the space No it was it was better than that but With less friction This is this i’m so i’m asleep Um and i

I’ve moved recently we because through Lockdown We moved our one-year-old into our room Because my wife is working her office In his bedroom so i this is why you need The space within the space We yeah yeah we didn’t want all the Wires um And the little boy in there with all the Wires and the computer equipment I didn’t want that so i said you know What let’s move our bed to the window So i moved our bed to the window and i Brought his car Was it’s a bed now into our room so yes It was sharing with our little sprog Didn’t did the marriage or good but you Know It did him a lot of good he was he was He was not in a in an atmosphere with a Computer and everything like that in the Same room as his So i had an idea the other day i said You know what dylan’s dylan’s five That’s our oldest now and i said Let’s let’s put your desk and make it Really neat well do all the wires what Have you Put in his room he’s got a big room and Then we’ll just put some on the on the Table So when he’s in his room it doesn’t look Like your office like i don’t know we’ll Get a tv in there or whatever at some

Point So anyway we did that and we gradually Moved the room Out so the reason why i told that is a Good reason It’s long-winded i know i’m not good at Telling stories but I i was i’m I like woke up the other night and i’m Looking into the corridor Of when our bedroom doors Open and he’s supposed to keep them Closed we don’t keep him close because Our oldest gets night terrors he runs Into our room Every night just about he shits himself So i always keep the door open so i Don’t want him running into the door and Not dripping up over anything like that So our door is open And i’m looking in the corridor and i Get up out of bed Kind of like like i just shut myself up A little bit And this this this figure stood Like in the stairway now in the stairway This figure Would be i don’t know about 10 foot tall From where the stairs are But he’s almost like it’s floating But do you know like when you kind of Feel like you’re asleep but you you Don’t know if you’re asleep or not you Can’t work it you can’t work it out yeah

That was that was like i was i couldn’t Work out and that’s exactly What the accounts of travis Walton seems to have is that this Feeling This is how i debunked it because Well i kind of debunked it and didn’t Because Something really weird happened and I woke up right after that and i don’t Remember what happened in between but There was a really high pitched sound That happened In this ear and i woke up and i think i Woke up for real And my ear was just going woo and My eyesight when i was looking around Was pixelated And that’s the only only way i can Describe it had little bits of Green like squares every so often In between my eyesight so there’s Pixelation everywhere And i think you what the hell’s great This is a weird dream But it felt like i wasn’t dreaming but Then the next morning when i woke up Before Ah i must have been dreaming Because i looked out in my hallway and Because we’d moved the bed Back because we put my little boy in Uh sorry we put my little boy back into His old bedroom

And moved my wife’s office into her room I looked out into the hallway And i i could no longer see The the where the stairs were All i could see was a it was a wall so i Knew it was a dream They felt so [ __ ] um i i That was if if that’s the people go say Talk about lucid dreams That felt real i woke up and i was sat In my bed looking around Scenes like robocop vision Yeah scene where robocop wakes up and It’s like Yeah yeah that’s what i saw like it was Like I i have a friend that i mean me Personally like My little my mushroomy thing i’ve I dabbled with things no no no I i don’t think i was ever like crazy Into things i did I did certain things a lot but no Mercury Yeah maybe it’s a anything If you could try and snort it i would go But um Yeah if uh i i i have a friend That is very much like much further into These things And uh i remember he said he told me Once that he got himself in such a state That he started seeing in like pixelated Form

Where he said everything looked like It’s like some sort of crazy polygonic Polygonal like Animation thing matrix to this day He believes that he saw a broken down Version of the simulation What that that’s his that was his taken Front from it he Saw the the errors the errors in the Code if you want i suppose Rich do you ever do you ever question it Because even even our uh even our boy mr Mr musk has Mentioned the fact that you know he he Thinks that It is possibly what are you looking at Musk Simulation i believe Uh we might be in a simulation not only That They’re they’re getting scientists are Talking about that It’s not only a stimulation we’re inside Somebody’s thoughts Would you do it irritates me about this It’s now [ __ ] years i turned around and said That the uh Cerebral cortex looks like galaxies Well it looks like a nebula and you do It i said that to people [ __ ] years ago is in the pub and like The Everyone just say lee’s a [ __ ] idiot

And now Astrophysicists are saying it instead of A painting decorator It’s [ __ ] good What so so the cerebral yeah if you look Like Neurons firing off it looks like a Nebula Well that’s interesting uh but but Nature seems to repeat itself doesn’t it You know it’s Because this the similar thing to this Would be was when you if you Uh look at what a leaf looks like Underneath when you see all the little Strands of stuff going off it looks very Similar Um i but the thing is if you were gonna Make Like what you do with video games if you Were going to make A artificial representation of something You would reuse assets in whatever way You could because You would need a huge amount of process And power to do something like this And it’s in the same ways like for every Other game Um no matter how much process and power You have You would always want a bit more so you Don’t you’d always try and You would always cheat the system To to make it better than what you

Actually had On offer if you were making a simulation So you would always reuse Something um so you’re quite involved With the The simulation theory i i think it’s Terrifying I think i think that’s the most Terrifying Of the what are we why are we here Scenarios Because it makes us completely inanimate Well it does come so easy rich go ahead You said no no It’s all a bit too neat because the Headphones Sorry carry on the wine’s working What are you saying rich there if you Want to know what You are there’s a lady named dorothy Izat where there’s a documentary On amazon prime i think It’s something delight i i can’t Remember the name of it but if you look Up her name She took pictures of a video 35 Millimeter film back in the 70s And 80s and she Recorded a light out outside and It would flash and then 1 18 Uh 1 18 of a second on either sides of The frame You notice 30 frames a second well one Frame had the light

The next frame had all these crazy Lights going anywhere not I think i’ve seen this into the other Frames and then the next frame was just The light again And they were doing this documentary now Just a few years ago And she’s 81 or 82 now and they were Interviewing her daughter and behind her Daughter Through an open window with no glass Were the lights Nobody noticed until they analyzed the Footage until they watched Their own documentary back they saw the Lights come back And there were ufos and orbs that were Passing in front of the woman who was Really nervous And then when the orbs passed by she you Could see her face just get Calm and she started talking normal to The cameraman And it’s just such a great thing because Dorothy Eyes at can’t be debunked and it’s one Of the few things A few cases in ufology that might Actually capture Light beings that We may be dorothy isaac gets the feeling She doesn’t say she talks to them it’s Just feeling that they are light beings And we’re

All light beings living in this universe Whether it be Uh in a matrix or whatever whatever it Is We go back to their form and you can see These Little figures and everything it’s Amazing documentary But look up dorothy eyes at iz aat I think where would we definitely get Into it A situation uh Where what what What is it what’s the sherlock holmes Quote when you Oh god when you eliminate the impossible Whatever’s left no matter how improbable Has to be the truth right Yeah yeah um the I think we’re getting into a situation Where science is starting to As far as like what we’re using and Things we have And stuff like what’s making us do this Science Great brilliant for it But it’s it’s becoming more and more Inept At working out what we are and why we Are I’d say the the the fact Right that the if you look at all the Things that we could be studying Yeah the fact that the

The entire world hasn’t been behind Trying to work out what happens to us When we die Is the craziest thing in The [ __ ] history of humanity How has that never been a global Interest To work out what happens to our species When we die It was there’s been dianetics and books That have been written about it over the Last 50 years No no no are we Diagnostic so we talk about mr hobbit Here I’m just talking about people putting Books out about Yeah no no but i mean like a global Scientific effort There’s no there um I mean you you will always get an outro Around you there’s fringe things out There No no no no no there’s fringe things out There but for all the scientific studies How come there isn’t Global effort to try and work out what Happens to us Because you’ve got to get funding for it And all that stuff and not everybody Oh is that not the easiest thing to get Funded for Everybody wants to know it that’s it It’s a question

It’s it’s the thing that death is the The thing we all think about every Moment of the day Without thinking about it the scientists Who’ve tried to figure it out Can’t figure it out they’ve tried sleep Hypnosis they’ve tried electroshock Therapy they’ve tried drug inducing They’ve tried the ayahuascus uh Psilocybin and everything else I mean they’re trying it’s not that Nobody is just How unless you kill somebody On purpose and then bring them back and See what they uh Saw if you can bring it back just like The movie nine of them Yeah flat flat line is a great film Remake was awful Remixes i never watched it i refused it Total recall i watched recall remake That’s a different film no but i loved It It wasn’t a bad sci-fi feel i love that Driving scene man Um amazing but i think there’s more um Because obviously like both of yous have Got like more Ufo alien focused channels I’m [ __ ] poundland joe rogan podcast So I could i i i tend to just do what i Want to on my podcast and If he wants to listen and listen to it

But um the The idea of this sort of universal Answer to all of the conspiracy theories I think is probably the most credible Way to look at it like the Know we hear about like the like focal Stories of elves and fairies and ufos It’s just It’s just ufos are modern folklore in Another hundred years or probably Something Else well we’re on the subject of uh you Know god and wife yeah Um because i haven’t told rich But about your theory on e.t But i kind of want to do a little Spin-off video on Off the back of this interview so Guys the phil why did he not even bring Up an e.t figure See i could be wrong i wish i’d watched It again though Yeah hey jojo i’ll [ __ ] because i’m a Bit drunk I will drag my uh what what i I sent to you the other day i am right In a way you you blew my mind with this And rich this is this is this is Priceless because we’re kind of coming To the end of the show But i i i wanted to uh i wanted lee to Tell this to you Um live because i i was like whoa Leave you found this out yourself as

Somebody else come up this No no no i i worked out the other day Like My son loves eating and i i’ve always Been Oh smiley don’t blow it don’t believe me I think it’s the worst of the alien Films I cried at this i can remember watch it My mom and dad took me to the cinema That was the first film i saw at the Cinema yeah but I’ve told you what i thought didn’t i You know the book where he’s all going Wrong He’s on the bathroom floor explain it to Rich He looks like a [ __ ] pepperoni he Looks like dried sausage But um i I think it’s i think steven spielberg Has retold the story of christ with an Alien Because he was uh i i it i find it’s More It’s more interesting because of steven Spielberg and how he Is about things it makes me think that Maybe he believes in like the prometheus Sort of thing because i think i said to Use uh i i Sent the message saying i said Um i worked out today the ec et is the Retelling of the story of christ

Here’s my working out uh He left earth was left by his elders Parents um putting elliot and his sister In the in the position of mary and Joseph And brother other brother yeah their Friends Also disciples that slowly got involved Uh the mother was the one that got the Um Mary that no no the the mother of the Children she was the ju She you know she was the um judas Character Because she turned turned her back Variety When nasa people came in Uh he died on the table that was his Crucifixion Then he was stuck inside the fridge Which would have been in the cave where They put the block over Later that he was brought back to life And i’ll i’ll stick this In in the um in the screen it’s not Going to do the podcast any any good But it’s the scene where you don’t see Him again From when elliot closes the fridge Until he emerges from the back of the Van When he’ll be pressing down and he Emerges from the back of the van Looking very very jesusy with his

White then He ascends again and even the the mother Which turned it back on them at the First place is watching E.t ascend back up to the heavens I just found it odd i was blown away by That I think i think a birthday can float you Away that’s good it means i want Something that’s amazing I don’t i honestly think steven Spielberg stole that story from the book Of Do you know how many stories that depict Same thing with the the karate kid yeah Yeah yeah it’s it’s the The hero’s journey isn’t it yeah rocky Yeah then he comes back i did it and He’s got the white towel around though Yeah Yeah yeah you know but It was early we were i was watching it For me the 500th time it was when the Doors flung over And et appears through the mist i Thought oh [ __ ] hell and all the smoke and Everything around Yeah oh it’s beautiful like he’s like He’s already ascended Why why did we depict jesus in a white Dressing gown though Because Sorry i’m sorry lee go go you tell them

It’s because it’s comfortable i was Gonna say you were gonna say something Much more interesting than i was going To Well that was the the shroud of turin That was put on top of him In the box it was the shroud and he Still had it around him Yeah let’s face it if you die and come Back to life you’re going to be cold Aren’t you so you’re going to take Any material you can and cover your bits With it You’re only an embryo you’re only enough Boys this was just like a discussion Tonight and um You know i kind of want to know when lee When are you going to get Goofy on your show when’s that going to Happen Or whatever you want mate the uh What are you doing september 18th September 8th of september What did you want what do you want February we’ll figure it out We’ll figure i’m looking at my calendar I’ve got my my pog I decided this year that i was going to Be so much more On top of guests and stuff and booked up To the 19th of february september 18th Saturday be there i’ll i’ll be there but I want you on before that

Eight months i’m booked all the way till Then bro Are you really wow i have sundays off And uh I’m ascending every sunday Do a show every day i do now it’ll be Every single day yeah Wow yeah yeah i got goof on every monday Through saturday which is going to Change And now i’m doing a third phase ufo Report on sunday wednesdays Oh cool i i’ve watched the third phase Of the moon was one of the first Ufo things i watched on youtube oh wow First things on youtube yeah well Or when i started real life you know Things i could remember Oh yeah it was one of the first things That i I came across that and secure team 10 Obviously because that was always A staple for people how dare you Didn’t didn’t say i believe it But i wonder what Tyler’s transition would be right now Because third phase is Going through a transition of changing Their channel I wonder what what he would have done if You the channel would have still been About He’d still be doing the same thing yeah Same song because it worked

But i think what happened was he wasn’t Getting the uh Attention anymore the the links back to His Youtube channel from all those tabloids And he went from a thousand subs a day Down to like a hundred i’ll take a Hundred subs a day Holy crap are you kidding yeah hell yeah I think he missed have he missed about 10 a day at the minute Yes that’s 300 a month that’s a lot in This day I think he missed the boat it’s a pure i I i I know nothing about youtube i [ __ ] Have a youtube channel it sorts itself Out And the only time any youtube channel Other than Like every so often just put one of your Positions yeah i i’ll put like I used to then youtube takes it down Yeah it’s It’s so hard it’s it’s so hard to get Every time i’ve seen it i’ve clicked on One of your videos youtube’s already Took it down I click on it i get a message said this Has been taken down for inappropriate See you can’t say what you want so you Can’t rely on youtube But uh the i i want to look into other Things like gab and stuff like that but

It’s it’s So video editing’s work as well Especially when you’re doing interviews With people Wait where’s your show at then uh every Every podcast place All of the podcast places spotify Google yeah so i would go on your show Where do you stream it from i i don’t Stream i record it And then where does it go out to you Just upload it everywhere If w wherever wherever if you’ve got a Podcast app and you put The audio it’ll it’ll turn up wow um But there’s no reason why we can’t we if You want to come on we couldn’t do the Same thing where if i could come on goof On And then we could have a chat And then i could put the audio up which This is this is really a conversation That we could have Outside of a show it’s a win-win Situation What’s it called must see audio Somebody was asking It’s funny it’s right there right Underneath your chin i know yeah yeah Because that because let’s face it That’s a really weird Middle name and surname [ __ ] i forgot i forgot we were from There we were talking about something

Proper weren’t we before No i’m just trying to get i’m just Trying to end the stream now All right it’s tender then good night Everybody I’m a little punchy now we have been Going for an hour and 30 minutes and i Just think there’s so much Hours in 30 minutes we could keep Talking and we could keep talking but One of them One of us will eventually just be like You know what i’m hungry or Whatever and i have to go too so uh And it’s time is it a goof on land It’s 4 30 right now 4 32. What have you got planned for your Evening i got to do my show in In a few hours ah yeah at least you’re In the right place 10 eastern 7 pacific right here on the Tubes So before we go guys um Goof on where can we find you i just Told you He didn’t realize he said it you didn’t That’s funny yeah coupon 10 eastern 7 pacific it’s going to be Just every day just go there and also Third Phase ufo report i’ll be doing sundays And maybe wednesdays live With two uploads a week over there too Two premieres

It is in the description guys so you can Check it out and lee where can we find You my friend You can listen to all my stuff at must See audio Youtube uh you can search for me if you Want to watch my stand up i think my Stand i’ve got a couple of stand-up Videos on lee stevens On the on youtube stevens Oh yeah it’s don’t take your clothes off Again But um the yeah look for most the audio You’ll find most the audio everywhere That you can get a podcast How’s the stand-up coming on at the Moment with the uh Whole lot down come through i wrote a Really good bit That might be quite dangerous about Alan’s Alex about elliot slash Ellen page Pretty i’m pretty pretty i’m pretty Excited about being allowed to go out at My house And you stand up in front of people and Try and work that out in front of people Yeah we have not seen leads please stand Up uh You do get some of the audience audience That just kind of go Yeah but but the ones that laugh oh it’s So much better because you get

If if you get like four people go You get six people that just Explode to understand yeah Inappropriate comedy santa’s the best Kind of stupid It’s [ __ ] ridiculous that i’m even Trying to do it right Guys i’m i’m gonna end the stream but I’m going to come back to both of you And uh yeah thank you so much and see You later guys thanks for being in the Chat as well Chat’s been amazing everybody in the Chat fantastic Thank you so much guys for watching Tonight um I could go on and on forever but to be Honest with you I’d probably pickle my liver if i did Because I kind of have a little beverage when I’m doing these interviews so About two hours my limit otherwise i’ll Just like pickle myself But yeah thank you so much for joining Us tonight and uh Check out the goof on radio in the Description And leaves must see audio in the Description and uh hopefully soon goof One will go musty audio and vice versa And yeah this is the new mascot by the Way and uh He’s very it’s very stretchy he’s not

Got much upstairs I tell you something though he’s got a Lot downstairs Good night god bless by the book still Bye I’m alienated