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Ready to go to jail let’s go This room would be your first stop if You were arrested here at the potawatomi County jail known as the squirrel cage Jail today We bring you in here take away your Shoelaces belt belt buckle Anything we find dangerous would be Taken away and not giving back but You’re gonna keep your matches and Cigarettes because that would be fine Right we opened in 1885 and served the County up until 1969 so we were open for About 84 years as a jail and then we’ve Been a museum Since the 70s if you look in the case Over here you can see some mug shots and Those are from the 1930s And then we had no electricity when we Opened for the first 60 years so we just Have gas lights so The light fixture there i’ll show you The two that were out after that Electricity does come in but only in the Main areas And then behind me is solitary Confinement so if you want to stay Kind of in that general area because There’s nowhere for me to go It is right where i’m standing oh man I’m about 5’3 That says anything um it’s just this Little spot a couple feet deep couple

Feet across It’s been for 30 minutes a couple of Hours till you calm down but the longest That we’re aware of is 10 days Right here what so you get bread and Water twice a day coffee counter bucket In here with you At your feet making it even smaller so You can feel a temperature difference As soon as you step into this slide That’s great that’s the smallest Feel free to jump in if you’d like Honestly this is tiny Oh my gosh that’s literally it I can’t even stand up all the way yeah i Literally Can’t even imagine You know half an hour in there no Especially with this Oh it was like this jesus That’s terrible right now you’ve got the Hallway like behind you when you’re Lining it up Very dark So this is the kitchen this is where the Jailer’s wife would prepare all of the Food we have a staff of two here the Jailer and his Wife the jailer needs to be married or Have a sister because we do need a cook She’s cooking anywhere from 60 to 90 Meals per meal time on this stove behind Me By 1920 she finally gets a sink

And a summer kitchen outside the far Door before that for the first 20 years This was also the only source of heat Here Buckets of coal would be heated up and Distributed throughout the building After that steam heat or radiators came In and then even today It’s hot when it’s hot outside and it’s Cold when it’s cold outside it’s three Layers of brick On these walls on the exterior and then The cells you’ve got the metal As well wow This is a model of what we’re going to Go into we’re standing basically right Here All three levels would rotate as one Piece Originally it would have done that Continuously with the usable water wheel In the basement Now that burned out within five to Twenty years depending on who you speak To is the exact date So it goes to manual movement after that There’s a hand crank at the front of Each level So jailor would crank it around line up This little cell here The only way in and out is through that Swinging door that’s how it works up Until 1960 At which point the fire marshal says

It’s kind of dangerous It’s getting stuck arms and legs are Getting broken if it’s stuck people in These other back cells could be without Food and water And if there’s an emergency it takes Eight to twelve minutes For full rotation that’s just the Rotation So he said we had to stop rotating where It says today is where it stopped in 1960 These doors were moved as was the hand Cranks and all mechanisms in the column Here When we stop rotating they cut openings All the way around the first floor And on the second and third where we Have the platforms so we go from that Nice 60 capacity To a little less than half we also have Different dangers at that point Because you can’t lock the inmates in Their cells just the door here basically Inmates run the floor for the last nine Years so jailor refuses to go back Without an armed guard You also have dangers for the inmates if I’m in here for assault and battery You’re in here for jaywalking what’s to Take care of you at night So a little bit different how many are There like that There’s only three remaining but there

Are about 18 Built across the country in the 1880s it Was built basically over a period of Seven years just very quickly Um we’re the largest one ever Constructed at three layers And the other two still open um are Still standing excuse me Are museums as well it’s a one story and A two-story respectively Wow so we’re very lucky that we have all Three levels for waiting if it’s gonna Go anyway You guys ready to go to jail let’s go Nice heavy doors beautiful this is where The hand crank was That swinging door i mentioned and this Is the one entry To this level that would have been here Oh so this is the cage Yes they’re rotating if you look down Here you can see the gears So it’s that inside portion that would Rotate and these bars would stay solid Wow every other cell is going to be dark To give you an idea of what it looked Like before 1960. Before that we could not put light bulbs In the cells so your main light would Just be out here We also have the fake bars going across That one to give you an idea of what it Looked like before the openings are cut And again you can see the gears here

That it’s that inside drum Is what rotates there’s two bunks per Cell they’re very small cells And at the very back of it is your Toilet so it’s basically Like a little shelf back there you can See it’s going to have a hole Filled with water once it’s filled with Other materials it’s going to flush out The ventilation the small holes on the Curved portion above that shelf Wow so there’s 30 of those it’s going to Be a little rough back here They can also smoke back here we had one Inmate harry cohen smoking about 150 to 200 hand rolled cigarettes a day And unfortunately he did pass away of a Heart attack here on this first level So we have more information about him in That cell and you guys can enter These cells tonight as well just either Undo the rope or the handcuffs we just Keep people up In the daytime now to make it a little Bit safer for everyone some things you Just can’t clean So we want to give time instead but on The ceiling and here as well as where we Came in and many other places you’ll see Black Riding that’s done by rolling up a piece Of paper lighting on fire And riding with the soot and the smoke So that is from our inmates

That’s crazy we’re very lucky this Building wasn’t really Empty so it was fairly well preserved by The historical society Yeah in this case there are locks and Restraints that were used here As you look up over here that’s what it Looked like all the way across as those Bars Completely covering the cells um there Used to be catwalks that went around So if you look kind of right here it’s Roughly cut into the right of the hand They went out to about there had a small Lip they were meant just for the Jailer’s use Inmates were not supposed to go up on Them so of course an inmate in 1942 a Joseph attack Did go up onto the third floor catwalk He stood up and he fell breaking his Neck in this area So that’s the second death that we’re Aware of here This table here was built back here most Likely just because those nice small Doors we came through but all the riding In it would have been carved in With use of a spoon by the inmates Wow we have a bunch of carvings on the Walls in this area too and actually i Think one to the Right of your right foot on the floor Probably 30s or 40s

I’m here a lot if you want you can step Into that cell Get a feeling you guys will have to be Going at them tonight so you want Something Sure i recommend stopping a little bit Oh Pounding on the walls just talking like Not talking very loud and my voice that Goes in here Yeah it would be awful for everyone here And the jailer and his family live above That floor Oh yeah seems chaotic yeah I think it could be a little crazy here We know one of the jailers and his wives That were here is relief jailers so to Speak Um gave out popcorn and kool-aid in the Evenings in order to hopefully have a Quiet night for everybody It’s one of my favorite stories like These big tough guys getting popcorn A few months ago we heard what sounded Like a door opening we actually think it Might be Um our flipbook upstairs then a female Voice said hello it was actually So distinct we were concerned somebody Had come into the building actually wow That night we also had a light grid Pointing into the shower and it did look Like it was changing colors a little bit People got some decent ebps back here as

Well And some growling female voices have Been prevalent in the last Four to five months my time’s a little Off these days and then male voices of Course have also been heard Back here as well i know females in that Same time period have been feeling um Hands on their thighs and on their leg a Little bit more than usual What would the female voices be so we Did house women here only men were Housed in this rotary section but we’ll See a juvenile detention as well as Women’s housing as we go up through the Building So we housed everybody here at the County jail interesting right behind me This is the shower You’re gonna shower once a week in your Clothes it’s cold water each and every Week whatever you’re wearing at the time Of rest is what you’re wearing during Your stay because we don’t hand out Uniforms The only way to wash it is by wearing Your clothes when you shower So you could be here you know couple Nights six months eight months To a year wearing the same thing washing It once a week now the shower came in in The 30s You’ll also see a washer in here that Would have come in 1932.

Those just outside in kind of a lean-to Wooden structure that the jailers use to Take care of things Wow so this area here is kind of our Salute to law enforcement here in Pottawattamie county there’s a lot of Different pieces of equipment they’ve Used This case is going to be some of the Older ones one farthest from me will be A little bit more contemporary on top of Both the tall cases we have light bars That were used on squad cars We also have an older uniform kind of 5060s era and then on that board there Um those are gonna be some of the Sheriffs and jailers that worked here There’s five jailers out there right now And we’re actually Actively getting more pictures and Information so We closed just over 50 years ago so They’re actually right now Going through a lot of our records at The sheriff’s department so they had to Go through what was Important for them right now and Digitize all of that so now they’re Getting to what we find the important Stuff So if you look at this shelf here you Can see on that far side a whole bunch Of people outside that fence this is During the 1932 farmers riots we had

About 160 to 165 men in the cage that’s Over capacity by about 100 105. so five To six are eating and sleeping in shifts We have a staff of two here The sheriff went ahead and swore in a Bunch of local deputies about a hundred Special deputies at that time And some were here some were taking care Of some stuff in the county they were Doing riot gun training in the office Where we started Unfortunately a weapon misfired injuring One officer and fatally entering deputy Claude dale so we have a photo of him In the case there he’s one of the hat in The far back corner and then a few Memorial pieces for him as well That is the only officer that was lost Within our walls just A horrible accident But we just passed the flip book there We actually think that’s the sound we Heard a few months ago that squeak Because it does squeak when you move it And we’ve heard that a couple times now I don’t usually investigate but that was During kind of like an informal event so I usually hang out with the groups Because they haven’t investigated before But there you can see trailers records From 1933. people were in here for Passing on the riding side of the road Speeding fishing without a license Adultery you can be in here for that too

A lot of things that we don’t think of Today intoxication Very huge so you’re out in a nice rotary Structure It’s gonna be really fun here um we did Have people in here For harsher crimes as well but the Majority of stuff is you did something Stupid You’re hanging out in county jail for a Few nights But over here we do the noose and a Portion of the noose these were used In one of the last hangings from Pottawattamie county this was for Charles brown And charles kelly they decide to get Some guns and go On a three-day three-state shooting Spree they start in indianapolis they Work their way to omaha They ended up hearing council bluffs it Was pretty obvious they were in the area So officers did set up roadblocks they’d Attacked at least seven people One bartender in minneapolis was shot Multiple times He was able to make it to a hospital Where he was intense hair I don’t know what happened after that i Believe at least four of them in Her people they attacked did die from Their injuries they carjacked at least Two men here one i believe an irs agent

Did not make it Another mr grenfell did survive from Those injuries so like i said Pretty obvious they’re in the area the Roadblocks were set up These two and a young lady get on a bus To try and get out of town and they’re Stopped at one of those roadblocks Officers were able to peacefully board The bus and remove them Brown and kelly say it was only because That woman was with them otherwise would Have been a very different arrest story All three were brought here she was Housed here as a witness and later Released Brown was held here for parts of his Trial found guilty Sentenced to execution at fort madison Which thought five hours east bus Other side of the state that was carried Out in 1962. Now kelly was concerned that there would Be bias so he asked Or petitioned the court basically to be Tried in a different county so he’s Tried in mills county right next door And he too is found guilty Sentenced to execution in 62. so this is The portion And noose that were used in their Executions 89 30 years old He’s about 19 20 years old wow Yeah her story is creepy to say the

Least yeah Just definitely a spree killing style There and From what i’ve read it seems he was Likely the more dominant one as well I believe he left a wife and maybe some Kids basically just ran out on them A little strange because i think it was Almost a break i’m still researching Them But um on this level we also know of the Fourth death on record in our building It was thomas rifle He had been arrested after continual Harassment of a young man in town And bootlegging charges he’s brought Here other inmates report that he was Acting kind of morose He ends up taking a laundry line or Sheets around his neck And around the outside bars and is Slowly suffocated throughout the night So probably the most brutal one in my Opinion here What do you mean slowly suffocated has It rotated how fast did it rotate It took about eight to twelve minutes For a full rotation So after he tied on he would basically Be stuck because the bars your center Moved How long would that have taken i’m not Sure those details weren’t in the Newspaper report

Just described what he looked after and Those are details that will never leave Me What were they um basically so that he Had the death grimace so Most of my bodies go slack they’ll have Their jaw go off but that His face was pretty puffy as well as his Tongue and they just you wouldn’t see That in the papers today so i didn’t Expect it when i was reading that one Because that’s one of the earlier ones Here Then on these two walls is all about Jake bird he was here in about 1928 After the attempted murder of a husband And wife in the carter lake area so it’s Kind of that general direction from us He would have been housed here probably A couple other jails in order to have a Live man to go to trial He was found guilty and sentenced to 30 Years at fort madison Again about five hours east of us he Spent some time there he was sentenced To 30. Definitely wasn’t that long he got out Early due to good behavior he was able To move across the country as a railroad Worker And moved across the country without Notice he’s finally picked up in 1947 In washington state for the murder of a Mother and daughter he’s easily

Connected to this crime because brain Matter is still on his person at the Time of rest Taken to court found guilty sentenced to Execution At that point he admits to 44 additional Axe murders Yes so he used either an axe or a Hatchet usually females and they were Usually left in the nude you know he Connects himself to 46 Courts are able to connect him to about 10 or 11 during this time period it’s Not used to connect across the country So he’s likely the suspect in numerous Others If that’s not enough there’s the jake Bird hex he tells everyone involved with The case that they will die before his Execution Six die in that coming time so five Heart attacks and one case of bronchitis We have the names And how they died over there as well as His hex there was some articles on the Wall During that time and then he’s finally Hung in 1949 at washington state this is A copy of the death certificate And it took about 14 minutes for him to Hang hmm Which if you know anything about that It’s a much longer Than it’s supposed to be and before i

Let you guys look we’ve also had Different reports up here Some people have heard what sounds like Coins rolling across the floor if they Lay on the floor at night I had a team of two one on this side one Kind of near the flip book they had a Recorder in the middle Um they were able to catch it’s the Arrogant and they were able to catch A moan on the recorder only one of them Heard it as well So is there a specific cell that any of These people were in Unfortunately we don’t really have Records of which cells they were in Uh it’s probably more of an honor system Than anything else there are some Leftover Kind of looks like numbers but we don’t Know what years that would have been Done Since we were open for 84 years and it Was just one jailer Taking care of things that could really Change how things are going Is there a specific spirit that people Think is in here so people think there’s About Seven to nine different entities with us A couple of inmates probably a jailer or Two we believe bill foster And then um a female we think a jailer’s Wife but we don’t think the two that are

Here Were connected in life a couple of kids Likely A boy and a girl and then some ghost Cats We’ve had meowing on ebps so My favorite thing personally yeah that Sounds awesome where are they at Yeah i haven’t found them which makes me Crazy because i’m a cat lady But um people kind of feel it around Their legs sometimes or sitting in Certain chairs Almost feels like you just get cold spot On your lap which is a little weird And then we have had people see some Lights going across here um kind of Looked Like or described to me like a jailer Going across with a flashlight I’m soft for my family I’m tall for my family This area is juvenile detention oh no This is for your three to 13 year olds Three we’re pre-child services so it’s Possible kids could be housed here if Parents were arrested there’s no other Arrangements made Um they’re gonna try and get them to Other places of course they could also Be housed in here as a runaway If they need to be picked up by their Parents and then underage drinking Fighting things like that as well

In the back left hand corner there’s Another shower likely hot and cold water The way the pipes are set up and then in Each cell you can see little doors on The wall There’s one to the right of the bench There originally those would have opened You could place coals inside and that Would heat this area People reported having their hair played Within here poked Prodded um hats being pulled off a Little girl in this area around storms Usually I’ve heard men’s voice in here at least We were talking about the obvious I’m not very good at pronouncing that so I apologize And here we’re pretty sure it was bill Foster a few months ago just the way the Conversation was going And then many people get a lot of voices In here so it kind of overlaps in the Building as well And then when i was here um they had a Flashlight in the shower and they were Able to ask to turn It on and off and that was working Pretty well and somebody also got pebble Thrown at them in there as well and then One of the partial body apparition Photos was taken from about where you Are Looking across into that area so if we

Want to head there next It’s an important thing about this room Tonight that’s the one bathroom oh Good we’re directly above the kitchen Across from the office here I’ve had like i said footsteps going up Those front stairs and then one of my Tour guides She’s sitting in the office which is Directly below jeeping out attention she Was waiting for a tour group to come in So she’s the only one in the building And you can See the front door you know when you’re Alone here and she heard footsteps above Her she Said they’re kind of like heavy booted Footsteps with how she explained it That’s how many people explain The footsteps here that they’re not like That light kind of tapping really but in Here this originally looked like Juvenile attention it’s actually the Same size there’s been a couple bunks Here A couple here that wall has been changed And the ceiling above the cabinet has Been a change made there As well this would have housed women When it looked like juvenile attention It’s very likely this was remodeled in The last kind of years of use here And bill foster would have stayed in This area so it’s a little bit nicer

Than when inmates would have been housed In here these are not original pieces But it wouldn’t be weird to see in here In the bathroom it also been made nicer We can lock people out instead and There’s a phone line That was brought to this area now there Isn’t too much activity picked up in Here but it’s also right next to the Bathroom with the thinnest Wall in the world so i assume that’s Probably some of the reason But there’s a portrait on the wall there A group of four young men called her Ugly creepy something along those lines And somebody was scratched shortly after They don’t get too many violent Responses but if you come into my living Room and made fun of me I’m going to have a similar response so But they do say dirty words quite often Guys here we’re run by the historical Society Who started in 1907 which means they’ve Been collecting for over a century But this is the infirmary if you have a Broken arm or broken leg from sticking Your arm out as it rotates You’re going to be brought up here they Would do that on purpose because it was Easier To escape on the way to the hospital so Instead you come up to this room And a doctor is on call and we’ll come

Take care of you when he’s available you Could also be brought up If you’re sick of course as well medical Appointment in here Would not have been in here but it’s Been donated to us we think it should be Seen Back corner is a dental chair and drill This is eye equipment And behind you guys there is a full Medicine cabinet as well And the sink toilet and shower were Added in the 1930s you can really tell The way the showers put together oh it’s Like a short for tiny Most people have feelings in here few Evps and i think a few things on the sls Camera But overall more feelings i will say Medical people do tend to pick up A little bit more in this room and i was Giving a tour a couple years ago Standing where you are and the piece of Fruit came out and hit my line either From the table but i think it’s from the Food pass through which is behind that Door I was focused on giving the tour and it Hit me i just thought cause i’m a klutz That i hit the table but the group i was Getting the torch who got really big Eyes and said No no you didn’t hunt so one of those Fun things you know i like that

Crazy so we have had things move around For here no flashlights turn on and off Flashlights roll Somebody had a flashlight i don’t know Two months ago that went off the piano Bench Upstairs that i’ll show you where that Is we’re still looking for a screwdriver Oh yeah we’d really like to find it it’s A nice screwdriver So things like that do happen they kind Of are mischievous He might say more than anything else we Can Work our way up to the next level okay And we have heard the reverberation of That bell And i’ve also worked on this level Working on new displays on my own And heard whistling on this level yeah It was strange because it was so Distinct i did stop what i was doing Just to Check but i was alone in the building It’s the off season i was just redoing a Display and i was just Like okay i am alone this is good or bad And then with an investigator we were Doing an event that must be two or three In the morning we saw Like a little light go down the wall Down there if we didn’t know better we Would have thought like A lightning bug had gotten in because it

Had that similar look but it did it Twice and there were no there were no Bugs just that little kind of light That’s the window so it’s not like it Doesn’t work No no no we haven’t seen it since we Keep trying But what did our whistles sound like What was that Just kind of sound like somebody Whistling i don’t have much better than That i was actually On the phone and stopped like mid Conversation to make sure they didn’t Learn how to whistle while talking to me And of course not like it was that Distinct that i just Completely stopped to check but kind of Like sustained or Like a like a it was short or just like That Multiple amounts i would say multiple Notes it’s been about Two years so i’m a little rusty but it Wasn’t like The wind yeah i grew up in wyoming i Know what a wind whistle Sounds like so it’s definitely and it Sounds like somebody Whistling more We have made it to the final four we fit A lot into this building Yeah but this level is where the jailer And his family would live i mentioned

All the smells from the toilets get up Here This is the maintenance shaft or the Ventilation shaft So if you look down you can see some Lights and those are the holes From the toilets venting up into here Originally You could open up a trap door in the top With that rope and that would move some Of the air By 1932 they have inmates take a tunnel Underneath the jail again to assist with That airflow If you guys split up tonight make sure This door is closed because you’ll be Able to hear people Below you saying if that door stays open As well we’ve actually had that door Open On its own a couple of times we were Fortunate that we have a security camera There this last time And we were able to see it open we had Two people just kind of standing there Chatting investigating just kind of You know two in the morning when you get A little tired chat and you just see The door pop open and their faces just That could be the best part of the video Really Because they say it opened about six Inches unfortunate angle makes it look Like it only opened

A couple we’ve tried to recreate it we Know if you don’t close it Quite right it will pop open but you can See in the video it’s been closed For a while before and so just like you Walk by And pop it because like if you walk by That one just right if it’s not closed Properly It will pop so i don’t know that one is Just different i guess This is a large bathroom of course Originally this would have been a large Bedroom When plumbing comes into the building They finally get a bathroom on the floor They’re living you’ll notice that Majority of the tweeds are on little Risers that’s because there was no space Left in between the floors for the Plumbing needs when we were building 1885 Because it wasn’t needed the whole Building is off about An inch or two that’s partially why the Cage started getting stuck with rotation Really because the gears need to be Perfect and they’re I don’t know exactly but you can feel All the rooms are off up here So many people believe this level to be The most haunted although i did just Mention it does

You know you really feel it’s off Balance so i take it the grain of salt Not to say we haven’t had things happen Up here i’ve heard the doors sound like It’s opening i’ve heard banging on the Roof up here One of my tour guides she doesn’t spook Easily she heard whispering when she Came to open this level Still open to the level very proud we’ve Heard that music box On top of their play multiple times it’s Not electric it’s one that you have to Crank So it feels less likely that it’s just Gonna short out and start playing Had a group of people they were sitting Down they heard the case kind of shaking Sometimes that happens if you walk Heavily in front of it but you do Usually have to be walking to get that Sound Had female voices up here a male voice That was explained almost as a baseball Announcer kind of style And children’s laughter up here as well And this is the bench where they had a Flashlight i believe Get tossed off of it and people have Been getting pretty good reactions with Asking the yes or no questions Throughout the building but i can um Specifically say up here First floor on the picnic table and in

The shower I was there and you can see i did see Those occur oh so Which is weird like i know what happens Here but it’s like that’s happening Okay um this is the living room though They could hang out up here Kids could have sleepovers we know bill Foster had card parties and entertained His friends up here so Pretty normal for that time you could Say This room set up as the main bedroom This level could be set up differently Depending on the size of the family also The year depending if you know the Bathroom’s up here yet Or not but we kind of have it his and Hers so this is a cane Once was an umbrella in a clock these Were all presented to sheriff garon wig At three different times in recognition Of the work he did as a sheriff in the Area he actually built the cabinet in The other room And a cabinet in the kitchen and here we Have another family portrait of a jailer His child and wife as well on the sewing Table and then behind here we do have The hole in the wall So just like that furnace room across There’s another room back here it’s Gonna be the same size as the front two

Rooms Likely shut off when heat was put into The building the door would have been Where the wardrobe is but even on summer Days especially tonight You can feel a nice breeze coming from There you can’t really see in there This is the only entrance if you lose Anything in there i cannot retrieve it If you’d like to see pictures we do have I think it’s called secret or hidden Room on our facebook page It’s very dusty it’s kind of a letdown Really we wanted something in there you Know like nice and creepy but It’s a room space that we kind of want Basically what’s weird about this room Is the emf readings we have a light And a light switch in here that’s it There’s no plugins in this room But people get very high spikes usually Over the bed Occasionally in front of the wardrobe it Usually kind of centers In that area before there was a table in Here and we also had Similar interactions maybe i’ve had Teams crawl completely across the floor Go across the window just in the off Chance that like all the way out across The alley There’s the electric line but it won’t Go off really across there Not under the bed it’s pretty localized

There And it spikes up to like six or the red Depending on which piece of equipment You’re using It’s weird we’re curious about it we Haven’t figured it out it’s kind of fun That’s basically everything i have for You guys unless you have questions i can Also show you a small off room that you Guys can go in tonight as well What do you think is the like creepiest Part of the building It changes sometimes if that makes sense Um tonight when i came in the second Floor Felt just extra creepy and then i used To not want to go into the infirmary we Had a different mannequin in there that Just I don’t know i would not go in there for A little while other than like Tours and turning on the light it’s fine Now most the time for me And then the shower and juvenile Detention i don’t like going into I’m not really afraid here i do get Uneasy sometimes but I just come in here regularly to do my Job so i try not to let my mind freak me Out too much I know a lot of people don’t like the Shower and juvie so that one’s not just Me and people get uneasy in the Infirmary as well

So interesting huh I think we’re good honestly that’s Perfect It’s pretty eerie in here it’s very airy In here It’s just very dead And it’s cold outside which doesn’t help It’s hard to imagine too when you really Think about The screaming and the stomping and it’s Just a big open room Of all the people especially during like A riot thing I’m just looking into these cells too That haven’t been opened in However many years oh my god Look at that writing up there It’s almost like you can kind of feel The Presence of these people it’s just like The cells are empty But i feel like the energy is still There you know A very very negative kind of Oppressed and this whole the story of Jake bird is so intriguing with his hex So creepy who knows if it was a real Thing this energy killed people If that was here at one point from this Conviction Almost concerning to touch that type of Energy oh yeah And then to have in this room too not

Only kind of objects that were used in Crimes but Objects that were used to serve justice In a way if you believe in that To literally murder people it’s like Having the knife from a serial killer or His axe That he used to chop people all the Stuff in here the pieces I feel like they all add to the energy It almost feels different in here too This whole area i didn’t really give you That good of a look at But um well i didn’t really Throw this as a little kids oh it’s just A shower Shoe yes see this back here this is Creepy Oh this is really creepy oh this feels Weird It’s like cold back here i definitely Want to Spend my time alone in here let’s go Let’s go look up top one more time For some reason that’s so creepy to see The darkness You can imagine somebody laying back There Oh jesus oh god what is that That is shiny light Jesus didn’t expect that i didn’t I don’t like that Infirmary definitely focus point

Got a weird vibe in there This whole area too it’s really hot Hello Is cat up here Anybody up here It’s so quiet when i came around that Corner I kind of went like this it’s really Trippy actually and i was walking and i Kind of blinked like that And literally i felt like i saw like a Black almost a shadow figure When i blinked just standing there which Is like a tall Just kind of looking at us which is like I’m trying to Do it again i don’t know what i would Have seen So um This is the bedroom too It’s actually a nice little bedroom Did i just uh see somebody in here It’s so quiet so For tonight’s itinerary we’re here at The squirrel cage jail If you guys can’t tell already it’s me Mama spooks my mom mary jeff papa spooks And the three of us are going to spend A significant amount of time in here Trying to contact Who or what may still be in the jail I’ve got this Pair of handcuffs kids handcuffs Made of plastic that i’m going to have

Them Put on me when i’m in the juvenile Detention unit and i’m going to sit There alone for a while and send them Somewhere else in the building probably I’d say to the axe murder Area but i’m excited it feels Really active in here it does there’s Crazy energy and there’s something to be Said about silence too When a place is uh too quiet But it’s very quiet just listen You can nearly hear the floor squeak yes And especially Like downtown council bluffs It’s not like you really can’t hear much Well i say let’s grab the equipment All right time to get spooky baby Hello