Edgar Mitchell what he knew about UFOs (Clip Rey Hernandez interview)

By | January 17, 2021
Edgar Mitchell what he knew about UFOs (Clip Rey Hernandez interview)

The sixth man to walk on the moon Uh phd from mit in aeronautical Engineering He was there at mit when they were Building the lunar Uh module the lunar lander okay So when apollo 13 had its problems uh Edgar told me that he was three people In that movie with tom hanks Because he had been there while they Were constructing the lunar module at Mit And um and he’d be learning from them in Case later on there was something that Went wrong with it and that’s actually What happened in apollo 13. And edgar had on his wall the Presidential medal of freedom Which is the highest award that a Civilian can earn And this is after edgar had retired from Um From the military uh from the navy Richard nixon the u.s president at that Time Gave him that award okay and but more Importantly for edgar After he came back from the moon he had A um a paranormal experience Out in space okay uh it’s called a Samadhi experience Where all of a sudden he had like Universal knowledge That we’re all interrelated you know

There’s no separateness And he was like you know and all uh it Came and then like after a minute or so It just Disappeared and he was like what the Hell was that you know And so when he came back he wanted to Learn what had happened to me To him and he learned from a professor Of religion That is called a samadhi experience and That’s written in the uh In the indian text of edict text yeah he Said that this happened This has happened to other astronauts as Well though correct They’ve not spoke about it but yeah this Is habit over astronauts oh yeah yeah he Told me that um Many of the us astronauts and cosmos Have had paranormal experiences in space Um he told me tons of details because i Eventually was at his house over 20 Different times And so anyway so i give him a call oh But i wanted to say What edgar should be recognized more Than anything else was that he had Started the institute for noetic Sciences And this is uh now the world’s leading Academic research Institute on the psi phenomena okay Um commonly known as esp

Okay and um and also they dabble a Little bit with Uh with the paranormal channeling um uh And other aspects of the paranormal so That’s the institute for noetic sciences Uh major academic research institute and So Um so i give edgar a call like four Hours later because i was Uh [ __ ] scared you know to give him a Call i knew who he was right So he goes uh ray uh what are you doing Tomorrow i’m Going to go to work he says uh can you Take some time off tomorrow and Come and see me and um i said sure He says i live in in lake worth florida Which is like 90 minute drive He says you could take the turnpike take The exit and it was like you know 90 minutes from where i lived and he Says how about tomorrow at 10 O’clock so here i was Uh a little bit more than 48 hours after That initial experience And i was at the home of dr edgar Mitchell and i was there for a total of Six hours And he told me everything about his life He just went into so many details you Know You tell me about edgar and i’ll tell You okay um His parents earned uh owned two stores

In roswell Okay uh uh nevada one one the northern End of town one on the southern and the Town These are agricultural stores supply Stores okay He was there with the roswell crash he Was a senior in high school he had uh it Was June maybe it was he had just graduated And he was on his way To go to carnegie mellon university okay Um he learned how to fly airplanes Uh as a teenager because he worked for The local airport and he was paid In flight lessons instead of money okay Wow he had uh was part of Chuck yeager’s uh test pilots okay um And uh i mean everything he told me you Know he showed me the pictures of his Mother that she drew Of their house in in roswell you know The living room that old black and white Tv You know and he was telling me all about It and he just went on and on about his Life you know He told me tons of experiences uh as a National astronaut tons of stuff and so Then after like hours had passed by then He said right Uh tell me about your experience and i Realized later on that he was doing that Was to make me feel comfortable you know

It’s like he opened Himself up totally and then i opened up Myself totally And when i was telling him all the stuff He didn’t even blink and i i found out Later That he has spoken with hundreds of Experiencers Okay but that’s a part of edgar that no One knew about They knew the ufo edgar that spoke Publicly about ufos you know And roswell and things like that but They didn’t know edgar That had been working with contactees You know over many years So at the end of it all edgar after you Listened to me and heard my story what Had happened to me all my experience he Says look right You were given uh a mandate You know specific instructions of what You need to do And he says rudy and i this dr rudy Shields already discussed it And we will be your scientific advisors And he says as a matter of fact i also Have a whole large group of phd Phds most of them are physicists and They can can come and help us They will also join us as advisors right And I i didn’t make the connection you know Like me given a mission to do

You know and it was edgar that had Suggested that you know we need to form An organization Uh with all of our advisors and let’s Put our heads together As to you know uh what what they told You to do You know and we could you know work this Out i said but edgar i have no idea what I’m going to be doing And he goes don’t worry you’ll figure it Out it always happens that way And so when i left this house i said This man is batshit crazy you know I said what the [ __ ] is he talking about You know and rudy Another crazy you know mf you know And i’m like what the [ __ ] you know So anyway i give mary rodwell a call and Let her know what had just happened Right and and she was like you know this Is unbelievable right you know And so she knew about rudy because she Had given the information to rudy but What had happened is that she had sent Me an email saying look ray Um uh i gave rudy your information is it Okay for him to call you You know and what happened was that rudy Jumped the gun and he called me before i Had gotten back to mary yeah mary you Know It’s okay you know tell them to call me You know and so that’s how all this

Thing started Okay so like about a um a few days later This was that and when i was at edgar’s House It was like a wednesday the initial Experience was on a monday rudy called Me on tuesday That saturday saturday morning it was Only a few days later i woke up In my head was exactly what i needed to Do Okay exactly like in detailed What i needed to do so i went to the Computer i typed it all up And what it was was um a research Methodology Of how do you go about doing the world’s First Academic research study of ufo contact Experiences Okay because what had happened was that Um As i told you before you know i have an Academic background Okay and so when these things were Happening to me i said let me try to Research what has been written about it Academically Okay and i couldn’t find anything Certainly there was Only uh two very small statistical Studies Okay and i won’t mention them they were Tiny uh one had 50 people another one

Had 85 people Okay so there was literally nothing um There was a book by dr John mack a title passport to the cosmos Dr john mack was a Professor at harvard university a Professor of psychiatry And that’s how rudy got involved because Dr john mack asked him one time he says Rudy You that study astrophysics i’m having All these people That are telling me uh look dr mac i was Brought to another reality Another multiverse another dimension you Know so he goes to rudy and says rudy is It True that there’s exists such a thing as Other dimensions is physics talking About that And rudy said yes you know as a matter Of fact yes okay That there’s these various theories of The multiverse And so that brought a relationship Between dr john mack and rudy And then where they were trying to kick Dr john mack out of harvard university Because he had Published a book on ufo uh contact Experiencers Uh they tried to kick him out of harvard And he was a tenured professor He had also won the pulitzer prize yeah

I mean this is one of the top Prizes in literature okay so this is a Very Influential man okay uh highly respected A professor for a professor Of psychiatry at harvard uni uh at the Harvard medical school Not not even harvard university the Harvard medical school And so uh during this inquisition uh Rudy testified before this board uh That um that yes there is such a thing As a multiverse that yes there are Probably You know non-human intelligence out There you know uh and explained that We’re finding these exoplanets these new Planets you know Every day now you know and um and Basically educated these folks that look You know Physics is talking about these things You know and so eventually they Keep dr mack out but that set the Lasting relationship between dr john Mack and rudy shields Right can i ask before we quickly move On to the Next part of this yeah when you was when You were speaking with uh Egg mitchell did you did he ever mention That nasa is aware of what’s going on No no no he never told me that they Discovered

Ufos on the moon you know uh he did Mention what he did mention was that Astronauts had seen Uh had had paranormal experiences you Know in space And the cosmonauts okay and in terms of Ufos he says yes Astronauts have seen ufos but all of Them that he knew Had seen ufos on earth not Right or out in space okay and so um uh Now mind you uh edgar was a a retired Uh military officer okay and Um and you know they had their own oaths Of secrecy that type of thing So if if something did happen he Wouldn’t be telling me He wouldn’t be telling anybody you know Uh but yeah There was the funny thing where nasser Did didn’t nothing was we were talking About Prosecuting because he had a camera oh What it was was that um he actually Showed me on this wall Um um what was a common practice with The other Astronauts that had gone to the moon the Other two previous apollos They had basically torn up parts of the Lunar module When it had hooked up to the um the part That actually flew back Okay they left the bottom part on the

Moon okay So they would take different parts out And bring it up Okay as like souvenirs okay yeah so what He had Yeah he what he told me that was on the Wall was that little handle You know that operated because he was The operator you know that Going down you know operating it you Know and uh the speed and direction and All of that stuff So he basically tore that um unhinged it You know Whatever instruments he had and he Brought that up okay So what happened was that after i forgot How many years Um nassau had requested that from him And actually had filed legal papers you Know uh This is many years later you know and What it was was He was talking about you know ufos and Roswell and And the moon and all you know uh uh uh What other astronauts were talking about Also one of the other astronauts um That was a a gemini astronaut a cooper Gordon cooper Then then went out and talked publicly That That when he was a test pilot in chuck Yeager’s group i think it was

Uh that edgar had worked with edgar knew All these folks you know Um that he was a test pilot there he saw A ufo came Down landed okay um Uh on um on the uh whether They were testing these planes and he Had filmed it okay So edgar had told me all about that too You know before i even came across this Video And so so apparently somebody in nasa Didn’t like him talking about these Things publicly And so they they wound up settling you Know making an arrangement because Um all these politicians became involved Because edgar Was a presidential medal of freedom Winner Which is the uh that i would just talk About a little bit Again yeah the highest award that any Civilian can Can earn because he had saved the crew Of apollo 13. edgar told me was three People in that movie And so finally you know these Politicians came to bat for him And um and uh and let it be But he showed me that plaque the Presidential medal of freedom which is a Small plaque You know and then he showed me that

Handle and a couple of other things that He had stripped from the moon i don’t Recall the other ones but there was a Some other gadgetry i don’t know what The hell it was you know It took the stick didn’t he as well oh The stick that’s the one that i Recognized that was on the wall Yeah and there was something else some Other electronic stuff that i i just Don’t recall But i remember there was like two or Three other things there yeah Yeah i just i just wondered if he Happened to slip anything that you know Nasa is very much aware No no no he uh um you know he never told Me anything You know uh but he did tell me about the Paranormal Experiences in space and that other Astronauts had seen ufos While they were pilots okay um and and Gordon cooper he told me specifically About Um but um but in terms of the details of The Other astronauts um He just told me that they saw ufos but On earth not um Not on the moon or up there maybe that Part is classified and you never told me You know but You never did so anyway uh getting back

To the story here to finish it I wrote up uh a detailed description of Of The world’s first comprehensive academic Research study Of ufo contact experiencers okay i sent It to edgar Doctory shields and to mary and i said What do you guys think of this And they all said this is fantastic Let’s go with it So i said mary would you like to join us Mary rodwell and at that time You know she said yes and then a few Days later she came up with the name Free Okay um and so Within a few weeks we had lots of phd Academics that joined us And um and some of the world’s leading Researchers like uh Uh i think we had a conversation off the Air uh A couple days ago uh kathleen martin yes Uh a very very well-known uh uh Researcher Uh dr leo sprinkle he was the first uh Phd academic to Write an article about abductions this Was in the 60s He he wrote about this and um Um barbara lamb a woman that’s been Studying ufo abductees For over 40 years okay and this other

Lady denise stoner And we had a whole bunch of phds we had Neuroscientists we had Physicists we had phd psychologists Uh all joined us and we all worked Together says How do we go about beginning to research This okay So i i i laid out the framework Of what um we’re going to be doing and There we start to come up with questions With questions with questions with Questions