Where do UFOs come from? (1967) | RetroFocus

By | January 16, 2021
Where do UFOs come from? (1967) | RetroFocus

Good evening a flying saucer landing on The steps of sydney town hall fact or Fiction Well that scene was fiction from the abc Children's cereal the strangers But there are some people who claim it's A fact that flying saucers have landed Here They point to things like the american Saturn v rocket which It's launched successfully at nine O'clock tonight will open the way to a Manned landing on the moon And they say why shouldn't the same Thing happen in reverse from other Planets Well so far it doesn't look as if There's life on other planets in our Solar system And a spacecraft from the nearest galaxy To ours travelling at the speed of light Would take two million years to reach us So the intergalactic theory seems Unlikely Nevertheless reports of unidentified Flying objects Ufos continue and they're not completely Ignored by Officials the british house of commons Has just been assured that lights seen Over Southern england were the planet venus And not Men from mars australia too has

Societies which Report these phenomena and they claim to Have cited 120 Ufos this year here's frank bennett Just a moment i'm sorry yes Uh well frank bennett's delayed in the Outer limits but he's going to be with Us in just a minute Flying saucers where do they come from This is the title of a recent book On the subject of ufos or unidentified Flying objects The author is sydney businessman mr Richard tamling Who claims to had several sightings of Ufos Mr tambling was an raf photographer and An expert in Aircraft recognition now in the preface Of this book mr tamning you say that Now that the existence of ufos is Gaining widespread acceptance The question is where do they come from But my question to you is Are you sure that the existence of these Things is gaining widespread recognition They've been around for 20 years now in This present phase I think that if we haven't learnt of Their presence By now in 20 years that we're the one That needs questioning What about part two of this where do They come from what are the latest

Theories I researched quite deeply into this and My solution is that They come from everywhere in space this Galaxy Other galaxies everywhere except earth You mentioned other galaxies one American physics professor has said that If they do come from other galaxies they Would have taken two million years to Get here What about that well this professor Hasn't heard of teleportation yet You know teleportation was a wild idea But it is already A line of scientific research in america What does it mean It's the transmission of matter from one Point to another Without any physical medium so there's No traveling at the speed of light or Any other speed no it's like our image On tv tonight We're here our image is transported Somewhere else In fact with teleportation we would be Transported elsewhere Sounds an interesting theory anyway if That's so that certainly makes us Earth people rather backward doesn't it Yes i think it does I think we have a long way to go before We ever can dream of these standards Mr tambling let's look at some of the

Examples of uh ufo Shapes that have come in to you there Are many shapes I've numbered 171 i think 136 appear in The book Some are weird and wonderful some are Interesting so Some are way out there's a block there Like a child's block Or weird shapes surely some of them must Be wildly wrong They say such a variety of them well Very few people get a chance to Photograph A ufo or a flying saucer and a sketch is The only way of representing it Representing it Well you talk about photographs you do Have some from your book here What's this one uh this is taken by paul Villa at Albuquerque new mexico uh the saucer Was quite low and he was prepared Beforehand by A warning and he was there with camera On hand to take this This might sound weird but he has done This on two occasions A close-up of the same saucer in a Slightly different position The windows that would appear to be Around the rim are not windows at all There's no windows visible in this Photograph this is something that only

Shows in our atmosphere apparently According to paul villa this is paris Ufo's over paris the eiffel tower on the Right-hand side there I don't know much about the photograph Except it's claimed to be genuine paul Villar again Bernalillo new mexico this saucer was Claimed to come from Coma berenices 400 light years away This is the trinidad saucer or object This photograph has been under scrutiny By american scientists for a long time And has been proved genuine This is a photograph from a 8 mil Uh color movie film it's pretty hard to Fake on eight mil color movie You're not suggesting that some of those Might be fakes i think this is always a Question Uh you know we people here aren't Always honest and i think there's always The opportunist Mr tambly you say here in your book that It's only a matter of time before the Strangers from the skies Come to know us better now are you Suggesting some kind of invasion from Outer space This is quite possible i don't think in The sense that we would think of it But people coming yes In 20 years they have well their source Of sightings have been

At military bases Any place that would be a key situation Or key Position in wartime now why would they Want to come to The earth the planet earth because where As i said earlier Apparently a rather technologically Backward nation or Earth or planet compared with where They've come from Yes i haven't answered a direct answer To this I pose this as a question uh to the Reader of the book As a matter of fact my book was written In that spirit i am telling them So many things that i believe are honest And true I'm leading them to think for themselves I don't Want them to believe in flying sources Or disbelieve in flying sources I want them to get out and look and see Them all right well we'll go and look And see and think and thank you very Much mr tambling You