The 10 SCARIEST Videos of 2020 (viewer discretion is advised) COMPILATION | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | January 15, 2021
The 10 SCARIEST Videos of 2020 (viewer discretion is advised) COMPILATION | THE PARANORMAL FILES

We’re going to go all the way down to The third tier How many people are pushing We i’m sure i don’t have anything but I’m just curious On my neck just to see i don’t on my Neck Oh you do you do i don’t know yeah you Do you do like i’m feeling brain Yes we don’t touch it don’t touch it Okay Did you touch yourself no no i’m feeling A burning actually down my back There and there and on my if you pull my Shirt My back down i can turn the lights on But i want to take a picture There’s no dry skin no it’s just it’s Strictly burning It’s burning yeah and it’s we’re Actually watching it grow more how about If you pulled on my Top yeah i can now but like oh it’s for Scratches He got scratched he’s burning i’m Burning it it’s burning Right when i was walking down in those Things Coming down the stairs i think it’s Farther down my back guys

It might be but it’s because we’re Watching it like grow you know i think It’s It’s turning from one scratch to three It’s down into my shoulder See yeah it is it’s going longer oh oh Yeah Wow yeah you got a bunch of them i got Some good pictures holy [ __ ] look you See it getting more Yeah i can feel it can you kill that Light because it’s Yeah you can’t see it can you pull my Down any further Or yeah i have no idea if you can get Any more Yeah hot dog Oh my gosh like down there it’s getting Up again move your hand i’ll try to get Back where Did you get this at just now right it’s Yeah just now Coming down the stairs i don’t see Anywhere back there it’s More so on your neck it probably feels Like it But it’s up there it feels here i know But it’s burning Well there’s nothing feel it where it’s Not yeah because it’s up here but no There’s there’s a definite It’s all i mean let me get a fully Developed close-up this way Yeah because i might not send mine no no

I just want to get like a Really um yeah it’s still It still is burning yeah right there Right there It’ll still burn for a few but it’ll go Away oh you don’t remember when you First started feeling it No but it was coming down the stairs one Of the stairs oh one of the Okay yeah just in the stair like one i Think you know what yeah I think when i actually wondered out Loud like How many people may have been pushed Down the stairs oh my god You asked me you said that i think when I started feel something And then when i got down to the bottom i Thought do you think you said that Because you felt it or You got that because you said it no i Think i I think i got it because i said it okay Well that in the last flight Yeah no it was this one right here no But i mean yeah it was i said that Wasn’t The last time it was the last fight yes Yeah that’s when it happened You always get these weird things that Happened to you Okay yeah that was that was that’s two Investigations yeah and that way It’s still kind of you know burning yeah

That’s how i knew it was scratched as Soon as you said burning i knew it was a Scratch Yeah i’m very disoriented up there i’m Not slate too I’m tired Think about it like you said maybe 15 Minutes before that happened oh this is The time when You have to say that right yeah that’s Right well at the same time too Yeah almost that’s what i mean different Locations Is it gone It’s fading pretty quickly yeah but what I’m trying to say is It’s so weird because you can people Online should know You can see there’s no white skin On the side like dry still burning like If you would have scratched yourself I didn’t do i don’t want to just point That out yeah Wow yeah yeah how do you feel It’s kind of mixed emotion like being Like i’m a little Don’t feel well i’m really over tired It’s cold But i just feel like A little disoriented but i i think it’s Like uh Why did scribe why’d i get scratched i Mean why

You know what is the reason for that I don’t know you know I would like to be still burning That area it’s weird because like it’s Definitely is that what you felt when You got scratched It’s just a burn that’s what it is it’s All i could explain to people on camera It’s like it’s a brain sensation Let me see that again Yeah it’s fading really fast yeah it’s Gonna be gone like So quickly that’s trippy You guys have been pretty quiet tonight Maybe walk up the stairs Hello Hello Dude i really don’t want to put all our Weight on here i know honestly I just i can’t get a shot that good Like haunted village you know look at This The steps leading all the way up wow oh Damn look at this place back there oh my God But this is too this Is freaking completely destroyed man That’s we’re not supposed to go back There Blast the light and see if you can pick That up i mean

Is that a pig dude is that a coyote dude That’s a pig let’s go Dude hold on hold on jesus Hold on Dude dude it’s probably a bore Oh [ __ ] man you gotta go Those things can tear you up Holy [ __ ] my heart’s beating Let’s get close let’s get close to the Car Okay you know dude there’s garbage here And they probably feed here Don’t go too far but they they can run Fast That was a that was a wild that was a Bore and they can get They they are vicious people who hunt Like oklahoma through tech all that area Especially even up here It’s dangerous yeah and it takes like You know i’ve seen where these huge These are 500 800 pound bores that you Can’t take them down with a high-powered Rifle and if they get a hold of you They’ll actually tear you to shreds This is not a smart idea to just go walk Around places like this Alone at night just fyi online but it’s Easy to imagine And see how easy it would be to like Dump bodies and [ __ ] Look at this who knows what’s in like

These trash bags and stuff who knows What’s even just back here These cars are just filled with stuff There’s an abandoned building back there Too Look at look at these cars are just Filled with like stuff dude yeah what is That like who put this here you know What i mean you know what all of these Cars are Just look at like the trash bag over There like who knows what the [ __ ] is in There Really Oh my god what Dude this is a [ __ ] this is a animal That is a corpse i’m kidding That is like a body look at how it’s Cinched with the rope Multiple places this is a head Right here Yeah that’s like a dog Colin is gonna brave it out and try to Like rip open the bag Yeah i’m not gonna be able to do that But the bag is just

Shut very very odd Is it working Oh my god that’s a body dude that’s a Body that is i’ve smelled the dead Corpse That i’m not saying human that is the Stench of death That is there is an actual something in There I’m serious too like this is no that is Not a gag I have a really bad gag reflex that hit Me like a Train that is literally a body in there That is i’m not even Lying to you whatsoever that is a body i Was Going to a festival in austin walking With my friends A um homeless person had overdosed In the woods right next to music Festival And when we were walking there you could Literally It was wafting from The woods into the sidewalk And all of us were like oh my god what Is that and it smells literally To me like rotting seafood And like if you’ve ever been on a beach And like been by like one of the Seaweed deposits where seaweed like Builds up you know what i’m talking About

It’s like that but like way more pungent And we smelled that and then later when We were leaving the festival Uh the coroner was there and that’s Exactly where this guy had overdosed and He had been there for like three or four Days I’m wondering should we call somebody And like should we call But this is so disturbing to me like why Would anybody just put a dog In a bag and throw it on the curb Come on please show yourself Come on back you were right there there It is colin right there Right two of them up here Come on back you were right there there It is colin right there Right two of them up here See i’m gonna stand on top of that reel Can you jump off of that can you jump Off of that are you Maybe is he hanging dude oh I i i can’t tell look at that you got it Can you jump off of that or are you Stuck Looks like he’s getting it dude he’s Hanging Oh my god what right there Here did you hang yourself right here Can you say who you are In that box colin has Look a dude he’s really hanging on the Ground

My god and look at that moth It’s attracted to right where he’s Hanging from The moth is literally on that exact beam Over there It doesn’t go away you come Down oh the thing just died But it’s still there okay let’s see Let’s focus on the spirit box once you Ask Your questions okay he came down look at He came down can you tell me your name So what is demonology um It’s basically just the worship of Demons So i think that to start this out we Should have brooke Sit for like three four five minutes However long you feel comfortable with And just meditate and try to bring the Energy into the room and i’m i’ll put an Emf meter right in front of you So that we can just see if there’s any Spikes and then we can move on with the Spirit box and everything Were you really not you were just Pointing the camera at me And not recording All right so how do you want this to go Brooke do you want to just Start lighting the candles and then We’ll just be quiet and let you do your Thing Here

I’m also going to light some incense if You guys don’t mind Sir So So So So I want to point out here that randomly While i was taking these b-roll shots of Brooke attempting to contact gushen I captured a really strange low Frequency noise which has only picked up My microphone when i was pointing the Camera directly at the altar Maybe it was picking up on energy being Emitted as a portal was opening or maybe It was just a simple technological Malfunction That’s for you to decide but first take A listen to the clip Oh yeah there’s a light there’s a little Lie right there there’s a flashlight Right there yeah That’s something this place is creepy Bro it’s that as a flashlight Yeah there it is right there right there There it is Right there This is Yes So that proves this No bro this just like turned on and off

Randomly Anyone in here would you raise here I don’t know if it was you what’s in Your bag yeah i think that was me Because i Made a noise [Applause] Steve Is there anybody in this house Just let us know we do not want trouble There’s something moving downstairs Listen listen What the [ __ ] do you see though bro what Did you see I didn’t see anything i heard something He was downstairs You’re seeing the [ __ ] out of me bro we All show you that clip you will hear it Was like What oh my god my ears my whole ear was Ringing on this side and it’s like Plugged Are you in here Are you walking towards us It’s okay you can come out of the rooms She Can you do that again but even stronger Please Why i don’t know my ears were clogged It’s not like i’m trying i don’t know Why it just happened i mean I’m just it’s been happening since my my Ringing in my ear is still going on both Of them

There’s nothing there now are you making My head Pound like feel like pressure in my head Dude My thumb is this is just so odd my thumb From here to my tip it’s just burning Red hot it’s just Like tingling huge i haven’t had that i Don’t even know the last time i had that I’m just not sure What that means What would that mean what the hell my [ __ ] light just died What wait wait wait okay we need to get To where there’s light What what my Battery just completely died but what What do you mean it’s dead Huh we need to get a backup light now i Guess Look it This is how you turn it on don’t you Push it down That’s what i’m doing look it’s Completely fried I just died on camera So william we think you’re the one That’s been here I saw your reflection again jesus Yeah hair i saw this reflection [Applause] William we think you’re here Can you tell us if you’re here yes or no Yeah keep talking about it say yes or no

Yes yes if you’re here Did you kill your family Do you feel bad about killing your Family Do you feel bad about killing your Family in a brutal way like you did No no no i heard Are you right now trapped in this Building No Do you consider yourself evil Maybe he doesn’t want to answer that do You want us to leave the building Yes so you want us to leave Run run are you going to hurt us Are you gonna hurt us Yes [Laughter] [Applause] I think we should turn What the [ __ ] Oh my god i’m feeling like total oh my My just me too Is that you william cleveland oh it Almost felt like something just tugged My This thing my thing just became Unbuttoned my thing Do you want us to leave Is this what you want to use william Is this what you want Are you angry You seem angry what

You’re a coward You’re a coward Was this what you used to kill your Family Knock off one of these balls Knock a ball off Right when you put the axe back it ends Too That was absolutely insane he’s done my My hands are Just they’re like Dude i’m Head to toe chills you know what William are you gonna do something to us You know i think i get a feeling like It’s something other than william Oh i got a ringing in my ears as well Are you back william again are you a Coward I’ve i’ve never every time you say Coward he just Leaves he does he leaves i think it’s What’s a trigger that’s what just Happened too when you had the axe and You Called him that and sent it put it back Down yeah Pull everything on that little yeah i Know the ring i know it’s just It’s a matter okay dude I’m also so cold over here There’s definitely william Clement are you back again Are you an angry person a coward

Every time i call him out i’m Being a coward it’s like you’re trying To come back and show who’s boss William i don’t think you’re as powerful As you think you are But i think you can knock over one of These little balls for us Honestly i’m going to tell you i have The vibe We should just get out of here yeah i Think it’s friends This is not good right now no this is we Did Maybe yeah this is bad energy here i Agree i think we need to To leave close this up do you want to Close this up William what’s up whoever’s in here Okay what the hell ask them what What they want what do you want us to do What do you want from us you can’t Follow us home you can’t come with us You can’t come with us sorry if that Disappoints you But what do you want me to do about it Wow William is this what you want He might want that again Do you wish you could hold this again Maybe we need to just put it back and Lock it yeah you know what i mean I think it’s time to put it put it back It’s like release something there And we weren’t even trying to make that

The most of our investigation But yeah this has been unbelievably Active i don’t feel well as well so i Think Look at that look at that the moment i Went to close the lid Did you see that yeah let’s leave it Open just a second more You’re never gonna kill anybody again Okay william good night You’re done you’re done william I think you need to cover it after Cover it up You’re not welcome to follow us I feel something back here man Yeah i i keep doing some behind me back Here it’s like oh The only way i can describe it is it’s Like a Wall i mean it just feels like all i see Is just like Pitch black i’m [ __ ] creeped out man Can you walk over to us charlie Okay That was loud i’m like freaked out Dude yeah do you feel that tension Well there’s definitely a vibration down Here Like a heaviness Man i do have like tingling all through My life my ears are ringing Dude my ear just popped

Honestly Oh did you hear that well if that was a Crime Oh my god dude i am My whole body Charlie come on Charlie come on Charlie was that you was that a growl The [ __ ] are you gonna do charlie That [ __ ] isn’t scaring us it just Doesn’t work I really don’t like my back this way i’m Staring right in the darkness Just can you hear that I think we had actually a big argument Because of that bad energy here Yeah honestly when you think about it Right when we were about to walk in And even over nothing even though that One thing that might have been the same Entity At midnight man Oh my god dude what was that It’s like i think something grabbed what That mean There’s something that’s here that was Like a [ __ ] rock right behind us Here’s your key to look at charlie’s Back here i’m gonna do an experiment Charlie if you’re back behind me Come run up at me push me I’m offering myself to you i can’t even See you Hear that

That’s him There’s something down here with this Man yes Did you hear i heard just like kind of a Weird you have to see if it’s on deep Oh i’m getting chills too i’m just like I’m actually dude getting goosebumps Floor to ceiling dude floor to ceiling Come on charlie just [ __ ] do it You wimp Oh i just got like chest pain I think we should try to move over to The corner Where he’s at i just got like a Shooting chest pain dude you okay yeah Like Just give me a second Just calm down man It’s that same pain that i used to get Do you want to take a break No we gotta finish this yes just make Sure you’re feeling okay let’s turn the Light on for a second Oh my god Dude this is exciting But i feel like dizzy as well those Voices Those girls yeah there’s definitely Like i’d say i think it’s like a Like no i can’t even do it Yeah there’s something from this way too But whatever that big thing was i don’t Know what the hell that was

Colin yeah i mean i’m trying to think Like that that big it wasn’t a rock that First big one Remember you okay or what About are you just listening What are you just listening To what i don’t know you’re just kind of In a trance almost like Turn this on Just see what we got here charlie You behind me back here hear that Come on charlie if you’re here just walk Over by us Point three dude oh i got a total chill Oh man Point five are you here charlie point Seven Point nine come on keep going are you a Wuss Going back down point four Oh [ __ ] my dude i’m at point nine look At my point one point three One point three oh mine look it Dude there’s too much light on it can You turn the light down Look at this dude point two okay i was Up to one point seven Point four point six wait move your Meter away One point four are you here charlie One point five one point six quarter one Point sorry alright move it away Two two point one you’ve moved it away And still going up

Charlie you’re here mine is stuck Okay see if it’s something i’m moving But someone’s here look it it’s not a Malfunction No i know i know dude 1.8 Are you moving away jesus Look at zero dude i’m at zero [Applause] Okay so We’ve already been here for Come on charlie It’s still something down there look at My k2 Nothing totally green I just don’t feel good yeah my back Really has hurt this whole time even When we were Doing the podcast i kept having to go Like haven’t you seen me doing this All night yeah and i was actually hurt Those guys were sitting in the chair and I was Leaning over on my legs like trying to Stretch yeah my back is like aching Let’s give it a try i just want to see If there’s something working yeah but The big one was Yeah but the big one was like What the hell that was crazy dude that’s Gotta be picked up okay So that was literally footsteps Literally right above us Please walk towards me or stand up I thought i just had to pop in my ear i

Thought you should breath Oh there’s something trying to manifest And i gotta go closer Like it wasn’t that’s a rock Yes right there that was a rock Literally right there right right beside Us What the hell dude I know there’s something right here i Know this is the place Dude we haven’t gotten this much Activity in So long let’s go back just a little Farther If you’re back here please Stand up move sit in the chair There’s something moving behind us did You throw that rock at us Don’t you just wish one of those chairs Would just flip over If you can move one of these chairs We’ll leave right now i promise you Just must be this The one damn spider at least Dude there’s an area too quick figure Got it look it oh No god damn please show yourself again God dang it he was on the oh there it is See it over there Right there got it Moving like that dude walk over here Walk over here she just called the ghost Dude yeah i don’t know Come on dude

It’s weird that we captured a figure in This corner of the basement Because jeff the entire night was saying That he felt like there was something Over there and this was one of the only Figures that we picked up on the connect Device the entire evening Okay it’s coming on show yourself again Oh dude dude there it is It’s right there Can you raise your arms up raise your Arms up Dude look at it look at his arms just Touch my head look at look at dude Hold his arm up it’s weird oh what you See it Look it over you just put it down put Your arm down Put your arm oh they’re down dude What Dude can you walk over here Walk over here now Hello