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I would rather not Have exact locations listing the nearest Road Just to respect the privacy of the Family That still owns the property i have long Since had a falling out with my friend At the time And don't feel he or they would like Being approached About this i like my own privacy Respected So i must accord others the same The general area at the time was more Open farmland With some large housing developments in Which i lived Just within a mile there were a good Deal of homes Scattered here and there and others in Smaller developments A very large animal like a sasquatch Could conceivably navigate or migrate Through an area like this at night using The farmland As cover but Absolutely not stay very long in an area Like that Even then without revealing its presence I can give you more specific details on Topography Farmland opens up eventually much more To the north With a state park the gifford pinchot

At the north end of the county southern End of york county Where the sightings occurred is a more Likely Area given in terms of what i read of Similar topography Of other sightings then also Much more rural and forested in the Early 70s I picked up my uncle from work we were Traveling down route 66 Towards delmont we were traveling up the Hill Where the rvs are sold on the right hand Side near the gas facility I was driving at 45 miles an hour When my uncle says what is that I asked what he saw and his reply was Whatever it was was walking on two feet The sighting was quick no longer than Five or six seconds At a distance of 70 yards on a cloudless Moonlit night my uncle said This subject was walking up the steep Embankment That is covered in almost a foot of snow And bare of trees or brush behind the rv Building On a horizontal path on two legs towards The very woodland On the top of the hill he described the Color As a uniform black with no Distinguishing clothing

The size he says was at least his size Made me bigger my uncle is 6'4 And 250 pounds and even he said It was the size that caught his eye We can't think of any reason a person Would try and traverse such a steep Incline Or even going to the top of the hill Because there's nothing but woods once You reach the top My uncle said it was spooky because well He couldn't think of a reason either i Laughed And jokingly said it was bigfoot and With that My uncle began rambling about even if it Was Nobody would believe us so I'm contacting you to see if you guys Can maybe solve this First i can't believe this even happened To me I love to hunt and fish and spend lots Of time in the outdoors This incident took place in 1993 In the northeastern corner of the state Of pennsylvania Near hancock new york on the pa Borderline I was hunting for deer on our regular Season I walked into an area where in the past I've never hunted Thought i would try it out the area

Was a thick pine tree area bordered By a very large swamp i found a large Pine And sat underneath it the first thing i Remember was this Horrific smell like something rotten I sat for about an hour when i caught a Glance of a bear Or so i thought i remember saying to Myself What a huge bear that is then i realized It was walking upright okay No big deal bears walk upright But not for at least 200 yards When i put my scope on this thing i soon Realized it was no bear I saw a bigfoot the features were like That of a man I was shaking so bad i've never been So frightened in my life this thing Just walked through the woods i never Went to check the tracks I was that upset i waited Until i was out of sight and believe me Ran out of there i told the party i was With Well they laughed at me and that's that One thing though this creature was not As tall as bigfoot's stories I've heard i'd say it was about Five foot ten inches tall very Wide across and walking with a slight Limp I was a camper at camp fairfield in the

Summer Of 1967 i was 8 years old My first time ever at camp It was sponsored by the wilkinsburg Baptist church I lived in wilkinsburg until i graduated High school In 1977. it was a two-week camp Arrived on saturday and left on sunday 15 days later we were assigned cabins By age my brother being older Was assigned a different cabin there was About 10 boys to an open cabin And a counselor who slept inside with us I had never really overcome a little bed Wedding And had an accident just a few days into Camp This opened me to huge ridicule and Laughter I need to go to the bathroom late at Night to prevent A repeat occurrence only one problem The common outhouse was about 100 yards Down an unlit Path there was no way I was going to use a flashlight alone at Eight years of age And go to the bathroom we were not Allowed to pee Off the porch into the bushes for Obvious reasons So i devised a plan I would wait until the other boys in the

Counselor would fall asleep Then sneak out a few feet from the cabin To quickly pee this worked beautifully For about five or six nights the head Counselor always made head count By 11 o'clock sharp because lights out Was 10. He would come down the path and count All of us by flashlight Go to each cabin counting i would wait For this count Then after about a half hour sneak out And back in this particular night It was raining very lightly I remember seeing the counselor with a Yellow raincoat As he counted he went on the path as Usual I remember at lunch everyone saying a Bear had been overturning the garbage at Night This revelation redoubled my resolve not To venture to the outhouse after dark This night i heard footsteps returning To the cabin Through the forest not the path from Another direction I thought it was strange that the head Counselor would return He had never returned before and why Would he cut across the woods Instead of the path i heard walking Behind the cabin first to the right And then back to my left past my head

I heard footfalls come around to the Front of the open Cabin door it was just a doorway with no Door As i looked to see who this was A big gorilla looking thing appeared at The doorway He did not step on the porch but was so Big he filled the entire doorway He was giant there were at least Four steps and his head was at the top Of an eight foot doorway Not on the porch he looked directly into The doorway I could see he had black brown fur and a Cone-shaped head his eyes reflected Like a cat's eyes with an almost red and Yellow mix It was if he could see me looking Straight at him I figured if i could see his eyes he Probably could see mine I squinted and tried to feign sleep Being far too frightened to move and did Not dare Utter a sound or move a muscle He stood there a good two to five Minutes Then turned and headed up the mess hall I then heard in the distance garbage Cans being turned over I got up the next morning asking did a Gorilla escape from the zoo Because i saw him last night and it was

A gorilla turning over the cans not a Bear I never even heard of a bigfoot and i Wouldn't hear of him Until some seven eight or even Nine years later i Being born in the ghetto had never heard Of anything like that Everybody cracked up and i being young Slapped it off i know what i saw And they were the dummies not knowing That africa Wasn't the only place that had gorillas I had a little pony i was writing and i Was supposed to meet a friend We'll call holly and by this little Village I was riding bareback that day and as my Pony Who i called him king came to the top of This hill We were on a little back road he Suddenly stopped dead Braced himself and put his ears straight Forward As though he were looking and listening To something I looked down the road and about 400 Feet away I saw this big reddish brown thing on The road Which happens to be the same color as Holly's horse And it whatever it was was moving toward

Us Keep in mind that all this happened very Quickly But at the time it seemed like Everything was Going slowly my first thought was Oh holly must have got thrown and her Horse is heading back to the barn But as i was thinking this The thing was getting closer and i could See it was very big It had long reddish-brown hair And its arms were swinging back and Forth as it walked Toward us might i add that it had Very long arms as i suddenly realized That this was bigfoot my pony On his own reared up turned At the same time and took off running Back down the hill That we had just come up Believe me i had to hang on My biggest fear was falling off and Bigfoot Getting me i made him turn into this Lady's yard Just at the bottom of the hill i yelled And screamed till she came out then she Went in And called my uncle well My uncle showed up and followed me in His truck Till i got the pony back to the barn Then he had to come get me in the truck

And we went back to where i saw bigfoot He got out looked at the woods along the Road and he did find a place where the Branches had been broken As if something had left the road and Went into the woods This was all reported to stan gordon Many years ago The only things i can really say as far As being descriptive Are that it was very very quiet that day It also seemed as if my pony and i were Hit at the same time With the knowledge that this was not Something Normal coming toward us we both Reacted together thank goodness Cause being bareback i almost slipped Off As far as bigfoot himself he was Very tall but also very broad A stocky or sturdy kind of build He had reddish brown long hair All over although his head Seemed like there was less hair and it Was just a small In proportion to his body i did not see His face Again his arms were very long And they just swung back and forth as he Walked For some reason those long arms Stand out in my mind anyway It doesn't matter to me anymore after

All these years If anyone believes me or not i know what I saw Oh and when i saw holly later that day I had to ask her if she had got thrown Off her horse While out riding she said no After a seven inch snowfall the previous Day March 16th 2004 and a couple more inches Overnight march 17 2004 I noticed out the side window of the House Large tracks about four feet from the Side of the house The tracks had been made at some point Some point in time during the night Because most of the snow had fallen but A couple of more inches Had accumulated in the tracks making Identification unlikely At first i thought there was some sort Of anomaly from the snow Maybe sliding off the roof or some such Thing Just because they were spaced about five Feet apart I called my son down to the bottom floor To have a look From our vantage point we could only see The tracks along the side of the house And they then seemed to disappear into The open yard We had some wind with snow and i thought

It may have Eradicated some of the tracks We both went about our daily work and Later that afternoon The dish on our satellite needed cleared Of sliding snow And i went around the house immediately I noticed indentations from the tracks That crossed The front yard and went into the woods I got my camera took some pictures of The tracks Which were definitely made by a tall Bipedal animal Even a bear walking upright would not Have been able to make the track So far apart or sustain the upright Stride For such a long distance i then took the Pictures of the tracks in relationship To the side of the house just for scale And also in relationship to my own Stepped off End-to-end boot tracks and snow between The tracks The tracks came from the open field side Of the property To the yard near the house and continued Across the front yard Off into the woods there was no Indication that the animal had stopped Or paused at any time but the tracks Were closer together Slower paced near the woods it seemed as

If the animal Hurried through the open yard and slowed As it near the relative Shelter of the denser woods I haven't gotten the photos developed Yet so I don't know what i have snow is not the Best Thing to try and get a photo of My incident occurred on the second day Of deer season In 1986 or 87 I was hunting alone in the afternoon and The woods were quiet It was the second day of antler deer Season And i was surprised i didn't hear any Shooting I was near the top of a ravine and Standing on the ground Next to a tree where i could then survey The valley And sides of the ravine at about three O'clock To 3 30 pm i just got an odd feeling That something was wrong really wrong I had hunted and hiked in the woods for The past 10 years all the time never felt that Way I have even done a lot of night hunting And was even lost in the woods one night I still never felt that way before long I heard what i assumed were a couple of

Hunters talking to each other loudly But what they said made no sense It sounded like the japanese language Played backwards The hunters were moving uphill and Covered a distance Of about 200 yards in just 12 seconds There was a foot of snow on the ground And the hill Had roughly a 30 degree grade i did the Math It's about 45 miles an hour I was puzzled and just figured my mind Was playing tricks on me Then i heard loud limbs breaking Expecting to see a deer run ahead of the Hunters So i got ready after about five minutes Of movement Out of the corner of my left eye Something got my attention There was a lone pine tree swaying like It was In a hurricane the top of the tree was Moving severely to the left And right we're talking about 40 degrees Here Pretty serious movement something was Standing under the tree Which appeared to be moving it it was About seven feet tall And i saw it for about five seconds Its arm came down and it took a step Forward it then moved a couple steps

And was behind a group of trees I would say the color of the hair was Medium brown With a slightly lighter area when it Stepped behind the trees It never came out the other side keep in Mind that these trees were spaced about A foot apart And roughly eight inches in diameter the Odd thing was that you could not see any Hair between the trees or movement Even to my scope i was about 70 yards From the thing And couldn't understand where it went i Knew it would have left tracks but Something overwhelming told me to stay Away I had what others described as a sense Of doom Which is a great description that was it No smell or other events i never knew to Think What happened and stopped hunting after That Since then i found this site the bfro And that memory came rushing back after Reading a number of other stories I did not get a good look at the thing But it was not Anything that i had ever seen in the Woods Hi i'm about to tell you About the very frightening encounter With bigfoot

Or sasquatch i'm 13 years old And i'm being very serious about this I like to joke around but this is no Joke i am so amazed about what i saw Just because it is so rare and unusual I hate it because i try and tell Everyone in school But nobody believes me and sometimes Frustrates me so much when they don't Believe me But here's my story my dad Bought a cabin about one year ago i Think On saturday june 2nd 2001 We went to visit the cabin later on At about 10 o'clock p.m i was on the Porch just reading And it was cold for june here in Pennsylvania About 50 to 60 degrees at about 10 35 I thought i heard something in the brush About 30 feet From where i was sitting it sounded like Footsteps in the leaves Like when you are walking in the autumn And the leaves crunch I didn't think much about it at first Until i heard a twig snap Pretty loudly so i turned the light on I saw something crouching maybe a bear But we don't get many black bears And it seemed to have had longer arms So i kept staring because even if it was A black bear

That's still pretty cool but then it Stood up about Seven feet and i then realized that it Was no little black bear This thing was like a big hairy man but Stockier And with broader shoulders and a much Bigger head I nearly dropped my book that was half Open in my hand Went as fast as it stood up it sprinted Away With long steps i ran in the house to Tell my parents I think they half believed me Let's just say i got about three hours Of sleep that night All i can remember of the description is That it had dark fur Long arms and legs it was stocky And very very fast When i was 12 years old my mother was Busy Cooking my breakfast before school and As she was cooking And looking out the window i'll never Forget She said what in the world is that I jumped up just in time to see a large Brown figure Going into the woods toward a stream Behind my house She said that it ran from the neighbors Down a power line

And was snapping off sumac like they Were twigs Being young and curious i ran about 75 Yards to the spot That the animal had entered there was a Small drop off Of about 20 feet then a level spot About 10 and then another four foot drop To the creek bed when i arrived I observed the bigfoot at about 50 yards It must have heard me as it stopped and Turned It's up her torso and looked at me The animal was between six and seven Feet tall With a dark face after looking at me It made great strides down the creek bed And was gone Around the bend when my father arrived We went to check the area there were Very large heel prints in the top of the Bank Where the animal had landed when it left Off the top I hunted those woods for years and there Were times I'm not gonna lie i felt i was being Watched We heard vocalizations and one night My father said it was a bobcat after Hearing bigfoot recordings I believe they are what made the noise This story was recently told to me Second hand

In confidence by a very close friend of Mine He is an eagle scout an honorable man We are both avid sportsmen and had spent A lot of time together With the other sportsmen in the woods of Pennsylvania I told him of my interest in the florida Skunk ape I asked him if he or any of his family Had ever heard or experienced Any bigfoot encounters he told me that It was very ironic that i would ask Because i was present when this Experience occurred We were in the boy scouts at the time at A fall Campout with our troop we were also in The same patrol Our troop was playing capture the flag Right around dusk We were camping at a place called hell's Hollow Near greenville sportsman club out on Route 358 he and another boy scout Went out into the woods to hide while They were hiding in some brush They pushed a bigfoot that rambled out Of the brush And away from them at a very alarming Rate of speed He said that it was definitely bipedal And was huge

My friend stated that he was scared to Death and that they made a promise Not to tell anybody for fear of ridicule He stated that he has never told anybody The story I couldn't get any details as to the Size or even the scent Of the animal he did state That he did not see its face i Told him of my intent to report the Story and he said he would discuss it If he was properly contacted by the bfro I had two occasions to observe an Unknown creature in the woods Of western pennsylvania the first Was in the fall of 1986 as a teenager I was parking in a desolate location Called Hells hollow about a half mile away From a boy scout camp i was only pulled Off the road Enough not to block traffic Just because i did not want to get stuck In the muddy lane While we were sitting there talking a Figure of large proportion walked past The front Of the truck if i had to guess Seven to eight feet tall and around four Hundred pounds All i saw was a large dark brown biped About three feet in front of the truck It ignored us totally and was gone into The thick brush

It was dark and no further observation Was made I hit the key and split The girl i was with evidently did not See this Because she was clueless as to why i Made such a hasty retreat The second sighting occurred in the fall Of 1988 In the early fall while hunting in the Same area Actually we parked in the same place We crossed the small creek at the bottom Of the hollow And proceeded west up the next hillside Which is very steep we separated to Better our chances of seeing squirrels I walked about a quarter mile north Along the ridge And sat down after sitting there for About two hours I had seen nothing i went back down the Hill To go and find a friend as i hit the Bottom of the hill And started across the creek i could see My friend Looking my way as i got to him He just kept looking past me I thought he had seen something to shoot And turned All we saw was a dark brown or black Long-haired creature running up the Steepest

Part of the hill it took me About three to seven minutes to cover That hill on less Sloping ground walking downhill This thing ran up it in an entirety of 15 to 20 seconds I know i would have to climb the slope And maybe need a rope to just get up it It ran sort of like an ape like on all Fours Pulling its way up with the front paws The guy i was hunting with doesn't Believe in bigfoot And says it must have been a bear bear Are around the area But here in pa they are very rare And bears don't run in such a manner as This did I was returning home from an nfl Football game That i had attended out of state it was About 8 45 pm the road i was traveling On Had a lot of bends with patches of wood On both sides broken up by houses Every so often it is a back road That connects two different towns The posted speed limit ranges from 10 Miles an hour To 45 i was traveling At about 55 to 60 on the straighter Sections I was trying to get home i had already Been driving

For a couple of hours and this is where It happened One of my good friends was sitting in The front with me We had the radio up loud and was singing And staring Straight ahead two more my friends were In the back seat Just talking as i came around to bend Into a straightaway with woods on both Sides Something caught my vision just in the Edge of the headlights Or high beams i saw the mid and lower Torso And legs of what appeared to be a person It appeared to be crossing the road i Saw take a right And then left stride and then went into The trees on the right side of the road I vaguely saw the color it was a light Brown When i first saw the movement i thought It was a person going into the woods This is the movement it had however It glided with great speed and it Happened so quickly I thought that i had imagined it until i Looked at my friend sitting next to me He was staring back at me this made the Hair on the back of my neck Stand on end i asked him if he had Seen that and he yelled yeah I slowed down to about 40 miles an hour

With the intent to stop Not really knowing what to do and when The two in the back seat yelled What's going on i said that me And my friend saw something and the two In the back told me to keep going They didn't want to stop i now wish i Had On the opening day of antler deer season In 1982 my father A family friend and myself encountered a Strange Figure walking towards us in the Pre-dawn woods This occurred in the state forest land In north Central pennsylvania there was about Half a foot of snow on the ground But the temperature had risen all night Leading to fog And drizzle by dawn we had just walked About a half mile down a logging road Towards our spot We were catching our breath before Ascending A steep hill when we noticed a hulky Figure Approaching us walking upright Through some fallen timber that covered A beaver swamp in that area This figure was dark in color no red or Orange hunting clothing Carried no visible equipment including a Flashlight

Its ability to navigate through the Terrain in the dark Was an immediate signal to us that Something out of the ordinary was going On here And did not answer our attempts to Communicate It stopped about 50 feet away from us Looked in our direction then headed back Where it had come Our reaction at the time was that this Was probably the dumbest hunter we had Ever seen But in later years especially with some Reports of bigfoot sightings coming from Pennsylvania We wonder who or what it was There's no doubt for any of us that this Was definitely Not a bear My mother brother and i had just Recently moved to a secluded community On the outskirts of land known as White's Woods we moved in september And it wasn't until that summer that Strange noises were heard In july of 96 at around 2 30 in the Morning No earlier than two never later than 3am Strange whistling could be heard from The woods at the fringe of the Neighborhood It sounded like whoops with the rise at

The end Of the whistle it was a very high Shrill sound my family and i are not Outdoorsmen So i just assumed it was a bird It happened always in the early morning Several hours before dawn And always from the same location We simply assumed it was a bird The following year from july to august Always at the same time in the same Location The whistles could be heard this time Branches could be heard snapping i went To school at the university of Pittsburgh On campus there lives a falcon And i was lucky enough to see it take Two pigeons And there was a commotion when this Happened Assuming an owl took a rabbit i took These occurrences As eerie yet explainable However what happened the following year Is what gives me pause My brother and i having put up with These sounds for two years Thought we would investigate it and Anything happened the third year Sure enough 2 30 a.m In july of the third year the whistler Returned my brother and i are fit men He was 28 at the time and i was 30.

We play a lot of baseball so we grabbed Our bats and headed out There are no streetlights in the area And once outside The whistling seemed to fill the air It was very loud and quite easy to Pinpoint About 100 yards from our house something Was whistling Amid the brush and trees the height of The sound Was about seven feet high off the ground Yet discernible to know it was not Coming from the trees My brother and i investigated baseball Bats in hand About 25 yards from the whistling Something strange Happened the whistling continued in its Rhythmic Rising cadence but as we approached Something growled underneath the whistle I don't know how else to describe it the Whistle continued with the growl At the same time the growl Sounded wet and we were so close we Could actually hear it Taken air the whistle growl sent us Baseball bats in hand running for home The whistler returned the following year But only once We did not investigate it hasn't Returned since After the pre-emptive investigation it

Came back Only rarely and now it seems to be gone This occurred when i was about 15 years Old But i remember it as if it were Yesterday When i tell the story even to the Friends that were there with me that Night it happened And they laugh i know what i saw And i would gladly take any sort of lie Detector test Made to prove it it happened around 9 30 Pm In the summer of 1969 My friends and i had found a way that we Could sneak into the community swimming Pool After hours we would peel back a small Section of fencing Surrounding the patio and we would crawl Through it We would swim sometimes naked For hours at a time occasionally The caretaker would come around to check The pool and when we saw him coming We would run through the fence and into A small patch of woods And this would have been right along the Monongahela river On this particular evening i noticed the Headlights of a car Coming toward the pool and sounded the Alarm

As i was the first one to enter the Wooded area I ran as fast as i could to get away As i was running sometimes looking over My shoulder just to see if my friends Were following I ran into something this Is where the strange event happened As i fell backwards i looked up To see what appeared to be a man-like Creature Staring back at me although this figure Was Man-like in form it happened to be Around eight Feet tall it was covered in long hair Like elements from head to the feet It also had a very unforgettable smell As i got to my feet i turned and ran in The direction From which i had come as i passed my Friends who were running into the woods I screamed at the top of my lungs don't Go that way There's something back there and i ran Into it One question that always arises is the Fact that it was dark And we were in a wooded area i can't Recall if the moon was bright that night But the lights from the park and the Nearby homes made this Particular area fairly bright My friends say that i ran into a tree

I asked them to show me the scratches Bumps and bruises that a tree would Surely leave on my face and body Although they were skeptical none of These brave souls would venture back to Where i had just been We lingered close to that pool until the Caretaker Whom we call the light horse just a name We had given him had left the area Then we all returned to our homes Most of us lived within a half mile from The pool And many of us living along the Monongahela river One of the friends that was with me that Night was my brother Joe he remembers the nights But he still laughs when i mention the Happening Laugh if you must but this story is Absolutely true Late at night in or about july 1975 i heard a large noise in the woods In front of our house although it was Dark It was a clear night and quite warm I looked down into the woods and saw two Very large red eyes Staring back at me at first I thought it was a deer but i realized That they were way too high up And i heard what sounded like long slow Breaths

I went in got a flashlight and shined it Down there But whatever it was had gone in the Morning I went down to the spot and found no Discernible prince But the ground had been heavily trampled It should be noted that there are many Abandoned coke ovens within a quarter Mile of here And a fresh running stream right below Them The incident in zaleski happened years Later And involved a feeling of utter terror I saw nothing but several days later The columbus dispatch reported a number Of bigfoot sightings Were coming from the exact area that was In 1980 I have debated whether or not to report My encounter to the bfro Or any organization i don't know why But i guess i wanted to keep this Experience to myself For a few years and then it just didn't Seem to matter As far as reporting it but now I realize that all encounters need to be In a database somewhere These do exist and when that day of Discovery happens This database will house many of the

Answers My encounter happened in early june of 2010 I took a friend to the marionville Timberline atv Trails just northeast of marionville Pennsylvania And the allegheny national forest to Ride atvs for the day Allegheny national forest covers Approximately 515 000 acres or 800 square miles of protected wilderness Here in northwestern pennsylvania the Forest is pretty dense in most spots And has many types of terrain From my understanding the allegheny National forest Is one of the least densely populated Areas east Of the mississippi river surrounding the Forest Are more woodlands and farm country the Two trail systems we were riding that Weekend Joined together and make an approximate 60 to 80 mile loop from the northern end Down to the bottom and then back up The other side of the loop my encounter Happened on our return Back up heading northbound I remember that it rained very hard the Night before And through the early morning because my

Friend Who at the time was new to atving did Not bring any rain gear We had to go into town to buy him some Cheap rain gear And then headed up the trail It rained the first half hour or so of Our ride And i remember the sun coming out and it Was turning into a really nice day for a Ride For those that ride atvs they know that The rain Makes mud which is more fun to ride in Than dust Well a few hours into the ride Having stopped and observed some beaver Dams Some very old oil wells a couple logged Out areas where you could see what Seemed like Miles of other cool sites that the Forest has to offer I getting in more of a hurry to get back It was approaching the end of the day My buddy was way behind me so i decided To stop on the trail And wait i usually don't separate from Atv buddies when riding But this part of the trail was an Abandoned logging trail And pretty easy so i rode ahead a while And then decided to stop and wait for Him

He didn't ride fast or dangerous he just Kind of putted along So i knew he was safe just slow If he didn't shown up i would turn Around And meet up with him i wasn't sitting Long I just took my helmet off that's when i Noticed rocks Kept hitting the front right side of my Atv They weren't large rocks maybe about or Just smaller than hand sized It took a minute or so before it Occurred to me that i was stopped And that rocks should not be flying Through the air and hitting my atv I was turning my head towards the right To follow the path of these Air rocks as i call them when my turn Stopped i noticed this Stump which turned out to be a dark Figure Around 90 feet away that appeared to be In a sitting or crouching Or just a low position then Stand into an upright position I'll never forget how it seemed to pop Right up Like it was on a spring with very little Effort Initially i looked at its hands because I was interested to see what was in its Hand

If anything it was much taller than a Normal human Best guess at this point would be seven And a half feet or so And absolutely not a bear It was very broad at the shoulders Almost Freakishly broad i remember that very Well It was on two legs and i could see its Right arm hanging down Which was on the left side because it Was facing me I remember wanting to watch its right Hand to see if it was armed Or what it might be doing that is funny To me now Because for some reason i just assumed It was right-handed It moved its right arm to slightly bent Position Stopping with its hand in front of it at About its waist Its left arm staying hanging to its side Again very long arms It was all very dark black a shiny black From head to toe or as far as i could See to its feet As it was standing in roughly two feet Tall grass Or taller as my eyes made their way up On the creature I could see its head was all black as Well

There was no white or lighter color that Stood out Like most animals would have on their Face I could not see clear details of the Face as it was all black as well But it did not appear to have hair on Its face It appeared to be black skin the same Color black As its hair but i could tell it wasn't Hair in some spots I noticed that the eyes were black or Very dark And deep with a very pronounced brow Ridge I could obviously tell it had a face I just couldn't see defined details of Lips or anything As it was all the same color the lips Were closed Though in a straight line across its Face not open-mouthed Or smile or frown just straight Mono-expressive lips the hair was short To medium length and not shaggy I'd say the hair was an average of three To five inches long Shorter on the head though it was almost Groomed in appearance but i think it's From the hair being short and thick At least that was my impression oddly I did not notice any mud or dirt all Over it

Which seemed odd because it had rained Hard the night before And didn't stop until several hours Before this The trails were muddy almost as soon as My eyes were at its head And face i was trying to zoom in And get a better look at the face it Began to leave It didn't just turn and walk away but Rather it stepped straight backwards Into the brush and the trees And not take its eyes away from me It stayed square to me as it was moving Backwards This all happened in a span of no more Than 30 seconds From the time i noticed the rocks Hitting my atv Up until it moved backwards when i Played over and over in my mind It seems more like 30 minutes at this Point An overwhelming fear just filled my Entire mind And i remember feeling like i shouldn't Be in the spot right now I don't remember shaking in fear or Anything like that But i felt warm almost like I was going to puke So i hit the gas and took off I wish now that i wouldn't have just Fled

But the feeling that came over me was Not like i'd ever Experienced before i had my smartphone And my fender back but it never occurred To me to get it out And start video i honestly couldn't move For a short period of time i've been Surprised by people walking up on me in The woods And have hunted all my life so animal Encounters Even bare from a distance they don't Scare me Or alarm me i was in the military For roughly six years and actually had The honor to serve as seal team 4 And sdv team the old udt team 2 Support as part of a special warfare Boat crew During that time i had many highly Anxious experiences As one could imagine to summarize I'm pretty observant and i do not have a Tendency to overreact And i don't in any way scare easy I am very level headed and definitely Not crazy i didn't think instantly Bigfoot as i wasn't a real believer then At least i doubted their existence in The eastern u.s And if they did exist it was only in the Northwest U.s canada or alaska This encounter took my emotions to

Places they had never been Or at least had not been for a very long Time It has been going through my head now For well over four years I didn't tell anybody except my fiance Within the first year After the encounter now Quite a few people know the person i was Riding with that day Just found out in 2014 I never told him about the story before But because i couldn't remember if it Was springtime or early summer Late summer fall when this happened i Asked him what week if he remembered When he told me it was springtime early Summer He naturally asked why what's up I told him what had happened it turns Out that he believes in these creatures Too He then realized why i was acting so Weird When we finally got back up and got Caught up with each other And then on the two and a half hour Truck ride home Now i wish i would have told him then Maybe we could have joined together and Gone back to look for signs Or whatever we can find instead The overwhelming feeling of what was That

And i can't tell anybody they won't Believe me anyway Took over and ultimately I kept it to myself nobody has to tell Me what i saw Or did not see i knew what i saw I saw a large dark figure with hair That could throw rocks and very Accurately Stand up within 100 feet of me In a large dense forest where there are Not any cabins Or people just casually hanging out I still do leave the option open for an Extremely large man Larger than anyone i've ever met in a Heavily padded ghillie suit With hair on it standing about a hundred Feet from the trail Just waiting for somebody to stop in That exact spot So he could throw rocks at him and take A chance of getting Shot most folks on atvs will pack a Handgun When riding in deep woods at least That's my experience now that's being Sarcastic But trying to make a truth out of what Happened Of course that option is slim but it Will always be there As i didn't walk up to this thing and Shake its hand or hug it

So being a hundred percent sure was a Sasquatch Just is not possible i Am at 99.999 Sure though i do know that a fear like I've not felt in a long time If ever took me over for a while Something told me to not go to move on That i shouldn't be here right now again I'm a very rational person and this just Didn't make any sense to me at all I eventually plan on returning to that General area On atv and parking the bike And doing some walking i just need to Look around And feel comfortable with that ever Since my encounter I just i can't put this down I've been researching since and came Across various online groups That discuss encounters i'm wanting to Learn as much as i can before returning And looking around and want to go armed With more knowledge than i have now Here is an update i have returned to This trail Five and a half years later and found The area that this happened in It was strange being there some of my Biggest questions since learning more About these creatures Are what was it doing there close to Used atv

Trails and why did it draw attention to Itself If this thing had never thrown rocks i Would have not looked And if it had not stood up i probably Would not have even noticed it someone Told me that maybe it was traveling And recently crossed that trail the Reason for rock throwing And drawing attention to it was possibly To draw attention to it On purpose so my attention wouldn't go To something else nearby Less able to protect itself I interpret that as young ones That never crossed my mind Just to realize that one was in the area Blew my mind away And made me start thinking differently About what could be out there Now there may have been more i'll never Know that for sure But it does make sense to that question That's been bugging me I now wonder if they were young close to Me Maybe they were throwing the rocks being Mischievous It's still hard for me to grasp that Anything could throw rocks From approximately 90 feet away and hit The same General area very very accurate If it wanted to harm me it would have

Beamed me in the head And i wouldn't be writing this encounter I've since been researching an area About 25 miles west Of the same location i went from not Caring Or even thinking about sasquatch to now A full-blown enthusiast I attend conferences and have actually Received an invitation To beachfoot in oregon in 2016. For these years the ohio bigfoot Conference Mr irwin who's a bfro member and artist Is doing a drawing of what i've Described to her And will be unveiling it at the Conference All of this is exciting and i cannot Wait to see her bring this back to life And return my emotions back to that one Minute of my life That changed how i think now i cannot Attach that picture yet As the ohio bigfoot conference director As Asked not to put it out there until After the conference But if you would like i can come back to This and attach the drawing Which will be as close to what i saw as Possible Also for more info on this The guys from monster x internet radio

Contacted me And asked if i would come on their show They saw my encounter on a group I agreed and did a two-hour show with Them Discussing this event google Monster x dave groves i'm not looking For any type of notoriety out of this It's why i have not put up a report but They found me And asked so i agreed i feel that folks Need to know about this And that these creatures do exist Anybody who knows me will tell you i'm a Very honest person It is one of my strong qualities i know There are many made up hoax bigfoot Stories out there But i can assure you this is not one of Them I wasn't out looking for a bigfoot that Day i did not ask for this encounter to Happen But it did and it changed many things About me I stopped hunting deer and have not Hunted since that day I now cannot put bigfoot stuff down and Have even began a bigfoot book Collection With some very old and hard to find Autographed bigfoot books This doesn't happen to a person Overnight unless something occurred to

Change them That day certainly did change me If you or someone you know has an Encounter or story they would like to Share with me Please send it to stories what lurks Beneath dot com