The Proof Is Out There: JAW-DROPPING UFO Footage Defies Explanation (Season 1) | History

By | January 10, 2021
The Proof Is Out There: JAW-DROPPING UFO Footage Defies Explanation (Season 1) | History

Around the globe are videos what the heck is 
this photos and sounds that defy explanation Is it some kind of unidentified object a 
plane that was literally frozen in the air   What are they some sort of bizarre mutation 
extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof I'm tony harris and as a journalist for more than 
30 years i've followed the facts where they take   Me now i'm bringing that spirit of investigation 
to the world's strangest sounds and images we'll   Analyze each one with top experts it's a credible 
case it's incredible video and pass her verdict   On what it is this video was clearly fake the 
proof starts now first up we want to show you   A video that blew up social media a series of 
ufos over miami but we want to know is it real Miami florida in june of 2020 a man on the 
balcony of a downtown high-rise appears to   Capture something in the sky and it's jaw-dropping 
wow noble here's the sky sky over here downtown   My house my hands what the is 
that hold me let's push in on that   At first glance i'm gonna say it looks like a 
triangular craft rimmed by five lights but a   Closer look reveals there's a sixth light and one 
light is much brighter and then oh what is that   The lights fan out like 
they are six different craft   As the witness continues his play-by-play pull 
they zoom off into space at warp speed oh wait   Wait bye author and journalist alexis brooks 
has written and spoken extensively about ufos   So the question becomes could this be a 
ufo there are a lot of people having a   Lot of sightings particularly in more recent 
years in fact it's been known that a sighting   Is reported every eight seconds globally the 
lights remind some of another weird phenomenon   For decades orbs called the hasdalen lights 
have been seen over norway sometimes hovering   Sometimes shooting off at speeds estimated at 
20 000 miles per hour always silent the hasdalen   Lights have been known to sterilize soil near 
where they are sited explanations include ufos   Or an anomaly caused by gases released from 
the earth yet the miami footage is more   Orderly really like ufos flying in formation it 
quickly goes viral what is that oh wait wait bye It's incredible wow   So what accounts for the strange lights we 
have two video experts ready to weigh in Forensic video analyst michael primo 
examines video evidence for court cases   And he doesn't just focus on what we're 
seeing but also on what we're hearing   When we investigate these types of recordings we 
detect that there is a human reaction time where   The brain needs to essentially 
catch up and in this particular case   We don't see any kind of reaction time to a 
unnatural phenomenon such as this downtown   My house my hand it's almost as if the 
operator knows exactly what's going to happen   When it happens he's reacting almost perfectly 
there is no reaction time oh wait wait bye   Then he instantly says okay bye and then he pans 
away from it it's very strange i would expect that  

An operator doesn't simply move away after they 
see something like that they stay focused on it   Marc d'antonio another video analyst with 
a degree in astronomy pointed out something   Else look at how the ufos move compared 
to the background when the camera shakes   As we step through this frame by frame the 
clouds move and the object doesn't move with   The clouds the object frame by frame is changing 
position while the clouds are more gently moving   In one direction this is evidence of bad tracking 
it's called and it's a process by which you put   Fake things into real footage to make it look 
real and the biggest red flag of all how could   A cluster of ufos appear over downtown miami and 
only one guy notice where are the other witnesses We had one The man who says he made the video 
declined our request for an interview   Turns out you can overlay orbs on video with a 
simple smartphone app our verdict is hoax one   That muddies the water for people really trying 
to study ufos we'll call them out when we see them