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I didn’t know how to get rid of that Then Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict We have goof on radio in the house Tonight or just goof on these days Just playing all goof on i kind of wish Richard bring back the radio a bit but Now goof on it is i’ll We’ll settle for goof on and we’ve got Must-see audio in the house So without further ado rich Welcome rich i’m glad you’ve got rid of The radio i was only joking i know it Might piss you off a little bit But uh yeah i’m goof on plain old goof On Oh [ __ ] you’ve muted your mic no you Didn’t Did i said yeah no do you want me to Bring it back just for you Just for me yes please okay i won’t And we we got leaf from mussy audio Hi how’s it going that’s probably the Most awkward intro i’ve ever done it’s Always difficult to start things like This this is why i Usually just exclaim someone’s name at The beginning of a podcast And then it just me just it’s an easy Way to start it Rich have you got your can ready i I already drank my coffee see So i i got this

Oh which kind of iron brew this is this Is this is this is iron brew Oh wow i don’t know if we have that out Here I’ve still got beers but but okay I fee i feel like the iron brew will be Like the refreshment But i needed to do this just Just feel rich it’s the best sound wow That’s a Perfect one was that a good one that’s As good as it gets That’s the perfect sound ever I’m bruised amazing that’s one of my Favorite soft drinks Wow okay i got to see if we have it out I think you told me that we have them Out here in the states It’s everywhere in scotland it’s like Scotland’s coca-cola Oh i gotcha okay have to check it out And this is like my coca-cola but it the Sound of the box of wine because i’m a Functioning alcoholic Okay can you can you hold the glass up And pour it to the mic Yeah maybe wow you’re double twisting it No that Now that sounded amazing good job look Cool while i was doing it as well i Could have looked really stupid for a Second That was beautiful what what’s what’s That them channels that do them strange

Things where they make lots of sex Noises that’s asmr and it’s Not strange and i listen to gba asmr Nearly every night to go to sleep Every night i listen to her like Scratching cork and stuff like that What so we are here to talk about ufos What is this i i need to go to sleep to That asmr it’s Just people making strange names that Make your head go funny Right asmr if you like cans open and if You’re into that sort of stuff You’ll like asmr all right i’m writing It down and Gb is beautiful ah Okay i just realized i have the chat up Then how rude of me So yeah i’ve got a chat up it’s not even My show Well that’s because you’re Professionally I said hello people Engage with them i’d like to know what’s That i don’t do the roll call That’s that’s not that’s a rich thing I don’t do it with when i have a guest Though yeah well If i did if i did a roll call you know As I’m probably one of the most dyslexic People that i know Other than my mother and reading People’s names would be hilarious

Is that mother with a silent zed yes So so 180 180 days To the ufo disclosures The countdown I think we’ll go to you first rich with This one with just the look on your face It’s it’s just click bait that’s all That title was when they put that Article out There’s no disclosure happening they’d All that Is is they want to get as many stories As they can From the government to say that they Have a threat Assessment problem with ufos because we Don’t know where they’re coming from Who’s flying them And you know the ufos haven’t done Anything really that we could Say that’s a threat although we’ve seen Airplanes get dents in them and things Of that nature but there’s no Proof so uh tic tac we’re gonna go buy a Tic tac story That fravor had from 2004 come on man These guys been seeing ufos forever They’re not a threat they just want Funding That’s it and i don’t know what they Want to do with the money i’m trying to Think to myself What would they want funding for if They’re using it to study ufos

Great but i almost just think it’s to Get a salary for doing very minimal work But surely it’s so easy to funnel money Off into black projects anyway Yeah i don’t understand Um because i i was very interested in The thing in the Um like the 180 days to disclosure thing Because I mean you might be right you might be Absolutely right it might just be a way To get money somewhere else other than What we want it But at the end of the day it still makes People That are just normal john and karen’s Of the world pay more attention to the Subject I’m all for that yeah i in that in that Case i mean that’s disclosure because That you know And realistically the odd thing about Disclosure is because we’ve had so many Other little things come out from Different governments when we when we Say disclosure we actually mean we want The american government to acknowledge It for some reason Any government if any government did it Yeah and says we have been working hand In hand with aliens well holy s What are the what are the americans do It you know what what does russia do in China

See i i think that’s what lu elizondo’s Been doing going around the last couple Of years trying to get these countries To disclose what they know because they Want to know if it’s Their technology that they’re hiding From us not just Aliens so i could understand that part Of it Speaking about russia and china um so Nick pope Didn’t he said that they kind of wish It was ufos they wish it was alien yeah Because if it’s not and it is russia or China You know if it was just foreign or Chinese right now Right Yeah so it would take over so you would Say that We’re on the agreement here that we Don’t think it’s another country’s Technology I think it’s ours do you think You think it’s american technology i Think it’s a black Secret projects uh there was an article That i found From 1993 there were iraqi soldiers Talking about the americans having Drones that Did things that are undrone-like like You know making right angle turns at Hundreds of miles thousands of miles an

Hour taking straight off and going into Space within seconds That’s not a drone and that i mean If they’re saying they saw a drone do That well it’s a drone with You know some sort of technology we Don’t know about yeah i mean i watched a Video this afternoon Oddly enough um nothing ufo related but It was A darker video of them with a robotic Um like cheetah they called it it was Like a four-legged Like dog type thing and it was suspended From a thing but it ran at 28 miles an Hour On the on the treadmill oh yeah i’ve Seen those Yeah but i looked at it i thought [ __ ] hell that’s crazy then realize The video was eight years old So i mean that thing is clearly by now In eight years time Untethered and faster well have you seen The boss the company boston dynamics You never know there is some now there There are some there’s some people i’ve Gone blurred I’ll stay blood oh no there we go thank You How old it is that your camera didn’t React to that strange dance you did for It It usually works yeah the the there is

Some cgi stuff where you see the guys Prodding it and then they do the the gun Stuff but yeah yeah There’s also those little dance Cgi at christmas well yeah what about That one with the What is it from from uh what’s the guy The billionaire dude i can’t think of His name Those all the robots dancing yeah and he He tweeted that and said this isn’t cgi Right looking at it thinking that That looks like cgi to me reality i Thought it was Legit it just it there was something odd With the shadows the reflections looked Really good in the glass But when you look at the shadows on the Floor it’s it Didn’t look quite right to me i’ll take A look again All right i’ve got nine nine nine nine Nine ninety nine dollars nine dollars 99 Cents For fake disclosure for fake dollars for Disclosure i can’t pronounce your name Mate but thank you very much vp Vp xm How do you say that i think it’s vice President of xm radio Oh there you go is he on here Yeah okay of course you’re alien addict Dude See alien girl i love these people yeah

Alien girl i need to get alien girl One one one on here she’s she’s got a Cool little channel i’ve been watching No i’m supposed to have her on too it Was like three months ago She’s great what’s wrong with us oh She’s she’s delivered me a super chat Thank you very much alien girl You’re a sweeter and you’ve got a great Channel everybody check out alien guild Subscribe we need more Females in the ufo community oh yeah we Do It’s in the conspiracy field in general Isn’t it it’s a real sausage factory for Us What isn’t it yeah it’s kind of like He’s you know he’s you know other than Told linda or how the doodie yeah It’s either middle-aged man or really Old Yeah i reckon she was fine in a prime Oh yeah absolutely even about the 1800s Smoking her So so lee You messaged me this week and you said Um you know i want to do a show And put a podcast down i said well i was Going to ask you on it anyway With rich so this is this is going to go Out in your podcast yeah Uh i’m on musty audio which is on Spotify i have left the link In the description guys to all these um

And rich’s channel as well uh so go Check them out But you want to do this show so you Won’t obviously have something Quite you know i’ve got to be honest i Want to tweet People that you want that know what They’re talking about when it comes to The This thing being slipped into the bill Uh because i mean i i found it very Interesting what you’re saying about Thinking it might just be money because I Just all these things that just keep Dripping out now and it’s It’s constantly the tic-tac it’s the uh It’s constantly Fragrant that’s been placed out places Um The lazar thing that pops up every time This This comes up too it just feels very Organized feels very organized and Orchestrated And uh especially with having goof on as Well I want to know what you think why you Think it’s happening I don’t know that’s what i was saying Why are they doing it Every year there’s something like this That that happens so you know We got to pass this to get funding for

That and I don’t really understand what it’s for Uh it’s been a long game though Of course this is just another Uh wrong piece of the puzzle being put Into squeezed into a place it shouldn’t Fit It just to me just seems like another Ploy To get what they want now if that’s Something that They if they’re trying to let’s say get Disclosure I i don’t think that we’re going to get Disclosure with this nick pope said it This isn’t going to bring disclosure Everybody’s saying it’s not going to Bring disclosure All it is is to get as many stories of The threat So they can pass this along and get the Funding Why i don’t know what are they funding To do what hunt ufos I they’re yeah see it just bothers me It’s a coven bill by the way Yeah yeah yeah that’s that that’s weird In itself So this bill is it’s it’s about funding Right isn’t it isn’t it so they can get Money to fight covid Or to it was part of the stimulus bill As well wasn’t it Yeah yeah pretty much money money money

Money everything always always It’s always about money see the way i i Read it was The the the idea that maybe somebody’s Gone and snuck this in And because it was there was so many Things in it Somebody’s kind of snuck it in under the Cover of darkness Or independence yeah I didn’t hear that one but that that’s How could How well that’s why it wasn’t in the Bill originally And so someone’s true yeah oh that’s Interesting No no i’ve i heard someone else say or i Read it somewhere a comment Who it was it was somebody of note that Was that that said it anyway I can’t remember who it was okay um But even the stuff like that i still Think the biggest thing To get people that aren’t interested in Ufos talk about ufos Is what joe rogan’s been doing on his Podcast you know he got the big Biggest platform in the world and like He had some crazy stuff as you know as Far as having Fraber on there lazar on you know it’s i Mean The lazar interview i think we can all Agree was interesting

A bit of a car crash for him it was good It was You know it’s something i’ve been Interested in for ages i don’t know what You’d think if that was your first like Experience of bubbles are but Yeah i i enjoyed watching it when you Say a bit of a car crash Sorry rich not great i was just gonna Say so when you when you say a little Bit of a car crash for joe rogan why is Why not for rogan for lazar in the eyes Of people that don’t know who he is Because The whole migraine thing and stuff like That it Made him come across as deceptive when I’ve seen him be more Like genuine authentic than that The migraine the migraine were a bit Weird though But he you know i have to imagine this Guy’s going on a lot of Shows i think and he may have actually Gotten a migraine i know it didn’t sit Well with me but i’ve had migraines Before And it’s hard to see and think when you Have a migraine inside A friend of mine has terrible migraines I’m so happy i don’t have them Right yeah You do too right no i don’t my dad does He can’t leave the house

He literally stays in bed and throws up Well it says it affects different people In different ways But um yeah that that migraine thing i Was just like a little bit But then you know is is my he’s been Analyzed People have analyzed his mannerisms you Know these youtube channels that just do That where they kind of What do they call it where they just They look at somebody and See if they’re like what they call that When they’re looking Micro expressions yeah But yeah the people have done that and They said there’s a few of them that Said He’s he’s telling the truth You know yeah it’s consistent we say Whenever i’ve been on a podcast with you Uh we We always say he’s consistent and There’s Those things like what did you think of The um The fact that he just threw out that Things were like found in antarctica Because that seemed new Because i know me and ollie spoke about This that that seemed like a new piece Of the puzzle that no one’s heard before You’re talking about when he said that They were ancient yeah yeah and lazar

Said That they’d found stuff in antarctica Is that for me are rich rich oh yeah Excuse me When lazar was on the rogan podcast He dropped in that uh these things have Been Like dug up like an archeological dig in Antarctica And i don’t remember hearing lazar ever Saying that before Never did yeah so i find it odd that Or not not odd maybe it was Uh something that he’d only just decided To put out or To add to the story or something like That but I just wonder whether you’d you’d heard That before From his story no the only thing i Remember and i followed bob since day One Is that um he said that apparently There’s Nine or ten of these and you know They’re all in the hangar there when he Took a peek inside the door and from What he understood Is that they were from crashed uh you Know ufos And he says i don’t know if they were Mock-up models i was looking at Because so one of them i was working on The sports model had a flag on it

American flag so you know he doesn’t Know He’s just back then that’s all he said He never said anything about an Archaeological dig site anywhere Do you think he’s done that to sex it up Then Or or he just yeah like a lot of people Ask Well where where’d the ufos come from Maybe he decided To say an archaeological dig i didn’t Know that he said it was from Antarctica though i thought he just said They were found in archaeological dig Sites i i thought it was on so i mean Maybe No i may have it wrong i mean it happens To me a lot lately and uh You’ll see once you get to 50. So rich what do you think it’s actually Going to get said in A hundred and i think it’s 176 days now I probably should have called this video 176 days to probably The report must address according to the Senate intelligence committee Observed airborne objects that have not Been identified Okay and they should include a detailed Analysis of uh Unidentified phenomena data collected by A geospatial intelligence signals Intelligence and human intelligence and

Also Measurement and signals intelligence So and it also must give detailed Analysis of data to the fbi I think what people don’t seem to Realize and You you you kind of were under the Impression when you messaged me early That i didn’t realize it either but I think that was just a communication Issue between The what the the facebook is that the Public’s not really gonna Hear much about this this is this is not For the public Yes it’s being put out there but this Information is We this is not we’re not gonna those Little people i’m not gonna know [ __ ] Well it’ll be public information we Could always do a foia request or Whatever the bill’s out there it’s a 2.3 Trillion dollar Covid uh relief thing a relief Nick pope said the same thing he says Don’t expect disclosure don’t expect the Real sensitive information to be given To the public And the story it’s it’s just a ploy it’s Just clickbait title for the news that’s All that is Why would i be interested in making Um like money for the new york post Joe jeremy why you can slip things in

Other ways You can you can put move money around You know Things get funded for billions of Dollars So why would why would you do that It feels like it’s put there for people You know it’s it’s put there for the Public I i and it’s not that like the the American public don’t have the The go ahead to go and say yes that’s Okay take that off we can They can have that money for that so it It’s the fact that it’s a ufo thing That’s going to be Put out in 180 days that’s the headline That’s there for people to listen to Hear That’s what makes me think something Will come out of this That’s interesting that’s because If it just said the latest covid 19 bill Includes Uh information about ufos um would you Feel the same way instead of them saying Countdown for ufo disclosure I’d still find it odd i’d say yeah That it was slid into a like a relief Fund essentially for Um businesses and uh and the public But it i i still Keep thinking about you man um Oh who was your uh rocket scientist

Barboza Um come on chat help me out elon musk No project paperclip oh paperclip uh Oh my god yeah i’m talking about yeah he Reinvented the v2 Rocket yeah Yeah um and i forgot his assistant’s Name as well But ufo Circuit doesn’t she um and her thing’s Always been that He always said to her that when the To put to push like for one of better Words for this a new world order Type thing that that you would have um A nuclear threat terrorism uh something Else And then the last card would be a fake Alien invasion Right and the It just it seems and sounds crazy and it Is a bit crazy But when you look at the the way that It’s all of a sudden from complete like No don’t be Silly ufos there’s nothing there to this Just open acceptance of It’s it’s not even a case of are they Alien no no they might be Interdimensional or they might be alien We’re not sure at the moment it’s just This open acceptance of it It just lends itself more to that thing

When you say interdimensional that That’s the that’s where i’m leading with All of this So just just so everybody knows that is Kind of like When i when i get whenever i hear Anything to do with ufos or anything Like that i i’m very much Going down that route of the shadow Figures This that and the other dies that’s kind Of where i am with it only because i’ve Kind of seen [ __ ] like that myself that kind of makes Me think You know why aren’t these guys the Or maybe they are we just don’t know About it because they don’t want to They they don’t want to seem like They’re they’re a stock But why don’t these guys seem like They’re researching This this type of stuff like in terms of The paranormal And bringing that into it because i Think that is very much a part of it But we don’t hear much about that we Just hear about the uh The the the the aerial threat yeah I i think ufos are um interdimensional Or terrestrial i’ve i’ve thought that For years It’s either interdimensional or they’ve Just

Always been here and we are there that It’s whatever it is is that far advanced It’s the equivalent of ants seeing a Human walk past Yeah rich i would probably Clash you as My go-to guy when it comes to asking you Anything about Ufology because you kind of usually you Have the answer How how long has this been on the scene Meta materials Ones that we found that we know of how Far does this go back uh The late 80s that i know of i mean it’s Been Said it’s been since roswell 47. they’ve Had materials How how long has it been in the the Public in public knowledge that About meta materials public Knowledge really uh that’s a tough one Because Uh in our field you know we know about It but i don’t think it’s uh I don’t say late 90s you see to me To me i only heard about this Through ttsa meta materials oh really Wow Well i guess yeah you’re saying for the General public that’s true Yeah i see i’m i’m thinking of shows Like in search of and things like that That were on the way long ago

Um talking about an object that fell out Of the sky And the guy picked it up you know still Hot the drip the drift yeah type Thing yeah i remember I think 97. but uh That was the first public introduction To that from unsolved mysteries i Believe But we didn’t call them meta materials But no no we didn’t That’s what we’re talking about unknown Unknown materials Off-world metals is a very narrow word Though isn’t it yeah Yeah it’s a when you when you look at Like comedy and stuff like that you get That meta humor on the internet and Stuff you know it’s Uh it’s a very now term I mean to go to back to that article That you were talking about We’re not articles sorry nick pope Talking to Um tucker carlson he mentioned the Metamaterials And he you know i wonder If that is what they want to know That is the main that the one of the Main things never mind the threat they Want to They want all the information they have On these bits of material and I know people there there are companies

That are producing Metamaterials of some kind now But this not like this not as complex as This apparently It can’t be done well apparently this Isn’t even that complex though The reason they say they can’t do an Analysis on it Is because it’s made of atomic materials Whatever that means i don’t know what That means but that’s what i just talked About the other day it’s made out of Atomic materials whatever that means So we don’t have the technology to Analyze it that’s what i was being told Well that’s what we were being told and I also heard that They know it’s nothing so they’re saying It’s something they can’t analyze Because they pumped it up so much and Now they have this piece of metal that’s Really 90 percent nickel and iron and all sorts Of earthly stuff Sounds like something mr greer would be Peddling Well i think it came from art bell right In this art bell arts parts Isn’t this the material they bought for 35 000 off linda molten howdy duty Geez exactly how much it got sold for Yeah 35 grand public record a lot of money For the bit

Melted aluminum i even said aluminum for You then said aluminium like you should Have done that beard I need to i need to have like some sort Of sound indicator when people say Grease i could just like pop him up like That My god he’s got the mask on that’s Brilliant oh we’re showing We should so that’s the If you remember from the last last Interview About how to i had to cover it up i’m so Ronnie i’m sorry if you’re watching this I i really do You don’t have to cover it up i love you My god it’s unbelievable how you haven’t Covered it up I can still Every day every way so really i forgot This is going out the podcast people Will be like It’s fine it’s fine Podcast the other day which was purely Visual it was a it was It was it was a strange podcast So just to describe it is um a uh Like a lion Woman it’s chittara it’s chitara with Long Yeah and the original image that i have Has Very um like um Detailed detailed uh camoto

Quite it’s got a camel so yeah But anyway we’ll get rid of that and Back on to the Serious subjects i just thought i’d i Needed to show it Yeah the most speechless you’ll ever see Me in an interview Um is the one before this one With ronnie dawson bless him ronnie Now you were i can’t believe how much I’ve never seen you laugh that much During an interview like that actually The most speechless i’ve ever been During an interview Is when i had you and osvaldo franco Rich That’s true yeah yeah you just like it I just literally thought you know what I kind of wish i had a pack of Cigarettes at the time so i could just Go Go for a cigarette and leave you to the Argument It was a it was it was a it was a great Debate So i wonder what i wonder what else Thinks of all this Oh right do you haven’t talked to him oh Well Bits and bats going forward but i mean Again like you said you you mentioned Uh alexander i mean He’s gone him and um Christopher mellon and steve justice

Yeah yeah Just for my listeners benefit will you Just just point out who they are On from tts to the stars academy The the top boys of ttsa have Have done one they’ve got have they i Didn’t realize that Um that’s your man with the little silly Beard in it The big guy louise yeah rich loves his Beard It’s dirty i’m not i’m not a fan of the Tickler i think it’s mine If you don’t have a beer just for beard Just don’t shave it’s dead easy But yeah i mean i mean i know we talked About the 180 days The ufo disclosure but i mean I kind of needed to do a video about That i mean where has this left ttsa The ttsa is a calm in my eyes I’ve i’ve never had a lot of faith in it You can even see now from uh de long Himself he’s He’s back to tweeting about blink 182 When they’re going on tour again and Stuff like that and you know it’s It’s it it’s disappeared from his social Medias and that Ttsa was the only reason i followed him Because i don’t particularly like his Band He didn’t seem like a particularly bad Person but

I’m not i’m not into it um But it always seemed like it was one of Those things wasn’t it to me There was the gamble where even when you Saw it when you were like the buy-in was A hundred dollars I thought well 250. was it 250 was it Yeah But i even thought to myself that well You know It’s it’s not a huge amount of money to Buy in so that means you’re not gonna Get a lot of shares But if they bring like flying zero Gravity cars out Any shares are going to be worth a load Of money so Uh i i did wonder to myself for a split Second Is it worth taking the punt i think it Was Probably right in my hesitation i almost Did Only because i felt like i kind of Needed to because i was talking about Ttsa at the time In quite a positive light and i almost Put the money in i thought you know what Put your money where your mouth is put The money But my wife won’t let me so i think it Spoke volumes to me when they started Having a history channel show Yeah you know but they’re not hiding

Anything Ttsa is to the stars academy of arts and Science and they are about entertainment It says it right in their uh yeah yeah The main advertisement that that tom put Out you know their mission statement is That yeah yeah that’s the one I think the the difference i get what You mean I mean when you read it face value you Would say I’m investing in a production company Here that’s going to put Like tv programs and films and maybe Books out But when you’ve got the spokesman of That uh having press conferences Saying they have like extraterrestrial Materials and they’re going to make [ __ ] fine sources then it’s At what point it’s like the um Oh the history channel documentary Remember they did the history channel Documentary about Uh mermaids yeah Two days yeah [ __ ] crazy for a second Because i thought what Hang on a second is this real i thought It was Um and then it was like oh no no it’s a Parody thing Uh and it’s yeah i mean is that what to The stars was was it was everybody Playing part in like a real-time

Role-playing game When we were getting behind it That’s interesting that’s an interesting Way to to put that out there but i I don’t think it’s wouldn’t they now Well yeah i don’t know well lou elizondo And those guys left because They thought they were there for Disclosure they didn’t get along with Tom delong Tom delong dipped into his own pocket to Pay them their salaries so It seems like the house of cards was Falling anyway So i think you know their three years Was up and they saw an opportunity to Leave and they left Their golf to bigger and better things As lou put it Do you think they are they are part of Whatever machine is pushing The um like the media side Of things now oh my gosh uh I think they will be but if they do Then they’re in the same boat they just Were Unless that’s there then steering the Ship that might be there which True yeah but the media may tell them Well we won’t air that because we can’t Well who said my boss just me i see Again i think this is th this is that Thing with and But i’m i’m so you know i’m a massive

Joe rogan fan anyway i think what he’s Done To build what he has is incredible yeah Um You almost don’t need the media anymore And in certain respects I would think it’s if you saw something On like the jre That to me has got more credibility them Sat there talking about Three hours than a Fit five minute segment on cnn You know i think that there’s more Cultural gravitas Behind like a a really big youtuber or a Really big podcaster now Than a tv station could ever have in 2021 That is where the future is my friend You’re not wrong on that i Tend to agree i think as well with that When you’re actually in front of Somebody like joe rogan You have no idea what this person is Going to ask you I mean look at look at the interview With tom delonge Where that went you know um If you mess up on that show it can come Back to haunt you Yeah look at elon musk he’d have been The richest man in the world like two Weeks ago if he hadn’t done the first Joe rogan podcast

Why because he smoked part yeah because His stock dropped So he’d he’d have been where he is now a Little bit quicker I don’t i don’t think he’s gonna mind i Don’t think he worries him No he he he probably looks back at that And thinks you know what I’m glad i did it yeah he didn’t care That’s a guy that’s enjoying what he’s Doing he’s a stud Man that guy’s doing it he’s living the Life Imagine setting up rockets every month Every week He’s so hard like the because i want to I want to buy into all of it because He’s really cool he’s a cool guy he Seems to say the right things as well You know when it comes to Do you see today today he was uh Is it portal the messaging app that he Was Pushing out instead of people using Whatsapp because Of all the crazy privacy stuff Whatsapp’s got going with facebook now He seems to say the right things all the Time And he seems to be the only person That’s in the position he’s in Where he does even that grain of you go Oh i might Kind of trust you

I think with elon as well And i’ve always thought this when There’s all these these Companies emerging and they’re talking About Um technology that’s coming from Possibly Somewhere else in the universe why The hell does he you know not kind of Like Or maybe he is and we just don’t know You know why is he not looking into These meta materials Because we at the end of the day he’s Making Part of my french but [ __ ] cool Rockets but I’m sure he is because that’s what That’s what he’s going to think his Things going to be made of at some point He’s still using technology that they Were using You know what 60 years ago whatever it Was how long However long ago ship’s got touch Screens now Got ipads in them yeah that’s the only Difference though And they can land yeah that’s cool yeah You know yeah it’s fantastic but they’re Still using the same fuel Yeah you know so we still we’re driving Cars still With well over the nila musk’s cars they

Started off well And these other companies with electric Cars but electric car that i’d actually Buy Welcome you can sponsor this video but Yeah If you go back to when we were landing On the moon People thought we’d be on mars by now You know We’d have bases on the moon by 1999. None of that’s happening and do you know What rich we probably would have done We would be if we’d put a base on the Moon Yeah did well that brings up another Question do you think maybe we do have a Base on the moon That’s why we don’t need to keep going We prove to the russians In the world that we got there Supposedly Right that’s all that was but maybe they Had this technology Right after they went to the moon or Maybe they had to get to the moon to get The technology Kind of like a video game you get to This level we know you’re smart enough You can you can now have access to more Stuff Yeah pardon there’s a crumb for yeah Yeah for your achievement What do you do you think we’re on the

Moon then rich Somebody’s on the moon i i like i said Earlier i think we already have Tic tacs in our arsenal i think it’s us I kind of have a feeling the ufos are Actually us I i think one of the most credible Things that’s ever Come out like in the ufo field was um Gary mckinnon when he did oh yeah And uh that if you you want to talk About a person That never changed his story Made far too little money Off a story than he probably should have Done and You know it’s it was in the point of Being extradited To face charges of espionage you know Um yeah he he had a crack at something There And he got nearly got himself in like a Life’s worth of bother And yeah that manifest he had of Off-world offices I think is a is probably the most legit Thing i’ve ever seen i remember seeing That There’s a few people that have made Really good like Videos but i’ve never seen like kind of Interview Many interviews with him in no that That’s what i mean he’s not

He’s uh very much in a bubbler’s are way Or even more lower profile than lazar He’s a he’s not wanted to Make his name known you know it’s um Like there’s a there’s a chance now that People outside of a Ufo sort of field and Like beyond might know who lazar is Unless you’re british and you happen to Remember the story Or you’re from somewhere else in the World that’s interested in ufos That’s the only way you know who gary Mckinnon is and even then he’s Like he’s a deep cop for the ufo when You said his name i had to literally Kind of like Think then i was like like who was young About that but then as soon as you said That [ __ ] yeah Ladder looks like dexter yeah Do you think then lee that some of these Guys That actually do know what they’re Talking about and they do Have the kind of like some hard hitting Evidence They won’t come out and show it because They’re kind of in fear for their life Yeah absolutely i mean Um you’re talking about if Um if rich is right and it’s um American technology you were talking About

Um a highly classified Military aircraft you know you are You’re not gonna be along around long if You’re if you’re gonna divulge those Sort of secrets Do you remember the um the ufologist That That that died a few years back i can’t Remember his name But he apparently called his mother Do you rich you know what i’m talking About who was the guy yeah he was Um when he died they went to his place Uh Um he was poisoned he started coughing Up black stuff and Black tar was coming out of him and they Think his girlfriend might have done it To him And she was part of a spy team but he Actually was getting all these records He had Done like all these files and all of This work In his place and uh he was about to Break something open i can’t remember Exactly right now because it’s on the Fly but Uh yeah yeah i remember that guy there Was a phone call wanted to his mother or Something oh this mother and says if you Don’t hear from me i’m probably Dead yeah what was the guy’s name Oh god i don’t know i i think

Christopher augustine or something like That That name rings about that was scaring Him His problem was really weird wasn’t it It was like the when you saw pictures of It it would end up as being like Stereotypical Conspiracy theorists you know with Things stuck on the wall and Writing everywhere and that to me seemed Unless he was crazy yeah there’s always That like chance Um but it but it almost seemed like it Was too perfect You know it’s a conspiracy theorist Kills himself and then you go there and There’s all these pieces of string Around the room because he’s he’s he’s Been working out what’s going on It seemed like a way to discredit the Story like when you saw it inside his Apartment I think i think with things like this as Well i there probably is like Um a psychological aspect to it i mean When you go down that rabbit hole of Looking into You know ufos and you you kind of Then come to the conclusion that you Can’t trust anything You’re that deep into that [ __ ] and You’re traveling the world And trying to get into complexes or

Whatever you’re trying to get into It is going to absolutely mess with your Head I ain’t saying the guy uh that is By any means talking nonsense or Whatever um Rest in peace you know what i’m saying Is For some for some of the researchers me As well probably rich at some point i’ve Done if you’ve been down that rabbit Hole At most most of the rabbit holes but i Have like You know i even once i i didn’t admit This But i once just looked you know out of The airplane For you know maybe it is flat But no i i understand um As a researcher that you can Go down so many different paths That you you kind of [ __ ] yourself up a Little bit yeah You do and and back to the subject of 180 days to disclosure There are many people looking at this And thinking what’s going to happen in 180 days what is actually Going to surface from this and i think The answer to that Is you won’t if it’s anything important You won’t know But the amazing thing is is that

Now especially especially if it was put Out sort of Like mainstream media wise i i hate Saying mainstream Media i think i wish there was a new new Uh I think i wish there was a different Word for it because it’s so It’s a cliche in itself saying that um But if it was let’s just say on every Major news channel There was a story it comes out They go from roswell there was a crash In roswell There was little gray fellas in it we’ve Been trying to back engineer the craft We can’t do it There’s things flying up in the sky We’re not really sure what they are but We don’t think they’re going to hurt us Because they haven’t done it yet Um anyone that’s interested in ufo any Conspiracy theorist would instantly go It’s fake yeah and then everyone that’s Never been interested in it would go oh Man amazing aliens are real And it would completely switch on its Head where all of a sudden The uh researchers would become the Skeptics And the skeptics would come to become The believers I i don’t think there’s any way out of That we’ve got we’ve got ourselves in

Such a [ __ ] cultural tangle Well could be good there’s no nobody Believes an Expert anymore nobody believes an expert And nobody believes Um nobody believes some anybody unless They tell them something In a way they want to hear it i’m guilty Of that as well like We’ll go back to rogan i i’ll i’ll Listen to rogan yeah sounds right Rogan said it yeah i mean he’s no idea He’s a [ __ ] comedian he’s a comedian Guy that [ __ ] talks about combat Sports You know he’s not but um But yeah i’ve because i heard him say it First When the whole uh the the covert thing Happened i start Taking vitamin d tablets because joe Rogan said it was a good idea I think i think anybody that lives uh Well i know you don’t live Actually in england but is is the is it The isle of man isla white I think if i were a separate country yes Exactly yeah but Anybody in our vicinity should take Vitamin d Well absolutely especially at the minute We’re locked down again now Oh yeah we’re back with you [ __ ] yeah Well

You said you sent one of yours over here And it infected our tiny little island I i that’s that’s my wife has put all That up on the wall To try just to to remind me to Homeschool That looks like kids drawings it’s not That’s kind of like that’s the classroom Set up for me Yeah i like the penguin for anybody Who’s kind of watching this that might Be new to the channel might be like Looking in and go Look and go oh that’s a ufo yeah that’s A an alien walrus that he’s drawn The guy’s a [ __ ] madman [Laughter] Is my hair that’s the tutorial room That’s where i sit my little boy down And go right Today we are watching Peppa pig there you go pepper pig You think you’ve got issues now you’re Like peppa pig and it’s [ __ ] Oh my god i got this guy Pepper pig but to get to get back To the like to the ufo topic um How much i say Them little things that dangle off the Tic tac they look like peppa pig’s legs [Laughter] Oh you used peppa pig’s means of Propulsion But uh how much credit rich

Do you because we i’ve spoke about this With ollie before how much credit do you Give the idea of A uh was it was was it Reagan that had had the speeches with The Out well the world needs an act like an Outside alien threat It’s in his intro yeah how much credit Do you give that as As something that would be like conjured No no i don’t think so i mean that’s Something we’ve been saying for many Years anyway If the you know with all the stuff going On in the world when 9 11 happened sorry Don’t want to say it too loud But the whole world seemed to come Together for a moment Yeah and uh you know that’s kind of Prophetic to what he said and he was Right But that was more for the american People than the whole world even though The whole world stopped now If i think that’s right it’s a prophetic Thing to say that’ll probably never Happen I don’t think disclosure will happen That’s just me But uh if it did he’s right We would all unite and be human instead Of black White african-american chinese russian

You know what i mean We would be humans everything would Change as we know it It would be very cool but it feels Like um i’ve been I’m guilty guilty of this myself because I don’t i don’t there’s any way of not Not doing it it’s only um In the last few years of last year i’ve Realized how malleable people Are you know it’s and from what you know When you have Like social media and stuff fire adverts At you and things And not realizing it like the i um I know it’s it’s a bit uh late to the Disco talk about social dilemma But the minute i that it was explained To me that when i get a notification It doesn’t necessarily mean that person Has just Messaged me it’s just been kept in the Bank for a minute Until the time where they want me to Look at my phone because It i can get they’ll get more attention And For a longer period out of me i suddenly Started to realize well what How much do i believe and how much have I been influenced because i’ve been I’ve become much less Left-wing and much closer to the center Drifting

Sort of center-right as i’ve got older Yeah um and You think about how how have i been Manipulated in that way and you look at All the chaos that’s everywhere It almost feels like it’s begging for That big Unifying moment to happen it is I i think about that a lot i’ve talked About it i feel like Something is imminent something major is About to happen i never felt that never Felt that Ever in the 17 years i’ve been doing This until just recently now is that Because of the world events And things that have been happening yeah Probably because it’s It’s pretty aw not awesome but it is Awesome that The whole world basically locked down Which was weird i think that was just Uh a test to see how people would react If they were told to stay indoors I think this whole thing is a test i Know kovid’s real and all that i get it But Maybe it was just done to see how the World would react together Because you know maybe flag I i still think the the the biggest red Flag over Um over this apart from um the red flag That’s going to be on paul ollie’s

Channel because we keep saying covered Um the biggest red flag Of the whole of the whole uh virus thing Was the universal language That was used from every country By every country all of a sudden from My small island which has got a Population of 80 000 people To america which has hundreds of Millions of people Uh to china which has a couple of Billion people something like crazy like That Um the the whole thing was oh We must be ready for the new normal and It’s Like that is such a strange fate Strange phrase to come out that doesn’t Come out [ __ ] nowhere That’s a team that’s a think tank that Comes up with something like that Because it’s it’s it’s an emotive direct Statement Because it’s not it’s it’s it’s Embracing because it You’ve got normal it and it’s new so It’s better so this is your new normal And you think well hang on a second Well what how that means it’s different It’s not normal It’s like what normal the new normal Will be a different normal Um and there’s there’s too many things That’s

Uh like even the phrasing of the wearing Masks and stuff like that I i’m personally from what i’ve seen About I don’t seem to think i don’t think that Masks make a massive amount of Difference I don’t want to go in shops because i Can’t be bothered with the hassle Right um but Guys with the with the current subject Like can we mask it because yeah oh my God It will get taken down yeah cool He’ll be gone i’ll just just finish Because it’s not it’s It’s on the subject but it’s not on the Thing the uh it’s got no it’s got none Of the trigger words in it It just felt like you don’t need it Anymore Too many too many things coagulated Together And how many countries have ever had the Same the same Outlook on a subject right i don’t know If it’s ever happened No the whole world i don’t think it ever Has you’re right good point though Actually And it’s and it’s weird but it’s Horrible but you know What no i mean seriously but and this is How bad it is that we

Cannot actually physically express Ourselves On a platform in fear Of the entire channel being taken out But um but yeah it’s not normal As much as it is it is the new normal Yeah it’s the new normal It is um but That would have been a great band name As well the new The new notebook yeah would be awesome [Laughter] But rich i think we may have touched on Something there and So especially with i mean lee i know you You you talk about other stuff than ufos And But rich this is pretty much what we do What if talking about ufos And i know youtube doesn’t like it Anyway because they kind of don’t like The Whole conspiracy thing but say if it Becomes A normal thing that they are not ufos And they are uh of an extraterrestrial Origin Or that we find out that these craft are Military from a different country from Your country Or whatever and we’re talking about it Will be from my country But we cannot talk about it because it Will flaggers

Maybe that will become a thing yeah I think i mean you’re you’re talking About being part of some sort of Communist Dictatorship aren’t you i think that’s That’s that’s an ever real threat and It’s a threat that i don’t think people Are Taking seriously enough I mean talking about this now seems like It will never happen and i i know For you rich you’ve said that disclosure Will never happen Right how do you do you still feel that Way yeah Yeah of course It just won’t man so what’s the evening What’s the feeling that you have because You said All right i hate to be that i mean i Want to believe That there’s something unusual going on Because of all the witnesses that have Come Forward we lost him they took him oh There he is The cat all the all the people who have Abduction stories all the government Stuff That’s been released all these stories Aren’t fake Not everyone and it only takes one So i believe there’s something out there I just don’t think they’re gonna show

Themselves If disclosure’s gonna happen it’s gonna Be the aliens doing it The public will be involved not the Government showing us Well i mean that makes two um You only have two outcomes then don’t You as far as Um what ufos are if ufos aren’t like Human you have The they are either a malevolent Threat which would suggest that the the Ike Theory of the uh something that’s Interfering With with humanity like in a malevolent Way Is the uh is what’s going on or They are some like the the galactic Federation protectors Which i would prefer that sounds [ __ ] lovely um Yeah it’s i i just wish there was I wish there was something like you Could think of which was more grounded And Like a more more reasonable thing that Didn’t sound like a sci-fi novel Um but yeah it’s I can i can accept the idea of a race Coming to earth to do some um like Scientific work but i don’t i don’t Understand like the Abductions because i’ve always been

Interested in abductions and It’s the case of there’s so many of them I don’t know what you think about Abductions rich but There’s so many of them we think well Again just one If just one is is like an alien race Taking a human being Then that’s crazy yeah we don’t have any Evidence for it That’s the thing nothing now the Government may have it But we don’t the public doesn’t have Anything and the stuff that was released Those three videos by the navy or ttsa Whatever you want to say They’re not even ufos at all in my Opinion Mm-hmm so because it’s fleeing Fuzzy huh do you think they’re birds For one of them was it did you do you Think he’s right Well i forgot what you meant yeah The gimbal is a probably have you seen Mick west’s uh Analysis on yes yeah yeah that’s who i Was trying to think of it’s really good And i did one too with drones yeah i Think it’s either drone The gimbal’s a drone or uh Important over there over his pool What he’s talking about the one that That he did over the pool with the Fishing rod

We did the rotation attack but the Flashlight Mcquest yeah yeah if you seen the one Over the pool Obviously i yeah i don’t remember a pool For some reason Yeah there’s one over his pool where he Shows the rotation of the tic tac and he Actually made A giant daytime oh really yes No i didn’t see that one it’s incredible He’s uh He’s quite obsessive isn’t he good job Of this yeah no no but in general and When people seem to question his Uh theory on it he’s he doesn’t take it Well either he’s Uh i know he seems to have made his own Little cult inside his own little head I’ve had it out with him on twitter a Few times um I should ask him on yeah If he would have ufo jesus on his show There’s a strange character i don’t i Don’t think he does a lot for Um the legitimacy of the subject Different person He’s rich’s best mate he’s oh i really Haven’t talked about him in two months Believe it or not he’s done over He’s changed a lot in the last four Years Well i thought when i first started Watching his videos when he first came

Around i thought it was a parody I thought this is he’s a comedian i Thought this is going to be funny I was wrong i i thought you know have You seen the Uh you ginger comedian that does like The social justice warrior stuff He’s got like really long ginger hair And a ginger beard Who’s this he’s a comedian he does he’s Just like the social justice warrior Type Character i know who you’re talking yeah Yeah i got like A really nice red hair yes girl i Thought He was like the ufo version of him When i first saw him that he was like a Parody character Yes well ufo jesus didn’t start out that Way he started out as ryan Oh i only ever saw ufo jesus i i’ve Never I’ve never seen the man behind the bat Lee Jess who gave him the name ufo jesus Oh really wow yep absolutely and he Won’t give me credit for it But i was there the day i said it i came In And he was just and i go and i was Watching him for a few days Because i never seen the guy and it got Recommended and i’m like well this guy’s

Really Weird and i kept listening to him and I’m like oh i could talk about this guy Uh and then i go in the comment i said You were Who do you think you are ufo jesus and Then somebody said Yeah you should be ufo jesus and then it Just took off Two days later ufo jesus was born jeez No jesus very good yeah And and now there you know I brought it up to him i said why can’t You just give me credit for Naming you ufo jesus and then other People would say because you didn’t and I’m like You weren’t even there have you had them On your show No that’s a shame i know maybe i will Maybe not yet i i have to i’ve talked About him a lot And it wasn’t really awful stuff i was Saying it was just like nope he’s wrong And your beard youtubers are always It’s a much more peaceful world being a Podcaster you’re just Out there on your own there’s no comment Sections Oh is there not i i was looking for the I’ve always looked for the comment Section What do you spotify is there no spot is There’s no comment section

I don’t think so i i’ve always thought That if if somebody came up with A universal podcast comment section app That you know you could just you could Listen to a podcast so it didn’t matter What platform You were listening to the podcast on but Then you could use like an Imessage type thing which would put your Message on a board Which would link to the diff whatever Different hosts it was on That would be somebody would make lots Of money if i wanted to play Somebody’s clips from spotify on youtube Can i get a copyright claim Um i don’t know i i would I would imagine given the fact that it’s Uh essentially the same as a news Broadcast isn’t it Well if it’s a news broadcast you’d be Able to yeah that’s from so I i would unless unless it was if it was Factual and not performance Um i don’t i don’t see why you couldn’t Use clips of rogan’s podcast i tried to Before on youtube And then they flashed on the live show I got shut down wow yeah um Yeah i i don’t i really don’t know i Know you can use what seven Seconds of anything can’t you no that’s Not even true Or is it not that’s also a really good

Band name as well What seven seconds seven seconds of Anything sounds like a post rock playing Sounds like sounds like when i get to Bed on the night For seven seconds i was called the 30 Second wonder What do you want to do seven seconds of Anything But the worst chinese takeaway In in all this that’s going on right now I i honestly i and i was in the kitchen Earlier and i was doing the washing up I think i sent a couple of voicemails Rich i was just thinking to myself I wonder what the world will be like And i’m talking not just in terms of What’s going on with the Pandemic pandemic i’m talking about into The terms of ufology what it will be Like In the next 10 years will we actually Know It will be we’ll be any more the wiser Than we are now I think we’re on the precipice to be Perfectly honest as a race As as or certainly i shouldn’t say As a species because that’s a bit Inflammatory But as an um as western culture Maybe you could say is on the precipice We’ve got some big decisions to make Because uh you can’t

But unfortunately for you rich the us is The perfect example of this right now You can’t have countries that are Divided 50 50 and that are all complete odds With each other with No middle ground there’s no middle Ground it’s just as soon as you get To the edge of anything it seems to be Friction between them i think You have a similar similar situation With the right and left in The uk just not quite as extreme Um i i don’t i don’t know i think One of two things is going to happen Either um what we know now As being a western society disappears Or it implodes and then we can make Better from it that involves somebody Else not taking advantage of it But this is where i think the Interesting thing with ufos come from That it just seems to be coming to a Head And everyone seems to be at each other’s Throats and i can’t Get that last card out of my head The the alien threat last card Oh yeah and it just seems the perfect If you if you were gonna set the pieces Up on a chess board To play that card we have If there was an overhanging hand in you Your new world order scenario

We are in the perfect place for it Everyone hates each other like you can’t You you can’t be A color without arguing with each Without with each other you can’t Support a football team you can’t Vote for somebody without an argument What what a time to unify people behind One thing because you All you have to do to unify people is to Be the person that says i have all the Answers And that that would be that would be all The answers for us Another good time would have been after The attacks on the united states as well That could have been a time Uh you know yes probably for the us No for the whole world because we would Have taken terrorism out You know and maybe we could have all Joined forces at that time to stop it From happening to their countries you Know france got attacked pretty bad Right after 9 11 as well for a couple of Years with the Bombs and stuff yeah but you are right Uh this is the best time ever To have a false flag or even a real Alien disclosure it would be the Ultimate way To get everybody back together again i Think

And maybe we could unify you know One denomination of money and trade and Everybody just works together but it’s Not going to happen that way No it won’t because the us wants all the Power China wants to rule the world russia Just wants to stay alive It’s just it’s never gonna that’s why i Say i can’t say never but it’s not gonna Happen in my lifetime disclosure I wish it would because you’re right it Is the best time right now the cards are Laid out And if that deck of cards is accurate i Mean Is it has it been accurate because we Always find out about these things after The fact Yeah i mean the um The one we’ve missed was the um The asteroid that was that was the one Before the alien yeah Oh what’s it called what the what’s the Name of it now apophis Well let’s say this why don’t we just Say the asteroid impact Was us landing on the asteroid And grabbing a sample of it maybe that’s What they saw but Misunderstood the message you know we we Just got that stuff back or whatever Country went there and landed on the Asteroid if you

Last year whatever yeah yeah maybe that Was the impact Maybe they whoever was psychic saw the Impact of astrology He wasn’t psychic it was um it was How he dictated dictated the uh Wasn’t it what whatever was going to Bring around this one world government Type thing that was how it was going to Go oh it’s not edgar casey No no um and it was the the If if the world can get together through Terrorism it would be like an asteroid Impact where the world would have to get Together try and work out what they Would do And then the last card would be aliens Um well why destroy everything and then Have the aliens disclose so maybe they Just skipped that one Maybe they re-thought it yeah it make it Makes less sense it makes more sense Going for the For the big for the big one i mean I i think we’ve got if you wanted to do It if you wanted to Fake over i don’t know if you could do It globally But if you took a city for instance if You just said London like the abomination of a Fireworks display that He’s had the uh if you decide you could Have

You took london you could um I think you could fake it i think you Could make Every londoner think that Aliens were Were arriving even even with technology We know Like with a load of drones tightly Packed together Bright lights to make it look like one Object that sort of thing You could do with modern technology so To do it with military technology i Think would be dead easy We’re talking like well you’re not even Talking pro Project blue being there you’re talking About actual physical using physical Objects yeah I i still think project project bluebeam The uh If if that was to be a thing that Happened Um it would be a mixture between Whatever projection technology that was Talking about and physical events I said to my wife i don’t know if you do You remember The first time around during The the pandemic where they said that Something was about to be released Uh i can’t remember it was it the new York times were going to release

Something And and we i said i said to my wife i Said look listen if anything comes out And it hits mainstream media because She’s up she’s all over that stuff It’s all over the news or whatever do Not believe it Because if it hits this year i’m telling You now I wouldn’t i would not have believed it Anything happens this year right after Everything we’ve been through As that goes back to what i said before Doesn’t it anything happens The the researchers are going to be the Skeptics and the skeptic is going to be The believers all of a sudden The the thing is and i ask myself this Question many times and i also say that A lot I ask myself that question but You know we keep talking about Will our governments disclose will the People Highly disclose what [ __ ] aliens Decide to disclose What if they they’re all better yeah if They say enough’s enough You’re not you’re not complying with What we’ve asked We’ll disclose and we’ll show ourselves Well in that case you want to hope that Their decision is you’re not worth the Hassle

Right because i guaran If they are if they are working Kind of like as they say the government And this that the other They’re working with i don’t ever Believe that i’m not you know That people in high up places they They’ve made agreements all conspiracies But what if it’s true what if These little green men or whatever you Want to call them These beings they have They do have an agreement and they but Anybody any countries disagree don’t we We disagree as As humans different countries we all Fall out with each other And a high being that is Way way probably above our intellect Especially mine What if they just decide you know what This This thing that’s been going on for for Years This build up now we can we can see What’s happening You know we can see what’s happening on This thing that they call youtube where Everybody All these [ __ ] are speaking about It you know and getting Smoking pot and getting drunk and Talking like Talking about us you know um

You know they keep putting us out on on On talk shows They stand the other [ __ ] it Let’s let’s have an experiment let’s Just [ __ ] land That’s a fair that that’s a fair thing Of like what would How do these people think these Creatures think how do they think I mean you’ve still got that tribe Having you um That’s completely untouched by like Humans we’ve Flown over it now and again probably Scared the [ __ ] out of them Um but we don’t turn around and say Let’s just land a chopper for a laugh I [ __ ] would i know yeah obviously Yeah Let’s just like it’s not not so no one Hears we’ll just land a chopper Maybe some napalm just for effect and Then We’ll go again at columbus I the indigenous people thought that They were seeing weird you know the Ships they couldn’t express what they Were seeing Yeah so it’s kind of like the i don’t Know if it would be the same thing but I don’t know man i i if they did that Everything would just be nuts People would lose their minds they know It or else they would have done it

Already there’s no reason to do it now Uh what would be the reason well do you Believe there’s no Rich of the um the disarmament nuclear Weapons and things like that But they haven’t no no did you believe The stories of them interfering with With nuclear weapons You know silos and things i don’t know What to believe Man i mean i think Maybe a couple of guys maybe two times You know they’re down there Working all the time they don’t get to See anybody probably all day Maybe they were going stir crazy and They’re talking about blowing up the World So let’s just blame it on aliens that we Started the countdown and then shut it Off [Laughter] Yeah i love the idea that the same way Of When you’re on the when you’re when You’re on the top of a high building There’s always that little voices In the back here that goes what happens If i jump off Yeah yeah you endley What happens if i start a nuclear war With russia My god that’d be awesome let’s turn the Key ready

Boss comes around you guys stop messing Around Now aliens what have you come up with Two drunk two drunk guys that are Permanently in the silo both of the keys Go go You do it did you know you click we Posted It oh no turn it off turn it on Bob knock over a bottle of stoli [Laughter] But on the flip side of that if if you If you was an alien species you were Observing Earth and you saw Nuclear weapons start to get dropped Or you were you wasn’t even that Interested in the planet But you you were just in the vicinity And you saw what do you mean you know Nukes were getting fired That i can see why They might think you know what This could potentially In the near future or not near future But The far future but who knows what they Think is the near future I mean what did you think that though no But what you know when we talk about Interdimensional on this that on the Other When they’re breaking atoms what if that Does something

To times please face time yes Yeah what what if that [ __ ] about with That oh my god i’m a genius I have come up with you’ve heard that Here tonight it is me I said that not ritually i said no no You don’t act like a genius Well that’s the first clever thing of Seven years but no but what if what if Those Nuclear weapons mess with Right that time What if it mentioned with it just Everything Yeah go ahead if nuclear weapons did They’d have already zapped certain to [ __ ] And every other like large hydrant Collider Surely because i mean that’s That’s my one let’s see if i want to Know i don’t want to go to area 51 I want to know what those [ __ ] are up To that’s if If i had somewhere or i mean not even Certainly Is it is there a larger one in china now Is it china possibly yeah uh they’ve Also got [ __ ] black pyramid as well In the middle of nowhere i wouldn’t mind Knowing what that’s for But um the uh yeah like the The cern stuff i mean what endeavor To create something that the size of the

Large hard drum collider And it would join the odd thing about That was right you Do you are um you’re the same age as me Aren’t you Thought yeah i think j Little just slightly it’s fine we’ve Both got good skin it doesn’t matter um You’re uh you remember when they started Building the channel tunnel Yes yeah yeah and there was this big Thing they’re gonna start from either Side and slowly come together come Together come together make the channel I said i’ll 100 i’m with you any [ __ ] Mounds amounts of [ __ ] water no What are you saying but listen what i’m Saying is Whenever human beings do something we Like to chronicle it we like to [ __ ] Tell everybody about it step by step and Tell people what we’re doing That didn’t happen with two things as Far as i’m concerned It didn’t happen with the large hadron Collider all of a sudden it was just We’ve got this [ __ ] thing wow we’re To turn it on soon Um and it didn’t happen with the International space station It was yeah you know it was it was just There you You just mentioned two things there

Though not for me Not for me i remember when they kept Sending up the shuttles Twice a month to bring to build that you Know no That’s cool then but large hadron Collider i still stand by that That was just i don’t remember them Building that thing Assembled and ready to go at one point I’m sure now if i look back I’m sure now if i look back there’ll be Stuff there that tells me what was going On But at the time i don’t think there was Enough noise made about what they were Doing And i mean think about that for a crazy Time when you had like Like genuinely sort of respected Scientists that were saying well i’m not Sure about this we might make a black Hole And suck the earth inside its own [ __ ] You know the um but That’s a [ __ ] odd time to be alive It makes me feel slightly better about Now actually because I don’t think we’re going to swallow Ourselves up If if earth does have an [ __ ] though Which country is it Don’t answer that i’m going to answer it

There’s an [ __ ] in antarctica Oh yes oh i [ __ ] love that video You know the the one that looks like It’s been taken out the plane where There’s all fire and stuff sucking Inside the earth Maybe i probably have yeah but The the whole thing you these when you Mention there with cern And you mentioned with uh the International space station Have you seen the um You pro you may have seen it rich i know You highly into the sci-fi Movies the uh cloverfield’s paradox I’ve seen plumbing field paradox as well Okay we’ve all seen it then Terrible film yes it’s not a great film At all i mean A guy’s hand goes missing and then Decides to be cousin Knuckles in it what’s the what’s the Thing called from Because oh no the thing the thing i Think the thing From adam’s family and that happens in The film But that that that they’re doing the Same thing aren’t they kind of Are they not well in space They do they do a big um as my good Friend david’s Called smasher collider Yeah i i can’t remember to be honest it

Was so long since i watched the film But they do that and then the next thing They turn around earth disappeared Have you watched the um The fake sacrifice as i’d say Oh yeah well they’re yeah they’re Wearing the uh All black and the yeah and yeah yeah Somebody’s filming it from a second Floor or something like yeah yeah Now i i mean don’t get wrong though that Could be And it probably is just a joke you know It probably was just a Funny thing they thought to do and Because your mandy in the film doesn’t Seem to be particularly Um like genuine He’s not what you think of as a good Actor but um I still find it odd that outside a Scientific research center They have a massive statue of shiva the God of destruction Yeah it’s a [ __ ] cool statue though It’s a very cool statue but it’s not What you would imagine to be Something connected to a scientific Endeavor if anything you would you would Expect to strip All religion of any religion away from Science And the [ __ ] god of destruction for a [ __ ] hydrant collided does not

Fill me with confidence why can’t it be Like the god of cuddles Is that who sheba is is she with the god Of destruction Yeah not cuddles [ __ ] Poor cuddles When you’re thinking about stuff like That though and you look at This i mean i can’t i i’m one of these People that when Somebody says well name it i can’t name It but You know there’s companies that do use These kind of like Symbols and there’s many companies that Do that i mean They and everybody people keep saying About nashua and Nasha nasa with the with the chevron You know that this this symbol is being Used in All sorts i mean it’s just to me A freaking it’s a rocket engine It’s the it’s the fire coming out of it That’s what it looks like to me But it’s not it’s the chevron you know The the There’s different cultures and different Companies That you tend to use these symbols but That one that you’ve just spoken about Sheba being in cern she’s she Was the cat food i said shiva Did i say sheba yeah

That’s fantastic you get shiba in the States rich Yes shiva cat food yeah It’s got the black cat on the cover i Think yeah See everything but you don’t get iron Bro I don’t know we might i’m gonna check Right after the show i’m gonna go to my Store I love i love to podcast with you ellie You actually made me feel like a Comedian sometimes You are Aren’t you on britain’s got talent no You look like somebody who was well Sexy huh What’s But yeah um there’s definitely something When it comes to Like iconography with things because you See the same patterns Like tick up all over the places um I’ve i’ve got friends or maybe not Friends acquaintances people know people Speak to spoke to Um that are absolutely convinced they Only Got a job and they vote they’ve only had Certain things happen to their lives Because they’ve used Magic to get it absolutely they’re Absolutely convincing and they’re not They’re not like um like crazy out there

With people that What i would consider is like reasonably Connected Down to earth successful people that Swear by the fact that they owned it They only got Certain things in their life because They used magic Which i find a bit crazy But at the same time you know if you Kind of like I’m not going to say pray for it or well Yeah pray for it You know he’s almost like you kind of You give yourself That ability to be able to do something Thoughts create things They certainly do i’ve done it they’re Not going to create disclosure though As much as we we think it apparently we Need one percent of the world’s Population to make that happen If we could all think about it at the Same time Then then i guess that what do they call The paradigm shift Can happen do you think that might be One of the Because i i know we’re drifting around a Bit and this is not necessarily Ufo stuff but do you think that explains Some of the chaos because the The chaos that’s going on in in like our Culture right now

Seems to because it’s it’s easy to blame Um Social media and i think social media Has a massive Massive influence on it but Is it is it the influence or the cause Like because could it could the could Social media be influencing the cause You know because if it’s influencing People to think in a certain way Then you’re going to make more people Think about this one thing i always Think about it as A game um when you watch I’m not it doesn’t work quite as well For me because i’m more of a motorsport Man than a field sport guy But when you watch a football match for Instance and you see a play build up You kind of know when it’s going to come To nothing or It’s going to come to something you can You feel the event before it happens Yeah and i’ve often thought that was Because there was so many people Willing that goal to go in or willing That Fight ball to be passed that’s made it Go In that direction that people of Influence that of Physical reality man i have comics Yeah i believe in that stuff yeah i do i Do

Um so when you’ve got something as Powerful as social media where You can you You can have like the like the cleverest People in the world like i’m a big big Big fan of uh douglas murray i think He’s one of the most Important thinkers in modern times Um but on the other hand You have people like ike and Alex jones which i think you could very Much look at is almost trickster Characters And if they can get a a lot of people to Believe What probably bollocks You know it’s it’s gonna upset the Fabric of things And i i wonder what that is that the Actual Um damage that social media has had on On like culture and physical reality I either spoke real [ __ ] there or Something profound because she’s not Saying anything Well no that’s true and i’ve i’ve spoken To people about that and uh It’s probably true that’s why this Pandemic thing Is happening uh like it is Everybody’s thinking about it right so Isn’t it creating That i mean i don’t know what it’s Creating could be creating more cases

For all we know i don’t know But uh i think it does have an effect on The psyche and If we’re living in a matrix reality it Definitely changes the algorithm of the Game What what do you feel about the idea of His living and assimilation You know it’s an interesting thing i was Just watching we talked about it Yesterday on the show a little bit and Uh that they’re saying now and a lot of Physicists and scientists are looking Into it More than ever but they’re saying that We’re living Inside of someone’s thoughts I watched something the other day Because the uh was that was that the Same thing where they were They pointed out the similarities Between the What space or the cosmos looks like uh Or what a galaxy looks like and what a Brain looks like is it is that it No nope it was a taco thing All right yeah i can find it real quick And Just but yeah they were talking about How uh It is you’re like if somebody’s Thinking or about to go to sleep and They start dreaming we could be In we could be the dream yeah

Maybe that’s the universe maybe that is It rich you know maybe That we’re inside somebody else’s fault And Yeah in my brain there is an entire Galaxy You know that that is it goes on and on And on and on and that Is the end endless universe yeah That’s genius i like it who said it You you did you can be a genius again Yeah What do you say who was the guy that Said it About why what part the brain michikaku Oh yeah oh maybe not genius then but Not still a nice guy Well he was just he was just saying i Prefer him to neil uh Um to neil degrassi tyson me too i would Prefer to Hear my science from mike to grassy Tyson as opposed to him Do you trust him no you can’t Absolutely not something odd in there There’s something I can’t put my finger on it there’s Something just like Something just doesn’t smell right well You You can see it in um i’m i’m gonna do it Again because i always do Uh you can see it when he uh has the Conversations with rogan

It you stick him in a situation where he Speaks to somebody For um three hours or two hours He has some good sound bites that come Out of it But ultimately doesn’t sound like an Intelligent person now i’m not saying I’m a more intelligent person than him But i’m saying he’s not like World-renowned Nuclear physicist [ __ ] intelligent But couldn’t you argue that against People like bob lazar No because i think he comes across as a Very intelligent person He comes across as a guy which knows What he’s talking about What part about bob lazar to me That comes across as intelligent is that He has that he has his company You know and that that deals with that Kind of stuffy what is it what’s his Company called now Intelligent people are always a bit Chaotic i think that’s the the most Intelligent people always a bit chaotic They’re never they’re never calm and Measured It’s always a lazar or elon musk Or even a bezos to be perfectly honest You know there’s always that hint Of either crazy scientist or super super Villain about them And so so just to stay on on topic of

The 180 days Of ufos so these these These rich people again that you’ve got The the Jeff bezos the elon musk’s You know you got uh richard branson i Can’t that’s the only Three people can think of out of my head Right now but You know nobody none of these people Other than Bigelow seems to be Interested in this subject okay Bill bill gates is interested interested No he’s not interested but yeah oh yeah Yeah yeah Yeah good old bill i’m just not talking About it I’ll definitely get taken down um take It out Yeah we’ll get seth rich but um I i i do like your controllers though Um yeah It only seems to be uh bigelow that’s Ever kind of like in br It like long as other than this had Embraced them but he’s like he’s kind of Yeah he’s invested money into the actual Research of this subject But none of the others seem that i know Of i could be wrong though I’m wrong rich what part The you know it only seems to be bigelow In terms of like

Money every time you see piccolo i can’t Help thinking in my head male gigolo Pickle yes the middle oh my god that’s The best you got to make a cartoon [ __ ] you know what i mean he seems like The only one that With money other than brandon fuegle who Bought skinwalker ranch that is doing This kind of work for private people but Didn’t he buy that off bigelow Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah He’s he’s there he has the tv show now You know But richard i don’t even i only heard of Brandon frugal Through the documentaries and About skin marker there’s something Ironic about a man called frugal which Spends Millions of dollars on a farm or a few Millions on it But it’s fuji oh is it I like frugal that’s why i didn’t say Anything it’s like How isn’t that a porn star um because he Isn’t tron Yeah i mean what do you think walk Around rich Pardon what do you think of skinwalker Ranch uh i think there’s unusual Activity there might be something to do With the way the earth is Uh the rocks over there maybe there’s Some ley lines a lot of energy

Running water it’s a big place not small What is it 40 acres So it’s not really small small like you Know One stable but uh there’s been a lot of That you got a lot of um indigenous People that live in that area that Talk about the star people and all that You know They’ve always had their cryptids they Talk about shape shifters And things like that well that’s what’s Getting more Isn’t it it’s a shape shifter yep and i I think it’s just a bunch of folklore And And uh and a lot of hoopla i haven’t Seen any evidence come out of there yet And they had the tv show last year and Uh or whatever it is and i was watching It and they had some interesting things Like Lights that appeared on the mountain and Went across the mountain but Dots in the sky but nothing conclusive And my thing is What do they think they’re gonna find There bigelow spent Seven years there he’s already combed The property a hundred times there’s Nothing there I don’t think so it’s my opinion i think There may if there was anything there It’s gone now

I think bigelow has it fugel bought the Ranch and is trying to make something Out of nothing Unless uh i mean yeah unless what There’s no no there was evidence where Is it well unless it’s not physical That’s what i mean unless there’s things That are Drifting out in and out of reality that You know it’s It’s a special place if you if you want Uh that that would be the only the only Thing and bigelow’s thought He’s done enough research here it’s you Could have a crazy Place where crazy things happen and you Spend An awful lot of money learning nothing Do you think bigelow bought it because Of his Curiosity or do you think he did because Of curiosity That’s what we hear but what if he Bought it because he was interested in The technology technology Well what whatever is bringing these Things in you know It’s interesting anything that he can Get out of there big time Well if you have a portal that opens up Supposedly Wouldn’t you want to know how that Portal formed of course And maybe it was a case of him just

Putting so much money in To research something and still coming Out with absolutely nothing Well that’s just the guys who work there Kept saying they would go up to him and Say there’s We’re not seeing anything there’s Nothing and they right and he would be Like well find something You know and then you return yeah So they tried telling bigelow and Eventually he just like all right let’s Pack it up and get out And then there’s this guy in arizona at The stardust ranch who claims He’s uh killing aliens you know with the Samurai sword as soon as you kill them They they disappear it’s like the best Loophole Ever perfect amazing yeah and Enjoy the best thing is it’s really tidy What is well you wouldn’t want to hack Them and then have to create not back to It You could do it it’s like if you find One in your kitchen you just hack him And he’s gone You can make a sandwich afterwards And you can butter your bread with the Knife you use or the sword Yeah he he’s a joke and people still Have them on their shows because it’s Connected you think connected to the Skinwalker ranch somehow but

The guy’s a fraud what do you think what Was your man that was part of the Um ufo documentary Uh he was he was being abducted He was the guy with the face in the Window he was late fans have child Pornography on his computer I think oh stan romanek yeah yeah what Do you think of him Total fraud yeah he’s um I i found something out about well i Made A little discovery that when me and Lionsground was This well there was a video on his first Channel that got deleted I took it down himself i don’t know but He did a video on stan romanock And uh he was asking me about him and i Did some research on him Stan romanak is extremely dyslexic Um and like myself over that i’m no pedo But I can draw and i can create stuff Most people that are dyslexic Can are very creative now One of his friends was talking about Stan’s Dyslexia and how creative he is And they was almost bringing that into The documentary as as in like A plus disease they’ve got a very Creative mind you know This is probably why seeing these things

But Other people that spoke that uh spoke to Him through his Life that knew him uh which was factual Was Speaking about his dyslexia so I said to lions ground The reason one of the reasons why you May Be able to disprove what he’s What he’s showing other than the [ __ ] where he’s chucking the pen and This that the other And it does look like a doll i think He’s mate i think he’s fit he’s actually Made it all himself he’s actually Creating this so he’s not actually got Maybe He might have his wife in it on it or Whatever but he’s actually physically Making this stuff I i i don’t believe that he physically Made that No i do only because of the blinking The way it blinked look at skinny bob Yeah but that’s so obviously cgi It’s cgi the chat’s been talked about That and then but that but no but skinny Bob’s interesting as well Because um Anyone listens to must see audio that’s Like either listen to podcast or maybe Maybe even someone In the chat let’s watch the audio you

Know i do Um i uh what a regular sort of co-host Of mine as a girl called susie And she’s really [ __ ] good at doing Stuff One of those people that’s irritatingly Good at things When she decides to do it so she’s just Decided to start using blender To do like cgi stuff on And what she’s doing it looks [ __ ] Great Um but to make like a Five second clip of what appears to be Like a drone going over a forest I mean the time she’s put into doing That is unbelievable And that’s now that’s now with modern Graphics Cards george and modern processors doing That sort of stuff The and the but this does go back for The skinny bob footage as well The 2009 yeah exactly And it’s how i i just I can i believe it could be done in 2009 Because you have things like Movie special effects but i’m confused As to why No one took credit for it you know That’s crazy stan roman act thing The blinking on that doll i think was Beyond His capability well

Dyslexic or not See that’s where i differ because Because I i you give me a book to read And asked me what it was about Afterwards i kind of give you kind of Like a little bit of there’s a Difference isn’t there there’s a Difference between making A model which is just something give me Linking’s an odd thing Lee you give me the tools i’ll make that [ __ ] blink outside my window I’m telling you that you make it you Make its eyes sure But there’s a no because it’s an Illusion because it’s a window it’s a Misted window And through just like skinny bob so Skinny bob yes I i’m in total agreement was it missed It it wasn’t mister it was clear Oh it was there was reflections in the Window Yeah it’s not perfect yeah it wasn’t Frosty But but what i’m saying is that A skinny bob yes It was done in 2000 i think 2009 And it’s so well done it is amazing well Done Amazing well done it makes sense but it Is it’s it’s It’s phenomenal it’s really really

Brilliant work But i think it is work but yes the There’s the question i understand Robonaut’s video looks more convincing Than he’s gonna go But why why why ivan 6135 whatever he’s called i forgot his Name now but why did he make that Because he’s i’ve never had any credit For it there’s not Any advertisements 100 Agree with you 100 percent agree with You what i’m saying What i’m saying is if someone if you Took out the two stories of both things And you showed me skinny bob and you Showed me Stan wrote my next video i would say Stan roman’s video looks like a physical Object And skinny bob looks like a computer Render I’m in disagreement 100 Which one with Everything he said the opposite i think Skinny bob looks more real than stan Romanex puppet See i think skinny bubble looks like it Moves too smooth That’s what people that’s what objects That can move look like Yeah but not um no no Yeah the the even looking at my hand now Like doing that on the on youtube which

Just had my podcast But um the uh it it doesn’t look smooth Whereas there’s a silkiness to skinny Bob footage It’s the blinking in the in um I mean to be perfectly honest in both of Them is amazing you know it’s The it’s such a difficult thing To make something blink convincingly and To make something look alive And they both do look alive to me Tonight can we take a look are yeah yeah Yeah i was going To say to you ready here for you yeah Yeah pop it off No i do feel like poundland joe rogan Sees people this Explosion is the ufos it all boils down To stan romanak You gotta share it here we go Rich do me a favor turn the audio off Though because it’s um There’s a stream you yeah for some Reason has got this weird echoey thing i Can’t work Out why all right Um so stan goes he’s going to he just Saw a flash of light I think i see that Yeah apparently There’s been a peeping tom watch it That’s a very strange strange action In stan the peeping tom yeah no No i think his wife benjamin philip said

Romanex public had digital blinking Explain to me digital blinking In a short post i don’t think it had Digital blinking i think it’s a puppet But yeah That’s what i think let’s let’s see if Things are just But does he seem like the sort of man Which has the the the resources Doesn’t matter yeah yeah he could have Made it himself like there’s the fake Flash his wife’s Out there with the bright light a Flashlight and a camera probably That’s it that flash that flash felt More like it came from inside to be fair Yeah Definitely that stan taking a picture Doing something probably So she did it he did it And here it comes To do See what ollie was talking about how it Kind of looks like there’s a film over It yeah Yeah no no no i get it now yeah it look It looks almost like there’s a Um a screen yeah i’ll tell you why i Know this I still stand by the blinkers yeah but You guys do I know this is kind of like it’s a bad Example Do you remember do you remember the toy

From the 80s bogglings Yeah and you can make them blink I think the duck down is too quick as Well But it’s he’s he’s got a natural he he’s Already got his filter set up that Window is the filter Now see if this version’s a little Better Filter for what i mean there is a Reflection in it there’s a reflection in The glass there You can see a reflection from this Doorway Come on you’re freaking alien your prick And what i see i’m wondering whether What makes it look like there’s a filter There is the Um reach increases why Just make it bigger that’s what she did You guys see i saw a little light dance Right there Something comes over right here watch Right there yeah maybe there is weird Activity I didn’t want it big ollie because it Distorts it more I’ve just i just i’ve just realized what Makes it look like there’s a film if you Just pause it for a second It’s um the what Looks like the beginning of some sort of Screen Is the window frame you’re seeing the

Outside Of the window frame so that underneath On the on the top on the middle thing You can see the window frame and then if You go down slightly you’re seeing the Like the outside or the reflection of That that’s what’s given at the film Look I don’t think there’s a screen there i Think that’s just No no no sorry sorry you get me wrong There when i say screen What i mean is the window is a natural Screening process so he’s got He’s got the physical effect behind the Window but the window is acting as Almost the filter like so skinny bob for Example Is probably about a special effect Sorry a practical effect with special Effects put on top of it With different filters put on the top What i’m saying is Stan romanak here is using the window As a mask to show how fake the actual Probably the physical object looks do You know what i mean That’s what i’m saying But i noticed this here you see it’s not A line You can see there’s two windows because It also i don’t know what this Is unless this is well that’s a um Like a a a felix window so

You’ve the reason you can see that Window more prominently is because That bottom window slides up right so It’s forwards so that’s why the Reflection will be out The only reason i know the only reason That that’s on the decorator i paint the [ __ ] all the time All right here we go it’s coming up Let’s see if we can see it with the Little I don’t like about this is the way it Ducks back down i think the way it ducks Back down is weird all sort of comedy Yeah it looks fake right when it ducks It looks odd it’s because it’s a puppet You can move a puppet Fast it’s the blinking though the But you see the waviness of the video Too Yeah i think night vision is on he has Night shot on Green yeah so this is so bad that’s not Even a good version let me see if There’s a better version one more Time there it is right there Yeah yeah that one’s really good Yeah i’m surprised netflix is still Showing his documentary you know Unbelievable rips people down when They have nancy activities like He did well this looks like it might be Better but Let’s take a look that’s uh

Rich havoc two five two one five has Just put my Favorite post up that you find of Any okay eventually If anything on um like conspiracy Was conspiracy-wise he’s just post-ops Et’s don’t act like that at all How do you know how do you know Yeah we both interviewed makes much more Sense wait wreaking havoc has a good Version on his channel Is that no no we can have it saying et’s Don’t act like that at all Because you see you see you see his Thumbnail lee Yeah the two i think i think you follow I think he follows me on facebook on Twitter yeah i interviewed him so so That thumbnail That that thumbnail design i i i did in Photoshop for him No because he’s on he’s on he’s on the Channel and he’s he speaks About his encounter with two i don’t Know Grace all right okay cool sorry my if The if you you have you have your own Story for it so that’s That that’s fair if you’re mate but he Literally he literally said they looked Like Two like almost Cowboy cut out faces at his window well That would suggest

That it does look like that Surely well i’m not Seeing uh anybody with a better like There’s one video that says better Version or They kind of made it brighter but i Don’t see it i think you’re battling Time aren’t you that’s the thing you’ve Got Night vision you’re battling bad Photography At the end of the day at the end of the Day at the end of the day The guy the guy is is is a liar That’s interesting though if you just Put that up there I know right it’s a guy yeah Right right now because that doesn’t Look like it Looks like [ __ ] [ __ ] myself I’d have gone outside and i’ve i’d have Kept hitting that man in the face Until he stopped making noises if that Happened at my house What noises were he making this is just Re-enactment Then it would have gone squelchy then it Would have gone silent Forever all right well I’m not going to spend the rest of the Night looking for this thing Yeah i mean i think like i say at the The end of the day Stan is he’s a liar he’s a fraudster

And uh you welcome on the show any time Um if you get proven not guilty for You know an internet connection You’re skinny boob where’s the ufos That’s awesome it’s a cool photo that’s Like that’s that’s a cool scene Yeah yeah i like that as well see See this is this has been shown nowhere Else before this Anyone that’s interested has listened to This audio wise if you want to go back And listen to To watch what we’re watching if you go Back and look for skinny bob You will get something that looks Um essentially like what you think is Like an old sort of cine Camera which is all broken up and Crackly black and white thing And there’s flying sources on it and Then eventually you’ll start seeing Like what look like alien grays and then That’s what we’re talking about what’s Going on our thunderbirds See this to me looks different this to Me look that that looks like different Footage You see this bit here apparently here Right now That was the the real alien that was Supposed right there That’s a real alien that looks so much More convincing than everything else in

The In the in the footage they said that They left a couple of seconds of the Real alien and everything else is fake Well what what are the chances then i Mean you would think because I’ve often had this with um The uh or The guys that did the roswell autopsy Video of the british guys Yeah uh still now when i watch that I uh i’m surprised how little that’s Dated What do you mean autopsy still looks Incredibly authentic i think it’s a real Body of a person that’s why here’s what I want to Skinny bob most people you know you Think if you were making a costume Or something that the the hands would be Even see this is interesting to me that Because one side of your body is longer Than the other yeah And that’s pretty interesting that they Remembered to do that here Unless never noticed that before and That that is Very interesting so maybe you know it’s A real person In here wearing some sort of See i think it looks real because it Pulls down the muscles are being pulled Rich this is the thing because it Personally i

I think the way it moves perhaps like Cgi The shading and the like you say Of the oh No I’d hate to get fingered by him no You’re I just saw them fingers and i was like Holy [ __ ] Had a long fingernail right there he Does like he’s got fingernails yeah Little black ones I think you find their fingernails of Color for the record i I would not like to be very bob wearing Space black And This is the new costume for the new what Is this what is this here what are we Looking at there What was that swede what is this What is this there’s a round thing here Is this Well i don’t know i i mean that looks Like it’s supposed to be the shot of his Head So i would suggest oh yeah because it’s Like a splodge maybe something in the Notion of the film And here they are and the runway models Are getting ready before the show Backstage See that looks cgi but it looks like a Good cgi and that’s the thing

For the time oh this is the ship i think Yeah Whoa So what’s the shadow i thought the Shadow was head I don’t know oh that’s quite interesting Because he’s being measured i’d never Seen that before Yeah me neither i didn’t notice it it Would be That’s like one of those things you get In the hospital that measures you Yeah that’s right that’s kind of cool That’s really interesting Yeah it’s that that’s an odd thing to Stick in as well See where if this is the ufo the Egg-shaped ufo then We’re just seeing maybe a picture i know Could be landscape for all we know it’s Blurry i think no no it’s not I don’t know yeah But skinny babarooni there he is But i think it it shows how cool that is What did you say was that nine years ago Uh let’s see well it doesn’t say here It was 2009. wow I mean and yeah we’re still sat here Talking about it and nobody said Anything They could have done it i think they Could have made that back then It would have cost a lot of money though You couldn’t i don’t think you could do

That at home i i don’t think you could Have done that in a No it’s not you you couldn’t have even If you’d spent Like top end Like right now you you go out and buy Yourself up like a 30 90 or whatever it is and stick that on Your computer with a [ __ ] Thread dripper in it you can go and do Some serious cgi work I don’t think you could do that back Then on top end Home hardware what if some guys at Disney just got a little bit high Or you know the yeah one too many cats And They just fought should we talk You’re talking about work you talk about Months if not over a year of work Okay they’ve finished filming the toys Finished filming toys for the day And that you know they’ve got a few a Few hours spare anything what are we Going to do with those alien bee footage Do a little projects yeah well it’s just Little social experiments see whether Originally originally in toy story The vendor machine was supposed to be Full of skinny bobs And they just said no no that’s far too [ __ ] scary really No you are right the uh the skinny bob Footage is more interesting than wrong

Yeah that and skinny bob doesn’t isn’t Isn’t a molester I don’t know that no one has evidence That roman x alien touched anybody Well this is one of the things as well Did he not say he i’m sure he said In in an in a report somewhere that said He’d been set up Right well i mean is he not going to say That I think if you’d tyler said it Oh ty but yeah um I think if you said if you say if he Came out with the alien stuff After he’d been done i’d agree with you But he’d already come out with his alien Stuff so that Does lend itself the credence of being Set up but With stan robin up really that [ __ ] Credible that you’d want to get rid of Him Jeremy it’s uh it’s not like he had a [ __ ] cd to get to wikileaks Do you know something that footage Outside the window could look Spectacular but the way He acted when he was setting up and Skipping across the carpet You know that’s straight that was like No That could he could just be [ __ ] Weird You can have weird people like weird

Things happen You know it’s uh but you know it’s it’s He’s just if if we’re perfectly honest He’s just not a particularly masculine Man I’m sure like sure aliens have got types Maybe they go for like the feminine man Sometimes He definitely looks like a man that in His spare time wears tights Yeah well all the time well He looks like the kind of man in his Spare time wise power rangers costumes But um it’s you know he’s Just he’s an odd guy like there’s no There’s no like if you take everything Out of it he’s an Odd fella do you know i knew as soon as I put the title up 180 days To ufo disclosure it was a bad idea Because it Gave it a theme let it get your favorite It has no fame If you’ve made it this far folks see That this was gonna happen this is what I do this is what i do Envy you for though is that um like when I do when i put a podcast up I i make the title after the podcast’s Finished Yeah i used to do that when i didn’t do Live videos but it’s kind of hard when The life Just number them and give it a [ __ ]

Title I always yeah i usually change title After depending on what we talked about Probably i’ll have to change this now Yeah i would I would skinny bob romaneck 180 days 108 days of romanaka So you believe that do you believe the Skinny bug footage is an alien I don’t know but if i was to say Anything is Uh i would say that’s the best alien Footage we’ve seen That’s all i know i don’t know if it’s Real but it looks darn real to me But it’s I know too perfect for a uh Really you think that thing they were Moving around too perfectly Yeah for a oh this has Been leaked from the cia he’s he’s the Real play the real it’s all Crackly and it’s got a line through it And You know it if it feels like the Beginning to an x-files episode Yeah i know you’re probably right but That’s where i still stumble on the The fake alien autopsy is Still [ __ ] looks like someone’s Cutting an alien apart So to the this is the weird thing with That alien autopsy because i don’t i Um i almost did a video on it but

Every video that you do on the alien Autopsy gets flagged by youtube Really yes for Music because we wanted to do we wanted To watch along It gets it gets flagged as body Mutilation Okay you can put it up but you you’re You’re putting yourself in danger of Putting it up because i’ve been wanting To do A video about it Everyone’s seen it you could do the Could you do the video With it or blurred out with the Gallbladder Because it’s very graphic it’s a yeah They remove a rib cage and take organs Out of something you know it’s Because it’s topping its head off yeah The peel it’s i I i it’s not ideal i don’t even know Your kids can i peel my eyes out The don’t do it now your video get Flagged But Um but I find it odd with that because like Your man that did that the i forgot i Forget his name there He comes across as massively Untrustworthy um But he also comes across as a man who Just wants to make money

You talking about the the the guy who Did the the original Vhf listen this is the interesting thing With this skinny bob Footage is because his um It’s kind of what he said the alien Autopsy was because he He still says that that film has Bits that look like a skinny bob footage At the end of it and He still says that they are real Excerpts from the footage the footage Got damaged They had to recreate it because they Spent all this money and then they Spliced it in so he His story is that it was a restoration Like a historical restoration of Historical document essentially Um and Again the time i remember that like i Don’t know if you had it in the states But i i remember that Like the the black and white picture of That body On the front pages of british newspapers When that broke it was a huge story and People forget that like it was a Um i mean that that is has to be the As far as the uk the biggest Thing to break in the uk but 1995 yeah Magazine about but it was unlike the Front page of like the sun And the daily mirror and stuff back then

As well you know it wasn’t like A flash in the pan just for ufo stuff Your video is going to get flagged now Mate yeah it’s not moving but not Chopping I love the fact that he had that to hand Like that’s that’s no I sneaked on my desk it sticks to my Desk I don’t know i need to frame it or Something but The weird thing we’ve with that is And i’ve always thought this because When when when it came out as a hoax And i just thought like okay show us The i’ll be very honest i still don’t Believe it’s a hoax i believe it’s real I’ll be dead honest so here’s the thing With that Okay i don’t know yes It’s definitely something i believe that The the the fact of it being a hoax I think that was the cover-up i think That was the They said it was fake they came yeah i Believe that’s the cover-up I i think someone’s had a word with them And said look [ __ ] sort yourselves Out Okay so they come out as a hoax But normally when something comes out of The hoax you show It it will show the original so this Piece of footage yeah was filmed where

They said it was what was it hiate or What i don’t know what they call it but That yeah 35 millimeter i thought Yeah so but surely if If i was filming a hoax I would film maybe i don’t know a little Bit of Me making it or me filming on a really Good camera Next to the hoax so when it finally does Come out I if i’m if i’m making money on it i Know i’ve got a As a businessman i can make a bit more Money on it releasing the documentary of How it was made But we’ve never seen that we’ve never Seen this original Kind of and the man the man that Made the the dummy Has essentially disappeared it’s only Ever your man with the glasses that you See That ever talks about it um if you give You can just pop that back up uh On the camera for a second The No no no no the front cover is fine No no front front covers fang so i want The side shot the head The like the bruising and stuff that’s Above the temples That looks like a [ __ ] living Creature i don’t care what anybody says

But the difference in the um in the Shading on the back of the head where it Looks it looks like it’s bruised there And the way they’ve done the ears it’s It looks like a living animal Do you know what it is it was a person With melon head syndrome No it wasn’t it the guy that it came out That the It was a um it was a Prosthetic model made by a guy which Just happened to be into practical Effects That was filled with um animal parts From the butchers That was the story and i don’t believe That i I know i know people are really good at Practical effects That do like really good makeup and Stuff like stuff like that that Do make up for film sets and uh I i i know people that can do that [ __ ] They kind of do that let me tell you Something what’s wrong with the video Why it’s fake Why it is fake first of all it’s done in Black and white If it’s an alien they’re going to film It in color and yes they had color film Back then they would have Used that that’s absolutely fair number Two Blurry when they got close-ups it was

All blurry Number three they’re pulling out just Chunks and blocks of Meat it doesn’t look like an insides There’s a lot of problems with this Thing And those are three major ones right There i know what does an Inside of an alien look like well i got To tell you that looks like an alien Hybrid human being i think we would see What it looks like in us In it similarly not just pulling out Stuff you got to cut slump apart man It’s got no no no Sex organ a split second ago you thought It was somebody with like melon head Syndrome Oh he said that i didn’t said that okay Sorry yeah I said i said no My uh my my big thing is this is the Skin Is the um the texture And the coloration of the skin and It’s it just it looks like something That was alive Very well absolutely the most scariest Thing is Is if it’s if it is a practical hoax Of an actual um Real body that’s [ __ ] right Yeah yeah that’s up there with elon musk Smuggling a body in his space suit and

Sending them into space in a car Yes you know they get people to do that For science when they die donate their Body to science My body’s going to be donated to science Fiction I’m such a big fan of peter chugger sky To the galaxy such a big fan of jokes Guys the galaxy and the fact that i Don’t panic On the dashboard that oh yeah Warmed my soul Ollie i gotta get going no i was just Literally about to End the show anyway rich because an hour And a half But uh how long were we on two hours yes I mean boys i can’t thank you enough for Talking about the 180 days leading up to Disclosure for five minutes There’s nothing to say there’s nothing To say i I think uh genuinely i think when that Comes out What what regardless of what We think it is we are going to have a Paradigm shifting event Whether what it’s for why it’s for Is debatable but i don’t i don’t I don’t think it’s just to get funding i Think it’s it’s too much in the public Eye Well that’s the problem with ufology They make pro they say this has happened

And that’s happening and then uh well This happened it’s not going to happen It’s always that way In 2005 they said there’s going to be Disclosure next year in 2006 sorry it’s Going to be an 07 2007 didn’t come they Said 2010 i promise And then they stop saying disclosure’s Gonna happen until ttsa came out But it’s always something that’s it i Don’t know why they keep us You know with the carrot dangling There’s got to be a reason for it maybe To get us You know acclimated to the idea that Aliens are here but now they’re a threat Supposedly so Uh maybe they know something we don’t Know Very very tricky subject I think people need to stop watching so Many ufo videos as well on youtube And i mean that in the nicest possible Way man why do you say that I just i don’t know ufo channels No no i think you just need to you need To Kind of branch out you know where Everywhere Facebook no i i’m not talking about Other platforms Stick to this platform but literally you All you need Is a bit of mussy audio better go for a

Bit of alien addict that’s all you need I told you in life absolutely yeah Oh and don’t let me forget you know A little bit of the boys now and again All right Rich you’re running third phase is Second channel Which is doing You’re doing a lot of work on there you Did a lot of work on goof on Yeah yeah about a year ago i was only Doing two shows a week now i’m doing a Show every night and third phase as well Four nights a week it seems it’s a lot Of work And you’re looking like do you know Third face mooner yeah yeah yeah I don’t know i i know me youtube Ufo stuff just because i’m not part of The community Yeah before we do get off because rich You’ve got to get off that’s fine And we have been going in almost an hour Two hours and a half two and a half my Bladder is the size of my [ __ ] Lungs yes that too Uh rich i’ll start i’ll start with you For for Anybody that i mean i’m sure people do Know you are but Where can they find you rich your link Is in the description but Let them know it’s the its greatest ufo Network just type in goofon like

Mufon with the g yes it’s a play on Words but That’s what it means every night 10 Eastern 7 pacific And also third phase you know like i Said every other day There’s a video going up there so that’s Where you can find me Facebook twitter same name Instagram tick-tock Are you all tick-tock i am i have a Couple of videos on that tick tock Are you i must see audio monster Eclipses on tick tock I haven’t i’ve never even downloaded the App Oh it’s great it’s just loads of girls And lycra pants dancing’s [ __ ] brilliant what’s it called tick Tock again [Laughter] How do you smell that Um i’m late where can we find smooth Smooth it’s my alien dropping off Um you can find me on everything where You can get podcasts at musty audio and You can follow me On things like instagram and twitter At a total shunt You know what if the if there’s a man That regrets his twitter handle Any more than me i would be [ __ ] Sorry i’ve always wondered why it’s

Called that’s a total shunt Because all i was doing was motor racing Stuff at the time Right okay because i was i was so deep With formula one stuff It was it was all about that you know That that that i thought It was [ __ ] like car crash isn’t it Yeah great not for that Not for a split second because did i Think that i think oh for I might want to go out and do my own Stuff no didn’t think of that [ __ ] idiot right boys if you can bear With me just so i can say goodbye to Your both and We go to the green room now right I’m sure steven feels really Uncomfortable there right now i’m gonna Stick it Right up your grier oh that is brilliant That’s amazing Oh dear me so folks Uh thank you so much to everybody in the Chat It’s been a bit of a weird one tonight Because i i kind of Knew this was going to happen that we Wouldn’t discuss the 180 days Leading up to because there’s nothing to Discuss let’s face it people whatever’s Going to happen it’s going to happen And we if there’s positive anything Bad out of it we’re probably not gonna

Hear um though I would like to hear if there is Anything on these meta materials but Apart from that guys in the chat You are so supportive thank you people Thank you to the super chats thank you For everybody for all the great comments Um i need to get rid of this This little cougar here um but yeah It has been an interesting show And uh i will probably see you next week For another show i actually haven’t got A guess signed out for next week so If you want to come on the show send me A story email it at um What’s my email now there is alien Addict Uk gmail.com that’s because somebody Stole Alienati gmail.com But i’ll pay you good money for it If you actually give me the alien addict Whoever’s got alien addicts at gmail.com I’ll I’ll give you 10 pounds for it but Guys thank you so much you’ve been Beautiful And uh yeah we’ll get it we’ll get i’m Going to try and get some more shows out For you i know i say that a lot but i’m In lockdown now I’m looking after the kids i’m painting Stuff on my My wall and uh you know in between that

I could make some videos or something But Let me know you want let me know in the Comments section What you want from alienati goodnight God bless