NO ONE Has EVER Been Allowed To Film In This Haunted House… UNTIL NOW (Minnesota’s Scariest Place)

By | January 7, 2021
NO ONE Has EVER Been Allowed To Film In This Haunted House... UNTIL NOW (Minnesota's Scariest Place)

I believe this is one of the most active Buildings in the whole of minnesota Tonight we have been given special Access we’re the first people to ever Record a paranormal investigation at This location This is is Really a very interesting place and it’s Also quite active as far as The former residents still being around So they actually did operations any Surgery Was in this building and i think they May have buried body parts as well the Skull Sitting on the shelf there i do believe That’s actually a real skull he actually Performed Operations on this table So So What’s up everybody colin here it is a Very very cold night here in minnesota We are currently in long prairie this is A very small community near sauk center Where the palmer house hotel is located Birthplace of Nobel prize winner sinclair lewis and Tonight We have been given special access we’re

The first people to ever record a Paranormal investigation at this Location To a building known as the christie House which is behind me Adrian who has joined us on some Investigations he is a local historian Paranormal researcher And a self-professed psychic he is Joining us tonight for this Investigation And this is a really really crazy house The energy inside of the building Is already spiking on our devices jeff And i are here together it’s late at Night it’s almost eight o’clock And uh yeah it’s it’s a very very eerie Place but Some people call this spot the most Haunted house in minnesota So we’re gonna see tonight if that holds Up ready to go inside Let’s do it okay let’s go Pull my pants off How are you feeling feeling good feeling Good this is uh first time ever It’s cold again but this is a really Cool interior To this home everything’s pretty much Original And like adrian said probably the most Haunted location he’s ever been into For sure in minnesota first that first Time any anybody’s ever been allowed to

Investigate it so They’ve got tiffany lights and a very Expensive china and just Lots lots of expensive things so i can See why you know So anyway yeah i’m ready to go let’s go So this is the christie house it was Built In 1901 And it was a house that was owned By two generations of doctors the Original dr christie george christie First of all he came to sauk center Looking for a place to Start a practice he came on the railroad Sinkholer lewis father He recommended long prairie because There was no doctor here He eventually settled here he went back To wisconsin Married his wife they lived here Had four children and his first wife Died in 1910 he remarried A high school sweetheart of his Who also was the teacher and She came and lived here and she raised The boys This is a very unique place mostly Because Everything for almost everything in this Building Is original this is the kitchen the Table here which Is their kitchen table was used for

Surgery Even up until 1917 so anyway this is Really a very interesting place and it’s Also quite active as far as The former residents still being around Let’s move on Wheelchair wow oh So this is the maids Workroom these are the original Uh curtains so Is this a actual medical wheelchair oh Yeah And that would have been used for some Of the treatments Oh sure yeah a lot of stuff was stored Up in the hay loft of the carriage house There is a operating table out there Very heavy one that was actually used There were several hospitals here in Town they were Actually houses until The the big hospital The new hospital i think it was built in 1953 This is the pantry any time that the Family wanted to be served they had a Maid They would ring a bell the poor Maid would have to come in and pass the Food from one person to another because They wouldn’t do it themselves Everything in the Cupboards are original some of it is Very

Expensive this plate Is uh haviland lamoge porcelain from France Well this is the dining room if you look At the place settings here You can see each person had his own Butter Slab each person had its own Salt container then This was a bone plate so that if you Were Chewing on a chicken of some sort and There were bones That’s where they would go so they Weren’t on the plate oh Yes here’s another belt too which is Used to call people they’re all they’re In all the rooms This room has not been redone anything Many of the rugs were up in the attic They liked music there was a victrola Set over here Is all mechanical Do Wow that’s crazy I know so Let’s move on these are tiffany And there are several of them if you Look up here You’ll see a very beautiful stained Glass window This is the daughter’s room edith

He just had an appendicitis and Uh the doctor had to take her by train Down to minneapolis To have her checked out but she died of Separate septicemia but this is her doll These are his clothes Here’s a picture of edith wow So he has passed away from If you look here there was a lock of her Hair which was A common thing of remembrance Also her shoes Moving on This is the master bedroom this was in The attic In a box it was susan west christie’s Wedding dress If the doctor went out at night He would close the pocketed doors and When he would come back he wouldn’t wake His Wife up he would sleep here when he came Home Again the bed and these are clothes that Were worn by the actual Dr george christie original colors For the shirts and he looked like he had A fairly big Foot yeah you know yeah Over there yeah it really does doesn’t It’s not crazy Wow i’m like what suspenders There is no hall light This is a container for

The hair that the women would take out From their brushes If you look here there is A book it’s a signature book A guest book that many people had And people who came to stay with them Would write either A piece of poetry or a thank you Note or some verse eva lindbergh who Married their oldest son Half-sister to charles lindbergh Has written this This is the mage room here’s a picture Of a young woman Who was actually a maid She was quite young i think around 15 14. The second mrs christie knew her mother She came To spend time here she was the one who Was complaining about being Wrong for all the time we found out That she died shortly after she left Here her mother was sick She lived in iowa so she’s still here In the house and adrian First met her when he entered the the House for the first time The reason why according to adrian That she was here still here was because This was The happiest place that she’d ever lived There are things that move Things that fall off of things she’s

Here as well as Several others The second mrs christie was an artist She was a painter here are shoes that Belong to I think the second mrs christie you can See the styles It’s quite a space yes it is This is the daughter of the second mrs Christie she died at a young age too And this is the Navy uniform for dr bob christie The son the oldest son who was married To eva Limber was a member of the masons as a Matter of fact he um He was the head of the minnesota masons For a time and these are his regalia So these Come from the family the second mrs Christie and the first mrs christie were Both members of the masons And uh it’s pretty interesting yes This is dr robert in the navy Wearing his wool bathing suit He never married so It’s a great place it’s quite active too Yes My name is adrian lee i’m the founder of The international paranormal society and We’re here in long prairie this evening To investigate the christie house no one

Has ever filmed A paranormal investigation inside the Christie house before So we’re excited to be here tonight and We can’t wait to get in there And get started i have investigated this Building before many many times and i’m Going to take you through the front door Now And i’m going to discuss the history Some of the ghosts and some of the Things we’re hoping To happen tonight this house was built In 1901 by dr christie Dr christie came to this area because dr Lewis who was sinclair lewis’s dad in Salk center The guy that won the first nobel prize For literature Said to his friend you should come into This area they need some doctors So they actually did operations and his Surgery was in this building And i think they may have buried body Parts as well Out in the yard it wasn’t uncommon During this period of history That if you amputated a limb for example You would just Bury a hole in the yard and put it in There what else Would you do with it i guess so come With me now we’ll go through the front Door and we’ll talk about some of the

Ghostly activity We’re going to start our journey tonight In the kitchen and you’ll think to Yourself well why the kitchen what’s Important about that The table we have our equipment on here Is the original table that dr christie Used back in the day Imagine the edwardian era there was no Operating tables it’s a small town in The midwest In minnesota he actually performed Operations On this table so you can imagine soaked Into this table is is Pain grief anguish people may have had Body parts removed i wouldn’t be Surprised if young ladies gave birth On this very table i’ve set up equipment On this table before and seen a lot of Poltergeist activity I have a great piece of footage where we Had a stable camera On a tripod and we saw lots of orbs Flying around and then suddenly my Trigger objects Were thrown across the room also a lot Of shadow play in the doorway we walk Through Very shortly you often see somebody Standing almost as if the maid is Waiting To be called into the dining room as dr Christie presses the bell

That’s on the floor and remember this is A fully functioning surgery here So if we throw back some of these you Can see all of the Medicines imagine you’re warming up Some of these syringes and some of these Scalpels on this very stove To sanitize them back in the day and There’s dr george christie there We’re going to wander through now into The dining room Remember there’s a bell on the floor It’s a very middle-class society I’ve done investigations in this room Before the one piece of evidence that i Got coming through i think that was Better than any other Was i had a small child come through and Ask for her mummy Now dr christie had a small daughter Called edith And she was only eight nine years old And she had a bowel obstruction became Very ill And dr christie tried to operate on her And It was unsuccessful and they took her to Minneapolis for further treatment And she actually died and that was their Only daughter So i’ve had an evp in this very area of A little girl asking for her mummy she Was going mummy Mummy mummy she said that three or four

Times so i think edith may still be Around And we may get a chance to talk to her As we progress Around the building the parlor is a very Interesting place i know at least two Bodies That were left out in a wake in the very Spot i’m standing in little edith of Course And also susan who was his first wife Also died And was laid out in this area i want to Tell you very briefly about the history Of words This is a very old-fashioned word isn’t It parlour it’s the sort of thing our Grandmothers Would have said to us during the Victorian period they suddenly realized About germology and bacteria and they Thought it probably wasn’t a good idea To have your deceased relatives laid out In the room next to the dining room Where you’re eating So progressively they decided to set up Little places around the town To take your dead bodies to so they Weren’t laid out in a wake In the parlor those places initially Weren’t very successful why would you Take your auntie your sister Your wife to a place they’ve never been In their life this was the house they

Were born in And lived in so they called them funeral Parlors and funeral homes In the hope that people would gradually Start to bring their dead bodies Into these areas when the bodies finally Ended up In these locations this was no longer Called the parlor This was then called the living room Because this is now the room For the living very interesting there’s A lot of energy Comes through this area there’s almost a Circle on the floor here And a bit later on this evening we’re Going to run some k2 meters some male Meters We’re going to measure the energy Because on my trips to this location There’s almost a column of energy That goes through the whole building it Goes from the basement Through the bedroom upstairs and then Into the attic when we get up there And there’s an old vitrola made by Edison in the corner of the room here This was built in 1917 and it’s been Very successful it’s called the Familiarity theory of the singapore Theory We’re going to play an old piece of Music from the period On this for trailer and we’re hoping

That some of the energy in this room Starts to respond To that music that’s been very Successful for me In the past so we’re going to head up The stairs and start looking into the Bedrooms Like we’re currently standing now in the Stairwell and you can see the fabulous Stained glass window stained glass Windows were so expensive during the day During you know the period of history We’re looking at here that when families Went on vacation they actually took the Windows out Boarded them up so people wouldn’t steal Them i had An interesting encounter on this Stairwell we had a full spectrum camera And we saw an actual body a spectral Being starting to appear in this Stairwell on our full spectrum camera so We think the maid May have followed us around when we were Walking around the building And we’ve got a nice piece of footage of A ghoul-shaped figure standing Here at the bottom of the stairwell We’re now in the room The george christie’s son robert Actually lived in right up until 1974 When he died And this is edith’s doll the young lady That died

Unfortunately from the bowel obstruction His daughter edith this is her very dull So it might be quite interesting to see If we get any evps Or any kind of interaction with that Particular doll In this room and she did actually own That back in the day We find ourselves now in the guest Bedroom and below us Was the parlor where i said that column Of energy came through the building Almost like the ceiling ghostbusters With the fire station but again that Column can be measured In this area and we can set equipment up Here to measure The electrical magnetic fields that are Coming through the building but again Very odd That we should have that column of Energy streaming through the building From the Bottom to the top We’re now in the attic at the top of the Building and that column of energy Comes through this whole building the Best photograph i have ever taken of a Ghost Anywhere in my career over the last 25 Years all over the world Was taken in this very spot i was Standing where our cameraman colin is Currently standing

And we were filming and we saw the Reflection of a ghost In this very mirror when we analyzed the Footage It was a gentleman standing there there Must have been standing next to our Cameraman at the very moment And it was actually dr george christie We compared the photographs To the footage and it was actually him Standing there observing us Watching what we were doing the best Photograph of a ghost I’ve ever taken i believe this is one of The most active Buildings in the whole of minnesota that I’ve investigated Just through the amount of activity and The unusual activity The poltergeist activity in the kitchen The energy going through the parlor the Fishing bob is flying around The photograph of dr christie in this Very mirror The maid appearing at the bottom of the Stairwell just a huge mixture of things Going on Where you’re running from one room to The next trying to catch up With all the activity and everything That’s taking place so i’m hoping we’ll Be in for a very Active night why do you think it’s Haunted i mean if nobody died here

Necessarily what’s your thoughts there’s Several reasons it could be haunted on The back Of the fact that we have a surgery here In a doctor’s Room where people came in pain people Had operations Things were done to those individuals Perhaps with very limited Anesthesia back in the day i also think This is such a nice house And all the furniture that you see Around you is original to the house Which is very Strange that doesn’t happen very often a Lot of the Historical buildings we go into don’t Have the original furniture but Everything you see around you Belong to the christie’s this was the Room up here in the attic Where the boys used to play you can Imagine coming up here there’s a Telescope there’s books You know there’s a couple of beds this Was a room that people Lived in they love this house and why Wouldn’t you come back And haunt the house that you built you Loved you raised your children in and You spent your life In This is the surgery that dr christie Actually used and performed

His operations in many of the local Residents of long prairie still remember As a small child Actually being inoculated and seeing dr Christie In this area he has his journal here and Everyone’s listed all of their Complaints everything that he treated Them for plus How much he charged them of course and Just notice perhaps The skull sitting on the shelf there i Do believe That’s actually a real skull and you Don’t find that around too much these Days again The stained glass windows reflect his Hobbies and of course the medical Profession here If we take a closer look but again there Must be a lot of activity In this area if i turn you around now And we start to look At some of the equipment we have here Some of the potions The stethoscopes all of the surgical Tools and of course dr christie’s Case in case he was called out in the Middle of the night and someone was Struggling Perhaps with giving birth or maybe Having an accident imagine having to go Out In january in a cold minnesota blizzard

To deliver a child at three o’clock in The morning But that’s where we were and that’s what He did back in the day Wow We got adrian right here what’s up guys They’re about to rob a bank by the way Yeah Waiting to pull the revolvers To the parlor to the parlor i don’t know Jackie ready It was jim with the lead piping in the Parlor A lot of the energy he’s in about this Area Okay yeah right there i would put A few k2 meters around and uh It would probably wouldn’t be the end of The world to introduce ourselves and Then have jim fire up the Yeah see look at that already you see Wow look at that look at that and that Only does it in that spot and it goes All the way through the house Okay but we spread out those and the Only one about Six yeah it’s not it’s not a big circle Almost like a hula hoop okay so we’re Going to begin this investigation In the parlor room this is where they Held viewings of bodies after Family members had died it was a Gathering place people would listen to

Music Kind of hang out in here so we figured This is naturally a good place to begin Investigating just because There was a lot of energy here in life And possibly In depth too so you ready i’m ready I’m trying to get the flavor So not only are we measuring emf but This is also measuring static now So you’re actually getting two types of Energy being recorded on these devices At the moment Okay we’re going light out If jim fires up okay if we get jim to Start the victrola and play some Edwardian music i think we might Increase the activity i think with the Energy we’re getting here I’d like to see that increased with the Familiarity of listening to some music From that period Yep Okay guys also by the way to anybody Who’s in the house I know that i am new my dad is new My name is colin and i’m jeff And we’re here tonight just to talk to You No negativity no disrespect at all in The highest respect for you guys And uh we would just love to hear what You have to say Oh here we go

Okay so for our first experiment tonight Just like adrian suggested we are going To Play some of the music that you heard a Little bit of earlier um From the what’s up from over there in The corner The vitrola music will be playing and We’re going to see if that triggers Any sort of a response with our devices She’s almost done beat with the music Hello