Alien Home Invasion (Interview with Ronny Dawson)

By | December 29, 2020
Alien Home Invasion (Interview with Ronny Dawson)

Good evening Folks and welcome to alien update merry Christmas all that jazz Happy new year because i probably won’t Be live New year because i’ll probably having a Beverage on the sofa and um Getting yelled at by my wife uh but yes We have Ronnie dawson in the house tonight i Interviewed i think I think about a year ago or something Like that maybe longer than a year ago He was one of the first people i Interviewed on the channel and I get the luxury of getting him back on The show now For anybody who doesn’t know who ronnie Dawson is He is the man who he had a home invasion Of aliens and it was running in his cat Um and without further ado ronnie Welcome to alien addict my friend hey It’s good to be It’s good to be back i enjoyed being Here how long has it been Man you know it’s hard to say i’ve done So many shows man I know it’s been a while it’s been i Think about a year or more Right i know yeah 20 20 20 i haven’t Done much in 2020 so Yeah it’s probably like over a year we Were speaking about your giant

Ball uh yeah the the The the sphere uh yeah that was the that Was what we mostly talked about last Time we didn’t get really get into my Ufos And ate any experience yeah is do you Still see your mate with the big sphere Yes i’ve been trying to get him to go Public with it and uh to You know bring it out in public and let Everybody look at it and handle it but He’s scared to death of bringing it out Into public and uh He’s keeping it behind locked gates and I almost think he wishes he wouldn’t Have Talked to me about it because i’ve made It public now and there’s so many people Have interest in it that It’s not quite the secret it used to be And i think he misses that Yeah you um you sent an email to the Stars academy Um ttsa about this sphere and yeah They replied back with uh that it was a An earthquake barbarian is that right Yeah they think you know and sadly Sadly you know you think that if you’re Researching alien metal material and Somebody comes to you and says hey i Have an alien sphere that’s made out of Solid metal and it weighs 55 pounds And it supposedly fell off a spaceship That was

Hovering over a rural ranch house and There was 11 There was i think 11 or 12 of them in All and we actually Still have one uh would you be Interested in Taking a look at it and uh and they tell You uh We think it’s maybe an earthquake baron But we don’t know for sure You know i’m like what are you really Researching alien metal material or are You just is that just an excuse because If i was a in tts ttsa i’d have jumped All over it you know I see it i see what you got you know but No they didn’t show that kind of Interest So you sent them the videos of this Right And and basically they said they think It’s an earthquake bearing is it’s like A substrate Uh bearing that they put under buildings Uh in earthquake areas like california But we know for a fact that and i know People who are familiar with those Things and unless this thing is not Heavy enough to be solid And uh being how those things support a Whole building they would definitely be Solid Uh not hollow like this was is in the Center so

I just yeah it’s disappointing we’re Still looking i’m still hoping to get Some I’m hoping to get a mobile lab and bring Out there at some point so we can uh X-ray it and see what what exactly is in It but yeah it does have some weird Characteristics And and some of the cuttings on it are Uh as old as it is we we wouldn’t have The plasma cutting technology Considering the age of it to make those Kind of cuts so There’s still a lot of mystery around That sphere and hopefully one day we’ll Get to the bottom of it So what so what’s been going on since Our last interview But before you tell us what’s been going On there If you could just give the guys that Haven’t already seen the interview with You Um just an idea of what happened Starting from the uh the invasion Okay yeah i’ll just give a brief rundown Of where we were where we kind of left Off at As as i’m a texas oilfield worker and i Work out in the Middle of nowhere all hours of the days At night And i’ve did this for like 25 years and Never saw anything

In about 2009 we started seeing some Weird stuff that i couldn’t explain And i i mean i was a guy seeing Everything and could explain everything And wasn’t worried about aliens didn’t Really believe in aliens Or ufos but then i started saying some Stuff that i couldn’t explain And and finally uh the fact that it is a Probably an Alien craft from somewhere else is the Only explanation that i could come up With Is this the thing is this the the Picture that you sent me Um that is that is the I think the one that you’re referring to Is the mothership Uh you want to pop it up there we look At it right quick yeah this is this That what you’re looking at there is That that is the left-hand side of a It’s a mile-long uh mother-ship ufo Craft that passed right over the top of My head It was made out of solid rock on the Bottom you can see barn marks You can see crater marks the thing went Right over the top of my head maybe It was made out of rock at the bottom And solid rock it It looked like i first thought it was uh I thought it was a meteor coming in And and like i said this thing was a was

100 yards on both sides of me and i Thought man i officially get taken out By a meteor And then the thing slowed down it tilted Up And then it shot off at the speed of a Jet and uh And then made that rock because i was Looking straight up i could see the Bottom of it it looked just like you Could see craters and you can see burn Marks and you can see where it had Impacted like meteors and stuff and it Looked just like the surface of the moon So this was like uh it but did it have Was it just like a floating rock or was It did you have like Parts to it could you see um intelligent Structure to it I never saw any intelligent structure Until all of a sudden i seen what looked Like a pipe opening That was coming out of the bottom of it And when i saw that i realized that you Know You’re not going to see a meteor with Like a pipe sticking out of the bottom Of it And so that was the first thing that i Saw that indicated that it wasn’t just a Meteor You have to realize this thing was Slowly passing over my head And it was just it was maybe less than

500 feet up so Even in the dark i could look up and i Could see the bottom of it Can you get three seconds so it could Pass Over for somebody who has no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to This type of stuff what is this down Here is this space This this that star okay the bottom of This thing right here Is a i was talking to a uh astrological Professor Antonio paris he’s a i guess he’s an Astrologist in the university of Pittsburgh I mean i think st petersburg yeah in Florida And he asked me to try to to find a star Pattern In the footage he said it’d be easier to Believe if i could look if i could Isolate Locate a star pattern around the vehicle Since i didn’t catch any trees or Anything like that in it so he could Determine How big this thing actually was and what You’re looking at on the bottom there I took the sky map i took the area that I was in the time that i was in And i reduced the visual clarity to the Level that it would have been that night And i looked

In the direction that i was facing that Night and what you’re looking is the sky Map there And the picture above it is the actual Picture i took with my phone and you Could see that the stars line up And when antonio pereira has seen that He said my god that thing was big i said Yes i said it’s a v-shaped one-mile Craft each half of the v is a half mile Long i said this thing is huge i said it Was like 100 yards on both sides of me When it was passing over i said it it Blocked out all the stars in the sky And if this thing would have crashed to The ground it would have it would have Killed me and everything around me And in fact you probably needed a golf Cart just to drive around the thing It’s so big the most frustrating thing With like images like these is There’s the ufo never holds still for People to take a really good You know picture you know i get nobody Ever seems to get that Beautiful yeah i mean maybe this Can you explain is this the same image That’s the same image and uh and i Zoomed in and i And i tried to get the visual clarity on It to where you could actually see i’m Taking you right here i’m taking you Aboard the craft surface So you can see this thing is like a big

Old v-shaped craft And when when i zoomed in on it you can See that Even though it’s got structures and Stuff on the top of it And uh and and there’s a big hole in it You know Just the structural integrity of the Thing using any kind of ours Our design would it would be so weak it Would just break up whenever you had any Kind of g-force on it But this thing actually had it had like A tunnel in the middle of it where Crafts could come in and even In fact one of those craft i believe is A dot crab dot Uh ufo on it so Just to to break this down so how how How long were you looking at this thing Before you thought i’m getting my phone Out i’m gonna take a picture of this Oh i was getting a picture of some ufos Prior to this and my memory was getting Full And uh and and and then all of a sudden I seen this i seen it what It looked like a star cluster coming Down and the more i watched it it was Getting lower and lower and And when it started coming close to me i Could see steam rolling off of it It was like the the cold of the surface Of the thing was cr creating a heck of a

Steam cloud that was rolling off of it And finally this thing came rolling out Of this thing did you sorry did you say It was 2009 It was uh 2011 when i actually took this Picture Okay it was it was one year after the Alien invasion exactly one year after The alien innovation they came back and Scared the living hell out of me So so what phone was this taken with it Was taken It was taken with the motorola tundra it Is a flip phone a military great flip Phone At the time that had some of the first Video capability Of any of the phones that we had out i Spent a little extra money to get a Phone they could take a video And i actually got the video of this Thing and As the years progressed we were able to We got of the 15 seconds of video Footage i got 20 I think 22 still frames and we found Some of those sweet spots where the Camera’s eye And the lighting was where they needed To be to kind of get a halfway clear Picture for what we were looking at i Know it’s for a fact it’s a giant ufo There’s no doubt in my mind and and Basically what you’re seeing here is

What’s on the surface of it I can’t explain what it is but i mean it Okay You have to take this picture is a mile Away and a mile away A camera’s field of view is about a Quarter mile and you can see here That even from a mile away my camera Couldn’t get in Couldn’t get the whole craft in the Picture that’s how big this thing was So is this zoomed in uh that’s not Zoomed in there that’s the actual Picture Without it being zoomed in from a mile Away and it’s wider than the camera’s Field of view which is a quarter mile so You can see that we’re looking at over a Quarter mile of craft right there Did it make a noise not nothing you Could I mean you could see the steam rolling Off of it and when it changed directions You could see the The steam that was trapped on the Buildings and stuff on the surface being Swept over the sides like A water over a waterfall this was Amazing site I wish everybody in the world could have Seen this thing come in it was I mean it was breathtaking it was Absolutely horrifying at first because It was right over the top of my head

And i thought i was fixing to die but After it It slowed down and tilted up and shot Away and then it banked back At me and when it bank back back at me i Could see what was on the surface of it Because To that point i had just seen what was On the bottom of it And on the top of it there was like i Could see a fluorescent blue power line Stretching across the surface i could See a big tower with a light on it I could see a row of burning flares and I could see these uh i don’t know it Looks like glow it looks like an array Of glowing spears That are lit up there’s several Different light sources on this thing And that first white that you see coming Off that picture right there is actually Uh there’s a row of flares that are Burning And it’s causing a smoke that is a smoke That’s coming off the roll of burning Flares Well not like first i like green stuff Now i there was a faint green underneath It And that you know i couldn’t really Explain what was causing that unless it Was a light on the fog that As it was passing off of it i don’t know There was a light green glow around the

Bottom of it Uh at one point but this thing took off So fast it scared me Death that i wasn’t going to get a Picture of it i mean this is a picture Of a lifetime that Everybody in the world has been waiting On and i knew i was the guy to get it And i just seen this thing And i was looking at the display screen But i didn’t have anything that would I mean all you could see was a darkness I mean there was nothing to get a good Picture of To make people believe what i saw but When this thing took off so Fast and i started the camera for fear That i wouldn’t catch anything and then Lucky to my luck it stopped and banked And came back at me And and part of my video actually got The surface of it And the surface of that thing is amazing It is odd i mean there’s This thing ain’t never been touched by Human hand i mean i talked to mufon and And [ __ ] tried to convince me it was Our secret military and i’m like there’s No way we make a rock that size fly Through the air like a jet And with the city floating on the it was A city built on the top of it you know If we had that kind of technology we’d

Have floating bases and stuff like that You know There’s no way it’s ours so take us back To this then ronnie Um to to uh who who is This beautiful creature that is that is My cat striper He was part of the alien home invasion Uh that night he Played a role in it because uh This is a year prior to you seeing the The giant Rock with uh that that was actually a Year after That was a year after the home invasion Was when the when the big They came back one exactly one year to The day after they invaded my home And it had been before anybody asked as Well ronnie you do not drink No no i don’t yeah because i asked you To join me in a beer and you said I was yeah i was at work driving a Hazardous material crude oil transport Truck and then you’re certainly not Going to do that under the influence of Alcohol or drugs So that i was a guy at work in the oil Field when that happened And um and this alien home invasion that Was That was a weird serious event tonight But prior to that we Ronnie we’ve we’ve got plenty of time

We’ve got about an hour and a half or so Take take take us to The actual the start of the event Okay like i said i’ve been seeing some Lights and then i started seeing some Craft And uh i’ve been making some reports to Mufon but they were a very edited Reports Because i had some friends that were Telling me man you do not want to They don’t trust mufon and they were Telling me don’t be telling and move On too much man just make your report Saying about the lights or whatever and Uh and that’s the way these guys You know so i i kind of made some very Edited down reports On mufon just so that i could keep track Of the dates and times and stuff like That And hoping that somebody else had seen Something too in the area that i could Personally talk to But mufon doesn’t share that kind of Information with you anyway but Anyway it was interesting enough that uh Eventually i had three i talked to Theresa turner and she met me out there She’s the head of texas mufon and i Actually met with her at the big Sighting location But but where we’re at right now is i Was seeing these crap and stuff and i

Was wanting to get some pictures and I’ve been encouraged by mufon to try to Get some pictures And i was determined to get some Pictures you know people can hear your Story but they’re not going to believe You If you ain’t got some pictures or proof Of what’s going on And so i was determined to get some Pictures and i was carrying cameras with Me i was carrying phones with me And i was i got the best phone i could Possibly afford at the time And and every time i see a craft and i Think i was going to get a picture as Soon as i raised my phone at the thing It would blink out And that told me that i’m watching them But they’re watching me back So i knew it was going to be a task Trying to get some footage of these Things But i was determined and then it came up I had the idea after i started seeing Crap you know i said just getting a Picture of lights in the darkness you’re Going to set them skeptics off they’re Going to say man it could be a street Light it could be Anything and and i wanted to prove that I’m Seeing real ufos so i came up with this Uh

Plan i i got one of these green laser Pointers it’s about i don’t know it’s About It’s supposed to be a 350 milliwatt Laser it’s a great like a classroom Laser pointer if it’s a whole lot more Stronger than you’d probably want to Lose Using a cr in a classroom and this thing Is shoot It’ll shoot a green beam visible in the Dark five miles So i had this later and the purpose of Getting this laser was if i saw the Craft i wanted to shine this laser Around the crab and if those if that ufo Craft has been in time and space my My thinking was that just like if you Shine that laser across a black hole It’s going to appear to bend because the Fabric of space is Is bent because of the black hole and so I’m thinking well if this crap Craft is actually been in the the fabric Of space itself Then when i shoot a laser around this Thing it should appear to bend or warp Or something like that and then if i Could catch that on video And i would really have some proof there I’d have some undeniable proof that Would The people would have a hard time trying To debunk or skeptics would have to face

The fact That ufos are visiting us or that was my Thinking at the time So i had a buddy here in town he’s my Best friend alan ostracill so And he has a house on the edge of town Out on the hill out in the dark And so he said yeah i don’t think he Really believed He hadn’t seen any ufo he didn’t really Believe me and he said but yeah come on Up man we’ll go in my backyard And uh i said i’ll i’ll sit out here and Drink a beer with you and we’ll see if We see anything so He didn’t know what he was getting into Because uh we went up there And and i had my laser and we had a Camera sitting i said i’m gonna shoot The laser out You’re in charge of the camera you know I said i want you to videotape me Shooting this Laser around this ufo all right i’m Going to see if this laser bends we’ll Have it on have the footage And that was the plan you know so we Were up there and we were seeing these Military jets flying around and then I was thinking man we ain’t going to see Anything with those jets around And well the jets left and it was Probably 10 or 15 minutes later And uh and he’s actually the one that

Spotted it first It was probably three or four hundred Yards away And a big old four light craft just lit Up boom boom boom this was a third craft That i had seen in seven days now i Don’t know if they were following me if They had tagged me I found out later they’re watching me in There and then and they probably Are following me around out there Because i was seeing too many crap Just to be coincidence or there’s a heck Of a lot of them out there But anyway they seemed like no matter Where i was at they They would show up and sure enough that Night he said he said man look he said What is that There was four big old lights they Probably stretched they probably There’s four lights within probably a Hundred yards of crap It was a big crap it was four lights on That thing and it was Probably 400 yards away and I said he said what is that he i looked And i said that’s It now that’s what i’ve been seeing man I got my got that green laser And i shined that thing light around This thing i Made a circle around it i didn’t see any Deviation i didn’t see any bending

It it was disappointing and i told down And i said all right man I said i’ll pick some shyness damn thing On the craft and see if it reflects off Of it or if it absorbs it or what it Does And it was pretty scary because i Thought you know if these guys interpret This wrong Uh they could find us two piles of ash Laying up there on that hill and Outside ranger texas it was scary as Hell I and i was scared when i pointed that Light on that crap i thought man they You know they may Shoot their laser back and we wish we Hadn’t done this Um but i shined that light on that craft And it just sucked it up I mean it made no reflection like if you Shine it on the Side of a car or anything it just Completely absorbed the light and And i shined it on that thing and they Didn’t luckily they didn’t shoot nothing Back at us And it just completely absorbed the Laser and i told alan i said I hope you’re recording this and i Looked over at him The camera’s like three feet from him He’s standing there with his hands on His hips and he’s just gawking at the

Crap He’s going my god man what do you think That is i’m going out Man you’re supposed to be recording all This just the camera And he’s he’s rushing for the camera and I’m rushing for the camera Trying to get some of it on on video And by the time we get the camera up This thing just blinks out like they Always do Like they you know you know it just Completely blinked out disappointing Don’t you just hate it when that happens It’s just frustrating i didn’t get no i Didn’t get the laser I didn’t get no deviation in the laser i Didn’t get no footage Big you know big old four light ufo Comes up here within about 3.0 yards of You And you don’t even get a picture of it And you’re sitting there with the camera You’ll watch it you know This is pretty frustrating but allen had Never seen a ufo man he’s just It completely floored he meant baffling He just sat in there just gawking at it And the camera never even crossed his Mind he was just like a may completely He thought i was completely full of crap And now He come to the reality that my god that He ain’t kidding is he it’s something up

There And it showed up it gave us the first Hand View of it and alan witnessed it with me And uh And we failed to get a picture of it so I was frustrated and i was frustrated i Didn’t get to bend in laser Uh didn’t get the footage so uh I went home you know i think man you Know i still got to get a picture of These things But i the next night now the next night I found out this I didn’t know it was just laser and i Understand they You know i i came home from work And i have this cat the cat that we’ve Seen in the pictures his name is striper He’s a is the tabby mancoon cat and uh And he’s my only pet and uh he’s here And i come in the house and he’s missing Right so i’m like Usually he’s running around there but he Ain’t nowhere around i’m like where is He And i don’t know he ain’t outside Because he’s a house cat he’ll never go Outside He’s de-clawed and uh you know i Wouldn’t want him to go outside and He never gets to go outside but anyway I’ll go in the house he’s missing he’s Nowhere around

Well i go into like the third bathroom In my house that’s Uh i hardly ever use we hardly hardly Ever use it And i think he i put his litter box in There And i go up in there and there’s a big Hole in the floor And it’s a hole in the floor big enough For the cat that size to crawl that up And i’m like How in the heck did that hole get in the Floor did he chew a hole in it did he Claw hole to the floor chill hole to the Floor I mean that’s like wooden flooring it’s A wooden floor And uh and i’m like and it’s tore all The hell you can see i mean it is tore Up And i’m thinking my god and And i started calling him and i could Hear him i could hear him yelling Underneath the house so i knew he was Underneath the house and And i tried to call him and tried to get Him to come to the hole And the hole was actually big enough i Could reach my arm off down in it And i’ve got a pretty good sized arm and I reached my arm off in there trying to Grab him And uh and i couldn’t i was feeling Around underneath that house

Trying to see if i could feel him and Grab him and i pulled my arm back out And i looked up in there and There’s these two eyes looking up at me And I i can’t be for sure that they were cat Eyes i don’t know what kind of eye but It scared the hell out of me i was like My god something’s looking up to me Through that hole and i don’t know for a Fact it’s a cat And i thought man that’s stupid it’s Stupid to stick your arm up in there Like that so I i went around to there’s the access Panel up underneath the house and you You go up underneath this house to level It you go up underneath this In this area to repair plumbing and gas Lines and stuff like that and it’s it’s A very small crawl space it’s not even Enough to crawl on your hands and knees You really have to get on your belly and Elbows and kind of move around up Underneath there it’s not a I have to go up under there from time to Time but it’s not a place you want to Just be hanging out And so i took the i took the rocks away From the board that That that holds it up against there and I could see that it had been pried out a Little bit like something had You know i thought maybe the cat got out

But as i pulled the rocks away And pulled the board on loose and Started calling a cat here you come he Come right out of the hole He was ready to get the heck out of There so i grabbed him i put the boards Back Up and i went up in there and said i got This big old hole In the floor so i had something like 30 Or 10 that i’d recently put on the roof Of my house And i went out there and i got my drill And i screwed it over the hole In the floor so the cat couldn’t get Back out again and i’m thinking Maybe the cat had done this you know i Don’t know how he did it but somehow You know he’s the only excuse i could Think of for that hole to be there So i passed the hole where he couldn’t Get back out and And i’m kind of frustrated you know i Said man cat’s really pissing me off I come home from work and i have to have To go through all this So i patch the hole with this metal i Screw some Screw the screw these screws into the Wood to hold it down So the cat can’t get out and i mean i Put four of them in there And it’s good and tight and anyway so Uh it’s later on at night it’s time to

Go to bed you know so i’m sitting there And uh i go i go in my bedroom And i lay down right and and the way That i sleep it’s kind of odd because uh I’m a bad i’m a spatula at the time and The ceiling fans right over the top of The bed so i Actually sleep backwards in the bed i Sleep where most people would put their Feet Because the bathroom lights behind me And i didn’t like that i leave the Bathroom light on and i leave the light In the kitchen so i can get them get a Drink i can get up In the middle of the night go to the Bathroom and i don’t have to be blinded By the light with if i sleep with my Head at the foot of the bed And the ceiling fades right over me and The air conditioning in the living room Blows through the doorway to It it’s perfect so i was sleeping Backwards in this bed And i know center lay down in that bed Then all of a sudden i hear dishes get Knocked over In the kitchen and i’m going man this Cat Is really pissing me off i mean first he Claws i hold my floor Now he’s in there causing a ruckus in The kitchen and And so i try to get up to go see what

The hell is going on and I realized my shoulders were panned to The bed and i mean i just laid down and I didn’t even have time to even think About going to sleep i mean i I had just hit the bed and i tried to Get up and all of a sudden now i’m Pinned in this thing I cannot move a muscle man i mean i It was like i could move my head just a Little bit i could even tilt Side to side a little bit but it was Like for the neck down i’m completely Paralyzed Well i’m kind of freaked out because i’m Thinking my god did i just something Break or do Am i just i’m having a heart attack What’s going on man you know I’m thinking clear but i can’t move my Arms i can’t move my legs i can’t move Anything And i i look my head looks over and and Then all of a sudden i hear [ __ ] Breaking in the kitchen again Dishes getting knocked over cabinets Opening and i’m thinking man there’s Something somebody in this house I’m trapped in this dagger in bed and And i look over And there’s i can see my cat stare Standing in the doorway and he’s looking Back towards the kitchen the kitchen Like he’s really concerned you know

And i’m still hearing noises coming from The kitchen so now i realize it’s not Just me and the cat in the house it’s me And the cat and something else in the House So this daggum cat you know i’m thinking You know okay from time to time man i’ve Had i’ve got to just drop down ceilings In this place And i’ve had squirrels like they fall Through the door they get into the attic They fall through the drop-down ceiling So i’m thinking maybe i got some Squirrels in there you know I’ve actually caught them with the trout Netted and leather welding gloves I’ve talked squirrels before and throw It you know i’ll haul them out in the Country and let them go You know squirrels that have pinned you To the bed No yeah i know it’s not the squirrels That put me to the bed but i have had Creatures that have fell through my Ceiling that i’ve had to catch So i’ve got all this going on at once You know you have to realize you got Three different things going on you got Some kind of medical emergency because You can’t move you got Something in your kitchen raising hell You know you got a Very concerned cat in the doorway Looking towards the kitchen like

Something’s in there that he’s scared of So this time you thought there’s Something wrong with your body you Thought this is Medical yeah i’m thinking heart attack I’m thinking stroke Something’s going on but at the same Time you know i can hear I can hear all this other stuff going on I mean i’m hearing drawers open now Squirrels don’t open drawers squirrels May knock over some dishes and stuff but They’re not Going to be opening doors and cabinets And i’m thinking oh man you know i don’t Know what’s going on in there but There’s something serious going on in The kitchen the cat when he runs in the Door he jumps up on the bed with me I’m laying there paralyzed this cat can Walking around like there ain’t nothing Wrong with him And i’m like you know i don’t know That’s like what the hell And i still keep moving every time i Fight it i put force to get up it it You know it it almost like it starts Hurting you know the more force you put The more force you use to try to get up The more force they use to keep you in Place It’s only only way i can explain it well The cat jumps Up in the bed i see him right next to me

I’m still paralyzed in this damn bed And then all of a sudden i see something Streaked by the door i mean I don’t know i’m hoping that maybe i’ve Got some kind of medical emergency and There’s a squirrel in the house Maybe a raccoon who knows uh i don’t Know what i’m gonna do But all i know is there’s a lot going on Right now and This thing streaks by the door so fast That It it can’t i can’t even it’s like so Fast that you can’t see nothing but a Blur go by And it’s just a brown streak went by That door it was moving so fast and i Was like man i don’t know what that Thing is but it’s hauling it’s getting It And then it goes back by the other Direction and then i see a second one And then i’m thinking okay all right you Know and then i seen I’ve seen one of them it ran up and it Ran across a vertical wall Sideways like like it was defying Gravity man and i was like okay All right so i yeah i’m starting to put Two and two together now and realize That This is not squirrels this is not Raccoons this is has more to do with What went on last night

I don’t piss somebody off and they’re Now i’m getting paid a little visit And uh this thing run across the run Across the wall there’s two of them in There i hear them Knocking over stuff i hear them opening Cabinets they knocked a Lamp over by the computer desk How big when you say they’re running Across the wall These things you could tell this they Weren’t big they weren’t nowhere near Three feet these things were like I’d say closer to two feet or less tall And and they actually were lower like They were when Like it was lower than two feet and it Was moving like lightning Also like and when it run across a Vertical yeah it’s about Yeah about like that and this thing was Just jetting Jetting around there and every now and Then stop and open drawers and cabinets And uh and then it would and i’m still Paying to the bed and i can’t do a damn Thing i’m just trapped in this damn bed And i’m thinking okay well it’s probably This has got to be e.t pay me a visit For what we did last night And you know when i said i seen this Thing run straight up It’s running straight up the wall it Pushed off the ceiling and came straight

Back down And i mean it just yeah i mean like Lightning fast it did all that just as I mean a heartbeat it was like my god Man these things are quick And i thought you know i don’t get they Can do whatever the heck they want to as Long as they stay out of this bedroom You know and and there was two of them Running around i could tell that there Was two different ones And then all of a sudden another one Runs in now this Is three this one stops it stops lit About eight foot from me Right in the doorway and this thing Rares up He’s on all fours and he rares up and Stands on two How low is your bed or how fast there’s The two feet Tall and you’re looking and you see yeah I’m looking down At it yeah the beds the bed was maybe Oh three feet tall it’s quite a big room Ah it’s not a greatness it’s not that Great big of a room no And i’m pretty close to the doorway i’m Probably eight feet from where the Doorway is in that bed And and this thing if there’s if it’s Approaching the bed you would be at a c My head was yeah my head was looking out Of the bedroom into the living room

Right through the doorway So my head was facing the right Direction to be looking at what’s going On in In the living room that’s why i could See the cat standing in the doorway Looking back towards the kitchen Because my head was laying that way Anyway and And this thing when it it reared up and This is the ugliest damn thing you ever Seen i mean It it had a humanoid looking face but it Had like an exoskeleton Uh i don’t like an armor on its body and Even On the armor itself it had these little Looked like i don’t know like thorns Sticking off of it that had a bend to Them Like if you were to grab this thing It’ll hurt your hand because it Had these things all all over it you Know and it looked like a body armor But that facing this thing looked kind Of humanoid it looked like it had big Eyes but they were squinted Like the little bit of light in the room Was hurting its eyes like it would have Probably been more comfortable in total Darkness probably because it was Squinting looked like it was squinting Really bad And he feel like not really and uh

Well its eyes were much were much Tighter I mean they were the eyes were probably Bigger than that but they But they were squinted real tight and it Had very tight lips on it And it almost looked like your typical Gray in the face Except for the body of this thing look More i don’t know like And the arms on this thing were Incredibly long and it had some kind of Weird-looking hands it almost looked Like an insect Hands or something like that maybe That’s why it ran across the wall like Like some kind of a giant cockroach i Did that from the last interview when i Got i think you know I’m trying to picture what this thing Look like have you drawn this thing Before i know you’ve drawn a few of you I’ve yeah i i’ve tried to but I think we’ve had a drawing but it was They made it a little more I had an artist that kind of rendered it But it was a little more masculine than It really was Uh this thing wasn’t quite that Masculine but it moved like lightning And it moved like I’ve had somebody tell me that it Probably from a planet that has Incredible gravity and so these things

To this you know to us it’s like zero Gravity here And this is the way this thing moves Like crazy This thing has longer arms than its Actual legs Yeah the arms look way too long and it It had some weird looking Hands on it look it wasn’t like human Hands it was like very long Fingers that look it almost like i don’t More like Maybe something on the insect than Actually a mammal I mean it was it was weird i didn’t get A real good look at the hands on it but I know they were really Weird looking and then when they run They drop down on all fours they don’t Like run on their back two legs they Stand on all two and they drop down to Four and they take off and when they Take off it’s like They just turn into a blur right in Front of your eyes i mean i can see that Thing as clear as day standing there And when he left uh i mean he just Turned into a blur And and i was thinking just don’t come In here Yeah like but there’s any vocal noise Coming from This these creatures i could hear it Seemed like i could hear just a little

Bit of shuffling whenever they were Running But i really never heard any kind of Vocalization or any kind of a Noise like that you could hear like a Shuffling Uh sound when they were moving just like Something’s scratching together you know And it would and I mean it yeah how do i it’s hard to Explain how fast these things were it Was just it was amazing how fast they They were like lightning man i mean it’d Be all over you if you Try to defend yourself against them they Could be on you tearing your heart out In a second And i was thinking my god just don’t Come in here do not come in here Please is it like what we see in films With Like vampires how vampires move like Like really quite fast yeah i mean yeah I mean you could if It’s slow enough that you could see the Blur go by but it was fast enough you Couldn’t see Any aspect of the creature while it was Moving that’s how fast it was And and this thing uh and i was thinking I was hoping that they didn’t come in There and that thing this one stopped And then he turned And i could see the back of him and he

Looked at the other two As almost as if he was scolding them or Something it almost seemed like he was Scolding them because all of a sudden They stopped running around And they started searching through the Stuff again both of them started Pulling drawers out again it was almost Like he looked at him and he scolded Them They started doing more searching Instead of running around And i was thinking man just whatever you Do you just don’t come in here and then All of a sudden I seen the big that i seen that one Standing right there in the doorway he Turned and then I seen just three streaks just come and Come through the doorway right Underneath the bed i’m under So now great they’re in there with me They’re under the bed And the cat he’s under the bed I mean he’s sitting right there with me Seeing all this and then the next thing I know the bed goes to bouncing up they Go They’re picking that bed up and slamming It back down to the floor And i’m on it and i’m still paralyzed i Can’t do a damn thing i’m just sitting There and bouncing off the damn Mattress like and the whole bed they’re

Picking the bed frame The air mattress everything i’m going to Be i was a big guy at that time i was Like ah man i had to be like 270 pounds and the cops stayed Pulled no as soon as that bed started Bouncing that cat took off out that door And he was sliding last time i seen him He was sliding around that door getting The hell out of here and i’m thinking Well you just abandoned me thank you for Banning me Did he hit her anything like No i i didn’t see him i didn’t see him His i think he was too scared to hit man He was like He was just staring looking and you Could tell he was concerned his ears Were Straight up man and then when that bed Started messing he took off and i seen Him I didn’t see anything go after him but He shot out of that Room like like i wanted to and That bed started bouncing and and it was Picking it up and they were slamming it Down the floor and i’m bouncing off the Mattress and i’m sitting there mad god And then Then the bed stopped now i said i heard They clawed up into the box springs of This thing And you could hear i could feel the

Scratching up underneath me and i Thought man they’re gonna Claw through that mattress they’re gonna Just tear my back out And and they’re just tearing something Up in there and then And they tore up in the box springs and I could see Later i seen little scratch marks on the Wood up underneath there And you know box springs of a mattress It ain’t really nothing but A wood box basically and on the top of The box springs it had like Like uh some some netting some steel Netting like Like almost like fencing wire on the top Of a box And then it’s got a piece of fabric over That is basically all the box springs is And i could see scratch marks up Underneath there where they had There was some deep scratch marks in the Wood they had grabbed The wire mesh that was on top of it and They pulled it hard enough that they Bent it and this is pretty stout Wire it seemed like uh and you can see What they grabbed it Bent it so they couldn’t get to me Through the underneath if that’s what They were trying to do And then you know i’m sitting around and I’m scared you know therefore i was

Horrified for a while and then i’m Like at some point you you quit being Scared and you start getting pissed off And i was to the point where i was like You know you know there’s something if i Don’t get up kill these suckers they’re Going to kill me It’s me or them and you know i’m i’m Raging Freaking mad and i’m ready to kill me Some damn aliens but i’m paralyzed in This damn bed And i can’t do a damn thing about it and I thought you know it’s me or them so I thought i’m gonna make one last Attempt get up out of this bed And i had a plan in my head i said There’s a guy i had a golf bag over that Corner i’m going to go over here and i’m Going to grab an iron out of that damn Thing And i’m going to kill me some damn Aliens if i can get loose And and i fought that force that was Holding me down so hard It felt like it it stopped my breathing And damned never stopped my heart I mean it it hurt like i thought i was Just fixing to die right there And and and i just relaxed back into bed And i thought i’m completely i’m Completely screwed there’s absolutely Nothing i can do Nothing i can absolutely do here and so

I just relaxed a bit i thought I’ve done you know i’m done if they want To kill me they’re going to kill me and Ain’t nothing i can do about it And and all of a sudden i heard them Over at the gun cabinet now over I have this gun cabinet and it’s locked I’m thinking in my head this thing is Locked you ain’t going to get in there Well somehow or another they they Managed to pick the locker they got into Both sides of the cabinet the bottom of The cabinet is where the rifles are kept The bottom of the cabinets for the Bullets and the And the pistols are kept they unlocked Both of them I didn’t know it at the time you know i Thought i was just thinking they’re not Going to get near as long the gun Cabinet is locked But i do that that’s where the laser was Is being kept in the bottom of that gun Cabinet that i used the night Previous and and all of a sudden they Got over by the gun cabinet and then all Of a sudden Everything uh everything went quiet and I thought hey You know i didn’t see them leave but Everything went everything got quiet and Uh And and then all of a sudden uh I guess what they had me paying and when

They when they released me My brain process what i had tried to do Earlier my five minutes it seemed like Five minutes earlier I had decided to jump out of that bed Grab that golf club And kill these damn things well when They released me That got processed my body jumped up out Of that damn bed i mean i wasn’t even Trying to jump up out of the bed all of A sudden My body jumped up out of that bed i Grabbed that i before I had that golf club in my hand so quick That i wouldn’t even It was like my body was like a robot Acting on something i had told it to do Five minutes earlier And just my own actions was freaking me Out i was like Man i tried to do that five minutes ago And i couldn’t now i did it without even Trying to And so i’m standing here with the golf Club and i’m thinking hell it’s time to Go alien hunt man so I got that damn club and i went all Through that house Every cabinet in that whole house was Open every door and that House was open And yeah i’d seen where they had broken The lamps i’d seen where they knocked

Some dishes over and broken some stuff And And uh i didn’t and i searched all the Dark corners of the house and And i didn’t see any alien anywhere And i and i thought yeah i went in there Where the bathroom was at Where that 10 was at and that hard 10 That 30 year 10 is tough stuff Man they had pulled the they had pulled The screws out of the wood they had bent That 10 prying it up And this is stout 10 i mean you can’t You can’t hardly bend it and i mean so Whatever bent that tent Up it was bent up enough that i had to Go like really i had to screw it back Down Again and take put my foot on it to bend It back down so they had went there and Pulled that tent Up and now when i went made it back to The gun cabinet i thought well you know These guys they’re probably after the I bet they’re after that laser and i Went in there where the gun cabinet was At And i seen the gun cabinet was unlocked And then now i’m kind of pissed because I’m walking around this house hunting That Is with the damn golf club and i got a Really good shotgun right there But the reason i didn’t go for the

Shotguns because i would have had to go In the living room hunt for the key then Come back and get the shotgun And so i was like damn i had a shotgun Right here man i’m walking around this House hunting aliens with a damn golf Club And so i i i’m thinking you know what They got the laser They got the laser and i i got up Underneath the bottom of that thing And the laser was right was still there It was still there in the laser box And i’m thinking i don’t know maybe they Looked at it they studied it or whatever They did you know but once they got to The point where the laser was being Kept uh the whole thing stopped And then i ran at them people said why Didn’t you call the police Hey i wanted to call the police and i Thought are the police going to believe This [ __ ] what What proof do i have the aliens have Been in my house you know And i got i’m thinking well you know if They take some fingerprints and stuff Like that Then i i realize they’re not going to Take anything No i didn’t i mean i i think on youtube I made some pictures of the whole That was in the floor this video’s on Your youtube

Yeah i mean i did get some video of that But the next day You know i was like i can’t live in this House and any with any kind of a piece I call my buddy allen that was up there Told him the whole story And he believed me because he had seen The ufo and i said i got paid a little Visit last night by our buddies And i i said i think they’re they come In from underneath the house they went Back underneath the house and i said i Cannot live in this house And not know that these suckers ain’t Nested up under there you know I said as scary as it is i don’t want to Do it but i got to go under there and Look around And i had a piss on one hand and uh and A flashlight in the other And i crawled up underneath this damn Thing and I know if they would have been up Underneath there it would have been uh I mean they’re so fast that i don’t know If i could shoot them before they They could get on me so i had allen Stand outside the house and get ready to Call 9-1-1 for help if i run into something Up underneath there But you have to understand i had to do This because i can’t live here And not know that you know that there’s

That that is nothing up underneath there So one thing i mean i want you to tell The story again Um but you sent me a load of images and There was one that you sent me i was Kind of like I was a little bit confused about and What is What what’s this okay this is This is uh this is the one of the aliens That visited me After this encounter like i said a year Later i had the big sighting In coleman county where you seen the big Crap that we looked at And talked about earlier yeah and And that was in 2011 and uh And this creature right here in august Of 2017 Youtube might take my channel down for This image It’s a little bit x-rayed I mean that’s the way she looked you Know and and yvonne Ivana smith is you know the famous Regression therapist I had talked to her at roswell and she Said ronnie you know this is important Stuff She said take the time i said i ain’t no Artist but she said draw the best Image that you can think of you know you Know show us on paper what you saw You know you weren’t able to get a

Picture of of the two aliens that Visited me in august 2017. She said sketch sketch it to the best of Your ability And this is one of the two aliens that Visit me So this is this this is after another Alien Visited you afterwards yeah this is this Is this came Later this is uh this happened in august 2017 They made contact for the first time Here at my house This is why i know you’re not full of [ __ ] because nobody would make up an Alien like that No way i mean yeah there’s no way i i’m I’m a truck driver i don’t have the kind Of creativity to make something like This up you know And yvonne smith she said draw it to the Best of your ability You know and and i’m now i’m really glad I did because the The striped markings owner you know i’d Afraid i would have forgot exactly how They went and stuff you know so How long ago was that so that this this This thundercat like woman um this is August 2017 they paid me a visit At my house for the first time they they Actually made contact with me instead of Just scaring the hell out of me so

Was it this that um Delightful creature and uh There’s another one there is it this one Yeah that’s That’s the other one there it’s not Female as well Yeah they’re both females and in fact When they were here yeah they were Wearing they were wearing clothing and They told me they wore the clothing Because uh this is our clothing Basically that has got that became Popular in their world their world has Been affected because they’ve been Watching us They’ve been like watching our world and They’re watching us wear clothing And she said so you think they’re taking Like our fashion Fashion [ __ ] fashion oh yeah she said They had a Like ritual they had ritualistic Clothing that they were at certain times To to celebrate things but generally They never Wore clothing like like on a daily basis Like we do And and anyway she had this yoga pants On and at one point she rubbed her hands On her thighs of those of those pants She said She said yoga pants so soft and she And i was like my god yeah it’s like Honestly just you’re gonna have to know

About just a little bit she said there Yeah they’re made out of the fabrics From their planet not our planet So they’re not yeah they’ve seen our Designs and they made their own clothing And uh start from the beginning so Okay this this um This lady here and um Our other friend this one okay Yeah how did they how did they come into Your life Okay it was a i haven’t i hadn’t seen Anything and And man it had been almost two years i’d Seen some ufo lives that had come on out In the middle of nowhere and kind of put On a live show for me and i’d recorded Some of them And they’re on my youtube channel there Uh mystery last dawson family sees Mystery lives and And i think the santa analytes that i’ve Been recording these lights they’re Coming on Like out in the middle of nowhere 100 Feet up in the air It’s almost like they come on they give Me a little light show and they Disappear but there hasn’t been anything Fantastic like the The ufo mothership fly over i mean it’s Some freaky weird stuff and i’ve caught Some on camera And you know and that’s the great thing

About my story is that you know not only Do i got the story i’ve got the proof to Go along with it you know so i’ve caught Everything when i could how did them two Come into your Situation okay this it was in august of 2017 And i had i had working i was working Nights And i had come home and i went to bed i Think i got home about three or four O’clock in the morning and i went to Sleep So when this actually happened it was Probably close to nine o’clock in the In the morning and i mean the sun is up It’s morning time it’s not night And uh and my wife and my wife is up and She’s running around the house and she’s Trying to be quiet because i normally Sleep till about 11 when i’m working Nights And uh and so i’m sitting there i’m Sleeping away i came home from work i’m Tired i’m sleep I’m sleeping like a baby man all of a Sudden i have this weird little mini Dream Where two females are grabbing me by the Arm and pulling on me And then i slip out of the grasp and all Of a sudden i just go right back to Sleep and i thought I’m sleeping but i’m thinking that’s odd

You know it’s like You know so i go back into a deep sleep Again or trying to go back to sleep and All of a sudden next thing i know There’s two females are grabbing me one By one they got me by the arm and They’re pulling on me and it’s like And and and i’m like and it feels like They’re pulled me out of a manhole And i i open my eyes and there’s two These two women have my arms and they’re Pulling on me Like i’m stuck in something and they’re Trying to help me get it loose And she’s saying help us help us so i’m Struggling to get loose And they’re pulling on me and the next Thing i know They pull me loose and they pull me Loose from whatever’s got me And i’m and i’m standing there and the First thing And i’m talking about the blue one uh She’s she look at me she starts Apologizing she said we’re sorry for Disturbing your rest you know we’re Sorry for disturbing your wrist you know The blue one the one with the dodgy Makeup She’s got like one bit of blusher why is That She’s she’s gotta actually got a big Ruby glued to her cheek Right there on her on her left cheek is

A big huge ruby And this on top of her head is a diamond It’s like a diamond that’s glued on her Head And then on the other cheek there’s like A uh It looked to me like a flower tattoo or Maybe a corn tattoo i mean it wasn’t a Real pretty tattoo but it was right on Her cheek So she should this so this woman With a big ruby on her face is pulling You out of bed at the minute Yeah both of them are both the two Aliens are both pulling on my arms and They pull me And what they did they pulled my Consciousness out of my body or my Spirit or whatever you want to call it But i didn’t know for at that time i Thought i felt like they were pulling me Out of a manhole or something But when they i got loose she start this One started Apologizing to me she said we’re start Sorry for disturbing your rest We’re not from your world and we we Needed to have a conversation with And and i look and i’m thinking i’m Looking at her and she’s got these huge Eyes man and got this Weird stuff on her face and i’m and i’m Like Okay and you know i’m kind of thinking

Okay my wife has got to be pranking me Or something you know i’m a ufo guy Everybody’s going you know she’s going To prank me you know so i’m thinking a Couple of her friends I know her friends you know first of all She wouldn’t let him run around with me In my underwear in our bedroom Anyway and i know her friends and this Is not none of her friends And this that let’s see how big her eyes Were and i’m thinking my God you know i looked at the other one And the other one She looks like a woman but she’s got This right there where her Her nose is it turns into a like a Lion’s mouth And and on her top lip right there she’s Got these whiskers And it almost looks like porcupine Quills they’re like whiskers that had Been cut off And these things were sticking out of The top of her lip and those ears Those ears are her you could see them Sticking through her hair you can’t see The ears itself but you can see the tips Of them like cat’s ears sticking through Her hair And but she had clothing on she wasn’t Naked now that come later That’s the odd aspect of the story that Comes later

Now she’s wearing she’s wearing i kid You not A white blouse and some and some like Designer blue jeans Man you know and they were telling me This This is clothing that’s popular on our Planet you know that we’ve seen here and That people on our planet have fell in Love with and they’re made for the Materials on our planet And we’ve worn them to make you feel More comfortable so She was fully clothed right she was Fully Except her hands and feet now it hurt Yeah you wouldn’t be able to put no Shoes on those feet And those and so i’m sitting here And i’m having a conversation with these Two and i’m starting to realize okay This is no [ __ ] okay okay this this has got to be E.t it’s i’m sitting here having a Conversation with e.t And and then i And she said you know she said in this Place this is a place where the people From your world are going to meet the People of our world you’re safe from Bacterial viral harm and physical harm Here And she said you can move through solid Matter here and she’s

And and i looked and she said you know We pulled you said you’re You’re sleeping buddies they’re in bed And when she said that i kind of freaked Out like what And i looked in bed and there is Somebody sleeping in you know somebody Sleeping where i sleep and i’m like Okay i’m right here but who the hell is That i’m And i’m kind of like all right so I’m here in there right so but i wanted To walk over And look at the faces i was a little bit Dark in the room still and i wanted to Get a good Look and see if that was really me Sleeping in my bed and but i didn’t Realize i’m standing knee deep in my bed Because my knees were buried in the bed I didn’t i didn’t realize i tried to Step forward to walk over to look at Myself and i Fell forward it’s it’s hard to explain It’s almost like It’s like you have you have very little Master but you do have a little bit and When i tried to walk I had some resistance on my knees and i Fell forward i put my hand out to catch Myself And my hand landed on the sleeping body In the bed which is Apparently me and i felt my hand land on

The Leg of the bed the person in the bed and Then i could feel it It kind of it’s like i could feel the Bone in the leg And then all of a sudden my hand went Through the bone and i could feel the Mattress underneath it And that freaked me out a jerk back and I was falling forward and both these Women grabbed me by the arm like i’m Drunk And they and they start walking me and They start i start waiting out of the Bed So i started wading out of this bed and Now once i get out of bed i can move Really freely whereas before my legs Were kind of restricted was what caused Me to fall And she goes look here she said you can Move to solid matter here And that’s why it’s safe from physical Viral harm and stuff and the people of Your world and our people are really Going to meet here And she had me put my hand on this this Line Late this cat lady’s face and she said Now She said just gently start pushing and So i Put my hand on the side of her face i Could feel it feel her hair i could feel

Her face And when i started pushing i could feel This i could feel her skull And she said keep pushing keep pushing You could see my hand disappear into her Head and once my hand got into where her Brain was man It felt it felt ooey and it felt wet and It felt mushy in there And i jerked my hand back i was like man That’s gross you know That’s gross i look my hand was not wet At all but it had It felt wet inside there and i looked at My hand and see if it was bloody or Anything there’s no blood there’s no Wetness on it whatsoever But it was like i could feel it i could Completely feel everything on her but It wasn’t wet at all and so i’m sitting Here And at this time my i see my wife go Walking through this bed my wife goes Right here in my bedroom there’s a Bathroom this is our bathroom And she went from the kitchen walk right Through the bedroom i’m standing here Talking to two aliens and i just see my Wife Fully clothed walk to the bedroom on her Way to the bathroom And she said you know this is where We’ve been observing your world from For quite a while now and i thought she

Said See she said said you guys she said you Can’t see You can’t you can’t see or hear us but We can see and hear you From here and we’ve been watching and Observing and learning Everything about you and she said she Said Wait you know we we said your nuclear Testing sent light and radiation off our Offer this of our planet and And when we investigated it We found we found your planet and she Said it’s very close to our homework my Homeworld and she said We found you guys and he said your Nuclear casting is what give us a clue That you were here And she said and she said we’ve been We’ve been watching you guys And learning about you and she said but First we’re very concerned she said We they were in some kind of a war and They had used some kind of Interdimensional portal to attack them And they were his first concern that we Might be in alliance or we might have Been a staging area or something for Some kind of attack that was Uh they’d have been attacked before Through the interdimensional gateway And they thought that maybe we were a Staging area and we might be in cahoots

With the guys who Who had done it that they had been at War with and so These guys are you know they’ve been at War so they’re watching us and they Don’t know if we’re Part of that group or not so they’re Kind of cautiously studying us i guess You could say And she said we realize now that you Know Uh she said the the people that we were At war with she said it’s very Sound very similar to your fallen angels That are Are described in your architecture Signature So this th this cat cat lady was She was fully clothed weren’t she yeah Yeah she’s fully clothed So what time does she decide to get it Out Okay that’s a little bit further down That’s a little bit further down the Story And it’s it’s audit i know it’s all as Hell and i didn’t know it would go here But this whole thing was freaky but you Know several years ago Years ago i was uh i was at the ufo Rifle ufo festival and I think i was talking to stanton freeman And i was throwing stanton freedom in my Pictures and stuff and i said hey

I said you know stan if i ever get the Chance to talk to these people what the Heck Should i what should i ask them i’ve Seen them If you and stunted and you sh you showed Him something On your facebook thing did you Do you show starting this yeah uh no not This at this When i was talking to stan this hadn’t Happened yet But i i i asked and i said if i ever get A chance to talk to these guys what Should i ask them he said Ask him to show you how they got here You know and i remember that and i was Like And so i said hey i said can you show me How you got here You know and she goes yeah she goes yeah Yeah we can show you she goes but She goes um we we need a We need a biological sample from if you Don’t mind she said uh You know she said you don’t have to but We really need it It would help us and uh i said yeah That’d be fine And i said she goes uh we could show you How She said in fact we could show you where We came from i’m going Okay and i said well okay well hi okay

And she said just move to the wall She said you just walk through the wall Right here and i’m going down She goes lovely you can move to solid Matter here just move through the wall And you’ll see where we came from and I’m thinking well Okay i’m either going to see a ufo or I’m going to see some kind of a dead gum I don’t know a tunnel or something you Know i don’t know what i’m gonna see on The other side of the wall But right there wherever they wanted me To walk through the wall is a glass pit There’s a pitcher with a glass frame on It And when i started pushing my face up Against the glass i was like man That glass breaks it’s going to cut my Face you know i don’t want my face cut But it’s glass so i’m going really slow And it seems like it’s frustrating them You know they’re like go ahead it’s fine Go Just go you know you’re okay you’re okay Go go and they’re trying they’re Trying to help me you know putting their They’re putting their hand on me and Saying oh you know just go you’re fine You’re okay And so i started going through this Glass picture i could feel the glass Going Through my nose i could feel it moving

Through my brain Which it didn’t hurt but it’s just an Uncomfortable feeling Then i started moving through the wall As sheet rock i could feel the sheetrock In my stomach like The intestines in my stomach they know What it feels like to be in my stomach But When that sheetrock started going Through them and it was just it didn’t Hurt but it was Very un natural feeling and uh so I started moving to the wall and i Realized man you know yeah i can move Through the wall And then a stud inside the wall hit me On my right shoulder And i could feel that it was harder to Move through this stud i had to like Put more force to go to get through the Stud that was hit me in my shoulder but I could still move through it So i move it through the wall and and Then i i noticed that It everything is like black so you know I’m just like Moving on through i’m thinking well Let’s just get through the wall so that I want to have my stomach won’t have to Feel all this stuff going through it so I just And i know outside my wall there’s my Outdoor so i just gonna you know

So i went ahead and took a step forward Just trying to get out of the wall Well i took a step forward i think there Was some misunderstanding i think she Intended for me to look through the wall I don’t think she intended for me to Completely walk through the wall Because when i when i took that big step Next thing i know i’m in outer space and I’m I mean out of space i could see stars All in the sky I’m in zero gravity and uh i’m doing And i’m doing this slow forward flip i’m Looking up there’s this big planet off To my left It’s not as big as earth but i mean There’s like three major continents There’s some thin oceans And and on the north and south poles of The thing You can see it’s frosty but it’s not Like snowpack And you can see a big desert area and Like a jungle area and i could only see One big inland lake in it And i could see that i could see the in The around the equator area there was Like sandy beaches but towards the Northern and southern part there was no Sandy beaches it looked like Tall mountains that that like dropped You know steeply into the ocean so i’m Taking all this in going my god

And in their sky it’s There’s a galactic center there’s a Black hole there and you can see all These suns trapped In this thing close i mean there’s so Many stars in the sky That it it can never be dark there like It It’s dark here at night there’s just the Whole sky is illuminated with this Black hole and these stars and suns that Are trapped in its grasp And you it’s very close and visible in Their sky And it’s just full of planets and full Of stars and uh And i’ve seen this this ugly rocky moon Goes flying by between me and the planet And i’m watching this thing It’s barely even round it looks like uh That moon on mars or you know it’s just One big rock with some meteor craters And stuff on it go flying by it and then I look there’s another moon over there And i’m thinking it was the sun at first But then i’m but then i started Kind of thinking okay what i’m looking At is a dark side of the planet here i Can’t even see the sun The sun’s on the other side of the Planet i can’t even see it but i can see The moon reflecting light Another moon the second moon and so i’m Taking all this back in so

Now i’m get to the point where my head Is doing is going down my head is down And my feet are up i’m coming back And i’m looking at where i came from now I’m thinking well okay now it’s my Chance to see Exactly what the hell i walked out of Right so as i’m coming back up Head first looking at this thing It’s a perfectly square black box Setting in outer space there’s no lights On it no Nothing it’s absolutely perfectly Squared it looks like it’s black crystal And i’m sitting here looking at this Thing as i’m coming up my head’s coming Up i’m going man i You know it’s almost like my room they Put this box over my room And outside the box is here i have no Idea How how it works or how they did it But i do find it very familiar that There’s a there was a Military jet off the coast of florida Here not long ago On his gun camera captured a black box Flying by the jet You know did you ever see that video it Was one of the videos that the That the gun cameras caught a black box Flying by this jet You know so So you’ve gone through the wall because

If a few of the guys here Are talking and don’t take this the Wrong way you know sleep paralysis Or you know lucid dreaming or i’m I mean sometimes when i’m dreaming uh You know there might be something like That in there and you know it’s quite a Nice trick But i don’t have dreams like this you Know I don’t have these kind of vivid dreams To where i can recall the detail like I’m recalling here And and later uh like i said Well it’s a little bit later on the Story i i told her when it was time to Go back i said you know i’m not going to Remember knowing this i said When it was time to go back in my body As i said i’m not going to remember any Of this I’m afraid i’m not going to remember any Of this she she said look She said this is not a sleep state this Is an alternate reality And she said you’ll remember everything That happened here and she said when the People of your world meet the people of Our world and have conversations with Them They will remember every aspect of it This is Completely different this is not a sleep State and that’s what she told me she

Said you’ll remember every aspect of it I’ve never had a dream that i could Recount the details of The whole thing like i have with this And like i said i went and got a stud Finder And on my youtube video you could see Where i show you the picture i walked Through i run the stud finder over you Can see where the stud finder hit me in The right shoulder just where it did Where i entered through the wall and There was a stud in the wall that hit me In the right shoulder and i show you the Stud with the stud finder And so i mean you know how would i know Where the stud found are at and then at One point i thought oh you know that Picture doesn’t have a glass on it i Had to be dreaming this i went home and The picture to the right of it has no Glass The picture to the left that i went Through does have a glass now i thought Wow All right you know it’s the real deal And so at what point did she get a calf Okay so i’ve been out there a little While i was actually felt like i was Starting to get Sick man from all the motion and things Moving and And the head flips the head over feet Thing and zero gravity but you know in

Here i didn’t need no air to breathe I did not feel uh i felt no cold in Space And it was like well you know you’re not In your body it’s It’s like this whatever this state of Being is You know i never felt hot i could now i Could feel softness i could feel Hardness You know but i never felt hot i never Felt cold I didn’t need ever to breathe because i Was in outer space floating around and And i didn’t freeze and i was just Observing everything And and finally they grabbed me i felt They grabbed me by the shoulder and i Started flipping Like if you’re in zero gravity like Somebody grabs you man you just start Flipping like a daggum rag doll And i started grabbing on to her hand Because i was afraid that i would slip Out of her grasp And go flying off in the daggum space Forever you know so I was trying to help her hang on to my Shoulder and she pulled me back to the Wall again and i was happy to be back i Tell you man i’ve seen You know i’ve seen all that i want to See as amazing as it was It’s i was ready to get back and i was

Ready to come back And i was she pulled me back to the wall And so i here i was you know so Uh i was back in the room again And uh you know at one point my wife Came up when My wife came walking out of the bathroom She stopped and she She stopped and hesitated for a moment And she looked over at us Where it freaked it freaked the cat Woman laid Alien out and she said to the other one She said can she see us because she’s my Wife stopped and she looked at us looked Our direction And it freaked the e.t out she looked at The blue and she said can she see us and She She said no no and she said she’s Looking at him and she pointed To to my body sleeping in the bed she Said she’s looking at him My wife paused for a second and then she Continued Continue walking out of the room and uh And uh and i asked my wife later i said You know when you came walking back out Of the bathroom and i said you paused And you looked at the bed I said what i said why do you do that She said because You have to sleep at me and she said and It concerns me and i’m afraid you’re

Going to stop breathing she said so i’ll Stop And as soon as i see your chest rise up And down she said i know you’re all Right So she she stopped she seen that i was Breathing okay and then she continued on Away you know i never knew that she did That You know she never told me she did it But i got to see her do it firsthand you Know from this alternate reality And after talking to her she said yeah i Do do that I do you know and i seen the clothes That she was wearing i mean i could see The light coming in through the kitchen I could see the light coming in around The curtains You know everything about my room looked Exactly like my room looks Okay so i’m back in here i’m back in the Room now right And she goes well she said you know you Said you were willing to give us a Biological sample And i’m going okay all right i’m Thinking okay I don’t know how they intend on getting This it may not be pleasant Uh but hey i’m talking to e.t here man You know i’m willing to take one for the Team you know if i have to if It if if it depends on me taking one for

The team so that we can be friends with The et hell You know i’m you know hell i’ll do it You know whatever man You know if we can if they’ll teach us How to fly around the stars if we can Take weekend trips around the moon And fly to jupiter and check it out hell What’s taking one for the team you know Yeah okay yeah Yeah i’m willing you know i just tell me What you want me to do And uh and the blue one told me she said She said my friend here she’s a Geneticist and she said if You’d be willing you could just have sex With her You know and and i’m going they just Floor me i’m like Okay so you want me to have sex with This one And i’m like uh well I get yeah okay if that’s if that’s what You need me to do you know I’m like okay i’m kind of freaked out You know i’m like okay Yeah and she said well i’ll step out and Give you two some privacy so She like moved through the wall and so Now it’s just me and the catwoman Sitting standing there and uh And she looks at me and she said you Know she said it She said i’ve been watching you and your

Wife uh and she said i want you to make Me She said first she said do you think i’m As pretty as she is And i said yeah well yeah yeah you know You’re pretty i What am i supposed to say man oh you got To catch them out lady No but i’m saying no you’re you’re Pretty uh Yeah you’re pretty and and she started I’m doing her she had a white blast she Started doing this white blouse and then When she took it off i could see her i Could see everything you see there the Stripes And she had the light fur on her and uh And then she started She jerked him jeans off real quick that She was wearing And and she jumped up on the bed And she said you know she said i’ve been Watching you and your wife and she said I want you to make me feel like she Feels you know and she assumed the Sexual positioning In my life he’s a lot i’m thinking my God There’s no telling how many times They’ve been watching this man you know There’s no secrets you know they’ve seen Every dadgum thing you know Well i had we hadn’t done anything yet Okay she’s up on the bed and uh

And when she’s talking to me she keeps Turning back and looking at me To the point it’s freaky she’s got more Movement Like they have more movement in her back Than a human would have and she can like Twist around almost and look at me while She’s like pointed away from me And i almost wanted to say that when she Quit doing that it’s creepy as hell But she’s like got this being in her Back she’s looking back at me And and here comes my wife walking Through the room now you know perfect Common right yeah they’re trying to get Me to have sex this out here because my Wife walking through the room And i’m going oh my god you know i said I said this is i don’t know if i can do This and she she said it look it’s it’s All It’s all right she said she cannot see Or hear us and my wife came walking out Of the bathroom she said She said lady and she like yelled it she Said is it okay if i have sex with your Husband And i mean yelled at her and my wife Just walked right by her i mean my wife Would have slapped the hell out of room You know if that would have been the Case and she said then she looked at me She said It’s not like you’re physically cheating

She said your physical body is laying Right there in the bed And i and i looked and i thought well You know how she does make a point you Know I don’t know what i don’t know what kind Of cheating this would be But i’m thinking hell i’m just doing it To take doing one taking one for the Team anyway man so I didn’t even know i checked her out to See Like because she’s even sexually Compatible and i thought okay well let’s Just Look she’s got this big long tail man And this tail Is like whipping like up and down like It’s like over Like this back and forth and i’m like This is the freakiest damn thing I’ve ever seen man and I don’t know and i just want to get it Get it over with you know people think Oh this is a romantic energy no this is No romantic internet this is like sex With the etn under the worst possible Circumstances You could ever imagine and uh and this Tail is whipping back and forth and i’m Like okay well let’s just Well so i got up behind her and the tail Kind of came to rest around my neck and I thought well you know

That’s kind of cool and then it starts Flicking under my nose man i’m going oh [ __ ] I’m going okay this you know i’m about To do something with this damn thing So i i grabbed i grabbed the tail Unwinded around my neck and i pinned it On her hip you know it’s like a pin this Damn tail on her hip And i’m like just get this [ __ ] over With so I i did it just as fast as i could just You know Just get it with you know i didn’t know If i could even pull it off Yeah i managed to pull it off and uh I think my god okay i’m done done you Know and she Jumped she she reached down beside the Bed and she pulls she jumped up on the On the bed And she when she got beside the bed she Had some kind of a yellow beaker looking Thing it looked like it was glass but it Had this yellow kind of a handle on it It kind of reminded me like a serp Bottle that you see at like the older Style restaurants and and they had these And she stuck it underneath it and she Just spit She just spit the the semen into this Thing and this light came On and all these things lit up on it And uh and and then she was showing the

Other aliens she goes yeah but you know She said the problem is you know she Said we She said we’d rather work with raw Material than she goes Then here because we have that they have To do this they have to synthesize this And they have to do man You know she went on about the genetic Modifications that They would have to do and and it was she Was talking way over my head man but At certain times with her cat mouth she Was having Trouble enunciating certain syllables And it was almost to the point where it Was freaking funny But she was smart enough like a person With like a speech impediment she would Find the words that she was having Trouble with and not use it again You could tell that she was kind of Struggling to speak english but she was Talking with her mouth And both of them were talking with with Their mouth they weren’t doing the Telepathy thing I seen their mouth moving i could see The words coming out and the catwoman Was having trouble with certain Syllables And it was almost funny to hear her Because she was talking so intelligently It was kind of funny to hear her

Struggle trying to make certain Syllables but She stuck his thing underneath spitting In there and his lats went up down and Then she went on to this Five-minute lecture about telling me how They would do modify this and they would Do this and And she then she went on to say how i i Should be happy that That my my seed would be used to She said my children would see new Worlds you know it was like That’s like yeah but this is children I’ll never meet in worlds i’ll never see You know so you like cats and you know You may have a little few kittens Running around on it I don’t know i don’t have any it gets Even You haven’t even heard the last chapter Of the book that i just had to write It you know and i told him i said You know during this thing i told him i Said hey i’ll do i’ll do whatever it Takes to help you guys Get to where we need to be where you can Meet our where the people from your World and the people are what i mean I’ll do Whatever you need me to do now i i did Say that During this meeting is this rated No no i think i had to go from pg to r

But yeah yeah so so you’ve been like Conferences And you discussed this at the conference Uh this is gonna be my first conference And yes i’m gonna have to cover Some parts of this probably as clean as I possibly can Without it getting too dirty but i mean You know i can clean it up as much as i Need to i mean you know Or i you know it really happened so i i Feel like i probably should talk about It but I’m gonna have to do it in a manner That’s not offensive to people So i mean I i i i’ve had some interviews in my Time but i don’t think i’ve ever Interviewed anybody that’s just Slow with a cat uh lady um That’s one i’ve actually slept with i’ve Been with two actually now Two cats yeah There’s a whole another yes you haven’t Even heard i don’t know i don’t go for An out treatment I i i haven’t gotten out of this yeah Like i said you know What is this here this did you say okay You sent me these two Okay this the sketch that you’re looking There on the right is my drawing It’s my sketch of the of the 2017 Visitor that was in my bedroom

And then i realized that in 2011 In the in the ufo sighting that i had in 2011 Of the small ufo craft that approached Me and the light came On inside a compartment under the ufo And i had gotten some pictures of it I realized that the creature that you’re Seeing look out of that porthole window Uh at me and scared the carrying the Living hell i mean when i was taking the Pictures is actually the same one that Was in my bedroom in 2017. so this the Pictures were taken ten years earlier Than this visitation It was 2011 now it was six years earlier Six years earlier In 2011 i took these three pictures on The left And uh this is the creature that came And visited me in august 2017. so it was Like six years later It’s the same kitchen is this is this You when you’re going out through the Wall Yeah when i walked through the wall and Fell into outer space and was looking at Their galaxy From outer space that’s what i saw That’s an ugly little rocky moon that You see In the middle of the planet passing by That’s the black hole what the black Hole looked like from where my view was

And uh and there’s a you can see the Black box there That i apparently walked out of when i Fell into this place What a trip yeah it’s quite a trip man I wish everybody could take it and they May get to do it at some point So this there’s another image that you Sent me Um and it was it’s this one here And this this had me kind of like You you’ve got this um the uh Where you’re saying that a skeptic asked You Yeah that’s a sketch yeah that’s these Are zoomed in pictures on top of the Mothership Uh like i said the software has gotten Better i’ve been able to get find better Clarity of the images and and I was onto this thing for several years Before i actually got a clear enough Picture to like Come forth and tell people about it i Think the pictures aren’t great But they’re very clear enough that you Can see that On top of the surface of that that Mother ship that flew over me that i’ve Got the 15 second video of You can zoom in on the steel frames you Can add a little light to it And uh and this is what’s hiding in the Background of it this

This thing has got to be the pictures From a mile away At night of a moving object so it’s not Going to be that great but it is great Enough that you can see that there’s a Huge Creature tiring above the surface of This crap And this thing it looks like uh it looks Like a praying mantis except for the Arms come out of the back and the arms Are way longer than a praying mantis Arms are I showed this thing to a zoologist and He said i I know every creature on the planet and I’ve never seen this thing He said where’d you get that i said show Me the steps of a ufo Stephen so he didn’t want to talk to me Much after that So and you should show it to mr greer He would probably like that he’s he’s Seen he’s taking a picture very similar To that way He shot his shoulder an alien that was In the crowd Um when he did one of his these things Oh yeah but yeah i mean You know if any of this was faked i’d Have been i’d have been called out years Ago i’ve i’ve had debunkers from all Over the world And i have given them the original

Footage and i’ve done I’ve done whatever they asked the American society wanted my pictures at One point To to try to debunk it you know so man I’ve worked with debunkers if you want To debunk it here I’ve given it to them and ain’t nobody Been able to say oh you faked it by Doing this you I’ve had some people make some Outlandish stupid claims but Ain’t none of them oh wait in fact most Of the people that have actually looked At the photos Have said my god you know whatever this Is i can’t imagine It you know you can’t you can’t debunk a Photo from 2011 When you give them that photo because There’s no way anybody could tell What that is for all i know it could be A piece of toast do you know what i mean Yeah you could look at that you can look At the bottom of that picture it’s got The latitude it’s got the longitude it’s Got the time And you could you can go to the sky map And you and you can find the stars in The ufo footage yourself I mean you don’t have to rely on my Information you can get your own Information everything And that you need to debunk that picture

Is at the bottom of it All the details latitude longitude time Location Everything you need to debunk it is Right there because a video will show You Your star field in the background now if You take a picture at night you’re Probably not going to see Any stars in the background but luckily I The video happened to be i thought i was Actually taking a picture of the thing But my phone Was actually still on video and so my Video recorded 15 minutes and after that After that i’m sorry 15 seconds after That 15 seconds my memory was full And i had another ufo sighting after That that i had no I had no way to take any kind of a Picture of it but i’ve seen three Ufos three different ones within about An hour and a half period there On that same night man on that big ship That Flew over me i filed an ffa report a low Craft report That’s a felony to follow that kind of Report and i knew what i’d seen was Authentic You know why would i put myself at risk Of having a felony charge Listen ronnie i i this i definitely

Would not i don’t think you’re a liar or Anything like that i i Think if anything from my experience With talking to different people like Yourself i think some people Possibly do i don’t know go into this This whether you see or not in physical In the physical flesh or whether it you Get these Weird [ __ ] dreams sent to you i don’t Know I mean at the end of the day i think It’s a very Weird something very weird is going on i Mean i’ve had some crazy dreams i Thought you know what that was Just too real to be a dream i’ve never I’ve never had sex with a cat in my Dreams Well i never i’ve never had either i Never had either you know So you said since this last interview Some some weird stuff’s Gone on yeah i said okay in 2020 in February of 2020 Right well you know i i didn’t know i Don’t know if they’re done with me If they you know it had been like but i Know whenever they she had taken that She had taken that sperm in that bottle The the two e.t were talking and she Said save enough for the such and such Clone Project and i’m going oh i heard her say

Clone Okay clone you know i know what cologne Is they’re gonna they’re gonna She’s gonna see some worlds with some of It she’s gonna save some for a clone So apparently they’re planning on Cloning me you know And at one point i thought i said There’s way better genetic samples out Here than me Man i mean all my family has to off to The genetic Society is we have bad we had bad teeth Uh Bad toes and a propensity for violence You know we got nothing to add You know what and she goes no no she Said and she told me she said She said we need genetic samples from Everyone At the stage we’re at now she said we’re Going to need large amounts Of genetic samples from the multitudes Of people And she said we want to know if we if we Make open contact with you world do you Feel like the people of your world would Be willing to donate Genetic samples to us and i’m going i Said yeah i think they would I said you know if if you make open Contact with the people and And people want to be friends and i said Yeah

People you’d be surprised people just Give you give you genetic samples you Don’t have to abduct nobody We donated happily you know and uh And and then she and then she asked me She she said well You know how you know how do you think We should go about Just closing to the people of your world That we exist that we’ve been watching You that the people our world want to Meet People around the world want to be Friends you know she She said what would you suggest and i Said well I said i pointed at the guy in the bed Me and i said look i said nobody’s going To believe anything that he says I said i said nobody people on this Planet they don’t They’re not going to believe this i said I said there’s still people on this Planet that don’t believe that we’re any That are there are any Other intelligent civilizations in the Whole universe And she looked at me with their big blue Eyes like surely nobody could be that Stupid right She just gave me this weird look and i Said people like would believe that you Know and i’m like is that This one oh no the other one yeah and

She looked at me with those eyes like Surely no one said stupid And i i said the people is not going to Believe me when i tell them this I said you’re going to have to give that Guy in the bed i said some Some alien technology made for material Not on this planet Before i could for anyone’s going to Believe that i’ve even having a Conversation with you guys And and she goes uh okay and i said and Then i And then i started thinking you know What well somebody the government would Just probably take it And throw me in jail or do something i’m Like i said okay I said let me change it i said i said What you should do I said you need to we need to enter we Need A worldwide global display of alien Presence i said that’s what we need i Said we need A wake-up call that you’re here that We’re not the only ones in the whole Universe I said that’s what we need a worldwide Global display of alien presence And she said okay well thank you she Said i will i will tell the others What you said you know i said i said i Think that’s where

Where you need to go so this is what Just happened recently Uh no this happened back in 2017. yeah i Haven’t talked about What happened we hadn’t got to 2020 yet Yeah give it to 20 20 because we’re Honest okay let me tell you first about How it was time that she said it’s time It’s time for us to leave and time for You to go back So i’m looking at my body sleep in this Bed and i’m like okay well how do i get Back She said just lay on yourself you know Like and so I got over and i laid right on top of Myself and i just lay there And nothing happened and i looked at her And i said I think i was thinking in my head you Know you guys ain’t really good at this Because This ain’t working you know now i’m Starting to think man i don’t know I’m going to be able to get back you Know maybe i’m like i don’t know maybe My body went into a coma and i can’t Get back or something i don’t know and She said okay get back up So i stood back up beside her and she Said now leap on yourself Okay so i leaped on to myself And this time it felt like i felt 10 Feet man i mean

My tummy my stomach just flipped man it Was like i got sucked in It just and and as soon as as soon as i Hit the hit Hit i woke up in bed i mean i woke up And i looked I was in bed and i looked and there was No e.t standing beside my bed and I had a feeling they were still there That i was in my body now and just Couldn’t see them In fact i even waved at them and I thought yeah you know and i looked and The room looked exactly the same the Wind The the lights coming in around the Windows was the same the lights coming In From the bathroom was the same i see my Wife She’s wearing the same clothes i’d seen Her wearing just earlier when she walked Through the Walk through the bedroom twice wearing The same clothes You know and so i you know i didn’t know I i was kind of curious as you know they Said stuff about a clone i’m going okay Apparently they’re going to clone me Then i started like i checked on the Internet And uh well you know there’s also Another thing that the geneticist At one point she told me she said you

Know she said you guys use a double Helix Model and she said she said you’re very Close to being able to cure most of your Diseases she said you’re going to have a Real problem with population You know with your population control And she said She said y’all you said you use a double Helix you should tell somebody that they Need to use a triple helix we use a Triple helix model Instead of a double hex now i don’t know What the heck she’s talking about Well maybe you should speak i remember Saying it i had to i had to get on Google and double And research what is a double helix what Is that I’m a truck driver with a high school Education i don’t and It’s apparently it’s a dna model it’s a Dna model that we use it’s a double Helix a spiral staircase Dna model Yeah right and she said that we should Use a triple helix and we’d be able to Cure most of our diseases but then we’d Have a huge population control problem And uh so i i’m trying to tell that to People that it might matter to you And i’ve actually seen where some people They’re using like a triple helix model On certain things

And so it’s like we’re headed that Direction you know so It’s like you know i just want to get That out there in case it does Do somebody some good uh i don’t have a Clue what it means But so 2020 um It has been an odd year for everybody But You said you’ve had some Some some going goings on going some Going ons Yeah it was uncle it was you know it was In february In february uh it was it was the odd Deal I mean i’m sitting i was sitting i was Just went to bed i’m sleeping Um you know i’m i haven’t been having Dreams or anything like that i mean i’m Just so tired when i go to bed i just Sleep all night you know And anyway i go to bed with my wife We’re in bed sleeping away And next thing i know It’s somebody’s pulling it felt like i Was laying on the floor and they pulled Me up out of a tube and i’m drunk as Hell And and it’s like i’m in a surgery room I stumble up against like an operating Table I walk over and and i stumble into this Some kind of a

Like a machine in this surgery room and This big ad i could tell that this guy Was an alien it was like a doctor Wearing some kind of a surgical suit I mean everything was covered hands face Everything except for his eyes i could Tell by the size of his eyes that he Wasn’t human And and he said i remember him saying You know you got it He said you got to get him out of here You know so he can’t be in here until he Gets Oriented get him out and so they they’re Escort me out of this surgery room Well they they take me out of the Surgery room i know i have to walk Through this there’s a hazy wall There in this surgery room and i walk Through this thing And when i go through it i feel this Blast of air go by my face It’s like it’s like the pressure on one Side is different than the pressure on The other side And they walked me through this thing And they said hurry up get through here Because we’re losing our sterile Environment And and they walk me out and this is Like a surgical tent They walk me out of a surgical tent and There’s there’s like two guys escort me Big they’re like hefty young uh

Hefty young guys man and there’s like a There’s this like doctor Uh there’s another doctor that’s kind of With them and they and they escort me Out and i notice i’m having Hell walking because it’s like my legs Malfunctioning My legs are like seasoned up and my arms Are like seasoning up and at one point I’m like trying to move my arm in it and It got glitches and when it finally Comes it slaps myself in the face And i’m and i’m disoriented as hell and Then And i mean my vision starts Straightening up but Body is still not working right and i’m Looking around They want me i’m out of they want me out Of a surgical tent And i don’t know where the hell this is At but You can see these white houses and There’s these green grassy fields and These white houses have picked white Picket fences around them And they have manicure lawns and Everything is nice and Nice and neat and freshly painted and And There’s like a big there’s like a valley With these these houses in it there’s Roads Running in between these houses and

There and i’m looking around seeing all This but i still And they every time they let go of me i Try to walk and i end up Falling to the ground hard and i fell to The ground hard and it hurt When i hit it hurt and so they rush over And they pick me up again And then i try to stand up again and all Of a sudden i lose my balance i fall Down again And and finally the the doctor alien She’s like okay just say Just stay there she goes she said you’re Nervous have to like realign you know She said you You’ll be off you’ll be fine just she Said just hold still for a few minutes Until everything starts working and i Just sat there on the ground And uh i noticed my fingers and stuff Finally everything started working all Right you know And i started feeling all right she said I said okay i said i think i can i think I can stand now And so these big these two two stout Guys they held me up And this there’s this alien doctor you Know here I’m thinking it’s the same catwoman it Just kind of looks like her Uh but she’s wearing this this is a Surgical suit

She has the same sort of figure would You say no all you could all you could See is her eyes The surgical sister wearing it was Almost like a one-piece Suit that’s like vacuum to them like Suctioned to them It’s very wrinkly yeah you know It’s it’s almost like they pull a Suction on it just sucks to your skin And stuff and it’s over her and all you Can see is her eyes all you could see Any of those the doctors and surgical People that were in that surgery room All you could see was their eyes but you Could tell by the size of their eyes That they uh They weren’t human but These two young guys that were like Helping they were escorting me out and Helping me get up and stuff now these Guys look They look human except for their skin Was very white and they look Almost too genetically perfect like they And i’m sitting there looking at them And i’m thinking you know at least i bet These guys are They’re either clones or they’re maybe Even androids or something like that i Don’t know but anyway The doctor’s sitting there and And and finally this uh this this You wouldn’t believe this guy there’s a

Guy comes walking up and this guy’s got A straw hat He’s got a straw hat on and he’s not an Attractive man i mean he And he’s wearing these he looks like Somebody on vacation You know he doesn’t look like he’s not Alien he’s not Like an android looking guy like these Other guys this guy looks like he’s Straight Like kind of described what he looked Like he looked like that You seen the the the louisiana guy On the movie water boy you know that’s That spoke the cage you couldn’t really Understand what he was saying You know not an attractive guy that’s That’s who this guy was You know this that’s what the guy looked Like you know so he’s in this like Surgical Room with the straw hat no i’m out of Surgery i’m out of the outside the Surgical tent now I’m standing outside and i’m looking Around at these houses and Rolling hills and grass and white picket Fences and streets These streets look like a car had never Been on them but it was almost like a Model City perhaps like a 50s town or Something like that that had been

Constructed or something And uh why these these as you know as Technologically advanced as these zt Are why they’re working out of us like a It looked like a Surgical tent to me is you know that’s Just a complete mystery Some of the machines and stuff i’ve seen In there was very odd looking like i’ve Never seen anywhere around here but Anyway so she this guy comes walking up And i’m looking at this guy And and she goes she goes she goes here Me Meet ronnie dawson and and the guy says Yeah yeah I’m familiar with ronnie dawson she said No and she said I mean the real ronnie dawson from back There And then the guy’s whole attitude Changes like oh You mean from back back there and he’s Like shaking my hand like oh First trip first trip good to see you You know and i’m like who the hell are You who the hell Are you he said he said um jonathan I think he said his last name was bowie Blues or something like that And it and i’m like man why couldn’t you Be You know jones or smith or something i Could actually spell

You know and he said he’s from south Africa and uh He’s from south africa and i’m like you Know he looks like he’s on vacation with Some kind of crap man i don’t know where You know so here’s another another Earthling here And and i said he said i guess you Figured Out this ain’t earth and i said uh well I said i don’t know where i don’t know Where we’re at he said i don’t need her He said But your first clue this ain’t earth he Said look at that sun and he pointed Like that up And i looked at that sun it was much Bigger than our sun But it was so dim you can almost look at It you know how you look at our sun and It burns your eyes right away Now this this sun you could look at it For almost a second a couple of seconds Before it started hurting your eyes And it was much bigger in the sky than Our sun and i’m looking i’m going man That is odd He said yeah that’s that’s not this Ain’t earth and that’s not our son And he said i don’t know exactly where We’re at and he goes but This ain’t earth and i said yeah i you Know i agree And i and i said well what are you doing

Here I said you know i said you know here’s Another earthly man you know like It’s good to see him in this environment But what the heck are you doing here and He goes He said well he said i’m the second one To get the penile augmentation I said the penile augmentation Sounds like he’s talking about something About you you’re gonna do something in Your penis right I’m like penile mutation he goes yeah You were the first And i and i thought oh [ __ ] and I run my i had wearing these stretchy Shorts And they had these tube socks now i Ain’t wore a pair of tube socks My god 1970 i had This body had a i’m starting to kind of Put to tell you that this has got to be The clone this is probably not me This is the clone they pulled my Consciousness out of my body back here On earth and they put it into a clone It took them two and a half years to Grow a clone to adulthood And when i kind of researched that that Is like to go in they said it takes About The 82 years i’ve seen that on the Internet i don’t know if it was true but Two and a half years later boom here i

Am inside the daggum thing they put my Consciousness into this clone body And and this and jonathan guy was Talking about a piano orientation and i Was the first and he’s His second in line or something like That well i run my hand up down in my Shorts Man it felt like a big old wet noodle in There man where my penis used to be I i pulled out a handful of it and i’m Like i’m looking at it like My freaking god man and Uh i was like oh shhh crap man And uh so i kind of shoved it off back In him shorts and i was like man You know and uh And then here come the here come the the Lady doctor back out You know this was a dream no no Yeah no i mean who could dream this [ __ ] And then so this this the same the same Doctor came walking back out that Was talking to me while i was laying on The ground rolling around And uh she said she said you know our Last meeting ryan she said you Said you were willing to help us to do Whatever it took for our people to meet And go forth right and i said yeah i Said that She said did you mean it i said yeah Yeah i did i You know i’ll whatever it takes to help

You know i’ll do it she said well She as you can see we we had this is Your this is a clone we put the penile Augmentation on so it can better Interact with the female The cat females i don’t remember what She how she said it exactly like i said I i talked texan I can’t tell you exactly how they said It but she said Uh she said we augmented the penis on The clone so i could better interact With the females And uh she said well and we need we need To do a function test And she said we have a young female and It’s going She’s going through the estrous cycle And and She’s and it would help shorten her Cycle and Give her some relief and we need to do The function test so We you know and i’m like Okay so you want me to have sex she said Yes We want you to have sex with this young Female that’s in the tent here and They’re waiting you know it’s like Okay so anyway so And she said you want to drop your Shorts she said because it’s not it’s Going to be painful if you don’t so I pulled down that stretch of shorts and

I kind of felt weird because Jonathan got he’s still sitting there Looking on right I get the gist of this where this is Going ronnie Yeah yeah you you yeah i kind of got the Gist of it too but Anyway this thing this noodle’s hanging Down i mean it’s just Man and uh she pulls out this little Ball of stuff and she squirts it up Under my nose And it and it kind of smelled like a Cross between Sunflower and cat piss really i mean it Smelled like a cat pissed on a sunflower That’s kind of what i thought uh but Anyway She sprayed that under my nose and my God that thing started getting wrong And it stood right i thought it was Going to hit me in the chin And i said good god i said that thing’s Got to be two foot long Well as jonathan got man he it almost Had like it offended him I mean he’s he’s like no he said no they Said 17 inches he said It’s supposed to be 17 inches and i said All right all right john John you know i concur you know when i Look at it i’m like If it ain’t 17 inches it’s very damn Close i would just

Vaguely make you know i yeah i said the Two feet was just you know i just Rambled that And i said yeah i concur jonathan it Does look like it’s 17 inches you know and uh She said they’re waiting on us i am glad You’re talking code Um on youtube um But we are running out of time but It’s a long story short did you did you Even have Do you re this is the more kittens yeah I basically had to go in there and have Sex with this thing in a surgical Environment And uh and the doctor basically told me She said whenever You ejaculate he said make sure your Stay at full penetration until you’re Completely finished And uh anyway after After that they led me back out of the Tent and and they They brought i think they did a Hysterectomy on that young female and They brought it out In the guts in a bag and they wanted me To slide in on that They got it hard again they want me to Slide the gut on it and see if the tip Of it would reach this hole that was in This I guess it was your vagina canal or

Whatever the hell they they had removed From her And so i had to slide it on there again To see if it would reach what they Wanted to reach So and she said thank you she said thank You thank you for helping us And and and she said it’s time to go Back and then boom I was back i mean i woke up in the bed i Was rested like i’ve never been rescued Before I mean it was i guess when your Consciousness is out of your body your Body sleeps great because i woke up It felt great like i was more rested I’ve been in years So so there’s a book yeah There is a book that yeah i’ve had it’s A ronnie dawson ufo story i think it’s 4.99 on Amazon barnes and noble you can get it At walmart And i added this last chapter just here Within the last Uh two weeks i added the last chapter to It because it’s an ebook and as things Happen i keep adding to it so I just put this last chapter in there so So that’s on amazon yeah so the Uh send me the link i’ll put in the Description I think i’m curious i’ve been invited to Speak at the

At the at the laughlin nevada ufo mega Conference And it’s going to be in may i think 23rd Through the 29th or something like that So That’s going to be my first ufo Conference to get to speak at so i’m Gonna Have to tell this story in front of uh Maybe as many as two thousand people if That many show up Film that i’d like to see that yeah get On youtube yeah I’ll be great um so i mean There’s a good comment here that i’ve Pinned up it says i asked Ask you for proof but i don’t know how I’m going to get the proof Well you know you know that’s the thing You know The word estrus is not even in my Vocabulary i Had never used that word did not know What that word was i remember the e.t Saying that word i had to go look and i Had to go get it get on google and look Up what the word estrus means And estrus is just it’s the cycle of cat In texas we call when the cat goes in Heat And uh and it does and i did re-up on it It says when a cat in heat has sex It shortens the cycle and just like the E.t was talking about there

And i’m like the estrous is not even the Word of my vocabulary so If it was a dream why would i dream Words that are not even in my vocabulary Yeah well you know what ronnie you’ve Been uh A very interesting guest tonight and uh I my laughter’s more curiosity I mean i i know i know it’s hilarious It’s you know it’s It’s i know it’s funny but it’s hard to Bite it’s hard to believe too but Apparently uh me and et are working on Whatever it takes to get to Get our people and their people together And i Thought i’d take one for the team i have Taken one for the team I may continue to take one for the team But If that’s what it takes for us to fly Around moons and See other galaxies and live in places That we can’t get to now Hell well what’s taking one for the team So what’s the plan going forward ronnie Uh Like i said they don’t give me a Schedule and whenever i do When they have something going on They’re very agenda focused They don’t have time they don’t want to Sit around asking a bunch of stupid Questions that ronnie has

Yeah they pretty much give me direct you Know directions on what they need done And uh and i’m willing to do it and let Them know that man we’re We’re worth we’re worth the our whole Civilization is worth the Meeting and getting it on so if we could Be helpful and we can be friendly It’s gonna move this thing forward i Think well Ronnie dawson thank you so much for Coming on alien addict And i wish you i wish you all the best With your channel with your book Um with uh your conference that you’re Going To with 2 000 enough people um Choose your words carefully when you’re Up on stage with them talking about the I know it’s hard it’s hard for a guy Like me i’m an orphan worker man so i Have to watch my p’s and q’s But yeah thank you so much for coming on Alien audit ronnie and if you did fine i Enjoyed it Yes it’s been good to have you on again And uh i’ve enjoyed it myself but uh I i’m gonna say good night god bless to You and uh i’m gonna go back to the Channel For a minute say good night to these Guys and uh Yeah thank you my friend all right thank You guys good night

Ronnie dawson ladies and gents um and Boys and girls thank you so much for Sticking with me this year and you know I know I know sometimes um You don’t quite know where the Um the story’s going to go with the Guest star You know you don’t know i didn’t i i Honestly didn’t expect I didn’t expect that when uh i i just Got the images sent and i just thought You know This i i i didn’t know that was gonna go There I don’t know i could have asked that Question if i knew that It was gonna go there mainly because of Youtube um But uh yeah interesting Interesting guessing you know you know What maybe get Me you know lucid dreams and stuff like That i’ve had some really Weird [ __ ] going on but to have these Dreams going on all the time maybe You know maybe there’s something in it Maybe maybe the world Um maybe other worlds does have uh you Know Um people that look like uh the female Version of lionel from thundercats but If i don’t if anybody remember that Thundercats

If you’re from the 80s you’ll remember From What a cartoon that was but yeah people Thank you so much For sticking with me this year um for All the support you’ve done I know i’ve already just started to go Live i’m still learning it My lighting [ __ ] my room is [ __ ] I need to get my studio uh Sorted at some point um But it means a lot means a lot and i Want to thank you To say a massive thank you to all the Patrons as well guys You guys [ __ ] rock you really do um Patreon link in the description that’s a Hint um And also if you have a story you know Send me an email you know if i like the Story I’d like to get you on the show you know Who am i to judge By a story that somebody sends me in an Email i’ll interview you anyway You know you know it might make good Entertainment i mean Sometimes you know i’m going to get that Person on that has these [ __ ] an amazing story like the davids Of this world The john’s of this world um The there’s there’s been quite a few People that i’ve had on the channel this

Year That i’ve just been like you know what This guy is telling the truth Let’s get more females on the channel as Well so if i mean i know i’ve had I’ve had dolly on but i’ve only had one One lady On the channel you know i need to make It a bit more diverse Maybe get some cat ladies on the channel Uh I’d like to get that cat lady on the Channel But uh yeah folks thank you so much Uh it means the world you’ve you’ve Stuck around You if you for people have been Subscribed for it For years they’ve seen me through My old debunking days maybe i’ll go back To that in some Smaller videos once a week now and again Um i’m doing the live stuff because i I’m kind of missing doing the edit The edited stuff i’m missing editing it This i’m not editing it i’m just kind of Like i’ve got a few panels to play about With like christmas grier There that i wish i would put him at the Side but i haven’t And i’ve got a pigeon i don’t know why I’ve got a pigeon back i really did I just i just liked that pigeon i just Thought it was a great pigeon

It’s just like when you look at that Pitch it’s mesmerizing And of course we’ve got blake I love blake especially homer blake I wish i wouldn’t i might ask blake if I’ve got permission to print that on a T-shirt I’ll put third phase and no no Underneath it I wonder if great gray would let me put That on a t-shirt I’ll probably get done by the simpsons Though but yeah anyway People good night gop i want to say good Night god bless Mine the books don’t bite if you have a Guest though That you want to come on Like david he He he got me to email um Ray hernandez and i just i emailed him It was going to be the 4th of march but I managed to get him on last week I have actually emailed Yesterday um tom And i thought you know what i’m just Going to ask him to flat out to come on The channel He’s probably going to say no i’ll just Ignore it But if if we if we spam him a little bit You know Just say come on tom get yourself an Alien addict

We want to know what’s going on with Ttsa But yeah if you’ve got a story people Email it over to Uh in fact i’m gonna put the email up For you on the screen now So anybody that’s watching that’s Carried on watching this Um for this long um We’ll there you go We’ll email me that if you email that With your story Try not to keep it too long you know Give me a nice little treat Not too long because i’m dyslexic maybe Break it up a bit put big capital Letters Give me story i’m not bothered if the if If you’ve just seen a ufo I kind of like there’s not much i can do With that I can’t do much with i’ve seen a ufo and I want to come discuss it If you’ve seen ufos all your life you’ve Been on board the ufo You know you’ve seen a catwoman that Started off in jeans and the t-shirt and Eventually took a whole kit off It’s an interesting story um But yeah whatever ghost stories The paranormal shadow figures you name It I’m into it i’m going to keep the Channel’s name as alien added but it’s

Kind of like Anything addict just wait i’m i’m a Strange channel and it always will be a Strange channel With a strange host i kind of made it my Mind at what this This channel’s about it is an odd Channel i do Know about people but i hope you find it Entertaining Anyway merry christmas people for Christmas that’s just gone and uh here’s To a An amazing 2021 Or at least a 2021 that’s like One percent better than 2020. Mind the bugs though bite love you guys