By | December 27, 2020

I'm one of those police officers That people tell me i'm an overachiever I can't help it if i feel like it's my Duty to keep an eye out for trouble Or problems whether i'm in uniform or Not Emergencies and crises do not like to Keep a schedule So i feel like i should always have a Sense about me Like i'm always on duty but that's just Me One sunday when the wife and the kids Were away And i wasn't sure what to do with myself I took the liberty Of just going for a drive around the Countryside We live out in the rurals because i Don't think i could handle the noise and The chaos of my job And the noise and the chaos of the city When i'm not At work so my home Is my sanctuary to get away from all the Kinds of noise And problems that city brings While i was just cruising along alone On an empty country road you can imagine My surprise When i heard a car alarm it was coming From some place you wouldn't expect A car alarm to come from there was an Expansive

Prairie grass off to the side where There were some woods Far in the distance and the car alarm Is definitely coming from that direction So if somebody out there actually needed Help They were an awfully long way from Finding it So my instinct to be available to Anybody that might need help went out And i put my car in park on the side of The road And went to go explore and investigate To see if somebody was in trouble I may not hear it could have been Nothing People trip off their own car alarms all The time But if it was a real problem a real Emergency They would need help the prairie grass Slowed my progression And part of me was thinking that i Didn't really need to be in a hurry Since the odds were against there being Anything to worry about That view was changed rather suddenly When i came across a heap and i do mean A heap Of bones that towered clear up to a Height About three heads taller than me They appeared to be mostly deer and Similar animals

Something inside of me tried to make me Stop looking at the pile Before i could spot something like human Bones I didn't see any sorry But coming across a bone collection like That was Certainly odd a bone collecting maniac Would be an emergency indeed so i Progressed onward With a sort of determination to get to The bottom Of whatever this was the car alarm was Beginning to be accompanied By loud crashes as if the very vehicle That was in distress was being crushed Or rammed of all the scenarios that ran Through my head None of them could prepare me for what i Finally faced When i came upon the source of the Commotion A titan monster that i can only describe As Bigfoot was manhandling a car It was picking it up and throwing it About And the car alarm wild in distress My head was swimming and i got dizzy With shock anxiety and disbelief Seeing this monster was a mental blow in And of itself Seeing what was doing to a small car was Another

As my senses leveled out i noted That the creature didn't seem angry It was trying to accomplish something What i could not tell It continued flinging the car about Until finally The gasoline in the tank caught a spark In the commotion And erupted into a fireball The bigfoot or sasquatch whatever Gave every indication that this is what It had been waiting for It took up a large tree branch and held It over the fire Until it lit then it took the flaming Branch over to the pile of bones that i Had first encountered And it got the dry bones to catch flame And it became A literal bonfire i don't know that i Had ever before seen such a picture Of self-satisfaction that i had in that Bigfoot That fire was at its proudest Achievement at that moment I was fascinated but i was also still Trembling That was one situation that i hadn't Been trained to handle I tried getting footage on my phone but I could not get a clear Shot without giving myself away And that was a definite no-no I debated on calling the matter in and

Seeing if there was a body to look for After all if there was a car There had to be a driver but my fear and Apprehension Won that day several times i've looked Back And wondered if i should have shot at This thing As big as it was i doubt that bullets Would have done much And besides i hadn't really seen it hurt Anybody I didn't see any human remains in its Tiny little campsite If this story makes it to broadcast has Anybody else out there Seen these creatures use fire If you live in the city you have no idea How good you've got it With the paved roads that are just Outside your door My story happened for the simple fact That i'm the guy that has to deliver Mail and packages To the most remote parts of territory in Arkansas There are some places where you wonder Just how anybody gets In or out let alone by mail But they do and it's very often thanks To me Now these isolated pockets Are full of stories many of them are Known only to the people

That have experienced them and Furthermore They are chalk full of dark secrets that Will never See the light of day i was maneuvering My truck Out in one of those areas where there Isn't a paved road for miles and miles Everything is dirt and gravel paths Memorized landmarks people are very much Alone with their thoughts And in their own little world in those Parts So that by the time there's an actual Problem By the time the word gets out there that There's an emergency It's far too late i had a taste of that When i was delivering some feed to a Farm and was having a dickens of a time With it Just because of the mud i was Fishtailing really bad No matter how i went about driving Because if i went too slow I'd get stuck i was forced to come to a Complete stop Or else i'd hit the overturned cattle Truck that was at a junction Of dirt roads it was the type that had Room for maybe three cows if they were Skinny enough Or two horses i came out to this Particular pocket of nowhere

Often enough to know a few names But i did not recognize the truck or who It could possibly belong to Looking in the truck didn't help much no Driver No animals and no hints as to where they Could be What i did notice is that the seat belt Looked like it had been torn off its Anchor Couldn't have been from any impact since The truck was mostly okay I knew that sometimes you had to cut the Seatbelt if you were stuck But this you can tell it was very much Torn While i was scratching my head over the Whole thing i heard a really bad cry Or whale come from somewhere past the Trees That hemmed in on the junction I was no ambulance but if i didn't look Into whatever was making that hauler They might not get any help of any kind For a very Long time so i steeled my nerves And went to see what was making the Ruckus That was the second time that i was Forced to come to a complete halt But it wasn't because of any obstacle in The path Strewn about all over the ground were Body parts of several cows

Legs bones ribs All still with fresh meat attached Either they had been blown up or torn up But i couldn't think of what could do That Other than a chainsaw i could feel my Heart in my mouth And i was seriously beginning to Question the wisdom of investigating any Further The decision was made for me when i Heard more hollering That time it sounded human I decided to proceed with caution look Before making myself known i crept my Truck at the path And stopped at the top of the hill Looking down i saw a burning heap of Garbage Nothing unusual around parts where There's no public garbage collection What was downright unearthly though was The sight of some Giant monkey thing and i mean this Sucker was huge And it had a hold of a portly man Gripping the poor guy by one leg The man was struggling for all he was Worth to free himself From the giant animal's paw but he was Locked in Like a vice the monster Began slowly peeling off his clothes as If it was peeling an orange

That flannel shirt must have been really Well made because it wasn't coming off Without ripping off the man's right arm Along with it And the monster had no qualms with doing Just that The way that man bellowed in agony still Comes back to me when i'm trying to Sleep The creature seemed fascinated by the Way the arm popped off With a meaty sound so it began pulling Off the other man's limbs With the sociopathic fascination of a Scientist Performing a vivi section the man's Scream started to sound more animal than Anything else And a hopelessness began to settle into My own chest Since i knew that if he was being torn Apart like that There was no way an ambulance would be Able to get out here in time to save him He was a goner after losing just one Limb for sure He would be gradually losing all of them This thing flung the man aside like a Child That was done pulling the wings out of a Helpless insect It turned its attention to a nearby heap Of maimed cattle That were in the same shape the man was

Apparently humans aren't appetizing Just fun to torture i was hoping that Sasquatch was going to take his dinner Elsewhere But he never did he stayed nearby The poor guy until there was no point in Trying to hold out to save him It felt like it took forever for me to Get out there Since i had to move quietly getting Caught on that occasion Wouldn't get me a quick and painless Death And looking back it really gets me How the most horrifying aspect of the Experience Wasn't seeing the monster i've heard Reports With a mere sight of this thing is Enough to make people Quake in their boots no For me the worst of it was the screams Of that Poor man that the monster was toying With It wasn't the least bit phased by his Screaming You would have thought it was deaf the Second most horrifying thing of all Is that the guilt that i feel for not Being able to save him I know that it was one of those Situations beyond anybody's control But i can tell you that god made us to

Help one another And to fail in doing that is to go Against the way you're made And it hurts it hurts really bad It's like failing to find a partner in Life or failing to provide Food and shelter for your kids it leaves You feeling Empty cheap and unworthy But you don't care about my mental Crisis You all care about monster stories so There's mine if any of you out there See one don't trust them Just because they don't care for human Meat don't mean they won't hurt you