Beyond UFOs (Interview with Rey Hernandez)

By | December 24, 2020
Beyond UFOs (Interview with Rey Hernandez)

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict on a very very special Christmas eve Eve because we’ve got none other than Ray hernandez on tonight and uh I i’ve been really looking forward to Getting rayon for quite a while now but I Actually got the bottle to ask him to Come on the other day And it was going to be scheduled for the 4th of march But he is here with us tonight and he is The co-founder Of the edgar mitchell free foundation And the ccri foundation and Ray welcome to the channel and thank you So much Again for just coming on a such short Notice Well thank you for the invitation uh Today i was uh free at this time And so it was a good good scheduling Well right before We i i start mumbling on um Can you just kind of tell us a little Bit about How this all started for you okay just For anybody who hasn’t heard it already Okay first of all um Uh i have an academic background i went To cornell university which is an ivy League school for a master’s degree I then was a phd candidate at the

University of california berkeley And then i was a professor um for quite A Quite a long time at the the city University of new york And and at the new school for social Research And i’ve been working as a as an Attorney now for The last 2 2 years And so i was a total um Atheist materialist I had no conception at all about the Paranormal About the ufos near-death experiences Out-of-body experiences Uh the the topics of consciousness Uh whatsoever uh and then In uh march i believe it was march 4th Of 2012 My wife and i had an experience and i’ll Give you a very very brief rundown of it Because To describe the details would take a Very very long time but Basically we had a 15 year old dog a Jack russell terrier that Was very very ill and then uh one night She became Completely paralyzed my wife had uh Had returned i told her and Obviously she was quite hysterical Because i was like our first child Uh we cared for her like like a daughter

Our own daughter And um and she began to pray all night My wife was born and raised in In mexico a hardcore catholic And uh prayer for her was very very Common So she prayed all night and me being the Good atheist I said you could pray all the all the You know full letter word you want Okay it’s nothing’s gonna happen Tomorrow we’re gonna be uh uh putting Her to sleep you know we’re gonna Euthanizing her and I recalled our vet and we got it Scheduled So in the morning uh the dog woke us up She was barking because that’s the only Thing she could do And we checked her out she was still Totally paralyzed so i went back to Sleep my wife carried her down the Stairs to go to the bathroom In the living room she saw an object That was floating four feet off the Ground And the object looked like an upside Down u the letter u But it was it was large it was big it Was roughly Two and a half feet wide by about three Feet in height Okay an upside down letter u And she described it as uh semi-metallic

To full metallic because it was coming In and out Of reality yeah you know our dimension You could see it like fully Uh materialized and then sometimes It was semi-transparent and then Uh being the good mexican catholic that She is And she was praying all night for this She thought it was her angels Her angel had come and visited her so She knelt down and started praying Okay and so um she then Started calling me right right right and I was like [ __ ] you know this is sunday morning you Know she’s waking me up at six o’clock You know Probably for a little cockroach or a Little mouse or something like that you Know I totally ignored her right right right And i s And then i wanted to sleep right you Know like anyone would So she ran upstairs she hauled me out of Bed physically And i was what’s going on what’s going On you’ll see you’ll see but what’s Going on what you wake me up for You’ll see you’ll see and so she like Ran down the stairs and i followed her And i was like maybe four or five steps You know behind her

And then um when she got to like the Bottom rung Of the of the floor all of a sudden she Disappeared Okay and this happened quickly like Instantaneously what i’m about to tell You All of a sudden some type of Intelligence took over my mind Okay i had uh no peripheral vision all Around me Okay so everything around me was dark Only a certain area if you could go like This And see like you can only see in a Certain area everything around Is dark okay it was like that and then The only area that i could see Was um i was seeing uh what i now call An Energy b and let me describe it to you It was approximately two feet wide By a foot and a half in height okay And uh inside was all this wavy energy Like you’ve seen those uh videos of a Desert mirage Waves like that it was something similar To that and it was Multiple colors inside okay and it was Also semi-translucent i could see You know the couch behind it you know so It was semi-transparent And then um in my mind i’m looking at This thing

And i thought to myself ah she woke me Up for this crap It’s [ __ ] you know i’m going back to Sleep and i went like that ah this [ __ ] you know So i turned i didn’t even care that my Wife had disappeared the dog had Disappeared That i’m watching this energy being in Front of me i had no conception that my Mind Was being influenced okay so i Walked up the stairs i remember putting My hands on my chest looking straight up And i was completely knocked out Okay when i woke up about an hour later I was fully conscious now and i was like What the You know what four-letter word you know That i ran down the stairs And then my my wife like poof reappeared Again you know She looks down she sees the dog running Around the entire living room fully Healed like a teenager Okay and she was celebrating hallelujah Hallelujah the angels carried the angels Angels cured her This is in spanish you know uh los Angeles And in my head was like an atom bomb Blew up in my head You know you know i didn’t have words i Was speechless

I was like you know like what now you Know And and then after i composed myself i Asked my wife I said what happened all my angels came You know blah blah and she described it And And they healed her look at her you know I said well look at the time it’s seven O’clock An hour passed where were you where did You go and you disappeared in front of Me So i didn’t go anywhere you know later On we found out that she had an hour of Missing time About 50 55 minutes What she remembered was that she had Gone down the stairs After you know she had woke me up She looked down the dog was running Around you know completely healed And she started to celebrate so she had No memory at all where she was for those 55 minutes Now the dog even before her paralysis She couldn’t run she couldn’t jump She like was like a 95 year old lady With arthritis She was very very ill okay but now she Was running around like a little puppy I mean physically she didn’t look like a Puppy she looked like what she looked Before

But but physically she was like you know Running around You know the the whole living room and Jumping you know and And so um then i asked her what she saw And she drew what she saw and then i Told that’s not what i saw i saw Something totally different I drew what i saw and we had two Different stories And what it was was that when she Encountered that object in the living Room I wasn’t there and then when i Encountered that energy being in the Living room she wasn’t there It was total chaos total bedlam you know And so after we finished comparing notes And discussing this and to her is like You’re an atheist You wouldn’t know was my angel came and Cured her i was praying all night To to the virgin mary and then it Appeared you know And i was like that was a virgin mary You know there’s some paranormal [ __ ] You know i don’t know what the [ __ ] is Going on you know So immediately i went to the air Afterwards to the internet it was all Paranormal this paranormal this Paranormal this I had no idea it was ufo related uh even Though she said the word in spanish

Uh navi she said it uh It looked like a small craft okay but i Never associated that with with ufos Because I always thought ufos were outside right So what had happened was like about a Month later The dog woke her up at um i kept on Sleeping at 3 30 in the morning she got Up thinking the dog wants to go to the Bathroom So the dog goes outside and um And then she hears this very very loud Noise for like a minute the noise Stopped And she described like a 747 jet then She looked up and it was a hood a huge Goody blimp You know uh right on top of her you know And then this is how she starts off she Goes oh my angels came and visited me Last night They came in a beautiful angelic craft It had Beautiful colors just like the stained Glass windows of our church All around its edges you know and i said What what the hell you talking about you Know And then i said draw what you saw and Then said she drew it you know more or Less I said you saw a ufo she goes no it Wasn’t a ufo it was my angels you know

You wouldn’t understand because you’re An atheist you know And so then began her going out night To pray to see her angels Calling them down and these huge ufos Would appear okay And then um about six months after that Initial experience Um i called down uh her the Ufo that she had been uh calling down And interacting with And like 15 minutes later this huge Object appeared Um when you said you called it down how Did you call it down Well she had been uh the night before I had seen this video of this man named Prophet yahweh Who’s this heavyset african-american man Speaking in hebrew You know i don’t know if it’s a prayer Or what because i don’t know what the Hell he was doing In the middle of the day and he had a Camcorder and then With these little tiny ufos would appear In the sky okay And then i remember the video that i saw That i remembered was one with a camera Crew From a television studio and they were Making fun of this guy like he’s a crazy Madman calling down the ufo but they had A professional you know

Camera man you know and they were able To uh to zoom in And they saw this little ufo hovering in The sky Uh when they zoomed in and so Immediately they said Okay back to the studio back to the Studio like this [ __ ] is real you know Let’s get out of here You know and they cut him cut him off Quickly you know And so i remembered that and so i said Okay i’m gonna Try to call it down you know and um And and so what i did is i just uh uh Requested it with a lot of love uh to Communicate with them to give them Thanks because my wife had uh Had been interacting with them and she Had the the ability To to to call them down and and to say Thank you you know for healing our dog So in the beginning i was like you know Killing time because i was waiting for a Friend of mine to come by And then um then i became more sincere And after like 15 minutes of doing this You know wanting to see them you know At the end i was very very emotional you Know very very sincere you know And then after 15 minutes i was looking Around every minute or so Nothing was around there and so i uh i Said

I can cuss here on the show you can say What you like on this show Okay i said what a [ __ ] [ __ ] you Know i’m going [ __ ] crazy Calling down a ufo i’m [ __ ] going Down the rabbit hole real quick I need to stop this [ __ ] because i’m [ __ ] going crazy right so as soon as I had that thought Okay in my mind right on top of my next Door neighbor’s house five feet from the Roof Was this huge object and it was like a Hundred meters like a football you guys Called a pitch right Like a football pitch up and like six Football pitches going straight back And had three segments the middle Segment was like this huge Long object the first segment in the Front was like this huge round Object and the back was another huge Round object And it wasn’t fully materialized it was Comprised of Uh hundreds and hundreds of streaks of Light Okay that formed like the whole shell of The object Okay all around it and inside was all This white energy that was moving around But it was semi-transparent you could See the clouds behind it okay And so then i heard a voice

Daddy you and mommy have seen ufos next Time you guys see a ufo You call me daddy all right don’t forget Right so in my head I said my daughter wants to see the ufo My daughter wants to see it okay Now my daughter had just turned 10 years Old okay so what Rational father would call Their daughter who just turned 10 years Old to come outside To be literally 30 feet which is 10 Yards Okay um like uh maybe uh One one one fifth of a pitch you know uh Uh in distance very very close the Bottom of that of that um Of this object okay but you can get a Rock and throw it and hit the bottom of It That’s how close this was okay no father Would do that okay but in my head Was like my daughter wants to see it Okay so i ran to the window Because remember this is on top of my Next door neighbor’s house okay So i ran to my uh the house my house and I’m calling my daughter and She opens up the window what is it i Said hurry up run outside there’s a ufo Hello ray It’s been beamed up We are we seem to have lost ray for a Second then i’m sorry he’ll be back

Um i hope he’ll be back He spoke too soon Um ray if you can hear what i’m saying You might want to drop back out and drop Back in i’ll message you Um interesting I’ve got a stable connection yep i’ve Got a stable connection Okay um Yep he’s he’s he’s he’s gone fingers Crossed he’ll come back In guys um but guys In the chat uh i’m sorry if i don’t Get to read exactly what you’re saying I’m just kind of Concentrating on what um rey’s Is saying it’s a lot to take in um And i want to get onto the subject of uh Edgar mitchell When he comes back home because um he Was like he worked with him and Uh great friends so let me just uh Message ray again Sending the link he will be back on Don’t worry people Unless he’s been taken i don’t think He’s been taken Invite Copy This has never happened before There we go paste sent link Sent him the link again fingers crossed He will be back on Um merry christmas people one and all

Um it’s uh Two days in the uk now away from Christmas There we go steven thank you and i need To ask ray what he thinks of steven Greer I don’t know it’s probably i don’t know I don’t know if there i don’t i don’t if The bodies are not probably not That my guess because he said he doesn’t Like a lot of the bs in that goes on Ufology So um let’s see Ray where is ray let me message him Ray if you can hear me um just click on The link again And join back in when you can um I don’t know what happened there but Uh we’re waiting and very we’ve got the Audience is very intrigued So i’m no good on my own here like I can’t do a goof on and do And talk to you guys when it’s just me Unless i’m making a scripted video Which uh goof on in the chat you’re very Talented man Very handsome man as well um I wish ray had opened a beer up and Joined me because It’s the first time i’ve heard him curse But um yeah it’s uh it’s been a funny Old year guys that i thought they said This Let’s just invite ray hernandez on to

End the year with And uh in for january for the new year We’re getting stephen greer on Um if we get the ball to send him in but I don’t think he’ll come on though In fact i’m positive he won’t come on i Just want him to come on so i can Introduce him to home agree i don’t Think he’d be impressed But um let’s see what’s going on here Where is ray See this is why You can do a video that’s not live And when it messes up you can edit that Bit out But uh there he’s back he’s back in the House He’s back in the house people there we Go you know the computer crashed You look like terminator the whole thing Crashed I thought Maybe it’s the green screen like you Said you said the green screen yeah Anyway the computer crashed man so Anyway Where did i leave off i was talking to My daughter and The football pitch you see we’re Watching this thing yeah but Basically uh um um Let me try to summarize here quickly um There was Telepathic communication that took place

Um And uh um it was only afterwards that i Realized That they also had influence over my Mind as well Because the way um my friend with his Um uh with his wife and their 17 year Daughter came by All of us had cell phones no one even Bothered to take a picture or video of This And the reason was i found out later on Is that Whatever this intelligence is it can um Upload Your information okay of who you are all Your memories Upload it up and they could download Whatever information they want Okay for example my daughter never told Me that Okay so they i had uploaded like my Memory banks you know my computer chips Of of how my daughter speaks and Everything up And they were able to download then um a Voice of my daughter Telling me something okay which exact Sounded Exactly like her they were able to um To change what we were watching what i Had described Um in a blink of an eye why because when My friends came

My adult friends uh they were Questioning trying to explain this away And so in my head i um i thought Uh to whatever this was this Intelligence i said You better come up with some better [ __ ] Than this man because my friends don’t Believe you Okay because they were trying to explain It away instantaneously what i just Described to you Disappeared and they were replaced by Hundreds of Super large stars like for example like 20 times the size of venus Okay but these weren’t stars that were In the sky They were like inside that object okay Um If you could just imagine where that Object was okay you have All these stars and they were blinking On and off like this Or a bit like looking into what when you Look You when you see a black hole in the Movies and it shows the other side No no no let me give you a better Explanation um In um um you know in bikes people when They ride bikes Let me turn this on here people when They ride bikes Uh they have like these uh flashers on

The back that are like this Yes okay that’s exactly what it was Except they were large These stars were were very large and Then these stars would take their turns Of powering up to like the size of the Moon you know and then powering back Down again And then like 10 minutes after watching This my friend said oh We got things to do we got to go you Know that’s not normal Okay you’re watching once in a lifetime Experience And all of a sudden you got to go you Know and then uh my daughter and i Stayed for another 15 minutes watching This And um and all of a sudden i felt i was Being attacked by mosquitoes Okay and then um i couldn’t take it Anymore and i grabbed my daughter and i Said come on let’s go inside these Mosquitoes are killing me So once i go inside and i’m telling my Wife what had happened And my daughter goes to me daddy there Were no mosquitoes outside And then it was like the hypnotist you Know snapped his fingers You know and i woke up and i realized What had just happened I was like in some type of a semi trance Where you have the ability to think

And react but like you couldn’t cross a Certain line You know like taking videos and pictures And things like that Um it was like a semi trance I have no better way of explaining that But then i realized like What actually had happened and i ran Downstairs grabbed my video camera I had a professional camera um you know Video Recorder professional camera and i ran Outside Nothing nothing was there and then it Was Afterwards i said my god you know i Realized why inside my living room I totally did not care that my wife had Disappeared i did not care that i was Watching this object Because i then realized that whatever This intelligence is It can get inside my mind totally Influence my mind and my thoughts Okay it can make me believe that i’m Being attacked by mosquitoes Okay um it can uh also what later on Found out through my experience is that What we were watching these were Recreations Okay these are like visual recreations It’s like um Like an animation graphics you know like In a virtual reality that we’re seeing

Okay that they have that ability to put That In our thoughts okay so a little bit Like When you see the matrix when they can Exactly Exactly that’s exactly what it is okay In um later on i’ll talk about our Research study And in that research study we had Literally thousands of different types Of beings That people were describing okay and so You know it leads you to speculate you Know did the six foot Owl being with legs Come from the six foot owl planet you Know In some other constellation or were These Recreations okay to make you feel more Comfortable Okay to interact with okay and um And and um also uh uh i will get into That aspect later on But basically uh with my experiences um There was another series of events that Occurred Where they gave me spirituality and they Gave it to me through a series of Near-death Related experiences uh with Anyway i won’t go into detail it’ll take Too long but um

Over this four-month period they Triggered these three events Over a three-day period one after Another And that’s when you know i realized that I was an eternal spiritual being Okay and for the first time ever i Talked to You know our universal creator okay Some uh some people the religious Referred to as god but You know to me it’s it’s the the one Mind the universal mind And to these uh entities that have been Interacting with me which i call modern Angels You know for lack of a better term and Then um Uh for the organization the dr gametro Free foundation It was formed over a two-day period and Let me briefly describe it because to Get into the details Takes a very long time but basically i Was driving to work at 8 30 in the Morning To go to downtown miami um there’s a Major Road route 836 which is a major highway Like four or Five lanes on either direction uh going Into Uh downtown miami florida and then i was Listening to this um

Interview on the radio and all of a Sudden I wasn’t in the car anymore okay now Mind you this is the middle of a traffic Jam Okay all of a sudden um i’m in Nothingness Okay i’m i’m only mind i don’t see Anything i don’t hear anything Uh i don’t touch anything whatever i’m Just pure Consciousness okay then all of a sudden Um Uh my i’m materializing inside This reality where i’m inside this huge Gigantic cart you know like a wheel cart Okay yeah um and it’s slowly spinning Around And inside the the weir cart there’s Different sections you know like a cart Okay and inside each section was like an Animated Video okay so i’m looking at each one And there was like maybe 10 of those Different ones going all around And each one i looked at it and i knew What each one was Okay i now call them the contact Modalities Those are all the different ways that Humans are piercing the veal Of our reality and having contact with Non-human intelligence So one of them i would look at and i

Said okay that’s ufo contact Like i knew it and it wasn’t a voice That was telling me this it was like Straight Information going into my consciousness The next one i knew that was near death Experiences The next one i knew that was out of body Experiences the next one those are People that are Communicating with deceased people you Know deceased ghosts and spirits okay The next one does uh uh um Uh hallucinogenic journeys okay You try dmt you try mushrooms you know Magic mushrooms and Boom here’s a mantid being right in Front of you like saying Look right you’re [ __ ] up you know you Need to do this you need to do that you Know And um and actually uh to talk about That topic uh Um numerous universities around the World finally got permission to do Studies On dmt and psilocybin the ingredient in Magic mushrooms one was the leading Medical school the united states John hopkins school of medicine that’s Considered you know one of the top Medical schools in the united states And it was conducted by these professors Of psychiatry

And they were looking at psilocybin and Dmt Excuse me as um as uh cures For people that suffered depression Alcoholism things of that sort And uh and it was found in a researcher In latin america a medical doctor that I’ve been working with dmt In ayahuasca for many many years and It seemed to cure you know um drug Addiction Depression um different types of Mental uh disorders you know mental Health disorders And and so they finally got the Authorization to do that at several Major universities Throughout the world not just the us so Anyway um Um so all these different ways You know channeling for example was Another one okay Uh meditation people are meditating all Of a sudden they pop out of their body And having encounters And teachings and things of that sort so And then all of a sudden it was um again Information it wasn’t a voice that was Telling me These are all the different ways that Humans Are communicating with us okay And humans are studying separate and Distinct phenomena

Okay but in fact it’s one phenomenon Okay and um it said the glue That was the word they used glue wasn’t A word it was a concept The glue that’s holding it all together Humans are calling it consciousness But in fact what it is is the very Fabric of our reality Okay and then it said um you need to Inform humanity Of the relationship between us whatever Us is you know this intelligence okay Consciousness you know the fabric of our Reality and the spirit world Okay and the spirit world the Relationship between Us consciousness and the spirit world I said uh uh there’s two criterias here This is not about You getting wealth it’s not about money Okay and secondly Uh you’re gonna need help and the people That uh Are gonna be helping you have to be People with minimal ego So when i heard that minimal ego boom I’m back in my car Listening to this man doing a Documentary About uh his liposuction he was doing Art fat You know from his liposuction and it Didn’t skip Us a beat you know uh uh it continued uh

To to the second of when i was taken out But yet I was out in this other reality for like At least 20 minutes Okay so i was taken outside of Space-time Okay now that experience that happened To me we eventually asked it in our Research study which i’m going to talk About in a couple of minutes And that research study uh revealed that 50 Of the 4 200 people that took our Surveys From over 100 countries in the english Language survey 50 Were taken out of their bodies into Another reality Into a matrix reality Okay so right okay Here’s here’s what what oh yeah So what what point in this because i’m Just a bit Like i know we i know we want to talk About the other stuff here but You you got edgar mitchell mitchell Involved in this Okay okay all right yeah this is the Situation The continuation of this story okay when I got home that afternoon I got an email from mary rodwell and Mary rodwell is one of the world’s Leading

Researchers on ufo contactees And abductees okay and um What had happened this event occurred in May Of 2013. so it’s a little bit over a Year after that initial experience in Our living room And what had happened was that after i Saw that huge ufo I began having tons of paranormal Experiences Okay and the one i just told you it’s Just one example Okay but it was literally like every Week there was some stuff you know Going on and some much more powerful Like that That experience that i told you about And others less Okay and um and so in october of 2012 I had sent an email out to numerous People In the ufo field um mary rodwell was one Of them Okay and so i only got two responses Back One was by this man named whitley Strieber oh some People okay he sent me a a response back And the other was a man named grant Cameron okay And it was basically like hey hang in There buddy you know um It was very short and cryptic you know

And um So he was mary rodwell uh responding to An email that i’d sent her in october And her email read Dear ray i’m sorry i’m responding now to An email that you had sent Me six months ago but it just popped on My computer today Okay and it was the same day of that Experience And if you ever interview mary rodwell Ask her about that And she will verify that to you i would Love to Okay um is there a way we could pause This for like a minute my daughter is Calling me from mexico Not a problem right i’ll tell you what I’ll drop you out and i’ll and As soon as you you are ready you you Kind of you just come back on me Okay let me see i don’t know how to drop Out of this Ah there you go there you go i’ve i’ve I’ve dropped you out right I’ve dropped you out wow Wowzers i need one of these backgrounds I need a ray background I need a green screen i was just Explaining to ray Earlier on before ray when you’re ready Just wave your hands about because i can See you in the bottom corner but Just kind of like yeah um but yeah

I need to get something green behind me Uh So i can um have a better background Than my living room um but My wife is working from home these days So We’re to be fair i’ve been in the living Room for quite a long time Um but guys how are we in the chat Are we good is everybody having a good Evening Partly a full house tonight uh but yeah The um the interesting thing Um with how i got wanted to get why i Wanted to get rayon In the first place was uh if you Remember the interview i did with david The guy who was Completely blurred out there’s a picture In that interview where david is Um totally blurred out And you can see him next to travis Walton and Ray hernandez who are interviewing right Now And he said um which is exactly what ray Was just explaining earlier that Because david went to that because he Was seeking out the answers Just like we all are and he was talking About the ufos and he’s not seen any Ufos and then Ray turned around to david and said well Have you ever thought about just looking

For them You know just going out and uh Ray are you are you ready you ready yeah He’s ready he’s waving his rate is He’s uh he’s here he’s back in the game I was just i was just explaining then About david uh the question that dave One of the Questions that david did ask you was um About ufos And he hadn’t seen any and you said well Have you ever tried looking for them Oh yeah yeah i mean i i’ve called down i I tried calling down ufos four times And three times i was successful there Were these huge objects Um like i told you about um the most Recent one was actually at the home of Another attorney He lives uh uh north of tampa His name is mike murberg and maybe you Want to have him on On air he he’s graduated from princeton University about ivy league school he’s Now an attorney He’s my age he’s about 65 or so and um And it was a huge object that appeared Very low to us i was difficult telling The distance But um i don’t know 100 meters To uh 200 meters uh up And it was a cylinder cylinder Uh silverish color had no wings with Like a pure cylinder

It was the size of two school buses you Know um And it flew like right above us and cut You know Like right at an angle so we could see It perfectly what it looked like And there was a um um Besides mike and i was two other people There and one guy yelled Look look it’s got no wings it’s got no Wings okay Now the interesting part also about how It influenced your mind right He had a very powerful camera one of the Big gigantic ones You know he didn’t even have that Rolling Okay and we were seeing this thing Coming to us okay And then after it came you know through Us right Mind you the guy next to him you know Friend of his said look it’s got no Wings it’s got no wings And afterwards he goes oh it’s probably A secret military plane You know and it’s going to that air Force base that’s in it’s In that direction okay and and to me in My head was okay it’s probably a secret Military play You you get what i’m getting at you know How it totally Controls your thoughts okay

Just just a quick one on that ray before We move one on On what what are your thoughts i don’t Know if i’ve seen anybody ask you this But what are your thoughts on The tic tac ufo and what people have Taught and ttsa yep first of all i don’t Like to use the term ufos i’m using it Now for your audience members Yeah i know you like uap uap is better Why Because the vast majority of what people Are seeing are not What can commonly described as physical Crafts Okay um they’re usually all Sorts of light uh configurations in the Sky And um but this stereotype of Materialist Ufology is a physical craft that people Are Seeing in terms of the tic tac to me It’s like You know what the [ __ ] Has ufology given us in 80 years They’ve given us ufo pictures ufo videos You know what the [ __ ] what else is There After you’ve seen ufos after you call Them down some of them up close and you Have you’ve had all these paranormal Experiences associated with it You’re saying these people are totally

[ __ ] brain dead they’re totally Clueless They don’t understand that it’s it’s So much more comprehensive than just the Physicality Of these experiences okay what really is Much more Important is the paranormal aspects of The phenomenon after you’ve had contact Experiences For example last night i was talking With this man Who initially perceived all his Experiences as highly negative He had an abduction okay a ufo abduction He wrote a book about his abduction Okay um uh i’ll i’ll give you his name Later on Okay and and he’s spoken like maybe five Or six Conferences they won’t invite me but They will invite People that have had abductions to speak You know because that sells books okay He he had like 400 reviews On his book that’s selling on amazon and And me i’ve had it now for three years And uh You know if we’ve had like 500 people to Buy that book you know Uh that’s a lot okay so For anybody that wants to check your Book out it is in the description and This this

Is beyond ufos this one here is that Right yeah beyond ufos if you send me an Email You don’t even have to buy the damn book If you send me an email i’ll send you Or 120 page chapter one i’ll send you Another Chapter from our book and a summary of Our data And the email is info info At info and if you like the Materials i sent you then you could Order this book It is heavy it’s a 820 pages okay And it’s not filled with [ __ ] okay It’s filled with real data From our five-year academic research Study so again it’s info and if you want to Straight go ahead and order the book It’s at amazon so you just go to amazon And type in beyond ufos And there’s another book with the same Title so type in Uh beyond ufos um from the dr edgar Mitchell free foundation and you You’ll you’ll find it so um but but Anyway Let me tell you how free got formed this Organization that did this book in this Research study So here was mary rodwell that sent me an Email the same day that i had this out

Of body experience I then emailed back and i said look mary This is all the stuff that’s happened in The last six months Okay you know some crazy [ __ ] okay And uh and this is what happened today And so she was like oh my god right you Know we need to talk So she showed me how to use a skype i Had never used any of these platforms For internet platforms i had never had a Need for it So we talked like 1 30 in the morning my Time In new york um actually it was in miami But it’s Eastern standard time and then i told Her look mary i gotta go to work Tomorrow You know can we continue she says yes Okay so the very next morning this is 25 Hours After that initial experience okay at 9 30 in the morning i got a phone call Hello is this ray hernandez i said yes Who’s this Dr rudy shields who i have no idea who This man was Okay this man was a professor for over 45 years of Astrophysics at harvard university Okay he had written Over 300 academic papers In astrophysics many of them on black

Holes Okay and he had called out stephen Hawkings and many of his last papers Saying Hawkins was completely wrong about black Holes okay And this is where he was wrong okay well Towards the end of his life stephen Hawking came out publicly said yes i was Wrong about black holes okay and this is Correct and and it was actually rudy’s Theories from like 15 years earlier So this man is like a like a stephen Hawking type Okay and and i didn’t know who this man Was i found out later on So he was calling me at 9 30 in the Morning and It says mary didn’t marry rodwell didn’t Send you an email i said Not that i know of and in fact she did i Just never opened it up because it was Early in the morning 9 30. And so he says uh you know are you able To talk to me You know about your experience uh Yesterday i said sure So then we spoke for over 90 minutes and Then during that conversation he told me All about His work with dr edgar mitchell and Other phd physicists On unconsciousness okay and the theory Of all

Of our multiverse and then he told me That the experience that i had Was of dr edgar mitchell’s quantum Hologram theory of consciousness how All of these experiences are all Interrelated it’s actually one Phenomenon And he said he had just finished writing A paper i forgot the exact title but In that title it had the modern miracles You know in it Uh which is that all the paranormal is All one phenomenon And so we were there talking like for 90 Minutes at the end of it he says look Ray You were told of a mission that you need To do you know and i was like What are you talking about mission he Goes they told you to do this you know And i and to me it’s like i never really Thought of it that way Okay and um and he says look uh if you Need help i will be your scientific Advisor I’m here to help you you know and i’m Like this guy’s a loony bird you know I don’t know what the hell he was Talking about right so then he says uh Write down this telephone number so i Wrote it down blow a blow i thought it Was his Telephone right and he says there’s a Telephone number of my mentor

So i’m saying to myself who in helping Can be this guy’s mentor This guy’s like 75 years old retired Professor From harvard and astrophysics i think Well who’s your mentor and he goes Dr edgar mitchell okay And so uh as a matter of fact i’m going To give edgar a call right now and let Him know of our conversation That’s it that’s a dr egger mitchell the Sixth man to walk on the moon Uh phd from mit in aeronautical Engineering He was there at mit when they were Building the lunar Uh module the lunar lander okay So when apollo 13 had its problems uh Edgar told me that he was three people In that movie with tom hanks Because he had been there while they Were constructing the lunar module at Mit And um and he’d be learning from them in Case later on there was something that Went wrong with it and that’s actually What happened in apollo 13. And edgar had on his wall the Presidential medal of freedom Which is the highest award that a Civilian can earn And this is after edgar had retired from From the military from the navy richard Nixon the us president

At that time gave him that award okay And but more importantly for edgar after He came back from the moon he had a um A paranormal experience out in space Okay uh it’s called a samadhi Experience where all of a sudden he had Like universal knowledge That we’re all interrelated you know There’s no separateness And he was like you know and all uh it Came and then like after a minute or so It just disappeared And he was like what the hell was that You know and so when he came back he Wanted to learn what had happened to me To him and he learned from a professor Of religion That it’s called a samadhi experience And that’s written in the Uh in the indian text of vedic text yeah He said that this happened This has happened to other astronauts as Well though correct They’ve not spoke about it but yeah this Is habit over astronauts oh yeah yeah he Told me that um Many of the us astronauts and cosmos Have had paranormal experiences in space Um he told me tons of details because i Eventually was at his house over 20 Different times And so anyway so i give him a call oh But i wanted to say What edgar should be recognized more

Than anything else was that he had Started the institute for noetic Sciences And this is uh now the world’s leading Academic research institute On the psi phenomena okay um commonly Known as esp Okay and um and also they dabble a Little bit with uh with the paranormal Channeling Um uh and other aspects of the Paranormal So that’s the institute for noetic Sciences a Major academic research institute and so Um So i give edgar a call like four hours Later because i was [ __ ] scared you know to give him a call I knew who he was right So he goes uh ray uh what are you doing Tomorrow i’m Going to go to work he says can you take Some time off tomorrow and Come and see me and um i said sure He says i live in uh in lake worth Florida which is like 90 minute drive He says you could take the turnpike take The exit and it was like you know 90 minutes from where i lived and he Says how about tomorrow at 10 o’clock So here i was a little bit more than 48 Hours After that initial experience and i was

At the home of dr edgar mitchell And i was there for a total of six hours And he told me Everything about his life he just went Into so many details You know you tell me about edgar and I’ll tell you okay His parents earned uh owned two stores In roswell Okay uh uh nevada one one uh the Northern end of town One on the southern end of town these Are agricultural stores supply stores Okay he was there with the roswell crash He was a senior in high school he had uh It was June maybe it was he had just graduated And he was on his way to go to carnegie Mellon university Okay he learned how to fly Airplanes uh as a teenager because he Worked for the local airport and he was Paid In flight lessons instead of money okay Wow he had uh was part of Chuck yeager’s uh test pilots okay um And uh i mean everything he told me you Know he showed me the pictures of his Mother that she drew Of their house in in roswell you know The living room that old black and white Tv You know and he was telling me all about It and he just went on and on about his

Life you know He told me tons of experiences uh as a National astronaut tons of stuff and so Then after like hours had passed by then He said right Uh tell me about your experience and i Realized later on that he was doing that Was to make me feel comfortable You know it’s like he opened himself up Totally And then i opened up myself totally and When i was telling him all the stuff he Didn’t even blink and i I found out later that he has spoken With hundreds of experiencers Okay but that’s a part of edgar that no One knew about They knew the ufo edgar that spoke Publicly about ufos You know and roswell and things like That but they didn’t know edgar That had been working with contactees You know over many years So at the end of it all edgar after you Listened to me and heard my story what Had happened to me all my experience he Says look right You were given uh a mandate You know specific instructions of what You need to do and he says rudy and i This dr rudy shields already discussed It and we will be your scientific Advisors And he says as a matter of fact i also

Have a whole large group of phd Phds most of them are physicists and They can can come and help us They will also join us as advisors right And I i didn’t make the connection you know Like me given a mission to do You know and it was edgar that had Suggested that you know we need to form An organization Uh with all of our advisors and let’s Put our heads together As to you know uh what what they told You to do You know and we could you know work this Out i said but edgar i have no idea What i’m going to be doing and he goes Don’t worry you’ll figure it out It always happens that way and so when i Left this house i said this man is Batshit crazy you know I said what the [ __ ] is he talking about You know and rudy another crazy You know mf you know and i’m like What the [ __ ] you know so anyway i give Barry rodwell a call And let her know what had just happened Right And and she was like you know this is Unbelievable right you know And so she knew about rudy because she Had given the information to rudy But what had happened is that she had Sent me an email saying look ray

Um uh i gave rudy your information is it Okay for him to call you You know and what happened was that rudy Jumped the gun and he called me before i Had gotten back to mary yeah mary you Know It’s okay you know tell him to call me You know and so that’s how all this Thing started Okay so like about a um A few days later this was that and when I was at edgar’s house It was like a wednesday that initial Experience was on a monday rudy called Me on tuesday And that’s saturday and saturday morning It was only a few days later i woke up In my head was exactly what i needed to Do Okay exactly like in detailed What i needed to do so i went to the Computer i typed it all up And what it was was um a research Methodology Of how do you go about doing the world’s First Academic research study of ufo contact Experiences Okay because what had happened was that Um As i told you before you know uh i have An academic background Okay and so when these things were Happening to me i said let me try to

Research what has been written about it Academically okay and i couldn’t find Anything Certainly there was only uh two very Small statistical studies Okay and i won’t mention them they were Tiny uh one had 50 people another one Had 85 people Okay so there was literally nothing um There was a book by dr John mack a title passport to the cosmos Dr John mack was a professor at harvard University a professor of psychiatry And that’s how rudy got involved because Uh dr john mack asked him one time he Says rudy You that study astrophysics i’m having All these people That are telling me uh uh look dr mac I was brought to another reality another Multiverse another dimension You know so he goes to rudy and says Rudy is it true that There’s exists such a thing as other Dimensions is physics talking about that And rudy said yes you know as a matter Of fact yes okay That there’s these various theories of The multiverse And so that brought a relationship Between dr john mac and rudy And then where they were trying to kick Dr john mack out of harvard university

Because he had Published a book on ufo uh contact Experiencers They tried to kick him out of harvard And he was a tenured professor He had also won the pulitzer prize yeah I mean this is one of the top Prizes in literature okay so this is a Very Influential man okay uh highly respected A professor For a professor of psychiatry at harvard Uni uh At the harvard medical school not not Even harvard university the harvard Medical school And so uh during this inquisition uh Rudy testified before this board uh That um that yes there is such a thing As a multiverse That yes there are probably you know Non-human intelligence out there You know uh and explained that we’re Finding these exoplanets these new Planets you know every day now You know and um and basically educated These folks That look you know physics is talking About these things you know And so eventually they keep dr mack out But that Set the lasting relationship between dr John mack and rudy shields Right can i ask before we quickly move

On to The next part of this yeah um when you Was when you were speaking with uh Egg mitchell did you did he ever mention That nasa is aware of what’s going on No no no no he never told me that they Discovered Ufos on the moon you know uh he did Mention What he did mention was that uh Astronauts had seen Uh had had paranormal experiences you Know in space And the cosmonauts okay and in terms of Ufos he says yes Astronauts have seen ufos but all of Them that he knew Had seen ufos on earth not Right or out in space okay and so Um uh now mind you uh edgar was a A retired uh military officer Okay and um and you know They had their own oaths of secrecy that Type of thing so If if something did happen he wouldn’t Be telling me he wouldn’t be telling Anybody You know uh but yeah there was the funny Thing where naso did didn’t lasso There was we were talking about Prosecuting because he had a camera Oh well what it was was that he actually Showed me On this wall um um what was a common

Practice with the other Astronauts that had gone to the moon the Other two previous apollos Uh they had basically torn up parts of The lunar module When it had hooked up to the um the part That actually flew back Okay they left the bottom part on the Moon okay So they would take different parts out And bring it up Okay as like souvenirs okay yeah so what He had To do yeah what he told me that was on The wall was that little handle You know that operated because he was The operator you know that Going down you know operating it you Know and uh the speed and direction and All of that stuff So he basically tore that um unhinged it You know Whatever instruments he had and he Brought that up okay So what happened was that after i forgot How many years Uh master nassau had requested that from Him And actually had filed legal papers you Know This is many years later you know and What it was was he was talking about you Know ufos and roswell and And the moon and all you know uh uh uh

What other astronauts were talking about Also one of the other astronauts um that Was a A gemini uh astronaut cooper gordon Cooper Then then went out and talked publicly That Um that when he was a test pilot in Chuck yeager’s group i think it was Uh that edgar had worked with edgar knew All these folks you know Um that he was a test pilot there he saw A ufo came Down landed okay um Uh on um on the uh whether They were testing these planes and he Had filmed it okay So edgar had told me all about that too You know before i even came across his Video And so so apparently somebody in nasa Didn’t like him talking about these Things publicly And so they they wound up settling you Know making an arrangement because Um all these politicians became involved Because edgar Was a presidential medal of freedom Winner Which is the yeah that i just talked About a little bit Yeah the highest award that any civilian Can can earn Because he had saved the crew of apollo

13. edgar told me was three people in That movie And so finally you know these Politicians came to bat for him And um and uh and Let it be but he showed me that plaque The presidential medal of freedom which Is a small plaque you know And then he showed me that handle and a Couple of other things that he had Stripped from the moon i don’t recall The other ones but there was a Some other gadgetry i don’t know what The hell it was you know somebody Took the stick didn’t he as well oh There’s think that’s the one that i Recognized that was on the wall Yeah and there was something else some Other electronic stuff that i i just Don’t recall But i remember there was like two or Three other things there yeah Yeah i just i just wondered if he Happened to slip anything that You know nasa is very much aware no no No he Uh um you know he never told me anything You know but he did tell me about the Paranormal experiences in space and that Other astronauts had seen ufos while They were pilots Okay um and and gordon cooper he told me Specifically about Um but um but in terms of the details of

The other Astronauts um he just told me that they Saw ufos but On earth not um not on the moon or up There Maybe that part is classified and he Never told me you know but you never did So anyway uh getting back to the story Here to finish it I wrote up uh uh a detailed description Of Of the world’s first comprehensive Academic research study Of ufo contact experiencers okay i sent It to edgar doctory shields and to mary And i said what do you guys think of This and they all said this is Fantastic let’s go with it so i said Mary would you like to join us mary Rodwell And at that time you know she said yes And then a few days later she came up With the name free Okay um and so um Within a few weeks we had lots of phd Academics that joined us And um and some of the world’s leading Researchers like uh I think we had a conversation off the Air uh a couple days ago uh Kathleen martin yes a very very Well-known Uh uh researcher dr leo sprinkle He was the first phd academic to write

An article About abductions this was in the 60s he He wrote about this And um um barbara lamb A woman that’s been studying ufo Abductees For over 40 years okay and this other Lady denise stoner And we had a whole bunch of phds we had Neuroscientists we had Physicists we had phd psychologists Uh all joined us and we all worked Together says How do we go about beginning to research This okay So i i i laid out the framework of what Um we’re going to be doing and there we Start to come up with questions with Questions with questions with questions And we fine-tuned it took us nine months To develop that okay And what we came up was three surveys The first two surveys were quantitative Okay uh you know yes or no or pick from One to five you know uh Your selection so these were uh fixed Choice Answers and there were 600 questions you Know a hell of a lot of questions And then um the third phase were Qualitative questions which Are open-ended questions we asked uh you Know if you’ve ever Had a medical healing by ufo

Intelligence can you tell us about it So we had people that wrote out you know Tons of pages about for each specific Question Have you ever had what is commonly Called an abduction which is a forced Physical taking against your will can You describe that Okay have you ever had an out-of-body Experience Please describe it have you had a Near-death experience please describe it And so um we wound up with a ton of data And then uh we had a small group of Primarily phd academics that then Digested that data And wrote out you know um synopses Uh of of of of this data And um and um we had um uh Two other professors that were the Co-chairs of the research committee One was dr john clemo who was a Professor for over 40 years A professor of psychology and he had Basically been a tenured Professor uh writing about the Paranormal Okay and you just don’t see that not too Many people People get tenured which means they Can’t kick you out you know Yeah paranormal topics and then yes Yeah and that the other was dr bob davis Who was a retired professor of

Neuroscience A professor of the brain a [ __ ] Professor of the brain You know uh but he’s always had an Interest in this stuff And he’s had some paranormal experiences And so he was the other academic So um um and myself and so what we Discovered uh we also had a phd Statistician okay dr russell scalpone And he crunched out the numbers for us On different statistical methodologies And what what we were able to determine Um Um we had numerous findings tons of Findings but Um i could go over and sum them some of Them in the powerpoint Uh for your audience members but if not I could just orally Tell you the generalities of it whatever You feel more comfortable For your audience members the ones that Are really interested in this topic And again this is not [ __ ] this is What uh We wound up with four responses from Four thousand Two hundred and fifty individuals okay So from four thousand children fifty Ended with four no no no No no no 4 250 individuals Responded to our surveys okay not not Four

No no he’s when you said you when you Said before You you had four uh four researchers That were and crunching out and Analyzing the data some work Yeah these are all like for example for The qualitative You know where they wrote out the Details to 70 questions we had more than Ten thousand pages And this is not just from the us either Is it this is from No no it was from over a hundred Countries Wow over 100 countries this is in the English language survey We did our surveys in four languages in Spanish we had over a thousand Individuals that completed our spanish Language survey Okay so um so again this is You know it’s never been done before and Our data findings Pretty much contradict the [ __ ] That’s circulating in ufology Okay and if people really want to get Into the details I’ll send those all to you for free i’ll Send you our 120 page chapter one And i’ll send you uh a summary a six Page summary of our data findings Like if you say look i’m not [ __ ] Going to read 120 pages you know You just give me the short the super

Short version i said okay i got that too You know Ray if you gave us the super short Version to what the findings Were from all these people how would you How would you summarize that okay let me Give uh Let’s say four major findings in Categories okay The one question we wanted to take a Look at was whether these experiences Were perceived by these individuals as Positive Negative or neutral okay so we asked That question In more than 25 different ways because Depending how you phrase a question You’ll get a different response okay for Example We asked the question if you could stop These experiences Would you okay 84 said no keep it coming Baby keep it coming 84. okay 60 said no Stop it okay so that was one way of Getting at that answer Okay on um another way was like a fixed Choice question you had to choose One or the other okay and that was If you had to choose between positive or Negative these experiences what would it Be 96 said it was positive Four percent said it was negative okay

But We as i said we asked it in many Different ways what we’ve discovered was That Initially because we had a Question in terms of initially how would You categorize these experiences Was it highly negative slightly negative Neutral slightly positive or highly Positive What we discovered was that 37 of the People Initially viewed these experiences as Negative Either highly negative or slightly Negative 37 More than one out of three okay but then Well also what we discovered was that The more experiences you had Over time your experiences became more Positive Or your perception of your experience Became more positive Okay so at the end of let’s say 20 years What you viewed as highly negative now Is highly positive Why because your experiences changed Over time you had initially started off For example With an abduction where you had these Little grays that appeared You were frozen on a uh on a bed And these uh these little grays with Like a mantid being or a tall gray was

Like Checking you over and you were scared [ __ ] you were frozen you could only move Your eyeballs you caught you couldn’t See around You know and so boom you’re back in In your bed or in your body and you’re Like you know You were scared shitless but you Remember seeing in your bed these little Small graves so for the next few months You were you know defecating in your Pants every time you had that thought Okay but then what happened later on Okay All of a sudden it wasn’t a little gray Anymore that popped in Your living room okay it was a human Looking being And the human being said look you know i Know you’ve been thinking about death Lately Okay don’t don’t fear death Okay let me show you what death is like And would give them like a near-death Type of experience Okay where they go through the tunnel The bright light and the whole works Okay and then boom they reappear back in Their living room with the tv on The whole time they were like what the [ __ ] just happened okay So that’s where eventually these Experiences led

You know through a series of many Experiences over many many years What we discovered that most of these Experiences towards the letter and Later end of their experiences were Spiritual teaching type of experiences Okay about the afterlife Let’s use that an example whitney Streeper okay yeah That’s one of you well-known well-known To many of the audience members here Okay Uh when he started off uh with communion Okay It was a scareful as a Scary horrific book I said it’s careful right what the [ __ ] Is careful okay no It’s a new word i’m dyslexic so I’m going to question your words i was Thinking scary and horrific Okay that word came up but anyway uh Community was like the first book that Triggered All of the abductees that were existing At that time Okay and um and which brought back Flashbacks Okay and that set off the whole Abduction Uh phenomenon okay people were being Triggered by that okay And then all the subsequent books that He wrote over the next few years

Shortly thereafter were all these very Scary stories of his experiences Tons of them were paranormal related Tons of them but it was still You know people were like you know they Remember communion okay Now he’s written all these love and Light last few books Okay about the spirit world he’s Communicating with his wife You know who’s deceased how he’s getting All these spiritual teachings And now he gives thanks You know to our universal creator and to These beings He gives thanks to them because they Brought him spirituality Okay so i told them i said whitley You’re the typical person that took our Survey okay In the very beginning they were scared Shitless by their abduction type of Experience But towards the end the vast majority of Them are love and light Okay talking about spirituality um and All of these paranormal experiences in Between Okay so what we discovered was that the More experiences you had the more Positive the experience became We also discovered that one-third of the People had what is commonly called an Abduction

Okay two-thirds of the people have seen Ufos They’ve seen uh beings But they never had an abduction okay Two-thirds so if you just focus on Abductions abduction this abduction that Abduction this Abduction that you’re gonna missing Two-thirds of the people But ray would you not think that some of These people that have seen these greys When they said they Then they may not be aware of that They’ve been abducted Like you say missing time look as long As these people are not aware they’re They don’t know about it It doesn’t exist yeah okay so i mean You’re trying to prove to me an un an Unproven you know fact Okay you’re just getting the data and We’re just getting the data okay One third recording abduction now the Vast majority of them Recall the details of their abduction Through hypnotic regression Okay which later on we told them don’t Answer this question based upon hypnotic Regression but a lot of them did Okay and that’s where a lot of the Abduction related stuff most of the People they just remember like little Tidbits Okay and it was after then regressed

Then all this other information comes in Now we don’t even know the validity of Of this information be a hypnotic Regression why Because um people that have gone through David jacobs And bud hopkins okay we even have videos Of david jacobs regressing people And it was like one leading question After another Okay we had a video where uh there was a Woman that had in a reptilian experience Okay and this is the wife of bud hopkins Had filmed david jacobs doing this okay And he tells telling the lady oh a week Ago i had another person that had come To me with a reptilian Experience and that you know they raped The [ __ ] out of her They did this you know and all of a Sudden asking questions now on the Hypnotic regression of this lady What the [ __ ] you think the woman’s Gonna say you know after you scared her Shitless you know And then asking these leading questions Now Let now let’s discuss now about specific Beings we also Ask those questions about specific Beings Okay what would be the rate of let’s say The short grades of people that said it Was

Negative their experience with short Grades what would you take a guess Three percent amount thirty thirty Percent negative Okay ten and a half percent okay That’s it sixty percent said it was Neutral Okay the rest said it was either Slightly positive or highly positive Okay i only say that because i spoke to I’ve interviewed a guy that saw too Many and it terrified him for for 20 Years Yeah no that’s natural if what we Discovered well i’m back Jumping back and forth with our data but Basically what we discovered is the People that have Uh answered the most highly negative are People that had one or two abductions But nothing else that’s all they Remember the abduction They don’t remember anything else they Never had any additional experience So great 10 10 negative 10 and a half percent negative okay you Know how many people had experiences With the short grades Take a guess in our surveys I’m gonna say three percent okay It was a thousand two hundred people Okay Out of four thousand two hundred people Okay

Okay so that’s a hell of a lot of Of people have seen short grades okay so For only ten and a half percent of those People say that it was negative That’s a very small number okay now Um we ask that for all the different Types of beings Okay so these were not res uh uh Responses that that that some of the Folks that were the academics had Realized The researchers knew this because they Have been working with experiences for Many many many years Okay now um So what we discovered was that only one Third of these people have had an Abduction Okay the people the most highly negative Responses are the people that have Either one or two abduction experiences And that’s it they never had anything Else Okay the vast majority of people that Had an abduction Had continuous experiences but the Experiences Changed over time they became much more Positive Okay towards the end they were like Whitney schreiber getting all these Messages of spirituality Okay for the vast majority of them okay We um

Also uh what we discovered was that um We asked the Uh the objectives the people had an Abductions okay have you ever had an Abduction yes okay If you had an abduction okay do you now Call yourself A contactee or an abductee okay Seventy percent of these people now call Themselves contact these And not abductees okay these are The people had an abductions now and That parallels our data Because after that initial abduction Experience their experiences Evolved and changed now ufology doesn’t Talk about this Okay they don’t talk about this the guy That i spoke with yesterday Okay his first name is terry okay so This guy wrote a book about his Abduction and it was like He has a website it was all highly Negative and [ __ ] like that but i was Talking to him yesterday And he was telling me i used to view it That way Not anymore and he’s talking about Spirituality He’s talking about all the paranormal Experiences he’s had and he says now i Don’t see it as negative i see it as Positive Because it’ll awaken me even talk about

That it’s like an awakening process Okay and this is what all the people Took our survey you know Have stated as well okay so but yet this Is a guy that Has been invited to lecture circuits and Radio interviews and all people care About Is alien abductions and he said actually That’s a tiny part Of his experience because that’s what Triggered it And then subsequently is all these other Paranormal experiences So if out of 4 000 odd people Uh a thousand of them had spoke about The grays but 30 percent of them was said it was Negative No no and ten and a half percent ten Percent sorry I’m i’m using my own words and and i Could go What was the most popular okay that’s a Good question i was going to follow up On that The the greys were not even the most Commonly seen type of being but yet you You go to The website um and all it is Is like this horrible figure of this Gray you know Yeah going to eat you up and to me it’s Like that’s

Misinformation okay i’m sorry That’s not what people actually you know See the most The number one type of being that people Describe that they’ve seen the most Is what we coined an energy being Okay okay and it’s like pure energy And it doesn’t have a physical form but Yet it’s it’s an intelligence That they were interacting with you know Either uh Uh uh use almost all the time telepathic Communications with You know an energy being and um And that was number one okay number two Was the human-looking beings Okay like like the nordic bonds There’s the they come in different forms But The vast majority um are uh Are either the nordic forms or they look Humans just like us Yeah and travis gordon described them Didn’t he he said that To start off it was the it was the great He had the greys that had him on the Table but then he Went into another room and it was it was A a lady and A man okay well uh this man that i Interviewed yesterday he was on the Table and he had the little grace and he Called them like little robots like Little servants

And instead of the human looking beings What he described Was like a being that was um like mantid Looking In like a praying mantis type of being Okay now What it could easily be is because uh These these Intelligence are able to masquerade to Make you feel comfortable So i said you know a white guy with Blonde hair and blue eyes You know he’s not gonna be you know uh I’m not gonna be fearful of someone like That so they They put you in um um You know they put that thought in your Head of what you’re seeing But as i said these are all virtual Reality recreations Okay uh that that’s happening to us that Might not even be a mounted being that We’re actually seeing could be Something totally different and it could Not be aboard a ufo ship it might be in Some other type of reality That this is taking place okay but i’ve Just I’ve just see when you’re saying that There’s a guy that Spams this question good friend of mine But fifth dimensional beings Yeah oh no definitely i mean jack Vallette said for

Valley said 40 years ago that these are These experiences Ufo contact related experiences or Multi-dimensional experiences And let me just respond to uh is it Harbor Mallow yes yeah let me just respond to That issue okay There was an interview um there is this Well-known Uh podcaster his name is jeffrey uh Micheloff And um he interviewed dr jack ballet Uh more than 35 years ago uh micheloff Had hair at that time jacqueline looked A lot like younger okay And he asked valet and valet at that Time Had been researching ufos and ufo Contactees At that point more than 30 years this Band’s been doing it for more than 60 Years Since the early 60s whatever time that Is um Actually in the since the 50s he was Interested in this topic when he was in Um In france as a youngster so Um so he asked me she said do you think These little short grays Are multi-dimensional beings okay And so jacques valet stopped the second Pondered

And he didn’t answer his question Directly he says jeffrey We just don’t understand space-time Okay so by responding that way he’s Telling jeffrey That this these are multi-dimensional Experiences Okay because they involve a manipulation Of space-time Okay so and valet many of his books Actually stated that you know throughout Uh many of his books from many many Years ago And so um he knew it back then and That’s why He totally distanced himself from Ufology because ufology Uh what it’s been until recently it’s Just strict nuts and bolts all they care About it’s just photos in the sky You know videos you know the next tic Tac you know And so um from my perspective is that You know What the [ __ ] has that given us in seven Eighty years Since uh 1947 when they first uh Publicized a ufo with this guy i forgot That initial case history you know Um that the term flying saucer was Coined you know what has that Methodology that mindset Of just looking at videos and photos What has that really told us

Okay the latest tic tacs there’s a lot Of good hoaxes out there Well i mean what it’s told us is that Yes ufos exist Okay and yet they can fly super super Fast or Operate super super fast they can appear And disappear on a radar Okay but outside of that what the [ __ ] Have these people Taught us in 80 years not much okay but In our research study Okay that uh that we developed over a Five year period Collecting the data for three and a half Years told us tons of data okay So the first one i already told you About the positive negative or neutral Okay for the different types of beings Again finishing off in the positive Negative neutral stuff we ask for the 12 different types of beings okay we Literally had hundreds of different Types of beings But we um we we asked questions and we Found out the 12 most Uh common types now um The um after the short grace number four Was the tall grace That was at 37 and a half percent and Then after that I think i had like at uh uh in the uh in The The the high 20s were the reptilians

And the mantid beings okay the matted Beings again Only like 10 were were negative the Responses Same thing with the tall grays the Reptilians had 22 percent as negative Okay so we want to find out Why were all these beings either at 10 Or Much less like the human looking beings Were like 5 you know 4 negative and the spirit beings oh Ghost Ghost was number 4 sorry ghosts and Spirits were number 4. okay And then number five was the tall grace Now we want to find out For the reptilians why 22 of the people Viewed it as highly negative When i asked people in interviews right They’re guessing oh 80 Was negative you know you know very Large numbers I said no it was only 22 percent so When we looked at the opening the Questions how they responded have you Ever had a contact with a physical being Yes Um it was a reptilian and then we looked At those answers Okay and we actually had 644 people That had experience with reptilians That’s a hell of a lot of reptilian People okay

644 and so when we looked at their Responses the one That wrote detail responses because not Everybody wrote it okay And so um uh out of those people What we discovered was that that Reptilian did not rape their wife Did not eat their children barack obama Is not a reptilian You know all the [ __ ] that you read On the internet Okay the queen is a reptilian you know Uh you know all this crap that’s Circulating on the internet What we discovered was that uh you know David like [ __ ] that guy’s the Outs outside of uh i won’t name the Other names but he’s in the uk the Biggest Frau fro con artist that that exists in The world you know david ike The guy’s more full of [ __ ] than a than A dump a turd you know uh Anyway um um he’s the reptilian expert Right [ __ ] guy never even [ __ ] met a Reptilian in his life probably Um anyway we had 644 people we had Literally a couple of hundred wrote out Details of their repealing experiences Not one person had a negative experience With reptilian Okay why did you write negative well What we found out was that when

Most of these reptilian experiences Occurred in Close proximity not like i saw a Reptilian you know at the top of a hill And [ __ ] like that though It was like right in your face like a Few feet away from you you know It was like looking at you and stuff Like that that was most of these Experiences And when that occurred if you could Imagine yourself You know picture yourself all of a Sudden you’re like you know Washing the dishes or some [ __ ] like That you know and you hear like a little Noise and you look Like like um uh um uh two feet away from You was this being that’s like Seven to eight feet tall had a body of Arnold schwarzenegger Ripped with muscles a [ __ ] crocodile Body Okay little cat eyes okay and he’s just Looking at you Not doing anything just looking at you Right there you’re gonna [ __ ] in your Pants Okay and then all of a sudden he Materializes right in front of you Okay and uh that’s the vast majority of These experiences Okay matt the reptilian raped my wife And ate my

Child and [ __ ] like that okay so that Was why they wrote Highly negative because these people are Still traumatized by that experience Okay stories Yeah you know which is quite natural you Know And um and then even a lot of people Wrote down look you know i wrote down Neutral Because in hindsight it scared the [ __ ] Out of me okay But then years later upon pondering what Had happened he didn’t do anything to me He was just like looking at me okay so That’s why in my survey i put down Neutral Okay he didn’t do anything good anything Bad but there were a lot of people that Had telepathic communications were Reptilian The most famous person was a member of Our research committee barbara lam Okay now barbara lam has written several Books about Uh her work with ufo contactees and She’s an elderly lady she’s now almost 90 years old now i think And she told us a story where She was in her living room i don’t know She was vacuuming and what the hell she Was doing And all of a sudden appeared right in Front of her are reptilian

And she wasn’t scared at all she didn’t Miss a beat Because she had a lot of people that Described to her reptilian experiences Uh experiences with hundreds of Different types of beings So she didn’t blink an eye and so the Reptilian began to communicate with her Saying like you know you’re not fearful Of me no i’m not fearful of you And then began a rapport with her okay And uh i don’t recall the specifics of It but if you could just type on Google you know barbara lamb lamb And reptilian and you’ll pop up an Interview where she talks about that Encounter Okay so we had many many people that Talked about Their commun communication telepathic Communication with uh with a reptilian And um and and i guess with a lot of These beings It’s once you lose that initial fear Once you lose that initial fear then Your experiences take off You know if if you’re scared they they They discontinue These experiences you know the the yeah You no longer have them Okay and another thing about the Abduction phenomena If you interview barbara lamb mary Rodwell

Kathleen martin and leo sprinkle is Still alive as far as i know he’s in his Early 80s 91 or 92 now Um all of them will tell you that The the abduction phenomenon they just Don’t hear these abduction cases anymore Just a few maybe you know recently but Most of them occurred in the 80s and 90s In the early 2000s You just don’t hear them anymore you Know and um So they don’t know whether you know what Happened there okay So that’s just a little side note that’s Not coming data from a research study That’s just coming from these people That work With experiencers um ray uh just answer Richard’s question here because i know You know quite a bit about um And you’ve spoke about in some of your Interviews about remote viewing um Esp um what what is In terms of the galactic federation do You know anything about that Well the only thing i could say is that A lot of people when they wrote out Their experiences They wrote out experiences of um Being in a group of diverse beings Okay and they usually described it like For example i have The wife of one of my best friends she’s A phd psychologist

Now okay she’s not some quack off the Street some crackhead or something okay He’s a pg psychologist she still has her Practice She’s in her um about 74 years old You know lady very bright intelligent Her husband Is a major major experiencer one of the Biggest experiencers in the world And he happens to be one of my best Friends He still lives in miami so she told me That she had an experience And it wasn’t a lucid dream okay it was More like she was acting with this woman Who was a major major experience Experience her and all of a sudden she Was seeing You know that she was herself in this Long Table with different types of beings the The table didn’t have any legs it sort Of like was floating Off the ground and people were sitting In these chairs but there was like Nothing underneath the chairs They were being held up and she Described all the beings And um and that interaction was there Like a Only a couple of minutes but she Described all the beings in detail And and she was there um and When she interacted with this particular

Major major experiencer Woman also from miami this haitian lady Now deceased And the haitian lady Was able to like to project you know her Encounters and visions In her like she was reliving them and Seeing them So that’s just an example and that’s Many examples we We read in our in our research study of Experiences similar to that that people Were like at some type of table With many different diverse beings you Know and they were talking about Uh mankind you know So yes that that’s as much as i know About it we didn’t ask any questions In our survey about the galactic foray Uh you know uh federation or anything Like that you know Can i can i ask if if ever shadow Figures get Come into the equation shadow people You know what we asked that question About shadow people and Yes it was um not an outrageously large Number i don’t recall the numbers off Hand you know But i i think to the best of my Recollection it was in The 20-something percent uh and i had an Encounter with a shadow person As well that was honestly i care about

That I i myself like shadow figure and They’re very common they’re very common Um and And a lot of people don’t talk about it Okay but Um we had a group at one time Uh which is like an experiencer support Group we had volunteers Because we were getting so many emails From people wanting someone to talk to You know someone’s event and um mary rod Was always like Up to like you know her head with so Many people wanting to talk to her and People wanting to vent Kathleen martin barbara lam all of these People And so what we did is we decided to have A um A support group for experiencers and we Had various volunteers at one time we Had like more than 10 volunteers So um this was a a skype meeting with The two ladies that were in charge of That volunteer program We call it the experiencer support group And so we were talking with them and um Um i had um This is uh in in my old house in miami We had To this side here we had a glass door Okay where you can go outside into the Patio okay

And so all of us no no uh all of us saw This um this shadowy figure go right Behind me You know fast but enough for you to see It okay And what it was it was uh shadowy was Thin And semi materialized okay and it was Dark but it wasn’t like like like black But it was more like um um A mixture between black and grayish Color that was um Semi-transparent you know that like Streak right behind us So this one woman starts screaming he Goes right right right what the hell was That what that was that I said don’t worry it’s just a shadow Person you know like it was a common Thing You know and she was freaking out you Know And um so yes that’s very common among Experiences another uh friend of mine a Major experiencer his name is chris Bledsoe Um i visited him at his home And he he and his wife had been seeing Shadow people for quite some time And they described it just like what had Happened uh what i just explained to you These uh dark streets of uh like a Humanoid person Um that uh they’ll be streaking by

You know what do you think they are Well what i suspect is that um again Some type of non-human intelligence That’s somewhat materialized and Dematerialized and it’s it’s to get your Attention You know like hey you know i visited you I’m here you know Because if they wanted to be totally Invisible they could easily do that That’s my best hypothesis uh it could Also be Uh again i i really don’t differentiate With non-human intelligence between like A ghost or a spirit that type of thing Because all of this to me it’s all part Of one phenomenon That’s a multi-dimensional phenomenon Because All of these non-human intelligence They’re all have the ability to Manipulate space-time Okay so this is what intrigues me about You ray When you’re talking about the fact that Prior to 2012 you were an atheist but Yeah so you but you’re doing very much a Scientific study And we’re talking aliens we’re talking Extraterrestrials we’re talking Uh interdimensional beings where does God come into this equation okay Let me um uh um i’ll continue my Discussions

I talked about the first major finding Which is These are mainly positive experience but With a new ones you just can’t say they Were all paused no it’s Much more complicated than that now the Other aspect of Is how it changes people and i’ll get to Your god question As i answer this question um we Had borrowed close to 60 questions from A book that dr Kenneth ring had published in 1988 It’s titled the omega project and in That book he compared 85 people that had abduction related Experiences With 85 people that had near-death Experiences Okay and so uh one of the areas this is A Statistical study that he did okay and We borrowed many questions from his Study Into our own study and so um What um what what he discovered was that Both one of the areas that he focused on Is how do these people change How were they before how are they now And he looked at Their world views how they view our Reality okay And they changed exactly the same way Exactly the same way

Okay and let me give you some of the Changes these people all of a sudden Uh the atheists became spiritual the People that religious They became spiritual okay there was Still us a subgroup That were still religious but they Became much more highly spiritual All of a sudden they became much more Ecological okay They became tree huggers you know you See a cigarette butt in the street hey What are you doing throwing that Cigarette butt in the street you know um They couldn’t kill a little animal a Little cockroach in the house like right Now my wife and i You know uh any little animal that comes In the house you know we never killed it Yeah we get it outside the house you Know um All of a sudden money’s not important to You okay material things Getting new mercedes benz every year you Know for the very wealthy people That had end near-death experiences or These ufo related experiences all of a Sudden no that wasn’t important You know material things being well Known Being famous okay being egotistical all Of a sudden the ego Went down tremendously that’s why i Questioned stephen grier whether he

Ever even had a [ __ ] ufo contact Experience because That guy’s got the biggest oh my god Can’t believe you just got You’ve got he’s got the biggest [ __ ] Ego in the world man you know there he Is right there You know i mean you ought to type ego And put it right on his [ __ ] forehead You know Merry christmas to you yeah yeah yeah Misinformation disinformation thief you Know Get it get him out of the screen Anyway um they become less egotistical Okay they become more loving to the Fellow human being Instead of wanting to exploit them like Stephen greer charging 3 500 A pop to bring you to the desert instead Of seeing ufos you see sand flies okay If if you truly you know had Contact with non-human intelligence you Wouldn’t be so blood Sucking thirsty you know for money like This guy is okay All right you wouldn’t be buying uh a Mansion In washington dc over a million dollars You Spent six hundred thousand dollars as a Down payment you own another Million dollar home in virginia okay you

Wouldn’t be So uh so money grabbing you know Egotistical and materialistic no Okay uh anyway um So it totally transforms your world for You Okay and and what we ask those same Questions It’s over 4 200 people and guess what Same numbers depending on the answer Between 75 to almost 90 percent of the people Underwent a dramatic change One was related to a universal creator Okay we asked a whole series of Questions on that a spirituality The overwhelming number of these people That had ufo contact experiences All of a sudden you know we’re talking About you know a universal creator You know spirituality the afterlife Many of them were actually told by Non-human intelligence all aspects of Spirituality And we have it in chapter one okay again Info info and you will see All the spiritual related questions that We asked and how people responded Okay so um i think was in the 20s or 30s Depending on the type of question That these actual entities told them About even reincarnation told them about Reincarnation

Very large numbers so uh so that was Finding number two that these people Change profoundly okay for the better Okay not like stephen greer okay they Totally change for the better Okay and uh to the point where if like Everyone in everyone in humanity all the Politicians Either had a ufo contact experience or a Near-death experience You wouldn’t have world wars you Wouldn’t have these massive killings You wouldn’t have all this economic Exploitation of Of each other you know we will be Treating each other with much more love And respect you know for humanity You wouldn’t have the environmental Degradation that we’re seeing Why because that’s how all these people Changed Okay and um so that was the second major Finding the third major finding Is that while commonly ufology sees These experiences As primarily a physicalist phenomenon Okay You physically saw ufo you physically Saw a being Okay the overwhelming percentages of The experiences that people having were Primarily paranormal Okay and again it’s all in chapter one Info i’ll send you a

Free copy of our 120-page chat I’ll tell you what right if you uh can You see where it says private chat What’s that name can you see where it Says private chat If I’ll copy and i’ll get it up on the Screen for the guys to send their Information to you Okay yeah let me get it there Yeah that’s the um That’s the uh uh the email for the Organization Info so one of the other Areas that we wanted to find out was That we asked tons of paranormal related Questions We found out that 80 of these people Were having out-of-body experiences Huge numbers 80 okay 50 Reported a medical healing just like our Dog was medically healed 50 had a medical healing okay um in Terms of ghosts and spirits like Two-thirds of the people Had seen grocery spirits out of those Like another Two-thirds actually communicated with That ghost or spirit Okay you know telepathically um orbs Another 60 had seen orbs okay and then We even asked I forgot how many questions related to Auras maybe like 10 questions related to

Orbs in terms of the colors In terms of it materialize the Materialize Did it go through objects you know the Whole works Um um near-death experiences 37 Of these people had a near-death Experience you know that is huge Uh paranormal numbers okay uh Precognition it was like overwhelming The vast majority All of a sudden after their contact Experiences had heightened Um uh precognition knowing what like my Wife for example She detected a tumor in my back okay Wow she was like walking by me one day And she was like And then she goes like this you know on Her back she goes you got a tumor back There I said what the hell you just did say i Know you got a tumor what did you do Did you you didn’t touch me anything i Just know it you got a tumor back there And so i i didn’t feel anything i didn’t Feel bad or anything like that and she Was just harassing me you need to go to The doctor you need to go to the doctor You go to the doctor right So i went to the doctor the doctor was There alum Could she feel the lump no no it was Back here and she didn’t touch anything

Okay so i went to the doctor and he like Felt something back there and said he Ordered me to get Uh um i think was an x-ray or x-ray And he looked at it he says uh the x-ray Technician Looked at it and um not the x-ray Technician the radiologist okay Yeah the the medical doctor that Specializes in You know x-rays and mris and cat scans And all that crap So he says yeah you got a lump back There you know he had the dimensions and Where it was and everything And so i had a surgery to get it out and They tested it to see if it was Cancerous or not and it wasn’t You know it wasn’t cancerous and then Another time um Uh we were going to go to our first ufo Conference okay And that was before i had that out of Body experience this is like the week Before Okay this is in um earl the first week Of may Of 2013. so uh there was going to be a Ufo conference in sebring florida which Is like a three-hour drive And so um i told my wife i said let’s go Up there let’s go up there for two Nights we’ll make it like a little Honeymoon

I was trying to entice her to go you Know because to her she sees everything As angelic you know and uh even the ufos You know these are angels you know And uh i can see why and now my wife is A bit like that she’s My wife’s from ecuador and she’s Extremely religious And she’s kind of like sometimes she’s Telling me That the ufos i’m talking about i’m Talking about angels so I totally get that yeah i i’ve done a 180 back Okay because now i see the intelligence That’s been dealing with me I call the modern angels because they Have all The abilities of what we think is an Angel The abilities of an angel okay the Ability to heal the ability to Materialize Dematerialize to appear in any way that They want okay Which is three-dimensional it it’s from Other reality but interacts with us In this reality it’s able to heal Miraculously healing You know like our dog okay so these are All the definitions of an angel All right um not from a religious Perspective You know from the catholic church or the

Protestant church perspective of an Angel you know but The very similar characteristics so any Anyway what we discovered was that People were primarily having not Physical experiences like in my case for Example i had um Four ufos three of them were very very Large okay Uh that i’ve seen and A being i only saw being once that’s it In my living room But yet over a three year period it was Like one Paranormal experience after another what Being was it Oh the energy being that i described to You earlier In my living room so what do these Energy so for anybody’s in the chat and Probably for some of the people i’ve Interviewed before that spoke about Things that they’ve seen what because I’ve never seen any energy being What does it look like well all sorts of Different types of configurations Okay um i had a um An individual who was in the navy He was an engineer in uh uh plane The plane was going uh uh to crash Um all of a sudden the propellers Was one of those old planes that had a Propeller And um came on fire

Okay and they didn’t have enough time to Go to the major Uh airfield okay they had a land because He said These are these huge planes and had all This up uh Uh petroleum you know or whatever fuel You know In it and if it would have crashed it Would have just blown to smithereens So they were about to land in this older Field and They knew that that ultra field had all This debris on it Okay and so um all of a sudden he They went to to land on it okay on that Field And and all of a sudden the they said That’s it we’re gonna blow up you know Because i had all this debris on the Field and so Uh he popped out of his body and Everything was now in slow motion He saw a coca-cola can he described it Like in slow motion Go through the air right in front of him You know all the debris in the field you Know we’re going like this And he was like looking at himself his Body inside The the plane sitting in the seat like In slow motion You know he had flown out of his body And then that lasted a certain period of

Time And all of a sudden he was back in the Um Back into his body um previous to that He was in the azores And uh everyone there uh they had a us Military base in the a’s I think was the azores off the the coast Of uh north africa Like you know a thousand miles in the Middle of the atlantic ocean somewhere And they have a an air force base there And so Um he said everybody in the base Including himself saw ufo He said then they had these people uh These men coming they were all dressed In Business suits and they were integra and Interrogating Uh the people that i had seen it and it Wasn’t A ton of people that had seen it but he Was one of them they interrogated Him and he also described after he had That out of body experience Uh he then described he was in his uh Living room And the living room opened up a portal Okay And out from that portal came this Immense energy This ball of energy okay and that ball Of energy started telepathic

Telepathically communicating with him You know and giving him a spiritual Message And he knew was associated to that Experience that he just had from the Plane Because it was either that same night or The next day i forgot the total details His name is tony woody t-o-n-y W-o-o-d-y now i get Why people go out well yourself And some others are saying uap Because that if someone saw that thing You know not necessarily a being people Could unidentify You know that is that is a ua uap kind Of yeah i mean what What we uh documented in our research Today was that the vast majority of People Did not see a saucer shaped Configuration or a physical Configuration They saw many different uh light Phenomena In the sky okay and and that’s why That term uap is the best terminology People have also seen uh things that was Like a light configuration all of a Sudden boom it changed into a physical Form Okay and then all of a sudden it Separated into three different pieces And now it’s three orbs in the sky

You see what i’m getting at and just Calling it unidentified You know flying object or flying saucer That doesn’t give it Credibility of of the The complexities of people i mean You you’ve not seen a flying saucer as Such have you You you’ve seen i don’t know that that Object that i saw the last time That was a physical object and it was Like cylinder Like as i said it was twice the size of A school bus but in terms of a saucer Shape no it’s like The best way to describe it was like a Long cylinder Like a lexus cylinder selfridge color We spoke and that was with this uh Fellow mike marburg Who um you know you might want to get on On your show and interview him because He’s He runs a ce5 group and he’s had tons of Experiences including paranormal Experiences Yeah yeah i’d love to you know you know Anybody that’s going to add something to This field i mean i don’t even i don’t Even want to call it ufology anymore Because No it’s not yours no no it’s it’s Something more What i call this okay and this is the

Title of our new book Okay uh you saw the cover of it okay Okay the title of our new book and this Is the consciousness and contact Research institute it’s titled A greater reality would you like to Screen share the the cover or have you Got anything on your computer I could do that yeah i would have to Look it up but um Uh let me see share screen and let me Um application windows I would have to go to um When you’ve got it right we’ll we’ll We’ll pop it up but yeah So when’s the new book out yeah the new Book out is out Uh april the 30th okay Um uh no april 15th i’m sorry april 15. So we’ve got beyond ufos in the Description below that people get that On amazon But if they do contact you info Info you you’ll send Them Pages i’ll send um i’ll send what the Cover looks like because the The book is still in production and um The book is going to be Um the title of the book is uh our Greater reality The new paradigm Okay the new paradigm of non-local Consciousness

The paranormal and the contact Modalities What this is uh we have like over 20 phd Physicists In our organization not physicist uh Academics Retired most of them retired academics Okay and Um people in the field of near-death Experiences Um out-of-body experiences um The ufo field uh remote viewing we’ve Got One man who is uh probably the the the Godfather Of remote viewing okay we have one of The we have probably the leading Researcher right now of near-death Experiences dr jeffrey long He’s the co-chair of our organization Okay And um i won’t go into all the the list Of all the people Okay um all of us we hypothesize that All of these experiences is actually one Phenomenon Okay and what what ties it all together Is that this is interdimensional and What’s taking place it’s uh it’s a Manipulation of space-time As we as humans are interacting with Uh via what is called non-local Consciousness Um we’re tapping into these other

Realities Okay and um that’s the people that Usually have had One of these experiences where they’ve Pierced the veal Of our reality okay via a near-death Experiences via ufo contact via Out-of-body experiences Etc etc these people do astral travel For example These people um are now um the way if You could think of is like our brain Is like a lid a cover okay And nothing can come in okay but the People have had these experiences have Like little tiny holes now Okay so the uh our uh our brain waves You know for For for the audience to have an Understanding of it it’s not actually How it works but Um are able to tap in and retrieve that Information Of the multiverse so because of these Experiences The multiverse gets triggered okay And we begin to having these contact Experiences Uh diverse contact experiences okay and These are normal people these are not Crazy People that have been diagnosed with uh Medical ailments Because uh uh one-third of the people in

Our organization You know these are highly credible People you know academics and they’ve um One-third of them have had paranormal Experiences okay And so um and all of them became Interested because They wanted to study the phenomena Academically now all of them hypothesize That it’s Much more uh complicated than that okay Now what you’re showing there on the Screen is the first Book okay non-gfos and that the reason Why we did that book Was to in order to be able to compare Ufo Contact experiences with the other Contact modalities You know out-of-body experiences Near-death experiences Remote viewing hallucinogenic journeys Ghosts and spirits etc etc In order compared to that we needed data About what the hell is happening with The ufo contact knees That data never existed okay all you had Was Me telling my story uh travis walton Telling his story Another fellow telling his story you had These anecdotal case studies We never had data and now our book Provides the data and we’re able to show

Tons of similarities between for example Near-death experiences And the ufo contact experiences i Already told you a couple of them First of all how these people change Okay Secondly many of these people that have Had near-death experiences Have had numerous paranormal experiences Afterwards Okay uh one of the major commonalities Is seeing ghosts and spirits After you’ve had an mde okay We’ve had uh i i interviewed the lady That was the head of the international Association for near-death studies Her name is dr yvonne cason and she’s Actually with that group icc that you Thought i was associated with Okay oh the the um I i i did fine Contact whatever but um um um Uh no no it’s not um it’s not that group It’s her name is yvonne cason K-a-s-s-o-n Okay she coined the term spiritually Transformative experiences okay She used to be the head like a couple of Years ago of irons The international association of Near-death studies okay She after she had like five ndes this is A medical doctor okay She told me that she began seeing ghosts

And spirits tons of them After her ndes okay so that’s just an Example of the relationship there Communication how does it take place With an nde and ufo contact Telepathically Okay it’s telepathic both phenomena Involve out-of-body experiences okay the As i told you 80 Of the people that have had ufo contact Experiences have had out-of-body Experiences A lot of people that have had abduction Related type of experiences They talk about going out of body and Like going through a door And being brought to another reality Okay And so it’s um uh the astral travel Aspect of it is common to Both of these experiences okay In terms of the most common type of Beings that are seen Okay the top four beings Three of those top fours are involved With near-death experiences Which means the energy being and that’s Usually What the being that people describe as As god you know The universal creator you know that’s uh Almost always In an energy being formed sometimes it Takes a physical shape

You know of a being okay of a physical Being but the vast majority itself Like an energy being format the second Most common Being that people see is a physical Being Okay in the near-death experience they See these people That that look like uh physical beings You know physical people Okay then the the ghosts and spirit Which is uh the fourth okay they see Those In uh also in near-death experiences So three out of the four are seen also In near-death experiences Okay the only exception is the short Grace but i’ve spoken with five people That have had near-death experiences That when they died they were actually Brought to A perceived area where it had all these People Coming up to them that said look look It’s you know and i’ll say the prince’s Name You know ezekiel this man’s name ezekiel Uh that’s his real name and he was Brought to a huge ufo craft A huge gigantic ufo craft okay where he Can You know he looks just like a ufo inside Round cylinder Large and just like a near-death

Experience all these people came up to Him Knowing who he was they were like hey Ezekiel how you doing you okay you know Very similar like a near-death Experience and and he had A heart transplant get someone else’s Heart While he was having this and he had also Had an experience with a short gray Okay he said that the short gray uh one Time he was at a stop sign he stopped at The stop sign this little tiny grey Appeared right in front of him looked at Him You know and then quickly ran and jumped Over a fence okay And um and he’s had two other near-death Experiences So here’s uh a man that um that uh has Had experiences with shaw grace He’s had uh three ndes and in his last Nb the most profound one he was brought Aboard a ufo ship Okay this other woman she was on youtube She uh was eating dinner right um she Was eating a She was a heavyset uh young woman um and She said she choked on her food and then She literally died there And she had to be resuscitated okay But she went and she’s described it to a A huge uh area and these little grays Were attending to her

Okay now was this a near Mixed near-death experience but it Wasn’t a near-death experience that was Actually These grace had a relationship with her And brought her to get medical healing To get resuscitated You know we don’t know the only thing is That she described that she had died She was resuscitated and she was aboard This uh This perceived craft where these little Short grades attended to her Ray can i ask when when you’re Describing this and you’re describing People that Have been near-death experiences in Their Scene grazer seeing craft When you’re putting this jigsaw together It’s not tons of people now Okay okay but telling you you know based Upon My work doing this Looking things doing in What would somebody would presume Is kind of the afterlife okay Let’s let’s now get into the third major Finding Okay and the fourth major finding okay Uh Uh we talked about this mainly being Positive and again With a new uh uh it’s

Extremely complex like i went over you Know this positive negative and neutral Type of stuff Secondly is transformative okay Third these experiences are primarily Paranormal They’ve had some physical experiences But it’s overwhelmingly paranormal Experiences that these people are going Through and number four Major finding is that these experiences Involves a manipulation Of space time why do i say that Because 50 of the people were brought to Other realities Okay um people were brought to like the Spirit world they were giving spiritual Teachings Of the afterlife okay uh by both Uh primarily not the short grays it was These other types of beings But a lot of the earlier experiences Started with the short grace and evolved Into the other types of beings Okay involving the afterlife and the Teachings Uh about reincarnation that when we die We are actually spiritual beings you Know et cetera et cetera Now in terms of what this is You know what actually is going on this Has been the You know the uh the world’s most complex Just

Jigsaw puzzle because alan heineck Towards the end of his life He realized that these experiences were Not just Physical they were not just both nuts And bolts okay It was both physical and psychic which Means Power you know in their language Paranormal type of related Okay jack valet like i told you before Knew that 40 years ago because he was Writing about that connection Okay and that’s why he was ostracized From ufology and he himself Self-ostracized himself from ufology Because you go to these ufology Conferences and all it is is nuts and Bolts And anytime they talked about Experiences it’s all abductionist Abduction that you know anal probes Here anal probes there you know that That was the [ __ ] that you get in One of these ufo conferences and it’s Still it is to this day Okay and so exactly And and so that’s why you know to me the Field of ufology Is a bankrupt uh field That’s filled with misinformation and Disinformation And part of it is because they just Don’t know any better

Because they’ve never done the research No one has ever bothered to read what we Wrote Here we are an organization filled with All of these phd academics We’ve done the world’s first Comprehensive academic research study of Ufo contact experiences And they don’t [ __ ] care you know They’d rather give their little lectures Uh that they’re now the experts on on Ufo Uh contact experiences and they’ve never Done any research on it You know themselves you know richard Dahlman you know Uh is a classic case now he’s writing Articles and books about the contact Experience Now did this man ever research that Phenomenon no Okay was it he bases information on Talking to people You know talking to people you know and So Is that [ __ ] research you know that’s Just being a [ __ ] [ __ ] And coming off like you know everything With his ego put that ego thing in there That ego button in there Put that in there again you know for Richard dolan okay He called our study what we did woowoo Science

Why because we talked about the Paranormal we talked about the Multiverse Okay yet we have uh a phd From princeton university dr claude Swanson dr rudy seals okay a phd From the university of chicago one of The world’s leading you know Schools in physics and has been a Professor at harvard for 45 years Dr dean raiden okay who is the lead Scientist At the institute for noetic sciences and Has done Research on the sci phenomenon for over 25 years Edgar mitchell we had um um We had a phd physicist uh uh as well From Caltech in our group who didn’t want to Go public with our experiences We had dr bob davis a phd in Neuroscience a p You know professor of the brain okay uh Et cetera et cetera So here’s this man who’s a [ __ ] Historian okay Calling our research wu science someone Who has never done any research about it And and and he is probably the most Credible of the people that are out There You know speaking and so is you go to These conferences

And it’s uh um You know i don’t mingle with these People you know because they’re totally Um um non-credible you know from my Perspective these are just people that Make a living out of this you know They need to sell the next book they Need to get their paycheck you know for The next conference That that’s how they make their living You know i i don’t i’m an attorney Uh i don’t need to be a snake salesman When we’re talking about mingling and Again i told you about David and i wish i had the picture now On me but the of that Well i need to blow his face out though Um but when When he’s with you and travis walton how Did In terms of travis how did you get along With Travis and his experience did you did You is he spiritual In this well there’s a public side of Travis And then there’s a non-public side of Travis okay And and we were i think was i think i i Might know who you’re talking about Okay and it was just mention his surname If you know he is I i totally forgot what this man’s name And what he looked i know what he looked

Like okay Uh he was american i don’t think he was He was from the uk No he’s yeah he’s american as american Okay yeah and so and he was a taller guy He was Maybe six foot tall or something like That yeah and so anyway he had a long Conversation with him apparently Yeah uh what travis told us He said uh because he basically gives The same lecture For like whatever it is 40 years it’s The same [ __ ] story 40 years but he’s the most famous name Uh from the contact experiencer Perspective and he gives the abduction Story Okay but what has changed recently is That he says that he now Uh believes that it was a benevolent Mission that they did to him They actually saved them because he Apparently got too close to the craft Yes and and it triggered like Some type of you know magnetic or I don’t know the appropriate scientific Term for it was yeah they was Fixing what they were fixing him what Not not what they did what the ship did Because he got too close to it And they had like these uh mechanisms to Prevent people getting close that type Of thing

And so they basically picked them up and Fixed them you know that’s that’s what He says now You know and he says that they weren’t Uh they didn’t do anything bad to him But what it was for him like so many Other people was a scary experience Which is you know Um totally understood i’m sorry Something spiritual well here’s the Thing He then went on and he started talking About that he’s had Uh tons of paranormal experiences And we even got into the topic of Spirituality you know and he started Going Not into details but in generalities Because he didn’t want to tell us All that side of him you know because What that does is that it ruins his meal Ticket you know from my perspective Yeah you know he didn’t tell me but for Me you know he’s got a gig where he’s Still selling you know tons of these Books he’s being invited to all these Conferences You know he he sells his literature his Signatures his books and stuff like that And i don’t know whether he gets paid Under the table by these conference Organizers But he’s one of the main attractions you Know people don’t come to

Listen to ray hernandez uh like for Example um My last uh presentation i made was the Contact in the desert Okay and i was like shocked at how many People there there was like over 5000 People i was told There was these two huge hotels they Were completely full Just with people attending that Conference right now for my lecture There were not even 30 people that Attended the lecture okay But for david [ __ ] wilcox okay the Guy had like 2 000 people lining up and they were Turning them away at the door And they had paid like 75 dollars you Know to see this guy You know so this guy was like catching Catching catching Catching and meanwhile ray hernandez has Just finished this five-year academic Research study with all of these Professors With a gigantic 820 page book filled With data You know of what is really happening With the phenomenon But people they don’t they don’t care About that they’re not interested they Want to be entertained You know they want to listen to corey Goode’s [ __ ] you know

About being up to mars you know 20 or 30 Different times Captain randy kramer being up to mars With uh with corey good And killing 10 000 reptilians on mars Protecting the mars colony And all of a sudden they were up there 20 years each time but when they came Back they were like young again you know And they want to be entertained like a Like a [ __ ] comic book you know That’s what people are paying the money Same thing with corey good you know The guy charges you know tons of money To speak at conferences everybody knows This you know Um how was the guy living before he Became famous where was he living and How was he living look it up Okay and and now is he now how much is He how much money is he Making now you know he doesn’t report it To the irs you know A lot of that cash okay but but What it is is that these people are Living off of um The profits from [ __ ] okay and That’s what sells Okay fear and entertainment sells okay Academic research study data does not Sell Okay and so here you had me going to This huge conference called Contact in the desert if there’s anyone

That has [ __ ] ever had contact as Myself And those people that took our surveys And yet uh That guy uh with the don king hair you Know with the ancient aliens guy He had like up to what you know Up the wazoo thousands of people lining Up to listen to his lecture they were Paying 75 bucks a pop you know To listen to this guy you know and and I’m like You know saying to myself what the [ __ ] This is [ __ ] ancient aliens here i Got a book with real [ __ ] aliens you Know And no one [ __ ] cares they rather Care about ancient [ __ ] aliens I said you know you want to learn Something instead of Listening to [ __ ] you know listen to What people are telling us in in this Book you know the thing is right And and this is this is the problem with It and i’ve realized this over time That people it’s like you said people Want to be entertained and And they would they want to hear these Crazy ass stories When but when you’re touching upon The the the whole the whole thing the Paranormal aspect of it People are like now you can’t mix that In with it you know

They they step away and then then they Think that’s the crazy part Well if they listen to some of the Stories that people have had It’s crazy as a [ __ ] these Thoughts i’m with you on this by the way You want to listen to crazy [ __ ] Listen to experiencers okay i mean i Could go on for the next Week telling you one story after another Okay these people that i know Okay like for example i told you uh There’s The phd psychologist she’s married to a Guy who’s a retired dea Agent okay i saw the placards on his Wall Okay the certificates the guy brought Down manuel noriega Okay the the they developed the movie Script they’re gonna have a movie about This guy but he doesn’t talk about the Ufo [ __ ] Okay but yet he’s one of the biggest Contact experiencers in the world Let me tell you a little i mean one of The craziest [ __ ] in the world Okay i could tell you about him he’s had Tons of it okay But um but uh um all of a sudden He had this jade statute of this um this Guy that looked like buddha this fat guy Uh chinese looking guy in his car you Know and

A real jade wasn’t the fake you know Crap it was real jade statue all of a Sudden Uh uh appeared in this home okay he has A whole uh Shelf and then casing that you open up And stuff like that with all A ports a parts are physical things that Materialize Okay in his house i mean it’s Unbelievable [ __ ] he’s got in there Okay and uh and his wife has verified All of this right And so um uh mind you this is a guy That caught uh uh someone he was uh Working with uh the dea sadie cooper Thank you Uh uh uh a dea working in the dominican Republic he worked all throughout latin America okay And all of a sudden he was told that They caught these two pilots in this Little airfield right With a propeller plane okay and we want You to interrogate them with a cia guy You know they also work with drugs Because they both work very very closely Right so after like a short while Alberto tells the cia guy He goes these are the pilots from monroe Noriega right The whole plane was filled with coke Okay Ready to be dropped off in miami right

And so they immediately stopped the Interrogation they called washington dc They found out from the state department Look let these guys cut them loose Put them on a charter uh plane back to Uh uh Uh to uh to panama right keep the plane And keep the coke Okay so a month later he came back with Instructions Okay from you know from the cia and from The state department Uh and with uh with a confidential paper You know secret paper or whatever And uh delivered to him by someone from The agency And it said um um you we already have A pre-arranged date for you to meet with The top man from noriega Uh another colonel okay it’s like his Right-hand guy okay And there you uh here’s the list of all The bank accounts that noriega had With the name of all of his children his Wife even his mistress The bank numbers the countries the whole [ __ ] i said Look you can keep all your [ __ ] money Okay yeah You could bring your mrs with you with All the bank accounts that she has that You Have tried to hide we know where the [ __ ] your money is okay but we want you

To leave panama 30 days Okay so he delivered that message you Know to this uh Top uh uh colonel you know with nordega Right finally they got word you know [ __ ] you i ain’t leaving Okay what happened like a few months Later the us military invasion of panama Okay so this is a guy that was telling Me all of these [ __ ] details Okay and um and some other stories as Well i mean really [ __ ] crazy stories With uh duvalier the dictator of haiti Um no no the dominican republic okay how They had tried to assassinate him a Couple of times you know in venezuela And [ __ ] like that You know so i mean this is the real deal But yet he’s the world’s [ __ ] major One of the world’s major experiencers Okay um And um i won’t go into some of his Stories because they’ll just take up a Long time But if people want to be entertained you Know All you need to do is to uh uh um To read some of these stories of some of These people uh or to put it into a Movie You know and and which you know A lot of people don’t want that because These are just such crazy experiences That people are having

We have a medical doctor she’s a Pediatrician a phd A pediatrician and i won’t tell you the State okay but she works in a hospital Taking care of sick kids all the time Okay she works for a 48-hour shift two Uh two uh 24-hour shifts that’s her work Okay And then um and yet she’s a major Experiencer Huge experiencer she’s had two ndes She’s had several obes she’s seen Numerous ghosts and Spirits of deceased people in her Hospital that she works after her latest Nd she’s seen 12 ufos Five of them were these huge Triangle-shaped crafts okay That were like horizon to horizon twice They flew right above her and her Husband where they saw the whole under Uh Part underneath this these crafts okay He’s had three sasquatch experiences two Of them Up close okay and yet you’re talking to A highly intelligent articulate woman You know uh that has had these Experiences So you know you want to be entertained Okay there’s tons of stories that are Out there Okay but but again these are not insane People these

Are not people that are out there Selling their books You know uh like corey goode and david Wilcox you know So when we talk about problems i mean Quit Because we’ve been going for nearly an Hour and a half and i don’t You know it we can’t we at some point i I could I could speak to you for like a day i Really couldn’t i hope I hope you will come back on the show uh But before i We get on to i want to know kind of the Future of what you’re doing Um what i want to ask you Is because you’ve mentioned like a lot Of the people who are quite They’re the ones that you you can just Tell they’re full of [ __ ] What do you think of bob lazar I really don’t know i never talked to Him i know i’ve talked i’ve spoken with George knapp I interviewed george snapp and he Believes him to be highly credible Um but uh you know i i cannot Comment on on people that i don’t know About i know a lot of intimate Information for stephen greer Because i know of um of of a medical Doctor that worked very closely with him In the 1990s

The early 90s i also um know about the Skeleton i know Everything about that skeleton okay how Greer Uh yeah that little ulta comma skeleton That he used in that that movie Okay that’s all [ __ ] you know he Knew was 100 percent human Okay because i know Dr gary nolan that was doing the Research with Grey and he took that to to ttsa didn’t He And then they said that i i don’t know About that part what i Can tell you is that uh there was a man By uh his deceased now uh dr virgilio Sanchez osejo he was a major ufologist That focused on latin america okay And he was also on dr alan heineck’s Board of uh i think was the organization Was kufos The the organization that heineke had Towards the end of his life And um and they used to travel to latin America together To investigate contact d cases and Abduction cases And why i know that was proof because Virgilio sent me photos of him in heinek Meeting with these experiencers and i Knew those cases they were very well Known cases in latin america And one was when he came down to miami

To interview this man Who was taken and reappeared like three Days later just like travis walton I think it was before travis walton Became famous Except that case never got any publicity Okay And um and i could tell you all about it Then the helio wrote about it in one of His books Okay and i have a picture of him and Alan heineck and this man this cuban man You know And his wife and his family and and Heineck was very He was young at that time um and with Helio looked like a Like a much much younger man i think This must have been in the 60s i forgot Um The the date the late 60s and so Vergilio was the real deal You know and so he told me that um he Was informed that there was a case in Um chile in the altacama this desert Town In chile where people described the ufo Landing And out of the ufo came all these little Creatures these small creatures Okay so he eventually wrote a book and You can look it up on on amazon It’s written in spanish it’s titled ufo Pets

Uh he did an english translation which Is a horrible translation of it Okay but it was titled ufo pets and that Was about his uh research study out There not to come So he was there one day and he was in a Barn he was having a beer And he saw all these people mingling Around the Near the bartender where the bartender Was so he got up and he went to see And what it was is the man had taken out A shoebox and he was charging you know The equivalent of like a us dollar you Know whatever for people to see it And it was that little skeleton okay oh Okay okay Yeah and so helio naturally he had a Camera you know during that time Uh period it was like one of those that The film that you had to develop you Know And so uh he questioned the guy he said That he bought it from this guy that Uh that had dug it up and [ __ ] like that You know And uh he asked them where it was Surprisingly where it was And and he took pictures of it and he Had a little shoe box with a With like cotton okay um and he was Charging people money To see it right so v helio was the first Man ever to write an

Article about this with a photo and then He uh published it In a ufology uh um review You know at that time there was nothing On the internet it was all um A printed paper you know that they Circulated to others Uh he had mailed it into the this guy Who publishes that ufo uh journal And then he got sent off to other people And it was uh Well known among the ufologists in in Latin america and in spain Okay so anyway this guy from barcelona Spain this well-known ufologist i forgot His name Uh i guess if i could google you know Barcelona Ufologist his name would pop up so he Told me that he called virgil he said Look radio I read about you know your story he says Uh do you still have the contact Information of that bartender and Vehicle said yes You know and so he gave it to me and he Says i want to buy it Okay so vegeta told me the story that This this guy from spain Flew in um and purchased that okay Uh from this guy so he even said he Smuggled it through customs in spain Uh in his sock he wrapped it around the Gauze you know

Uh cotton gauze all around and he put in His sock And that’s how he got it through customs Okay and um And so there while he was there he had It uh tested Uh both for um dna and he told me at That time they didn’t have the Sophisticated Dna stuff that they got now but they had Preliminary dna And then also um um uh Someone that studies anatomy at the University and he said this is a fetus Skeleton You know and it probably uh uh was uh Aborted And because of the the the lack of Humidity the temperature it became that Small but This is a human you know feed a skeleton Whatever And then the the dna result came back You know 100 human You know and so um um and He had those reports so stephen grier Found out about it Now this is what he told me okay uh this Was um Um uh beat helio he told me okay He said stephen greer found out about it He contacted the ufologist in barcelona Spain Okay and so he purchased the

Intellectual property rights That means to market you know that Little skeleton you know And um and also he sold you know uh Scrapings you know to Take a dna sample that type of thing and Someone went over but hilo didn’t say Who it was He just said someone it wasn’t greater And came over and did that Okay and then um he uh all of a sudden You know it came out all over the uh the Media that uh stephen greer is doing This documentary on this little uh Uh alien creature you know and videlia Was like pissed off you know he called That guy he said what the [ __ ] you know You knew it was 100 You know human degree or no he says yeah Green knew about it because he gave him That report You know so so grier was using that Basically As a sales pitch to draw you know Attention to his Movie but he said it was all [ __ ] it Was all fabricated And then eventually they did a dna Sample it was a A professor at that stanford university Or an academic affiliated with with With stanford i think was that guy that You said uh gary know yeah barry nolan And it did come up it was 100

Human dna okay and um they traced the Dna back to the people in that Andean region you know uh you know from From chile They were able to do that with the Sophisticated dna test that they did Well dr gary nolan took it to ttsa And stephen greer made a video about and He was really pissed off saying that Ttsav Kind of he was almost saying that his Ttsa have paid Off gary nolan with this uh It’s 100 human you know what what what The [ __ ] can they do about it You know i think whoever told you that Is [ __ ] you know because He publishes reports widely out no no That’s what we’ve even you were saying Stephen greer did a video saying that Then he’s full of [ __ ] you know for Saying that you know because Nolan published the whole results Publicly you know Uh in a scientific paper that he Released to the public i remember Looking at it you know Um and so you know what the [ __ ] would Tta whatever that that that tick tock Group Want to do with this because then human What do you think It’s a group huh what do you think of The site group before we move on

I mean they’re a mainstream materialist Group you know publicly Okay but uh i think privately for Example I have a picture of that guy elizondo With our book on his desk okay that’s Nice Okay isn’t that nice yeah that’s good That’s that’s pretty cool He had a desk and clearly you saw you Know beyond ufos on his desk right there Uh and he was uh someone sent me that Picture i don’t know who took it or Whatever But they sent me he said look right look What the hell he’s got in his uh On um on his uh table you know it was It was actually on his desk and the desk Had like a little um Uh a little shelf right next to it And they had our book like it was like Right on his on his table So i know that these people you know for Example eric davis always posts on our Facebook group Okay eric davis is an astrophysicist Okay Um he’s had contracts with uh hal put Off okay They worked together for like for 30 Years okay And they had all these contracts from You know military intelligence To focus on you know warp speed you know

The physics of Of uh of uh developing new technology to To go faster than the speed of light or Whatever you know Uh all this uh new physics technology i Really don’t know a lot about it but i Remember reading about it And so he always posts on our ccri Facebook site Okay like a like a little check box and [ __ ] like that You know so i know he’s there and um And so i know he’s interested in what We’re doing okay But what it is is that uh i know uh uh One person that’s in our group that has Very close contact with those tic tac People Okay um um i won’t tell you You know the privilege com information That we had But these people know um uh These are people associated with bob Bigelow okay And and he’s the funder for the tic tac Okay It’s not that that rockstar [ __ ] You know [ __ ] Tom delong who’s totally [ __ ] Illiterate you know it’s not that guy And i know because bob davis and i had a Conversation with this guy You know and he’s uh uh He sounds he comes off like an eighth gr

Uh Eighth grade dropout you know um totally Clueless So i know he was being used and Manipulated you know That saying that we need to throw a Nuclear bomb out in space So we can kill off all these ufos that Are in space you know That that’s the guy that’s uh that’s Supposedly hitting this no i don’t think So No um the the big chief behind all this Was bob bigelow because Um where is that group uh affiliated With now It’s in las vegas you know and that’s Bigelow headquarters Okay and um interesting oh yeah yeah Oh so before we wrap this up Where where where is ray henandez going Where what is the future Okay as i told you before the reason why We did this ufo study Was uh because there was zero data on The ufo contact phenomenon Okay and then i i gave your audience Members a very quick Summary of the four major findings but Within there there’s like tons of other Findings okay Which totally contradict the field of Ufology okay so we now uh hypothesize Okay uh that this is a multi-dimensional

Type of experience Okay involving what is called a Manipulation of space-time Okay and um and there uh Because it involves a manipulation of Space-time so is Near-death experiences so it’s Out-of-body experiences so are ghosts And spirits okay These are uh non-human intelligence From some other type of reality okay That we are interfacing With okay and uh we don’t know How this works you know we can only Speculate We’re going to be publishing an article That dr edgar mitchell did which is Is a magnum magnus opus You know his most important work um that He published uh 1997 i think it was and and Nobody knows about that paper okay so We’re going to be publishing it in our First volume of our book And that is his theory of a quantum Hologram Theory of consciousness which he talks About the quantum hologram And where he talks about how humans are Using non-local consciousness And tapping into the information fields Of our reality To tap into um sources of information And this is what these highly advanced

Uh intelligence also have that ability To do but a much much more You know highly evolved uh type of Structure Uh uh at a multi-dimensional You know for lack of a better term you Know uh level And and so um so all of us and as i said Before we’ve got Many major major names if you send me That email whoever is listening to me At uh info i will send You a brief summary of this new Organization Called consciousness and contact Research institute we have a list Of the individuals involved in this for Example one is stephen a schwartz He was doing remote viewing Okay way before the stanford research Center Okay uh who who developed Um uh what we now know as As coordinate remote viewing based upon Ingo swan’s principle And um but so this guy um was doing that But not the coordinate aspect of it but In terms of astral traveling to see Images uh and seeing uh fields of Information Okay and now he’s one of the world’s Leading Scholars on non-local consciousness and The paranormal his name is stephen a

Schwartz You could look it up steve stephen Stefan Stefan a schwartz okay we also have Gary shorts the man received the phd From harvard university in psychology He became a tenant professor at harvard University Then yale university lured him and he Became a tenured professor at yale And i think he was there a total of 20 Years and then he got lured by the University of arizona Because what happened with with um with Gary schwartz He heard a voice talking to him okay and It was like a telepathic communication And so he wanted to understand What the [ __ ] was this you know and so He suspected it was a deceased You know entity the sea spirit so University of brazil arizona lured him Away and it gave him a huge laboratory With tons of money and now he has a Laboratory where he’s studying Uh channelers and communicating with Deceased Entities to see if they could interfere Let’s say for example here’s a Um a beam of light Uh what they call it um those pencils That that beam uh Lasers lasers lazy laser laser pen yeah Let me just give you an example

Okay he has a sophisticated machine That’s like a laser pointer So he has a not a laser pointer that you Buying a storage like that real [ __ ] Laser Uh um instrument skin yeah And so and so he’s had the uh um The uh um the The the channeler the the Spiritualist type of person that’s Totally isolated In a room that’s shielded totally Shielded okay She doesn’t even know what the Experiment is and and all of a sudden at Certain points Okay he uh the the woman will get an Instruction Okay to tell this particular laser To go 50 and cut to 50 Right so she’ll get that instruction and Then she’s like you know communicating With a spirit Okay that the this being this person Communicates with Because he’s telling the spirit okay cut It to 50 All of a sudden it shows 50 On the instruments cut it to 25 Cuts it to 25 okay now That’s what he’s been doing now for like For 10 years okay And the man’s 75 years old this is a Full

Full-blown professor okay and um Communicating with the spirit world you Know and what he’s trying to tell To develop is like a telephone like a Cell phone for us to communicate with The deceased Now do we really know it’s the deceased You know in actuality you know i um That we can speculate on that okay um It is somehow the the shield That uh protects against um um i’m not a Physicist or a scientist And i read about it but i totally forgot About it it shields against certain type Of Of energy you know forms uh from going Out and coming in You know um electronics and other types Of forces So it will that prevent her Directly interfering with that object Maybe she’s doing it Okay you know these are all these Questions that are out there Okay but the point is is that you know Some weird [ __ ] is happening And we’ve got people like that in our Board okay Bob davis or retired professor of Neuroscience Um rudy shields you know dr john clemo Dr michael grosso who was a received a Phd in philosophy from columbia University

He himself is an experiencer he’s Written like eight books on the Paranormal Okay he saw three huge ufo orbs Dancing on top of the local catholic Church in lower manhattan In greenwich village to the beat of john Coltrane Okay in the late 60s you know the song Was the god the father and the holy Ghost The title i think was the holy ghost the Holy spirit was the title of the song Which is an Avant-garde jazz piece and they were Dancing in rhythm to John coltrane on top of the dome of a Local catholic church Okay and it was three huge orbs and It was witnessed by him his girlfriend And a Neighbor in the apartment building right And so all of a sudden You know after the song was over with The three orbs went You know and took off and he’s had other Paranormal experiences Lots of other paranormal experiences so This is the and he’s written like Like eight books on the on the Paranormal and he’s written Uh two books for these two major uh Books These 600 page books that was done by

The university of virginia And they were done by the uh the Professors uh Several professors at the division of Perceptual studies Which is um uh uh part of the university Of virginia their school of medicine Department of psychiatry It’s a separate division and so he’s Written Two several articles for for that Organization these two books Titled um uh beyond fig physicalism Beyond physicalism and the other one was Um Goodness i forgot the name of it beyond Fizzling anyway Uh but the point is that this is a real [ __ ] academic You know not richard dolan you know Who never was an academic or or stephen Greer who does Never done any research whatsoever of This phenomenon You know these are you know people are Out there hustling you know these are Hustlers You know if you if you had advice for The for the The people that are watching this now That are into this subject What would be your best piece of advice My best piece of advice is that this Phenomenon

Is all interrelated all of the Paranormal you know What we call the contact modalities all The different ways that humans are Piercing the veal of our reality And having contact with non-human Intelligence you know ufos near-death Experiences out-of-body experiences Ghosts and spirits Channeling hallucinogenic journeys you Know dmt ayahuasca whatever Remote viewing all these things it’s all Part of one phenomenon and this Phenomenon Involves some advanced you know quantum Physics uh Cosmology of the nature of our reality That we just don’t understand Okay we just don’t understand it but we Know it’s all interrelated because all Of it Involves a manipulation of space-time That we know okay And um and and so instead of viewing These things from a very physicalist Perspective okay a nuts and bolts Perspective Okay these things are um Uh are based upon what is called Non-local consciousness How we as humans interact with our Greater reality Okay which we still don’t understand Okay we’re totally clueless of

But yet you have all these people have All the answers okay they have all the Solutions Run away from those [ __ ] okay They’re just snake all salesmen You know these are people that used to Travel out in the west of the united States with these little covered wagons You know And inside we’re filled with you know uh Thousands of these little bottles Uh that they used uh uh petal as a magic Brew that would cure Every illness you know from from cancer To Rheumatoid arthritis to everything you Know to alcoholism you want to get cured Of your alcoholism drink this [ __ ] you Know How much is it oh it’s you know 50 cents You know so These are commonly called snake oil Salesmen okay that’s what the Field of ufology is okay it’s just a Huge Groupings of snake wall salesmen and These people are Are totally clueless okay anyone that Comes to you like they’ve got all the Answers Run away okay we don’t know any answers We don’t even know what We what questions to ask okay um We have a very minimalist understanding

Of just how complex this is But we’re pretty much clueless okay The the other thing is that this is not Nuts and bolts you know this is not Tick tocks whatever the ufos Uh videos pictures and roswell crashes And The nimitz and all that crap you know That Seeing this phenomena from that Perspective puts you in a little cubicle Box That little box that they found the Ultacama skeleton in it puts you in that Little box Okay when actually the the the The desert is a huge you know phenomenon But yet you’re inside this uh you’re Inside the fishbowl All you know is what’s inside the Fishbowl you don’t know anything that’s Outside of the fishbowl So um so this is a A totally different perspective that i’m Telling people it’s based upon A multi-dimensional perspective it’s Based upon Um something called non-local Consciousness okay Um and and i think the only thing that We could do at this point is just to Document The phenomenon and this is what we’ve Been trying to do to document

And to be able to draw comparisons to How are they similar Because in terms of the physics we just Don’t understand that you know Um and that’ll come for a later Generation You know so just keep an open mind that Would be my instructions Ray hernandez my friend thank you so Much for coming on tonight and Opening my eyes to kind of a different Way of looking at it um can i ask you a Question Would you come on again yes yes we come On again I didn’t get to talk about the new Organization you know Well we could do that when the new book Comes out Yeah i i also i i would like to i’m Going to show you I’m going to send you some interviews of People out or Maybe i might want to introduce you to And maybe get you one with them To some experiences um because i think It’d be great for them to uh Be for experiences to build maybe ask You some questions But thank you so much for coming on Tonight uh i know i know You’ve got a busy schedule my friend and I i really wish you the best Would you mind uh staying uh it a bit

Below while i just say goodbye to the Folks i’ll come have a private chat with You Yeah and my wife is calling me now and My daughter was calling me so i know Something urgent is going on No problem right okay thank you so much Oh oh hang on after you hang off um just But only for about a minute yeah that’s Fine mate okay Ray if you’ve got to go mate we’ll catch You up later that’s nice fantastic Yeah yeah yeah tell the folks again info I’ll send you uh numerous documents Including A peer-reviewed academic research paper That was done by four Academic professors including myself um On our research study so this is an Academic paper that was peer reviewed So it’s a little difficult reading you Know because it’s academically oriented But i’ll send you that too So people can understand that this is Much more complex than what you Originally thought it might be Ray you you’ve been legendary Thank you my friend okay all right and It’s nice to have somebody on win obs Yeah [ __ ] you know all the four Letter words uh Uh i was raised talking like that and And you brought it out of me so you’re a

Wicked demon there for making me talk Like that [Laughter] Well next time you can have a bail with Me oh man i was looking at that i said Is that a beer is that pop soda you know He says i’ve told you it’s an over 18’s Channel oh man I’m 40 years old i’ve probably got about Another five years left if i carry on at This rate but I’m 64 years old now most i could have Is three beers now you know After that i’ll wake up with a headache Right now thank you mate and you take Care have a nice christmas my friend you Too Bye-bye bye-bye Well guys ray hernandez there and uh i Know it’s been a long one tonight but i Was just So intrigued with that with his story at Info At and guys in the chat Um all amazing i’m so sorry i wish i had Like another me That and i keep saying i need to i’m Going to make some of you guys Moderators Um just one one thing i’m going to say Now To anybody who’s staying in if i make You a moderator

And somebody’s kicking off in the chat And saying they’re calling me a [ __ ] And a a ginger bearded warrior or Anything like that Just let them you know unless someone’s Been Absolutely foul and Racist or uh homophobic or anything like That that’s when they get kicked But if somebody wants to have a pop at Me let them you know because i’ll just Call them out i’ll just i’ll just invite Them on the show I can i can fight my own battles that’s My only worry when i when i get Moderators Is that they will ban the trolls because I kind of like the trolls The trolls make me happy i like to read The comments of the trolls Uh but people yeah make sure you check Out ray hernandez I i only found out about him through David and david if you are watching this My friend thank you very much Very well i know you’re watching it uh For introducing me to ray hernandez um An intriguing character a very very Weird story to start off with but then When you you hear The rest of it that goes with that story And The fact that he doesn’t want anything Out of this it’s just

Kind of like it it seems like he’s on This journey Um and for me that that’s kind of like Where i am In all this i don’t know where i’m going With this i really need to urinate right Now I need to stop drinking beers while i’m In doing a three hour long Interview um and think i’m thinking also Guys what i’m gonna do Is maybe cut some of these start to put Some little snippets of interviews On the channel so i go back to doing a Little bit of editing but maybe Maybe like 15 minutes worth of maybe a Little bit of ray A bit of whoever interview you know just Putting a little bit little snippets Because You some of you guys aren’t gonna hang About for three hours you know i know i Won’t I i try to watch uh i mean i love Watching goof on radio but i can’t watch Him Constantly because i don’t get time you Know i like watching dark i like Watching John’s new channel uh wreaking havoc you Know but i Just sometimes don’t get time to watch The The whole vlogs just because of what

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