Real Shadow Figures (Interview with Ghostech Paranormal Investigations)

By | December 17, 2020
Real Shadow Figures (Interview with Ghostech Paranormal Investigations)

Good evening folks and welcome To alien addicts on a very very Delicious night we have the entire team From ghost tech Paranormal with us tonight and It gives me great pleasure to introduce The one and only jeff we have Phil in the house and mark How are you fellas all good thank you Yeah fine thanks I am live yes i am live it’s fine i was Just checking we’ve had a few hip cups Tonight Still getting used to this live game Jeff i’m going to move you to the side There you go because Obviously i love the logo above me um Boys thank you so much for taking the Time out to for joining us tonight It really means a lot and i don’t phil You’ve you’ve literally gone back to You’ve gone back to work to do that i Was in work at uh about half three this Morning And i’ve been working all day with home Had some dinner and come back Um unfortunately where i live it’s not Particularly suitable for doing this Sort of thing so the office is Um it’s probably the quietest and Brightest place No i really appreciate it um like i said It

It didn’t matter if the coronation Street was on in the background There would have been coronation street That would have been um My other half walking past with a bottle Of rum in her hand asking if we’re Nearly finished So the boys are i mean ghost tech Paranormal how was We we had you on brief before jeff we Had you on for an hour An hour and a bit was it before yeah Yeah and we were going to do a show last Week With uh andy evans um who’s who was Who fell ill um but but guys First of all i i kind of want to know How you all got together And before we go jeff could you just Explain for anybody who didn’t see the Interview before What ghost tech paranormal actually is For anybody who doesn’t know Um okay well ghost tech paranormal has Been going for quite some time now And um our job is To help people investigate the Paranormal We don’t charge anyone for our services We pay for everything ourselves if we Have to stay in a hotel Petrol food you know we’re just Here to get the best evidence and also To help people

Um we don’t want to make any money Out of anyone’s misery for what they’re Going through So this is what we do and I’m not going to say it’s a hobby it’s Not a hobby for me it’s it’s it’s more Than that i guess it’s a second job So how did you how did the team become What it is today Um i remember being with Uh my nephew jason um myself and jason Sort of started it all off Um many a year ago and Uh there was a gentleman that i knew who Said i know a great place Uh that’s possibly haunted the name of i Think it was cliff fall And we went down there to meet him and Um There was his other character with him Called phil And um we were standing on top of this On top of this fault in the middle of Nowhere and um Myself and phil just got chatting and um Phil told me that he’d had a few Experiences and um I i think i said to i think i said to Phil hey Why don’t you join the team and and he Did did you feel I think that was about it wouldn’t it Yeah basically ollie i made the mistake Of

Giving jeff my phone number and he’s Still to me ever since Yeah in all seriousness no we we got on Well straight away And uh as jeff mentioned i had had a Couple of uh experiences which i Couldn’t explain And um it was an interest um initially Uh i you know thought well i could help Him with the camera work and stuff like That but very quickly Uh i got involved with actually um doing Evp Sessions and and such like and um as Jeff said I mean for him it’s an absolute passion Um And i know he’d give up his job His main job you know in a blink of an Eye if he could just to focus on this Uh for me it’s slightly different um you Know i I i find it really interesting and Um as i think i mentioned to you earlier Ollie Um you know i would describe myself as An open-minded skeptic and Um i would always try and disprove stuff Which i think balances the team really Well Um but what i would say is through doing This for what is it nearly ten years now Jeff It must be about that um yeah i mean you

You’ve been with us about ten years Um i believe mark about what Two and a half maybe three yeah maybe Four years Yeah it’s quite a long time now mom but Uh you know throughout that time As say there’s plenty of things which i Can’t explain and it’s Certainly changed my perception of um Of what’s out there really and and as Mark said he joined Four years ago roughly and um three of Us seem to work really well together Yeah i mean um with with with mark he Was He was just a fan of ghost tech and he Just um Emailed me one day um you know saying He’s really interested in it do we have Any space Um you know for him to join in it we Said okay we’ll give you a troll see if You’re If you’re up to it and yeah so this is It That’s existing yeah i’ve noticed there Has been a few Effect a few paces a few faces in the Past on ghost tech paranormal that have Kind of disappeared over time Are we still our friends here various Reasons for that isn’t it Really yeah i think um some of it is Uh people’s personal commitments have

Meant that they um Haven’t been able to to do it um Other people perhaps haven’t worked out And haven’t fitted into the team quite As well as um As the three of us work um you know we Work in a Very close way and We we do take quite a scientific Approach To what we do and i think you need to be Of a certain character to do that not Everybody’s got that character But yeah everybody’s still friends and You’ve got to be silly enough to go to Some of the places we have as well Yes yes completely daring sometimes Yeah definitely well jeff’s asked me to Come along next year For one of them Yeah i’m uh i don’t know how i feel About that i’m looking forward to it at The same time um Before we get on to the subject in hand Which is shadow figures and i i want you To get I think this i know you’ve got a show Coming out on christmas day Uh of all days uh sorry if i announced That too early jeff but I think we need to announce it early for The people now it’s um it’s already been Put out on My youtube channel um we decided to um

You know Do you who wants to see the wizard of oz Thank you lynn You know who wants to see the wizard of Oz when you can um Watch a ghost show why not you know so And it’s the first time we’ve We’re gonna you know stick out an Episode on christmas day Um and i’m sure there’s probably a lot Of people out there that would Appreciate that you know so why not It’s been been a difficult year for Everyone and that so You know it’s just something different So so this is this episode has Like some of the he i was like whoa I remember when you showed uh i mean the Boys it Uh on the private chat jeff um we were Like shh it kind of put the willies into Me a little bit but before we get on to That the meat and bones Of this uh the subject of this interview Um can we can we start by telling The the viewers what everybody’s job is In ghost step paranormal like jeff I i i know you’re you you’re the lead Investigator jeff Yeah well i’ve i’ve i’ve founded um Ghost tech and Um i run well i say i run the team i Don’t really Um what we all do in in

In some sort of way i mean what i say Doesn’t Always go you know i say to the rest of The guys What do you think should we do this next Should we do that next And you know there’s we all just work Together you know Um i i don’t tell anyone what to do i Come up with ideas and then feel myself Well why don’t we Do this that way and mark might say well What we can do it You know it it’s it’s just an agreement Between all of us Um so i’m not going to say that i run Everything that that’s not true at all Who puts the tech into ghost tech Well i guess that would be phil and um Our other um our other colleague um Infrared andy who um produces A lot of the equipment um but phil comes Up with a few uh Little gadgets as well i i make the most Ridiculous gadgets out of bits of old Dragon pipe Old bits of electronics i’ve ripped Apart and stuff like that Some some of them have use um Some of them like for drainage [Laughter] Some of them fail quite miserably um no It’s a it’s With with regard to the tech i mean

There’s obviously Uh the very well known bits of equipment Which um Very easily available um You know i do try and think up New ways of doing things firstly And most importantly to see if we can Detect something which We wouldn’t normally detect but also i Think from a viewer’s point of view It can get a little bit repetitive if We’re using the same equipment Over and over so by coming up with Something different which shows A different result even if it’s even if It’s the same result it’s presented in a Different way Then i think that can can add um To the to the viewing experience as well Um but the it’s not this the tech isn’t Just about The bits i make i mean jeff you know Spent quite a lot of time with Um infrared andy i believe developing The The um sls scan which um It’s a stick man can um The thing that runs off the xbox uh yeah It does i mean it’s something which i um Have played with In the past not the xbox but the Stickman technology But the um it uses an odbc

Studio and the software on it Uh or at the time when i was using it Was flaky To say the least but i underneath where I’m sat now Uh is like my main workshop and storage Area And i actually have still got it set up Looking that you’ve got an xbox um Connecting Looking down and it did work but The recording side of it i think even Now jeff isn’t it It can be quite difficult to get it Recording properly But it has has come on a long way since I’ve played with it and what what andy Developed Works really well yeah i mean the um The sls cam that we’re using now is a v2 High resolution cam And um we’ve also as well as slip man Technology it’s now Using a 3d monitoring system so Um it’s actually seeing everything in 3d And it will pick up any figures that are Not there Um i haven’t seen anyone use um uh that Before Um so that’s what we’re using at the Moment and it seems to work Really well have you got any Any i don’t know if you’ve got anything Right now on your computer jeff

That you because we don’t need the audio For that but just for the viewer that Because i was literally new to this when I first saw your channel i’d never seen This This be done being done before i don’t Know if you’ve got anything that you can Kind of Show as an example um if you haven’t it Doesn’t matter They just head over to ghost tech Paranormal and you’ll see it Um but this technology um I do what i didn’t realize and what i Found the most intriguing is you Actually See this live don’t you see this yeah It’s a figure move alive So it’s all so you know that there’s Something in the vicinity of you that is Moving And it’s not necessarily a stinkman Shape but It kind of shows you the movement and Kind of what level it is The height would be right by saying that Yeah Yeah i mean we’ve um uh phil was Uh using it at one of our investigations And um i was in a hallway and you Actually see There was meant to be a child there and We actually see a child come walking Down the hallway towards me

Yes a smaller figure yeah and uh At that time you felt something on your Arm didn’t you And you could see the the stick figure It was almost like Like that i did i didn’t realize that it Was touching me and i said to phil i can Feel static on my arms and phil says It’s actually leaning out and and Touching you Um so yeah yeah um So so yeah you not only capture things That are on the floor but we’ve also Caught things on the wall on the Ceilings and everything don’t move with That Yeah yeah so yeah it’s um It it’s not easy to use um By a long shot um it becomes batteries Yeah i mean you’re looking at temp um You You put 10 batteries in and uh you’ll Get 20 minutes Um so at the moment we’re sort of Working out how we can extend Um because the thing is with the sms cam You can set it up in a room And plug it in that’s fine but if you Want to move around with it Um you’re talking 10 duracell batteries Will burn 20 minutes like that so um we’re trying To find ways around that where Um where we can move around and um

Not worry about power um so But that’s what you get when you wanna Sls cam V2 high resolution it’s a lot of Technology going on there and it does Burn up the uh the energy on the On the batteries well i mean for me at Least uh i mean i don’t know If any is any gamers watching this i Know the Connect didn’t do too well for xbox but At least it’s getting used Probably yeah the So the shadow figures boys um You’ve recently done um i think it was The Earlier this year was it that you did um What’s the name of the place jeff pet With petworth’s chapel Yes uh and you captured something quite Remarkable Um before we go on to that i’m i’m going To give the viewers A brief look at a news article from the Bbc That might explain to them why you went And um investigated that But uh jeff while i’m trying to load This up if you wouldn’t mind just uh Give us a brief what made you kind of uh Go after that Um investigation while i try and get This loaded up Um it was just somewhere um you know

A lot of the time when things are quiet Um i do some research just to try and Find out if there’s Any places that we can investigate um And this place is out in sussex and Um it’s uh it’s an abandoned chapel Um it’s surrounded by a graveyard And it just sits in the middle of this Small little village And i read the story um that surrounds It and It’s quite a sad story actually and um i Thought With the reports that go on there to do With Children playing children laughing um Voices heard that type of thing i Thought it’d be great to okay let’s go Out there and see um What this place is about you know i Never even knew it existed Um and um yeah so I sorted out our time with the guys and And and off we went to see what we could Find I’ve got the bbc put report ready uh ex Guys excuse me but we we’re running on Screen mirroring here so it’ll go a Little bit funny i can’t seem to bring The actual link in but Um we deal with what we’ve got so Um it’s going to go a little bit funny For a minute but I will just show you the uh clip now on

The 75th anniversary of that event Survivors relatives of the dead and Townsfolk today stays An act of remembrance reports from Petworth A quiet sussex town an unlikely setting For a masked grave Containing the bodies of 28 children to Most people their story is unknown But here at least it’s not been Forgotten 75 years ago petworth boyce school was Destroyed after a german aircraft Dropped its bombs Possibly targeting canadian troops in The grounds of nearby petworth house Days later a procession of lorries Carried 28 small coffins through the Town And the canadian troops helped carry Them to the grave where the friends who Died together Were buried together today school Children lined the sides of the grave For a special ceremony attended by a Handful of survivors I was buried for a time and then i Realized i was all right And i struggled and i got myself out and I first thought well i’m going to run Home And started to go up the road but the Headmaster’s wife colored me And said i had to go into her house i

Could still see These boys just as they were I’ll get a bit overwhelmed sometimes you Know thinking about this It’s a long time ago no but They haven’t altered i can remember all Of them Jean was nine years old her brother Alfred was 10. He nearly didn’t go to school that day The weather was bad And he just come out of hospital i know My mother tried to get my Brother to stay at home and he wouldn’t It was something at school he wanted to Do So he wasn’t going to go that day Possibly because he wouldn’t have done No but it was something special so she Made him take his dinner And that was it what really came out of It was sort of the heroism of the people The canadians who came Running across from the park the Soldiers to try and help the vicar who Reached his cassock open And was there in the ruins and doing the Last riots with the children All of which he knew because they were In the choir and they were in the Community and you know it’s a real Impact on the whole community it was Just devastation A generation too young to go to war died

In their classroom Today’s children vowed they’ll always be Remembered Sean killick bbc south today petworth On the seventh it’s Extremely extremely sad story that Um and um Yeah i can i can see why that why you You wanted to go there Yeah it wasn’t for um We wanted to know if that was true that The children were still there Um and i mean the size of the mass grave There is Absolutely huge it’s a it’s it’s Ridiculous and um It was it was a bit of a weird one Because you know it’s children A lot of children lost their lives for You know casualties of war i guess Um if you want to put it in that sort of That sort of way Um but you know um Off off we went you know we needed to Find out what was going on Um and it is a very sad story And yeah i had you all add reports of Things going on At this chapel beforehand um only Through Um research that i that i’ve done um Because you know anyone can go there It’s a strange place because No one claims ownership to it

Um so it sort of just sits there in the Middle middle of this little village The chapel’s there there’s hundreds and Hundreds of graves here that date back Hundreds of years And there were reports of people seeing Children in there People saying that there was children That were laughing and giggling but they Couldn’t see anyone Um so why not you know Let’s go there and find out for Ourselves but what we came across was Something completely different Um uh through through research i don’t Want to give too much away that’s that’s The thing No no but we we we’ve we’ve got the Imagery And the the show which i will be linking In here when it goes out on christmas Day for anybody that doesn’t see it Christmas day It will be in the link if you’re Watching this past christmas day It will be in the link in the Description um So so basically what what happened was It was on tuesday the 29th of september It was in 1942 and there was a lone German bomber Coming in from the south um It was low cloud there was no air raid Warning given

Um the target for the bomber was Petworth house Now petworth house there was something Around 3500 troops Some canadian some our own guys But also there was a new amphibious tank Um and it was a special sherman tank That they were developing So the target was uh pat with house And what actually happened was as the Bomber approached It dropped his bombs all the bombs Missed But one of the bombs deflected off a Tree and went actually into the boys School Um so you know you’re looking at I’m trying to think how many were Actually in the school at the time It was between 70 and 80. um Well there were children that was um There were 80 children That should have been at the school um And 28 were killed Um along with two of the um two of the One was a headmaster one was a teacher’s Assistant Um some of the boys i believe seven of Them Um are still missing to this day and in Fact it was because Um they were just blown to bits Um a lot of that a lot of the children Were only identified through their

Clothing As they were blown across the street Over a wall Um and when you look at this grave If you if you can imagine these parents Most of them well i said most of them Although they lost children But some of them lost brothers and you Can see the brothers names side by side You know Um so yeah i mean it was It was uh what can you say as i said Before casualties of war Um but this um chapel and everything was Built in 1899 By um what’s his name lord lekkenfield In 1865 he owned the property But what we didn’t know um which we Found out afterwards through phil And perhaps phil explained about those Uh maps phil Yeah um i i think sometimes people don’t Realize how much research We do on the places we visit but Not just beforehand but afterwards as Well and after we’d actually done the Investigation Before production of the the film work Um I did a lot of digging on the old Maps going back over sort of like 200 Years And that building was actually Used as a morgue at one point uh which

We didn’t know at the time When we did the investigation um So it’s a strange place because The chapel itself is very small and yet The graveyard is Huge um but i think Again through research that graveyard Was used So from quite a a wide-ranging area Um you know from different churches and Such they’ve all brought to that one Place in pet worth Um but yeah say the research brought up But it was used as an old As well as a chapel um but It i think was it about like when was it Closed jeff was it Late 40s they stopped using it was it About 47 something like that Can you remember um i think it was Was it october 1942 Yeah that’s that’s it it was later than That because that’s that’s when the the Bomb Fell but i thought the chapel was used To pass oh sorry no that that was yeah So sorry um october 1942 was when they They um done the burial for the massacre Sorry um no no i can’t remember phil I think i think it was the late 40s that The chapel was Um you know ceased to be used as a Chapel So so you guys you you’re in this chapel

You’re doing your investigation And um i don’t know if you’ve got the Pictures ready jeff because We as we worked out before i know i’ve Got the pictures but it kind of works Out better if you Screenshot it i will try And let me see if i can if this is where The tech fails in ghost tag Yeah no this is the stream Um i do like the platform though uh but Yeah So you you hear some you’ve you’ve heard Voices you hear some voices i’ve watched The I was looking up to watch it early very Good show And i’ve watched i think i’ve watched Nearly all these shows now I did a binge back when a good friend of Mine said you need to check out ghost Tip paranormal And this is what and i actually turned Around to him and said no i don’t I don’t like ghost channels i said the They’re all full of this the The phone is you know that this is what I said and this is no you need to watch Ghost take this is ginger steve that Said this by the way uh Um jeff uh he said you need to watch Ghost protect Paranormal and he kept going at me so i I watched a few episodes said you know

What This is really good and uh But when i first is this is the first Image coming up from us jeff So without going on yeah i’m soul and Ghost tip paranormal Um but this is quite an unbelievable Sighting that you’ve got here jeff for Anybody that’s new to the channel That’ll watch it That doesn’t know the history of you Guys That doesn’t do clickbait at all that Sometimes you’ll do a show and there’s Very little evidence that you show of Anything because you there’s nothing for You to show Because you’re very real we present it As it is But i’ve seen the video of this and i’ve Seen you capture this on film in the Video so i’m i’ve seen it early it’s Going out on christmas day So this is inside the the chapel um You will see this on film um So um we were taking full spectrum Pictures Um inside the chapel this is the first Picture And as you can see there’s phil just Standing there um In the chapel and then the If you just bear with me one second and Then the next picture

That i take Bear with me um is If i can get it up just bear with me one Second just don’t get it in the wrong Order Surprise Okay so this is the next picture several Seconds after i take this picture And as you can see um everything is Blurred out but there’s something black That seems to be coming up Off the floor um it’s coming up next to The field I was going to say that so when you take The picture because i’ve seen the full Show So when you’re taking this picture you Like You you it you go it’s all blurred out And you Did you not notice that though it looked Like you didn’t notice The the black I the the screen on the the camera is Very Very small all i noticed was it’s it was Blurred And i said to phil oh this one’s gone Out of focus for some reason not sure Why Um so that was uh that one and this was The one that Uh Well um you’ll see for yourselves this

Was the Next picture that which is next to phil Um and It is absolutely amazing it’s probably One of our best catches of all time Um they go there um that’s it there Um it looks to me like something Standing next to phil i can see an arm Down one side it looks like the other Arm is reaching out next to phil And you’ve got to remember these photos Were taken um Probably about 20 seconds apart there Was another photo taken After this and which showed absolutely Nothing Um um so that was some of the evidence That we call Uh petworth uh chapel But you said to me jeff you don’t think That these things are ghosts Well i said i don’t think i mean i’m not Sure what they are I don’t know if they’re you know if they Are part of ghosts if they’re alien or If there’s something that’s that’s Already here um that there’s you know They’re my theories I mean i can’t say if this is definitely A ghost if it If it’s an alien if it’s um as i go as Some sort of race that’s already here That just turns up you know under the Right circumstances

Under the right filming you know we We’re always capturing Um things like this yeah If you don’t mind bringing that back up For the v bring Bring it back up if you want mine just We’ll just keep it on for a bit because It’s i i just literally When you showed me that and i will be Honest with you as much as We have become good friends and i speak To you a lot i put it into photoshop Because i’m like is this guy winding me Up i put it into photoshop and i’m quite I’m i’m i’m not bad on photoshop In the past when some of the evidence We’ve captured Yeah i’ve phoned jeff r and i’ve said to Him mate I’ve known you for a long time yeah You promised me that you haven’t done Anything to that And i genuinely believe he hasn’t And like you ollie i put things in Photoshop To see whether there’s any pixels and All the rest of it And i trust jeff implicitly you know i Don’t believe he’d lied to me And he’s so passionate about the subject Um To the point where he’s he’s said to me In the past What do you think of this it might be

Something he thinks is the voice And i’ll say i cannot hear it i don’t Think i think it’s something else Yeah and he said okay i’ll leave it out This i mean this is it i mean anybody That watching this now that’s Never seen your channel maybe never seen My channel has just literally clicked on It they’re like Oh come on that’s that’s what that’s What that’s what the The majority of the public will say now Because we’re that used to seeing people Hoax stuff But but when you watch when you watch an Episode of ghost tech And you literally could and don’t take This the wrong way because you could Watch Say three episodes and you think well Not really much happened there we heard A few voices we saw a really good Investigation We heard a lot of history about what’s Going on in the place But then there’s the the episode that You do get you that you get the hard Hitting stuff and you don’t just ram it Down people’s throats and this is what Means Something else about about what happened Here Is that i say to phil even Whilst i’m taking the pictures this

One’s all gone out of focus this looks Really weird And then when i took that photo i Actually say to phil Whatever you do phil don’t move i’m Actually I could actually see that when i did Take that picture on there I looked at it and i could see it um That’s none of this is fake We don’t fake anything otherwise what’s The point um I don’t have photoshop um i haven’t got It on my pc I never have done um so i can’t fake Anything like this even if i wanted to i Don’t know how to use photoshop I just produce what we you know what we Do Um and and the the software that we use Is sony vegas pro 17 To do our films um i haven’t got Anything else to You know as if people want to say that’s A fake that’s down to them But watch the episode and you’ll see how It unfolds And actually how it is live when it’s Going Um that’s not been done afterwards I mean not to blow some of the the Episode here but What i was surprised is that you didn’t Put this image

Right at the beginning of the episode Because you literally show this at the End There is no this is what i’m talking About with your channel and We have become friends jeff since um We started speaking over a month ago now But there is there is no clickbait what I’m used to seeing in one of these Paranormal episodes Is it you’ll show a lot of the good Stuff start off with and then it’ll get Into the show but you guys just play it As it happens Um yeah yeah i mean as I say we’re not out to you know to get Money out of people or anything like That it’s Um it’s just the way we we do things This is the whole thing we’re just we’re Just honest people Um out there to help people in a Difficult situation um So you know we’re not interested in the Money side of it as i said to you before Um we are appearing on paranormal court On camera Um something recently was going to be The osborne’s we want to believe Unexplained files with these guys it’s a Tv show And they do pay us for our episodes Which is fair enough because We spend a lot of time and a lot of

Money you know just to produce one Episode um So um for a tv show yeah i mean That they pay us to to show clips of um Some of the evidence that we’ve got but Otherwise we don’t accept money from Anyone At all this is one of the first Questions i asked you when When when you started uh speaking jeff i Said where’s the Uh i said i’m a little bit curious here You know how are you making money do you Have a patreon page do you Do you have nothing you guys are Literally use your cell phone You need to be you need to get a patreon Page i know a lot of people who actually Would support that page You know just i mean it might just even Help out alone with Fuel costs and things like that you need I I i said i said jeff i’ll i’ll help you Sort that out You need to do it because the you you’ll Better get out and about more often Well if you if you think that’s what we Need um ollie then um You know no no i appreciate the fact That you don’t and i i get it this is Not like it’s like Phil said earlier i mean this this Figure what you started 10 years ago

This is Very much a passion for you um But i mean when when you watching some Of the shows and i’ve There’s some of the shows where we do See these things actually moving on Video camera As well i mean you got the you at the uh East what’s it called the ponte frats The uh 30. is it flat monk house here so easter Egg Yes something goes straight past the Door that’s right yeah And that’s cap that was good that was Good was that captured when you were Staying in that when you were out of the House when you stay in the hotel Um we had we had finished the Investigation for the night and i think We packed up Something like about two o’clock in the Morning and Because we had a bit of a sort of half Hour drive back to our hotel So we just left all the static cams Running And um we then went back there the next Morning That’s when phil discovered that he had Been scratched and We knew nothing about the figure going Past the door Until maybe uh three or four days later

After i’d sat down and reviewed all the Footage Um to see if there was anything caught And there was Movement called there was dragging Caught there was voices caught Um but the main thing was um a figure Walking past the door And we caught shadow figures upstairs Didn’t we uh sort of on our landing Yeah yeah yeah so a lot was cool Um we know that no one else we had the Keys to the door but we know no one else Was um In the house because we had static Cameras filming throughout the whole Night No one could just you know sneak in There and do something so Um yeah so i’m going to start off with Uh mark because you you’re at the bottom And i keep covering your face with People’s comments What what do you what do you what’s your What What do you think of shadow figures what Do you think they are um It’s hard to say really i mean i mean i I do think that that we do go to another Place when we pass on and And maybe like jeff said or and phil Said if it’s the right atmosphere the Right sort of filming or the right Time we might be able to interact and to

React with um Things that have lived before but in my Experience Um yeah i i do i do think there’s spirit Beings um Maybe interdimensional i don’t know but Um We’ve caught some really really good Ones over the years and Sometimes they’re bad sometimes they’re Good sometimes they can cause chaos but Um But it’s just brilliant to catch them And actually see the fruits of your Labor when you notice something there And you’ve seen someone with your own Eyes and a camera then catches it it Just backs it all up here Yeah i mean i i don’t know how i would Feel If i was in the room and and jeff took a Picture and then Literally turned around and boys you Know I i mean without spoiling too much phil Jeff said to you when he was stood there He said jeff don’t move Yes um there’s something next to you Yeah i mean it’s strange because i For whatever reason i’m normally fairly Relaxed about stuff So if i see something if i get pushed or You know hear a voice Whatever uh i don’t know whether it’s

Because i’m used to it or whatever but I’m fairly calm and jeff On numerous occasions has said phil Don’t move there’s somebody stood next To you or there’s something Just gone past you normally a shadow Will go past and stuff And i try and keep the dialogue if i’m Talking going And um you know try and communicate Somehow with whatever’s gone past That um you you said about you know what Um yeah what what do you think what do i Feel I i perhaps a slightly different view to Mark Because we all we all have slightly Different views on things Um i think there’s in my opinion this From what i’ve observed this seems to be Too sort of Things that happen one it’s almost Like a replay of event and i know it’s a Very common theory That buildings somehow you know store in The same way that we can record on Tape and cd etc um It’s almost like an event being replayed And um you You quite often get people claiming to Have seen the same thing Um and i think That is one that one thing when you see Not so much a shadow figure but we’ve

Recorded um more real life Figures yeah where you can actually it Looks like a person that’s walked past And you can actually see you know almost The clothing and stuff like Shadow figures um the term ghost Is is a strange one i suppose it’s a bit Like the term ufo You know it can mean numerous things and I think that’s true with ghosts My personal opinion is i don’t believe That it is The spirit of somebody who has passed Away That’s my personal opinion this is the Shadow figure This is the shadow figure yeah i don’t Believe it’s that I could be wrong obviously because Nobody knows However we see enough of them Or have seen enough of them to know that It is some form of being whether It’s um from a different dimension As some people believe whether um It’s perhaps Something demonic or something like who Knows um As i say i i i’ve always Done this to try and capture evidence to Try and find out more about It and i’m still even after doing it for This long Not convinced that when you see that

That it’s actually A spirit of somebody who has passed i Think that i think i can safely say There is something there something Exists i’ve seen it with my own eyes We’ve recorded it on film But i’m not convinced you know it’s It’s somebody who has lived on this Earth it’s something Else this is quite an interesting Question i have not now i’ve never heard This asked before but Do you think that spirits sleep or are Awake 24 7 from mr d.b cooper from my point of View From what i’ve just said i don’t i don’t Necessarily think it’s spirits of Somebody who Has lived um so i i don’t know how to Answer that Sorry we’ve caught shadow figures when We’ve Been sort of investigating in the Daylight as well haven’t we so Going on with that i want to say that It’s a 24 7 thing it doesn’t have to be The dead of night Yeah i mean yeah the reason why we do it At night Um is not because ghosts come out at Night Um it’s because we have the technology To film in full spectrum

Um and it it perhaps enables us to see Things which we wouldn’t see normally With our eyes And during the day it’s very difficult To do that Yeah i mean um i mean during the daytime You know Um you’ve got everyone running around Making noise you’ve got all appliances On You know everyone’s hustling and Bustling around but overnight time when Things die down people go to sleep they Turn off everything There’s less interference with the Equipment With that question you know about ghosts Who they sleep i mean I don’t know if they sleep or not but i I suppose that Um um they can there can be a spirit or A ghost in the house That is dormant that is there and um People you know go in and conjure up These things and You know awake something that perhaps They shouldn’t have done um do they Sleep I don’t know i know i know there are Places where Um things can make dormant in there and Then people are going And you know maybe mess around with Things they shouldn’t do

And that awakes something you know just Like using a ouija board Um you know you use that and you bring Something through Um so yeah You must hear this word uh this phrase Uh Around a lot fifth dimensional beings um In the in the line of work that you do Um But would you would you put it down to That Well as i tried to explain before um When we spoke it’s It’s quite hard to explain um that Us as human beings when we’re born um Our eyes all develop in the same way and We you know if there’s a sp if the Spectrum of of Our light is that long we only see in That little bit say in the middle Um that’s the way our eyes have Developed so what else is Outside there that we can’t see um What what is actually around us you know We can only see how Our eyes have been developed as human Beings but why What is on the outside that we can’t see And with certain some of our some of our Equipment we’ve got we we can actually See outside of our own spectrum like Which is good Yeah i mean we use the full spectrum

Cameras that allow us to see a little Bit more Um but uh as As as i say you know what else is around Us that we’re not seeing This is interesting for me because when You’re talking about Like the the spectrum that we see in and I i often wonder if there are things in Colors that we If there’s even colors that don’t exist In our in our minds Do you know what i mean by that that There is something These things maybe show up in some some Sort of Spectrum that we literally can’t like You just said that we cannot see But you can kind of feel that they’re There but when you But like with the technology that you’re Using like the connect This that and the other i mean i don’t Know all that technology Goes straight over my head that you’re Using but It you know is there anything new that They’re working on that You know that you can bring to the table To maybe get The evident that little bit more Evidence Oh there’s well there’s one thing which I’d like to work on but it’s actually

Really quite hard to do in a portable Way There’s um one of the Theories which i’ve got is that a lot of The voices Are on a frequency that we can’t hear Because of Everything it does light microwave you Know stuff we hear etc etc It’s all on one spectrum yeah and it’s Just different parts of it And i wonder whether A lot of the time we can’t hear voices But the recorders we use Some of the recorders we use will pick Up voices Because they’re older recorders and They’re not Filtered like modern digital recorders So basically we’re it’s picking up And recording voices that we might not Be able to hear When you play it back you can hear it so What i’d like to try and develop Is the ability to record At a lot lower frequency right down to Sort of You know the sort of the 10 20 hertz That sort of level Um because i think you’d pick up A lot of a lot of new Voices at that level yeah you need some Way of recording it and then converting It real time

To a higher frequency and that’s not an Easy thing to do Because to listen at a very low Frequency you need big equipment You know you can’t do it with a small Microphone you you need to create Going back to my uh drain pipes jeff You you do need you know the uh Something quite large To actually pick up that very low Frequency Um recording at high frequencies is a Lot easier And i’ve and i’ve done some research on That Um but didn’t really get anywhere didn’t Really pick anything up so it’s the low Frequencies I’d like to to look at So i’m a little bit concerned about time Because i know I know you definitely feel you because You’re at work now and you gotta you Gotta travel back to home Because you’ve traveled back out to work To come and do this show But one of the one of the things that i Want to touch on because i want to get As many questions As i can and if for some reason you have To shoot at any point Because i i will be after on just just Say guys i’m i’m out You know um but what actually

And i know you you got you got in touch Did you say seven years ago with jeff Six years ago me uh about 10 years ago 10 years ago sorry um the My attention spans are ridiculously Shite Uh but they what you what got you Actually into the subject What what what what made you think And what made you pick up that phone to Jeff Well the jeff and i met Yeah jeff and i um We met because i used to do urban Exploring when i was younger And a bit more agile and we met um Whilst i was doing that and he’d come Along to look at the place And we’ve got chatting and got into but My sort of earliest experience of seeing Something Unusual uh i must have been about 12 or 13 and Was sat uh in the living room with my Mum at the time And we both saw Slight to my right to her left we saw And sounds daft a pair of feet walking Across the room Just literally their feet they were Solid But stopped at the ankle And they walked across the room just for

A couple of seconds And uh my mum looked at me I looked at her and she said did you see That I said yes and she said what did you see I said a pair of feet That’s exactly what i just saw and that That was my first ever Thing that sort of got me thinking about Um You know what what it was what was out There why Why are these things happening are we Talking like just like naked feet off Naked feet Bare feet yeah um of an average Size um i i couldn’t say whether they Were male or female Because you know what it’s like Something happens in a blink of an eye Um But it was just bare feet but it was Weird because it was just the bottom It was just the feet Up to the ankle but it was I can’t explain it it wasn’t like you Could see the top of the ankle cut off It didn’t go blurry or anything like That it was Just it was almost like if you saw Something It’s like somebody walked under a door With a big gap Was it like the hand but the foot

Version yeah but without that without The top bit Without because as i say it did it Didn’t look decapitated if that yeah Yeah It was cut off um it was very odd And just probably about four steps just For a couple of seconds And they went but i won’t go on Too much about it because it’s probably A topic for another time but the house We lived in Lots of strange things happened um We had remember just one example a Dinner party we had And there was about 12 of us around the Table again i was only young And um The subject came up of the house and Strange things have been happening in it And one of the guests there turned Around and said it was a load of rubbish Um you know making it up and all this Sort of thing And with that a picture flew Off the wall and i i’m not me i didn’t i Don’t even fell off the wall It flew across the room and You’ve never seen so many guests leave The house so quickly Again probably about 14 15. So again that that’s to answer your Question That’s how i really got an interest in

It yeah and meeting jeff was Um i don’t know chance or Whatever um but yeah it’s been been a Good time Sometimes these things are meant to Happen you know i’m i’m a big believer In that i’ve met a lot of people Doing what i do that i i will probably i Will probably speak to them probably for The rest of my life now I’ll probably get jeff ringing me when I’m like 55 saying He’ll stalk you the same way he does me And what about yourself mark what when Did this all start for you so Forget the the ghost head but when when Did this actually start this interest Um from a very young age really i mean i Don’t know if i’ve been sort of Semi-sensitive for things and kids do Tend to see things That other people don’t see but i had a Few experiences of Seeing family members in spirit form if You want to say that i know had passed Away And your little mind just can’t can’t Work it out and i suppose that That that that wanting to know followed Me into my adulthood and um I’ve always liked obviously watching uh Paranormal programs and Things about ufos and and the

Extraterrestrial and things like that And um So yeah it started for me at a young age For an interest and wanting to know the Reason why and how How how we see these things or sometimes We don’t Um and yeah basically one day i was sat I was getting bored watching youtube of All the regular things and Stumbled across ghost tekken like Yourself ollie i I binged watched every episode up until The latest one And i tried left down through facebook And Sent him a lengthy message and uh lo and Behold he um He messaged me back a couple of weeks Later and we got talking and um Yeah the rest is history now but i love Working with these two As i say we’ve had a fair few members Over the years i’ve been in and It always seems to come back to the same Three which is me phil and jeff And we seem to bounce off each other we Know what what each other’s doing and Thinking and How we’re going to do things so it’s It’s just natural chemistry really and I love it don’t take this the wrong way Matt i mean you’re the one that gets Fingered a lot

You know what prod They always seem to pick on you these Are yeah Literally you could i think it’s you in One of them where your shirt Actually you is is it you there’s one Playing shirt that with a shirt You can it comes out i’m not sure Whether that’s jeff with the shirt but I don’t know if it’s because i um i open Myself up to wanting to be Manhandled or woman-handled I just like to say it’s it’s because i Normally turn around and say Let me know you’re here poke mark yes I usually get put into the darkest hole For the longest time So i open myself up Up to these sort of things i’m willing To I’m willing to for it to happen to me Instead of being sort of Sort of guarded i uh maybe because i Opened myself up I think i think phil’s nailed it on the Head days because they say He’s like jeff going i feel like Um mark’s done there And then it’s fill on the on the i don’t Know what they call it What’s it called the little spectrum Thing Yeah yeah if you if you could hear me Just

Prod mark and uh yeah yeah even it’s Happened even when i’m not been in the Same room as them um But we’ve done things where we’ve sort Of asked for something to happen to Someone And they could be on a different floor And they come back after and say they Got touched and i say well yeah we we Have asked for that so you don’t even Have to be close It’s pretty strange really but yeah it All seems to be me they um They they volunteer to be touched I’ll go into the the worst darkest place Out there jeff and i sometimes have a Little power well about it’s like We’ll get mark to go in there Oh yes the coal shed for 30 minutes Where the Other had his profound experience that He never would talk about and Having known what happened in there i Thought i had a a Pretense of what might happen but it was Still it was still bizarre and i was I just thought i was so lucky to be able To be in that position to be able to be In that That coal shed where all this stuff had Happened and i i Was scared i was thinking to myself what If something really bad does happen But i’ve never i never get scared to the

Point where i think i’m going to kick The door off it’s hinges in a minute or Something And run off because we’re not there for That we’ll have to try and get um Have experiences and get uh get the Evidence to put out to the guys that Watch our show Well when you’re up against the camera In in that coal shed It it is very much like a blair which Moment You’re right well i don’t know if you’ve Seen i don’t know if you’ve watched the Episode where we uh Mare hill mines where uh phil and Another investigator who’s not with us Now clive had gone down this real Deep cavern to and i jeff left me on my Own in uh In the middle of these mines and he’d Gone outside to get some shots And i started having rocks thrown at me Probably Uh probably basketball-sized rocks that I could hear falling by me and You see me by the camera and i was Huddled into a corner Because i thought one of these hit me on The head or even at me on the leg or the Back i’ve been i’ll be sparta And i was so happy when jeff came back In and i was telling him what had been Going on and he was looking at me as if

I was stupid and then it started Happening when he was there But yeah it is crazy sometimes it really Is Mark is definitely the bravest member of The team yeah Yeah yeah the stupidest member of the Team should i say [Laughter] So jeff this is uh this is this is chris Down below uh the hobber Hubba mallow you might be answer this One If you can you see on the screen jeff Yeah do the team think they’re talking About paranormal activity can stir the Spirits Up um i have known Um of cases of that with people sitting Down in a room and just talking about You know maybe the building um And in fact it was a a gentleman that i Know Uh that i was speaking to last week he Told me the story before And um he said they were sitting down Round a table In the office in this office that’s in The basement and they were talking about Things how old the building was And they started to hear knocking um on On some of the wood surfaces and things Like that so yeah i I do i do think that um

You know i’ve i’ve myself brought things Home with me And not intentionally but obviously And i think the reason um That that happens is because you believe In it They know this is what we’re trying to Do and they think hey You know maybe i can be in contact with This guy maybe he can hear what i’m Saying maybe he can help me You know um so i do believe that yeah it Can stir things up Yeah and it can it can also you can also Roll things up when you’re Uh when you’re in places if you start Getting a bit hot-headed when you’re Asking your questions i do but i Definitely believe that By talking or sometimes provoking it it Can stir things up to be quite honest i Don’t know About you phil and jeff but yeah like Jeff just said yeah i mean i I i don’t necessarily like Going down the road of provoking Deliberately Um i try not to do that but there are Occasions Where something has happened which could Be construed as quite aggressive towards You And at that point then Your tone changes and you get

A little bit more forthright with You know with your questioning i think i Think it depends on what you’re dealing With and when we was dealing with that Um that young girl that used the ouija Board Well that’s what it said the zozo demon That’s what she brought through And she was getting scratched and Everything like that and when you know They’ve got something like that to deal With Then you do go in you know you You go in i won’t say aggressively but You’re going forcefully Yeah you you tell it it’s time to go and You know attach itself to you and things Like that you’ve got to be asserted with These things Not show weakness you know and and if And if it’s a case where you’re dealing With a tragedy just like petworth chapel With the children you go in there really Nice You know and it’s a sad situation and You ask nice questions and You know ask you know you can ask all Sorts of things you know but you’re not Going to be forceful aggressive anything Like that Um you’re there to speak to the children To see if they are there you know Do you so when you when you’re doing These investigations do you ever

Think so i’m assuming that When you do anything you know what it’s Gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna be Interesting to make a great video this But Does it ever become personal does it Ever become Where that you you’ve you’ve got a Um i’m going to say a guest then but You’ve got somebody who’s got int In contact with you guys and it’s become A little bit more than just an Investigation Yeah god yeah i would say i i guess that Would um sort of aim at Our investigations at stamford street um That’s become more than just Uh an investigation that’s still Continuing To this day at the moment um And it’s something that i always keep in Touch with to make sure things how Things are going You know how how people are getting on Um but we do that quite a lot you know Once we finish an investigation we just Don’t pack up our stuff and off we go You know we all try and keep in contact With you You you can’t go when somebody’s asked You it’s different The types of investigations we do Sometimes We go out specifically like the chapel

We’re going out to do an investigation But off well Often but sometimes it’s people Contacting us and saying Look we’ve got a problem well that’s Completely different you can’t just go In Produce you know evidence and then say Well there you go We’re off now because you know that Could make them worse I mean i think with the investigation Jeff’s talking about There’s a guy who is suffering quite Badly you know he’s not not just from What’s going on in his place but also From grief As well health-wise and health-wise You know that’s that’s somebody who Needs continued support Not just from us he needs he he needs Support from Other people as well and that’s Something which you can help him with Marcus has become quite a friend to you Andy jeff really Yeah yeah we keep in contact every Couple of days Um he’s um he’s had the church in there Looking after him He’s got a very famous psychic medium Looking after him at the moment trying To um To sort of uh tidy up some loose ends so

And we’re still seeing how that How that goes i mean i think it was uh It was quite some time ago that me and Phil first went there then we’ve done a Second investigation there And then there there has been a third Investigation there that That the people don’t know um that um Stanford street revisited will be shown Next year Um and um the situation is still ongoing At the moment but I’m sure it will have a good ending i’m Doing Even even now i’m still behind the Scenes i’m still Helping uh the gentleman out um having People contact him Um because we need to get rid of Whatever is there that’s um Attacking him and um making his life a Misery Yeah like phil said each investigation Is different but We’re not one of these if it’s a Personal investigation just go To go in get our evidence say wham bam Thank you ma’am Um and and leave afterwards because We’ve got the evidence just for the Glory of it we um Well jeff personally sometimes try we we Try and keep in contact with these People because it’s like an after

Counselling in it really Yeah it can be yeah I think that’s nice The other thing is is sometimes when you Go in people Believe that there’s something going on And you can give them reassurance Actually there isn’t you know and it’s It’s It’s other things in their life which Are Given the stress that are making them Feel the way they are So you know we’re not pretending to be Counsellors Or anything like that but sometimes we Can give reassurance that the place They’re in Is safe it is a nice place to live and There’s nothing there that’s going to Harm them So phil are you saying that you’ve been Out to do investigations before and you Said look listen there’s nothing going On Here yeah your marriage isn’t working That’s the problem well i don’t i don’t Think i would um Perhaps say quite like that but no there Are there are some people who You know may have lost someone Um who are grieving or whatever um There may be somebody who’s just hearing Hearing stuff in the night and not

Realizing that It is just the house moving Etc you know it doesn’t it doesn’t Necessarily make a good episode but it Gives somebody the reassurance that They’re not being haunted I think this is this is a blind of a Question but how does somebody get in Touch with your english andy says Um well um yeah I suppose that’s a good point um well We’re in the yellow pages Um At the end of jeff bear in mind most of My Subscribers are from the states Um i i suppose that is a good point we Used to put it out at the End of um of our episodes once the Titles had gone up but um um No one was ever contacting us to be Quite honest um and Then i put out my mobile phone number And still not contacted To be to be fair i did have a few phone Calls but mostly you could hear the pub Behind them as they were getting drunk Um So now um maybe that is a good point um That Um we should put out um another email Address or something for people to Contact us Um i don’t know have you have you

Actually got it Um at all it’s linked below It is in the description guys go check Out ghost tech paranormal Yeah i mean i mean to be to be fair if Anyone wants to contact us Spam them if you’ve got something going On in your house I enjoy the house once because they are A little bit more personal if you know What i mean And we’ve had some crazy stuff happening In houses but And we’d love to do a lot more and i Suppose with yourself ollie is Getting us out there and things like That we might have a lot more people get Hold of us now Um yeah to be fair if people Um subscribe to our channel um obviously You can leave a message for me um On our youtube channel um a lot of People do and um I i get in touch with people that way so If you’ve got anything to say Anything to ask us just drop a message Um In the community box and um yeah we can Contact you that way Yeah with regard to your subscribers in The states Um even you know if they have you know A problem contact us anyway because even If it’s the case we’re talking to them

Via email Or as we’re doing now whatever and if we Can offer some assistance then You know oh they could they could pay For your travel You know i’m just putting that one out There yeah well I think that might be optimism but Whatever yeah yeah we’re we’re available Guys but it’s just the kovid’s stopping Everything at the moment in it Yes that’s true well i’m just a little Bit conscious at the time because i Feel i know you you’ve got to get off Hunting you feel i’m having a second Winds now Yeah listen I can go as long as you guys want to go For but i Don’t want any of you to you know if you Get in You’ve got to get home that’s that’s it That’s it because i i know you’ve Especially you phil you’ve drove to work To come on here So yeah it’s uh i really do appreciate That About but for me i mean one of the one Of the things that you You guys seem to be bringing home more Than anything Is is i mean i showed this to my dad And it’s it even he seemed a little bit Like

Hmm you know and he’s he’s known me i’ll Show you something he’s like It’s a load of all [ __ ] though that’s Exactly what he’ll say Yeah when i show your episodes to people But like i’m wrong about this is This this is interesting yeah you’re not Doing the same as the Um who are the other guys i i don’t Watch ghost channels But there’s um there’s the guy You’ve got ghost adventures ghost asylum Ghost hunters Um i was totally paranormal lockdown Um paranormal cops um I mean paranormal caught on camera i Mean hey how many do you want It’s a lot of television i’ve been Working quite a lot of the The amateur um ghost hunters mostly American on On youtube lately and i’ve got to say There’s some really good ones out there And i’d like to get in contact with a Few of them but I won’t mention any names at the moment You can name drop here doesn’t matter Well there’s twin paranormal they’re Just two twins and a couple of their Mates that um Go and investigate these different Places and it’s much like hers i mean What you see is what you get with them They’re really honest they don’t mess

About Um there’s another one called the Haunted side where that’s just two guys I mean Um there’s quite a lot of them i mean I’ve stopped watching quite a lot of the Mainstream ones now because I’ve seen most of all they’re getting Mostly the same but For people like ourselves who do it well I suppose it’s not on an amateur level But That there’s a lot of good um people Doing investigations out there So to put in the most polite possible Way who are the [ __ ] [Laughter] What are you trying to ruin us Sorry but you’ve mentioned one of them Probably the most famous one that Started it With a long leather coat i think I think um i you know what Over the years i mean i know thousands Upon thousands of people like most Haunted I absolutely hate it um I don’t hate it it makes me laugh Um simple because you know these people Are not Walking around with digital recorders They’re not using full spectrum cameras They go inside a place to scream Cry and run away

With a big film crew yeah i mean I i do know that um they did go into 30 years drive the black monk house and Afterwards they all had to add time out Because it was too scary for them there Was very Traumatized um from the experience in There Apparently um but that’s what happens When you have a presenter that used to Be on blue peter Making tracy island out of sticky back Plastic and things like that you know Um i don’t know why um and When they even you know sent them to America to waverly hills Um i’d love to go there but they paid For all that And you know They were crying because the door closed That’s what you’re there for You’ve just filmed a piece of paranormal Activity where a door closed by itself And you’re crying um so Uh please you know take this crap off Our tvs Um and give it to someone or some team That are committed to doing that i’m not Saying give it to me When you turned up for east drive the Next morning you were like oh i got Scratched last night Um i didn’t notice it because i didn’t Feel it at the time but it’s when i got

Back to the hotel room I was gonna have a shower i took my top Off and i had a scratch probably about Six or seven inches long yeah down Down the side my right hand side of my And it was a deep scratch um And you know what six months later What was happening the scratch would Disappear and it would come back again It took more than six And it would go and then all of a sudden It would be back again As severe as it was um And uh yeah it was A deep scratch weird it was it’s things Like physical attacks and that you just You just can’t explain i mean how how How does it happen we still don’t know But it happens to us on a regular basis And that’s what we’re we’re out there Trying to work out ourselves and One no i was going to say you know As far as i’m concerned that if you’re In any of these locations And you get scratched or bitten um Which is um that’s coming up next year Yeah Your own episode but um as far as i’m Concerned if anything wants to scratch You or bite you Then um you’re dealing with something Nasty That’s not just trying to get your Attention um

And again that’s what 30 years drive the Black monk house um That’s what it’s all about it’s it’s it Is the most evil Poltergeist location some people say in The world but it is 100 In europe um it’s a very nasty place and When it wants to show itself In that way it will do um and that’s why I’ve Said to ollie that if you do come with Us next year We will be sleeping there uh the night We’ll be spending several nights there We want ollie to spend Uh the first night there with us as well Um and Under extra underwear ollie yeah and uh I’ll bring the beers boys Um oh no no we’re not allowed and as i Say believe it or not Ali you will have to sign a waiver that Um the state if anything happens to you Um then you cannot sue the owners Um because you know apparently things Get thrown at you Um and even on most haunted i don’t know If it’s true or not but there was a Knife sticking out of the couch and if You imagine walking around in the dark And taking the seat on a couch and you Get a knife going right the way through Your leg Um so keep bear that in mind we were

Talking about that knife jeff Uh in the private chat and it’s like I i don’t know you probably don’t want To say because it’s you probably Shouldn’t speak about the competition But That is come on popping out That that is not competition please do Not um Okay sorry i apologize compare us to Um to that show um that is not Competition the only reason they’re on There for is for entertainment Um they were called cheating and that’s Why they were kicked off of uh Channel four um because of the cheating That went on Um i’m not sure if it was all cheating Or not but as i said to you before When these big tv companies pay a lot of Money for a crew to go in to investigate A place If you get no evidence they end up Faking it to make a show out of it Unfortunately with us if we do an Investigation you see what you get And if nothing happens nothing happens If there’s very little that happens Very little happens that’s it it still Gets produced into a show I don’t know if we spoke about this on The last show but you guys got offered a Show And you turned it down because they

Wanted to put in the disclaimer For entertainment purposes only right by That Yeah that was that was many a year ago Um Uh tv show wanted to show a for A few of our episodes um and wanted to Put in this show is for entertainment Purposes only and i Said well it’s not um i do not travel All over the place spend our own money All our own time Sit down for two three weeks producing An episode For you to put this is for entertainment Purposes only Now i believe the reason they want to do That is because If people do not believe in ghosts or Spirits or anything paranormal That’s why they put that up so i said Well you don’t put that up at the Beginning of songs of praise Or something to do with singing in the Church because there are people That don’t agree with that either but You do not put up this is for Entertainment purposes only So we argued for quite a few weeks and i Just wouldn’t I wouldn’t give in i stood my ground and I said no sorry Um and that was it i wouldn’t give in We are not entertainment we are not

Entertainment we don’t do this for fun You know we’re not saying no what should We do today mark oh let’s call phil Let’s go 300 miles up to scotland and Have a look at the castle what for I don’t know we’ve got nothing to do It’s going to cost us Yeah it’s going to cost us a thousand Pounds but hey we’ve got nothing else to Do let’s do some entertainment yeah Let’s go to scotland you know What are you nuts when’s this castle When’s the castle is the castle still on We were speaking about this oh um some Breville’s castle in gloucestershire England Um yeah it is still on it’s a Three-night lockdown the castle is all Ours Um but because of what’s gone on um over This last year It’s stopped us um from getting there Where Hopefully we can get there sometime next Year we’re looking at maybe february at The moment but it just depends on what The government’s restrictions are You know because mark he’s up in Hereford And then uh phil he’s up in mainstone Kent up that way and i’m down in Surrey croydon so we’re all in different Parts of the country Um so even if it just even if one of us

Is in tier Three or tier two we can’t get into each Other’s cars or anything So it’s all on hold we’ve still got the Investigation ready to go so we still Got the castle We’re still looking into 30 years drive The black monk house for us all to get Up there Um so yeah it’s just you know getting Christmas out the way and hopefully Um restrictions have been lifted and Then you know once things get started Getting back to normal we can get up There’s but we’re so looking forward to This castle You know it’s three three nights locked Down Um we got the whole place to ourselves We’re going to be sleeping there Again mark put his hand up and said i Have the haunted bed Next to the dungeon where people Complained of the sheets being pulled Off from the bed being moved I was volunteered wouldn’t i i thought We won’t Mention it to him until the day I think it was because that that bed is A double bed and you thought oh I like the sound of that yeah but yeah But you know so I i don’t know how much sleep you’re Going to get um but you’ve got

I mean me and phil will be in two other Separate rooms um we’re after sleeping Bunk beds but uh we’ll be separated up We’ll have the cameras running Um we’ll probably have about 15 cameras Running that night Um and it will be 27 at Well 24 7 um recording Um and it’s going to be brilliant Because it’s meant to be the most Haunted castle in england Um and it’s built in 1075 i believe so It’s going to be great fun It’d be good to see you guys live stream From there You know even if it’s just off a mobile Phone for 10 minutes just to Just to kind of like get in the boat Like yeah I don’t think i don’t think we’ll be Able to get any wi-fi inside A castle from 1075. yeah you may get 4g I don’t know Um if we’ve got electricity to be honest With you I’m just gonna go and get my uh charger I’ll be back in a minute No worries mate so they Where’s do you ever kind of like see Ghost do you ever can i know it’s i know You do it for the love of it But you kind of have a plan of where you Want it to go What what how how do you mean what

During the investigation or where we’re Going ahead now The direction that you want to because You’ve you’ve massively gained in Subscribers i mean what you You’re 13 000 now i think the last time I looked you were at 12 So you’ve gained over a thousand within It’s going up slowly um people are sort Of um trying to work out just don’t Knock it i want them subscribers i’ll Have some Send them my way people keep asking what Why haven’t we got You know thousands upon thousands more Of subscribers I don’t know why i don’t know why um I don’t know please please tell us there Nolly There’s no click bait every one of your Thumbnails is the same You put the same thumbnail for i mean i I i i I appreciate it because me as a viewer And All of my guys is looking at your stuff There’s not one of your videos that Shows any i mean A bit that’s coming out with my words I bet the video that’s coming out at Christmas time Does not have the thumbnail that i’ve Just used for this video i bet it’s just You guys it’s the state you used to say

You use the same thumbnail this is no Disrespect to you guys at all And what i’m saying to you is there’s The zero formula zero to zero click bait And at the beginning of your show you Tell that you tell the history of it And then probably near the end of the Show something will happen where Matt’s got a ghost like putting his hand In his pocket or whatever You know and this is you Glad you said pocket Yeah i wonder what he was going to say But you know what i mean there’s no kind Of like My wife’s going to shout me out i’m just Realizing i’m shelving there’s no kind Of like This is what you’re going to get and Then but when the show gets going it’s Like holy [ __ ] did that just happen Did that just happen but i i know you do This we spoke jeff and i know you This is the way that the show is done on Purpose because you don’t want to Like you don’t you don’t want to be that You want to be different from the other Channels That that i respect yeah i mean Yeah i guess so i mean we’re not as i Said we’re not Out to earn money i mean you said that Maybe people would like to donate money I mean maybe we can look into that i

Hadn’t really thought about that I mean that’s not what we do it for um But i guess we could always Um try and set up something um Yeah one i mean why not i think i think You should probably do a page on where You could maybe even show them Like you’ve shown myself the christmas Show you could show them maybe some Shows early They get things like that they get perks Of that sort of perk But i mean if at least if it covers you I know how much you guys are spending To do these investigations it’s costing Like hot sometimes it’s costing holiday Money You know the the you could be quite Happily going off for the weekend Uh with the mississauga whatever you Know um I i haven’t got a partner so uh yeah That’s a different story jeff You’re welcome he advertising here Okay everyone everyone runs a mile Um I know um but uh no i’m i think uh I i think at the end of the day it’s uh You know us not Asking for money i mean to to be fair You know as i say we do get paid from The the Um tv channels uh that do want to show Our stuff

And the money that we get from that it Goes straight back in To equipment batteries um traveling Our next investigation that’s where it Goes to it gets used Um to to for us to carry on Investigating it doesn’t go in our Pockets and we All go down the road to the pub or out Directly Ourselves out of it no it’s always Going to pay for somewhere to go or or Equipment Upgrading the equipment and stuff like That so yeah But um yeah i mean as i say i think um You know with all the the money side of It i think it sort of just Goes to show and it goes to prove that We are here you know to do A professional job to help people and We’re not out to Sort of scan people out of money you Know to get money out of them Um to do an investigation And it shows it shows them the work that You’re doing and i i think I think event you keep i mean you’ve got What you’ve got 13 13 000 subscribers like i say a month Ago i looked Less than a month ago was it it was at 12. so you’ve gained a thousand Subscribers

In less than a month so that’s good Going that’s that’s growing That’s going fast yeah i think I think it’s word of mouth and obviously Um when people See us on these other shows like Paranormal caught on camera that’s That’s on there we’ve been on there Quite a few times now Um and obviously if this meet the Osborne’s Um show kicks off and the unexplained i Mean when people see that they find out Who we are and they can find us on Youtube and um Yeah the word sort of spreads around Doesn’t it So what’s going on there you look like Patrick stewart Jeff looks like patrick stewart Boosted that philip blair said am i the Only one thinking jeff looks like Patrick stewart I never thought about it like that Really Yeah that’s a good compliment though I’m not that old am i i’m not grey But it could be worse someone else said That i look like role farris the other Week and that didn’t go down too well As soon as you mention them names the Channel just goes So so the nic what the next plan is that The

The castle that’s the next big Investigation That’s the one we’re trying to get to But every time we Plan it and the castle arranges Uh to you know for us to come up there And where we’re gonna go and what we’re Gonna do And what we need and then boris comes Out with a new rule that completely Ruins it for us all so um It’s all on hold um The next time that we can get in there Would be sometime In the beginning of february if it Doesn’t go ahead Um we’re looking at the end of next year Um Each drive will hopefully come up before That now will it Again you know it just depends on the Rules and everything of the government So We’re just waiting to see when it things Can you know gets a bit Relaxed and um everyone’s happy and um Things calm down And that’s that’s going to be it so like Christmas Christmas day now the pet worth chapel Episode will be the last one for this Year And then we’re just going to have to Wait to see um

You know how the restrictions go for Next year We’ve got a church as well in sussex Which um We’ve spent ages doing the research on We’ve been down have we’ve been down There twice haven’t we jeff We’ve uh interviewed people that own the Property next to it We’ve i’ve dug out masks we found old Photographs of nowhere online so we’ve Done all the All the legwork we can’t go and do the Investigation No yeah it’s um we’ve been we’ve been There before it’s called bedam church And it’s a church that sits out in the Middle of nowhere And um it’s a great place it’s got some Good haunted stuff going on there um but This time we Our research we had spent a hell of a Long time Um over it contacting people that have Written books who have got pictures of The church Pictures that have never ever been seen Before Um we’ve been interviewing people um and We’ve got all this stuff together we was Ready to go And um we booked up our hotels and we Went down there And it just poured with rain because

This location is outside And it was just ruined all of the Cameras and everything else so we’ve put This on hold till next year as well But obviously with the tier system That’s in Um i can’t get into phil’s car he can’t Get into mark’s car Mark can’t get into anyone you know so No hotels open anywhere so Yeah so a nightmare we have got Investigations They are ready to go um but we just Can’t get to them at the moment We’ve still got don’t worry guys because We’ve still got investigations that we Can show after christmas but Like like jeff says we’re eagerly Awaiting what the next News is going to be on the virus so we Can start some new recording Yeah you’ve kind of like you’ve saved Avenue you’ve saved the stuff and you’ve Held back some of the stuff because you Thought you know what I need to maybe i need to make it clear To To everyone i mean i don’t know how many Of our Uh our fans are tuning in looking at This but It’s really hard to explain but i’m Gonna try and do it best you know I work a full-time job mark does

Phil phil does over there um we all have Our jobs and outside this job You know um our main jobs we do this Investigating now um people you know I’ve said Many times oh can’t you show an episode A week You know we’re we’re not on tv like like Ghost adventures that are millionaires With That’s just all we do you know if so you Know if A tv company wants to pay us all like Five you know five grand each a month We’ll do it every night you know and we Won’t have to worry about anything but Unfortunately it doesn’t work out like That you know Um we do our best and that’s why we show Uh you know our episodes every two weeks Um the simple fact is you know i’ve got Six episodes Um held back um that are ready To be aired and if i was to say Show those six episodes um over the next Month or two We’d run out and then what would that Mean would be waiting for Everything to go back to normal we’d go Out and do an investigation And i have to sit down you know for like Two Three weeks um producing an episode to Get it together

Um and if we was to do that you know Things would just fall apart you Wouldn’t be seeing a ghostic paranormal Episode every two weeks it would It might be every two months and that’s Why we don’t want to You know these episodes we got set aside Um that’s why we keep them and that’s Why sometimes we take a two month break Um so we can do more investigating more Filming to get those produced so they’re All ready So you know that that’s why you don’t See us Every week and we take a a few months Break It’s just so we can get the episodes Together so we can keep it rolling So to keep you all happy and because we Don’t want to lose our fans um and That’s That’s why we do it that way well um Tiberius here gary um i just i just said Jeff that um you know when when we’re Down when you’re down Uh doing the east drive hopefully I don’t know if you’ve shown um phil and Mark my mom’s place We maybe i get get in there which is the Old mill Uh where i live which is over over 200 Years old so That might be good the only thing is Getting my dad out and him not knowing

That people are in his house because He’s just a little bit of a weirdo like That Sorry daddy you’re watching this I don’t want these bloody people in my House Jeff you’ve mentioned mentioned Something about that yeah Yeah tell him it’s not a vet fielding You’ve got proper proper paranormal Investigators coming in What’s the matter with the man What you call it toasters and we throw Them out along the floor to catch the Ghost in that We do a thorough job So before we finish the show and i hope You boys will All come on again in the in the future But can you can come can you just bring Up that Shadow figure again for us jeff because I just want you to talk about The show that’s coming out at christmas Day which is a little bit unusual one For youtube For a youtuber to put for youtubers Three youtubers To put a show out on christmas day Why are you putting on christmas day Jeff Why am i putting it on christmas day um Yeah i mean i think because Um there’s not a lot of uh

Programs that are going to come out on Christmas day um That are going to be of that nature And i think you know um I think people willing will enjoy a good Paranormal investigation Episode um on christmas day you know Perhaps they don’t want to see the Wizard of oz or anything like that Um you know the usual stuff the usual Repeats So um yeah um so this is um special for Our fans Um why not they can they can watch it Anytime so You know christmas uh yeah share it with Your family share it with your kids Have you have your your dinner and you Know have a few beers do whatever you Want to do when things get a bit quiet And the kids go to bed hey Watch a bit of paranormal uh with ghost Tech paranormal Uh pet worth checking episode will be There and I don’t know if there’s anyone else That’s that’s gonna do that on christmas Day So um yeah i think it will be um a Little bit different for a change yeah Definitely yeah I mean i’ll be careful with this episode With my kids because i probably won’t Show my kids this episode

Because it would probably terrify them Um I i mean the episodes it it I’m not going to give anything away Because i’ve watched it early and i feel Really privileged to watch it early but I’ll be honest with you it kind of it Gave me the willies a little bit It i it really did especially when this Happened and it’s just the way it Happens Because if it’s all right watching Looking at this image now but when You see the way it happens In the video when you’re filming it it’s Just a little bit like Oh and also you know This it’s um it’s a very sad episode Because of the history behind it with All the The school children that died on that Day um And um the the history behind it is You know obviously it’s quite emotional And It’s it’s worth seeing it just just for The history on it i mean what we call There um What we call there was we didn’t have Anything Nasty um so You know we did get a few voices there Was some tugging on coats and things Like that but um

There was nothing nasty there um and That was the main thing um we didn’t get Any Voices of children saying oh please help Me or anything like that Which so i guess they’re all at rest and They’re all peaceful but Um the history side of it is uh it’s Absolutely Um mind-boggling um and i think People should just watch it because of The history um because this is something That happened and A lot of families were devastated you Know that their whole lives were ruined Um and it’s worth seeing just for that You know just Just to see what really took place back In them days You know where we’re going through a Period now of um Well i don’t want to say the word um Just in case But we’re going through a period now and It’s been what a year Sort of thing coming up soon and um Everyone’s moaning about this so we Can’t do this we can’t do that Hey you know these people went through This people went through two world wars Lost family lost children Um you know and we think we’ve got it Bad you know so You know have a look at the episode have

A look at the history and maybe and make You feel a bit better about uh being Locked down that’s what i’m going to say You know Well said jeff wall said i mean before We do go because we’ve been going now For over well over an hour well over an Hour and a half This actual shadow figure Do you think that has anything to do With What happened um i believe It was it was quite weird actually Because um when we got there Um mark and uh phil were inside the Chapel Uh standing near to the doorway and i Walked out of the doorway with a static Cam this was still daylight Um to get a position to film um the Front Of the chapel in case anything happened And i heard a man speak Saying um along the lines of what are You doing here Or why are you here um not only once but Twice And i stopped i’m looking around i can’t See anyone Now phil and mark that were inside the Chapel thought it was me And i said did you hear that voice and They said yeah that was you wasn’t it And i said no

I’ve just heard someone speaking um So we knew that something was there Straight away Um and it was a man’s voice now um we Did sort of discover that there was a Gentleman um I can’t think of his name off the top of Me head his name was john something He was a sextant back in them days and a Sexton really is a caretaker who looked After the chapel The mortary and the grounds back in the 1800s And i believe um that we Did make contact with him and i believe That that picture Is um of that caretaker i believe it’s The caretaker Really yeah if you watch the episode No i’ve watched it yeah i’ve i’ve Watched it But i i believe it’s um it’s the Caretaker that looked after the grounds And the chapel um And as i say there was nothing Threatening there but We wasn’t expecting to get anything like This whatsoever I was just maybe hoping to get a few Voices of the children saying Yeah we’re fine giggling laughing but i Wasn’t expecting Um what we did capture at all Mate it’s a great uh well boys it’s it’s

A fantastic episode And it it literally did give me Goosebumps watching it Um especially towards the end of the Episode And uh i think anybody that’s got a Little bit of free time christmas day That wants to kind of get A little bit that Shivers get it watched because it is A really good episode but there’s so Many great episodes and what i’m gonna Do Because i can’t put a link to the Channel but i’m gonna paste in now Just um in the comment section one of Your video one of your your guys videos So i don’t know which one i’ve just Pasted in but just click on the Click on the link after this show and go Binge watch some Some episodes some of the episodes i Will say Are like uh in two parts so you So make sure you you watch the the first Part first before you’re watching it but I i i hope to work well i know i’m gonna Work more with you guys because I’m going to a house with you next year Um And uh my wife is not too happy about That But uh it’s it’s going to be an Experience and i’ve never experienced i

Mean i’ve experienced stuff in my mom’s House But never anything that i would say has Just totally scared the living daylights Out of me and i think Staying in one of those what we’re doing Jeff we were we pulling straws did you Say Well we’re going to be um pulling names Out of a hat to see Who gets uh which bedroom in 30 years Drive to stay in You know i think um probably one of the The ones you don’t want to get is Diane’s bedroom The young girl that was pulled up the Stairs by her throat And thrown into the room where she was Attacked she was the focus of the The so-called black monk um so Um yeah i don’t think i would want to Get that bedroom and also i think um Because there’s four of us there’s only Three bedrooms it means that one person Has got to sleep downstairs on the couch And that means you’re way out the way of All the other three i think it should be Mark because he snores I know no only olin should get there or He should get down there So he’s down there on his own stay in The call room I hadn’t actually thought of that to Sleep in the coal room

Oh my god call room well Done you’ve got some memory foam That’s brilliant It’s going to be a good investigation Yeah it’s going to be fantastic don’t Worry ollie we’ll look after you Um you know there is no all joking aside When we go to these places We’ve been to 30 years drive before we Know what we can expect Um we do look after each other we look And we watch each other’s backs you know That’s as simple as that And that is honestly that is seriously Um we don’t we don’t muck about once we Get into these places that That you know can be harmful we just Really do look after each other so You you’ve got no worries honestly isn’t That right phil Unless it’s me unless something kicks Off and then it’s every man for himself We look after each other if anybody in The states have that’s not Doesn’t know about this it’s the most Haunted house in I’m not saying is this right the most Haunted house in europe or the It’s got the word poltergeist in europe It’s the most Evil um poltergeist location In definitely in europe um and Just recently they’ve put it down as the

Uh most evil poltergeist place in the World Um because i think it’s simply because The um paranormal experiences still Carry on now to this day Um so yeah um i don’t know how true to Life is i think we spoke about this Briefly though and this was going to be Spoken about quite a lot in the show That got cancelled Uh but there is a film about it and it’s Called when the lights Is it when the lights went out yeah when The lights went out yeah um that’s the Film um In the states that wants to kind of get A brief history without doing a load of Reading you can kind of like Well to be honest i mean they sent over Nick groff Um out of paranormal lockdown um And they flew three thousand miles to Come over to this place In pontefract and they uh spent a few a Few days there and they caught some Evidence so Um if the all you guys in america if you Want to see it look up paranormal lock Down 30’s drive the black monk house and You’ll be able to see the episode Um yes Yes yes well done mark well done I’ll promote the channel yeah i’ll do it Yeah um so yeah yeah um it’s that’s the

Reason why it’s now being classed as the Most evil Politician in europe and the world Because it is still Active today and um it’s still Um available you know obviously for People like us to go in And investigate um so Yeah what two episodes called on your Channel uh the black monk house 30 years Drive So that’s anybody yeah if anyone wants To see What happened then take a look um It was many a year ago though um it’s Quite an Old couple of episodes but yeah but andy Who was going to come on the show but Was ill said it was the the best Evidence he’s he’s the best way Anybody’s ever kind of depicted it and And told the history of the actual Property Yeah um andy evans who will be um When we go to thursday’s drive um we Will be interviewing him he’s Gonna come down for an interview he’s The author of the book don’t look back In anger which is the true story of How 30 years drive became haunted um And he contacted us after we’ve done our Investigation there and said that you Guys have done your research Properly it’s it’s near enough spot on

On why a 30 years drive is haunted Um because he was interviewed on Paranormal lockdown when they come over Most haunted all the others and all they Did was bend the truth and Make out it was something completely More dangerous More harmful it didn’t need to be more Dangerous or more harmful Because it already is dangerous Um and um i was really pleased he He um he called us up and said you know You’ve got the story Near and on spot on it’s absolutely Brilliant research And we’ve become sort of friends since Then I’ve not actually met him yet we’ve Spoken on the phone over the last few Years And when we go there hopefully next year He will be turning up at 30 years drive For an interview which will be Absolutely fantastic Spot i can’t wait for that mate right Boys I’m going to say good night god bless um Yeah we will have a discussion Uh in the after after show if you don’t Mind for just for For five minutes so before you have to Get off um but i’m going to drop you Guys out uh but before you go If you just finally want to tell the

Guys where they can find Ghosted paranormal go on jeff Um go sit paranormal um we’re on youtube Um i guess there must be 104 episodes if You uh If you want to watch them all and um Subscribe If you just need um any advice you don’t Have to have an investigation done or Anything people send Us pictures and ask us for advice you Can do that Um on youtube and uh one In fact what i will do is tomorrow i’m Gonna bang out um An email address um just in case so People can Talk to us for advice if they want us to Look at photographs Pieces of film um you know brilliant um So tomorrow i’ll stick on Um my email address so anyone Can contact me for anything at all Fantastic fantastic thank you thank you Boys for For all of you being here tonight it’s Been it’s been spot on and it’s great to Have you the full team here Yeah um awesome i was thanks to Everybody who’s listening as well Yeah definitely you know yeah appreciate Your support and all the comments yeah Yeah i’m just gonna i’m just gonna

Remove everybody From from the chat and i’ll i’ll get Back to you guys in a moment before When the stream ends cheers thank you Thanks a lot everyone Thank you so much for joining us people As always It is always overwhelming i i I love this live stuff it’s a little bit Weird for me And i know i don’t quite know what i’m Doing but um Yeah it’s without you guys i couldn’t i Couldn’t I couldn’t carry on with this because i Probably just lose all motivation Like jeff said that with with his There’s not really much Reason for me to do this other than you Know it is my hobby and yes there is a Patreon channel That’s the hint if you if you’re Interested go check it out Some nice drawings on there you can have A little chat with me but yeah If not just literally from the video up And share it out to a friend or Family or whatever that helps me out and Uh Send me the message but guys thank you So much for joining tonight Good night god bless i’m alien addict Mind the bugs don’t bite And uh have a merry christmas people