By | December 15, 2020

I was in the most rugged region of south Dakota That i had ever been in to the point That i had zero cell phone service and i Was the only vehicle on the road Also the sun was going down in a hurry It had already been a crappy week and Predictably enough It happened that my car quit i was Losing speed And i didn't know why then I realized that the car wasn't even Running and i was coasting Every light on the dashboard was on and We all know what happens and what it Means That it's gonna cost a pretty penny a Glance under the hood Showed that it was my timing belt not Only had it come loose It decided to take a few gears along With it With no vehicle and no phone service The only thing i could do was wait for Someone else to come that way And it sure seemed to be a lonely road So i did the best thing that i could And i sat and i waited it wasn't as cold Out as it could have been So i wasn't afraid of freezing to death Apparently i dozed off because i awoke To sudden movement Outside my car i had expected to see the Shape of an officer

Or a good samaritan but instead I saw the bulky outline of something That clearly wasn't human but it had Just enough human characteristics in its Face To make me afraid it loomed over my Vehicle And looked at me with eyes that were Analytical critical And not the least bit friendly they bore Curiosity But not friendliness it could have been A gorilla If it had not been walking with such an Upright gait It must have wanted more of a reaction Out of me so it put one gigantic paw on The hood of the car And pressed down and i swear i felt the Bumper Tap the ground the strength of the thing Must have been immense i wasn't frozen But i was definitely frozen then and That seemed to be a dissatisfactory Reaction So instead of pressing on the hood of The car it slammed its fist Down on it and the metal dented just Like aluminum foil I screamed the bigfoot Or whatever it was bared its teeth and Bounced I presumed that it was happy or was Aggressive but i couldn't tell

It then proceeded to tear a tire off the Car with his bare hands The ambiguity was driving me crazy i Didn't know if i was going to die As either a meal or a ragdoll and i Assumed that a meal would die Faster very suddenly the thing gave off A loud whoop And ran off and a few seconds later Another motorist appeared and pulled Over just ahead of my car He asked me if i was alright and if my Friend that ran off needed any help I let him know that that was not my Friend at all and that i nearly just Lost my life i tried not to tell him too Much So that he wouldn't think i was nuts and Would continue to assist me So i'm sharing my store with you i don't Know if i was going to be lunch If i was going to be a chew toy for a Furry overpowered kid Any time now when i hear stories about Bigfoot and how it was this gentle and Inquisitive being I pretty much roll my eyes i feel like i Know their true nature now I spent my early years in college and Working with little or no sleep So that i could give my family the kind Of life that i felt they deserved I had managed to play my cards just Right and i got a really good house that

Sat on four or five acres Of mostly untouched woods the house And the immediate yard was the only Developed part of the entire property The rest was reserved and left alone Just in case whoever bought the house Wanted to do some hunting Although i was no hunter i just wanted My family to grow up And live without having to worry about The dangers associated with urban living I eventually had two kids and i built Them a tree house Deep in the woods and it wasn't just any Small tree house It was big i chose an oak tree That had been there for centuries and Was still alive This was a tree house that i had Constructed two or three rooms So there's plenty of room for growth in Case we had more Well one day when i came home from work Both of my kids ran up to me saying that Somebody was in their tree house And wasn't coming out and the intruder Was making strange noises So as any concerned parent i took the Chance they were telling me the truth And i went out into the woods it was Just as it hit the tree line that i Could hear the strange sounds that my Children Must have heard they did sound

Animalistic Grunting and barking they didn't sound Like the noises any person would make I found the treehouse and it suddenly Had a very ominous feel to it Like something just wasn't right even Though it was still daylight out The inside seemed awfully dark I reflected on the wisdom of investing In something like a rifle And i had no such thing i could have Thrown rocks if i wanted to But that wouldn't accomplish anything at That point I called out to whoever was up there and I told them That they were not only on private Property they were inside my kids Treehouse And i would really appreciate it if they Left Not surprisingly there was no answer Nothing but silence there's an open Window on each side And i picked one and did the most Productive thing of the time i could Think of I threw a rock just to see if i would Get a response A loud roar came from inside it was the Roar of an angry animal Something burst through the roofing of The tree house The closest thing i can come to

Describing it was a juvenile bigfoot It was like an average gorilla but Bigger But it was nowhere near big enough as Some of the stories that i've heard on Your channel Kind of convenient that i'm a listener It had rusty brown fur And it had the rock that i had thrown at Its hand and it threw the rock Back at me i must admit it was quite the Marksman If i was a half a second slower it would Have gotten me Right in the head it lifted itself up Into a higher limb of the tree and swung To another tree Just like a monkey and then to another And it was gone I keep trying to tell myself that it was Just a large monkey But it was way too big to be any species Of ordinary monkey Not to mention we're in north america Not unless there's any primates of the Size of an orangutan On steroids only unlike orangutan All the muscle was in the arms and the Shoulders and the chest instead of the Stomach So i guess i'm passing this on as a Bigfoot story And if you want to believe me that's Fine if not

That's fine too but me and my kids stand By what we saw that day Very very strange I like to camp and hike alone i'm the Eldest Of five siblings and for various reasons We all still live at home hiking and Camping out for the night Is a relatively inexpensive way of Getting some cheap Peace i never travel too far from home But there are plenty and woods and park Lanes that aren't too long of a drive Away I had a couple of days off work so i Decided to head a little further afield And camp out for two nights and some Forest that i never been to before I set up my tent like normal having seen Nobody around And was happy to leave it there for a Bit whilst i went off for a hike And exploring i'm not stupid I didn't leave any open food for animals To smell And i had nothing expensive or valuable With me I had my truck keys wallet cell phone Although zero coverage i headed back After a few hours And was shocked to see the entire site Ripped in pieces The tent was no more and what belongings I'd left

Were strewn about and smashed all the Food was ripped open most of it all over The floor and gone I couldn't believe it i'd sprayed bare Repellent over the fabric of the tent Whatever had done this was strong and Was clearly no bear I could see claw marks in what looked Like huge teeth marks In some of the food there was also a Lingering stink And a massive pile of steaming feces Next to would have been my sleeping bag There was also one More piece of evidence one solid Solitary footprint it was ginormous Bigger than any animal should have been I just stood there Staring at the side of my poor tent when Something hits me on the back It stung so i turned around to see what Was going on That's when i was hot a few more times Each one stinging And when i looked down and they were Rocks Somebody was throwing little stones at Me first My tent was ripped to shreds and now This At this point i was beginning to think i Must be pranked There's no way this could be an animal This was a person wrong

I saw a movement behind the trees and in That moment I got to see what creature had sharp Enough claws and teeth to do that kind Of damage and carnage And enough intelligence to throw stuff At me that had big enough feet to leave A print I have no doubt in my mind that what i Saw was a bigfoot This thing was huge easily around eight Feet At least and built like king kong Himself And that was sort of what it looked like Except it had a more upright kind of Body And a giant hairy person with an Ape-like face In a very intelligent quality to its Eyes Also a very mean expression I could tell it didn't want me there and I felt like the tent was my first Warning I didn't want to hang around and find Out if i should get another warning There was nothing left to salvage so i Turned and walked Back to my truck really slow just in Case this thing decided to bluff charge Me Or worse i headed straight to a motel With a mini bar and stayed there for two

Nights instead And washed all my memories and troubles Away I always thought stories about such Things like bigfoot or just that Stories that those creatures were just Too fantastical to be real Until the day i think i saw one it Wasn't a close encounter And of course like 99 of all other Reported sightings I didn't have my phone right there to Shoot what i was seeing And since i was driving and traveling at A decent speed I only saw it for like less than 30 Seconds Maybe i was on the way to see friends And running late so i decided to take a Shortcut to the roads I didn't use this route often because It's so barren out there And if i was to break down i'd be Screwed with no reception Plus there are like these huge tree Canopies So it makes it really dark and it feels Kind of creepy Just being so dense into the woods and It always smells bad Like a mixture between the town dump and A sewage plant So gross i was already on the edge As i was driving through the area and

When i caught sight of Something following along the passenger Side But in the trees i pray to god They just had some really big deer out Here But of course i knew it wasn't a deer My first thought when i saw the size and Shape of my stalker Was that it was a bear but that's when i Realized it was even bigger than a bear Both the height and the stature were Wrong It looked like it was covered from head To toe and really dark hair Except maybe the face but i could only See it in profile It never turned to face me or look at me And the smell had massively intensified Too And i had put one hand over my mouth Just to keep from gagging This huge thing that looked like a bit Like a bear or an ape Was just running alongside the car Keeping up with my speed And then appeared at some point to Randomly vanish I floored it to my friends rushing into Her house All out of breath told them what had Happened And they believed me they were all Wide-eyed and told me i must have seen

The sasquatch I don't care how late i am anytime now i Will never Drive through that section of woods Again