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I’m feeling this very weird uh Just like these just black shadow kids Just sitting At the desks i can just kind of feel Almost like they’re Just sitting staring at me i’ve seen Some things tonight On our investigation i haven’t seen 25 Years anywhere in the world So [Laughter] Oh Hey guys it’s colin here just real Quickly before we start The episode i just want to address Something i saw some comments about How the candle in the last episode was In shots at the beginning and stuff like That It wasn’t those shots were taken after The investigation before we left And uh i always do b-roll after we’re Done filming for the night because the Paranormal activity i like to jump into Right away instead of taking like 45 Minutes to shoot these shots i want to Get The initial impression the feel of the Room and

Show you guys our reactions on camera as They happen so I always get b-roll at the end of the Night that was just my editing mistake i Didn’t really think that there would be A negative reaction but looking back at It i should have just taken the shots Without the candle or move the candle But This the candle has something to do with This episode Because i understand why people would be Hesitant to believe Why someone would be able to find a Candle in a hole obviously i can’t Explain it I was just there to document what was Happening the museum has been closed Since september 2019 Before coveted no one’s been in there in A long time adrian himself does not Lead frequent tours and visit the Building very often he’s only been there A couple of times to investigate himself So either way you guys can make up your Minds about all of that I believe adrian he was a really really Genuine great guy Very knowledgeable very smart and Without him these episodes just you know Wouldn’t have been possible because he Was the one that got us into these Locations and Did all of it for free he was a really

Great dude and he’s a good friend of Ours now i just want you guys to keep That in mind before you hop to Conclusions and everything you’re free To think whatever you want but Please just remember that this is just a Channel dedicated to documenting the Experiences we don’t add anything We don’t take anything away this is just My life this is what happened so You guys are here for the journey and i Thank all of you for watching After this episode we’re back to the axe In the museum for the finale Like i said before at the end of these Videos in this next video not the one That’s Playing right now but the one that’s Coming out on tuesday You don’t want to miss that one i Literally started crying in the middle Of an investigation Jeff and i ended up leaving the building Really really quickly because we were so Freaked out about what was happening Right in front of our very eyes And even in this episode we actually Were seeing things In this schoolhouse we were with with Our own eyes No nothing from a device anything we Were seeing little balls of light Shooting around the room i’ve never seen Anything like that while filming or

Investigating And it’s just hard to explain because it Wasn’t really balls of light It was more these like weird things You’d see out the corner of your eye Hard to explain not like a laser pointer On a wall or something it was like a Conscious Little orb that would fly around oh Thank you guys for watching i appreciate It and we’ll just get right into this One i love you all Enjoy it stay spooky No you didn’t lock it I think i specifically said to you we Don’t need to lock no no And i watched him not lock it i didn’t Lock it because i I just closed it what okay so well it’s A deadbolt Okay before we’re shining there what in There just so we can see Is it a deadbolt i know okay Let me just explain to the camera we Came in here before we started filming Jeff was going to lock the door with the Key But adrian said specifically do not lock The door because we don’t need to I agreed and i remember watching jeff Not lock the door we come back an hour And a half later and the door is

Somehow locked isn’t that kind of weird And we have the only key there is only One key and we got it from the curator Of the museum I honestly did not lock it because i I just simply closed it like this to get This To stay and do this Should we try it Okay okay It was just okay I’m hoping that once we’re inside we’ll Actually be able to get out again Yeah no because it’s a very limited Phone signal we can spend the next two Weeks in there and we’ll probably end up Eating one another Yes and you know what i don’t know about You but I don’t like the taste of british wow [Laughter] I’m 10 years older than you know i think We should eat the youngest person That’s a good idea yeah i think jeff’s Got the most meat more tender Right adriana a couple weeks honestly I tasted fish and chips yeah Okay guys so we just finished Investigating over there at the jail We’re over next door at the old school House this place has a lot of history I’m going to throw it to adrian in a Second so he can explain What he’s captured here before and

Experience a little bit of the history Behind the building but Before we get started jeff hats yes Okay uh we were driving here today And i stopped in a gas station saw these Hats were on sale Pimping hats with skulls and [ __ ] so Since jeff and i are the most hardcore Ghost hunters out there decided to get Us some matches skull hats baby You got it baby like son like father Okay it’s really cold though okay i’m Gonna get this this feels good let’s uh I’ll take this back for me Digging the feel we’re in the school Building now this used to be in delhi Which is a small township About five miles away from our current Location in redwood falls And actually moved this school house Here back in the day to be within the Museum grounds It’s quite a remarkable building Actually a lot of activity Children present a lot of energy in General and children mess around So i’ve investigated this building many Times the sls cameras picked up students Dancing on desks Imagine you’re in spirit imagine you’re A child again and you’ve got the run of A schoolhouse to do all the things you Wanted to do But were not allowed to do by the

Teacher so throwing paper balls Paper air of planes causing mayhem a Mischief Is the plan to be paranormally Investigated here today It’s late november it’s minnesota it’s Late at night it’s Very cold having lots of equipment Issues and i’ve got my Scarf on but i’m very confident that if We get in here And do some investigations we’ll get Some nice evps Some nice ghost box activity and you may Even get the students Answering a few questions i may pretend To be a school Teacher and we’ll ask them some Questions and see if in Spirit they know the answers so if you Follow me we’ll enter into the Schoolhouse Here we have the students actually Dancing on the tables with an sls Camera we’ve experienced that and we’ve Recorded that If you notice the table looking very Spooky all the dust covers are on I actually had a paranormal investigator Sitting at that table And again we have empirical evidence of Students lining up Do you remember when he was at school And used to bother the teacher with your

Work And you’d all be lined up wanting to get Some sense of praise or that you’ve done Your work very well And we actually recorded that here with An sls camera so i’m very confident There’s going to be poltergeist activity A sense of energy things moving around It’s bitterly cold But i am very enthusiastic and i feel Like we’ll get some good evidence This is the schoolhouse that was Originally in delhi which is a small Township Just up the road here five miles away From redwood falls They brought like a pioneer village all Of the buildings Into one location so the jail cell is Next door the museum Is currently behind us one of the Interesting facts about this school Building is that richard Sears who was the founder of the season Robot company Actually came from redwood falls and was A station master here But his sister eva sears was a school Teacher in this building So it might be interesting to see if not Only the students come through But we could get the teacher as well and To get eva sears Would be an amazing accomplishment

Considering she was the sister Of richard sears who founded the sears Company to my knowledge there’s not been Any deaths associated With this building but that’s not to say The spirits might not come through And tell us that information one of the Things i do as a historian is that we Don’t know Everything we weren’t there we don’t Have a time machine So the spirits may come through and Actually tell us if there was any Mysterious deaths or anything untoward That happened in this building we may Leave it up to them To give us the information this time You ready hand man i’m ready how about You let me see that thing Hey you picked it out man that’s badass Yeah whatever That needs to be attached to this he’s Supposed to be yeah This should be worse where should i put It it’s a track stance oh [Laughter] Thinking that now we’re in the Schoolhouse it’s talk of pants Wedgies all kinds of misbehavior You know we’re we’re regressing back to Our childhood and silliness And shenanigans affecting us instantly Yes okay

Okay buddy let’s get going well So we’ve got a multitude of Different devices here adrian’s got his That he’s gonna set up Um we’ve got a k2 meter you’ve got the Rem pod We’ve got just a regular emf meter and These two cat toys That uh uh based on movement illuminate So we’re gonna set these up on the School desk Adrian you’ve got i’ve got a fishing Bobble which makes a great trigger Object they’re very light they’re very Cheap You can leave them at door frames door Handles all around the place and If they fall off they bounce around the Floor like you’ve just heard And it gives us an indication of perhaps Spirit activity when we’re not in the Room Or not looking at a particular area he’s Going to set those up over there I’ve set the rem pod up I’m going to put the dms meter over here Put one of these little Cat balls right there i’ll go back here With this k2 And then my toes are frozen solid okay Your hat looks good though thank you Okay to any of the children Who are here in the old school house if

Your energy is here We’re not here to hurt you we’re not Here to harm you we just want to talk to You Feel free to play feel free to run Around knock stuff over The classroom is yours right now is There anybody here with us or any of you Children here for school Can you guys sit down at your desks Please We’re your three teachers um Mr adrian mr collin and dr brown over Here Oh thank you i want to give the Optometrist a little shout out Dr brown you got anything to say to your Students um Sit down and shut up no No we’re actually gonna get serious here We gotta get you guys Talking to us so we’re just here um Adrian adrian do you go doctor is it Yes your doctor oh [ __ ] that is true And i was actually a school teacher in Europe yeah For about 15 years i taught 11 to 18 Year olds and i still had the scars To prove it so i’m used to talking to a Large group of students like this that Was my career For many years and i just want to say to Everyone in the room that we’re going to Have some fun today

Hopefully we’ll learn a few things and If there’s anything you want to say to Us Feel free to do so and we’ll have some Fun with it And hopefully hang out with you guys and Get some evidence called on It’s camera silent once again i think They have to kind of warm up to us I do think it’s uh difficult for them When there’s three strange men in the Room And staring at some strange accent but Then i’m not from texas am And i was joking when i told you to sit Down and shut up that was a joke that’s Although i’m sure they’ve been told that Many times i’m gonna turn this light out For a second Jess can i hold the camera is there Anybody in here In the schoolhouse Can you knock if you’re in here like This Psychically i do feel like there’s Students in here And very oddly i feel like they’re Standing with us at the moment Um it may be an idea that they can be Told to sit down but because we’re Standing I i get the impression cycling that They’re standing As well and almost mirroring what we’re

Doing So i’m going to present to you now and Say that you are allowed To sit down so how about we have you Sitting down at your desks And we’ll start our lessons today with You sitting down I know there’s no imperial evidence to Back that up but i do feel like they Have sat down I’m feeling this very weird uh Just i don’t know almost like i’m seeing It visually Like these just black shadow kids just Sitting at the desks Not like it’s creepy but i can just kind Of feel almost like they’re Just sitting staring at me do you have a Device Past the rem pod in between those two Green lights is there anything sat there At all see that last row you’ve got a Green light on the front A green light in the back is there Anything in the middle Um there’s a little is that a motion Device But it’s not illuminating no i’m seeing All kinds of activity did you see wait What was that why I saw a little light in in the like the Triangle If you will the two greens and the red Right a little green

Spot yeah a light a little tiny i Literally just thought Yeah i’ve seen that two or three times And That’s why i’m asking there’s a device There there’s definitely some Energy you think so that would be at all But that’s an old scene with the naked Eye that’s got a flash going For it’s literally behind the red light On their sea Oh god yeah what the heck yeah jeff give Me the camera yeah here here Grab where are you i can’t i’ve never Experienced something like that It’s dotting around the room this is Nice flashing But i heard like a fly and it’s a dark Green it’s not like the greens we’ve Already got It’s a dark green and it’s moved around If i had to tell you where it was right Now it’s on the seat on the desk with The rem pod Very very rarely do you see energy with Your own eyes I’ve never well i mean i have but You can make those devices go off you Have our permission oh i’m gonna just Saw it again up there There we go there it is where Yeah i have not seen orbs as good as That for a very long time I’m not seeing an orb like that like

That i just saw unzipped it shows you How much energy is in this room It takes a lot of effort and again right Next to me oh right there right there Literally literally what is going on Yeah i highly doubt that’s going to be On the camera This is like tripping me out it is crazy I’ve got goosebumps yeah me too Right there right there on the Chalkboard I’ve seen some things tonight on our Investigation i’ve not seen in 25 years Anywhere in the world That is uh quite unique to see that Ping-ponging around like a tracer bullet All three of us seeing those lights you Know i saw a small Light first a tiny one and now i’m Seeing Like this last one was a large golf like A golf ball I think we should have adrian sit in This chair up here and talk Yeah to the students yeah dr adrian Hello students my name is mr lee Obviously I’m from london originally and i have an English Accent i’m here to teach you a lesson at The moment so if you’d like to Pay attention stop chewing gum you can Take your coats off as well And we’ll have a little bit of fun with

This today perhaps you could move Some of the objects around that we’ve Placed on the desks Perhaps you could thump the tables make Some noise i’m actually giving you Permission To dance on the tables and most of your Teachers Probably wouldn’t allow that It’s crazy too how the rem pod has been Just completely silent the whole time They’re kind of frozen that was a crazy Five minutes Yeah cause they’re gone now you guys Better listen to dr lee Just got way colder in here I’m like frigid all of a sudden i really Want to try The estes method with adrian asking the Questions Okay uh-huh okay guys so We were just at the vliska axe murder House and we did the estes method Um there’s different names for it but Basically what you do Is blindfold yourself i’m just gonna use This and we’re gonna kill the lights and I’m gonna sit In uh one of the desks acting like a School child And listen to the sp7 spirit box very Loud through these headphones that i Can’t hear the questions that are being Asked

Meanwhile adrian is going to be sitting Right here up front Playing the role of the teacher and he’s Going to ask the questions to the kids And we’re going to see if his questions Can be answered by me Even though i can’t hear them so i’ll Sit Right here up front Of string are you guys walking around Yeah were you just yeah just a little Bit right there oh Okay i can’t hear [ __ ] okay Class i just heard the word class so Adrian you’re gonna i’m set here i’m Uh i’m gonna be the teacher today so i’m Set here at the front desk This is a position i’ve been familiar With over the years in my teaching Career back in europe I’m gonna ask the class some questions i Know things And the class say they know things so I’m going to test them and i’m asking Them some questions Perhaps you could tell me first what Country i’m from 1590 1590 A very interesting year i believe that Would have been a be around the Elizabethan period Perhaps you could tell me how many stars There are On the american flag

Shadow number 23 23 Stars on the american flair would have Been a very very long time ago i suspect That may have been around Airport the turn of the last century What about if we Focus on a little bit of maths perhaps i Could ask some maths questions That’s gotta go can’t chase it anymore Start very simply Could you tell me what two and two is What’s two plus two What’s the sum of two plus two who can Tell me Seven well you need to think a little Bit more about that Grasshopper I see that the american education system Isn’t letting us down here I don’t know if you guys are walking Around but i feel footsteps Over here specifically right here Invisible And you can turn the course from the Camera that we’re not walking around i’m Sat in the chair What’s the name of your teacher at the Moment what was your teacher’s name Mrs wall i Feel more footsteps right here or Movement if you’re walking Seriously don’t get close because you’re Going to scare me And again we’re not walking around in

The footage would show that i’m just sat Here at the desk but we have Noticed energy bouncing around this room So it comes as no surprise Candy i don’t have any candy to offer You Oh my god i’m so cold too all of a Sudden right here Perhaps you could tell me your name What’s your name dad’s gone So you don’t have a father did he go to War perhaps or is he dead You’re pretty brave yes there’s not many People would sit in front of a room full Of kids I wouldn’t disagree with you how many Students are in this room right now how Many students are here In this lesson 18 so there’s 18 students in this room Right now I’m not sure we have enough desks that Have to count them up Do you like baths what’s your favorite Subject at school What’s the subject you prefer doing the Most real I used to be just finish it 18 18. So there’s definitely 18 students in Here what’s your favorite subject i used To be an artist 15 15 so we’ve lost three 15 would make more sense based on the Number of tables

There’s 19 seats was that 18 How many in his freezer are you touching Me jeff Stop What’s your favorite subject at school Tell me your favorite subject Trouble were you in trouble Uh god in trouble i think yeah what did You do No way were your parents unhappy were You a mommy So your mum’s with you right now in Spirit You said your father was away or wasn’t Here so you’re with your mum in spirit Is your mum in here dedicated Are you a dedicated student yes or no Good student i literally just heard good Student so you were a good student Dedicated and a good student what did You do for a job when you grew up what Did you do Also i’m feeling like something like Right here Like my this part of my neck is really Cold where you touched me Again the video camera has shown That we’re nowhere near jen album Or a colleague in actuality so we’ve not We’ve not been anywhere near colin and Jeff As i mentioned he’s holding the camera Halloween I can go i think you can only go when i

Tell you to go because you’re at school At the moment Home when i’ve tell you to leave Anywhere You can go home when the lesson’s Finished Also like i said i gotta say this feels Like there’s like Cold right here i’m here Are you in redwood falls okay That we’ve not moved from these spots You didn’t move you didn’t touch me no We’d You were just walking here because it Felt like it just felt like Like the kind of shaking i wanted to Teach you that Spirit was doing it literally felt like Right there Right here you didn’t touch me though I swear no but yeah we’re just right Here we’re frozen literally Literally frozen actually that’s kind of Freaky though because I didn’t feel like a paranormal thing it Felt like a human like Like that we’ve literally not moved no When you put the blindfold or this is Where we were yeah That’s trippy as hell too that you Didn’t even walk i thought you were also Moving like just over here to get a shot I think that kind of sensory

Almost deprivation slash you know Overload yeah but i know i felt so did You yeah Hopefully like this yeah that’s what i’m Saying it wasn’t like i got cold and it Was like oh i felt something yeah I literally thought it was you that’s Why i was like yeah no I’ve been here yeah we even got the Feeder we didn’t make it all the time Yeah exactly right here i don’t know if That’s My leg like blood flowing but it was Like this look Like this feeling Which is why i thought that you touched Me so i thought you came over like this And we’re like Doing that and they’re trying to mess With me no That’s creepy um i think i can i just Try to connect Device just to see if it fires up i Don’t know if it’s Gonna do it but we can try Oh look at that not working look at it Just The battery just drained just it just Goes I don’t know it’s that’s the weirdest I don’t get it I don’t get it we have no image And we have some

It’s crazy none of the devices have hit Once you know When you consider what was happening in The jail cell it’s a completely Different Vibe exciting with different things Happening it’s Uh remarkable the two locations just a Few yards apart Can deliver such different paranormal Activity in terms of evidence Very different vibe in here yeah i just I would record if you’re doing it in Case it has moved in oh yeah So we’re just you can see my breath That’s how cold it is right now we’re Just coming out of the For the first time schoolhouse you just Saw adrian Nobody’s been inside of the jail this is Gonna be our final piece for the night Okay should we go check what’s your Guess do you think it moved I’m gonna i’m gonna say yes really A little bit i think a little hadrian What do you think My worst fear would be that we’re Dealing with spirits here from the 1880s And there’s a lot of energy over the Years That would have just disappeared that Requires a lot of energy to move that Candle so i will be pleasantly surprised But i’m going to be a pessimistic

English but i’d say it’s not moved You know i’m gonna sorry uh jeffrey Okay i’m gonna also join the camp and Say No it hasn’t moved because it’s only Been an hour But we were the last people to Remember i shut this door on camera here It is No it couldn’t have fallen over it would Have made its Way outside of the circle if it’s just Yeah wouldn’t it have roll that’s right Well if You think about it if you imagine the Candle being Vertical on that circle if it falls off To the side it’s going to be Outside the circle sure if it falls in Any direction So that’s had to have been moved and Placed back inside the circle That’s insane wait do you have those Pictures that you just took of me Sitting on the bed Yeah what do you should see if the Candle’s still up in those We took those literally right before we Walked out the door somebody or Something just moved that yeah These oh look at look at look at this Was right before he went outside There it is

Wow yeah right i would take it Look wow it’s right there too So that wasn’t anything to do with it Either no this we literally took those And then left That’s crazy yeah that was it See i shut the door right there and then We took those pictures and then we were Right If it falls over it falls over Outside yeah of the circle right That was actually inside the circle yeah So somehow Not only has that fallen but it’s worked Its way back into the circle because any Movement Outside of that do you see what i mean Then It sits outside the circle so if that’s Sat In there then that’s that’s been moved Back into that space would be my advice I just want to test out because i was on The bed I just want to see you could even Look at that there’s no and then we just Walked right out even looking i bet if i Go right here Okay buddy okay Wow so we had a spirit Yeah tell me psychically they wanted a Candle Wow we then find a candle we then

Set the candle up as a trigger object And in the couple of hours we haven’t Been here it’s been moved And put back in the middle of the circle And also just to point this out If you guys online are for some reason Doubting that what he Saw or thought was actually him being Guided down to grab that candle The part two of that one that fell over He has not even been in this Building i was the last one in here and He was sitting in that room the entire Time so whatever the hell just happened With that Was completely independent out of every Single person and it’s on camera and That just proves the validity of it The whole thing crazy crazy crazy That’s insane but in the end who was Right I’m pleased to be proven wrong me too Okay First time i’m glad i’m wrong usually I’m stuck that was really hot that was Really awesome actually It’s been a crazy night isn’t it just Yes Okay well guys it’s about midnight we’ve Been here since Uh roughly 8 30 we’ve done hours of Investigating it’s Really cold my toes are feeling almost Frostbite-y

Tomorrow night we are tackling the scary Building to me the one that is actually Just stepping inside of it very really Powerful energy we were all feeling Things hearing things when we were just Walking around Earlier when you guys see the inside of This building you’re going to agree that Some of those rooms just even probably Through the lens of a camera Feel very energetically charged and They’re just eerie some of the Decorations the little monkey guy It’s a very paranormally active building I’ve written about it i’ve spent Many nights in there investigating i Guarantee we’ll have Some really cool paranormal activity Well Thank you guys for watching uh we’ll be Back we’re gonna be here tomorrow night I appreciate every single one of you Love all of y’all Okay everybody so it’s been a good ass Tonight thanks for coming out brother Um we love you guys and uh we’ll be back Tomorrow So from all of us uh as always Stay spooky bam baby Hello