This Axe Was Used To Kill 4 People… And It’s Haunted | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | December 5, 2020
This Axe Was Used To Kill 4 People... And It's Haunted | THE PARANORMAL FILES

And she hanged herself in this very room Beyond these doors lies the scariest Building in minnesota You ready for this that’s the question i Know that you use this axe To kill your entire family come out Tonight and talk to us oh my god there’s Axes in here there’s axes in here So Um actually let me we’re currently Standing in the lobby Of the redwood falls county museum in Redwood falls in southwest Minnesota this originally was a port Farm it was built In 1908 and it cost 16 000 back in the Day which was a large Sum of money of course poor farms were Designed for people that Fell out of luck were unemployed Disabled civil war veterans It was a kind of early social security To look after people That never had anything were starving Were in a place where they perhaps had Fallen Upon hard times this was a colonial Style building in the spanish Revival style it’s a fabulous facade That we’re looking at at the beginning Of the front of this

Building but it’s the most active Building i think i’ve investigated in Southwest minnesota i’m going to take You through these doors now And we’re going to have a look at some Of the hot spots and some of the Activity that i’ve Managed to get over the years here as The founder of the international Paranormal society so let’s go inside In about the 1930s the building was then Handed over As a nursing home so the little cells That we’re going to explore Originally with the little sales people Lived in for the poor farm but then was Converted Into a nursing home and it wasn’t until 1978 that it then got handed To the museum and they’ve used this Museum ever since so it’s full of Artifacts There’s histories of suicide they’ve got Some really interesting Artifacts in here that are linked to Some murders grisly murders in minnesota As well Already you can tell this is a very Creepy building they’ve got all the dust Covers on It’s shut down for the season but Actually ransom equipment this Originally Was the dining room so everyone that was

In the poor farm would have eaten in a Communal dining room they would have Grown their own vegetables they would Have used Livestock that they would have bred here And they were self-sufficient to a Certain degree This is a very interesting area i did Actually run a thermal imaging camera in This area Maybe five or six years ago now and Suddenly a dark Cold spirit appeared it came across as Very dark blue On the thermal imaging camera and it was Actually a victorian woman With a bustle and a little hat to one Side and she literally sat Over here on a chair there used to be a Chair That was in this spot here and on the Thermal imaging camera you could see the Victorian lady Sit down on the chair and we had some k2 Meters and they also Spiked so when she arrived and we called That spirit on camera We also had some empirical evidence of Energy Manifesting itself as she arrived it Would be remiss of me not to mention Whilst we’re in the museum but Underneath this covering Is an axe that was responsible for the

Deaths the grizzly deaths Of several individuals not far from here Just south of here in a town called Morgan there was a terrible axe murder That took place at the turn of the last Century Where a farmer without any reason was in Good health Wasn’t deemed to be problematic in any Shape or form Murdered his entire family allegedly With this very axe that we see in this Cabinet He killed his children one of them was Just a baby a few weeks old he murdered His wife all with this particular axe he Was found Hanged so he hanged himself from the Beans but it’s a very interesting case Not many people know about it one of the Worst axe murders in terms of numbers And then a suicide in the history of the Midwest This act was in possession of the local Police department And when they built a new police Department building they had an artifact Evidence room and they wondered what to Do with the axe so it went through Several people’s hands Until it arrived here at the museum but It’s very rare you get to find a murder Weapon From a police department evidence room

Then again Part of the history of the area of Course but it’s a very interesting Weapon if you hold it It feels very angry it feels like you’re Holding a box of wasps they’re all Buzzing In your hands it has a lot of energy Attached to it but a very very sad story Of course We’re now entering into the medical room There’s actually a very creepy vibe in Here I don’t know whether it’s the semiotics Of all of the medical equipment All of the operations and the dental Chairs and so on or whether it is Actually paranormally Active but we’ll have a wonder back here There’s something very creepy about Seeing mannequins with dust covers over Them and instead Realize that these are beds and this is Meant to be a tableau Of a medical scene that’s actually a Nurse in a uniform underneath that Particular Mannequin already there’s a change of Temperature you feel the hairs on the Back of your neck go up it’s very Thick almost like walking through Paranormal treacle or syrup there’s a Real energy To this room imagine the people over the

Years that have sat in this dentist’s Chair And had teeth removed or felt pain Gripping hold of the Armrest there has to be a sense that It’s like a sponge and it’s Soaking up that residual energy but i’ve Done Investigations in this room again lots Of cold spots Lots of emf that we can record as Empirical evidence And it just feels very thick and very Nasty to be honest It’s not a place you’d want to spend a Lot of time but you can feel it knotted In the pit of your stomach true it’s not Making it up am i Well i don’t like this room honestly We’re going to take a journey upstairs Now i think the second floor Is one of the most haunted floors of This particular Building as a paranormal investigator i Think it’s very important that the Moment i step into a building I run a dvr the moment i get out of the Car As i’m holding my equipment cases i’m Recording everything that takes place When i did a walk through on this Building like i’m doing with you now I was running a dvr the first time i was In here

And i walked down this corridor there’s A taxidermy room at the end That’s very miserable it’s full of Decapitated animals probably Lots of arsenic around my team said it Feels very cold in here And i heard on the dvr just as we were Walking around as we are now Yes it is it is very cold so there is a Creepy room back here i’ll show it to You Just because we like creepy things It’s very odd as a brit from london I i’m not into hunting i’ve never seen a Gun i’ve never held a gun It’s very strange coming from east London that you’d walk into a room with All these decapitated animals Looking at me it’s a very strange thing And it does feel Heavy in here again you’d be hard pushed To find a room in this museum That didn’t feel heavy Of course as a historian of a number of Years now this reminds me of the scene In planet of the apes where charlton Heston Sees his fellow astronaut taxidermied in A display like this but i’ve got a Imagination of course Even this corridor looks fantastic you Know you’ve got the light coming through It’s a great location for a paranormal Investigation

Creepy dolls in windows Careful not to jump as you look through There now this room is called the Wedding room it’s a very scary and Frightening route For a lot of men of course they’re Associated with getting married but not Just That if you come through to this room And today we have the sun Shining through the windows but imagine This at night time where you see lots of Strange mannequin Faces looking at you this is the most Active room in this entire building and I don’t say that lightly we’ve had lots Of emf spikes in here again it’s a room That gives you a sense of uneasiness as Human beings If anything’s wrong if anything doesn’t Feel right we know about it We have an inbuilt instinct to keep us Alive we know when we’re being watched We know when things don’t feel right it Goes back to caveman Times because back in the day there was Lots of animals with sharp teeth that Wanted to eat us So the only way we could stay alive was To keep on our toes Use all of our senses and know what’s Around us and i know that works because I’m standing here now With colin and i look out the window and

I don’t see any saber-toothed tigers Around so this must work I always thought that this mannequin Looked a bit like princess diana so you Can judge For yourself oh she’s lost her hair poor Dear Excellent the reason i’m unveiling these Ladies And i haven’t done the best job of that Of course but we’ll come back and rescue That When i first arrived in this building to Investigate i take baseline photographs We photograph Every single room because we want a Record of what it looked like Before we started investigating their Baseline photographs it’s very Scientific I came in here with a tripod i took lots Of photographs of this room Through this lady’s left hand when i got Home and uploaded The photographs onto my laptop she had a Beam of blue light almost like a Lightsaber Going through her left hand so i Actually have a photograph of the energy That you can actually Feel the reason there’s energy in this Room is i did a talk In redwood falls i did a lecture on this Building and i showed everyone my

Evidence it was packed standing room Only for the historical society to raise A little bit of money for them one lady Called kathy at the end of that lecture Came Up to me and said i know why the wedding Room feels funky i know why it feels A little bit strange a little bit Haunted she told me that her Great-great-aunt was a woman called Louisa bott And she hanged herself in this very room In 1922. she actually hung herself With a sheet from the bed from this very Location So louisa boss a very interesting lady She hang herself Later in life here at the poor farm but When she was 16 She was the lady that helped the nan Family escape When they were attacked by the suit at The lower sioux agency if you recall The sioux agency there in the massacre That took place so that woman has a lot To do with the history of redwood falls And she hanged herself in this very room She was German in origin i actually spoke to her In german on the ghost box i know a Little bit of german and we had a Conversation in german People say to me just spirits talk in The language

That they knew when they were alive and That is true i’ve spoken in german Italian french you will speak the same Accent And the same language you’ve got now When you’ve passed and when you’re dead But this is the wedding room Several more places i want to highlight To you up here on the left there’s some Very creepy room with dolls those of Course are always Very creepy especially the victorian Ones but there’s some really strange and Bizarre Toys in this particular room imagine It’s christmas day Imagine it’s 1910 it’s in wardian you Want some toy blocks some lead soldiers Maybe if you’re lucky You might get a little tin train and They’re under the christmas tree as you Unwrap your presence in 1910 You get a little monkey to play with And here he is and he’s looking like He’s got human teeth which is very odd But there are some creepy Animals and again with the light shining Through in the afternoon it doesn’t look Too bad Imagine you’ve got a flashlight and it’s Pitch black and you shine that Flashlight And that little monkey’s face is looking Up at you that’s not what i’d want to

See on christmas day We have some rooms back here as well That we’re going to explore This last room here on the second floor Is full of baby buggies in britain we’d Call them a pram Which i think comes from the word Prambulator which means to walk the word Ambulance comes from to walk as well to Amble to walk because during the first World war and before that they would Walk onto the battlefield with Stretchers to collect the dead and the Wounded so the word ambulance Comes from the french to walk you think You would mean something a bit quicker This final baby buggy this final pram If we lift that back there’s a little Doll stuck there I actually left a digital voice recorder On that doll and i investigated the Building we’ve been in here Many many times over the years and i Retrieved that dvr And i listened to it and you heard a Little girl’s voice saying Emma so i don’t know whether the doll’s Called emma or whether She was asking for emma but i did get a Really good evp from that particular Doll just by leaving a digital voice Recorder on her lap In this location you may be wondering Why this building’s so haunted and i

Could take us into any room On any floor of this building including The attic in the basement And they will feel charged they will Feel very paranormally Active one of the reasons of course is It was a poor farm from 1908 to the 1930s people that were down on their Luck people that were ill Elderly people those who were struggling Vets from the civil war would have lived In each Of these little cells and all of these Floors there was probably a floor for The women and a floor for the men i Would suspect but of course lots of People died Under those circumstances of natural Causes and of disease And being very elderly we know of at Least one or two suicides here that took Place In these very rooms the room opposite me We have documentation Of that obituaries from the newspaper Back in the day then of course in the 1930s it got handed over As a nursing home so then you’ve got the Rooms full of the elderly and i’m sure Many people died from the 1930s right up Until 1978 When this then became a museum so There’s many reasons These rooms are active and then you have

To add to that paranormal soup The idea that every single artifact We’re looking at has an attachment to it It was somebody’s belongings Somebody used that object in the same Way you go into an antique shop and it Feels a little bit funky Due to the same reasons of course There’s a military room here where Spoils were brought back from the second World war There’s some memorabilia from japan and Germany the soldiers from this area Would have brought back With them there’s uniforms the whole Place from top to bottom is a Multi-layered paranormal cake and we’re Very blessed and lucky to be allowed to Be in here to investigate and to film So Okay guys so it’s uh it’s only six O’clock It seems a lot later right now but jeff And i Are just arriving right now at the Redwood falls County museum this place is we just did A live stream here the other day And it this is definitely one of the Scariest locations we’ve been to all Year if not the scariest

San haven sanitarium in north dakota Literally pales in comparison to the Weird Dark energy that’s in this building That’s just us two tonight in the whole Place It really does just looks so creepy it Just looks like your typical haunted ass Place i don’t know this place gives me Bad i don’t know about typical Man it’s just like for body Yeah it’s kind of weird It’s got a lot of energy man wow And a lot of people would never know About this place it’s like this is like A hidden gem Time to go in Here we go guys Very very creepy building As i come here already i feel stuff Creepiness Okay oh [ __ ] what happened here There we go Beyond these doors lies the scariest Building in minnesota Okay you ready you ready for this that’s The question Let’s yeah let’s go Okay guys so jeff and i just came in Here lights are on in this one Room this is our control room you can See right here we’ve got fish bobbers

We’re gonna use those in an experiment By the way if you guys would like to Become patrons jeff and i just took 20 30 minutes before we started filming Here we Took some photos polaroids for patreon Uh patreon members you guys are going to Get these And uh yeah and also full full cameras Yeah and we basically we fill up these Disposable cameras During investigations and we send them To you guys at home and you guys get to Go develop them and see if there’s any Evidence i’ve had Patrons actually send me photos before With real like paranormal really creepy Stuff Like smoke and lights different colored Orbs And just now which is what’s insane While we were like just doing the patron Stuff right right then Link is going to be in the description i Swear to you on my Soul that actually let’s just come out Here and i can explain it Follow me this place is so creepy we Were standing right here with the axe Um i just said bad vibe right here Specifically This is a bad area right here yeah we Were standing right here And jeff was taking photos of me he was

Exactly where he was right there Like the exact spot and i was standing About right here And i looked and i saw point that Direction All the way at the end of that hallway i Literally saw a green Ball of light like go across the hallway And i thought that it might have been Like a reflection off of something but There’s literally nothing that i would Even reflect off that’s like a Wooden cupboard and then a covered Window with a blanket so there’s No reflection and we heard some noises At one point we thought your footsteps i Was kind of pissed that we weren’t Filming But yeah if you guys want to become Patrons it helps the show a lot First off we’re going to start right Here if you guys didn’t watch the live Stream The other night there’s oh jesus Because we’re watching the live stream Before This museum is filled with so many items And as adrian was just explaining during The interview that we had earlier Right behind me is the axe that was used To Annihilate an entire family and then the Guy who supposedly killed His own family with this axe hanged

Himself so I think naturally this is a good to help Someone that’s just popped up did you See that what is it This just moved like that i don’t know If you’re filming that I thought it’s just tripping out for a Beginning experiment right here Setting up the rem pod i’m gonna put This over here We’re gonna remove the axe for the first Time tonight To investigate it i should say This acts like i said is stained Permanently With not only aggression and anger and Deep sadness But violence and death it’s forever Intertwined with those themes so You never have an opportunity to Investigate an object like this Ever it’s unprecedented to be granted That access With all that being said it’s time to Bring out The axe I know that you use this axe to kill Your entire family If there are any spirits or energies Attached to this object By opening this box i’m allowing you to Come out tonight and talk to us So Really does make you feel um

A buzz like on my arms For me it’s a cold it comes through my Body holding an object that Ended the lives of four people it’s William That held that axe William if you’re attached to this axe Yet in any way Give us a sign we’ve got devices set up Around here Use your energy try to make something Happen please William You here with us Is that you william is spiking too Oh my god i’m filming that same thing i Did the other night William i know you’re here Okay two meter k2 meter k2 meter Oh i’ve got i’m just i’m feeling the Whole body again Hear that whole body again whole body Again why don’t you come over to me William William oh my god i have Just full body chills All of my hair is on end Okay just look at look at my look at my Ghostbumps look at my ghostbumps Got it going william Get out here Can you give us a sign if you’re here William He’s trying or whoever’s here is trying

This thing makes me feel physically ill To my stomach And i can’t stop staring over there so Like it’s like i need to walk over here With the axe Okay you don’t like the axe leaving Keep walking light that up if you don’t Like him Taking the axe i want the ax to stay Here Are you here You can’t hurt us Okay he’s gonna walk away again Light it up william dude this thing’s Going crazy Come on oh i’m filming a ton of energy Here bud come on Is there anybody else here with me in The museum Oh come on i want to go back yeah i Wanna i wanna shoot Okay things going on stuff I feel like i should come into this room We haven’t been in this room to Investigate or anything yet this is a Tool room Look at this isn’t that kind of weird This is like Where this will be William should this should this be in This tool room is this Is this where you wanted us to come I’m gonna pan down here a second

William if you’re here which i think you Are Oh dude i just saw it honestly an orb Did you come down here knock on the Pictures here on the Up wall all of a sudden william if you Wanted me to come into this room with The axe Can you knock on something or move Something in here there’s a lot of Weapons in here Nails if you wanted to hurt somebody You could hurt me right now if you took One of these things off the wall and Threw it at me Oh my god there’s axes in here there’s Axes in here look at that What right in front of me that’s crazy I i did not know that there were axes in Here this is the room that i felt like i Needed to come in There it goes I’m getting chills over my whole body You want us to come back or come down Here There we go that’s the first time the Lights have gone off and i saw the k2 Meter Are you afraid of us Man it’s super cold notice how it stops Too Here’s the axe oh my god it’s so extra Cold down here Look you can probably see the goosebumps

Developing on my arm As as we’re down here um it’s Right by this axe it’s freezing look at That they’re they’re literally Developing right now All my hair is on end too Something’s telling me to hold on to This i’m like i can’t Look at how hard i’m gripping it like Literally my knuckles are like White i just feel weirdly out of Um headspace it’s not like i’m gonna say That i’m possessed but yeah That’s very strange that it had me walk Into that room And standing right here makes me i’ll Just Say physically ill on the very corner Oh wow you like this You want to play with some things I saw we’ve set up um Fish So we set fish bobbers up right there We’re gonna see if walking away maybe William or anybody else whose energy’s Attached this axe or whoever is in here Um touch one of those red and Yellow balls that i just laid on You got to be stronger than that if you Want me to put the axe back You got to touch one of those little Balls and knock it off under the ground Onto the floor Okay let’s take the axe

The moment i start coming down here and Start developing that headache again Dude you know what i just thought of too I was literally before we even started Filming what i just said on camera Is that when we were taking that picture Over here i saw a little green ball yeah Go across the hall from this is probably Going into that room Literally maybe that’s what it is this Room that it led me into Let’s go down and see if it reacts William can you hit one of those balls Knock them off your case Give us more of a sign than that Yeah i just heard There’s just a knock like this in here Maybe it’s another spirit that just Wants the museum to be accurate What if i set this axe on fire made sure No one could ever kill again with it You wouldn’t like it if i burn this axe Let’s walk ever so slowly Towards the case are you down there So you william It’s very cold right here i’m gonna put This axe back in the case though I need to take a break from this thing So Hello