Art Bell MITD – Open Lines – Anything Goes

By | December 4, 2020
Art Bell MITD - Open Lines - Anything Goes

From the high desert and the Great american southwest how did you Good evening good morning good afternoon Wherever you may be in the world’s 25 time zones covered Like a nice warm blanket and baby in the Desert it’s cold out there This program midnight in the desert my Name is art bell and i have breaking News coming up for you First the rules of the program Is friday night it’s open lines So no bad language One call per show to Drink minimum as always i want to thank Uh My group cellos joe talbot right here in Trump Heath my webmaster heather wade My producer if you’ve got something you Want produced Meaning a guest send it to producer that’s producer Then we have stream guys uh who Distribute like crazy Although they haven’t been arrested yet Sales pete everhart tuning radio News with amy martin of course and my Dear wife aaron and of course asia All right we do have breaking news um You know i’ve been Doing this show a long long time decades

Right A show i guess i had to put it that way And In my career i really had always hoped For This kind of breaking news this is just Like the speech i Gave for tabby’s star right Which by the way is still every bit as Much tabby’s star As it was nasa has a theory As we mentioned a long time ago about Comets But that’s all it is a theory they still Don’t know any more than they knew Before about Whether they’re mega structures or not Something to keep in mind new breaking News tonight Did scientists just pick up the first Intelligent radio waves from a distant Alien Planet this comes from the express Listen Very closely the fast radio bursts Included one double signal never heard Before And have astronomers buzzing with Excitement over the possibility of it Being a message With alien origins only 11 of the Unidentified trans Transient radio pulses have ever been Recorded uh before

Around the world i’ve got it up on our now And it is the Curious new double blast which was Accompanied by Four singles which has baffled Astronomers analyzing data now from the Parks radio telescope in new south wales Australia emily petrov from Uh swiss burn university in melbourne One of the team who discovered these Signals believes the origin could be More remarkable than Anything recorded before she tweeted we Have no Idea what’s going on but we know it’s Definitely something cool The parks observatory in australia Picked up the signals The discovery is being compared in Significance to the recording of the wow Signal a strong narrowband radio wave Found by jerry ellman In 1977 that radio burst picked up by The big ear radio telescope of ohio State university in the us For all the expected hallmarks of a Non-terrestrial origin But has not been detected since Right if you want to read more about This and there’s a lot more to read Uh you’re going to want to you really Are going to want to go to my website

And read this just breaking again Did scientists pick up just pick up the First intelligent radio waves From an alien planet or in him speak Sirius dx Folks the fast radio burst included One double signal never heard of course Um blah blah blah blah let me see what Is the new stuff here definitely Something cool The discovery is being compared yes Again to the wild signal And they think that it could be Extraterrestrial In origin could be a billion miles away But it’s a very very strong signal or Group of signals more accurately said So Uh once again uh we have breaking news In the category that i had always hoped To be able to read to you now that Doesn’t mean that this is it But when they compare the signal at a Major university a major radio telescope In australia to the wow signal only a Lot Bigger wow um I would say that uh this qualifies as The second Big story to break on my Short watch here on midnight in the Desert I’m sure other radio telescopes are Going to be quickly

Uh honing in and seeing what they hear But this is a big one Scientists at major universities and Major telescopes like parks don’t make These statements Without cause without thinking Really really hard about it before they Say it So if you want to read this story it’s Just beginning really it’s just breaking Uh you know on the express right now We’ll see where the story goes but it’s A big story I’m telling you and we’re breaking it Here Any anyway um so there is that Uh again we’re going to open lines if You have a comment on that if you have An early comment on it you’re Certainly welcome to make it There was an all day long it seemed like Standoff with a gunman In colorado springs in a planned Parenthood building Shooting at people Hitting people and so They got him they got him alive this Time It could be a political statement it Could be just a crazy Person you never know there’s so much of This stuff going on now you never know Right The annual ritual of black friday as we

Know it Is over now the frenzied Choppers are gone but this year not as Many of them Went how many of you put off Black friday this year just didn’t go Decided i’ll wait for cyber Monday that’s what i think is going on I really think that uh cyber monday is Where most people are doing their biz Now And i wonder how it’s going to change America don’t you I mean if you can sit at home On your computer and you can get a Better deal Than you get by going to a brick and Mortar store And fighting with other people about Grabbing whatever’s grabbable Then that’s probably what you’re going To do and that’s what people are doing And i it’s just going to change The landscape of america i think What’s going to happen big shopping Malls You know what people are doing i i’ve Heard and i bet a lot of you do it too You go to a shopping mall you find what You like Because you can look at things and you Know put hands on right And then you go on the net and find a Better price and order it there

Maybe with free shipping and no tax if You’re lucky And then there is this person on the Wormhole tonight Art make who is this person adam by the Way All right make the change to windows 10 Join us i know you’re afraid But trust me it’s better Once you’ve made the change you will Feel better too We’re waiting for you we’ll all be Together we’ll all be happy That’s adam sounds like something out of The Body snatchers to me All right ladies and gentlemen i hereby Declare Open lines anything you want to talk About Is fair game anything goes literally I have uh earlier today i made a Suggestion On my facebook site that people suggest What they would like to hear for open Lines special open lines Just one line right and i have a lot of Suggestions here Actually over 300 of them came in in a Matter of hours So i have picked four for our one A special line these four are the Following A weird addiction line

That’s right lots of people have weird Addictions when i Was in high school I uh i ate erasers And i guess you could call that a weird Addiction i never had erasers on my Pencil Therefore when i went to a race i Usually scratched the paper In school erasers That taste as an adult has faded So we’ve got the weird addiction line Added to that I have decided to take somebody’s Suggestion And open the i hate art bell line That’s right somebody suggested and i Hate art bell line so fine If you hate me call the number i’m going To give out here shortly Another is the soulless people line If you are a person with no soul No soul when they were giving them out Or whatever they missed you If you’re one of those people you’re Going to want to call the soulless line And finally and not to be ignored to be Sure The shape shifters line Now this is only if you are a Dare i say legitimate ship shape Shifter that’s hard to say Shape shifter shape shifter shape Shifter uh

So again in addition to General craziness we have the weird Addiction line The i hate art bell line the soulless People line and the shape shifters Line and the numbers for everything are As follows I call this the talk sorry Our national number is area code 952 225 two seven eight easy right That’s 952 call art now If you would like to come to us via the Cool way And you’ve got a really good connection In skype Then come on it’s easy put skype on your Phone Android or apple or whatever actually It’s free to download and then you know Add us As a contact we are mitd 5-1 That’s in north america only mitd 5-1 now Outside the country outside north America that is It’s mitd 55 that’s Midnight in the desert m-i-t-d case Doesn’t matter Uh 5-5 and wherever you are in the world You can call us For free okay Let’s see we have a couple of more Numbers to give out and then we’re Underway that is

The first time caller line case you have Never called the show Never never have called the show that Number is area code Seven seven five two eight five Fifty eight hundred seven seven Five two eight five fifty eight hundred I wonder if we’re about to actually make Contact it Sure does feel like it the special line The four special things you can do Would be at area code 575 208 7787 so If you have a weird addiction if you Hate me If you don’t have a soul or you’re a Shape shifter You can call area code five seven five Two zero eight seven seven eight seven I think that about sums it up And sets up a pretty wild night actual Radio contact out there seriously Somebody calling themselves wild card Line Is going to be on the air on skype hello Hello all right thanks for taking my Call thank you for making it sir what a Night huh That is in really fancy to hear about a Signal being found Exciting yeah parts plugs telescope and Australia so wow indeed The the one thing that seems a little Odd is they say it’s several

Billion light years away and probably From another galaxy so that has to be a Pretty powerful signal Very very powerful Well i i just was calling in to say that It sounds like you have a lot of lines Going tonight so thanks for taking my Call You sure you don’t want to try to fit in Under one of those categories you’re not A shape shifter are you Well my guess is you may have a few more People calling and claiming to be your Mouse today but i’m Not going to make such a claim yeah yeah Yeah um Any weird addiction sir no no Not that i know of do you hate me Absolutely not i’ve Enjoyed listening to listening to you a Little bit streaming on the internet From Los angeles over the weekend oh man Did you hear from l.a huh i i I live in virginia okay but i was just Streaming it on the internet Uh-huh kbc i did it was good hearing you On a radio station i Usually usually use the tune in app and It makes me glad to be a time traveler And not having to listen to ads most of The time Uh there you have it uh nevertheless Glad to have you along live and thank

You for the call Thanks right take care of sure it is big News i mean Think about it in all the years that i Did a Show wherever it was we Never once not even once Got a signal that would qualify up in The wow Signal territory and now in the span Of what a month we have had two Giant indications of alien life No possible alien life let me be clear Possible alien life this uh one from Parks telescope is a biggie Just as tabby’s star is a biggie So you know we’re talking about serious Stuff here maybe we are beginning to Discover Intelligent life out there let’s go to My uh Very very special line and say Hello there you’re on the air Hi art my name is joey from daytona Beach daytona beach and which Of my four categories would you like to Address I have a really weird addiction okay All right uh in the past in the past I’ve had a problem with drugs and Alcohol but i Gave all of that up and it really kind Of occurred to me that Uh i have a very strange addiction to

Anything that has to do with Post-apocalyptia Well then you must be a movie f fanatic Because man they sure make a lot of Movies about it don’t they Yeah they do but uh to me to be honest I’m not sure if i can give you the a Book that i’ve read i’ve read it over 14 Times uh have you ever heard of piers Anthony Yes yes you just picture yourself sir Where where are you calling from daytona Beach florida Okay so picture yourself Somehow making it to a miami that is now Nothing but a nub Of its former self all the buildings Trash To about one quarter of their size um Nothing but tangled wreckage in the Streets Few people running around on motorcycles Like mad max Like that huh uh-huh That’s supposed to buckle it for sure Yes sir so i’m actually addicted to a Video game right now Radiation mutants and that says it all About that Yeah yes sir says it all um so you spend A lot of time uh Do you actually wish that the world was Like that

Oh yes i do oh god i’m gonna have to Take that out Mad max like stuff How about that yes sir You actually want that yes sir i do You you wouldn’t miss the police in case You have an emergency or the fire Department in case you have a fire No sir not at all so Let me dig in a little further here i’m I get feeling that If the apocalypse Apocalypse came that you would be one of The first Out on the street causing mayhem No not causing mayhem i would actually Probably be a defender For people the center of people Yeah the defender oh the defender of People so You would be a defender of the Apocalyptic criminals Not the criminals of those being Oppressed by the criminal Those being impressed by well okay That’s fair yeah there wouldn’t be any Police so you would Essentially be a cop I guess yeah so you would have to create That which you just saw destroyed To help people That’s pretty weird pretty weird sir all Right Thank you uh very very much for the call

And it does indeed qualify as weird He would like a post-apocalyptic world One in which there’d be mad max stuff Going on right And one in which he could participate By probably putting on a cloak of some Sort Perhaps with a big a on the Chest and run around and save you all From what would be coming First time caller line you are on the Air hello Stuff going on right hello going once Going twice washington i know you’re in Washington hello Hello how are you all right turn your uh Device down And off please In the past sounds like about 30 seconds In the past Can you get it turned off um yeah i can I can turn my phone off yeah not your Um well i i don’t know what you’re Talking about but uh You you’ve got your radio on or your Device in the background and that’s Interfering with things Ah that’s you and somebody else that was Talking to you No no there’s nobody on but you sir Oh darn oh darn he figured it out It’s it’s still going there you go No still going how’s that Way better it took the better part of a

Minute though Oh yeah i just got up and went and Turned it off sorry this evening What should i talk about you’re asking Me what you want to talk about Well yeah because i was listening to Someone else talking to you on the radio And on my phone because there’s a delay Which you ignored and drove me nuts I’m sorry i didn’t mean to drive you Nuts Yeah see you were listening to like 30 Seconds in the past So what you and i say right now will not Appear in people’s ears Until perhaps as much as 30 seconds Later Kind of time travel isn’t that awesome Um fairly awesome Anyway you’re here now so surely you had Something On your mind when you dialed Yeah actually i did uh you were talking About which uh different conspiracy Theory i guess Basically if i remember correctly and i Was doing some Postal exam work and stuff so I’m new to the shelton area okay sorry All right so do you do you mean one of My special lines Is that what you mean yeah i i’m i’m not Either one of them i’m just a human Being you know

United states citizen with a social Security number prove it Okay how do i do it i need to go show You my social media No god no don’t give it out We’ve got four special lines uh you Could comment on any of those things Do you hate me no not at all no he’s Like a really nice guy Are you without a soul are you a person Without a soul Oh no we got a soul we’ve got a soul You’ve got i got a soul Good all right good um do you Occasionally shape-shift into something Else I you know i i thought about it and then I just thought that’s just Insane insane okay so here’s the one That’s got to be for you I mean surely you are addicted to Something That’s scary yeah i’m a you know what I’m addicted to What people i enjoy being social Really yeah isn’t that weird it Uh it is because i consider myself Basically anti-social Really i mean especially with the job That you have right especially with the Job that i have actually sir yes I’m kind of anti-social oh well i mean As in like getting out in the community Maybe or what

Because i mean you’re definitely Verbalizing a lot out there Um well that’s true and people don’t Understand it you know i do A a radio program i talk to potentially Five people right and uh right so People don’t get it you know in real Life i’m pretty I wouldn’t say it i social well yeah i Am anti-social Kind of anti-social it’s like well i Mean you know that’s your opinion and we All Have those what is the actual what what Do they say There’s an expression right uh that Visitors like Fish after three days start to stink Pretty pretty anti-social right Uh are you are you i don’t know i can’t Smell you over the phone Or do you think verizon will beat him to It Uh you know due to the fact that a t Basically owns everything that Um verizon uses so yeah well yeah they Now Own directv too oh wow You didn’t know that tv no i didn’t T 8 gobbled up directv Oh i bet well think about it they’re the Ones that put all the power lines in in Order to even put it get it to where We’re going you know

So well they put the phone lines in Power company did the power all right Sir thank you uh very much for the call And great to hear from you So when we got to addiction i heard him Stumble severely Now he may not have laid it out all on Us but apparently there was something There So yes we have four different lines the Weird addiction line The i hate our bill line don’t be afraid Now make the call The soulless people line and the Shapeshifters line And that number is uh area code 575-208-7787 That’s 575-208 Let’s go to sunny on skype hello Hello sunny sunny sunny are you there I hear you uh sonny apparently has left The room now i’m trying to be patient Tonight i’m actually waiting for people Not giving them the usual going wants Going twice Go on all right uh Up to the state of washington we go and You’re on the air Hello hello hello art hi hi I was going to say last night they had a Replay of your first show of graham Hancock and Crystal gail and i so enjoyed it it was Wonderful thank you

Oh you’re very welcome uh we are glad to Put that on And uh it was a good show it was kind of Nice to hear crystal again huh Oh wasn’t it fun i i that first time i Heard it because i didn’t know you were Back on the air for for Oh i guess i caught you maybe in october Early october i don’t know or maybe September i had no idea i missed A couple months there and this was just A delight thank you for doing that You’re most welcome um if now would you Like to uh Comment on any of my weird lines No i can’t fit into one of those tonight Almost everybody has an addiction though Yeah i can’t think of any of my Addictions i’ve had to give up Alcohol that was a good one I had to give that up and i don’t smoke Pot yet although it’s legal here now So maybe that’ll come into my life again Hey by the way how is that working out Up in washington you know i think it’s Working Out okay i i’m just not uh i haven’t Seen any Situations of anybody abusing it only a Couple of times i’ve I’ve seen people sort of fall asleep in The slow traffic Um you know at a stoplight or Approaching the stop light and they fall

Asleep and i don’t You know you don’t know nowadays whether To go up and sort of like you don’t want To beep at them because they get angry And so you you know you sit there and You’re thinking well now and they begin Slowing down when they’re traveling And that when they’re doing that i’ll I’ll beat that um to get their attention But I think they’re probably on potter yeah You you know keep a gun at them and These days they’re allowed To draw a gun on you well you never know You know so so i just usually if they’re If they’re still moving all boys i’ll go Ahead and beat them To help them wake up but if they’re Sitting there i don’t Generally peek at them all right well Listen i gotta break i got a break so Thank you for the call and i appreciate The fact that you liked The show in the night time On yet another night with a contact Story this is Midnight in the desert I can’t think enough [Applause] I let it go take a walk on the wild side Of midnight From the kingdom of nigh this is

Midnight in the desert with art bell Please call the show At 1-952-225-5278 that’s one Nine five two call art or north america Gets us on skype at mitd 51 Internationally mitd 55 And we have in addition to everything Else All the normal craziness serious Breaking news tonight Uh a possible alien signal uh being Received at the parks radio telescope in Australia now you’re welcome to go read The story yourself At it doesn’t say it is an Alien signal it says it could be they Actually Use the word extraterrestrial so We may be in a time you know when I’m telling you what i have been waiting For and waiting for and waiting for Virtually All my life may be in the process of Coming True and then let us not forget along With everything else If you have a weird addiction you’d like To talk to If you hate my guts if you are a Soulless person be interested in talking To a person who doesn’t think they have A soul And or a shape shifter Then you can call our special line

Designed for any of those weirdnesses It is area code five seven five two zero Eight Seven seven eight seven now i blew right Through the break in the first half hour So I’ll take care of it this half hour but Boy there is a lot of news cooking out There Of just the kind that i love i mean i Really Really love it and i’m getting so many Skype calls that i Cannot see who i’m about to be answering They’re actually covered up i’m moving Skype calls As i speak all right phantom i believe It is you’re on air hello Hello art how are you i’m i’m just fine What an exciting time It is hey i’m hoping you had a good Thanksgiving with your family Um everything’s fine uh fortunately Thank you we’re safe That’s good to hear well you’ve got the Four lines that you’re doing tonight but My story kind of falls outside of that i Don’t know if you’d be up for A call about possession oh absolutely Are you Oh sir are you possessed no but in the Past Uh i have a friend that truly believes That i was possessed

Well then maybe you were what did your Friend what did your I mean why did your friend come to Believe this well Her and i were hanging out at my house One day we were i think we were about 14 And i don’t really remember what Happened but she says i started slamming Into the walls of the house And saying where things sounded like Gibberish and Just off the walls kept going up and Down the stairs and Well you know i know that when i was 14 I was a little possessed No question about it but but i’m not Sure it was a demon In your case it sounds like it could Have been Well she she uh you might not like this Part but she refers to the Whatever possessed me as red because my Eyes turn red You’re right i don’t like that she Really said your eyes turned red She did um You know okay so if i was with a girl And her eyes turned red i wouldn’t be With her anymore Now are you still with this young lady Her and i are still friends Friends distant friends like A call every now and then maybe a Christmas card yeah

Exactly and a few years later we were Doing something and just randomly i have A little cut on my hand We don’t know where it came from yes and It just started bleeding just a little Little hole in the back of my hand it Just since healed but it Lifted a very slight scar and this just Happened Um it was about two years after that I’m saying spontaneously a whole Developed and Yeah that’s pretty weird maybe you are Possessed No i apologize for all the noise in the Background i have a 24 year old cat that wants to get on Your show Oh he’s been with me all my life i Fully understand take good care of him Uh is it okay if i plug the community I’m listening with Um yes it’s fine timeless i am chatting With the people on Sorcery net irc chat in the art belt Channel Way to go sir i i thank you for the plug And uh yeah all of you If you want to plug uh the group there Are many groups out there that Monitor discuss trash this show Uh whatever it is they they do uh you Are more than Welcome to plug them when you get on the

Air But i’m expecting some serious weirdness Tonight so If you have a weird addiction if you Hate me Especially if you hate me if you are a Person without a soul I know there’s some of you out there Right and or if you from time to time Shape shift then i want to hear from you And we have a special number for that uh That number is uh area code And 575-208-7787-50575-208-7787 i’m Going to take the break that i did not Take In the first half hour i mean when you Have alien signals being received in Australia And so much more going on you just don’t Have time for Commercials from the high desert and the Great american southwest You’re listening to midnight in the Desert on a friday night To drink max i’m mark bell It’s 2 2am Very much look at us Wanna take a ride exclusively on the Dark matter Digital network this is midnight in the Desert with your host Art bell to call art please dial

1952-225-5278-1952 Call art i think aaron has it right he Sends through the wormhole Strange addiction i’m addicted to Searching For answers to paranormal questions This is what brings me to your show Night after night And i believe it’s your addiction as Well yes uh Aaron it is that is an Absolute addiction of mine i cop to it And uh that’s why i’m here and boy am i Being fulfilled lately First we have tabby’s star and now from Australia We’ve got the possibility of oh not the Possibility of it is what they’re Calling A wow signal or equivalent to the wow Signal From the parks radio telescope in Australia so if you’re Just catching up on things you’re going To want to definitely catch up on that Uh let’s go to monroe louisiana i Believe Hello on my strange line Hello you talking about monroe georgia Georgia Georgia hey art um This is probably a little closer to uh Your form of things but i have a weird Addiction that started about five years

Ago Did it start slowly or did it come on All at once Slowly because uh Pretty much me and my wife split up and Instead of me Going to some of my older addictions I discovered ham radio That’s a good idea when i say the Addiction i mean it does get in the way Of my personal finances i I am now addicted to building 10 meter Amplifiers Um 10 is that 10 or 11 Meter let’s just say 10 Well let’s say it but i think you mean 11. Well you know if it works for 10 it Works for 11. Uh well yeah there is that i mean Generally not always uh Some manufacturers uh put something in By the way I’m hearing myself in the background um Some manufacturers put put in something Special So that those 11 meter guys Can’t use 10 meter amps you know that Right right so Won’t work on am Can you say treetop tall I know you can well you know I can’t help it i mean it’s it’s so bad That

My own mother has seen me while i was Asleep Literally building and soldering with my Hands up in the air like i’m Actually building an amplifier the only Reason i hadn’t Got into the ones with you know multiple Output filtering because i just hadn’t Got that Good yet um so tell me sir The world of cb these days has it become More polite or has it descended Into post apocalyptic chaos If you want to get to the polite you go Over to up above channel 40. [Laughter] All right you know i can’t i can’t Honestly talk to you in all Good faith my brothers out there are Listening I know but uh i have a love for both Areas of the spectrum we’ll just put it That way all right Well um get get a license That’s what i would say become a real Ham um Join us it’ll be all right kind of like That the guy told me about uh Windows 10 you will become happy Uh let’s let’s go to matt hello matt Hi art hi um First things first yes i have weird Headphones my audio plays back can you Hear me fine like can you hear yourself

Through it i i hear you Just great all right awesome i have a Strange addiction i’d like to tell you About Fire away i am addicted to something Known as Role-playing are you familiar with Dungeons and dragons and that sort of Thing Of course yes yes absolutely let me tell You this got started way back in high School Um i nine to five i have all this normal Life but when i get home I get on the forums i type up all this Crazy stuff i go in the woods with pvc Swords and my buddies It’s crazy feels like i’m 10 but it’s Amazing i get it No i do get it um it can really take Over your life you know that of course Right Oh absolutely i don’t even want to get Started well well you’ve already started But i mean It really can take over your life to the Point where every spare minute And and perhaps you’re even trying to Figure out a way to play at work Uh when i’m at work i just think about Getting home And playing my half elf ranger with the Plus one bow It it consumes my life you have a plus

One bow I have a plus one bow and you have Dragons they’re very impressive I know um and so you spend virtually Every free minute Down in the dungeon with the dragons Absolutely I don’t think i’d change my life it’s Fantastic Do you think you’ll ever get married That’s a good question i don’t know yes It is I mean you know if it was like the wife Or dungeons and dragons then what I think i’d have to when the time comes I’d choose the wife but if she’s not Into the whole thing like i am it’s not Going to work So uh maybe what you’ll luck out and You’ll meet this Gorgeous gal online playing dungeons and Dragons Oh and that’d be amazing but that sort Of thing Only happens in you know the games and The movies and that sort of thing Dungeons and dating site That sounds almost as bad as an idea of A Paranormal dating site you know You said it i didn’t thank you for the Call sir and uh Good luck with your your i was going to Say life and

Wife is what almost came out uh i would Say Stay single and uh when when the real Time comes uh and the real gal comes You’ll You’ll know it uh Okay uh you’re now on the air on skype Hello there Hi there hi so i have a Strange addiction uh good what is your Strange addiction So i collect pictures of this Japanese idol girl i think i’m looking At her right now Is she the gal on your uh skype Yes uh-huh very pretty she is I have over like two gigabytes of Pictures of her on my hard drive Really yep um do you have any plans to Travel to japan and try and see her In person yes i do that is a little odd Sir Uh what do you expect uh your reception Will be Uh or no wait what do you hope for I hope to meet her in person at least See her And you do you think she’ll look one uh Time into your eyes and say Oh gosh It would be nice um well uh she’s a Pretty girl anyway so There you go uh that is kind of an issue It’s i don’t want to say it’s at the

Level of Stalker but i mean if the police came in Your house would her picture be like Plastered everywhere not quite i do have A little Tiny framed picture of her is this on my Desk Uh-huh it’s very subtle but you know I bet a lot of girls have that you know I don’t want to say problem but Uh maybe it’s really a compliment all Right Well listen thank you very much and She’s gorgeous thank you So good luck take care i’m arfel Midnight in the desert doesn’t screen Calls we trust you But remember the nsa well You know to call the show please dial 1-952-225-5278-1952 Call art in every way you can imagine This is a cool night we’ve got breaking News The parts telescope in australia thinks They may have received A signal from an intelligent species And i’ll leave it at that they do make That statement honestly They do if you want to read the story go To

And read it so this is the second Gigantic story i’ve broken Uh in i bought a month in this category And i went for decades without breaking Something like this On earlier programs So i think about like things I think suits exciting i think it is Very very exciting actually Then we have general open lines Anything goes to drink max open lines We have one special line which i i Invite you to call Weird addiction line been quite a bit of Uh response to That one so far the i hate art bell line What other talk show host Opens a line for people who hate him The soulless people line of course they Would fit in with The i hate our bell line but Nevertheless and then of course the Shape Shifters line uh all of those can be Responded to by calling area code Five seven five this is in roswell new Mexico you know Area code 575-208-7787 so your call is Being Routed through roswell And 575-208-7787 mitd five five Elsewhere on my Well my multiple line you’re on the air Uh is this me it is you yes

It is hate art bell because he has a two Drink maximum Did you catch yourself did you catch Yourself at the beginning of the show When you gave the rules you said to Drink minimum Uh well yes i know there are some people Who depend on My mistake every week for that and prove It later in the show [Laughter] And i am without a soul you’re without Us all Every one of your listeners is without a Soul You do not have a soul you are a soul We don’t do dot dash dot or dot dot dash Dot dash dot dot dot is that sos Um yes Right because we’re saying save our Spirituality we’re saying Save our bodies save us Well no they’re saying save our souls We are souls well There were healthy isn’t this a Difference wait a minute wait a minute Isn’t this kind of like a difference Without a distinction sir i mean You’re saying well it is a matter of Semantics and and And the reason that it’s a matter of Semantics is because it’s an abused Semantics did i say this was a line for Semantics

You said it’s a line for somebody Without a soul I appreciate your sneakiness of me Do you fit any of the other categories i Mean you must have some I’m gonna cut that out that’s just you Know the visual for that one is just You’re not you’re not really serious More healthy you’re not serious we’re Healthy just quiet You are serious thinking about buying Yes yes There’s a device now for sale you can Get it on the internet And remember the name the squatty potty Yes we’ve actually advertised it on this Program Yes yes and and i will be ordering that Uh it’ll make it A lot more convenient because From hemorrhoids and i found out it’s Because of the toilet Oh well and squatting was recommended to Me And you can call it a weird addiction uh It’s not that weird uh i mean you know Your alternative Certainly is but i had to bleep that Out okay no i’m fine with that Yeah thanks i mean you know the visual Is just too much all right thank you Very much for the call Somebody once said to me gentlemen don’t Do that in the shower

And so that that could give you some Clue Uh as to why i bleeped uh here Hello there brandon you’re on here wow I know wow right yeah you have no idea Cool well thanks for taking my call art I’m Actually a newer fan of you i’m a time Traveler as well And um yeah i have a suggestion for a Show first And uh something like an experience to Tell you about Okay first my my suggestion for a show i Think it’d be really cool if you did Something on cults They’re really fascinating i studied Them a little bit in college And uh you know just about how people Can manipulate Uh now you’re breaking it up Let me ask you a question have you ever Thought of starting a cult Uh no no no that would be that would be Inhumane that’s not right that’s not Cool But um okay but yeah you know i actually Heard you talk about Jim jones the other day on the show and Uh you know personal Personal belief is that that uh jim Jones and the whole uh You know jonestown thing was a Conspiracy but uh i won’t get into that

But just a suggestion for a show there’s Lots of info about it Okay wait wait wait wait wait like that What kind of conspiracy well don’t you Find it odd that a thousand people would Just kill themselves Like that to start well if you study Cults you’re gonna find out why Well yeah i mean I don’t know i just think uh okay well First off the whole jonestown experience Was Um so basically in guatemala A thousand people drank cyanide poison And killed himself And uh you know it uh it just Uh i don’t know the experience uh sorry The whole situation just It’s it’s very fishy like um the center Senator ryan Or there’s a senator went down to Investigate congressman i think yes Yeah yeah congressman yeah he went down And uh to investigate it and Uh then he ended up uh getting killed While he was down there because before You know feeding him notes that they Wanted to leave that’s right yeah that’s Just one example of a cult but they’re Really fascinating you know like uh Just you know overall cults well Okay i you know i’ll go along with you It is fascinating Uh that people will submit their will

Uh to somebody with a lot of charisma Like that it is it is odd And it’s kind of like people are giving Up ev everything else in their life Their own Essence soul and willpower and Everything else and giving it to the Leader of the cult It’s true yeah that’s crazy Anyways that’s not why i called i i just Want to tell you as a suggestion For a show sure but um But yeah no um you talk a lot about uh And your Experiences and you talk a lot about you Know life after death and consciousness And Definitely my favorite shows you did a Show a couple weeks ago with a gentleman About um Past life progression and i honestly Like i’ve listened to a lot of your Shows i listened to them all time and That to me was the most fascinating show And it uh really opened my eyes a lot But i had a strange experience with um You know the whole you know out-of-body Experience I’ve listened to some of your shows Where the the people kind of explain how To do it You know again in that meditative state And you um You know you kind of find yourself in in

A sort of trance where you Feel this very very strange vibration Where Your consciousness kind of leaves your Body And it really freaked me out but when it Happened to me It it clicked in this is an experience i Had when i was a very very little boy And i went and i i you know i talked to My wife about it Who uh who’s you know she’s a little Skeptical i talk about your show all the Time with her And i’m trying to convert her but it’s Work in progress anyways Um i told her about this and she clicked In And she’s like i had that same Experience when i was a kid But i couldn’t really describe it really Um Very fascinating so i’m like i’m Interested like do other people have This experience like It’s a very strange feeling that you Can’t really explain Where it’s it’s vibrational is really The best way to describe it where your Consciousness And your body are like separate and it’s It’s really strange but i think you know Your viewers and your listeners If they’ve had that experience when

They’re a kid they know what i’m talking About Well i had uh dr dr thank you i had dr Kaku On the show the other night and he Admitted when i told him i said uh Doctor Scientists have just verified Lucid dreaming is real and dr Kaku immediately obviously up on latest In science said that’s right art they Have You know and just a few years ago the Concept of lucid dreaming was Something scientists laughed at right oh Lucid dreaming controlling your own Dreams Show me proof well Now there’s proof lucid dreaming is real Uh dr kaku said so uh and i knew of Course knew about it before the program It’s Fairly recent science but uh you know When when it does finally Become proven then a good scientist is Willing to admit well yes It’s true let’s go uh outside the Country And uh to michelle hello hello art Hi hopefully it’s not too loud i am Sitting Outside on the patio at mcdonald’s uh Giving a late lunch On my way to go take a christmas present

From my mom to the post office Mcdonald’s in tokyo right uh well Outside tokyo but yeah outside tokyo do You know that mcdonald’s Uh in uh the philippines delivers You when you order uh mcdonald’s do they Really oh yeah It goes in a keep it warm sack on the Back of a motorcycle and you got it in About 10 minutes Yeah a lot of places here do do that but Not mcdonald’s Like local cafes and stuff do that kind Of thing you can get ramen they’ve got a Ramen truck that’s got this special Metal case that goes On the back and they can stack it up on The back of a motorcycle There you go it’s crazy so how’s Everything in japan today Uh it’s going all right i’m about to Send my mom an ipad for christmas she’s Never had an ios device Before she’s not listening so well uh That’s going to be a A welcome surprise i think she’s Probably going to love it I hope so she’s always complaining about How she has to use her Mac to talk to me and all this kind of Stuff and i just thought i’m going to Make this easy for her I’m sure i’m sure she will say but honey There’s so many buttons

What i have done is i have made a video Showing her how to use it and Put it on a dvd with the package that’s The way to do it That’s yeah that’s that was my thoughts I knew as soon as she opened it i don’t Know how to use this That’s right no the video is a very very Very good idea And of course i recorded it with my Iphone so A what a world i know right yeah Everything is uh are you addicted to Something well yeah actually i am I’ve got two things i wanted to talk to You about one of the addiction i’m Addicted to collecting Uh video games mostly video games from The 80s and 90s Good for you i like those i love them And here in japan they’ve got tons of Them and they’re real cheap because they Don’t Really hold on to to use to old stuff The way they do in america America it kind of goes way up in value And here it goes down in value Really so okay yeah so i’ve got about oh 350 or so uh old video games in my Living room of my apartment neatly Arranged on shelves not everywhere I would love to have copies of some of Those i My goodness yeah and i’ve been recently

Getting into some old computer systems Here in japan as well Um which they’re all japanese but that’s Part of the fun you’re a hacker Oh no no also what do you mean by Getting into oh i see Getting into is in the they’re they’re Very old like computers from the You know 1987. Okay and you have another category Michelle Uh not another category i actually Wanted to mention to you about the Uh the sort of on the lines of the Signal um I’ve been doing a research project with My Uh english conversation class here in my School About students believe Whether students believe in ufos or Aliens they did a sort of a Survey on it and this results were very Very surprising and even more was Surprising where the number of people Who said they’d Seen one okay and so um We’re putting that together and maybe This is a question for heather but at Some point Uh our class runs at the same time as Your show And we’d like to see about uh calling

And just asking you a few questions I would have no problem with that at all Okay well we’re uh like i said it’s on We’re our class is on tuesdays And it’s uh on uh around the last hour Of your Of your show i guess okay and um so We’ll try and get that together and I right now i’m still getting on Permission on my side But it looks like it’s going to go Through no problem so Tomorrow Try and pick your best english students That’s what this class is it’s some of My best english students this is a Small maybe six student class that of Our third year students who really enjoy English so would you say uh michelle That english is harder to learn if You’re japanese Or japanese is harder to learn if you’re An american I would say they’re both equal and the Reason is because they’re both So backwards to each other in terms of Grammar and the way they function They are indeed you have to actually Learn to think in a In a different way The japanese actually read from the rear Of a magazine or a book to the front Right Right unless well when it’s printed you

Know generally old-fashioned vertically Way if it’s printed in the Sort of the western way it won’t be but Well Uh you mean if it’s in kanji uh well Well sometimes they they’ll print books Uh like most books are printed You know vertically right uh from from Right to left Right but if they print books Horizontally If it’s an instruction manual for Something or something like that then It’ll be From left to right so it makes it like Doubly backwards because there’s two Different writing systems It does uh that’s exactly right all Right michelle thank you so much and I’ll look forward to hearing from one of Your students Um i guess on uh on tuesday that should Be uh Actually that’s kind of interesting that Should be kind of fun And it is such a very different culture The japanese culture That yes uh as you begin to integrate With it you have to Actually Begin to think of everything in a in a Very sort of Different reverse way even socially It’s it’s kind of an opposite

And listen i want to remind people i’ve Seen several on the international line And for that matter the the national Skype line if i don’t answer right away Just redial Just continue to redial if you begin to Hear my audio If you hear the show that means guess What you got through So hang in there and i will get to you It’s a free call so you can afford to Wait a little bit Let’s go to uh roswell uh Roswell really um you’re on the air No you’re in montana Hello hello yes Hello i’m gonna quit trying to identify Where people are because I only get part of it and i keep Guessing where are you actually I am in montana yeah okay very good Kg7 oh no don’t don’t give your old call Don’t do that that identifies your Address so don’t do that Oh copy that well i called into Uh to tell you about my addictions and It’s always been radio Boy You know it started out with transistor Radios years ago And late night i’d always try to see how Far i could Receive something and just recently

I got my ham radio license and uh It’s opened up a whole new thing to me And uh Yeah i’m really i’m really excited about It a whole new edition Yeah trust me it can ham radio can turn Into a serious addiction addiction I understand that and uh when i get i Look at these catalogs and i see uh You know the price of rigs and antennas And what my friends want to get me into That i’ve just started to Uh get into yeah i’m kind of worried About it but i’m very excited about it And i’ve You know i’ve listened to you for years And years and i know you’re a Amateur ham radio operator and uh I’m really excited about the whole thing Mom and i may catch you on the bands one Of these days i am indeed on the air so There you go wonderful okay Pleasure to talk to you first time Caller and it’s an honor to talk with You my friend thank you so very much And take care um yes ham radio is Even in this modern day and age of Iphones i’ve got one wouldn’t be without It but it’s not the same As ham radio i mean you can sit down After you get your license yes you have To study a little bit but you can sit Down at a table With a radio and with an antenna outside

And you can talk to people all around The world who have an interest now Similar To yours it is a very Very exciting hobby so I can’t stress strongly enough look into It Really look into it let’s go to um I guess virginia hello hi eric this is Uh Class buying i’d like to give a shout Out to uh debbie the lizal and the rest Of the gang at midnight fans uh Way to go group way to go and uh i’m Listening on w T w w uh shortwave uh 5085 kilohertz Nice segue um You know i am really um having to Rethink How much this program since it started On july 20th Has got me spatially challenged in Trying to Assess all the incoming communication And and i think the only way to do it Now is to have a Lucid dream and go into a out of Interplanetary body experience And perfect that so that i have the Vision coming from all directions 360 Degrees spherical So i can keep one eye on tabby’s star Well the one eye on all the stars Actually on the one

One eye on the uh the source coming from Another galaxy the parks observatory is Picking up and My home star of course in the pleiades Star cluster can you believe your home Star in pleiades really Right i’m a libertarian Completely just our clusters so The point i’m trying to make here is it Is quite Not just a coincidence but an Astonishing how much Uh interstellar traffic we’re getting These days Well a consider considers her consider In the last month we’ve had two Really hot hits uh in this area that we Haven’t had in decades and decades i Mean It is really exciting It is and if if we’re going to have any More of these We’re going to have to start you know Assessing the way we deal with With communication traffic among planets And stars Yes don’t forget i’m still keeping a Very close watch on this martian crab Thing Which has a bellows-like one to Compress the co2 on on mars which is Only one percent of the pressure of Earth Have you by any chance or seen the dome

On mars that we’ve got on our website I haven’t looked at that but i still Have that you mentioned it Please by all means i mean this thing Has got to be artificial It’s got to be i’m seeing so much uh So many car parts and in you know symbol Objects that you know You just gotta wonder was there a Civilization there before it was Impacted whatever you know Tore up one half of mars was their whole Civilization there Certainly possible it seems that way But the fact of the matter of looking at This this martian crab is seeing this Kind of bellows for Lungs and then injects a co2 into an Algae um Reactor where it then makes oxygen and Instead of breathing out the co2 like we Would do it just puts it back and Recycles it through the bellows long This is something that that really Teaches us how to be A martian well It it doesn’t sound like right now Anyway life as A martian as it were would be easy Wouldn’t be an easy life It’d be dreadfully cold and you know Very low pressure if you ever lost Pressure it’d be just the same as being Out of space

Your blood would just boil it’s only one Percent pressure But maybe terraforming over time is a Possibility we could certainly learn if There was a real If that crab was a real creature and It’s aluminum thing observing that could Teach us a lot about martian biology and How to maybe To adapt to human speech well yes what Yes what was lost uh thank you can be Found Again or created again i too think that Eventually A martian Atmosphere can be restored i think it Can be done And i hope it uh becomes within our Ability to do I really do because we may need a place To go The way we’re treating earth we may need A place to go outside the country you’re On there hello Hello yes hello yeah hi it’s mark in Switzerland Hey mark i have an addiction And that would be i love to ride Swiss trains it sounds like you’re in a Swiss Laboratory at the moment yeah i’m i’m In the basement actually are you yeah All right i’m sorry i missed your Addiction what was it

Riding swiss trains oh i totally get That i It must be awesome especially up in the Mountains huh Yeah it’s fantastic and you can buy a Yearly pass And then you can ride indefinitely Without limit That does sound like fun uh one of the Best things i did in my entire life Mark was to ride from vancouver to Niagara falls Almost well not you know on the canada Side Ah cool so the train actually moved Oh my goodness yes it went right over The canadian rockies and that really was An experience That’s fantastic but the The alps has got to be pretty good i Have to talk about the signal this is Very exciting yeah please go ahead I think this is uh could be a very Exciting uh Day to prove to us that we’re not alone It could uh we’ve got two big hits in The last month mark A tabby’s star that remains as much a Mystery as the day they announced And now possibly a signal that they Describe as big As the wow signal from australia and Is there going to be some follow-up news On this

Damn well better be good and i i hope to Hear it i expect to hear it on your show Well okay um you can depend on hearing It uh here Mark uh no question about it but you Know it’s the parks telescope in Australia so This is more than you know some minor Matter it it’s not yet in the bigger Media but i’m thinking it will be Cool i will stay tuned art and i wish You a good weekend You have a great weekend uh mark all the Way from switzerland So if you’re outside the country and you Want to talk to us No problem skype is free Absolutely free just download skype put In Mitd 55 and no matter where you are in The world One click and here we are it’s that Simple Let’s go let’s go to our special line Hello there hello there Hi all right wonderful you’re obviously Calling uh For one of four reasons What are my reasons well I might have had an ulterior motive here Really Yes i do like sneaking in on a line that You weren’t supposed to call No i couldn’t remember what numbers i

Was supposed to call so i pushed the Redial from last Uh night before last that’s it it rang So i said hot diggity I hope i got the right line this is bad Because this is well i mean i can test You if you would like okay You may qualify under one of these Possibilities Okay okay so we have the weird addiction Line do you have a weird addiction Oh yeah yeah i’ve got that for sure and It’s about you I’m addicted i’m addicted to your Soothing voice every night and also Hearing the temperature of the rest of The country out there as they call in And talk to you Right hold tight i’ll come back to you Because you sound like a good guy I’m art belt And midnight in the desert is pounding Packets your way On the dark matter digital network to Call the show please direct your finger Digits to dial 1-952-225-5278-1952 Call art listen um for all of these Things i I just read stories that i get i have no Way of verifying Uh that parks has indeed received this Now

Could this be a false flag story I’ve been waiting for the right time to Use the phrase false like Yeah could be you know we live in an Information Age and a lot of it’s really twisted However Um it does look like a valid story to me So we’ll see Um hi on the phone you’re on the air oh Good Back on the air actually that’s Wonderful art i wanted to take you back About Four lunchtimes back in the day where we Did a lot of faxing back and forth to You I remember that oh lord we had you Bouncing around the radio shack one Night a handful of us out here in radio Land And it was when we were first talking About remote viewing And stuff like that and you were adamant To the fact that You just were not too sure about it it Just you know and then one caller called In and said that he had Re remote viewed you there in the In your little radio i guess i remember This and I found something that i had lost and um I’ll be home

No yes yes well that was one okay It may have been i but the one that i Was involved with Is uh is i sent you a fax real quick Because i could never get on on my Telephone line because i never call you Right and so i sent the faxes okay you Pick an Object set it on the desk or on the Shelf in front of you And let us fax in pictures we’ll draw Them up by hand Of what that is and you you looked Around and then you found What was a picture of you inside a Special I forget the frilly type frame like a Metal frame that saw That’s right you remember that one i do And so i drew it up real quick and i Sent it to you And the only thing i messed up is i was Sure ramona was in front of you at a Lower level Yes and i included her and then uh four Other people Sent in the same thing I remember you were bouncing all over The room it was so good i was just Thrilled the wife was just she was Bouncing in the bedroom with me Uh and there was one uh just as big as That sir Somebody i had lost something i can’t

Remember what it was but Uh it wasn’t a tool you know and Somebody Said open your closet look in your Toolbox and i’ll be damned if it wasn’t There i forget what the item was now but It may have been my keys or something That i had lost and It was there so no leading away That that still doesn’t mean that you Know I’m gulping the kool-aid but it does Look like there’s something to it Well you know i i’ve done this since i Was a kid And one of the my favorite things is if You take a few bounces down the road and All of a sudden you’re You’re elevated and you’re flying and That is just Wonderful dreaming fly anywhere you want To go And uh so when i started listening to You I would just be so into listening to What’s going on i would find myself Standing outside the window of that Radio shack looking at your house And then one time i got in over in the Corner i think you got a monitor mounted Up there now or something Kind of creepy looking down at you And it was just so cool and so one time I went over to

Uh a two-day thing in las vegas where ed Dames was teaching this stuff Yes i thought i’m gonna get really good At this i didn’t like the way he taught It so i left after the first day but I thought you know what i’m gonna take And come home because i live over by Sacramento I’ll come back through death valley and I’ll detour to Through paromp and see if i can’t drive Straight to where you live By golly i did and i got to see your big Antennas and all that stuff And oh oh oh those antennas You said you had about 440 or something Like that Volts on them um almost 400 volts yes Well is there any appreciable amperage There not A lot uh but there’s enough uh it could Be Um i’ve got to go sir regarding my Antenna it could be used Let’s put it that way at the moment i Ground it And i do that to protect my radios Because that kind of voltage destroys Radios that’s kind of how i found it it Destroyed a couple of my radios So there is enough current that you know It could be used to charge Things it could conceivably be stored And used

It’s something that should be looked Into and for years I have invited people uh somebody of Substance science To come and do some measurements on the Voltage on this antenna it is really Substantial And i want to know more about it Other than going out there and getting Myself shocked all the time So i would like to know more i i can Tell you this and this Is intriguing for anybody who knows a Little bit about uh Electricity and electronics i have a big Sort of frankenstein switch So that i can turn you know actually Disconnect the antenna and put it on Ground during Any storms and i can sit there going Click click click click that fast uh and I will get a giant blue spark every Single Time so it’s not like it has to build up Its whatever it is Is always there there’s uh there’s no Recharge time for it Or at least none that i can see And look at this This message says the dudes at bell gab Want to know how you like your coffee Art What is it about bell gab those vaguely Lovable people have a disturbing

Interest in what i eat and what i drink Disturbing they bugged me one day until I finally told them what i had for Dinner And it strangely unnervingly Seemed to satisfy them my coffee black Always black and why do you want to know These things All right to uh to skype we go hello Hello hello carrie i hear you But you gotta promise you’ll believe me When i tell you Well i don’t know if i can promise that Now you’re calling on a laptop right Yeah okay try and get closer to the Little hole in the top of the laptop Where the mic is Can you hear me now better i hear you Yes okay Because this isn’t actually my computer But i swear I’m a shape-shifter oh good or something Like that All right um so so don’t we let’s take It one step at a time this is radio We’ve got a lot of time You’re able to shape-shift what can you Shape-shift into I’m like a dog like Are you a manly dog like a german Shepherd I i think so i have like a lungs Like a snout and yeah i’d probably say Either like a mud sometimes i’ve been

A german shepherd but not mainly Like months okay like a mod all right Um does it happen frequently Does it happen at night full moon or What brings it on If i concentrate hard enough because i Because i was adopted by these By these real real mean people and I live on a farm and if i’m if i try Hard enough at night I can turn into a person so i’m mostly a Dog and And i’m on their computer right now and I’m trying to try to find out You’re actually more dog than person Yeah Okay and i’m trying to find answers okay Well one thing that Everybody would want to know and we all Wonder what a dog’s life is like Well you kind of just sleep you You wag your tail Now does tail wagging absolutely mean You’re happy Or is it just sort of a reflexive Action you know to any response Both i probably say okay and How do you feel about cats Sometimes i can feel some like some Negative energy And i usually stay away from them but Some of them are are kind of nice Okay um most dogs wouldn’t say that About cats

Um generally i think their their Reaction is more negative than positive Um let’s see what else can i ask you Um about a dog’s life i mean you know Tell me Well half the day i’m usually trying to Hide from my owners because i told you They’re Really neat yes they’re very mean yeah Some people are really mean to dogs Yeah i i just Don’t like them i just i try to run away But They got a shot collar it’s just oh Yeah i mean what’s that like getting Brought up short with the call oh that Must be awful On a chain probably i i’ve been trying To research how to How to how to take it off but It doesn’t doesn’t work Uh no do you ever feel like well Biting your owners I feel like they would put me down if i Tried so i haven’t Put you down that’s the way to put it i Guess yes Well um how about food I mean they sometimes leave out table Scraps But i usually have to eat the gross dog Food and i’m not i don’t like it So even as a dog it’s gross it’s a it’s Gross

But you gotta eat or you’ll die well That’s true Um i’m trying to think of anything else I can i can ask you Um i’m just trying to be quiet because i Don’t want them to wake up And hear you admitting that you’re their Dog That’s very worrisome all right well Listen i i wish i could on the spot Think of more to ask you Um But i can’t oh god one you’re coming Upstairs Uh you’re gonna have to change okay I gotta go i gotta go i’m sorry i gotta Go See you later Yes yes indeed Well it’s friday night and i asked for It right The one thing i haven’t heard yet is i Hate art bell I’ve got the weird addiction line these This one line Carries all these things um weird Addiction line I hate art bell soulless people Somebody snuck in under that one and Shape Shifters and we just had our first Shape shifter if you are any of those Things Or want to talk about them it is area

Code Seven five 575-208-7787 five two zero Eight seven seven eight seven I was going to ask him about fire Hydrants but i thought Nah that’s rude Right first time caller line you are on The air Who you Me you guys gracious yeah Uh well i was looking at your uh Listening to the thing about the what is It the Things you’re uh addicted to Yes and i’m afraid i’m uh Oh for since 1951 i got my amateur License But before that uh I was a kid bootlegging on the air that Wasn’t very nice But nevertheless uh i’m addicted to Radio well you know I think frankly most people who begin in Radio Start bootlegging something or another I’ve done it I admit it and i think most people in Radio Have done that well you know what uh you Know what the the i would probably have Never gotten into it As deep as i am now uh i used to work Uh on avionics for quite a while And all most of the stuff is i never

Went to radio school it’s all been Self-taught And uh i wound up uh eventually Working in uh on deep sea ships mostly Really yeah on all the telegraph gear And Uh you know in the radar and you know Anything electronic on the ship on the Bridge And uh it wound up being uh Oh you’re starting to break up on us No now you’re really breaking up on us I’m breaking up on you oh Goodness dennis gracious a good radio Guy will get to the bottom that quick That although i’m on some stupid little Uh one of these uh Uh uhf wireless phones right now so that Might be what it is is this any better Uh well It’s understandable now yeah okay Because i was getting ready to say that I was away from the base unit Nevertheless uh uh i was in that for Years working for marconi then Mackie radio and uh going all over the Blasted world But i had a lot of fun and i still have Fun and i’ve got too many radios now You think you’ve got a bunch take a look At my picture thank you very much for The call It is without question very very Addictive and i’ve got a lot of radios

I’ve got radios stacked in my my wife Hates it She absolutely hates it she she will not You know she is A woman of order right everything in its Place and Place for everything and she will not Even look In my closet rarely do i look in my Closet On our special line you’re on air hello Hello hi can you hear me now I can hear you yes yes sir i wanted to Tell you that i I hate arc bill because there’s never Anybody on here who really explains The projection of the astral body Correctly and i’m here to help you with That Okay um all right go ahead If i can leave you with anything art in Our brief conversation Is that the way to teach yourself to Recognize your astral body is to auto Suggest to yourself That you are going to wake up in your Sleep And you are actually going to look down And see yourself Laying there now when A person does this you actually get very Excited And especially the first time that you Do it and maybe successive times that

You do it You will you will do a thing that is Called repercussion And it’s when you just instantly go back To your body As long as you’re a physically alive Person You’ll always have this mechanism it’s a Fail-safe mechanism built into your To the incidence when it happens and Occurs that just takes you right back to Your body and it usually happens because The first time that you do it and look Down and you’re really conscious Of what you’re doing you see your Physical body and you get so excited That like i said you repercuss well you Know this is a little bit of a False flag call because you don’t really Hate me you just wanted to get in on This line to be able to say all that Right because i’ve heard so long now People that And if i may say so there’s a very Famous book that was written almost 100 Years ago Called the projection of the astral body That was written in 1921 that goes over All The terminology that they diagnosed for Right projection of the astral body Also going into like where you could Actually go into different times And all right well look i i will um i

Will try what you have suggested thank You for the call but Really you were sort of just Abusing that line frankly i’m i’m sorry About that Uh very quickly uh let’s go to skype and Say hello To ryan hello art hi uh I’m up here state of washington yes sir And let me mute my audio There we go um Uh i wanted to veer off track here for Just a little bit This whole show is off track don’t worry Um if there’s anything i’m addicted to It is Uh trying to find out more about the Gray aliens The the non-human ebes they’re not Necessarily the good ones But uh i just wanted to mention to The audience that uh there are now Credible uh slides credible video a Credible I’ll tell you what i’ve got a break Coming up grey aliens i’ll hold you over How’s that Okay all right stay right there To be creative [Applause] [Applause]

Midnight matter can be explored on Midnight in the desert with art bell If using spec from your computer please Be sure to use a headset mic and call Mitv 51 that’s mitd 51 idiots how you doing everybody open Lines anything you want to talk about Goes And we’ve got a kind of a quad based Line special lines tonight Now if you have a weird addiction we Want to hear from you If you hate me i want to hear from you But it better be real hate Solo’s people are welcome to call that Line As are shape shifters We had somebody barking at us there just A little while ago The number to call is area code 575-208-7788 Seven five seven five two zero eight Seven seven eight seven let’s go back to Uh ryan Uh you’re back on the air ryan yeah art Uh I was wondering if there’s anybody in The audience that would like to View uh credible possible Uh images slides video of Actual gray alien non-humans heck yeah Okay the good thing is is that all you Have to do is go to

And look up roger lear’s show And look at the material that he Presented on his show that day Dr earlier i happen to know quite a bit About this case Uh just just a little background uh There was Uh seven people that witnessed a Dome-shaped Silver metallic craft over the ocean Near turkey Now roger lear was there doing a a Conference And uh it’s he’s photographed there He was there he saw it himself and yeah That’s right i know it occurred during The conference i know what you’re Talking about Right right right so i just wanted to Put that out there because Uh you talk about the we talk about These subjects all the time and uh Uh it’s surprised that turkey didn’t Warn it and try to shoot it down Right uh one thing that i found out About it Is that uh it happened over a fault line Which i don’t know if that has anything To do with it But one of the more interesting things About this video is it was actually Filmed on Mini dv cassette which is a physical Film and uh

It’s not digital so it’s very very hard To hoax To uh fake a you’d have to slice it up And cut it up Oh yeah i remember it occurred during The conference all right thank you very Much for the Reminder and he is right uh the late uh Dr Lear did indeed uh See and film exactly that so We want to look into it all right on our Weird line with four possibilities You’re on the air Hello hello yes hello Hi art um i just wanted to say that i Hate you You hear me yes sir i do good And the reason i hate you is because uh Since the early 90s I have been absolutely addicted to your Show and uh Lost sleep over it all the time i stay Up all Night long and listen to your radio show Um So i just wanted to say that yeah Well you’re the best radio host and i Love you and it’s awesome All right thank you and look that is Such a false flag four times now If you’re going to call the i hate our Bell line for god’s sakes Get up a little bit of real hate put put

Some pizzazz into it Don’t use it just as a reason to get Through yeah i know it’s easier to get Through And by the way we will do during the Last 10 minutes Of the show tonight people are asking For it I’ve been doing it so tonight we will do Fast blast during about the last 10 Minutes And that means everybody gets to call You get about 10 seconds if you’re lucky On the air maybe a sentence I felt i should explain fast blast maybe A sentence so if If you have something you want to get Across and it’s really important form it Into a Single sentence and get ready to say it During fast blast all right let’s go to Uh kennewick i think washington Hello That sounds like a native american santa No that was uh my job was a hot Impersonation All right well welcome to the show Anyway uh hey Um well i’d probably say i hate you for Being on old for two hours but yeah That’s fine um i’m actually surprised That there hasn’t been a lot of people Talking About the uh your top news stories about

The first contact On the radio that’s right well you know What sir i think number one it takes People time to absorb this And they go read and we’ve got to figure Out if it’s real Um it certainly sounds real Uh i’m familiar with that telescope it’s One of the biggies that look for this Kind of thing So yeah it could be real i You know it’s just there’s a lot of Reactions to this sort of thing one of Them is Uh negative a lot of people either get Scared Or they don’t know what to make of it They it’s something you got to process You know i think it’s you know In our mythos of like you know what we Try to determine what first contact Would be like it’s always been Like say a physical presence or like Aliens Just right here and then we have to Figure out if they’re hostile Or benevolent right but i mean here’s Like a Kind of a third option where like maybe Our first contact If it is actually an alien civilization Will be long-range You know radio signals or some other Form of communication

Right and then you know it’s like when We As humans i think it’s easy to process Aliens Um especially if they’re not really Physically here and they’re just out There But what i was just curious is like it Does put actually a radio signal where We actually Intercepted some sort of communication And then begin to actually Have real communications in whatever Form that could be Like i wonder what who would there be Like a Consensus of all the countries or would It be just americans And then you know once we get further You know invested Communicating with these aliens and we Saw their you know culture i mean Right now at least in america there’s so Much like cultural upheaval Well you know what this is so much Overuse sir but i do Think this i think that if it was a Verified alien Signal that it would bring the world Together to some great degree really Yeah i do i really do so i don’t know i Think we’re still in this I don’t think we’ll paranoid against Aliens i think we’re paranoid against

Other countries um because any Communication that we have with aliens Where it’s radio Who’s going to control that and then you Have you know all the i mean I know we have supposed to suppose Allies around the world but that’s You know they’re tentative at best if Some deal can be struck with You know an outside force with Technology that will give another Country the edge Well okay think about this think about How horrible it would be If we did get in communication with Aliens and all they wanted to do was Speak to putin I know or or some other country you know I mean I’m not american-centric that it should Be us i mean i think there’s a huge Chance that aliens come here and They look at america with you know a Military force that’s The greatest size of all the first 10 Countries combined and be like whoa Well i mean they might want to just Speak to the swiss You could understand that or the Belgians or something Right right um yeah i’m not Still still there oh yeah yeah i thought You were saying something But no i would just like i would just

Think that uh what i What i’m really interested in is if we See a culture that Is maybe has superior technology but we Do not like their culture or the way They Handle themselves right on their own Planets I would be surprised if there wouldn’t Be some pressure Uh to cease communications if we don’t Like the way in which their culture Acts on their own planet maybe like There’s you know Two distinct gender groups like male and Female and one is like You know like uh really You know that’s a pretty interesting Question what if we got in touch with an Alien race and it was nothing but males Or nothing but females yeah it’s Interesting They didn’t even understand the concept I mean there is such a thing as A reproduction without members of the Opposite sex being available Or needed all right well listen thank You very much for the call that’s a good Point Actually isn’t it imagine that if we Encountered a race of beings That was different enough that they Didn’t require or didn’t have An opposite sex so there’d be a lot of

Things they wouldn’t understand Well and i might add a lot of things They wouldn’t fight over Cynthia you’re on the air hi i have a Couple of addictions i’d like to share Sure Um my first is milk And uh believe it or not i spend more on Milk than i do on tobacco every week Really yes well either you don’t smoke a Lot Or you really drink lots and lots and Lots of milk Both i drink about three gallons a week And how much do you smoke um A six ounce bag usually lasts me about Three weeks Did you say a six ounce bag yes Of raw tobacco yeah and it lasts me About three weeks So you roll your own well actually i Smoke a pipe but yeah You smoke a pipe yeah that’s how i get Away with smoking so little How do people react to that They think it’s kind of strange that the Females hold the pipe Exactly yeah exactly Oh well that’s life Uh it’s also a strange addiction so you Qualify Okay another addiction i have is house Plants Uh my daughter tries to steer me away

From any place that sells live plants i Understand They’re all over the house yes Um how many plants would you Say you have um i don’t have as much as I used to but before i had kids i had Over a hundred plants in my apartment A hundred in an apartment yes Uh that qualifies totally Buried alone and the other addiction is Since i was introduced to your program a Few minutes ago Or a few months ago um i’ve been Listening almost every night Well that’s an okay addiction So all right cynthia thank you and uh Have a good night keep on trucking and Smoking I guess a pipe that is pretty unusual You don’t see a lot of women smoking Pipes do you Let’s go to um well back to our weird Line you’re on the air hello Is it me it is you obviously okay this Is fontaine And my addiction is to genealogy And then meeting the people that i find In history in my Bloodline and having interactions with Them in the dream time Oh really so in other words you look People up you you Trace your lineage and then you have a Dream and meet them

Yes and sometimes we get along and Sometimes we don’t I guess that is part of lucid dreaming Huh um Well it’s part of dreaming i don’t know How i’d categorize it but um Well no no no no lucid dreaming dreaming Means you can direct Your own dreams yeah but Technically you’re supposed to be able To do that before you go to sleep and i Don’t do that i just go Okay i’m going to dream tonight and What is spirit going to bring me and Then if they bring me one of my dead Ancestors Then we have an interaction okay In other words i’m not i’m not saying i Want to meet my dead ancestors It’s like i’d like to but i never know What they’re going to throw at me when i Dream So you know um so when they When they send a dead ancestor it’s like Really cool do they They don’t actually throw things at you Well no They well i’m in your family they do Throw things at you Um but we could stay on the phone for Hours but i told you everything So they do throw things at you um Sometimes yeah Like one of the uh like ones the uh

Shadow people And i had a positive experience with a Shadow person and I’d love to talk about that some of the Time when we’re not off topic i can only Imagine Yeah it’s really fun i have a big time In the dream time but that Genealogy is fascinating it does it for Everyone All right i can’t stop when i start Doing it i can’t stop my time more When i’m doing it right and i can’t stop That’s an addiction Yeah all right well thank you very much For the call That’s actually sort of interesting she Can uh research her family tree Come up with something she’d like to Talk to and uh There you go strange amanda you’re on The air Hi art how are you i’m very well thank You good Uh three quick things yes um The verse i know the signals from space Are very exciting but there’s another Breaking story and i thought you’d have More of a personal interest in it And that would be i think nasa found Abby normal on mars Yes i know i’ve seen the photograph it Does it does look like a mouse Absolutely does it look like abby oh i

Don’t know A mouse is a mouse is a mouse i thought There was a personal connection Okay um second thing whose idea was it For the Do you hate me line i don’t know Somebody i I asked for ideas earlier on facebook And somebody suggested that one and i Thought why not Oh cause i was wondering if maybe you Thought your stalker was that stupid or Maybe Hated you that much that uh maybe it was A trap Oh no it’s not a trap okay i thought Maybe You know maybe people hate me would like To express it and so why Not well i think a lot of people Hate your soccer so you know We can goad him into maybe revealing Himself We’ll go get him all right and the third The last thing is my strange addiction Um and again it started shortly after Your return Yeah and it’s to uh your wonderful Fan group on facebook or bell’s midnight In the desert I’m addicted i must be there every night I get depressed if i Fall asleep for one of your shows and Miss it uh

Wonderful intelligent insightful people And uh back in the day i know you don’t Like these stories but back in the day When we were all younger I used to listen to you and people in my Area just You know maybe they’d be asleep or not Interested but i knew There were people all around the world Listening and Thinking about the things you were Saying and dreaming along with you and Everything but Now that you’re back with social media It’s so Interactive and it’s it’s such a Wonderful community and uh thank you And and it’s a wonderful addiction i’m Glad i’m hooked all right well Thank you and thank you for the the plug I’m more than happy to have uh everybody Plug You know the social site that they’re on There are so many of them Quite a few of them actually that uh Sort of chat along as we do the program So if you have one and you want to plug It And you’re part of it do it when you’re On the air and you will do nothing but Grow your group Right why not hello there on our strange Line you’re on the air Hello hello how are you

Doing art i’m very well done Um well i don’t uh I don’t know how to put this um i’m not A shape-shifter But i have had An astral projecting person Come in my house So you’ve had somebody else really Projecting Show up at your home yes sir And could you see visually see them did This occur during a dream Were you awake how did it manifest I was wide awake and The electricity in the room became so Powerful i actually i thought an angel Was going to manifest this but I thought because it was so powerful my Cat Completely freaked out it certainly Wasn’t an imagination Yep that’s no Yeah so what did this astrally Projecting Uh person do Uh they were probably here to curse me Well that’s not good no it really wasn’t But I’m very protected i have to tell you That I am a um An active intercessor spiritual warrior And um so There are certain people that might try

To Oh yeah well if you’re a spiritual Warrior i’m sure you dispatch them Quickly Actually i think it was painful i can’t Take any credit for it at all Well an angel uh wouldn’t be there to Curse you Uh unless we really Really misunderstand angels But according to everything i’ve ever Seen they’re supposed to be uh Kind soft loving what have you First time caller line you’re on the air Hello Hello can you hear me i hear you hey This is sunny i actually tried to call Earlier on skype and i had some Technical difficulties It happened yes well um You know your uh the alien contacts that We may have possibly made Yes i think i might know who that is and That would be Art it’s the series they’re applying They’re giving us a sign Ah this yes that was a great show Um can i plug a group really quick oh You can Sure it’s uh artbell fans undercover of The night larkin walking runs it she’s Awesome Everybody in there is pretty awesome the Name of the group one more time please

Sure bart bell fans undercover of the Night all right Yes how many how many of the how many of You are there Oh let me check really quick typically Oh it’s a handful it’s actually a pretty Small group Um but there are a few regulars probably About 10 or 12 regulars Okay well then you may grow the group Yes absolutely and i just recently Started Or listening to your show and it’s Fantastic i’m Absolutely hooked all right thank you so Much Thanks have a good night you too yeah Plug your groups Some of them are really big with Hundreds If not thousands of members and some of Them are small And just beginning little seeds that You know have a water a little water and A little sunshine and They grow and they grow and they grow so Happy to have you plug when you can get Through let’s go to uh bill on skype hi Hey i didn’t expect that i got to get my Watch run all that by me again Uh let me see it Okay now When you had that sec a guy bill you’re Kind of breaking up on us here buddy

Now still breaking up a little but Try it all that guy wanted was for People to say You i i hate the fact that people Called up and disrespected him so much There’s we have all the proof that we’re Gonna get well i look I don’t think that um asking for proof Is disrespect well we have all the proof We’re gonna get Is is my opinion i mean we have video But like you say you know we can fake Them too good nobody’s going to believe Them we have documentation but they’ve Been redacted why would they redact Why would people redact all that um Richard richard dolan even all right let Me stop you Since you have said we have proof what Proof What is what proof has been redacted Um how many documents from nasa has been Redacted A guy that uh nasa tried to pay to write A book proven they went to the moon Actually gave the advance back because Nasa wouldn’t give him the evidence To prove that we went to the moon or What they showed us we went to the moon Uh again I think that’s good proof something Redacted Is proof oh am i still breaking up No oh cause i just explained that i

Thought Um no although okay The gentleman that was gonna write the Book to help Nasa prove that what they showed us was Live Yes but all the documents That he kept getting to go in their Favor Were redacted documents and he couldn’t Do anything with them So he gave the advance back okay To me stuff like that and i mean we Could talk for three days about stuff That’s funny all the way from you know Carter with his hands you know sobbing In his At his desk i mean i don’t know what it Is that’s so bad but i thought the Gentleman the other night I thought he really was onto something And he wasn’t asking anybody maybe Maybe he was who knows but you know it Is Within the right of callers on the show To say hey give me some proof i’m sorry I’m not buying it This is an open show you know they can Either buy it or not buy it We just present we don’t uh i can’t Guarantee what callers are going to say Just like i can’t guarantee what you’re Gonna say yeah i understand that i don’t Know maybe i just felt a little like he

Was disrespected but anyway You wanted some true hate and i i Couldn’t get i didn’t know what the Number was so i’m trying to pretend like I hate you Oh i’m giving you my best all right well Thank you very much for the call you’re Welcome And you have one as well yeah um Look this is a different kind of program The calls we have as you know are not Screened I don’t control nor do i try to control What the callers say If they you know if their bs meter is Going off the scale They have a right to say so and uh And i’m not going to stop that That’s all i can say it’s an open talk Show Hello there you’re on air hey all right You’re going well thank you hey i’ve Been uh Listening to you for a long time and I’ve called in a few times Um but uh something recently Uh jogged my memory i wanted to ask you About it and i haven’t really seen any Updates on it online i check in every so Often but it’s the John peter uh occurrence oh yes that I wonder if there’s anything new about Him Absolutely not john tutor has not poked

His head Into 2015 yet that i’m aware of Oh yeah yeah that’s kind of i guess it Wouldn’t be an Addiction but it’s kind of a little Obsession with mine as That whole thing that happened with him And Back in 2000 and 2001 Right yeah and uh You know i mean if you’re asking if There’s any anything new no there’s Not oh yeah it was a Really interesting occurrence to me it’s Something that Keeps me coming back to that every so Often though Okay we’ll keep coming back if i if i Hear from him uh you’ll be the first to Know All right thank you we’ll get it on Outside the country on skype you’re on Air hello mike Hello hi you are there i am here Yeah good where are you where are you Mike Where are you mike i’m In northampton in uk okay very good What’s up Uh yeah it’s just uh This uh fast radio busts I’m sorry What was that mike uh yeah The new story you have yes

About fast radio busts uh bursts from Australia yes yep um This has been uh debunked already Already Yeah it was caused by a microwave Oven no no mike the old Uh one of the old signals that was Associated with that same sort of fast Burst was In fact debunked uh as microwave ovens Being opened Prematurely that’s in the article that’s In the article But not in this new one okay okay Okay well I’m i’ve been educated I apologize no problem thank you for the Call They mention it uh as a matter of fact In the article that the one of the older Signals that they thought they had that Was really good Was debunked and it was in fact people Opening microwave ovens Too quickly that sent out a signal on What 2.4 big signal on 2.4 That’s where that radiation is okay Folks Coming up on a break we’ll be back in About seven We will be [Applause]

This is midnight in the desert to call The show if you’re east of midnight call 1952 Call art if you’re west of midnight call One nine five two Two two five fifty two seventy eight That’s the way it’s done Don’t forget we’re going to end up the Show tonight with fast last And that means i’m gonna open up all the Numbers for anybody You can call up and issue one fast Sentence That gets your point across Your emotion Your gut feeling and do it really Quickly and we’ll just run through a lot Of calls So that’ll be all the lines involved uh The national line of course 952-225-5278 First time caller line area code 775 Or the Weird addiction line i hate arpel line Soulless people line And shape shifter line all combined at 575 The area code 208 7787 That’s 575-208-7787 But we’re not into pass blast yet First time caller line you’re on the air Hi

Hello art hi hi hey i just wanted to let You know that I’ve been listening to you for about 20 Years and that’s the first time i’ve Called in because i thought it was Something of paramount importance Okay all right so I kind of wanted to call in on the Soulless person line but i thought that I do have my moments of soul But for the most part i live in Total ambiguity Well you say you have moments of soul Moments of soul it all started about 18 Months ago I was just at work i’m currently Self-employed but at one time i worked For somebody else I came home and started to have a lot of Different symptoms Symptoms that were unexplainable like What Forgetfulness tremors in my hands A lack of the ability to sleep Oh restlessness Uh anxiety that doesn’t sound like a Soulless experience it sounds like a go To the doctor experience Well uh at the end of the 18 month Period of time I was mindless completely mindless Mindless like a block of clay in my head Okay Yes the doctors looked at me and they

Didn’t come to a conclusion I went to ophthalmologist my eyelids Were all Swollen and puffy at the eyelash line And then i found out that someone had Come In during the day and installed a smart Meter on the other side of my headboard Of my bedroom Smart meter why would that be inside You mean it was outside yeah the Electric meter that Registers the usage of on the house so Are you Suggesting that the smart meters stole Your soul Yeah it puts out borderline microwave Frequencies That my head was 36 inches from and I now have i can barely drive to walmart Now God that is a disability Well i don’t know what to say um have You called the electric company to Complain yes i have And what what did they say i mean i’m Sure you said look Your meter is just on the other side of My bed and it’s Taken my soul and i want it back Well the reason i say it is made me Soulless is because I have trouble putting thoughts together And if i’m watching a movie that’s

Really good and everybody in the room Thinks it’s really good i just walk out And Yeah just kind of uh in my own little Dialect but i wanted to let you know That They did say that there was an opt-out That was Able because there were so many Complaints of people saying that they Had Different effects from the microwave Pulses That go on continuously with these Meters and i didn’t know anything about It i thought a smart meter was just Something that transmitted The the usage over the the hard wire Lines That is the idea yes yeah and then Actually it transmits through the air Yeah i believe yes right through my Brain I get it all right well i’m sorry to Hear it and i’m glad that you were able To Opt out now i don’t know that that means You’ve got your soul back Uh doctor strange hello hello how are You Okay sir um remember when You asked her to read and You asked your fans to help when what I’m sorry

Uh you asked your fans to make it rain In a certain area oh yes Yes yes yeah well i want to tell you That don’t you worry about the shadow People or anything like That people in your backyard creeping Around because Your fans and i are all 100 behind you Sir very kind of you By the way the other host that tried That it didn’t work so out so well for Him Um no huh no rain [Laughter] Anyways my story what i called about uh Is about uh lake erie monster Okay so when i was a child i was uh Fishing with my dad and he was doing a Project for public works canada on lake Erie this is on the canadian side Okay real quick because we have to go to Okay anyways we saw this thing and it Looked like it was spiraling Like uh i thought it was dolphins Jumping but i was 11 years old sure uh the fisherman Beside me looked at it and dropped This fishing pole into the water because He was so shocked Like this thing was out at the distance When it goes gray into the Far distance like when you see an oil Tanker out there right But it was coiling a coiling around and

You could see The coils of this thing like going Through the water so this Is huge sounds like that thing on the Commercial that picks up the golfer I knew you’re going to make a joke out Of this i’m I mean that’s kind of what you’re Describing well It was huge though art and it was a Sighting that when many people saw it And we it was very shocking to us It was some kind of a serpent creature On The way out there and Um there’s all kinds of indian legends Uh from the natives that say that it’ll Take the children In and we have a lot of people missing Uh you gotta watch it for the undertow They say it could be the undertow but it Could be the monster because you know The monster as well all right well thank You very much uh There is a commercial i’m sure you’ve All seen it where the the golfer is Grabbed and Anyway here comes fastblast now what i’m Going to do is just keep taking calls as Quick as i can are you ready Hello there you’re on the air hey art i Was wondering what your favorite film Of all time is contact hello there You’re on air

Mrs litzki had the right idea who Zelitsky regarding the cuban city oh Yeah Yeah yeah all right thank you you’re on The air hello Hello hello Oh something about porn that was silly Hello there you’re on the air Hey art uh you hadn’t mentioned anything About your abby the mouse video There’s been so much current events Going on and it got moved down on your Page Um i i don’t know what you mean by my Abby the mouse The video the vide there’s a video of You with the cartoon video of you Sitting there You’re talking about the animation that That guy did Yes um yes it’s very funny indeed So yes there you have it uh Thank you very much and and go see it if You can it’s it is done on my Website all right so fastblast is Underway the public number to get Involved is 952-225-522 The other number 575-208-7787 And finally 775-285-5800 you’re on the Air hello Yeah um i have a Story for you um i’m actually half demon You’re a half demon yes i’m half demon Well that i have to pause for i’m all

Right so Um have you been half demon all your Life Since i was five years old actually What’s it like to be a demon Um actually it’s kind of interesting um I’ve actually found that when i get uh Really angry my My eyes actually will turn like really Really dark red the whites of my eyes Turn really dark red That’s very disturbing and sometimes i Actually start to grow horns All right well i’ve gotta really uh You’ve actually grown Horns yes i have i’ve had people come up To me and Say they’ve seen me actually with horns And the red eyes Um you know what have somebody get a Picture of that and for goodness sake Get it to me all right All right all right thank you i i’ve got To keep moving Uh kyle you’re on the air hi boy we are In a Strange time period aren’t we yes We are is that it ah That’s it i guess okay you’re on the air Hello Art yes i haven’t talked to you since 1998 With bud hopkins on dreamland okay real Quick sir we’re in fast blast

Uh football what do you think uh i Think that the green bay packers had a Heartbreaking loss Absolutely i could not believe the bears Did that last night Right there right there i gotta go uh Fast blast you’re on the air Bless you all right this is tracy out in Florence colorado Hey tracy good to tell you that we love You so much and so glad to be on the air With you tonight And our daughters love you too Well that’s good to know tracy thank you Uh hello there you’re on the air Going once going twice hello yes hello Hello all right this is dan i’m in davis California 5085. It sobs on radio yes Please move up a mega cycle [Laughter] Thank you you’re on the air hello hello Everybody save america register to vote Next year Way to go sir that’s the way you do it Hi you’re on the air Long live mahatma gandhi way to go Uh you’re on the air hello Hello hello hello Yes that’s two hellos oh yeah The best interview would be art bell Interviewing jim mars Jim mars well i think that can probably Be arranged thank you

You’re on the air hello my son is Listening to you From heaven oh Thank you very much and maybe it’s get Maybe we’re getting a signal there who Knows hello you’re on the air I have the love of the lord in my heart How dear you mr bell oh my god it’s you It’s you isn’t it no it is not i Okay that’s not gonna work hello you’re On the air The x-files i still want to believe Uh well the x-files will be back for you To see soon Hello you’re on air hello Hello hey i just rolled in that 20 i got These plus three leather boots of Engagement Come on stay with me [Laughter] All right thank you hello you’re on the Air Hello hello Hi art can you put in the plugs a big Pardon Can i put in a plug please of course Plug away Oh no i i’m with the best group and i’m Addicted to them and they are dino’s Group Um at heart bell um in Uh oh my god i’m screwing up i’m so Nervous okay heart bell Into the night and we all love you there

Thank you very much i got in yay bye Okay skype you’re on the air hi All right you need to have an evil laugh Competition You’re on the air hello Hello going once Yes hello yes uh Quick question jeju kenwood or icon Yay sue awesome Thank you bye hi you’re on the air Hello hello The devil on a ouija board to become the Greatest radio show host Ever and if so would he tell us thank You You’re welcome hello you’re on the air Hello Don’t give me whole names no he All right well he studied with jane Roberts of the seth material And uh hopefully he’ll get in contact With you he’s He’ll make a great guest he’s been Teaching the material for Okay well get hold of my producer and That’s a way to do that you’re on the Air hello Hello hello hi art Yes hi my name is molly Yo molly uh I just had a crazy story um i wanted To talk about very very we’re in fast Blast here molly we don’t have time for

A whole story But thank you you’re on the air hello Yes Thanks for another epic evening listen To these reptilians yeah some of them of Our neighbors You know disguise the humans they’re Eating Dog feces and all we need to do is watch The kids movie despicable me It’ll explain everything i don’t miss Any kids movies you’re on the air hello Hello goodbye hello you’re on the air Hello hello hi um i’m a level four Wizard You are i have i i’m pretty Well i guess we lost them you’re on air Hello Hello you’re on the air hey lord Yes go ahead proceed Hey art uh i just want to give a quick Shout out to all that dm Dm talkers on twitter uh rachelle jeff Paul You know the whole gang and say i hope You had a great thanksgiving That’s the way to do it thank you you’re On the air hello I have a strange addiction yes strange And Unarable hello you’re on the air Yellow hello hey Art i just want to say uh i don’t think My girlfriend has a soul because she

Won’t let me get the truck i want But go viking all right sir thank you Very much Take care hello you’re on the air Hi this is perry from clovis hello California Yes hey um you know i would i think you Would enjoy Uh interviewing the titanium Um who physicists that be podcast these Are a bunch of uh Doctors uh teaching universities all Over the united states And uh they have a podcast where they Talk about physics and All right well i’ll have to look it up I’ll have to look it up thank you you’re On the air hello Mark yes i’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Black eyed children I have yes black eyed children very Familiar Hey well i’m a shapeshifter you are And what do you should shift into No don’t you’re on the air hello Hey art yes hey could you tell me to Turn my radio down please Turn your radio down please all right Thanks that’s all i needed Wait a minute no i need some can you Help me out no i guess not Hello there you’re on the air hello Uh do you think that it would be Possible to get an interview with mr

Hawkins With who uh stephen hawking Oh stephen hawking well that’d be tough As you can well understand right Yeah of course very difficult anyway i Love fast flash keep it going man all Right thank you And hello you’re on the air and i’m About out of time Hello no hello you’re on the air hello Hello No i guess not well let’s see who should We give the honors to uh i think it’s Rory Rory would you like to say goodnight to All 25 time zones All right i would love to say goodnight But there’s something i got to say first Very quick Earth there are spooky skeletons trapped Inside all of us Art i’m so sorry i have to go good night Everybody i gotta get this skeleton Outside of me Goodbye that’s it folks All the time we have from the high Desert the great american southwest Thank you and good night see you monday [Applause] You