SCARY Live Investigation w/ PAPA SPOOKS

By | November 30, 2020
SCARY Live Investigation w/ PAPA SPOOKS

Oh the wrong way Hey what’s up everybody Kane how’s it going um Hey guys it’s colin here and uh Jeff yeah obviously you guys know my dad Jeff papa spooks Um hopefully people are getting the Notification that we’re live I just got one are we live can you see Us people What’s up mod team mariel what’s up brit What’s up savannah from west virginia Red phoenix brandy jenkins lori Will jess bungali d trippy Nay lady jax what’s up edward how are You doing baby Daniel christina leah how’s it going hey Kat how are you doing Kat hopefully you got the merch that uh Got sent out they got sent out like two Weeks ago so it should be in there by Now Chase maya uh will be Thanks jordan appreciate it we got 261 People here 280 only 40 likes come on guys like the Video if you can Please it helps boost engagement on the Channel leave comments in the chat Like the video it all helps um Yo brian we’re gonna sit here for a Little bit Before we uh we go into this place and Talk to you guys

Lara yes this is live right now we are Here In minnesota it is a very very cold Night it’s 25 degrees on the car Says that feels like 12 degrees outside And uh jeff and i have been on a uh On a road trip filming hey joyce We’re in minnesota right now and uh Last night we filmed on this the Property that we’re at actually has Three buildings So this main building is uh Hi chloe this main building is a um Poor farm it was an old poor farm south Dakota sorry It’s okay old poor farm and a uh And a old person’s home hey what’s up Paul how’s it going baby Um poor farm and nursing home so a lot Of people Passed away in these halls the actual Number of the amount of people who died Inside of the hallways of this building Is uh is unknown the people who own and Run this place actually don’t know and It’s currently a historical society So it’s a museum but what’s very very Interesting to let you guys know Is that this museum actually has Um artifacts That have not the best uh Thank you karen so much for the five Dollar donation Uh every donation gets you entered to uh

Simon what’s up simon Hey buddy hey paul thanks man Um yeah you guys are both entered now to Win free merch Uh we take a name every time from Everybody who donated On the next live stream and give away a Piece of merch we already have a winner To announce tonight from last time Hey donna so uh yeah if you donate Anything from 99 cents to 300 you’re getting entered To oh yeah we need to pop a spooks icon In there yeah whatever so yeah if you Donate You’re getting entered to win free Merchandise we’re going to be doing a Brand new merch release Next week um with some christmas merch And some ideas that you guys have Actually sent In so yeah it’s really cool stuff hey Leah thank you leah Thank you so much for the five dollars Leah i wish you had a message but thank You And lords estevez thank you so much for The 20 It’s way too kind goal yes go You guys are both entered doing free Merch as well like i said you can pick Something from the new drop hey jesse James When that comes out and these episodes

Have been expensive to film They have been very expensive we’re Still filming Tonight tomorrow night the next night And the next night You gotta pay for every location the Hotel rooms the food the gas So all of your guys donations if you Like the show please consider donating Just a tiny amount because It really does help um Thank you kate raven blue eyed with the Little doggie right there we shared a Little message too but Thank you you’re entered doing free Merch jess lynch Let’s go jess hi christina thank you so Much i appreciate Her nas again ness thank you so much for The two dollars Thanks thank you and lords estevez Lord i hope i’m saying that right um Thanks for being you No thank you for being here for being so Kind that’s I can’t even explain how much it means To see you guys actually care so much About the videos you’re willing to help Oh my god get them funded because yeah Like i said they are expensive Gemma thank you so much for the two Dollars a dollar each Thank you that’s all it’s always worth Can i have it

If only i could pull it out of the Screen and give it to him and jay gemma You’re entered to win free merch Jay thank you so much you have spinal Surgery final surgery Man yeah some prayers it’ll go well Yeah i know it will good luck to you jay And you’re in our thoughts Appreciate you for being uh a person That’s been on the channel for a long Time Yeah thank you uh there was a problem With your dot dot dot i can’t read that Whole name Thank you for the 120. you’re entered to Win free merch as well Okay uh crystal green with the five Dollars You’re number one i like that that’s a Different emotion yeah whatever Crystal you’re entered to win free merch Too like i said the christmas drop is Coming next week so you guys are all Getting entered you can pick something From that Bonnie bonnie boyer great to see you all Looking good and healthy be safe love You all Thank you bonnie appreciate that trying To read something Yeah i’m trying to read it for him Because he’s you know old man That’s what i have to live without time Right thank you catherine lev

For the 549. piper i wish i was A thing that i could read but thank you Catherine wendy with the two box and the Little Little cute pair guy thank you wendy You’re entered to win free merch too Jesse lil happy birthday bungaly love From scotland oh we like scout i love Scotland we’re Just talking a guy last night from England right yeah the east end We love scotland i love lords highlands 50 donations thank you so Much thank you for him yeah thank you That’s I can’t even tell you that really really Helps what we do Because even this place you have to Pay to get in and you have to rent all These locations and it’s it’s always a Cost free rents here yeah But thank you lords once again blesses From both of us You guys are beautiful thank you too Thanks chris Damn she got racks oh whatever that Means i’m not sure Adventures of mark stay spooky love you Guys thanks mark Oh appreciate that so joan’s got a T-shirt she really likes Awesome i really like the t-shirt Quality yeah the t-shirt quality of our Merch is like

Super high okay uh we’ve got really dope Designs they’re all made by donna Ames uh it’s your birthday donna alms I’m sorry Happy birthday where are these right Happy birthday donna Appreciate that yeah teresa you should Be able to send a super chat if you want To donate or you can become a channel Member either or It should be easy jesse’s birthday Thanks carrie happy birthday white Lightning we’re going into the building In probably five to ten minutes we’re Going to give them a history First but this place is is literally so Scary i can’t even tell you guys how Scary this building is Even the villisca axe house you’d think That would be scarier than this place No there’s literally inside this Building an axe that was used in a Murder There’s an axe that literally killed Four people Kids kids and a mother mother yeah And we’re going to take that ax out of The case tonight and investigate it and Hold it in our hands and by the way Redwood falls county museum here Um has been scott has been extremely Nice to us And we’re actually getting the key to Unlock the case to this

Murder ax i mean where do you have like Access to a murder weapon like that Nowhere nowhere that’s what it’s got a Lot of energy To it so yeah we’re gonna just briefly Look at that tonight Thanks mookie’s garage for the five Dollars too you’re entered to win Everybody who donates gets entered to Win free merch miss seeing you and your Pops doing investigations Megan loves scotland we appreciate that Megan remember Last night yep last night jeff had a Spirit attached to him that that name Was megan yeah we were working with the Psychic by the name of adrian lee last Night Megan he’s like i said the british guy He was really funny we had a really good Night with him some great evidence yeah In this area for sure yeah um Christopher crooks with the three Dollars thank you for the little Little pair thank you chris hope your Night’s going well Everybody karen harris with the twenty Dollars you are amazing Karen you’re amazing well i think she Means me Yeah karen thank you yeah yeah they Boost his ego that’s what he needs Karen another karen sinden with the 20 Love you guys thanks for helping me get

Through coven 19. i agree Yeah any any humor we can have right yep And when you look at him all you can do Is laugh That was good that was really good Actually but thank you karen hey kenny Uh christian barry hey my favorite duo Shout out from kentucky Shout out to kentucky from us we love Kentucky christian you’re entered to win Some free merch 2. Uh we’re going to start the Investigation very soon paul With a hundred dollars paul thank you Paul We’re gonna meet up also yeah we’re Coming together We’re gonna do a canadian great white We’re just talking about that i want Some of that So much and uh any kind of whiskey you Have i’m good at Ness two dollars thank you papa spooks Isn’t old you’re just young Oh thank you yeah yeah What’s up dodger from tick tock thanks Maya for saying we’re uh We’re handsome i’d like to think we’re Decent looking individuals miss Chelsea is here whoo yeah chelsea Nostradamus the lesser i don’t know what The rest your name is but thank you for The two dollars and the behind the Scenes

Yes paul murder weapon yeah it is Actually you’re entered doing free merch This is a freaking big axe too yeah you Guys are gonna see this axe killed yeah Four people Five i think but four four okay yep Stand corrected britt Can’t wait for more videos thank you for The five dollars Um videos are coming real mad 24 from New zealand Hello i i wanna new zealand’s on my Bucket list alicia b You’re always here thank you so much Stay safe stay healthy love from canada We’re coming to canada we do love canada Yeah people are so damn canada people Are amazing You know it’s a banner it’s like Minnesota nice marie ready for tonight’s Adventure Should be jbx reaper stay spooky baby Karen harris with the laugh and the kiss Thank you karen Thanks noah for appreciating the videos All right guys there’s so many messages I’m trying to get through them all thank You Uh andrea brown lots love from baltimore My daughter started watching your Channel now i look forward to your Videos Thank you andrea i love baltimore i’m Actually probably going to be back there

In january with dan bell Maya i love really good friend of mine So great great country thank you andrea You’re entered to win two Tessa martin you want to read that one Can you tessa my favorite channel i Would send Way more if i could hopefully 2021 will Be a better year Loves and kisses you guys are amazing Makes me happy from m.a massachusetts Tess isn’t my daughter’s name uh thank You that’s a great message Well thank you tessa you’re entered to Win free merch too like i said Everybody that donates tonight is Entered doing free merch Whether it’s two dollars or a thousand We’re going to be doing that giveaway The next live stream so tune in to that We got a winner for tonight too to Announce Joshua cardone hannah shout out from Down under I love montana i’m just going to talk Man excited man Thank you joshua for the two dollars and You’re beautiful you’re entered to win Merch gina with the two dollars thank You with the little Box gina you’re entered to win uh and Hunter with the five dollars thank you So much uh you guys are all shadowing Glitch ohio people oh we love great

Steph steph You’ve been here all right absolutely Love you guys stay spooky from australia I need to come to australia too yeah we Should go we’re going to go inside Shortly but this is really Yeah just we’re taking a little bit to Get warm guys because i was just doing a Take talk live stream of my hands with Knobs there’s no heating what are your Hands now Yeah they’re i don’t know they’re red But yeah You can barely feel anyway look i have Bad circulation That damn kitten you’ve been here such a Long time too thank you Hugs and love from canada sorry i can’t Do more it doesn’t matter you guys can Donate Nothing you know what i love you just as Much i’d like to live in canada you know Part time yeah it’d be interesting Wouldn’t it i’d like i think just Close enough it’s a great country gemma Miller yay canada let me join you on an Investigation another canadian gemma are You canadian Appreciate that you’re entered to win For free from oklahoma Thank you gemma once again thanks for The teresa on Paypal with the 50 donation you guys are My fav i get scared one minute and i’m

Laughing the next at papa spooks oh Thank you Well thank you so much theresa and also Yeah i laugh at papa spooks all day Every day so well join the club if i can Bring a laugh that’s as much as i can But thank you that is overly generous of You and i Can’t thank you enough like i said these Videos are Expensive to make and with covid Everything has been hard ad rates i’ve Been talking to a lot of my youtuber Friends Views everything has been down so it’s Been tough but it helps people like this Too Yeah when we donate to them it helps Them because they’re on a skeleton crew Here at the museum at the historical Society so it does kind of come Full circle yep on the phone we put it Right back into uh It’s a month to month thing yes it is so But thank you to scott delaney two love The new videos bro shout out to papa Spooks spooky family for life We are all a spooky family here that’s Everybody is in here if you’re donating If you’re not we’re trying to read Everybody’s messages But thank you scott you’re entered to Win free merch Krishna ballroom glad i could catch the

Stream tonight 100 baby Thank you krishna i appreciate that that Sleep mask was a tough thing to get on My head i apologize for that that Was embarrassing but that was funny as Hell you know it’s the way it goes When you’re 60 right he’s almost those Things happen Well i’m kind of there paranormal Adventures with two dollars from chicago You inspire my videos colin Appreciate that i’d love to hear that i Saw um what’s a great thank you Chicago thank you scorpions yeah we saw The scoreboard Rocky like a hurricane it was actually Front row it was actually and they They played that song and they shut down The concert because there was a Thunderbolt Any better you could have got zapped by Lightning Yeah yeah yeah that would have been cool Maybe it comes down here Just to get hit would be like my son got It scorpion costume Yeah you heard him live he wants his son To get hit by like mr ham I’m canadian too wow nice thank you Kayla for the five dollars by the way Dopest dope love you guys Thank you kayla we love you and i said All the time dope and he makes fun of me I’m always

Like bro that’s dope as [ __ ] paul again With the 50. Paul paul thank you so much brother Thank you Paul you’re going to have to come down And spend yeah come to austin i If you guys ever are in austin let me Know and i’ll make a way to come say hi To y’all I can just even come meet you for coffee Luanne tess my daughter is doing Fantastic she is in um Fashion merchandising um down in unt By in denton texas and um yeah i think She’s got an Internship she’ll either get to go to London or milan one of the two Wow so she’s excited yeah thank you for Asking kayden rogers with the 99 cents Thank you kaden you’re entered to win The free merch we just take everybody’s Names put them in a bag draw a name out Got somebody for tonight already so any Donation 99 cents to a thousand You’re in so thanks paul tonight’s Winner coming soon love you too paul Chastity and for the five dollars thank You hi i love your last upload can’t Wait Thank you chastity i love those videos The edits and the sound design on the Last couple And the drone shots have been amazing in My opinion yeah

Bungie do another uk one thanks for the Two dollars or two pounds I would love to come back to the uk i’m Planning on doing it next year with Andrew um dylan dylan l come to north Carolina man love the channel dylan Bro i would love to we’ve been in the Outer banks yeah love it out there We have you there for a wedding yeah i’m Going to be there probably in april Yeah so hit me up around april bro hey Bro brandi Of course brandi we uh we got some uh Patreon stuff for you that’s coming soon We’re in ohio for almost 10 days This last spring if you can’t tell he Just likes to talk over me Well you know i’m trying to talk to some People other than you You know i’m just trying to get it i’ll Be like hey brian you’re like Me okay don’t don’t listen to it Brandy hey kid spooky papa spooks love From b and b We love you brandi she knows what she’s Talking about yep Yeah well i love jeff but he’s a lot to Handle sometimes spooky fam yes Nancy good to see you haven’t seen you In a while nancy Longest longest time follower here years With you yeah nancy i remember you You’ve been here for the longest time And we love you laurie eiler i hope i

Said that right he needs to come to Washington state I would love to i’ve been to washington State love you so pretty up there Crystal carroll thank you for the one Dollar two year enter doing free merch Chris and eric pay attention to me What’s up chris and what’s up eric how Are you doing Michelle with the two dollars and the Cute little pair thank you lachelle You’re entered to win too Pauline you’re also entered to win with The three dollars and the little pair Bet thank you pauline for the love Literally Simon yeah if you guys see simon in here Here’s he’s all right he’s literally my Cousin So love you buddy yeah kelsey these Glasses are You know what can i say what’s up moon Lily513 There’s your shout out thanks for Hanging um Karen sindon thanks for joining the Spooky family Appreciate that we got you can get the Little icons by your name Use the little icons i’m going to put Some of jeff on there this week Really yep disaster paddy three hi from Garland texas looking forward to a Better year your videos really helped

During Covid quarantine stay safe and stay Spooky courtney’s back in texas Thanks disaster paddy i’m glad we could Help in some way during covent Which has affected us all and yeah Courtney’s back home yeah she should be Joining the livestream soon i texted her About it oh that’d be cool I met god she’s black with the two Dollars denmark i like that name You guys passion is inspiring thank you You’re entered to win merch And i like your name and uh you’re Inspiring as well thank you Um sorry guys i have to skip through Here live Dark element thank you for the two Dollar donation you’re entered to win as Well you guys are Really helping for next month’s series We are going to come back to edinburgh Is it pronounced edinburgh As that right you leave out the g It’s edinburgh scotland i believe What’s up ashley thank you for the five Dollar donation wish you had a message Too you’re entered doing free merch 3 a.m paranormal i can’t understand you Calling I think it seemed like i was having a Stroke i’m not sure but uh Love you too thank you 3am and thanks on Paypal for the ten dollars from

Priscilla silva who just donated thank You priscilla you’re entered to win free Merch And theresa thank you so much theresa With the 20 kelly i appreciate that so Much You guys are all entered to win mercy Donna’s been here for years too Yep you guys have all been here what’s Up ryan Holland we’re going in probably in about 10 minutes yep Brandi reynolds uh everybody that’s in Here shadow glitch yeet Um nope the camera that was stolen in Arizona was gone forever Jeff was here we were literally hearing Uh prostitute noises In an abandoned mouth that was a really Bummer actually yeah that was probably One of the best that was with james Marie From haunted case files yep that was Nuts thanks to priscilla excellent for The two dollars sorry i could only do Two dollars that’s okay you don’t need To be Sorry we were and priscilla we were just In nebraska we were in council bluffs Iowa and then went over to omaha yeah After the vliska axe murder house Videos uh the the series that starts is At the squirrel cage jail we had that Place for the entire night

Yeah with the axe murder another axe Murderer i know And again every single location has had Accidents Unsolved that’s really weird actually This one was solved Yeah yeah they caught the guy on this One well thank you kelly moore for the 1.02 you’re entered to win free merch i Wish you had a message that we could Read right there Tessa martin welcome to this channel see Him again go ahead and start using those Uh emojis that you have perfect 2982 499 thank you thank you for Considering that Obviously i love cats too about you no I’m perfect so What are you gonna say about you no it’s About kitties Okay okay which you know kitties well You’re not About that just doesn’t seem right a cat You know you don’t like kitties you know People said i got babies Yeah yeah i do like cats jeff i Have a cat oh yeah that’s right kitty And it’s a she but you really didn’t Like You really didn’t like cats though i did No not until Courtney came along well right just you Know I’m not like a cat i’m a person where

Doesn’t mean it’s a negative thing and Prefer spirits You mean what vodka or yeah chin yeah Red bull on a friday night brandy Reynolds for the five dollars thank you Love you guys we love you too brandy You’re entered to win some free merch Uh we’re gonna do that drawing very soon Florida Okay we’re at the bottom of the map Coming to florida heather from Shreveport what’s up i’ll be in florida In january And for a month actually what’s up eva Evan evan veda is that who it is eva and Veda Vita i’m so excited for this cool uh Denmark yup I haven’t been to denmark that’s one Place i haven’t been i got to go There kelly i’ve been to goat man’s Bridge you’re probably five or six times Hey i’m gonna ask a question utah uh Right there have you guys followed that Monolith Uh oh no i’ve been following okay well It disappeared today Someone actually yanked it out of the Rock right anyway that’s kind of a weird Thing yeah it is Paranormal it’s not it wasn’t metallic As well it was hollow Some guy was posting thank you taylor For the five dollars as well taylor

You’re always here Today at loving the content hate caller And papa spooks you want to say hi to Taylor Taylor’s been here for the long ass hey Taylor how are you I appreciate you taylor and you’re Entered to win free markets i like how You spell papa spooks Janelle paremba thank you so much for The ten dollars way too kind I love you guys i just started binging Your channel when i found it last month You’re writing us the Ghost adventures in my books stay spooky Thank you that’s I know my books thank you janelle that Was uh Really really nice of you and thank you I like that’s high praise to be next to Mr Mr b paul paul do you go to jupiter dear Florida is that what we’re saying I can’t read it jupiter florida I think we’re gonna be in um let’s see We’re gonna go to myrtle beach south Carolina Also real quick thanks adrian yeah hi From upstate new york hope you guys can Visit soon stay spooky thank you and i Think we’ll be Down on the naples florida love to come To upstate new york fyi maybe for Anybody in

Florida um just my wife and i by the way Well everybody today i’m on a ton of Pain yeah we’ve got 545 people watching Only 379 likes It literally is free i just like it baby We love france too i mean i’ve been There Several times so lucky okay we’re gonna Get into a little bit of history about This building Let me just show you guys where you’re At where we’re at Can you roll that window down from over There sure There it is this place is eerie as hell It was a poor farm right Yeah so this is the building I’m just gonna give you a look it’s okay So so this building like i said before Is a historical society for the county That we’re in And it is it used to be a poor farm It started out as a poor farm and then An old folks home Or retirement home nursing home i should Say thanks tinfoil kuba by the way Nasdrovi i hope i said that right peace And love baby and cheers to you thank You for that donation way too kind You’re entered to win free merch as well Mr tinfoil I want to get it nutrition all right Toss you one of them excuse me one of Them really yeah let me have one

Two yeah so that was a This building started out as a poor farm Multiple Deaths on on uh on the premises Basically a poor farm is where people Used to work Uh and they would come here if they Didn’t have a lot of money Jay once again baby if you have Something that happens If you have something happen i’ll make Sure you guys see my ghost lol Jk but a hoodie would keep my spine warm Hint hint oh Okay yeah What danny needs a shout out who’s day D-a-e i hope i’m pronouncing date oh What’s up yaya how’s it going oh yeah I was like what telling you yeah yeah Okay sorry Jay we’re gonna just because your spinal Surgery i’m just gonna send you a hoodie So Um hope that goes well bro honestly from Both of us to you Um send me an email the paranormal files Crew at i’ll get one sent out To you tonight and send me your size California go to my merch store and uh Pick out whatever you want And just send me a link to it and i’ll Send it out to you tonight i went to School in orange county california for If i was out there five years fy i love

My Southern kel out of the ashes thank you For the three dollars also in the Thumbs up hi rhonda you’re entered doing Free merch as well Um yeah okay so real quickly we’re going To get back into it Poor farm uh people worked here they had A farm here it was basically a Self-sustaining property And then it was a nursing home that’s Nice that uh It was a nursing home kathy people lived In And a lot of people died here apparently We were talking about the history last Night and they don’t even know how many People passed away in the hallways of This Um yes we do we have a paypal if you me And toby If you want to donate on paypal that’s The way that we like to have donations Because Uh it doesn’t take away a percentage of Them but It’s in the bio it’s in the description Of this video right now and we’ll see Your donation come through right here Gage borum what’s up jim shout out Um so hey gage yeah this was a nursing Home poor farm Uh it was literally uh In in operation for a long time and uh

Lots of people died here yeah thank you To robbie for the five dollars you’re Into doing free merch Siri dairy could have been done by America’s first traveling serial Killer it’s a very creepy theory but Could be Um and i have been to gettysburg Pennsylvania you went Alone with your mom and did an Investigation there We were in the what was it called Colonial william Williamsburg area and also in virginia Beach i guess at that Time but yeah yeah bender virginia jane Hell again Found your channel thank you for the ten Dollars you’re way too kind Found your channel been binging it for The last month next to ghost adventures In my books stay Spooky thank you hi lady butterfly Thank you so much that’s a shout out Yeah what’s up lady butterfly hey Rihanna from alaska one of my best Friends lives in alaska right now Max is there yep um i have not been to Alaska That’s one of only two states i’ve not Been to I gotta get there man what’s the other One uh Maine unbelievable i mean two

Unbelievably beautiful places i hear and Uh Anyway hey austin texas face be back There on thursday We’re in minnesota uh el don yeah we’re In minnesota right now actually Oh i live in maine yeah great i’m coming Thanks for following me on tick tock Anna Appreciate that um um Yeah shout out to everybody who came Over from tick tock oh they’re live on There As i could read that um what’s up lori i Saw that you joined in good to have you In here lori One of the best out there we always love Hearing from you lori Thanks musically maddie is that what i Said i’m sorry So uh yeah basically poor farm Nursing home lots of deaths eventually This place Well actually there was a suicide we’re Going to show you we’re going to bring You upstairs to the second floor To what’s up listen tatum by the way There’s your shout out hi lisa tatum Um we’re gonna bring you upstairs and Show you the room where this woman Committed suicide she hung herself Against the wall And tj glenn thank you for the ten Dollars thank you thank you

Tj you’re entered to win free merch Dropping nude merch next week so you Guys can just pick it out if you win New jersey’s beautiful too thanks cody For the one dollar donation too you’re Entered to win free merch She’s a great place good vibes welcome From tick tock Um yeah we’re gonna head in there in About two or three quick But like i said i got to get through This history um woman committed suicide Upstairs A number of brutal things have happened Here oh my god laurie thank you for the 20 dollars Thank you lori you’re always so kind No notification glad i didn’t miss you Guys hi colin and papa spooks Hey hey lori from both plus oh we got 635 people watching right now you guys Ready for us to go in Yeah i’m the paranormal files on tick Tock um Hey doom thank you like this video if You’re watching by the way give it a Like please Before we go in once we hit 580 likes We’ll go inside the building Um okay but leanne hanson thank you for The ten dollars you’re entered to Win as kansas city kansas good bbq April rosalie with 149 in the heart Thank you you guys are entered to win

Free merch I love sending you guys free merch it’s Really fun just get your pictures I gotta just sorry um timur b Love you thank you i love you man help [ __ ] we hit 580 likes We gotta go in all right melinda culley Welcome to the spooky family don’t go Until there’s 66 people That’s kind of interesting okay yeah We’ll wait until there’s 666 People where do you see the number it’s Right up there buddy Oh it’s 66.49 oh we’re close thanks to Anna mcgonner by the way for the ten Dollars on paper You’re entered to win free merch as well And i love you Thank you guys i love all of you so much Again alex in denmark If you guys uh great for it thank you For the 34 By the way i like the odds wow that’s Interesting grab grab yourself a couple Of burgers or something That actually sounds really good Demelza boeing for the two dollars thank You you’re entered doing free merch Brandi reynolds thank you so much for The 20 I can’t even thank all of you guys Enough tonight thank you It does ready for an awesome Investigation uh ashley larson with the

Two dollars in the little pair Thank you so much yeah these are all Going back to Oh chasers thanks baby good to see you And with the ten dollars Get in there spooky fam we’re about to You’re entered to win free merch chasers Denise maldonado thank you for the ten Dollars Paul and the little heart the heart fox God you guys have been having way too Behind the coffee paul and mcdonald’s And mcdonald but carrick Curb was okay but it’s not starbucks Right Okay anyway we shouldn’t so yeah uh Okay guys we’re at 32 minutes we’re Gonna go in at 35. Oh wait a pass 666. yeah we’re almost at 700. We’re going to go in at 35 minutes of Live streams 700 come on I’m going to grab something right now Yep oh my goodness just talk Talk to people solo can’t wait to help You out i see you Yes You’re right we’re not we’re past six We’re coming let’s go yep thank you Let’s Let’s get ready to rumble that’s right Anybody see mike tyson fight that’s just Off Base here genie thanks for the five hugs

You both hugs to you as well Uh doom this channel is mine now you’re Right i’m i’m locking the doors He’s done okay anything that gets Donated comes to me now right I’m just kidding i pay for a lot of this By the way guys Your donations actually help a lot Though for him so thank you so much Lori thank you again i appreciate that Uh papa my goodness new mexico yes we Have it Had a scary episode new mexico actually We traced in albuquerque One time too all the different spots for Breaking bad if anybody likes breaking Bad we’d actually gps the signals and Where they shot the scenes We could go and mark them it’s kind of Fun um Harm’s weight 73 high great hey how are You guys Um everybody feeling good uh About life right now i hope uh vaccines Coming out Hey by the way anyone gonna take the Vaccine that’s just my own personal Questions i know it’s off base Um let’s forget that by the way oh Somebody went in do you want in Should i let them in okay there we go Jesus it’s cold out Um let’s forget the vaccine that’s a bad Question

Okay everybody so yeah i love you all Out of the ashes welcome to spooky fam Okay everybody we’ve got 750 people Watching can you all spam stay spooky And we’ll go in Carrie riddle thank you for the two Dollars we’re about to go visit the Murder acts Suicide room we’re going to this place And before we go in i got to preface This All of you guys who donated tonight You’re and you’re entered to win free Merchandise and i thank you from the Bottom of my heart Because you’re helping make this show Possible a five-day road trip like this Is really expensive And every episode costs hundreds of Dollars and each episode takes 20 plus Hours to edit so And they crash thanks taylor if i Cracked you up i didn’t mean to but Um it’s better than making you cry you Know i guess I love seeing the state spooky spam in The chat he makes me cry a lot by the Way You have no idea okay i gotta put this In here connor what’s up baby Connor everybody if you see connor in The chat that’s his brother hey connor Connor’s one of my favorite people Love him to death what a great guy uh

Wish you were here brother Um but yeah everybody i got to tell you We go jeff and i were in here for five Minutes just Opening the building before we came in And this is probably one of the scariest Places i’ve been In years all the vibe inside the energy Inside of this building is so Unbelievably supercharged That it’s it’s going to you’re going to See it through the screen how It’s scary it is i wish you were here Too man Thanks for joining though and thank you Carrie for becoming a member Uh so let’s go inside this is uh how About Let me i’ll talk to people for a second While you grab the equipment bag Oh sure just take it out this is how it Goes Yeah i’m gonna bring this in i can keep So obvious Um um i’ve gotta go do this you go ahead And grab the 200 pounds I’m just saying this is charging just Kidding i know he’s He’s he’s funny he’s funny yeah i’m Funny Um yeah so like i said before Thank you to everybody we’re sending out Free merch Um okay i want to grab the equipment yep

Just the one bag Yep just the one there’s the light yeah You gotta have a flashlight too I’ll take that’s in the bag okay oh yeah We got a flashlight in there But the lights are completely out in There so oh Yeah i gotta tell yep i gotta tell you Guys we’re going in now Uh we got 785 people watching only 658 Likes The last 100 that aren’t liked come on Like it up This building is really scary the paypal Link is active by the way in the Description and your donation will show Up But thank you guys so much thank you Thank you thank you We’re about to get it this is a very Very very scary location Jeff and i were before we weren’t Filming anything we were just walking Around and we were hearing footsteps i Heard Whistling and a voice in there already So Yeah you’re ready okay everybody Let’s do this So thank you rhonda for the ten dollars By the way you’re entered to win free Merch Okay everybody here we go Like i said before this building is

They gave us the key by the way Terrifying It’s an old poor farm and a nursing home Lots of lives lost in this building and It’s now A historical society that has murder Objects Jars that contain the poison that people Drank to kill themselves it is Very very scary in here and lori Laurie thank you for the 20 donation i Wish it showed the people who disliked So we can oust the jerks Lori i agree with you thank you you’re Way too kind and you’re entered to win Tiffany with the five dollars you’re Entered to win free merch ii how’s it Going It’s going really well actually this is Uh This is going to be a spooky ass night Right beyond these doors it’s pitch Black you guys are going to see how Scary it is inside of this building Timur b with the two dollars thank you So much you’re entered to win free merch As well timmer Everybody who’s donated tonight you’re Getting a chance to win merch from our Christmas drop that we’re just about to Release this week What’s up tara schussler always great to See you serena Would love to come to charlotte north

Carolina t.j glenn thank you for giving Us the chance to see you live Thank you thank you tj i’m glad that You’re enjoying this Jennifer welcome to spooky fam hold up Hold up i’m gonna I’m gonna shut up right now so that we Can just here we go guys this is the Door Here’s what it looks like with the Lights out Jesus uh also tara thank you for the ten Dollars you’re so generous Thank you so glad to see you guys glad To see you two here Uh tara okay Let’s set up in the office over Over here yeah do you want to film for a Sec Oh wait where are you where are you Going oh my gosh Yeah you walked right by it So yeah this is the old port farm it’s Now a historical society Dude you walked right by it it’s right Here Okay 860 people watching only 738 likes come On guys let’s boost that up Let’s get up to 800. and yeah he looks Like he’s got some [ __ ] in this bag Like a man in black um will you Here let me take this well he unzips This real quick

I’m just going to show you guys uh grab The spirit boxes And like the emf or the k2 meters and Stuff Thanks chelsea by the way for the three Dollars on paypal don’t need to pitch Any more that’s more than enough Yeah so If you want to listen to my music by the Way it’s kid spooky with the dollar sign It’s on spotify itunes everything i Write produce All of it so let’s get in here you go Here oh Here look what this is yeah you’re gonna Film okay So i’m holding both of this yep both of This both Of these sorry here let’s not get people Discombobulated here like like myself Okay hey guys um do you want to grab That panel light you can put this in Your pocket Okay just decided yeah you just pop it In there okay Zipper pockets hey i’m like i’m like a Little kid If anybody if anybody likes rei gear Their zipper pockets pants are you Should grab that light over there What what light the panel light so that I can be Illuminated okay here we’ll turn this Down

Overly bright what’s like sticky on this I don’t know let’s get going though Okay so like i said before guys this is An old port farm Nursing home lots of deaths in here in a Second we’re going to go up to the Second floor Where there is thanks jennifer sorry It’s okay Where there was a suicide in one of the Rooms yeah but There’s so many weird objects in here We’re going to take you on a tour No why don’t we just sit for one second And step over here again Gosh darn i missed one you’re gonna have To go back on paypal that was Once i can’t read this close here it’s Just The way it is sorry i mean God what the hell okay don’t lose the Live stream Thank you nathan henderson for the 25 Dollars By the way you’re entered to win two so Let’s just show people yeah let’s do it So since this is a historical society There are tons of Objects in here Yeah this is definitely yep what was This room this was uh So this is in the forefront i’m assuming This would have been a dining room Get closer yeah okay look at

We got so many just eerie things in here There’s like an annabelle old raggedy Han over here Look at this dude what the hell’s gonna Be Something fell off i think a tag Well i’m not currently just she doesn’t Come like It’s all these mannequins are just Covered by these dust covers and Blankets right Right this place is actually shut down By the way due to covid so that’s why It’s covered Since september actually of 19. September of 19. These spirits are probably You feel that right here well this is Definitely your no wait wait just Well there’s just like some heavy energy In general remember just feel it though It’s like really cold or like chilly Yeah should we um Get on with uh oh dude here’s the So this wing is spooky over here This is a medical and hospital wing Let’s go look at this do you want to try Something Well the reason i looked around for a Sec Like look at this in here how creepy it Is look at doctor’s name is on here yet Dr brand oh boy old like surgical Equipment

Yeah creepy chairs chairs look at that’s A dental chair Uh-huh mental chair here But just them being covered is Definitely creepy yeah It’s a lot colder in here for some Reason No even over here like if you guys can Imagine to be Us doesn’t this actually look like a Ghost no no jesus jesus what the hell No you heard something Okay you heard something earlier was it Like that again no that was like Right here like you know what what was It something Explain i didn’t hear it Oh my god the basin is creepy like this Like right here i don’t know if people Online heard that uh Did anybody online hear it i i i didn’t This is what i was gonna show okay just Look at this doesn’t that look like a Ghost over here Right just standing there it’s like They’re real Someone else heard something Um they yeah most people didn’t hear Anything just some yelling I heard it did you okay what is this Look at come over here Okay i’m gonna move forward here i know I’m sorry i can’t Look at this yeah i know

Isn’t this just creepy to have all this Everywhere And they’re all covered it’s like They’re gonna come to life in a second Well let’s hope they don’t okay so we’re Gonna start investigating But before we do it we’re gonna Introduce to you guys the haunted object This episode is gonna be premiering On youtube in probably a week two weeks But And probably the this is probably the Most Infamous or what what would you call it The biggest object we’ve ever had yeah This is the access to Access or object that we’ve been able to Access but first off Just come over here for a second i’m Going to kill this light You have a flashlight it comes down okay Yeah right down here yeah Flashlight’s better i think If there’s anybody here with us in the Old poor farm Nursing home historical society My name is colin i’m here with my dad Jeff We’re here with only the best energy and Intent And we’re here to talk to you tonight so Feel free to come out at any point and Let us know who you are Is there anybody here with us right now

Oh i just turned off That’s me Me i know can we turn around the other Way oh but dude look behind us dude Oh my gosh it’s just it’s just dark It’s okay don’t want to get people dizzy Yeah so there’s stuff everywhere in here But Jeff let me give this back to you i’m Getting chills too man it’s colder right Now Okay guys so Okay this is absolutely insane and we Have actually Thank you so much lords by the way for The 20 dollars and the goal Lords you’re entering free merch i have A feeling you’re going to win some at Some point yeah This is yeah i think so i think go ahead Under this blanket We’re covering is one of the most Notorious objects that i’ve ever even Seen Let’s take a look They brought this out for us actually This is a storage This is an axe that was used in a Quadruple homicide Four people were murdered with this very Axe this is an actual 100 axe for a murder you can see right Here this is the actual Most horrible crime in the history of

Redwood county was committed near the Village of clemens when an entire family Was wiped out of existence by a raging Maniac Who then completed the terrible deed by Hanging himself i didn’t know oh i Didn’t know that either Sometime in the late afternoon a school Teacher who boarded with george Found the body hanging from the end of a Rope she returned home from a visit with Her family and discovered the gruesome Scene The house was very dark she lit a match And was confronted with the body of William Hanging from a scaffold in the kitchen With rare Uh self-control she took a butcher knife From the table stood on a chair cut the Rope and tumbled to the floor with a Body of clemen on top of her Dark gosh poof she then tried to restore His life but it was too late Here’s ray dead ruth telephoned the Authorities while she waited She discovered maude and the four Children lying in pools of blood in Their beds all having been slain with an Axe there’s a lot of energy right here Man A poorly written note was discovered That might give a clue to what happened That night

Dear folks when i woke up this morning Somebody in the house said money or life It is it dresses happy i hang myself Goodbye With love w.e clemen along along the Side of the note was written he killed Them Oh i didn’t know yeah no we don’t know This yet no They’re they’re hearing it the first Time we are too that is Insane so after hearing that guys i’m Getting chills right now this is Definitely can i uh open it Well i’m gonna you’re gonna open it okay So We haven’t done this yet guys and Obviously what happened was a tragedy We’re not trying to exploit the death of People Anything like that this is just an Extremely incredible opportunity to Investigate an object like this for Paranormal activity Don’t open it um Yeah i would like to open it but go Ahead Okay now i need complete silence while We do this in case something happens Okay Okay yes A lot of people are just saying not to Open it but It’s done it’s like vibrating

Okay that’s nuts this is heavy Look at it up close okay just yeah be Careful with it here Well we know there’s some sad stuff Attached to this You can see that well this is actually What i was told by the historical one Was interesting Okay i was talking i know we should use The ultraviolet flashlight on this for Blood yeah it’s in there But as i was saying this was actually Tossed i believe in the chicken In a chicken coop and these are all Where the Chickens were pecking at is what i was Told on the phone anyway here i’m gonna I just want to um get a Feel okay yeah there’s Colin’s heading to get a light guys um There is always the issue of wanting to Open up a box like This um this has been opened i guess Uh multiple times they were actually Letting People if you can believe that Holding it and Yeah no i probably agree with gloves too I think we’re just Unfortunately we’re kind of in a spot Right now But yeah definitely we don’t want to Exploit anything That’s kind of not ever our intention

This just happens to be a big Story from this area a lot of the History of the the museum is built on Different things like this kind of Macabre i know But that’s kind of how it goes um Okay i’m gonna i’m just gonna here let’s Look at this Real quick before i take the thing from You okay so We’ve got right here a uv flashlight uh This thing can detect like fluids we use It in hotel rooms before Let’s just take a seat oh with the Lights out here very creepy Yeah i don’t know See anything weird i wouldn’t where There’s a spot there but No i i think that’s more of a wood i Think it would have been really cleaned You know to be honest with you yeah but Still Yeah i want to flip it over well Boy that is heavy oh my goodness Wow that’s just sad I can’t imagine anybody doing that to Somebody nope i don’t see anything Okay i’m gonna touch it yeah i’m gonna Just get a feel for it here Okay everybody people don’t even know Yeah jeff is a uh empath he’s had some Weird psychic experiences in the last Year Well since my sister died in 2005.

Yeah that’s really heavy i mean i can Definitely feel Sad i feel definitely sad with this Thing obviously So i think you know i think we just Put it back okay yeah let’s put it back And call respect Hold up hold up don’t shut again okay But i kind of feel like we need to shut It Well we will in a second okay Here look A second here Okay so we’re gonna shut the case When we film here and do an actual Episode Very soon we’re gonna focus a lot of Time on experimenting with this thing But are not experimenting but running Devices Spirit boxes bringing it out seeing if It has any Sort of involvement in the haunting of This museum But if any of the spirits of the people That Were your lives were taken away by this Item right Here how what what what sense does that Make the wi-fi just went out Now it’s back here here that’s Crazy that the wi-fi just went out yeah Isn’t it Are the search on my cell phone okay

That’s okay I’m talking paranormal timing that’s Weird i know So if any of you guys are here Come to you with the most respect feel Free to come talk to us tonight And if the person who took their own Life after taking others lives is here We’re available to talk to but you know That That axe actually made me Angry i can tell you’ve changed i mean It’s just It’s again not to sensationalize Anything but there’s There’s definitely attachment to that It’s just like Heavy so we’re gonna lock that again put The keys right here Yeah i think it needs to be covered Like i said if you guys want to see that That’s going to be in the full video Yeah let’s go uh okay somewhere so We haven’t been to the second floor yet That’s the place that i think is really Spooky you want to go up let’s do it Okay Let’s get out okay do you want to go With this light or The flashlight i know yeah what is this Room Um Training room okay yep yep i know oh There it is again

Okay that’s good oh my god i don’t know I know let’s let’s Creep out let’s just get moving let me See down here Are you getting colder or like it’s it Is electric Uh chill on your skin it’s definitely Colder People don’t get that this is like Actually freaky in here Okay yeah so we’ve got the k2 meter Right here I’m like we’re on a baseline while we go Oh look you see there’s a spike There no i did see it i’m gonna hold Both of these did you bring the rem pod In by chance oh No okay okay we’ll do that next time Okay so We’ve got two emf meters we’re gonna go Upstairs this is where adrian the Psychic we were with last night Yes that was a click Is there anybody in here with us Wow that was It’s loud oh my god that was The k2 just spiked again too okay I think we need to go upstairs got to do It What is that hear You know what i something with that axe Open the box We got to be careful with that you just Take it

No i know i am i am It’s a heavy feeling that that acts as a Heavy feeling you know there’s a lot of Sadness And it’s gonna get scary it does i feel That angry have to be I know i know there you go yep i got it Let’s go adrian the psychic said the Second floor is where most the spirits Are it’s where the suicide happened and There are some really eerie rooms up Here so Okay you guys are up here We’re only coming up with good mentions And we just want to Okay Wow did we did we come up here Yeah hello i don’t remember oh This is a heavy heavy place i just got Chills too Really bad up here We’re going to turn those fans off you Know when we come back on wednesday Look at this okay i just heard kind of a Hmm just these pictures of All these people yeah okay Look at let’s just so to point out to Everybody too just look at the rooms in This museum they’re very Very creepy looking look at this This is clothing Man oh [ __ ] jesus okay yes okay Okay you got to be here try not to go so Jumpy man

Okay i always think about okay people That were wearing these clothing You know could they they could have died To them they could have been buried And them you know and then they’re But i this is a really heavy feel I mean look at look at all these dresses Imagine all these people just sitting Here staring at us Their spirits isn’t that just eerie Look at all these are fur coats this Room i feel insane Energy from dude absolutely mental Energy from okay Let’s get let’s just kind of come out of Here okay let’s go back You want to go turn that fan off yeah I’m just gonna stand here for a second Wait wait wait wait wow okay i know You’re okay Okay i thought i heard something again But turn the Heater well no turn the fan off the Fan’s not on really Oh [ __ ] um it’s fine for now Okay well let’s go okay Let’s just oh jesus This is really creepy man Okay Feel that in here oh this is a there’s a Shift right here This is the room where she committed Suicide really yeah oh my god i can feel It me too

Oh look at those man wow I’m just waiting on one of them to like Okay what did you Do wow I am just honestly my body is just Tingling i’m like really jumping here I’m gonna step back here a little bit I’m just going to stay here Well we’re here I know i know this is okay And we’re here you know out of respect Uh too for Her i forgot this was something i’m Going to think that i’m Forcing jeff to come into rooms but We’re here as a team to film so I’m going to kind of push him to come in This right here is where um a woman hung Herself on the wall She ended up ended her life right here In this Portion of that’s right that’s what he Says During the poor farm era she has a name We’re gonna talk about her in the uh Episode but let’s just There’s anybody here with us in this Room here shut this shut this door and We can be cool this is like Um heavy heavy heavy Okay yeah there was some kind of a There’s a voice i don’t know if anybody Heard that Um there um is there anybody here in the

Room with us you have the um Spirit box yeah okay I just think there was just a little Click little movement over here This room is giving me a headache I mean this is a this is definitely a Heavy vibe Just spiked over there i’m getting kind Of dizzy here like I’m getting really hot in this room like So sweaty almost You know i think um bring your spirit Box in here you know I’m gonna just sit up i gotta lean here Just a little bit Man i don’t feel well here Colin i don’t really want to stay in Here very long Colin what i don’t want to stay here Very long So my name is colin i’m here with my dad Jeff If you’re here with us and you took your Life in this room i’m so unbelievably Sorry that you felt like you had to do That But we want to just talk to you and hear Your voice So if you’re here with us could you say Hi or hey or hello It’s definitely a woman Okay you know I’d i’d cover that up though but i know I know but

Like creepy man yeah that’s just Why don’t you cover This one look at the face on this one Too Don’t all these mannequins just look so Eerie Okay if you’re here with us can you tell Us your name Oh march did you hear that Did he say clearer marsup again how’s it Calling That guy the guy’s voice can you tell us Your name one more time That was a click Okay they’re trying this it seems like There’s What was that Are you here with us here Here here a woman’s voice oh Did you take your life in this room can You say yes Are we talking to somebody else This is just a sad place here Okay i think i think I’m gonna go get out can i get out Get out oh my god okay let’s go let’s go Come on no that said that no no That’s sad to get out i want us to leave Okay that’s what i’m talking about are We not supposed to be in here Wake up okay we gotta i think it’s time To leave no Why what’s wrong with us being in here I don’t like those sounds

Those creeps being in here Get out okay we gotta we gotta go what’s What’s wrong with us being in this room Okay How about you step outside the door okay I’m going to i am i think you need to Come look at it i think the hallway is Even worse than that but colin know When we when they’re telling us to get Out that’s pretty clear you know Just i’m going to move What’s what’s the reason why you want us To leave Okay i heard something again Why do you want us to leave It’s like an orb okay i think When you left the room it stopped yeah i Don’t i’m feeling I don’t want to be in there i think we Should Move on okay if you didn’t Before i leave could you move something Out Don’t touch me do anything i’ll get out If you move something or You can slap me or do anything honestly Just curious as to why you don’t want us To be here okay Boy it’s a lot better out here actually Cohen it’s yeah but it’s a lot better Out here Than in there i mean i know Okay I’m not afraid it’s just i’m just

Listening to what they’re saying You know okay okay go ahead Please do not follow us out of the Building Please do not follow us you’re not Allowed To follow us out That just hit or what i don’t know Okay why don’t we walk away from here Let’s go down here okay Let’s go a little farther Actually let’s go show them that little Terrace that little toy that’s down here Okay this is a very eerie room Yeah let me go a little quicker here Man this place just kind of makes me Sick To my stomach i think it’s the axe Downstairs Is the big one i think there’s kind of a I think a little bit i think that the Murderer i think is attached to that Down there I’m sorry okay i mean could you get Creepier Yeah look at the little thumb on this What do you think it’s gonna look Wow I mean for a museum could you get Creepier this place isn’t even trying to Be creepy look at the very This blue coat and it’s these things What the 1930s 1860 these people who Wore this 1920s

People are dead already okay the 1900s You’re probably dead at this point if You were a kid in the 1900s This look this room Oh [ __ ] wait a second okay There’s a lot of energy in there yeah That’s the thing we’re going to go ahead I’m sorry This is extremely heavy energy in this Room God there’s i’m telling you this this Building Do you remember we did ohio um the Seminary i think it was Yeah that was that’s what i’m feeling Like whoa i’m just like i’m like You know vibrating like energy-wise This is a well here come And look at this even closer Look at this got a headache so 1905 If you were what would this be three Years old How big would this kid be yeah Five six i’d say so in 1905 you’re five Years old That means you’d be 120 years okay That’s me that was me you’d be 120 right Now so this kid who wore this Is dead 1900s he’d probably be 110 115 you’re dead most likely 1900s 110 115 that means all of these Pieces of clothing that once a child Wore The person who wore it is probably dead

Now That picture up there um is so Similar to my three sisters right there You wouldn’t even i wish i had the Picture I know it’s a boy in the middle on the Right there But my older sister okay was it the air It’s got to be anyway i really feel a Connection there Okay should we move look at this Baptismal dresses So we’ve got religious elements this Museum has it all murder weapons Religious items old dresses Adult dresses a suicide it was a poor Farm like Seriously man this is crazy okay look it We’re gonna go in here Okay there’s a yeah there’s a lot of Energy in here Oh Oh you know what i it creeps me out is This where those monkeys are Oh [ __ ] that’s why i’m feeling this man There’s something with those i know i Mean there’s something with these okay Okay here get in here these are actual Monkeys Uh that are that have human teeth is What the Curator told us yeah i’m just not it’s It’s it’s sad but yeah what they did Uh do you want to yeah let’s look at it

Together you know Yeah anyway no go ahead let’s be quiet When we open this though in case Something happens Get nice and close on him Oh my god these are oh there’s a one Down here too Oh my god okay they have human teeth Now how would you what does that button Say down there can you read that Go navy oh my god Really be someone special oh my god These are like isn’t this just you know You know what is that a Coconut head or what can you yeah it’s a Coconut Just barely don’t do do much you Shouldn’t touch it really but That those are coconut heads that’s what It is Look at these they’ve got human teeth no Those are shells What did they tell no those are shells Bro what the hell they are shells Okay why’d that guy say human teeth no He did say something about human teeth But that makes me feel somewhat better Quite a bit better actually but just i Mean look at this guy up close It doesn’t even matter either way Because just look at how creepy they are Oh good jesus come on you have to kind Of like Jump so much gosh

Sorry guys i mean when you’re down in The face of a creepy ass monkey Boy this is what i think people say This is eerie though right here i mean Just imagine you’re an old porn farm Suicide murder Creepy monkey dolls yeah so i think what I feel A lot of times um is Doing this kind of work for me Specifically Is really tiring people i think if You’re an empath out there if you feel Like you are Clairvoyance things i never talked about For Ever being an optometrist i i really Couldn’t But uh these things wear me out i feel Like A lot of the sadness and the connection I’m gonna take defense for a second Okay yeah you can show anyway i’m just Saying that’s what i’m feeling This building has Way more you know feeling than a lot of Places we’ve been Yeah no no i’m telling you this is way Up there when i’m telling people online That this is one of the scariest Places i’m like dead serious that this Is like really loaded Because like think about it jeff yeah Not only is it a poor farm in a nursing

Home Where people lived worked like they said Yesterday they don’t even know how many Died here Then you have a suicide in the building You have an ax that was used to Annihilate an entire family You have all of these toys that kids Played with and attached their energy to Then you have outfits that people wore Wedding dresses on their best days of Their lives You have children’s dresses you have Medical equipment tables people probably Died on Yeah i just quite want to walk out again I’m sorry I’m just going to step out here Let’s let’s walk down here Oh and look at like in here i mean look At man Shoes who who who wore these shoes where Are they did they die Look at these hats these are old hats These all have memories i mean that are Attached there’s tons of members here Mm-hmm thinking of someone wearing this Hat you know In church or at a dance or you I’ve got a really bad headache too Issues You know someone wore that wig you know It’s a man’s toupee And still what i’m what i’m saying too

What we talked about This place hasn’t been open since last September of 2019. Yeah this is it so we’re some of the First people to come in here and even be In the building so this energy is Probably going to Reach out to us oh whoa Whoa okay wait that’s got to be like a Power outlet or something it’s way too Consistent Okay yeah just let’s go to the wall go To the wall Yeah it’s got to be something in there Yeah um let’s get out of this room We’re really hot in here yeah okay even A graduation gown What the heck’s in here okay how about We do a Thing we should do a spirit box again Yeah well let’s find a good room This room feels different man this is Masculine I’m sure i mean this is this is male 1 There’s male figures in here someone Said call for ruby please you want to Ask if ruby will give us a sign Ruby if you’re here would you please Give us a sign Russell some papers or knock on a wall Ruby we’re not here to offend you or Bother you we’re just here Someone has felt that listening on this Device that we’re showing

People this place with they thought they Heard or Feel that ruby’s here can you give us a Sign If there’s a bethany here with us okay Can you give us a sign maybe move Something in this room My scalp is tingling okay so that’s a That’s a signature thing for you Yeah my ears ringing all the time like There’s a lot of masculine over here Myself Like this is a man’s area I don’t know what would be let’s move Out of this room okay Let’s go find this might be a good place For a spirit box Yeah like i said guys this full Episode’s gonna be out soon we’re Filming here All this week The wedding room this one wow especially Eerie Let’s go down here and do a spirit it’s Way colder right here I don’t like the clothing room Oh my god i hate that thing this Happened last night What is up with this thing in the window Man i see your reflection is what i got Remember i didn’t see the god this doll There’s something about jesus down here Like like i feel sick Man god look at these

Oh yeah then you add on dude then you oh Oh jesus you hear that you hear that Down there That wasn’t the machine man yeah that Was that was a knock on tin There’s a wait look look there’s a tin Thing right there in the hallway oh yes Okay what’s that thing on the floor Right there i don’t remember that either I think we should go back into that i Feel like in that masculine room Well let’s look in here that’s all i was Going to say guys you add on to the Death in this place Look at all these dead animals and They’re literally carcasses I mean not only do you have birds but Just wait till we get to the other room You know what’s really nothing against Hunters i mean i grew up in south dakota And i You know early on in my years hunted Pheasant like you see down here But i think this is this is a lot of Sadness This is what i’m kind of feeling i think That the death is I mean these these guys didn’t ask to be Shot or killed No not at all no if you hunt and that’s Your thing I got it i’m not a hunter I get it if you do it for subsistence And to you know to survive on that’s a

Totally different thing if it’s sport Hunting Um i’m just again i’m just not for that No guys i’m not offend anybody on that But This this is what i feel and i mean look At these beautiful Creatures man this guy does not deserve The snowy owl Uh i i call bentley a snowy owl or a dog And it’s just like these are beautiful And they’re just man That’s what i mean dude so now i forgot About this so not only the poor farm the Actual human suicide in here the other People that died the murder weapon All the clothings the personal objects But this room and this This though doesn’t feel to me though Like scary it would be interesting to do A spirit box in here and see if we can Hear an animal noise at one point Or an evp we can do that the other night Yeah Yeah that would be a good idea that’s Interesting You know like how can you kill an owl Too You know like what’s the point i mean It’s just Uh and look at the that’s getting closer Man Oh this goose was just in my hair I backed up right into his beak it

Scared me Yeah this room is once again Even the same look at this man that deer Looks so Creepy man the sunken Eyes are really old god And like a bore It’s like a classic horror movie scene I’m feeling kind of nauseous man Like sick to my stomach i think we Should just get The spirit box done just to try one more Time let’s do it downstairs A little bit you know like almost time To wrap up yeah You know and we’re going to investigate This place Uh in a couple nights guys Oh that fan i was feeling the air and i Was like oh Okay guys uh just a quick question We’re gonna do a spirit box i want you Guys online to decide what room we go to Do the spirit box in tell us and we’re Gonna head there right now and we’ll ask Your questions For you to get you guys involved in this Thanks for watching jordan and kathy Noodle woodpecker Lamarra 64. trashell el don New york devil doom michelle Terrence taylor of course people are Saying the Wedding room for like every single

Person the wedding room yeah Do it by the axe animal room masculine Room but the suicide room is the one That’s the Actual suicide room yeah we’re going to Do the axe Neck on the next night and do that for The video i don’t want to take that out Again right now i’m sure but yeah let’s Just go do this room over here Yeah let’s do it we got great responses But we already did that You know well we already got responses Several times So that means we should go back in and Do it Are you really seeing that on that People are asking go back suicide room Suicide room Suicide room suicide room Okay suicide room suicide room suicide Room Okay guys whoever’s in here we’re back Oh there’s like a threshold right here It’s like a portal almost it feels like You can feel this to here from here to Here Go ahead and do your spirit box you’re Not going to come in Oh here let me give this to you once Again so i can Run the spear do you hear like a knot Wait they’re saying this fan is on Oh yeah the fan is off yeah that one the

Heaters on guys Yeah the heaters because it’s 12 degrees Outside right now yeah It was more of a like that Yeah that’s what i heard here okay Can i put these down yeah Oh man i’m telling you this is a strange Room Okay okay let’s let them i won’t be able To read what they’re Asking them but okay well then here let Me just have you run the spirit box Because you’re kind of connecting with It And then i’ll ask you to tell you the Questions too Okay just yeah Okay I’m just doing i don’t feel in danger Okay it’s jeff and colin here again guys Okay guys in the chat ask some questions And i’ll ask him for you Jeff you want to ask a couple first sure Whoever’s in here i think I think it’s a female i’m not quite sure I think it’s maybe more than I think it’s both but can you give me a Name Of one of you that’s here Can you call out your name Christine oh I can’t remember wow it wasn’t christine I think it was like Um christine if you’re here do you have

A male figure with you Christina it seems like you’re here but I feel there’s a man here Christine is there anyone else here Oh i’m just like holy smokes Hold up let me i’m going to ask a couple Questions from the chat Go ahead um why did you take your life Are you at peace now or is something Bothering you here in this building Okay either christine or devin Are you at peace here or something Bothering you Can you repeat that again are you at Peace or is something bothering you I’m gonna read it i’m asking a question Who is christine Who is christine good question Christine can you tell us what you did In life Were you a homemaker or a doctor Can you tell us what you did it’s like It’s stopped Do you know god do you believe in god Every time You know i definitely feel kind of uh Yeah let’s step out here It’s not as it’s this room is dead you Want to grab those two It’s lighter to me I don’t know let’s walk down by the axe For a second Just keep that on Okay we’re gonna finish out down here in

This hallway I definitely felt lighter in there you Know i think they moved I heard a good boy huh this floor is Just as eerie man That in there that like ghost gear down There Yeah okay take this covering off Now yep just we’ll do it for a second Thanks connor you’re the man wow my Headache is So strong right now come on If there’s anybody here with us can you Tell us How many spirits are in the building Right now Just said that my head is Axe i fired axe Did you look at look at the meter look At the meter right now Right by the axe right by the axe oh Dude Whoa whoa wow oh my god dude i have Chills look at this has not hit the Whole night and my headache is so strong Right now I have the ringing in my ear too Can you can you tell me who is here Please say your name Look at it go it’s gone dude it’s gone There’s i’m totally frozen Here let me try it for a second I’m i’m feeling my headache i think we Should kind of yeah we’re gonna i’m

About ready to be done here buddy How do you okay hold this Ah that is sounding this is insane right Here my head is Pounding literally okay i feel pain in This area Okay look at that hallway too look at This though this is crazy that was Insane that that just spiked me so high I thought that was gonna for sure be a Power outlet but no Gosh there is something right here it’s Gone Yep i mean we’re talking you know right By my shoe right in this area At the head of this axe that hallway Okay here come over here for a second no Nigel Nigel just filming around okay Are you attached to this axe You where are you in the building yeah Wow i’m really dizzy i’m telling you This is this is a lot of energy here i’m Just going to the car Yeah i think i’m ready to go hold up Let’s just Cover cover the cover that though one Final thing If there’s anybody in this building We’re about to leave Can you knock on something or move Something Use your voice to talk to us So that we know you’re here

Uh Can anybody even i mean this is a lot of Energy but If you can manifest yourself uh In any way in front of us I mean i know that would be obviously Amazing Any energy If anybody watches and sees an orb Did somebody see an orb People oh jesus you made the battery Pack okay that was going yeah people are Saying i Saw somebody’s comment about debunking The emf look you have to hold it Right up here this was going off from Over here Yeah this is how close you’d have to be We were i was way over here when i was Hitting Oh there was definitely i mean again People we like to debunk Everything yeah we’re not just trying to Fool you guys You can tell everybody if you will i Mean it’s taken a lot for me to come out And and say that i’m an empath and Actually Donna said i have clairvoyance which i i See my sister a lot I know that sounds crazy but i couldn’t Ever say that as an optometrist Unfortunately just the stigma associated With it

Uh seeing 50 patients a day for 30 years I mean obviously i’d have some people That would understand but I feel that stuff and that’s that was Here It was i personally When i had a feel of the handle um i Felt sadness but i felt Angry and that was unmistakable For me and that’s why it kind of scares Me actually you know In the sense of discerning spirits if You will from negative and evil and good I know you’re not always that way but That’s what i’m thinking here Okay next year yeah there’s there’s Definitely some negativity in this Building a Scary energy Let’s go walk out to the car and we’ll Finish the live stream in the car guys Thank you to everybody who’s in this Building for talking to us We’re going to be back very soon to Spend the night with you Uh we appreciate you hanging out with us But please do not follow us back to our Hotel nobody Is allowed to follow us back to our Hotel you need to stay here You’re not allowed to any part Of our energy you need to stay here Okay and also we’re having a psychic Come out with us

Tomorrow to film some stuff for this Video so we’ll see what he has to say About it I think this is it right all that we had The spirit box Too here it is here’s our equipment case Hey god i have a headache i need some Water yeah That was there’s a crazy amount of Energy here actually you want to carry That out Like i said it reminds me of the seminar Madison madison madison seminar in Madison ohio That’s what i feel Okay guys what do you need to stay here You’re not welcome to come with us You’re gonna turn that light off it’s Right in that doorway Inside yeah No that’s that’s the other one yeah I don’t think i think i’m just gonna put This back Yeah just for scott People know this is closed Thank you guys for all the love by the Way Yeah and you’ll see what happens when we Actually try to call out the spirits of The axe and the Other rooms in a couple days when we Film it Let’s get in the car quick because it is Oh

Whoa whoa that just moved man i think It’s just from I know but we’re just jumpy And yes we covered the axe guys forgot We left the car right We were in there quite a while hopefully Almost two hour live stream Yeah guys i think the clicks were Personally the fans too But i’m just jumpy as hell And there’s the outside of the building One more time so you can see it Very eerie it seems like we were just Sitting in here doesn’t it Did we actually how long were we in There it’s what 10 40 right now wow Did i leave my glasses in there no here They are i was going to say I hope not that is draining Um one second you Respond to people for one second okay um This is crazy the energy was heavy There’s no question Um salt and sage okay Thank you you’re welcome tired It it’s these places really have if you Guys if there’s guys that do If you feel you’re an empath um i don’t Want to get goofy about this stuff But these places really do drain you I’m like i’m like really exhausted and You kind of feel the sickness And sadness if you will um i think

I don’t want to investigate this with That axe i am a little fearful of that I know column being in his youth Is not quite as much and that’s why i’m Kind of With him i try to reel it down a little Bit i know you guys all maybe don’t like That but i I guess it’s a fatherly type thing But yeah a lot of sadness here but a lot Of energy Hopefully some goodness in there as well I think with a lot of the dead animals i Feel that’s part of it The axe obviously i think there’s a lot Of attachments to all those objects So um thanks for watching Colin’s coming back okay guys by the way Tonight’s merch winner is Gina sottle gina uh you donated last Time thank you so much for your Contribution i hope you’re watching Right now Um to everybody who donated tonight Thank you so much from the bottom of our Hearts That’s a very creepy building you guys Probably felt that through the screen We don’t lie in our investigations it’s It’s very very creepy to be in that Entire building by yourself Deep in there but gina send me a message At paranormal files crew at Guys it’s 10 45 we’re going to cut out

Of here Let’s spam thanks connor can’t wait to See you too see you Soon too bro um barbara welcome to the Fam Let’s uh let’s um spam the chat with the Family stay spooky we got a thousand you Guys this whole spooky fam let’s uh Let’s have you guys spam this right now I want to see everybody saying stay Spooky before we leave You guys all stay safe out there okay Stay healthy protect yourself wear your Mask please mr blessings hi mr blessed What’s up nick how are you doing baby mr Blast makes me feel A little calm a little blessed yeah i Know he’s got the faith man so Love you guys black wolf reads lee lee Leslie barnes Pamela thank you guys for watching Haunted doll thank you for the five Dollars and laura Thank you both for the five dollars you Guys are entered to win merch two on the Next live stream stay spooky everybody Thanks edward melinda tj um Thanks for taking your time yeah i mean And and watching lori As always mr blessed my boy A haunted lighthouse prayers are always Good for me anyway And i saw you guys talking about hearing Whispers afterwards i’m gonna go look

For those in the live stream when i can Access the file And uh if they’re there i’m gonna put Them in the episode because that would Be Really crazy if something said he’s here When we were there because i would be Very creeped out Um thanks everybody yeah follow me on Tick tock if you guys like this stuff i Post on there too the paranormal files Trevor shredder dapper rose noodle Woodpecker Taylor of course uh dawn the sugar mills Derek timmer jennifer edwards chassidian Ragtar chalk baby april you want to say Hi to the rest of these people Yeah okay um hey kat good to see you Uh tamar i hope i pronounced that right Laurie As always great rob flores hey ua Fishing Mr blessed again buddy mary wagner derek Smith say spooky dan hanson thank you Mimi soto st spooky ass jan and andrew Peace lori again Kirsten yeah cat again regtar mr blessed Buddy Randy cook hey hey buddy cassandra cat Thanks Kat view yep soyuz uh melanie sorry Derek smith l don bridget b Stay fly drone lori again snow bunny Amanda i don’t mean lori again i love

You Laurie noodle woodpecker edward’s heard That name Okay okay okay yeah i mean okay Never mind white lightning thank you for The three dollars white lightning next Time we’ll see ya Okay okay everybody well from jeff and i Here in minnesota icy cold we’re heading Back to the hotel We love y’all tune in on tuesday for the Third part of the vliska act series and Then the next video is gonna be From here from this location next Saturday With the interview with the psychic the Walk through the explanation of the History Mimi soto thank you for the 20 by the Way you’re entered doing free merch Thank you thanks for being you no thank You mimi thank you Yeah ballistic on tuesday guys then this Location on saturday but We love y’all and as always stay Spooky okay good night y’all Everybody bye