By | November 28, 2020

In late high school 1990 a group of my friends Drove out to livermore california down Arroyo road The time of the year was likely spring Or summer As i do not remember it being cold At the end of arroyo at the time or off Of a turn off Was a pumping station for the local Reservoir We parked in the street the reason for This Trip was a trek to the ruins of a former Mental hospital Unclear if there was a more direct route But arroyo road Was desolate and rarely ever used at That point We thought it would be fun and had Attempted this journey before But unfortunately were never successful I was driving one of the two cars and it Was after dark The other driver and i got out of the Cars And turned towards the hillside behind Us I was shining a flashlight along the Hill And almost immediately noticed a tall Furry brown creature Walking on two legs from left to right For about 30 to 40 feet

This was approximately 40 feet away The other driver was next to me and i Asked Are you seeing what i am i couldn't Finish the sentence Before he eagerly replied yes i am I continued on shining the light on the Creature as it moved to the right And then started up the hillside before Disappearing As the others were getting out of the Car the other driver and i Quickly discussed that we wouldn't Mention this to the others Because it would only scare them we Gathered all the flashlights And proceeded up the hill behind the Cars I had been part of three or four Previous trips to the same location And had never been scared before like i Was that same night Instead of shutting the light ahead i Was constantly Shining it behind and around us looking For that same creature i was and i'm Still convinced That what i saw was a bigfoot so was the Other driver We later shared with the group who Dismissed our sighting as a bear Or some other creature well i'm here to Tell you It was not a bear it was tall

Dark brown and clearly invisibly Walked too comfortably on two legs While we had about ten or so people in Our party Only the other driver and i witnessed This creature Neither of us had anything to drink or Any other substance that night About 10 years later i did some research On the internet And recall finding out that there had Been other sightings around livermore Previously I tried to find those details again but Was not successful This occurred in james city county Virginia My two boys ex-husband and i were Heading back to our hotel from dinner In williamsburg on the evening of October 22nd 2020 i took a left turn Onto east rochambeau drive which Parallels with interstate 64. At the time it was a clear night dark And right around 9 p.m i know for sure That it was after 8 50 p.m And right before 9 i was hoping to get Back to watch the 9 pm debate My son made a comment about my speed and I pointed out a 55 mile an hour speed Limit sign As we passed it i rounded a corner And we saw a brief small glitter which

Led my eye to see movement I quickly could tell that it was upright A bipedal figure As it walked quickly from right to left I Immediately could see that it walked Just like a human But was extremely broad and very huge The arms and upper thighs were so big That i could see the outline of muscles The figure was blacker than black almost Resembling an enormous shadow figure but Much more Solid my lights only revealed more Blackness No clothing just one wholesome solid Figure I could see from the middle of the face And most of the legs I saw no features as it was walking Only showing its side to me it moved Very quickly And smoothly i could not see its feet Or the top of the head it happened so Quickly in fact that i didn't even have Time to say look To my family who was with me as soon as I stepped on the side I immediately said what was that I was curious as to where it went and as I passed the area I could clearly see that it went into The woods It's important to know there were no

Cars people Or anything else in the road there was One little House further down the road that did Have a front porch light on I keep trying to understand the distance From my car to the area But it walked in the woods trying to Understand the height But what i saw was huge no way Any human could be as huge tall or that Broad Again it was black so black That my lights didn't even reveal any Details which is odd my children Were completely freaked out so i did not Stop I have since returned twice to the area To look at that road And also surroundings it's important to Note that the road was dark And the figure was black so black That i could easily see the shape and Walking Even though there was a quick small Light glimmer that drew my attention Which i could then make out this Enormous figure It did not turn to look at our car I'm still searching to see if there's Other stories i've gone back to this Location Two different times to observe the land Distance and trying to determine the

Height and where it was coming from And why it might have been traveling in That area Back in february of 2011 I was traveling down highway 95 between Potlatch Idaho and tensed idaho right around Midnight And somewhere between that and 2 am it Was all wooded pasture Off to the right side of the highway and Open grass pasture And creek on the left which is also the Driver's side of the highway I was busy driving into a curve before a Wi-gand private road When approximately about 50 feet in Front of me I saw a very large dark form walk Straight across the highway Right to left i assumed at the time it Was a human So i slowed to a full stop in the middle Of the highway Which at the time was empty both Directions Except for me it was at this point That i realized that i could not see This person Off the side of the highway or out in The grass pasture to my left I did indeed have my high beams on and The area Was very well lit from that i

Then developed an awful sense of dread And immediately Hit the gas and headed for home which Was only about five or six miles away at That point I was so bothered by this event that i Continually checked my rear view mirror Expecting to see something horrible or Have something horrible Happen to me once i got home I bolted into the house turned on every Light And woke up my entire family They all just kind of laughed it off but My dog Crawled up into my lap and whined and Cried at me And wouldn't leave my side for some Strange reason I didn't sleep at all that night and Even tried avoiding driving that highway So late it wasn't until later That i really started to process the Details of what happened I realized that i saw somebody very Distinctly bipedal Walk across the highway there was no Mistaking that detail I can still remember the walking motion Of the legs And the slight swinging motion of the Arms I also realized that while i had my high Beams on the figure

It was completely and utterly black It was weird not to have any reflection From clothing Shoes or even a shadow thrown onto the Highway The other thing that very much bothered Me was that i never took my eyes off What happened But somewhere between the figure walking Across the highway And walking off the side it disappeared I definitely should have been able to See something walking down the side of The ditch Or into the pasture but it was empty It took me quite some time to come to Terms with what happened And even longer before i finally Admitted to myself That it may have indeed been a sasquatch Related sighting In fact i've recently been compelled to Report this specific Sighting due to the fact that recently A woman claimed to have seen a sasquatch Right before hitting a deer In almost the exact same area in a Similar time frame But she's been made into a joke by the Local news Go figure i don't know if she actually Did see one but i find it a very very Odd coincidence That it happened in that same area of

Highway and in the same time Frame maybe there's something there There are other stories though i guess The area is rife with people Who talk behind their hands about Sasquatch sightings But rarely ever go public i'm not Surprised In fact recently in march One woman reported seeing a sasquatch Before hitting a deer in the same Location That i had my experience years before A very different lady than the one i Just mentioned There's more happening here than you Would imagine At the time of this sighting i was 17 Years old And the year was 1981 a very different Time Than today no cell phones no devices to Have in front of your face And nothing but forcible human contact A much better time but at that young Tender age My life would be forever changed when i Saw something In the woods that at the time i could Not explain But would only further accept as what i Would call a bigfoot At the time i was at exploring in the Back woods

Probably looking for arrowheads or Anything that would interest a 17 year Old boy I think i was just trying to find Something to do to avoid going back home To my abusive alcoholic father anything To keep me out of the house The woods at the time were very much my Safe spot Until this happened and made me even More uncomfortable Being in either location home or forced I was messing with a stick probably Trying to carve a spear If i can recall correctly when i looked Up And noticed a strange face looking at me From the tree line At first i wasn't exactly sure what it Was But then it moved as if it was curiously Watching me That's when i realized this was not a Person But a thing some strange unidentifiable Animal That's when i then realized that this Animal was built Like a linebacker and easily 89 feet Tall Covered in thick brown woolly hair Its face looked very much like a human a Large Nose just like ours a very strong brow

Line And very thin lips the eyes were dark And i couldn't exactly make out what They were But it stared at me and observed me i Was very intrigued As much as i was scared but something Told me Deep in my gut that this was dangerous Then as it continued to stare at me I began to get the sensation that i was In trouble That fight-or-flight sense that tells You you are in grave danger Then i began to hear rustling from all Around me And i knew i was not alone i knew In that moment i was surrounded Then as soon as i looked back to this Creature from looking around me It was gone and i heard more wrestling From all around me And there were multiple of these things And they were circling me Getting closer i took out of there like A bat out of hell And i dealt with my abusive drunken Father the rest of that day Week even months not going back to that Same spot in the woods For fear of whatever that thing was Fast forward 10 years to around 9192 And i learned from some friends that i'd Acquired recently at the time

That my story was that of a bigfoot