Is There Evidence Of Alien Life Already? | UFO Conclusion | Spark

By | November 27, 2020
Is There Evidence Of Alien Life Already? | UFO Conclusion | Spark

Thank you To a National Geographic survey 77 of All Americans believe there are signs That aliens have visited Earth but Despite this consensus our governments Have yet to acknowledge what many Believe to be the truth behind Extraterrestrials is disclosure just Around the corner as some believe or has The UFO phenomenon always been a Fabrication of the human mind The evidence has been mounting that our Governments indeed know more than they Are telling in recent years a growing Number of credible scientists and Investigative researchers have been Lobbying for the truth to be told One of these Advocates is Stanton Friedman a top nuclear physicist who has Worked for GM GE Westinghouse aerojet General nucleonics and McDonald Douglas Aircraft Friedman has published more Than 90 UFO papers and has appeared in Countless documentaries and hundreds of Radio and TV programs including Larry King What it really would take would be a Woodward and Bernstein who blew the lid Off the political Water Gate to blow the Lid off the cosmic Watergate the data's

There Quote General bollander show that NSA And CIA documents you can't deny their Reality Jim Mars is the author of alien Agenda the top-selling non-fiction UFO Book in the world Mars began teaching a Course on UFOs at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2000 and has since Appeared on ABC NBC CBS CNN C-SPAN as Well as the discovery learning and History Channels today all you have to Do is Google UFOs on and look at the Images and you can't take a picture of An hallucination or a psychosis so They're real so the question now is what Is the alien agenda Stephen Bassett has been fiercely Advocating the end of the 68-year Government-imposed truth embargo Regarding the ET presence an executive Of Paradigm research group Bassett is The executive producer of the Ex-conference the citizen hearing on Disclosure and the Congressional hearing Initiative we're facing the potential For a massive Renaissance in science in Political reform and none of that can Happen because the governments of the World will not yet even acknowledge the Existence of the ETS Kathleen Marden is known around the World for her work as an alien abduction ET contact researcher author and Lecturer she is recognized as the

World's leading expert on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case and is the Recipient of mufon's 2012 ufologist of The Year award my research and the Evidence and the scientific evaluation Of that evidence has convinced me that This case is real and that it was being Covered up by the government and by a Small group of debunkers who wanted to Make Betty and Barney look like coop Ron James is a prolific filmmaker and Writer he is author of the book Messiah Awakenings and has won many awards Including the Ebe award for et related Films four times there are a lot of Races throughout the Universe and that There's very very many of them that are So far Advanced Beyond us that we Probably can't even comprehend their Technology or what they're capable of And how we play into that we don't know Patty Greer is one of the most devoted Crop circle filmmaker researchers today Having produced six documentary films That have received prestigious Awards Greer's data brings metaphysics ET Technologies and science together to Offer a clear understanding of this Astounding phenomenon this is the most Important story never told how real this Is on the planet and the fact that all These people being well paid are being Paid to not tell the truth That's old Paradigm and all the money

Now is behind making sure that this Information doesn't get out I'm not expecting there will be full of Disclosure there are plenty of reasons For government not to disclose what they Have learned because if they learn any Technological stuff why should the US Put it on the table the Russians and Chinese don't put on the table what they Have learned if you're waiting on a Government official to hold a big press Conference and say okay okay here's the Truth about UFOs you're going to be Waiting a long time okay because any Government official that would admit to That is then admitting that they've lied To us for 70 or 80 years we need to to Tell the world's people the truth that's Disclosure now once that's happened I Anticipate a year or two of intense Engagement of the issue by everyone And after about a year or two I think The planet will be collectively ready Not not for disclosure but rather for Open contact I have a feeling open Contact will follow we this year we Earthlings will spend a trillion dollars On things military trillion dollars well Thousands of children die every single Day every Venable disease or starvation Uh nationalism is the only game in town There's just too much to lose too much Uh water under the bridge I'm very Involved in the disclosure process

Politically and I do believe that it Serves as a very very important purpose And that purpose is to keep the pressure On if you're doing this work with Clarity you're going to bring a lot of Truth to the public the races of Grays And this is what I specialize in are Telling individuals that there is not Going to be Disclosure by them Immediately in fact I think we're in Undergoing a conditioning process right Now through movies and TV and news Accounts and sightings and abductions And crop circles you name it it's all Around us and more and more people are Beginning to understand that this is a Serious issue there is a program in the Works so that we will be able to Communicate with them and they'll be Able to communicate with us I believe That there's kind of a plan to this that It's been done before And they have they have been helping to Drive the process that they want Self-disclosure open contact is to Follow what I believe is happening right Now is that this political pressure is Combining with all the other different Pressures coming from different places And the media to create an atmosphere Where the knowledge is readily being Distributed there will be a big Discombobulation for the world it's Possible they may lose their patience if

We drag this out long enough they may be Forced to do a force measure Disclosure event There's a big difference between the World governments announcing to their Citizens the presence of Extraterrestrials and providing Information and extraterrestrials Forcing their reality on the world's People Uh outside of government involvement I Know of no government on this planet That wants its citizens though their Primary allegiance to the planet instead Of that individual government so I'm not Expecting full disclosure I don't want To see it I want the government to say Yes we're being visited we're holding These International conferences to deal With the psychological religious Technological Etc aspects of that full disclosure is Only going to come from them okay and Think about it all they got to do is Hover over a city That long enough for the new screws to Get out and take footage and then the Game's up over time They think that The published communication but it is at Some point in the future it is not going To happen immediately according to the Reports that I've received telling the Truth in times of universal deceit is a

Revolutionary Act Uh look the the situation as we know it Is this there's an extraterrestrial Presence it's probably been engaging us For a very long time well I think yeah When you consider the universes is Billions of years old and I think even The Earth is somewhere like four billion Years old it's pretty hard to believe That us who have recorded history of Like 4 000 years are the beginning of Intelligent life on the planet there's a Lot of evidence on the planet that Indicates that very Advanced Civilizations have come and gone because You can look at these places and see That it was too perfect for us to do With the tools and the technology that We had at the time therefore what was The other element that gave us the Ability to create these wonderful things If it wasn't some sort of intervention UFOs are real not something fictional or Imaginary and I think that's beyond Dispute today when I was a kid they said Well they're just hallucinations or or Some kind of mass psychosis and of Course today all you have to do is Google UFOs on on and look at the images And you can't take a picture of an Hallucination there is an Extraterrestrial presence that's an Absolute fact it's not a theory it's not A speculation it's an absolute fact just

Because the government says no it's not Well that doesn't change that and Besides anybody that believes the Government these days is foolish and uh That the government is known about this E.T presence that's an absolute fact the Concern about the malevolence of certain Human groups and they are attempting to Interfere or intervene in our Evolution At this point in order to bring us to a Point where we won't destroy ourselves Because they're afraid that we might do That I think they're here for their Purposes one of them was probably to Quarantine us Who if you were an alien would you want Us out there military budget a trillion This year In World War II we killed 50 million People We destroyed 1700 cities and I think the Alien agenda is to observe and try to Help kick the human evolution up the Evolutionary ladder in a covert manner So that we will hurry up and become part Of The Intergalactic Community instead Of wiping ourselves out with Thermonuclear weapons Thank you Andromedans are one of 139 planetary Systems that comprise the interstellar Alliance We are and have always been the Watchdogs of the universe for nearly 2

Million years on the other hand let's Not act as if we're their equals I don't Talk to squirrels in my backyard I might Say scat once in a while you know so We're not equals people say why don't They land on a White House lawn the President of the United States does not Speak for seven billion Earthlings That's pretty darn clear the the Universe is at least 13 to 14 billion Years old we have a young star there Were stars like ours and planets like Ours billions of years before our star Existed so if life can develop on uh Goldilocks planets which it does there Has been life in this universe going Back billions of years before we existed And so the idea that extraterrestrial Civilizations have been engaging other Planets and and and and exploring the Galaxy makes total sense and so uh we Very well have had extraterrestrial uh Engagement going back as far as you want To go even before this planet had had a Biosphere maybe I think that they don't Want us to kill ourselves because if we Do we're going to destroy this beautiful Planet as well they use this planet too We have exploded 2 000 nuclear warheads On this planet only two on people thank Goodness we're not nice guys there seems To be a lot of circumstantial evidence That they have been here for thousands Of years but they seem to have stepped

Up their program I don't know if they've Done this in our past history but they Seem to have stepped up their program After we explode Atomic atomic bombs and I and they do say that they are very Very concerned about our Behavior we Have joined the community of planets That have learned that the major source Of energy in the universe is nuclear Fusion all the stars produce their Energy that way that's new information We didn't know that 100 years ago That means also that you could use Fusion to go out there so I think aliens Have every reason to be concerned about The idiots on this planet taking their Brand of friendship out there that's Hostility by everybody else's definition So I don't expect them to treat us like We're good guys guys can we sit down and Talk I don't think so Foreign There's no question that the truth about Flying sauces has been covered up if you Look at 156 NSA Umbra UFO documents you Can read one sentence per page That's a cover-up I've got a bunch of CIA top secret Umbra UFO documents they're all blacked out Except for a couple words per page That's a cover-up it's no longer about UFOs and hasn't been for a long time It's an acronym it's a it's a Anachronistic uh non-sequitur it's a

Government sponsored propaganda acronym And it doesn't apply at all it's about Extraterrestrials extraterrestrial craft And extraterrestrial engagement I'm not Sure our government is in a position to Negotiate policy with any of these Species I'm pretty sure that if there's Been some sort of interaction it hasn't Been a negotiation it's been a more like This is how it is and you're just going To have to deal with it we have the Facts that were enunciated by Air Force General Uh Carol bolander who was asked what Should we do about Project Blue Book After the University of Colorado Recommended it be closed ostensibly the Only UFO group that the government was Mixed up with And in a memo he wrote which resulted in The closure of project blumen he said Reports of UFOs which could affect National Security Are not part of the Blue Book system Which is an incredible statement two Paragraphs later he said if we close the Blue Book the public won't have a place To report UFO sightings however as Previously noted reports which could Affect National Security will continue To be investigated using the procedures Designed for that purpose I located General bowler this is 10 years after You wrote the memo that's when I first

Found out about it talked to him Suggested it sounds like you're talking About two separate communication Channels Uh the important ones the government Related ones and I just had a case I Said like a saucer going down the runway At a sack basement nuclear weapons are Stored by definition that's a national Security problem or routine if my wife And I go out at the end of the driveway And say a saucer fly over no big deal And he agreed with me two separate Systems And I'm interested primarily in the ones That could affect National Security Collectively in the in the there is a 50 Plus consensus it's time to reveal this But the military-industrial complex is Not a democracy it is not a vote Uh it is a much more complex decision Because we need to understand that the Only people with all the fancy equipment I mean I don't have my own radar system For goodness sakes the government does Radar systems gun cameras Other instrumentation on board aircrafts By satellites all this kind of stuff That stuff's all born classified It's not a conspiracy notion it's the Reality after that is a vast array of Assertion speculations and theories that Have varying degrees of probability Attached

But we cannot assess that or parse that Organize that study that because the Government say there is nothing to study Look there was a big explanation for Roswell Crash Test Dummies stories about Bodies ah we were dropping Crash Test Dummies all over the place There are two major problems with that None of them were dropped until six Years after Roswell And they were the same size and weight As Pilots by definition they were Checking on ejection seats they're six Feet tall 175 pounds made out of wood And in Air Force gear clothing because That affected the dragon heating as you Dropped them out of an airplane at a High speed at a high altitude so they Got away with it it was good enough they Are at times they bought it the real Problem is the failure of the press to Do its job it's a cosmic Watergate and They're acting like it's Alice's Tea Party And any Interstellar race could destroy This planet without really a lot of Effort we are like kindergarten children To them in terms of our ability to quote Fight what if there's way more to the Picture what if there is a series of Different alien races that all have a Different agenda and what if we really Have no control over what our outcome is Going to be we know that there could be

Hostile entities out there Who have malevolent intentions toward us And toward our maybe not toward our Planet but they may want our planet for Their own needs Hollywood Blockbusters As well as independent films have long Capitalized on the Public's interest in The UFO phenomenon Richard Lowry's film utilizes actual Case studies and depicts a looming Alien Invasion his earlier film destination Mars is a parody of the 1950s Flying Saucer movies but subversively conveys The message that Mankind's quest for Destructive Weaponry could result in our Own Annihilation by an alien race the Final speech from the alien leader Proclaims this very clear warning I have Studied the earthlings for many eons From their pre-evolutionary stages to This their final hour And it is this gain in knowledge which Has enabled all other planetary Civilizations the proper tools for Adopting indomitable Minds Minds forged Of thought and reason rather than British impulse it was only a matter of Time until they stumbled upon it at But what the foolish earthquake Earthlings did not surmise as our power In controlling their world From their floods to their fires to Their earthquakes And even to their solar eclipses

The elderly subject of Lowry's Documentary the wicksboro incident also Sends the warning that aliens have been Coexisting with us for decades and the Small town in Texas where he and his Comrades constructed a device that could Detect who was human and who wasn't was Erased from existence well I think that The government had to Had to cover up the Existence of the Town had to cover up All of those deaths And so therefore they came in And they bulldozed over they just Flatten that sucker right out When the documentarians travel to Texas And locate the man's secret underground Workstation they are suddenly pursued by Men In Black leading to the subject's On-screen assassination by a sniper The number one thing that would protect Us from I would you say the outlier the Rogue uh threat would be an alliance With those entities and civilizations Which have no intentions of allowing That to happen which may very well be a Reason why this process is underway Right now what protects a smaller Country in this world right now from Being invaded by a larger country Alliances between that smaller country And more powerful countries that don't Want to see that kind of behavior I

Believe they're here I think they're Among us somewhere And I think they're Scouts see I don't Think they're here to invade America or Invade the world yet They're scouting us right now and Someday When they finally do it they're coming Here in droves I mean millions are going To come here and they're taking over Whatever your reason is for coming here Understand we have no intention nor Interest in keeping you alive So I'm dead either way right correct no One will be spared Why there is position in the solar System provides us with a strategic and Tactical Advantage Robert the human role In the universe is inconsequential that May be so but we have a right to exist Only if we allow it and we don't But there is a Mythos that says that There's like a reptilian species that's Out there that has been instrumental in Our genetic engineering and that their End is not really something that's going To be Copesthetic with what we'd like to see Happen if a major threat from another Star system were to occur and we did not Have protection from other star systems We would be uh screwed Uh they they the government put that

Kind of stuff out early days in order to Persuade people to just avoid the issue Meaning you know maybe it's true but you Know it'll everybody will go insane so Don't bother it's all [ __ ] it's all Propaganda uh uh we could have handled The ET announcement in 1947. we just we Just went through a world war with 40 Million people killed we had millions of Men overseas we even did unbelievable Sacrifice uh and so we're going to fall Apart because we learned there's Extraterrestrials in the world in 1947 I Don't think so you know there's a lot of People with different opinions as to why The government will not disclose but There are several that resonate with me And again it's just my opinion and I Think that the first one is is that even Though we say that we're ready as a Society I really don't think we are see The truth is not what creates panics It's lies in falsity that creates panics And so that is another red herring that Was used to justify the minds of people Staying out of this issue when Orson Welles aired his War of the Worlds radio Show it sparked such chaos and fear of The public it's been theorized that That's one reason why the government Said we better not reveal this Information because it could cause a Widespread panic and it could cause an Entire meltdown we could hold a a radio

Show that was a scripted show and put Out a uh a statement that no no this is Just a script right but unfortunately we Didn't do it enough and not a lot of People heard it and it was about a major Virus outbreak in California and Hundreds of thousands of people were Coming down sick and we generate a mass Panic does that mean that the American People can't deal with the concept of a Endemic or pandemic flu no that was a Radio show that ended up being a a People thought was true when it wasn't In other words wasn't the truth it was False I don't think anybody would Panic Believe it or not I think they panicked Back in the day but we're sort of gotten Used to the UFO syndrome if you will and If they landed on this planet today we Might try to be friends with them you Know what I mean and I think that's Probably what would happen I don't think Anybody would Panic the Phoenix Lights The Stephenville flyover all of this is Is uh conditioning it's the same thing We did with a stone age tribe that we Found down in the Amazon basin instead Of rushing in with clothes and bibles And you know hey vote for me They had they cordoned off the area and Kind of quarantined it not to keep them In but to keep others out and then a Team of anthropologists slowly allowed Themselves to be seen they were seen on

The hillside and then they're seen Across the clearing and they slowly Acclimated these people to the eye did That they were there and they weren't And it didn't mean any harm and then Eventually they made contact with them And this is the same type of Conditioning process we're undergoing Right now well it wasn't completely Ignored it was in the newspaper several Months after it happened well what they Did was Lie they switched bait and Switch They changed the time And they're talking about airplanes Military planes dropping flares is in The wrong part of the sky There were as you say a lot of witnesses And it was at the wrong time but they Got away with it because the Press isn't Doing its job and you know something Religion's been around for thousands and Thousands of years it's a very resilient And I doubt there's anything the Extraterrestrials would show us that Would significantly reduce the religious Uh observance of this planet it's time For us to expand our thinking expand our Understanding There's uh there's patents for uh tunnel Digging equipment that were put together Years and years and years ago for giant Tunnel boring machines capable of just Drilling through anything for huge uh

Amounts of miles in very short periods Of time and those patents were formed And then these machines supposedly never Made it into production but we know that They possibly exist underground secret Bases otherwise known as dumb deep Underground military bases uh yeah yeah They're there and I've seen the specs And the pictures of the giant boring Machines that they have that can just Cut right through heavy Rock and produce It within minutes a tunnel is big enough To drive a 18-wheeler through and so Yeah these bases exist now what exactly They'll be used for if they'll ever be Used that's another question of course I Was speaking about one only one aspect Uh the fact is at the the number of Craft have been in the hands of the US Government for decades being extensively Studied with billions of dollars Primarily in underground facilities Where they are trying to re-engineer and And Achieve uh well weapons and what Have you and I went to uh this place Called nordhausen which was a vast Underground base where they they still Had some of the YouTube engines and the Russians had just put some rocks in There and and left it where you could See the the technology from patamunda And the V2 the V3 the V4 and I believe That technology moved so fast I almost Believed there might have been some help

From some other people not of our world There's been a lot of talk about uh Maybe uh mixed human alien Partnerships Working in some of these underground Bases such as the one that is reportedly Adulting New Mexico that is in my huffle I go huh Okay I've heard enough to suggest that There may be something to all that and Yet I've not seen hard enough evidence To just say conclusively yes that exists And that's happening that's one of those Areas where we do not have 100 certainty We have a lot of evidence and a lot of Some firsthand and second in testimony It implies underground facilities but But we know that they have that they Built underground facilities as part of The Cold War we actually drove up to the Dulce base to get some establishing Shots up there so we started driving up Toward the Archuleta Mesa which is where The uh the base is we were being Followed and uh and we all became a Little bit unsettled and a little Concerned that if we were getting Ourselves into something that that could Give us some trouble so we actually we Got out of there the question is do we Have underground facilities devoted to The Extraterrestrial question and there Is evidence for that The issue of the relationship between Extraterrestrials and Technology

Terrestrial technology is very Interesting complex issue It became a significant matter when Philip Corso Colonel Philip Corso wrote His book The Day After Roswell Or he stated matter of factly that he Was in charge under General Trudeau at The foreign technology desk in trying to Sprinkle some of the ideas obtained from Examining the Roswell craft if we've Recovered alien craft and we've backed Engineered technology then we really Don't want to put it out that we have This and that we know about it and sadly That's a uh that's a detriment to the Advancement of collective human Civilization which is to say that if in Fact the United States government has Mastered the ability to tap into ground State fields and is sequestering that Technology it is Criminal because the Availability of that technology would Transform this planet save hundreds of Millions of lives and solve a great deal Of our most difficult problems and so Every day that the truth embargo Continues and that technology is Sequestered people are dying because of It so in their attitude as well yeah now Some people are going to die but you Know we still want another 20 years of Secrecy well tell that to the people That are suffering and we know too much Now it's too much out in the open so now

The blood is on their hands We are paying a fortune for energy People are dying because they can't Afford water food uh we're polluting the Environment killing people with cancer And they are sitting on transformative Energy that might be one cent on the Dollar plus we have evidence that we Have we have in fact reverse engineered Anacrific propulsion and we have our own Saucers As we get a better understanding of the Nature of reality I believe that what Today has no scientific explanation at All is going to be accepted as a Scientific Norm in the future and when That happens it's going to change the Face of civilization on every level so For decades we have had any gravity Propulsion but it is not known or Available to the public because to do so Would result in ending the truth embargo And therefore it must remain sequestered The most important question of all Regarding the ET technology is have we Mastered and even reverse engineered the Energy system that drives those craft We're pretty sure it's not oil gas or Coal in fact our own physics points to The likelihood that they have finally Figured out how to tap into the ground State Fields if they have done that it Is a paradigm shift of such magnitude It's almost impossible to describe what

If they cure cancer what if they help us Clean away pollution and help these Children with respiratory problems and Water problems and and help us make this The paradise that we had when we got This planet we've been using that Wreckage to reverse engineer with Technology I believe we have a Technology right now that's far beyond What the public even knows about Now it's an interesting point given that We have the ability in a device smaller Than a laptop to store the entire Library of Congress every book in it and More The idea that extraterrestrials may have Storage ability to have enormous Archives regarding this planet in which Case we might have the opportunity at Some future time to directly Research Our ancient history with visual records Look at all the historical events that We don't have eyewitness testimony from Whether it's Moses you know in the Red Sea or whatever so there are all kinds Of possibilities I'm Kathleen Martin Betty and Barney Hill were my aunt and uncle they are the First Americans whose story went to the Public about a UFO Abduction that Occurred in 1961. Betty and Barney Stated that they felt that the ETS Wanted to know the difference between

Their bodies and human bodies They were very interested in Betty's and Barney's skeletal structure In their nervous systems they took skin Samples they examined their hands their Feet their eyes their ears their mouths We're very different than the this Particular race of Grays who took Betty And Barney they also I am convinced had An agenda and that was the hybrid agenda They took OVA from my Aunt Betty when They inserted a needle into her navel And told her it was a type of pregnancy Test and they took sperm from my uncle Bonnie this experience is not only Hearsay I'm a researcher and I Investigated that case over a 14-year Period I wrote the book captured Betty And barnico UFO experience Stan Friedman Joined me by writing two chapters under Hypnosis they remembered the landed Craft on the ground and being taken up a Ramp onto that craft against their will They recalled the interior of the craft They described it in great detail there Were pie-shaped rooms they were Wedge-shaped rooms they were taken to Separate examining rooms there was Almost like a sort of dentist chair in The room that Betty was taken into she Was placed in that chair initially then She was taken and placed on a table Barney did not sit in that chair he was Placed on a table they described the

Interior they described the sort of Stark interior of that room they Described the the lighting in this room This bluish white lighting and they Frightened Betty and Bonnie terribly Betty and Bonnie didn't know if they Were going to be carried away if they Were going to be made specimens if they Were even going to survive this but the ETS Telepathically apologized to them for Frightening them they reassured them That they were not going to be harmed That they would be returned to their Natural environment after they did a few Tests I was 13 years old at the time That this occurred my mother was Betty's Younger sister Betty called my mother First when they arrived home on the Morning of September 20th 1961. I was in The room with my mother one of Betty's Reasons for calling my mother was Because we had a neighbor who was a Physicist and Betty was concerned about Radiation and she wanted to know what to Do this businesses were some unknown Reason told Betty that if she had Accomplished she should take it out to The car to see how the needle reacted Well the funny thing is that doesn't Measure radiation it measures a magnetic Field When she went to the car she noticed for The first time that there were shiny

Spots there were concentric circles they Were all the same size and she held the Needle over those spots and it caused The compass needle to spin and spin and The dress that Betty was wearing on the Day of September 19th had been in Perfectly fine shape when she put it on That morning when she returned home the Next morning the there was a tear in the Thick zipper fabric the stitching was Torn at by the zipper as well Betty Hill's drawing of the infamous star map Drew critical response from astronomers And researchers including Carl Sagan However years later the drawing was Proven to be an accurate representation Of The Zeta reticulum system This alone eliminated the chance of a Hoax they were credible individuals Betty was a social worker for the State Of New Hampshire Barney worked for the Post Office but he was also in 1965 Given a position on the U.S Civil Rights Commission in the New Hampshire State Advisory committee they were credible People they were social rights civil Rights activists they absolutely had Nothing to gain they had everything to Lose when this story went public as the Result of a violation of confidentiality In 1965. I'm Patty Greer I'm a crop circle Researcher and filmmaker and I have been In more than 100 crop circles in the

Last 10 years I have a communication with the circle Makers that happens usually at three in The morning when you walk into a crop Circle you're going in a tram line which Is the tractor tire lines where it's Already laid down so you don't want to Ever disturb the field of the farmers as Long as you stay in the tram lines it's Considered etiquette and what I feel in The crop circles is a very strong Enhanced electromagnetic field and Almost everybody can feel it unless You're completely insensitive or not Willing the interesting thing is that as You're walking in the tram line about 10 Feet 20 feet before you get there the Hair stands up on your arm so you know You're close Once you go in a crop circle and you the Whole body lights up head to toe there's No doubt It's like when somebody has a sighting Of a spaceship you can't tell them they Didn't So when people say to me all crop Circles are fake I say to them well There you go That's really it there was one scientist In the world that I know of that went Public his name is William love and good He's very very famous and he's in the Guinness Book of World Records for Writing more scientific papers that made

It into science journals than anyone Else on the planet and he's the man that Proved that not only are crop circles Real but they're coming out of the earth And what leaven good discovered is that It is plasma balls of light That are laying the crop circles down in Seconds but the way the plasma gets Energized enough is through the spinning Counter rotating vortices so it's a Really clear science that makes sense And when we realize that they're Actually initially coming out of the Ground it really makes sense why would The mother be complaining well gosh We're fracking her we're draining her Blood and then we're fracking her some More And we're dumping stuff and we're Poisoning everything and so she's been Shooting up these messages for 200 years That we know of and Humanity's just Gotten worse and worse and a lot of the Most important messages are put in Binary code they'll put it in a code That they know can be deciphered by a Mathematician Or a computer and some of the most Important binary codes have really Referred to times in history such as the Alien face and the disc I'll just point Out that this was the year after 9 11 Happened and the message was beware the Bearers of false gifts and their broken

Promises Much pain but still time believe there Is good out there we oppose deception Conduit closing crop circles are Messages that are being written to us From inner earth from our E.T brothers And sisters crop circles are not only Real but the seeds inside the crop Circles can produce up to 400 percent More food with up to 75 percent more Nutritional value per seed well of Course they're going to suppress it when Monseyton Monsanto owns the government They don't want healthy food to be Multiplied by 400 percent In the last year or two the military has Really Nailed the farmers and asked them not Only to not let people in but to mow out The crop circle on the first or second Day that it arrives we always fly over It and we always get photos but then the Next day it's like a blown field So when we see these Farmers destroying The field it's very interesting that a Lot of times the circle makers will just Come back and hit them with a new Pattern in the same field the very next Day I have been wonderfully hacked for four Years my phone my computer everything I Do has been unbelievably difficult and You know my answer is I'm sorry for Those that are doing it because I'm not

Stopping So they're actually initially coming out Of the Earth in pairs they're coming out In these spinning vortices one's going Clockwise the other is going Counterclockwise so William Levin good Proved that they were coming out of the Ground and as they come up spinning They've already predetermined what they Need from Humanity from their ET friends They're already with their plasma energy Their frequencies that need to be added To what she sent up and when the three Frequencies meet there are some that are Not ET at all they're just Earth and us Some of them are humans meditating and Then the circle happens the next day I Have three of those in my movies they Blow into these beautiful balls of light Radiant orange balls of Light which all Of us have seen that do nightwatch and They communicate two plasmas communicate And bang that field goes down in seconds The problem in the field now is that the Famous crop circle researchers still Today Are not coming up with the new Information they're kind of stuck in the 1980s and 90s data and the fact that They're not really talking about the Great work of William loving good when They actually know the great work but Rather dissing him It's a sad time in our history where the

Money is going behind misinformation Rather than information I am committed to make a difference here And it's not me anybody special but the Fact that I work with the circle makers And I find these are so incredibly real And beautiful it just keeps me excited And things keep happening to me where I'm in communication it's not like I'm Even asking or looking for it they just Keep showing up The fundamental conclusion is an Extraterrestrial presence and we Absolutely must acknowledge it as soon As possible after that you'll be Surprised how quickly things start Sorting themselves out and getting Resolved so my conclusion is that I Think we are an inch from disclosure I Don't think they can hold it back I think that it's not even about getting The government to tell us the truth it's About leaving them behind there's a lot Of evidence that advanced civilizations And possibly non-human entities have Been here and occupied the planet in the Past some of them seem to be astronauts Coming here from another planet who have Technology that's so highly Advanced That it looks like magic to us well my 1990s book alien agenda started off with The premise that UFOs are real not Something fictional or imaginary and I Think that's beyond dispute today let's

Get this out in the open regardless of Whatever our government takes again They've proven they're not always right And they've proven that we need as American citizens to get this Information out in the open disclosure Could potentially happen within the next 20 years and I'm hoping it does because It's going to change everything for the Better well my conclusion is that we're Dealing with intelligently controlled Extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting our Planet we're dealing with a cosmic Water Gate that there are no good arguments Against those two conclusions and we're Dealing with the biggest Story the Millennium being treated like Alice's Tea Party instead of how important it Really is Fabrication of the human mind or The Greatest Story never told and if the Truth is finally revealed how will it Affect the Human Condition We may soon find out